Potentate 2009 Illustrious Sir Kevin Wilson and Lady - Mocha Shriners

Potentate 2009 Illustrious Sir Kevin Wilson and Lady - Mocha Shriners

Potentate 2009 Illustrious Sir Kevin Wilson and Lady - Mocha Shriners


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VOL. 32 NO. 1 LONDON, ONTARIO FEBRUARY <strong>2009</strong><br />

PM #40010349<br />

<strong>Potentate</strong> <strong>2009</strong> <strong>Illustrious</strong><br />

<strong>Sir</strong> <strong>Kevin</strong> <strong>Wilson</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>Lady</strong> Barb

Canadian Publications Mail Product Sales<br />

Agreement #40010349<br />

Official Publication of <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple<br />

www.mochashriners.org<br />

Published 4 times a year<br />

Statement of Purpose: To allow members to share<br />

items of interest while promoting our commitment<br />

to children <strong>and</strong> the interests of <strong>Mocha</strong> Centre.<br />

Editor: Dennis Cook, 519-842-3064<br />

Editor Emeritus: Gerry Stephenson<br />

Public Relations: Richard Jones, 519-433-6991<br />

Office: Sharron Miller, Susan Rock<br />

<strong>and</strong> Jody Axford<br />

468 Colborne St. London, ON N6B 2T3<br />

Phone: 519-672-1391<br />

mochashriners@rogers.com<br />

Fax: 672-7723 Lounge: 672-2043<br />

ELECTED DIVAN <strong>2009</strong> <br />

<strong>Potentate</strong>: <strong>Kevin</strong> M. <strong>Wilson</strong><br />

102-8888 Riverside Dr. E.,<br />

Windsor, ON N8S 1H2<br />

Home: 519-948-9851<br />

kbarbson@cogeco.ca<br />

Chief Rabban: Barry Snider<br />

500 Bluestream Rd., Waterloo, ON N2K 3B1<br />

Home: 519-885-2076<br />

barry.snider@sympatico.ca<br />

Assistant Rabban: Jack Cumming<br />

RR#2, Dobbington, ON N0H 1L0<br />

Home: 519-353-5556<br />

hjcumming@brucetelecom.com<br />

High Priest & Prophet: Dave Fickling<br />

14 Wadsworth St., London, ON N5V 2R2<br />

Home: 519-451-6724<br />

ficks@rogers.com<br />

Oriental Guide: Robert Parker<br />

225 Ensign Cres., London, ON N6J 4T9<br />

Home: 519-680-0032<br />

parkerrob@rogers.com<br />

Treasurer: Dave Fahrner, PP<br />

149 Norm<strong>and</strong>y Gardens, London, ON N6H 4B3<br />

Home: 519-641-4998<br />

fahrner@sympatico.ca<br />

Recorder: Jeff Brown<br />

216 Seldon St., Thamesford, ON N0M 2M0<br />

Home: 519-285-2042<br />

2.browns@rogers.com<br />


Chaplain: Rev. Canon Michael Farr<br />

519-396-8284<br />

First Ceremonial Master: Gary Maycock<br />

519-353-4808<br />

Second Ceremonial Master: Jim Thomsen<br />

519-495-1882<br />

Marshall: Craig Kealey 519-389-4187<br />

Parade Marshall: Darrin Wettlaufer<br />

519-690-1128<br />

Captain of the Guard: Earl Rudd<br />

519-438-3693<br />

Outer Guard: Bill Baxter 519-348-8000<br />

Chief Aide: Norm Camp 519-858-3500<br />

Director’s Staff: Doug McConnell<br />

519-652-5147<br />

Membership Chairman: Dwight Coughlan<br />

519-666-3672<br />

Property - Inside: Bent Andersen 519-672-7408<br />

Property - Outside: Jim McFadden<br />

519-660-0185<br />

<strong>Potentate</strong>’s Report<br />

Dear Nobles <strong>and</strong> Ladies,<br />

It is indeed a great honour <strong>and</strong> a privilege to have been elected <strong>and</strong><br />

installed as your <strong>Potentate</strong> for the year <strong>2009</strong>. I am very excited about<br />

the prospects for this year. It is also very humbling <strong>and</strong> gratifying to<br />

think you have honoured me with this high office of trust <strong>and</strong> great<br />

responsibility. I pledge to you that I will dedicate myself as your<br />

<strong>Potentate</strong> <strong>and</strong> represent you <strong>and</strong> all of <strong>Mocha</strong> to the very best of my<br />

ability.<br />

There will be many wonderful opportunities available for each of us<br />

to participate in, especially spreading the story of the Shrine <strong>and</strong><br />

Masonry in general to all those who are not presently members of our great fraternity. My<br />

challenge to you is to grasp this opportunity <strong>and</strong> reach out <strong>and</strong> let us watch as <strong>Mocha</strong> grows.<br />

Reach out to your sons, gr<strong>and</strong>sons, neighbours <strong>and</strong> your friends. Let them know how proud<br />

you are to be a <strong>Mocha</strong> Shriner <strong>and</strong> let them know all the positives that masonry <strong>and</strong> the shrine<br />

has done for you. Describe to them the warm feelings you as a member receive when you<br />

help support the “Worlds Greatest Philanthropy”, <strong>Shriners</strong> Helping Children <strong>and</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Hospitals for Children.<br />

On a personal note, I would also like to thank you for electing a great leadership team that<br />

has a passion for the success <strong>and</strong> future of <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong>. This team is committed to<br />

continue the progress that they have already begun. As a Divan they will continue to strive<br />

for the betterment of our great <strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine. We are continuing our hard work of<br />

recruiting new members, in retaining our present membership <strong>and</strong> also reinstating those who<br />

have dropped out for various reasons.<br />

It is our sincere desire to attain a positive membership gain for <strong>2009</strong>. This can only be done<br />

with the complete participation of each of you. I would like to challenge each noble of <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> to commit to recruiting at least one new member this year <strong>and</strong> at the same time<br />

commit to bringing back one inactive member that you may personally know. Last but not<br />

least commit yourself to the best of your ability to be actively involved within this great<br />

philanthropy.<br />

As we are now into the New Year, your <strong>Potentate</strong> <strong>and</strong> Divan will be open to all suggestions<br />

that will help us move forward. Remember if we all work together as a team, we will<br />

accomplish a great deal.<br />

In closing let me again thank you for the trust <strong>and</strong> confidence that you have placed in me.<br />

<strong>Lady</strong> Barb <strong>and</strong> I, wish you <strong>and</strong> your family good health, <strong>and</strong> happiness as we all start our<br />

journey through this year together.<br />

Let <strong>Mocha</strong> Shine in <strong>2009</strong>!<br />

Yours in the Faith<br />

<strong>Kevin</strong> <strong>Wilson</strong>, <strong>Potentate</strong><br />

❖ <strong>2009</strong> <strong>Potentate</strong> <strong>and</strong> Divan<br />

❖ <strong>Potentate</strong>’s Trip<br />

❖ Spring Ceremonial<br />

❖ Canadian Hospital Report<br />

❖ New Unit - Keystone Kops<br />

❖ MSPOTS Update<br />

❖ Many good articles from clubs <strong>and</strong> units<br />

Look through <strong>and</strong> find out!<br />

Page 2 February <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

MOCHA NEWS February <strong>2009</strong> Page 3

<strong>Mocha</strong> Shriner’s visit to<br />

London Children’s Hospital<br />

Dec. 25, 2008<br />

"The Christmas Card"<br />

In 1953 (55 years ago) a childhood friend sent me<br />

a Scotch Christmas Card that reads:<br />

“A bonnie good luck Christmas, I never make a<br />

practice of giving things away - but to a friend as<br />

fine as you - here’s luck on Christmas Day,<br />

so I'm sending you this good luck card to bring<br />

you joy <strong>and</strong> cheer, providing that you send it<br />

back to me next year.”<br />

Thus it was forwarded<br />

to me in 1953, <strong>and</strong><br />

I sent it back in 1954,<br />

<strong>and</strong> it has travelled<br />

yearly back <strong>and</strong> forth<br />

between us up to the<br />

present day,<br />

with family names<br />

added each year.<br />

I believe you will see<br />

this card in the Guiness<br />

Book of Records.<br />

Noble Dave Harding<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>’s <strong>Potentate</strong>’s Trip<br />

Saturday, November 14 - Saturday, November 21, <strong>2009</strong><br />

Leaving form Toronto<br />

$1,960<br />

per person<br />

(all inclusive)<br />

Flight, motel, transfers, meals <strong>and</strong> drinks<br />

Does Not Include: tours, souvenirs <strong>and</strong> transportation from London to Toronto<br />

Riu Palace Macao Resort, Punta Cana (Sunquest Vaacaiton Destination)<br />

Page 4 February <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

Chaplain’s<br />

Chat<br />

Dear Nobles:<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> held its Annual Meeting on<br />

Friday, January 9th when we witnessed<br />

the installation of our newly elected<br />

officers. We rejoice that Masonry has<br />

this tradition of renewing itself each<br />

year with the election of officers. We<br />

also rejoice <strong>and</strong> give thanks for our immediate past <strong>Potentate</strong> Ill.<br />

<strong>Sir</strong> Gail MacKay <strong>and</strong> for his leadership during the past year. We<br />

welcome our new <strong>Potentate</strong> Ill. <strong>Sir</strong> <strong>Kevin</strong> <strong>Wilson</strong> <strong>and</strong> all the other<br />

officers of the divan <strong>and</strong> pray all the best for them during the<br />

coming year. All the new officers bring their own gifts <strong>and</strong><br />

illumination to their new positions <strong>and</strong> each will make their own<br />

unique contribution.<br />

It is interesting to note that the new officers take up their new<br />

duties in January just as the days begin to get longer <strong>and</strong> bring<br />

more light to our winter weary souls. Masonry has the ability to<br />

do this for a world weary of intolerance of race, colour, or creed.<br />

We need to give thanks to Almighty God that we have been<br />

accepted into Masonry which embraces all people <strong>and</strong> faiths<br />

(which hold to one all powerful God) of this world. Once I heard<br />

the well-travelled Gr<strong>and</strong> Master of Scotl<strong>and</strong>, speaking at our own<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong> Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, comment that<br />

he had attended Lodge in Thail<strong>and</strong> where there were five Holy<br />

Books open on the Altar. Masonry has the ability to bring this<br />

kind of tolerance <strong>and</strong> acceptance to this troubled world of ours.<br />

Nobles, the challenge is ours. Live by your own Faith <strong>and</strong> make<br />

no apologies for living that way. At the same time be tolerant of<br />

your neighbour who lives by another Faith. In living this way we<br />

as Masons will give glory to Almighty God who created us all.<br />

To God be the Glory<br />

Yours in the Faith Canon Michael Farr<br />

The coming together of<br />


<strong>Illustrious</strong> <strong>Sir</strong> Barry Gogal <strong>and</strong><br />

Noble Kenneth Bush - dancing the last<br />

waltz at the <strong>Potentate</strong>’s Ball in<br />

Edmonton, Alberta - January 10, <strong>2009</strong><br />

Recorder’s<br />

Corner<br />

by Jeff Brown<br />

Happy New Year to each <strong>and</strong> every one!<br />

<strong>2009</strong> is upon us <strong>and</strong> we have much<br />

activity within the walls of <strong>Mocha</strong> these<br />

days. The Newly elected Divan <strong>and</strong><br />

Appointees were duly installed on<br />

January 9th with an open installation<br />

format. A number of positive comments were received<br />

especially from the ladies who were able to see <strong>and</strong> participate<br />

with their partners by placing their fezzes <strong>and</strong> jewels of their<br />

respective offices on them.<br />

We have sad news to report in that 71 members of <strong>Mocha</strong> have<br />

had to be suspended for non-payment of dues. As you may<br />

know, we are required by Imperial bylaws to suspend any Noble<br />

who is two years or more in arrears to limit the financial debt that<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> faces because of these non-payments. To give you an<br />

idea of what this means to <strong>Mocha</strong>, we are short $12,117.00 for<br />

2007 & 2008 dues <strong>and</strong> when <strong>2009</strong> dues are added to these<br />

members, this total jumps to $18,466.00. In the time period that<br />

these members were not fulfilling their respective responsibilities<br />

for dues, <strong>Mocha</strong> was obliged to pay Imperial for their Annual<br />

Hospital Assessment <strong>and</strong> their Per Capita levy amounting in most<br />

cases to be $20 per person per year. Nobles, I hope you can<br />

appreciate the ramifications of what these non-payments mean to<br />

those of us who try so hard to keep our Temple in the black. Of<br />

similar note, several members have asked for a Demit from <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

for varying reasons. Please note that a Demit cannot be granted<br />

by Imperial bylaws if you are not current in your dues, so if you<br />

are in arrears, you must pay your fees up to date before a Demit<br />

can be issued.<br />

It was mentioned in a previous report that we are willing to work<br />

with those of you who find your dues a hardship to pay all at<br />

once. This years dues are $86.00 <strong>and</strong> are payable on the first of<br />

January. If this is a hardship but you wish to continue to be a<br />

member <strong>and</strong> an active supporter of <strong>Mocha</strong>, contact us directly to<br />

see if we can work out some deferred payments to get you<br />

caught up or to pay your dues for the current year.<br />

On a more cheerful note, <strong>Mocha</strong>'s donations to the Canadian<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital increased dramatically this year to exceed<br />

$360,000 or double our 2007 contributions. In addition, we<br />

surpassed the $600,000 mark of the $1,000,000 goal for the<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> Paediatric Orthopaedics Telemedicine Service we<br />

have committed to provide. So, despite the “naysayers” that said<br />

we couldn't do it, we've done a darned good job thus far! If we<br />

had a cheque for $125.00 from every member of <strong>Mocha</strong> this year<br />

for the Telemedicine project, we would pay for the project long<br />

before the December 2011 deadline. Isn't that worthy of your<br />

consideration? Please make cheques to this project payable to<br />

CHF/MSPOTS <strong>and</strong> tax receipts will be issued by the Children's<br />

