October 2009 - Mocha Shriners

October 2009 - Mocha Shriners

October 2009 - Mocha Shriners


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<strong>October</strong> <strong>2009</strong> 11/11/09 3:39 PM Page 1<br />

VOL. 32 NO. 4 LONDON, ONTARIO NOVEMBER <strong>2009</strong><br />

PM #40010349<br />

Kevin<br />

Jack<br />

Dave<br />

Barry<br />

Jeff<br />

Dave<br />

Robert<br />

Warm Holiday Feelings from <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple

Canadian Publications Mail Product Sales<br />

Agreement #40010349<br />

Official Publication of <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple<br />

www.mochashriners.org<br />

Published 4 times a year<br />

Statement of Purpose: To allow members to share<br />

items of interest while promoting our commitment<br />

to children and the interests of <strong>Mocha</strong> Centre.<br />

Editor: Dennis Cook, 519-842-3064<br />

Editor Emeritus: Gerry Stephenson<br />

Public Relations: Richard Jones, 519-433-6991<br />

Office: Sharron Miller, Susan Rock<br />

and Jody Axford<br />

468 Colborne St. London, ON N6B 2T3<br />

Phone: 519-672-1391<br />

mochashriners@rogers.com<br />

Fax: 672-7723 Lounge: 672-2043<br />

� ELECTED DIVAN <strong>2009</strong> �<br />

Potentate: Kevin M. Wilson<br />

102-8888 Riverside Dr. E.,<br />

Windsor, ON N8S 1H2<br />

Home: 519-948-9851<br />

kbarbson@cogeco.ca<br />

Chief Rabban: Barry Snider<br />

500 Bluestream Rd., Waterloo, ON N2K 3B1<br />

Home: 519-885-2076<br />

barry.snider@sympatico.ca<br />

Assistant Rabban: Jack Cumming<br />

RR#2, Dobbington, ON N0H 1L0<br />

Home: 519-353-5556<br />

hjcumming@brucetelecom.com<br />

High Priest & Prophet: Dave Fickling<br />

14 Wadsworth St., London, ON N5V 2R2<br />

Home: 519-451-6724<br />

ficks@rogers.com<br />

Oriental Guide: Robert Parker<br />

225 Ensign Cres., London, ON N6J 4T9<br />

Home: 519-680-0032<br />

parkerrob@rogers.com<br />

Treasurer: Dave Fahrner, PP<br />

149 Normandy Gardens, London, ON N6H 4B3<br />

Home: 519-641-4998<br />

fahrner@sympatico.ca<br />

Recorder: Jeff Brown<br />

216 Seldon St., Thamesford, ON N0M 2M0<br />

Home: 519-285-2042<br />

2.browns@rogers.com<br />

� APPOINTED �<br />

Chaplain: Rev. Canon Michael Farr<br />

519-396-8284<br />

First Ceremonial Master: Gary Maycock<br />

519-353-4808<br />

Second Ceremonial Master: Jim Thomsen<br />

519-495-1882<br />

Marshall: Craig Kealey 519-389-4187<br />

Parade Marshall: Darrin Wettlaufer<br />

519-690-1128<br />

Captain of the Guard: Earl Rudd<br />

519-438-3693<br />

Provost Marshall: Larry Pickard 519-637-7542<br />

Outer Guard: Bill Baxter 519-348-8000<br />

Chief Aide: Norm Camp 519-858-3500<br />

Director’s Staff: Doug McConnell<br />

519-652-5147<br />

Membership Chairman: Dwight Coughlan<br />

519-666-3672<br />

Property - Inside: Bent Andersen 519-672-7408<br />

Property - Outside: Jim McFadden<br />

519-660-0185<br />

When I was<br />

installed as<br />

your Potentate,<br />

I was told that<br />

the months will<br />

fly by and they<br />

were not kidding.<br />

It seems<br />

that January<br />

was just last<br />

Month and now<br />

we are at the<br />

end of Summer<br />

and Winter is<br />

approaching, Thanksgiving is only a couple<br />

of weeks away and then it is the Christmas<br />

season. My term as your Potentate is fast<br />

coming to an end. It has been a great year to<br />

say the least. I would like to say a big thank<br />

you to the Divan, Nobility and their Ladies<br />

for all the support and dedication you have<br />

extended to Lady Barb and me this past year.<br />

I would like to thank many of the Past<br />

Potentates who acted as my advisors for the<br />

year, their support and timely advice have<br />

afforded me a great year. A big thanks to my<br />

trusted aide for being there for me and all the<br />

hard work you have done to make this a<br />

memorable year. I would like to thank Ill Sir<br />

Don Warner PP for appointing me to the<br />

Divan some 7 years ago; the time sure has<br />

gone by fast.<br />

I would like to also thank many of the Nobles<br />

who spend countless hours doing the many<br />

tasks that were asked of them, for without<br />

their collective help the events they helped at<br />

would not be done as well as they are. If I<br />

missed anyone, it's not intentional, Thanks to<br />

everyone. This is a team effort and it shows.<br />

The summer months have been very busy for<br />

the Divan as we attended many Club and<br />

Units summer activities which included the<br />

many Barbeques and socials. As we look<br />

ahead to the month of September The Divan<br />

has attended the Great Lakes Shrine<br />

Association in Merrillville, Indiana with<br />

Several of <strong>Mocha</strong>'s units attending, we have<br />

the Desert Rats, Jeepsters and the Royal<br />

Scots O'<strong>Mocha</strong>. The Desert Rats won three<br />

trophy's at the Motor Corps competition. The<br />

Royal Scot's O'<strong>Mocha</strong> received medals for<br />

each of the individual and group categories<br />

that they competed in, Wow what a tribute to<br />

the quality and dedication of the Nobles in<br />

these two units of <strong>Mocha</strong>.<br />

The Divan has safely returned home from our<br />

pilgrimage to the Northern tip of our jurisdiction.<br />

The Divan enjoyed the great hospi-<br />

Potentate’s Report<br />

tality of both the Huron Shrine Club and the<br />

Sault Shrine Club. I was truly amazed of the<br />

work that continues by the small number of<br />

Nobles at the Huron Shrine Club, while we<br />

where at the Club's meeting, I was given generous<br />

donations that are to be distributed to<br />

the Canadian Shrine Hospital and the<br />

Transportation Fund. The next day the Divan<br />

then continued on to the Sault Shrine Club in<br />

Sault Saint Marie. Again while we where at<br />

the Sault Shrine Club meeting, I received a<br />

cheque for $1170.00 for the M-SPOTS that<br />

was part of the estate of Noble Charlie “Red”<br />

Gailbrath. I have to thank the Nobles and<br />

Ladies of the Huron and Sault Shrine Clubs<br />

for their hard work and hospitality.<br />

It is unfortunate that I and the Board of<br />

Directors have had to make a decision on<br />

whether to hold the Fall Ceremonial or not.<br />

We have had to cancel the Ceremonial as we<br />

only had two candidates signed up. The<br />

Board of Directors and I did not come to the<br />

decision lightly, and we believed it is the<br />

right decision. The fall promises to be as<br />

busy as the summer was, it is almost that time<br />

of year for the Club and Units Officer installations.<br />

In addition, we have a Stated<br />

Meeting <strong>October</strong> 14, <strong>2009</strong> as well as the<br />

Temple Elections on December 09, <strong>2009</strong>. My<br />

last official duty as Potentate is presiding at<br />

the Annual Meeting and Installation of the<br />

2010 Temple Officers. All of the Nobility is<br />

requested and encouraged to attend this<br />

important event.<br />

I would like to thank all of the Nobles, Clubs<br />

and Units for supporting me and my Lady<br />

Barb during my year as Potentate. I would<br />

also like to make a special thank you to the<br />

Ladies that work in the <strong>Mocha</strong> Office,<br />

Sharron Miller, Susan Rock and Jodi Axford.<br />

Your assistance and dedication is very much<br />

appreciated. I have a big thank you to our<br />

ladies and the Nobility for all of their support,<br />

because of them we are able to do what<br />

we do best; support our <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals<br />

for Children. And of course I can not forget<br />

to thank my Lady Barb, for without her support,<br />

I would not have been able to dedicate<br />

myself to <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple on my seven year<br />

journey to being your Potentate.<br />

I am humbled to have garnered your support<br />

and it has been a real pleasure to serve the<br />

Nobility of <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong>. I believe in family<br />

and that is what we are! Barb and I wish<br />

everyone a most enjoyable Christmas and a<br />

safe and Happy Year.<br />

Yours in the Faith<br />

Kevin M. Wilson, Potentate<br />

Page 2 November <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

Chaplain’s Chat<br />

As I write this remembrance day is just<br />

around the corner and so my thoughts<br />

are directed to those who have served<br />

and continue to serve their country.<br />

This past week there was a remembrance<br />

service held for those killed on board<br />

HMCS Kootenay in <strong>October</strong> 1969. I<br />

remember some years ago taking my<br />

wife, my mother-in-law and my children<br />

to Brookwood Military Cemetery in<br />

England to show them the cost of war and peacetime service. My<br />

mother-in-law had never been overseas before and it was a shock<br />

to her to be taken to a cemetery where so many young men and<br />

women were buried. In a corner of the cemetery I happened upon<br />

the victimes of the Kootenay tragedy. about 15 years later I was<br />

Recorder’s Corner<br />

by Jeff Brown<br />

I purposely took some time to get my<br />

column ready this month to confirm some<br />

new information that had to be approved by<br />

the membership present at our Stated<br />

Meeting on <strong>October</strong> 14th. Those members<br />

approved an increase in dues of $5.00 for<br />

2010. This means the Temple dues will be<br />

$71.00 plus $15.00 Per Capita (Imperial) and $5.00 Hospital<br />

Assessment for a total of $91.00 for 2010. The office staff is busy<br />

preparing the new dues notices for next year and they should be<br />

hitting your mailboxes soon. I encourage you to get your payments<br />

in as soon as you can to facilitate getting your new membership<br />

cards out to you. To those members whose accounts are<br />

in arrears, please contact me to arrange for payment options to get<br />

you back in good standing. Please don't let your membership<br />

lapse and face the prospect of suspension.<br />

Remember that the January 8th 2010 meeting is the Open<br />

Installation night and your lady is welcome to join you to witness<br />

the installation of the new Divan Officers for the upcoming year.<br />

There will be a dinner served by Delectable Eats before the<br />

Installation and you must purchase your tickets in advance through<br />

the Administration Office for this event. See the ad elsewhere in<br />

the magazine.<br />

Remember that the December 9th Stated Meeting is also our annual<br />

election night and you need to show your <strong>2009</strong> dues card for<br />

admittance to this important meeting. The 2010 budget will be<br />

presented at that meeting for approval by you, the members of<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong>.<br />

