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EPP Europe P2.2022

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TEST & QUALITY ASSURANCE » Product Updates Increased test efficiency for automotive radar test chamber Antenna test system gets new features Global provider of test and measurement software, instruments and systems Rohde & Schwarz has augmented its R&S ATS1500C antenna test system with a new temperature test option and a new feed antenna. The company says these additional features enable temperature-controlled measurements in a wide temperature range as well as parallel access to both polarizations, increasing test efficiency and flexibility. The movable R&S ATS1500C is a compact antenna test range (CATR)-based chamber. It is designed to eliminate ghost targets within the chamber during target simulation tests and includes a highly accurate positioner for angular measurements. The new temperature test option creates a temperature-controlled enviroment for the radar under test and supports a wide range from –40 °C to +85 °C. The heated or cooled air is provided by an external thermal air stream system that supplies the air to the temperature bubble mounted on the positioner. This changes the temperature without affecting the chamber‘s measurement performance. This feature makes it possible to automate measurements at different temperatures without a separate climatic chamber, which increases radar testing speed. In addition, the new universal feed antenna, which supports 60 GHz to 90 GHz, can be added to the test chamber. The antenna includes an orthomode transducer, which enables parallel access Source: Rohde & Schwarz to vertical and horizontal polarizations. With these new options, developers can efficiently characterize RF transmitters, calibrate antenna manifolds, measure antenna patterns, test robustness against interference, check compliance with regulations such as ETSI and FCC as well as plan testing and calibration procedures for later mass production. The test system is is used as a reference environment before porting the procedures to a production tester. The antenna test system can be used for automotive radar module development, validation, calibration and compliance testing Boost for AI electronic component analytics software provider Cybord enters OEM partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software Source: Cybord "With this solution, our customers can gain increased transparency over their components, enabling them to reduce risk through more comprehensive validation,“ Izik Avidan, Analytics Business Unit Manager, Digital Manufacturing, at Siemens Digital Industries Software, said Developer of an inline AI electronic component analytics software solution, Cybord, has announced that it has signed a new Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software. The company’s inline visual AI solution will be offered as part of Siemens‘ manufacturing analytics solutions for elec- tronics manufacturers. It can be integrated as part of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) system or as a standalone solution. “Our strong partnership with Siemens amplifies the value of [our] platform and expands our market reach,“ said Zeev Efrat, CEO of Cybord. “We are looking forward to working with Siemens to bring the power of our combined solution to electronics manufacturers across the industry.” “The Cybord SaaS solution helps fill a key gap by providing electronics manufacturers with an accurate and scalable way to help confirm that all PCB components are authentic and with satisfactory quality,” Izik Avidan, Analytics Business Unit Manager, Digital Manufacturing, at Siemens Digital Industries Software, said. This is even more necessary today with manufacturers being forced to source components from new or less-familiar suppliers due to supply chain disruption. “With this solution, our customers can gain increased transparency over their components, enabling them to reduce risk through more comprehensive validation.” About the solution Cybord inline visual AI solution uses SMT machines‘ component imaging for visual verification and analyzes 100% of the electronic components at production before they are placed on the circuit board, without changing SMT throughput. It is available to production line operators and electronics manufacturers, providing production data analytics and verification to all stakeholders. 38 EPP Europe » 11 | 2022

New online offering for 4K digital inspection systems Inspectis launches new website Global manufacturer of 4K digital inspection systems, Inspectis, has launched a new website, The new site includes all the company’s 4K digital inspection for electronics, medical, and other critical inspection applications. In making the announcement, Alistair Gooch, Marketing Manager, said, “If you haven‘t looked at the website recently, please do so now! It has been completely replaced by a fresh, modern and more effective one that presents the Inspectis product range in a crisp and clean presentation, providing richer content and more easily accessible information.” Much of the improvement, he adds, is owed to the complete modernization and revision of its structure behind the screen that makes it more responsive and faster The company says its new website is a complete ‘re-do’ for most users. “It also helps us create greater visibility and improves traceability of interest whilst complying to the latest privacy rules,” Gooch said. Source: Inspectis Discover our latest innovations at Besuchen Sie uns auf der electronica Viscom präsentiert vom 15. bis 18. November 2022 seine neuesten Inspektionslösungen auf der Weltleitmesse electronica in München. An unserem Messestand A3-642 zeigen wir Ihnen, wie höchste Qualitätsanforderungen in der Elektronikfertigung zielgenau erfüllt werden – schnell, präzise und rundum vernetzt. Eins unserer Highlights, auf das Sie sich freuen können: das leistungsstarke 3D-AXI- System iX7059 PCB Inspection XL. 15. bis 18. Nov. 2022 Booth: A3-642 EPP Europe » 11 | 2022 39