Mocha News - February, 2013 - Mocha Shriners

Mocha News - February, 2013 - Mocha Shriners

Mocha News - February, 2013 - Mocha Shriners


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<strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> of <strong>Shriners</strong> International, London Ontario<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2013</strong><br />

Vol 36 No 1<br />

5<br />

Elected Divans for <strong>2013</strong><br />

6<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Spring Ceremonial<br />

21<br />

Telemedicine<br />

Update<br />

22<br />

Logan’s Story<br />

25<br />

A Message from<br />

Imperial Potentate<br />

Alan Madsen<br />


<strong>February</strong> <strong>2013</strong><br />


Canadian Publications Mail Product Sales Agreement #40010349<br />

Offi cial Publication of <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple<br />

www.mochashriners.org Published 4 times a year<br />

Statement of Purpose: To allow members to share items of<br />

interest while promoting our commitment to children and<br />

the interests of <strong>Mocha</strong> Centre.<br />

Editor: Dwight Coughlan, 519-657-7561<br />

Editor Emeritus: Gerry Stephenson, Floyd James<br />

Public Relations: Paul Smith, 519-637-3396<br />

Office: Sharron Miller and Jody Axford<br />

468 Colborne Street, London, ON N6B 2T3<br />

Phone: 519-672-1391 mochashriners@rogers.com<br />

Fax: 519-672-7723 Lounge: 519-672-2043<br />

Elected Divan <strong>2013</strong><br />

Potentate: Robert Parker 519-680-0032<br />

parkerrob@rogers.com Lady Deb<br />

Chief Rabban: Jim Thomsen 519-495-1882<br />

jimmyjobillybob@rogers.com Lady Deb<br />

Assistant Rabban: Bob Marshall 519-245-5567<br />

rcm@isp.ca Lady Vesta<br />

High Priest & Prophet: Brian Dayman 519-353-4332<br />

bddayman@gmail.com Lady Corinne<br />

Oriental Guide: Garry Willsie 519-243-2616<br />

garry@willsie.com Lady Christina<br />

Treasurer: Dave Fahrner, PP 519-641-4998<br />

fahrner@sympatico.ca Lady Susan<br />

Recorder: Bill Butcher 519-657-5100<br />

jelliebean@sympatico.ca Lady Sally<br />

Appointed Divan<br />

First Ceremonial Master: Mark Gordon 519-902-7811<br />

gordon4homes@bell.net Lady Penny<br />

Second Ceremonial Master: Wally Green 519-245-1207<br />

w_green@sympatico.ca Lady Darlene<br />

Marshall: Craig Kealey 519-389-4187<br />

kealey@bmts.com Lady Sue<br />

Captain of the Guard: Ernie Morenz 519-243-1797<br />

emorenz@execulink.com Lady Ann<br />

Outer Guard: Brad Fickling 519-668-3323<br />

b.fi ckling@tvdsb.on.ca Lady Donna<br />

Director: Tom Hill 519-268-2409<br />

hill@sympatico.ca Lady Cheryl<br />

Potentate’s Appointments<br />

Potentate’s Report<br />

This is my first opportunity to thank<br />

each and every Noble of <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple<br />

for allowing me the opportunity of<br />

serving as your Potentate in <strong>2013</strong>. I<br />

humbly accept this great honour and<br />

promise faithfully to carry out the many<br />

duties and responsibilities associated<br />

with this high office.<br />

My personal thank-you goes out to<br />

Ill. Sir Norm Camp and his team for<br />

a truly outstanding Installation event<br />

on Friday, January 11, <strong>2013</strong>. The attendance and support<br />

expressed by so many Nobles and Ladies and the presence<br />

and encouragement of thirteen Past Potentates was sincerely<br />

appreciated and will be fondly remembered by Lady Deb<br />

and I forever.<br />

An excellent Divan was invested and appointed for the <strong>2013</strong><br />

Shrine year and I look forward to working with each and<br />

every one of them to identify and attain goals that will be in<br />

the best interest for the growth and improvement of <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Temple and ALL of its Nobility.<br />

Recorder’s Corner<br />

by Bill Butcher<br />

Well Brethren, I cannot believe how<br />

fast the last year has gone, this just<br />

goes to show, that when you are<br />

having fun, time goes by incredibly<br />

fast. In the last year I have learned<br />

a lot in the position that I was put<br />

into and I might add that I am<br />

enjoying what I am doing. I have<br />

had a great deal of help from various<br />

Nobles/people who shall remain<br />

unnamed, they know who they are and they have my<br />

many thanks for the support and help over the last year.<br />

Through working with the Potentate and Directors we<br />

have accomplished quite a bit this past year, our great<br />

new Banquet Hall and the Painting of the Exterior<br />

of our Great Building along with repairs to the lower<br />

bathroom areas, the Signage that has been put up in the<br />

Parking Lot, also the parking lot line painting. Nobles<br />

we have spent some money in the last year, however, this<br />

new look at different areas should make us proud to be a<br />

member of <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple.<br />

Chaplain’s Chat<br />

by Gord Simmons<br />

When I was working on my doctorate I chose as the<br />

title Many Parts One Body, One Body Many Parts. This<br />

was based on Chapter 12 of I Corinthians. The Apostle<br />

Paul was writing to a divided church and reminding<br />

the members that like the human body each member<br />

was important and dependent on the others. They were<br />

interdependent. They needed one another to be strong.<br />

Shrine Temples are like the human body and the clubs<br />

and units cannot exist without being part of the Temple.<br />

The clubs and units are the organs and the limbs of the<br />

Temple. Wherever there is a club, or unit, it is the visible<br />

presence of the Temple to the local area. The reputation<br />

and the wellbeing of our fraternity and our charities<br />

are dependent on the goodwill of our friends and<br />

neighbours which in turn is built upon the local good<br />

works and reputation of the nobles.<br />

The clubs and units depend on nobles being active<br />

and supportive in all aspects of their activities; in<br />

turn the Temple is dependent on these same nobles<br />

for supporting the maintenance and the charities of<br />

the Temple. Each is dependent on the other. A strong<br />

Temple has strong clubs and units working together to<br />

build up the fraternity and when necessary helping the<br />

weaker members to become stronger. As our fraternity<br />

moves into other parts of the world nobles need to be<br />

supportive of new Temples, new clubs and units by<br />

being actively participating, promoting and sharing<br />

their various talents to build up the greatest charity in<br />

the world.<br />

At his recent visit to <strong>Mocha</strong>, Ill. Sir Al Madsen emphasized<br />

the absolute necessity that membership and membership<br />

The new Potentate along with the new Divan will be<br />

growth become the No. 1 priority in all of Shrinedom. With<br />

adding some new ideas to the operation of <strong>Mocha</strong> in<br />

our numbers steadily decreasing and our <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital<br />

the near future. Ill. Sir Rob Parker has a great Spring<br />

for Children commitments increasing, or just leveling off<br />

Ceremonial planned along with a great many other<br />

at best (third and first party revenue and increased hospital<br />

things on his agenda for the year.<br />

efficiency aside), a point of no return will eventually be<br />

Brethren, I would like to take this opportunity to thank<br />

reached and support will not be sustainable. With this<br />

each and every one of you that have allowed me to stay<br />

priority in mind, I look forward to working with our ever<br />

in as your recorder. As most of you know I enjoy doing<br />

strong Membership Committee and welcome Noble Jeff<br />

the job for you, and as you know I still have the open<br />

Smith to the Divan as our new Public Relations chairman.<br />

Our Potentate, Illustrious Sir Rob Parker, has<br />

Chief Aide: Norm Camp 519-858-3500<br />

door concept, of which I enjoy Nobles coming in and<br />

chosen as his theme for this year the importance of<br />

camp2555@hotmail.com Lady Lynda<br />

I believe the lines of communication between <strong>Mocha</strong>’s<br />

sitting down and having a little chat for awhile. So if<br />

Chaplain/Donor Relations: Rev. Canon Michael Farr<br />

interdependence. This year be involved help build the<br />

Divan and the Clubs and Units needs to be addressed and<br />

you have anything to vent or to talk about, feel free to<br />

519-396-8284 morkfarr@bmts.com Lady Kathleen<br />

body by being an active part of it.<br />

Assistant Chaplain: Rev. Gordon Simmons 519-344-1983<br />

properly tended to where necessary. I will be encouraging<br />

come in and sit and we will chew it out. Once again<br />

gsimmons@ebtech.net<br />

the entire Divan to embrace a policy of visiting all the Clubs<br />

Nobles, thank you for putting your trust in me to do a In the faith, peace,<br />

Membership: Harry Hewbank 519-773-7147<br />

and Units on a more regular basis and to be fully responsive<br />

second year as your recorder of <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple.<br />

Gord Simmons, Assistant Chaplain<br />

hhewbank@eastlink.ca Lady Ruth<br />

to their inquiries for advice, information and guidance –<br />

Pubic Relations: Jeff Smith 519-633-5681<br />

Y.I.T.F.<br />

when so received. The future of <strong>Mocha</strong> depends on ALL of<br />

smitty74@rogers.com Lady Sheri<br />

Bill Butcher, <strong>Mocha</strong>/Recorder<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>News</strong>: Dwight Coughlan 519-657-7561<br />

us developing a Spirit of Trust for one another and I will do<br />

editor.mochashriners@rogers.com Lady Caroline<br />

my best to promote and support this aim.<br />

Temple Attorney: C. F. MacKewn Jr. 519-672-2171 x228<br />

fmackewn@mwk.on.ca<br />

As this New Year starts to unfold, I would ask each and<br />

External Auditor: John Rozeluk 519-471-6900 x228<br />

every one of us to continue our dedication and commitment<br />

jrozeluk@wilkinsonrogers.com<br />

to <strong>Shriners</strong> International and <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for<br />

Facility Manager - Inside: Bent Anderson 519-672-7408<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children<br />

