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EPP Europe P2.2022

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» NEWS & HIGHLIGHTS 8 reasons to embrace supply chain digitalisation Should you make your supply chain digital? While it is true that that industries across all sectors are embracing digitalisation, many supply chains continue to be held back by their outdated approach. Here, Jeff Brind, Chief Information Officer at independent electronic components distributor Rebound Electronics, looks at some of the key reasons you should make your supply chain digital. Source: Rebound Electronics Rebound says its global team can offer real-time global market intelligence from a single point of contact In such uncertain times, any change that increases the predictability, visibility and reliability of the flow of goods and materials in the electronics manufacturing supply chain can only be a positive one. If, however, you are still unsure about whether acrossthe-board digitalisation is really necessary, here is some food for thought... 1. Digital supply chains are more resilient Digitalisation can increase visibility throughout your entire supply chain, which makes it easier to identify risk at every point of the supply chain and respond before delays occur. Supply chains that invest in automation and new technology are also more resilient in times of disruption because they are less reliant on physical labour and certain processes can continue outside of working hours. 2.Digital means increased visibility Visibility is increased in a digital supply chain, and this brings more than just increased resilience. Endto-end visibility and transparency are increased without the need for user input, instead using lowcode automation platforms to provide access to realtime information to all businesses involved. This information can include manufacturing progress reports, location of parts and delivery status, meaning supply chains can work to more accurate timeframes. The electronic components distributor also offers climate-controlled certified warehousing in Europe and Asia Source: Rebound Electronics 8 EPP Europe » 11 | 2022

NEWS & HIGHLIGHTS « 3. Digital supply chains have a competitive advantage A digitalised supply chain can give manufacturers an advantage over competitors because it enables them to manufacture products more efficiently and deliver a better service for the end user. Increased visibility, traceability and communication throughout the supply chain results in fewer supply issues, and automated warehousing processes help to create products much quicker and with a reduced risk of error. 4. You can generate data-driven plans Digitalising your supply chain gives you access to more data and more opportunities to put that data to good use. For example, analytics and data visualisation can benefit activities such as demand forecasting. Combining intelligent algorithms and historical data allows you to predict customer trends, giving you more time to source the components to meet All products are subject to the same meticulous inspection procedures underpinned by industry-standard certification Source: Rebound Electronics The Gateway to a Smart Factory Solutions ‹ Process control by KY realtime monitoring ‹ User-friendly library manager for local access to global database Koh Young Europe GmbH Industriegebiet Süd E4 63755 Alzenau Tel. +49 (0)6188 9935663 E-mail: ‹ Improvement of processes through verified measurement data EPP Europe » 11 | 2022 9