Mocha August 2011.indd - Mocha Shriners

Mocha August 2011.indd - Mocha Shriners

Mocha August 2011.indd - Mocha Shriners


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PM #40010349<br />


Canadian Publications Mail Product Sales Agreement #40010349<br />

Official Publication of <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple<br />

www.mochashriners.org Published 4 times a year<br />

Statement of Purpose: To allow members to share items of<br />

interest while promoting our commitment to children and<br />

the interests of <strong>Mocha</strong> Centre.<br />

Editor: Dennis Cook 519-842-3064<br />

Editor Emeritus: Gerry Stephenson, Floyd James<br />

Public Relations: Paul Smith, 519-637-3396<br />

Office: Sharron Miller, Heather Palmer and Jody Axford<br />

468 Colborne St. London, ON N6B 2T3<br />

Phone: 519-672-1391 mochashriners@rogers.com<br />

Fax: 519-672-7723 Lounge: 519-672-2043<br />

ELECTED DIVAN 2010 <br />

Potentate: Jack Cumming 519-353-5556<br />

hjcumming@brucetelecom.com Lady Helen<br />

Chief Rabban: David Fickling 519-451-6724<br />

ficks@rogers.com Lady Patricia<br />

Assistant Rabban: Rob Parker 519-680-0032<br />

parkerrob@rogers.com Lady Deb<br />

High Priest & Prophet: Jim Thomsen 519-495-1882<br />

jimmyjobillybob@rogers.com Lady Deb<br />

Oriental Guide: Bob Marshall 519-245-5567<br />

rcm@ispca Lady Vesta<br />

Treasurer: Dave Fahrner, PP 519-641-4998<br />

fahrner@sympatico.ca Lady Susan<br />

Recorder: Jeff Brown 519-285-2042<br />

2.browns@rogers.com Lady Lynne<br />


First Ceremonial Master: Brian Dayman 519-353-4332<br />

bddayman@gmail.com Lady Corinne<br />

Director: Tommy Hill 519-268-2409<br />

hill@sympatico.ca Lady Cheryl<br />

Marshall: Craig Kealey 519-389-4187<br />

kealey@bmts.com Lady Sue<br />

Captain of the Guard: Earl Schneider 519-343-2315<br />

schneider@sonicwaves.ca Lady Ann<br />

Outer Guard: Bill Baxter 519-348-8000<br />

bmbaxter@ezlink.ca Lady Mary<br />


Chief Aide: Frank Eagleson 519-797-2067<br />

feagleson@bmts.com Lady Doris<br />

Chaplain/Donor Relations: Rev. Canon Michael Farr<br />

519-396-8284 morkfarr@bmts.com Lady Kathleen<br />

Assistant Chaplain: Rev. Gordon Simmons 519-344-1983<br />

simmons.gord@gmail.com<br />

Membership: Harry Hewbank 519-773-7147<br />

hhewbank@eastlink.ca Lady Ruth<br />

Pubic Relations: Paul Smith 519-637-3396<br />

pjsmith@pjsmithassoc.ca Lady Terry<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> News Editor: Dennis Cook 519-842-3064<br />

thecooks@sympatico.ca Lady Diane<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> News Advertising: John Davidson 519-657-1303<br />

