Vulcan Anti-Scale System - Reference Book (EN)

Vulcan is the salt-free alternative to water softeners. Vulcan is an eco-friendly water treatment system that protects your piping system and appliances against scale deposits and rust - no use of any salt or chemicals. The Vulcan reference book shows a selection of installations and studies of the Vulcan water treatment.

Vulcan is the salt-free alternative to water softeners. Vulcan is an eco-friendly water treatment system that protects your piping system and appliances against scale deposits and rust - no use of any salt or chemicals. The Vulcan reference book shows a selection of installations and studies of the Vulcan water treatment.


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<strong>Reference</strong>s and Studies<br />

Residential • Commercial • Industrial

Contents<br />

Restaurants and Kitchens<br />

Mövenpick Restaurant (ice cream machine) ......................................................................................2<br />

McDonaldʻs................................................................................................................................3<br />

O2 Water Margin Restaurant (kitchen, sanitary).................................................................................4<br />

Waffle House.............................................................................................................................5<br />

TA Truck Stop (sanitary, kitchen, boiler)..............................................................................................6<br />

White Castle Burger Restaurant (kitchen, ice machine) .......................................................................7<br />

Kitchen of Spokane School (steam oven).........................................................................................8<br />

Grease Trap in a Kitchen.............................................................................................................9<br />

Cake Factory (grease trap).............................................................................................................10<br />

Metro Food Store (bread oven).......................................................................................................11<br />

Hospitality<br />

InterContinental (kitchen, steamer)..................................................................................................14<br />

Hyatt Regency (kitchen, steamer).....................................................................................................15<br />

Ibis (hot water line & tank)................................................................................................................16<br />

Ibis Budget (water heater)..............................................................................................................17<br />

Hotel Acacia (chiller, cooling tower)....................................................................................................18<br />

Palm Beach Hotel (boiler).............................................................................................................19<br />

Barcelo Bavaro Palace (chiller, cooling tower, tank)...............................................................................20<br />

Lhasa 21 Inn (solar water heating)....................................................................................................21<br />

Furama Hotel Dalian (heat exchanger)..............................................................................................22<br />

Karnavati Club Hotel (pool, water softener)........................................................................................23<br />

Holiday Resort (water heater, laundry, sanitary, kitchen)..........................................................................24<br />

Aura Hotel (kitchen)......................................................................................................................25<br />

Schools, Educational Institutions and Sporting Facilities<br />

FAMU/FSU College of Engineering (cooling tower).............................................................................28<br />

Spokane Public Schools Washington (cooling tower, piping system)........................................................29<br />

Florida State University (rack washer, steam washer)............................................................................30<br />

Beijing University of Chemical Technology (sanitary, water heater).......................................................31<br />

Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University.........................................................................................32<br />

Irrigation for a Football Field.......................................................................................................33<br />

Hartwall Ice Hockey Arena (heating & cooling equipment).....................................................................34<br />

Powerhouse Gym.......................................................................................................................35<br />

Ice Stadium Neuchâtel (ice resurfacer).............................................................................................36<br />

Ice Land Stadium (ice production)...................................................................................................37<br />

Production and Industries<br />

Coca Cola (pipe, filter)...................................................................................................................40<br />

Nestlé (ice cream factory) (hot water tank, filter, cleaning-in-place machine)...............................................41<br />

Yinmore Sugar Industry (syrup processing, fermenter, boiler, tank, filter, distillation, water softener)....................42<br />

Yunnan Salt Industry (heat exchanger).............................................................................................43<br />

Winery Adam Müller ..................................................................................................................44<br />

Dairy Farm Rancho Dulce María ..................................................................................................45<br />

Delice Danone (dairy production).................................................................................................46<br />

Delicatessen Food Processing Plant (boiler, heat exchanger, sterilizer, water softener)..................................47

Noon Crop Science (cooling tower, condenser tubes).............................................................................48<br />

Medicine Factory (cooling tower, heat exchanger)..................................................................................49<br />

Marigot / Swarovski (cooling tower, chiller, process water).......................................................................50<br />

Nippon Sheet Glass Factory (cooling tower, stirrer).............................................................................51<br />

Penoles Mining Industry (industry, chemical, savings, mining, metal).........................................................52<br />

TDK Electronics (RO membrane, cooling system)...................................................................................53<br />

Shengli Oilfield Petroleum Plant (heat exchanger)..............................................................................54<br />

HYUNDAI (circulating water, cooling tower, induction hardening machine).......................................................55<br />

CHRYSLER (high pressure wash station)..............................................................................................56<br />

HONDA (circulating water, casting, production robots)...............................................................................57<br />

Huomei Wheel Factory (RO membrane)............................................................................................58<br />

Suining New Oasis Printing & Dyeing Factory (dyeing system, sludge dewatering system)...........................59<br />

Toray Industries (plate heat exchanger).............................................................................................60<br />

Holcim Cement Factory (oil heat exchanger, water softener)...................................................................61<br />

Huixi Metal and Steel (chiller)........................................................................................................62<br />

Beihai Thermal Power Plant (heat pump station, cooling water)...............................................................63<br />

Miscellaneous<br />

Cost Savings for Cooling Towers..................................................................................................66<br />

Supermal Karawaci (4-year cooling tower test, heat exchanger, condenser tubes)............................................67<br />

The Be’er Sheva Grand Mall (cooling tower, heat exchanger)..................................................................68<br />

Tangshan Kailuan Group Linxi Mining (underground pump room)...........................................................69<br />

Energy Complex Office Building (cooling tower, chiller)........................................................................70<br />

Średzki Water Park (pool, heating system)..........................................................................................71<br />

Avril Supermarket (greenhouse, drippers)...........................................................................................72<br />

Paris Country Golf Club (kitchen, sanitary)........................................................................................73<br />

Pilbara Commercial Laundry Services (air conditioning, hot water supply).................................................74<br />

Mc Clean Public Toilet Center......................................................................................................75<br />

Carnation Production Antalya (farm, agriculture, plants, production, carnation, irrigation)................................76<br />

Riverview Hospital (pool chlorinator)................................................................................................77<br />

Lavender & Vineyard Farm (agriculture, farming, water system)..............................................................78<br />

Garden Shop (plant cultivator, irrigation).............................................................................................79<br />

Poultry Farms (cooling tower)..........................................................................................................80<br />

Cattle Farm (feeder, drinker, water supply)...........................................................................................81<br />

Long-Term Care Centers (hot water tank).........................................................................................82<br />

Maternity Home (water softener, dishwasher, sanitary)............................................................................83<br />

Residential Installations and Apartment Buildings<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> in Apartment Buildings (test report, kitchen, sanitary)................................................................86<br />

Garden Sprinkler <strong>System</strong>s (irrigation)..............................................................................................88<br />

Hairdresser Recommendation Letter (kitchen, sanitary).....................................................................89<br />

Residence Building (kitchen, sanitary)...............................................................................................90<br />

Steinbeis Institute (household equipment test)....................................................................................91<br />

Residential Client from Bünden....................................................................................................92<br />

Residential Client from Ottobrun..................................................................................................93

<strong>Vulcan</strong> <strong>Reference</strong> Database<br />

This reference book shows only an excerpt<br />

of the available <strong>Vulcan</strong> references.<br />

All <strong>Vulcan</strong> references from world-wide you can<br />

see and download at:<br />

www.cwt-vulcan.com/reference<br />

There you can also search references by keyword,<br />

country or <strong>Vulcan</strong> model.<br />

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1<br />

Restaurants<br />

and<br />


2<br />

Mövenpick Restaurant<br />

Germany<br />

Mövenpick Restaurant<br />

Potsdam<br />

Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH<br />

<strong>Reference</strong> Letter<br />

Dear Sir,<br />

Our Mövenpick Restaurant opened in January 2000. After a short period, we noticed a high level<br />

of limescale developing on the ice-cream makers. These calcifications could only be cleared bit by<br />

bit which is a time-consuming process. To avoid potential losses, a short-term limescale filter was<br />

installed. The operating time of this filter is limited however and thus resulted in high costs.<br />

At a trade fair visit, we consulted the company Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH about other possibilities.<br />

We installed the limescale converter <strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000 and the ice-cream makers have been functioning<br />

smoothly for 10 months now.<br />

The limescale, which accumulates especially in the crushed ice makers, can now be easily removed<br />

as it is converted into fine-grained structures.<br />

We wish the company Christiani further success with their excellent products.<br />

Yours Sincerely,<br />

Marcel Charrier<br />

Director<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> protects the ice<br />

machine<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> protects the icecream<br />

makers<br />

Soft limescale is now easily<br />

removed<br />

Mövenpick Restaurant, Potsdam<br />

www.moevenpick.com | Mövenpick Restaurants Deutschland GmbH

3<br />

McDonaldʻs<br />

Ukraine<br />

McDonald‘s Ukraine Ltd.<br />

Kiev<br />

www.mcdonalds.ua<br />

Dear Mr. Christiani,<br />

Thank you very much for your service to ”McDonald‘s Ukraine Ltd.”<br />

From our side, we‘re very grateful for your cooperation and support throughout the<br />

last 10 years.<br />

Our company began to operate in Ukraine in 1987. Since then, we‘ve already opened<br />

57 McDonald‘s restaurants.<br />

In all of these restaurants, we have installed the <strong>Vulcan</strong> Descaler by CWT International,<br />

which has delivered consistent results throughout each site.<br />

The <strong>Vulcan</strong> range is easily installed and has been a very useful addition to our<br />

company.<br />

I would like to add that the support of CWT International is very important to us here<br />

at McDonald‘s Ukraine.<br />

Best regards,<br />

Eugene Molodid<br />

Equipment Coordinator<br />

McDonald's Ukraine Ltd

4<br />

O2 Water Margin Restaurant<br />

United Kingdom<br />

The O2 <br />

Date: 18th August 2014 <br />

To whom it may concern, <br />

The O2 <br />

We are a very busy 300-­‐seat restaurant at the 02 London Arena and have had major <br />

problems in the past with lime scale in our glass and line washing machines, sinks, food <br />

The O2 <br />

warmers and toilets. We have installed various products in the past to remove this scale <br />

with little success, resulting in higher maintenance and replacement costs along with <br />

To whom it may concern,<br />

increased Date: 18th expenses August on 2014 cleaning equipment. <br />

We are a very<br />

To whom it may Date:<br />

busy<br />

concern, 18th<br />

300-seat<br />

August 2014<br />

restaurant<br />

<br />

at the O2 London Arena and have had major problems in<br />

Since<br />

the<br />

CWT<br />

past<br />

Partners<br />

with limescale<br />

Ltd installed<br />

in<br />

the<br />

our<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

glass<br />

S25<br />

and<br />

at<br />

line<br />

our <br />

washing<br />

premises we<br />

machines,<br />

have noticed<br />

sinks,<br />

<br />

food warmers and toilets. We<br />

substantial<br />

have installed<br />

and continual<br />

various<br />

improvement<br />

products<br />

<br />

in<br />

over<br />

the<br />

the<br />

past<br />

past<br />

to<br />

3 months.<br />

remove<br />

Our<br />

this<br />

food<br />

scale<br />

warmers,<br />

with little<br />

steam<br />

success,<br />

<br />

resulting in higher<br />

We are a very <br />

To<br />

busy<br />

whom<br />

300-­‐seat<br />

it may<br />

restaurant<br />

concern, <br />

ovens, at the 02 London Arena and have had major <br />

maintenance kitchen sinks and and replacement restrooms are costs clear of along scale, with along increased with cleaner expenses crockery and on cleaning equipment.<br />

cutlery. problems This in has the helped past with to reduce lime scale the detergent in our glass and and cleaning line washing equipment machines, and products, sinks, food <br />

warmers and toilets.<br />

We are<br />

<br />

<br />

We<br />

a very<br />

have<br />

busy<br />

installed<br />

300-­‐seat various<br />

restaurant<br />

products<br />

at the<br />

in <br />

<br />

the<br />

02 <br />

<br />

London<br />

past to <br />

remove<br />

Arena and<br />

this<br />

have<br />

scale<br />

had<br />

<br />

major <br />

which Since has CWT saved Partners us more than Ltd the installed cost of installing the <strong>Vulcan</strong> the S25 <strong>Vulcan</strong> at S25. our The premises restaurant we have now noticed a substantial and<br />

with little success,<br />

problems<br />

resulting<br />

in the<br />

in<br />

past<br />

higher<br />

with<br />

maintenance<br />

lime scale in<br />

and<br />

our<br />

replacement<br />

glass and line<br />

costs<br />

washing<br />

along<br />

machines, with <br />

sinks, food <br />

able continual to operate improvement at a higher level, over avoiding the past lime scale 3 months. and rewashing Our food of dishes, warmers, with far steam ovens, kitchen sinks and<br />

increased expenses<br />

warmers<br />

on <br />

cleaning<br />

and toilets.<br />

equipment.<br />

We have installed various products in the past to remove this scale <br />

fewer restrooms complaints are from clear customers. of scale, along with cleaner crockery and cutlery. This has helped to reduce the<br />

with little success, resulting in higher maintenance and replacement costs along with <br />

detergent and cleaning equipment and products, which has saved us more than the cost of installing<br />

increased expenses on cleaning equipment. <br />

It is Since a pleasure CWT Partners to inform Ltd you installed that we the have <strong>Vulcan</strong> are S25 very at satisfied our premises with the we <strong>Vulcan</strong> have noticed S25 descaling <br />

the <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25. The restaurant is now able to operate at a higher level, avoiding limescale and<br />

unit. substantial Additionally, and we continual would improvement like to single out over the the professionalism past 3 months. of Our the food CWT warmers, team that steam <br />

rewashing of dishes, with far fewer complaints from customers.<br />

Since CWT Partners Ltd installed the <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 at our premises we have noticed <br />

addressed ovens, kitchen our lime sinks scale and problem restrooms and are like clear to thank of scale, them along for all with their cleaner help. We crockery highly and <br />

substantial and continual improvement over the past 3 months. Our food warmers, steam <br />

recommend cutlery.<br />

lt is a pleasure<br />

This the has <strong>Vulcan</strong> helped<br />

to inform water to reduce treatment you that<br />

the detergent<br />

we and are urge very others and<br />

satisfied cleaning clients equipment to with install the it. <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

and products,<br />

S25 descaling<br />

<br />

unit. Additionally,<br />

ovens, kitchen sinks and restrooms are clear of scale, along with cleaner crockery and <br />

which<br />

we would<br />

has saved<br />

like<br />

us<br />

to<br />

more<br />

single<br />

than <br />

out<br />

the cost<br />

the<br />

of<br />

professionalism<br />

installing the <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

of<br />

S25.<br />

the<br />

The<br />

CWT<br />

restaurant<br />

team<br />

<br />

that<br />

is now<br />

addressed<br />

<br />

our limescale<br />

cutlery. This has helped to reduce the detergent and cleaning equipment and products, <br />

able<br />

problem<br />

to operate<br />

and<br />

at<br />

like<br />

a higher<br />

to thank<br />

level,<br />

them<br />

avoiding<br />

for<br />

lime<br />

all their<br />

scale<br />

help.<br />

and rewashing<br />

We highly<br />

of dishes,<br />

recommend<br />

with far<br />

the <strong>Vulcan</strong> water treatment<br />

which has saved us more than the cost of installing the <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25. The restaurant is now <br />

fewer<br />

and urge<br />

complaints<br />

other<br />

from<br />

clients<br />

customers.<br />

to install<br />

<br />

it.<br />

able to operate at a higher level, avoiding lime scale and rewashing of dishes, with far <br />

Yours sincerely, <br />

fewer complaints from customers. <br />

Yours It is a pleasure sincerely, to inform you that we have are very satisfied with the <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 descaling <br />

unit. Additionally, we would like to single out the professionalism of the CWT team that <br />

It is a pleasure to inform you that we have are very satisfied with the <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 descaling <br />

addressed our lime scale problem and like to thank them for all their help. We highly <br />

unit. Additionally, we would like to single out the professionalism of the CWT team that <br />

recommend Chin Lam the <strong>Vulcan</strong> water treatment and urge others clients to install it. <br />

addressed our lime scale problem and like to thank them for all their help. We highly <br />

Chin CEO Lam<br />

CEO<br />

recommend the <strong>Vulcan</strong> water treatment and urge others clients to install it. <br />

Yours sincerely, <br />

Novari (at the O2) LIMITED<br />

Registered office: 23 Entertainment Avenue, The O2, Greenwich, London,<br />

SE10 0DY<br />

Chin Lam<br />

CEO<br />

Yours sincerely, <br />

Chin Lam<br />

CEO<br />

Tel: 020 88584510 Fax: 020 88589696<br />

Registered in England No. 8316802<br />

Novari (at the O2) LIMITED<br />

Novari (at the O2) LIMITED<br />

Registered office: 23 Entertainment Avenue, The O2, Greenwich, London,<br />

SE10 0DY<br />

Registered office: 23 Entertainment Avenue, The O2, Greenwich, London,<br />

Tel: 020 88584510 Fax: 020 88589696<br />

Registered in England No. 8316802<br />

SE10 0DY<br />

Tel: 020 88584510 Fax: 020 88589696<br />

Registered in England No. 8316802

5<br />

Waffle House<br />

USA<br />

Installation Details<br />

Model:<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25<br />

Location:<br />

Waffle House<br />

Tallahassee<br />

Florida<br />

www.wafflehouse.com<br />

Area:<br />

Water main<br />

Installed by:<br />

Ackruitlabs, Inc.

6<br />

TA Truck Stop (Moriarty, New Mexico)<br />

USA<br />

Moriarty Travel Center<br />

Here in Moriarty N.M. we have extremely hard water.<br />

In our truck stop we have to always clean up after it.<br />

The showers are a particular problem. From clogged<br />

shower heads, to constant cleaning and scrubbing to<br />

keep them clean.<br />

It also wreaks havoc with the boilers and water heaters.<br />

After Andy and <strong>Vulcan</strong> Water Products installed the<br />

S100 unit on the main line, we noticed real soon, that the<br />

showers were becoming cleaner, and the discoloration<br />

in the water was gone too!<br />

In our Country Pride restaurant, they noticed a dramatic<br />

change in the color and clarity of the iced tea and<br />

coffee, cleaner, spotless glassware and dishes, and the<br />

ice machine makes clean ice! We are very pleased with<br />

the results. Thank you <strong>Vulcan</strong>!<br />

Signed,<br />

John Hathaway GM<br />

Jack Reneker AGM<br />

TA Operating LLC<br />

Moriarty, NM 87035<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S100 installed on the main water line

7<br />

White Castle Burger Restaurant (New York)<br />

USA<br />


SINCE 1921<br />

Installation Details<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 3000 mounted<br />

Location: White Castle #32<br />

New York, USA<br />

www.whitecastle.com<br />

Model/Area:<br />

Result:<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 3000 was installed on<br />

the ice machine after the carbon<br />

filters.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000 was installed on the<br />

main inlet line.<br />

The calcium was completely<br />

removed in one area, and normal<br />

equipment cleaning schedules are<br />

prolonged.<br />

30 plus White Castle have units<br />

installed. The newer restaurants<br />

have a <strong>Vulcan</strong> S10 installed on the<br />

inlet main.<br />

Installed by: Salt-Free Water <strong>System</strong>s LLC<br />

www.vulcan-USA.com<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000 on main water inlet<br />

Pan before <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation, hard calcium and<br />

etched line present.<br />

After <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation ― pan area is now<br />

completely scale-free. There is a slight indentation<br />

into the pan at the waterline.

