August, 2012 - Mocha Shriners

August, 2012 - Mocha Shriners

August, 2012 - Mocha Shriners


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PM #40010349<br />

VOL. 35 NO. 3 LONDON, ONTARIO AUGUST <strong>2012</strong><br />

Welcome......<br />

to our Newest Nobles

Canadian Publications Mail Product Sales Agreement #40010349<br />

Official Publication of <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple<br />

www.mochashriners.org Published 4 times a year<br />

Statement of Purpose: To allow members to share items of<br />

interest while promoting our commitment to children and<br />

the interests of <strong>Mocha</strong> Centre.<br />

Editor: Dwight Coughlan, 519-657-7561<br />

Editor Emeritus: Gerry Stephenson, Floyd James<br />

Public Relations: Paul Smith, 519-637-3396<br />

Office: Sharron Miller and Jody Axford<br />

468 Colborne St. London, ON N6B 2T3<br />

Phone: 519-672-1391 mochashriners@rogers.com<br />

Fax: 519-672-7723 Lounge: 519-672-2043<br />

ELECTED DIVAN <strong>2012</strong> <br />

Potentate: Dave Fickling 519-451-6724<br />

ficks@rogers.com Lady Pat<br />

Chief Rabban: Robert Parker 519-680-0032<br />

parkerrob@rogers.com Lady Deb<br />

Assistant Rabban: Jim Thomsen 519-495-1882<br />

jimmyjobillybob@rogers.com Lady Deb<br />

High Priest & Prophet: Bob Marshall 519-245-5567<br />

rcm@isp.ca Lady Vesta<br />

Oriental Guide: Brian Dayman 519-353-4332<br />

bddayman@gmail.com Lady Corrine<br />

Treasurer: Dave Fahrner, PP 519-641-4998<br />

fahrner@sympatico.ca Lady Susan<br />

Recorder: Bill Butcher 519-657-5100<br />

jelliebean@stmpatico.ca Lady Sally<br />


First Ceremonial Master: Wally Gr een 519-245-1207<br />

w_green@sympatico.ca Lady Darlene<br />

Second Ceremonial Master: Frank Eagleson 519-797-2067<br />

feagleson@bmts.com Lady Doris<br />

Marshall: Craig Kealey 519-389-4187<br />

kealey@bmts.com Lady Sue<br />

Captain of the Guard: Bill Baxter 519-348-8000<br />

bmbaxter@ezlink.ca Lady Mary<br />

Outer Guard: Ernie Morenz 519-243-1797<br />

emorenz@execulink.com Lady Ann<br />

Director: Tommy Hill 519-268-2409<br />

hill@sympatico.ca Lady Cheryl<br />


Chief Aide: Doug Fickling 519-888-7448<br />

dougfickling@rogers.com Lady Sandra<br />

Assistant Aide: Brad Fickling 519-668-3323<br />

b.fickling@tvdsb.on.ca Lady Donna<br />

Assistant Aide: Norm Camp 519-858-3500<br />

camp2555@hotmail.com Lady Lynda<br />

Chaplain/Donor Relations: Rev. Canon Michael Farr<br />

519-396-8284 morkfarr@bmts.com Lady Kathleen<br />

Assistant Chaplain: Rev. Gordon Simmons 519-344-1983<br />

simmons.gord@gmail.com<br />

Membership: Harry Hewbank 519-773-7147<br />

hhewbank@eastlink.ca Lady Ruth<br />

Pubic Relations: Paul Smith 519-637-3396<br />

pjsmith@pjsmithassoc.ca Lady Terry<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> News: Dwight Coughlan 519-657-7561<br />

editor.mochashriners@rogers.com Lady Caroline<br />

Temple Attorney: C. F. MacKewn Jr. 519-672-2171 x228<br />

fmackewn@mwlaw.ca<br />

External Auditor: John Rozeluk 519-661-0990 x228<br />

jrozeluk@wilkinsonrogers.com<br />

Facility Manager - Inside: Bent Anderson 519-672-7408<br />

krisandbent@porchlight.ca Lady Kris<br />

Facility Manager - Outside: Fraser Grant 519-657-4318<br />

sales6000@gmail.com Lady Connie<br />

Photographer: Randy Dunlop 519-264-2964<br />

rdphoto@rogers.com Lady Valerie<br />

Piper: Wilson McBeath 519-485-3496<br />

Page 2 <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong><br />

What a GREAT<br />

Summer! Your<br />

Divan and our<br />

ladies have been<br />

active!<br />

Major Events:<br />

Sat., 28 April:<br />

167 participants<br />

enjoyed a funfilled,<br />

fantastic, Hawaiian themed<br />

Potentate's Ball at the Hilton - great<br />

food, great entertainment/music by Dr.<br />

Music, Paul Hustler and "Elvis" !<br />

Sun., 29 April: Potentate's Ball<br />

Breakfast at <strong>Mocha</strong> was again a<br />

highlight. Dimitri, Helen & Company<br />

provided a succulent breakfast buffet;<br />

with further entertainment by Dr. Paul!<br />

Sat., 5 May: Most of the Divan attended<br />

Stratford on Avon Shrine Club's<br />

annual chicken BBQ at Rotary Park.<br />

Some 1400 meals were served.<br />

Excellent entertainment was provided<br />

by <strong>Mocha</strong> Trumpet Band and Waterloo<br />

Oriental Band. Well done, Nobles!<br />

Sat., 19 May: The Ficklings, Parkers<br />

and Thomsens travelled to Flint, MI for<br />

Elf Khurafeh <strong>Shriners</strong> Potentate Ball<br />

for III. Sir AI Basner and Lady Ginny.<br />

Fri., 25 May: We celebrated the 50th<br />

Wedding Anniversary with III. Sir Jack<br />

Cumming and Lady Helen in the<br />

Elmwood Community Center. What a<br />

great evening!<br />

Fri., 1 June/Sat., 2 June: Spring<br />

Ceremonial in Strathroy! -<br />

-Friday Night's Chicken BBQ &<br />

entertainment & socialization was<br />

enjoyed by 235 patrons.<br />

-Saturday: Donations at our Opening<br />

Ceremonies totaled approximately<br />

$220,000.00! Fantastic!<br />

-The Ladies Luncheon in Mt. Brydges<br />

was most enjoyable for the 135<br />

ladies- great food, entertainment and<br />

sociability!<br />

-Noble's luncheon catered to some 240<br />

hungry sons of the desert most<br />

efficiently!<br />

-There were 37 Nobles created in the<br />

session.<br />

-The Fezzing Dinner at Mt Brydges<br />

was successful with 143 diners<br />

enjoying a relaxed buffet, ample<br />

desserts and plenty of casual<br />

socializing.<br />

Indeed, each new Noble was fezzed by<br />

his Lady, a family member or a<br />

sponsor. None needed to be "done" by<br />

the Potentate.<br />

A huge "Tip of the Fez" to Noble Paul<br />

Brown, Ceremonial Committee<br />

Potentate’s Report<br />

Chairman, Noble President Jim<br />

Pedden, Strathoca Shrine Club and all<br />

their committee members for a well<br />

organized and executed Spring<br />

Ceremonial <strong>2012</strong>! Special Thanks to<br />

the Jeepster Unit for transporting the<br />

Divan, and to all the Clubs & Units for<br />

participating and demonstrating our<br />

enjoyment of Fun & Fellowship with a<br />

Purpose- to Help Children! Enjoy the<br />

Ceremonial photos elsewhere in this<br />

magazine.<br />

Mon., 11 June: III. Sir Dave Fickling,<br />

Recorder Bill Butcher, HP & P Bob<br />

Marshall and Membership member<br />

Shayne Eldridge travelled with several<br />

members of the Camel Coach to<br />

Waterloo Shrine Club BBQ and to<br />

complete the initiation of a candidate<br />

called away from the Ceremonial by a<br />

family emergency. The "Short-Form"<br />

Ceremony was conferred in a most<br />

commendable manner. Thus we gained<br />

38 Nobles for Spring Ceremonial <strong>2012</strong>!<br />

Wed., 27 June: I welcomed the Shrine<br />

Circus to London for 2 performances.<br />

Many thanks to the Camel Coach as the<br />

Sponsor and to others for supporting<br />

this endeavor!<br />

Sun., 1 July to Thurs.5 July: Imperial<br />

Sessions in Charlotte North<br />

Carolina-Your elected Divan and Past<br />

Potentates Owen Coles, Paul<br />

Shillington, Norm Camp, Gail MacKay<br />

and Jack Cumming, and Grand Master<br />

M.W. Bro. D. Garry Dowling attended<br />

sessions daily in the Charlotte<br />

Convention Center.<br />

Wed., 4 July: Imperial Parade - 9<br />

London Oriental Band members<br />

paraded behind your Divan past an<br />

appreciative Imperial Reviewing stand.<br />

They were the only marching Oriental<br />

Band in the parade; 3 others were on<br />

floats. While the temperature was 100+,<br />

the many spectators were appreciative.<br />

The Band and their ladies enjoyed the<br />

Imperial Sir's Entertainment Night,<br />

The Public Relations Presentation and<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>'s hospitality.<br />