johndavidson@rogers.com Lady Cathy<br />

Temple Attorney: C. F. MacKewn Jr. 519-672-2171 x228<br />

fmackewn@mwk.on.ca<br />

External Auditor: John Rozeluk 519-471-6900<br />

john@rozelukandcompany.ca<br />

Facility Manager - Inside: Bent Anderson 519-672-7408<br />

krisandbent@porchlight.ca Lady Kris<br />

Facility Manager - Outside: Fraser Grant 519-657-4318<br />

sales6000@gmail.com Lady Connie<br />

Photographer: Randy Dunlop 519-264-2964<br />

rdphoto@rogers.com Lady Valerie<br />

Piper: Wilson McBeath 519-485-3496<br />

Page 2 <strong>August</strong> 2011<br />

We are now well<br />

into summer and it<br />

feels good, after<br />

the cold wet spring.<br />

There has been a<br />

lot of activity with<br />

the <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

<strong>Shriners</strong>, since the<br />

last <strong>Mocha</strong> News<br />

and I will try to<br />

bring you up to<br />

speed on the activities.<br />

The first would be the <strong>Mocha</strong> Ball on<br />

May 7th at the Lamplighter Inn. Some<br />

changes resulted in a good attendance of<br />

approximately 280 people and I want to<br />

thank everyone who came out to support<br />

Helen and I for this event.<br />

Next, was the Spring Ceremonial in beautiful<br />

Saugeen Shores, again, another good<br />

attendance of <strong>Shriners</strong> and their ladies.<br />

Approximately 150 ladies attended the<br />

luncheon held on Saturday. We had 49<br />

new candidates at the Ceremonial along<br />

with another 3 at the Bruce Shrine Club<br />

installation, and 1 affiliate for a total of<br />

53 new <strong>Shriners</strong>.<br />

A great parade, with entries from all over<br />

the <strong>Mocha</strong> jurisdiction, even from<br />

Rameses Temple, was a highlight of the<br />

weekend. Thanks to the Legion of<br />

Honour, Bands, the Jeepsters for taking<br />

the Divan, and to all Clubs and Units for<br />

the special effort you put forth to be<br />

there.<br />

The donations were excellent being<br />

approximately $503,000 at the<br />

Ceremonial, including what has come in<br />

since. Great work Nobles, and thanks for<br />

your consideration of the Shrine Hospitals,<br />

Transportation Fund, the 100 Million<br />

Dollar Club, General Operations,<br />

MoFund, <strong>Mocha</strong> News and donations to<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Temple for the planned renovations<br />

to the Upper Banquet Room. We<br />

are now in a good position to move forward<br />

on this project and I hope by fall, we<br />

have all the plans in and approved.<br />

Thanks Nobles for your support of this<br />

project.<br />

Getting back to the 53 new members of<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>, we are also planning a Fall<br />

Ceremonial in the Temple on Saturday,<br />

Nov 5th at 9:00 am. We have approximately<br />

10 candidates for this event plus 4<br />

at the Sault Shrine Club, which we will<br />

bring in while on our visit there in<br />

September. This will bring us very close<br />

to the 75 we lost to the Black Camel this<br />

year, so we are close to maintaining our<br />

membership numbers. We have received<br />

a Bronze Award for 2010, to do with<br />

maintaining our membership totals.<br />

Membership Chairman, Harry Hewbank,<br />

says we are in line for a Silver Award for<br />

2011 for membership, so we are certainly<br />

going in the right direction. If any of you<br />

know of a Master Mason interested in<br />

Potentate’s Report<br />

joining <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong>, please bring<br />

them to the Fall Ceremonial.<br />

Noble recorder, Jeff Brown and I were<br />

invited to Brantford Shrine Club on June<br />

2nd and presented with three lovely paintings,<br />

which were in their building prior to<br />

their sale of the property. We appreciated<br />

very much, accepting these paintings on<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>’s behalf and will treasure their<br />

monetary and sentimental value very<br />

much as we look at them in our Temple.<br />

We attended the Imperial Session of<br />

Shriner’s International in Denver<br />

Colorado, from July 2nd to July 7th. It<br />

was a very busy session with a lot of business<br />

on the “Call”. The new Imperial<br />

Potentate is Imperial Sir Michael G.<br />

Severe from El Jebel <strong>Shriners</strong> in Denver.<br />

Imperial Sir “Mike” became a Shriner at<br />

22 years of age, so he brings a lot of experience<br />

with him.<br />

We are now into the season of Golf<br />

Tournaments and B.B.Q.’s so take the<br />

opportunity to visit some of your neighbouring<br />

Clubs and Units in a social atmosphere.<br />

September 14th, is the Great Lake Shrine<br />

Association Annual meeting in<br />

Youngstown Ohio. We will be travelling<br />

to that event to represent <strong>Mocha</strong>, as we<br />

are a member of GLSA.<br />

September 20th, we are going on our<br />

Northern Trip to visit the Huron Shrine<br />

Club at Elliott Lake and the Sault Shrine<br />

Club at Sault Ste. Marie.<br />

There are still a couple of seats left for the<br />

Potentates Trip on October 13th to<br />

October 17th, so if anyone is interested,<br />

please call me.<br />

The next stated meeting is on Wednesday<br />

October 12th so please plan to attend, as<br />

it will be an interesting and busy evening.<br />

Hope you are enjoying the format of the<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> News, thanks to Nobles Boris<br />