Children and for All of us to work together to promote and<br />

® provides specialty care<br />

krisandbent@porchlight.ca Lady Kris<br />

to children up to age 18 with orthopaedic conditions,<br />

Facility Manager - Outside: Fraser Grant 519-657-4318<br />

support <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple and All of it’s Nobility.<br />

To learn more about our services, or to refer a burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate,<br />

sales6000@gmail.com Lady Connie<br />

patient, visit shrinershospitalsforchildren.org regardless of the families’ ability to pay. All care and<br />

Photographer: Randy Dunlop 519-264-2964<br />

Let’s have a great <strong>2013</strong> and have a lot of “Fun” doing it!<br />

to locate a hospital near you. Or call 800-361-7258. services are delivered in a family-centered environment.<br />

rdphoto@rogers.com Lady Valerie<br />

Robert E. Parker<br />

Piper: Wilson McBeath 519-485-3496 Lady Barbara<br />

Potentate <strong>2013</strong><br />

2 3

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2013</strong><br />


from the<br />


New Year, New Beginnings!<br />

Welcome Nobles and Ladies to <strong>2013</strong>. Let me start<br />

by congratulating Potenate Rob Parker on his new<br />

position. I have known Illustrious Sir for a few<br />

years now and have worked closely with him when<br />

I was Membership Chair. His dedication to the<br />

Shrine is unmovable and I know Illustrious Sir will<br />

continue to work for the organization and give it the<br />

leadership that it needs.<br />

Congrats to all of the other appointments and newly<br />

elected officers.<br />

As the New Year began, I felt it was important to<br />

bring new change to the <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>News</strong>. We have<br />

redesigned the news so that it is easier to read. The<br />

process began by looking at the whole organization<br />

and where it was going, what colours Imperial in<br />

Tampa is using, what style, and what the main<br />

messaging is. As we compared the look and feel of<br />

Imperial communications we felt that we needed a<br />

more modern and clean design. By this I’m referring<br />

to the use of simple fonts and colours that don’t<br />

distract the reader when reading.<br />

What hasn’t changed is our focus on <strong>Mocha</strong>, and<br />

news about what all the clubs and units are doing.<br />

You’ll find an increased emphasis on our activities<br />

and what is happening at our hospitals and the<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> region. Nobles: keep the pictures and<br />

articles coming.<br />

I welcome your feedback on this edition, and would<br />

ask for your comments on what we did well, and<br />

where we still could improve.<br />

Closing out, I want to congratulate the team that<br />

spearheaded the redesign of the <strong>Mocha</strong> Ballroom.<br />

It is a top notch facility and can surpass any banquet<br />

facility in our area. We should be proud of such a<br />

facility.<br />

Editor, <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>News</strong><br />

Noble Dwight<br />

Coughlan<br />


as at January 21, <strong>2013</strong><br />

Name<br />

City<br />

Dinsmore William A Stratford<br />

Faulds William R Creve Coeur<br />

Hines Edward J London<br />

Hodgins Harold B Denfi eld<br />

Mcconnell John T London<br />

Muirhead Patrick H Windsor<br />

Oneil William R Oldcastle<br />

Pearson Norman London<br />

Pratt Malcolm Escondido<br />

Robinson Harold H London<br />

Thomas Ronald E London<br />

Download<br />

this <strong>Shriners</strong> International app from<br />

iTunes for your iPad/iPhone.<br />

FREE<br />

Category: Reference<br />

Updated: July 03, 2012<br />

Version: 3.00<br />

Size: 219 MB<br />

Language: English<br />

Seller: Computol, Inc<br />

© <strong>Shriners</strong> International<br />

Rated 4+<br />

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone,<br />

iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.<br />

Description: <strong>Shriners</strong> International is a fraternity<br />

based on fun, fellowship and the Masonic principles<br />

of brotherly love, relief and truth. With approximately<br />

325,000 members in 194 temples (chapters) in<br />

the United States, Canada, Germany, Mexico, the<br />

Philippines, Puerto Rico and the Republic of Panama<br />

our fraternity is open to men of integrity from all walks<br />

of life.<br />

This app provides <strong>Shriners</strong> and people interested<br />

in the <strong>Shriners</strong> with information about our<br />

locations, events, history and philanthropy.<br />


MOCHANEWS submissions<br />

MAY ISSUE April 15<br />

AUGUST ISSUE July 15<br />

NOVEMBER ISSUE October 15<br />

<strong>2013</strong> INSTALLATION<br />

On behalf of Noble Harry Hewbank – Chairman,<br />

the Membership Committee congratulates Ill. Sir<br />

Rob Parker and the Divan on their installation.<br />

The Ill. Sir echoed the remarks given by our<br />

Imperial Potentate Alan W. Madsen when he said<br />

that ‘Membership is our Number One Priority’ –<br />

we couldn’t agree more! We have to turn things<br />

around. As of the last information I have available,<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> has 2733 Nobles. Five years ago<br />

we had 3,302 – a decrease of 17%. We need to<br />

attract new Nobles – especially younger Nobles.<br />

A breakdown by age shows the following:<br />

Age Under 45 6%<br />

45 to 65 25%<br />

Over 65 69%<br />

I know that you attend your lodge and other<br />

Masonic functions (if you are not getting out<br />

to your Lodge – Get Back To Lodge! Support<br />

Craft Masonry!) and as you do, I am very sure<br />

that you know some Masons under the age of<br />

45 who are not yet Nobles. Ask them – Have<br />

you considered joining the Shrine? It is an easy<br />

question. This will open up the discussion and<br />

you can share with them the fun you have as a<br />

Shriner and tell them about the World’s Greatest<br />

Philanthropy! Direct them to the BeAShrinerNow.<br />

com website.<br />

Is it as easy as this to turn our membership<br />

numbers around by asking a simple question?<br />

Yes – it can be! If only 10% of our current Nobility<br />

each brought in one new Noble, this would<br />

bring in 270 new Nobles!! We might have to get<br />

a longer rope for the Ceremonial parade – what<br />

a sight that would be.<br />

Your membership committee will be contacting<br />

as many Lodges as we can over the next few<br />

weeks to invite ourselves to your Lodge meeting<br />

to provide a presentation to the brethren about<br />

what being a Shriner is all about. (You don’t have<br />

to wait for us – give me a call 519-668-7209).<br />

Noble Shayne Eldridge<br />

Elected Divan<br />

Front Row (L-R) Chief Rabban, Jim Thomsen; Potentate, Robert Parker<br />

and Assistant Rabban, Bob Marshall. Back Row (L-R) Recorder, Bill Butcher;<br />

Treasurer, Dave Fahrner, PP; Oriental Guide, Gary Willsie; High Priest &<br />

Prophet, Brian Dayman.<br />

Appointments to the Divan<br />

4 5

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2013</strong><br />


CEREMONIAL <strong>2013</strong><br />

June 7 & 8, London, Ontario MOCHA SHRINERS SPRING CEREMONIAL <strong>2013</strong><br />

Saturday, June 8, <strong>2013</strong> Events:<br />

7:00 - 9:00 am Breakfast $5.00 / person<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Temple – Main Bar / Porch<br />

9:30 am Ceremony – First Section<br />

Public Welcome to attend<br />

London Masonic Temple – Red Room<br />

11:30 am Ladies Luncheon $20.00 / person<br />

London Masonic Temple – Dufferin Hall<br />

12:00 noon Men’s Luncheon $10.00 / person<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Temple<br />

2:00 pm <strong>Shriners</strong> Parade<br />

through beautiful downtown London<br />

Shrine Clubs & Units from across the region<br />

3:30 pm Ceremony – Second Section – Nobles Only<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Temple<br />

Fezzing Ceremony<br />

to immediately follow Second Section<br />

All Welcome To Attend<br />

6:00 pm Closing Dinner $20.00 / person<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Temple – Lower Banquet Hall<br />

Friday, June 7th<br />

FISH FRY<br />

Served from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm<br />


Cost: $17.00 / person<br />

Name:<br />

Address:<br />

Meal Registration Form<br />

City: Postal Code:<br />

Phone: Email:<br />

Single Tickets:<br />

Fish Fry $17.00 X = $<br />

Breakfast $5.00 X = $<br />

Ladies’ Luncheon<br />

New Candidate’s Ladies Complimentary $20.00 X = $<br />

Men’s Luncheon<br />

New Candidates Complimentary $10.00 X = $<br />

Closing Dinner $20.00 X = $<br />


Please note deadline for registration for ALL TICKETS is Friday, May 31, <strong>2013</strong>..<br />

Payment Options:<br />

❏ Cash or ❏ Cheque payable to MOCHA SHRINERS<br />

❏ VISA or ❏ MasterCard Card Number:<br />

Accommodations at<br />


Expiry Date: / Name on Card:<br />

325 Dundas Street, London, ON<br />

1-800-668-9999<br />


468 COLBORNE ST., LONDON ON 519-672-1391 mochashriners@rogers.com<br />

Tickets Available For Purchase Until FRIDAY, MAY 31, <strong>2013</strong><br />


6 7<br />


MOCHA BALL <strong>2013</strong><br />

Saturday, May 4, <strong>2013</strong><br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Temple<br />

468 Colborne St., London, ON<br />

Reception: 5:00 pm (cash bar)<br />

Grand Entry: 6:00 pm<br />

Dinner: 6:45 pm<br />

Sunday Breakfast Available at<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Temple 9:00 am<br />