Health Foundation for your benefit.<br />

Our in-depth audit of 2007 is now complete <strong>and</strong> we are<br />

embarking on our review of 2008 finances. There is much to do<br />

<strong>and</strong> our staff is working hard for your benefit.<br />

Congratulations to Sharron Miller,<br />

Office Manager, Susan Rock <strong>and</strong><br />

Jody Axford, Office Assistants for<br />

their tireless efforts in keeping<br />

us on track.<br />

MOCHA NEWS February <strong>2009</strong> Page 5

Dennis<br />

COOK<br />

editor<br />

Hi fellow Nobles it is my sincere wish<br />

that you <strong>and</strong> your families enjoyed a<br />

great holiday season, <strong>and</strong> now that we've<br />

all had time to break our New Years<br />

resolutions it's time to start a new year.<br />

I attended a few functions at various<br />

Clubs <strong>and</strong> was well received<br />

everywhere I went. I should like to<br />

thank all those who made themselves known to me<br />

<strong>and</strong> made comments on the production of the<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> News, your comments whether negative, or<br />

positive, are my only source of pay for my efforts. To all<br />

those who continue to send articles, many many thanks <strong>and</strong> please continue to do so.<br />

Congratulations to the new <strong>Potentate</strong>, Divan <strong>and</strong> appointed members of <strong>Mocha</strong>,<br />

together we shall make <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple a continuing success.<br />

Happy reading Dennis<br />

A good friend of mine Noble Blake Moody<br />

of Tillsonburg presented me with this<br />

Shrine Clock for being a good editor.<br />

If you know the history of this<br />

clock, please contact the editor.<br />

On the left<br />

Noble<br />

Blake Moody<br />

presenting<br />

the clock<br />

to Noble<br />

Dennis Cook.<br />


We Cherish Their Memories<br />

Charles B. Bates – Windsor<br />

David A. Bentley – London<br />

W.W. Emmett – Sarnia<br />

Matthew Falls – Thessalon<br />

W.R. Gorman – Sarnia<br />

Murray E. Harrison – London<br />

Bruce Hicks – Sarnia<br />

Robert C. Hill – London<br />

Donald L. Hindley<br />

– Pt. Rowan<br />

Peter T. Julian – Woodstock<br />

Lionel L. Lajoie – Windsor<br />

Edward H. Morgan<br />

– S.S. Marie<br />

Peter L. Morgan – London<br />

Bernie Petronis – London<br />

Dub Russell – Windsor<br />

James D. Smith – Sarnia<br />

Nelson F. Wilker – Stratford<br />



Tuesday, April 14, <strong>2009</strong><br />

Please type submissions OR<br />

e-mail to mochashriners@rogers.com<br />

www.mochashriners.org<br />

Close up of the clock showing the intricate detail<br />

down to black fezzes on the clock face.<br />

www.shrinershq.org<br />

Page 6 February <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

Noble Receives Award<br />

Ron Blenkhorn of Forest, recently joined the elite group of people<br />

belonging to “The 100 Million Dollar Club”.<br />

Ron has faithfully collected pop cans every week from friends &<br />

neighbours over the last ten years. The pop cans were then picked up by<br />

local <strong>Shriners</strong>, with the funds from the pop cans used to fund <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Childrens Hospitals.<br />

Pictured below: Presenting “Certificate of Appreciation” in the 100<br />

Million Dollar Club are left Bob Hart, Edgar McKenney, Bruce Carter of<br />

the Lambton Shrine Club <strong>and</strong> Ron Blenkhorn, seated.<br />

For more information on how you can help <strong>Shriners</strong> Childrens Hospitals<br />

with your pop cans call the Lambton Shrine Club at 519-344-3282<br />

<strong>and</strong> leave your name <strong>and</strong> number you can be reached at.<br />

<strong>Potentate</strong>’s Ball Reservations<br />

Hilton London<br />

Reservation<br />

Webpage<br />

NOBLES:<br />

This link will allow you <strong>and</strong> your group<br />

wishing to attend the <strong>Potentate</strong>'s Ball to<br />

make your reservations online.<br />

http://www.hilton.com/en/hi/groups/personalized/YXULOHF-POB-<strong>2009</strong>0417/index.jhtml<br />

Or contact them by phone<br />

at (519) 439-1661<br />


Nobles Dave Harding <strong>and</strong> Dennis Cook on a bicycle built for<br />

two, which was borrowed from Cycle Works in Aylmer.<br />

If you have an interest in becoming a member of the <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Motor Corps unit, please contact the unit secretary to arrange<br />

a personal information meeting.<br />

Both Motorcycle Rider members to join our Motorcycle parade<br />

group (any size/color motorcycle) <strong>and</strong> Social Members (non<br />

motorcyclist) to assist with SHRIDE are welcome!<br />

Low annual dues. Uniforms provided. Great Fellowship.<br />



whether you ride a motorcycle or not!<br />

For information email: r<strong>and</strong>yhenry@rogers.com<br />

Or contact R<strong>and</strong>y Henry 519-281-1301<br />

N<br />

O<br />

T<br />

E<br />

If you don’t see your<br />


you either didn’t submit,<br />

or you missed the deadline!<br />

Next Deadline: April 14/09<br />

MOCHA NEWS February <strong>2009</strong> Page 7

Here’s What’s Happening in the Units!<br />

Did You Know?<br />

What was the first Shrine Temple?<br />

Mecca <strong>Shriners</strong>, Organized in New York City in 1872.<br />

When did the first <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital open, <strong>and</strong> where is it located?<br />

In 1922, in Shreveport, La.<br />

What is the purpose of <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children?<br />

1) TREATMENT: To provide the highest quality care, encouraging the best recovery possible;<br />

2) RESEARCH: To conduct research in orthopaedics, burns <strong>and</strong> spinal cord injury, leading to improvements in quality of care <strong>and</strong> life;<br />

3) EDUCATION: To train medical professionals in the treatment of orthopaedic disabilities, spinal cord injuries <strong>and</strong> burns.<br />


"In accordance with Imperial Bylaws, the following Nobles are in arrears for two years or more<br />

<strong>and</strong> are therefore suspended for non-payment of dues."<br />


Roy James Andersson London<br />

Andrew MacDonald Armstrong Southampton<br />

Andrew Joseph Balazs Tillsonburg<br />

Ronald A. Bennett St. Thomas<br />

Jack J. Blaxall St. Thomas<br />

Gilbert David Brody St. Thomas<br />

Robert Louis Roy Boudreau Elliot Lake<br />

Robert J. Brooker Sarnia<br />

Donald B. Burnrd Sarnia<br />

John S. Butler London<br />

David R. Cameron London<br />

Glenn A. Carr Paris<br />

Carl Leamon Coleman St. Thomas<br />

John Robert Collins Tecumseh<br />

William John Collins Aylmer<br />

Mark Cosens St. Thomas<br />

Dan Dawson Hagersville<br />

Fredrick David Dentrey St. Thomas<br />

John Lawrence Dinning Chatham<br />

Eric Dolansky London<br />

Corey Lee Edwards Chatham<br />

D. Neil Elliott Mt. Brydges<br />

John David Facey Cranbrook, BC<br />

Peter Mason Fisher Camlachie<br />

H. W. Gerrits Dorchester<br />

James Leonard Giffin Chatham<br />

Raul Matias Gonzles London<br />

Gerald F. Goodine Tilly, NB<br />

John Henry Green Elliot Lake<br />

Elmer G. Hannah Sault Ste. Marie<br />

Gerald F. Hart Kirkton<br />

G. Wayne Henderson Melbourne<br />

Kim Stewart Husted Tillsonburg<br />

Hugh S. Johnston Blenheim<br />

John William Jones Sault Ste. Marie, USA<br />

Samuel N. Katerenchuk Forest<br />


Brian James King Bayfield<br />

Donald Charles Larder Goderich<br />

R<strong>and</strong>y Stephen Lee Blenheim<br />

Timothy Robert Luker Tecumseh<br />

Scott John Lusby Aylmer<br />

Kenneth Laverne Luther Sarnia<br />

Dennis Fred MacGuire London<br />

David R. Mathias Windsor<br />

Jack Calder McGachie Woodstock<br />

Daniel Ross Metcalfe Harrow<br />

David Cameron Montague Windsor<br />

Russell W. O'Neil Oldcastle<br />

Thomas Raymond Powell, Jr. Forest<br />

Scott Ralston Kitchener<br />

Hendren Ray Belle River<br />

Daniel Richard Renaud Sarnia<br />

Donald W. Roberts Woodstock<br />

Norman Allen Roper Windsor<br />

Gregory Norman Rose St. Thomas<br />

Bruce Arthur Sapsford Elliot Lake<br />

Fred John Satterley London<br />

D. Clare Sherk Cottam<br />

Joseph Harold Slemin Orillia<br />

J. Paul Smibert London<br />

Raymond Arnold Steingart Chatham<br />

Donald G. Stillman Windsor<br />

Robert R. Taylor Strathroy<br />

Gene Glenn Timpany London<br />

Brian Richard Toth London<br />

Wendell C. Tribe Aylmer<br />

Allen V<strong>and</strong>erbeeken Sarnia<br />

Timothy Mark Warden Shedden<br />

Michael Brian James Warner North Vancouver, BC<br />

John E. Wellwood Echo Bay<br />

Stanley W. Wannacott Chatham<br />

“By order of Noble Jeff Brown, Recorder, <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong>.”<br />

Page 8 February <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

What’s Happening in the Units!<br />

Waterloo County Shrine Club B<strong>and</strong><br />

Celebrates 25 years, 1983-2008<br />

Greetings Nobles! The Waterloo Oriental B<strong>and</strong> celebrated<br />

its 25th Anniversary with a flourish of parades <strong>and</strong><br />

celebrations over the last couple of months. The KW Santa<br />

Claus parade on November 15th kicked things off for us,<br />

<strong>and</strong> afterwards we celebrated the occasion at the Waterloo<br />

Masonic Lodge Hall where Nobles, family, <strong>and</strong> friends<br />

consumed pizza <strong>and</strong> refreshments. The cutting of the<br />

Anniversary cake was done by four charter members in<br />

attendance: Charlie Atkinson, Watson Adams, Owen Coles<br />

<strong>and</strong> Wib Fries.<br />

The installation of officers for the upcoming year was done<br />

after performing to record crowds in the Ayr Santa Claus<br />

parade on November 29th. Afterwards, the Annual Dinner<br />

Meeting was held at the century stone home of Noble<br />

Richard Baechler. After a fine feast, Assistant Rabban<br />

Barry Snider installed the officers: President <strong>and</strong> B<strong>and</strong><br />

Director Noble Doug Fickling, Vice President Noble Jeff<br />

Rankine, Treasurer Noble Rollie Galbraith, <strong>and</strong> Secretary<br />

Noble Jack Mittelholtz.<br />

To round out our Santa Claus parade season, to the delight<br />

of many children lining the parade routes, we played our<br />

sweet music in Elmira, New Hamburg, Milverton, St.<br />

Agatha, <strong>and</strong> St. Clements. After the final parade in St.<br />

Clements on December 20th, the Nobles <strong>and</strong> Ladies were<br />

invited back to Noble Doug <strong>and</strong> <strong>Lady</strong> S<strong>and</strong>ra Fickling's<br />

residence for hot chili, refreshments, <strong>and</strong> socialization.<br />

Cake cutting for our 25 year celebration.<br />

Agreat time was had by all!<br />

We would love to increase our membership in <strong>2009</strong>. We<br />

now have 36 active <strong>and</strong> 10 social members. Instruments<br />

have been generously donated to us by the Windsor <strong>and</strong><br />

Brantford Oriental B<strong>and</strong>s, <strong>and</strong> we would love to assign<br />

them to any Noble who would like to join us <strong>and</strong> have some<br />

fun. Please contact Noble Doug Fickling (519-888-7448) if<br />

you are interested. The Shrine Imperial Sessions in Toronto<br />

is in 2010, <strong>and</strong> we're gearing up to have a blast!<br />

Noble Watson Adams<br />

Agroup shot prior to the start of our final parade<br />

of the season in St. Clements<br />

The installation of officers by Chief Rabban (at time of writing)<br />

Barry Snider, (Jack Mitteholtz absent)<br />

"Would you be interested in becoming a SHC Hospital Representative?<br />

Do you have a corporate or business background in management, finance or law?<br />

Do you have experience in strategic planning <strong>and</strong> organization?<br />

Contact Jeff Brown, Recorder<br />

MOCHA NEWS February <strong>2009</strong> Page 9

Whispering S<strong>and</strong>s of the<br />

London <strong>Mocha</strong> Oriental B<strong>and</strong><br />

At our annual meeting, held on December 8th 2008, the new<br />

slate of officers was elected <strong>and</strong> installed in due form (as you<br />

can see in the picture above), the B<strong>and</strong> is once again in an<br />

excellent position for our continued good management <strong>and</strong><br />

humor. The new officers are from left to right: - Director -<br />

Dale Hern; President - Al Yates (also Al is the newly installed<br />

3rd. Principal in St. John's & St. Georges No. 3 RAC). Next,<br />

chief comedian <strong>and</strong> First Vice President - Bill Butcher;<br />

Second Vice President - Bill Hurn; Our long time Treasurer -<br />

Alex Aitken; Our new Secretary - Brian Howard, replacing<br />

our worthy Noble Roy Fletcher <strong>and</strong> lastly, our new member of<br />

the B<strong>and</strong> Noble Doug Hoelzli moving along just fine as the<br />

3rd. Vice President, look well to the orange juice my fiend <strong>and</strong><br />

our Slave, Noble Doug<br />

MacDonald, as usual,<br />

has faded in the background,<br />

probably st<strong>and</strong>ing<br />

at the Bar. Now to<br />

the past, I told you “ It<br />

would not be long Mike<br />

until you're a has been “<br />

<strong>and</strong> now one 'has been'<br />

to another as Lee<br />

Behrns the IPP presents<br />

the Past President<br />

plaque to Mike Sargent.<br />

Biographies <strong>and</strong> Auto-Biographies<br />

It is good <strong>and</strong> beneficial that we know each other in our other<br />

capacities than that of playing in our B<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> travelling<br />

together far <strong>and</strong> wide as we make the funds necessary for our<br />

children <strong>and</strong> the Shrine medical facilities. Below is another<br />