Most of you will have heard the news we are now officially,<br />

“SHRINERS INTERNATIONAL” with the approval of two new Temples<br />

in Puerto Rico and the Philippines at the Imperial Session in San<br />

Antonio this year. They will be known as MAHUBAY SHRINERS in<br />

the Philippines and AL RAI'E SALEH SHRINERS in Puerto Rico.<br />

LOST AND<br />

FOUND<br />

leading a memorial service for a masonic organization when the<br />

Grand master of that particular organization asked us to remember<br />

the victims of the Kootenay as he had been an officer on board<br />

at the time of the tragedy. How often have you been confronted by<br />

the memory of a particular tragedy while going about your every<br />

day lives? None of us can escape the fact that every day of our<br />

lives someone is placing him or herself on the line for us - even in<br />

peacetime. Someone has volunteered to put his or her life ahead<br />

of his or her safety to protect us. The Gospels tell us "that greater<br />

love hath no man except that he lay down his life for another." May<br />

the Almighty bless each and everyone who volunteers to serve<br />

their fellows as members of armed forces, police, fire fighters,<br />

paramedics, natural resource personnel, and non-profit organizations.<br />

God bless you all!<br />

Salaam, Shalom, Peace<br />

Gordon Simmons<br />

Another application from Germany was defeated but will likely<br />

come to the floor again next year for approval by the delegates.<br />

With the new name of <strong>Shriners</strong> International comes a new logo. It<br />

is the fez! Just as we have a new emblem for <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals,<br />

we now also have a new emblem for the fraternity. Please get<br />

familiar with these new emblems, you will be seeing them more<br />

often as we change our printed material and dues cards for next<br />

year.<br />

Five <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals that were in danger of being closed have<br />

been given a reprieve in order for them to develop new business<br />

plans that will reduce their draw on the endowment fund significantly.<br />

Of special concern to us at <strong>Mocha</strong> is the Erie Unit which has<br />

been working on a new joint venture with enhanced features that<br />

should meet all the requirements of Tampa and serve them well<br />

into the future. However, their efforts are still not finalized so they<br />

still have some hurdles to jump over. Third Party Pay was also<br />

approved by the delegates in San Antonio and our hospital system<br />

is gearing up to adopt new financial billing procedures for those<br />

patients who have insurance coverage for their treatments. Rest<br />

assured that regardless of insurance coverage, we will continue to<br />

serve our children with the highest quality care at no personal cost<br />

to them. That is what our hospital system is famous for, isn't it?<br />

Our world, as well as our fraternity is changing and we must not<br />

be afraid to change with it.<br />

One final note; please take the time to wear a poppy in November<br />

in remembrance of our military forces who have ensured our<br />

freedoms through their sacrifices. God bless those<br />

who have paid the ultimate sacrifice<br />

for the society we enjoy today and<br />

to those who continue to serve our<br />

country. Lest we forget.<br />

If anybody has lost a pink plastic bag with a large picture of polar<br />

bears in it, could you please contact the office at 519-672-1391.<br />

We have been holding it at the office since May of this year.<br />

LOST AND<br />

FOUND<br />

MOCHA NEWS November <strong>2009</strong> Page 3

Dennis<br />

COOK<br />

editor<br />

Nobles: With this being the Nov. issue, it triggers<br />

of something in my little brain that the end of<br />

another year is now inevitable, and I feel the day is<br />

approaching fast.<br />

Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone, for<br />

their <strong>Mocha</strong> News Submissions, with out them my<br />

duty as Editor would be null and void. Please keep<br />

those cards and letters coming. I am not going to<br />

mention the names of people who are regular contributors,<br />

as someone would no doubt get left out,<br />

suffice it to say you know who you are and please<br />

let me repeat myself and please accept my heartfelt<br />

Thanks of behalf of our members.<br />

While I am thanking the loyal submitters, let me<br />

send a invitation from other Clubs and Units, I<br />

promise, I will try not to make to bad of a mess out<br />

them, the membership as well as myself would love<br />

to hear from you.<br />

Luck has been on my side lately as you will see later<br />

on in this issue that I was the lucky winner of a nice<br />

big BBQ from Aylmer Shrine Club, and then on<br />

Wed. Oct. 28th my ticket was drawn for the 50/50<br />

draw, at our Shrine Meeting, and while I didn't walk<br />

away a millionaire, it sure felt like it for a few<br />

moments.<br />

Thanks to all for your words of encouragement<br />

throughout the year, those little words of praise go<br />

right to my heart, and please accept my apologies<br />

to the few whose article or picture, either got lost in<br />

space, or highly doubtful, but I may have made a<br />

mistake, believe me none of those were on purpose.<br />

Tip of the Fez once again to the Greeter's Unit, and<br />

the Masonic Camping Club for your donations to<br />

the <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple Fund to support our magazine.<br />

May Peace and Happiness abide in your abode<br />

abundantly throughout this Festive Season, and<br />

Merry Christmas to all.<br />

Thanks and happy reading Dennis.<br />

"A Shriner never stands so tall,<br />

as when he stoops to help a child."<br />

Pictured here is Noble John Lloyd, President of the<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Trumpet Band, the child is unknown.<br />

❖ Proclamation for Election<br />

❖ The oldest Shriner<br />

❖ Circus Daddy donators<br />

❖ Scooter for sale<br />

❖ Lost & found at Temple<br />

❖ Editor wins big BBQ<br />

❖ <strong>Mocha</strong> History<br />

❖ Highlights of our Great<br />

Temple interior<br />

❖ Many pictures & articles from<br />

Clubs, and Units.<br />

Look through and find out!<br />

Page 4 November <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

Happy 50th<br />

Wedding Anniversary<br />

Bob & Vesta Marshall<br />

WE<br />

NEED<br />

YOU!!<br />

The GREETERS UNIT needs<br />

good men like you.<br />

We are socially active,<br />

friendly and respected.<br />

Whether you are serious or just<br />

curious call us for more information.<br />

Ken Hill ……… 519-474-2387<br />

Dave Hopper…. 519-471-7851<br />



Please have<br />

everything<br />

submitted by ....<br />

JAN. 15<br />

Proclamation<br />


Illustrious Sir Kevin Wilson<br />

summons you to attend<br />



to be held in <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple<br />

468 Colborne Street, London, Ontario<br />

on Wednesday, December 9, <strong>2009</strong><br />

at 7:30 p.m.<br />

Officers to Be Elected<br />

for 2010<br />

Potentate Treasurer<br />

Chief Rabban Recorder<br />

Assistant Rabban 4 Representatives<br />

High Priest & Prophet to Imperial Council<br />

Oriental Guide<br />

YOUR <strong>2009</strong> CARD WILL BE REQUIRED<br />


Membership Cards are available<br />

in the Recorder’s Office.<br />

Wear Your Fez<br />

Be Sure to Vote<br />



Section 325-11 Election Regulations<br />

(a) Electioneering The printing, publication,<br />

circulating or distribution of resolutions, letters,<br />

telegrams, tickets, email or other devices, by a<br />

Noble, suggesting, recommending, opposing or<br />

containing the names of proposed candidates for<br />

office in the Temple is prohibited.<br />

(b) Violation For any violation of (a), the Imperial<br />

Potentate may suspend any offending Noble, and<br />

he may declare the election of the officers void<br />

and order a new election.<br />

(c) Notice At least one week prior to the annual<br />

meeting or any election, the temple Recorder shall<br />

mail to each member a notice thereof containing<br />

this section.<br />

DINNER AT 6:00 P.M. – ($25)<br />

Advance sale only from office<br />

(519) 672-1391<br />

MOCHA NEWS November <strong>2009</strong> Page 5

Lambton Shrine Club<br />

“Two Ears Are Better Than One”<br />

This young boy's name is Cohen, and he possess all the<br />

attributes that any boy at his age would have.<br />

Eagerness to play, explore, learn, catch the odd frog or<br />

two, and above all, look forward to each day with a<br />

keen desire to enjoy life to the fullest.<br />

However, Cohen was born on August 4th 2005 with a<br />

hearing loss. (to what extent we will never know)<br />

After a long process of testing, two and a half year old<br />

Cohen, was diagnosed profoundly deaf, bilaterally.<br />

With the help of Pathways Health Centre for Children<br />

Infant Hearing Program, Roberts School for the deaf,<br />

and London Health Sciences - Cochlear Implant<br />

Program, Cohen received his first cochlear implant at<br />

age three.<br />

He was activated on January 19th <strong>2009</strong> and was able to<br />

hear in one hear.<br />

Cohen's hearing age is now 4 months and should compared<br />

to a 4 month old baby's hearing and production of<br />

speech.<br />

Cohen's parents, Mike and Krista Murphy are very<br />

grateful for his cochlear implant, but because Cohen<br />

was diagnosed so late, he missed the cut off age for<br />

bilateral implants.<br />

As quoted by Cohen's parents, this is a part of a government<br />

study that includes children under the age of 3<br />

years - Cohen missed this by a short few months.<br />

Research has shown that children with bilateral<br />

implants hear better background noises and that there is<br />

a possibility that two implants would make hearing less<br />

tiring for them. Also there is the added benefit of having<br />

a back up should the existing implant fail.<br />

Early findings show that the more time left between<br />

first and second implants, the longer it takes the brain<br />

to synchronize hearing between the two ears.<br />

At this time, without government funding, Cohen's parents<br />

will be continuing their journey for a second<br />

cochlear implant, which would be extremely beneficial<br />

to learn, listen, and speak within the hearing world.<br />

The Lambton Shrine Club Motor Corps, proudly donated<br />

the sum of $5,000 towards a fundraiser for a second<br />

cochlear implant for Cohen.<br />

The goal of the fundraiser is to raise $40,000 to cover<br />

the costs of such an amazing piece of technology, which<br />

Cohen so desperately requires.<br />

Secretary-Treasurer Noble Robert Jeffrey, President<br />

Motor Corps Noble Jim Sayers, Cohen Murphy,<br />

Cohen's father Mr. Mike Murphy, Cohen's mother Mrs.<br />

Krista Murphy, kneeling is Noble Ken Sitzes, sitting in<br />

mini car is Noble John W. Patterson.<br />

President Jim Sayers on behalf of the Lambton Shrine<br />

Club Motor Corps, donates a cheque in the amount of<br />

$5,000 to help aid Cohen cover his expenses for his<br />

much needed second cochlear implant.<br />


This is the puck dropping ceremony at the<br />

John Labatt Centre on <strong>October</strong> 2, <strong>2009</strong>.<br />

This was "Shrine Night" at the JLC and<br />



George Vanslack<br />

Page 6 November <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

A big pat on the back to all the Clubs and Units<br />

who have rallied around the MSPOTS project.<br />

800,000 in 2 years is a remarkable feat, and it<br />

shows the commitment and passion that<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> have in helping kids!<br />

Thank you to all!<br />

MSPOTS Steering Committee<br />

Illustrious Sir Kevin Wilson Potentate<br />

Illustrious Sir David Fahrner PP<br />

Illustrious Sir Norm Camp PP<br />

Noble Jeff Brown Recorder<br />

Noble Dwight Coughlan<br />

Individuals who have donated personally<br />

Ahcom Shrine Club<br />

Aylmer Shrine Club<br />

Brantford Shrine Club<br />

Bruce Shrine Club<br />

Cambridge Shrine Club<br />

Camel Coach <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Fort Malden #268 O.E.S.<br />

Hillbillies Outhouse #3<br />

Hillbilly Clan #59<br />

Hi-Ro Shrine Love Bugs<br />

Lambton Shrine Club<br />

Lambton Shrine Club Oriental Band<br />

London Shrine Club - Pop Can Project<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Alumni Association<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Classics <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Iron Camels<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Motor Corp<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> A.A.O.N.M.S.<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Temple - Desert Rats Unit<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Temple - Legion of Honour<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Temple Oriental Band<br />

Norfolk Shrine Club<br />

Pal-<strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Club<br />

R.C.L. - Branch #249<br />

Royal Scots O'<strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Shrine Circus Daddy<br />

Stratford on Avon Shrine Club<br />

Stratford <strong>Shriners</strong> Mini-Kars<br />

Sun Parlour Shrine Club<br />

Tillsonburg Shrine Club<br />

Waterloo Country Shrine Club-Oriental Band<br />

Waterloo County Shrine Club<br />

MOCHA NEWS November <strong>2009</strong> Page 7

<strong>Mocha</strong> Love Bugs<br />

Members of the "Love Bugs" send greetings to all<br />

Nobles.<br />

The "Love Bugs" were officially recognized as a Unit<br />

of <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple by the International Shrine of<br />

Chicago (as it then was) on January 1, 1980. The unit<br />

was to revolve around the Volkswagen "Bug". The Walt<br />

Disney movie "Herbie the Love Bug" came to mind<br />

and the name "Love Bugs" was ultimately adopted for<br />

the unit. It started with three members and one<br />

Volkswagen and has grown continuously over the years<br />

since that time.<br />

Each of the unit members owns, maintains and insures<br />

their "Bug". The cars are becoming more difficult to<br />

find as time passes. We look forward to the continued<br />

growth of our unit and to the ever increasing donations<br />

to the Shrine hospitals and other charities.<br />

In 2008 we were involved in 14 parades. <strong>2009</strong> events<br />

that the "Love Bugs" participated in have been:<br />

May 18 - Woodstock Victoria Day Parade, June 13 -<br />

Spring Ceremonial - Leamington, June 26 -<br />

Thamesville Threshing Festival Parade, August 1 -<br />

Simcoe Friendship Festival Parade, August 26 -<br />

Aylmer Shrine Club Cruise Night, September 6 -<br />

Port Rowan Bay Fest Parade as well as several<br />

Christmas Parades in the area.<br />

Monthly regular meetings first Saturday of each month<br />

consist of breakfast at 9 am at the New Sarum Diner.<br />

We are continuously looking for new members. If you<br />

are interested and would like to have some fun driving<br />

a "Bug" we would be able to assist you in obtaining a<br />

suitable Volkswagen. Contact Harry Hewbank<br />

(president) at 519-773-7147 or Roy Pickard (secretary)<br />

at 519-773-5526<br />

Submitted by Bob Shier<br />

Bugs at Aylmer Cruise Noble Doug Walkers Bug<br />

Masonic Camp Club<br />

Attention RVer's join in with your fellow Campers, For more information please contact Bro.<br />

and get your membership in the National Camping Roy Osmond 519-842-8227, mro13@sympatico.ca<br />