Tues., 17 July to Thur.,19 July: Your<br />

Potentate and First Lady are guests of<br />

Grand Lodge in Toronto.<br />

In addition to the above noted major<br />

events, we attended a multitude of<br />

meetings, such as Divan, Stated,<br />

Managers, Renovation Project and<br />

Club/Unit Events.<br />

We are all "Driven to Help Kids"!<br />

Yours in the Faith III. Sir Dave Fickling<br />

Potentate <strong>2012</strong><br />


Recorder’s Corner<br />

by Bill Butcher<br />

Greetings Nobles,<br />

Here we are into summer already and<br />

somewhere along the line I missed the<br />

transition from winter into summer. As you<br />

all know we did not have much of a winter<br />

this year, of which along with myself and I<br />

believe many others we are very thankful<br />

for that. Thanks needs to go to Strathoca<br />

Shrine Club for hosting the Spring Ceremonial, a well organized<br />

and fun weekend. We initiated 38 new Nobles . After compiling<br />

all of the donations that were given by the various clubs and units,<br />

the grand total this year was approximatgely $220,000.00, which<br />

was a job well done, Nobles. My lady Sally told me that the ladies<br />

luncheon was well attended along with a great meal and excellent<br />

desserts and thanks to their speaker Pr. Sheila Eldridge who<br />

spoke on membership. Thanks to a well attended Fezzing dinner<br />

the weekend wrapped up with a success.<br />

Well as you all know the Divan has just returned from Imperial<br />

Session at Charlotte N.C. and some fun was had by all. But along<br />

with the fun came a very serious side to the approach of business<br />

of Shrine Hospitals and the many children that need and require<br />

Chaplain’s Chat<br />

Dear Nobles,<br />

As I write this on a beautiful<br />

summer day many of our younger<br />

nobles who still have children in<br />

elementary or secondary school<br />

are likely getting ready or have<br />

already started the process of<br />

buying clothing for the children<br />

and school supplies. Some of them<br />

may be figuring out school bus<br />

routes and the pick up and drop off times. Our Potentate’s<br />

theme this year is “Fill the Bus”. We too as Nobles of the<br />

Shrine should be starting the process of “filling the bus”.<br />

We should be focusing on recruiting new shriners by<br />

encouraging and if necessary subsidizing new and<br />

established masons who express an interest in shrinedom.<br />

This might mean encouraging their advance through other<br />

Masonic orders but more importantly it would mean setting<br />

an example for them of who and what we profess to be by<br />

encouraging their participation in all our activities. There<br />

are often occasions when newer members feel left out<br />

because they lack the resources to participate due to the<br />

pressures felt by young families with school age children.<br />

Our faith has always taught us to be supportive and not to<br />

walk alone. As a fraternity dedicated to helping children<br />

and dedicated to living out our faith by deed and example<br />

we need to be able to jump the bar at the highest level.<br />

When God called Moses to lead his people, Moses said that<br />

he could not do it because he was tongue tied and a slow<br />

speaker, but God said your brother Aaron will speak for you<br />

(Exodus 4:14-16). We are Nobles of the Shrine we can and<br />

must serve together as Moses and Aaron served. We begin<br />

by filling the bus, recruiting and encouraging new members<br />

and supporting one another so that our children and<br />

hospitals can thrive.<br />

Peace, Shalom, Salaam<br />

them. As you all know much work is done all over Canada and the<br />

United States and Mexico to support this philanthropy. I have<br />

neglected to mention that we have a new Imperial Potentate by<br />

the name of Imperial Ill. Sir Alan W Madson and First Lady Jan. I<br />

would also like to mention that the next Imperial Session will be<br />

held in Indianapolis Indiana in July 2013. While I was in Charlotte<br />

I attended a recorders seminar, and was updated on procedures<br />

and up coming changes which will be put into place with the new<br />

Imperial Divan.<br />

When I returned to <strong>Mocha</strong> I found that things had progressed<br />

quite nicely in the progression of the banquet hall, with all the wall<br />

board up and now the messy part comes with the mudding of all<br />

corners and seams which should be finished by the end of the<br />

week of July 20, <strong>2012</strong>. According to the contractor all is on target<br />

for the completion date of Aug. 13, <strong>2012</strong> which will be a relief, to<br />

know, that it will be ready for the Daughters of the Nile for Aug,<br />

24, <strong>2012</strong>.<br />

Ending on this note I would like to wish all nobles and their<br />

families a very happy and safe summer and until we meet again in<br />

the fall you all take care now.<br />

I picked that up in that there south.<br />

Yours In The Faith<br />

Bill Butcher<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Recorder<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong> Page 3

Dwight<br />

Coughlan<br />

Welcome our newest Nobles to the Greatest<br />

Philanthropy in the World. Get involved, find a<br />

mentor and most importantly stay involved.<br />

Last month I lost a friend, a brother and a<br />

noble. His name is Felix Gomez and he is the epitome<br />

of our organization. Felix had the grace the patience the<br />

heart and the wisdom to handle life’s little challenges.<br />

Felix courageously battled cancer for a few years,<br />

looking at each day as a new opportunity on life. We<br />

would meet at our favourite Starbucks for his little shot<br />

of cappuccino, and this is where we would share our<br />

funny stories, our challenges and our friendship. He<br />

had an uncanny way of taking a bad situation and<br />

making it a positive experience. His last email to me<br />

went something like this, I am doing better than my wife<br />

(Denise) who has had a few broken bones lately… Take<br />

Care the "Conquistador"...or as he always said "comekiss-da-door".<br />

The following week he passed away.<br />

Noble Felix, Brother Felix and my friend, was<br />

the perfect person in my eyes, he laughed a lot, he cared<br />

a lot, his heart was big, he was a perfect gentleman, and<br />

life was so important to him.<br />

To our new nobles, follow in the steps of Noble<br />

Felix and you to will be a great Shriner and Brother.<br />

YITF Dwight Coughlan, Editor <strong>Mocha</strong> News<br />

Page 8<br />

Page 10<br />

Page 14<br />

Page 30<br />

Page 4 <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong><br />

editor<br />

Upcoming events<br />

Whats Happening in the Units<br />

Club News<br />

Message from Queen Sandra<br />

Lots of nice articles from Clubs and Units<br />



Imperial Sir Alan W. Madsen of<br />

Cornelius, North Carolina was installed as Imperial<br />

Potentate of <strong>Shriners</strong> lnternational for <strong>2012</strong>-2013<br />

making him the highest ranking Shriner in the world.<br />

In this role he serves as President of the Board of<br />

Directors for <strong>Shriners</strong> International and Chairman<br />

of the Board of Directors of <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for<br />

Children.<br />

Imperial Sir Douglas Maxwell was re-elected as<br />

President of the Board of Trustees for <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Hospitals for Children.<br />

Illustrious Sir James L.McConnell was elected<br />

Imperial Treasurer.<br />

Illustrious Sir William S. Bailey was elected<br />

Imperial Outer Guard.<br />

A Resolution was passed creating Agila <strong>Shriners</strong>,<br />

(Under Dispensation) in Davos City, Philippines as an<br />

active Temple, No.19S.<br />

A Resolution to amend Section 336.2- (Public<br />

Exhibitions) in Civic/Public Events including<br />

parades was approved. A new section (b) now states:<br />

"In civic and public exhibitions, including parades,<br />

Nobles and their immediate family may participate<br />

with the approval of the Potentate." The vehicle must<br />

be in a non-competitive role and have four wheels.<br />

Current sections b.c.d, move to sections c.d,e,<br />

NOTE 1: Imperial, Association and Temple<br />

Parades are strictly for <strong>Shriners</strong>.<br />

Section a -No change<br />

NOTE 2: Units MUST request approval from the<br />

Potentate.<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children have 2 fine<br />

Ambassadors for <strong>2012</strong>-13, both boys in their<br />

early teens: - Jeremy Gabriel from the Montreal<br />

area-born with partial ears, no ear drums,<br />

canal- received a BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing<br />

Aid)- he is now an accomplished singer.<br />

-Hunter Woodhal from Utah-born with<br />

deformities of both lower legs which required<br />

amputation-now an accomplished multi sport<br />

participant on two prosthesis.<br />

Hopefully, you will see them either in our new TV ads<br />

or on our Public Relations Video.<br />

YITF Ill. Sir Dave Fickling, Potentate <strong>2012</strong><br />


MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong> Page 5

Nobles of the Mystic Shrine<br />

Cordially Invite You and Yours to the<br />

Brantford Shrine Club<br />

Centennial Anniversary Celebrations<br />

Saturday, September 8, <strong>2012</strong><br />

Please join us...<br />

in the Grand Ballroom of the<br />

Best Western Brant Park Inn<br />

19 Holiday Dr., Brantford, Ontario<br />

Hospitality Room<br />

Reception at 6:00 pm Dinner & Wine at 7:00pm<br />

Dance starting at 9:00pm<br />

Entertainment by: Matthew Disero, Comedy Magic,<br />

John McDermott, Musician and the George Rose Big Band<br />

Special Guests: Deputy Imperial Potentate,<br />

Imperial Sir John Cinotto and Lady Margaret<br />

Nobles and all welcome Dress - Business Suit <strong>Shriners</strong> - Bring Your Fez<br />

Contact:<br />

Tickets $40.00 person<br />

Noble Ray Bamsey 519-442-2413<br />

Noble Peter Loube 519-757-5575<br />

Noble Dean Bauer 519-756-2670<br />

Page 6 <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong><br />


William Francis Schrantz, MD<br />

Bill Schrantz was<br />

born November 8, 1945<br />

in Quakertown, PA,<br />

the son of William and<br />

Frances Schrantz. He<br />

graduated from the<br />

Medical College of<br />

Virginia in 1970 and<br />

joined the Naval Reserves<br />

as a flight surgeon with<br />

the Marine Corps. He completed his General<br />

Surgery Residency at Bethesda Naval Hospital in<br />

1976 and completed his Orthopaedic Residency at<br />

Bethesda in 1979. Bill then worked as an<br />

orthopedist at Bethesda and in private practice. He<br />

proudly served in Desert Storm 1990-1991 with the<br />

USN Reserves.<br />

Bill completed his Pediatric Orthopaedic<br />

Fellowship at A. I. DuPont in 1992. He returned to<br />

active duty with the USN and practiced<br />

orthopaedics at Bethesda. He was named the<br />

Physician of the Year at Bethesda in 1999. Bill<br />

retired in 1999 with 20 years active duty with<br />

the USN. During the next 7 years, he practiced<br />

orthopaedics in private practice, as a consultant<br />

and locum tenens. In 2007, he completed a Spine<br />

Fellowship at SUNY Upstate. Bill joined <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Hospitals for Children-Philadelphia as a consulting<br />

pediatric orthopedist in January 2007. On January<br />

3, 2008, he joined SHC-Erie and the rest is history.<br />

Bill was a lifelong learner, teacher, mentor,<br />

influencer and warrior. He cared deeply for his<br />

patients and families. He loved SHC-Erie, the staff,<br />

his peers, the Board and the mission and vision<br />

of <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children. He<br />

cared deeply for the future of SHC-Erie. Bill<br />

was unselfish in his work; through long<br />

hours, his work with residents, house calls and his<br />

cell phone number to all. He had high expectations<br />

of himself and of others. He was a man with<br />

twinkling blue eyes and his little laugh who enjoyed<br />

great conversation, fine wine or an ice cold beer.<br />

Bill was a true warrior in his own health<br />

battle until his death on May 13th. His family<br />

wanted us to know that the last 4 years of Bill’s<br />

life spent with SHC-Erie were his happiest and best.<br />

He will be buried in his scrubs and SHC lab coat<br />

as there is still much work to do in heaven. The<br />

family requests that in lieu of flowers, memorial<br />

donations be made in Bill’s name to <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Hospitals for Children-Erie facility.<br />