MOCHA BALL <strong>2013</strong> Ticket Order Form<br />

Name:<br />

Name of Wife or Guest:<br />

Join Potentate Rob Parker<br />

and First Lady Deb<br />

Tickets:<br />

Ball Tickets $50.00 / person<br />

Breakfast Tickets: $10.00 / person<br />

To purchase tickets please contact the<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Offi ce or return this form along<br />

with payment to the offi ce.<br />

Please make cheques payable to<br />


Mail: 468 Colborne Street,<br />

London, ON N6B 2T3 or<br />

Phone: 519-672-1391 or<br />

Email: mochashriners@rogers.com or<br />

Online: www.mochashriners.org<br />

For Accommodations:<br />

Contact Delta Armouries, London<br />

1-800-668-9999<br />

Identity: <strong>Mocha</strong> Shriner<br />

NO ticket sales at the door<br />

Depart: 18 October<br />

Illustrious Sir Rob and First Lady Deb<br />

Invite you to join them on their <strong>2013</strong> Potentates Trip<br />

10 day Southern Caribbean/Panama Canal<br />

Sunfarer Cruise, October 18, <strong>2013</strong><br />

aboard Holland America’s MS Zuiderdam<br />

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 4:00 pm<br />

Day 1 19 October Half Moon Cay, Bahamas<br />

Day 2 20 October At Sea<br />

Day 3 21 October Oranjestad, Aruba<br />

Day 4 22 October Willemstad (Curacao),<br />

Antilles<br />

Day 5 23 October At Sea<br />

Day 6 24 October Cristobal<br />

Enter Panama Canal, cruising the Canal & Gatun Lake<br />

Shore excursion (included): Pacific coast & Panama City,<br />

then meet the ship at Colon, Panama<br />

Day 7 25 October Puerto Limon, Costa Rica<br />

Day 8/9 26/27 October At Sea<br />

Day 10 28 October Fort Lauderdale, Florida 7:00 am<br />

Prices from: $1566.62 Inside cabin $1946.75 Oceanview $2166.06 Verandah<br />

Pricing is Per Person in Canadian dollars based on double occupancy, and includes taxes,<br />

transfers and the Day 6 shore excursion. *Airfare and Insurance additional*<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2013</strong><br />


Temple, Club or Unit Offi ce:<br />

Phone: Email:<br />

Special Meal Needs:<br />

Your tickets & table<br />

assignments will be held<br />

at the door for pickup.<br />

Ball Tickets: @ $50.00 / Person = $<br />

Breakfast Tickets: @ $10/00 / Person = $<br />

TOTAL: $<br />

Please order your tickets no later than Saturday, April 20, <strong>2013</strong><br />

All tickets are Advance Sales Only<br />

For full details<br />

please join us at<br />

the information evening<br />

<strong>February</strong> 5th, 7 p.m.<br />

at the <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple<br />

lower banquet hall<br />

Call Laura Phillips<br />

519-433-0191<br />

529 Richmond St. London<br />

TICO reg# 1086995<br />

8 9


Success is having<br />

Because many of the parades<br />

achieved a goal and<br />

we participate in are quite long<br />

it was decided we should fi nd<br />

which allows us to<br />

having fun doing it.<br />

an alternative to marching. Ken<br />

manage Bingos in<br />

That is why the <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> Jenkins approached the executive<br />

Elgin County. This<br />

Trumpet continues to be<br />

of the Camel Coach Unit on the<br />

years presentation<br />

successful year after year. Under possibility of renting their fl oat.<br />

was made by<br />

Past President, Ron Henry the The Camel Coach considered<br />

Raban Ralph<br />

band attained our budget for 2012. and graciously agreed to terms.<br />

Ford and Bingo<br />

This target was reached by being Using the fl oat has been a fi nancial<br />

Chairman George<br />

active in parades, activities and benefi t to both units. Trumpet<br />

Hillman to Julie<br />

events 21 in total. We stand proud Band member Ken Jenkins uses<br />

Davey RN in charge<br />

in stating that the <strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine his skilful driving and with Dave <strong>Mocha</strong> Trumpet Band Members at Lake<br />

of Family Services.<br />

Centre, and our <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> Williamson’s help give up much of Chapala Mexico<br />

Clan 59 this year is<br />

Hospitals were the benefi ciaries of their time in getting the fl oat ready<br />

celebrating 32 years<br />

our contributions.<br />

and to the parades.<br />

Wally Hutzel and John Sweeny<br />

as a Unit of <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

The highlight of the year for<br />

It is with sadness that we have loss<br />

Clan 59 and Out House #3 Shrine and have continuously<br />

the band was the <strong>February</strong> 25 the skill of Jack Baskey our bass<br />

annually make a presentation to contributed to the Children’s<br />

to March 5, 2012 visit to Lake drum player for many, many years<br />

the St. Thomas Elgin General needs of this Hospital, totaling<br />

Chapala, Mexico. We went to who is now in permanent residence<br />

Hospital Children and Family just under $100,000.<br />

represent our 2012 <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> in the Parkwood Hospital on the<br />

Services Division. This is part<br />

Potentate Illustrious Sir, David<br />

of the licensing agreement,<br />

<strong>News</strong> Writer: Cuzzin’ Ron Cripps<br />

3rd fl oor. Jack is well known in Potentate of Anezeh Temple Illustrious<br />

Fickling in support of our MTB the Shrine and a very active 33rd Sir Graham Paull & Lady Sheila at the<br />

member and a <strong>Mocha</strong> Shriner Scottish Riter. He is always glad Potentate’s Ball. Lake Chapal Mexico.<br />

Graham Paull. Graham was<br />

to receive visitors. Richard Jones Graham is a <strong>Mocha</strong> Noble & MTB Member<br />

installed as the Potentate of Anezeh another one of our talented horn<br />

Temple, Mexico City I wonder how player has left us to take on an<br />


many Shrine Centre’s can boast of important pharmaceutical position<br />

having Nobles as Potentates of two in Victoria BC. He hasn’t totally<br />

separate Shrine Temples. Quite resigned from the band and hopes<br />

an honour for <strong>Mocha</strong>, don’t you to join us whenever possible. We<br />

think? Graham and his wife Sheila wish Rick success and good luck<br />

was our host. They organized in his new position<br />

trips, activities and events. Of all<br />

Our long time, talented leader Assistant Rabban Jim Thomsen<br />

the events we participated in was<br />

Stew Taylor who made the band Installing <strong>2013</strong> MTB Executive<br />

at the Potentates Banquet where<br />

the success it is today resigned<br />

we opened the Ball by playing the<br />

and we were fortunate to have<br />

Mexican National Anthem proudly<br />

So <strong>2013</strong> promises to be another<br />

Pictured above is Bill<br />

another accomplish musician Allan<br />

lead by our lead trumpeter and<br />

successful year under our new<br />

Atkinson’s 1947 Panel delivery<br />

Davidson step in and direct the<br />

Director Stew Taylor.<br />

Offi cers: President, Rick Hamm;<br />

truck. There is only one door<br />

band.<br />

Vice President, John Powell;<br />

lock on the outside and it is<br />

It was a little disappointing that we<br />

In 2012 Canada marked the The Director, Allan Davidson; Treasurer,<br />

on the passenger side door,<br />

were only able to recruit two Nobles<br />

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – the Ron Henry. Ron takes over from<br />

I assume this was used as a<br />

to our rank, but we are extremely<br />

60th anniversary of Her Majesty’s Don Gellatly. Don was treasurer<br />

delivery van as there was a<br />

happy to welcome Gordon Walker<br />

Queen Sandy and the Patrol present a cake to<br />

to the throne as Queen of Canada. for eight years and was presented<br />

cash drawer opening under<br />

and Leo Granton. Leo and Gordon<br />

celebrate Omar Temple No. 111, 59th anniversary. the passenger side seat.<br />

In recognition of this auspicious with a plaque in recognition of<br />

like many people heard our band<br />

event, a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee his service. Secretary, Dave<br />

and were inspired by our music<br />

Medal was established and<br />

Williamson; 1yr Member-At-Large,<br />

Pictured at left is Wayne Grenon’s 1972 Chevelle SS.<br />

and enthusiasm and though they<br />

awarded to Canadians who have Andrew Barr; 2yr Member-At-<br />

300 HP. 4 Barrel. He purchased in Alabama 30 years<br />

never played an instrument, came<br />

made signifi cant contributions to Large, Bill Frank.<br />

ago, He is second original owner “Wow, what a power<br />

to one of our practices. After we<br />

their communities. One of our own<br />

house” Bill and Wayne are “super great and dedicated<br />

welcomed them we asked, “What<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Shriner and Trumpet Band<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong>” who travel over 250 Miles return trip to<br />

instrument would you like to play?”<br />

member, in the person of William<br />

attend our monthly Classic meetings and parades.<br />

Leo answered a Glockenspiel<br />

Frank was selected to receive this<br />

“Thanx guys” David Harding Pres. Want to belong<br />

and Gordon said the cymbals.<br />

medal. Congratulation to Bill for<br />

to a fun filled exciting group call me at 519-851-2311<br />

From that point on and with a little<br />

his outstanding commitment to his<br />

its that easy!<br />

coaching they are ready to play at<br />

country and community<br />

our parades and events.<br />

10<br />

11<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2013</strong><br />




POP CAN<br />






MOCHANEWS | <strong>February</strong> <strong>2013</strong><br />


Happy New Year from the<br />

Nobles of the “Love Bugs.”<br />

Thank you to Terry Melmer for<br />

a very successful year in 2012.<br />

We participated in parades in<br />

Woodstock, Thamesford, Mount<br />

Brydges, Chatham, Dresden,<br />

Bothwell, Port Rowan, Lambeth<br />

and Santa Claus parades in<br />

London, Woodstock, Aylmer, Port<br />

Stanley, Springfi eld, Port Burwell<br />

and Ingersoll.<br />

<strong>2013</strong> EXECUTIVE<br />

President – Bob Shier<br />

First Vice – Ross Crawford<br />

ALYMER<br />


Noble Gil Smith collecting donations at<br />

Aylmer shrine Cruise Night<br />

Noble President Roy Osmond and Vice<br />

president Noble Drew Buchner having<br />

fun before Blue Buddy Night at <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Shrine Centre<br />

Second Vice – Paul Jago<br />

Secretary – Roy Picard<br />

Treasurer – Harold Fowler<br />

Parade Chair – Mark Walker<br />

Sick & Visiting – Bob Shier<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>News</strong> Rep – Bob Shier<br />