Travelers Inc. a Camping Club exclusively for Master or V.W.Bro. Ron Hill 519 455- 5310<br />

masons and their families.<br />

ronaldhill@rogers.com<br />

History: Founded in 1966 in Gettysburg PA. by the late<br />

Shown here receiving a<br />

brother Myron Fox, and 21 other Masonic families. The<br />

Letter of Appreciation, from<br />

Club was established as a call to refreshment for those<br />

Grand Lodge, for the<br />

who enjoy the outdoors, for relaxation, and good fel-<br />

generous donation of the<br />

lowship.<br />

Trillium #1, Chapter 21of<br />

Benefits:<br />

N.C.T, to the MasoniChip<br />

• Planned monthly camping or dinner meetings in the Programme (a Child Find Programme) L-R R.W. Bro.<br />

off season.<br />

Joe Lewis MaosniChip Rep.,Bro. Stan McIntyre, and<br />

• Discover new places to visit.<br />

Bro. Roy Osmond Master of Travel, and Wagon<br />

• Annual State/Provincial, District and National Rallies. Master.<br />

• Meet new friends who share your interests. Editor's note: Nobles this Club also made a generous<br />

• Receive a monthly Chapter and quarterly National donation to the <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple Fund to assist with the<br />

Newsletter.<br />

cost of publishing the <strong>Mocha</strong> News, many Thanks to the<br />

group, from all nobles. Dennis Cook<br />

Page 8 November <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

What’s Happening in the Units!<br />

Member of<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>’s Concert Band<br />

Recently Recognized<br />

Recently Noble Les<br />

Webber was recognized<br />

by the Association of<br />

Child and Youth<br />

Counsellors of Ontario<br />

for his dedication and<br />

major contribution to the<br />

youth of Ontario.<br />

During the Association's<br />

50th anniversary<br />

celebrations in Toronto<br />

Les was presented with a<br />

Lifetime Membership<br />

Award and the<br />

President's Award.<br />

Les was the founding father in 1959 of the Ontario<br />

Association and served as its first President where<br />

his expertise was quickly recognized to the degree<br />

that he is considered a “bit of a legend” within the<br />

province and the association. He was successfully<br />

recruited by the Province of Ontario to come east<br />

from British Columbia where his talents were also<br />

recognized.<br />

Les trained at the Thistledown Regional youth centre<br />

and went on the become the Chief worker at this site.<br />

He then served at the famous Clark Institute of<br />

Psychiatry in Toronto.<br />

It is interesting to note that Noble Les was the first<br />

Chief Child Care Worker in Ontario who actually<br />

was a child care worker.<br />

Around <strong>Mocha</strong> and within our Concert Band Les is<br />

recognized as a guiding light and idea man as he<br />

generously gives of his time, energy and ideas for the<br />

betterment of the craft and our philanthropy.<br />

Submitted by Floyd James<br />



Please have<br />

everything<br />

submitted by ....<br />

JAN. 15<br />



Got some musical talent?<br />

Do you have Tuesday afternoons<br />

free from 2:00 - 3:30 pm?<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>’s Concert Band meets<br />

Tuesdays under the baton of<br />

Noble Chuck Carrothers.<br />

A special welcome for a<br />

French Horn player,<br />

and lead Clarinetist.<br />

If interested contact President Jim Shillington<br />

jamespshillington@gmail.com<br />

Concert Band<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>’s Concert band enjoyed the hospitality of Noble<br />

Don Webster and Lady Donna (front centre) at their<br />

Exeter home where we held our annual picnic.<br />

The only sharp note heard was from the knives and forks<br />

as everyone satisfied themselves with excellent home<br />

baked food and refreshing drinks.<br />

Our Concert Band rehearses on Tuesday afternoons at<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> starting again on Sept.8 and welcomes new members.<br />

We would especially give a warm welcome to a<br />

French Horn player. President Jim Shillington would<br />

welcome a call.<br />

Come out and join the fun and satisfaction as we entertain<br />

public and Shrine audiences from September to July.<br />

MOCHA NEWS November <strong>2009</strong> Page 9

Here’s What’s Happening in the Units!<br />

News from the<br />

Keystone Kops Unit<br />

Unfortunately we have lost the services of our<br />

Chief/Noble Bill Cunliffe to the far Ontario North.<br />

Noble Bill’s wife Darlene, who is associated with the<br />

Anglican Church, received and accepted a transfer of<br />

duties to the Barry’s Bay area.<br />

We will miss Noble Bill’s participation in the Unit &<br />

thank him for his input in helping to found the unit.<br />

Our activities in the month of September were limited<br />

to attending St. John’s Lodge in Norwich & arresting<br />

the Candidate during a break between the EA Degree &<br />

the FC Degree. This was done at the complete surprise<br />

of all those attending lodge that evening including the<br />

Degree Team from Tillsonburg. The surprise event was<br />

masterminded between WM Dennis Cook & Keystone<br />

member Sid Copperthwaite.<br />

The Pumpkinfest Parade in Waterford was held on<br />

Saturday <strong>October</strong> 17th & the Unit participated giving a<br />

Desert Rats at GLASMC<br />

On September 18th, <strong>2009</strong> ten <strong>Mocha</strong> Desert Rats<br />

travelled to Merrilville, Indiana to participate in the<br />

Great Lakes Association Shrine Motor Corp<br />

Competion. This consisted of a Inspection, eight to ten<br />

minute drill that the team had been practicing at the<br />

Hellenic Centre in London and an obstacle course and<br />

parade. Mike Andersen and Richard Smith won the<br />

obstacle course in record breaking times of 37.18 and<br />

38.68 seconds respectively. The Desert Rats participated<br />

in the parade on Saturday afternoon in nearby<br />

Crown Point. The Banquet and Awards presentation<br />

was held Saturday evening with them winning trophies<br />

for Drill and Inspection as well as the Obstacle Course.<br />

Camel Coach<br />

good laugh to crowd with the antics of the Kops & the<br />

Convict.<br />

They were a great crowd pleaser.<br />

The Unit is still seeking Members who want to join in<br />

the fun & antics. 2010 is expected to be a busy year<br />

with our new Chief Dean Bauer & his Deputy Hugh<br />

Devereux keeping the Unit very active.<br />

For more information & how to join the Unit contact<br />

Dean Bauer at 519.756.2670 or Sid Copperthwaite at<br />

519.753.7319<br />

In the picture are Back Row - Scott Petrie, Richard<br />

Smith, Boris Melynk, Brian Howard and Mike Hessey.<br />

Front Row Glenn Chesney, Geoff Clays and Rod<br />

Willoughby. Absent - Mike Andersen & Ken Gilders.<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Camel Coach recently supported a local Soccer Team, in Lucan.<br />

Past President Noble Tom<br />

on the left is the Vice<br />

Pres. of the Lucan<br />

Rushton is shown here<br />

Soccer Club, and Past<br />

presenting a check to Soccer<br />

President Noble Tom<br />

Pres. Mr. Ferrato, of the<br />

Rushton, with the<br />

Lucan Soccer Club.<br />

team.<br />

Page 10 November <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

More of What’s Happening in the Units!<br />

Whispering Sands of the<br />

London <strong>Mocha</strong> Oriental Band<br />

Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, the Nobles of the <strong>Mocha</strong> Oriental Band wish to “Talk to you”<br />

As we continue to greet Nobility everywhere.<br />

In Memorial We mourn the passing of Kay Brewe, wife<br />

of our dedicated Bandsman, Ron Brewe. Kate passed away<br />

on Friday, <strong>October</strong> 9th in Victoria Hospital, London. Kate<br />

had not been well for some time and had recently been<br />

Producers of the Sweetest<br />

Music this side of Heaven<br />

Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, the Nobles of the <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Oriental Band wish to “Talk to you”<br />

As we continue to greet Nobility everywhere.<br />

Noble Alex Aitken. At the <strong>2009</strong> Grand Lodge assembly in Toronto, Alex was honored with the appointed Office of Grand<br />

Stewart. Very Worshipful Brother Alex, a past Master of St. John's Lodge 209a (1993), joined the London <strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine,<br />

crossing the hot sands in the Stratford Ceremonial in 1987 and joining the <strong>Mocha</strong> (London) Oriental Band in 1999. Alex<br />

has served the Band well as Treasurer for the past six years. Nobles of the Band are proud to congratulate Alex on his well<br />

deserved appointment.<br />


admitted to a London Nursing Home. The Oriental<br />

Bandsmen extend our sincere condolences to Ron and<br />

family for their great loss.<br />



Grand River Cruise<br />

A party of 22 band members with wives attended a three hour dinner trip on the<br />

Grand River on Saturday July 18th, a scrumptious three course meal as well as a<br />

little beverage was provided on board the boat. The port at Caledonia was a too<br />

complicated place for some to find, consequently Roy Pacheco, Thelma and his<br />

company, you might say ‘missed the boat’. President Al Yates made the arrangement<br />

and we believe that future Presidents will likely follow suite. Thank you Al<br />

for a good time out on the river.<br />

Parades & Events in this year, <strong>2009</strong>: -<br />

April - Snake Charmer Dinner. May - Thamesford - Calithumpian Days. June - Daughters of the Nile Spring Session at the<br />

JLC, Spring Ceremonial Leamington, Thamesville Threshing Festival, O.B. Annual Golf Tournament. July - Grand River<br />

Cruise, Ailsa Craig Gala Days. August - Teeswater Ol' Boys Reunion Parade, O.B. Annual Dashwood BBQ. September -<br />

Lambeth Harvest Festival, Thorndale Parade. <strong>October</strong> - Ramses 20th Annual Varsity Football Game, O.B. Annual Fish Fry.<br />

November - 6th Scottish Rite 29th Degree, 14th London Santa Clause Parade; 21st St. Thomas Santa Clause Parade, 23rd<br />

Fantasy at Banting, 27th O.B. Christmas Party, 29th Parkhill Christmas Parade, December - 9th <strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Stated<br />

Meeting & Elections, 14th O.B. Annual Meeting.<br />

MOCHA NEWS November <strong>2009</strong> Page 11

What’s Happening in the Units!<br />

Whispering Sands of the<br />

London <strong>Mocha</strong> Oriental Band<br />

Biography of Bandsman Noble - Dr. Peter West<br />

Peter recently celebrated his 75th<br />

birthday, this will tell which year<br />

Peter was born in the Channel<br />

Island of Jersey, a few miles west<br />

off the French coast. Peter relocated<br />

to England where they spent the<br />

war years before immigrating to<br />

Canada in 1947 with his parents,<br />

The Reverent Harold Templar and<br />

Evelyn Anne West and siblings<br />

Michael and Jean. After attending<br />

Hepworth High School from 1949<br />

to 1951, and Owen Sound Collegiate in 1952, Peter spent 5<br />

years as an announcer in radio. Noting his good looking<br />

appearance and having a resonant baritone voice, he<br />

enjoyed the next 14 years as an announcer on the small<br />

screen, this is where Peter also developed his skills as a producer.<br />

He attended the University of Algoma part time in<br />

1967 and following 12 years of study, gained his PhD in<br />

Psychology at the University of Western Ontario. As a<br />

Doctor in Psychology, Dr. Peter West managed the Lester<br />

B. Pearson Children's Mental Health Center in Chatham for<br />

7 years and spent 15 years in private practice before retiring<br />

in 1998.<br />

He claims that his degree in Psychology was extremely useful<br />

to him after joining the Oriental Band in the late 1980's,<br />


to the members of <strong>Mocha</strong> Greeters Unit, to the <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple.<br />