8<br />

Kitchen of Spokane School<br />

USA<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> in a School Kitchen<br />

Dear CWT Team,<br />

The steam convection oven has greatly improved since<br />

the installation of the <strong>Vulcan</strong>. The water is injected via<br />

the pipe in the centre of the heating coils and a fan inside<br />

the coils blows the water through the coils and comes<br />

out as steam. The operating temperature of this device is<br />

350F (180°C). The white material you see on the coils is<br />

a powder coating that is easily removed with a wet cloth.<br />

No more chemicals are required to clean the convection<br />

oven.<br />

However, we have noticed even greater results in the<br />

school kitchen, which was previously using a traditional<br />

water softening system. But all in all, we can confirm the<br />

effectiveness of the <strong>Vulcan</strong> treatment, which means less<br />

work for the maintenance staff.<br />

The <strong>Vulcan</strong> unit installed on the entire building system<br />

has also been extremely effective. No more rusty water<br />

after weekends and Christmas break. The next <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

will be installed on the other school buildings, which are<br />

around 20 – 25 years old.<br />

The last <strong>Vulcan</strong> unit is installed on the main cooling tower<br />

– we have had nothing but positive news in regards to<br />

this installation. We will be seeing more orders coming<br />

from this customer very soon.<br />

Best Regards<br />

Arne Vestad<br />

International Water Treatment NA LLC<br />

Washington, USA

9<br />

Grease Trap in a Kitchen<br />

Japan<br />

Grease Trap in a Kitchen<br />

3 Months Test<br />

To alleviate the overflow of drainage out of the basket due to oil balls in the grease trap under the<br />

sink of the counter in the cookery on the fifth floor of the building. Also, to save the administrative<br />

and maintenance expenses by reducing the periodical cleanings used to be conducted several<br />

times a year. Pipe Size: 50 mm | <strong>Vulcan</strong> Model: <strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000<br />

June 13th | Before <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation<br />

Usual level of standing water.<br />

June 17th | Installation of <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

For treating water in the cookery on the fifth floor, <strong>Vulcan</strong> is<br />

installed on the vertical piping in the warehouse where the<br />

nearest main water pipe is exposed. The effectiveness of the<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> appears in all the service water on the fifth floor that is<br />

supplied through this piping.<br />

Verification of the effectiveness<br />

Grease trap under the countertop<br />

The status of the grease trap upon installation of the <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

was confirmed, and the changes of the statuses were<br />

observed for approximately five months from the start of<br />

the operation. In almost all cases, the effectiveness can be<br />

confirmed through the observation for about 3 months.<br />

September 12th<br />

Sept. 20th - Before cleaning<br />

Sept. 20th - After cleaning<br />

The basket after being washed by hosing.<br />

The portions usually being contacted with<br />

the treated water are cleaned easily with a<br />

water flow from the tap.<br />

The status after being used without cleaning<br />

since the installation in June (no adhered<br />

materials are seen on the portions usually<br />

contacting with water).<br />

Grease trap was cleaned with water flow<br />

under the sink.<br />

Similar effects have been reported at drainages in food factories, restaurants and kitchens. Many <strong>Vulcan</strong> installations showed that<br />

the treated water had substantial cleaning effect even with extremely reduction of conventionally used detergents. There were<br />

even some cases where the use of detergent (such as cationic detergent) causes a buildup of a thin film of dirt. Cationic detergents<br />

should not be used. With the portions that do not contact with the treatment water, this effect cannot be expected. <strong>Vulcan</strong> has no<br />

effect of breaking or resolving solids in drainage. Although the <strong>Vulcan</strong> has no disinfection effect, its prevention of dirt from adhering<br />

to the basket and the net contributes to the reduction of mold‘s food source.<br />

www.catalina.co.jp<br />

23-11, 3 Chome, Nishibori Sakura-KuSaitama-Shi Saitama Pref 338 - 0832 Japan<br />


10<br />

Grease Traps in a Cake Factory<br />

Japan<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> for Grease Traps<br />

3 Months Test Report<br />

in a cake factory in Kanagawa, Japan<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> has a trouble free design and easy installation. The LED light<br />

always blinks dependably as it shows the processing conditions.<br />

I have compared the state of the grease trap before and after<br />

installing the <strong>Vulcan</strong>. Before installation, I noticed strong odors<br />

when opening the hole. When I opened the hole one month after<br />

the installation, no such odors were present.<br />

As for the cleaning intervals, monthly cleaning may now not be<br />

required. The effect and cleaning intervals of <strong>Vulcan</strong> will require an<br />

annual observation, however, I believe the amount of cleaning will<br />

be reduced remarkably.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000 was installed in the<br />

factory kitchen<br />

February 16th - Start situation before <strong>Vulcan</strong> was installed<br />

Grease Trap<br />

50 mm thick oil layer<br />

Cleaned Grease Trap<br />

March 22nd<br />

1 month with <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

May 18th - 3 months with <strong>Vulcan</strong> treatment<br />

30 - 40 mm thick oil layer 2nd Tank - 10 mm thick oil layer 1st Tank<br />

www.catalina.co.jp<br />

23-11, 3 Chome, Nishibori Sakura-KuSaitama-Shi Saitama Pref 338 - 0832 Japan<br />


11<br />

Metro Food Store<br />

Canada<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> Effect in the Bread Oven<br />

Installation Details<br />

Location:<br />

A metro food store<br />

Québec, Canada<br />

Model: <strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000<br />

Treatment area: The bread oven<br />

Problem:<br />

Installed by:<br />

Often reparation and needed to<br />

clean manually<br />

Gestion L.B. Inc<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000<br />

Remove the insulation cotton and install<br />

the impulse bands.<br />

The bread oven before <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation.<br />

The scale deposits were cleaned and<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000 was installed.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> effect<br />

After 6 months with <strong>Vulcan</strong>, very little scale<br />

has been formed.

Hospitality<br />


14<br />

InterContinental Kunming<br />

China<br />


Installation Details<br />

Location:<br />

Model:<br />

Area:<br />

Purpose:<br />

*****<br />

InterContinental Kunming<br />

www.ihg.com/intercontinental<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S10<br />

The water main of the kitchen<br />

Gently solve the scaling problems of the<br />

entire kitchen water system: the reduced<br />

water volume, the increased water pressure,<br />

the clogging of the dishwasher outlet, the<br />

scaling of the steamer, the low heating<br />

efficiency, the increased maintenance and<br />

the reduced overall effi ciency.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S10 was installed<br />

in the main water pipe of<br />

the restaurant kitchen<br />

The untreated steamer<br />

The steamer after using <strong>Vulcan</strong> S10 for 2 months<br />

The scale was in flakes and could not be drained out<br />

of the steamer‘s drain hole. To test the effectiveness<br />

of the <strong>Vulcan</strong> system, no cleaning process was<br />

carried out before installing the <strong>Vulcan</strong> S10.<br />

The scale has been completely turned into powder,<br />

so there is no need to open it for cleaning, just by<br />

operating the regular drainage function, it can keep<br />

the hot water tank clean and free of scale. Due to the<br />

good results, the cooperation will also be carried out<br />

in the hotel‘s hot water supply system and central air<br />

conditioning system.<br />

www.vulcan-ailong.com<br />


15<br />

Hyatt Regency Xi’an<br />

China<br />

Hyatt Regency Xi'an is a five-star hotel located on the side of Qujiang South Lake. It has a lake view and is in<br />

the middle of the city with the comfort and quiet. Most rooms have a separate balcony and lake view.<br />

Installation details<br />

Location:<br />

Model:<br />

Area:<br />

Hyatt Regency Xi'an<br />

S10<br />

the water main of the Chinese kitchen<br />

Installed by: Hengsheng Chang Environmental<br />

Protection Technology Co., Ltd<br />

Installation purpose<br />

The results<br />

One month after the <strong>Vulcan</strong> S10 was installed, we<br />

opened the sewage outlet of the Chinese kitchen,<br />

and found that the scale scrap came out. At the<br />

same time, we compared the sewage outlet of the<br />

western kitchen without <strong>Vulcan</strong>, there is no scale<br />

coming out. The hotel manager is very satisfied<br />

with the results and is making a new purchase.<br />

The two steamers in the Chinese kitchen had been<br />

scaled badly, they had been corroded and damaged<br />

in 2 years. The client used to clean with acid once a<br />

month, but the steamed food had the taste of citric<br />

acid, and the acid would even damage the equipment.<br />

Therefore, the client is looking for an efficient way to<br />

remove the scale without bad odour after cleaning.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S10 was installed on the main water line of the<br />

Chinese kitchen.<br />

The scale scrap came out of the steamer in the Chinese<br />

kitchen.<br />


16<br />

Ibis Surabaya City Center Hotel<br />

Indonesia<br />

ibis Surabaya City Center Hotel<br />

Economy hotel for business and leisure<br />

The 224 modern and minimalist rooms feature the<br />

new ibis bedding, 4 modern High Tech meeting<br />

rooms, a lobby bar and restaurant. Perfect for<br />

business and leisure travelers.<br />

Installation details<br />

Location:<br />

Model:<br />

Area:<br />

Installer:<br />

IBIS Hotel Surabaya<br />

Indonesia<br />

S25<br />

water main<br />

PT Biosolutions<br />

www.biosolutions.co.id<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> effect — before and after<br />

Before installing the <strong>Vulcan</strong> system, the pipeline had<br />

a lot of sedimentation of scale, the client had to do<br />

manual cleaning.<br />

After 3 months of <strong>Vulcan</strong>, it has begun to erode and<br />

clean the scale out of the system.<br />

The clients are happy with the performance of <strong>Vulcan</strong>.<br />

Hot Water Tank<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 was installed on the main water pipe.<br />

Hotel Water <strong>System</strong><br />

Before<br />

After 3 months<br />

After 3 months scale is no longer forming and the hot<br />

water tank is free of scale and sediment.<br />

Hot Water Pipe<br />

Before<br />

After 3 months<br />

After 3 months the rust in the pipe has lightened and<br />

the amount of scale is gradually reducing.

17<br />

Ibis Budget Makassar Airport<br />

Indonesia<br />

ibis Budget - Makassar Airport<br />

Smart choice economy hotel, open to<br />

everyday adventurers<br />

Located in the heart of Sultan Hasanuddin Airport,<br />

it offers simple and functional new bedding of 119<br />

new cocoon rooms.<br />

Installation Details<br />

Location:<br />

Model:<br />

Area:<br />

Installer:<br />

Ibis Budget - Makassar Airport<br />

Indonesia<br />

S25<br />

Guest rooms ― bathroom water<br />

heating elements<br />

PT Biosolutions<br />

www.biosolutions.co.id<br />

"Before" <strong>Vulcan</strong> Installation<br />

Several rooms were monitored before <strong>Vulcan</strong> was<br />

installed and had large amounts of scale chunks on<br />

the heating element and at the reservoir sump (see<br />

pictures 2 & 3). <strong>Vulcan</strong> was installed at the main<br />

incoming water line to eliminate this problem (see<br />

picture 1).<br />

Picture 1. <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation process at the main<br />

incoming water line.<br />

Pictures 2 & 3. <strong>Scale</strong> previously coating the heating<br />

element and reservoir sump. (Picture taken from one<br />

of the rooms at IBMA hotel)<br />

"After" <strong>Vulcan</strong> Installation<br />

<strong>Scale</strong> gradually disappeared from the elements and<br />

reservoir sump. After 3 months scale is entirely gone<br />

from water heater elements and the reservoir sump.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> has shown to successfully reduce time, energy<br />

and capital required by the hotel for water system<br />

maintenance. All pictures were taken from one out of<br />

ten rooms that were monitored before and after <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

was installed, and all rooms’ water heater elements<br />

were also found to be free of scale.<br />

Pictures 4 & 5. Three weeks after <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation,<br />

initial scale has been eliminated.<br />

Pictures 6 & 7. Twelve weeks after <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation,<br />

no scale at all.

18<br />

Hotel Acacia Manila<br />

Philippines<br />

Tien Phong<br />

Technologies<br />

Acacia Hotel, Manila, Philippines<br />

The Acacia Hotel is a fi ve-star<br />

Hotel locating in Alabang, Manila.<br />

Acacia Hotel Manila exhibits<br />

the excellence of a homegrown<br />

brand that is deeply rooted in<br />

passion, excellence, and service.<br />

The hotel prides itself in creating<br />

an atmosphere of hospitality and<br />

exemplary service.<br />

Like other hotels, they use chiller systems with cooling<br />

towers to provide cool air for whole hotel. And with<br />

hard water, they have problems with scale in the heat<br />

exchanger and they have used chemicals to solve.<br />

With a desire to replace chemicals, they are looking<br />

for physical water treatments and fi nd <strong>Vulcan</strong>. After<br />

installing <strong>Vulcan</strong> S500 unit, their heat exchanger<br />

always stays clean without any chemicals.<br />

Here is the comment of the chief engineer: “The<br />

results are positive. We have recorded condenser<br />

approach value for 2 to 6 months after cleaning the<br />

tubes of the condenser, and there was a signifi cant<br />

decrease on our chillers’ condenser approaches. Our<br />

cooling towers remained clean and some of the stockup<br />

and passing valves are now usable. As regards<br />

the performance of the unit, we found it works well.”<br />

Model: <strong>Vulcan</strong> S500<br />

Installation Location:<br />

Main water supply of the cooling tower<br />

Purpose:<br />

• Clean scale deposit<br />

• Prevent scale<br />

• Reduce maintenance costs<br />

• Replace chemical treatment and softener systems<br />

Before <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation:<br />

• <strong>Scale</strong> deposits in the heat exchanger<br />

• Pipes clog<br />

After <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation:<br />

• Chiller and cooling tower stay clean<br />

• No need to use chemicals<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S500 on cooling tower water pipe<br />

Chiller #3 Condenser<br />

Ø 67 cm, tube Ø 7/8“, length: 418 cm inside the tube inside the tube<br />

Tien Phong Technologies Co., Ltd<br />

No. 30, Street 12, Binh Hung Hoa ward, Binh Tan District, HCM City, Viet Nam Web: tpcorp.com.vn Email: sale@tpcorp.com.vn

19<br />

Palm Beach Hotel<br />

Tunisia<br />

Installation Details<br />

Palm Beach Club Hammamet<br />

Location:<br />

Model:<br />

Purpose:<br />

Installer:<br />

Palm Beach Hotel Hammamet, Tunisia<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25<br />

1. To protect the hot water circuit, the kitchen and the Spa<br />

2. To use an eco-friendly solution, without chemicals<br />

3. To reduce the workload of cleaning the pipes with high<br />

pressure water gun<br />

STPE+<br />

The hotel is located on one of the<br />

most beautiful beaches of the Gulf of<br />

Hammamet, in a magnificent 5 acres<br />

garden.<br />

All rooms have sea, garden or pool views<br />

with terrace or balcony.<br />

After <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 had been installed<br />

for 6 months, the boiler was opened:<br />

scale had been softer and left out.<br />

The scale deposits were easily removed<br />

with a water gun.<br />

The scale deposits were drained out of<br />

the boiler with ZERO chemical.<br />

STPE+ SOCIETE DE TRAITEM<strong>EN</strong>T | Route GP1 Manaret de Hammamet, 8050 Hammamet, Tunisie | www.vulcan-tunisie.com

20<br />

Barcelo Bavaro Palace<br />

Dominican Republic<br />

The 5-star Barceló Bávaro Palace hotel is one of the top luxury hotels in Punta Cana, designed specifically for people who<br />

love constant sunshine, the gentle sound of the Caribbean breeze whispering in the palm trees, and beautiful crystal-clear<br />

waters with a coral reef. The hotel is beside one of the 10 most stunning beaches in the world.<br />

Installation details<br />

Location: Barceló Bávaro Palace<br />

La Antagracia, Dominican Republic<br />

www.barcelo.com<br />

Models: 2 x S100 in hotel’s main hot water lines<br />

3 x S250 for cooling towers<br />

4 x S500 for cooling towers<br />

Installed by: InterClima<br />

Installation purpose<br />

Most of the hotels in the area of Bávaro/Punta Cana in<br />

eastern Dominican Republic depend on ground water wells<br />

for their domestic water supply, using traditional water<br />

softening equipment to reduce the scale and hardness of<br />

the water. The fact is that some of these resorts have very<br />

poor maintenance resulting in extensive scaling of cooling<br />

towers and domestic hot water piping and equipment.<br />

The results<br />

The project began with a mechanical room energy<br />

audit resulting in a great opportunity to upgrade the<br />

existing equipment with a very short payback period.<br />

The original installation was sold with an estimated<br />

payback of less than 2 years. To our customer’s happy<br />

surprise, the actual payback was 9 months! The hotel<br />

maintenance manager is very impressed with the<br />

performance of the <strong>Vulcan</strong> systems, this opened up<br />

many additional opportunities including the subsequent<br />

chiller and cooling tower replacements.<br />

Before <strong>Vulcan</strong> S100 was installed in hotel’s main hot<br />

water line, the storage tanks had a solid 3 cm thick<br />

scale layer inside them and the pumping pressure from<br />

the booster set was at maximum while being unable to<br />

deliver adequate water pressure to the end of the line<br />

hotel rooms. After the 3 months period, an inspection<br />

of the inside of the storage tanks revealed that the<br />

scale layer was soft allowing them to mechanically<br />

clean them removing most of the calcium deposits.<br />

Other the following 12 to 18 months, the distribution<br />

lines also cleared up resulting in much improved flow<br />

and lower pumping costs from the booster sets.<br />

The manager was instrumental in the approval of the<br />

resent trial installation of an S250 in the Royalton White<br />

Sands (Jamaica). We will continue to use the Barceló<br />

success in our future presentations.<br />

3 chillers were treated by 3 <strong>Vulcan</strong> S500 Aerial view of Barceló Bávaro Palace next to the Bavaro beach, Higuey<br />

Interclima Corp. | 5805 Blue Lagoon Drive, Suite 175, Miami, FL 33126 | 305-260-0229 | www.inter-clima.com

