CLTA Newsletter May 2022

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美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 通 訊<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong><br />


Chinese Language Teachers Association (USA)<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2022</strong>| Volume 46 |Number 2<br />

ISSUE <br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <br />

Annual Virtual<br />

Conference<br />

Professor<br />

Chih-P’ing<br />

Chou: <strong>CLTA</strong><br />

2021-<strong>2022</strong><br />

Lifetime<br />

Achievement<br />

Award<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> 60th <br />

Anniversary<br />

celebration<br />

Special<br />

Lecture <br />

Series #3

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<strong>CLTA</strong><br />

<strong>Newsletter</strong><br />

Chinese Language Teachers<br />

Association of USA<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> HEADQUARTERS 总 部 <br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Headquarters<br />



5000 FORBES AVE.<br />

PITTSBURGH, PA 15213-3890, U.S.A.<br />

EMAIL: <strong>CLTA</strong>@ANDREW.CMU.EDU<br />

https://<strong>CLTA</strong>-US.ORG<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Archive:<br />



Elected Officers<br />

President<br />

Shuai Li 郦 帅 <br />

Georgia State University<br />

Immediate Past President<br />

Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平 <br />

University of Notre Dame<br />

Vice President<br />

Xia Liang 梁 霞 <br />

Washington University in St Louis<br />

<br />

Appointed Officers<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Headquarters<br />

Sue-mei Wu 吴 素 美 , Executive director<br />

Carnegie Mellon University<br />

Journal Office <br />

Dana S. Bourgerie ⽩ 杰 理 , CSL Journal Editor <br />

Brigham Young University<br />

Journal Office<br />

Baozhang He 何 宝 璋 , CSL Associate Editor<br />

College of the Holy Cross<br />

<br />

Conference Officer<br />

Baozhang He 何 宝 璋 <br />

College of the Holy Cross<br />

K-12 Publication Office<br />

Cilei Han 韩 慈 磊 , Editor<br />

Lake Oswego High School<br />

Home Page Office<br />

Jun Da 笪 骏 , Webmaster<br />

Middle Tennessee State University<br />

<strong>Newsletter</strong> Office<br />

Christine Liu 吕 逸 勤 , Editor<br />

Dickinson College<br />

Committees<br />

Steering Committee<br />

Shuai Li 郦 帅 (President)<br />

Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平 (Immediate Past President)<br />

Xia Liang 梁 霞 (Vice President)<br />

Sue-mei Wu 吴 素 美 (Executive Director)<br />

Zhongqi Shi 史 中 琦 (Board Member)<br />

Jing Wang 王 静 (Board Member)<br />

Awards Committee<br />

Jing Wang 王 静 <br />

The National Collegiate<br />

Chinese Honor Society<br />

Tong Chen 陈 彤 <br />

Nominating and Election<br />

Committee<br />

Xia Liang 梁 霞 <br />

Conference Committee<br />

Shuai Li 郦 帅 <br />

Finance Committee<br />

Xia Liang 梁 霞<br />

Fund-Raising Committee<br />

Gang Liu 刘 刚 <br />

Media and Publicity Committee<br />

Zhongqi Shi 史 中 琦 <br />

Regional Associations <br />

Committee<br />

Ran Zhao 赵 冉 <br />

Professional Development <br />

Committee<br />

Wenhao Diao 刁 ⽂ 豪 <br />

K-12 Committee<br />

Zoe (Ling’ou) Jiang 江 凌 欧

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Volume 46, No. 2<br />

Table of Contents<br />

Letter from the Immediate Past President 1<br />

Letter from the President 3<br />

Highlights of the Issue 6<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Annual Virtual Conference 7<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> 60th Anniversary Celebration Special Lecture Series #3 23<br />

Professor Chih-p’ing Chou: <strong>CLTA</strong> 2021-<strong>2022</strong> Lifetime Achievement Award<br />

岁 ⽉ 流 ⾦ 雪 泥 鸿 ⽖ — 周 质 平 教 授 的 普 北 往 事<br />

25<br />

News and Announcements 30<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Thanks the Sponsors of the <strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Virtual Conference 31<br />

The 34th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL-34) Second call for Papers 33<br />

Call for Proposal: The Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Language (NECTFL) 2023 36<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Events List 38<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Membership Benefits 47<br />

Book News 48<br />

Pedagogical Grammar and Grammar Pedagogy in Chinese as a Second Language 49<br />

别 见 外 —— 中 ⾼ 级 汉 语 视 听 说 教 程 (I、II) 51<br />

Conferences 52<br />

CSCTFL 2023 Conference (Central States Conference of Teaching Foreign Languages) 52<br />

The 6th Workshop on Innovations in Cantonese Linguistics (WICL-6) 53<br />

Advertisements 54<br />

Middleburry School 54<br />

Pathways to Success 55<br />

Jobs 56<br />

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese Language and Culture (Bloomington, Indiana) 57<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Clinical Assistant Professor, Chinese Language at University at Buffalo, SUNY (Buffalo NY) 57<br />

Lecturer of Chinese at UC Davis (Davis, CA) 59<br />

Professor/Associate Professor in Bilingualism and Communication (Hong Kong) 59<br />

Assistant Professor in Chinese-English Translation/Interpreting (Hong Kong) 61<br />

Visiting Lecturer, Chinese Literature and Culture (Pittsburgh, PA) 63<br />

Chinese Language Lecturer (Princeton, NJ) 63<br />

Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor (or Instructor) of Chinese (Baltimore, MD) 64<br />

Visiting Assistant Professor in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture Studies (Iowa City, IA) 65<br />

Teachers and Facilitators - NSA STARTALK (Fort Worth, Texas) 66<br />

Visiting teaching position in Chinese language (Allendale, MI) 66<br />

Visiting Assistant Professor or Instructor of Chinese (Poughkeepsie, NY) 67<br />

Chinese Linguistics Teaching Faculty (Madison, WI) 68<br />

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese (Memphis, TN) 69<br />

Visiting Instructor/Assistant Professor of Chinese (Wooster, OH) 69<br />

Clinical Instructor/Assistant Professor of Chinese (Washington, DC) 69<br />

Associate Director of the Language and Culture Center (Suzhou, China) 70<br />

Part-time Lecturer in Pre-Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (Medford, MA) 72<br />

Chinese Language Teacher (Brooklyn, NY) 72<br />

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese Language and Literature (Lexington, VA) 74<br />

One-Year Leave Replacement Position in Chinese Language (Williamstown, MA) 75<br />

Lecturer of Chinese (Ames, IA) 76<br />

Full time Visiting Faculty Position in Chinese (Worcester, MA) 77<br />

Chinese Language Teacher (summer, residential) (Callaway, MN) 78<br />

Elementary School Principal (Grand Rapids, Michigan) 78<br />

Instructor of Chinese: WKU Chinese Flagship Program (Bowling Green, KY) 80<br />

Visiting Assistant Professor Chinese Language (Lewisburg, PA) 81<br />

Lecturer in Mandarin Chinese Language at University of California San Diego (San Diego, CA) 82<br />

Chinese Language Fellow (Poughkeepsie, NY) 84<br />

Lecturer in Chinese Language (University of British Columbia) (Vancouver, BC, Canada) 85<br />

Journal updates 87<br />

International Chinese Language Education 国 际 中 ⽂ 教 育 87<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) Journal 汉 语 教 学 研 究 89<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> membership Renewal and Information Updates 90<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Letter from the Immediate Past President<br />

1<br />

Yongping Zhu<br />

朱 永 平<br />

Dear <strong>CLTA</strong> Members,<br />

This past year must be remarkable for <strong>CLTA</strong> because our<br />

organization has reached a memorable milestone: the 60 th year<br />

anniversary! Our organization has become a mature, strong<br />

and well-developed adult since it was first born in 1962. From<br />

the emotional and exciting celebration of the 60th year<br />

anniversary on April 9th, <strong>2022</strong>, we all have witnessed the<br />

astonishing achievements of our organization in the long journey of 60 years. From the<br />

succinct but comprehensive video made by our media group, we have seen how our<br />

organization has developed from a small group with a few people into one of the largest<br />

professional organizations in the world with near one thousand members through<br />

historical pictures, narratives of the representative figures in different stages. From the<br />

award ceremony, we could feel the passionate moments by presenting the Lifetime<br />

Achievement Award to Professor Chih-p’ing Chou (a great leader and a flagship in the field<br />

of Chinese pedagogy), by honoring six recipients of the Outstanding Contribution Award<br />

for their constant and exceptional contributions to the development of <strong>CLTA</strong>, and by<br />

awarding many our members for their significant achievements in research, teaching, and<br />

professional development. From the performance especially for our 60th anniversary by<br />

the Middle Tennessee State University, from the contributions by the longstanding and<br />

new sponsors, and from each participant’s enthusiasm and high spirit, we have enhanced<br />

our confidence for having a solid foundation to further develop our organization to a new<br />

stage. I feel so touched and fortunate to have the opportunity for serving the President of<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> in 2021-<strong>2022</strong> and for having experienced this historical moment with you. <br />

I am very grateful to all our members, board members, officers, leaders and members of<br />

regional associations and special interest groups, volunteers, and sponsors for your<br />

dedicated and extraordinary efforts for developing our organization and Chinese education<br />

in the USA throughout the year. Even though the past year was still a challenging time for<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

us, we continued our special virtual lectures by inviting<br />

three well-known scholars to share their research<br />

achievements and teaching experiences. Our active<br />

membership has continuously grown and our special<br />

interest groups have increased from nine to thirteen in<br />

the past year. The special groups were very active by<br />

hosting more than 10 events every month. I am so moved<br />

by every member’s exceptional efforts and strong<br />

support, and proud for our great accomplishments in the<br />

past year. <br />

I would like to take this moment to express my great<br />

gratitude to Professor Yi Xu (<strong>CLTA</strong> President of<br />

2020-2021) for her valuable advice and guidance, to<br />

Executive Director Professor Sue-Mei Wu, and to all<br />

board members, officers and <strong>CLTA</strong> members for your<br />

constant help and generous support. With the 60-year<br />

history, I trust that the <strong>CLTA</strong> family will become stronger<br />

and more influential in the future. I am very confident<br />

that our organization will continue developing under the<br />

new leadership with President Shuai Li and Vice<br />

President Xia Liang in the coming year. <br />

With my humble and sincere thanks,<br />

Yongping Zhu<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> President 2021-<strong>2022</strong><br />

For all you do — and for the thoughtful<br />

and professional way you do it — <br />

thank you.<br />

传 <br />

承<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 2

Letter from the President<br />

2<br />

Shuai Li <br />

郦 帅<br />

Dear <strong>CLTA</strong> members and friends, <br />

It is my great honor to serve as the President of The Chinese<br />

Language Teachers Association - USA (<strong>CLTA</strong>-USA) for the<br />

<strong>2022</strong>-23 term. I appreciate your trust and encouragement, and<br />

I look forward to working with you all to further advance the<br />

mission of our organization and to better serve our community. <br />

In April, we have celebrated the 60 th Anniversary of <strong>CLTA</strong> as part of our highly successful<br />

annual conference. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the past leadership teams,<br />

who together have led <strong>CLTA</strong> through the last six decades to push forward with our mission,<br />

which is to support and promote the study of Chinese language and culture in an<br />

international context. Thanks to the passion, perseverance, and wisdom of our<br />

predecessors, today <strong>CLTA</strong> has become the largest national organization with international<br />

influence in areas of Chinese language, culture, and pedagogy. <br />

Let me also extend my special thanks to collaborating regional associations and <strong>CLTA</strong><br />

Special Interest Groups (SIGs), who have organized a wide range of excellent (online)<br />

events during the pandemic to effectively support Chinese instructors across K-16 levels.<br />

These events have not only facilitated our professional development during a time of<br />

uncertainty and challenge, but also enriched the means through which we share<br />

knowledge, information, and experience. <br />

As we are standing at the beginning of the next Jiazi ( 甲 ⼦) of our organization, I am glad<br />

to report that we have formed an outstanding Board of Directors for the <strong>2022</strong>-23 term,<br />

including four newly elected and 10 continuing members. With the gracious support from<br />

the new Board, we have formed the following standing committees: <br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

Awards Committee (Chair: Jing Wang 王 静 )<br />

Conference Committee (Chair: Shuai Li 郦 帅 )<br />

Finance Committee (Chair: Xia Liang 梁 霞 )<br />

Fund-Raising Committee (Chair: Gang Liu 刘 刚 )<br />

K-12 Committee (Chair: Zoe (Ling’ou) Jiang 江 凌 欧 )<br />

Media and Publicity Committee (Chair: Zhongqi Shi 史 中 琦 ) <br />

The National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society (Chair: Tong Chen 陈 彤 )<br />

Nominating and Election Committee (Chair: Xia Liang 梁 霞 )<br />

Professional Development Committee (Chair: Wenhao Diao 刁 ⽂ 豪 )<br />

Regional Associations Committee (Ran Zhao 赵 冉 )<br />

In addition, the new <strong>CLTA</strong> Steering Committee has formed with the following members:<br />

Shuai Li 郦 帅 (President)<br />

Xia Liang 梁 霞 (Vice President)<br />

Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平 (Immediate Past President) <br />

Sue-mei Wu 吴 素 美 (Executive Director) <br />

Zhongqi Shi 史 中 琦 (Board Member)<br />

Jing Wang 王 静 (Board Member)<br />

Last but not least, please allow me to introduce our appointed officers, who are the unsung<br />

heroes working tirelessly to ensure the proper operation of our organization. <br />

Sue-mei Wu 吴 素 美 (Executive Director) <br />

Baozhang He 何 宝 璋 (Conference Officer & CSL Associate Editor)<br />

Dana S. Bourgerie ⽩ 杰 理 (CSL Editor-in-Chief)<br />

Cilei Han 韩 慈 磊 (K-12 publications Editor)<br />

Yiching Christine Liu 呂 逸 勤 (<strong>Newsletter</strong> Editor)<br />

Jun Da 笪 骏 (Webmaster) <br />

The 60 th Anniversary of <strong>CLTA</strong> can serve as a point of departure. As we look ahead, it is<br />

critical that our organization brings together researchers, teachers, students and<br />

professionals from all relevant backgrounds (e.g., linguistics, applied linguistics, literature,<br />

cultural studies, education, pedagogy, etc.) with a shared goal of promoting Chinese<br />

language and culture. The interdisciplinary nature of our field entails a multidisciplinary<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 4

membership. Additionally, in the current era where the internet has become a foundational<br />

infrastructure, it is crucial that our organization continues to expand its online presence<br />

(e.g., through social media platforms) to provide more timely and accessible resources and<br />

information to our members as well as the broad community. <br />

It is my strong belief that, with the support from our Board members, Officers, and our<br />

members, we will be able to bring <strong>CLTA</strong> to the next level of achievement in terms of<br />

leadership, scholarship, and service. I appreciate any suggestions that you may have, and I<br />

enthusiastically look forward to working with you all! <br />

<br />

Sincerely, <br />

Li, Shuai <br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

Highlights<br />

of the Issue<br />

Highlights<br />

<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Annual Virtual Conference<br />

Professor Chih-P’ing Chou: <strong>CLTA</strong> 2021- <strong>2022</strong> Lifetime Achievement Award<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> 60th Anniversary Celebration Special Lecture Series #3

Subject: <strong>2022</strong> <strong>CLTA</strong> Conference and the <strong>CLTA</strong> 60th Anniversary celebration ended<br />

successfully<br />

Dear <strong>CLTA</strong> members,<br />

Many thanks for your active participation in the <strong>2022</strong> <strong>CLTA</strong> conference and the <strong>CLTA</strong> 60th<br />

Anniversary celebration (Wed 4/6 to Sunday 4/10, <strong>2022</strong>). All events went very well and the<br />

conference ended successfully!<br />

<strong>2022</strong> <strong>CLTA</strong> presentation programs:<br />

5 invited roundtables (2 hours), 5 SIG roundtables (1 hour), 2 workshops, 4 keynote speeches, 102<br />

individual papers, 43 panels, 16 technique demonstrations, 10 exhibition table sessions.<br />

The conference program content (including some recordings which were made with the permission<br />

of the presenters) are available for conference registrants to revisit until <strong>May</strong> 20, <strong>2022</strong>. <br />

Attached for all members are the slides file of the <strong>2022</strong> <strong>CLTA</strong> general membership meeting & <strong>CLTA</strong><br />

60th anniversary celebration on Sat, 4/9 (7-10pm). <br />

We sincerely thank all the presenters, sponsors and volunteers for your help and support. Looking<br />

forward to seeing you at our <strong>CLTA</strong> events.<br />

<br />

Sincerely,<br />

<strong>2022</strong> <strong>CLTA</strong> Annual Conference Committee<br />

何 宝 璋 (Conference Officer); 梁 霞 (Workshop & Roundtable); 笪 骏 (Technology Specialist); 郦 帅<br />

(Conference Co-Chair); 史 中 琦 (Program Chair)<br />

王 静 (Series of Lectures); 吴 素 美 (Headquarters); 朱 永 平 (Conference Chair)<br />

<strong>2022</strong> <strong>CLTA</strong> Annual Conference Sub-Committee (Notre Dame University)<br />

刘 锦 城 , 马 丛 丛 , 叶 为 兵 , 朱 永 平 (Chair) <br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Annual Conference Report<br />

Prepared by <strong>CLTA</strong> Publicity and Media Committee <br />

Zhongqi Shi 史 中 琦 , Zoe (Ling’ou) Jiang 江 凌 欧 , Qiaosi Yuan 袁 桥 楒 , Zheng Gu 顾 铮 .<br />

The <strong>2022</strong> <strong>CLTA</strong> Virtual Conference was successfully held online via Zoom from April 6<br />

to April 10, <strong>2022</strong>. This year’s Virtual Conference brought together around 500 participants<br />

(scholars, teachers, program administrators, graduate students, and practitioners) from across the<br />

United States and other regions, such as East Asia, Australia, England, Portugal, and Singapore .<br />

The conference program featured three Plenary talks, five 2-hour Invited Roundtables, two Invited<br />

Workshops, forty three Panels, thirty four Papers sessions, five SIG roundtables, sixteen Tech<br />

demonstration sessions, one Yao Award sessions, and virtual exhibition tables that lasted one day.<br />

The General Membership meeting was held on April 9, <strong>2022</strong>. It featured <strong>CLTA</strong> 60th<br />

Anniversary Special Programs, <strong>CLTA</strong> 2021-<strong>2022</strong> Annual Report, and <strong>CLTA</strong> Award Ceremony.<br />

Professor Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平 gave a warm welcoming remark. Afterwards, Zhongqi Shi 史 中<br />

琦 , Chair of the Publicity and Media Committee, played a 20-minute video titled 继 往 开 来 , which<br />

overviewed <strong>CLTA</strong> sixty years of growth and development. The video show was followed by a<br />

musical performance given by the MTSU Center for Chinese Music and Culture. After the<br />

performance, Professor Perry Lin 林 培 瑞 gave a keynote speech titled 继 母 语 万 岁 : 对 外 汉 语 转<br />

为 引 内 教 学 . Next was the awards ceremony. Professor Chih-p'ing Chou 周 质 平 from Princeton<br />

University was awarded <strong>CLTA</strong> Lifetime Achievement as a recognition for his outstanding<br />

contribution to Chinese language teaching and research. Professor Xia Liang 粱 霞 provided the<br />

introduction and highlighted Professor Chou’s devotion and contributions to <strong>CLTA</strong>.<br />

Hosted and introduced by the Immediate Past President 许 怡 , <strong>CLTA</strong> presented<br />

Outstanding Contribution Award to six recipients: Jianhua Bai ⽩ 建 华 , Hsin-hsin Liang 梁 新 欣 ,<br />

Scott McGinnis 马 思 凯 , Chaofen Sun 孙 朝 奋 , Xiaohong Wen 温 晓 虹 , Zheng-sheng Zhang 张 正<br />

⽣. The Outstanding Contribution Award was created to recognize the extraordinary contributions<br />

made by the awardees.<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 8

In the Annual Report section, Professor Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平 introduced the leadership<br />

team, Steering Committee, Board of Directors, Sub-committees, and Appointed Officers. Professor<br />

Sue-mei Wu 吴 素 美 expressed special thanks to the <strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>2022</strong> conference sponsors, individual<br />

donors, <strong>CLTA</strong> regional associations and <strong>CLTA</strong> SIG leaders. Wu also reported on <strong>CLTA</strong> membership.<br />