The editor of the <strong>Mocha</strong> News, wishes to acknowledge the<br />

donation to the Temple which was accompanied with the<br />

following letter.<br />

Noble Dennis Cook<br />

“The Greeters Unit of <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple at the September meeting<br />

passed a motion to give a donation towards the expenses<br />

of the <strong>Mocha</strong> News. We thank you for your efforts,<br />

and hope this cheque will help to support the <strong>Mocha</strong> News.”<br />

I greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness. Dennis<br />

Producers of the Sweetest<br />

Music this side of Heaven<br />

Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, the Nobles of the <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Oriental Band wish to “Talk to you”<br />

As we continue to greet Nobility everywhere.<br />

being able to certify that all Band members have a certain<br />

mental incapacity. This was verifiable considering the crazy<br />

music played by the Band members and their delusion in<br />

thinking the music to be the sweetest music this side of<br />

Heaven. How could he have such an opinion when he plays<br />

only the Gong?<br />

Peter's full name is Peter Templar West. His middle name<br />

has been used in his family (including Son Paul Templar<br />

West) for 5 generations. The name Templar was a surname<br />

in a past branch of the family and carried on as a middle<br />

name because of its reference to the Knights Templar and<br />

the family's many generations of involvement in Masonry.<br />

Peter was 1st Principal of London Chapter RAM for 2 years<br />

in 1989 & 1990 and Master of Acacia Lodge 508 in 1992.<br />

Peter has been happily married to his loving wife Verona for<br />

55 years. (We all said that Verona has put up with the poverty<br />

and mind reading suffering for all those years). Peter and<br />

Verona have four wonderful children (one deceased), who<br />

have all been married for over 25 years. They have six<br />

grand children and are the very proud great-grandparents of<br />

the latest addition to the family, 18 month old Georgia.<br />

Peter adores singing and sings in a talented choir in Florida,<br />

USA. during the winter months. Peter also holds the prestigious<br />

title of recording artist to at least four CD's. Well<br />

done Peter.<br />

Article submitted by Noble Charlie Crow<br />

MacKewn,<br />

MW<br />

Winder LLP<br />

Lawyers<br />

“Lawyers that mean Business”<br />

Corporation & Business Law, Commercial<br />

Litigation & Negotiations, Real Estate Law,<br />

Wills & Powers of Attorney, Estate Planning,<br />

Probate & Administration<br />

C. Fred MacKewn - E. Dixon Winder<br />

Phone: (519) 672-2040 Fax: (519) 672-6583<br />

300-376 Richmond St., London, ON N6A 3C7<br />



John Rozeluk<br />

1570 Hyde Park Road<br />

London, ON N6H 5L5<br />

Tel 519 471-6900<br />

Fax 519 471-8188<br />

E-Mail: john@rozelukandcompany.ca<br />

Page 12 November <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

To all <strong>Mocha</strong> Clubs and Units,<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> 100th Anniversary Picture Book<br />

As I hope most of you are aware, in 2008 <strong>Mocha</strong> initiated printing a membership picture book to<br />

celebrate our Centennial year.<br />

Pictures of many members and their wives were taken last fall and winter, while some additional<br />

pictures have been taken in the last few weeks.<br />

Due to several unforeseen problems this book has been very slow in getting completed. While the<br />

member's pictures have been finished we still need submissions from throughout <strong>Mocha</strong> showing<br />

our clubs and units. We have been given 18 complimentary pages to portray our Shrine activities.<br />

If your club or unit has interesting and/or informative pictures that you would like included, please<br />

submit them so that this book can be completed, printed and distributed. The company has the<br />

following design tips:<br />

1. Pictures must be scanned @ 300 dpi.<br />

2. NOT in Microsoft word format as that is for text only<br />

3. Camera ready pages may be submitted in press quality pdf<br />

Please send them, as soon as possible, either on a CD or electronically to<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Office: 468 Colborne Street, London ON, N6B 2T3<br />

mochashriners@rogers.com<br />

or<br />

Barry Snider: 500 Bluestream Road, Waterloo ON, N2K 3B1<br />

barry.snider@sympatico.ca<br />

Yours in the Faith,<br />

Barry Snider<br />

Chief Rabban<br />


468 Colborne St.<br />

London ON N6B 2T3<br />

519 672 1391 Fax 519 672 7723<br />

MOCHA NEWS November <strong>2009</strong> Page 13

Hillbilly Clan #59<br />

Shrinedom and Hillbilliyism are alive and well, in<br />

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.<br />

This past winter my wife Elaine, and I had the pleasure<br />

of, an extended vacation in the areas of Myrtle Beach.<br />

We are both members of Hillbilly Clan # 59 in London.<br />

While we were there we met up with several members<br />

of the Shrine. We attended Santa Claus Parades, Shrine<br />

Club Dinners, and Hillbilly Degrees being held in the<br />

area. We also traveled to Charleston SC. to see the<br />

Shrine Units and particularly the Hillbilly Clan receive<br />

numerous Temple, and Civic awards, for their Fund<br />

raising efforts, for the children, on the night before the<br />

Potentate's Ball<br />

I also had the pleasure of providing Banjo music, for a<br />

men's and lady's Hillbilly initiation. We were served<br />

Wild Boar, and Venison, an excellent meal.<br />


We Cherish Their Memories<br />

Berry, Albert J.<br />

Sarnia<br />

Binns, Clifford H.<br />

Woodstock<br />

Brown, Wilson W.<br />

Wingham<br />

Brown, Stewart J.<br />

St. Thomas<br />

Card, Sid<br />

Tillsonburg<br />

Dentley, Fred<br />

St. Thomas<br />

Gillick, James<br />

St. Thomas<br />

Gundry, John F.<br />

St. Thomas<br />

Holmes, Harold E.<br />

Windsor<br />

Hunter, Robert V.<br />

Sault Ste. Marie<br />

Lobb, Alvin L.<br />

Clinton<br />

Maynard, Kenneth C.<br />

Elliot Lake<br />

Throughout our stay, we were treated Royally, to say<br />

the least, we also can say without a doubt that<br />

Shrinedom and Hillbillyism are alive and well in SC.<br />

In the photo are the Candidate, Degree Team, and<br />

myself. Submitted by Noble Wally Gray<br />

McMillan, William P.<br />

Windsor<br />

Miller, Wayne A.<br />

Windsor<br />

Richardson, Thomas R.<br />

Palmerston<br />

Tucker, W. Ernie<br />

St. Marys<br />

Wood, Stanley W.<br />

St. Thomas<br />

Rick McLeod<br />

Consultant<br />

8-605 Newbold St.<br />

London Ont.<br />

N6E 2T7<br />

519-860-6682 cell<br />

519-673-4544 bus<br />

rick.mcleod@investorsgroup.com<br />

www.investorsgroup.com/consult/rick.mcleod<br />


Gary Penn<br />

Tel: (519) 681-2153<br />

Fax: (519) 681-2016<br />

midwestmed@rogers.com<br />

"For Hire" Going South!<br />

Professional Licensed<br />

Driver will drive your car.<br />

Please call John David<br />

@ 519 851 2311<br />

Page 14 November <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

<strong>Mocha</strong> Roadrunner Unit<br />

Our <strong>Mocha</strong> Roadrunner Unit has completed a very<br />

busy summer with several parades in August and one<br />

every weekend in September. With more than 12<br />

parades behind us this year, we are now preparing for<br />

the Christmas Parades which should be very rewarding<br />

for all our nobles.<br />

Our Unit operates with a pace car leading the Unit<br />

which is driven by Noble Harry Lawry and a golf cart<br />

which acts like a tail gunner which concludes our unit.<br />

These two vehicles set the parameters in which the various<br />

Unit Cars perform their avoidance tactics. All<br />

activities must occur between these two vehicles. This<br />

procedure is determined by our Unit Parade Chairman<br />

Noble Ron McNicol who is responsible for all parade<br />

bookings and the activities of all our cars.<br />

Our “tail gunner”, which is a golf cart, is driven by Ken<br />

“Pete” Ebel who is in his 78th year and has been in the<br />

Roadrunner Unit since 2001. (see adjoining picture) He<br />

began in Stratford Lodge #332 in 1985 and just recently<br />

became a member of St. James Lodge #73 in St.<br />

Marys. Noble Ebel joined the Shrine in 1987 in the<br />

Spring Ceremonial that was held in Stratford when Dr.<br />

Norm Amos was Potentate.<br />

Noble Pete Ebel , retired since 1992, was employed for<br />

45 years at Kroehler Furniture Manufacturing where he<br />

was a woodworking machinist. His extracurricular<br />

activities included being an umpire for both baseball<br />

and fastball for 45 years and also playing the game. He<br />

played 17 years for the Kroehler Men’s Intermediate A<br />

Team which folded in 1962. He then moved on to The<br />

Conroy Softball Team in The South Perth League<br />

which became the Stratford Memorial Fastball Team<br />

under the support of Noble Jim Shackleton and Noble<br />

Glen Shackleton. Although Pete resides in Stratford he<br />

enjoys spending his summer time at the Sugarbush<br />

Trailer Park south of Bayfield.<br />

This past year Pete has been recovering from a cancer<br />

esophagus operation which was successful. He does not<br />

recommend this activity as a method to lose weight.<br />

Not far from Noble Pete Ebel you may find his caring<br />

son, Noble Neal Ebel who seems to have a “questionable”<br />

influence on certain other Roadrunner nobles.<br />

During the parades Noble Pete Ebel is usually enjoying<br />

the spectators but at times he is called upon to act as a<br />

tow truck when the Unit Cars break down. Recently he<br />

has been called on to come to the aid of Noble Doug<br />

Richardson (see adjoining picture) and Noble Ron<br />

McKnight at least two times each but Noble Bill Porter<br />

has been towed on numerous occasions. One would<br />

think he is actually trying to save on gas. If it wasn’t for<br />

Noble Leon Roth many of our cars would never see a<br />

parade as he is the architect who keeps everything<br />

motoring.<br />

When visiting with the Roadrunners search out Noble<br />

Ken “Pete” Ebel as he is a most personable fellow.<br />

Offer him a refreshment treat and swap stories with<br />

him. Visit with our members, discuss their cars and<br />

plan to look us up in the Christmas Parades and join in<br />

on all the feztivities. Our Roadrunner Unit would like<br />

to wish all Nobles and their families a very Merry<br />

Christmas and a most successful and happy New Year.<br />

Submitted by Noble John Parker<br />

"For Sale"<br />

1977 Honda 50<br />

Please Call Ev Hetherington<br />

519 451-1145 and leave message.<br />

MOCHA NEWS November <strong>2009</strong> Page 15

Pal <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

President Don Kritzer & Lady Dina held our<br />

annual BBQ at their home in Listowel August,<br />

with an excellent attendance of Nobles, and<br />

Ladies. Shown here are our 2 new members<br />

Nobles Rev. Russell Rogers, and John Moir, and<br />

Pres. Don looking on.<br />

Aylmer Shrine Club<br />

Aylmer Shrine Club would like to say hello to all<br />

Nobles of <strong>Mocha</strong>!<br />

We have had a very busy summer, and this is the<br />

second year that we've hosted the weekly Cruise<br />

Night, in Aylmer. This Cruise Night stated on<br />

May 20th this year and ran every Wed. night, until<br />

Sept. 16th, from 6:00 pm. till dusk.<br />

The attendance has grown to 50 plus cars, at the<br />

location of ICS parking lot on Talbot St. W. in<br />

Aylmer.<br />

August 26th was a special night as we held a<br />

Shrine Night, and were graced with representatives<br />

from the Love Bugs, Jeepsters, and <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Classics. Special Thanks to the Nobles who<br />

helped make this a great evening. This venue<br />

gives our Club great exposure, in Southern ON, as<br />

cars come from London, Woodstock, Langton,<br />

St.Thomas, and Tillsonburg.<br />

I would like to give my personal Thanks to all<br />

Nobles who assisted with this event, and honorable<br />

mention to Nobles Drew Buchner, and John<br />

Vandewynegaerde, who have been a mainstay, of<br />

the weekly helpers.<br />

Mark your calendars for next year and start<br />

attending the weekly Aylmer Shrine Cruise Night<br />

on May 19th 2010.<br />

Submitted by Noble Roy Pickard, 1st. Vice Pres.<br />

Aylmer Shrine Club, and Cruise Chairman <strong>2009</strong><br />


Stratford-on-Avon S.C.<br />

The Stratford-on-Avon<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Club recently<br />