At the time of writing this note, we are approximately at the mid point of<br />

the time frame.<br />

Mel-Barr Construction has maintained a good schedule of work and results.<br />

Our Project Overseers, Nobles Barry O'Brian and Jim Thomsen have been<br />

diligent in their duties.<br />

Process variations have been dealt with in an expedient manner. Thanks to<br />

Barry for the progressive pictures displayed in the Lounge as work progressed.<br />

We anticipate completion within the time frame. We are still able to accept<br />

contributions to the funding for this project: thanks to those Clubs/units that have<br />

already donated to this project.<br />

YITF III. Sir Dave Fickling Potentate <strong>2012</strong><br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong> Page 7

<strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> Upcoming Events<br />

AUGUST<br />



Fri., 24 <strong>August</strong><br />

Daughters of the Nile - Supreme Queen<br />

Visit @ <strong>Mocha</strong>-2:00pm<br />

Sat., 11 Aug.<br />

Aylmer S.C. Golf Tournament<br />

@ Pleasant Valley<br />

Sat., 18 Aug.<br />

Bruce S.C.- Corn Boil<br />

Sat., 8 Sept.<br />

Brantford SC - 100th Anniversary<br />

@ Best Western Brant Park Hotel<br />

Wed., 12 Sept.<br />

Tillsonburg SC -Annual Pork Pull<br />

Wed., 12 Sept. - Sat., 15 Sept.<br />

Great Lakes Shrine Association<br />

@ Cincinatti<br />

Tues., 25 Sept - Sun., 30 Sept<br />

Northern Trip Elliot Lake & Sault St. Marie<br />

Thur., 4 Oct.<br />

London SC - Official Visit @ <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Wed., 10 Oct<br />

Seniors Luncheon @ <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

11:00 Greet/12:00 Lunch<br />

1:30 Stated Meeting & Pin Presentations<br />

Sat., 13 Oct.<br />

Fall Ceremonial @ <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Wed., 24 Oct.<br />

Bluewater SC<br />

Official Visit & Ladies Night<br />

Thurs., 25 Oct.<br />

Stratford-on Avon SC - Ladies Night @<br />

Festival Inn, Stratford<br />



Thur., 1 Nov. - Thurs., 8 Nov.<br />

Potentate's Trip to St. Maarten Island<br />

Wed., 21 Nov.<br />

Tillsonburg Installation<br />

Sun., 9 Dec.<br />

Potentate's Appreciation Dinner<br />

(by invitation)<br />

Wed., 12 Dec.<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Stated Meeting/Elections<br />

Dinner 6:30/ Meeting 7:30<br />

Fri., 14 Dec.<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Christmas Open House<br />

NOTE:<br />

other dates to be added as established<br />

Potentate's Trip<br />

- Nov. 1 - Nov. 8, <strong>2012</strong><br />

Spaces still available!<br />

Upcoming Deadlines for <strong>Mocha</strong> News submissions...<br />

ISSUE<br />



Page 8 <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong><br />


Membership Committee - <strong>Mocha</strong> News<br />

Noble Shayne Eldridge<br />

It's the hazy lazy days of summer - time for spending time at<br />

the beach, enjoying bbqs and recruiting new Nobles for<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>.<br />

Summer may be a time to take a break from some things yet<br />

we should never minimize our efforts to bring new members<br />

into the world's greatest philanthropy.<br />

The Fall ceremonial will be upon us before you know it - it<br />

would be Feztastic to see as many or more candidates as we<br />

did at the Spring ceremonial!<br />

The recruitment process is not just a matter of waiting for<br />

good men to ask to become a Shriner. We need to actively<br />

inform prospective candidates about we have to offer and the<br />

good work that we do.<br />

You never know when the opportunity will present itself so<br />

make sure you always have an<br />

application form handy - have it<br />

presigned with your signature on<br />

it. In order to retain our current<br />

members we need to get them<br />

involved in clubs, units and<br />

Shrine activities. Do we have<br />

enough activities to keep all our<br />

nobles interested and involved?<br />

Are we having fun? New members should be assigned a mentor<br />

who ensures that they know the activities available and<br />

someone is there to introduce them at events and functions.<br />

We must also build on our relationships with our Blue<br />

Lodges. Membership success of our Shrine Temple is directly<br />

related to the membership success of our Blue Lodges.<br />

Remember the acronym Elvis Presley used to use - TCB<br />

(Taking Care of Business). For every Shriner, it is GTL - Go<br />

To Lodge!<br />

Technology is a great tool for reaching prospective members<br />

- we need to increase the use of the <strong>Mocha</strong> website and make<br />

use of Facebook and Twitter. The web site beashrinernow.<br />

com is an important tool for membership recruitment and we<br />

all need to do what we can to promote this website.<br />

We ALL, every Noble of the Ancient Order of the Nobles of<br />

the Mystic Shrine, have an important role to play in keeping<br />

Nobles in your Shrine and bringing in new Nobles. Remember<br />

why you became a<br />

Shriner and all<br />

those children who<br />

need our hospitals.<br />


presents<br />

Performers from....Illinois, Michigan, Ontario and Tennesee<br />

"THE DIXIE FIVE" (dixieland)<br />

Sunday, October 28, <strong>2012</strong> - 12:30pm - 5:00pm<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Centre - <strong>Mocha</strong> Bar Lounge<br />

TICKETS $7.00 EACH<br />

Bar and Light Lunch Available Everyone Welcome!<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong> Page 9

What's Happening in the Units?<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>'s Jeepsters<br />

The four original members petitioned<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Temple to form the Jeepster Unit in 1974 and<br />

permission was granted by the Potentate, III. Sir T. Ray<br />

Powell.<br />

Today, the Jeepster Unit has 30 plus<br />

members.The Unit made its first public appearance the<br />

following year. And with continual growth in<br />

members and vehicles it has been on parade in many<br />

cities and towns throughout Canada and the United<br />

States. Recently, we were represented in Charlotte,<br />

North Carolina and St. Helens, Ontario. Our current<br />

License plates MJU (<strong>Mocha</strong> Jeepster Unit) are<br />

numbered 1 to 22. Our main mandate is to provide<br />

transportation for our Potentate and Divan in Shrine<br />

Parades, as well as the Imperial Divan when requested.<br />

Our attendance in Civic parades, exhibitions, etc. is<br />

always appreciated.<br />

Each Jeepster is entirely owned and maintained<br />

by the individual member which includes the expense<br />

of travelling from our home base at <strong>Mocha</strong> to the events.<br />

Every vehicle is identical in appearance and must be<br />

properly maintained to rigid standards.<br />

In addition to parades, this unit, though<br />

relatively small in number, raises a significant amount<br />

of funds for various Shrine projects, youth soccer and<br />

other child centered needs.<br />

Membership is open to interested <strong>Shriners</strong>; talk<br />

to any current Jeepster member.<br />

YITF III. Sir Dave Fickling, Historian<br />

What a Team! At the Ball, Potentates aides <strong>2012</strong><br />

Brad, Doug and Norm<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />



Please have<br />

everything<br />

submitted by ....<br />

OCT. 15<br />

Page 10 <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong><br />


More of What's Happening in the Units?<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>'s Historic Concert Band<br />

On June 10 our Concert Band entertained an<br />

appreciative audience during its second Cabaret in the<br />

last year.<br />

Conductor Don McKellar directed the band<br />

which played music from the big band era (Duke<br />

Ellington, Glen Miller), John Williams’ arrangements,<br />

marches and hymns. He was assisted in the presentation<br />

by emcee Noble Gerry Stephenson who introduced the<br />

arrangements to the 155 in attendance.<br />

The concert band has been supporting <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

and the community for almost 100 years by playing<br />

over 20 concerts a year with weekly practices each<br />

Tuesday attended by a very dedicated membership of<br />

40 Nobles and Associate Members.<br />

Director Don relaxing<br />

before the concert<br />

Early arrivals for the concert<br />

Getting ready<br />

Woodstock Clown Unit<br />

The crew went on to Thameford Parade. Only To find out Hillbilly Ken Forgot how to get in his pants . Almost<br />

had ot go get his Mother to help him.That what it like ot have SOMETIMERS. Everyone had a hot good time.<br />

Don't forget we are alway's looking for new faces to paint come join us be glad to have you. P.R. Noble Norman<br />

French. The turnout was small' But the fun was big for<br />

the members of the unit from Woodstock. Jack the bear<br />

was in fine form making the kid's happy with Mark<br />

Payne' Geo Acres, Vernon Johnston, Foxxy Larry.<br />

Hillbilly Ken Riley put on a great showing. Zippy<br />

French in his car of bears followed picking up the rear.<br />

P.R. Noble Norman French.<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong> Page 11