Its number is currently around 810 including 160 members from K-12 institutions. It is encouraging<br />

to see that <strong>CLTA</strong> has grown steadily despite the COVID-19 pandemic and even reached one of its<br />

largest membership over the last five years. Following the executive report, Chairs of Committees<br />

briefly introduced their work and accomplishments in the past year.<br />

In the Award Ceremony, Hang Zhang 张 航 , Wenhao Diao 刁 ⽂ 豪 , and Mairead Harris 何<br />

⼩ 蔓 , as well as Cheng & Tsui Representative, announced awards recipients (see details on page<br />

11). After the Award Ceremony, Professor Zhu acknowledged the outgoing Board members and<br />

officers for their service to <strong>CLTA</strong> during the past years. They are Yi Xu 许 怡 , Hang Zhang 张 航 ,<br />

Mingquan Wang 王 命 全 , Mairead Harris 何 ⼩ 蔓 and Yang Xiao-DeSai 萧 旸 . Professor Zhu<br />

thanked all members and volunteers for their invaluable contribution to the success of the <strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Annual Conference.<br />

Professor Zhu introduced the newly elected <strong>CLTA</strong> President Shuai Li 郦 帅 (<strong>2022</strong>-2023<br />

president) and Vice President Xia Liang 梁 霞 . Following the leadership transition, President Li<br />

introduced the <strong>2022</strong>-2023 leadership team and welcomed new Board members: Gang Liu 刘 刚 , Yan<br />

Liu 刘 艳 , Bonnie Chunmeng Wang 王 春 梦 , and Yu Wu 吴 瑜 . President Li also introduced the new<br />

newsletter editor, Yiching Christine Liu 呂 逸 勤 and New Steering Committee: Shuai Li 郦 帅 (P),<br />

Xia Liang 梁 霞 (VP), Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平 (IPP), Sue-mei Wu 吴 素 美 (ED), Zhongqi Shi 史 中 琦<br />

(Board member), Jing Wang 王 静 (Board member). President Li expressed his willingness to work<br />

closely with the committees and officers to provide outstanding services to <strong>CLTA</strong> members. The<br />

meeting concluded with a Q & A session.<br />

For details on the <strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Virtual Conference program and events, please visit <strong>CLTA</strong><br />

website (https://clta-us.org). <br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

The <strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Virtual Conference committee consists of: <br />

Committee Chair: Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平 <br />

Committee Co-Chair: Shuai Li 郦 帅 <br />

Program Chair: Zhongqi Shi 史 中 琦 <br />

Members: Jun Da 笪 骏 (Technical support), Xia Liang 梁 霞 (Round-tables,<br />

Workshops), Jing Wang 王 静 (Series of Lecture Series) , Baozhang He 何 宝 璋<br />

(Conference Officer), Sue-Mei Wu 吴 素 美 (Headquarters) <br />

Subcommittee (Notre Dame team): Jincheng Liu 刘 锦 城 , Congcong Ma 马 丛 丛 ,<br />

Weibing Ye 叶 为 兵 <br />

<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 10

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Awards 奖 项 得 主 <br />

<br />

The following awards were presented to their recipients at<br />

the general membership meeting: <br />

2021-<strong>2022</strong> <strong>CLTA</strong> Lifetime- Achievement Award<br />

Professor Chih-P’ing Chou, Princeton University<br />

<br />

<strong>2022</strong> <strong>CLTA</strong> Outstanding Contribution Award<br />

Jianhua Bai ⽩ 建 华 , Kenyon College<br />

Hsin-hsin Liang 梁 新 欣 , University of Virginia<br />

Scott McGinnis ⻢ 思 凯 , Defense Language Institute-<br />

Washington Office<br />

Chaofen Sun 孙 朝 奋 , Standard University<br />

Xiaohong Wen 温 晓 虹 , University of Houston<br />

Zheng-sheng Zhang 张 正 ⽣, San Diego State University<br />

2021-22 Jiede Empirical Research Award<br />

Matthew D. Coss, Michigan State University, <br />

George Washington University<br />

2021-22 Action Research Award<br />

Lihong Huang, Georgetown University<br />

<br />

2021-22 Tao-chung Ted Yao Memorial Award<br />

Nini Li, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa<br />

Wen Guo, University at Buffalo<br />

Xinye Zhang, University of California, Davis<br />

2021-22 Cheng & Tsui Professional Development<br />

Award<br />

Lini Polin, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill<br />

Bonnie Wang, Durham Academy Upper School<br />

Yina Patterson, Indiana University-Bloomington<br />

2021-22 BLUCP Award for Innovative Excellence in<br />

Teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Language<br />

First Prize: Jinging Ji, Northwestern University<br />

Second Prize: Han Luo, Lafayette College<br />

Third Prize: Lu Lu, Virginia Military Institute<br />

2021-22 BLCUP Award for K-12 Professional<br />

Development<br />

Jingcheng Wang 王 竟 成 , Midland Public Schools<br />

Hanxuan Karena Zhang 张 晗 暄 , Stough Elementary <br />

Judy Ouyang 欧 阳 秋 ⽟, Participate Learning<br />

Ye Jane He 何 晔 , UNC Greensboro <br />

Wenjing Huang 黄 雯 靖 , Wildwood School<br />

Shujun Xiang 向 淑 君 ,The Branson School<br />

Qiong Chen 陈 琼 , Chicago Public Schools <br />

Hwai Lin 林 华 ⼀, Castilleja School<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Award 奖 项 得 主 照 ⽚ 锦 集 <br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 12

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 14

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2<br />

返 回 ⽬ 录

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>2022</strong> General<br />

Membership Meeting <br />

精 彩 回 顾<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 16

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 18

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 20

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 22

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

Highlight<br />

Series 3<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 24<br />

返 回 ⽬ 录

Congratulations to <br />

Professor Chih-P’ing Chou 周 质 平 , <br />

who has been awarded the <strong>CLTA</strong> 2021-<strong>2022</strong><br />

Lifetime Achievement Award! <br />

<br />

Many Thanks to Professor Xia Liang 梁 霞 for providing the following introduction and highlights of<br />

Professor Chou’s devotion to the Chinese language education field and contributions to <strong>CLTA</strong>:<br />

岁 月 流 ⾦ 雪 泥 鸿 爪 <br />

— 周 质 平 教 授 的 普 北 往 事 — <br />

梁 霞 <br />

华 盛 顿 ⼤ 学 ( 圣 路 易 斯 ) 东 亚 系 <br />

1993 年 初 , 收 到 李 恺 老 师 寄 自 美 国 的 信 函 , 信 中 叮 嘱 我 等 彼 时 北 师 ⼤ 的 年<br />

轻 教 师 积 极 申 请 当 夏 在 我 校 开 办 的 普 林 斯 顿 北 京 班 的 ⼯ 作 。 李 老 师 说 这 是 我 们<br />

体 验 美 国 ⼤ 学 的 教 学 特 点 、 了 解 美 国 学 ⽣、 积 累 中 ⽂ 教 学 经 验 的 绝 佳 机 会 。 是<br />

年 5 月 周 老 师 在 专 家 楼 给 我 做 了 面 试 , 专 业 ⽅ 面 的 问 题 主 要 是 问 我 如 何 给 学 ⽣<br />

讲 解 “ 把 ” 字 句 。 同 年 6 月 我 和 北 师 ⼤ 对 外 汉 语 教 学 中 ⼼ 的 同 事 吕 效 东 、 王 学 松 、<br />

吕 俞 辉 荣 幸 应 聘 , 成 为 了 普 北 ⼀ 期 教 师 。 后 来 ⼤ 家 把 普 北 班 戏 称 为 中 ⽂ 教 学 领<br />

域 的 “ 黄 埔 军 校 ”。 我 有 幸 先 后 12 次 在 周 老 师 开 办 的 普 北 “⾰ 命 ⼤ 熔 炉 ” 里 接 受 锻<br />

炼 和 考 验 , 收 获 甚 丰 。<br />

第 ⼀ 期 普 北 班 尚 未 展 开 对 教 师 严 格 、 周 密 的 培 训 , 周 老 师 只 是 在 正 式 开<br />

学 前 说 明 了 纪 律 细 则 和 教 学 要 求 , 之 后 我 们 20 多 位 老 师 就 上 岗 了 。 当 时 印 象 最<br />

深 的 就 是 周 老 师 的 时 间 观 念 :“ 我 对 守 时 有 种 病 态 的 坚 持 ! 我 们 的 项 目 不 允 许 老<br />

师 迟 到 , 不 允 许 ⼤ 家 不 遵 守 时 间 。 老 师 迟 到 就 是 缺 乏 起 码 的 职 业 道 德 。” 这 句 话<br />

⾄ 今 还 深 深 地 烙 在 我 的 ⼼ 底 。<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

Highlight<br />

暑 期 班 开 始 后 老 师 们 每 周 日 和 周 ⼆ 参 加 年 级 备 课 会 ;⼯ 作 日 每 早 7:30<br />

在 枣 园 开 始 上 课 , 周 老 师 要 求 ⼤ 家 提 前 15 分 钟 到 教 室 写 板 书 ; 中 午 师 ⽣⼀ 起 去<br />

乐 群 餐 厅 吃 中 ⽂ 桌 ⼦; 午 饭 后 马 不 停 蹄 地 开 始 下 午 的 个 别 谈 话 , 每 个 学 ⽣ 分 别<br />

跟 老 师 作 半 小 时 ⼀ 对 ⼀。 教 室 不 够 , 老 师 们 的 宿 舍 也 辟 为 谈 话 点 ; 没 有 空 调 ,<br />

⼤ 家 就 在 摇 头 电 扇 的 嗡 嗡 声 中 交 谈 ; 学 ⽣ 宿 舍 附 近 的 新 楼 日 夜 施 ⼯, 同 学 们 吵<br />

得 、 热 得 睡 不 着 ,⼲ 脆 就 在 宿 舍 的 ⽔ 泥 地 上 ⼊ 眠 。<br />

通 常 下 午 个 别 谈 话 之 后 , 就 到 了 最 惊 ⼼ 动 魄 的 “ 批 ⽃ 会 ” 时 间 。 周 老 师 召<br />

集 全 体 教 师 开 会 逐 个 观 看 每 位 老 师 的 教 学 录 像 , 然 后 由 周 老 师 作 点 评 。 轮 到 “ 批<br />

⽃” 我 的 时 候 , 周 老 师 说 :“ 好 的 地 ⽅ 就 不 说 了 , 节 省 时 间 , 从 ‘ 但 是 ’ 以 后 开 始 吧 ,<br />

你 在 ‘ 故 宫 到 底 应 不 应 该 实 ⾏ 内 外 有 别 的 票 价 ’ 这 段 辩 解 得 太 多 了 。 这 些 时 间 应<br />

该 尽 量 留 给 同 学 发 ⾔。 你 不 要 听 到 批 评 就 难 过 , 我 们 的 批 评 都 是 对 事 不 对 ⼈<br />

的 。 以 后 你 ⼯ 作 时 间 长 了 就 知 道 了 , 很 少 有 单 位 像 我 们 这 样 认 真 关 ⼼ 每 个 ⼈ 的<br />

成 长 和 进 步 。 我 批 评 你 , 不 是 因 为 你 教 得 不 好 ;⽽ 是 因 为 你 有 进 步 的 潜 ⼒。” 周<br />

老 师 的 语 ⾔ 极 富 特 ⾊,“ 批 ⽃” 结 束 之 后 不 忘 用 风 趣 的 语 ⾔ 调 节 ⼀ 下 ⽓ 氛 :“ 俗 话<br />

说 有 ⼼ 栽 花 花 不 开 ,⽆⼼ 插 柳 柳 成 荫 。 我 要 说 ,⽆⼼ 插 柳 柳 尚 成 荫 , 要 是 老 师 们 愿<br />

意 努 ⼒ 肯 下 功 夫 钻 研 教 学 , 有 ⼼ 栽 花 花 怎 能 不 开 !”<br />

在 美 国 ⾼ 校 ⼯ 作 数 年 之 后 ,2000 年 我 再 次 回 到 普 北 班 任 教 。 周 老 师 来 我<br />

班 里 听 课 , 听 罢 对 我 说 :“ 你 上 课 还 不 够 有 激 情 , 找 时 间 好 好 听 听 老 朱 ( 朱 永<br />

平 ) 的 课 , 看 看 他 是 怎 样 激 情 饱 满 地 教 三 年 级 的 。” 得 知 我 发 牢 骚 说 班 上 有 两 位<br />

学 ⽣ 不 爱 发 ⾔, 周 老 师 谆 谆 教 导 我 说 :“ 学 ⽣ 是 我 们 的 衣 食 ⽗ 母 , 没 有 他 们 , 哪<br />

有 我 们 的 饭 碗 ?” 只 此 ⼀ 句 话 , 简 单 透 彻 , 完 全 改 变 了 我 对 师 ⽣ 关 系 和 教 育 理 念<br />

的 基 本 认 识 。<br />

随 着 普 北 班 的 发 展 , 教 师 培 训 机 制 也 不 断 完 善 , 培 训 时 间 改 成 项 目 开 始<br />

前 的 ⼀ 周 , 此 间 周 老 师 ⾦ 句 频 出 , 字 字 珠 玑 :“ 咱 们 普 北 班 的 教 学 法 是 从 实 际 出<br />

发 的 ⼟ 法 炼 钢 , 不 刻 意 遵 循 洋 理 论 。 在 教 学 中 咱 们 讲 究 对 症 下 药 ,⽽ 不 是 为 药<br />

发 病 ( 不 要 ⽣ 搬 硬 套 西 ⽅ 教 学 理 论 )。”“ 语 ⾔ 教 学 要 安 于 浅 。 老 师 上 课 不 要 ⼤<br />

讲 汉 字 的 造 字 规 律 、 成 语 的 使 用 等 。 给 学 ⽣ 讲 这 么 多 似 是 ⽽ 非 的 造 字 法 以 及 中<br />

国 ⼈ 都 不 常 用 的 成 语 , 希 望 学 ⽣ 掌 握 , 我 劝 你 死 了 这 条 ⼼ 吧 , 这 是 来 ⽣ 的 事<br />

业 。”“⼤ 家 要 注 意 区 分 语 ⾔ 教 学 中 的 两 种 能 ⼒: 我 们 千 万 不 能 ⾼ 估 了 同 学 的 语<br />

⾔ 能 ⼒; 也 千 万 别 低 估 了 同 学 们 的 思 辨 能 ⼒。 同 学 对 很 多 问 题 的 认 识 绝 不 比 你<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 26

我 逊 ⾊。 老 师 要 用 尽 可 能 简 单 、 直 接 、 浅 显 的 语 ⾔, 跟 同 学 作 尽 可 能 深 ⼊、 有<br />

内 涵 的 交 流 。 这 是 最 见 老 师 功 ⼒ 的 地 ⽅。”<br />

谈 到 教 学 的 具 体 ⽅ 法 、 教 学 理 念 以 及 如 何 作 ⼀ 位 好 教 师 的 时 候 周 老 师<br />

说 :“ 最 成 功 的 老 师 就 是 最 善 于 调 动 同 学 参 与 的 老 师 , 如 果 同 学 们 都 积 极 开 ⼝ 说<br />

话 了 , 作 为 语 ⾔ 老 师 就 算 成 功 ⼀⼤ 半 了 。 同 学 们 听 不 懂 复 杂 的 句 ⼦ 和 语 法 , 我<br />

们 要 耐 ⼼ 地 用 小 勺 饲 喂 法 ⼀⼝⼀⼝ 喂 他 们 吃 , 从 词 汇 到 短 语 再 到 句 ⼦, 逐 步 把<br />

他 们 教 会 。⼤ 家 不 要 花 ⼤ 段 时 间 讲 解 语 法 , 作 为 老 师 首 先 要 做 到 对 语 法 知 识 了<br />

然 于 ⼼, 了 解 得 越 深 ⼊ 越 透 彻 越 好 ; 然 后 要 做 到 知 ⽽ 不 ⾔、 知 ⽽ 少 ⾔, 你 的 语<br />

法 知 识 要 融 汇 、 渗 透 到 例 句 和 操 练 中 让 学 ⽣ 掌 握 ; 语 ⾔ 教 学 不 是 学 ⽣ 懂 不 懂 的<br />

问 题 ,⽽ 是 会 不 会 的 问 题 。”“ 外 语 教 学 的 标 准 , 准 确 远 比 流 利 重 要 ; 在 课 堂 教<br />

学 中 , 听 说 远 比 读 写 重 要 , 因 为 相 当 部 分 的 读 写 内 容 学 ⽣ 可 以 课 后 自 ⼰ 完 成 ;<br />

说 话 交 流 主 要 要 在 课 堂 完 成 。”“ 我 们 教 汉 语 , 可 能 外 ⼈ 觉 得 不 是 什 么 ⼤ 学 问 ,<br />

觉 得 中 ⽂ 老 师 不 过 是 个 操 练 ⼿, 是 个 匠 ⼈。 我 们 即 便 是 个 匠 ⼈, 也 要 运 点 匠<br />

⼼, 显 出 点 匠 意 来 。 我 们 最 ⾼ 的 目 标 是 要 做 学 者 型 的 匠 ⼈, 唯 如 此 , 我 们 才 能<br />

真 正 得 到 别 ⼈ 的 尊 敬 。”<br />

对 于 近 ⼏⼗ 年 外 语 教 学 界 比 较 强 调 交 际 法 和 ⽂<br />

化 教 学 等 , 周 老 师 指 出 :“ 所 有 的 ⽅ 法 最 终 都 要 落 实 到<br />

语 ⾔ 的 结 构 形 式 上 , 以 语 ⾔ 知 识 本 身 为 基 础 , 有 了 这<br />

个 基 础 才 谈 得 上 应 用 。”“ 交 际 的 内 涵 是 ⼴ 泛 的 , 不 是 只<br />

有 点 菜 、 问 路 、 买 票 算 交 际 活 动 ; 专 题 讨 论 、 学 术 交<br />

流 也 是 交 际 活 动 。”“ 所 谓 教 材 必 须 选 用 体 现 交 际 功 能 的<br />

原 汁 原 味 的 真 实 语 料 , 这 种 提 法 ⼤ 可 商 榷 。 我 认 为 语<br />

⾔ 教 材 首 先 要 突 出 语 ⾔ 的 ⼀ 般 性 和 常 规 性 , 这 样 才 能<br />

提 ⾼ 语 ⾔ 教 学 的 效 率 。 并 不 是 所 有 中 国 ⼈ 说 的 原 汁 原<br />

味 的 语 ⾔ 都 适 合 做 外 国 ⼈ 的 基 础 教 材 。”“ 我 们 ⼀ 提 到 ⽂<br />

化 ,⼤ 家 马 上 就 想 到 故 宫 长 城 、 筷 ⼦ 旗 袍 等 古 代 ⽂ 化 、<br />

传 统 ⽂ 化 ⽅ 面 的 内 容 ; 请 ⼤ 家 注 意 ,⽂ 化 更 应 该 包 括 今 天 的 社 会 ⽂ 化 , 微 信 、<br />

⾼ 铁 可 能 比 旗 袍 筷 ⼦ 更 需 要 让 同 学 了 解 。 还 有 ⼀ 谈 及 ⽂ 化 教 学 ,⼤ 家 往 往 比 较<br />

关 注 物 质 形 态 的 ⽂ 化 , 其 实 语 ⾔ 本 身 就 是 ⽂ 化 的 ⼀ 部 分 , 汉 语 的 三 声 变 调 就 是<br />

中 国 语 ⾔⽂ 化 的 特 点 之 ⼀; 汉 语 补 语 的 功 能 与 用 法 也 是 中 国 语 ⾔⽂ 化 的 组 成 部<br />

分 。 要 把 汉 语 的 特 点 搞 清 楚 , 在 教 学 中 以 学 ⽣ 能 够 理 解 的 ⽅ 式 简 单 明 了 地 呈 现<br />

出 来 , 让 学 ⽣ 会 用 , 语 ⾔ 教 学 本 身 就 自 然 渗 透 了 ⽂ 化 教 学 的 因 素 。”<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