Melnyk, George Van Slack and Stew<br />

Murdock. They have done a lot of work<br />

on the best way to produce this magazine<br />

at a lower cost, so thanks Nobles for what<br />

you have done. It just enforces my motto:<br />

“Let’s All Pull Together” it works every<br />

time.<br />

We are planning our second information<br />

day, as per your request, on Saturday,<br />

<strong>August</strong> 27th at 9:00 am in the Temple.<br />

Seniors Day will be the same day as our<br />

next Stated Meeting Wednesday October<br />

12th at 11:00 am at the Temple, with a<br />

roast beef dinner and presentation of<br />

awards at 12:00 noon. If you plan to<br />

come, please contact us for meal reservations.<br />

Have a good summer nobles, your<br />

ladies and families and I hope to see you<br />

soon at some event in your area, or the<br />

next Stated Meeting.<br />

Yours in the Faith, Jack Cumming,<br />

Potentate, <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong><br />


Recorder’s Corner<br />

by Jeff Brown<br />

Our Spring Ceremonial was a huge success<br />

and it was thanks to the Bruce Shrine Club<br />

for hosting a great weekend. We initiated<br />

three candidates just prior to the Ceremonial<br />

at the Bruce Shrine Club Official Visit as<br />

they were unable to attend the weekend’s<br />

festivities. Then at the Ceremonial, we initiated<br />

a further 48 candidates for a total of 51 new Nobles! As we<br />

reconciled the donations from the Ceremonial, additional donations<br />

kept flowing in to the office and our final total reached just<br />

over $504,000. Well done Nobles!!<br />

Many issues and events followed the Ceremonial until we found<br />

ourselves prepping to leave for the Imperial Sessions in Denver,<br />

Colorado. There was a very full agenda for the business sessions<br />

this year and we found ourselves very busy over the few days we<br />

had there. I attended the Recorder’s Seminar on Sunday morning<br />

and got a number of updates and new information to deal with<br />

over the next several months. My wife and I had the unique pleasure<br />

of being made “Honorary Texans” this year and invited to<br />

attend the Texas Breakfast event on the Monday morning at 6:30<br />

a.m. They put on a great show after breakfast by “roasting” each<br />

of the Imperial Divan Ladies then having the pleasure of being<br />

serenaded in return by the Imperial Divan ladies in a well done<br />

Country Music song with Shrine related lyrics. We finished all this<br />

and still got the Imperial Divan and ourselves to the first Business<br />

Session at the scheduled time.<br />

The weather was great (hot & dry) and there was lots to see<br />

around the area for those who had time to book side trips.<br />

Highlights of the Business Sessions included the creation of a new<br />

Temple in Heidelberg, Germany with the name of EMERAT<br />

SHRINERS. We expressed our congratulations to our newest<br />

Temple and wished them every success in the future. We now<br />

Chaplain’s Chat<br />

As I write this column, our mission<br />

to Afghanistan is drawing to a<br />

close and most of our troops are<br />

coming home. Most of them will<br />

return home in good health, but a<br />

significant number will return home<br />

with the invisible scars of the<br />

mission,-post traumatic stress disorders.<br />

Others have already<br />

returned bearing the physical and emotional scars of their<br />

service. As padre to several veterans’ organizations I<br />

have been often disgusted by the amount of red tape and<br />

bureaucratic nonsense that some of our veterans have to<br />

face when they apply for assistance or pensions. These<br />

men and women volunteered to serve their country, they<br />

have 194 Temples around the world! A proposed Temple in<br />

Mindanao, Philippines was also given a UD registration and we<br />

will look forward to their business report next year. This may be<br />

our 195th Temple! Members of the other new Temples were also<br />

in attendance and participated in the big parade on Monday, July<br />

4th in downtown Denver. Our new Imperial Potentate is Imperial<br />

Sir Michael Severe and is one of the youngest Imperial Potentates<br />

ever installed into this prestigious office. We all look forward to<br />

another good year within our fraternity in 2011 – 2012. Next year’s<br />

Imperial Session will take place in Charlotte, N.C.<br />

As part of the Hospital Report, we learned how our hospitals are<br />

changing with new business and processes approved by the delegates<br />

to extend 3rd party pay within our system in the U.S.A. In<br />

order to overcome our financial shortfalls each year, this is a crucial<br />

element that had to pass this year. It will enable our U.S. hospitals<br />

the ability to collect insurance money and co-pay benefits to offset<br />

ever growing costs. We also discovered how our various hospitals<br />

are changing to reflect the new realities of medical treatment. We<br />

no longer need 40 or 60 bed hospitals when average overnight<br />

stays are in the single digits. More and more hospitals are utilizing<br />

new procedures and treatments to significantly reduce hospital<br />

stays and the huge overhead costs that represents. However, even<br />

though our look and treatments are changing, our attention to<br />

detail with our patients will never change. We will always continue<br />

to provide the “world’s best care” by the “World’s Greatest<br />

Philanthropy”.<br />

Noble Barry O’Brien is continuing to work with his committee on<br />

the banquet hall project and hopefully will have a report available<br />

for our next Stated Meeting in October. I personally urge as many<br />

as possible to attend our next Stated Meeting to learn how everything<br />

is proceeding. October 12th @ 7:30 p.m. mark it on your<br />

calendar now.<br />

Stay safe over the rest of the<br />

summer; we want to see<br />

you back this fall.<br />

did not volunteer to be wounded or killed in action. They<br />

knew that they might be called to put their lives on the line<br />

to save others just as police officers, fire fighters, and<br />

other emergency responders do every day. Members of<br />

the Legion of Honour have all served their country and<br />

paid the price for our freedoms; as fellow <strong>Shriners</strong> we<br />

have a duty to advocate on the behalf of all veterans, to<br />

support them and their families in their times of need and<br />

above all to thank them for their selfless call to duty. We<br />

as nobles of the Mystic Shrine have a duty to respond to<br />

the call to serve our God, our country, our families, and<br />

our temple always remembering the scripture to “Love<br />

the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your<br />

soul, and all your might,” (The Tanakh, Deuteronomy 6:5)<br />

and “Love your fellow as yourself” (The Tanakh, Leviticus<br />

19:18).<br />

Blessings and Peace, Gordon Simmons<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> 2011 Page 3

Dennis<br />

COOK<br />

editor<br />

Nobles<br />

Well nobles here we are with another Issue, of the<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> News, and this being the <strong>August</strong> Issue, means<br />