21<br />

Lhasa 21 Inn<br />

China<br />

Lhasa 21 Inn<br />

Installation details<br />

Location: Lhasa 21 Inn, Tibet<br />

Model: <strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000<br />

The results<br />

1. After installing <strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000 for 1 month, the scales of the<br />

shower heads have been significantly reduced.<br />

Area:<br />

Installed by:<br />

Water main<br />

Shaanxi Wasser<br />

Installation Purpose<br />

In April 2017, a 6-ton tubular solar water heating system<br />

was installed. Without any water treatment, as of May 2018,<br />

due to the serious scaling problems, manual descaling and<br />

system maintenance had been made for 3 times. Even solar<br />

glass tubes, headers, valves, pumps, etc. must be replaced,<br />

the client had a large loss.<br />

Before<br />

After<br />

2. The scales on the float valve in the hot water tank have<br />

been softened, they can easily be tapped off.<br />

See the video here: www.bit.ly/cn-tank<br />

Before<br />

After<br />

Pipe joint fittings had to be replaced because of scale and rust.<br />

3. After 3 months of installation, we cleaned the hot water<br />

tank, and found a large amount of scales were drained out.<br />

The photo below is the scales removed from the water tank.<br />

Also, the heat transfer efficiency of the solar system has been<br />

significantly improved, the performance almost has stayed<br />

the same just like the beginning of installing <strong>Vulcan</strong>.<br />

安 装 在 中 式 厨 房 总 管 的 <strong>Vulcan</strong> S10<br />

Heating rods were damaged by scale.<br />

<strong>Scale</strong> removed from the water tank,<br />

after installing V5000 for 3 months.<br />

www.sauber-wasser.com<br />


22<br />

Furama Hotel Dalian<br />

China<br />

Furama Hotel Dalian<br />

A luxurious five-star hotel with a long<br />

history in northeast China, the 30-storey<br />

building has a total of 620 rooms.<br />

Installation details<br />

Location:<br />

Model/Area:<br />

Furama Hotel Dalian<br />

www.furamahoteldalian.com<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 installed on the inlet pipe of the hot<br />

water volumetric heat exchanger on the 31st floor of<br />

the West Building to solve the scale problem on the<br />

12th to 25th floors.<br />

<strong>Scale</strong> problems: Rusty water from the hot water pipes for bathing,<br />

scale build-up on the surface of of the shower<br />

heads in the guest room, scaling of fins in heat<br />

exchangers.<br />

Installer:<br />

Dalian Jiayifang<br />

www.vulcan-jiayifang.com<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 installed on DN80<br />

copper pipe.<br />

Visible results after 10 months – before and after<br />

heating elements in the heat exchanger<br />

Heating elements in the heat exchanger<br />

Shower heads<br />

Before<br />

Before<br />

Before<br />

The hard scale between the fins affected the heat transfer efficiency and<br />

rusting caused problems with rusty water.<br />

After using shower heads, a layer<br />

of scale would build up on the<br />

surface, giving it a dirty look.<br />

After After After<br />

The fins were not cleaned before installing the <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25. 10 months later, the<br />

hard scale between the fins was removed and some areas were clean and even<br />

revealed the original colour of the copper tube. <strong>Vulcan</strong> has improved the water<br />

quality and saved energy and manual cleaning costs.<br />

No more scale build-up on the<br />

surface of the shower heads,<br />

and the water outlet is no longer<br />

blocked, which saves the cost of<br />

replacing and cleaning nozzle.

23<br />

Karnavati Club Hotel<br />

India<br />

Karnavati Club Hotel in Ahmedabad, India<br />

A prestigious name known among the most known<br />

clubs and recreational organizations of Ahmedabad<br />

is The Karnavati Club. The club, with an area of<br />

500,000 sq.feet is located on the Sarkhej-Gandhinagar<br />

Highway. The club was established in 1989. And today,<br />

it is an ultimate success in the arena of recreational<br />

clubs.<br />

Installed:<br />

1 x <strong>Vulcan</strong> S100 for swimming pool<br />

1 x <strong>Vulcan</strong> S100 for the utility<br />

Installed by:<br />

Agencies PVT Ltd<br />

Two <strong>Vulcan</strong> S100 were installed. Salt based softener is replaced by <strong>Vulcan</strong> S100.<br />

Karnavati Club Ltd.

24<br />

Holiday Resort Lombok<br />

Indonesia<br />

Reason for <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation<br />

Engineering had to manually remove scale from pumps,<br />

valves, kitchen equipment and from the 102 individual<br />

electric hot water heaters every 6 months because the<br />

property relies entirely on hard ground water which caused<br />

signifi cant scale issues year after year.<br />

Holiday Resort Lombok, Indonesia<br />

189 Bungalows / various types of guest rooms<br />

/ extensive landscaped gardens / 2 Swimming<br />

Pools / several Food and Beverage outlets<br />

www.holidayresort-lombok.com<br />

Result installation of <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25<br />

The Chief Engineer reported after an initial 6 months<br />

following installation of the electronic anti-scale system<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 they were able to easily flush out already<br />

dislodged scale from each tank heating unit – instead of<br />

scraping away hard scale from the elements. After a second<br />

inspection the units were found to be almost entirely free of<br />

scale. Future inspections have now been reduced to annual,<br />

random inspections only – which is felt to be suffi cient to<br />

ensure overall domestic water piping system cleanliness.<br />

<strong>Anti</strong>-<strong>Scale</strong> <strong>System</strong> <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 installed<br />

Inspection after 6 months<br />

One of the water heaters at a Sea View Bungalow (photo)<br />

was opened for inspection and showed much dislodged scale<br />

particles at the bottom of the tank, with some easily removed<br />

soft scale still present on the element only. This water heater<br />

unit had not been scheduled for random inspection since<br />

installation of the <strong>Vulcan</strong> unit at the Resort.<br />

Additional benefits reported<br />

The General Manager and CE reported that shortly after the<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> had been installed, the linen being washed at the<br />

inhouse Laundry plant was softer and whiter. In addition,<br />

Food and Beverage staff reported brighter glass ware<br />

with the detergents working much better. Housekeeping<br />

staff reported that the usual white spots on bathroom tubs,<br />

counters and floors had entirely disappeared and that outlets<br />

of showers and taps needed no longer special attention with<br />

only basic wiping being suffi cient to maintain their shine.<br />

The little remaining scale is soft and easily fl ushed<br />

out since installation of the <strong>Vulcan</strong> <strong>Anti</strong>-<strong>Scale</strong> <strong>System</strong>.<br />

Gd. Aldevco Annex Building Lt. 3 • Jl. Warung Jati Raya no. 75 • Jakarta Selatan • Indonesia • www.biosolutions.co.id<br />


25<br />

Aura Hotel<br />

Hungary<br />

www.aura-hotel.hu<br />


Location:<br />


8320 Balatonfüred,<br />

Munkácsy M. u.5., Hungary<br />

www.aura-hotel.hu<br />

Model:<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S50<br />

Area: Main water inlet pipe<br />

Installed by: VARÁZSMAG Kft<br />


General protection of the piping system.<br />

They had to maintain the ice-machines monthly,<br />

the faucets and shower heads were blocked by<br />

the scale after 6 months of opening the Hotel,<br />

the tiles and the shower walls were extremely<br />

scaly. They cleaned the bathrooms manually,<br />

that lasts for hours. The faucets had to be<br />

changed and the ice machine had to be repaired.<br />


The faucets and tiles can be cleaned by wiping the<br />

powder-formed scale. The ice-machine working<br />

properly. The dishwasher gives out perfectly<br />

shiny and spotless dishes and glassware.<br />

“I really appreciate that<br />

all machines and equipment<br />

work properly<br />

again in the kitchen and<br />

I can focus on creating<br />

and serving the best<br />

meals to our guests.“<br />

Sándor Böröcz<br />

Head Chef<br />


VARÁZSMAG Kft | +36-30-703-3424 | Kelenhegyi út 46/D fszt.1., 1118 Budapest | www.cwt-vulcan.hu

Schools<br />

Educational Institutions<br />

Sporting Facilities

28<br />

FAMU / FSU (<strong>Vulcan</strong> Effects on Cooling Towers)<br />

Florida Agricultural Mechanical University / Florida State University<br />

USA<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> Effects on<br />

Cooling Towers<br />

Installation details<br />

Location:<br />

Area:<br />

Model:<br />

Objectives:<br />

Installed by:<br />

FAMU/FSU College of Engineering<br />

On the 10 inch diameter line that feeds twin cooling towers<br />

(CT-1 and CT-2)<br />

S25<br />

1. To prevent scale buildup on the cooling towers<br />

2. To remove the existing scale<br />

3. To eliminate the need for chemicals or time-consuming<br />

cleaning procedures<br />

4. To reduce energy costs<br />

Ackuritlabs, Inc.<br />

History<br />

The maintenance for these cooling towers previously involved continuous<br />

injection of descaling chemical cleansers. The use of these cleansers was<br />

discontinued over a year prior to the installation of the <strong>Vulcan</strong>. In that time, the<br />

cooling tower flutes became encrusted with both scale and biofilm. Throughout<br />

the time period described below, there were no cleaning procedures in place<br />

with these cooling towers besides the treatment provided by the <strong>Vulcan</strong>.<br />

Observations over time after the <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S250 installed on a 10 inch diameter line<br />

that feeds twin cooling towers (CT-1 and CT-2)<br />

After 2 weeks, the green biofilm had begun to recede and gradually disappear.<br />

After 3 weeks, the green biofilm had been further reduced and the scale<br />

deposits had begun to separate from the flutes in coin-sized flakes.<br />

After 1 month, the green biofilm had almost completely disappeared from<br />

the surfaces in contact with the <strong>Vulcan</strong>-treated water. The flakes of scale<br />

previously observed had fallen off in most places. The cooling tower flute<br />

surface area covered with scale deposits had been decreased by over 60%.<br />

The <strong>Vulcan</strong> does not change the water quality beyond its affect on its<br />

propensity to cause scale buildup. The pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen level,<br />

and turbidity remained relatively constant during observation from before the<br />

installation to over a month after.<br />

We are very optimistic about continued improvement with <strong>Vulcan</strong>.<br />

The inside of CT-1, after 3 weeks with <strong>Vulcan</strong>.<br />

It illustrates clean flutes that are in constant contact<br />

with <strong>Vulcan</strong>-treated water and a few dry (untreated)<br />

areas that still have some remaining green biofilm.<br />

The photo above was taken of CT-1 about 3 weeks after the<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> was installed.<br />

The photo above was taken of CT-1 about 6 weeks<br />

after the <strong>Vulcan</strong> was installed.

29<br />

Spokane Public Schools Washington<br />

USA<br />

–––<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> installed in<br />

Spokane Public Schools<br />

Installation locations<br />

Dear CWT Team,<br />

Spokane schools now have 6 <strong>Vulcan</strong> units installed.<br />

One of the first <strong>Vulcan</strong> units is on a small cooling tower and this stays<br />

absolutely clean during the season. The tower was full of scale when we<br />

started and after 4 weeks, scale started to fall of in big chunks and now<br />

it is completely scale free.<br />

Roosevelt Elementary School<br />

333 West 14th Ave<br />

Spokane, WA 99204-3627<br />

USA<br />

Installation of <strong>Vulcan</strong> Descaler for the entire buildings water supply in the Roosevelt school<br />

Our first installation in Spokane schools was in Shaw Middle School,<br />

50 years old building and with rusty/dirty looking water.<br />

This was installed before the school started in the fall.<br />

After Christmas this year, the water is always clean and the janitor<br />

does not have to flush the piping anymore.<br />

Have a great day.<br />

Arne Vestad<br />

IWTNA<br />

Shaw Middle School<br />

4106 N. Cook St.<br />

Spokane, WA 99207<br />


30<br />

Florida State University<br />

USA<br />

Florida State University<br />

600 W. College Avenue<br />

Tallahassee<br />

FL 32306<br />

Dear Ackuritlabs Team,<br />

Please fi nd below photos of the <strong>Vulcan</strong> Descaler installed in the Florida State University Biomedical Facility.<br />

These pictures are of a stainless steel rack washer and conveyer steam washer, after the <strong>Vulcan</strong> units were<br />

installed on the entire Biomedical Research Building.<br />

Regards,<br />

The Florida State Bio-medical Team<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> unit installed on water main<br />

Stainless steel rack washer now completely scale free<br />

Conveyer steam washer<br />

Installed by Ackuritlabs, Inc. 3345B North Monroe St Tallahassee, FL 32303

31<br />

Beijing University of Chemical Technology (Student Dormitory)<br />

China<br />

Beijing University of Chemical Technology<br />

Dear Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH (CWT),<br />

Due to the shower head scaling problem in Changping student dormitory in<br />

Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the water was getting reduced after a<br />

month, and the shower head was blocked completely after two to three months.<br />

The scale was very hard, so we even had to use the 1.8mm driller to remove<br />

it. In addition, the drinking water heater in the student dormitory was scaled<br />

badly, two heating elements were completely scaled and no longer useful after<br />

one semester, we had to hire cleaning workers regularly, and the damage rate of<br />

heating elements was extremely high.<br />

When I saw <strong>Vulcan</strong> products introduced by your distributor-Beijing North Xinhu<br />

Mechatronics Co., Ltd, we doubted if such a simple product could solve our scaling<br />

problem. Let's try and see.<br />

We installed 2 <strong>Vulcan</strong> to test: one S25 for shower heads in the student bathroom;<br />

one S10 for heating elements of drinking water. After 2 months, no scale was<br />

found on the shower heads, only saw a thin layer of white membrane, and it was<br />

easy to remove. Also, the scale of heating elements were significantly reduced,<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> greatly extends the time of manual cleaning.<br />

Through this test, we are very satisfied with <strong>Vulcan</strong> products with no doubts.<br />

Strongly recommended!<br />

Kind regards,<br />

Repair Service Center<br />

Beijing University of<br />

Chemical Technology<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 for solving the shower<br />

head scaling problem.<br />

The student dormitory of<br />

Beijing University of Chemical<br />

Technology.<br />

After installing <strong>Vulcan</strong> for 2<br />

months, the scale of shower<br />

head has been reduced.

32<br />

Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University<br />

Saudi Arabia<br />

Installation details<br />

Step 1<br />

Model:<br />

Location:<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S250<br />

Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University<br />

Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia<br />

www.psau.edu.sa<br />

►<br />

Installed by: Wrood Al Shame for Trading &<br />

Contracting Est.<br />

Step 2<br />

First, wind plastic foil around the pipe to protect the impulse<br />

bands against condensation on the pipe.<br />

Step 3<br />

►<br />

►<br />

Wrap the impulse bands around the plastic foil.<br />

Connect the <strong>Vulcan</strong> S250 unit with the impulse bands.<br />

(<strong>Vulcan</strong> unit was installed in the outdoor case to prevent<br />

from humidity.)<br />

Step 4<br />

Step 5<br />

►<br />

Check the functionality of <strong>Vulcan</strong> with a impulse detector.<br />

To finish, install an insulation protection to cover the<br />

impulse bands completely against the elements.<br />

Wrood Al Shame for Trading & Contracting Est. | Sabbagh.co@hotmail.com<br />

Babten Building, Beside Al Riyadh Bank, Takasusi St. Riyadh City, 11553 Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

33<br />

Irrigation for a Football Field<br />

Saudi Arabia<br />

Irrigation water for the natural grass football fields<br />

Dear Mr. Christiani,<br />

<strong>Reference</strong> to the above mentioned subject, we have installed VULCAN S100. After a year,<br />

the result on irrigation water for the natural grass football fields was very satisfactory.<br />

The company which is behind the maintenance of football fields feeling well, they have sent<br />

reports to the Saudi Government Sports Ministry they wrote on their reports that there's<br />

good result on using this devices.<br />

For your information and references.<br />

Engr. Ziad Sabbagh

34<br />

Hartwall Ice Hockey Arena<br />

Finland<br />

f,fARTWALl<br />

A R E E N A<br />

HARTWALL ARE<strong>EN</strong>A<br />

Helsinki Halli Oy<br />

Areenakuja J. FIN--00240 Helsinki<br />

Tel. +358 (0)204 1997, Fax +358 (0)204 1994<br />

Internet: http://www.hartwall-areena.com<br />

Hartwall - Areena<br />

Areenankuja 1<br />

FI-00240 Helsinki,<br />

Finland<br />

CWT-Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH<br />

Herr Rolf Christiani<br />

Köpenicker Str. 154<br />

10997 Berlin<br />

Dear Sir<br />

We have been using CWT-Christiani Wassertechnik Gmbh<strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

water treatment equipment in our ice hockey hall Hartwall Arena.<br />

We are using many sizes of <strong>Vulcan</strong> for several heating/cooling<br />

equipment in our water system:<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S 25<br />

- <strong>Vulcan</strong> S 100.<br />

We have realibility with these systems and have been most satisfied<br />

in using them.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> is a high-quality and great solution to different kind of<br />

premises.<br />

Yours sincerely,<br />

Hartwall - Areena<br />

/-<br />


35<br />

Powerhouse Gym<br />

USA<br />

Installation Details<br />

Location: Powerhouse Gym, Michigan, USA<br />

www.powerhousegym.com<br />

Model: <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25<br />

Installer: Green Salt Free Water Solutions<br />

Powerhouse Gym<br />

The Powerhouse Gym name and brand has been one<br />

of the top leaders in the fitness industry for over 40<br />

years. With 300 licensees in 39 states, Powerhouse<br />

has continued to steadily gain global attention by<br />

expanding into 17 different countries worldwide. The<br />

first Powerhouse Gym still stands in its original location<br />

and celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014.<br />

The Powerhouse Gym Trademark is associated with<br />

service and quality, and is apparent throughout each<br />

and every Powerhouse Gym that opens its doors to over<br />

1.2 million dedicated members. Step 1: Install the<br />

impulse bands<br />

Step 2: Install the S25 unit on<br />

the water main and wrap the<br />

protection layer<br />

Green Salt Free Water Solutions | 3596 W. Maple Rd. Ste 108, Bloomfield Hills, MI. 48301, USA | www.GreenSaltFreeWaterSolutions.com

36<br />

Ice Stadium Neuchâtel<br />

Switzerland<br />


Direction of Skating Rinks<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S100<br />

Mister,<br />

<strong>Anti</strong>-scale <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

W. Kurt<br />

4103 Bottmingen<br />

Following our discussions at the Salon de l‘immobilier Neuchâtelois, we agreed to install the <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

model S100 on our premises for a five-month test phase as soon as our ice period began operating<br />

in August.<br />

The defined objective was mainly intended for the dumpsters of our two ice resurfacers, which are<br />

filled with snow all day long and therefore subject to weekly descaling.<br />

After a few weeks, we noticed that the scale adhered less. This makes it easier to clean our machines,<br />

saving us time and products.<br />

The test carried out allowed us to take the time to compare the positive effects of the <strong>Vulcan</strong> S100 on<br />

our installation and that the objective set was achieved.<br />

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your warm cooperation and extend our warmest<br />

greetings to you, Sir.<br />

Operations Manager<br />

Quai Robert-Comtesse 4 - 2000 Neuchâtel - Tél. 032 717 85 50 - Fax 032 717 85 47 - Email : patinoires.littoral.ne@ne.ch