Biography in the series of Biographies <strong>and</strong> Auto-Biographies<br />

of our B<strong>and</strong> members.<br />

The Biography of Noble Charles Wyatt Crow (Charlie)<br />

Born in the twilight years of the thirties in the north part of<br />

Engl<strong>and</strong>, in a Town much the size of our City of London<br />

called Gateshead <strong>and</strong> is situated in the County of Durham,<br />

across the river Tyne from Newcastle. I received my post<br />

educated in Engl<strong>and</strong> by attending at the South Shields Marine<br />

<strong>and</strong> Technical Institute gaining a certification in Electrical<br />

Engineering.<br />

Producers of the Sweetest<br />

Music this side of Heaven<br />

Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, the Nobles of the <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Oriental B<strong>and</strong> wish to “Talk to you”<br />

As we continue to greet Nobility everywhere.<br />

I married Ann Worth in August 1960. August 1961, the first of<br />

three Daughters, Christine, arrived on the seen. In the May of<br />

1963 the family immigrated to Canada <strong>and</strong> settled<br />

immediately in London, Ontario, where in March 1965 the<br />

second Daughter, Lynn was born <strong>and</strong> in September 1968 the third<br />

Daughter, Shelley came into the world to complete the family.<br />

Working on contract in the ship yards in the north of<br />

Engl<strong>and</strong> with a firm of Marine Electrical Consulting<br />

Engineers <strong>and</strong> Contractors, later moving to their regional<br />

office in design <strong>and</strong> estimating, this offered exceptional<br />

experience <strong>and</strong> opportunities in all categories <strong>and</strong> certainly<br />

played a major part in a rapid establishment in Canada.<br />

My first Canadian employment was with a London firm of<br />

Architects, Blackwell Hagarty <strong>and</strong> Buist <strong>and</strong> ten years later<br />

worked for Egan <strong>and</strong> Associates, Consulting Engineers. In<br />

1980 the shares of a rival consulting firm were purchased<br />

<strong>and</strong> the company name was changed to Smylie & Crow<br />

Associates, Consulting Engineers. The company was sold to<br />

senior staff when the two partners retired in 1999. All<br />

Canadian experiences were related to Building Construction<br />

Services - Mechanical <strong>and</strong> Electrical Systems.<br />

All three daughters married <strong>and</strong> produced four gr<strong>and</strong><br />

children, Mallory <strong>and</strong> Tyler in Brisbane, Australia, Emma in<br />

Oshawa, Ontario <strong>and</strong> Mason in Victoria, B.C.<br />

My interests lie in many areas, but prefer fast sporting<br />

events, home renovation for self, friends <strong>and</strong> family, Church<br />

activities, travelling the world <strong>and</strong> trying hard to maintain<br />

the practice of Masonic virtues.<br />

I was initiated in St. John's Lodge 209a, GRC in 1973,<br />

Master in 1980; Gr<strong>and</strong> Senior Warden, 1991/2 for our Gr<strong>and</strong><br />

Lodge; Member of Heritage Lodge No. 730 GRC; Most<br />

Wise Sovereign in the London Chapter of Rose Croix<br />

Scottish Rite, 1986; London Lodge of Perfection; Moor<br />

Consistory, Hamilton; Coroneted 33° 1989 in Ottawa. Past<br />

First Principal of St. John's & St. George's No. 3 R.A.C.<br />

2001; Scribe Ezra 04/07; Presently our Gr<strong>and</strong> Chapter representative<br />

of the Gr<strong>and</strong> Chapter for South Australia;<br />

Member of the London <strong>Mocha</strong> Centre Oriental B<strong>and</strong>,<br />

President in 2006; Board member of the Masonic Hall Co.<br />

(London) Limited since 1986, President in 1994/95/96 <strong>and</strong><br />

remaining active with the corporation as the present chair<br />

for Capital Operations.<br />

Aparishioner of St. Paul's (Anglican) Cathedral, London<br />

since 1963, I was appointed the Rectors Warden in 1987/88<br />

<strong>and</strong> 89, a Board Member for 28 years <strong>and</strong> Chair of<br />

Operations for most of those 28 years. Recently involved as<br />

Chair of the L<strong>and</strong>s <strong>and</strong> Property committee for the Diocese<br />

of Huron, (Anglican) working on collecting information on<br />

Chapels now closed (Chapels of Ease).<br />

I certainly enjoy a busy but refreshing retirement <strong>and</strong> with<br />

my wife Ann we still indulge in an awful lot of travelling.<br />

Fraternally Noble Charlie Crow<br />

Page 10 February <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

Here’s What’s Happening in the Units!<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>’s Concert B<strong>and</strong> Benefits<br />

from Having Two Conductors<br />

Afew months ago our Concert B<strong>and</strong> was saddened by the<br />

death of Noble Dave Bentley, a dedicated Mason <strong>and</strong> Shriner,<br />

accomplished trumpeter <strong>and</strong> conductor. We were very<br />

fortunate to have enjoyed Dave's leadership over the years.<br />

The b<strong>and</strong> has, however, been fortunate to now have the<br />

talents of Nobles Don Smith <strong>and</strong> Chuck Carrothers as<br />

players <strong>and</strong> conductors.<br />

Don is a Londoner who is partially<br />

retired from an accounting career. He<br />

conducted the concert b<strong>and</strong> from<br />

1996-99 <strong>and</strong> then returned to active<br />

playing with local dance <strong>and</strong> stage<br />

b<strong>and</strong>s who benefitted from his expertise<br />

on the trombone . His talents are<br />

on stage during performances with<br />

the Jazz Society at the Wolfe<br />

Auditorium in our central library.<br />

Noble Don Smith<br />

Don also fondly remembers his<br />

playing days with the late Dave<br />

Bentley during live CBC broadcasts from Victoria Park's<br />

b<strong>and</strong>shell in London while with the Martin Boundy<br />

Broadcast B<strong>and</strong>.<br />

Noble Don is Past Master of Temple Lodge <strong>and</strong> a 33 degree<br />

Scottish Riter.<br />

From our writer<br />

in residence<br />

Noble Art Racey<br />

Hope That Comes<br />

With Spring<br />

One of the earliest memories I have as a child takes me back<br />

to Hastings Street in my home town of Parkhill. It was springtime<br />

<strong>and</strong> the fresh warm morning rays of sunshine brought a<br />

certain awareness that winter was gone <strong>and</strong> a whole new <strong>and</strong><br />

different world was unfolding. I remember large black crows<br />

flying among the tall evergreen trees in our neighbourhood<br />

<strong>and</strong> even as a child, I recognized that their loud cries had a<br />

happy wakeup sound that blended perfectly with the day’s<br />

enchantment. On the side of the road, timid little doves walked<br />

around pecking at the ground <strong>and</strong> kept just far enough away<br />

as to be safe from a curious youngster like myself. I<br />

remember small flowers growing wild along the sidewalk <strong>and</strong><br />

how I brought some home to my mother. There the memory<br />

fades but with the coming of spring each year, I still<br />

experience the same child-like wonder of the magic of it all.<br />

Spring to me is like rebirth, an awakening of fond emotions<br />

<strong>and</strong> a chance to look forward again with renewed hope. I<br />

know that soon, crocuses will be breaking through the<br />

ground in sunny places, buds will again open on the trees <strong>and</strong><br />

returning robins will again sing those welcome songs as they<br />

Chuck's music career began at age 9 on build nests <strong>and</strong> raise their young. In rural areas, young farm<br />

the violin. At 12 years he began animals will frolic in the great outdoors <strong>and</strong> a carpet of green<br />

playing clarinet in the London Police will begin to cover the l<strong>and</strong>. As it has been over the decades,<br />

Boys b<strong>and</strong>. At age 14 he became serious<br />

with the clarinet while taking<br />

young boys will again play marbles in the schoolyard <strong>and</strong><br />

little girls will play hopscotch on the sidewalk with their<br />

friends. I know too that the problems I thought I had during<br />

lessons from London's well-known Phil the winter will seem far less severe when springtime arrives<br />

Murphy. He then began playing in a <strong>and</strong> I have that first cup of coffee out on the front porch with<br />

concert b<strong>and</strong> as well as his high school a favourite neighbour.<br />

b<strong>and</strong> under the direction of another Hope springs eternal from the human heart, they say, <strong>and</strong> for<br />

well-known musician, Don McKellar. many Canadians, there has never been a time when hope was<br />

needed more than now. As for me this spring, I hope like the<br />

Noble Chuck Carrothers Noble Chuck's interest also turned to<br />

crocus, I can break out of the hard shell that sometimes<br />

playing the saxophone in high school<br />

encompasses me <strong>and</strong> bring a smile to the face of someone<br />

<strong>and</strong> for two years in a dance b<strong>and</strong> at London's 401 Plaza. He who hasn’t smiled for a long time. I hope, like the robin, that<br />

adds I was “old enough to play but not to drink on the job”. I will sing again as I go about my work <strong>and</strong> cheer those<br />

Jim Davey, his dance b<strong>and</strong> director was a member of the around me. And like the warm spring rain that washes away<br />

Tommy Dorsey b<strong>and</strong>.<br />

the unsightly remnants of winter, I hope that I will be able to<br />

He was accepted into the music program at the University of cleanse myself of the worthless thoughts <strong>and</strong> concerns which<br />

tend to cripple the spirit. Like the frolicking little farm<br />

McGill with the benefit of a government bursary. His<br />

animals, I hope that I will rediscover <strong>and</strong> truly appreciate this<br />

instructor was the legendary <strong>and</strong> internationally respected<br />

wonderful l<strong>and</strong> which is Canada- my home.<br />

clarinetist Jerald Danovitch.<br />

For the good folks of Parkhill, I hope that those mischievous<br />

Realizing that music may not provide a financially stable black crows will again herald spring from the tall trees on<br />

future he decided to return to London where he completed Hastings Street. I hope that the little grey doves will continue<br />

his B.A. at Western. He then accepted a position with the to grace the community <strong>and</strong> perhaps, some small boy will<br />

Ontario government for 26 years. He was encouraged to bring home to his mother, in the springtime of his life, the<br />

greatest gift of all… his love in the form of a wildflower.<br />

return to playing an instrument four years ago with our<br />

Editor’s Note: The above was written with love for his gr<strong>and</strong>children<br />

by Noble Gr<strong>and</strong>pa Art Racey at Christmas 2008.<br />

concert b<strong>and</strong>.<br />

We are fortunate to have Chuck as our lead clarinetist.<br />

MOCHA NEWS February <strong>2009</strong> Page 11

More of What’s Happening in the Units!<br />

Pal <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Submitted by Noble Laverne Long.<br />

Under the fine leadership <strong>and</strong> guidance, of our Pres. Noble<br />

Jim Abbott, <strong>and</strong> <strong>Lady</strong> Bea, Pal -<strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Club has<br />

wrapped up another successful year, helping children<br />

throughout the world who cannot help themselves. The<br />

Vidalia Onion sales were a great success, but due to the drop<br />

in price of aluminum, pop can recycling will not be as<br />

fruitful. We attended many parades in our area <strong>and</strong> made our<br />

presence known to all observers. the Summer B.B.Q. was<br />

well attended, <strong>and</strong> our Ladies night was very enjoyable, <strong>and</strong><br />

special thanks to our <strong>Illustrious</strong> <strong>Potentate</strong> Noble Gail<br />

MacKay, <strong>and</strong> <strong>Lady</strong> Marlene <strong>and</strong> members of the Divan for<br />

attending.The Feather Party had over 100 in attendance <strong>and</strong><br />

raised over $ 4,000.00. Noble Jim Richardson Chairman of<br />

Christmas Cake, <strong>and</strong> Shortbread, sales reported a great year,<br />

<strong>and</strong> thanks to all who assisted.<br />

Pal <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

“Ladies Night”<br />

Pal-<strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> Ladies Night well attended. Pal-<strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Shrine Club held their annual Ladies Night recently with a<br />

large turnout of <strong>Shriners</strong> <strong>and</strong> their ladies attending. A<br />

singing group from Listowel, The Serenaders, entertained at<br />

the social function. Shown are Pal-<strong>Mocha</strong> president Jim<br />

Abbott, left, presenting a $2,000 cheque to S<strong>and</strong>y Arlien<br />

(Mrs. George Arlien) of Listowel, for the Listowel Hospital<br />

Foundation. A $2,000 cheque was also presented to the<br />

Palmerston <strong>and</strong> District Hospital Foundation through the<br />

annual radiothon. On the right is <strong>Illustrious</strong> <strong>Sir</strong> <strong>Potentate</strong><br />

Gail MacKay of <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple, London.<br />

Laverne Long photo<br />

On Dec. 3, 2008 several members <strong>and</strong> their Ladies traveled to<br />

Erie Hospital on a cruise bus, <strong>and</strong> was a great day,<br />

<strong>and</strong> very educational <strong>and</strong> eye opening.<br />

Each year several <strong>Shriners</strong> from<br />

Waterloo, <strong>and</strong> Strathroy Clubs<br />

attend our Feather Party, this year<br />

was one of our best. Pictured below<br />

are Noble John Green (L), <strong>and</strong><br />

drawing a ticket for one of 23 18lb.<br />

turkeys is Paul Brown.<br />

At the Feather Party<br />

<strong>Illustrious</strong> <strong>Sir</strong> Gail MacKay<br />

pulls a ticket from the drum,<br />

assisted by Noble<br />

John Green<br />

Pal-<strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> hold Ladies Night. Pal-<strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine<br />

Club held a very successful Ladies Night recently. Hosting<br />

the social night <strong>and</strong> receiving the guests attending were<br />

President Jim Abbott <strong>and</strong> <strong>Lady</strong> Bea, left, along with First<br />

<strong>Lady</strong> Marlene <strong>and</strong> <strong>Illustrious</strong> <strong>Potentate</strong> Gail MacKay of<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Temple, London. A singing group The Serenaders of<br />