that the next one will be November, and I don't believe<br />

we'll be concerned about the heat and humidity, like we<br />

are right now.<br />

I wish to welcome all the New Nobles, who joined us<br />

this year, and hopefully you will join a Club, or Unit, and<br />

become involved in Shrinedom. Like Masonry the more<br />

you put into it the more you get out of it.<br />

Sponsors mentor your candidates and get them started<br />

on the right path, to enjoyment.<br />

It was heartwarming to me to hear all the donations<br />

made at the Ceremonial, and I was particularly happy to<br />

hear the <strong>Mocha</strong> News mentioned several times, and<br />

special Thanks to all Clubs and Units who thought<br />

enough of our Newsletter to try to reinforce, it's future.<br />

On another note that may be good news to some of you<br />

and sad news to others, the Editor is retiring after next<br />

Issue. Thus I would request any Noble whether you just<br />

joined or have been a member for years to get a hold of<br />

me at 519 842 3064, or call the Temple at 519 672-<br />

1391, and let us know.<br />

I will be most happy to train you if you like or to assist<br />

in any way I can.<br />

E-mail me at thecooks@sympatico.ca and we'll chat.<br />

Thanks and Happy Reading Dennis<br />

Upcoming Stated Meetings<br />

At <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011<br />

at 7:30 p.m.<br />

in the <strong>Mocha</strong> Banquet Hall<br />

Potentate's Trip<br />

What's New in Erie<br />

Tale of Two Patients<br />

New Temple<br />

Ad for New Editor<br />

Lots of good articles from Clubs and Units<br />

Page 4 <strong>August</strong> 2011<br />

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011<br />

at 7:30 p.m.<br />

in the <strong>Mocha</strong> Banquet Hall<br />

(Elections for 2012 Divan)<br />

Please mark your calendar now and<br />

plan to be in attendance at these meetings.<br />


Membership Committee - <strong>Mocha</strong> News<br />

Noble Shayne Eldridge<br />

Why did you<br />

become a Shriner?<br />

What was it about<br />

our fraternity that<br />

interested you and<br />

keeps you interested?<br />

These are important<br />

questions as it<br />

relates to your participation<br />

and enjoyment<br />

in it's activities. How much you enjoy being a<br />

Shriner is generally an indication of the level of your<br />

participation and this then can be a determining factor in<br />

your remaining a member and your willingness to recruit<br />

fellow masons to join you in the Shrine.<br />

When was the last time you asked a fellow Mason to<br />

join the Shrine? I would hope that your answer would<br />

be 'just last week'.<br />

There is a Membership Committee - yet if you did not<br />

know you are an integral member of this committee, I'm<br />

letting you know now that you are. Each of us play an<br />

important part in ensuring the longevity of our Shrine.<br />

Make sure you always have at least one Petition for<br />

Membership with you at all times. You can download a<br />

copy from the <strong>Mocha</strong> website. Pre-sign them with your<br />

signature - a pen is not always handy! Put a couple in<br />

your apron case. Keep one in your car/truck. How about<br />

your desk at work? You never know when the opportunity<br />

will arise and it is great to have a petition handy -<br />

strike while the iron is hot!<br />

Let them know how pleased you are that they will join<br />

you in the Shrine. Tell them that your hope is for them to<br />

enjoy and have as much fun as you have - never forgetting<br />

who we do all this for - the Shriner kids. Start getting<br />