Highlight<br />

周 老 师 ⼏⼗ 年 如 ⼀ 日 为 普 北 班 操 劳 , 并 乐 此 不 疲 。 关 于 项 目 管 理 周 老 师<br />

多 次 说 过 :“⼀ 个 语 ⾔ 强 化 项 目 的 ⾼ 质 量 主 要 从 项 目 的 管 理 中 出 来 ; 与 教 师 的 研<br />

究 ⽔ 平 有 时 没 有 那 么 直 接 的 关 系 。 研 究 ⽔ 平 的 提 ⾼ 不 是 ⼀ 朝 ⼀⼣ 能 办 得 到 的 ;<br />

但 是 具 体 的 课 堂 教 学 ⽅ 法 是 可 以 通 过 听 课 、 集 体 备 课 、 培 训 、 互 助 等 在 短 期 内<br />

迅 速 提 ⾼ 的 , 所 以 我 们 得 在 项 目 安 排 和 管 理 上 多 下 功 夫 。⼤ 小 班 学 ⽣ 和 教 师 的<br />

轮 换 、 集 体 备 课 、 晚 上 值 班 答 疑 、⼀ 对 ⼀ 谈 话 的 设 计 、 中 ⽂ 桌 ⼦ 的 周 密 安 排 、<br />

每 周 的 外 请 学 术 报 告 、 周 末 的 课 外 活 动 都 需 要 精 ⼼ 设 计 、 用 尽 巧 思 、 认 真 管 理<br />

才 能 取 得 良 好 的 效 果 。” 周 老 师 从 不 满 ⾜ 于 已 经 取 得 的 成 绩 , 他 常 说 :“ 项 目 要<br />

长 盛 不 衰 , 就 要 不 断 创 新 , 年 年 改 进 , 从 教 材 到 教 师 , 都 需 要 更 新 。 什 么 时 候<br />

自 满 了 , 觉 得 可 以 吃 老 本 了 , 那 就 完 了 。 个 ⼈ 和 项 目 都 是 如 此 。”<br />

周 老 师 除 了 在 教 学 上 注 意 培 养 新 ⼿ 教 师 之 外 , 还 特 别 关 注 老 师 们 个 ⼈ 学<br />

术 上 的 发 展 。 他 多 次 鼓 励 ⼤ 家 多 读 书 , 建 议 年 轻 教 师 ⼯ 作 ⼀ 段 时 间 后 回 到 学 校<br />

继 续 攻 读 学 位 , 认 真 做 好 研 究 , 努 ⼒ 把 教 学 经 验 结 合 理 论 进 ⾏ 抽 象 概 括 和 总<br />

结 。 他 多 次 对 我 说 :“ 要 拿 出 英 雄 扼 腕 的 精 神 来 , 花 ⼤⽓⼒ 读 书 ; 如 果 不 能 读 完<br />

学 位 , 选 ⼏ 门 课 也 是 好 的 , 这 样 你 的 学 术 思 路 甚 ⾄ 个 ⼈⽓ 质 就 都 改 变 了 。”“ 我<br />

们 不 要 只 想 着 用 其 他 外 语 教 学 的 理 论 来 指 导 中 ⽂ 教 学 的 实 践 ; 还 要 想 着 怎 样 用<br />

中 ⽂ 教 学 的 成 果 丰 富 外 语 教 学 的 理 论 。” 他 特 别 指 出 ,⼀ 个 学 科 如 果 没 有 学 科 历<br />

史 的 回 顾 就 ⽆ 法 建 立 该 学 科 的 整 体 框 架 ; 脱 离 扎 实 的 汉 语 本 体 知 识 和 ⽂ 史 修<br />

养 , 不 注 意 教 学 经 验 的 总 结 , 就 写 不 出 对 教 学 有 真 正 指 导 意 义 的 ⽂ 章 。 在 周 老<br />

师 的 鼓 励 和 启 发 下 , 我 ⼒ 求 在 学 术 研 究 中 认 真 关 注 学 科 史 和 已 有 研 究 成 果 的 归<br />

纳 和 总 结 , 虽 然 我 的 研 究 成 果 远 未 达 到 周 老 师 认 可 的 学 术 标 准 。<br />

周 老 师 不 但 有 极 为 丰 富 的 教 学 经 验 , 深 厚 的 ⽂ 史 知 识 修 养 , 还 是 ⼀ 位 出<br />

⾊ 的 项 目 管 理 者 和 教 师 的 培 训 者 。 他 语 ⾔ 幽 默 风 趣 、 充 满 智 慧 ; 对 国 际 中 ⽂ 教<br />

育 的 思 考 ⾼ 屋 建 瓴 、 细 密 深 邃 ; 最 可 贵 的 是 他 对 ⼯ 作 始 终 充 满 热 情 ,⼏⼗ 年 如<br />

⼀ 日 , 从 不 倦 怠 松 懈 。 让 我 认 识 到 先 哲 所 谓 “ 知 之 不 如 好 之 , 好 之 不 如 乐 之 ” 是<br />

⼀ 种 怎 样 的 境 界 。 近 年 他 特 别 强 调 :“ 要 教 好 自 ⼰ 的 语 ⾔ 和 ⽂ 化 , 就 要 对 这 种 语<br />

⾔ 和 ⽂ 化 抱 有 ⼀ 种 温 情 。” 在 谈 到 外 语 教 学 的 意 义 时 他 说 :“ 外 语 学 习 不 是 ⼀ 件<br />

简 单 的 事 情 , 它 就 像 在 七 窍 之 外 为 ⼈ 增 加 了 新 的 ⼀ 窍 , 为 同 学 们 打 开 了 ⼀ 扇 看<br />

世 界 的 崭 新 的 窗 户 。”<br />

谈 到 个 ⼈ 的 成 就 , 周 老 师 谦 逊 风 趣 地 说 :“ 我 的 毕 ⽣ 所 学 , 如 果 做 个 报<br />

告 讲 ⼀ 讲 ,⼤ 概 最 精 华 的 部 分 15 分 钟 就 够 了 。 嗯 , 其 实 讲 不 了 15 分 钟 , 可 能 10<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 28

分 钟 都 讲 不 满 。” 其 实 除 了 在 中 ⽂ 教 学 领 域 取 得 的 成 就 之 外 , 周 老 师 在 研 究 领 域<br />

也 作 出 了 卓 越 的 贡 献 。 例 如 他 对 晚 明 袁 ⽒ 三 兄 弟 思 想 的 研 究 、 近 现 代 历 史 ⽅ 面<br />

对 胡 适 在 美 国 的 ⽣ 平 和 思 想 的 研 究 、 对 赵 元 任 教 学 思 想 的 研 究 、 对 国 家 语 ⾔ 政<br />

策 的 研 究 阐 释 等 , 都 提 出 了 许 多 真 知 灼 见 , 做 出 了 开 创 性 的 贡 献 。<br />

在 普 北 班 12 个 夏 天 的 ⼯ 作 经 历 让 我 有 机 会 聆 听 了 周 老 师 ⽆ 数 的 精 彩 发<br />

⾔, 使 我 在 不 经 意 间 多 少 内 化 了 周 老 师 的 真 知 灼 见 。 在 近 年 参 与 的 教 师 培 训 中<br />

我 也 会 不 自 觉 地 把 他 的 妙 语 ⾼ 论 融 化 到 自 ⼰ 的 发 ⾔ 当 中 。 我 猜 周 老 师 并 不 介 意<br />

我 这 样 直 接 引 用 , 因 为 他 教 导 过 我 们 :“ 不 要 怕 把 你 的 ⼼ 得 、 经 验 给 了 别 ⼈, 你<br />

受 损 失 ; 实 际 上 你 给 得 越 多 , 自 ⼰ 的 收 获 就 越 ⼤。” 虽 然 周 老 师 离 开 了 ⼗ 分 热 爱<br />

的 普 林 斯 顿 ⼤ 学 的 中 ⽂ 教 学 岗 位 , 但 我 期 待 周 老 师 能 继 续 参 加 中 ⽂ 教 学 领 域 的<br />

各 项 专 业 交 流 活 动 , 并 继 续 发 挥 “ 灯 塔 ” 作 用 —— 照 亮 后 来 者 前 ⾏ 的 道 路 。 祝 愿<br />

周 老 师 身 体 健 康 ,⽣ 活 愉 快 !<br />

<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2<br />

返 回 ⽬ 录

News<br />

News and Announcements

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Virtual Conference <br />

Exhibition Tables Presentation Schedule <br />

12 Noon-6pm (EST), April (Fri.), <strong>2022</strong><br />

Sponsors<br />

With our sincere gratitude, <strong>CLTA</strong> would like to THANK the following sponsors who<br />

generously support <strong>CLTA</strong> members and are participating in the <strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Virtual<br />

Exhibition Table Event. Please visit the <strong>CLTA</strong> website (https://clta-us.org) to learn more<br />

about these sponsors, view their flyers, and see their presentation time slots.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

<strong>CLTA</strong> 感 谢 您 的 ⽀ 持 与 赞 助 !!!<br />

<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Virtual Conference Exhibition Tables Organizers:<br />

Sue-mei Wu 吴 素 美 (Headquarters)<br />

Mingquan Wang 王 命 全 (Fundraising Committee Chair)<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Virtual Conference Exhibition Even ZOOM Volunteers:<br />

Miaochun Wei 魏 妙 纯 (The George Washington Univ.), Christine Liu 吕 逸 勤 (Dickinson College)<br />

Mingquan Wang 王 命 全 (Tufts Univ.) & Sue-mei Wu (Carnegie Mellon Univ.)<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 32

The 34th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL-34)<br />

第 34 屆 北 美 漢 語 語 ⾔ 學 會 議 <br />

Second Call for Papers <br />

The 34th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL-34) will be hosted<br />

by the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Indiana University<br />

Bloomington on September 24-25, <strong>2022</strong>, with a pre-conference workshop on Data and<br />

Methods on September 23, <strong>2022</strong>. NACCL-34 invites abstracts in all subfields of Chinese<br />

linguistics, including, but not limited to, phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax,<br />

semantics, pragmatics, dialectology, historical linguistics, psycholinguistics,<br />

sociolinguistics, corpus linguistics, and Chinese language pedagogy. Authors whose<br />

abstracts are accepted will be allotted 20 minutes to present their research and 10 minutes<br />

for discussion. Abstracts and presentations can be given in either English or Mandarin<br />

Chinese. The conference will be conducted in a hybrid mode—with onsite presentations at<br />

Indiana University Bloomington for those who can travel, and Zoom-based presentations<br />

for those who cannot. In your submission, we ask you to indicate your preference<br />

regarding presentation modes.<br />

<br />

The theme of this year’s conference is “Data, Methods, and Application in Chinese<br />

Linguistics”, which is meant to draw attention to the nature of different types of linguistic<br />

data, the ways data can be handled and analyzed, and the applications of these fundamental<br />

methodological issues in linguistics and language pedagogy. All subfields of Chinese<br />

linguistics have undergone significant development in the past decades, accumulating large<br />

amounts of data collected using different methods. We hope to help researchers share their<br />

practices of data processing through paying attention to the methods in dealing with<br />

linguistic data. Confirmed keynote speakers include: James H.-Y. Tai (National Chung-<br />

Cheng University), Hongyin Tao (UCLA), and Jie Zhang (University of Kansas).<br />

<br />

Abstracts should follow the guidelines below:<br />

• The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to March 1, <strong>2022</strong>, 11:59 PM<br />

(anywhere in the world).<br />

• Abstract should be submitted through the Oxford Abstracts system, at<br />

https://app.oxfordabstracts.com/stages/3644/submitter.<br />

• Save your abstract as a pdf file. (Documents in other formats must be converted before<br />

submission)<br />

• Abstracts are limited to one single-spaced page for the main text plus an additional page<br />

for data, examples, and references. All texts should fit within a letter-size or A4 page,<br />

11-point or larger font with 1-inch margin all around.<br />

• Abstracts and presentations can be given in either English or Mandarin Chinese.<br />

• Authors may submit multiple abstracts, but only one first-authored abstract.<br />

• Please leave your name and affiliation out of the abstract.<br />

<br />

Conference website: https://sites.google.com/view/naccl-34/home<br />

Questions about the conference can be directed to naccl34in<strong>2022</strong>@gmail.com.<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

【 简 体 】 第 ⼆ 号 征 稿 启 事 <br />

第 34 届 北 美 汉 语 语 ⾔ 学 会 议 (The 34th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics,<br />

NACCL-34) 定 于 <strong>2022</strong> 年 9 ⽉ 24–25 ⽇ 在 印 第 安 纳 ⼤ 学 布 鲁 明 顿 校 区 举 ⾏, 并 于 9 ⽉ 23<br />

⽇ 举 ⾏ 会 前 ⼯ 作 坊 。NACCL-34 组 委 会 热 忱 欢 迎 汉 语 语 ⾔ 学 各 领 域 学 者 投 稿 , 包 括 但<br />

不 限 于 语 ⾳ 学 、⾳ 系 学 、 词 汇 学 、 句 法 学 、 语 义 学 , 语 ⽤ 学 、⽅⾔ 学 、 历 史 语 ⾔ 学 、<br />

⼼ 理 语 ⾔ 学 、 社 会 语 ⾔ 学 , 语 料 库 语 ⾔ 学 以 及 国 际 汉 语 教 育 等 。 每 篇 论 ⽂ 报 告 时 间<br />

为 20 分 钟 , 另 加 10 分 钟 的 问 答 时 间 。 摘 要 和 会 议 报 告 语 ⾔ 英 ⽂、 中 ⽂ 均 可 。 本 次 会<br />

议 由 印 第 安 纳 ⼤ 学 东 亚 语 ⾔⽂ 化 系 主 办 , 将 采 ⽤ 线 上 线 下 混 合 模 式 举 ⾏: 能 亲 临 现 场<br />

的 学 者 将 参 加 在 布 鲁 明 顿 举 ⾏ 的 线 下 会 议 及 活 动 ,⽆ 法 亲 临 现 场 者 也 有 Zoom 报 告 模<br />

式 可 供 选 择 。 请 在 投 稿 时 注 明 ⾃⼰ 将 采 ⽤ 的 报 告 模 式 。<br />

<br />

本 届 会 议 的 主 题 定 为 “ 汉 语 语 ⾔ 学 中 的 数 据 、⽅ 法 和 应 ⽤”, 希 望 能 借 此 机 会 引 起 学 界<br />

关 注 不 同 类 型 的 语 ⾔ 学 数 据 的 性 质 、 使 ⽤ 和 分 析 数 据 的 各 种 ⽅ 法 , 以 及 这 些 基 本 的 ⽅<br />

法 论 在 语 ⾔ 学 与 语 ⾔ 教 学 中 的 应 ⽤。 在 过 去 数 ⼗ 年 中 , 汉 语 语 ⾔ 学 的 所 有 分 ⽀ 领 域 都<br />

经 历 了 重 要 的 发 展 过 程 , 并 通 过 各 种 不 同 的 ⽅ 法 累 积 了 海 量 的 数 据 。 组 委 会 希 望 通 过<br />

关 注 处 理 语 ⾔ 学 数 据 的 不 同 ⽅ 法 , 从 ⽽ 帮 助 研 究 者 们 分 享 各 ⾃ 数 据 处 理 的 实 践 经 验 。<br />

会 议 邀 请 的 主 题 演 讲 者 有 : 戴 浩 ⼀ 教 授 ( 国 ⽴ 中 正 ⼤ 学 )、 陶 红 印 教 授 ( 加 州 ⼤ 学 洛<br />

杉 矶 分 校 ) 及 张 杰 教 授 ( 堪 萨 斯 ⼤ 学 )。<br />

<br />

摘 要 格 式 :<br />

• 摘 要 提 交 截 ⽌⽇ 期 已 延 期 ⾄ <strong>2022</strong> 年 3 ⽉ 1 ⽇( 星 期 ⼆) 晚 上 11 时 59 分 。<br />

• 摘 要 须 通 过 https://app.oxfordabstracts.com/stages/3644/submitter 在 线 提 交 , 恕 不 考 虑 通 过<br />

其 他 ⽅ 式 提 交 的 摘 要 。<br />

• 摘 要 ⽂ 件 格 式 应 为 pdf。( 其 他 任 何 格 式 在 提 交 以 前 均 须 转 换 为 pdf 格 式 )<br />

• 摘 要 全 ⽂ 不 得 超 过 ⼀ 页 A4 纸 或 美 国 信 纸 (US Letter), 可 将 语 料 、 数 据 及 参 考 ⽂<br />

献 置 于 第 ⼆ 页 。<br />

• 摘 要 应 为 单 倍 ⾏ 距 。 中 ⽂ 字 体 不 得 ⼩ 于 五 号 , 英 ⽂ 字 体 不 得 ⼩ 于 11 号 , 四 周 边 距<br />

不 得 ⼩ 于 1 英 ⼨(2.54 厘 ⽶)。<br />

• 摘 要 和 会 议 报 告 可 ⽤ 英 ⽂ 或 中 ⽂。<br />

• 每 位 学 者 均 可 提 交 多 篇 摘 要 , 但 独 ⽴ 署 名 或 作 为 第 ⼀ 作 者 合 作 署 名 的 摘 要 仅 限 ⼀<br />

篇 。<br />

• 摘 要 应 匿 名 提 交 , 并 不 得 透 露 任 何 有 关 作 者 信 息 。<br />

会 议 ⽹ 址 :https://sites.google.com/view/naccl-34/home<br />

如 有 问 题 , 请 洽 :naccl34in<strong>2022</strong>@gmail.com<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 34

【 繁 體 】 第 ⼆ 號 徵 稿 啓 事 <br />

!<br />

第 34 屆 北 美 漢 語 語 ⾔ 學 會 議 (The 34th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics,<br />

NACCL-34) 定 於 <strong>2022</strong> 年 9 ⽉ 24–25 ⽇ 在 印 第 安 納 ⼤ 學 布 魯 明 頓 校 區 舉 ⾏, 並 於 9 ⽉ 23<br />

⽇ 舉 ⾏ 會 前 ⼯ 作 坊 。NACCL-34 組 委 會 熱 誠 歡 迎 漢 語 語 ⾔ 學 各 領 域 學 者 投 稿 , 包 括 但<br />

不 限 於 語 ⾳ 學 、⾳ 系 學 、 詞 彙 學 、 句 法 學 、 語 義 學 , 語 ⽤ 學 、⽅⾔ 學 、 歷 史 語 ⾔ 學 、<br />

⼼ 理 語 ⾔ 學 、 社 會 語 ⾔ 學 , 語 料 庫 語 ⾔ 學 以 及 國 際 漢 語 教 育 等 。 每 篇 論 ⽂ 報 告 時 間<br />

為 20 分 鐘 , 另 加 10 分 鐘 的 問 答 時 間 。 摘 要 和 會 議 報 告 語 ⾔ 英 ⽂、 中 ⽂ 均 可 。 本 次 會<br />

議 由 印 第 安 納 ⼤ 學 東 亞 語 ⾔⽂ 化 系 主 辦 , 將 採 ⽤ 線 上 線 下 混 合 模 式 舉 ⾏: 能 親 臨 現 場<br />

的 學 者 將 參 加 在 布 魯 明 頓 舉 ⾏ 的 線 下 會 議 及 活 動 , 無 法 親 臨 現 場 者 也 有 Zoom 報 告 模<br />

式 可 供 選 擇 。 請 在 投 稿 時 註 明 ⾃⼰ 將 採 ⽤ 的 報 告 模 式 。<br />

<br />

本 屆 會 議 的 主 題 定 爲 “ 漢 語 語 ⾔ 學 中 的 數 據 、⽅ 法 和 應 ⽤”, 希 望 能 藉 此 機 會 引 起 學 界<br />

關 注 不 同 類 型 的 語 ⾔ 學 數 據 的 性 質 、 使 ⽤ 和 分 析 數 據 的 各 種 ⽅ 法 , 以 及 這 些 基 本 的 ⽅<br />

法 論 在 語 ⾔ 學 與 語 ⾔ 教 學 中 的 應 ⽤。 在 過 去 數 ⼗ 年 中 , 漢 語 語 ⾔ 學 的 所 有 分 ⽀ 領 域 都<br />

經 歷 了 重 要 的 發 展 過 程 , 並 通 過 各 種 不 同 的 ⽅ 法 累 積 了 海 量 的 數 據 。 組 委 會 希 望 通 過<br />

關 注 處 理 語 ⾔ 學 數 據 的 不 同 ⽅ 法 , 從 ⽽ 幫 助 研 究 者 們 分 享 各 ⾃ 數 據 處 理 的 實 踐 經 驗 。<br />

會 議 邀 請 的 專 題 演 講 者 有 : 戴 浩 ⼀ 教 授 ( 國 ⽴ 中 正 ⼤ 學 )、 陶 紅 印 教 授 ( 加 州 ⼤ 學 洛<br />

杉 磯 分 校 ) 及 張 杰 教 授 ( 堪 薩 斯 ⼤ 學 )。<br />

<br />

摘 要 格 式 :<br />

• 摘 要 提 交 截 ⽌⽇ 期 已 延 期 至 <strong>2022</strong> 年 3 ⽉ 1 ⽇( 星 期 ⼆) 晚 上 11 時 59 分 。<br />