donated $6,000 to the<br />

Children’s Hospital of<br />

Western Ontario. The<br />

funds will be used for the<br />

hospital’s telemedicine<br />

program, which allows<br />

physicians to teleconference with patients to outlying areas, as<br />

the London-based hospital serves children from Windsor in the<br />

south to Tobermory and Sault Ste. Marie in the north. From left<br />

are Shriner past president Vic Hearn, Shriner executive member<br />

Allan Stewart, Shriner president Wayne Smith, Jill<br />

Osborne, community relations officer for the Children’s Health<br />

Foundation, and past president Bill McKay. (Macko photo)<br />

Local Cruisers<br />

New Noble<br />

John<br />

O'Reilly,<br />

and Harry<br />

Hewbank.<br />

Noble Ron and Joanne Erickson's<br />

1957 Thunderbird. <strong>Mocha</strong> Classics.<br />

Noble Robert<br />

and Rose White,<br />

1963 Pontiac.<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> classics<br />

Local Cruisers<br />

Head Chef Noble<br />

Drew Buchner.<br />

Noble Drew Buchner, and Roy<br />

Pickard presenting donations to St,<br />

Thomas Elgin General Hospital, and<br />

the local VON (Meals on Wheels)<br />

Mr. & Mrs., Bill Rimnyak<br />

(’69 Chevelle SS 396, to be the<br />

feature car for 2010), along<br />

with Noble Roy Pickard<br />

Page 16 November <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

Pal <strong>Mocha</strong><br />


With the fall arriving it is back to work from refreshment,that work being helping our Burned and Crippled<br />

children. Pal <strong>Mocha</strong> will be having their annual Feather Party, on Fri. Nov. 13/09 at the Harriston Legion. We<br />

will also be busy this winter selling Christmas Cakes, and Shortbread Cookies, I can smell the ovens now.<br />

Nobles Bill Baxter and Jack Cumming<br />

Assistant Raban Noble Jack Cumming, &<br />

Helen, Lady Dina & Noble Pres. Don Kritzer<br />

Noble Don Moeser of<br />

Waterloo Shrine Club,<br />

and Noble Dave Orton<br />

promoting a Bus Trip<br />

to <strong>Mocha</strong> for the<br />

Installation of<br />

Barry Snider<br />

Newest Noble Rev.<br />

Russel Rogers, and<br />

Lady Marilyn<br />

FOR<br />

SALE<br />

Noble Dr. Ken Fisk and Lady Irene<br />

celebrate their 60th Anniversary<br />

The Entertainment, The Serenaders.<br />

Nobles Curly<br />

Wright and Lady<br />

Shirley, Kash<br />

Richardson and<br />

Lady Norma<br />

The Black Camel visited our Club this past summer<br />

and we lost 2 great Nobles Jack Gates of Listowel,<br />

and Tom Richardson of Harriston.<br />

We cherish their memories.<br />

Pal <strong>Mocha</strong> wishes to sell their 1975 Ford Fire Truck, which<br />

has been used in Parades, for many years. This Truck is<br />

well equipped with Shrine Lettering, and logos.<br />

This fine unit can be yours for $1000<br />

Please call President Don Kritzer @ 519 291-4525.<br />

MOCHA NEWS November <strong>2009</strong> Page 17

Pal <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Club on<br />

Parade<br />

Nobles Jim Richardson and his<br />

sons Brad and Clarke, along with<br />

Noble Jim Doig, had their new red<br />

mini motorcycles at the Harriston<br />

Fall Fair parade Sept. 19.<br />

Following them were Noble Don<br />

McPhail and Noble Ken Fisk<br />

driving McPhail's convertible, and<br />

Noble Gerald Metzger driving his<br />

mini Model T Shrine car. They<br />

made an excellent presentation<br />

from the Pal-<strong>Mocha</strong> club.<br />

Photos submitted by Laverne Long<br />


Waterloo Shrine Club<br />

Pictured here is of a group of happy looking Nobles from the Waterloo<br />

Shriner Club, at coffee break at the Waterloo Legion in Waterloo on Regina<br />

St. where we meet every Wednesday, from 10.00 am to 1100 am to discuss<br />

whats been happening and have a coffee break and a do-nut.<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> at Work<br />

Pictured here is Noble Dave Harding, who is a member of the <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Classic's, with his 1978 El Camino. As can be seen the truck is loaded with<br />

5 huge bags of pop cans.<br />

Dave is a summer resident<br />

of Pt. Bruce, and has a<br />

barrel placed at the "Sand<br />

Castle" Restaurant, which<br />

he empties every week,<br />

and is now on his way to<br />

deliver them to the<br />

Aylmer Shrine Club, to be<br />

recycled.<br />

Editor's note, Way to go<br />

Dave, and Thanks to all<br />

Nobles who assist<br />

with the pop can projects,<br />

everywhere. Dennis<br />

Page 18 November <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS


Aylmer Shrine Club<br />

L-R Happy Ticket Sellers: Nobles<br />

George Sinden, John Vandenwygaerde,<br />

Harry Hewbank and Percy Whitcroft<br />

Tillsonburg S.C.<br />

Tillsonburg Shrine Club recently gave out<br />

2, 100 Million Dollar Club Certificates.<br />

One to Mrs. Brenda Horvath for donating<br />

name graphics for our Antique Fire Truck.<br />

And also one to Sean McKoy, who<br />

received his 2nd Degree, in St. John's No.<br />

104 in Norwich. the Degree was done by<br />

the Tillsonburg Shrine Club, with the assistance<br />

of the Keystone Kops. All in all a<br />

great evening enjoyed by many Masons<br />

including R.W.Bro. Phillip Bowman<br />

D.D.G.M. of Wilson South.<br />

And the happy winner is none other<br />

than yours truly, the <strong>Mocha</strong> news<br />

Editor Dennis Cook, and Noble Roy<br />

Pickard.<br />

Andersen,<br />

Michael D. Jr.<br />

London<br />

Babcock, Robert R.<br />

Bayfield<br />

Barendregt,<br />

Richard G.<br />

St. Thomas<br />

Chahine, Said<br />

Camlachie<br />

Coatsworth,<br />

Robert D.<br />

Glencoe<br />

Colledge, J.A.<br />

Caledonia<br />

Dalton, Lawrnce R.<br />

Bayfield<br />

Dumanski, Bryan R.<br />

Sault Ste. Marie<br />

Faulds, William R.<br />

Wentzville<br />

Fennell, Richard H.<br />

Powell, USA<br />

Forth, Donald J.<br />

Orillia<br />

Editor's note: What a great<br />

B.B.Q. to win, and my Thanks to<br />

All the Members of Aylmer Shrine<br />

Club, and a tip of the Fez to the<br />

Nobles who decided what to sell<br />

tickets on. .The BBQ, is a welcome<br />

edition to our home, and our old<br />

BBQ found a nice home, a young<br />

couple just starting out, they were<br />

mighty grateful to have that gift,<br />

and so by Diane & I winning the<br />

draw, 4 people wound up being<br />

happy. Many Thanks Dennis<br />

Lost in the Desert<br />

The following Nobles have been listed<br />

as lost.<br />

If you have an address,<br />

please advise the office.<br />

Francis, Robert C.<br />

London<br />

Goodhue, Michael W.<br />

Windsor<br />

Harris, Henry A.<br />

Vicksburg, USA<br />

Hetherington,<br />

J. Gregory<br />

Morpeth<br />

Hudson, Blake G.<br />

London<br />

Hutchinson, Ralph E.<br />

Brantford<br />

Kerr, John M.<br />

London<br />

Kilmer, Earl D.<br />

London<br />

Kirkwood, John G.<br />

Chatham<br />

Korbich, John W.<br />

Paris<br />

MacLeod, James R.<br />

Seaforth<br />

Major, Darcy R.<br />

Simcoe<br />

McLean, Neil<br />

Port Huron, USA<br />

Meyer, Wm. A. Jr.<br />

Kitchener<br />

Mott, James D.<br />

Sarnia<br />

Olver, Robert B.<br />

Sarnia<br />

Outien, Brian L.<br />

Cutler<br />

Patterson, Shirley G.<br />

Gordon<br />

Pickard, Ryan A.<br />

Tillsonburg<br />

Sauve, Albert A.<br />

Prescott<br />

Smith, Rodney D.<br />

Simcoe<br />

Stewart, Allan M.<br />

St. Marys<br />

Sulkowski, Edgar E.<br />

Waterloo<br />

Thomas, Ronald E.<br />

London<br />

MOCHA NEWS November <strong>2009</strong> Page 19

Friday <strong>October</strong> 2nd <strong>2009</strong> proved to be a very exciting<br />

evening for The Lambton Shrine Club.<br />

This was the first night and meeting in their new home,<br />

located in The Masonic Hall at 245 Essex Street, Sarnia.<br />

Attending this gala event were members of The<br />

Lambton Shrine Club, and a welcomed visit from<br />

Potentate Kevin M. Wilson and his Divan.<br />

Highlights of the evening were many and enjoyable, a<br />

great dinner, refreshments, good conversation, and also<br />

- a time to reminisce about past events of The Lambton<br />

Shrine Club.<br />

Kevin Wilson, Potentate, gave a brief talk on Shrine<br />

activities, plus entertained questions regarding the role<br />

of The Lambton Shrine Club.<br />

Speaker for the evening was Ambassador Emeritus<br />

Noble Don Stewart, his subject being the history of The<br />

Lambton Shrine Club.<br />

Excerpts of his speech included:<br />

The year was 1933, when in the great depression, a<br />

group of far sighted <strong>Shriners</strong> of this area, decided that<br />

some form of association should be started in Sarnia - a<br />

place where they could meet together from time to time,<br />

and be involved in the Greatest Philanthropy of all<br />


Lambton S.C. Submitted by Noble George Pitfield<br />

L-R Assistant Rabban,<br />

Noble Jack Cumming,<br />

President Lambton S.C.<br />

Noble Edgar McKenney,<br />

and Ambassador Noble<br />

Leslie Hastie, from<br />

Montreal QC.<br />

Lining up and digging in for the great nourishment,<br />

are Potentate Kevin Wilson, P. Pres. Lambton S.C.<br />

Noble Randy Charge, Motor Corp member Noble Paul<br />

Kelly, Lambton S.C. Pres. Noble Edgar McKenney,<br />

Noble Ray Hardy, and Vice Pres, Stuart McKenney.<br />

(What's for Dessert?)<br />

L-R Nobles George<br />

Spence, Mike Adams,<br />

and Ambassador<br />

Emeritus Don Stuart,<br />

take a relaxing break<br />

after the great festivities<br />

of the evening.<br />

Great food, refreshments,<br />

and conversation, make<br />

for a great evening<br />

and a good welcome<br />

to our new home.<br />

L-R Potentate Kevin Wilson,<br />

Lambton Shrine Club Motor<br />

Corp Pres. Noble Jim Sayers,<br />

discussing the new home,<br />

and opening for The Club.<br />

times, that of assisting Crippled<br />

Children.<br />

It was so noted that in 1950 - Noble<br />

John A. Smith bestowed a great<br />

honour on the club, as he was the first member to<br />

become Potentate. Since that time we have had (4) other<br />

members achieve this exalted rank. Noble Frank<br />

Harkness (1976), Noble Ron Leckie (1984), Noble<br />

William (Bill) Gerrits (2000), and Noble John<br />

McLaughlin (2002).<br />

The club seemed to enjoy taking on worthy and sometimes<br />

complicated projects and then fmding innovative<br />

ways to raise money to meet the commitment. One<br />

good example, in 1988, during National Burns<br />

Awareness Week, a project to raise $90,000.00 and<br />

build a children's burn care unit was completed and<br />

dedicated at the Sarnia General Hospital. Throughout<br />

the 80,s and 90's annual donations to <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple<br />

were always equal to or greater than other <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Temple Clubs and units.<br />

