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ITB Berlin News 2020 - #4

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I NEWS IThe solo

I NEWS IThe solo traveller isa promising businessopportunityWilfred FanCCO, KlookAs Wilfred Fan, Chief Commercial Officer of Klook, is responsiblefor overseeing the Supply Business Development & Operationsdivision, and was due to be a speaker at the ITB Executive Panelon Tours, Activities & Attractions, ITB Berlin News asked himhow the segment is evolving.Over the past decade, mobile has provento be a game-changer. Travellers havebecome increasingly mobile-centric,with over 75% of bookings made viamobile. As mobile technology drivesthe digitisation of the industry andcaptures traditional offline bookings,operators look increasingly at adoptingnew technology. As tours and activitiesremain however highly fragmented withan online penetration rate of less than15%, we collaborate closely with traveloperators in their digitisation process.So people want a more “individualised”offer. How can they get this?Travellers, especially millennials, arelooking for unique experiences. Our jobis to seek out all the attractive optionsglobally and identify the relevant ones.Klook is working on machine learningenabledfeatures to offer customisedrecommendations for travellersbased on their online behaviours.With our tech hubs in Shenzhen andSingapore, we expand data science andanalytics teams to enhance our searchoptimisation and recommendationcapabilities.What is Klook doing in this respect?Data analytics play a key role to helpus spot trends. We also share dataand key insights with travel operatorsand work together to create relevantexperiences. For example, accordingto our Global Solo Travel research lastyear, up to 76% of travellers considertravelling solo, which is a promisingbusiness opportunity. Therefore, wecollaborate with operators to meet solotravellers' needs and forgo the minimumparticipant requirement. As of today,91% of activities on Klook’s platformcan be available to one person10 • ITB BERLIN NEWS • THURSDAY 26 TH MARCH

I NEWS IIn Dubai,it's all aboutMEDubai's most anticipated designled, luxury hotel – ME Dubai (byMeliá) -- opened its doors onSunday March 1, 2020.Designed by the world-renowned latearchitect, Dame Zaha Hadid, ME Dubai hastaken residence in The Opus by Omniyatbuilding, located in the heart of the BurjKhalifa district in Dubai – the latestoutstanding addition to Dubai's iconicskyline.This is the first and last hotel where theIraqi-British architect has designed both theexterior and interior of the hotel, making MEDubai her legacy project. Hadid was famousfor her intensely futuristic architecture,characterized by curves, sharp angles andbold materials and the ME Dubai hotel is noexception.The hotel boasts 74 rooms and 19 suites,including the Passion Suite, PersonalitySuite, Vibe Room and the ultra-luxurious“ME Suite”. Hadid's design “reinvents thebalance between solid and void, opaque andtransparent, interior and exterior”. The Opusitself comprises two separate towers thatconnect in the form of a cube and featuring a'carved' central void, which appears to hoverabove the ground. The centre of the buildingprovides unexpected and dramatic viewsof the exterior. During the day, The Opus isa luminous surface, reflecting the dazzlingDubai sun, with the LED lighting highlightingthe vivid character of the building in theeveningLJUBLJANAWINS EUROPEAN"SMART TOURISMAWARD" 2019For the last years, Ljubljana has been knowas a city with a green soul after havingbeen awarded the price of "Green Capitalof Europe" in 2014. Now it is also a "SmartCity" as Ljubljana was selected by theEuropean Commission as "2019 Europeancapital of smart tourism".The best way to see the city’s landmarksis with the Ljubljana card combined ticket,which not only offers entrance to 19museums, galleries and the city zoo, butalso free bus travel, a 24-hour Wi-Fi passand a whole lot more. The Visit Ljubljanawebsite and app, which are both availablein six languages and are updated regularlywith information and offersLjubljana old town on a sunny summer dayJust a short walk across the Triple Bridgebrings tourists into contact with thecity’s past, present and future with viewsof Ljubljana Castle, the Dragon Bridge,Ljubljana Marshes and so much more.ITB BERLIN NEWS • THURSDAY 26 TH MARCH 2020 • 11

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