Annual Report 2012 / 2013


Project “Coneeect” – Educating

Entrepreneurship Educators

Coneeect is an international network of universities

whose members have a shared goal of establishing and

improving the teaching of entrepreneurship in Europe.

Coneeect thus offers an interactive training programme

for academic entrepreneurship teachers throughout

Europe. The programme is officially supported and

funded by the European Union. MUAS and the SCE

are the lead organisations charged with developing

and running the programme over a three-year period.

Participants benefit from easy access to the European

entrepreneurship community. Ideas are exchanged and

the network is establishment in open forums which are

tied in closely with the global entrepreneurship scene.

Best practice-based entrepreneurship teaching skills

are taught in interdisciplinary teams of prominent

international experts and trainers. The programme thus

provides a unique opportunity to develop and design

new teaching methods, materials and assessment and

performance measurement techniques in the interest of

maximising educational effectiveness.

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These one-week training courses are aimed at instructors

in any field at colleges and universities who are either

already teaching entrepreneurship or will be in the

following academic year. Attendees are encouraged

to pass on the insights and information they receive to

others, such as concerning new teaching formats and

methods. New partners are welcome as well who are

interested in contributing to the programme by designing

training courses of their own or attending a symposium.

We believe entrepreneurship education needs further

development. Our world is changing at an ever-faster

pace, as new work models and professions are emerging,

networks becoming increasingly important and

today‘s reality becoming rapidly more complex. Our

task is to prepare young people for these challenges

and exploit advancements achieved in the process.

We teach the entrepreneurship and leadership skills

required to effectively shape the future.

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