Our best wishes and prayers go<br />

to Terry as he battles his ongoing<br />

health problems.<br />

The “Love Bugs” breakfast<br />

meetings are held on the fi rst<br />

Saturday of every month from<br />

April to November at the New<br />

Sarum Diner in downtown New<br />

Sarum at 9 am. This is an open<br />

2012: Year In Review<br />

Nobles Alvin Lindsay, Johnny Van,<br />

Harry Hewbank, Percy Whitcroft waiting<br />

for the parade to start<br />

Noble George Sinden and Noble Matt<br />

Wilson riding hard at the Canada Day<br />

parade in Aylmer<br />

invitation to join us this year if<br />

you want to drive a “Bug”, are a<br />

new Shriner or one not belonging<br />

to another Unit, or just want a<br />

change, we welcome you with<br />

an introductory complimentary<br />

free breakfast. Our Unit gets lots<br />

of attention on parades as our<br />

“1970 Bugs” are always clean<br />

and sparkling.<br />

If interested in membership<br />

contact President Bob Shier<br />

(519-645-2692), or Secretary Roy<br />

Pickard (519-773-5526) check us<br />

out at www.lovebugs.ca.<br />


Fire Brigade<br />

Draw winners,<br />

held on November 18<br />

1st prize winner<br />

2nd prize winner<br />

3rd prize winner<br />


Nobles,<br />

Strathocha Shrine Club thanks the<br />

Nobles who attended the Spring<br />

Ceremonial that was hosted by our<br />

club making it a successful event.<br />

To reward our club members they<br />

were given the summer off to<br />

recuperate except for one Sunday<br />

in August when the club held its<br />

annual Golf Day and steak supper.<br />

The ladies were invited and it was<br />

a great day of exercise (I hear<br />

some of the Nobles spent a good<br />

part of the day in the rough looking<br />

for golf balls), fi ne food and plenty<br />

of fellowship.<br />

We weren’t allowed to sit and<br />

relax for long as the Saturday<br />

after Labour Day is our annual<br />

Lobsterfest which we hold<br />

in conjunction with the local<br />

Rotary Club. Noble Mark Fonger<br />

chaired this successful event<br />

with a sell out of 700 tickets. The<br />

evening started with “ice cold”<br />

refreshments, buckets of mussels<br />

and trays of “jumbo” shrimp”, all<br />

for a price (have you ever met a<br />

Shriner who wasn’t trying to sell<br />

you something). While all this was<br />

going on a live band was playing<br />

“down east” music to get the folks<br />

in the right mood. Noble Lyle Smith<br />

and his “band of cooks” provide<br />

the main course of surf (a whole<br />

lobster) or turf (a steak) or if you<br />

were really hungry, both. This was<br />

followed by a DJ playing dance<br />

music which was enjoyed by all<br />

until past midnight. An event of this<br />

size requires plenty of help and I<br />

am pleased to state that 60% of<br />

our club membership along with a<br />

few volunteers helped.<br />

Being fall time, it was time to hold<br />

our monthly dinner meetings on<br />

the 1st Tuesday of the month,<br />

social at 6:00 pm, and at 7:00 pm<br />

delicious meals prepared by<br />

Noble Rick Collier followed by<br />

interesting guest speakers and our<br />

club business. At our December<br />

meeting the Divan attended, they<br />

installed the executive for <strong>2013</strong>,<br />

they are as follows:<br />

President – Dusty Sutherland,<br />

1st V.P. – Tim Clark, 2nd V.P.<br />

– Stephen Freymond; Past<br />

President – Jim Pedden;<br />

Directors (5) – Brian Payne,<br />

John Nywening, Anthony<br />

Beattie, Bob Hart, and Wade<br />

Milliken; Secretary – Bill Newitt;<br />

Treasurer – Rick Collier.<br />

I hear our executive is planning a<br />

busy year for our club with a trip<br />

and taking part in Shrine events<br />

outside Strathroy. Our club has<br />

been participating in many Santa<br />

Claus parades in our surrounding<br />

area as well as selling Christmas<br />

cakes and our every day sales of<br />

Vidalia Onion relish, regular or hot.<br />

If you need some contact Noble<br />

Rick Collier at 519-245-3625.<br />

Would you like become an active<br />

Shriner in a Club where our<br />

number 1 priority is fellowship<br />

and hosting and participating in<br />

different events that you will want<br />

to take part in. If you answered<br />

“yes”, please contact any<br />

Strathocha Shrine Club member.<br />

Noble Mel Hougen<br />

Strathocha Shrine Club <strong>News</strong> Editor<br />

December 25, 2012<br />

On Christmas Day,for my fi rst<br />

time I went to the London<br />

Children’s Hospital with Nobles<br />

Tim Clark and Tim Eastman from<br />

Strathocha Shrine Club to join<br />

other <strong>Shriners</strong> and Ladies from<br />

the <strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Centre to help<br />

Santa Clause deliver presents to<br />

brighten the day for the children<br />

that had to spend Christmas day<br />

in the hospital.<br />

Each child received a large<br />

shopping bag full of age<br />

appropriate gifts.<br />

There were a good number of<br />

Nobles in attendance,some<br />

stated that they had been coming<br />

to this event for 30 years,others<br />

thought that the <strong>Shriners</strong> had<br />

been doing the visit for close to<br />

50 years.<br />

The smiles on the faces of the<br />

kids and their parents were worth<br />

the time.<br />

Illustrious Sir Noble Dave Fickling<br />

was said to have been there and<br />

I know I heard his voice but didn’t<br />

see his Potentates Fez or smiling<br />

face.<br />

Santa was guided by Laurie<br />

Gould, President of Children’s<br />

Health Foundation and 2 very<br />

busy staff helpers.<br />

Noble John V. Cann<br />

Communications<br />

12<br />

13<br />



MOCHANEWS | <strong>February</strong> <strong>2013</strong><br />

Greetings from the<br />


Hope you all had a great Christmas<br />

as we wish you all a wonderful<br />

Happy New Year!<br />

We have had a tremendous 2012<br />

as a club and we are working<br />

hard to make <strong>2013</strong> even bigger<br />

and better. Under the keen eye<br />

of our President, Noble Alex<br />

Cameron, our elected executive<br />

team has guide the Nobles of<br />

the BSC through some heavy<br />

discussions and as a club we<br />

have come out the other end more<br />

determined than ever to work<br />

together in an effort to make the<br />

Bruce Shrine Club the best it can<br />

be. The pictures I’ve attached to<br />

this article show the many good<br />

times we have had at numerous<br />

Christmas Parades that invited our<br />

participation this 2012 Christmas<br />

season. Our fi rst Christmas parade<br />

was in London in early November<br />

and continued to Owen Sound,<br />

Port Elgin, Mildmay, Hanover,<br />

Chesley and fi nally in Neustadt.<br />

Noble Terry Mills added a bubble<br />

machine to his parade unit and<br />

along with this and our new trailer<br />

full of enthusiastic Nobles we<br />

took the prize for best parade<br />

unit in Owen Sound and Chesly’s<br />

Santa Clause Parades. A big<br />

thank you to all the Nobles and<br />

Ladies of the Bruce Shrine Club<br />

who supported us at these many<br />

parades and shared the fellowship<br />

at the wonderful after glows. Our<br />

Rameses Brothers who invite<br />

us to share in the Owen Sound<br />

Christmas Parade with them asked<br />

if we could hand out some small<br />

stuffed toys along the parade route<br />

since our golf carts are manned<br />

by two Nobles. The Nobles who<br />

were left with the hand out task<br />

took great pleasure in the face<br />

to face contact they had with<br />

special children along the parade<br />

route. These Nobles took some<br />

care to try and make hand outs to<br />

children who may be from needy<br />

families and children with obvious<br />

disabilities. The smiles they<br />

received from this small stuffy toy<br />

gesture where heart warming to<br />

say the least. We tried to carry this<br />

into some of our other Christmas<br />

parades as Noble Doug Gould<br />

took the time to purchase a bag<br />

of stuffi es from Goodwill and gave<br />

them to our golf cart crews for<br />

distribution. A small cost for some<br />

great big smiles.<br />

Many of our Nobles were<br />

recognized during their Christmas<br />

Cake sales activities by members<br />

of the public who had seen them<br />

on the televised London and Owen<br />

Sound Christmas parades. This<br />

added a little celebrity and great<br />

publicity for our cause. Noble<br />

Ken Cunningham, BSC Cake<br />

Chairman, was happy to report<br />

a complete sell out of Christmas<br />

products this year as our club<br />

members worked hard selling at<br />

venues in Kincardine, Port Elgin,<br />

Walkerton and Hanover.<br />

Some great news, our 2nd annual<br />

Quilt Draw was very successful<br />

and the three hand made quilts<br />

donated to our club will be in the<br />

hands of the winners of the draw<br />

in time for Christmas. You can see<br />

the pictures from the draw held<br />

at the home of Noble Cannon<br />

Michael Farr and Lady Kathleen @<br />

www.kincardinetimes.com<br />

Ill Sir Grant Fotheringham, Past<br />

Potentate of the <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong>,<br />

