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EPP Europe P2.2022

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COVER STORY » CCI SOLUTIONS Source: Koh Young The Neptune C+ enables customized bubble detection according to bubble classification Source: Koh Young Koh Young CCI systems deliver tomographic information by area inspection meaning the image shown on the right in which multiple layers of fluid structure can be clearly seen can be acquired Zusammenfassung Eine Beschichtung schützt Elektronik vor Feuchtigkeit, Schmutz sowie Korrision und sorgt so für zuverlässige Funktion der Baugruppen selbst in rauen Umgebungen. Um eine einwandfreie Beschichtung zu garantieren, sind innovative Testsysteme zur Qualitätssicherung notwendig. Résumé Un revêtement protège l'électronique de l'humidité, de la saleté ainsi que de la corrosion et assure de cette façon un fonctionnement fiable des modules, même dans des environnements difficiles. Afin de garantir un revêtement parfait, des systèmes de test innovants sont nécessaires pour assurer la qualité. Резюме Покрытие защищает электронику от влаги, грязи и коррозии и тем самым обеспечивает надежную работу узлов даже в тяжелых условиях окружающей среды. Для обеспечения безупречного покрытия необходимо использовать инновационные испытательные системы для гарантии качества. Drawing the ROI is also very simple using a rectangle, circle, polygon, and so on. After selecting a type of inspection, the user need only to draw an ROI, and the inspection process is ready to go. Most importantly, Koh Young’s systems provide the most accurate and reliable 3D inspection regardless of the surface condition of transparent materials. Unlike other CCIs, the Neptune can inspect within 3 minutes without any damage to the board. Existing CCI systems normally measure the height by adjusting the position of this reference mirror, but our technology does this by adjusting the frequency. Also, instead of inspecting only one point, our CCI systems deliver tomographic information by area inspection. As such, the image shown above is acquired, and as you can see, multiple layers of fluid structure can be clearly seen. DPI beyond CCI Our Neptune C+ can perform 2D and 3D inspection of conformal coatings, as well as 3D inspection of underfills and overcoatings. Currently, it offers a measurement range of 10 microns to 3.5 mm for these transparent materials, in the absence of refraction. Moreover, just to briefly explain the hardware, it has a 12M pixel camera and 15um. There is not much difference in size from the existing SPI and AOI systems, but in the case of the Neptune C+ we also have a flipper-type ready system so there may be some differences in PCB thickness and machine weight. 20 EPP Europe » 11 | 2022

MK Versuchsanlagen PCB maker acquires Danish PCB solutions provider Icape Group acquires Møn Print Global technology distributor of printed circuit boards, Icape Group, has acquired Møn Print, a major supplier of PCB solutions in Denmark. The company, which has been active in the industry for over 50 years, will be known as Icape Denmark. According to a press release, the purchase price was €0.7 million, although this may be subject to additional payments depending on the company‘s 2022 and 2023 results. In 2021, the Danish company generated annual net sales of DKK 9.4 million (EUR 1.27 million) and EBIT of DKK 0.7 million. The Group expects Møn Print‘s annual sales to grow by slightly more than 10% and its EBIT margin to significantly improve in 2022. “We are thrilled to welcome within our Group such a renowned player in Denmark and Northern Europe, strengthening our position in this region,” Cyril Calvignac, Icape Group‘s CEO, stated in the release. “This acquisition is in line with our ambitious external growth strategy, as announced during our IPO, in order to consolidate our global leadership in the PCB distribution through now 29 subsidiaries worldwide. This strategic operation enables us to offer a close proximity to our industrial customers by joining forces with a local player, guaranteeing a high quality Your contribution to climate protection! Save up to 50% on operating costs with forward-looking energy management. Source: Icape Holding “With Icape Group, we expect to be one of the leading PCB suppliers in Denmark,” said Tina Pedersen, CEO of Møn Print of service. It is with enthusiasm that we will share our knowhow with Møn Print which will benefit from the complete range of high value-added services of [the] Group. We are confident to complete several other acquisitions by the end of the year, with the same objective of generating commercial and purchasing synergies, in line with our profitable growth objectives.” “Icape Group is a great structure with local offices in many countries, and with more than 600 employees around the world,” said Tina Perdersen, CEO of Møn Print. “Thanks to its organization, network, global strategy, and proven processes, [it] became a major player in the PCB industry. We are happy to integrate such a serious, dedicated, and successful company to look ahead with confidence for our customers. With Icape Group, we expect to be one of the leading PCB suppliers in Denmark,” Icape Denmark will continue to operate from the Møn Print facility in Stege with its current team, which will be reinforced by the Icape Group’s local sales engineers in the country. è minienvironments (PP / VA Table) è OPC UA interface è optional: Spin Coater und Quick Dump Rinse (QDR-) Sink MK Versuchsanlagen und Laborbedarf e.K. Stueckweg 10 • 35325 Muecke-Merlau Tel.: +49(0)6400 -9576030 Fax: +49(0)6400 -9576031 Metal-free wet workbench è highest product protection with simultaneous personal protection è each plant is adapted to the individual customer´s request EPP Europe » 11 | 2022 21