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EPP Europe P2.2022

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» PCB & ASSEMBLY FOUPs and other storage facilities should be cleaned to prevent cross-contamination of the wafers Source: Microcare of the hydrofluoro-olefin fluids results in greater drag forces acting on the particles. This makes it easier to dislodge the particulate from the substrate. The particles push away from the substrate and wash away, dispersing into the cleaning fluid. Low boiling point Particle displacement fluids are lowboiling with typical boiling points between 40˚C/105˚F and 65°C/165°F. This minimizes the risk of damage to wafers and other delicate components. Vaporization displacement fluids (below 100°C) are aggressive enough to remove the particles, yet won’t damage the substrate, including composite materials. They are compatible with most hard plastics, ceramic, glass and metal. Low boiling fluids also allow the vapor degreaser to run more efficiently. And since vapor degreasing cleans and dries in one step, there is no need for blowers, air knives or any other drying method that uses power. This translates into less fossil fuel consumption, lower carbon emission and reduced greenhouse gas output. All with the added benefit of energy cost savings. Environmentally friendly Environmentally-friendly HFO-based displacement fluids replace higher GWP (Global Warming Potential) hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) and hydrofluoroethers (HFE)-based fluids. They also are better for the environment than high ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential) solvents like CFC-113, HCFC-141b, HFC-225 and 1,1,1 trichloroethane. They meet strict regional air quality regulations and many are not considered HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants). Many fluids are accepted by key environmental and governmental regulatory agencies in the United States and most countries around the globe. They meet global environmental directives including the European F-Gas and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) legislation. Environmentally sustainable Vapor degreasing with particle displacement fluids uses no water, conserving this precious non-renewable resource. In addition, the process doesn’t produce wastewater that requires specialty filtration or treatments before disposal. Another environmental benefit of particle displacement through vapor degreasing is its suitability for recycling. The displacement fluid is used for hundreds of cycles before it requires refreshing or replacing. Additionally, the vapor degreaser concentrates the contaminants as it works. This reduces waste generation and lowers hazardous waste disposal costs. Wrapping up Particle contamination is detrimental to intricate semiconductors and silicon wafers. Removing contamination is essential to ensuring their performance. Vapor degreasing using particle displacement fluid not only ensures semiconductor cleanliness, it also addresses environmental and regulatory concerns. Companies looking for help with displacement cleaning should partner with an expert that has displacement fluid and vapor degreasing expertise. They can conduct on-site audits or perform in-lab tests with sample wafers to ensure cleaning success. Based on the wafer substrate and the particulate, these specialists can recommend, or engineer, the fluids and processes that achieve the best results. Zusammenfassung Die Entfernung von Verunreinigungen bei komplexen Halbleitern und Silizium-Wafern ist durch Dampfentfettung mit Partikelverdrängungsflüssigkeit gewährleistet und berücksichtigt zudem Umweltaspekte sowie gesetzliche Vorgaben. Résumé L'élimination des impuretés dans le cas de semi-conducteurs complexes et de plaquettes de silicium est assurée par un dégraissage à la vapeur avec un liquide de déplacement des particules. Elle tient également compte des aspects environnementaux et des exigences légales. Резюме Удаление загрязнений в случае сложных полупроводников и кремниевых пластин осуществляется методом паровой очистки с использованием вытесняющей жидкости, при этом учитываются аспекты охраны окружающей среды и требования законодательства. 24 EPP Europe » 11 | 2022

Rework technologies PDR launches integrated solder paste print part system Source: PDR The system mounts to all Evolution Series rework platforms for vertical lift utilizing the Integrated Vacuum Pick Up Feature/ Gram Force placement settings. PDR, a manufacturer of BGA rework systems, test and X-ray inspection systems, has introduced a new ‘Integrated Solder Past Print Part System’ for rework. The company said the tools are designed to work with all its Evolution Series rework systems. “Treated with high durability carbon nanotube technology for superior paste-to-component release, the new print part system offers superior paste printing to component results with minimal effort,” the company said. “Key to the success of any print part operation is the ability of the print part fixture to supply correct and equal pressure to the component when undergoing the pasting operation. [Our] exclusive design offers a hands-free/tool-free calibrated pressure nest to ensure constant and direct pressure is achieved, thus providing superior paste application and deposition, virtually eliminating the need for re-prints.” Reflow oven technology 24-channel profiling option from KIC The new option consists of two 12-channel SPS units, paired together and run as a single 24-channel profiler inside of a new thermal barrier. Source: KIC KIC has introduced a new Dual Profiling option for Profiling Software 2G and SPS Smart Profilers, allowing up to 24 thermocouple locations in a single profile run for temperature profiling measurements. This added value is key for customers who require more sample locations on some of their products, but still want to use their profiler on smaller boards requiring less. Dual profiling allows this flexibility. Using the Profiling Software 2G application, a user can ‘pair’ two standard 12-channel SPS Smart Profilers together, and they will function as a single profiler. EPP Europe » 11 | 2022 25