Listowel entertained at the event, <strong>and</strong> $2,000 cheques were<br />

presented to each of the Palmerston Hospital's annual<br />

radiothon, <strong>and</strong> to the Listowel Hospital.<br />

Laverne Long photo<br />

Page 12 February <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

More of What’s Happening in the Units!<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Temple<br />

Legion of Honour<br />

(submitted by Noble J.N. Smith)<br />

Congratulations to Gary Philip on this installation<br />

to Comm<strong>and</strong>er of our unit for <strong>2009</strong>. We have now<br />

changed our Installation date from December to September<br />

to allow all who travel, to do so in good weather.<br />

We have always enjoyed the visit to Frankenmuth each year<br />

to see our friends in the Elf Khurafeh LOH. Even though<br />

they have surrendered their charter, we are planning to<br />

return to Frankenmuth again this year to visit <strong>and</strong> relax.<br />

Anyone interested in accompanying us please contact the<br />

Comm<strong>and</strong>er for dates <strong>and</strong> availability.<br />

Congratulations to Noble John (popeye) Smith on being<br />

elected to the Second Lieutenant Comm<strong>and</strong>er of the Great<br />

Lakes Shrine Association - Legions of Honour<br />

(GLSA-LOH). If everything goes well <strong>and</strong> the good lord<br />

willing the Annual Convention for the Legion of Honour<br />

will be held in 2011 in London, when popeye is comm<strong>and</strong>er<br />

of the GLSA-LOH.<br />

Last year we had a visit/meeting/get-to-gather in Sarnia at<br />

the Casino. Everyone who attended enjoyed themselves.<br />

Therefore, we are looking at going to Sarnia again this year.<br />

Adate <strong>and</strong> location will be decided on in the near future.<br />

On November 14th this year, we made a visit to two very<br />

special <strong>and</strong> loving people, Glady <strong>and</strong> Morley Haynes. They<br />

are unable to get out to our meeting any longer so we<br />

decided to pay them a visit. All who attended enjoyed an<br />

afternoon of friendship <strong>and</strong> cake.<br />

From the Adjutant. DUES, DUES, DUES. DO I need to say<br />

more? Contact the Adjutant if you are unsure.<br />

Noble Gary Philip<br />

<strong>and</strong> <strong>Lady</strong> Stella<br />

From the left:<br />

Adjutant Noble<br />

Doug LaBay,<br />

2nd Lt. Cmdr. Noble<br />

John Smith (popeye),<br />

1st Lt. Cmdr.<br />

Paul Boling,<br />

Comm<strong>and</strong>er Noble<br />

Jim Pulley<br />

Just one to steady the nerves<br />

Pay your DUES!!!<br />

Pictured above is<br />

Noble Jeff Brown<br />

Recorder presenting<br />

a number of cheques<br />

from the Fall<br />

Ceremonial totalling<br />

$14,000 to Chairman<br />

Wayne Lachut at the<br />

November 2008<br />

Board of Governors<br />

meeting at Erie<br />

Hospital. The names<br />

<strong>and</strong> amounts from<br />

each Club & Unit were detailed to the Board Members in<br />

presenting the Cheques.<br />

Thanks to the Clubs & Units that donated these monies.<br />

Jeff Brown Recorder <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Cheque Presentation Telemedicine News<br />

CHF presentation to <strong>Mocha</strong> on the new (Temporary) headquarters of<br />

the <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> Paediatric Orthopaedics Telemedicine Clinic at<br />

the Children's Hospital in London that took place on Oct 31, 2008<br />

MOCHA NEWS February <strong>2009</strong> Page 13

They Really Love Their Job<br />

How often do you hear someone say, “I<br />

really love my job” <strong>and</strong> mean it? If you spend<br />

any time with the nurses at the <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Hospital for Children – Cincinnati, you’ll hear<br />

that phrase a lot. Nursing opportunities range<br />

from special training for the transport team,<br />

working on the acute care unit, serving as the<br />

primary nurse on the rehab floor or a member<br />

of the outpatient department.<br />

Nurses on the hospital’s transport team are<br />

the first contact a family makes with our staff.<br />

Being able to answer questions, encouraging a<br />

parent to hold their child’s h<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> even<br />

repeating medical information are small ways<br />

to reassure a parent their child is getting the<br />

very best care. “Supporting families during<br />

this time of crisis <strong>and</strong> caring for a critically ill<br />

child are important to me”, says Conchi<br />

Madsen, R.N, a member of the transport team<br />

<strong>and</strong> a nurse on the acute care unit.<br />

When a new patient arrives at the hospital,<br />

they are admitted to the acute unit on the<br />

third floor. Here a team of more than 15 staff<br />

assess <strong>and</strong> stabilize the child. A nurse signs up<br />

as the child’s primary <strong>and</strong> is assigned to this<br />

child for their entire hospitalization. As the<br />

primary caregiver, the nurse is there for the<br />

family <strong>and</strong> child on a daily basis. This helps<br />

lessen some of the stress from the hospital<br />

experience <strong>and</strong> provides a constant <strong>and</strong> familiar<br />

face for the child <strong>and</strong> family.<br />

Nurses who work on<br />

the rehabilitation unit<br />

see a variety of patients.<br />

In a given week, 25 or<br />

more children are scheduled<br />

for reconstructive<br />

procedures, such as<br />

scalp exp<strong>and</strong>er<br />

removal, a release <strong>and</strong><br />

graft or a laser<br />

treatment. The<br />

primary nurses keep<br />

their patients on a daily<br />

schedule starting with<br />

breakfast, bath time, therapy sessions,<br />

off to the school room <strong>and</strong> then up to the fifth<br />

floor café for lunch. There’s always time for<br />

the playroom, another physical therapy<br />

session <strong>and</strong> maybe a nap <strong>and</strong> then it’s time for<br />

dinner. The nurses also spend time reviewing<br />

the home care plan <strong>and</strong> teaching families how<br />

to care for their child once they return home.<br />

Providing the very best in continuity of<br />

care, children return to the hospital for<br />

outpatient follow up visits on a regular basis.<br />

The nurses in the outpatient department are<br />

equal partners of the burn team. It is during<br />

the clinic visit that the family can describe<br />

how things are going at home. If pressure<br />

garments need to be revised, if there’s a<br />

problem at school or if a child is having an<br />

issue with night time itching, the nurse notes<br />

this in the chart <strong>and</strong> has the physician talk<br />

with the family. Clinic families <strong>and</strong> the<br />

nursing staff form a strong bond over the<br />

years. These nurses know which children<br />

need a pep talk to keep up with their<br />

exercises <strong>and</strong> which kids will tell them about<br />

their latest soccer game.<br />

Most nurses here will tell you that although<br />

some days are long <strong>and</strong> can take a lot out of<br />

you, they wouldn’t give it up for the world.<br />

“Watching the way kids can recover from<br />

such a devastating injury <strong>and</strong> get back with<br />

their lives is remarkable”, says Donna<br />

Mertens, R.N., nurse manager of the<br />

outpatient department. “These families<br />

have a hard road in front of them for<br />

a long time, but they keep on going.<br />

It makes doing my job pretty<br />

rewarding”.<br />

Having received the Magnet<br />

Recognition from the<br />

American Nurses<br />

Credentialing Center, is a<br />

reflection on the quality of<br />

patient care, nursing<br />

excellence <strong>and</strong> innovations<br />

in professional nursing that<br />

take place here every day.<br />

The Cincinnati hospital is the first<br />

within the <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital for<br />

Children health care system to receive this<br />

prestigious award <strong>and</strong> the first pediatric<br />

hospital in the Greater Cincinnati area to<br />

receive this honor.<br />

Page 14 February <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

AROUND<br />



9 <strong>Mocha</strong> Installation, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

15 Aylmer S/C Installation, Aylmer Masonic Lodge<br />

15 Brantford S/C Installation, Brantford Shrine Club<br />

15 Camel Coach Installation, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

16 Alumni, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

21 Cambridge S/C Installation, Cambridge Shrine Club<br />

22 Hi-Ro S/C Installation, St. Thomas<br />

22 Stratford S/C Installation, Frienship Centre St. Marys<br />

25 Classic Cars Installation, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

28 Bluewater S/C Installation, Exeter Masonic Lodge<br />


12-15 Great Lakes Shrine Association, Merrilville Indiana<br />

18 Board of Directors, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

MARCH<br />

11 Board of Directors/Divan/Stated Meeting, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

APRIL<br />

6 Bruce S/C Ladies Night, Kincardine<br />

8 Board of Directors/Divan/Stated Meeting, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

15 Sun Parlour S/C Ladies Night, Essex Masonic Lodge<br />

16 Aylmer S/C O/V, Aylmer Masonic Lodge<br />

17 Blenheim Fish Fry, Blenheim Masonic Lodge<br />

18 <strong>Potentate</strong>s Ball, London Hilton<br />

20 Pal <strong>Mocha</strong> S/C O/V & Installation, Palmerston Legion<br />

23 Stratford on Avon O/V, Stratford Legion<br />

25 Moslem <strong>Potentate</strong>s Ball<br />

MAY<br />

1 Lambton S/C O/V, Sarnia Masonic Lodge<br />

2 Bluewater S/C 50th Anniversary<br />

11 Waterloo S/C O/V, Waterloo Masonic Lodge<br />

20 Norfolk Fish Fry, Vittoria<br />

31 Erie Hospital Bus Trip, Erie PA<br />

JUNE<br />

2 Strathoca Steak Fry, Dennings Strathroy<br />

3 Bluewater Golf Tourney, Ironwood Exeter<br />

7-11 D. O. N., London<br />

12-13 <strong>Mocha</strong> Spring Ceremonial, Leamington<br />

17 Board of Directors, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

20 Seniors Lunch, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Nobles, we can't be everywhere but support these events if you’re able.<br />

JULY<br />

4-9 Imperial Sessions, San Antonio Texas<br />

14-16 Gr<strong>and</strong> Lodge, Royal, York Toronto<br />

25 Bruce Steak BBQ- Cummings Residence<br />

27 Lambton S/C Golf Tourney<br />

30 Blenheim S/C BBQ<br />

AUGUST<br />

1 Bruce S/C Corn BBQ, Vaugan Monroes<br />

9 Strathoca Golf Tourney<br />

30 Shride, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />


3 Achom S/C O/V, Country View Golf Club<br />

9 Board of Directors, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

9 Tillsonburg Pork BBQ, Tillsonburg<br />

14 Waterloo S/C Ladies night, Police Club Ayr<br />

17-20 Great Lakes Shrine Association, Merrilville Indiana<br />

23-27 Northern Trip, EL/SSM<br />


1 London S/C O/V, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

12 Oktoberfest Parade-KW, Waterloo Masonic Lodge<br />

14 Board of Directors/Divan/Stated Meeting, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

22 Stratford Ladies Night, Arden Park Hotel<br />

28 Bluewater S/C O/V, Carnation Holmesville<br />


7 Fall Ceremonial, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

11 Divan Meeting, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

16 Pal <strong>Mocha</strong> Ladies Night, Palmerston Legion<br />

18 Hillbillies Clan 59 Installation, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

20 Blenheim Fish Fry, Blenheim Masonic Lodge<br />

25 Tillsonburg S/C Installation, Straffordville<br />


1 Strathoca S/C Installation, Strathroy Masonic Lodge<br />

2 Directors Staff, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

3 London S/C Installation, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

6 Norfolk S/C Installation, Simcoe Armouries<br />

9 Board of Directors/Divan/Stated Meeting-Elections, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

13 <strong>Potentate</strong>s Christmas Party, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

14 Waterloo S/C Instillation, Waterloo Masonic Lodge<br />

14 London Oriental & Trumpet B<strong>and</strong> Installation, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

16 Sun Parlour S/C Installation, Essex Masonic Lodge<br />

18 <strong>Mocha</strong> Open House, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

MOCHA NEWS February <strong>2009</strong> Page 15

Great Things to Happen in June <strong>2009</strong><br />

Dear Nobles,<br />

You are probably hearing bits <strong>and</strong> pieces about the upcoming” Convention for the Daughters of the Nile, in June,<br />

<strong>2009</strong>”.<br />

Since this is a “special event” for Omar Temple No.111 London, I want our London <strong>and</strong> area people to know what<br />

is in it, for them.<br />

First, there are four evening programmes at the John Labatt Centre, of performances, the likes of which you will<br />

find nowhere else <strong>and</strong> they are absolutely free!<br />

They showcase Pageantry at its best! Five of the smartest looking female drummers you will ever see, provide the<br />

rhythm. It makes everyone step along at a good clip, which is very impressive. Group performers, in costume, also<br />

dance, do pantomimes etc. <strong>Shriners</strong>, who themselves are known for costumes <strong>and</strong> performing, marvel at the<br />

“quality <strong>and</strong> beauty their wives have attained.<br />

These evening performances at the John Labatt Centre, are on the following dates:<br />

Sunday, June 7- 6:00 pm Gr<strong>and</strong> Opening<br />

Tuesday, June 9-8:00 pm Group performances from North American<br />

Wednesday, June 10- 6:00 pm Temples<br />

Thursday, June 11-6:00 pm Installation of Vesta Marshall as Supreme Queen<br />

for <strong>2009</strong>-2010 <strong>and</strong> her officers<br />

Dress code for evening performances:<br />

-dresses or suits for women<br />

-business suits for men<br />

Vesta Marshall<br />

-OR - formal for both men <strong>and</strong> women<br />

There is no deadline or pre-registration for anything listed above.<br />

Second, for the price of $25. a Non-Member, will get a Registration Number, necessary to join tours <strong>and</strong> specific<br />

food events.<br />

There are several Pre <strong>and</strong> Post Tours for everyone.<br />

For Men only, during the Convention, Monday through Thursday, there are daily tours <strong>and</strong> / or golf.<br />

Of particular interest is the Men’s BBQ at Bob <strong>and</strong> Vesta Marshall’s home during that week on Wednesday, at noon.<br />