Water treatment system by CWT Germany<br />

37<br />

Ice Land Stadium<br />

USA<br />

My wife and I live on a 5 acre property at Gelo<br />

Australia. Our local water causes enormous proble<br />

of iron sludge and chips would build up in the pipin<br />

sprinklers. The situation was getting us both down<br />

blocked and I was replacing the solenoids every si<br />

Within three months of installing the CWT water tre<br />

appeared. I was staggered by the results. The pip<br />

of the iron scale at all.<br />

A reliable and clean sprinkler system is very importan<br />

more than 200 rose bushes and half an acre of trees<br />

under reticulation. The CWT system has saved me a<br />

longer cleaning sprinkler heads or replacing the so<br />

Installation details<br />

The results have been so successful we ar<br />

garden and bird aviary. I would recommend this pr<br />

in Australia. They’re simple to install and maintena<br />

Model:<br />

Location:<br />

Installation area:<br />

Installed by:<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25<br />

Ice Land, New Jersey<br />

Treats water used for ice production<br />

Princeton Management Advisory and Consulting LLC<br />

Lance Butcher from Western Australian enjoying his clean sprinkler s<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 installed at Ice Land, New Jersey<br />

25 Route 31 South, Suite PMB 2005, Pennington, NJ 08534 www.vulcan-descaler-new-jersey.com

Production<br />

and<br />


40<br />

Coca Cola<br />

Morocco<br />

Installation details<br />

Model: <strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000<br />

Location: Coca-Cola Factory<br />

Marrakech, Morocco<br />

Area: the water inlet of the water recycling room<br />

Pipe:<br />

2’’, stainless steel pipe<br />

After <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation:<br />

1. Two weeks after <strong>Vulcan</strong> was installed, lots of scale<br />

deposits had disappeared in the pipe.<br />

2. 48 hours after <strong>Vulcan</strong> was installed, the filter still<br />

stays clean.<br />

3. Less maintenance.<br />

The Coca-Cola factory in Marrakech, Morocco<br />

►<br />

Before <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation:<br />

the pipe was full of scale<br />

deposits.<br />

2 weeks after <strong>Vulcan</strong> was<br />

installed, scale had been<br />

softer and fallen out.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000 was installed on the water inlet of the water<br />

recycling room.<br />

►<br />

Without <strong>Vulcan</strong>, the filter was quickly stuck by scale<br />

deposits, and it had to be changed every 48 hours.<br />

48 hours after <strong>Vulcan</strong> was installed, the filter still stays<br />

clean.<br />

STE ETCT INDUSTRIE | 23, bd okbra bno nafii 3ème étage N°5 hay mohamadi casablanca, Maroc | www.vulcan-maroc.com

41<br />

Nestlé Ice Cream<br />

Israel<br />

Installation details<br />

Location:<br />

Model/area:<br />

Problem:<br />

The ice cream factory of Nestlé<br />

Kiryat Malachi, Israel<br />

froneri.co.il<br />

S25 for the hot water tank.<br />

S10 for the CIP (cleaning-in-place<br />

machines).<br />

Very hard scale problems needed constant<br />

acids treatment.<br />

Result: Due to the excellent results from<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 running for 3 years, <strong>Vulcan</strong> S10<br />

was introduced to solve the scale problems<br />

from the hot water piping in the CIP system.<br />

Installed by:<br />


www.eye-in-electronics.co.il<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 treats the hot water tank<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 unit in outdoor box<br />

The impulse bands were wrapped<br />

with an insulation layer.<br />

Hot water tank<br />

Before<br />

Nestlé is a Swiss multinational food and drink processing<br />

conglomerate corporation headquartered in Switzerland. It<br />

is the largest food company in the world.<br />

Full of scale inside and outside of the tank, had to<br />

clean every 2 weeks with acids poured in.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S10 treats the cleaning-in-place machines<br />

After 2 months<br />

Without <strong>Vulcan</strong>, the hot water pipe was blocked and the<br />

production had to be stopped to replace it. The <strong>Vulcan</strong> S10<br />

was installed on the supply pipe and solved the problem.<br />

The container looks shiny and clean inside and outside.<br />

The filters at the entrance also stay clean. No more extra<br />

treatment since then.

42<br />

Yinmore Sugar Industry<br />

China<br />

Yinmore Sugar Industry Co., Ltd. is the largest sugar company in Yunnan Province, mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of<br />

white sugar, refined white sugar, alcohol, compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer.<br />

Installation 1<br />

Location: The inlet of the fermentation broth in the alcohol<br />

workshop<br />

Pipe size: 80 mm<br />

Model:<br />

Result:<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25<br />

After 2 months, the scale in the fermenter has<br />

been significantly reduced, it shows that <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

is also effective at the fermentation broth.<br />

Installation 2<br />

Location: The distiller inlet in the alcohol workshop<br />

Pipe size: 80 mm<br />

Model: <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25<br />

Result: After 2 months, the scale in the distillation tower<br />

has been significantly reduced.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 was installed at the inlet of the fermentation broth<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 was installed at the distiller inlet<br />

Installation 3 Installation 4<br />

Location: Power workshop of the sugar factory<br />

Pipe size: 100 mm<br />

Water flow: 80 m 3 /h<br />

Model: S100<br />

Purpose: To solve the scaling problems of boilers<br />

Result: After 2 months, the scales in the salt tank of<br />

the water softener have been reduced, and<br />

the scales from the pipe also began to fall off,<br />

so the water softener was turned off.<br />

Location: The outlet of the refined syrup, the material<br />

temperature is 60 °C<br />

Pipe size: 150 mm<br />

Model: S100<br />

Purpose: To solve the scaling problems of the refined<br />

syrup processing equipment<br />

Result: The scaling problems of the syrup processing<br />

equipment and the filter have been solved, and<br />

the crystallization of sugar has not been affected.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S100 was installed in the power workshop<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S100 was installed at the outlet of the refined syrup<br />

www.vulcan-ailong.com<br />


43<br />

Yunnan Salt Industry<br />

China<br />


Installation 1 Installation 2<br />

Location:<br />

Pipe size:<br />

Model:<br />

Result:<br />

Before the heat exchanger of the first<br />

cooling water system<br />

80 mm<br />

S25<br />

After 2 months, the heat exchanger<br />

was opened. It was found that the<br />

scale on the wall of the heat exchanger<br />

became muddy and easy to clean.<br />

Location: Before the heat exchanger of the second<br />

cooling water system<br />

Pipe size: 100 mm<br />

Model: S100<br />

Result: The water cooling system keeps running<br />

stably. It is not necessary to clean the<br />

scale every 2 months like before anymore.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 was installed in front of the heat<br />

exchanger for the cooling water pipe<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S100 was<br />

installed in front of the<br />

heat exchanger for the<br />

cooling water pipe<br />

Without <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

After installing <strong>Vulcan</strong> for 2 months<br />

Before installing <strong>Vulcan</strong>, the scale was very thick and hard<br />

in the heat exchanger tubes.<br />

The scale becomes soft and muddy.<br />

www.vulcan-ailong.com<br />


44<br />

Winery Adam Müller<br />

Germany<br />

ADAM<br />

ULLER<br />

SEIT 173S<br />

6906 LEIM<strong>EN</strong> BEI HEIDELBERG<br />

Laltronic<br />

Wasseraufbereitung<br />

Dürerstr.11<br />

6800 Mannheim 25<br />

Installation details<br />


FERNSPRECHER: 06224n 1044<br />

ßANKKO<strong>EN</strong>:<br />


VOLKSBANK LEIM<strong>EN</strong> EGMBH<br />


KARLSRUHE 9a34-75S<br />

8,J.HNSTA TION: l.EIMFN-ST. ILG<strong>EN</strong><br />

WIESLOCH•WAU.DOAF (BAD<strong>EN</strong>)<br />

Location: Leimen, Germany<br />

<strong>System</strong>: Water treatment system<br />

Area: Wine fi lling station<br />

Cleaning machine<br />

Betr.: Purpose: Caltr6nic Exchange of the Wasser water softener Aufbereitung<br />

with CWT water treatment system<br />

Result: Water softener is stopped and<br />

Wir haben dismantled. hier in CWT unserer water treatment Abfüllstation seither einen Ionenaustauscher<br />

system in works Betrieb successfully. gehabt. Stundenleistung des Gerätes<br />

ca. 8 m 3 Wasser. Die Wasserhärte beträgt zwischen 25 und 28<br />

deutschen Härtegraden.<br />

Wir For now haben we have nun used das a salt-based Caltronic water softener Gerät for anstelle our filling station. des The Ionenaustauschers<br />

hourly output of<br />

eingesetzt the unit is approx. und 8 m³ sind of water. bis The zum water heutigen hardness is between Tage sehr 25 and 28 zufrieden. degrees German Das<br />

hardness.<br />

Gerät ersetzt für uns den Austauscher voll und ganz. Wir fahren<br />

mit We have Wassertemperaturen now used your salt-free water von treatment 14 ° system C - instead 90 ° of C. the salt-based Hierbei water stellen softener.<br />

Up to date we are very satisfi ed. The water treatment system fully replaces the water softener for<br />

wir keinerlei Kalkausscheidungen fest. Auch bei der kritischen<br />

us.<br />

Zone der Reinigungsmaschine im Bereich des Warmwasser und<br />

We use water temperatures of 14 °C - 90 °C. Herewith we do not notice any scale deposits. Even<br />

Laugenbereiches haben wir keinerlei Kalkausscheidungen festgestellt.<br />

not noticed any limescale<br />

in the critical zone of the cleaning machine in the area of the warm water and alkaline solution, we<br />

have deposits.<br />


45<br />

Dairy Farm Rancho Dulce María<br />

Mexico<br />

Rancho Dulce María<br />

Gómez Palacio, Durango, Mexico<br />

INSTALLED AT: Dairy Farm Rancho Dulce Maria<br />

MODELS:<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S50<br />

For bathing and milking area,<br />

installed December 2019<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S250<br />

For calves, production cattle and<br />

cattle stables, installed in April 2022<br />

PURPOSE: Eliminate limescale build-up in the cooling<br />

tower, bathing area, water heater, bath sprinklers, pipes,<br />

biofilm in drinking troughs. Eliminate the use of anti-scale<br />

chemicals, save electricity by having pipes without scale<br />

blockages and provide better water quality for livestock.<br />

SOLUTION: <strong>Vulcan</strong> <strong>System</strong>s bring better water quality,<br />

better taste, which helps to increase intake, will inhibit<br />

the growth of algae and bacteria, due to the reduction of<br />

scale. Thus helping to improve the health of the livestock.<br />

RESULTS: After 2 years, the cooling tower is free of<br />

limescale build-up on its walls and celdek. There has been<br />

no need to change celdek and its maintenance is minimal.<br />

No sprinklers have been damaged in the bathroom area.<br />

Cleaner areas, without using chemicals that damage the<br />

materials. Generating quantifiable savings.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S50<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S250<br />

January 2020<br />

Higher area<br />

March 2022<br />

Higher area<br />

Celdek lower area<br />

Celdek lower area<br />

www.vulcanmx.com.mx ahermosillo@vulcanmx.com.mx Cel. 871 727 04 43 /vulcanmx

46<br />

Delice Danone (Dairy Production)<br />

Tunisia<br />

Installation Details<br />

Model: 2 x <strong>Vulcan</strong> 3000<br />

Location:<br />

Installed by:<br />

Delice Danone Usine<br />

Tunisia<br />

STPE sarl Tunisie<br />

Delice Danone Factory - Tunisia<br />

The Fresh Dairy Products division manufactures<br />

and sells dairy products and other fermented<br />

dairy specialties. In this context, Danone relies on<br />

its ability to develop its range and continuously<br />

introduce new products in terms of flavor, texture,<br />

ingredients, nutritional content or packaging.<br />

Their brands include Activa, Oikos Greek yogurt &<br />

Danone children's yoghurt.<br />

Milk production<br />

Milk production<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 3000 installed in the Delice Danone factory<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 3000 installed in the Delice Danone factory<br />

STPE sarl Société de Traitement Physique de L‘eau 16 Avenue Tahar Sfar Sousse 4000 Tunisie - www.cwt-international.com

47<br />

Delicatessen Food Processing Plant<br />

Morocco<br />




APPLICATION: Food processing plant delicatessen,<br />

in Morocco<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 3000 treats the heat exchanger<br />

MODELS:<br />

3000 for the boilers<br />

PROBLEM:<br />

RESULT:<br />

3000 for the heat exchanger<br />

5000 for 2 sterilizers<br />

Limescale problems in the steam<br />

boilers, the sterilizers and the heat<br />

exchanger. The client had to use<br />

water softener.<br />

The water softener is replaced with<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> and old scale becomes soft.<br />

Watch the video results:<br />

http://y2u.be/4i_PIKk2ipI<br />


<strong>Vulcan</strong> 3000 treats the steam boilers<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000 treats 2 sterilizers<br />

Before using <strong>Vulcan</strong>, the steam boilers were nonstopping<br />

running for more than 1 year and a small<br />

layer of 0.5 mm limescale was found. After 2<br />

months treating with <strong>Vulcan</strong>, the limescale can be<br />

removed easily by a finger.<br />

Limescale has<br />

been built for 15<br />

years. It was not<br />

cleaned before installing<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong>.<br />

After 3 months with <strong>Vulcan</strong>,<br />

we already see the limescale<br />

coming out.<br />

STE ETCT INDUSTRIE | 23, bd okbra bno nafii 3ème étage N°5 hay mohamadi casablanca, Maroc | www.vulcan-maroc.com

48<br />

Noon Crop Science<br />

China<br />

Installation details<br />

Location: Jiangsu Noon Crop Science Co., Ltd<br />

www.noonchem.com<br />

Model:<br />

Area:<br />

S25<br />

Cooling tower water inlet<br />

Purpose: Solving scaling problems in the cooling<br />

tower condenser tubes<br />

Result:<br />

Without <strong>Vulcan</strong>, the internal cooling<br />

tower was heavily scaled, which seriously<br />

affected the heat transfer.<br />

The cooling tower had not been cleaned<br />

before the <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 was installed.<br />

After 6 months, the old scale had<br />

disappeared and no new scale was<br />

formed. The customer is very satisfied.<br />

Installer: Xinriyuan Company<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 was installed at the water inlet of the cooling tower.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> effects on the cooling tower condenser tubes – before and after<br />

Without <strong>Vulcan</strong>, the internal cooling tower was<br />

heavily scaled, which seriously affected the heat<br />

transfer.<br />

After 6 months, the old scale had disappeared<br />

and no new scale was formed.

49<br />

Cooling Tower in a Medicine Factory<br />

Japan<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> test report on a cooling tower<br />

The cooling tower of the medicine factory<br />

Installation details<br />

Model:<br />

Location:<br />

Area:<br />

S100<br />

A medicine factory in Japan<br />

Cooling tower<br />

Pipe:<br />

150 mm<br />

Water capacity: 100 m 3 /h<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S100 installation<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> effect ― before and after<br />

The outside of the cooling tower fill<br />

<strong>Scale</strong> was hard.<br />

<strong>Scale</strong> can be removed easily<br />

with a finger.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> effect<br />

Plate heat exchanger<br />

►<br />

Before<br />

After 5 months<br />

The inside of the cooling tower fill<br />

Circulation pipe<br />

►<br />

Before<br />

<strong>Scale</strong> has been reduced.<br />

After 5 months<br />

<strong>Scale</strong> becomes soft and can be easily<br />

removed with a finger.<br />


50<br />

Marigot / Swarovski Crystal<br />

Vietnam<br />

Installation Details<br />

Location:<br />

Area:<br />

Marigot Vietnam LLC<br />

(A company of Swarovski Group)<br />

www.swarovski.com<br />

- Cooling towers<br />

- Process water<br />

- Water supply<br />

Model: 6 x <strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000<br />

1 x <strong>Vulcan</strong> S10<br />

3 x <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25<br />

2 x <strong>Vulcan</strong> S100<br />

2 x <strong>Vulcan</strong> S500<br />

Installed by: Chuc Hien Dat<br />

Before <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

1. Cooling towers: chemical dosing was necessary.<br />

2. Process water pipes: cleaned every 3 months by<br />

chemical.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> Effect<br />

1. Cooling tower and chiller system: after <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

S500 has been installed for 1 year, the condenser<br />

approach temperature < 2°.<br />

2. Cooling tower: after installing <strong>Vulcan</strong>, we still keep<br />

the chemical dosing system and check the water<br />

monthly. We reduce chemicals every month. After<br />

6 months with <strong>Vulcan</strong>, the chemicals have been<br />

greatly reduced more than 80%.<br />

3. Process water pipes: no need to clean every 3<br />

months. The client has never cleaned by far with<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong>.<br />

S500 for the chiller<br />

Impulse bands covered by pipe insulaon<br />

S10 for the process water pipe<br />

S25 and S100 for the water supply<br />

V5000 for the process water pipes<br />

S500 for the cooling towers<br />


is a crystal producer headquartered<br />

in Austria. Swarovski has been a<br />

family-owned business since it<br />

was founded in 1895 by Daniel<br />

Swarovski.<br />

Marigot Vietnam LLC<br />

is part of the Swarovski Crystal Business,<br />

which represents the largest area of<br />

business for the Swarovski Group.<br />

Marigot Vietnam LLC manufactures<br />

jewelry and fashion accessories.<br />


51<br />

Nippon Sheet Glass Factory<br />

Vietnam<br />

Nippon Sheet Glass (NSG) is a Japanese glass<br />

manufacturing company. The NSG Group is one<br />

of the world‘s largest manufacturers of glass and<br />

glazing products for the architectural, automotive<br />

and technical glass sectors.<br />

Installation details<br />

Location:<br />

Nippon Sheet Glass Factory, Vietnam<br />

www.nsg.com<br />

Model / Area: 1 x <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 for a small stirrer<br />

Installed by:<br />

2 x <strong>Vulcan</strong> S500 for the cooling water systems<br />

Chuc Hien Dat<br />

2 x S500 were installed outdoor, the impulse bands were<br />

well protected from rain.<br />

Before <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

Many scales were in the piping systems, glass<br />

stirrers and the cooling towers. The client had to<br />

change the stirrers every year.<br />

Test <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 for 3 months<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 were installed as a test for a small<br />

stirrer for 3 months, and the scales in the<br />

paddle have been<br />

greatly reduced.<br />

Thus, the client<br />

purchased 2 x<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S500 to<br />

treat the cooling<br />

water systems.<br />

Without <strong>Vulcan</strong>, scale and rust were<br />

very hard.<br />

After installing <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 for<br />