There were some very talented and dedicated people in<br />

1933 that had a vision and started this whole thing.<br />

Over the years other very talented and dedicated people<br />

have followed, all faced with different challenges and<br />

have always managed to make the decisions required to<br />

succeed.<br />

The Lambton Shrine Club, bringing Nobles together to<br />

enjoy each other's fellowship, and at the same time dedicate<br />

their efforts, for a very worthy cause.<br />

Page 20 November <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

The first ever Supreme Queen from Omar, has<br />

given us the opportunity to join with Supreme<br />

Queen Vesta Marshall, as she makes her Official<br />

visits, to other Temples in North America, and to<br />

the Shrine Hospitals. The <strong>Shriners</strong> and<br />

Daughters of the Nile, have one goal...to support<br />

the children at the Shrine Hospitals. By working<br />

together, we not only enjoy fellowship, and fun,<br />

Woodstock, St. Mary's Club Sec. Pr.<br />

Rhonda Rogers, Pres. Pr. Lynda<br />

Jagen, Trea. Pr. Joan Ebel<br />

Omar Temple 111<br />

Daughters of the Nile<br />

by P.Q. Audrey J. Stubbs<br />

Message from the Queen<br />

but we know we are making a difference. We<br />

keep hearing raving comments, and reports from<br />

Princesses, who have visited London. Our<br />

theme "Autumn Splendor", has overwhelmed<br />

us, with "Autumn Maple Leafy Hugs"<br />

By Queen Fran Hustler<br />

Northern Daughters of the Nile Club,<br />

Pres. Pr. Tirzah Lucy Hesse, Sec. Pr.<br />

Kathleen Farr, Trea. Pr. Lia Ellyatt<br />

St. Thomas Nile<br />

Club,<br />

Pres. Pr. Julie<br />

Sandford,<br />

Sec. Pr. Marie<br />

Ansell, Trea.<br />

Pr. Linda Temple<br />

Then there<br />

are always<br />

those Nobles<br />

who require<br />

assistance.<br />

Queen Fran's Picnic<br />

held at her home.<br />

(I think Noble Paul<br />

lives there also)<br />

There was a<br />

gathering of<br />

about 90 people.<br />

Supreme Queen<br />

Vesta Marshall<br />

London Sewing Circle, Sec. Pr.<br />

Badoura- Sandy Rank, V.P. Anne<br />

Findlater, Trea. Moira Saregent,<br />

Pres. Pr. Marilyn McFadden<br />

MOCHA NEWS November <strong>2009</strong> Page 21

<strong>Mocha</strong> Temple History<br />

The year is 1886, London, Ontario and a lone Shriner is<br />

living in the city. He together with members of Knights<br />

Templar, who had been initiated in Detroit, Michigan<br />

petitioned to form a Shrine Temple in London. A dispensation<br />

wa issued for “Sultanat Temple: and for a<br />

short time London had the honour of having Canada’s<br />

first Shrine Temple. However, the time was not yet right<br />

for “Sultanat Temple” and it soon became dormant and<br />

the dispensation was recalled.<br />

Shrinedom in London dates from January 1, 1908 with<br />

the foundation of <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple, and the seventh<br />

Shrine Temple in Canada. Noble Harry Collins,<br />

Potentate of Rameses Temple in Toronto, was instrumental<br />

in obtaining the charter. Noble Collins late<br />

became Imperial Potentate. The name “<strong>Mocha</strong>” was<br />

chosen by the first Recorder Noble Ed Struthers.<br />

The Shrine was seen as an organization where members<br />

could relax and enjoy themselves. Shrine bands,<br />

parades and elaborate costumes were part of the make<br />

up. It was said that “the order was not much more than<br />

a frolic for Masons of high degree”, and perhaps this<br />

stimulated interest among Masons enough to steadily<br />

increase the membership figures.<br />

What was not so visible was that even in those years<br />

considerable sums were raised for benevolence and<br />

charitable projects. At one ceremonial a Union Jack was<br />

carried around the hall and after the initial donation of<br />

$500 a further amount of $466.60 was raised for poor<br />

children of the city of London. This is much more than<br />

it seems now when we think of what a dollar would buy<br />

in those days. On another occasion the Salvation Army,<br />

the schools and other organizations supplied the names<br />

of 600 children who were in poor circumstance and they<br />

were all supplies with Christmas repast. 1917 saw a<br />

contribution to the fund for victims of the Halifax<br />

explosion. In 1930 the bands and patrol entertained the<br />

children from orphanages at the Western Fair. A patriotic<br />

endeavor was the subscription of $500 for the Peace<br />

Memorial at the Exhibition forces and war charities<br />

were supported. In the year of 1940 <strong>Mocha</strong> presented a<br />

$1,600 Ford ambulance to the Minister of Militia. The<br />

children were not forgotten and <strong>Shriners</strong> have provided<br />

transportation, entertainment, films and other amusements<br />

for their enjoyment. Since 1920, <strong>Mocha</strong>’s main<br />

charity has been the <strong>Shriners</strong>’ Hospitals for Children<br />

and many hundreds of thousands of dollars have been<br />

raised for this worthy undertaking.<br />

Shrine activities continued to flourish through the years.<br />

In order to provide a place for meetings and other functions<br />

one of the stately old homes on Waterloo Street in<br />

London was purchased. In 1955 this building was sold<br />

for $38,000 and the Smallman residence at 468<br />

Colborne Street was purchased for $35,000 with an<br />

additional $847 for some of the contents. Additions<br />

have been made, but the architectural beauty of the<br />

original building has been maintained. The Trustees<br />

work hard to maintain the grounds, rooms and furnishings.<br />

In 1977, the banquet halls were added on for meetings<br />

and social functions. In the recent past the interior<br />

and exterior of the building has been refurbished and<br />

redecorated completely with new furniture in the main<br />

lounge area. <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple is a place where any<br />

Shriner would be proud to bring his family and friends<br />

for lunch or dinner.<br />



Please have<br />

everything<br />

submitted by ....<br />

JAN. 15<br />

Page 22 November <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

The J.B. Smallman House 1902-03<br />

Another bearer of the Smallman crest was John B. - a<br />

brother of the T.H. Smallman who had purchased<br />

“Waverley” in 1892. While T.H. Smallman was associated<br />

with the London and Port Stanley Railway, the<br />

Canada Chemical Company and other interests, his<br />

brother, J.B. was of the Smallman and Ingram firm -<br />

now Simpson’s Ltd.<br />

From 1858 to the 1890’s the property was occupied by<br />

Wm. Glass, after which the present house was built and<br />

lived in by John B. Smallman until 1916, and then his<br />

sisters until the house was sold in 1955 to the Shriner’s<br />

Order. It now is known as the <strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Centre.<br />

This Edwardian home is of monumental size, but nevertheless<br />

its design is true to the Edwardian predilection<br />

for gables, towers, the generous use of large windows<br />

(how light and bright they are!), a steep and irregular<br />

roof line, careful chimney design and construction, texture<br />

in glass, stone, wood and brick, a lavish use of classical,<br />

floral and stylized ornamentation.<br />

The foundation of red sandstone is pierced with basement<br />

openings elegantly barricaded with decorative<br />

iron gatings. The infill in the gables is richly textured<br />

and blends well in tone with the red brick - as does also<br />

the skillfully laid tile of the tower. In gables and tower<br />

there is a wide overhang with brackets in the former,<br />

and dentils in the latter.<br />

Each gable has interesting window treatment; the<br />

Palladian window variation in the front gable is of particularly<br />

rich design with its deep and sweeping curved<br />

heading. Notice the bordering of the windows with egg<br />

and dart moulding.<br />

Upon entering the verandah - likely glassed in at a later<br />

date - the magnitude of the door, its deep set back within<br />

its ornamented framing arch, the bevelled and textured<br />

leaded glass of the door, sidelights and transom,<br />

the framing ionic column, form a powerfully effective<br />

architectural composition, and is needed prophetic of<br />

the richness of design and superb craftsmanship that is<br />

to follow.<br />

Minute details, such as the egg and dart border of knobs<br />

and door-plates, are heady diversions that bespeak<br />

another time and way of life, with the additional message<br />

of preservation and protection of what cannot be<br />

easily replaced - echoes of Edwardian grace and a<br />

secure and oak paneling is in the ceiling and on the<br />

walls of the vestibule coloured glass. That the motto of<br />

the coat of Arms is in English is of interest.<br />

The entrance to the left is into a large, cherry-trimmed<br />

room with a fine plaster ceiling with the popular oval<br />

shape brought into use; this way very likely the drawing<br />

room; notice the lighting fixtures - once gas, now wired.<br />

The fireplace is framed by columns and a deep cornice,<br />

and tile, very popular in the period, borders the fire box<br />

and is used in the hearthstone. The egg and dart pattern<br />

appears again.<br />

The room to the right with the inclusion of the tower -<br />

delightfully furnished with a circular window seat - was<br />

the library as is evident from book cupboards with leaded<br />

glass doors; pilasters between the cupboards are<br />

ornamented was bas-relief carving. Here again the door<br />

hardware - smaller in proportion - has the now familiar<br />

egg and dart accent. The fireplace is of particular interest<br />

with its three, beautiful niches - provocative as to<br />

artifice. Paneling on walls and ceiling are of especial<br />

appreciation for us today - we who find wood to be not<br />

so plentiful a material as once it was - nor will it be in<br />

spite of our Government’s generous planting program.<br />

A heritage of great value needed!<br />

Here and elsewhere in the house the quality of the<br />

craftsmanship - once the dining room. The even large,<br />

well-lighted, room at the rear of the dining room was<br />

the billiard room; seemingly, a steel beam has been<br />

replaced a wall that may once have separated the two<br />

rooms. The oak fireplace surrounds, and the ceiling in<br />

the first room are of oak. In the upstairs hall is a long<br />

sideboard, of the same material and tone, that likely was<br />

in the dining room.<br />

A splendid landing, two steps up, is at the rear of the<br />

entrance hall. At the second landing is a rounded bay<br />

window, with coloured and painted glass; some textured<br />

glass and ‘jewels’ have been included in the design.<br />

A tour of the upstairs is of interest because of the variety<br />

in the fireplaces, the size of the rooms, and examples<br />

of bathrooms as they were at the turn of the<br />

century.<br />

This mansion, although no longer residential, functions<br />

in a useful way in providing meeting facilities for a<br />

beneficent organization tat contributes much richness of<br />

life not only to its member but also to the community -<br />

particularly to children.<br />

Taken from Edwardian Echoes,<br />

a tour of our architectural heritage 1834-1913<br />

Sunday June 1, 1975<br />

The addition, in recent years, of the banquet facilities at<br />

the rear of the original building allows the catering of<br />

large gatherings not only of members functions but as a<br />

fund raising source from non-members banquets and<br />

social events.<br />

MOCHA NEWS November <strong>2009</strong> Page 23

112-year-old Shriner is World's Oldest Living Man<br />

Walter Breuning, 112, a member of <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

International for 58 years, became the oldest living man<br />

in the world with the passing of Henry Allingham of<br />

England on July 18.<br />

Breuning has lived at the Rainbow Retirement and<br />

Assisted Living Center in Great Falls, Mont., for the<br />

last 30 years. He is beginning to lose his sight and was<br />

fitted for hearing aids when he was 111, but otherwise<br />

he is in good health. After breaking his hip at age 108,<br />

he spent only 8 days in the hospital and was healed in<br />

21 days. The walker he uses to get around hasn't slowed<br />

him down.<br />

Each morning, Breuning wakes up and he dresses himself<br />

neatly in a suit and tie. He eats a good breakfast,<br />

makes lunch his main meal of the day and dines on fruit<br />

in the evening. He maintains a sharp mind and accurate<br />

memory, which is evident in casual conversation, as<br />

well as the occasional interviews he gives to reporters.<br />

Breuning was born in Melrose, Minn., on Sept. 21,<br />

1896. He was hired as a call boy for the former Great<br />

Northern Railroad, now part of BNSF Railway, in<br />

Minneapolis in 1913. His responsibility as a call boy<br />

was to go to employees’ homes to notify them what<br />

time to be at work. In 1914, Breuning was a clerk earning<br />

$50 per month and working 12-hour days, seven<br />

days per week. He moved to Great Falls in 1918 due to<br />

the expansion of the railroad and worked as a yard clerk<br />

for the company until 1963.<br />

Breuning became interested in Masonry as a young<br />

man in Minnesota. “I was walking home one evening<br />

and saw a lighted sign on a building which referred to<br />

the Masons,” he explained. “At that time I decided to<br />

join the organization some day.”<br />

He became a member of the Great Falls Lodge No. 118<br />

in 1925 and served as Worshipful Master in 1934. He<br />

was Lodge Secretary for 25 years, from 1945 to 1970.<br />

Since joining the Scottish Rite in 1937, he has served<br />

Nobles, my name is Terri-Lynn, and I work at Shopper's<br />

Drug Mart in Grand Bend. One year ago the <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Shrine helped our family with the purchase of a much<br />

needed Shaping Helmet for my son Ethan this helmet<br />

has helped him so much and we can't believe the<br />

difference it has made in improving the shape of his<br />

little head.<br />

Please accept this donation to the <strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine<br />