drew the winning names for the<br />

three quilts, with help from Noble<br />

Ron MacLennan, chairman of the<br />

quilt draw committee; Kathleen<br />

Farr, president, and Lia Ellyatt,<br />

treasurer of the Northern Nile Club;<br />

and Jim Hudvagner of the quilt<br />

committee, Monday afternoon 17th<br />

December, 2012, in Kincardine.<br />

And the work continues as we<br />

work on events for <strong>2013</strong> such as<br />

the BSC Annual Golf Tournament<br />

Under the direction of Nobles Tom<br />

and Paul Zorzi this grand Golf<br />

event is set for the 22nd of June,<br />

<strong>2013</strong>. This will be kicking off at 12<br />

noon with a shot gun start. The<br />

entry fee is still only $125 per/<br />

player and includes all prizes and<br />

dinner at the Club House. Get your<br />

foursome together and don’t miss<br />

this great time at the Saugeen Golf<br />

Club.<br />

A new event planned for <strong>2013</strong> will<br />

be the 1st annual BSC Motorcycle<br />

Draw being pushed forward by<br />

incoming President Elect Lorne<br />

Attenborough. We will be raffl ing<br />

off a <strong>2013</strong> Harley Davidson Street<br />

Glide with the winning ticket being<br />

drawn on the 21st of October at<br />

a to be planned event in Saugeen<br />

Shores (stay tuned). We are<br />

planning to be at the Western Fair<br />

Grounds in London for the “World<br />

of Motorcycles Expo, <strong>February</strong> 8th<br />

to the 10th, set and ready to move<br />

a large number of tickets on this<br />

great touring motorcycle. If you can<br />

make it down don’t forget to stop<br />

by and say hello! (and purchase a<br />

ticket).<br />

For any inquiries regarding up<br />

coming Bruce Shrine Club Events<br />

please feel free to contact: Noble<br />

Paul Zorzi, pzorzi@gbtel.ca 519<br />

832 7447, Noble Doug Gould,<br />

spanky@tnt21.com 519 832 7332,<br />

Noble Kevin MacKay, kmackay@<br />

bmts.com 519 389 7575, or Noble<br />

Terry Mills, diante@bmts.com 519<br />

386 7366.<br />

I can’t tell you how great it is to<br />

be a Shriner! All I can say is, “I’m<br />

proud to be a Shriner, I’m proud to<br />

wear the plaid. I’m proud to help<br />

the children, who need our help so<br />

bad!”<br />

All the best wishes to our newly<br />

installed Divan for <strong>2013</strong> and to all of<br />

you for your efforts to make <strong>2013</strong> a<br />

great year for MOCHA Temple and<br />

the many supporting clubs that<br />

make it great.<br />

Yours in the Faith<br />

Noble Kevin MacKay,<br />

Ambassador, BSC<br />


14<br />



<strong>February</strong> <strong>2013</strong><br />



Installation <strong>2013</strong><br />

On January 16th, <strong>2013</strong> Illustrious<br />

Sir Robert Parker and his Divan<br />

installed the President and<br />

Executive of the Cambridge<br />

Shrine Club. Noble Barry Tracey<br />

was installed as President of the<br />

club for <strong>2013</strong>. A fabulous dinner<br />

of roast beef, spareribs and<br />

mashed potatoes with salads,<br />

vegetables and all the fi xings was<br />

enjoyed by the club’s Nobility<br />

and their ladies, the Divan of<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Temple and their ladies<br />

with more than 80 in attendance<br />

including 7 Past Potentates and<br />

their ladies. The meal was served<br />

by Nobles Richard Caufman,<br />

Mark Smith and Bill Westbrook.<br />

Congratulations are extended to<br />

Noble Barry and his Executive.<br />

The Cambridge Shrine Club<br />

invites all Nobility to stop in<br />

and meet the executive at their<br />

hospitality suite at the spring<br />

ceremonial on Friday June<br />

7th, <strong>2013</strong> or at the Cambridge<br />

Shrine Club on Canada Day,<br />

Monday July 1st, <strong>2013</strong>. Anyone<br />

requesting information regarding<br />

Cambridge Shrine Club meetings<br />

or functions is invited to contact<br />

Noble Tracey at 519-576-6194.<br />


In appreciation of many donations<br />

of aluminum pop cans, the<br />

Stratford Avon Shrine Club<br />

presented Steve Trupp with a<br />

certifi cate to the $100 Million Club<br />

on November 16. The Stratford<br />

Avon Shrine Club gave a $100<br />

donation to the hospital fund on<br />

behalf of Perth Auto Dismantlers.<br />

(see picture left to right, Noble<br />

John Parker, Steve Trupp, owner of<br />

Perth Auto Dismantlers and Noble<br />

Ron McNicol, pop can chairman)<br />

Pictured (L-R) Illustrious Sir Robert<br />

Parker – Potentate <strong>2013</strong> – <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Temple, Noble Barry Tracey – President<br />

<strong>2013</strong>, Cambridge Shrine Club, Noble<br />

Jim Thomsen – Chief Rabban <strong>2013</strong> –<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Temple<br />

Illustrious Sir Robert Parker – Potentate<br />

<strong>2013</strong> – <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple addresses the<br />

Nobility of the Cambridge Shrine Club<br />

As a scrap yard dealer, at Perth<br />

Auto Dismantlers, Steve accepts<br />

pop cans from all sources and then<br />

donates them to the Stratford Avon<br />

Shrine Club so that the money<br />

raised can be used to support the<br />

Shrine Hospitals.<br />

We are very thankful for people<br />

like Steve, who generously supply<br />

us with pop cans so that we can<br />

continue to contribute to the care<br />

of the Shrine Hospitals and Shrine<br />

Children.<br />

Submitted by Noble John Parker<br />

Pictured (L-R) Nobles Richard Caufman,<br />

Mark Smith and Bill Westbrook<br />

preparing to serve the meal to guests<br />

of the Cambridge Shrine Club.<br />

The Executive of the Cambridge<br />

Shrine Club for <strong>2013</strong> being installed by<br />

Illustrious Sir Robert Parker – Potentate<br />

<strong>2013</strong> – <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple and his Divan<br />


Members of Pal-<strong>Mocha</strong> have had<br />

a busy fall attending many fall fair<br />

parades in our area with our fl oat<br />

and Pooky the clown. Plus the<br />

several Santa Clause parades we<br />

travelled to during November and<br />

December.<br />

On November 15 th , Pal-<strong>Mocha</strong><br />

featured our annual Feather Party,<br />

which has been held for many<br />

years. This is our main moneymaker<br />

for the club, which turned out to<br />

be very successful, with some<br />

members of <strong>Mocha</strong> Divine<br />

attending and our loyal members<br />

from the Strathroy Shrine Club. A<br />

total of 115 <strong>Shriners</strong> and community<br />

minded men attended to make the<br />

party one of the best we’ve had<br />

in years, which certainly will help<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for children.<br />

However, even the NHL hockey lock<br />

out hit our club when we could not<br />

auction off the Maple Leaf hockey<br />

tickets that are given to us by Noble<br />

Al Barlow. Al’s son Tom who is CEO<br />

of Coca-Cola North America gives<br />

us 4 of each, hockey and basketball<br />

Raptor tickets to be auctioned off at<br />

the party.<br />

A tip of the Fez certainly must<br />

be given to Noble John “Duke”<br />

Lemaich and Lady Pat of Mount<br />

Forest. Duke and Pat just recently<br />

celebrated their 65 th Wedding<br />

Anniversary. The couple has had<br />

an illustrious life together. Coming<br />

from Sudbury after their marriage,<br />

they moved to Hamilton, buying<br />

a variety store. Then, the young<br />

couple got into the Hotel business<br />

in Hagersville during the 1950s,<br />

which eventually led them to move<br />

to Mount Forest in 1960. They<br />

operated the Royal for 15 years<br />

during the boom era for small town<br />

hotels in Ontario.<br />

Duke is a Postmaster of St. Albans<br />

Lodge 200 in Mount Forest and<br />

was also a District Deputy Grand<br />

Master in 1972 for Grey District.<br />

After selling the Royal Hotel they<br />

both went into semi retirement.<br />

Duke being an avid golfer<br />

introduced Pat to the game and<br />

they spent their winters at Sarasota,<br />

Florida, for several years, hitting the<br />

golf ball year-round.<br />

Today they live comfortable in their<br />

home in Mount Forest and they<br />

An Extremely Busy Fall<br />

in Pal-<strong>Mocha</strong> Land<br />

enjoy an occasional trip to a Casino<br />

where Pat is luckier than husband<br />

Duke.<br />

When this writer joined St. Albans<br />

Lodge in the mid 1960s, Duke<br />

was my sponsor and mentor. I<br />

learned my 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd degree<br />

obligations word by word, line by<br />

line, and paragraph by paragraph<br />

from Duke. A far cry from today<br />

when you are given the little black<br />

and told to memorize it.<br />

Duke still manages to get out to<br />

Dodge periodically with his lawyer<br />

son Richard who is also a Past<br />

Master at St. Albans and a past<br />

District Grand Master of Grey<br />

District.<br />

Just rounding out the fi rst weekend<br />

of December 2012 and tallying up<br />

my cake, shortbread and candy<br />

sales and the grand total is going to<br />

round off for a total of $1662 which<br />

is $300 more than last year. Eh<br />

boys, that’s a lot of phone calls and<br />

deliveries around town.<br />

Nobles – with old man winter days<br />

just ahead of us…Let’s not forget<br />

our fellow Nobles and brother<br />

Masons who are shut-ins who<br />

cannot get out and about. Give<br />

them a phone call or better still, buy<br />

some coffee and donuts and pay<br />

them a visit.<br />

God Bless and keep healthy.<br />

Nobel Laverne Long<br />

Noble Pres. Miles Dadsun presents<br />

Raptor tickets to purchaser<br />

Illustrious Sir Past Potentate Jack<br />

Cummins and Noble John Green, MC<br />

Four men who have been attending<br />

Feather Party for years. John Neilman,<br />

left, Harry Vines, Doug Jennings and<br />

Jack MacInnes, all winners of turkeys<br />

and a bottle of rye<br />

Nobles Don McPhail and George Arleen<br />

spin the wheel<br />

Noble recorder Bill Butcher of <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

draws a winning turkey ticket while<br />

Nobel Pres. Miles Dadsun looks on<br />

(Right) Mayor Ray Tout, Mayor of North<br />

Wellington who lives in Mount Forest was<br />

a big winner. On the left is Pres. Noble<br />

Miles Dadsun<br />

(Left) Noble Laverne Lung just wrapped<br />

up a total of $1662.00 selling Christmas<br />

cakes, shortbreads and candy for<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital for children<br />

draw a turkey ticket<br />

16<br />

17<br />



<strong>February</strong> <strong>2013</strong><br />



Imperial Sirs Official Visit to <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple<br />