2 months, scale and rust have<br />

been softer and muddy.<br />

<strong>Scale</strong> and rust were dissolved like mud<br />

that can pass through 0.5 mm strainer.<br />


52<br />

Penoles Mining Industry<br />

Mexico<br />

Peñoles Industries Mexico<br />

Peñoles Industries is a mining and metal<br />

group founded in 1887 and has been<br />

contributing to the economic and social<br />

development of Mexico.<br />

www.penoles.com.mx<br />


Installed at: Químicas del Rey,<br />

Peñoles Industries, Mexico<br />


Limescale in pipes and channels of the calcium<br />

chloride process.<br />

Model:<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S250<br />

is installed since 8 months<br />


The limescale deposits became brittle in the pipe<br />

and in the gutter, which are now very easy to<br />

remove even by hand.<br />


The water that is handled contains more than 70 gr/l<br />

of calcium, which caused constant blockages in the<br />

pipe and increased scale in the gutter through which<br />

the liquid poured, this could only be eliminated by<br />

means of mechanical tools, hitting pipes and gutter,<br />

at 15 days, the encrustation in the pipes became<br />

brittle, at 8 months, the encrustation in the gutter<br />

can be removed or removed with the hands.<br />

Watch Video here:<br />

▶<br />

after<br />

using<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

▶<br />

after<br />

using<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

Link:<br />

https://bit.ly/3FFxYE6<br />

www.vulcanmx.com.mx ahermosillo@vulcanmx.com.mx Cel. 871 727 04 43 /vulcanmx

53<br />

TDK Electronics<br />

China<br />

Our Ideas<br />

for the Future<br />

Installation details<br />

Location: TDK Dalian Electronics | www.jp.tdk.com<br />

Model/Area: <strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000 x 1 for reverse osmosis<br />

pure water system<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S10 x 1 for circulating cooling<br />

system of the vacuum pump<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S150 x 1 for circulating cooling<br />

system of the Refrigerator No.5<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S250 x 1 for circulating cooling<br />

system of the Refrigerator No.4<br />

Results: The factory has a few cooling systems, they<br />

all had scaling problems. The customer<br />

started testing the <strong>Vulcan</strong> S10 in a small<br />

cooling system. After 1.5 years, the customer<br />

was very satisfied with the S10 results, then<br />

another 3 <strong>Vulcan</strong> devices were purchased.<br />

Installed by: Dalian Jiayifang<br />

TDK Dalian Electronics Co., Ltd. is a Japanese-owned<br />

company established in 1992. The company is covering an<br />

area of 137,000 square meters and employs 1,430 people.<br />

Mainly engaged in the manufacture, processing, assembly<br />

and sales of ferrite products.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S10 effect verification<br />

Before <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

The pipe had been used for 15 years and had a very thick hard<br />

scale layer inside. The pipe was not cleaned before <strong>Vulcan</strong> S10<br />

was installed. The following two photos are the observation<br />

points selected before <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation.<br />

The <strong>Vulcan</strong> S10 was<br />

installed on the circulating<br />

cooling water system of<br />

the vacuum pump, and<br />

the customer is very<br />

satisfied with the results.<br />

After <strong>Vulcan</strong> S10 was installed for 4 months<br />

The scales inside the pipe have been gradually reduced, and they<br />

do not fall off in blocks, which will not affect the operation of<br />

pumps and other equipment. Because of the good results, the<br />

customer decides to apply <strong>Vulcan</strong> in several other cooling systems.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000<br />

was installed<br />

for RO system.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S150 was installed on the circulating<br />

cooling system of the refrigeration No.5.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S250 was installed on the circulating<br />

cooling system of the refrigeration No.4.<br />


54<br />

Shengli Oilfield Petroleum Plant<br />

China<br />

SH<strong>EN</strong>GLI OILFIELD<br />

Installation details<br />

Model:<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25<br />

Location: Station 20, Xian-he oil production plant,<br />

Sinopec Shengli Oilfield<br />

Area:<br />

The water inlet of heating furnace<br />

The front door of the station 20, Xian-he oil production plant.<br />

The water inlet of heating furnace.<br />

Installation purpose<br />

The gas heats the water in the furnace, then the hot water heats<br />

the tubes, so that the water temperature in the tubes rises from<br />

40 ℃ to 70 ℃. The water in the tubes passes through the pump,<br />

transported to various wells.<br />

However, the heat exchanger efficiency is decreasing because of<br />

scale in the tubes. More gas has to be used to heat the furnace,<br />

so that the energy consumption is increased.<br />

The calcium (Ca) content in the water is 1469.09 (mg/L), which<br />

is extremely high. The tubes are scaled badly because a variety<br />

of cleaning agents are added constantly and also the tubes are<br />

kept at a high temperature of 60 ℃ -70 ℃. Every 3 months, the<br />

heating efficiency will be reduced down to 50% or even less.<br />

After running 1 year, the whole pipelines and the tubes need<br />

to be cleaned up manually, which is time consuming and costly,<br />

and reduces production capacity.<br />

Therefore, before installing <strong>Vulcan</strong>, the scale of the tubes was<br />

removed. Then <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 was installed to see how it performs.<br />

Installation observation<br />

After installing the <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 for 6 months, we found that there<br />

is no additional electricity usage, and the overall heat exchanger<br />

efficiency is still at 80%. We approved <strong>Vulcan</strong> and will make the<br />

follow-up purchase for the whole project.<br />

tubes<br />

header 天 窗<br />

进 水 口<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 was placed on the water inlet to<br />

solve the scaling problems for tubes.<br />

水 套<br />

燃 gas 气<br />

fire 火 heating 筒<br />

water<br />

出 水 口<br />

outlet<br />

In order to heat the water in the tubes, the water temperature of the heating<br />

furnace is 70℃~80℃. The tubes are marked in red and have scaling<br />

problems. The tube diameter is 80mm.<br />

Before installing <strong>Vulcan</strong>, the rust and pipe insulation were removed,<br />

and the impulse bands were winded on the pipe. Then, the outer<br />

insulation was put back.<br />

Outdoor installation with self-made cover, to protect the unit from the<br />

wind and sun.

55<br />

Hyundai Motor<br />

Korea<br />

Installation Details<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> Effect<br />

Location:<br />

Area:<br />

Pipe size: 100 mm<br />

Model:<br />

Installer:<br />

<strong>Scale</strong> Problems<br />

A car engine manufacturing<br />

factory,<br />

Hyundai Motor Ulsan<br />

A cold water circulation<br />

pipeline for the cooling<br />

tower and the induction<br />

hardening machine<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong>-Korea team<br />

1. <strong>Scale</strong> problems in the pipelines<br />

and the induction hardening<br />

machine.<br />

2. There are 9 secondary small<br />

pipes, they had to be cleaned<br />

manually every 2-3 months.<br />

Installation of a <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 unit:<br />

May 21st, 2018.<br />

Note: scale was not manually<br />

removed before the <strong>Vulcan</strong> was<br />

fitted on source pipe (see photo).<br />

Examination of secondary piping:<br />

November 21st, 2018<br />

1. Since <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 was installed,<br />

the Hyundai Engineering Team<br />

has stopped the regular manual<br />

cleaning process.<br />

Observation: the flow rate with<br />

the <strong>Vulcan</strong> unit is now even higher<br />

than immediately after previous<br />

manual cleaning had been done.<br />

2. After <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 had been installed<br />

for 6 months, the secondary pipes<br />

were opened: scale that had been<br />

left in piping had disappeared and<br />

all 9 secondary pipes had become<br />

clean (see photo).<br />

Observation: Biofilms in the<br />

cooling tower had disappeared<br />

since the <strong>Vulcan</strong> unit was installed.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 was installed around 50<br />

meter before the induction hardening<br />

machine.<br />

►<br />

There are 9 secondary small pipes<br />

with water meters. These meters were<br />

installed to make sure a stable flow<br />

rate. If the flow rate goes down, it<br />

would cause a problem of the induction<br />

hardening machine. Therefore, the<br />

pipes had to be cleaned manually every<br />

2-3 months.<br />

First inspection:<br />

May 21, 2018.<br />

Inside of a secondary small pipe,<br />

before <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 was installed.<br />

Last inspection:<br />

November 21, 2018.<br />

After 6 months with <strong>Vulcan</strong> treatment:<br />

the pipe is free of scale.<br />


56<br />

Chrysler Automobile<br />

USA<br />

Installation Details<br />

Location: Chrysler transmission plant<br />

in Kokomo, Indiana<br />

www.chrysler.com<br />

Area: High pressure wash station<br />

Model:<br />

36 x <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25<br />

Installed by: Salt-Free Water <strong>System</strong>s LLC<br />

Annual Cost Savings<br />

High pressure DeBurr/Washer: 100 gpm @<br />

1000 psi water & soluble oil. The annual cost<br />

savings = $15,000 per Machine/Year<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> Effect<br />

Chrysler has had the S25 installed on the high<br />

pressure wash station for 3 weeks.<br />

Before the <strong>Vulcan</strong> was installed, there would be a<br />

12mm calcium buildup in the nozzle by this time<br />

and they would exchange it with one that had been<br />

acid cleaned.<br />

The maintenance man held the cleaned one in one<br />

hand & the one he had just removed, in the other<br />

hand. He was showing them to an engineer and<br />

held out the cleaned nozzle and said he was going<br />

to install it on the wash station - The engineer said<br />

"Why would you install the dirty nozzle instead of the<br />

clean one!" Everyone was amazed - 35 more <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

S25 were ordered after this test.<br />

Screen and nozzle from high pressure<br />

deburr machine indiana transmission plant<br />

After 3 weeks normal<br />

conditions<br />

After 3 weeks with<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 installed<br />

High Pressure Pump<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 was installed on the high pressure<br />

wash station in the Chrysler ITP 2 plant.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> results: S25 has been installed for 3 weeks.<br />


57<br />

Honda Motor<br />

China<br />

The Power of Dreams<br />

Installation Details<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> Effect<br />

Location:<br />

Area:<br />

Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd.<br />

China<br />

www.dongfeng-honda.com<br />

Automobile casting cooling workshop<br />

After installing <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 for 3 months, the scale<br />

on the cooling water side has been significantly<br />

reduced, and the use of chemicals and acid has been<br />

also reduced. Now only simple manual cleaning is<br />

required, which is estimated to save at least US$4,700<br />

per year.<br />

<strong>Scale</strong> problems: The circulating water system for the<br />

production robots was heavily scaled<br />

and the large amount of scale in the<br />

pipes affected the production line.<br />

Model:<br />

Installer:<br />

S25<br />

Xinriyuan<br />

Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. is an automobile<br />

manufacturing company headquartered in China, and a<br />

50:50 joint-venture between Dongfeng Motor Group<br />

and Honda Motor Company in Japan. The company was<br />

established in 2003 and has three production plants.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 is installed on the main pipeline of the<br />

circulating water system for the production robots.<br />

Jiangsu Xinriyuan Construction Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd.<br />


58<br />

Huomei Wheel Factory<br />

China<br />

the Improvement Project for Reducing RO Membrane Replacement Frequency<br />

Installation details<br />

Installation location:<br />

A factory in Inner Mongolia Huomei Wheel Manufacture<br />

Co. Ltd., which produces aluminium alloy wheel. <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

was installed in the painting workshop, for the pure<br />

water section. Pure water is produced by RO membrane<br />

(reverse osmosis membrane).<br />

Model:<br />

Pipe size , capacity: 65 mm, 15 m 3 /h<br />

Installed by:<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S10 is used as the<br />

pretreatment of the RO membrane.<br />

Suzhou KaiEnSheng<br />

About Huomei Wheel Manufacture Company<br />

Located in Huolinguole Industrial Park, Inner Mongolia.<br />

It is one of the largest aluminum wheels manufacturer<br />

in northern China.<br />

Scaling problems<br />

Before installing <strong>Vulcan</strong>, adding scale inhibitor<br />

was the only descaling method, and the RO<br />

membrane would be replaced every 2-3 months,<br />

sometimes even more often: every 1-2 months!<br />

Each replacement costs about 9,000 USD.<br />

Results<br />

Since the <strong>Vulcan</strong> was installed in April 2017, the<br />

RO membrane has not been replaced until now<br />

(October 2017), and the use of scale inhibitors has<br />

also been reduced by 50%. The estimated cost<br />

savings in 6 months has been around 25,000 USD.<br />

After 3 years of <strong>Vulcan</strong> operation, the results are<br />

still very satisfactory, extending the life of the RO<br />

membrane by about 2-3 times.<br />

A letter from production department of<br />

Huomei Wheel Manufacture Company<br />

From May 2016 to January 2017, 5 sets of RO<br />

membrane were replaced, they cost 50,000 USD.<br />

The issue is urgent.<br />

We found that the problem comes from the water<br />

quality. Suzhou KaiEnSheng recomands <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

for us to try. Surprisingly, the effect is very good.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> was installed on April 6, the conductivity<br />

after the three-stage RO membranes were: 17.1,<br />

22.7, 21.5 (μ-Siemens/cm) on the day. Over<br />

4 days, we already saw noticeable effect. We<br />

measured the conductivity again on May 4 after<br />

the three-stage RO membranes were down to<br />

11.5, 11.5, and 11.6 (μ-Siemens/cm). We will<br />

keep tracking the effectiveness.<br />


DEPARTM<strong>EN</strong>T<br />

Pure water process equipment.<br />

S10 was installed before the reverse osmosis membrane.<br />

Suzhou KaiEnSheng air compressor system co., LTD. | www.caes-sz.com | info@caes-sz.com | 0512-62372268

59<br />

Suining New Oasis Printing & Dyeing Factory<br />

China<br />

Suining New Oasis Printing & Dyeing Factory<br />

Installation details<br />

Location:<br />

Model/Area:<br />

Result:<br />

Installed by: A Fei Te<br />

Suining New Oasis Printing & Dyeing Co. Ltd<br />

www.xlztex.com<br />

S10 x 2 for pre-dyeing system and<br />

post-dyeing system<br />

S25 x 1 for water filtration of alkali<br />

recovery system<br />

S100 x 1 for the sludge dewatering<br />

system<br />

1. Saves a lot of water treatment costs<br />

2. Reduces significantly the use of filter<br />

cloth (cost)<br />

3. Reduces the workload for workers to<br />

fight against scale<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> Effect<br />

Before<br />

Before <strong>Vulcan</strong> was installed, the pipe was scaled and rusty.<br />

After 3 months<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 outdoor installation<br />

The outer rust had been fallen off completely.<br />

After 1 month<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S100 was installed in the sewage room<br />

to treat the sludge dewatering machine.<br />

After <strong>Vulcan</strong> had been installed for 1 month,<br />

the scale was softened and falling off.<br />


60<br />

Toray Industries<br />

Korea<br />


Location:<br />

Installer:<br />

Model:<br />

Pipe size:<br />

Toray Industries, Inc<br />

Gyeongbuk, Korea<br />

DAWO INT Co., Ltd.<br />

S25<br />

100 mm<br />

Toray Industries produce, process and<br />

sell the following products: Fibers and<br />

textiles, plastics and chemicals, IT-related<br />

products, carbon fi ber composite materials,<br />

environment and engineering products<br />

and pharmaceuticals and medical devices.<br />


1. <strong>Scale</strong> problem on the plate heat exchanger<br />

2. Regular (every 2-3 months) chemical cleaning<br />

of the pipes and heat exchangers<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 installed at Toray Industries<br />

Before – without <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

After 3 months – with <strong>Vulcan</strong> treatment.<br />

Up to now the installed pipeline needed no cleaning.<br />


61<br />

Holcim Cement Factory<br />

Vietnam<br />

Kien Luong, Vietnam<br />

About Holcim cement factory<br />

Holcim is one of the worldꞌs leading suppliers of<br />

cement and aggregates, and Holcim Kien Luong is<br />

the biggest cement factory in Vietnam.<br />

The factory has problems with hard water in chiller,<br />

grinder and water supply pipe. They planned to<br />

spend nearly 400,000 USD to build and buy<br />

chemical systems to solve the problems. However,<br />

after installing <strong>Vulcan</strong> units, all the problems are<br />

solved with only 30,000 USD. This is the best<br />

investment!<br />

Before <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation:<br />

• scale deposits in oil heat exchanger<br />

• oil tempurature >50°C: very high<br />

• to clean every month<br />

• heat exchanger has corrosion<br />

• scale deposits clog the pipe<br />

Installed <strong>Vulcan</strong> models:<br />

2 x <strong>Vulcan</strong> S250<br />

1 x <strong>Vulcan</strong> S100<br />

1 x <strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000<br />

Installation locations:<br />

• the main water supply for the cooling tower<br />

• the cooling tower for the big grinder<br />

• the cooling tower for the small grinder<br />

Purpose:<br />

• clean scale deposits<br />

• prevent new scale<br />

• reduce maintenance costs<br />

• replace chemical dosing and softener systems<br />

After <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation:<br />

• oil heat exchanger is clean<br />

• temperature is stable at 37°C – 40°C<br />

• no need to stop machines to clean anymore<br />

• save 7% energy consumption at grinders<br />

Heat exchanger before <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation<br />

Heat exchanger after 2 months <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S250 <strong>Vulcan</strong> S250 <strong>Vulcan</strong> S100 <strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000<br />

Tien Phong Technologies Co., Ltd, No. 30, Street 12, Binh Hung Hoa ward, Binh Tan District, HCM City, Vietnam | www.tpcorp.com.vn | sale@tpcorp.com.vn

62<br />

Huixi Metal and Steel<br />

China<br />

Huixi Metal and Steel<br />

Installation Details<br />

Location:<br />

Model:<br />

Area:<br />

Purpose:<br />

Huixi Metal and Steel<br />

S150<br />

Oxygen plant<br />

To solve the scaling problems of the chiller and<br />

the pipes.<br />

Effect: 3 months before installing the <strong>Vulcan</strong> S150,<br />

the pipes were cleaned.<br />

6 months after installing the <strong>Vulcan</strong> S150,<br />

no new scale has been formed in any of the<br />

following areas:<br />

Picture 1 - the main water supply pipeline of<br />

the chiller<br />

Picture 2 - the filter inner wall of the chiller<br />

Picture 3 - the filter of the chiller<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> Effects<br />