them thinking about clubs /units to join.<br />

Once you have given out a petition, make sure you keep<br />

in contact with the Noble-to-be. Assist in obtaining the<br />

signature of a second Noble on the petition. 'Follow up -<br />

follow up - follow up' to ensure the petition gets to the<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> office so all the necessary paperwork can be done<br />

in time for the next Ceremonial.<br />

Touch base with him prior to the Ceremonial. Make sure<br />

they received all the info they need to attend the<br />

Ceremonial. Make every effort possible to be at the<br />

Ceremonial to show your support for them. Be there<br />

when they are fezzed, I know from personal experience<br />

how this felt to have some friends (as well as my wife<br />

and mother) there at that time to welcome/support me.<br />

Don't forget to ensure that the Noble-to-be brings their<br />

lady to the Ceremonial with them. Our wives are an<br />

important partner in our journey throughout the Shrine<br />

and it is great to have them there with us as we embark.<br />

Now they are a Shriner and proudly wear their Fez! Don't<br />

let them drift. Take them to a Stated Meeting - it is important<br />

that we all know what is going on in our Shrine and<br />

take an active part. Introduce them to other Nobles at<br />

meetings. Assist them in joining a club/unit - ones you<br />

belong to or other units that interest them.<br />

Don't think your job is done at this point! It is unfortunate<br />

but it does seem to happen more than we like that Nobles<br />

lose interest over time. You have a role in not letting that<br />

happen. Keep in contact with the Noble you sponsored<br />

into the Shrine - consider it a brotherly responsibility. Do<br />

what you can to help keep them interested and active in<br />

our Shrine. If need be, have the Noble talk to the<br />

Potentate, member of the Divan or Membership<br />

Committee to discuss why they have lost interest. The<br />

Divan and Committee want to know. If we do not know<br />

what needs to be done differently to retain Nobles, it is<br />

difficult for the Divan to make positive changes.<br />

Let's all do our part to bring in and retain Nobles! If<br />

you need any assistance or have any questions, contact<br />

any member of the Membership Committee.<br />

Your Membership Committee<br />

Noble Harry<br />

Hewbank -<br />

Chairman<br />

Nobles Chris<br />

Bradley, Shayne<br />

Eldridge,<br />

John Parker<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> 2011 Page 5

Nobles,<br />

We are losing Dennis Cook, our <strong>Mocha</strong> News Editor<br />

at the end of the year due to retirement.<br />

We need to find a suitable and energetic Noble to succeed him as editor.<br />

Are you willing to accept the challenge?<br />

Are you organized, have a good work ethic and have the desire to succeed?<br />

Contact the Recorder with an outline of your background and<br />

reasons you think you would make the best one for the job.<br />

Benefits include: no pay, no benefits and lots of interesting things to keep<br />

you hopping to meet deadlines and keep us on track with the printer.<br />

Jeff Brown, Recorder<br />

recorder.mochashriners@rogers.com<br />

Calling all Friends of <strong>Mocha</strong> News<br />

We need your help<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> News costs almost $25,000<br />

to publish each year.<br />

Can you help us offset some of those<br />

costs?<br />

Club, Unit or Individual donations, will be<br />

thankfully received and<br />

acknowledged in a special page of<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> News<br />