What's Happening in the Units?<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Classics<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Classic Unit enjoyed June 24th weekend, first we gathered<br />

at the home of Ron and Colleen Bilton, for a early afternoon social<br />

and dinner, then off to the Thrashing parade in Thamesville, "great<br />

turnout by the Unit."<br />

Saturday was spent at the Elgin County Railway Museum, after a<br />

tour and strawberries with ice<br />

cream we rode David Harding's<br />

railway hand pumper down the<br />

line.<br />

Jim Pedden in his1964-1/2 Mustang, Jim is a<br />

active member of <strong>Mocha</strong> Classics and recently<br />

elected President of Strathocha Shrine Club.<br />

May 23/12 The Railway City<br />

Brewery went all out for a superb<br />

tour and tasting of local beer.<br />

Pictured in front of the vats are<br />

a whole lot of happy faces.<br />

“Strawberry Social” on<br />

David Harding’s 1890 hand<br />

pumper railway car is Ken<br />

Moor and Rita, Robert and<br />

Rose White, and David.<br />

What a wild ride between the<br />

Station and Museum.<br />

“Mother’s Day” May 6, <strong>2012</strong> @ New Sarum<br />

Restaurant; John Allen hosted over<br />

80 Classic car club members to<br />

a wonderful luncheon and live performance,<br />

a marvelous day.<br />

Lynda Camp and Sue Fahrner anticipating the parade<br />

London Oriental Band<br />

Imperial parading in Charlotte, NC<br />

Page 12 <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong><br />

Our Grand Marshall on parade!<br />


More of What's Happening in the Units?<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Motor Corps<br />

Continues to please the crowds at many area fairs and events!<br />

For over 60 years now, motorcycle riding Nobles<br />

who are members of the <strong>Mocha</strong> Motor Corps have been<br />

entertaining crowds at SW Ontario fair and event parades<br />

with demonstrations of their presence and their precision<br />

motorcycle riding skills!<br />

Every year the MMC members volunteer their<br />

time and travel to communities like Brights Grove,<br />

Goderich, Woodstock, Thamesford, Dresden,<br />

Leamington, Bayfield, Mitchell, Thorndale and<br />

Kingsville to represent <strong>Mocha</strong> with performances.<br />

Through their parade activities Motor Corps<br />

members raise funds for the <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals and other<br />

Shriner charitable needs every year.<br />

Members of the unit live communities like<br />

Windsor, London, Woodstock, Norwich, Lucan, Brights<br />

Grove and Bayfield.<br />

They travel widely each year as volunteers and at<br />

their own expense to perform at the various parades. At<br />

one time MMC members rode smaller size motorcycles<br />

but in recent years the corps began accepting members<br />

with various sizes of motorcycles. Today, members ride<br />

a variety of different motorcycle brands, including<br />

Hondas, a BMW and Harley Davidson's Non motorcycle<br />

riders also perform in the parades riding on the units'<br />

1951 Harley Davidson golf cart which can seat 4 nobles.<br />

Good fellowship get events after each parade and<br />

a once per year "dinner with the ladies" provides a<br />

friendly social aspect for the unit as well.<br />

All motorcycle riding <strong>Shriners</strong> as well as nobles<br />

who are non-motorcycle riders are eligible and most<br />

welcome to join the unit.<br />

As with all units of <strong>Mocha</strong>, MMC always<br />

welcomes new and active members.<br />

Motor Corps uniforms are available and annual<br />

dues are only $20.<br />

Contact the <strong>Mocha</strong> office for detail on how to reach the<br />

unit secretary or email randyhenry@rogers.com/<br />

SPECIAL NOTE: On Saturday September 1, <strong>2012</strong><br />

at 11AM the Members of <strong>Mocha</strong> Motor Corps<br />

will be hosting a "PRECISON MOTORCYCLE<br />

DEMONSTRATION RIDE" featuring the famous<br />

OPP GOLDEN HELMETS riding team at the<br />

EM Diesel Plant parking lot on Oxford St E.<br />

The demonstration will be followed by a <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Bar B Que with entertainment at the 3M Employees Park<br />

at Oxford St E. and Clark Rd.<br />

This will be a real family fun event and all<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong>, their families and friends are mosty welcome to<br />

attend. There will be a donation request to <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

charities at the gate.<br />

For more info email ewer.george@sympatico.ca/<br />

or see the ad in this issue of <strong>Mocha</strong> News<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong> Page 13

Bruce Shrine Club<br />

The Bruce Shrine Club (BSC) is having a great<br />

year so far. Members new and old alike are pitching in and<br />

making things happen for our club. It’s been said many<br />

times, “Many hands make light work!” and it is so true.<br />

We were very pleased at our BSC representation at<br />

the Spring Ceremonial in Strathroy.<br />

BSC’s Noble<br />

President Alex<br />

Cameron<br />

along with<br />

2nd VP Ken<br />

Cunningham<br />

presented our<br />

donations at<br />

the Spring<br />

Ceremonial to Ill<br />

Sir Dave Fickling.<br />

Many of our club<br />

members took part<br />

in the candidate’s<br />

luncheon before<br />

heading off to the<br />

parade.<br />

Bruce Trail Riders<br />

had 6 of their<br />

fearless riders<br />

out on the<br />

parade route.<br />

It was a great parade followed by a very good<br />

Fezzing ceremony and lovely Potentates Super.<br />

The Bruce Shrine Clubs Charity Golf Tournament<br />

was held on Saturday June 23rd and by all accounts was<br />

another great success. The Organizers, Noble Paul Zorzi<br />

and Noble Tom Zorzi sent our some very nice words of<br />

thanks to all our volunteer helpers, our supporters and<br />

sponsors for all their effort to make this event another<br />

successful venture.<br />

Page 14 <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong><br />


Noble President<br />

Alex Cameron had<br />

his picture taken<br />

with each of the 24<br />

teams that came<br />

out to support our<br />

event, but none<br />

quite so<br />

enthusiastic as<br />

these four<br />

golfers who had<br />

home made fezz’s in an extra effort to show support for<br />

the good work that <strong>Shriners</strong> do.<br />

Organizer Noble<br />

Paul Zorzi and BSC<br />

Treasurer Noble<br />

Frank Eagleson<br />

made a last ditch<br />

effort to hit these<br />

enthusiastic golfers<br />

up for payment of<br />

dues on the putting<br />

green.<br />

It was great to see the support of our many fellow<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> and Masons but the public support for this event<br />

was great as well. Thanks are extended to everyone and I<br />

know Nobles Paul and Tom are already working on next<br />

years tournament, so if you want to mark this event on<br />

your calendar for next year, give them a call @ 519 483<br />

6787 and they would be more than happy to get the list<br />

started for 2013.<br />

By the time you read this it will be October and<br />

our Trail Riders will have once again participated in the<br />

Women’s Triathlon in Kincardine. We will have had our<br />

Annual Steak Fry, this year being held in the Kinsman Park<br />

in Tara. We will have paraded in the Brussels and Durham<br />

Homecoming Parades. Huron Pioneers Parade and the<br />

Labour Day Parade in Port Elgin. Noble Brian Dayman<br />

and his Lady Corrine are hosting the BSC Corn Boil this<br />

year for the first time after Noble Vaughn and Lady Alberta<br />

retired from hosting this event after 30 consecutive years,<br />

what a great commitment. Many of our Fall Fair Parades<br />

will be well under way and we will be gearing up for the<br />

Fall Ceremonial in Norfolk where we will once again be<br />

on parade together and enjoying Shrine Dom Hospitality,<br />

Fun and Fellowship.<br />

Well that’s it for now but like I always say, “I’m<br />

proud to be a Shriner. I’m proud to wear the plaid. I’m<br />

proud to help the children, who need our help so bad!”<br />

Best of Wishes from Bruce County to you all!<br />


London Shrine Club<br />

“Bisset’s Best” Brings Hope,<br />

Strength and Joy<br />

John Bisset, a member of the London<br />

Shrine Club, is truly “Driven to Help Kids!” This<br />

year marked the 10th year that 72-year-old John<br />

Bisset has run in support of Make-A-Wish®, first<br />

participating in the Make-A-Wish Share the Power<br />

of a Wish® Run/Walk from 2003 to 2007 and raising<br />

over $54,000, then holding his own Bisset’s<br />

Best 10K Run with the support of colleagues from<br />

Chorley and Bisset Ltd. and raising over $183,300<br />

since 2008 – for a grand total of over $237,300<br />

raised in 10 years! Bisset’s Best takes place annually<br />

on Father’s Day at Springbank Gardens.<br />

Funds raised by John Bisset and his<br />

colleagues at Chorley and Bisset Ltd. help Make-A-Wish®<br />

Southwestern Ontario continue its mission of granting the<br />

wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions<br />

to enrich the human experience with hope, strength<br />

and joy. Since its inception in 1986, Make-A-Wish Southwestern<br />

Ontario has granted over 960 wishes in the 16<br />

Counties it serves, and is currently working with over 120<br />

families at various stages of the wish process.<br />

Bisset says, "As a family, we have been blessed<br />

by good health. Others, we know, have faced very difficult<br />

and heart wrenching times. This fundraising initiative<br />

is my effort to help ease the anguish suffered by the<br />


Mr. John Bisset (second from left)<br />

and Chorley & Bisset Ltd team<br />

Make-A-Wish kids and their families for at least a short<br />

time."<br />

“John Bisset is an incredible inspiration to others<br />

in the community, creating his own personal fundraising<br />

challenge to bring hope, strength and joy to ill children<br />

and their families. We are in awe of his efforts and<br />

grateful to him for all of his generous continued support.”<br />

says Lori Quick, Chief Executive Officer of Make-A-<br />

Wish Southwestern Ontario<br />

To learn more about Make-A-Wish Southwestern Ontario,<br />

please visit HYPERLINK "http://www.swo.makeawish.ca"<br />

www.swo.makeawish.ca or call (519) 471-4900.<br />

Left to right - Mrs. Vicki Bisset, former wish child Jenna, Mr. John Bisset<br />