• 摘 要 須 通 過 https://app.oxfordabstracts.com/stages/3644/submitter 在 線 提 交 , 恕 不 考 慮 通 過<br />

其 他 ⽅ 式 提 交 的 摘 要 。<br />

• 摘 要 ⽂ 件 格 式 應 爲 pdf。( 其 他 任 何 格 式 在 提 交 以 前 均 須 轉 換 爲 pdf 格 式 )<br />

• 摘 要 全 ⽂ 不 得 超 過 ⼀⾴ A4 紙 或 美 國 信 紙 (US Letter), 可 將 語 料 、 數 據 及 參 考 ⽂<br />

獻 置 於 第 ⼆⾴。<br />

• 摘 要 應 爲 單 倍 ⾏ 距 。 中 英 ⽂ 字 體 均 不 得 ⼩ 於 11 號 , 四 周 邊 距 不 得 ⼩ 於 1 英 ⼨(2.54<br />

釐 ⽶)。<br />

• 摘 要 和 會 議 報 告 可 ⽤ 英 ⽂ 或 中 ⽂。<br />

• 每 位 學 者 均 可 提 交 多 篇 摘 要 , 但 獨 ⽴ 署 名 或 作 爲 第 ⼀ 作 者 合 作 署 名 的 摘 要 僅 限 ⼀<br />

篇 。<br />

• 摘 要 應 匿 名 提 交 , 並 不 得 透 露 任 何 有 關 作 者 信 息 。<br />

<br />

會 議 網 址 :https://sites.google.com/view/naccl-34/home<br />

如 有 問 題 , 請 洽 :naccl34in<strong>2022</strong>@gmail.com<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

NECTFL<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 36

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2<br />

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Events<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <br />


Events -2<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 40

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

Event 3<br />

Ideas<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 42

Events-4<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 44

Words<br />

of<br />

Wisdom<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

Event-5<br />

<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 46<br />

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<strong>CLTA</strong> Membership Benefits<br />

WELCOME! JOIN <strong>CLTA</strong> TODAY!!<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> HEADQUARTERS<br />

Website: https://clta-us.org<br />

E-mail: clta@andrew.cmu.edu<br />

In addition to career development resources and opportunities to network with CFL K-16 professionals, below are some<br />

highlights of <strong>CLTA</strong> members’ privileges:<br />

•To be included in the <strong>CLTA</strong> LISTSERV and receive prompt announcements including job advertisements from the<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Headquarters<br />

•To apply for awards and grants sponsored by <strong>CLTA</strong><br />

•To join <strong>CLTA</strong> Special Interest Groups (<strong>CLTA</strong>-SIGs) for free<br />

•To access <strong>CLTA</strong> publications such as the CSL Journal, <strong>Newsletter</strong>, K-12 CLT Journal & Selection of <strong>CLTA</strong> K-12<br />

Outstanding Chinese Works<br />

•To publish personal and institutional news in the <strong>Newsletter</strong><br />

•To receive information on meetings and conferences sponsored by <strong>CLTA</strong><br />

•To attend, present papers at, and organize panels for these meetings and conferences at discounted rates<br />

•To elect members to the Board of Directors<br />

•To be nominated and elected as members of the Board of Directors<br />

•To attend <strong>CLTA</strong> sponsored activities for free or at a discounted rate<br />

•To nominate students to join the National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society<br />

•To nominate K-12 students to submit their work to the “Selection of <strong>CLTA</strong> K-12 Outstanding Chinese Works” <br />

And more…<br />

NEW! Introduction to <strong>CLTA</strong> short video: Watch the video to learn more about <strong>CLTA</strong> -- who we are and what benefits<br />

we provide for Chinese language educators<br />

(1) Introduction to <strong>CLTA</strong> (Narration in Chinese) https://youtu.be/lN-UFTPEnMs<br />

(2) Introduction to <strong>CLTA</strong> (Narration in English) https://youtu.be/1BQpG5B98k8<br />

Check out the <strong>CLTA</strong> monthly events lists since July 2020: https://clta-us.org/news/clta-events/<br />

Have a wonderful and relaxing summer of <strong>2022</strong>!<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Headquarters<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

I love bookss<br />

BOOK <br />

NEWS<br />

新 <br />

书 <br />

快 <br />

递<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 48


Pedagogical Grammar and Grammar Pedagogy <br />

in Chinese as a Second Language<br />

Edited by Fangyuan Yuan, Baozhang He, & Wenze Hu<br />

September 30, <strong>2022</strong> forthcoming by Routledge<br />

280 Pages<br />

ISBN 9780367752460<br />

Pedagogical Grammar and Grammar Pedagogy in Chinese as a Second Language is the first<br />

book in the field of Chinese as a second language that brings together one overview article and<br />

eleven research studies surrounding the key words "grammar" "pedagogy" and "Chinese as a<br />

second language."<br />

The book is a dedication to the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Language Teachers<br />

Association – U.S. The studies included draw on different theoretical frameworks, adopt a<br />

range of methodological strategies, and address the questions of how grammatical knowledge<br />

should be effectively presented and in what capacity grammar competence could be better<br />

developed in and outside classrooms, based on which pedagogical recommendations and<br />

implications are advanced. The publication of this monograph is aimed at three goals: to<br />

promote a dialogue between the field of Chinese as a second language and general field of<br />

second/foreign language teaching and learning; to bridge a link among researchers in Chinese<br />

linguistics and Chinese applied linguistics; and to establish a closer tie between research and<br />

classroom practices in L2 Chinese.<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

,<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 50

SHY<br />

<br />

别 见 外<br />

Don’t Be SHY<br />



《 别 见 外 — 中 ⾼ 级 汉 语 视 听 说 教 程 (I、II)》<br />

陶 家 骏 、 柴 冬 临 & 马 鹏 飞<br />

Year of Publication: 2021<br />

Publisher: Peking University Press<br />

324 Pages<br />

ISBN 9787301326602<br />

《 别 见 外 —— 中 ⾼ 级 汉 语 视 听 说 教 程 (I、II)》 是 21 世 纪 中 国 进 ⼊ 数 字 化 时 代 后 的 ⼀ 套 ⾯ 向<br />

中 ⾼ 级 汉 语 学 习 者 的 当 代 汉 语 视 听 说 教 材 。 本 套 教 材 视 听 材 料 为 2017-2019 年 “ 歪 果 仁 研 究 协<br />

会 ” 制 作 的 “ 别 见 外 ” 系 列 第 ⼀ 季 视 频 ( 共 12 集 ), 该 系 列 视 频 以 “ 歪 果 仁 研 究 协 会 ” 会 长 以 ⾊ 列<br />

友 ⼈⾼ 佑 思 的 中 国 职 业 体 验 ⽇ 记 为 主 要 内 容 , 以 纪 录 ⽚ 形 式 呈 现 。 本 套 教 材 分 为 I、II 两 册 ,<br />

各 有 六 个 单 元 , 以 崭 新 的 视 ⾓, 紧 扣 “ 数 字 化 时 代 的 当 代 中 国 社 会 与 中 国 ⼈” 这 ⼀ 主 题 , 呈 现<br />

了 ⼀ 个 快 速 变 化 且 多 元 的 中 国 社 会 ⽣ 活 百 态 , 语 ⾔ 平 实 ⽣ 动 , 内 容 丰 富 多 彩 , 话 题 引 ⼈ 深<br />

思 , 既 是 学 习 汉 语 的 优 秀 多 模 态 语 料 , 也 是 了 解 和 认 识 真 实 的 当 代 中 国 社 会 和 中 国 ⼈ 的 良 好<br />

途 径 。 本 套 教 材 既 可 以 作 为 中 ⾼ 级 汉 语 视 听 说 课 程 教 材 , 也 可 以 作 为 中 国 概 况 、 当 代 中 国 社<br />

会 乃 ⾄ 中 国 经 济 等 课 程 的 辅 助 教 材 , 亦 可 作 为 外 国 学 ⽣ 了 解 当 代 中 国 的 视 听 材 料 。 本 书 内 容<br />

包 括 外 卖 员 、⽀ 教 教 师 、 电 商 、 地 铁 站 站 务 员 、 列 车 乘 务 员 、 早 点 铺 服 务 员 等 六 个 场 景 的 真<br />

实 对 话 。<br />

<br />

链 接 请 按 此 Link <br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

Conference<br />

<br />

Dear <strong>CLTA</strong> Members,<br />

CSCTFL 2023 Conference (Central States Conference of Teaching Foreign Languages)<br />

may be of interest to you.<br />

Dear World Language Educators,<br />

Thank you for the outstanding work you do every day, both in and out of the classroom.<br />

You work tirelessly to give your students the education they deserve and need to live in<br />

today’s global society. You foster skills that last a lifetime, and help shape our world for a<br />

better tomorrow. You are an expert at what you do.<br />

I would love for YOU to share your expertise with all of our colleagues across CSCTFL at<br />

our annual conference. Save the date for March 9-11, 2023 at the Hilton Columbus<br />

Downtown in Columbus, Ohio. This year’s CSCTFL theme is Empathy, Equity,<br />

Empowerment! Please join us as we learn from one another, laugh, and remember why<br />

we do what we do.<br />

Proposals are due by June 15, <strong>2022</strong>, and you can get started today at this link.<br />

https://www.csctfl.org/conference/session-proposals<br />

I am looking forward to learning from you!<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Amanda J. Ramirez<br />

2023 Program Chair<br />

<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 52

Conference<br />

<br />

Dear <strong>CLTA</strong> Members,<br />

The 6th Workshop on Innovations in Cantonese Linguistics (WICL-6) may be of interest to<br />

you.<br />

The 6th Workshop on Innovations in Cantonese Linguistics (WICL-6) is an exciting<br />

conference hosted by faculty and grad students in the Departments of East Asian<br />

Languages and Literatures and Linguistics at The Ohio State University. Presenters are<br />

from four different regions of the world: North America, Europe, East Asia, and Australia!<br />

WICL-6 will be held virtually via Zoom on <strong>May</strong> 27 and <strong>May</strong> 28, <strong>2022</strong>. It is free and open to<br />

the public, although online registration is required. Details on the program schedule and<br />

online registration are available at the WICL-6 website:<br />

https://u.osu.edu/wicl/wicl-6/<br />

<br />

See you there if you are planning to attend WICL-6!<br />

WICL-6 Organizing Committee<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2<br />

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Middleburry<br />

<br />

this short video<br />

Chinese School website


Pathways to success

JOBS<br />

Jobs<br />


may be directed to ealc@indiana.edu. Review<br />

of applications will begin immediately, with all<br />

applications received by <strong>May</strong> 26th, <strong>2022</strong> being<br />

guaranteed full consideration. Applications will<br />

be accepted until the position is filled.<br />

Candidates are requested to submit the<br />

following: Curriculum Vitae, sample syllabi for<br />

the two courses mentioned above, diversity<br />

statement and contact information for three (3)<br />

r e f e r e n c e s t o p r o v i d e l e t t e r s o f<br />

recommendation.<br />

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese<br />

Language and Culture (Bloomington, India)<br />

The Department of East Asian Languages &<br />

Cultures at Indiana University Bloomington<br />

invites applications for a full-time, non-tenuretrack<br />

Visiting Assistant Professor for the<br />

<strong>2022</strong>-2023 academic year, starting August 1,<br />

<strong>2022</strong>, to teach four Chinese language and<br />

content/culture courses (two courses per<br />

semester), such as literary Chinese,<br />

contemporary Chinese literature, or Chinese<br />

cinema. The Department of East Asian<br />

Languages and Cultures is committed to hiring<br />

candidates who can contribute to the diversity<br />

and excellence of the academic community<br />

through research, teaching, and service. The<br />

position will begin August 1, <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Required qualifications include a Ph.D. in hand<br />

or ABD near completion in Chinese literature,<br />

language pedagogy, linguistics, or related<br />

fields. Selected candidates are expected to have<br />

a Ph. D. in-hand by August 1, <strong>2022</strong>. The<br />

candidate should have native or near-native<br />

proficiency in both Chinese and English with<br />

prior experience and demonstrated success in<br />

teaching Chinese at the college level in the<br />

United States. Candidates who have familiarity<br />

with assessment and ACTFL Proficiency<br />

Guidelines and training in Chinese pedagogy<br />

are preferred. Inquiries regarding the position<br />

Interested candidates should review the<br />

application requirements and submit their<br />

a p p l i c a t i o n a t ( https://<br />

indiana.peopleadmin.com/postings/12968)<br />

Indiana University is an equal employment and<br />

affirmative action employer and a provider of<br />

ADA services. All qualified applicants will<br />

receive consideration for employment based on<br />

individual qualifications. Indiana University<br />

prohibits discrimination based on age,<br />

ethnicity, color, race, religion, sex, sexual<br />

orientation, gender identity or expression,<br />

genetic information, marital status, national<br />

origin, disability status or protected veteran<br />

status.<br />

Clinical Assistant Professor, Chinese<br />

Language at University at Buffalo, Suny<br />

(Buffalo, NY)<br />

Position Title: Clinical Assistant Professor,<br />

Chinese Language<br />

Department: Linguistics<br />

Posting Number: F220072<br />

Posting Link: https://www.ubjobs.buffalo.edu/<br />

postings/34922<br />

The Department of Linguistics at the<br />

University at Buffalo is seeking a full-time,<br />

Clinical Assistant Professor, Chinese<br />

Language, for a 10-month (academic-year<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

commitment), non-tenure track position with<br />

an initial three-year appointment with possible<br />

renewal, contingent on performance,<br />

department need, and availability of funding.<br />

The successful candidate’s responsibilities<br />

include teaching three courses per semester,<br />

possibly including a content course (e.g., in<br />

Chinese linguistics or culture), and providing<br />

administrative direction to the Chinese<br />

Language Program, including tasks such as<br />

hiring additional instructional faculty, training<br />

and supervising graduate and undergraduate<br />

student teaching assistants and other<br />

instructors, conducting placement tests, and<br />

curriculum development. There is no research<br />

obligation for this position, and there is<br />

potential for promotion to clinical associate<br />

professor. The position offers competitive<br />

faculty salary and state employee benefits.<br />

The successful candidate must be able to<br />

regularly teach in-person classes on the<br />

University at Buffalo campus beginning Fall<br />

<strong>2022</strong>. Review of applications will begin on<br />

<strong>May</strong> 31, <strong>2022</strong>, and continue until the position<br />

is filled. Interviews will be conducted via<br />

Zoom.<br />

Minimum Qualifications:<br />

-Ph.D. in Chinese linguistics, applied<br />

linguistics, language pedagogy, literature,<br />

culture, or a related field<br />

-Native or near-native proficiency in Chinese<br />

and English<br />

-Demonstrated excellence in teaching Chinese<br />

language at all levels and Chinese content<br />

courses to English-speaking students at the<br />

university level<br />

Preferred Qualifications:<br />

-At least three years of experience teaching<br />

Chinese at the university level is preferred.<br />

-Familiarity with contemporary second<br />

Jobs<br />

language<br />

teaching methodologies, instructional<br />

technologies and curriculum development is<br />

desired.<br />

-Ability to teach an introductory course in<br />

Chinese linguistics is desired.<br />

Application Process:<br />

All application materials should be submitted<br />

via UB Jobs posting at https://<br />

www.ubjobs.buffalo.edu/postings/34922.<br />

Applicants must submit:<br />

-A letter of interest<br />

-Curriculum vitae<br />

-Teaching portfolio (including a list of courses<br />

taught, three sample syllabi for two different<br />

levels of Chinese language courses and, if<br />

available, a Chinese content course)<br />

-Teaching evaluations<br />

-A link to a teaching demonstration video for a<br />

Chinese language course, which may be an<br />

online class<br />

Teaching portfolio materials are required for a<br />

complete application. The portfolio materials<br />

must be attached via the UB Jobs automated<br />

system. Review of applications will begin <strong>May</strong><br />

31, <strong>2022</strong>, and continue until the position is<br />

filled. Interviews will be conducted via Zoom.<br />

Application materials submitted directly to the<br />

posting contact will not be acknowledged and<br />

cannot be considered.<br />

For questions, please contact Dr. Jeff Good,<br />

Professor and Chair of Linguistics, at<br />

jcgood@buffalo.edu.<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 58

Pursuant to Executive Order 161, no State<br />

entity, as defined by the Executive Order, is<br />

permitted to ask, or mandate, in any form, that<br />

an applicant for employment provide his or her<br />

current compensation, or any prior<br />

compensation history, until such time as the<br />

applicant is extended a conditional offer of<br />

employment with compensation. If such<br />

information has been requested from you<br />

before such time, please contact the Governor’s<br />

Office of Employee Relations at (518)<br />

474-6988 or via email at info@goer.ny.gov.<br />

Lecturer of Chinese at UC Davis (Davis,<br />

CA)<br />

The Department of East Asian Languages and<br />

Cultures (EALC) at the University of<br />

California, Davis, invites applications for the<br />

position of part-time Lecturer of Chinese.<br />

Primary duties are to teach three modern<br />

Chinese (Mandarin) classes at various levels as<br />

assigned in the fall quarter of the <strong>2022</strong>-2023<br />

academic year. Salary is commensurate with<br />

qualifications and experience. This<br />

appointment is renewable contingent on<br />

departmental teaching needs.<br />

Requirements include an MA or above in<br />

second-language pedagogy, Chinese<br />

linguistics, or another relevant field; native or<br />

near-native proficiency in Mandarin and<br />

English; and a demonstrable record of<br />

excellence in language teaching. The<br />

department will give preference to candidates<br />

with college teaching experience in the U.S.,<br />

good knowledge of current developments in<br />

second language pedagogy, strong skills in<br />

written Chinese, and the ability to apply<br />

modern technology to classroom teaching.<br />

Complete application should include: 1) cover<br />

letter stating your qualifications, teaching<br />

philosophy and career plan; 2) curriculum<br />

vitae; and 3) names and contact information of<br />

two references. Please upload application<br />

materials to https://recruit.ucdavis.edu/<br />

JPF04905 by the initial review date, <strong>May</strong> 23,<br />

<strong>2022</strong>. Position will remain open until filled.<br />

Applicants internal to the UC Davis<br />

Department of EALC who had an appointment<br />

in 2021-<strong>2022</strong> and apply by the “Initial Review<br />

Date” of <strong>May</strong> 23, <strong>2022</strong> will be considered prior<br />

to all other applicants.<br />

The University of California, Davis, is an<br />

affirmative action/equal opportunity employer<br />

with a strong institutional commitment to the<br />

achievement of diversity among its faculty and<br />

staff. The position is covered by a collective<br />

bargaining agreement.<br />

Professor/Associate Professor in<br />

Bilingualism and Communication (Ref.<br />

22042218) (Hong Kong)<br />



The Hong Kong Polytechnic University<br />

(PolyU) is a government-funded tertiary<br />

institution in Hong Kong. It offers programmes<br />

at various levels including Doctorate, Master’s<br />

and Bachelor’s degrees. It has a full-time<br />

academic staff strength of around 1,200. The<br />

total annual consolidated expenditure budget of<br />

the University is in excess of HK$7.6 billion.<br />



Professor / Associate Professor in Bilingualism<br />

and Communication (Ref. 22042218)<br />

The Department of Chinese and Bilingual<br />

Studies (CBS) is one of the constituent<br />

departments of the Faculty of Humanities. One<br />

of the core missions of CBS is to promote and<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