The Bruce Shrine Club made a<br />

special effort to support MOCHA<br />

Temple during its hosting of<br />

Imperial Potentate Alan S. Madsen<br />

as he made his offi cial visit to our<br />

temple on the 19th of November,<br />

2012.<br />

This evening was made even more<br />

special as we were introduced<br />

to a great singing talent, Jeremy<br />

Gabriel, Patient Ambassador of<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital for Children for<br />

2012/<strong>2013</strong>. A great bus trip from<br />

the Bruce to MOCHA and back<br />

was enjoyed along with having the<br />

opportunity to meet with Imperial<br />

Sir and his lady Jan, our Hospital<br />

Ambassador and his mom, enjoy a<br />

great meal and the fellowship of all<br />

Nobles and Ladies present. Thank<br />

you Ill Sir Dave Fickling for giving<br />

us all this great opportunity and<br />

being a great ambassador for our<br />

temple.<br />

Yours in the Faith<br />

Noble Kevin MacKay<br />

Ambassador, BSC<br />

Patient Ambassador of <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Hospital for Children 2012 – <strong>2013</strong><br />

Jeremy Gabriel with Bruce Shrine<br />

Clubs very own Noble Brian Dayman,<br />

MOCHA’s Oriental Guide 2012 Divan, at<br />

the Imperial Sirs Official Visit to MOCHA<br />

Temple on the 19th of November 2012.<br />

Bruce Shrine Club President Alex<br />

Cameron with Imperial Potentate Alan<br />

S. Madsen.<br />

Imperials Potentate Alan S. Madsen<br />

saw a sea of Bruce County Tartan.<br />



The Installation of Offi cers for the<br />

Lambton Shrine Club was held<br />

January 4, <strong>2013</strong> with the welcome<br />

attendance of Potentate Dave<br />

Fickling and his Divan.<br />

The evening included conversations,<br />

refreshments, supper, presentations,<br />

Installation of Offi cers, concluding<br />

with inspiring words spoken by<br />

both Potentate Dave Fickling and<br />

President Noble Lewis MacRae.<br />

Potentate Dave Fickling touched<br />

on the importance of each Shriner<br />

to make ourselves known to<br />

the public, through the means<br />

of advertisements, parades,<br />

community functions, stressing<br />

our never ending work and<br />

commitment towards The <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Hospitals for Children.<br />

When the public sees our Red Fez<br />

and our presence at a function,<br />

they automatically know we are<br />

there mainly because of our great<br />

philanthropy and dedication<br />

towards our community.<br />

He also mentioned that his visit to<br />

The Lambton Shrine Club was his<br />

last offi cial visit during his tenure of<br />

Potentate.<br />

The Executive of Lambton<br />

Shrine for <strong>2013</strong> is:<br />

President: Noble Lewis MacRae<br />

Vice-President: Noble Leslie Hastie<br />

Secretary: Mike Adam<br />

Treasurer: George Spence<br />

Board of Directors:<br />

Noble Wes Patterson<br />

Noble Ken Sitzes<br />

Noble Ross Willoughby<br />

Noble Walt Saunders<br />

Noble Allan Jaques<br />

Chaplain:<br />

Rev. Noble Gordon Simmons<br />

Ambassadors:<br />

Noble John Bourrie<br />

Noble Robert Hart<br />

Noble William Miller<br />

Noble Carl Hall<br />

Ambassadors Emeritus:<br />

Noble Lewis MacRae<br />

Noble Ken Buss<br />

Noble Don Smith<br />

Noble Don Stewart<br />

Noble Ken Wood<br />

Noble Jack Stewart<br />

Noble George Gough<br />

Noble George Spence<br />

Committee Chairs:<br />

Noble Carl Hall – Sick & Visits<br />

Noble Randy Patterson – Catering<br />

Noble Al Jaques – Greetings<br />

Noble Don Roberts – Memberships<br />

Noble Ross McManus –<br />

100 Million Dollar Club<br />

Nobles Jack Struck and<br />

Walt Saunders – Pop Cans<br />

Noble Ross Willoughby –<br />

By Laws/Caravan<br />

Noble George Spence – Christmas<br />

Cakes/Vidalia Onions Relish<br />

Noble Leslie Hastie – Lottery<br />

President Lewis MacRae<br />

extended his many thanks to the<br />

membership in taking the positions<br />

required plus all their donated time<br />

and work during the past year.<br />

2012 Potentate Illustrious Sir David<br />

Fickling with the assistance of 2012<br />

Outer Guard Noble Ernie Morenz<br />

presented two of our Lambton<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> with their 25 year pins.<br />

Congratulations to Nobles John<br />

Bourrie and Noble Jim Sayers.<br />

Submitted by Noble George Pitfi eld<br />

Pictures by Nobles George Pitfi eld<br />

and George Spence<br />

Left to right – Newly elected Lambton<br />

Shrine President Lewis MacRae<br />

receives The Gavel and Oath of office<br />

from Potentate Dave Fickling.<br />

Left to right – Treasurer George Spence<br />

receives the Order of His Office from<br />

Potentate Dave Fickling.<br />

Potentate Dave Fickling and his Divan,<br />

plus newly elected and appointed officers<br />

for the Lambton Shrine Club <strong>2013</strong><br />

Left to right – Chief Rabban Robert<br />

Parker, newly elected Lambton Shrine<br />

President Lewis MacRae, and Potentate<br />

Dave Fickling<br />

Left to right – Newly elected President<br />

Tillsonburg Shrine Executive installation<br />

Lewis MacRae listens as Potentate<br />

Dave Fickling issues the office of past<br />

President to Paul Kelly<br />

Potentate Dave Fickling speaks to<br />

newly elected officers of the Lambton<br />

18<br />

Shrine Club.<br />

19<br />


<strong>February</strong> <strong>2013</strong><br />



ON XMAS MORNING 2012<br />

Santa, non other that Pote.<br />

Dave Fickling, he did a great<br />

job!<br />

Incoming Pote Rob Parker<br />

& his wife Deb in front of<br />

mural.<br />

Christmas Day was made a little<br />

happier for children staying at<br />

the Children’s Hospital at London<br />

Health Sciences Centre when<br />

Santa came for a surprise visit<br />

on Christmas morning. Santa and<br />

his special “elves” - the <strong>Shriners</strong>,<br />

spread Christmas cheer and<br />

personally delivered gifts to all<br />

the children.<br />

If you are BUYING or SELLING call<br />


Connie Grant<br />

Broker, ACCI, FCCI, CRES, CMOC<br />

RE/MAX Hall of Fame<br />

Fraser Grant<br />

Broker, CPM, FRI, CMOC, CRP, ACCI, FCCI<br />

RE/MAX Hall of Fame<br />

RE/MAX Centre City Realty Inc., Brokerage<br />

675 Adelaide St. N., London ON N5Y 2L4<br />

Toll Free 1.800.667.1801<br />

Please like us on Facebook<br />

http://www.facebook.com/<br />

connieandfrasergrant<br />

Background<br />

In December, 2007, the <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> committed to donating<br />

$1 million to Children’s Health Foundation by 2011 to establish<br />

the <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> Paediatric Orthopaedic Telemedicine Service.<br />

Through commitment, dedication and numerous fundraising<br />

efforts, the <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> achieved that goal in 2 1/2 years –<br />

an incredible accomplishment!<br />

The network offi cially went ‘live’ in 2010. Based at Children’s<br />

Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre, with audio video<br />

connections to Windsor, Chatham and Kitchener/Waterloo,<br />

telemedicine technology uses specialized video cameras and<br />

monitors to allow doctors at Children’s to assess and monitor<br />

treatments long distance in real time.<br />

The positive impact of the <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> Paediatric<br />

Orthopaedic Telemedicine Service includes:<br />

• Offering families a welcome alternative to travelling to London,<br />

minimizing time away from work, days missed at school, and<br />

hours spent driving.<br />

• More effective and effi cient use of the doctors’ time because<br />

of less travel needed to the sites in Windsor, Chatham and<br />

Kitchener/Waterloo.<br />

Special Tour for the Imperial Potentate<br />

This past fall, Children’s Health Foundation was pleased to<br />

learn the Imperial Potentate was planning to visit London and<br />

would be interested in knowing more about the <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Paediatric Orthopaedic Telemedicine Service (MSPOTS). On the<br />

afternoon of November 19, 2012, we welcomed the Illustrious Sir<br />

Alan Madsen and Lady Jan for a tour of Children’s Hospital and<br />

a Telemedicine demonstration. The Illustrious Sir David Fickling<br />

and Lady Patricia, Noble Rob Parker and Lady Debbie, Noble<br />

Robert Marshall and Lady Vesta, and Emmanuelle Rondeau<br />

(Head, Communications and Marketing, Montreal <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Hospital) also joined us.<br />

The tour began in the Atrium of the new Children’s Hospital, and<br />

the Imperial Potentate was made aware of the gift from the late<br />

Mrs. Dorothy Palmer in honour of her late husband John Palmer,<br />

a dedicated Shriner, which made possible the garden along the<br />

back wall of the Healing Garden and the waterfall.<br />

Sir Alan was pleased to see that the <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong>’ generosity<br />

to Children’s Hospital has earned them a place in the top<br />

category on the Children’s Health Foundation Donor Wall of<br />

$1,000,000 and more.<br />

Dr. Tim Carey, Orthopaedic Surgeon at Children’s Hospital,<br />

linked us to the John McGivney Centre in Windsor where one of<br />

his young patients joined us via MSPOTS to demonstrate a gait<br />

analysis. Sir Alan’s questions of Dr. Carey demonstrated his deep<br />

knowledge of paediatric orthopaedics.<br />

Sir Alan Madsen and Lady Jan<br />

enjoyed seeing the mural depicting<br />

the generous support of the <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> over the years.<br />