Picture 1<br />

Huixi Metal and Steel<br />

Subordinate to Yukun Iron and Steel Group, it is mainly<br />

engaged in metal casting, oxygen production, sintering, iron<br />

making, steel making, steel rolling and other production<br />

projects.<br />

Picture 2<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S150 was installed at the circulating<br />

water inlet of the chiller.<br />

Picture 3<br />

www.vulcan-ailong.com<br />


63<br />

Beihai Thermal Power Plant (Heat Pump Station)<br />

China<br />

Beihai Thermal Power Plant<br />

Heat Pump Station<br />

Installation Model:<br />

3 x <strong>Vulcan</strong> X-Pro 1<br />

1 x <strong>Vulcan</strong> X-Pro 2<br />

Installation Project: A New heat pump station<br />

Installed by: Dalian Jiayifang Water Technology<br />

X-Pro 1 for low temperature water network :<br />

circulating water system in Beiwang Station<br />

DN600, water flow 2600 m³/h, installed on the inlet pipe of<br />

the plate heat exchanger to prevent scale from reducing heat<br />

exchange efficiency.<br />

Installation purpose:<br />

The heating system in the original heat pump station has<br />

serious scaling problems and the heat pump efficiency<br />

is reduced, which can not meet the heating demand.<br />

Therefore, the <strong>Vulcan</strong> X-Pro series were installed in the<br />

newly built heat pump station to protect the heat pump<br />

system and prevent the scale from reducing the heat<br />

exchange efficiency.<br />

X-Pro 1 for heating network : circulating cooling water<br />

system in Donggang Station<br />

DN700, water flow 2949 m³/h, installed on the water inlet<br />

pipe of the heat pump to protect the inside heat exchanger,<br />

also to prevent scale from reducing heat exchange efficiency.<br />

Step 1: Install the impulse bands<br />

Step 1: Install the impulse bands<br />

Step 2: Pipe wrapped insulation cotton, then install X-Pro 1 unit<br />

Step 2: Pipe wrapped insulation cotton, then install X-Pro 1 unit<br />

X-Pro 1 for heating network : circulating cooling water<br />

system in Central Station<br />

DN700, water flow 2949 m³/h, installed on the water inlet<br />

pipe of the heat pump to protect the inside heat exchanger,<br />

also to prevent scale from reducing heat exchange efficiency.<br />

X-Pro 2 for condenser : circulating cooling water system<br />

DN1000, water flow 6700 m³/h, installed on the water inlet<br />

pipe of the heat pump to protect the inside heat exchanger,<br />

also to prevent scale from reducing heat exchange efficiency.<br />

Step 1: Install the impulse bands<br />

Step 2: Outdoor installation, pipe wrapped insulation cotton,<br />

X-Pro 2 unit into the protective box<br />

www.vulcan-jiayifang.com<br />



66<br />

Cost Savings for Cooling Towers<br />

Japan<br />

Savings for cooling tower with <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

Installation details<br />

Model:<br />

Installation Area:<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S100<br />

cooling tower for 100RT turbo chiller, 24-hour yearly operation<br />

Circulation Water Capacity: 120 m 3 /h<br />

Pipe Diameter:<br />

Effect:<br />

150 mm<br />

chemical treatment reduced<br />

Full Chemical-treatment vs. <strong>Vulcan</strong>-treatment Indicates:<br />

Under 1 year, with <strong>Vulcan</strong> treatment is already less costly than full chemical treatment<br />

Cost reduction by <strong>Vulcan</strong> 25-year warranty:<br />

without <strong>Vulcan</strong> with <strong>Vulcan</strong> S100 savings<br />

water and electricity charges<br />

sterilization / anti-algae products<br />

water and electricity charges<br />

sterilization / anti-algae products<br />

anti-scale chemical treatment<br />

maintenance cost<br />

1st year 39,902 USD 35,386 USD 4,516 USD<br />

2nd year 79,804 USD 66,541 USD 13,263 USD<br />

3rd year 119,706 USD 97,696 USD 22,010 USD<br />

5th year 199,510 USD 160,006 USD 39,504 USD<br />

10th year 399,020 USD 315,781 USD 83,239 USD<br />

25th year 997,550 USD 783,106 USD 214,444 USD<br />

Further benefits<br />

Electric saving: about 5-15%, by the scale prevention on the turbo chiller<br />

Gas saving: about 5-25%, by the scale prevention on the absorption chiller<br />

Equipment life extension: about 30-60%<br />


67<br />

Supermal Karawaci (4-Year Cooling Tower Test)<br />

Indonesia<br />

4-Year Field Tested of <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

for the Cooling Tower<br />

at Supermal Karawaci (SMK)<br />

Installation details<br />

Model<br />

Tested field<br />

S500<br />

Supermal Karawaci, Tangerang, Indonesia<br />

Operating times This large mall operates 7 days a week from 9:30 to 21:30, 365<br />

days of the year<br />

Tested location<br />

Testing period<br />

Installed by<br />

One of 7 cooling towers servicing the mall's water cooled package<br />

air-conditioning systems. The cooling tower selected is a 408TR<br />

system containing 45 m 3 water volume with a water flow rate of<br />

318 m 3 /h in an open circuit system.<br />

February 2014 - February 2018 (4 Years)<br />

PT Biosolutions Indonesia<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S500 was located inside aluminum box<br />

and installed on a cooling tower main pipe.<br />

Inspections during the 4 years: 10 times<br />

The photographs show that the refrigeration<br />

condenser tubes, from the beginning to the<br />

end of the trial period, were "as clean as<br />

new".<br />

Please note that for 4 years of 365 days continuous<br />

operation, there has been:<br />

►<br />

• No chemical water treatment.<br />

• No bleed off of waste water.<br />

• No cleaning of condenser tubes.<br />

• No water treatment specialists employed.<br />

First Inspection: March 4, 2014.<br />

The heat exchanger tube plates were<br />

removed to reveal the inside surface of<br />

the copper tubes. Since these tubes had<br />

recently been manually cleaned, virtually<br />

no scale was present, as is on this photo.<br />

Last inspection: February 12, 2018<br />

at the end of the 4-year trial<br />

The inside surfaces of the copper tubes<br />

show zero additional scale formation<br />

after 4 years in the test period.<br />

• Copper tubes in the condensers stay very clean<br />

– without scale.<br />

• No cleaning of the cooling tower inside surfaces.<br />

Summary of Benefits:<br />

• Large savings on chemicals. The complete elimination of chemicals<br />

in this cooling tower operation during the field test supports the fact<br />

that <strong>Vulcan</strong> is “eco friendly” and would meet the Leeds and Green Mark<br />

Building Criteria required for “Green Building” designation anywhere<br />

in the world. Enjoy the benefits of a world class, sustainable and<br />

“Green” Cooling Tower!<br />

• Huge savings on blow down water consumption. Significant energy<br />

and water savings due to clean condenser tubes and no need<br />

for water blow downs below electric conductivity 10,000 µS/cm<br />

levels with the electronic cooling tower water treatment system –<br />

representing alone a saving of virtually all previously wasted water<br />

due to blow downs.<br />

• Savings on payroll – no operational stoppages required for condenser<br />

cleaning, less testing and fewer inspections needed.<br />

• Savings on supervision – engineers appreciate the “set and forget”<br />

of this automatic water treatment system. Frequency of inspections<br />

and laboratory expenses for cooling tower water testing are reduced<br />

due to the safety and reliability of the electronic systems.<br />

• <strong>Scale</strong> formation was eliminated. Refrigeration compressors operated<br />

at peak efficiency due to no scale in the condensers.<br />

• Rust prevention in iron pipes is an added benefit of the <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

system.<br />


68<br />

The Be’er Sheva Grand Mall<br />

Israel<br />

Installation details<br />

Location:<br />

The Be'er Sheva Grand Mall, Israel<br />

myofer.co.il<br />

Model/area:<br />

Problem:<br />

S250 x 4 units for 4 cooling towers<br />

Each cooling tower has 2 heat exchangers.<br />

Result:<br />

Installed by:<br />

The difference in pressure increased between the<br />

inlet and outlet of the heat exchanger, which showed<br />

a developing blockage.<br />

The heat exchangers had lost in work capacity every<br />

month due to the multiplicity of scale and rust.<br />

5 months after installation, there are no scale issues<br />

in any cooling tower heat exchanger systems.<br />

Due to the excellent results, more <strong>Vulcan</strong> will be<br />

installed for the rest of the company's facilities in<br />

Israel.<br />


The Be'er Sheva Grand Mall<br />

The Be'er Sheva Grand Mall is the largest<br />

shopping mall in the southern region of<br />

Israel, located in Be'er Sheva - the capital<br />

of the Negev. It features 220 stores.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S250 outdoor installation: on the roof, with the sun most of the year. The temperature at this time was 38 - 40 °C.<br />

In winter, it is rainy and the wrap should be sealed to IP-68. <strong>Vulcan</strong> impulse bands were well wrapped and the <strong>Vulcan</strong> unit<br />

was in the outdoor box.<br />

Without <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

With <strong>Vulcan</strong> The result after 5 months installation:<br />

On the right is a cooling tower with <strong>Vulcan</strong>.<br />

The differences are clear:<br />

1. The pressure difference is lower between<br />

the exit and the inlet of the heat exchanger in<br />

the right tower.<br />

2. The water coming out of the heat exchanger<br />

is colder in the right tower.<br />


69<br />

Tangshan Kailuan Group Linxi Mining (underground pump room)<br />

China<br />

Tangshan Kailuan Group Linxi Mining Co.<br />

Installation details<br />

Model:<br />

Location:<br />

Purpose:<br />

Installed by:<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S350<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> is installed in an explosion-proof<br />

and waterproof box.<br />

Jiu Dong pump room<br />

(600 meters deep underground)<br />

To solve the scaling problems and<br />

corrosion of pipes in the underground<br />

drainage system.<br />

Tangshan Jiuxin Technology Co.

70<br />

Energy Complex Office Building<br />

Thailand<br />

Installation details<br />

Location: Energy Complex Co., Ltd. (EnCo)<br />

Bangkok, Thailand<br />

www.energycomplex.co.th<br />

Models: 1 x S250<br />

1 x X-Pro 1<br />

Area: Before the condenser water piping system<br />

to treat all 7 cooling towers<br />

Installed by: SGI Technology / Globen Engineering<br />

About Energy Complex<br />

Energy Complex is the first office<br />

complex in Thailand and Southeast<br />

Asia to be awarded the highest level of<br />

Platinum Green Building certification<br />

from LEED (Leadership of Energy and Environmental<br />

Design) that serves as the prototypical building<br />

in Thailand for energy conservation, harmonious<br />

coexistence of industry and the environment and<br />

optimal utilization of resources.<br />

Installation purpose<br />

Before <strong>Vulcan</strong> was installed, the client used ozone water<br />

system to treat the condenser, but they still found massive<br />

scales in the basin of the cooling towers. They collected<br />

the scales from the basins and weighed them, there were<br />

around 150 kg (average) of scales every month.<br />

The results after 4 months<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> was added together with the ozone system<br />

to treat the water. After 4 months, the approach<br />

temperature of the chiller has been reduced, so that<br />

the energy has been saved from the machine. Also, the<br />

scales from the cooling tower basin have been reduced.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S250 and X-Pro 1 were installed on the main<br />

return pipes of the condenser.<br />

7 cooling towers were treated with <strong>Vulcan</strong>.<br />

SGI Technology / Globen Engineering | (+66) 2004 6681 | www.vulcan-thailand.com<br />


71<br />

Średzki Water Park<br />

Poland<br />

Średzki Water Park<br />

in Środa Śląska, Poland<br />

The water treatment system <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 protects the<br />

entire water supply network and all the heating devices<br />

of the pools of the Średzki Water Park.<br />

The costs of normal treatment products with such a<br />

water flow of 25 m 3 /h would mean operating costs at<br />

3.900 € per month (assuming 24 working per hour)!<br />

The cost of running the <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 device is approx.<br />

1,50 € per month.

72<br />

Avril Supermarket<br />

Canada<br />

Installation Details<br />

Location: Avril Supermarket<br />

Ville de Laval, Québec, Canada<br />

Model/Area: <strong>Vulcan</strong> 3000 was installed on the<br />

greenhouse water inlet<br />

Treatment area: 2640 drippers are used to water the entire<br />

production<br />

<strong>Scale</strong> problem: After 1 year without water treatment,<br />

there was an issue with limestone building<br />

up in the irrigation system which blocked<br />

the drippers; 60% of the entire production<br />

(440 trays of microgreens) did not get an<br />

even distribution of water. It required us<br />

to manually water the unwatered parts of<br />

each tray in order to prevent losses.<br />

Client's feedback: "After 7 months with <strong>Vulcan</strong>, we’re seeing<br />

a huge improvement in regards to the<br />

even distribution of water. From now on,<br />

manually adding water to the unwatered<br />

parts of each tray won’t be necessary since<br />

there isn’t any! We are totally satisfied with<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> as well as the service."<br />

Installed by: Gestion L.B. Inc<br />

www.calcairesolution.com<br />

The greenhouse in the Avril Supermarket<br />

The greenhouse watering nozzles<br />

Visible results of <strong>Vulcan</strong> water treatment – before and after<br />

Before<br />

After<br />

Before<br />


73<br />

Paris Country Club — Golf Course<br />

France<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> installed at:<br />

Paris Country Club<br />

59 Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle<br />

75009 Paris<br />

France<br />

Installed by:<br />

CWT Preval France<br />

www.cwt-international.com<br />

Model:<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S100<br />

The Paris Country Club<br />

The course is located just 10 minutes from Paris in<br />

the heart of the Saint-Cloud race course.<br />

The Paris Country Club has a 9 hole golf course,<br />

driving range, 3 separate swimming pools, tennis<br />

courts, full gym, cinema, spa and massage area as<br />

well as a full restaurant.<br />

Application:<br />

The <strong>Vulcan</strong> S100 unit was installed on the water<br />

main for the Clubhouse, to protect the bathrooms<br />

and kitchen areas from limescale deposits.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S100 <strong>Anti</strong>-<strong>Scale</strong> <strong>System</strong><br />

Aerial view of the Paris Country Club<br />

Installation of the <strong>Vulcan</strong> S100 unit in the Paris Country Club

74<br />

Pilbara Commercial Laundry Services<br />

Australia<br />

Pilbara Commercial Laundry Services<br />

South Hedland,<br />

WA 6722<br />

Australia<br />

Testimonial with Jamie Cavey<br />

Hi, my name is Jamie Cavey and I operate the only commercial laundry in Pilbara - the Pilbara<br />

Commercial Laundry Services. We are a mid-size operation that specializes in the laundering of<br />

hotel linen, mine site linen and work clothes.<br />

Living in a hard water area like Pilbara means we have ongoing problems with calcium build up<br />

in our piping and air-conditioning systems. The calcium sticks to the heating elements and the<br />

whole internal section of the hot water system becomes completely clogged with calcium.<br />

Twelve months ago we installed a German made CWT Water Treatment <strong>System</strong> from the team at<br />

Southern's Water Technology in Bunbury and immediately we noticed a significant reduction in<br />

the build-up of calcium.<br />

I believe we have quadrupled the life span of our evaporated air conditioner and we haven't had<br />

to replace our hot water system for more three years.<br />

Without the CWT Water Treatment <strong>System</strong> we would be replacing our hot water system every<br />

two years at a cost of more than $10,000.<br />

There is no doubt the CWT Water Treatment <strong>System</strong> will prolong the life span of your<br />

piping and hot water systems and evaporative air-conditioning units.<br />

After the treatment, the adhesiveness of the crystals is reduced so that scale is unable to form in<br />

the pipes.<br />

You can actually see the calcium slowly breaking down through the drainage system.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Jamie Cavey

75<br />

Mc Clean Public Toilet Center<br />

Switzerland<br />

McClean AG | Spitalstr. 18 | 4056 Basel<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong>-<strong>System</strong><br />

Mr. W.Kurt<br />

Probsteiholzweg 11<br />

4103 Bottmingen<br />

Dear Mr. Kurt,<br />

after a few months testing the <strong>Vulcan</strong> anti-scale system in our<br />

hygiene center in the station SBB of Basel, we are very happy<br />

with the results. The visible scale deposits are less and the<br />

cleaning is much easier than without <strong>Vulcan</strong> – with less need of<br />

chemicals. Also the scale depositis of the cisterns and shower<br />

heads are much less, so we have less maintenance costs. We<br />

recommend your <strong>Vulcan</strong> system and we will install more <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

systems in further of our sanitary stations in Switzerland.<br />

With best regards<br />

McClean AG<br />

Raphael Zimmermann<br />

Managing director<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> anti-scale system in the hygiene center of the station in Basel.<br />

McClean AG, Spitalstrasse 18, CH-4056 Basel<br />

Telefon +41 61 327 46 46 Fax +41 61 327 46 47 E-Mail mcclean@mccleangroup.com

76<br />

Carnation Production Antalya<br />

Turkey<br />

Carnation Production<br />

Antalya Tarim is the distributor of De Ruiter Seeds<br />

since more than 25 years. Seed varieties include<br />

tomato, eggplant, cucumber, pepper, melon and<br />

rootstock. Antalya Tarim is involved in research<br />

and development projects on vegetable varieties<br />

not covered by the rest of the group.<br />

www.antalyatarim.com.tr<br />

Installation details<br />

Results<br />

Installed at:<br />

Model:<br />

Antalya Tarım A.Ş.<br />

in Antalya, Turkey<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S50<br />

used for irrigation systems<br />

The production of cut flowers requires intensive use of<br />

plant nutrients. After a trial period of about 5 months,<br />

the impressions were as follows. When it was observed<br />

that the plant has better roots and green parts than<br />

expected, leaf and soil analysis was performed again.<br />

Purpose<br />

Solving limescale problems in irrigation systems.<br />

It was also aimed to prevent the use of limescale<br />

and bicarbonate-derived fertilizers in water in the<br />

growing environment.<br />

When we compared the analysis before and after<br />

the use of <strong>Vulcan</strong>, the analysis showed that after<br />

the use of <strong>Vulcan</strong>, there was a higher rate of plant<br />

nutrient transfer from the calcium and minerals<br />

in the water as well as from the reserves in the soil to<br />

the plant.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S50<br />

The absence of limescale stains on the green parts<br />

was also a positive result. There was an increase of the<br />

quality with the use of <strong>Vulcan</strong>. Especially the flower<br />

branch weight is an important criterion and we have<br />

observed an increase in this area. Fertilizer savings<br />

were achieved with the use of <strong>Vulcan</strong>.<br />


www.vulcanturkey.com info@vulcanturkey.com Tel. 0554 568 10 95 /vulcanturkey

77<br />

Riverview Hospital<br />

USA<br />

Installation details<br />

Model: <strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S10<br />

Location:<br />

Installation area:<br />

Installed by:<br />

Riverview Hospital<br />

Noblesville, Indiania<br />

Swimming Pool<br />

Salt-Free Water <strong>System</strong>s<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000 on main pool skimmer line<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S10 on main pool line<br />

Swimming pool chlorinator in service 30 days before installing <strong>Vulcan</strong> units<br />