develop studies of Chinese in multilingual<br />

contexts and studies of multilingualism and<br />

multiculturalism in Chinese contexts. With<br />

over 40 full-time academic and teaching staff<br />

members, CBS is a vibrant center for research<br />

in the areas of Chinese linguistics, corpus<br />

linguistics, language and communication<br />

disorders, cognitive neuroscience, bilingual<br />

communication, Chinese language education,<br />

Chinese language testing, language technology,<br />

and translation and interpreting. The<br />

Department is also devoted to offering highquality<br />

education programmes at different<br />

levels (bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral) in<br />

Bilingual Corporate Communication, Chinese<br />

Linguistics, Chinese Language Teaching,<br />

Speech Therapy, Teaching Chinese as a<br />

F o r e i g n L a n g u a g e , Tr a n s l a t i n g a n d<br />

Interpreting, as well as Korean/Japanese<br />

language and culture courses at bachelor’s<br />

level. Within the Department, there is a PolyU-<br />

PekingU Research Centre on Chinese<br />

Linguistics, a Speech Therapy Unit, a Research<br />

Centre for Language, Cognition, and<br />

Neuroscience, and a Centre for Translation<br />

Studies. More information about the<br />

Department may be found at http://<br />

www.cbs.polyu.edu.hk/.<br />

The Department now seeks to strengthen its<br />

impact in Bilingualism and Communication as<br />

a broadly defined interdisciplinary area of<br />

academic studies, in keeping with the latest<br />

theoretical frameworks in Corporate<br />

Communication that are informed by<br />

exemplary business practices in associated<br />

industries worldwide. We aspire to develop<br />

academic leadership and groom young<br />

researchers to excel in Bilingual Corporate<br />

Communication (BCC), where ‘bilingual’ is<br />

construed as not only distinct varieties of<br />

Chinese and English and the associated<br />

cultures specific to the local communities, but<br />

also other regional languages and cultures (e.g.,<br />

Japanese and Korean, among others). Apart<br />

from infusing BCC theories and practices in<br />

multiple degree pathways at the undergraduate<br />

level, our flagship, highly popular MA<br />

programme (MABCC) will serve as a platform<br />

for disseminating BCC knowledge and<br />

influence in not only Hong Kong, but also the<br />

Greater Bay Area, elsewhere in Greater China,<br />

East Asia, the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.<br />

The appointee will be required to (a) engage in<br />

teaching and related learning activities at both<br />

undergraduate and postgraduate levels; (b)<br />

engage in programme/curriculum design and<br />

development, consultancy projects and other<br />

scholarly activities that help promote the<br />

Department’s mission and vision; (c) undertake<br />

scholarly research in his/her area of expertise<br />

and play a leadership role in scholarly activities<br />

(especially for appointment at Professor level),<br />

including mentoring junior researchers; (d)<br />

provide administrative support and advice for<br />

academic and departmental affairs; (e) render<br />

service to committee work of various levels at<br />

the University, academic community as well as<br />

the society at large; and (f) perform any other<br />

duties as assigned by the Head of Department<br />

or his/her delegates. An appointee at Professor<br />

level will be expected to demonstrate academic<br />

excellence and provide academic leadership in<br />

his/her area of expertise.<br />

Applicants should have (a) a PhD degree in a<br />

relevant discipline, preferably with the<br />

specialism in Intercultural Communication,<br />

Corporate Communication, Public Relations,<br />

Bilingualism / Multilingualism, Language<br />

Analytics in Business Communication, or<br />

related fields; (b) substantial post-qualification<br />

work experiences and an excellent record of<br />

relevant academic and/or professional<br />

achievements, including competitive grant<br />

awards and recognition of academic leadership<br />

by professional bodies; (c) a high level of<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 60

fluency in English, with knowledge of Chinese<br />

being an advantage; and (d) a strong<br />

commitment to excellence in teaching,<br />

scholarly activities, and professional service.<br />

Remuneration and Conditions of Service<br />

A highly competitive remuneration package<br />

will be offered. An appropriate term will be<br />

provided for appointment at Associate<br />

Professor and Professor levels. For general<br />

information on terms and conditions for<br />

appointment of academic staff in the<br />

University, please visit the website at https://<br />

www.polyu.edu.hk/hro/docdrive/careers/doc/<br />

Prof.pdf. Applicants should state their current<br />

and expected salary in the application.<br />

Application<br />

Please send a completed application form by<br />

post, nominate three referees from different<br />

institutions/organisations by providing their<br />

names, addresses and relationship with the<br />

applicants, to Human Resources Office, 13/F,<br />

Li Ka Shing Tower, The Hong Kong<br />

Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon,<br />

H o n g K o n g o r v i a e m a i l t o<br />

hrstaff@polyu.edu.hk. Application forms can<br />

b e d o w n l o a d e d f r o m https://<br />

www.polyu.edu.hk/hro/careers/<br />

guidelines_and_forms/forms. If a separate<br />

curriculum vitae is to be provided, please still<br />

complete the application form which will help<br />

speed up the recruitment process. Recruitment<br />

will continue until the position is filled. The<br />

University’s Personal Information Collection<br />

Statement for recruitment can be found<br />

at https://www.polyu.edu.hk/hro/careers/<br />

guidelines_and_forms/pics_for_recruitment.<br />

PolyU is an equal opportunity employer<br />

committed to diversity and inclusivity. All<br />

qualified applicants will receive consideration<br />

for employment without regard to gender,<br />

ethnicity, nationality, family status or physical<br />

or mental disabilities.<br />

Assistant Professor in Chinese-English<br />

Interpreting (Hong Kong)<br />



The Hong Kong Polytechnic University<br />

(PolyU) is a government-funded tertiary<br />

institution in Hong Kong. It offers programmes<br />

at various levels including Doctorate, Master’s<br />

and Bachelor’s degrees. It has a full-time<br />

academic staff strength of around 1,200. The<br />

total annual consolidated expenditure budget of<br />

the University is in excess of HK$7.6 billion.<br />



Assistant Professor in Chinese-English<br />

Interpreting (Ref. 22042219)<br />

The Department of Chinese and Bilingual<br />

Studies (CBS) is one of the constituent<br />

departments of the Faculty of Humanities. One<br />

of the core missions of CBS is to promote and<br />

develop studies of Chinese in multilingual<br />

contexts and studies of multilingualism in<br />

Chinese contexts. With over 40 full-time<br />

academic and teaching staff members, CBS is a<br />

vibrant center for research in the areas of<br />

Chinese linguistics, corpus linguistics,<br />

language and communication disorders,<br />

c o g n i t i v e n e u r o s c i e n c e , b i l i n g u a l<br />

communication, Chinese language education,<br />

Chinese language testing, language technology,<br />

and translation and interpreting. The<br />

Department now seeks to extend its strength in<br />

areas like language data analytics and<br />

computational linguistics. The Department is<br />

also devoted to offering high-quality education<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

programmes at different levels (bachelor’s,<br />

master’s, and doctoral) in Chinese Linguistics,<br />

Chinese Language Teaching, Teaching Chinese<br />

as a Foreign Language, Speech Therapy,<br />

Translating and Interpreting, Bilingual<br />

Corporate Communication, as well as Korean/<br />

Japanese language and culture courses at<br />

bachelor’s level. Within the Department, there<br />

is a PolyU-PekingU Research Centre on<br />

Chinese Linguistics, a Speech Therapy Unit, a<br />

Research Centre for Language, Cognition, and<br />

Neuroscience, and a Centre for Translation<br />

Studies. More information about the<br />

Department may be found at http://<br />

www.cbs.polyu.edu.hk/.<br />

The appointee will be required to (a) engage in<br />

teaching and related learning activities at both<br />

undergraduate and postgraduate levels; (b)<br />

assume an important role in curriculum design<br />

and development; (c) undertake academic<br />

research in his/her area of expertise, including<br />

but not limited to making applications for<br />

external research grants; (d) provide<br />

administrative support for academic<br />

development and departmental objectives, and<br />

play an active role in programme management;<br />

(e) render professional service to the discipline<br />

and/or the community at large; and (f) perform<br />

any other duties as assigned by the Head of<br />

Department or his/her delegates.<br />

Applicants should have (a) a PhD degree in a<br />

relevant discipline, preferably with the<br />

specialism in Chinese-English or English-<br />

Chinese Translation and Interpreting (involving<br />

Cantonese and/or Mandarin); (b) relevant postqualification<br />

teaching and research experience<br />

and/or professional achievements; (c) a proven<br />

record of publications in related fields in highcalibre<br />

international journals and presses; (d) a<br />

high level of fluency in English; and (e) a<br />

strong commitment to excellence in teaching,<br />

scholarly activities and professional service.<br />

Applicants should normally have evidencebased<br />

research experience (as supported by<br />

evidence of research projects and outputs).<br />

Experience in postdoctoral research will be a<br />

plus.<br />

Remuneration and Conditions of Service<br />

A highly competitive remuneration package<br />

will be offered. Initial appointments will be on<br />

a fixed-term gratuity-bearing contract. Reengagement<br />

thereafter is subject to mutual<br />

agreement. For general information on terms<br />

and conditions for appointment of academic<br />

staff in the University, please visit the website<br />

at https://www.polyu.edu.hk/hro/docdrive/<br />

careers/doc/Prof.pdf. Applicants should state<br />

their current and expected salary in the<br />

application.<br />

Application<br />

Please send a completed application form by<br />

post, nominate three referees from different<br />

institutions/organisations by providing their<br />

names, addresses and relationship with the<br />

applicants, to Human Resources Office, 13/F,<br />

Li Ka Shing Tower, The Hong Kong<br />

Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon,<br />

H o n g K o n g o r v i a e m a i l t o<br />

hrstaff@polyu.edu.hk. Application forms can<br />

b e d o w n l o a d e d f r o m https://<br />

www.polyu.edu.hk/hro/careers/<br />

guidelines_and_forms/forms. If a separate<br />

curriculum vitae is to be provided, please still<br />

complete the application form which will help<br />

speed up the recruitment process. Recruitment<br />

will continue until the position is filled. The<br />

University’s Personal Information Collection<br />

Statement for recruitment can be found at<br />

https://www.polyu.edu.hk/hro/careers/<br />

guidelines_and_forms/pics_for_recruitment.<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 62<br />

返 回 ⽬ 录

PolyU is an equal opportunity employer<br />

committed to diversity and inclusivity. All<br />

qualified applicants will receive consideration<br />

for employment without regard to gender,<br />

ethnicity, nationality, family status or physical<br />

or mental disabilities.<br />

Visiting Lecturer, Chinese Literature and<br />

Culture (Pittsburgh, PA)<br />

The Department of East Asian Languages and<br />

Literatures of the University of Pittsburgh<br />

invites applications for the position of visiting<br />

lecturer for its Chinese literature and culture<br />

program, pending budgetary approval. The<br />

appointment is outside the tenure stream and<br />

will begin on September 1, <strong>2022</strong>, and end on<br />

April 30, 2023. The successful candidate must<br />

hold a Ph.D. (or be a very advanced ABD) by<br />

the time of appointment and is a specialist in<br />

either pre-modern/classical Chinese literature<br />

or early modern Chinese literature, with<br />

additional teaching and research interests in<br />

such areas as performing or visual arts, gender,<br />

and cultural studies, either limited to Chinese<br />

the cultural sphere proper or across cultures,<br />

regions of East Asia, or disciplines. The<br />

successful candidate will teach six courses per<br />

year. The candidate should have experience in<br />

teaching Chinese literature at a North<br />

American institution of higher education for<br />

two semesters or more preferably with inperson<br />

classes. Responsibilities will include<br />

teaching at both undergraduate and graduate<br />

levels, including a course on classical Chinese.<br />

Other duties may include mentoring students,<br />

normal service duties in the Department, and<br />

working with other Asia specialists in the<br />

Department and on campus. The successful<br />

candidate must show promise of good teaching<br />

and service.<br />

To apply, upload the letter of application, CV,<br />

sample course materials and syllabi, evidence<br />

of teaching effectiveness (e.g., student<br />

evaluations), a document listing three referees<br />

and their contacts, a statement on teaching, and<br />

a statement on diversity and inclusion via the<br />

Talent Center Link:<br />

https://cfopitt.taleo.net/careersection/<br />

pitt_faculty_external/jobdetail.ftl?<br />

job=22003052&tz=GMT-04%3A00&tzname=<br />

America%2FNew_York<br />

We will request additional materials (including<br />

three letters of recommendation) after the<br />

initial screening and we will invite finalists to a<br />

Zoom interview. For full consideration, submit<br />

the application by July 1, <strong>2022</strong>. The position<br />

will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is<br />

found.<br />

The Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences is<br />

committed to building and fostering a<br />

culturally diverse environment. Excellent<br />

interpersonal and relationship-building skills<br />

and the ability to work effectively with a wide<br />

range of individuals and constituencies in<br />

support of a diverse community are required.<br />

The University is an Affirmative Action/Equal<br />

Opportunity Employer and values equality of<br />

opportunity, human dignity and diversity, EOE,<br />

including disability/vets.<br />

The University requires all Pitt constituents<br />

(employees and students) on all campuses to be<br />

vaccinated against COVID-19 or have an<br />

approved exemption. Visit coronavirus.pitt.edu<br />

to learn more about this requirement.<br />

Chinese Language Lecturer (Princeton, NJ)<br />

The Department of East Asian Studies invites<br />

applications for a full-time Chinese language<br />

lecturer position expected to begin September<br />

1, <strong>2022</strong>. We anticipate the position to span the<br />

AY<strong>2022</strong>-2023 academic year.<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

We seek candidates with a minimum<br />

requirement of a Master’s degree in disciplines<br />

such as Chinese linguistics, Chinese language<br />

pedagogy, Chinese history, Chinese literature,<br />

or related fields. Ph.D. is preferred.<br />

Applications must include a cover letter,<br />

curriculum vitae, statement of teaching interest,<br />

contact information for at least three<br />

references, and candidates must provide a web<br />

link to a 30-50 minute video of the candidate’s<br />

Chinese language teaching. Submission of a<br />

writing sample is optional (e.g., publications in<br />

Chinese or English, a dissertation chapter).<br />

Reference letters will be requested after a<br />

Zoom interview. Review of applications will<br />

begin immediately and will be conducted until<br />

the position is filled.<br />

This position is subject to the University’s<br />

background check policy.<br />

Link to the application: <br />

https://puwebp.princeton.edu/AcadHire/apply/<br />

application.xhtml?listingId=25741<br />

Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor (or<br />

Instructor) of Chinese (Baltimore,<br />

Maryland, 21210, United States)<br />

The Department of Modern Languages &<br />

Literatures at Loyola University Maryland is<br />

seeking a one-semester Visiting Affiliate<br />

Assistant Professor or Instructor of Chinese<br />

(0.80 FTE position) to teach in the department<br />

in the fall semester of <strong>2022</strong>. The candidate will<br />

teach three Chinese courses in the 100-level<br />

and 200-level, and perform service in the<br />

department and relating to the Chinese minor.<br />

The search committee is especially interested<br />

in candidates who will contribute to LUM’s<br />

stated goal of equity and inclusion of the<br />

academic community. Successful candidates<br />

must have at least a Master’s degree in the<br />

appropriate field, must have native or nearnative<br />

fluency in Chinese, and must have<br />

college teaching experience. The successful<br />

candidate must possess an awareness of an<br />

interest in high impact practices in line with the<br />

mission of Jesuit higher education.<br />

To apply, submit the following online (https://<br />

careers.loyola.edu): a letter of application,<br />

curriculum vita, copies of graduate transcripts,<br />

a list of references, and evidence of excellence<br />

in teaching. For more information, please<br />

contact Elise Fields at 410.617.2228 or<br />

efields@loyola.edu.<br />

Loyola University Maryland is a selective<br />

liberal arts university in the Jesuit Catholic<br />

tradition. The university is committed to<br />

intellectual excellence and social justice as it<br />

prepares students for a diverse and changing<br />

world. Recognized as a leading independent,<br />

comprehensive university in the northeastern<br />

United States, Loyola has a beautiful historic<br />

Evergreen campus in Baltimore and Graduate<br />

Centers in Timonium and Columbia. Loyola<br />

enrolls over 4,000 students in its undergraduate<br />

programs and about 2,000 students in its<br />

graduate programs.<br />

Loyola seeks a broad spectrum of candidates,<br />

including but not limited to women, people of<br />

color, persons with disabilities, sexual<br />

minorities, first-generation college students,<br />

those with non-traditional career paths, and<br />

those who understand, respect, and can actively<br />

contribute to the University’s Jesuit mission<br />

and values. For more information about our<br />

values please visit https://www.loyola.edu/<br />

about/mission.<br />

With a newly established Office of Equity and<br />

Inclusion headed by our Chief Equity and<br />

Inclusion Officer, we are committed to<br />

providing an environment where everyone can<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 64

learn, grow, and thrive. Key efforts include<br />

f a c u l t y d e v e l o p m e n t p r o g r a m m i n g ,<br />

opportunities for learning (e.g., Diversity<br />

Reading Groups), investment in pedagogical<br />

resources for differential instruction (e.g.,<br />

Fellows Programs), affinity faculty and staff<br />

groups, and following best-practices for hiring.<br />

For a full list of benefits to working at Loyola<br />

University Maryland, please visit https://<br />

www.loyola.edu/department/hr/benefits. Please<br />

note that Loyola University Maryland is a 503-<br />

b institution that qualifies towards Public<br />

Service Loan Forgiveness programs.<br />

Apply Here: https://www.click2apply.net/<br />

G7gbzGh4A7yJETag7TkrVM<br />

PI174555802<br />

Visiting Assistant Professor in Modern<br />

Chinese Literature and Culture Studies<br />

(Iowa City, IA)<br />

The Department of Asian and Slavic<br />

Languages and Literatures in the Division of<br />

World Languages, Literatures and Cultures at<br />

the University of Iowa seeks a Visiting<br />

Assistant Professor in Modern Chinese<br />

Literature and Culture Studies for the<br />

Academic Year <strong>2022</strong>-2023 (Fall <strong>2022</strong>-Spring<br />

