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EPP Europe P2.2022

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» CONTENTS 11 | 2022

» CONTENTS 11 | 2022 28. YEAR OF PUBLICATION COVER FEATURE Overcoming Koh Young explains the challenges how its new 3D inline DPI equipment of CCI » Page 16 can conduct 2D and 3D inspection of transparent materials. Source: Koh Young NEWS & HIGHLIGHTS Interview Daniel Schultze, Managing Director of Tresky “We do not offer a machine, but a ready-made application” 6 Industry News 8 reasons to embrace supply chain digitalisation Should you make your supply chain digital? (Rebound) 8 Biden signs US Chips and Science Act into law 11 Infineon signs supply agreement with II-VI for SiC wafers 12 ODU launches website for mass interconnect interfaces 12 IPC: Likelihood of 2023 recession increasing 13 TRADE SHOWS & EVENTS Electronica 2022, 15-18 November Sustainability to take centre stage at Munich expo 14 COVER FEATURE Koh Young examines the future of dispensing inspection Overcoming the challenges of CCI 16 PCB & ASSEMBLY Product Updates – PCB + Assembly 21 Removing insoluble particulate from semiconductors Vapor degreasing explained (MicroCare) 22 Product Updates – PCB + Assembly 25 Processing larger PCBs with precision More flexibilty in solder paste printing (ASMPT) 26 Product Updates – PCB + Assembly 29 Case study: Soldering systems in practice It all began with a coffee machine… (Kurtz Ersa) 30 Product Updates – PCB + Assembly 34 TEST & QUALITY ASSURANCE Product Updates – Test + Quality Assurance 38 Automatic x-ray inspection (AXI) What are AXI systems capable of in 2022? (Göpel) 40 Product Updates – Test + Quality Assurance 44 Solid-state modules for test applications Lower leakage current with T-circuit MOSFETs (Omron) 46 COLUMNS Editorial 3 Imprint/List of advertisers 50 4 EPP Europe » 11 | 2022

Vapor degreasing: almost all semiconductor wafers require cleaning to remove contamination caused by the manufacturing process » Page 22 Source: Microcare Advanced Tilt and Rotate Dispensing Technology that provides reduced wet out areas, improved capillary flow for underfill and enables dispensing on the side walls or around tall components. NEW! Electronica 15 – 18 November, Munich Boasting a wide and varied programme of supplementary conferences and forums, this year’s fair will highlight today’s most pressing topics: from electromobility through smart energy, to power electronics and sensors. Programmable articulation of both axes in sub-degree increment for total flexibility Together in Process Perfection FOLLOW US: LinkedIn: Twitter: @EPPmagazine Learn more at A division EPP Europe of Illinois » 11 Tools | 2022 Works 5