Mr. John Bisset running<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong> Page 15


Strathoca Shrine Club<br />

Our thanks to Illustrious Sir Dave Fickling and<br />

Lady Patricia for allowing the Strathocha Shrine Club<br />

to host the <strong>2012</strong> <strong>Mocha</strong> Spring Ceremonial under the<br />

chairmanship of Noble Paul Brown and his committee of<br />

“busy bees” and with the assistance of the Strathroy and<br />

District Chamber of Commerce.<br />

If you didn’t have a chance to attend here is<br />

what took place, we started off Friday evening with<br />

250 people attending our half chicken meal with all the<br />

trimmings which was open to Nobles, Ladies and the<br />

public. This was followed by entertainment, a live band<br />

and disc jockey for dancing with plenty of socializing.<br />

Bright and early Saturday (6:30 A.M.) “Mel’s Diner”<br />

started serving breakfast to get the gang ready for the rest<br />

of the day’s activities. The “First Section” started at 9:00<br />

A.M. and after that ended the Ladies were bused to Mt.<br />

Brydges for their Luncheon where over 130 ladies sat<br />

down to an enjoyable meal. At noon Noble Lyle Smith and<br />

his team of “BBQ chefs” served over 250 at the men’s<br />

lunch.<br />

Our thanks to all the Clubs and Units who<br />

participated in the parade and was well viewed by the<br />

citizens of Strathroy which was followed by the “Second<br />

Section”. <strong>Mocha</strong> received 42 applications to join but only<br />

38 crossed the “hot sands”. The fezzing took place in Mt.<br />

Brydges prior to the “Potentate’s Fezzing Banquet” where<br />

everyone enjoyed a great meal with desserts that were<br />

out of this world. A good crowd of over 150 attended the<br />

banquet and after much fellowship the Nobles and<br />

their Ladies departed for their homes throughout our<br />

jurisdiction. Our thanks to Noble John Cann,<br />

Transportation Chairman for recruiting non <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Pal <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

At Pal <strong>Mocha</strong>’s regular meeting in June, the club<br />

had the privilege of meeting Danny Steves and his parents.<br />

The Pal <strong>Mocha</strong> was approached about assistance in<br />

the purchase of a manual wheelchair for Danny.<br />

Danny is 17 years old and has cerebral palsy. In<br />

the past year he has suffered numerous medical problems<br />

and is now hopefully in recovery.<br />

We donated a total of $3800.00 for his manual<br />

wheel chair which has been designed specifically to Danny’s<br />

body with supports and tilt mechanisms for his comfort<br />

and health. It will allow him access to areas his electric<br />

chair would not fit. It also allows him more comfort<br />

and more traveling experiences.<br />

to drive the many buses and vans that were available to<br />

transport the Nobles and Ladies.<br />

Strathocha Shrine Club thanks all the<br />

visiting Nobles who attended the “Ceremonial” here in<br />

Strathroy. Also a “tip of the fez” to our club members<br />

who took part and worked very hard to make this this<br />

Ceremonial a success.<br />

Our members were well rewarded 3 days later<br />

as we held our annual “Past President’s Night” and steak<br />

barbecue, this was also the Potentate’s official visit and<br />

was held at Noble Bruce McLean’s estate just south of<br />

Glencoe. Several members of the Divan attended as well.<br />

Thanks to our chefs Noble Lyle Smith and Noble Rick<br />

Collier and their helpers for a terrific meal which was<br />

followed by and interesting and informative address by<br />

our Potentate, Illustrious Sir Dave Fickling.<br />

Strathocha Nobles now have the summer off<br />

but don’t forget about our annual golf tournament on<br />

Sunday, <strong>August</strong> 12th followed by our Lobsterfest,<br />

Saturday, September 10th. Contact any member of<br />

Strahocha for information or tickets.<br />

Get well rested Nobles because soon it will be<br />

time to put your shoulder to the wheel by participating in<br />

the many different fund raising activities.<br />

Nobles, remember why we became <strong>Shriners</strong>, to<br />

raise funds for our hospitals so that they can treat our<br />

disabled and burned children.<br />

Take Care,<br />

Noble Mel Hougen<br />

Strathocha Scribe to <strong>Mocha</strong> News<br />

Danny and his parents were very appreciative of<br />

the Pal <strong>Mocha</strong> Shriner’s assistance.<br />

Page 16 <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong><br />



Aylmer Shrine Club<br />

At the spring Cerimonial in Strathroy the Aylmer<br />

Shrine Club donated $20,000 to the<br />

Shrine Hospitals for Children.<br />

Installation of our <strong>2012</strong> President Roy Osmond.<br />

Aylmer Shrine Club was pleased to have 2 of our<br />

newest members Brent Howe (left) and Rick Lee<br />

(right) lead the way last spring in Port Elgin. Looking<br />

forward to a great <strong>2012</strong> Ceremonial in Strathroy.<br />

Come Join us starting May 16 <strong>2012</strong> for our Cruise<br />

Nights. That run every Wednesday until Mid<br />

September at the ICS parking lot in Aylmer.<br />

New or old vehicles welcome.<br />

London Shrine Club<br />

April Meeting: Norman<br />

James, CTV2L Sports<br />

editor was the guest speaker<br />

at our April meeting.<br />

June Meeting: John Winston from<br />

President Bill Middlemiss is<br />

Tourism London was the guest speaker<br />

seen presenting Norman with<br />

for our June meeting. President Bill<br />

a 100 Million Dollar<br />

Middlemiss is seen presenting John<br />

Certificate.<br />

with a 100 Million Dollar Certificate.<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong> Page 17

Strathroy Shrine Club<br />


The <strong>Mocha</strong> Oriental Band from London<br />

was one of several bands on parade.<br />

Candidates to become members of Strathoca Shrine Club<br />

members included (left to right) Wade Milliken,<br />

Benny Sartoretto, and Anthony Beattie. They are pushing<br />

racing camels. The other local candidates are Bob Feasey,<br />

Charlie Wreath and Lawrence Richardson.<br />

Ceremonial Chairman Paul Brown gets a free ride.<br />

Strathoca Shrine Club President Jim Pedden<br />

and Dusty Sutherland, vice-president present $10,000.<br />

Donation to <strong>Mocha</strong> Potentate Dave Fickling.<br />

Strathoca <strong>Shriners</strong> were all smiles riding<br />

through downtown Strathroy.<br />

Note: Picture credits<br />

Nancy Powers, Strathroy Age Dispatch<br />

Upcoming Deadlines for <strong>Mocha</strong> News submissions...<br />

ISSUE<br />



Page 18 <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong><br />


Iron Camels<br />

The Iron Camels held their AGM @ Molly Blooms<br />

Irish Pub in Stratford, Ontario on the 17 April <strong>2012</strong>.<br />

Seven of our Noble Camels and their ladies were able to<br />

attend and partake in the fun. It was at this meeting that the<br />

Iron Camels accepted a motion to donate $300.00 at the<br />

MOCHA spring ceremonial in Strathroy on the 2nd of<br />

June. I.C.President, Noble Fraser Grant and I.C. Treasuer,<br />

Noble Gerry Hooper made the presentation to Illustrious<br />

Sir David Fickling on behalf of our group.<br />

One of our Camels, Noble Ron Duncan, AKA<br />

“Shriek” who just happened to be the DDGM for North Huron<br />

District was having his final visit to his home lodge<br />

“Tiverton Lodge # 341” so we made arrangements to<br />

surprise our Noble Friend with a motorcycle ride in for<br />

that Tiverton meeting. It was a great surprise and a lot of<br />

fun.<br />

We also made plans for a spring ride in the London<br />

area, June 14,15,16. We enjoyed the hospitality of Noble<br />

Camel Mike Anderson and his Lady Deb on the Friday<br />

night and had a wonderful trip in and around the shores of<br />

Lake Erie lead by Noble Camel President Fraser Grant and<br />

his Lady Connie.<br />


Motorcycle line up at the Lion’s Head Marina<br />

Noble Camel Mike Anderson along with his<br />

Lady Deb hosted the Iron Camels for an open pit chicken<br />

BBQ supper. Noble Mike is pictured here being assisted<br />

on the grill by Noble Camel Kevin MacKay while<br />

Noble Camel Ron Duncan over sees the process.<br />

Tuesday July the 10th Iron Camel, Ride Captain,<br />

Noble Camel Frank Eagleson and his Lady Doris put out<br />

information that they were heading off for a ride to<br />

Tobermory. 6 riders took part in a wonderful ride on a<br />

great day of motorcycle riding and fellowship. The<br />

scenery was breath taking. Blue Skies and Blue water with<br />

just a wisp of cloud in the sky.<br />

From left to right Noble Camel Doug Gould, Noble<br />

Camel Ron Duncan, Noble Camel, Ride Captain, Frank<br />

Eagleson, Lady Karen MacKay, Noble Camel Kevin<br />

MacKay enjoy the breathtaking view from the streets of<br />

Tobermory. Photo taken by Lady Doris Eagleson.<br />

Our fall ride is being planned for around the end of<br />

<strong>August</strong> and will be a tour around the Bruce Area.<br />

If any Nobles and their Ladies wish to join a fun<br />

loving group of motorcycle enthusiasts for some great times<br />

a fellowship, please feel free to contact any of the<br />

MOCHA Iron Camels.<br />

Until next time, ride defensively<br />

and never drink and drive...<br />

Noble Camel Kevin MacKay<br />

Secretary, Iron Camels<br />

kmackay@bmts.com<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong> Page 19