2023).<br />

The successful candidate will teach courses in<br />

modern and contemporary Chinese literature<br />

and culture, including cinema and popular<br />

culture, and Chinese language. The normal<br />

teaching load is six courses per year but it is<br />

contingent upon enrollment. The successful<br />

candidate will collaborate with our faculty in<br />

programmatic service.<br />

• Native or near native fluency in English and<br />

Chinese<br />

• Strong evidence of excellent, innovative<br />

teaching to undergraduate students in North<br />

America<br />

Desirable qualifications:<br />

• Experience of teaching upper-level language<br />

courses<br />

• Potential for scholarly production<br />

To apply, please visit jobs.uiowa.edu and<br />

reference Requisition # 74448. The application<br />

materials must include a letter of interest,<br />

curriculum vitae, and three letters of<br />

recommendation. Salary and benefits will be<br />

commensurate with qualifications and<br />

experience. Review of applications will begin<br />

April 25 until the position is filled, with<br />

interviews conducted online.<br />

The Department of Asian and Slavic<br />

Languages and Literatures, the Division of<br />

World Languages, Literatures and Cultures,<br />

and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences<br />

are strongly committed to gender and ethnic<br />

diversity; the strategic plans of the University,<br />

College, Division and Department reflect this<br />

commitment. All qualified applicants are<br />

encouraged to apply and will receive<br />

consideration for employment free from<br />

discrimination on the basis of race, creed,<br />

color, national origin, age, sex, pregnancy,<br />

sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic<br />

information, religion, associational preference,<br />

status as a qualified individual with a disability,<br />

or status as a protected veteran. The University<br />

of Iowa is an equal opportunity/affirmative<br />

action employer.<br />

Required qualifications:<br />

• Ph.D. in Modern Chinese literature and<br />

culture studies which must be in hand by the<br />

time of appointment.<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

Teachers and Facilitators –NSA STARTALK<br />

(Fort Worth, Texas)<br />

The Department of Modern Language Studies<br />

has immediate openings for two instructors of<br />

Chinese and six facilitators of Chinese to work<br />

for two weeks (June 13-24, <strong>2022</strong>) in their NSA<br />

STARTALK Chinese immersion program.<br />

Below are the descriptions of the positions.<br />

Please visit https://jobs.tcu.edu/ for other<br />

detailed information.<br />

Job Title: Teacher – NSA STARTALK<br />

Teachers in this NSA STARTALK Program are<br />

responsible for leading learning activities—<br />

under supervision of the principal investigator<br />

and instructional lead—in Chinese for students<br />

enrolled in the program.<br />

Duties and Essential Job Functions:<br />

• Collaborates with the instructional leads in<br />

designing and delivering interactive activities<br />

and organizing and participating in<br />

extracurricular activities.<br />

• Performs other related duties as assigned.<br />

Job Title: Facilitator – NSA STARTALK<br />

The Facilitator – NSA STARTALK is<br />

responsible for facilitating, under supervision<br />

of the principal investigator and instructional<br />

lead, activities in Chinese for students enrolled<br />

in the program. Facilitators will live on site<br />

with the participants in the STARTALK<br />

program.<br />

Duties and Essential Job Functions:<br />

• Collaborates with the instructional leads to<br />

help learners create and maintain a Chinese<br />

immersion learning environment both inside<br />

and outside of the classroom.<br />

• Facilitates in-class drill interactions.<br />

• Organizes and leads lunch and dinner<br />

conversations in Chinese.<br />

• Organizes and participates in extracurricular<br />

activities.<br />

• Guides learners self-paced study/homework<br />

activities.<br />

• Performs other related duties as assigned.<br />

If you are interested, please apply<br />

through https://jobs.tcu.edu/. For questions<br />

regarding the positions, please contact <br />

Dr. Muriel Cormican<br />

(MURIEL.CORMICAN@tcu.edu) or Dr.<br />

Guangyan Chen (g.chen@tcu.edu).<br />

Visiting teaching position in Chinese<br />

language (Allendale, MI)<br />

The Department of Modern Languages and<br />

Literatures at Grand Valley State University<br />

invites applications for a one-year visiting<br />

teaching position in Chinese language for the<br />

<strong>2022</strong>-23 academic year. The position will begin<br />

in August <strong>2022</strong>. We seek candidates with<br />

demonstrated excellence in teaching all levels<br />

of Chinese language courses at the college<br />

level. M.A. in a related field required, Ph.D.<br />

desirable. Native or near-native proficiency in<br />

Chinese and English required. The successful<br />

candidate will be expected to teach three<br />

Chinese-language courses per semester and<br />

play an active role in organizing co-curricular<br />

activities.<br />

Review of applications will begin April 25 and<br />

continue until the position is filled. For<br />

application and a complete job description,<br />

please go to https://jobs.gvsu.edu/en-us/job/<br />

494112/visiting-professor-in-modernlanguages-and-literatures.<br />

We are particularly<br />

interested in receiving applications from<br />

candidates from underrepresented groups, and<br />

from candidates who have interest and/or<br />

experience in working with diverse student and<br />

community populations.<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 66

Visiting Assistant Professor or Instructor of<br />

Chinese (Poughkeepsie, NY)<br />

Vassar College<br />

Visiting Assistant Professor or Instructor of<br />

Chinese<br />

Department: Chinese & Japanese Department<br />

Posting Number: F042P<br />

For full consideration applicants should apply<br />

by:<br />

About Vassar College<br />

Vassar is a highly selective, coeducational<br />

l i b e r a l a r t s c o l l e g e o f a b o u t 2 4 0 0<br />

undergraduates (no graduate students) located<br />

in the beautiful and historic Hudson Valley<br />

seventy-five miles north of New York City. The<br />

city of Poughkeepsie benefits from rich<br />

cultural diversity and from convenient<br />

commuter rail access to New York City. Vassar<br />

faculty are committed teachers/scholars who<br />

bring research and creative discovery to life for<br />

students in classrooms, labs, and studios and in<br />

individually mentored projects. They teach<br />

broadly in the curricula of their departments,<br />

advise students, and serve on college-wide and<br />

departmental committees. The College<br />

maintains a generous leave policy, provides<br />

strong support for research, and encourages<br />

multidisciplinary approaches to teaching.<br />

Position Introduction<br />

The Department of Chinese and Japanese at<br />

Vassar College invites applications for the<br />

position of Visiting Assistant Professor or<br />

Instructor of Chinese for the <strong>2022</strong>-2024<br />

academic years.<br />

AA Statement<br />

Vassar College is an affirmative action and<br />

equal opportunity employer with a strong<br />

commitment to increasing the diversity of the<br />

campus community and the curriculum, and<br />

promoting an environment of equality,<br />

inclusion, and respect for difference.<br />

Candidates who can contribute to this goal<br />

through their teaching, research, advising, and<br />

other activities are encouraged to identify their<br />

strengths and experiences in this area.<br />

Individuals from groups whose<br />

underrepresentation in the American<br />

professoriate has been severe and longstanding<br />

are particularly encouraged to apply.<br />

Position Description<br />

Candidates with expertise in any one or several<br />

of the following fields are desirable: Chinese<br />

linguistics including comparative linguistics or<br />

comparative philology with a Chinese<br />

concentration, language pedagogy, Chinese<br />

literature, comparative literature with a<br />

Chinese concentration, Chinese pop culture,<br />

and Chinese theater or film. Experience in<br />

Chinese language teaching is expected. The<br />

successful applicant must have a PhD or be<br />

A B D b y t h e t i m e o f a p p o i n t m e n t .<br />

Responsibilities include teaching four Chinese<br />

language courses and one course in the<br />

candidate’s discipline per academic year as<br />

well as advising students and supervising<br />

students’ independent work.<br />

How to Apply<br />

To apply, please visit <br />

https://employment.vassar.edu/postings/2445 to<br />

link to the posting for this position. Candidates<br />

should submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, a<br />

diversity statement (see https://<br />

offices.vassar.edu/dean-of-the-faculty/<br />

positions/candidate-diversity-statement/ ), up<br />

to three copies of syllabi of courses taught or<br />

proposed, and three letters of recommendation.<br />

For inquiries, email the Department of Chinese<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

and Japanese, Vassar College,<br />

chineseandjapanese@vassar.edu. Applications<br />

should be addressed to Haoming Liu/Chair,<br />

Department of Chinese and Japanese. Review<br />

of applications will begin on March 21, <strong>2022</strong><br />

and continue until filled.<br />

To Apply<br />

All applicants must apply online at: https://<br />

apptrkr.com/2862672.<br />

Copyright ©<strong>2022</strong> Jobelephant.com Inc. All<br />

rights reserved.<br />

Chinese Linguistics Teaching Faculty<br />

(Madison, WI)<br />

The Department of Asian Languages and<br />

Cultures at UW-Madison is inviting<br />

applications for a one-year full-time Chinese<br />

Language Teaching Faculty position for the<br />

<strong>2022</strong>-23 academic year. Responsibilities will<br />

include teaching advanced Chinese language<br />

for English-speaking college students and gradlevel<br />

linguistics. The appointment begins on<br />

August 22, <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Job Summary:<br />

1. Teaching: Teach two to three Chinese<br />

language or linguistics courses per semester.<br />

Expected to be able to teach Chinese language<br />

classes at all levels and graduate courses.<br />

Prepare syllabi, develop or adapt teaching<br />

materials, hold office hours, grade homework,<br />

prepare/administer/grade exams, and train/<br />

supervise Teaching Assistants (TAs) in the<br />

form of outside of class workshop sessions,<br />

course observation, and individual feedback.<br />

2. Instructional Technology Development:<br />

Envision, lead, and engage in technologyenhanced<br />

curriculum development for the<br />

Chinese Language Program.<br />

3. Provide support to the Chinese language<br />

program and participate in/facilitate cultural<br />

events, Chinese houses, outreach activities, etc.<br />

Education: PhD degree required in Chinese<br />

linguistics, applied linguistics, linguistics,<br />

pedagogy, second language acquisition, or a<br />

related field.<br />

Qualifications: <br />

At least three-year experience teaching Chinese<br />

as a foreign or second language at the college<br />

level preferred. Experience teaching upperlevel<br />

Chinese language classes and graduatelevel<br />

Chinese linguistics classes preferred.<br />

Experience supervising teaching assistants<br />

preferred. Native or near-native fluency in<br />

Chinese and professional competency in<br />

spoken and written English required.<br />

Application Process: To apply for this position<br />

please visit https://jobs.hr.wisc.edu/en-us/job/<br />

513041/chinese-teaching-faculty<br />

Applications must include:<br />

1) Letter of application<br />

2) Curriculum vitae (CV)<br />

3) Statement on teaching philosophy<br />

4) Sample Chinese language course syllabus<br />

(at the upper level) and a sample linguistics<br />

course syllabus<br />

5) Link to a 50-minute teaching demonstration<br />

video<br />

6) Summary of teaching evaluations<br />

You will also be asked to provide contact<br />

information for three individuals who can serve<br />

as a professional reference.<br />

Application deadline: April 22, <strong>2022</strong><br />

<br />

返 回 ⽬ 录

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese<br />

(Memphis, TN)<br />

Chinese Visiting Assistant Professor Position:<br />

The Department of World Languages at The<br />

University of Memphis invites applicants for a<br />

Chinese one-year, non-tenure track visiting<br />

assistant professor starting August <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Required:<br />

a) M.A. degree in Chinese language, literature,<br />

culture, second language acquisition, applied<br />

linguistics, or related field in hand by August<br />

<strong>2022</strong>;<br />

b) Native or near-native proficiency in Chinese<br />

and English;<br />

c) Teaching experience at the college level<br />

expected, using communicative approach and<br />

technology in the classroom;<br />

d) Ability to teach Chinese language courses<br />

both in the classroom and online;<br />

e) Willingness to do some service is expected;<br />

f) Recent student-evaluations from calendar<br />

year 2021;<br />

g) Unofficial transcript;<br />

h) Curriculum vitae;<br />

i) Application letter describing teaching skills<br />

and teaching experience at the college level;<br />

j) Three recent letters of recommendation<br />

(Email addresses must be submitted for three<br />

reference providers. Workforum system will<br />

send an email to the reference provider giving<br />

them instructions to submit the letter).<br />

The successful candidate will teach a<br />

maximum of four courses per semester.<br />

Applicants must upload requirements f through<br />

i and the email addresses for three reference<br />

providers whom you have contacted to submit<br />

l e t t e r s o f r e f e r e n c e a t https://<br />

workforum.memphis.edu. Deadline for<br />

submission of all documents is April 8, <strong>2022</strong>. If<br />

you require additional information, contact Dr.<br />

Lan Zhang (lzhang3@memphis.edu). The<br />

University of Memphis, an Equal Opportunity/<br />

Affirmative Action employer that strongly<br />

encourages applications from women and<br />

minorities, is a metropolitan research<br />

institution that offers competitive pay and<br />

benefits.<br />

Visiting Instructor/Assistant Professor of<br />

Chinese (Wooster, OH)<br />

Part-time visiting position for AY <strong>2022</strong>-2023,<br />

starting August <strong>2022</strong>, teaching third year (high<br />

intermediate) Chinese language (one course<br />

Fall semester, one course Spring semester).<br />

Third-year (high intermediate) Chinese is a<br />

small enrollment course, primarily enrolling<br />

Chinese Studies majors and minors.<br />

Applicants should have at least a Master’s<br />

degree in an appropriate field, and experience/<br />

training in teaching Chinese language.<br />

Interested candidates please contact Mark<br />

Graham, Chair, Chinese Studies Department,<br />

College of Wooster with statement of interest<br />

and preparation for the position. Any necessary<br />

supporting materials will be specified and can<br />

be submitted subsequent to the initial contact.<br />

Clinical Instructor/Assistant Professor of<br />

Chinese (Washington, DC)<br />

The Department of Modern Languages and<br />

Literatures at The Catholic University of<br />

America seeks to fill a Clinical Instructor/<br />

Assistant Professor position in Mandarin<br />

Chinese to begin on August 20, <strong>2022</strong>. This is a<br />

non-tenure track, two-year renewable<br />

appointment.<br />

We seek candidates who understand, are<br />

enthusiastic about, and will make a significant<br />

c o n t r i b u t i o n t o t h e mission o f t h e<br />

University, which reads as follows: “As the<br />

national university of the Catholic Church in<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

the United States, founded and sponsored by<br />

the bishops of the country with the approval of<br />

the Holy See, The Catholic University of<br />

A m e r i c a i s c o m m i t t e d t o b e i n g a<br />

comprehensive Catholic and American<br />

institution of higher learning, faithful to the<br />

teachings of Jesus Christ as handed on by the<br />

Church. Dedicated to advancing the dialogue<br />

between faith and reason, The Catholic<br />

University of America seeks to discover and<br />

impart the truth through excellence in teaching<br />

and research, all in service to the Church, the<br />

nation and the world.”<br />

Responsibilities include full-time teaching<br />

(4:4), coordination of the Chinese language<br />

program (beginning, intermediate and<br />

advanced), support of the Asian Studies minor,<br />

active participation in departmental events, and<br />

service on departmental committees. Ability to<br />

support technology implementation in all<br />

language courses and webpage management a<br />

plus. Applicants must have native or nearnative<br />

fluency in Chinese and English; ABD or<br />

Ph. D. in hand at time of appointment. The<br />

ideal candidate will bring enthusiasm and<br />

proven teaching excellence in providing<br />

innovative in-person and online instruction<br />

along with a strong sense of commitment to<br />

building our undergraduate program and<br />

developing outreach initiatives in the university<br />

community.<br />

Applications should include the following: <br />

• Letter of interest<br />

• Curriculum vitae<br />

• Three letters of reference<br />

• Teaching portfolio with Teaching<br />

evaluations, Philosophy of teaching<br />

statement, Video class sample<br />

• A one- to two-page personal statement<br />

indicating how your research, teaching, and<br />

service will make a distinctive contribution<br />

to our University’s mission and to the<br />

vision of Catholic education outlined in the<br />

Apostolic Constitution on Catholic<br />

Universities Ex Corde Ecclesiae.<br />

For questions and to apply, contact <br />

Dr. Margaret Ann Kassen, Chair<br />

(kassen@cua.edu).<br />

Review of applications to begin in March <strong>2022</strong><br />

and will continue until the position is filled.<br />

Interviews will be conducted on Zoom.<br />

The Catholic University of America is an<br />

Equal Opportunity Employer.<br />

Associate Director of the Language and<br />

Culture Center (Suzhou, China)<br />

Duke Kunshan University (DKU) invites<br />

applications for the Associate Director of the<br />

Language and Culture Center (LCC). The<br />

Language and Culture Center is responsible for<br />

offering language courses for undergraduate<br />

and graduate DKU programs, including<br />

courses in English for academic purposes,<br />

Chinese as a second language, written and oral<br />

communication, and additional languages. The<br />

LCC supports intercultural communication<br />

among students and faculty at DKU, helping<br />

facilitate the achievement of key institutionwide<br />

goals, including the development of<br />

students who can communicate lucidly and<br />

navigate successfully diverse cultures and<br />

languages. The Associate Director of the LCC<br />

will assist the LCC Director in managing the<br />

LCC faculty team and the courses offered by<br />

the LCC, and also teach in the LCC.<br />

Responsibilities and Duties: The duties of the<br />

Associate Director will include the following:<br />

• Teach 1.5 courses per semester within the<br />

LCC. This teaching assignment will normally<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 70

consist of teaching one 4-credit or two 2-<br />

credit courses per semester, in areas of the<br />

candidate’s expertise, and one .5 coaching<br />

assignment in the Writing and Language<br />

Studio.<br />

• Assist the LCC Director with the following<br />

LCC administrative tasks.<br />

• Reviewing and improving curriculum and<br />

courses.<br />

Planning course offerings and teaching<br />

assignments.<br />

• Working with faculty members on the design<br />

of proposed new courses and syllabi, helping<br />

manage the review and approval process for<br />

new syllabi.<br />

• Establishing and managing a data base of<br />

LCC course syllabi.<br />

• Serving on LCC faculty and staff search<br />

committees and assisting with faculty and<br />

staff searches.<br />

• Serving on reappointment and tenure review<br />

committees.<br />

• Reviewing annual faculty reports.<br />

• Reviewing course evaluations.<br />

• Mentoring LCC faculty in their teaching and<br />

scholarship.<br />

• Planning and delivering faculty orientation<br />

and planning workshops.<br />

• Planning and managing the LCC budget and<br />

approving expenditures.<br />

• Establishing new programs (e.g. summer<br />

programs, community-facing programs).<br />

Other tasks as assigned by Director.<br />

<br />

Required/Preferred Qualifications.<br />

Required:<br />

• Terminal degree/Ph.D. in a field related to<br />

language education.<br />

• Significant university-level teaching<br />

experience, especially in languages or related<br />

fields.<br />

• Administrative experience in higher<br />

education.<br />

• Solid record of scholarship.<br />

• Strong command of English.<br />

Preferred<br />

• Administrative experience in language<br />

teaching programs.<br />

• Already attained associate or full professor<br />

academic rank.<br />

• University working experience in East Asia.<br />

• Strong command of Chinese and/or other<br />

languages.<br />

Applicants should provide a cover letter, a<br />

curriculum vitae, and a teaching/research<br />

statement, and should arrange to have three<br />

letters of reference submitted. All materials<br />

should be submitted through Academic Jobs<br />

Online: https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/<br />

jobs/21301. Questions about the position may<br />

be sent to lcc-search@dukekunshan.edu.cn<br />

using “Associate Director for LCC” as the<br />

subject line. Priority will be given to<br />

applications received by April 15, <strong>2022</strong>;<br />

applications will be accepted until the positions<br />

are filled.<br />

DKU is a collaborative partnership of Duke<br />

University, Wuhan University and the<br />

Municipality of Kunshan, China (https://<br />

dukekunshan.edu.cn/). Our campus provides an<br />

innovative and robustly interdisciplinary<br />

undergraduate liberal arts experience to a<br />

student body that will number 2000 students<br />

and 150+ faculty, with an acceptance rate of<br />

The DKU campus is 37 miles west of Shanghai<br />

in Kunshan, and is connected to Shanghai via<br />

an 18-minute high-speed train and a subwaylight<br />

rail train system. DKU provides<br />

internationally competitive compensation,<br />

housing allowance, child education benefits<br />

(for applicable faculty positions), and a<br />

discretionary fund or start-up package.<br />

Part-time Lecturer in Pre-Modern Chinese<br />

Literature and Culture (Medford, MA)<br />

Tufts University’s Department of International<br />

Literary and Cultural Studies is seeking a Parttime<br />

Lecturer in Pre-Modern Chinese<br />

Literature and Culture, to teach in Fall <strong>2022</strong>-<br />

Spring 2023. Responsibilities include teaching<br />

one culture course in the fall and two culture<br />

courses in the spring.<br />

Qualifications: ABD, Ph.D. preferred;<br />

experience and demonstrated excellence in<br />

teaching pre-modern Chinese literature at the<br />

college level in the U.S. preferred.<br />

Application Requirements: Letter of<br />

Application, CV, and two letters of<br />

recommendation. Please address issues of<br />

equity and diversity in the cover letter. All<br />

application materials must be submitted via<br />

Interfolio at: https://apply.interfolio.com/<br />

104058 Please contact Dr. Charles Inouye<br />

(charles.inouye@tufts.edu), the Chair of the<br />

Department of International Literary &<br />

Cultural Studies, for any questions.<br />

Review of applications will begin immediately<br />

and will continue until the position is filled.<br />

In order to ensure a healthy and safe work<br />

environment, Tufts University is requiring all<br />

employees to be fully vaccinated and provide<br />

proof of their COVID-19 vaccine before their<br />

start date. Employees who cannot receive the<br />

vaccine because of a disability/medical<br />

contraindication or sincerely-held religious<br />

belief may request an accommodation (e.g., an<br />

exemption) to this requirement. Learn more<br />

about the COVID-19 vaccine requirement.<br />

Tufts University, founded in 1852, prioritizes<br />

quality teaching, highly competitive basic and<br />

applied research and a commitment to active<br />

citizenship locally, regionally and globally.<br />

Tufts University also prides itself on creating a<br />

diverse, equitable, and inclusive community.<br />

Current and prospective employees of the<br />

university are expected to have and<br />

continuously develop skill in, and disposition<br />

for, positively engaging with a diverse<br />

population of faculty, staff, and students.<br />

Tufts University is an Equal Opportunity/<br />

Affirmative Action Employer. We are<br />

committed to increasing the diversity of our<br />

faculty and staff and fostering their success<br />

when hired. Members of underrepresented<br />

groups are welcome and strongly encouraged<br />

to apply. If you are an applicant with a<br />

disability who is unable to use our online tools<br />

to search and apply for jobs, please contact us<br />

by calling Johny Laine in the Office of Equal<br />

Opportunity (OEO) at 617.627.3298 or at<br />

Johny.Laine@tufts.edu. Applicants can learn<br />

m o r e a b o u t r e q u e s t i n g r e a s o n a b l e<br />

accommodations at http://oeo.tufts.edu.<br />

Chinese Language Teacher (Brooklyn, New<br />

York)<br />



S a i n t A n n ’ s S c h o o l ( P r e K - 1 2 ,<br />

www.saintannsny.org) is a non-religious<br />

independent school in Brooklyn, NY seeing a<br />

Chinese teacher for a full-time position. We<br />

seek someone who is both a passionate teacher<br />

and learned scholar, someone thrilled to share<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 72

