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EPP Europe P2.2022

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» PCB & ASSEMBLY The Dual Access Cover option allows solder paste cartridges to be swapped out during operation, meaning fewer line stops Source: ASMPT count, for example from AOI systems at the end of the line. The understencil cleaning process can also be controlled automatically. It is no longer carried out based on a rigid schedule, but only when the in- Zusammenfassung Für mehr Flexibilität in der Verarbeitung von großen Leiterplatten wird ein neuer Lotpastendrucker vorgestellt, der Boards von bis zu 600 mm x 510 mm mit durchgängigem Automatisierungskonzept verarbeitet. Résumé Une nouvelle imprimante à pâte à braser est présentée, pour plus de flexibilité dans le traitement des grands circuits imprimés. Elle traite des cartes allant jusqu’à 600 mm x 510 mm avec un concept d’automatisation continu. Резюме Для обеспечения большей гибкости в обработке больших печатных плат представлен новый принтер для нанесения паяльной пасты, позволяющий обрабатывать платы размером до 600 мм х 510 мм на основе концепции сплошной автоматизации. telligent quality management system recognizes, based on measurements data, that a cleaning cycle is needed. Easy integration via open interfaces Since open, non-proprietary and easily retrofittable systems are major advantages of the Open Automation concept, the new printer features multiple interfaces and protocols. Examples include the IPC-HERMES 9852 and IPC-CFX standards for process data and ASMPT workflow solutions such as the WORKS module Command Center, plant-wide asset and maintenance management with Factory Equipment Center, or the entire WORKS smart shop floor management suite. Third-party systems and IT systems such as MES or WMS solutions, extensive remote support solutions, and many more are also supported. With WORKS, for example, print jobs can be programmed entirely offline. Reference class The precise printing, high process stability, small footprint and flexible automation options of the new solder paste printing platform have raised the bar. Thanks to standardized, open interfaces, it is just as easy to integrate the new high-speed printer into an existing line as it is to combine it with machines from other manufacturers or to automate the production in stages. If you need to print large boards with precision or want to make your production more flexible, you should take a look at the DEK TQ L. 28 EPP Europe » 11 | 2022

Product Updates « PCB & ASSEMBLY Integrated robotic solutions Orbit One builds robot manufacturing cell Swedish contract manufacturer of electronics and electromechanics, Orbit One, has announced that it has built a new robot cell at its plant in Ronneby, Sweden. The cell has been specially designed on behalf of a large Swedish industrial company in order to manufacture identification and traceability solutions with builtin analytical tools. ”We received an inquiry on whether we could design an effective and sustainable solution for their manufacturing. Thanks to our fantastic cooperation with the customer and the automation consultants Spectrum Technology, we have now built a unique solution, which is fully operational,” said Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at the OEM, Ulf Karlsson. ”The robot cell has a fascinating complexity and is unbelievably space-efficient. It is fitted with three robotic arms and requires only one operator. The cell manufactures the entire unit and the robot handles all steps from depanelisation with laser, laser soldering, printed circuit board testing, battery assembly for plastic encapsulation and laser marking The robot handles all steps from depanelisation with laser, laser soldering, printed circuit board testing, battery assembly for plastic encapsulation and laser marking of the finished product,“ explained Ulf Karlsson, Vice President and COO at Orbit One of the finished product. The quality requirements are extremely high and casting is done with the maximum possible accuracy. The robot cell configuration delivers one product every 30 seconds,” continued Karlsson. ”It is also gratifying that with this deal we show that we can compete with lowcost countries like China, for example, thanks to our high technical expertise. Manufacturing is also brought closer to the customer, which is of utmost importance during the development of complex products, when close collaboration is essential for the final result. The project has also strengthened and improved our own competence and competitiveness in a manner that will benefit all our customers.” Source: Orbit One LPKF_RZ_LM_ANZ_Schneiden_188x88_EN.pdf - Oktober 6, 2022 x Stress-free Cutting Services Laser cutting of the smallest geometries with excellent cutting quality and high flexibility of rigid and flexible PCBs. Find out more: electronica: November 15–18, Hall B1, Booth 219 LaserMicronics is a brand of LPKF Group: LPKF Laser & Electronics AG Phone +49 (5131) 7095-0 EPP Europe » 11 | 2022 29