Strathoca Shrine Club<br />

Wow! What a turnout to our Regular Meeting<br />

Night in February. We had over 75 <strong>Shriners</strong> and friends<br />

attend our Annual "Wild Game Dinner". Chef Noble Lyle<br />

Smith welcomed all to the "Cook Shack". Noble Smith<br />

and his helpers prepared the following wild game; deer<br />

(roast and sausages), turkey, muskrat, duck, jack rabbits<br />

and beaver. Each mouthful of meat was a great way to<br />

experience some of "Mother Natures" animals.<br />

Our guest speaker for the evening was "Noble<br />

Bill Blackwell" President of the "Anglers and Hunters<br />

Association" who gave an interesting talk on what<br />

the group has done and what it hopes to do in the<br />

future. A great way to end a theme night. A nice sight to<br />

see that evening was the five or six pairs of father/son<br />

combinations. Future members some day? In the same<br />

theme, our Lodge Night was 10 days later where we<br />

received "3 applications". May I suggest to the other clubs<br />

and units that they hold a "Special Night" and receive<br />

applications and in a year or two we have a chance of<br />

increasing membership.<br />

Speaking of membership, in the last issue of<br />

"<strong>Mocha</strong> News" it was mentioned we have purchased a<br />

"Very Long Rope" for the candidates to hold on as they<br />

parade around town but we need your help to fill the ranks.<br />

Please contact your club/unit president or secretary or<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>'s office to pick up your application forms. The<br />

joining fee is $375 and does not have to be paid until<br />

Saturday morning, June 2nd. What does a candidate<br />

receive for this fee? A fez for life, a free breakfast 7 - 9am<br />

for him and his lady, then at noon time his lady will attend<br />

the "Ladies Luncheon" free while the candidates receive<br />

a free luncheon at the "West Middlesex Arena" where the<br />

activities are being held. Details listed in the issue. Let the<br />


sign up begin.<br />

At our regular meeting night in March we had<br />

the executive director and one of her clients from the<br />

"Middlesex Community Living" inform us of how they<br />

have incorporated the mentally challenged people into<br />

job placement and group homes. Bringing relief to their<br />

parents. Most informative.<br />

At our April meeting Nobles chefs Rick Colier<br />

and Bob Marshall served us St. Paddy's famous "corn beef<br />

and cabbage" Along with other food items. Yum - Yum! A<br />

surprise guest speaker was Mrs. Lorie Colledg a director<br />

of our Montreal Hospital. She gave us a slide presentation<br />

on what our new Shrine Hospital looks like and what fund<br />

raising is to be expected. They have already started on<br />

McGill's Hospital for training doctors, followed by<br />

building the Children's Hospital next door.<br />

Our <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital will begin in 2013 next to<br />

the Children's Hospital. She also showed slides of how<br />

the extended areas of research and the operating rooms<br />

will look when completed, along with some of the minor<br />

departments. It was a great update to hear about our new<br />

hospital which will be ready in 2015.<br />

Also at this meeting we had 2 <strong>Shriners</strong> join our<br />

club. Great to have you fellows. If any other <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

would like to join our club, we would be more than pleased<br />

to have them. Our meetings are the 1st Tuesday of each<br />

month which are held at our "Fraternal Hall" (15 Centre<br />

Street) starting at 6:00pm with "Happy Hour" followed by<br />

supper at 7:00pm served by Noble "Chef Rick" After this<br />

we have our guest speaker followed by the clubs business.<br />

A great night out Nobles.<br />

The Blues Brothers on the search for candidates<br />

Page 20 <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong><br />


Pal <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Pal <strong>Mocha</strong> members have had a busy winter/spring<br />

with many activities going on.<br />

What an awesome occasion we had during our<br />

April meeting when the club held our Annual Ladies<br />

Night and the Installation of officers with Illustrious Sir<br />

Potentate Dave Fickling and Lady Pat attending, plus<br />

members of the Divan and their ladies. It was an evening<br />

too behold when we had three Potentates and their ladies<br />


attending.<br />

This past May 24th weekend we had one of the<br />

biggest Vadalia Onion Sales ever! Spear-headed by<br />

Noble George Arlein. Many thanks to George and Nobles<br />

John Blue and Don Kritzer who made the trip to London,<br />

towing a trailer to bring back the onions to Pal <strong>Mocha</strong>.<br />

As we approach the summer/fall months we will<br />

be attending the many fall fair parades in our area with our<br />

float and "Pooky" the clown.<br />

President Noble Miles Dadsun and Lady Bev Dadsun, left;<br />

with Lady Pat and Illustrious Sir Potentate Noble Dave<br />

Fickling and Lady Rita Doig and Past President Noble Jim<br />

Doig at Installation of officers and Ladies Night Banquet.<br />

Illustrious Sir Noble Dave Fickling presents Noble Jack<br />

Cronsberry, right, with one million dollar certificate and<br />

medallion.<br />

Potentate Illustrious Sir Dave Fickling hands over the<br />

gavel to the new incoming President Noble Miles Dadsun<br />

of the Pal <strong>Mocha</strong> club <strong>2012</strong>-2013.<br />

Yes I will - The president Nobles Miles Dadsun, first-vice<br />

Brad Richardson, second-vice Rev. Russel Rogers and<br />

Treasurer Gerald Metzger being sworn in.<br />

It was a night to be hold at Pal <strong>Mocha</strong>'s Installation and Ladies<br />

Night with many Shrine dignitaries attending. Shown<br />

are Past Potentates Grant Fotheringham, Jack Cumming.<br />

What an Honour to have Three Potentates at Pal <strong>Mocha</strong>'s<br />

Installations of officers and ladies night. On the left is<br />

Past Potentate Grant Fotheringham, centre, Illustrious Sir<br />

Potentate David Fickling and Past Potentate Jack<br />

Cumming, right.<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong> Page 21

I sure would<br />

love to see this<br />

excellent<br />

Jeepster find a<br />

good home<br />

with a Shriner,<br />

they are so<br />

great to see in<br />

parades, etc.<br />

Interested parties please<br />

phone for price and info.<br />

FOR<br />

Jim Thompson<br />

519-473-1709<br />

Lost in<br />

the Desert<br />


We Cherish Their Memories<br />

The following Nobles have been<br />

listed as lost. If you have an<br />

address, please advise the office.<br />










LONDON<br />




LONDON<br />



Page 22 <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong><br />










LONDON<br />




LONDON<br />


LONDON<br />


SARNIA<br />


LONDON<br />


LONDON<br />




LONDON<br />


LONDON<br />

KOZA TED<br />



LONDON<br />


LONDON<br />








LONDON<br />














LONDON<br />






_ JEFF TRIBE Tillsonburg News<br />

Don Millman was named Senior of the Year for Tillsoi'lburg, and thus honoured during a recent council meeting. Here, Millman poses with his<br />

award flanked by a number of supportive Tillsonburg Shrine Club compatriots. From left. are: Bob Swayze. Dennis Cook. John Standbridge.<br />

Millman, Ray Talbot, President Jerry Rasokas, AI Wittet. and Jim Withingto.n ..<br />

Millman recognized for community contribution<br />


Tillsonburg News<br />

.The Ontario government<br />

designates June as Senior's<br />

Month to celebrate the accomplishments<br />

and contributions<br />

of seniors across Ontario.<br />

This year, the Town of<br />

Tillsonburg recognized local<br />

Shriner Don Millman for his<br />

significant contributions tothe<br />

community over many years.<br />

"It's surprising," said Millman<br />

of the award. "It was very<br />

surprising to me .,.I was never<br />

expectingYIfything like that<br />

but r do appreciate it:' .<br />

The province established the<br />

Senior of the YearAwardin 1994,<br />

providing an opportunity each<br />

year,Jor municipalities to honour<br />

one outstanding local senior.<br />

The <strong>2012</strong> Senior of the Year<br />

Award was presented to Millman<br />

in a ceremony inside<br />

council chambers during a<br />

recent council meeting.<br />

Millman was chosen by the<br />

town from a list of nominees,<br />

for the commitment and time<br />

that he has given to his community<br />

for close to 60 years.<br />

"It's an honour and I feel<br />

very humbled about it," Millmim<br />

said of being chosen as<br />

the Tillsonburg Senior of the<br />

Year.<br />

"It's always made me feel<br />

very proud to be a member of<br />

the Shrine and it makes me<br />

very proud to see that we're<br />

helping children one way or<br />

another."<br />

Tillsonburg town council<br />

recognized Don Millman, and.<br />

awarded him a plaque signed<br />

by Mayor John Lessif, for his·<br />

outstanding contributions to<br />

the community including, the<br />

Tillsonburg District Memorial<br />

Hospital, where he volunteered<br />

as a floating porter,<br />

assisting patients for the past<br />

20 years on Wednesday mornings,<br />

his cQmmitment to St.<br />

John's Anglican Church, for<br />

his time volunteering with the<br />

Meals On Wheels program<br />

and to the Tillsonburg Shriner's<br />

Club where he has been<br />

a longstanding me:mber for<br />

many years.<br />

"I enjoyed that very much,"<br />

he said of his time spent volunteering<br />

at the ho.spital.<br />

Now age 81, Millman has<br />

lived in Tillsonburg since 1936 .<br />

.and has spent more than 45 of .<br />

those years as a member of the.<br />

Tillsonburg Shriner's Club and<br />

the Masonic Order.<br />

''I'm going to continue as<br />

aShriner until some of them<br />

carry me out of the church," he<br />

added with achuckle.<br />

Millman said Tillsonburg is·a<br />

wonderful town and is thankful<br />

for having spent many years<br />

as a member ofthe community<br />

and a volunteer her.e.<br />

He is pleased to beaShriner<br />

and have tl)e opportunity to<br />

give back to the people and the<br />

town that has meant so much<br />

to him for so many years.<br />

"This community is very<br />

·generous to all of the service<br />

clubs, with very community<br />

minded people," said Millman.<br />

''.I'm very happy to be a part<br />

of it:<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong> Page 23


WLS<br />


N MDSN & DY JN<br />

Monday, November 19 th , <strong>2012</strong><br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>’s Banquet Hall<br />