that passion with students ranging from grades<br />

7-12, and aims to teach in a flexible, creative<br />

environment. Teachers at Saint Ann’s enjoy a<br />

great deal of freedom in the classroom and are<br />

encouraged to introduce their own scholarly<br />

interests to their students within the parameters<br />

of the curriculum.<br />

Saint Ann’s teachers are committed to working<br />

with students from various backgrounds.<br />

Applicants must be committed to meeting<br />

students’ individual needs, and also invested in<br />

advancing the school’s DEI work, which<br />

includes continuous scrutiny of texts, program<br />

design, and pedagogical practices, adapting to<br />

what the students present in a given moment<br />

and over time.<br />

We do not give grades. Instead, twice a year<br />

teachers write full-page reports on each<br />

student’s progress. This is a big task and not for<br />

a reluctant writer, but teachers who invest in<br />

our written reports find such descriptions more<br />

fruitful and productive than grades. An<br />

equitable and individualized approach to<br />

evaluating students is expected.<br />

Extensive knowledge in Chinese language,<br />

literature, and culture is required, though<br />

significant self-study is taken as seriously as<br />

advanced degrees. Some experience working<br />

with children is helpful, though teaching<br />

experience is not a requirement.<br />


Saint Ann’s is among the largest and most<br />

selective independent schools in New York<br />

City, known for the breadth and depth of its<br />

curriculum in academic disciplines and the<br />

visual and performing arts. Since its founding<br />

in 1965, Saint Ann’s has embraced a<br />

commitment to education for its own sake,<br />

oriented to the capacities of each individual<br />

student, free of the encumbrances of formal<br />

grading, prizes, and rankings. The lives of our<br />

graduates speak powerfully to the potential of<br />

an education based on these principles to ignite<br />

a love of learning and sustain creative energy<br />

in every field of endeavor. We accomplish this<br />

by bringing together talented teachers with<br />

creative and motivated students. Seeking to<br />

create a community rooted in trust and equity,<br />

we invite each other to take risks, pursue<br />

knowledge, and celebrate growth. Recently,<br />

Saint Ann’s has made a commitment to<br />

centering anti-racism in the life of the school.<br />


● Design and teach Chinese language classes,<br />

to middle and high school students in grades<br />

7-12.<br />

● Building on existing curricula, prepare and<br />

implement effective and inspiring courses to<br />

develop each student’s critical thinking skills.<br />

● Collaborate with other teachers in the<br />

department to design curriculum, share<br />

resources, and evaluate the effectiveness of<br />

approaches.<br />

● Communicate regularly and effectively with<br />

Division Heads and Grade Deans about student<br />

progress.<br />

● C o m m u n i c a t e p r o f e s s i o n a l l y a n d<br />

compassionately with students, colleagues, and<br />

administrators.<br />

● Participate in parent conferences and attend<br />

school events.<br />

● Meet regularly with the Department Chair<br />

and participate in department meetings.<br />

● Participate in grade-level and school-wide<br />

meetings as needed.<br />

● Write comprehensive narrative reports for<br />

each student twice a year.<br />



<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

● Native or near native fluency in Mandarin<br />

● Bachelor’s degree<br />

● Experience working with children<br />

● A passion for teaching the Chinese language,<br />

and for studying the histories and cultures of<br />

Chinese-speaking peoples<br />

● Creativity and flexibility in conveying<br />

complex ideas to students of all levels<br />

● Strong written and oral communication skills<br />

● Strong planning and organizational skills<br />

● Ability to thrive with a great deal of<br />

independence and autonomy<br />


A competitive compensation package,<br />

commensurate with level of experience, plus<br />

benefits.<br />

TO APPLY<br />

Interested applicants should send a cover letter<br />

that speaks directly to the school’s mission<br />

(you can learn more about us at https://<br />

saintannsny.org/) a n d a r e s u m e t o<br />

chineseposition@saintannsny.org. Candidates<br />

who identify as members of historically<br />

underrepresented groups are strongly<br />

encouraged to apply. Deadline to apply is April<br />

1, <strong>2022</strong>. Anticipated start date of mid-August,<br />

<strong>2022</strong>.<br />


POLICY<br />

Saint Ann’s School admits students of any race,<br />

color, religion, creed, gender, disability,<br />

national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation or<br />

any other category protected by applicable<br />

federal, state or local law, to all the rights<br />

privileges, programs, and activities generally<br />

accorded or made available to students at the<br />

School. The School does not discriminate on<br />

the basis of race, color, religion, creed, gender<br />

(which includes a person’s actual or perceived<br />

sex, as well as gender identity and expression),<br />

age, marital status, disability, national or ethnic<br />

origin, sexual orientation, familial status,<br />

predisposing genetic characteristics, actual or<br />

perceived domestic violence victim status,<br />

unemployment status, caregiver status or any<br />

other category protected by applicable federal,<br />

state or local law, in carrying on its educational<br />

activities or in administration of its educational<br />

policies, admissions policies, employment<br />

policies, financial aid programs, and athletic<br />

and other school administered programs.<br />

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese<br />

Language and Literature (<strong>2022</strong>) (Lexington,<br />

Virginia)<br />

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese<br />

Language and Literature (<strong>2022</strong>)<br />

The Department of East Asian Languages and<br />

Literatures at Washington and Lee University<br />

invites application for a two-year Visiting<br />

Assistant Professor in Chinese Language and<br />

Literature, beginning July 1, <strong>2022</strong>. This<br />

position carries a six-course teaching load<br />

distributed over Fall and<br />

Winter terms (12 weeks each) and the<br />

university’s signature 4-week Spring Term. A<br />

successful candidate will contribute to the<br />

diverse and inclusive undergraduate curriculum<br />

in the Department of East Asian Languages and<br />

Literatures through teaching and service.<br />

Founded in 1749 and located in the<br />

Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Washington<br />

and Lee University offers a unique academic<br />

setting of arts and sciences, commerce and law,<br />

and is consistently ranked in the top tier of<br />

liberal arts colleges.<br />

W&L promotes a dynamic and inclusive<br />

environment that allows students and<br />

employees of multiple backgrounds, cultures,<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 74<br />

返 回 ⽬ 录

and perspectives to learn, work, and thrive<br />

together. Successful candidates will contribute<br />

to that environment and exhibit potential for<br />

excellence in teaching and for vigorous<br />

scholarship. In keeping with the University<br />

Strategic Plan, we welcome applications from<br />

underrepresented minority candidates and<br />

members of other communities that are<br />

traditionally underrepresented in academia.<br />

Qualifications<br />

Candidates should have a Ph.D. (or ABD status<br />

near completion) in pre-modern Chinese<br />

literature or related fields, native or near-native<br />

fluency in both standard Mandarin and English,<br />

demonstrated success in teaching at the<br />

collegiate level in the U.S., and ability to teach<br />

Chinese language courses at all levels and<br />

content courses in pre-modern Chinese<br />

literature and culture.<br />

Application Instructions<br />

Applications should include a cover letter (with<br />

a web-accessible link to a 20-minute video of<br />

Chinese language teaching demo), a<br />

curriculum vitae, a statement on teaching<br />

philosophy and professional goals, one sample<br />

syllabus for a literature course, and three<br />

confidential letters of recommendation.<br />

Please submit your application at: http://<br />

apply.interfolio.com/103079.<br />

Review of applications will begin on March<br />

25, <strong>2022</strong>, and will continue until the position is<br />

filled.<br />

One-Year Leave Replacement Position in<br />

Chinese Language (Williamstown, MA)<br />

WILLIAMS COLLEGE, Williamstown MA<br />

01267. Applications are invited for a one-year<br />

leave replacement position in Chinese language<br />

for Spring 2023 and Fall 2023. The<br />

appointment begins in February 2023.<br />

Depending on the candidate’s qualifications,<br />

appointment will be made at the level of either<br />

visiting lecturer or visiting assistant professor.<br />

Teaching load will consist of two courses in<br />

Spring 2023 (February through <strong>May</strong> 2023) and<br />

two courses in Fall 2023 (September through<br />

December 2023). This is a full-time<br />

appointment. Salary is competitive and comes<br />

with full benefits.<br />

Review of applications will begin <strong>May</strong> 1, <strong>2022</strong><br />

and continue until the position is filled. All<br />

offers of employment are contingent upon the<br />

completion of a background check. Further<br />

information is available here: http://deanfaculty.williams.edu/prospective-faculty/<br />

background-check-policy/.<br />

Qualifications<br />

Minimum requirements include M.A. in<br />

Chinese language pedagogy, linguistics,<br />

literature or a related field (Ph.D. or ABD<br />

preferable). Candidates should have native or<br />

near-native proficiency in Mandarin, strong<br />

teaching experience at the college level, and<br />

ability to teach all levels of language courses<br />

either independently or collaboratively.<br />

Experience in team-teaching and teacher<br />

training preferred.<br />

Application Instructions<br />

Applications should include cover letter (please<br />

include a statement on how your teaching will<br />

serve a diverse student population), CV, three<br />

recommendation letters, two lesson plans (one<br />

at the first- or second-year level, and the other<br />

at the third- or fourth-year level), a four-minute<br />

audio recording of your teaching philosophy<br />

(two minutes in Chinese and two minutes in<br />

English) and if available, a 15-minute unedited,<br />

high-resolution video recording of the<br />

a p p l i c a n t t e a c h i n g a n a c t u a l c l a s s ,<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

accompanied by a detailed lesson plan. Please<br />

indicate the links to the audio and video<br />

recordings in a word document and upload all<br />

application materials to Interfolio (https://<br />

apply.interfolio.com/103054). Any questions<br />

about this position can be addressed to<br />

Professor Li Yu, Chair of the Department of<br />

Asian Languages, Literatures, and Cultures<br />

(Li.Yu@williams.edu).<br />

Application Process<br />

This institution is using Interfolio’s Faculty<br />

Search to conduct this search. Applicants to<br />

this position receive a free Dossier account and<br />

can send all application materials, including<br />

confidential letters of recommendation, free of<br />

charge.<br />

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement<br />

Williams College is a liberal arts institution<br />

located in the Berkshire Hills of western<br />

Massachusetts. The college has built its<br />

reputation on outstanding teaching and<br />

scholarship and on the academic excellence of<br />

its approximately 2,000 students. Please visit<br />

the Williams College website (http://<br />

www.williams.edu).<br />

Beyond meeting fully its legal obligations for<br />

non-discrimination, Williams College is<br />

committed to building a diverse and inclusive<br />

community where members from all<br />

backgrounds can live, learn, and thrive.<br />

Lecturer of Chinese (Ames, Iowa)<br />

The Department of World Languages and<br />

Cultures at Iowa State University is seeking a<br />

Lecturer to teach six courses annually in<br />

introductory through advanced Chinese<br />

language, literature, and culture, with<br />

possibility of renewal. This position will also<br />

have the opportunity to participate fully in the<br />

scholarly and professional life of the<br />

department. The successful candidate will have<br />

the ability to communicate effectively in<br />

English with students, faculty, and staff.<br />

Required Minimum Qualifications:<br />

• M.A. in Chinese or related field<br />

• Evidence of successful stand-alone Chinese<br />

language teaching experience at beginning,<br />

intermediate, or advanced levels<br />

• Native or near-native fluency in Mandarin<br />

Chinese<br />

Preferred Qualifications:<br />

• Ph.D. in Chinese, Chinese Studies, or a<br />

related field<br />

• Demonstrated ability to instruct upperdivision<br />

(advanced) content courses in Chinese<br />

Studies<br />

• Demonstrated teaching effectiveness<br />

• Evidence of ability to work with diverse<br />

student, faculty, and staff populations<br />

The Department of World Languages and<br />

Cultures is the central resource at Iowa State<br />

University for the teaching, research, and study<br />

of cultures in and through their native<br />

languages from a global perspective. The<br />

department offers 9 languages with majors in<br />

French, German, and Spanish and minors in<br />

those languages plus Russian and Chinese.<br />

Other languages taught are American Sign<br />

Language, Arabic, Greek, and Latin. It also<br />

houses the International Studies and Classical<br />

Studies programs. The department’s 19 awardwinning<br />

tenure-stream faculty engage in<br />

internationally-recognized research across a<br />

variety of disciplines.<br />

www.language.iastate.edu<br />

Proposed Start Date:<br />

August 16, <strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 76

To apply for this position, please follow this<br />

link and be prepared to enter or attach the<br />

following before March 20, <strong>2022</strong>:<br />

1) Resume/Curriculum Vitae<br />

2) Letter of Application/Cover Letter<br />

3) Contact Information for Three References<br />

If you have questions regarding this application<br />

process, please email<br />

employment@iastate.edu or call 515-294-4800<br />

or Toll Free: 1-877-477-7485.<br />

Full time Visiting Faculty Position in<br />

Chinese (Worcester , MA.)<br />

The Department of World Languages,<br />

Literatures, and Cultures at the College of the<br />

Holy Cross invites applications for a full-time<br />

visiting faculty appointment in Chinese Studies<br />

(https://www.holycross.edu/academics/<br />

programs/chinese-studies) to begin in August<br />

<strong>2022</strong>. This is a one-year appointment.<br />

Candidates must have native or near-native<br />

proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and English,<br />

a PhD or ABD with expertise in Chinese<br />

literature and culture, and experience teaching<br />

Chinese language at the college level in the<br />

U.S. Preference will be given to candidates<br />

who can also offer courses on modern Chinese<br />

literature and Chinese culture from<br />

interdisciplinary perspectives.<br />

Visiting full-time faculty teach 3 courses each<br />

semester and are eligible for travel support and<br />

reimbursement of relocation costs within the<br />

College’s published policies. All full-time<br />

appointments offer competitive salaries and<br />

include full benefits.<br />


Candidates must demonstrate commitment to,<br />

and excellence in, undergraduate teaching as<br />

informed by current practice and scholarship in<br />

the field. PhD or ABD in related fields and<br />

experience teaching Mandarin at the college<br />

level in the U.S required.<br />


Please submit a cover letter addressing the<br />

position requirements listed above, curriculum<br />

vitae, statement on teaching, graduate<br />

transcripts, two confidential letters of<br />

recommendation, and a link to a recent video<br />

of yourself teaching elementary or intermediate<br />

Mandarin (preferably in person, but remotely is<br />

acceptable). Provide information about the<br />

location of the class and the level of the<br />

students in your video, the topic(s) that your<br />

lesson covered, and the learning goals you had<br />

for the students in that class.<br />

In your cover letter, in addition to describing<br />

your research and teaching interests, please<br />

address how your scholarship, teaching,<br />

mentoring and/or service would support the<br />

College’s mission as a Jesuit, undergraduate<br />

liberal arts college (see http://holycross.edu/<br />

mission). The College values cultural and<br />

intellectual pluralism as integral to this mission<br />

and essential to the excellence of our academic<br />

program. Thus, your application should<br />

highlight how your teaching, scholarship,<br />

mentorship and/or service might support the<br />

commitment to diversity and inclusion. For<br />

more information, please visit<br />

http://holycross.edu/diversity.<br />

The College of the Holy Cross uses Interfolio<br />

to collect all faculty job applications<br />

electronically. Please submit all application<br />

materials to <br />

http://apply.interfolio.com/102221.<br />

Review of applications will begin on March 1,<br />

<strong>2022</strong> and continue until the position has been<br />

filled. Initial interviews of selected applicants<br />

will take place after March 13. We will conduct<br />

these preliminary interviews by Zoom.<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

Questions about this search may be directed to<br />

Professor Ji Hao, jhao@holycross.edu.<br />

One College Street Worcester, Massachusetts<br />

01610 phone (508) 793–2661 | fax (508) 793–<br />

3722 | www.holycross.edu<br />

Chinese Language Teacher (summer,<br />

residential) (Callaway, MN)<br />

Under the direction of the four-week<br />

Curriculum Facilitator, you will plan, teach and<br />

assess language classes in the target. If you<br />

love being outdoors, making friends from all<br />

over the world and working with children, join<br />

us this summer. More details and application<br />

available at https://hr.cord.edu/postings/8461.<br />

You Will:<br />

-Maintain accurate grade records, complete<br />

midsession progress reports and final<br />

evaluations.<br />

-Maintain communication with four-week<br />

Curriculum Facilitator on the progress of all<br />

villagers in the class.<br />

-Live in a cabin with children (“villagers”), as<br />

part of a counseling team, to provide<br />

supervision<br />

-Lead games, Cabin Council and other<br />

activities to create a cabin community.<br />

(residential program only)<br />

-Assist with other aspects of Village life,<br />

including cultural presentations and activity<br />

periods.<br />

-Complete other tasks as assigned by the dean<br />

and leadership staff.<br />

Perks:<br />

Free Meals<br />

Free Lodging<br />

Tuition Discount for your child at camp<br />

J-1 Exchange Visitor visa sponsorship for<br />

international applicants<br />

You Have:<br />

Bachelor’s degree (B.A., B.S.) or international<br />

equivalent<br />

Intermediate or higher proficiency in the target<br />

language, both conversational and written<br />

Experience teaching the target language and<br />

culture<br />

Experience working with adolescents 14-18<br />

years of age<br />

Preferred Qualifications:<br />

Previous Concordia Language Villages or<br />

camping experience preferred<br />

Teaching licensure preferred<br />

Experience as a teacher in the target language<br />

at the college or university level<br />

Skills in teaching the target language and<br />

content in the target language<br />

CLV employees are required to submit proof of<br />

vaccination or request an accommodation.<br />

Unvaccinated employees will submit a weekly<br />

COVID-19 test result and wear a mask when<br />

working on site, among other restrictions.<br />

Please contact Health@cord.edu with any<br />

questions.<br />

About Concordia Language Villages:<br />

Deep in the North Woods of Minnesota, USA,<br />

Concordia Language Villages creates a place<br />

that is both culturally authentic and uniquely<br />

our own. In the Language Villages, everything<br />

from the music played to the dishes used in the<br />

dining hall reflect the culture each was<br />

designed to represent. <br />

To learn more, visit <br />

ConcordiaLanguageVillages.org.<br />

Elementary School Principal (Grand<br />

Rapids, Michigan)<br />

Title: Meadow Brook Elementary School<br />

Principal<br />

Reports To: Superintendent<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 78

Job Summary: The role of the elementary<br />

school principal is to serve as the “leader of<br />

learning” who fosters a safe, caring, and<br />

supportive school learning community, ensures<br />

a rigorous curricula, and supports evidencedbased<br />

instructional practices and effective<br />

assessment strategies in a continuous cycle of<br />

improvement that result in high levels of<br />

learning for all students. Meadow Brook<br />

Elementary is a K-4 building that houses both<br />

traditional and Mandarin Immersion program<br />

classrooms.<br />

Qualifications:<br />

Minimum qualifications –<br />

• Valid Michigan teaching certificate with<br />

elementary endorsement or coursework<br />

• Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership,<br />

Instruction, or related field<br />

• Minimum of 5 years elementary classroom<br />

teaching experience<br />

Preferred qualifications –<br />

• Valid Michigan administrative certificate<br />

• Successful experience as a principal, assistant<br />

principal, or teacher leader<br />

• Experience and knowledge in two-way<br />

immersion pedagogy and curricula<br />

• Demonstrated results with raising student<br />

achievement for all students including<br />

multilingual learners and language immersion<br />

students<br />

• Experience using a State approved teacher<br />

evaluation framework<br />

Key Responsibilities:<br />

• Support implementation of best English-only<br />

and language immersion teaching practices in<br />

support of student achievement; observe<br />

classrooms regularly and provide feedback to<br />

teachers<br />

• Ensure a clear focus on individualized student<br />

learning that is guided by relevant and timely<br />

data<br />

• Create a safe learning environment that<br />

promotes equity and high learning expectations<br />

for all<br />

• Demonstrate commitment to continuous<br />

improvement of instruction<br />

• Optimize learning for all students by ensuring<br />

a guaranteed and viable curriculum<br />

• Support the leadership of the School Success<br />

Team and school improvement process<br />

• Engage in and sustain regional, state, national<br />

and international partnerships support<br />

Mandarin Immersion Program<br />

• Establish a culture of high expectations for<br />

academics, language proficiency, and behavior<br />

Skills/Knowledge:<br />

• Student and school performance data<br />

• Effective practices in curriculum, instruction,<br />

and assessment for all student populations<br />

• Curriculum alignment strategies to ensure<br />

focus and coherence within and across grade<br />

levels<br />

• Principles and practices of administrative<br />

management, including strategic planning,<br />

budgeting, and contract management<br />

• Legal, ethical, and professional best practices<br />

• Building relationships and communicating<br />

effectively, verbally and in writing, with many<br />

different stakeholders (e.g., students, families,<br />

staff members, and the broader community)<br />

• Fostering and maintaining equitable and<br />

inclusive learning and working environments<br />

for students, families, and employees<br />

• Experience allocating/managing Title I<br />

funding to support student learning<br />

Dispositions:<br />

• High expectations for self and others and a<br />

belief that all students can learn at high levels<br />

• Commitment to continuous improvement,<br />

using relevant data, and providing/receiving<br />

actionable feedback<br />

• Resilience in the face of challenges and an<br />

orientation toward solutions<br />

• Confidence to lead with humility,

authenticity, transparency, and personal<br />

responsibility<br />

Physical Requirements and Working<br />

Conditions:<br />

• Talking: Expressing or exchanging ideas by<br />

means of the spoken word; those activities<br />

where detailed or important spoken instructions<br />

must be conveyed to other workers accurately,<br />

loudly, or quickly.<br />

• Hearing: Perceiving the nature of sounds at<br />

normal speaking levels with or without<br />

correction, and having the ability to receive<br />

d e t a i l e d i n f o r m a t i o n t h r o u g h o r a l<br />

c o m m u n i c a t i o n , a n d m a k i n g f i n e<br />

discriminations in sound.<br />

• Repetitive motions: Making substantial<br />

movements (motions) of the wrists, hands, and/<br />

or fingers.<br />

• The worker is required to have close visual<br />

acuity to perform an activity such as: preparing<br />

and analyzing data and figures; transcribing;<br />

viewing a computer terminal; extensive<br />

reading; visual inspection<br />

• The worker is subject to both environmental<br />

conditions: Activities may occur inside and<br />

outside.<br />

• The worker should provide consistent and<br />

reliable attendance.<br />

Submit your application here:<br />

https://fhps.tedk12.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?<br />

JobID=1416<br />

The Forest Hills Public School District does<br />

not discriminate on the basis of race, color,<br />

national origin, religion, age, sex (including<br />

pregnancy, gender identity, or sexual<br />

orientation), marital status, disability, genetic<br />

information, or any other legally prohibited<br />

basis in its employment decisions or the<br />

provision of<br />

Instructor of Chinese: WKU Chinese<br />

Flagship Program (Bowling Green, KY)<br />

The Department of Modern Languages at<br />

Western Kentucky University (WKU) seeks<br />

applicants for a full-time Instructor of Chinese<br />

position to begin in August, <strong>2022</strong>. This position<br />

will be located on WKU’s main campus in<br />

Bowling Green, KY. The position is a full-time<br />

instructorship, teaching up to 15 hours per<br />

semester of Chinese language and culture<br />

courses following the program’s curriculum<br />

and guidelines, including services related to<br />

instruction and program-building. This is 9-<br />

month position for the <strong>2022</strong>-2023 AY. It may<br />

be renewable contingent upon on-going<br />

funding and satisfactory performance review.<br />

Requirements:<br />

• Minimum of a Master’s degree in Chinese,<br />

Language Teaching or Second Language<br />

Acquisition or a related field<br />

• Experience with proficiency-oriented<br />

instruction aligned with ACTFL standards<br />

• Commitment to student-centered instruction<br />

with effective use of technology<br />

• Evidence of excellent teaching ability for<br />

both regular and intensive Chinese programs<br />

• Excellent written and interpersonal<br />

communication skills<br />

• Effective use of technology in instruction<br />

• Native or near native abilities in Mandarin<br />

Chinese and English<br />

• Experience with serving a diverse student<br />

population<br />

• Interest in or experience with student<br />

engagement and advisement<br />

Application Instructions:<br />

The following items must be submitted through<br />

this electronic talent management system by<br />

March 9, <strong>2022</strong><br />

( http://wku.interviewexchange.com/<br />

jobofferdetails.jsp?JOBID=142541), although<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 80<br />