Swimming pool chlorinator in service 30 days after installing <strong>Vulcan</strong> units<br />

1429 Casco Bay Cir . Cicero, Indiana . 46034, USA - www.vulcan-usa.com

78<br />

Lavender & Vineyard Farm<br />

Turkey<br />

Lavender & Vineyard Farm<br />


Installed at:<br />

Model:<br />

Private Farm of lavender and<br />

vineyards in Izmir, Turkey<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S50<br />

installed in the water system<br />



www.vulcanturkey.com<br />


Solving limescale problems in the irrigation systems<br />

and better processed photosynthesis, which is<br />

inhibited by limescale cyanide. Protecting heating and<br />

cooling systems in farm buildings against limescale.<br />


With the introduction of <strong>Vulcan</strong>, the blockages in the irrigation systems were not noticed again. After <strong>Vulcan</strong> was<br />

started to be used, it was observed that the plants could be fed more easily, the plant roots were stronger, fertilizer<br />

and water utilization increased.<br />

In addition, limescale stains on the plants caused by limescale disappeared. The equipment in the main building and<br />

technical buildings were protected against lime and rust.<br />


www.vulcanturkey.com info@vulcanturkey.com Tel. 0554 568 10 95 /vulcanturkey

79<br />

Garden Shop (Plant Cultivator)<br />

Greece<br />

Dimitrios Vasileiadis<br />

Garden shop<br />

Thessaloniki<br />

Greece<br />

Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH<br />

Selerweg 41<br />

12169 Berlin<br />

Germany<br />

Dear CWT,<br />

I am a professional cultivator of decorative plants and trees for more than 30 years.<br />

I have always hard water quality problems. This water, I irrigate with it, comes from<br />

a bore. This water is brackish, which means of course, it is very bad for the plants.<br />

Actually, I have been burning my plants all these years because of too much salt.<br />

I also have to emphasize on the fact that all these years the leaves of the plants had<br />

a white color and not the well-known green color. That is of course because of too<br />

much salt of the water.<br />

Installing the <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 device, I found out that there is not anymore white<br />

sedimentation on the leaves and soil. Most of all I realize that there is a big<br />

improvement in the growth of my plants. I also found out that there is a better and<br />

quicker foam creation. Wherever we want to wash our hands or even clothes etc.<br />

Finally, I must say that I really found the solution to my problem, which has been<br />

bothering me for all these years, using the <strong>Vulcan</strong> device.<br />

I really have to thank you from the bottom of my heart.<br />

Without <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

With <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25

80<br />

Poultry Farms<br />

Morocco<br />

The Cooling <strong>System</strong>s<br />

in the Poultry Farm<br />

Installation details<br />

Location:<br />

Area:<br />

Model:<br />

3 chicken farms in Morocco<br />

• 6 cooling systems<br />

• Drinking water of hens<br />

S10<br />

Result: The customer built the new cooling<br />

tower pads to test the <strong>Vulcan</strong> effects and<br />

compared the old pads which had not been<br />

cleaned for more than 5 years.<br />

After <strong>Vulcan</strong> had been installed for 2 weeks:<br />

• For the new pads, the new scale formed<br />

like powder, and it can be eliminated very<br />

easily.<br />

• For the old pads, it took longer time to<br />

clean the old scale with a water gun.<br />

Installed by: STE ETCT INDUSTRIE<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S10 was installed in the water main to treat<br />

6 cooling systems in 3 chicken farms.<br />

►<br />

Without any water treatment, the scale was hard like<br />

stones, which had not been cleaned for more than 5 years.<br />

After <strong>Vulcan</strong> S10 had been installed for 2 weeks, the old<br />

scale had been softer, and the new scale had formed as<br />

powder. The new scale was easy to clean, and the old scale<br />

took more time to clean up with a water gun.<br />

See the video here: www.bit.ly/ma-poultry<br />

STE ETCT INDUSTRIE | 23, bd okbra bno nafii 3ème étage N°5 hay mohamadi casablanca, Maroc | www.vulcan-maroc.com

81<br />

Cattle Farm<br />

Germany<br />

Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH (CWT)<br />

Selerweg 41<br />

12169 Berlin<br />

Germany<br />

Dear Mr. Christiani,<br />

Thank you a lot for sending me the stronger electronic system, which I installed immediately. I noticed<br />

that the drinking behavior of the animals improved promptly. I can give you more details after a longer<br />

observation period. Now about the promised observation of the CWT water treatment device:<br />

After 2-3 days of the installation, it was remarkable that the lactating cows were permanently drinking<br />

from the drinking trough and that therefore the milk production also improved after 14 days, which<br />

again led to higher weights of the piglets (before: ca. 7 kg, now: 8 kg). This continued for several<br />

months.<br />

Furthermore, we observed that scale and biofilms in old pipes for liquid feeding dissolved, leading to<br />

an improved feeding behavior of the fattened pigs. Moreover, we used to have trouble with flank<br />

abscesses due to biofilms that were probably caused by bacteria discarding endotoxin. This<br />

progressively improved with the use of CWT water treatment.<br />

I can also tell you about a cow farmer whose pipes were not clogged anymore after the installation of<br />

CWT products. Before, he had to flush the pipes every 4 weeks with air and water to make sure the<br />

cows could get enough water through the pipes. He could furthermore observe that the biofilm on the<br />

high-alloyed steel drinking trough dissolved after 14 days. After about 4 weeks, the farmer also<br />

reported that the cows produced about 0.5 L more milk per day.<br />

Negative observations:<br />

The next year in February, I started to occasionally add acids in the tubes with the consequence that<br />

the positive effect of the CWT water treatment mostly vanished. Furthermore, new biolfilms built up in<br />

the pipes, which I could make visible by flushing the pipes. The animals began to show more flank<br />

abscesses and ear necrosis again. This improved again after the flushing in the beginning of June.<br />

Then, on 19 July, I installed the stronger electronic system. Since then, I have the feeling that the<br />

livestock has stabilized and has become more vital.<br />

I hope I can give you more positive news soon and that I can tell you, whether an occasional addition<br />

of acid to the water system is possible without damages, since it is common practice to use acidy<br />

products in farms holding pigs and turkeys.<br />

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further questions.<br />

Best regards,<br />

Hubertus Fasselt

82<br />

Long-Term Care Centers<br />

Canada<br />

LONG-TERM CARE C<strong>EN</strong>TRES<br />

Installation Details<br />

Location:<br />

Long-term care centres (CHSLD)<br />

Fortierville, Québec<br />

Model: <strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000<br />

Installed by: Gestion L.B. Inc<br />

After 6 months, the opening of the hot water tank:<br />

Before using <strong>Vulcan</strong>: hard scale problems in the hot<br />

water tank.<br />

With <strong>Vulcan</strong>, the scale has softened and the large<br />

pieces of scale have fallen, it could be taken out by<br />

the technician easily.<br />

The client’s feedback:<br />

"Here is what was taken out of the tank<br />

and as you can see the walls of the tank<br />

has no trace of scale, very good result."<br />

See the video: www.bit.ly/ca-tank

83<br />

Maternity Home<br />

Israel<br />

To: Eye in Electronics CEO<br />

Review of the VULCAN equipment<br />

Installation location: Main water feed of Mother and baby convalescent home ― Telshe Stone.<br />

<strong>System</strong> installed: VULCAN S100<br />

The system was installed on our main source of water supply in the main water supply to the building.<br />

Before installing VULCAN, we treated the scale with water softeners, which required large amounts of salt,<br />

cleaning and maintenance.<br />

► For dishwashing systems, hot water for showers and washing machines we used salt softeners.<br />

► Drinking water boilers and kettles in the wards required weekly cleaning with tartaric acids.<br />

► Shower heads needed frequent treatment to remove scale deposits.<br />

After installing the VULCAN system:<br />

► We have stopped consuming acids to clean the drinking water containers. They can now be cleaned by hand.<br />

► Water softeners have been taken out of operation and no more salt is used!<br />

► The dishwashers are clean!<br />

► The shower heads < After a period of cleaning all the pipes > do not need cleaning and no replacement is<br />

required.<br />

Savings:<br />

► In cleaning materials, filters, maintenance time, and not needing to stop the use of facilities just for the sake of<br />

cleaning the water systems.<br />

► Financial savings: the price of a VULCAN system is covered within a reasonably short period of time.<br />

Best regards,<br />

G. P.<br />

General Manager<br />

Mother and baby convalescent home.<br />

The salt bags on the left side are no longer used<br />

and replaced with <strong>Vulcan</strong>.

84<br />

Residential Installations<br />

and<br />

Apartment Buildings

86<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> in Apartment Buildings (Test Report)<br />

Switzerland<br />


2 Apartment Buildings<br />

in Etagnières, Switzerland<br />

Installation of 2 x <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25<br />

Installation Place:<br />

Pipe diameter:<br />

Cold water main pipe<br />

50 mm<br />

Results before and after the <strong>Vulcan</strong> installation<br />

Kitchen Kettle<br />

Before (without <strong>Vulcan</strong>): A layer of scale had accumulated at the<br />

bottom over time, it was impossible to remove it with a plastic spatula.<br />

We could only leave vinegar to let it act for a long time, so that the<br />

scale could be removed.<br />

After (with <strong>Vulcan</strong>): <strong>Scale</strong> is easy to be removed, even with a<br />

finger or a damp cloth.<br />

External surfaces of pots and pans<br />

Before: If you do not wipe off water right away, the water would leave<br />

spots and it would be difficult to remove afterwards. You can only<br />

clean with dishwashing detergent again, and wipe off water without<br />

delay.<br />

After: Even the pot has been dry for 30 minutes, it is still easy<br />

to remove spots with a damp cloth. If it is left to dry for a longer<br />

period, e.g. 1 night, the spots disappear after rubbing the surface<br />

for several times with increased pressure but still without<br />

detergent.<br />

Sink (stainless steel)<br />

Before: Quick greasy fouling, especially after removing residues from<br />

cooking oils with rinse water from cooking tools. Rough sponge and<br />

brush with degreasing detergent needed.<br />

After: The degreaser is still necessary but the cleaning is easier<br />

and less work.<br />

Dishwasher (internal wall is stainless steel)<br />

Before: White layer of scale adherent (on the bottom and on the door)<br />

was difficult to remove; anti-scale product was required.<br />

After: The white powder on these surfaces is easy to remove<br />

with a wet sponge (no special cleaning product).<br />

Chrome faucet<br />

Before: Scraping scales with a knife onto the spay heads was necessary<br />

because the outlet holes of the spay heads were stuck by scales.<br />

After: If scale builds up on these elements, it can be easily removed<br />

without an anti-scale product.<br />

Filter holder <strong>Vulcan</strong> of Vertrieb faucets «<strong>Anti</strong>calcaire and filters <strong>Vulcan</strong>» (kitchen W.Kurt and - 4103 bathroom) Bottmingen - w.kurt@cwt-International.ch - Tel. +41 (0) 79 22 11 33 9<br />

Before: Limestone was strongly stuck on the circumference of the<br />

rings and also visible in the plastic filters (inner side). To remove the<br />

scale by soaking in vinegar is necessary. The outlet holes in the spray<br />

head (kitchen) were frequently blocked by hard-to-remove scale<br />

deposits.<br />

After: No deposit was found inside the filters or on the outside<br />

rings. The water comes out of the shower head without any<br />

obstacle, and no new deposit accumulates in the holes of the<br />

spray head.<br />

Worktops (granite surfaces)<br />

Before: Accumulation of a layer of scale left by the water around the<br />

tap; After drying the surface appeared dull and dirty. No anti-limestone<br />

(acid) product should be used on this mineral surface. Natural stone<br />

care products are only effective on a scale-free surface. Scraping of<br />

the stone surface with a metal spatula after using the steam cleaner<br />

at the maximum pressure.<br />

After: The cleaned and treated surface regains the original<br />

shine and brightness; Its maintenance is no longer a problem:<br />

the limestone powder is easily removed with a damp cloth.<br />

The stone care product is used from time to time with better<br />

efficiency.<br />

Washbasins (bathroom)<br />

Before: "Rust" fast and sticky. The deposits could only be removed<br />

with an abrasive sponge + degreasing detergent and sometimes an<br />

anti-scale product.<br />

After: The deposits are easy to remove with a damp cloth. The<br />

use of soap only serves to ensure the hygiene of the surfaces.

Filter holder of faucets and filters (kitchen and bathroom)<br />

Before: Limestone was strongly stuck on the circumference of the<br />

rings and also visible in the plastic filters (inner side). To remove the<br />

scale by soaking in vinegar is necessary. The outlet holes in the spray<br />

head (kitchen) were frequently blocked by hard-to-remove scale<br />

deposits.<br />

After: No deposit was found inside the filters or on the outside<br />

rings. The water comes out of the shower head without any<br />

obstacle, and no new deposit accumulates in the holes of the<br />

spray head.<br />

87<br />

Filter Worktops holder (granite of faucets surfaces) and filters (kitchen and bathroom)<br />

Before: Accumulation Limestone was of strongly a layer of stuck scale on left the by circumference the water around of the<br />

After: No The deposit cleaned was and found treated inside surface the filters regains or on the outside original<br />

rings tap; After and drying also visible the surface in the appeared plastic filters dull (inner and dirty. side). No To anti-limestone<br />

remove the rings. shine and The brightness; water comes Its out maintenance of the shower is no longer head without a problem: any<br />

scale (acid) by product soaking should in vinegar be used is necessary. on this mineral The outlet surface. holes Natural in the stone spray obstacle, the limestone and no powder new deposit is easily accumulates removed with in the a damp holes of cloth. the<br />

head care products (kitchen) are were only frequently effective on blocked a scale-free by hard-to-remove surface. Scraping scale of spray The stone head. care product is used from time to time with better<br />

deposits. the stone surface with a metal spatula after using the steam cleaner efficiency.<br />

at the maximum pressure.<br />

Worktops (granite surfaces)<br />

Before: Washbasins Accumulation (bathroom) of a layer of scale left by the water around the<br />

tap; Before: After "Rust" drying fast the surface and sticky. appeared The deposits dull and could dirty. No only anti-limestone<br />

be removed<br />

(acid) with an product abrasive should sponge be used + degreasing on this mineral detergent surface. and sometimes Natural stone an<br />

care anti-scale products product. are only effective on a scale-free surface. Scraping of<br />

the stone surface with a metal spatula after using the steam cleaner<br />

at the maximum pressure.<br />

Drain pipes for washbasins<br />

Before: A cylindrical brush (white synthetic threads) was pushed in<br />

Washbasins rotation and under (bathroom)<br />

running water to the bottom of the collector, was<br />

Before: charged "Rust" with a fast black and sludge sticky. deposit The deposits when removed could only from be removed the pipe<br />

with (weekly an abrasive cleaning). sponge It is still + a degreasing proof of this detergent surface bonding and sometimes power that an<br />

anti-scale characterized product. "hard enough" water.<br />

After: The cleaned and treated surface regains the original<br />

shine After: and The brightness; deposits are Its easy maintenance to remove is with no a longer damp a cloth. problem: The<br />

the use of limestone soap only powder serves is to easily ensure removed the hygiene with of a the damp surfaces. cloth.<br />

The stone care product is used from time to time with better<br />

efficiency.<br />

After: When the brush is removed, the threads return to a state<br />

of whiteness almost without black deposits.<br />

After: The deposits are easy to remove with a damp cloth. The<br />

use of soap only serves to ensure the hygiene of the surfaces.<br />

Drain<br />

Toilet<br />

pipes<br />

(Ceramic)<br />

for washbasins<br />

Before: Even after using the w.c. brush, the "traces of marks" had<br />

Before: A cylindrical brush (white synthetic threads) was pushed in<br />

a tendency to clog especially to the bottom of the bowl. "Hygo WC<br />

rotation and under running water to the bottom of the collector, was<br />

maximum power gel" cleaning products were necessary to ensure<br />

charged with a black sludge deposit when removed from the pipe<br />

proper hygiene.<br />

(weekly cleaning). It is still a proof of this surface bonding power that<br />

Conclusions<br />

characterized "hard enough" water.<br />

Fittings<br />

Toilet Before: After <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

(Ceramic)<br />

The was deposits installed of for scale 1 week, were in less general, around we quickly these elements noticed a<br />

because marked decrease they were of adhesive less accentuated forces of the on water the ceramic on most than surfaces on the in<br />

Before: Even after using the w.c. brush, the "traces of marks" had<br />

granite. contact with An anti-lime water over product a prolonged helps period. to eliminate The comfort scales provided around the by<br />

a tendency clog especially to the bottom of the bowl. "Hygo WC<br />

linings this limestone (easy knife converter scraping). is very appreciable compared to the previous<br />

maximum situation. power gel" cleaning products were necessary to ensure<br />

proper hygiene.<br />

After: These spots are now easy to "erase." Even if it is<br />

After: When the brush is removed, the threads return to a state<br />

necessary to use cleaning products for reasons of hygiene or<br />

of whiteness almost without black deposits.<br />

for routine maintenance, it still saves the use.<br />

After:<br />

Another<br />

Wet<br />

advantage<br />

wiping is<br />

of<br />

already<br />

this system,<br />

sufficient,<br />

and<br />

even<br />

not<br />

without<br />

the least,<br />

anti-scale<br />

is its<br />

product.<br />

excellent efficiency / price ratio; There will be no additional<br />

After: charges These thereafter spots are and now its easy consumption to "erase." of electricity Even if it is<br />

necessary insignificant. to It use is cleaning more appreciable products for while reasons the of loads hygiene of the or<br />

for building routine always maintenance, tend to increase. it still saves the use.<br />

Shower Our wish was heads to find a solution to the problem, not by totally eliminating After: We have There no are particular no more interest obstructions (financial and or the otherwise) water flows in<br />

Fittings Before: the scale, The but water by finding outlets a way were to often convert blocked its physical by scale structure deposits. so that smoothly. promoting this system and we also needed evidence of its<br />

Before: it can improve The deposits the cleaning of scale effort were and protect less around the devices these without elements the After: effectiveness, Wet wiping which is we already have sufficient, received from even these without tests. anti-scale<br />

because addition of they chemical were substances.<br />

less accentuated on the ceramic than on the product.<br />

granite. Shower An cabin anti-lime (glass) product helps to eliminate scales around the Shower enclosure frame (aluminum)<br />

We firmly believe that this is the most advantageous system and<br />

linings We<br />

This<br />

have<br />

device<br />

(easy not<br />

is<br />

knife noticed<br />

an excellent<br />

scraping). a great<br />

compromise<br />

difference<br />

for<br />

between<br />

solving<br />

before<br />

the problems<br />

and after<br />

in our<br />

at Before: strongly wish It was to keep necessary it. to scrape the deposits of scale<br />

the<br />

building<br />

level<br />

caused<br />

of the glass<br />

by the<br />

walls:<br />

hard water.<br />

glass is the material on which the scale accumulated at the junction of the shower tray with the knife,<br />

attaches Conclusions<br />

the least, especially since they are vertical walls on which an anti-lime product (acid) can not be in contact with this metal.<br />

