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ITB Berlin News 2021 - Day 4 Edition

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I NEWS I Daily Briefing

I NEWS I Daily Briefing By David Ruetz, Head of ITB Berlin NOW Good morning! I sincerely hope you have been having an excellent ITB Berlin NOW up until today. For the next hours, we have a really actionpacked schedule. Each year, the ITB Berlin convention sets the stage for thought leadership and enables the establishment of a roadmap for the industry at large. This is possible thanks to the broadest possible involvement of high-level players. To this end, this morning at 10:40, the ITB Keynote Interview will enable a clear understanding of the “new normal” in the US market, following the change of Federal administration there. US Travel Association President & CEO, Roger Dow will discuss the potential implications of the US government’s new climate change policy on the future and the recovery or transformation of travel, the actions of the new US administration on COVID-19 and their effects on the US and international travel and tourism industry. And today, the final day of the convention, the ITB Sustainability track will focus on the critical topics of sustainability and climate protection. Caroline Bremner from Euromonitor will present an exclusive survey on sustainability in the conference industry – and Prof. Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research will report on the situation regarding climate change. Don’t be afraid, however, of missing out on anything. All sessions will be available as videos on demand after the event. In other words, this year’s show will not really end today. In 2021, we are going into extra time. For an extended period until the end of May the ITB Berlin NOW platform will be available to all participants, allowing them to still find important information and contacts, evaluate their attendance and access content from the convention. The industry needs this exchange of ideas – not just during the show. I encourage you to take the time to cover any events you may have missed live! World Tourism Cities Federation hosts important sessions @ ITB Berlin NOW convention The World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) is back again this year as exclusive co-host of the ITB Berlin NOW Convention - bringing two important sessions to the conference. Yesterday, Ms. Pang Wei, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, delivered a keynote speech on the topic “City Tourism after covid-19: Tourism Re- Start of Beijing”, sharing information on the steps that were taken by Beijing City to contain the outbreak and get life adjusted to the “new normal”. Ms Pang outlined a comprehensive eight-point plan to rekindle business in the tourism sector, ensuring, among other things, flexible services and support as an innovative partner of the tourism sector, focusing on flagship projects and leading enterprises, incubating high potential enterprises, and strengthening the reputation and quality of brands. WTCF is working to foster new technologies in tourism, promote the development of smart tourism, mainstream the concept of "no reservation, no travel", and maintain a safe, friendly and reliable market environment. In another session yesterday, WTCF partnered with the China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI) headquartered in Hamburg, on the topic of “New Normal, New Practice”. The presentations and discussions addressed the question of how we will travel after the pandemic. They explored potential new ways of travelling and new modes of tourism that emerge during the recovery process. The experts also discussed if and what new standards are likely to be put in practice when travelling. The session was kicked-off by Philip Dodd, Chairman of Made in China UK, who was named as one of the most important global thinkers 2016 by China Business News. His keynote speech “Using cultural exchanges as a way to create new forms of urban tourism” set the scene for the roundtable moderated by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Arlt, CEO of COTRI. The sessions can be found online on Guangzhou Today, Friday, 12 March 2021 10:00 - 10:15 Convention Opening & Welcome from our Co-Host WTCF ITB Berlin NOW Convention Stage 1 4 ITB BERLIN NEWS • FRIDAY 12 TH MARCH 2021