Food Events include:<br />

(a) English Pub night with entertainment June 6, <strong>2009</strong><br />

(b) Welcome to London Breakfast June 7, <strong>2009</strong><br />

(c) Get together Banquet June 8, <strong>2009</strong>.<br />

(d) Reception following Installation June 11, <strong>2009</strong><br />

AFood Event that requires no Pre-Registration is the Reception after Vesta’s installation June 11, at $15/per<br />

person. Tickets must be purchased in advance.<br />

For descriptions of the above, registration forms, prices etc. call me,<br />

Ombra May at 519-641-4212 or ask any Committee member.<br />

The deadline for registering (except Vesta’s reception), is March 31/09.<br />

The Food Events requiring registration take place at the London Convention Centre on York St. just east of<br />

Wellington.<br />

I can underst<strong>and</strong> if you feel, just by reading this, that you’ve been caught up in a whirlwind; but I want friends <strong>and</strong><br />

relatives to know what this convention includes-- <strong>and</strong> you will notice I’ve barely mentioned that the “members” will<br />

be busy Monday through Thursday in sessions, reviewing <strong>and</strong> improving our methods of providing money for the<br />

needs of children in <strong>Shriners</strong> hospitals. There will also be rehearsals for those performing in the evening<br />

programmes! Wow!<br />

My suggestion is “go to the Opening on Sunday, June 7 @ 6 p.m. It is a very special, unique programme!<br />

All are good, but it’s the best in my opinion.<br />

Princess Ombra May<br />

Page 16 February <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

Getting to Know a Long Time Member of <strong>Mocha</strong>’s<br />

Concert B<strong>and</strong><br />

By Floyd James<br />

his career with the RCAF. He enlisted in the RCAF in 1940<br />

with the hopes of being a pilot. He spent a year playing in<br />

the RCAF b<strong>and</strong>s before beginning flight training. He<br />

received his wings at Aylmer, Ontario <strong>and</strong> enjoyed the region<br />

so much that he settled in London on his return from<br />

overseas. He had been posted to Ferry Comm<strong>and</strong> where he<br />

flew a number of different aircraft but mainly the<br />

DC3-Dakota labeled the “plane that won the war”.<br />

<strong>Lady</strong> Margaret <strong>and</strong> Noble Ernie Lee<br />

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1921, Noble Ernie remained<br />

a mid-westerner until 1940 when the RCAF required his<br />

service. He was initiated into Masonry in 1946 <strong>and</strong> the<br />

Shrine in 1975. He was, however, recruited into <strong>Mocha</strong>'s<br />

concert b<strong>and</strong> in 1970 in recognition of his musical talent.<br />

Ernie was first given a “banged-up” saxophone to play in<br />

his school b<strong>and</strong>. He says “No instructions or instructor<br />

came with it so I returned it when the sounds I made were<br />

not very musical”. His tenor trombone experience began at<br />

age 13 <strong>and</strong> he benefitted from the excellent instrumentalists<br />

in the Salvation Army b<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> was soon playing with them.<br />

At 16 years he began rehearsing with the Winnipeg Citadel<br />

B<strong>and</strong>, considered to be one of the top Sally Ann b<strong>and</strong>s in<br />

North America. In 2 years he passed the music exams <strong>and</strong><br />

became a member-at the bottom end of the trombone section.<br />

Many years<br />

later in 1970 he<br />

formed a brass<br />

octet within<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>'s concert<br />

b<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong><br />

scored over 50<br />

styles of music<br />

while playing<br />

in concerts<br />

around Western<br />

Ontario. He<br />

played bass<br />

trombone in the London Citadel B<strong>and</strong> for many years <strong>and</strong> for<br />

10 years with the Moonliters B<strong>and</strong>. After being asked to<br />

assist with the University of Western Ontario's Symphonic<br />

B<strong>and</strong> for one (1) year he ended up staying for 9 years. He<br />

now plays throughout Western Ontario <strong>and</strong> in border U.S.A.<br />

cities with the Jubilee Brass b<strong>and</strong> which consists of retired<br />

S.A. b<strong>and</strong>smen.<br />

Noble Ernie's many years as a musician where coupled with<br />

However the most exciting plane he piloted was the P-51<br />

Mustang which is rated as the world's #1 Fighter Aircraft.<br />

His comm<strong>and</strong> flew out of bases in Engl<strong>and</strong> as far as Greece<br />

<strong>and</strong> Norway.<br />

In 1946 Ernie returned to Canada <strong>and</strong> commenced work at<br />

the London Free Press as a photographer. His home office<br />

walls are filled with award winning photos which were<br />

published in the United States, Great Britain, New Zeal<strong>and</strong>,<br />

China etc.<br />

He remembers many occasions when he was first on the<br />

scene of fires in the area <strong>and</strong> sometimes was conscripted to<br />

assist the fireman when h<strong>and</strong>ling the hoses. His close<br />

association with the London fire department earned him the<br />

title “Honorary Fire Chief”.<br />

<strong>Lady</strong> Margaret <strong>and</strong> Ernie commenced their overseas trips in<br />

1974 with a month long visit to Africa <strong>and</strong> since then travels<br />

have taken them to every continent including four trips to<br />

Russia <strong>and</strong> as far north as Icel<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> Greenl<strong>and</strong>. Their<br />

second trip to South America was a cruise down the west<br />

coast <strong>and</strong> north along the east coast.<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>'s concert b<strong>and</strong> is fortunate to continue to benefit from<br />

Ernie's dedicated presence at our rehearsals, concerts <strong>and</strong> as<br />

an executive member for 38 years which includes 25 years<br />

as secretary.<br />

MOCHA NEWS February <strong>2009</strong> Page 17

Here’s What’s Happening in the Units!<br />

Message from the Queen<br />

It has been an Exciting <strong>and</strong> Rewarding year as Queen of Omar Temple. To my officers, Ladies of the<br />

household, <strong>Illustrious</strong> <strong>Sir</strong> Gail MacKay, <strong>Lady</strong> Marlene P.Q., <strong>and</strong> the Nobility of <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong>, I thank<br />

you for your unconditional support, <strong>and</strong> enthusiasm in 2008/09.<br />

On behalf of the members of Omar Temple # 111 we wish <strong>Illustrious</strong> <strong>Sir</strong> <strong>Kevin</strong> <strong>Wilson</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>Lady</strong> Pr.<br />

Barbara, safe travels as they continue the work of <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> in making a brighter future, to assist the<br />

children in the Shrine Hospitals. Sincerely Deborah O'Connor Queen.<br />

“Nobles” “Ladies”<br />

You are invited to the Installation of Officers,<br />

in the Dufferin Hall Red Room on March 15 <strong>2009</strong> @ 2:00 pm.<br />

PR. Royal Frances Hustler will become Queen of Omar Temple # 111<br />

Banquet: 5:00 pm. Cost: $ 22.00 PP<br />

To join in on the D.O.N Supreme session activities at the John Labatt Centre<br />

on the evenings of June 7,8,10, <strong>and</strong> 11 (no admission charge)<br />

For further info please call Pr. Ombra May 519-641-4212<br />

Friends of Omar (Brantford Area)<br />

Waterford house<br />

Friends of Omar<br />

Friends of Omar (Brantford area)<br />

Waterford House<br />

L-R front row Princess Prudence Bonham,<br />

Norren Yeomans, Karen Dobbs,<br />

Karen McKnight, S<strong>and</strong>ra McNicol,<br />

Mary Lou Rutherford, <strong>and</strong> Christine Stewart<br />

Friends of Omar<br />

Patrol Members<br />

(55th birthday for Omar Temple)<br />

submitted by Audrey Stubbs<br />

Page 18 February <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital Representative Report - SHC-Canadian<br />

Sunday, January 11, <strong>2009</strong><br />

The <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children-Canada, has<br />

been busy, seeing a significant increase in clinical<br />

patient application numbers. Operation excellence<br />

continues to be positively refined <strong>and</strong> certified by the<br />

Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation.<br />

Teaching <strong>and</strong> research continues on a significant<br />

scale, achieving international recognition. Finances<br />

in terms of adhering to budget have been well<br />

managed, but concerns continue to mount in terms<br />

of long term financial planning, especially in light of<br />

the recent downturn in the World <strong>and</strong> North<br />

American economy. Plans to replace the existing<br />

facility are moving forward, cautiously.<br />

Finances: We were reminded we must learn to live<br />

within our means, <strong>and</strong> must find new ways to raise<br />

funds for our capital projects. Worth serious<br />

consideration, Bill Fawcett, at Imperial (Tampa), a<br />

dedicated financial professional who has worked for<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for almost 25 years, <strong>and</strong> who is<br />

extremely concerned that the Nobles of the Shrine<br />

do not underst<strong>and</strong> the challenges that lie ahead,<br />

dealing with finances, said in a 2007 message;<br />

“…the endowment fund has only recently reached<br />

the level achieved at the end of 1999. Since that<br />

time, our operating expenses have grown over 40%.<br />

New Monies, which comprise of all gifts <strong>and</strong><br />

bequests coming in, have remained relatively level,<br />

especially when compared in current year dollars.<br />

The overall spending rate, which reflects the amount<br />

of funds drawn from the endowment to meet our cash<br />

needs, is at a level where some financial advisors<br />

suggest that the organization cannot exist in<br />

perpetuity.”<br />

In light of recent financial markets performance<br />

these premonitory comments are even more<br />

sobering.<br />

The Canadian fund has not been fully supporting the<br />

Canadian hospital the past several years. The<br />

Colorado Corporation has contributed a significantly<br />

increasing portion over the past few years, from the<br />

now significantly depleted valuation of the<br />

international <strong>Shriners</strong> Endowment fund.<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children need our continued<br />

financial support if we are to maintain our mission.<br />

The Daughters of the Nile continue to be significant<br />

supporters of the Canadian hospital through their<br />

annual bale <strong>and</strong> generous financial donations. In<br />

2008 we were beneficiary of some significant<br />

donations via GWE (Gifts, Wills & Endowments).<br />

MOCHA continues as the second largest Shrine<br />

Centre supporting the Canadian hospital, with<br />

recorded gross contributions second only to<br />

Rameses. MOCHA <strong>Shriners</strong> continue to step up to<br />

the challenge providing support for our children <strong>and</strong><br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children.<br />

Some current operating statistics: In-patient stay<br />

varies with the type of surgery, with 6 weeks being the<br />

longest (normally), <strong>and</strong> the average stay, changing<br />

with improving technology, currently averages 2.8<br />

days. The emphasis is on getting the children home,<br />

or back to their home community as fast as<br />

reasonable.<br />

The approximate ratio of out-patients to in-patients is<br />

30:1. The clinics are very busy, <strong>and</strong> telemedicine <strong>and</strong><br />

outreach clinics are reducing hospital visits.<br />

Telemedicine sessions have recently been held<br />

between Montreal <strong>and</strong> Ontario hospitals in<br />

Kincardine, Thunder Bay, Sarnia as well as other<br />

locations. Hospital patients come from British<br />

Columbia to Newfoundl<strong>and</strong> as well as from the USA<br />

<strong>and</strong> international. The Winnipeg Satellite Clinic is<br />

now a reality, serving our western patients. Opened<br />

on the site of our former Winnipeg hospital, the<br />

Winnipeg Clinic official dedication was set for<br />

January 30th <strong>2009</strong>. Patient travel is expected to be<br />

reduced, on a per patient basis using new<br />

technologies <strong>and</strong> strategies.<br />

More information is available on the above <strong>and</strong> more.<br />

THE ORTHOPEDIK, a quarterly newsletter<br />

produced at <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital for Children- Canada,<br />

is available from your Shrine Centre or on-line, at<br />

www.shrinershq.org/files/hospitals/Canada/pdf/The_<br />

Orthopedik_Winter_2008.pdf<br />

The newsletter is now supplemented by news on the<br />

web at www.shrinershq.org/Hospitals/Canada.<br />

Three documents that may be of interest to<br />

some:<br />

1. Directed use gifts <strong>and</strong> grants - Patient needs<br />

<strong>and</strong> family support (items)<br />

2. <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children - Board<br />

of Governors Job Description<br />

3. SHC Canadian Hospital Policy Agreement<br />

between family <strong>and</strong> Shriner<br />

Feel free to contact me if you have related questions<br />

or would like me to make a hospital presentation to<br />

your club or unit, or if you have a suggestion for an<br />

article in a future edition of THE ORTHOPEDIK.<br />

Anyone wishing to personally make a donation at a<br />

Board of Governors meeting in Montreal is welcome<br />

to contact me regarding arrangements. Visitors <strong>and</strong><br />

pre-arranged tours are welcome.<br />

John McLaughlin, P.P.;<br />

Hospital Representative<br />

Board of Governors,<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital for Children- Canada<br />

mclaughj@sympatico.ca<br />

MOCHA NEWS February <strong>2009</strong> Page 19

Norfolk S.C.<br />

I had the distinct pleasure of being invited to the installation<br />

of officers at for the Norfolk Shrine Club in Dec. 2008 <strong>and</strong><br />

I sure would have hated to miss this great <strong>and</strong> joyous event.<br />

Good food, friends, <strong>and</strong> fellowship was enjoyed by many<br />

Nobles <strong>and</strong> their Ladies. Also in attendance were the<br />

<strong>Potentate</strong>, <strong>and</strong> his lady along with many Divan Members.<br />

Also in attendance were Norfolk Mayor Dennis Travale <strong>and</strong><br />

hi <strong>Lady</strong>. The event was held at The Sgt. Frederick Hobson<br />

VC. Armory in Simcoe.<br />

I was proud <strong>and</strong> honored to be invited <strong>and</strong> please invite<br />

Diane <strong>and</strong> myself next year.<br />

Thanks the editor.<br />

Pictured here are some of the new officers for <strong>2009</strong> L-R <strong>Potentate</strong> Gail<br />

MacKay, President: Terry Blower, 1st. VP Brent Smith, 2nd. VP Gord<br />

Cr<strong>and</strong>all, Treas. Gord Franklin, Sec. Eric Jensen, Director Ken Beckett.<br />