Transportation Fund, just our small way of saying<br />

Thank you to the <strong>Shriners</strong>.<br />

on various committees,including<br />

Director of<br />

Work, from<br />

1940 to 1985.<br />

Breuning served<br />

as Venerable<br />

Master in 1950,<br />

received the<br />

Knight Commander Court of Honor in 1949, and was<br />

coroneted a 33° Inspector General Honorary in 1958.<br />

He became a member of Algeria <strong>Shriners</strong> in Helena,<br />

Mont., in 1951. “I was a very good friend of a fellow<br />

Mason named Hugh Sutherland, who was the Potentate<br />

of Algeria Shrine Temple,” he said. “He encouraged me<br />

to join.”<br />

Breuning managed the Elbon Shrine Club in the basement<br />

of the Rainbow Hotel in Great Falls for 15 years,<br />

until the age of 99. He is a member of the Royal Order<br />

of Scotland and a recipient of the DeMolay Honorary<br />

Legion of Honor.<br />

His activities since turning 100 include speaking at the<br />

Great Falls Feast of Tishri and publishing “This is the<br />

Day the Lord has Made” in the Scottish Rite Journal at<br />

age 104. He spoke at Maundy Thursday at age 106 and<br />

tossed the first pitch at the Great Falls White Sox season<br />

opener at age 110.<br />

Breuning’s secret to a long life is not hard to guess: stay<br />

active. “If you keep your mind busy and keep your<br />

body busy, you’re going to be around a long time,” he<br />

said.<br />

A special thank you to Bob Rowe, a close friend of Mr.<br />

Breuning, for conducting this interview on behalf of the<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> International Headquarters Public Relations<br />