Shower water flows heads easily. Another co-owner found that the stains on the<br />

After: There deposits are no are more removed obstructions with ease. and the water flows<br />

Before: glass Maintenance walls The were is simple<br />

water easier because<br />

outlets to were remove no<br />

often than maintenance<br />

blocked before. is required after the<br />

After by scale deposits. smoothly.<br />

unit is <strong>Vulcan</strong> installed. was There installed is no for dependence 1 week, in general, on products we quickly to be added noticed and a Another advantage of this system, and not the least, is its<br />

marked which must decrease be managed of adhesive throughout forces the of the year. water The on composition most surfaces of the in excellent efficiency / price ratio; There will be no additional<br />

Shower<br />

Evaporation Conclusions<br />

contact water remains with water<br />

cabin unchanged, of over<br />

(glass)<br />

water a prolonged which in a saucer is a period. strong and The positive comfort a glass point provided for health. by charges thereafter and its consumption of electricity is<br />

Shower enclosure frame (aluminum)<br />

A)<br />

this<br />

Glass<br />

limestone<br />

saucer<br />

converter<br />

with flat<br />

is very<br />

bottom.<br />

appreciable<br />

Before:<br />

compared<br />

The scale<br />

to<br />

clogged<br />

the previous<br />

strongly<br />

insignificant.<br />

to the bottom<br />

It<br />

and<br />

is more<br />

vinegar<br />

appreciable<br />

was necessary<br />

while<br />

to<br />

the<br />

remove<br />

loads<br />

it.<br />

of<br />

After:<br />

the<br />

We have not noticed a great difference between before and after at Before: It was necessary to scrape the deposits of scale<br />

<strong>Scale</strong><br />

situation.<br />

still clings to the bottom, but can be removed only by rubbing, if necessary<br />

building always<br />

with a plastic<br />

tend to<br />

spatula,<br />

increase.<br />

but without using vinegar.<br />

the After level <strong>Vulcan</strong> of the was glass installed walls: for glass 1 week, is the in general, material we on quickly which the noticed scale a accumulated Another advantage at the junction of this system, of the shower and not tray the with least, the knife, is its<br />

B) attaches marked Water decrease the glass. least, Before: of especially adhesive The scale forces since was they of the formed are water vertical on on the most walls surfaces of on the which glass, in difficult an excellent anti-lime to remove efficiency product (vinegar (acid) / price necessary). can ratio; not There be in After: contact will The be with limescale no this additional metal. spot<br />

is water contact Our less wish flows broad with was water easily. and to find less over Another a solution compact, a prolonged co-owner to but the it problem, period. is found still difficult The not that by comfort the totally remove stains provided eliminating without on the by vinegar. After: charges We have<br />

The thereafter deposits<br />

no particular<br />

are and removed<br />

interest its consumption with<br />

(financial<br />

ease.<br />

or of otherwise) electricity in is<br />

These glass this the scale, limestone walls scenarios<br />

but were by converter finding easier are not to a is the<br />

way remove very same<br />

to appreciable convert than as water before. its compared flowing<br />

physical<br />

along<br />

structure to the a vertical previous so that<br />

glass insignificant. promoting<br />

wall and leaving<br />

this It system is few more traces<br />

and appreciable (walls<br />

we also<br />

of the<br />

needed while shower the evidence<br />

cabin). loads of of the its<br />

situation.<br />

can improve the cleaning effort and protect the devices without the building effectiveness, always which tend we to increase. have received from these tests.<br />

Observations after <strong>Vulcan</strong> disconnected<br />

addition of chemical substances.<br />

Evaporation of water in a saucer and a glass<br />

Our wish was <strong>Vulcan</strong> to find Vertrieb a solution «<strong>Anti</strong>calcaire to the problem, <strong>Vulcan</strong>» not by totally W.Kurt eliminating - 4103 Bottmingen We firmly have - w.kurt@cwt-International.ch believe no particular that this is interest the most (financial - advantageous Tel. +41 or (0) otherwise) 79 system 22 11 33 and in 9<br />

A) Glass saucer with flat bottom. Before: The scale clogged strongly to the bottom and vinegar was necessary to remove it. After:<br />

the This scale, device but is an by finding excellent a way compromise to convert for its solving physical the structure problems so in that our promoting strongly wish this to system keep it. and we also needed evidence of its<br />

<strong>Scale</strong> 15 days still were clings needed to the to bottom, make the but first can observations:<br />

be removed only by rubbing, if necessary After 4 years with a of plastic building spatula, pipe expansion, but without it using took vinegar. only one week<br />

it building can improve caused the by cleaning the hard effort water. and protect the devices without the effectiveness, which we have received from these tests.<br />

to make initial observations of the efficiency of the VULCAN<br />

B) addition - Aspect<br />

Water of of<br />

glass. chemical the water:<br />

Before: substances. the<br />

The<br />

water<br />

scale<br />

appears<br />

was formed<br />

heavy<br />

on<br />

and<br />

the<br />

oily<br />

wall<br />

again.<br />

of the glass, difficult to remove (vinegar necessary). After: The limescale spot<br />

descaler.<br />

is less broad and less compact, but it is still difficult to remove without vinegar.<br />

Maintenance is simple because no maintenance is required after the We firmly believe that this is the most advantageous system and<br />

These - Water scenarios has become are not aggressive the same on as the water skin flowing (shower). along a vertical glass wall and leaving few traces (walls of the shower cabin).<br />

This unit is device installed. is an There excellent is no compromise dependence for on solving products the to problems be added in and our strongly But the time wish to to reappear keep it. of scale deposits or water effects on the<br />

building which - The must scale caused be sticks managed by again the hard on throughout the water. kitchen the tap year. fittings. The composition of the skin after the system was shut down was twice as long.<br />

water remains unchanged, which is a strong positive point for health.<br />

- The scale <strong>Vulcan</strong> is deposited Vertrieb again «<strong>Anti</strong>calcaire on the granite <strong>Vulcan</strong>» and W.Kurt it is difficult - 4103 Bottmingen to - w.kurt@cwt-International.ch - Tel. +41 (0) 79 22 11 33 9<br />

Maintenance<br />

remove.<br />

is simple because no maintenance is required after the<br />

unit is installed. There is no dependence on products to be added and<br />

which - The must scale be is deposited managed throughout back to the the bottom year. of The the composition kettle and can of the not<br />

water be removed remains with unchanged, a hand or which a damp is a cloth. strong positive point for health.<br />

Observations after <strong>Vulcan</strong> disconnected<br />

- The internal surface and the dishwasher tank are again covered<br />

with scale.<br />

- The clogging of bathroom sinks has begun to occur again (the scale<br />

15 adheres days were to the needed ceramic). to make the first observations:<br />

Observations after <strong>Vulcan</strong> disconnected<br />

- Aspect of the water: the water appears heavy and oily again.<br />

After 4 years of building pipe expansion, it took only one week<br />

to make initial observations of the efficiency of the VULCAN<br />

descaler.<br />

- Water has become aggressive on the skin (shower).<br />

But the time to reappear of scale deposits or water effects on the<br />

15 days were needed to make the first observations:<br />

After 4 years of building pipe expansion, it took only one week<br />

- The scale sticks again on the kitchen tap fittings.<br />

skin after the system was shut down was twice as long.<br />

to make initial observations of the efficiency of the VULCAN<br />

Observation Aspect of the report water: made the by water Jean-François appears heavy and and Michaela oily again. Burkhalter, co-owners<br />

descaler.<br />

of Building B.<br />

- The scale is deposited again on the granite and it is difficult to<br />

- remove. Water has become aggressive on the skin (shower).<br />

But the time to reappear of scale deposits or water effects on the<br />

- The scale sticks is deposited again on back the to kitchen the bottom tap fittings. of the kettle and can not skin after the system was shut down was twice as long.<br />

be removed with a hand or a damp cloth.<br />

- The scale is deposited again on the granite and it is difficult to<br />

- remove. The internal surface and the dishwasher tank are again covered<br />

with scale.<br />

- The scale is deposited back to the bottom of the kettle and can not<br />

- be The removed clogging with of bathroom a hand or sinks a damp has cloth. begun to occur again (the scale<br />

adheres to the ceramic).<br />

- The internal surface and the dishwasher tank are again covered<br />

with scale.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> Vertrieb «<strong>Anti</strong>calcaire <strong>Vulcan</strong>» W.Kurt - 4103 Bottmingen - w.kurt@cwt-International.ch - Tel. +41 (0) 79 22 11 33 9<br />

- The clogging of bathroom sinks has begun to occur again (the scale<br />

adheres to the ceramic).

88<br />

Garden Sprinkler <strong>System</strong>s<br />

Australia<br />


Gelorup<br />

Western Australia<br />

Water treatment system by CWT Germany<br />

My wife and I live on a 5 acre property at Gelorup, 20 minutes south of Bunbury in Western<br />

Australia. Our local water causes enormous problems with our reticulation system. Large quantities<br />

of iron sludge and chips would build up in the piping system and block the solenoids and individual<br />

sprinklers. The situation was getting us both down. It seemed like the sprinklers were continually<br />

blocked and I was replacing the solenoids every six months.<br />

Within three months of installing the CWT water treatment system the rust residual and sludge disappeared.<br />

I was staggered by the results. The pipe was completely clear and there were no signs<br />

of the iron scale at all.<br />

A reliable and clean sprinkler system is very important for us to maintain a healthy garden which contains<br />

more than 200 rose bushes and half an acre of trees and cottage garden. Our horse paddocks are also<br />

under reticulation. The CWT system has saved me an enormous amount of time and money and I’m no<br />

longer cleaning sprinkler heads or replacing the solenoids in the reticulation system.<br />

The results have been so successful we are now planning a major expansion of the<br />

garden and bird aviary. I would recommend this product for anyone who lives in a hard water area<br />

in Australia. They’re simple to install and maintenance free.<br />

Lance Butcher from Western Australian enjoying his clean sprinkler system after installing the water treatment system by CWT.

89<br />

Hairdresser Recommendation Letter<br />

Switzerland<br />

Hairdresser Claudia Gugler‐Roux<br />

3182 Ueberstorf, Switzerland<br />

www.coiffureclaudia.ch<br />

Recommendation <strong>Vulcan</strong> Ueberstorf, November 2011<br />

In the course of my almost 25 years of career as an hairdresser, I have been dealing with the element of water every<br />

day. That is exactly how long I have been searching for a method to reduce lime deposits.<br />

For 10 years now I have been running my business in my own house. All the more I was interested in doing something<br />

against the constant cleaning and descaling in the household. Furthermore, the whole family prefers tap water as<br />

their main drink. So the quality of the water is very important to us.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> sounds very interesting and I decided to install such a device for a test.<br />

After we have been using <strong>Vulcan</strong> for half a year, we can make the following positive observations:<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Less limescale deposits in shower, bath, WC.<br />

Easier cleaning of our glass shower cabin (considerably less limescale deposits).<br />

The water is noticeably softer, which is noticeable when washing my customers' hair.<br />

The drinking and tap water is of a higher quality. It is noticeably more velvety and tasteless.<br />

Taps and nozzles are less calcified.<br />

The coffee machine is hardly calcified any more.<br />

Generally less consumption and use of conventional descaling agents.<br />

All in all only positive findings. We bought the <strong>Vulcan</strong> with complete conviction. If the statements also apply to the<br />

water pipes in the house, our water pipe system will not incur any expensive maintenance costs in the next few years,<br />

so that this investment has also paid off here.<br />

Addendum 27.05.2020: Even after 9 years I am still very satisfied with <strong>Vulcan</strong> and am happy to give my consent for the<br />

publication of this reference.<br />

Claudia Gugler‐Roux<br />

All 6 condominium and 4 private houses were equipped with <strong>Vulcan</strong> S25 & <strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000.

90<br />

Nobilis Residence Building<br />

Canada<br />

Le Nobilis Residences<br />

Installation Details<br />

The Results<br />

Location:<br />

<strong>Scale</strong> problem:<br />

Model/Area:<br />

Treatment area:<br />

Testing period:<br />

Installed by:<br />

Le Nobilis Residences<br />

(269 flats in the building)<br />

Blainville, Québec,<br />

Canada<br />

Had to clean the scale with chemicals<br />

manually<br />

1 x V5000 for the hot water recirculation<br />

1 x S50 for the water entrance<br />

Whole piping system<br />

12 months<br />

Gestion L.B. Inc<br />

www.calcairesolution.com<br />

The good comments of the director of the residence:<br />

After 1 year of use, the results are positive, the cleaning<br />

of limestone in kitchen appliances has decreased by 75%.<br />

We have done tests on the filters in the kitchen, we stopped<br />

changing the kitchen’s water filters in 2018 when installing<br />

the <strong>Vulcan</strong> system. In 2020, the old filters of 2018 are made<br />

immaculate white as if they were new, we can affirm that<br />

the <strong>Vulcan</strong> system makes it possible to stop filter<br />

changes, with a fairly high efficiency that the <strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

system was used to clean the old filters clogged.<br />

We also noticed a complete stop of the service calls<br />

concerning the limestone in the showers of housing. Before<br />

the <strong>Vulcan</strong> system, we had to clean the shower heads in<br />

each of the homes every 16 months. Since the installation<br />

of the system, no customer has requested service for<br />

cleaning.<br />

In summary, we are completely satisfied with the system,<br />

and we can say that customer service and water quality<br />

have been greatly improved.<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000 for the hot water recirculation<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> S50 for the water entrance

91<br />

Steinbeis Institute (Household Equipment Test)<br />

Germany<br />



(Foundation of economic promotion Reutlingen)<br />

TRANSFERZ<strong>EN</strong>TRUM REUTLING<strong>EN</strong><br />


(Transfer Centre - Applied and environmental chemistry)<br />

Expertise<br />

Concerning the effect of the water-treatment device<br />

“<strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000“<br />

Test subject: water treatment device "<strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000"<br />

Manufacturer:<br />

Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH (CWT)<br />

Heinrich-Heine-Str. 15<br />

D-52249 Eschweiler<br />

Test instruction:<br />

A test should be carried out to determine whether <strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000 can reduce lime<br />

deposits in water pipes and household equipment in a purely physical manner<br />

without altering the water chemically.<br />

Experimental demonstration of function:<br />

The effect was verified in a heat exchanger arrangement using two identical testing<br />

units. Water was withdrawn from the water pipes simultaneously upstream and<br />

downstream of the device to be tested and calcium precipitation forced in the heat<br />

exchangers.<br />

As lime deposits increase, the flow of water decreases. The more water flows<br />

through the experimental arrangement, the smaller tendency there is for the water<br />

to form scale on pipes and container walls. The test was carried out on the basis of<br />

the practice-related water withdrawal of a four-person STEINBEIS-STIFTUNG household FÜR with the additional<br />


regular withdrawal of five litres of water at half hourly intervals for a total of six weeks.<br />

(Foundation of economic promotion Reutlingen)<br />

This test showed that the tendency to form lime deposits is reduced considerably by<br />

the “<strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000” water-treatment device. In addition, the effect continues for some<br />

days after “<strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000” has been switched off. Seemingly, the effect is not only<br />

limited to a certain part of the pipe, but also passed into the water flowing nearby<br />

sections of the pipe.<br />

Centre for Environmental Chemistry<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong><br />

5000<br />

TRANSFERZ<strong>EN</strong>TRUM REUTLING<strong>EN</strong><br />


(Transfer Centre - Applied and environmental chemistry)<br />

Reutlingen,<br />

(Prof. Dr.D. Frahne)<br />

Enclosure:<br />

Test diagram<br />

Water withdrawal<br />

habits of a four-person<br />

household<br />

A – extraction before<br />

treatment<br />

B – extraction after<br />

treatment<br />

Thermometer<br />

Water treated<br />

with<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000<br />

Untreated<br />

water<br />

Graphic<br />

recording<br />

mechanism<br />

Thermostat<br />

90°C<br />

Heat<br />

exchanger<br />

Flow<br />

control<br />

Amount of water<br />

flowing through start<br />

with 5 ml/min<br />

Schematic representation to prove the function of the

92<br />

Residential Client from Bünden<br />

Germany<br />

Dear Ms. David,<br />

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the great offer to test your<br />

<strong>Vulcan</strong> 3000 for six weeks.<br />

My results ...<br />

The device was very easy to install on the water pipe.<br />

After plugging in the power supply, it was ready to go.<br />

And how it started....<br />

After just two days (by which time the water in the hot water tank had almost been<br />

replaced), the limescale deposits in the bathroom (glass door and fixtures) were noticeably<br />

reduced. We could also notice positive effects of the „lime converter“. Hardly any deposits<br />

in the black kettle and coffee maker. Another positive point is that you have the feeling of<br />

softer hair after showering.<br />

What can I say, that device meets our expectations to our complete satisfaction.<br />

Thank you very much.<br />

With best regards<br />

Jürgen Bartelheimer<br />

from Bünde

93<br />

Residential Client from Ottobrun<br />

Germany<br />

Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH<br />

Köpenicker Str. 154<br />

10997 Berlin<br />

Germany<br />

Family Janker<br />

from Ottobrunn<br />

First-hand report concerning the <strong>Vulcan</strong> 5000 electronic water treatment system<br />

Dear Mr. Christiani,<br />

We would like to in the following share our experience with the VULCAN 5000 device.<br />

We installed the VULCAN 5000 device for a trial period back to last year. As the results of the device<br />

during the trial period were positive and conformed with our decalcification requirements, the only<br />

thing preventing us from making the purchase immediately was that we were waiting to test two<br />

further devices.<br />

The other two devices which were based on magnetism could not maintain the same results achieved<br />

by the VULCAN 5000. The effect of one device was incomparable, the other device was difficult to<br />

assemble due to incorrect dimensions. Since our family house is an old building with an extension<br />

built in 1991, the water pipelines are so laid out that the distance from the wall to the centre of the 1<br />

inch supply line is only 25mm. Despite this narrow width the installation of the VULCAN 5000 device<br />

was not a problem.<br />

After we sent back your device and the other two shortly after, we put off the issue of water softening<br />

and decalcification. However, after visiting the ‘Heim & Handwerk’ trade fair in Munich this year, we<br />

decided to purchase your device, due to our high water hardness.<br />

Since the installation we have noticed the immediate effects of softer water as well as a decrease in<br />

the amount of scale. The reduction of scale is particularly visible in the transparent water container<br />

of our espresso machine as well as in the aerators. We are confident that we have purchased the<br />

correct device for our house with a good price/performance ratio.<br />

Yours Sincerely,<br />

Family Janker

www.cwt-vulcan.com<br />

<strong>EN</strong> 05/2023

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