Missing from the photo is Sec. Noble Dave Berta, Directors: John<br />

Johnson, Wayne Brown, Auby Cox.<br />

Pictured here Noble Rob Parker had the great fortune of being surrounded<br />

by beautiful ladies, he is obviously doing something right.<br />


Waterloo Shrine Club<br />

Pictured is the presentation of $10,000 to the Gr<strong>and</strong> River hospital -<br />

children's ward <strong>and</strong> a additional $10,000 donation to St Mary's Hospital for their use<br />

in the clothing needs of abused or assaulted children. The Waterloo County Shrine<br />

club is pleased we are able to give money to support our community in addition to<br />

our chief aim of the support of <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children.<br />

Pictured L-R: Wayne Addison Treasurer, Richard Schmidt 2nd VP, Barry Snider<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Assistant Rabban, Jane Jaminson Gr<strong>and</strong> River Hospital Foundation,<br />

Don Moeser President, Larry Cooper 1st VP.<br />

Brantford Shrine Club<br />

Brantford Shrine Club Bursary Program<br />

Each year, a bursary of $4,000.00 is offered to a physically<br />

h<strong>and</strong>icapped, graduating student in the Gr<strong>and</strong> Erie School<br />

Board area who will be continuing their education at a<br />

college or university. This program has been available for<br />

eight years <strong>and</strong> we have had five successful applicants who<br />

have received this amount. We believe that assisting<br />

students with disabilities is in keeping with our Shrine<br />

philosophy of helping them lead a normal life through<br />

education as well as a belief that funds raised in our<br />

community should be spent inour community. A package of<br />

application forms <strong>and</strong> information is available for your Club<br />

or Unit if you are interested in adopting this program by<br />

e-mailing your request to jimboyd@primus.ca<br />

Nick Mercanti<br />

- An honour student<br />

from Waterford District<br />

High School who was<br />

accepted into the<br />

Television <strong>and</strong><br />

Broadcasting Program<br />

at Conestoga College.<br />

Lesleigh Elgie - Graduated from<br />

Assumption College <strong>and</strong> entered<br />

the BA Program in children’s<br />

education at Laurier Brantford.<br />

Curtis Preise - Graduated<br />

from St. Johns College<br />

<strong>and</strong> studied computer<br />

systems technology at<br />

Fanshawe College.<br />

Ashley Bratina - Graduated<br />

from North Park Collegiate<br />

<strong>and</strong> studied marine <strong>and</strong> fresh<br />

water biology at the<br />

University of Guelph.<br />

Rosemary Whitehouse - Graduated from Paris district High School <strong>and</strong><br />

studied business administration at Wilfred Laurier University.<br />

<strong>Kevin</strong> Monahan - Graduated<br />

from North Park Collegiate <strong>and</strong><br />

attended George Brown College<br />

to study prosthetics <strong>and</strong> became<br />

an orthopedic technician.<br />

Page 20 February <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

For Your Information<br />

Burn Awareness Week<br />

is officially Feb. 1-7, <strong>2009</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children will use the week to<br />

kick off a year-long campaign focused on preventing<br />

gasoline burn injuries.<br />

The commitment of <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children <strong>and</strong><br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> International to actively participate in annual burn<br />

awareness campaigns <strong>and</strong> educate the public about burn<br />

prevention is a key reason for the continued success of<br />

our efforts.<br />

Resources <strong>and</strong> promotional aids in support of burn<br />

awareness, including an information sheet with ideas to<br />

help you spread the word in your community, one-sheets<br />

<strong>and</strong> a proclamation template, are now available for<br />

download in the Temple Resources section of the corporate<br />

Web site at: http://www.shrinershq.org/Shrine/<br />

temple_communications/Public_Relations.aspx.<br />

Additional information - including how to order burn<br />

awareness materials - <strong>and</strong> resources available for download<br />


Donates $3,000<br />

to the Lake Chappala, Mexico <strong>Shriners</strong> Transportation fund.<br />

Picuted here are: Noble R<strong>and</strong>y Henry <strong>and</strong> Noble Gerald Campbell of<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Motor Corp presenting, Noble Graham Paull <strong>and</strong> his <strong>Lady</strong><br />

Shiela of the Lake Chappala Mexico Shrine Club a cheque for<br />

$3,000 to assist in transporting children needing treatment to the<br />

Mexico City Hospital.<br />

can be found at www.burnawarenessweek.org. Please<br />

note that while you can place orders now, materials will<br />

not be shipped until after Jan. 5.Also to be included on the<br />

Burn Awareness Week site in the near future is a<br />

geographical listing of all temples, so that community<br />

groups may contact their local <strong>Shriners</strong> for more<br />

information about the campaign.<br />

While it is extremely important to the health <strong>and</strong> safety of<br />

kids that we continue this educational campaign<br />

throughout the year, having Burn Awareness Week as an<br />

initial focal point can be very helpful. There is a flyer<br />

available on the shrinershq.org Web site link provided<br />

above that includes the Feb. 1-7 dates, which will enable<br />

you to promote this kick-off week.<br />

Thank you for your support of the burn awareness<br />

campaign <strong>and</strong> all your efforts to improve <strong>and</strong> protect the<br />

lives of children.<br />

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the<br />

public relations department at <strong>Shriners</strong> International<br />

Headquarters at shrinepr@shrinenet.org or call<br />

(813) 281-8162.<br />

Public Relations Department<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> International Headquarters<br />

New Shrine Unit<br />

Keystone Kops Unit<br />

Nobles of the Brantford Shrine Club are currently establishing the<br />

formation of a new Unit.<br />

The Unit will comprise of Nobles in the dress of Keystone Kops & will<br />

come under the direct jurisdiction of <strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Centre.<br />

The purpose of the Unit is to enhance the quality of life of children, the<br />

elderly <strong>and</strong> the disabled by providing fun & pleasure to them.<br />

In addition the Unit will provide fellowship within <strong>Mocha</strong> as well as<br />

contributing to <strong>Mocha</strong> events.<br />

Membership is to be open to all Nobles within the <strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Centre<br />

& dues will be kept at a minimum.<br />

We welcome your participation.<br />

Call Sid Copperthwaite @ 519.753.7319<br />

or e-mail - scopperthwaite@rogers.com<br />

Thank You, Yours in the Faith<br />

Sid Copperthwaite Noble, Brantford Shrine Club<br />

MOCHA NEWS February <strong>2009</strong> Page 21



Insurance Issues<br />

If any unit, club, member or group is in attendance at any parade displaying any Shrine emblem or Shrine sign<br />

on their uniform, clothing, or vehicle, <strong>and</strong> the parade has not been approved by the <strong>Potentate</strong>, the <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> insurance is NOT in affect, <strong>and</strong> the Shrine attendees are in violation of Imperial Regulations. All clubs<br />

<strong>and</strong> units MUST send in the Activity Approval Form before the parade season for each year, in order for the<br />

<strong>Potentate</strong> to approve, <strong>and</strong> to be covered under <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> Liability coverage. Therefore, any club or unit<br />

that does not send in the Parade Attendance Questionnaire, will NOT be allowed to participate!<br />

Parade Regulations<br />

All parade rules apply for Shrine Parades AND Civic parades. There is NO difference in parade protocol, OR<br />

parade rules for ANY parade event that <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> participate in at the Temple or Civic level. If Shrine<br />

identified vehicles, Shrine decals, Shrine clothing, Shrine Fez, OR any means of identifying personnel<br />

participating or equipment employed at any event as <strong>Shriners</strong> in any means, the parade rules apply.<br />


PUBLIC EXHIBITIONS: <strong>Shriners</strong> only in parades<br />

of temples at annual sessions of The Imperial Council<br />

or in parades under the auspices of temples or Shrine<br />

Associations or Civic, ONLY NOBLES SHALL<br />


NO IMPERSONATIONS: No impersonations of<br />

ethnic groups, females, or political figures are<br />

allowed in parades.<br />

VEHICLE EQUIPMENT: No motorized vehicles<br />

shall engage their sirens, flashing lights or colored<br />

lights. They are to use their turn indicators <strong>and</strong> items<br />

required by law.<br />

THROWING OBJECTS: Neither c<strong>and</strong>y nor other<br />

objects shall be thrown or h<strong>and</strong>ed to spectators along<br />

the parade route.<br />

DEMEANING DISPLAYS: No demeaning displays<br />

or discharge of firearms of any type, or other items<br />

that may be considered in poor taste are permitted.<br />


participating units shall not drink any intoxicating<br />

beverages before or during any parade, <strong>and</strong> they shall<br />

be circumspect in the use of soft drinks in public<br />

places so as not to give the impression they are<br />

drinking intoxicants.<br />

SAFETY LAWS: Motorcycles, scooters, <strong>and</strong> other<br />

motorized vehicles shall obey local laws regarding<br />

speed, prudent operation <strong>and</strong> the use of hard helmets<br />

instead of fezzes.<br />

ENFORCEMENT: The Marshal, Parade Marshal<br />

<strong>and</strong> Provost Corps shall enforce all Shrine parade<br />

regulations <strong>and</strong> they shall report any violators to the<br />

<strong>Potentate</strong>.<br />

Public parades are the number one method of advertisement for our Fraternity. Your participation <strong>and</strong><br />

adherence to the above regulations will ensure Shrine protocol; Imperial regulations are adhered to <strong>and</strong><br />

provide a high degree of Safety for our parade participants, <strong>and</strong> the general public viewing our events. Our<br />

conduct is important for our image, <strong>and</strong> has a very profound effect upon our fund raising efforts for <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Hospitals <strong>and</strong> recruiting Masons into our ranks.<br />

Noble Craig Kealey<br />

Marshal<br />

Noble Darrin Wettlaufer<br />

Parade Marshal<br />

Noble Larry Pickard<br />

Provost Marshal<br />

We are always available to assist Units/Clubs with any parade questions or information.<br />

By request, the Marshal/Parade Marshal will visit your unit/club meetings to discuss the regulations.<br />

Page 22 February <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS


In order for your Club or Unit to be placed in the Parade line up<br />

PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM BY MAY 1ST, <strong>2009</strong><br />

To: Darrin Wettlaufer, Parade Marshal<br />

75 Ponds Edge Court, London, Ontario N5Z 5C4<br />

Name of Club or Unit_____________________________________<br />

Noble to contact____________________ Phone #________________<br />

1. <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong>-Spring Ceremonial Leamington, ON - June 13, <strong>2009</strong><br />

Parade line up time: 1:00PM Parade time: 2:00PM<br />

Will your Club or Unit be parading YES_____ NO____<br />

Type of equipment in parade: Float_____ B<strong>and</strong>_____ Motorized____<br />

Marching _____ Total number of Nobles participating ___________<br />

Approx. distance required for the Parade Assembly ___________ft<br />

2. Imperial Session San Antonio, Texas - July 07, <strong>2009</strong><br />

Parade line up time: TBA Parade time: TBA<br />

Will your Club or Unit be parading YES_____ NO____<br />

Type of equipment in parade: Float_____ B<strong>and</strong>_____ Motorized____<br />

Marching _____ Total number of Nobles participating ___________<br />

Approx. distance required for the Parade Assembly ___________ft<br />

3. GLSA Orak <strong>Shriners</strong> Merrillville, IN - September 19, <strong>2009</strong><br />

Parade line up time: 12 Noon Parade time: 1 pm<br />

Will your Club or Unit be parading YES_____ NO____<br />

Type of equipment in parade: Float_____ B<strong>and</strong>_____ Motorized____<br />

Marching_____ Total number of Nobles participating ___________<br />

Approx. distance required for the Parade Assembly ___________ft<br />

Lost in the Desert<br />

The following Nobles have been listed as lost.<br />

If you have an address,<br />

please advise the office.<br />

Robert Barnes<br />

– Kincardine<br />

Charles B. Bates<br />

– Windsor<br />

Robert C. Bear<br />

– Chatham<br />

Roberts Briars<br />

– London<br />

Tom J. Burscough<br />

– Cambridge<br />

Thomas Buckingham<br />

– Sarnia<br />

John Kerr<br />

– London<br />

McLean Neil<br />

– Port Huron MI<br />

Wm. A. Meyer Jr.<br />

– Kitchener<br />

David Montague<br />

– Windsor<br />

Paul Morningstar<br />

– Sarnia<br />

Ralph E. Schellenberger<br />

– Stratford<br />

John Welker<br />

– Kitchener<br />

Keith Westlake<br />

– Zurich<br />


for next issue<br />

April 14, <strong>2009</strong><br />

Copy received<br />

after then will<br />

not appear<br />

until the<br />

August<br />

issue!<br />

MOCHA NEWS February <strong>2009</strong> Page 23

Business<br />

Directory<br />

8-605 Newbold St.<br />

London Ont.<br />

N6E 2T7<br />


Gary Penn<br />

Tel: (519) 681-2153<br />

Fax: (519) 681-2016<br />

midwestmed@rogers.com<br />

Each Office is<br />

Independently Owned<br />

<strong>and</strong> Operated.<br />

Glenn Zeller, CIM<br />

Sales Representative<br />

(519) 742-5800 Business - 24 Hr<br />

(519) 742-5808 Fax<br />

(519) 893-3745 Residence<br />

glenn-eller@coldwellbanker.ca<br />


REALTY<br />

508 Riverbend Drive,<br />

Kitchener, Ontario N2K 3S2<br />

www.coldwellbankerpbr.com<br />

Generator Systems<br />

Ken Sommers<br />

• Residential, Commercial & Industrial<br />

St<strong>and</strong>by Electric Generator Systems<br />


Call: Chris, Neil, <strong>Kevin</strong> or Ed for all inquiries.<br />

Tavistock, Ontario<br />

Reliability Since 1936<br />

1-800-690-2396<br />

www.sommersgen.com<br />


Senior Account Executive<br />

(519) 659-5862 Ext. 234<br />

Toll Free (800) 265-2607<br />

Fax: (519) 659-4825<br />

E-mail:<br />

gbrown@talbot-promo.com<br />

Since 1886<br />

Advertising & Fund Raising Programs<br />

Corporate Clothing / Corporate Fullfillment /<br />

Business Gifts / Sales Aids & Incentives<br />

Each Office is Independently Owned <strong>and</strong> Operated<br />

Lamplighter Inn<br />

& Conference Centre<br />

• 172 Guest Rooms<br />

• Jacuzzi Suites<br />

• Year-round Tropical<br />

Paradise Under the Atrium<br />

• Mountain Waterslide<br />

• Indoor Pool<br />

• Whirlpool<br />

• Gazebo Bar<br />

1-888-232-6747<br />

591 Wellington Rd. S. London ON N6C 4R5<br />

(519) 681-7151 • www.lamplighterinn.ca<br />

Proudly serving London Families<br />

<strong>and</strong> businesses since 1938.<br />

Posno Flower Service Ltd.<br />

One Cathcart Street at Bruce<br />

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519-434-2132 or 800-668-9359<br />