468 Colborne Street, London<br />

Cocktails: 6:00 pm<br />

Appetizers: 6:15 pm<br />

Dinner: 7:00 pm<br />

Prime Rib Dinner<br />

Tickets $30 per person<br />

Advance Sales Only<br />

Purchase tickets through<br />

the <strong>Mocha</strong> Office<br />

mochashriners@rogers.com<br />

/ 519-672-1391<br />

Tickets available until<br />

Nov 12th<br />

Special Appearance by<br />


Patient Ambassador of<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for<br />

Children <strong>2012</strong>-2013<br />

Business Tagline or Motto<br />

Page 24 <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong><br />


If you didn't make it to Strathroy....<br />

Here's<br />

what<br />

you<br />

missed...<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong> Page 25

The popular actor Brother Ernest Borgnine died 08 July <strong>2012</strong>, at<br />

the age of 95 years, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles,<br />

California.<br />

He was a member of Hollywood Lodge No. 355, Los Angeles. In 2000<br />

Ernest received his 50-year jewel in Abingdon Lodge No. 48,<br />

Abingdon, Virginia. Bro. Borgnine was a Scottish Rite Mason of the<br />

Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A. He joined Valley of Los Angeles in<br />

1964; received the KCCH in 1979; was coroneted a 33° Inspector<br />

General Honorary in 1983 and received the Grand Cross of the Court<br />

of Honour in 1991.<br />

(Text and pictures from the internet)<br />

Bro. Borgnine was a dedicated Freemason. Below is the detail of his<br />

joining Freemasonry and his expression of the value he placed on his membership in the order.<br />

. . Cal<br />

Why I Am a Mason<br />

Mouth to Ear<br />

By Ernest Borgnine, 33° Abingdon Lodge #48, Virginia (From The Scottish Rite Journal)<br />

In 1946, 1 traveled with a friend down to a little town called Abingdon, Virginia, to see what the<br />

Barter Theater had to offer. It offered nothing except hard work and board. My friend, not<br />

accepting the work they offered him, stayed one day - I stayed five years. In that time I grew to<br />

love the town and all it offered. The people, in particular, were simply marvelous.<br />

Occasionally I would be assigned to go down to the printing shop and get posters made for the<br />

upcoming shows at the Barter Theater.<br />

One day, in talking to the owner of the print shop, one Elmo Vaughan, I found that he belonged<br />

to the local Masonic Lodge, No. 48, in Abingdon. My father was also a Mason and had advanced<br />

to the Thirty-second Degree in Scottish Rite Masonry, and I told this to Elmo. He was pleased,<br />

and sensing his pleasure, I asked him if maybe I could join. He said nothing, continuing his work,<br />

and a short while later, I took my posters and left.<br />

The next time I saw Elmo, I asked him again about joining the Masonic Order - again he said<br />

nothing - and again my work took me away. We became good friends and finally one day I passed<br />

by and again I asked if I could join the Masons. Instantly, he whipped out an application and I<br />

hurriedly filled it out. I didn't learn 'til later, that in those days, you had to ask three times.<br />

I was thrilled! Not only was I going to be the first actor ever in Lodge No. 48, but I could just<br />

imagine my father's surprise when I would spring the old greetings on him! I wanted only to<br />

surprise my Dad - and was I surprised, when after I was made an Entered Apprentice, I found I<br />

had to remember everything that happened to me at that event and come back and answer<br />

questions about it!<br />

Page 26 <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong><br />


I was assigned to a dear old man of about 92 years of age who, I felt, must have been there when<br />

the Lodge first started. He was really of the old school - and he started me out with the<br />

foot-to-foot, knee-to-knee and mouth-to-ear routine of teaching.<br />

Besides doing my work for the Barter Theater and a little acting to boot, I was also going to that<br />

dear Brother for my work in Masonry. I would tramp all over those lovely hills and work on my<br />

"Whence came you's" and one day - oh, one fine day - I stood foot-to-foot with my Brother and<br />

answered every question perfectly!<br />

I was ecstatic! I was overjoyed and couldn't wait to get to Lodge to show my ability as an Entered<br />

Apprentice.<br />

After I quieted down, that dear Brother said, "You've done fine, but aren't you really only half<br />

started?" I couldn't believe him! I knew my work; what else was there? He said "Wouldn't it be<br />

better if you knew all the questions too?"<br />

I couldn't believe my ears! All that hard work and only half done? He gently sat me down<br />

foot-to-foot, knee-to-knee and mouth-to-ear and taught me all the questions. That didn't come<br />

easy, because I was almost doing the work by rote, but with careful listening and by really<br />

applying myself, I was soon able to deliver all the questions and answers perfectly! The night that<br />

I stood in front of the Lodge and was asked if I were ready to answer the questions of an Entered<br />

Apprentice, I respectfully asked if I could do both - questions and answers. I was granted that<br />

wish and later found that I was the second man in my Lodge to have ever done so! I am truly<br />

proud of that, never having demitted, I am still a member in<br />

good standing in Abingdon Lodge No. 48.<br />

I tell this story not for the merit it might gain me, but to tell you<br />

that learning the Entered Apprentice obligation taught me a<br />

great lesson in acting as well: that before I ever attempt to do a<br />

part I should work, rehearse, feel, almost live that part to know<br />

what I am talking about!<br />

As I've advanced in Masonry, I have found we are an elite group<br />

of people who believe in God, country, family and neighbors. We<br />

work hard to help our fellowman; and through our charitable<br />

work, such as support for the Childhood Language Disorders<br />

Centers, we have made it possible to help many children grow<br />

Into good American citizens. We should always be proud of the<br />

Order we belong to. Where in all the world do you find so many great men and Brothers who have<br />

helped the whole wide world? But - we are hiding our light under a bushel Basket!<br />

Recently I attended a dinner for a friend, and I ran across a Brother who identified himself in a<br />

hushed voice. I asked why he spoke in a whisper when talking about Masonry, and suddenly I<br />

realized he wasn't the only one who had ever done that. I speak out loud about Masonry to<br />

everyone! I'm proud of the fact that I belong to an organization that made me a better American,<br />

Christian, husband and neighbor; and all it took was a little self-determination by going<br />

foot-to-foot, knee-to-knee, and mouth-to-ear!<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong> Page 27

Revenue Cycle Billing "Goes Live" At Erie facility on June 5<br />

The <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children Erie facility will go live with Revenue Cycle on June 5. At that time<br />

patients' private and governmental health care coverage will be charged for the services received at our facility.<br />

Erie joins the other <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children facilities in the U.S. that are already charging insurances for<br />

services.<br />

Under the contractual obligations with commercial insurance companies, <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital is now<br />

required to bill patients for their co-payments and deductibles. This will not affect those who do not have<br />

insurance, or those with governmental coverage. <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital received a waiver for collection of co-pays or<br />

deductibles from governmental insurers, such as Medicare or Medicaid.<br />

Patients will receive a statement from <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children if their insurance requires the<br />

collection of a co-payment or deductible. These statements will be sent after the patient's visit. There will be no<br />

point of service collection or any method to accept these payments at the Erie facility. The statements will also<br />

include a phone number to call with any questions regarding the statement. Our facility will also have financial<br />

counselors on staff who can assist families if they express an inability to pay these balances.<br />

Due to the complex and sensitive nature of this topic, all questions from patients and families regarding<br />

financial obligaitons or the use of the insurance are to be directed to Karen Wagner, Director of Fiscal Services<br />

at Erie. Please do not attempt to answer these questions yourself.<br />

Questions you may receive:<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

coverage. Can the hospital NOT bill my insurance carrier for the services rendered at <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

<br />

Please remind your families and patients that <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children will care for their child<br />

regardless of the ability to pay. Inability to pay any amount will not affect access to care at <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals<br />

for Children.<br />

If you have additional questions about the Revenue Cycle and the billing of insurance, please contact<br />

Karen Wagner at 814-875-8700<br />

For additional information, contact: Bob Howden 814-875-8782<br />

Page 28 <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong><br />




Tampa, Florida- <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children®, a network of non-profit pediatric care<br />

facilities specializing in orthopaedics, burns spinal cord injuries and cleft lip and palate, today<br />

introduced its new, integrated marketing campaign, Love to the rescue. The initiative is<br />

designed to raise awareness of <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children and support their mission of caring<br />

for children by driving donations.<br />

Love to the rescue highlights <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children's outstanding medical care<br />

and its unique ingredient - love. Every day at <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children, love comes to<br />

the rescue through pediatric speciality care, innovative research and world-class. medical<br />

education, For nearly 90 years, <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children has relied on self-funding and local<br />

fundraising efforts to care for nearly a million children with special medical needs, regardless of<br />

their ability to pay.<br />

"Our wide range of healthcare providers deliver exceptional, compassionate and<br />

family-centered care for children, but: until now; our story went untold. We are excited to embark<br />

on this marketing campaign to share our story with people across the nation. With continued<br />

public support, we can keep the <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children mission alive for another 90<br />

years," said Michael G. Severe, Chairman of the Board of Directors, <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for<br />

Children.<br />

The integrated marketing campaign includes national television commercials featuring<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children patients on more than 25 channels, including CNN, Fox News<br />

Channel, TBS and E!. The campaign also includes online advertising and direct mail marketing.<br />