Department.<br />

Photo courtesy of Larry Beckner and the Montana PBS<br />

pressroom<br />

Page 24 November <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

Tillsonburg S.C.<br />

Tillsonburg Shrine Club held their annual Pork BBQ on<br />

September 9, <strong>2009</strong> and what a great event it was.<br />

Approximately 900 people attended and were served an<br />

excellent meal of BBQued Pork, Corn on the Cob, fresh<br />

bread, and pickled onions and cucumbers. The extensive<br />

list of attendants look forward every year to this<br />

auspicious event, and would be mightily disappointed if<br />

we didn't have it.<br />

The Dusk to<br />

Dawn workers,<br />

or the Keepers<br />

of the Pork.<br />

What a great<br />

job they do!<br />

Two fine<br />

Pork slicers<br />

Ray Boutin,<br />

and<br />

PP Gail<br />

McKay.<br />

Two of our<br />

newer Nobles<br />

enjoying their<br />

dinner while<br />

their supervisor<br />

looks on.<br />

This happy<br />

looking group<br />

have either<br />

already ate,<br />

or are just<br />

about to.<br />

An event of this magnitude takes much preplanning,<br />

legwork, and helpers. Most every member of<br />

Tillsonburg Shrine Club shows up to assist with this<br />

happening and on behalf of the Club I wish to thank<br />

them all in this little paragraph. Great work Nobles: The<br />

Editor.<br />

While I didn't have space to put everyone's picture, here<br />

are some that did make the cut.<br />

Always<br />

into the<br />

Sauce<br />

Noble Dave<br />

Dodsley.<br />

Nobles<br />

Bob Smith,<br />

Jerry<br />

Rasokas,<br />

and<br />

Matt Schafer.<br />

Some<br />

break takers,<br />

and part of<br />

the crowd.<br />

Meat<br />

carvers.<br />

Noble<br />

Dave<br />

Pass.<br />

MOCHA NEWS November <strong>2009</strong> Page 25

Acres, George Woodstock, On<br />

Adams, William R. Woodstock, On<br />

Allen, Robert T. Thessalon, On<br />

Anderson, Francis Mitchell, On<br />

Anderson, Jens Clinton, On<br />

Astles, Chas London, On<br />

Barber, George London, On<br />

Barendregt, John Union, On<br />

Barker, Howard London, On<br />

Barker, Wayne London, On<br />

Barnes, Frederick Stratford, On<br />

Baskey, John London, On<br />

Beaulieu, Raymond London, On<br />

Bing-Wo, Gordon London, On<br />

Binns, Clifford Woodstock, On<br />

Bisset, John London, On<br />

Blak, R.J. Thamesford, On<br />

Blue, John Listowell, On<br />

Bossons, William Strathroy, On<br />

Boyce, Stanley London, On<br />

Brady, Robert London, On<br />

Brall, Fred Clinton, On<br />

Brand, David Tillsonburg, On<br />

Brereton, Verney London, On<br />

Brotzel, Emaneul London, On<br />

Brough, D.H. London, On<br />

Brown, Jeffery Thamesford, On<br />

Brown, Wilson Wingham, On<br />

Burton, Walter Tillsonburg, On<br />

Butcher, Bill London, On<br />

Camp, Norman London, On<br />

Campbell, Gerald Lucan, On<br />

Cappa, Dr. C.F. London, On<br />

Carmichael, William Tillsonburg, On<br />

Carrothers, John London, On<br />

Carson, Owen Tillsonburg, On<br />

Carter, Lloyd Clinton, On<br />

Cassan, Douglas Lucan, On<br />

Chambers, Robert Corunna, On<br />

Charno, John Sr. London, On<br />

Clark, Cecil Thamesford, On<br />

Clays, John Thorndale, On<br />

Cluney, Terry London,On<br />

Cole, Harold London, On<br />

Corbett, Charles Exeter, On<br />

Coulter Harold London, On<br />

Coward, William Turkey Point, On<br />


<strong>2009</strong> CIRCUS DADDY PROGRAM<br />

Cox, Auby Simcoe, On<br />

Craig, James Grand Bend, On<br />

Crinklaw, John London, On<br />

Cumming, Scott Dobbinton, On<br />

Cunningham, Kenneth Port Elgin, On<br />

Cupskey, Ronald Stratford, On<br />

Currie, Brad Bothwell, On<br />

Dagg, Robert London, On<br />

Davidson, Jeffery London, On<br />

Dawson, Ronald London, On<br />

Deane, William London, On<br />

Defreitas, Dennis London, On<br />

Dickenson, James London, On<br />

Dix, Norval London, On<br />

Dockstader, Donald London, On<br />

Dorman, W.C. London, On<br />

Dowling, D.G. London, On<br />

Duff, David London, On<br />

Dundas, Edward Dr. London, On<br />

Dunn, E.R. Woodstock, On<br />

Dyer, John London, On<br />

Elgie, Lloyd London, On<br />

Emerson, Donald Vienna, On<br />

Emmons, Gary London, On<br />

Epps, Donald London, On<br />

Eyre, Frederick London, On<br />

Scott Fraser London, On<br />

Fickling, David London, On<br />

Field, John Ridgetown, On<br />

Fletcher, Roy London, On<br />

Flowers, Wilbur Kingsville, On<br />

Foreman, M Tillsonburg, On<br />

Fraser, Scott London, On<br />

Fydenchuk, Walter Crediton, On<br />

Gardner, Ronald London, On<br />

Gawley, David Ingersoll, On<br />

Gellatly, Donald London, On<br />

Gill, William London, On<br />

Gladwish, James London, On<br />

Gosnell, Donald Highgate, On<br />

Graham, Eugene Petrolia, On<br />

Graham, Ven. Dr. William London, On<br />

Granton, Leo London, On<br />

Gray, Wallace London, On<br />

Graystone, R.A. London, On<br />

Grover, Colin London, On<br />

Gurd, John Dorchester, On<br />

Hague, J.W. Woodstock, On<br />

Hall, Terry Aylmer, On<br />

Harcourt, John London, On<br />

Harris, A.S. London, On<br />

Hart, Donald Wyoming, On<br />

Hawley, Ronald Aylmer, On<br />

Hayward, Mark Tillsonburg, On<br />

Higgins, Gerald Port Elgin, On<br />

Hirt, Eugene Tillsonburg, On<br />

Hodgin, Allen Thedford, On<br />

Hodgins, Donald London, On<br />

Hoelzli, Douglas London, On<br />

Hofer, Siegfried London, On<br />

Hoggard, Keith London, On<br />

Holden, Stephen Simcoe, On<br />

Honkawa, Yoshio London, On<br />

Horton, Charles Stratford, On<br />

Hoskin, Douglas London, On<br />

Hugill, Robert Mount Elgin, On<br />

Hurley, Mervin Tillsonburg, On<br />

Irwin, Gerald London, On<br />

Ives, Hugh Ingersoll, On<br />

Iwaniw, Andrew Woodstock, On<br />

Jackson, Gregory London, On<br />

Jagoe, Paul Ingersoll, On<br />

Jeffery, Dennis London, On<br />

Jenkins, Kenneth London, On<br />

Johnson, Verne London, On<br />

Johnston, John Rodney, On<br />

Johnston, Robert London, On<br />

Kalia, Ramesh London, On<br />

Kavanagh, William Aylmer, On<br />

Kendel, Curtis Corunna, On<br />

Ketchabaw, Harry Woodstock, On<br />

Kinnin, Edward London, On<br />

Knupp, Glen London, On<br />

Kuhlman, Ehrhard London, On<br />

Kyle, William London, On<br />

Lane, William London, On<br />

Layland, George Mitchell, On<br />

Lewis, Kenneth London, On<br />

Leyland, William Palmerston, On<br />

Loftus, Paul London, On<br />

Long, Laverne Palmerston, On<br />

Loree, Ellis Kincardine, On<br />

Lovell, Donald London, On<br />

Lozon, Robert Pt. Burwell, On<br />

Page 26 November <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

Luxton, Wilbert London, On<br />

Lyall, Alexander London, On<br />

Lyle, Ronald London, On<br />

Lyttle, George London, On<br />

MacKay, Donald Ingersoll, On<br />

MacLeod, John London, On<br />

Malizia, Mario Dr. London, On<br />

Malpage, Douglas London, On<br />

Malpass, Robert London, On<br />

Martin, Kenneth Dorchester, On<br />

Masters, Raymond London, On<br />

McBeath, Wilson Ingersoll, On<br />

McBridge, Randall Pt. Burwell,On<br />

McConnell, Douglas London, On<br />

McCrimmon, Ian London, On<br />

McDonald, Archibald London, On<br />

McFarlane, Arthur London, On<br />

McGugan, Hugh Mitchell, On<br />

McIntyre, Ross St.Thomas, On<br />

McKay, Lewis London, On<br />

McKay, William London, On<br />

McKee, Donald Simcoe, On<br />

McKellar, Ian London, On<br />

Mckenzie, Morris London, On<br />

McLean, John London, On<br />

McNair, Scott Ilderton, On<br />

McNaughton, Harry London, On<br />

McNaughton, Robert Arva, On<br />

McRae, James Petrolia, On<br />

Middlemiss, William London, On<br />

Miller-Sampson, Patricia London, On<br />

Milliken, Robert London, On<br />

Mills, George Dr. London, On<br />

Mills, Terry Port Elgin, On<br />

Monroe, John London, On<br />

Moor, Herbert Lucan, On<br />

Moore, John Goderich, On<br />

Morenz, Ernest Forest, On<br />

Muir, Lachlan London, On<br />

Mullen, Paul London, On<br />

Murdoch, Stewart London, On<br />

Nelms, Vernon Glencoe, On<br />

Nevill, Jack London, On<br />

Newport, Kurt Bothwell, On<br />

Noble, Carl Mar, On<br />

Ohalloran, Arthur London, On<br />

Osborne, Garry London, On<br />



Pargeter, Jim London, On<br />

Parker, John Stratford, On<br />

Parker, Robert London, On<br />

Patrick, Calvin Tillsonburg, On<br />

Payne, Frederick Strathroy, On<br />

Pelesh, Peter London, On<br />

Pembleton, Donald London, On<br />

Pernokis, L.W. London, On<br />

Peters, Edward London, On<br />

Petrie, Scott London, On<br />

Petrisor, Allan Dr. Woodstock, On<br />

Pacheco, Ray London, On<br />

Petrowski, Victor London, On<br />

Polci, Gary London, On<br />

Pole, Charles London, On<br />

Pollock, William Strathroy, On<br />

Post, Keith Port Dover, On<br />

Potter, James Wyoming, On<br />

Powell, John London, On<br />

Preston, Fred Tilbury, On<br />

Purenas, Peter Eden, On<br />

Quintyn, Elmer Dr. Tillsonburg, On<br />

Radloff, Dean London, On<br />

Ragin, Murray Goderich, On<br />

Read, Cyril London, On<br />

Reeve, Glenn Ilderton, On<br />

Richard, Emile Southampton, On<br />

Richards, Charles London, On<br />

Richmond, Edward Rev. London, On<br />

Ricketts, Stephen London, On<br />

Roach, Cluade Woodstock, On<br />

Robinson, James Kingsville, On<br />

Roden, Keith London, On<br />

Rodgers, Lloyd Tillsonburg, On<br />

Ross, Alfred Seaforth, On<br />

Ross, J.A. London, On<br />

Rushton, W.A. Ilderton, On<br />

Russell, Kenneth London, On<br />

Saunders, Ronald London, On<br />

Scott, Kenneth Mitchell, On<br />

Sewell, Ronald London, On<br />

Shannon, Bruce London, On<br />

Shannon, J.W. London, On<br />

Shiell, Robert London, On<br />

Slater, Donald Grand Bend, On<br />

Sloman, Peter Ingersoll, On<br />

Smith, David Thorndale, On<br />

Smith, Murray Dr. London, On<br />

Smith, William London, On<br />

Sommers, James Ayr, On<br />

Sommers, Kenneth Woodstock, On<br />

Speake, Victor London, On<br />

Speir, Donald London, On<br />

Springer, Glenn Tillsonburg, On<br />

Stackhouse, Edward Simcoe, On<br />

Steels, Elsie London, On<br />

Storey, Kenneth Wiarton, On<br />

Stover, Cecil Merlin, On<br />

Strain, Stuart London, On<br />

Strong, Brian London, On<br />

Sumner, John London, On<br />

Swayze, Robert Tillsonburg, On<br />

Thomsen, George London, On<br />

Tibando, Raymond London, On<br />

Ticknor, Robert London, On<br />

Todd, Earl London, On<br />

Todd, Gregory London, On<br />

Townshend, C.R. Arva, On<br />

Trotechaud, Roger London, On<br />

Urquhart, George London, On<br />

Vanslack, George London, On<br />

Wales, Douglas Aylmer, On<br />

Walls, J.H. Woodstock, On<br />

Wanless, Stuart London, On<br />

Ward, Robert Stratford, On<br />

Warner, Reginald Thamesford, On<br />

Watt, Stewart London, On<br />

Webster, Donald Exeter, On<br />

Webster, William London, On<br />

Weir, Gerry Ingersoll, On<br />

Welch, Brenton London, On<br />

Wilkie, James London, On<br />

Wilson, Andrew London, On<br />

Wise, John Clinton, On<br />

Wood, T. London, On<br />

Worsley, Brian London, On<br />

Yeo, Al London, On<br />

Yours in Faith,<br />

Charlie Pole<br />

Camel Coach President<br />

MOCHA NEWS November <strong>2009</strong> Page 27

<strong>Mocha</strong> Trumpet Band<br />

Degree Team<br />

Director Of Ceremonies Rt. W. Bro Jack Baskey (left of<br />

the candidate) of the London <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> Trumpet<br />

Band degree team, conferring the 2nd degree on Bro<br />

Richard Lewis on Sept 16th, <strong>2009</strong> in London Daylight<br />

Lodge No. 735<br />

Tillsonburg Donations<br />

Pictured here receiving the donation on behalf of Cody,<br />

who is in the middle are his step father, Isaac Loewen,<br />

and his Mother Kim Ward, along with Nobles Dennis<br />

Cook, and President Al Wittet.<br />

Are you interested in becoming<br />

a member of the Divan and<br />

becoming part of<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>'s management team?<br />

✔ Are you a "TEAM" player?<br />

✔ Do you have business or senior<br />

management experience?<br />

✔ Can you conduct meetings and get<br />

the best out of the participants?<br />

✔ Do you know how the Shrine<br />

really works?<br />

✔ Are you interested in learning<br />

and participating?<br />

✔ Are you prepared to make the<br />

commitment?<br />

Send a confidential resume or CV to<br />

Noble Jeff Brown, Recorder.<br />

Pictured here receiving the donation on behalf of<br />

Olivia, from Nobles Al Wittet, President, and Dennis<br />

Cook Treasurer, are L-R her Mom, Anna, Father Mark,<br />

and sister Mackenzie who donated bone marrow to keep<br />

her young sister alive.<br />

Tillsonburg Shrine Club recently donated to a couple of local families. One donation was for Cody Ward, who<br />

is 14 years old, and was born with severe Cerebral Palsy, his home was fitted with a track rail system, and needed<br />

to be upgraded.<br />

The second donation went to the Silliker baby Olivia, who was born with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency,<br />

and basically means that the baby has to remain in Toronto Sick Children's Hospital, which places a burden on the<br />

family for travel expenses.<br />

Page 28 November <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

Nobles,<br />

mark your<br />

calendars<br />

for the Stated<br />

meeting at the Temple.<br />


9<br />

This is of course the election of officers<br />

for the next year.<br />

Date: December 9, <strong>2009</strong><br />

Time: 5:30 P.M.<br />

Dinner Roast Beef. potatoes,<br />

salad, desert, etc.<br />

Cost: $ 25.00<br />

Tickets available at the Temple<br />

until December 7, <strong>2009</strong><br />

Please come out and support the<br />

fine people who keep <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Shrine active, and strong.<br />

WANTED<br />

Articles for the next<br />

issue of <strong>Mocha</strong> News<br />

DEADLINE: JAN. 15<br />

Please type submissions<br />

or email to<br />

mochashriners@rogers.com<br />

MOCHA NEWS November <strong>2009</strong> Page 29

FFriday January 8, 2010<br />

Social 5:30 PM<br />

Dinner 6:30 PM<br />

Installation of Potentate & Divan<br />

7:30 PM<br />

$25.00 per person<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong>, Ladies & Guests are welcome<br />

For reservations contact <strong>Mocha</strong> office<br />

519 672-1391<br />

mochashriners@rogers.com<br />

Page 30 November <strong>2009</strong> MOCHA NEWS

Royal Scots... Boast Another Successful Year<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>’s Pipe Band, the Royal Scots has had a busy and<br />

rewarding year. As in the past, we finished 2008 by<br />

playing our usual round of Santa Claus parades.<br />

Although often very chilly events, people attending<br />

them seem to look forward to the sound of the pipes and<br />

drums signalling the start of the parade. In December,<br />

we culminated our year enjoying our annual Christmas<br />

get-together at the Shrine Centre. After a marvellous<br />

dinner we enjoyed more music and song and a few keen<br />

players of the horserace game pitted their talents against<br />

one another.<br />

On our way<br />

to the<br />

Kilwinning<br />

Sunrise<br />

Breakfast<br />

<strong>2009</strong> started for the Band in January when we were<br />

invited to participate in Kilwinning’s Robbie Burns<br />

Scottish Appreciation night, topping off the evening<br />

enjoying a haggis dinner. In June we were honoured to<br />

pipe in the head table at the Annual Supreme Session of<br />

the Daughters of the Nile which was held in London’s<br />

Convention Centre. Later in the month, we played at<br />

Kilwinning’s Annual Sunrise Service and Breakfast<br />

which was held back at the newly refurbished<br />

Wonderland Gardens. Another June highlight was the<br />

Spring Ceremonial, held this year in Leamington, and<br />

we are thrilled that one of the newly minted <strong>Shriners</strong>,<br />

Winston Kooistra has joined us as a side drummer.<br />

Jack Habkirk, John<br />

Johnston, Stew Watt,<br />

Jane Watt (Ingersoll<br />

Pipe Band), Charlie<br />

Thomson, Jon Arthur<br />

(Ingersoll Pipe Band)<br />

and John McIntyre in<br />

the Glasgow Town Hall<br />

Gail MacKay and Charlie Thomson, at the invitation of<br />

the Medina Shrine Pipe Band went to Chicago to make<br />

the traditional Scottish dinner of haggis, tatties and<br />

neeps and perform the Address to a Haggis, for their<br />

Highland Ball. We hear that this was a very successful<br />

event!<br />

In July, five of our members joined with the Canadian<br />

Massed Pipes and Drums for a memorable trip to<br />

Scotland where we played for Prince Charles at the<br />

opening of The Gathering <strong>2009</strong>. This clan gathering<br />

was the first in Scotland in over 150 years and turned<br />

out to be an overwhelming success. We played in<br />

several other venues around Scotland and we were<br />

often treated to ceilidhs and civic receptions. Our three<br />

week trip ended with the Band playing in the pre-show<br />

at Edinburgh’s famous Tattoo. We were then privileged<br />

to be able to enjoy the many outstanding moments of<br />

the Tattoo with performers from as far away as China,<br />

Tonga and Australia.<br />

Tex Coulter, Andy<br />

Longridge and Terry<br />

Derbyshire relaxing at<br />

the Royal Scots BBQ<br />

Once everyone had arrived back in Canada we had our<br />

annual BBQ, this year ably hosted by Joan and Tex<br />

Coulter at their home in London. It was a time of fun<br />

and fellowship for the band members and their families.<br />

Over the summer and fall we played at the Arkona<br />

Canada Day Parade, the Wheatley Fish Festival, the<br />

Bothwell Annual Antique Car Show, the Labour Day<br />

Parade in Sarnia, and the Rodney Fall Fair. In mid<br />

September the band went to Merrillville, Indiana to<br />

participate in the Great Lakes Shrine Association<br />

Convention Piping and Drumming competitions. We<br />

are delighted to report that every member who entered<br />

the competition came home with a medal. The results<br />

were as follows: Stew Watt, Piping Grade 4 (4th place),<br />

Charlie Thomson, Piping Grade 2 (2nd place), Bill<br />

Middlemiss, Side Drumming Grade 4 (3rd place), Gail<br />

MacKay, Side Drumming Grade 1, (3rd place), Tex<br />

Coulter, Tenor Drumming (2nd place), and John<br />

McIntyre, Bass Drumming (2nd place).<br />

As we are noticing the trees turn colour, and the nip of<br />

frost in the offing, we are resuming our practices, and<br />

looking forward to our pre-Christmas events and to<br />

another successful year. We are always happy to<br />

welcome new pipers and drummers to the Band. We<br />

practice on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each<br />

month. If you are interested in joining our unit, please<br />

call Charlie Thomson, Band Director 519 537-8585,<br />

Ken Webster, Music Director 519 686-0938, or Stew<br />

Watt, Secretary at 519 472-4879.<br />

Medal winners Charlie<br />

Thomson, Gail MacKay, Bill<br />

Middlemiss, John McIntyre,<br />

Tex Coulter and Stew Watt,<br />

Great Lakes Shrine<br />

Association Competitions,<br />

Merrillville, Indiana<br />

MOCHA NEWS November <strong>2009</strong> Page 31

<strong>October</strong> <strong>2009</strong> 11/11/09 2:57 PM Page 32<br />

more of the....<br />

Tillsonburg Shrine Club<br />

Corn anyone Nobles Allen Taber.<br />

John Pettinger, and Rick Haines.<br />

Nobles Cedric Tomico, and Dave Pass.<br />

Somebody has to count money, Nobles<br />

Dennis Cook, and Don Mulholland.<br />

Nobles Ray Boutin, Ron Phillips<br />

and Gail MacKay.<br />

Keeping the Fires burning<br />

Noble Mark Elliot.<br />

"Happy Huskers" Nobles Gene Hirt,<br />

Bill Coward, and John Stanbridge.

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