Visit us online at www.posnoflowers.ca<br />

5% of flower sales for local delivery<br />

by <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple members will be donated to the <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple<br />

MacKewn,<br />

MW<br />

Winder LLP<br />

Lawyers<br />

“Lawyers that mean Business”<br />

Corporation & Business Law, Commercial<br />

Litigation & Negotiations, Real Estate Law,<br />

Wills & Powers of Attorney, Estate Planning,<br />

Probate & Administration<br />

C. Fred MacKewn - E. Dixon Winder<br />

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Independently Owned <strong>and</strong> Operated<br />



John Rozeluk<br />

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London, ON N6H 5L5<br />

Tel 519 471-6900<br />

Fax 519 471-8188<br />

E-Mail: john@rozeluk<strong>and</strong>company.ca<br />

Did You Know?<br />

Up to what age are children admitted to <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children?<br />

Up to their 18th birthday.<br />

What is the average length of stay at the orthopaedic hospitals?<br />

4.12 days<br />

What is the average length of stay at the burn hospitals?<br />

4.26 days.<br />

How much does it cost for a child to receive care at a <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital?<br />

Nothing. All care <strong>and</strong> services at <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals are provided totally without charge to the patient or family.<br />

Where does the money come from to operate the <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals?<br />

Gifts, bequests, income from the endowment fund, hospital fundraising events <strong>and</strong> the annual assessment paid by every Shriner.<br />

Page 24 February <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

History of <strong>Mocha</strong> Continued 2001-2007<br />

~ 2001 ~<br />

An emergent meeting of <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple was held at <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple on<br />

January 10, 2001. <strong>Potentate</strong> Gerrits opened the meeting at 7:05pm with<br />

approximately 150 Nobles in attendance. The <strong>Potentate</strong> reviewed the purpose<br />

of the meeting which was to make a Notice of Motion re the sale of the Camel<br />

Coach; there was no seconder for the motion.<br />

The <strong>Potentate</strong> stated that he had learned on Monday, January 8 that the Camel<br />

Coach had been sold. Following a brief discussion, the meeting was adjourned.<br />

The Annual Meeting was held at the Temple on January 19, 2001 with some<br />

175 members in attendance.<br />

• all business <strong>and</strong> financial reports were reviewed <strong>and</strong> approved<br />

• 4 bequests were received through 2000; inquiries are increasing<br />

• Noble Fahrner presented <strong>and</strong> received approval for 2001 budget<br />

The Spring Ceremonial was held in St. Thomas at the Hi-Ro Shrine Club <strong>and</strong><br />

the Memorial Arena on May 11/13; 137 Nobles were created <strong>and</strong> donations<br />

totaled $253,192.<br />

The Fall Ceremonial was held in London on November 17 at the <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Shrine Centre when 35 brethren were created Nobles.<br />

In 2000, Imperial Council approved a proposal to amend the by-laws so that<br />

Master Masons would be eligible to become <strong>Shriners</strong> – effective on July 3, 2000.<br />

At the December Stated Meeting, Noble John L. McLaughlin was elected<br />

<strong>Potentate</strong> for 2002 with no changes in the Treasurer <strong>and</strong> Recorder.<br />

~ 2002 ~<br />

<strong>Potentate</strong> Fahrner opened the Stated Meeting in the Shrine Centre on January<br />

18, 2002 at 7:30 pm with 150 members in attendance.<br />

Previous minutes (January 19, 2001) were read <strong>and</strong> adopted as correct.<br />

Treasurer Williams presented the Auditor’s report <strong>and</strong> the financial reports;<br />

these were accepted as presented.<br />

Membership Chairman Warner stated that we had a good year from a<br />

membership st<strong>and</strong>point but still had a net loss of 20 members.<br />

Noble McLaughlin presented the 2002 budget which was approved.<br />

The 2002 <strong>Potentate</strong> (Ill. <strong>Sir</strong> John McLaughlin) was installed by Paul Ellyatt<br />

P.P.; he also presented the new <strong>Potentate</strong> with his fez.<br />

It was reported that the Woodstock Shrine Club building was sold with a<br />

closing date of June 22, 2002.<br />

The Spring Ceremonial was held in Port Elgin on May 17/19 in the CAW<br />

Centre which was an excellent facility. The weekend started with a fish fry <strong>and</strong><br />

ended with a breakfast in the CAW complex. <strong>Mocha</strong> welcomed 58 new Nobles<br />

<strong>and</strong> received $250,000 in donations.<br />

At the Imperial Sessions held in Vancouver (June 23/27), the Shrine<br />

representatives approved a proposal to replace the word Temple with the term<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> where used in a proper name. “Temple” will remain in the by-laws.<br />

A Summer Ceremonial was held in Sarnia on September 13/14 at the<br />

Lambton Shrine Club <strong>and</strong> the SCIT High School. 20 c<strong>and</strong>idates were created<br />

Nobles of <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple.<br />

A Stated Meeting was held in the <strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Centre on December 11, 2002.<br />

Election of Officers, based on the revised by-laws, was held at this meeting.<br />

Noble Sims presented <strong>and</strong> reviewed his 2003 budget on a “line by line” basis.<br />

Shrine Fall Ceremonial was held at <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> on November 9 with 10<br />

creations.<br />

Elected <strong>Potentate</strong> for 2003 was Noble George Sims (Chatham) with Ill. <strong>Sir</strong><br />

Fahrner as Treasurer <strong>and</strong> Noble Smuck as Recorder.<br />

~ 2003 ~<br />

The Annual Meeting was held in the Shrine Centre on January 17, 2003 with<br />

some 165 Nobles in attendance.<br />

The Recorder reported that 2002 donations totaled $351,016. Membership at<br />

the end of 2001 was 3,883; membership at the end of 2002 was 3,831 which<br />

was a loss of 52 members.<br />

It was approved to spend up to $50,000 on the roof of the original building;<br />

it could be less if only minor repairs are required.<br />

The Spring Ceremonial, sponsored by Ahcom Shrine Club, was held in<br />

Chatham on June 20/21 at the Sertoma Wish Centre; 65 c<strong>and</strong>idates were<br />

created Nobles of <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple.<br />

The floors in the Shrine Centre were carpeted/refinished to their original glory.<br />

The Fall Ceremonial was held in London at the Shrine Centre on November<br />

15 with 20 creations into <strong>Mocha</strong>. Total Ceremonial donations from Clubs/Units<br />

for 2003 were $ 377,325.<br />

The December Stated Meeting was held at the <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> on December<br />

10, 2003 with 50 Nobles in attendance.<br />

Elected <strong>Potentate</strong> was Noble Donald Warner (Windsor); Treasurer was Ill. <strong>Sir</strong><br />

Fahrner; Recorder was Noble Allen Smuck.<br />

~ 2004 ~<br />

The Annual Meeting was held on January 16, 2004 with approx. 160 Nobles<br />

in attendance.<br />

All donations to our hospitals through 2003 exceeded $ 470,000. The year end<br />

membership totaled 3,754 Nobles which reflects a loss of 77 through the year.<br />

Financial reports were included in the Treasurers review <strong>and</strong> accepted by the<br />

Nobles.<br />

Noble Warner reviewed his 2004 budget <strong>and</strong> stressed “the need to reduce<br />

spending”; his report was accepted .<br />

The Spring Ceremonial was held in Leamington on June 25/26, 2004 at the<br />

Leamington Kinsmen Recreation Centre which is a beautiful facility. 86 new<br />

Nobles became members of <strong>Mocha</strong>.<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>’s Fall Ceremonial was held at the Shrine Centre on November 13 when<br />

22 Nobles were created members of <strong>Mocha</strong>. Hospital donations totaled $120,388.<br />

Throughout the year, 113 Nobles were created.<br />

At the December Stated Meeting, with 97 Nobles in attendance, Noble Grant<br />

Fotheringham was elected 2005 <strong>Potentate</strong> (Waterloo), with Ill. <strong>Sir</strong> Fahrner<br />

elected Treasurer <strong>and</strong> Noble Smuck elected Recorder.<br />

~ 2005 ~<br />

On January 16, with 180 Nobles in attendance, the Recorder’s <strong>and</strong><br />

Treasurer’s reports were reviewed <strong>and</strong> accepted.<br />

Noble Fotheringham presented his budget which was accepted.<br />

Ill. <strong>Sir</strong> Shillington installed the 2005 Officers.<br />

The Spring Ceremonial was held in Waterloo on May 27/28; this saw the creation<br />

of 41 Nobles.<br />

Considerable interest was generated re the possibility of a <strong>Shriners</strong> hospital<br />

in London.<br />

Many members of <strong>Mocha</strong> dedicated much time <strong>and</strong> effort re this project<br />

which did not materialize.<br />

The Fall Ceremonial was held at <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> on November 12 which saw<br />

the creation of 22 Nobles. Donations totaled $ 134,904.<br />

The Stated Meeting of December 15, 2005 with 154 members in attendance<br />

saw the election of Noble David Sloman (London) as <strong>Potentate</strong> for 2006 <strong>and</strong><br />

Ill. <strong>Sir</strong> Fahrner as Treasurer <strong>and</strong> Noble Smuck as Recorder.<br />

~ 2006 ~<br />

<strong>Potentate</strong> David Sloman <strong>and</strong> his Divan were installed for 2006 at the Shrine<br />

Centre on January 13.<br />

Also at the Stated Meeting of January 13, 2006, the Recorder reported 2005<br />

donations of $411,170.<br />

The Recorder also reported, for 2005, the creation of 63 Nobles when combined<br />

with the losses through deaths, etc. produced a membership loss of 110.<br />

The 2006 Spring Ceremonial was held in London on June 9/10 at <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> <strong>and</strong> the Hilton Hotel ; 42 Nobles were created at this Ceremonial.<br />

It was reported that the Royal Scots had won 8 medals at G.L.S.A.<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> Legion of Honour celebrated 30th anniversary...Happy<br />

Anniversary !<br />

The Fall Ceremonial was held on October 13/14 in Strathroy at the Royal<br />

Canadian Legion, St. John’s Anglican Hall <strong>and</strong> West Middlesex Memorial<br />

Arena....the total event was enjoyed by all. 31 Nobles were created in Strathroy.<br />

At the Stated Meeting of December 13, 2006, Noble Norman Camp was elected<br />

<strong>Potentate</strong> with Ill. <strong>Sir</strong> Fahrner as Treasurer <strong>and</strong> Noble Jeffery Brown as Recorder.<br />

~ 2007 ~<br />

The Spring Ceremonial was held in Woodstock on June 8/9 at the Woodstock<br />

District Community Complex...an outst<strong>and</strong>ing facility. 43 Nobles were created in<br />

a great fraternal atmosphere. <strong>Potentate</strong> Camp planned an excellent Ceremonial.<br />

The “<strong>Mocha</strong> Boys” put on a great show in Komoka for Canada<br />

Day………Love Bugs, Classic Cars, Trumpet B<strong>and</strong>.<br />

Hillbilly Clan 59 hosted an International Hillbilly Convention in August.<br />

The Great Lakes Shrine Association selected London (Pres. Ill. <strong>Sir</strong> David<br />

Fahrner) for their annual ceremonial. On September 22nd, the London<br />

community witnessed an outst<strong>and</strong>ing parade of International Shrine Units.<br />

The Fall Ceremonial was held at <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> on November 10.<br />

Acclaimed as 2008 <strong>Mocha</strong> Officers at the December Annual Meeting were<br />

Noble Gail MacKay as <strong>Potentate</strong><br />

Ill <strong>Sir</strong> David Fahrner as Treasurer<br />

Noble Jeff Brown as Recorder.<br />

Apologies are extended re any errors, omissions, misunderst<strong>and</strong>ings.<br />

Appreciation is extended to the Recorder’s Office for their co-operation <strong>and</strong><br />

support. A special “thanks” is given to the Editor, Noble Dennis Cook for his<br />

patience, support <strong>and</strong> his co-operation.<br />

Bob Henry<br />

MOCHA NEWS February <strong>2009</strong> Page 25

Progress Report #2 - <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

JANUARY <strong>2009</strong><br />


• In 2007, <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong>, in partnership with Children’s Health Foundation,<br />

agreed to reach out <strong>and</strong> help more kids with orthopaedic needs in more<br />

communities<br />

• With <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> generous financial commitment of $1 million, we are<br />

establishing a Paediatrics Orthopaedic<br />

Telemedicine Clinic to initially serve three communities in Southwestern Ontario <strong>and</strong> to have the ability to consult with the<br />

Canadian <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital in Montreal<br />

• What is the Paediatric Orthopaedic Telemedicine Clinic? Through live video conferencing, it allows doctors <strong>and</strong> the health<br />

care professionals at Children’s Hospital to watch, look <strong>and</strong> listen to children in a location closer to their home, rather than<br />

enduring the time <strong>and</strong> expense of travelling<br />

UPDATE FROM OCTOBER 1, 2008 – JANUARY 15, <strong>2009</strong><br />

• On October 31st, Children’s Hospital Foundation <strong>and</strong> Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre was pleased to<br />

host approximately 15 <strong>Shriners</strong> in the temporary location for the <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> Orthopaedic Telemedicine Clinic at<br />

Children’s Hospital to see a demonstration of teleconferencing first h<strong>and</strong><br />