Public relations efforts will help tell the <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children story through national<br />

and regional media.<br />

"My son Hunter was only six years old when he lost his lower left leg in a<br />

devastating lawnmower accident. During the initial days following the accident, Hunter's medical<br />

team referred us to <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children for follow up surgery; Hunter has been a<br />

patient there ever since. <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children restored my son's childhood. He<br />

received top-quality medical treatment, advanced prosthetics and therapeutic support, which<br />

helped to put him back on the athletic field for baseball and basketball and to fulfill his dream to<br />

become a successful football player," said Ron Cannon of Diamond Springs, CA. "My son and my<br />

family are happy to share our story as part of this campaign so more people will hear about<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children's amazing mission and their positive impact on patients' and their<br />

families' lives."<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children no longer wants to be the "best kept secret" in pediatric<br />

care. To bring Love to the rescue to life, <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children joined forces with<br />

creative agency Leo Burnett Business, a specialist agency within Leo Burnett. Leo Burnett has a<br />

rich history in marketing and advertising.<br />

To learn more or to donate to <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children, visit shrinershospitals.org<br />

or call (800) 241-4438.<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong> Page 29

Omar Temple 111<br />

Daughters of the Nile<br />

Message from Queen Sandra<br />

Omar Temple No. 111, Daughters of the Nile<br />

was well represented, twenty-six members and<br />

one husband at the 96th Supreme Session held in the City of<br />

Roses, Portland, Oregon.<br />

The festivities for the week were exciting,<br />

exhilarating, surprises and everlasting friendships. The Omar<br />

Dancers and Patrol performances were top notched and<br />

everyone was either swaying to the music or toe tapping. The<br />

Stated Sessions were very informative and on Monday<br />

afternoon, we had a pleasant surprise when<br />

Shirley Y. Smith, Canadian Trustee announced that<br />

Omar Temple No. 111 was first based on a membership of 300<br />

by Pr. Sheila Eldridge<br />

and over for the “2011 Total Contribution Award” to the<br />

Canadian Foundation for the Convalescent Endowment and<br />

Convalescent Relief Fund. The certificate was presented to the<br />

Queen, Sandy Rank of Omar Temple by Supreme Queen<br />

Laura Richardson. Kudos to all of the Ladies of the Household<br />

of Omar! The Daughters of the Nile of North America have<br />

donated over $1,681,000 towards the <strong>Shriners</strong> Children and<br />

the eleven Canadian Temples have donated $203,877 to the<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children®-Canada…..yahoo!<br />

In closing, this week has been fantastic and I would<br />

like to thank all of the <strong>2012</strong> Supreme travelers for everything<br />

that you did for me as we “Stepped Out in Style”.<br />

Having fun and raising money at the<br />

London Sewing Circle Card Party and Luncheon.<br />

Presentations were made to First<br />

Lady <strong>2012</strong> Pat Fickling and First<br />

Lady 2011 Helen Cumming at the<br />

First Ladies Luncheon.<br />

Divan Ladies and Queen Sandra enjoying a<br />

great luncheon at the Spring Ceremonial.<br />

Supreme Travellers<br />

June 13, <strong>2012</strong><br />

Omar Ambassadors<br />

March 18, <strong>2012</strong><br />

DATES TO<br />


Page 30 <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong><br />

Opening Ceremonies, Portland, OR<br />

June 10, <strong>2012</strong><br />

Supreme Queen's Visit & Ceremonial<br />

<strong>August</strong> 24, <strong>2012</strong> - <strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Centre<br />

Orthopedic Tea<br />

October 21, <strong>2012</strong> - <strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Centre<br />

Woodstock St. Marys Fashion Show<br />

April 26, <strong>2012</strong><br />

Regular Daughter of the Nile Stated Session<br />

September 5, <strong>2012</strong> - Eastern Star Temple<br />

London Sewing Circle Fashion Show<br />

October 13, <strong>2012</strong> - Eastern Star Temple<br />


Business Directory<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Contact:<br />

<br />

<br />

Paul J Smith, MIMA, AACI, P. App<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

30 Burwell Rd., St. Thomas, ON N5P 3R6<br />

519-637-4356 fx 519-637-8513<br />

pjsmith@pjsmithassoc.ca<br />

MacKewn,<br />

MW<br />

Winder LLP<br />

Lawyers<br />

“Lawyers that mean Business”<br />

Corporation & Business Law, Commercial<br />

Litigation & Negotiations, Real Estate Law,<br />

Wills & Powers of Attorney, Estate Planning,<br />

Probate & Administration<br />

C. Fred MacKewn - E. Dixon Winder<br />

Phone: (519) 672-2040 Fax: (519) 672-6583<br />

300-376 Richmond St., London, ON N6A 3C7<br />

John Rozeluk, CA, CFE<br />

T 519-660-0990 x 222<br />

F 519-661-0996<br />

<br />


ROGERS<br />


700 Richmond Street, Suite 214<br />

London, ON N6A 5C7<br />

jrozeluk@wilkinsonrogers.com<br />

Charles Pole<br />

Family Service Counselor<br />

Needham Funeral Service<br />

520 Dundas St.<br />

London, ON N6B 1W6<br />

519-434-9141<br />

Fax 519-432-8396<br />

charles.pole@sci-us.com<br />

A Division of Service Corporation International (Canada) Ltd.<br />

Yvonne E. Carroll<br />

Advisor<br />

1202 Lambton Mall Rd<br />

Sarnia, ON N7S 5R6<br />

Tel: 519-542-7779 ext. 2214<br />

Cell: 226-678-5657<br />

yvonne.carroll@sunlife.com<br />

www.sunlife.ca/yvonne.carroll<br />

Rick McLeod<br />

Investment Fund Advisor<br />

Life & Health Insurance Advisor<br />

700 Richmond Street, Suite 204, London<br />

519-438-1730<br />

rick.mcleod@dfsin.ca<br />


Broker<br />

235 North Centre Rd. at Richmond<br />

London, Ontario N5X 4E7<br />

douglascassan@royallepage.ca<br />

Residence: (519) 227-1250<br />

Cell: (519) 857-7922<br />

BUS: (519) 661-0380<br />

FAX: (519) 661-0998<br />

www.cassans.com<br />

The referral of your friends and family is the greatest<br />

compliment you can give me. Thank you for your trust.<br />

Ray G. Bradley<br />

Director of Public Relation/Marketing<br />

Porsche of London<br />

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MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> <strong>2012</strong> Page 31

A Final Message from<br />

Imperial Potentate Mike Severe<br />

Greetings my fellow Nobles,<br />

As I write this message, I’m in Charlotte,<br />

N.C., preparing for the <strong>2012</strong> Imperial Session. It<br />

will be an exciting week as we welcome our incoming<br />

Imperial Potentate Alan Madsen and celebrate the<br />

140th anniversary of our fraternity. I look forward<br />

to seeing many of you in just a couple of days!<br />

Last month, I had a wonderful time with<br />

several <strong>Shriners</strong> and their Ladies during the<br />

Imperial Potentate’s Trip to Alaska. Right after<br />

the trip ended, I traveled to Portland, Ore., for<br />

the Daughters of the Nile Supreme Session. At the<br />

event, the Daughters of the Nile gave our health care<br />

system a generous gift of $800,000, bringing their<br />

total donations to <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children®<br />

to more than $50 million. In addition to monetary<br />

gifts, the Daughters of the Nile volunteer countless<br />

hours at the hospitals and provide much-needed<br />

items including clothing, quilts, books, toys and<br />

games. The organization’s dedication and support<br />

over the years has played an integral role in the<br />

success of our health care system.<br />

My next stop was Tampa, Florida, for<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children and <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

International Committee Week. During the<br />

visit, I attended meetings for the Investment<br />

Committee, Strategic Assessment Task Force and<br />

Salary, Personnel, and Retirement Committee.<br />

The meetings were extremely productive and I’m<br />

excited about the committees’ ideas for the upcoming<br />

Imperial Year.<br />

I then traveled to Louisville, Ky., for the<br />

International Supreme Council Order of DeMolay.<br />

As part of an annual tradition, I presented a check<br />

on behalf of <strong>Shriners</strong> International to DeMolay<br />

during their opening session. I also met with key<br />

leaders of DeMolay to discuss ways we can work<br />

with their organization. As a Senior DeMolay, I<br />

believe it is important for temples to develop<br />

and maintain relationships with DeMolay; the<br />

organization can positively influence and impact the<br />

future of our fraternity.<br />

While I was in Louisville, I attended a<br />

dinner at the Kosair Temple to promote fellowship<br />

and membership. The Kosair <strong>Shriners</strong> are doing<br />

a fantastic job bringing<br />

in new members, and I<br />

congratulate them for all<br />

of their hard work. Later<br />

that weekend, I had<br />

the pleasure of attending<br />

the DeMolay Hall of Fame induction of our very<br />

own Past Imperial Potentate Nick Thomas. Also in<br />

attendance were Imperial Recorder and Executive<br />

Vice President Jack Jones and Imperial Sir Chris<br />

Smith, a Senior DeMolay. Imperial Sir Thomas has<br />

devoted 60-plus years to Masonry and I cannot think<br />

of anyone more deserving of this tremendous honor.<br />

I honestly can’t believe it was almost<br />

one year today that I became your Imperial<br />

Potentate. The past 12 months have been an<br />

incredible experience and one that I will always<br />

cherish. I’ve enjoyed traveling the country and<br />

meeting so many of you. We are a special group of<br />

people and every Noble should feel extremely proud<br />

of helping make <strong>Shriners</strong> International what it is<br />

today.<br />

In addition to numerous temple visits, I<br />

<br />

Children. At every hospital, the staff I spoke with<br />

impressed me with their knowledge, attentiveness<br />

<br />

health care system has on children and their families<br />

is always an unforgettable experience.<br />

This past year has allowed me to do some<br />

amazing things. Never in my wildest dreams did<br />

I envision I would raise a flag at Fort McHenry,<br />

participate in the wreath laying at the Tomb of the<br />

Unknowns, tour the Panama Canal, ride on a float<br />

in the Tournament of the Roses Parade and have the<br />

chance to put a Fez on my own son.<br />

It has been an honor to serve as your leader and<br />

I cannot thank you enough for allowing me this<br />

once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.<br />

“Remember Why You Became a Shriner!”<br />

Yours in the Faith,<br />

Michael G. Severe<br />

Imperial Potentate<br />

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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