Sir Alan Madsen and<br />

Sir David Fickling at the<br />

Donor Wall in the New<br />

Children’s Hospital in<br />

London.<br />

Our guests were impressed to learn Dr. Carey had done a<br />

Fellowship at the <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital in Tampa and that he consults<br />

periodically with the <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital for Children in Montreal.<br />

The tour continued on Level 2 to see the <strong>Shriners</strong> mural in the<br />

Orthopaedics area, also made possible by Mrs. Palmer. The<br />

tree branches depict the many ways in which the <strong>Shriners</strong> have<br />

supported Children’s over the years, including buying hospital<br />

equipment, Christmas morning visits for children in the hospital,<br />

and establishing MSPOTS.<br />

On Level 6 (the Inpatients fl oor), Val Rousom, Director of<br />

Children’s Care, showed the group one of the special playrooms<br />

and features in the patient rooms.<br />

A brief tour of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where the most<br />

fragile of babies receive lifesaving care, concluded this special<br />

visit. Children’s Health Foundation was honoured to have the<br />

opportunity to meet Sir Alan and Lady Jan and to welcome our<br />

other guests from the <strong>Shriners</strong>.<br />

Other <strong>News</strong> from Children’s Health Foundation<br />

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Susan Crowley<br />

as the new President and CEO of Children’s Health Foundation,<br />

effective January 14, <strong>2013</strong>. Debbie Comuzzi, our former President<br />

and CEO, has relocated to Thunder Bay to take up a new<br />

challenge as the Vice President External for Lakehead University.<br />

Susan brings a wealth of leadership, strategic and fundraising<br />

experience to her new role with Children’s. Her most recent<br />

position has been as Associate Vice President, Strategic<br />

Initiatives, University Relations with the University of Waterloo.<br />

She has also held senior positions with Western University, The<br />

Stiller Centre, Bank of Montreal and London Insurance Group<br />

focused on development, fi nance and communications.<br />

Susan has a Masters of Business Administration from McMaster<br />

University and a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science<br />

from Western University. Susan resides in London with her<br />

husband Michael and is the mother of four children.<br />

Susan is very enthusiastic about joining us at Children’s. We<br />

hope you will join us in welcoming Susan to the Children’s team.<br />

Prepared by: Karen Wilson, Interim President and CEO, Children’s Health Foundation;<br />

Penny Harman, Philanthropy Associate, Children’s Health Foundation<br />

20 21

MOCHANEWS | <strong>February</strong> <strong>2013</strong><br />


Born: December 15th 2007<br />

Diagnosis: Type 1 Osteogenesis Imperfecta,<br />

better known as Brittle Bone Disease<br />

Logan is a typical boy who wants to jump, play tussle<br />

and do things any ordinary boy would want to do. But<br />

between September 2009 and July 2011, Logan suffered<br />

five broken legs, three of which were major femur<br />

breaks. These required rodding surgery of his right<br />

femur and three hip spica casts. These fractures occurred<br />

simply by tripping and falling from a standing position.<br />

Logan’s parents, John and Nicole, made frequent<br />

trips to the Children’s Hospital at London Health<br />

Sciences Centre. Logan’s future as a physically active<br />

boy was slowly fading away. Many questions remained<br />

unanswered and Logan’s parents began to look for<br />

alternatives for treating their little boy.<br />

On an otherwise ordinary day, John and Nicole’s luck<br />

changed. John was approached by <strong>Mocha</strong> Shriner<br />

Andrew Iwanis regarding Logan’s situation. Noble<br />

Andrew connected John and Nicole to two very<br />

dedicated <strong>Shriners</strong>, Noble George Vanslack and Roger<br />

Rogers. Over the next few weeks, Nicole would explain<br />

little Logan’s condition to the experts at <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Hospital in Montreal. And as all the stars were aligned,<br />

Logan was admitted to this very special hospital.<br />

The <strong>Shriners</strong> Montreal Hospital specializes in various<br />

aspects of orthopedic care, but more importantly to<br />

Logan, they specialize in Osteogenesis Imperfecta,<br />

Logan’s condition. Dr. François Fassier, a pediatric<br />

orthopedic surgeon at the <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospital, introduced<br />

Logan’s family to the prospect of “Duvall Rods”. The<br />

Fassier-Duval Rod is used to strengthen the long bones<br />

of the legs and arms and grows as the child grows. It is<br />

currently the standard of care and is used in more than<br />

45 countries worldwide.<br />

Through the <strong>Shriners</strong> hospital network, Logan<br />

receives world class care. Since joining the program in<br />

Montreal, Logan has had four treatments which have<br />

proven to be a huge success for the little guy. He has<br />

not suffered a broken bone in well over a year. This is a<br />

miracle to a family who were used to seeing their little<br />

guy constantly in a body cast. The summer of 2012 was<br />

especially great as Logan had now gone three years<br />

without a cast.<br />

Many thanks go out to John, Nicole, and Logan for<br />

sharing their journey, a testament to the great work<br />

of the <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong>.<br />

Bill Butcher, Recorder<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Center<br />

468 Colbourne Street<br />

London, Ontario N6B 2T3<br />

Guenther (Bob) Barwitzki<br />

Bright’s Grove, Ontario<br />

Dear Sir;<br />

This picture was taken on the Island of St. Maarten.<br />

Our Potentate, his first Lady and many of the past tpotentatesand and wives<br />

are in the photo. A total of 52 <strong>Shriners</strong> and wives took part in the excursion.<br />

All enjoyed the trip even though the temperature rose daily to 40 degrees and higher.<br />

The Island of St. Maarten is approximately 17 square miles and is split between the French<br />

and Dutch. The French portion is still controlled by the French Government and keeping<br />

that part as a Province. Casinos are certainly out of question as well the currency is equally<br />

maintained in Euros.<br />

The Dutch part is wide open. One can find in Philipsburg 100 casinos, and up to 150<br />

jewellery stores along the road. The spoken language is English in the whole of the island.<br />

The peculiar part of the island is that the West coast is facing the Atlantic Ocean and the<br />

East is facing the Pacific.<br />

What does a tourist do all day long when it is so hot? Well, the either lay on a lounge, go<br />

into any of the pools, or go into the ocean for a swim. Food and drink was okay and everyone<br />

enjoyed the stay.<br />

Guenther (Bob) Barwitzki<br />

We invite new members...<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> with street legal motorcycles are needed<br />

for the <strong>2013</strong> parade season.<br />


<strong>Mocha</strong> Motor Corps unit members participate in 8 to 10 community parades each year<br />

as a way to raise awareness and funds for our Hospitals and Shrine charities.<br />

If you are a motorcycle-riding Noble and would like to consider participating with<br />

this long established unit please contact any member or email the unit secretary at<br />

randyhenry@rogers.com or call 519-281-1301.<br />

2012 New Members meeting and practice May 5, <strong>2013</strong>.<br />

Everyone Welcome! Unit uniforms are available. Great fellowship!<br />

Help us motor so kids can!<br />

22<br />


<strong>February</strong> <strong>2013</strong><br />



<strong>Mocha</strong> Past Potentate and Cryer<br />

extraordinaire George Sims together with<br />

Imperial Potentate Al Madsen, preparing to<br />

enter the <strong>Mocha</strong> banquet hall on his official<br />

visit on November 19, 2012<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Chief<br />

Rabban Robert<br />

Parker, Imperial<br />

Potentate Al<br />

Madsen, and<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Potentate<br />

David Fickling<br />

Patient ambassador<br />

Jeremy Gabriel seen here<br />

entertaining with his<br />

beautiful voice, covering<br />

Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Smile’.<br />

Imperial Potentate Al<br />

Madsen addresses the<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> nobility and ladies<br />


Patient ambassador Jeremy Gabriel, <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Potentate David Fickling and Jeremy’s mom<br />

Silvie Gabriel<br />

Imperial Potentate Al Madsen and<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Potentate David Fickling<br />

Yes, the Roadrunners made it to Paradise. On October<br />

6 three nobles ventured to Family Paradise Camping<br />

Park with the purpose of presenting a $100 Million<br />

Club Certificate to the Recreation Committee. The<br />

Roadrunners have paraded through the camping park<br />

in the past and have spent time showing their cars to<br />

the children. In appreciation of their parade donation<br />

the Roadrunners presented the certificate to Jim<br />

Button, President of the Recreation Committee.<br />

In the photo, from left to right is Pearl Alles,<br />

Treasurer, Lana Tonge, Park Manager, Jim Button,<br />

President, Noble Leon Roth, Roadrunner Unit<br />

President, Ron McNicol, Parade Chairman and<br />

Noble John Parker<br />

Submitted by Noble John Parker<br />

A Message from<br />

Alan Madsen Imperial Potentate<br />

January <strong>2013</strong><br />

Dear Fellow Nobles and Ladies,<br />



The December schedule began<br />

on Monday the 4th with a stellar<br />

performance in the beautiful New York Grand Lodge<br />

Auditorium. Donna Kane, whose daughter is a scoliosis<br />

patient at the Philadelphia Hospital, and her friends (all<br />

Broadway performers) entertained us with their favorite<br />

show tunes. Mark the first Monday of December <strong>2013</strong><br />

on your schedule for the next edition of this event.<br />

Broadway Loves Shriner Performer<br />

Attending the <strong>Shriners</strong> home office employee service<br />

awards luncheon confirmed what we already knew…<br />

we have a great group of very loyal employees. Forty<br />

employees with years of service ranging from five to<br />

30 years were honored for their contributions to our<br />

organizations. Combined, their efforts reflect 455 years<br />

of dedication and commitment.<br />

After the awards were presented, everyone celebrated<br />

and had a wonderful time.<br />

Shrine Bowl<br />

While in South<br />

Carolina, we visited<br />

the Greenville Hospital<br />

where our tour was<br />

given by patient<br />

Marina Hooker. A visit<br />

to Santa’s workshop<br />

was a special place for<br />

us and the patients to<br />

visit. Hejaz Potentate<br />

Ron Kennedy and his<br />

lady, Shirley, hosted a<br />

dinner in our honor.<br />

Former <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals patients Kristian Champion,<br />