• The Steering Committee for this project from <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> attended, <strong>and</strong> a few guests joined us from some of the<br />

nearby clubs<br />

• Ellen Rosen, Vice President, Women <strong>and</strong> Children’s Services, <strong>and</strong> Glen Kearns, Vice President, Clinical Support Services<br />

from London Health Sciences Centre welcomed everyone <strong>and</strong> thanked the <strong>Shriners</strong> for making this project possible<br />

• Dr. Rob Williams, Chief Medical Officer with the Ontario Telemedicine Network, <strong>and</strong> the CEO <strong>and</strong> several staff members<br />

from the Kids Ability Centre for Child Development in Waterloo joined us via teleconferencing<br />

• Caleigh Turnbull (a young patient of Dr. Leitch’s known to many of you) participated in a demonstration of telemedicine with<br />

Dr. Tim Carey <strong>and</strong> Dr. Kellie Leitch<br />

• The Ontario Telemedicine Process – all three remote sites in rehabilitation clinics (Kids Ability in Waterloo, the Prism Centre<br />

in Chatham, <strong>and</strong> the John McGivney Centre in Windsor) have now completed the OTN application process <strong>and</strong> been<br />

approved<br />

• Equipment – working with the stakeholders, a stringent process has been completed to identify the necessary equipment to<br />

meet the needs of the staff <strong>and</strong> the patients at the three remote sites <strong>and</strong> the orthopaedic surgeons at Children’s Hospital<br />

• Of the two preferred equipment providers, it appears the equipment that is m<strong>and</strong>ated at all<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals in the States will be chosen<br />

• During the information gathering process for the equipment, a connection has been made to<br />

the Telemedicine Coordinator at the <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital in Honolulu, <strong>and</strong> she is pleased to<br />

work collaboratively with our Project Manager to share expertise on how they developed the<br />

Hawaii telemedicine project<br />

• This collaboration will support the development of the MSPOTS Tool Kit (project<br />

guidebook)<br />

• The list of equipment to be purchased will be provided to the <strong>Shriners</strong> MSPOTS Committee<br />

the week of January 19th to review <strong>and</strong> approve before the equipment is ordered<br />

• The Project Manager is working with the three sites to develop infrastructure at the sites to<br />

ensure consistency in policies <strong>and</strong> procedures <strong>and</strong> ongoing sustainability<br />

• Project training is scheduled for late February at the three sites<br />

• An event is being planned for the spring to celebrate the official launch of the MSPOTS<br />

project once all three rehabilitation sites have their equipment installed <strong>and</strong> are up<br />

<strong>and</strong> running<br />

• Hawaii has asked to be included in the event via teleconferencing, <strong>and</strong> the Montreal <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Hospital will be invited to participate as well<br />

• To date, $606,351.66 has been received by Children’s Health Foundation towards the<br />

$1 million commitment<br />

Prepared by: Debbie Comuzzi, President <strong>and</strong> CEO, Children’s Health Foundation Penny Harman,<br />

Major <strong>and</strong> Planned Gifts Director, Children’s Health Foundation Patricia Potter, Project Manager,<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> Paediatric Orthopaedic Telemedicine Clinic, Children’s Hospital<br />

A special Thanks to all Clubs <strong>and</strong> Units who have helped us achieve this big number of dollars.<br />

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the generous donations to the <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> Paediatric<br />

Telemedicine Service. Your continued commitment to Helping Children is greater then ever.<br />

Please consider giving at the Spring ceremonial to help us achieve our goal of $1 million dollars.<br />

Noble Dwight Coughlan Membership Chairman<br />

Page 26 February <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

<strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong>’ Memorial Cards<br />

Nobles, the members of Lambton Shrine Club Motor Corp Unit,<br />

have produced a very nice informative Donor Card for Funeral<br />

Homes with an explantation letter of where your dollar goes. It was introduced<br />

at the <strong>Mocha</strong> Installation, Noble Ted Haight presents the new card to Noble<br />

Wayne Brown of Norfolk Shrine Club.<br />

Description <strong>and</strong> instructions for the use of the<br />

perforated two-part card:<br />

A) Memorial card for the family (top) is usually<br />

h<strong>and</strong>led at the funeral home<br />

B) Memorial donation card (bottom) to accompany<br />

donation cheque which would be mailed in the<br />

supplied stamped envelope to the<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Centre<br />

Make cheques payable to:<br />

• MSPOTS/CHF or<br />

• <strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Patient Transportation Fund or<br />

• <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital for Children, Canadian Unit<br />

Tax receipts will be issued for any of the<br />

three options.<br />

C) Brief explanation of the options follows:<br />

M.S.P.O.T.S./C.H.F. - <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> Paediatric Orthopaedic Telemedicine<br />

Service (London) is a partnership with <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> <strong>and</strong> CHildren’s Health<br />

Foundation at Children’s Hospital in London to help more kids with orthopaedic<br />

needs in more communities. Through live video conferencing from satellite clinics<br />

(initially Windsor, Chatham, Waterloo) doctors <strong>and</strong> the health care professionals at<br />

Children’s Hospital can assess patients’ needs <strong>and</strong> are able to link up <strong>and</strong> consult<br />

with the Canadian <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital in Montreal. This enables local children to be<br />

assessed <strong>and</strong> cared for in a location closer to their homes rather than enduring the<br />

time of travelling. Additional satellite cities are planned in the future.<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Patient Transportation Fund<br />

Travel expenses to <strong>and</strong> from Shriner Hospitals are paid for by SHriners. There are<br />

22 <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals in North America. Children under 18 with orthopaedic problems,<br />

burn injuries, spinal injuries <strong>and</strong> cleft palates receive free medical care at<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital.<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital for<br />

Children, Canadian Unit<br />

in Montreal.<br />

Funds are used for research<br />

<strong>and</strong> daily operation.<br />

No charge to family for<br />

treatment <strong>and</strong> services.<br />

Tillsonburg<br />

Shrine Club<br />

Tillsonburg Shrine Club has done well with<br />

the pop can recycling program <strong>and</strong><br />

although the price per pound of aluminum<br />

is quite low right now, it has been a very<br />

profitable undertaking for our Club.<br />

The pop can program was introduced to our<br />

Club by Noble Dave Br<strong>and</strong>, <strong>and</strong> with the<br />

assistance of many nobles it has been a<br />

good project. We have many businesses<br />

who gather <strong>and</strong> contribute cans to our<br />

cause, <strong>and</strong> we try to recognize them for<br />

their efforts.<br />

For this purpose a nice thank you plaque<br />

was designed by Noble Dennis Cook,<br />

placed in a frame <strong>and</strong> presented.<br />

Pictured here are Nobles Dave Br<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong><br />

Max Meharg presenting a thank you<br />

to an employee of Saint Gobain Corp.<br />

for their assistance with pop can donations<br />

Contact <strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Centre<br />

at 519-672-1391<br />

for additional cards<br />

<strong>and</strong> envelopes<br />

Pictured here is a replica of the plaque,<br />

which was well received by the recipient.<br />

MOCHA NEWS February <strong>2009</strong> Page 27

Saturday,<br />

April 18, <strong>2009</strong><br />

Hilton Hotel<br />

300 King Street, London<br />

Dancing &<br />

Entertainment<br />

by<br />

Vintage Dance<br />

<strong>and</strong><br />

Show B<strong>and</strong><br />

$115.00 per night<br />

Reservations by April 3rd, 2008<br />

519-439-1661 • 1-800-210-9336<br />

Cocktails<br />

5:00 pm to 6:00 pm<br />

Gr<strong>and</strong> Entry<br />

6:00 pm<br />

Dinner<br />

7:00 pm<br />

$<br />

75.00<br />

per person<br />

(Tickets available in the business office)<br />

Page 28 February <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

Spring Ceremonial<br />

L E A M I N G T O N , O N T .<br />

&<br />

<strong>2009</strong><br />

Friday, June 12 Saturday, June 13<br />



(Host Hotel)<br />

*Divan*<br />

HOSTED BY — Sun Parlour Shrine Club<br />

Ph: 519-326-8646<br />

Fax 519-326-5531<br />

*Rate $100 per night<br />

COMFORT INN Ph: 519-326-9071<br />

Fax: 519-326-3445<br />

*Rate $100 per night<br />

RAMADA Ph: 519-325-0260<br />

Fax: 519-325-0838<br />

*Rate $100 per nght<br />

TOWN ‘N’<br />



Ph: 519-326-4452<br />

Fax: 519-326-4427<br />

Rate $75.00 per night<br />

* Rates are for a two night stay. * Contact Hotel for one night stay<br />


Ph: 519-839-4089 Fax: 519-839-6194 Email: budmar@gosfieldtel.com<br />

Full schedule of events <strong>and</strong> ticket prices in May <strong>2009</strong> <strong>Mocha</strong> News.<br />

Did You Know?<br />

Where are the <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals located that provide burn care?<br />

Galveston, Texas, (opened in 1966); Cincinnati (opened in 1968); Boston (opened in 1968); <strong>and</strong> Sacramento, Calif.,<br />

(opened in 1997).<br />

Where are the <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals located that provide spinal cord<br />

injury care?<br />

Philadelphia (opened in 1980); Chicago (opened in 1983); <strong>and</strong> Sacramento, Calif., (originally opened in San Francisco<br />

in 1984).<br />

Where does the money come from to operate the 22 <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals?<br />

Gifts, bequests, income from the endowment fund, hospital fundraising events <strong>and</strong> the annual assessment paid<br />

by every Shriner.<br />

MOCHA NEWS February <strong>2009</strong> Page 29

Shrine Imperial Council Sessions 2010<br />

Rameses Shrine<br />

Toronto, ON, Canada<br />

The Imperial Sessions of 2010 (July 3 to July 8) are<br />

quickly approaching <strong>and</strong> I hope many clubs <strong>and</strong> units<br />

from <strong>Mocha</strong> will want to attend <strong>and</strong> participate.<br />

Below I have a list of hotels that are available to us.<br />

The costs of the rooms range from $225 per night to<br />

$119. In most cases the further from the Convention<br />

Centre - where the Imperial Sessions will be held - the<br />

cheaper the room rate. Most if not all of the hotels<br />

require a four night minimum stay.<br />

I have selected the Sheraton Centre as <strong>Mocha</strong>'s headquarters<br />

<strong>and</strong> have reserved 50 rooms there. I certainly<br />

underst<strong>and</strong> if you are interested in another hotel closer<br />

to the Convention Centre or one less expensive. If<br />

you wish to have a room at the Sheraton Centre please<br />

contact me <strong>and</strong> I reserve it for you, however if you wish<br />

to stay at another venue you may contact the hotel<br />

yourself or I can book it for you. In all cases please<br />

inform the hotel that you are with the <strong>Shriners</strong> <strong>and</strong> I<br />

would also ask you to please notify me if your club or<br />

unit will be attending.<br />

Further information on the 2010 Imperial sessions will be in upcoming editions of <strong>Mocha</strong> news <strong>and</strong><br />

if you have any questions or concerns please contact me I look forward to working with you in the<br />

coming months to make July 2010 a great experience for everyone.<br />


Renaissance Tor 1 Blue Jay Way www.renaissancetoronto.com<br />

Sheraton Centre Tor 123 Queen St. W. www.sheraton.com<br />

Valhalla Inn 1 Valhalla Road www.valhalla-inn.com<br />

Holiday In on King 370 King St. W. www.hiok.com<br />

Courtyard Marriott Tor 475 Yonge St www.courtyardtoronto.com<br />

Intercontinental Tor 225 Front St. W. www.interconti.com<br />

Metropolitan Hotels 108 Chestnut Street www.metropolitan.com<br />

Radisson Admiral Hotel 249 Queen's Quay Way www.radissonadmiral.com<br />

Westin Habour Castle 1 Habour Square www.westin.com/habourcastle<br />

Toronto Airport Marriott 901 Dixon Road www.marriott.com/yyzot<br />

Days Hotel & Conf. Centre 30 Carlton Street www.dayshoteltoronto.ca<br />

Delta Chelsea Hotel 33 Gerrard Street W. www.deltachelsea.com<br />

Hilton Toronto Hotel 145 Richmond St. W. www.VisitHiltonToronto.com<br />

Novotel Toronto Airport 135 Carlingview Drive www.novoteltorontoairport.com<br />

Four Points Sheraton 1926 Lakeshore Blvd. W. www.fourpointstoronto.com<br />

Radisson Suite Hotel 640 Dixon Road radisson.com/torontoca_airport<br />

Holiday Inn Toronto 3450 Dufferin Street www.hiyorkdale<br />

Sheraton Parkway 600 Highway 7 East www.sheratonparkway.com<br />

Best Western 600 Highway 7 East www.bestwesternparkway.com<br />

Strathcona 60 York Street www.thestrathconahotel.com<br />

YITF<br />

Barry Snider, Chief Rabban, <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> barry.snider@sympatico.ca 519-885-2076<br />


Made from recycled aluminum <strong>and</strong> made by Hoselton, a dedicated “family” of artisans at work in the heart of the rolling hills of<br />

Ontario's Northumberl<strong>and</strong> County. The family of workers at the studio are dedicated to produce a product of distinction <strong>and</strong> are<br />

artists in their own right.<br />

This distinctive pin has 2010 etched in with the one an image of Toronto's l<strong>and</strong>mark CN tower. Although primarily a pin for women,<br />

it can easily be altered to become a h<strong>and</strong>some men's lapel pin. We are very fortunate to have the Imperial sessions nearly in our<br />

backyard <strong>and</strong> as proud Canadians, Ontarians <strong>and</strong> <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong>, this pin reflects our pride.<br />

Don't delay as I have been given a limited number to sell through <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>and</strong> I know you will want to support these upcoming<br />

Imperial 2010 sessions. They are only $10.00. I will be carrying them with me throughout <strong>Mocha</strong>s events or contact me <strong>and</strong> I will<br />

ensure you receive yours.<br />

Sincerely<br />

Barry Snider, Chief Rabban barry.snider@sympatico.ca 519 885-2076<br />

Page 30 February <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

AROUND<br />

MOCHA NEWS February <strong>2009</strong> Page 31

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