I NEWS I ADVERTORIAL Still time left to snap-up Uganda discount promotion VISIT BRAND CAR D Uganda Tourism Board is present at ITB Berlin NOW, with news that a special promotional discount offer by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) will run for bookings made up until the end of June. UWA manages 10 National Parks; 12 wildlife reserves; 5 community wildlife management areas and 13 wildlife sanctuaries. The parks offer traditional savanna safaris along with boat tours, forest hikes, mountain climbing and wildlife research activities. Uganda is unrivalled on the continent as a birdwatching destination with over 1,000 species – several of which are found nowhere else on the planet. It is also home to 13 types of primates including over half of the world’s endangered Mountain Gorillas; and our closest relative – the chimpanzee. Explore the wild Kidepo Valley; spot Queen Elizabeth’s treeclimbing lions; trek up the Virunga Volcanoes; summit the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains; take on Bwindi’s “impenetrable forest”; learn ancient tribal traditions and crafts – or just relax at your lodge surrounded by the wonderful sights and sounds of Africa’s most hospitable destination. A broad range of discounts were announced on 1st December, and are valid for bookings up to the end of June: 50% discount on the park entrance fee for Lake Mburo NP, Queen Elizabeth NP, Kidepo Valley NP, Murchison Falls NP, Semuliki NP, Toro Semuliki Wildlife Reserve, Katonga Wildlife Reserve, Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve and Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve; 50% discount on birding fees; and reductions on Gorilla and chimpanzee tracking fees for all visitor categories from 0 to 0. Explore Uganda – on the tip of discovery with the safest and most hospitable parks in Africa! © Melissa Askew - Unsplash WINNERS of the Tourism Film Print Multimedia Competition The Golden City Gate 2021 Congratulations to all participants from 23 Countries Film title Category Country Prize Film title Category Country Prize #Discover Germany from home Country Germany 1 NAT Alentejo - Come Alive Region Portugal 2 INT Alentejo and Ribatejo Caminhos de Sanago Eco Tourism Portugal 2 INT atb.virtual.2020 MICE & Event Austria 2 INT Aca. Greece in a Snapshot Region Greece 1 INT Belgrade walk through history & culture City Serbia 2 INT Carinthia - It's my life! Region Austria 1 INT Central Istria - Dare to Explore Region Croaa 2 INT Chasing Lines Region South Africa 2 INT Close To The City, Close To The Heart Region Croaa 2 INT Corporate Design der Stadt Bad Wildbad Print Germany 1 NAT Corporate Design der Stadt Meiningen Print Germany 2 NAT Costa do Vizir Beach Village & SPA Hotel Portugal 1 INT Das sind WIR, die TMC München Innovaon Germany 1 NAT Deutsche Hospitality Hygienevideo Stay Safe Germany 2 NAT DIBAG Unternehmensfilm Economy Germany 2 NAT Discover Colours You Never Knew Existed Country Lithuania 2 INT Dominikanische Republik - alles wovon sie träumen Print Dominican Rep. 2 INT Ein Tag am Niederrhein Region Germany 2 NAT Enjoy your safe holidays in the Dominican Republic Stay Safe Dominican Rep. 2 INT Experience Rindal - Story of the Rindalsbunad City Norway 1 INT Extremadura, everything you can imagine Region Spain 1 INT Feel Sloveni@ Business Date Music Slovenia 1 INT Feel The Call Region Portugal 2 INT Follow your insnct Eco Tourism Spain 2 INT Go with the flow - Soča Valley Campaign Slovenia 1 INT Greek Summer is a State of Mind Commercials Greece 3 INT Green&Safe Campaign Slovenia 2 INT Hygiene Weisse Frau Stay Safe Germany 1 NAT I am Steigenberger Hotel Germany 1 NAT IGTV @feelslovenia Innovaon Slovenia 2 INT Industrial Heritage Berlin City Germany 2 NAT Inside isn´t outside. Campaign Austria 1 INT Intercity Hotel Hotel Germany 2 NAT Isle-Isolate Life Region Spain 2 INT Jane Meets Madrid MICE & Event Spain 1 INT Jaz Hygiene Stay Safe Germany 2 NAT Jaz in the City Hotel Germany 2 NAT Kitzbühel 365 - NEW Worlds, NEW Cosms, NEW Wonders City Austria 1 INT Klagenfurt: Everything possible, but nothing necessary City Austria 1 INT Life is Now Region Portugal 2 INT Maurius NOW Country Maurius 2 INT MAXX Hotel Germany 2 NAT MTB Stories Eco Tourism Portugal 3 INT Much more than "just" Denmark Commercials Denmark 2 INT Nature & me Country Montenegro 1 INT Now is your me in the Dominican Republic Commercials Dominican Rep. 1 INT Our stories from Bol City Croaa 3 INT Slovenia Outdoor Print Slovenia 1 INT Slovenia´s tourism Tour de Force of cycling excellence Campaign Slovenia 1 INT South Australia: hear it, touch it, see it to believe it Region Australia 1 INT Taste Slovenia - naonal website for gastronomy topic Online Slovenia 1 INT The Algarve looks good on you Region Portugal 1 INT Time to #stayhome. Turn to nature and dream. Stay Safe Slovenia 2 INT Tiny House Gondel Hotel Germany 1 NAT Tourism Center of Portugal I No Pain, No Gain Region Portugal 2 INT Ustka- become the master of leisure City Poland 2 INT Vienna Sleeping Beauty - Sunrise City Austria 3 INT Vilnius: amazing wherever you think it is City Lithuania 1 INT Visit Essen City Germany 2 NAT We look forward to seeing you again. In Austria. Country Austria 2 INT Welcome to Arabia Campaign Saudi Arabia 1 INT Welcome to Guyana Stay Safe Guyana 1 INT Welcome to Paradise - YORON Island, Japan Region Japan 1 INT Wer fährt schon in die Oberpfalz Region Germany 1 NAT Yehliu Wonder Land Eco Tourism Taiwan 1 INT Zeppelin - Das Musical Music Germany 1 NAT Zleep Hotel Germany 2 NAT We give the tourist interested countries, cities, hotels, regions a worldwide platform to present their touristic films. ITB BERLIN NEWS • FRIDAY 12 TH MARCH 2021 5

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