who is the reigning Miss Wheelchair North Carolina,<br />

and Sydney Sill, the current Miss Teen South Carolina<br />

shared their stories with those in attendance. It was a<br />

good evening with lively conversation.<br />

Yours in the Faith,<br />

Rose Parade Madsen<br />

A special thank you to the Awesome Shrine Club of<br />

Al Malaikah <strong>Shriners</strong> for hosting an early New Year’s<br />

Eve at the San Mareno Masonic Lodge for our group.<br />

We observed<br />

New Year’s on<br />

EST because our<br />

transportation left<br />

the hotel the next<br />

morning at 5:30<br />

and 6 a.m.<br />

We also want to<br />

mention that <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children came in<br />

first place in the United Airlines 10 Million Charity<br />

Miles campaign. Thank you to everyone who voted<br />

and helped spread the word. This will be a tremendous<br />

benefit to our patients and to our transportation funds.<br />

Our next stop was the Boston hospital for the Board<br />

of Governor’s monthly meeting, chaired by David<br />

McKechnie. We joined hospital employees for their<br />

holiday luncheon in the cafeteria that day. Excitement<br />

was high as winners of the auction baskets were<br />

announced. The themed baskets had been assembled by<br />

various work groups. Bidding was intense.<br />

In <strong>February</strong> the Shrine fraternity will showcase and<br />

emphasize the Legacy program for <strong>Shriners</strong>. My son<br />

and I are proud members and proud of the Shrine<br />

tradition in our family. Please take a moment to learn<br />

more about the program by visiting <strong>Shriners</strong> Village<br />

or contacting the Membership Development office at<br />

membership@shrinenet.org or 813-281-8101.<br />

Efforts are continuing to bring “Peace and Harmony”<br />

between <strong>Shriners</strong> International and the Grand Lodge of<br />

Arkansas and the Grand Lodge of South Carolina. The<br />

door remains open for additional discussions to resolve<br />

these issues with both Grand Masters before they leave<br />

office in <strong>February</strong> and April of <strong>2013</strong>. We will keep<br />

you apprised of any developments! Thank you for your<br />

interest and concern.<br />

The next message will contain information on the<br />

Donor Relations Seminar, 88th East-West Shrine<br />

Game (the longest running college all-star game in<br />

the country), Leadership Conference, Texas Shrine<br />

Association Mid-winter meeting and a visit to Anezah<br />

Temple in Mexico City.<br />

Alan W. “AL” Madsen, Imperial Potentate<br />

Family Fun, Fellowship and Brotherly Love<br />

24 25


Each Office Independently<br />

Owned and Operated<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2013</strong><br />


26<br />

Omar Temple No. 111 Daughters of the Nile<br />



Wow, 2012 was the year for high heel shoes<br />

and pearls as we “Stepped Out In Style”<br />

and went the extra mile for the <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Children. As this will be my final message<br />

for the <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>News</strong>, I would like to take this<br />

opportunity to say thank you for a wonderful<br />

year as I represented you, the Ladies of the<br />

Household as Queen of Omar Temple No.<br />

111. It has been an incredible experience over<br />

the past four years to the position of Queen; the memories and<br />

everlasting friendships will never be forgotten. I would also<br />

like to thank Illustrious Sir David Fickling, Lady Patricia and<br />

the Divan of <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> for a fantastic year as we work<br />

together to support our greatest philanthropy.<br />

On behalf of the members of Omar Temple No. 111, we would<br />

like to extend our “best wishes to Illustrious Sir Rob Parker and<br />

Lady Deb for a very successful year and safe travels wherever<br />

you may be.<br />

Pearls of Love<br />

Queen Sandy Rank<br />

Dates to remember<br />

Open Installation<br />

of Officers of Omar<br />

Temple No. 111<br />

Sunday, March 17, <strong>2013</strong> at 2:00 pm<br />

Red Room, London Masonic Temple<br />

Banquet: 6:00 pm, <strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Centre,<br />

Upper Banquet Hall<br />

St. Thomas Nile<br />

Club Bus Trip<br />

April 13, <strong>2013</strong><br />

Fallsview Casino Niagara Falls<br />

London Sewing<br />

Woodstock Nile<br />

Club Fashion Show<br />

and Luncheon<br />

May 9, <strong>2013</strong><br />

Pipe Band Hall, Wonham St., Ingersoll<br />

Circle Card Party<br />

and Luncheon<br />

Wednesday, May 22, <strong>2013</strong><br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Centre<br />

Northern Xmas Lunch<br />

November 29, 2012<br />

Strathocha Xmas<br />

November 14, 2012<br />

(Above) The Nile Clubs proudly display items made<br />

and purchased for the Montreal Shrine Hospital at the<br />

Orthopedic Tea. Great Work Ladies !<br />

London Sewing Circle Christmas Party.<br />

PQ’s Darlene Green,<br />

Marlene MacKay,<br />

Princess Royal Evelyn<br />

Hawkins model their<br />

beautiful period costumes<br />

celebrating our 100<br />

anniversary at the<br />

Orthopedic Tea.<br />

PQ Darlene Green and<br />

Jeremy Gabriel at<br />

the reception for the<br />

Imperial Potentate held<br />

at <strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine.<br />



BUS: (519) 661-0380<br />

FAX: (519) 661-0998<br />

www.cassans.com<br />

The referral of your friends and family is the greatest<br />

compliment you can give me. Thank you for your trust.<br />

Yvonne E. Carroll<br />

Advisor<br />

CONTACT: <strong>Mocha</strong> Office at 519-672-1391 mochashriners@rogers.com<br />


Broker<br />

1673 Richmond Street<br />

London, ON N6G 2N3<br />

douglascassan@royallepage.ca<br />

Cell: 519-857-7922<br />

1202 Lambton Mall Rd<br />

Sarnia, ON N7S 5R6<br />

Tel: 519-542-7779 ext.2214<br />

Cell: 226-678-5657<br />

yvonne.carroll@sunlife.com<br />

www.sunlife.ca/yvonne.carroll<br />

FOR SALE:<br />

Jeepster for<br />

Good Home!<br />

If your looking for a new unit to join please<br />

consider the Jeepsters. I have a topnotch<br />

Jeep for your purchase today. Please call<br />

Jim Thompson for more Information at<br />

519-205-1709.<br />

Kenneth Sommers<br />

President<br />

John Rozeluk, CA, CFE<br />

Would you like to<br />

advertise in the<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>News</strong>?<br />

<br />

Canada’s Power House in Generator Systems<br />

Prime power, standby power, PTO and portable<br />

power systems from 5 kW to 2000 kW<br />

<br />

<br />

Canada’s largest OEM inventory for<br />

immediate sale or rent<br />

1.800.690.2396<br />

www.sommersgen.com<br />

<br />


ROGERS<br />


T 519-660-0990 x 222 700 Richmond Street, Suite 214<br />

F 519-661-0996 London, ON N6A 5C7<br />

jrozeluk@wilkinsonrogers.com<br />

Paul J Smith, MIMA, AACI, P. App<br />

<br />

<br />

Consultants<br />

30 Burwell Rd., St. Thomas, ON N5P 3R6<br />

519-637-4356 fx 519-637-8513<br />

pjsmith@pjsmithassoc.ca<br />

David Lamb<br />

Sales Representative<br />

Office 519.649.6900<br />

Fax 519.649.6933<br />

Realty Executives Elite Ltd. Brokerage<br />

515 Wellington Road S Unit #7<br />

London, ON N6C 4R3<br />

davidlamb@realtyexecutives.com<br />

www.realtyexecutiveselite.ca<br />

www.homes4ewe.ca<br />

Elite Ltd. Brokerage<br />

Taking care of "EWE" in Real Estate<br />

MacKewn, Winder LLP<br />

Lawyers<br />

MW<br />

“Lawyers that mean Business”<br />

Corporation & Business Law, Commercial<br />

Litigation & Negotiations, Real Estate Law,<br />

Wills & Powers of Attorney, Estate Planning,<br />

Probate & Administration<br />

C. Fred MacKewn – E. Dixon Winder<br />

(519) 672-2040 Fax: (519) 672-6583<br />

300-376 Richmond Street, London, ON N6A 3C7<br />

Charles Pole<br />

Family Service Counselor<br />

Needham Funeral Service<br />

520 Dundas Street<br />

London, ON N6B 1W6<br />

519-434-9141<br />

Fax 519-432-8396<br />

charles.pole@sci-us.com<br />

A Division of Service Corporation International (Canada) Ltd.

Alymer Santa Claus<br />

Parade<br />

Pictured are Nobles David Harding and<br />

Rick Lee on their bicycle built for two.<br />

Thanks to Ken at Cycleworks, Talbot<br />

Street, Alymer (519-765-28888).<br />

East West Shrine<br />

Football Game<br />

Ill. Sir Grant Fotheringham 2005 and<br />

Imperial Potentate Raoul Frevel Sr<br />

2005 met and enjoyed the East West<br />

Shrine Football game in St. Petersburg,<br />

Florida on Saturday, January 19, <strong>2013</strong>.<br />

Dr. Murray Smith<br />

& Suzanna<br />

Enjoying a luncheon at The Shrine Club<br />

with Suzanna’s beautiful dark hair<br />

draped over Murray’s head. Yep, we<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> have fun. COME JOIN US!<br />

Trick or Treat<br />

Montreal Hospital<br />

Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to:<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

468 Colburne Street,<br />

London, Ontario N6B 2T3<br />

PM 40010349

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