返 回 ⽬ 录

expressions of interest may be considered until<br />

the position is filled:<br />

• Letter of Intent<br />

• Curriculum Vita<br />

• Two lesson plans and a link to a video<br />

recording of your teaching<br />

• Unofficial Transcripts<br />

• Statement of Teaching Philosophy<br />

Names and contact information of three<br />

reference providers will be collected during the<br />

application process. Reference letters will be<br />

requested by the Search Committee through an<br />

online process at a later date.<br />

You will receive email confirmation once you<br />

have successfully completed the application<br />

process.<br />

About Western Kentucky University:<br />

Western Kentucky University (WKU) is a<br />

student-centered, applied-research institution<br />

committed to providing its students with a<br />

transformative academic and social experience<br />

and to elevating its surrounding communities.<br />

Founded in 1906, WKU is the second largest<br />

u n d e r g r a d u a t e i n s t i t u t i o n i n t h e<br />

C o m m o n w e a l t h o f K e n t u c k y w i t h<br />

approximately 15,567 students (29% first<br />

generation, 17% underrepresented minority)<br />

and just over 2,600 faculty and staff<br />

employees.<br />

Western Kentucky University is committed to<br />

empowering its campus community to embrace<br />

diversity by building equitable and inclusive<br />

learning, working, and living environments. At<br />

the heart of our mission, we seek to provide<br />

holistic education and employment experiences<br />

that prepare students, faculty, and staff to<br />

become effective scholars, contributors, and<br />

leaders in our diverse and evolving<br />

communities.<br />

Located 65 miles north of Nashville, TN, and<br />

just over 100 miles south of Louisville, KY,<br />

WKU’s main campus is in Bowling Green, KY<br />

– a city with approximately 70,000 residents.<br />

Our population is ethnically diverse, with more<br />

than 85 languages spoken in and around<br />

Bowling Green, and people from 35<br />

nationalities call our community home.<br />

Western Kentucky University seeks to attract<br />

talented faculty and staff who are inspired<br />

individually to contribute to WKU’s strategic<br />

plans and ongoing success. We offer<br />

comprehensive wellness and health benefits to<br />

employees and their families, including<br />

domestic partners and other qualified<br />

dependents and take pride in providing a<br />

workplace culture that supports balancing the<br />

responsibilities of work and family life. Paidtime<br />

off for holidays, vacation and sick leave,<br />

and a tuition discount program for employees<br />

and dependents are also provided. Learn more<br />

about WKU and Bowling Green at wku.edu/<br />

about.<br />

Visiting Assistant Professor Chinese<br />

Language (Lewisburg, PA)<br />

Visiting Assistant Professor Chinese Language<br />

Job No: 496950<br />

Position Type: full-time<br />

Location: Lewisburg, PA<br />

Categories: East Asian Studies<br />

The Bucknell University Department of East<br />

Asian Studies invites applications for a oneyear,<br />

entry-level replacement position as a<br />

Visiting Assistant Professor in Chinese<br />

language for the <strong>2022</strong>-23 academic year.<br />

Teaching responsibilities will be six courses<br />

(three each term) for the academic year. At<br />

least four will be language (from beginning to<br />

advanced), and the remaining two will be<br />

either language or culture depending upon<br />

departmental needs.<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

At least a MA in relevant field required.<br />

Candidates must be able to speak English<br />

effectively and have native or near-native<br />

command of Chinese, with standard<br />

pronunciation. To apply, please submit cover<br />

letter; C.V.; three letters of recommendation, at<br />

least one of which must speak specifically<br />

about language teaching; and teaching<br />

evaluations (if available) to https://<br />

jobs.bucknell.edu. E-mail submissions will not<br />

be considered; however, specific questions<br />

about the search may be directed to Erik R.<br />

Lofgren, Chair, East Asian Studies Department<br />

at mailto:. Review of applications will begin<br />

February 15, <strong>2022</strong> and continue until the<br />

position has been filled.<br />

To apply, visit https://apptrkr.com/2827689<br />

Copyright ©2021 Jobelephant.com Inc. All<br />

rights reserved.<br />

https://www.jobelephant.com/<br />

Lecturer in Mandarin Chinese Language at<br />

University of California San Diego (San<br />

Diego, California)<br />

Lecturer in Mandarin Chinese Language at<br />

University of California San Diego<br />

Job posting: https://apol-recruit.ucsd.edu/<br />

JPF03073<br />


Open date: December 20th, 2021<br />

Next review date: Monday, Feb 28, <strong>2022</strong> at<br />

11:59pm (Pacific Time). Apply by this date to<br />

ensure full consideration by the committee.<br />

Final date: Thursday, Jun 30, <strong>2022</strong> at 11:59pm<br />

(Pacific Time)<br />

Applications will continue to be accepted until<br />

this date, but those received after the review<br />

date will only be considered if the position has<br />

not yet been filled.<br />


The Chinese Studies Program (http://<br />

chinesestudies.ucsd.edu/) within the Institute of<br />

Arts and Humanities at UC San Diego is<br />

committed to academic excellence and<br />

diversity within the faculty, staff, student body.<br />

Applications are being accepted for lecturer<br />

positions in Mandarin Chinese language. The<br />

full list of courses offered by the program can<br />

be found in the online course catalogue: https://<br />

catalog.ucsd.edu/courses/CHIN.html.<br />

Te a c h i n g w i l l b e g i n i n F a l l 2 0 2 2 .<br />

Appointment(s) are likely to be full-time (but<br />

may be part-time, quarterly, annual, or<br />

biennial) with the possibility of renewal based<br />

on performance and funding availability.<br />

Salary is commensurate with teaching<br />

experience and is based on University of<br />

California salary scales.<br />


Basic qualifications (required at time of<br />

application)<br />

• Fluent proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and<br />

English with strong oral and written<br />

communication skills in both languages<br />

including writing in Traditional and Simplified<br />

characters.<br />

• M.A. or higher degree in linguistics, Chinese<br />

language, foreign language pedagogy, and/or<br />

other language education-related fields.<br />

• Three years of experience teaching Mandarin<br />

language courses at the college level as a lead<br />

instructor.<br />

Preferred qualifications<br />

• Experience teaching students with different<br />

language backgrounds (non-heritage speakers<br />

and heritage speakers of Mandarin or other<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 82

Chinese dialects).<br />

• Knowledge of and experience in current<br />

trends in curriculum design, second/foreign<br />

language teaching methodologies and<br />

assessment.<br />

• Familiarity with effective use of technologies<br />

in language instruction.<br />

• Commitment to student-centered and<br />

multicultural education.<br />

• Knowledge of effective techniques for<br />

classroom management.<br />

• Experience training and supervising graduate<br />

students as teaching assistants in a Chinese<br />

language learning environment.<br />


Document requirements<br />

<br />

Curriculum Vitae – Your most recently updated<br />

C.V.<br />

Cover Letter – Please discuss your preference<br />

and availability for full-time or part-time<br />

appointments.<br />

Statement of Teaching – A statement of<br />

teaching that includes teaching strategies you<br />

use to foster a diverse and inclusive learning<br />

experience<br />

Statement of Contributions to Diversity –<br />

Applicants should summarize their past or<br />

potential contributions to diversity. See our<br />

Faculty Equity site for more information.<br />

Syllabus – One sample syllabus for a collegelevel<br />

course<br />

Lesson Plans (2) – One lesson plan each from<br />

two different college-level courses (total of two<br />

lesson plans provided)<br />

Student Evaluations (2) – Student evaluations<br />

of the course and/or your teaching for two<br />

different courses<br />

Teaching Video – One unedited recent video<br />

that demonstrates the applicant’s ability to<br />

implement a lesson plan in an actual teaching<br />

situation. Please provide the video as a link.<br />

Reference requirements<br />

2 letters of reference required<br />

Apply link: https://apol-recruit.ucsd.edu/<br />

JPF03073<br />

Help contact: sklevy@ucsd.edu<br />


The University of California, San Diego is an<br />

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action<br />

Employer advancing inclusive excellence. All<br />

qualified applicants will receive consideration<br />

for employment without regard to race, color,<br />

religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender<br />

identity, national origin, disability, age, covered<br />

veteran status, or other protected categories<br />

covered by the UC nondiscrimination policy.<br />

As a condition of employment, you will be<br />

required to comply with the University of<br />

California SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)<br />

Vaccination Program Policy. All Covered<br />

Individuals under the policy must provide<br />

proof of Full Vaccination or, if applicable,<br />

submit a request for Exception (based on<br />

Medical Exemption, Disability, and/or<br />

Religious Objection) or Deferral (based on<br />

pregnancy) no later than the applicable<br />

deadline. For new University of California<br />

employees, the applicable deadline is eight<br />

weeks after their first date of employment.<br />

The University of California prohibits smoking<br />

and tobacco use at all University controlled<br />

properties.<br />

The UC San Diego Annual Security & Fire<br />

Safety Report is available online at: https://<br />

www.police.ucsd.edu/docs/annualclery.pdf.<br />

This report provides crime and fire statistics, as<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

well as institutional policy statement &<br />

procedures. Contact the UC San Diego Police<br />

Department at (858) 534-4361 if you want to<br />

obtain paper copies of this report.<br />

Chinese Language Fellow (Poughkeepsie,<br />

NY)<br />

Vassar College: Chinese Language Fellow<br />

Department: Chinese & Japanese Department<br />

Duration of Position: Other<br />

Employee Type: Administrator<br />

Posting Date: 01/25/<strong>2022</strong><br />

Union Representation: Not Applicable<br />

Posting Number: AS184P<br />

About Vassar College<br />

Located in the scenic Mid-Hudson Valley,<br />

Vassar College is a highly selective, residential,<br />

coeducational liberal arts college. Vassar is<br />

deeply committed to fostering a community<br />

that reflects the values of a liberal arts<br />

education and to promoting an environment of<br />

equality, diversity and inclusiveness. Vassar<br />

seeks to create a pluralistic community for all<br />

staff, faculty and students. Vassar College is an<br />

Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity<br />

employer, and applications from women,<br />

individuals with disabilities and members of<br />

historically underrepresented groups are<br />

especially encouraged. Vassar College is a<br />

smoke-free, tobacco-free campus. Note: Vassar<br />

College has a universal vaccination policy<br />

requiring a COVID-19 vaccination for all<br />

employees except for those exempt for medical<br />

or religious reasons.<br />

Position Summary and Responsibilities<br />

Vassar College invites applications for Chinese<br />

Language Fellow (Intern) for the <strong>2022</strong>-23<br />

academic year (late August, <strong>2022</strong> through <strong>May</strong>,<br />

2023). Vassar College is an equal opportunity/<br />

affirmative action employer and is strongly and<br />

actively committed to diversity within its<br />

community. The Language Fellow, who must<br />

be a native level speaker of Chinese, assists the<br />

Chinese faculty members in preparing teaching<br />

materials and conducting drill sessions for 15<br />

hours a week. Language Fellows receive free<br />

room and board on Vassar’s campus in student<br />

housing for the academic year, a monthly<br />

stipend of $650 for 10 months, and health<br />

insurance coverage. They may also take up to<br />

two courses per semester free at Vassar.<br />

Qualifications<br />

Language Fellows should at least have a B.A.<br />

and be fluent in English.<br />

Special Instructions to Applicants<br />

To apply, please send a cover letter, vita, an<br />

audio recording introducing yourself in both<br />

Chinese and English, and at least one<br />

recommendation letter. Review of applications<br />

is ongoing until the position is filled. Please<br />

send applications to Haoming Liu, Chair,<br />

Department of Chinese and Japanese, via email<br />

to chineseandjapanese@vassar.edu. Do not<br />

send application material to Vassar’s Human<br />

Resources website. All applications must be<br />

sent to the following email address:<br />

chineseandjapanese@vassar.edu or they will<br />

not be reviewed or accepted.<br />

For full consideration applicants should apply<br />

by:<br />

All applicants must apply online at: https://<br />

apptrkr.com/2809509.<br />

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rights reserved.<br />

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<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 84

Lecturer in Chinese Language (University of<br />

British Columbia) (Vancouver, BC, Canada)<br />

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver<br />

Campus, invites applications for a full-time<br />

Lecturer position in Chinese Language, for<br />

three years with a possible renewal/extension,<br />

commencing Sept 1, <strong>2022</strong>. In accordance with<br />

the Collective Agreement between UBC and<br />

the UBC Faculty Association, lecturer<br />

positions at UBC are appointments without<br />

review (i.e. non-tenure track), renewable for<br />

successive terms subject to availability of<br />

funds and demonstration of excellence in<br />

teaching and service. This position will entail a<br />

probationary first year. We seek an exceptional<br />

teacher of Mandarin Chinese Language courses<br />

at all levels with a track record of employing<br />

innovative pedagogies and active engagement<br />

in scholarly teaching. The workload for these<br />

positions includes teaching plus service. The<br />

full-time teaching load for a Lecturer is 24<br />

credits (eight 3-credit equivalent courses) per<br />

year. Courses will range from first-to fourthyear<br />

undergraduate courses in non-heritage and<br />

heritage Mandarin language courses.<br />

A master’s degree or higher degree in Teaching<br />

Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language, or a<br />

closely related field is required. Other<br />

requirements include: native or near-native<br />

fluency in both Mandarin Chinese and English;<br />

a evidence of excellent and extensive teaching<br />

experience in all levels of Chinese courses in<br />

both heritage and non-heritage streams at the<br />

post-secondary level in North America;<br />

evidence of teaching excellence in delivering<br />

c o u r s e s o f d i f f e r e n t f o r m a t s a n d<br />

accommodating students of different<br />

proficiency levels; demonstrated excellence in<br />

course materials design and curriculum<br />

development, both individually and in a team<br />

environment; experience with teaching parallel<br />

sessions of the same course and coordinating<br />

parallel sessions; experience with mentoring<br />

and training of TAs ; experience with initiating<br />

and organizing co- and extra-curricular<br />

activities; experience with student placement;<br />

evidence of training and strong background in<br />

standard language proficiency frameworks, e.g.<br />

ACTFL/CEFR and language assessment theory<br />

and practice; evidence of pedagogical<br />

innovation, such as community-based learning<br />

and/or implementation of a variety of teaching<br />

technologies; a strong track record of full<br />

participation and valuable contribution in team<br />

work and program affairs; and evidence of<br />

keeping abreast with recent developments in<br />

the field and applying language pedagogy<br />

theories in practice.<br />

The successful candidate will be expected to<br />

maintain an excellent record of teaching, active<br />

engagement in professional development and<br />

team-based curriculum design/development of<br />

teaching materials, perform instructional<br />

responsibilities in coordination with other<br />

instructors in parallel sections and other levels,<br />

as well as participate fully in program affairs<br />

and service. Salary will be commensurate with<br />

qualifications and experience. These positions<br />

are subject to final budgetary approval.<br />

The application dossier should include an<br />

application letter, curriculum vitae, statement<br />

of teaching philosophy, sample teaching videos<br />

for two different levels, (for example, one in<br />

beginner level and one in an intermediate or<br />

advanced level, and preferably in two different<br />

streams, i.e. heritage and non-heritage<br />

streams), lesson plans for each of the lessons<br />

shown in the sample teaching videos, and other<br />

evidence of teaching effectiveness. It should<br />

include a statement about the applicant’s<br />

experience working with a diverse student<br />

body and contributions or potential<br />

contributions to creating/advancing a culture of<br />

equity and inclusion. Applicants should also<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

provide the names and contact information for<br />

three referees who could provide confidential<br />

letters of recommendation on the application<br />

portal. At the same time, applicants should<br />

arrange to have three confidential letters of<br />

r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s e n t d i r e c t l y t o<br />

asia.jobsearch@ubc.ca by Feb 20, <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Applicants are required to upload their<br />

teaching demos to YouTube as unlisted public<br />

videos and to send the links as part of their<br />

application submission. All application<br />

materials should be submitted online at http://<br />

asia.ubc.ca/careers. The deadline for receipt of<br />

application materials is Feb 20, <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

<br />

Equity and diversity are essential to academic<br />

excellence. An open and diverse community<br />

fosters the inclusion of voices that have been<br />

underrepresented or discouraged. We<br />

encourage applications from members of<br />

groups that have been marginalized on any<br />

grounds enumerated under the B.C. Human<br />

Rights Code, including sex, sexual orientation,<br />

gender identity or expression, racialization,<br />

disability, political belief, religion, marital or<br />

family status, age, and/or status as a First<br />

Nation, Metis, Inuit, or Indigenous person. All<br />

qualified persons are encouraged to apply;<br />

however, Canadian citizens and permanent<br />

residents of Canada will be given priority.<br />

This position is subject to final budgetary<br />

approval. Salary will be commensurate with<br />

qualifications and experience.<br />

Given the uncertainty caused by the global<br />

COVID-19 pandemic, applicants must be<br />

prepared to conduct interviews remotely if<br />

circumstances require. A successful applicant<br />

may be asked to consider an offer containing a<br />

deadline without having been able to make an<br />

in-person visit to campus if travel and other<br />

restrictions are still in place.<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 86<br />

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ICLE<br />

国 际 中 ⽂ 教 育 <br />

<strong>2022</strong> 年 第 1 期<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong>, Volume 46, No. 2

International Chinese Language Education<br />

Volume 7, <strong>2022</strong> (No. 1)<br />

<br />

<strong>May</strong>. <strong>2022</strong>. 88


Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA<br />

<br />

美 國 中 ⽂ 教 師 學 會 <br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Headquarters<br />

c/o Department of Modern Language, Carnegie Mellon University<br />

5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213<br />

Tel: 412-268-5949, Fax: 412-268-1328 <br />

E-mail: clta@andrew.cmu.edu; <br />

Website: https://clta-us.org<br />


Join <strong>CLTA</strong>, renew your membership, or edit your member profile at<br />

https://clta-us.org/join-us<br />

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Thank you for your support!<br />

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