Please contact <strong>Mocha</strong> office<br />

519 672-1391 or<br />

mochashriners@rogers.com<br />

Page 6 <strong>August</strong> 2011<br />


Nobles All:<br />

The role of a Divan Officer is a demanding one<br />

in that it requires the individual to possess<br />

certain abilities and be prepared to finance<br />

a major portion of his activities on behalf of<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> out of his own pocket.<br />

The responsibilities are varied throughout<br />

the five year term as each elected Officer<br />

progresses through the Divan positions to<br />

become Potentate. (If starting at an appointed<br />

level, this term can be up to seven years long.)<br />

Business management, financial planning and<br />

knowledge of Legal Affairs are all valued assets<br />

for a prospective candidate but certainly not all<br />

of the possibilities. It is not a post one should<br />

take frivolously or without due consideration<br />

of the effort, time and monetary implications<br />

it can have on one’s life. Similarly, one’s spouse<br />

should be prepared to commit to the social<br />

responsibilities and requirements that the<br />

husband’s progression on the “Line” will entail.<br />

In the Past, the Divan Officers have requested that<br />

prospective candidates for the Divan contact the<br />

Recorder to ensure their desires are recognized.<br />

If you or someone you know is interested in<br />

becoming a member of the Divan, for<br />

appointed or elected positions, please<br />

submit a brief synopsis or resume of your/<br />

their background and qualifications for such<br />

a post to the Recorder as soon as possible.<br />

Remember that the earlier such information<br />

becomes available, the better able the Divan<br />

will be in assessing your interest and skills for<br />

a possible post. All resumes will be treated<br />

with a high degree of confidentiality and will<br />

only be seen by elected Divan members for<br />

their consideration. No information will be<br />

discussed with or disseminated to any other<br />

member of <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> without your<br />

consent.<br />


We Cherish Their Memories<br />


LONDON<br />






LONDON<br />




KOMOKA<br />








APPIN<br />








LONDON<br />


LONDON<br />


LONDON<br />


LONDON<br />


SARNIA<br />


MASSEY<br />


LONDON<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> 2011 Page 7

<strong>Shriners</strong> International Approves<br />

Addition of New Temple<br />

Wednesday, July 6, 2011<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> International is proud to<br />

welcome Emirat <strong>Shriners</strong> of<br />

Heidelberg, Germany, as its 194th<br />

temple.<br />

Emirat <strong>Shriners</strong> received its charter<br />

during the Imperial Session, which is<br />

being held in Denver July 3-7. In addition, legislation was passed<br />

allowing dispensation - one of the first steps toward forming a new<br />

temple - in Mindanao, The Philippines.<br />

The <strong>Shriners</strong> fraternity is experiencing growth and interest worldwide.<br />

In its first year as a standing committee of <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

International, the international development committee was extremely<br />

busy. With the help of the dispensation and charter committee and<br />

the jurisdiction alliance, two new Shrine clubs were added in Puerto<br />

Rico and six Shrine clubs were added in The Philippines. Shrine<br />

Clubs were also formed in Brazil, Bolivia, Germany, Italy and<br />

Australia. There are now a total of 53 Shrine Clubs and 1,193 new<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> overseas. There is also growing interest in forming Shrine<br />

clubs in several other countries.<br />

In order for these clubs to one day be chartered as a temple (if that<br />

is their wish), they must show a gain in membership and create<br />

nobles of the Master Masons who signed the petition required to<br />

obtain dispensation status, which lasts a year.<br />

“I’m very excited about the international growth we’ve had this past<br />

year and I look forward to seeing membership to continue to thrive,”<br />

said Past Imperial Potentate Nick Thomas, chairman of the international<br />

development committee. “The relationships developed overseas<br />

are an integral part of the fraternity’s future and we look forward<br />

to adding another new temple at the 2012 Imperial Session in<br />

Charlotte, N.C.”<br />

New Members<br />

We certainly welcome all of the new members<br />

who joined us this year at the Spring<br />

Ceremonial or at a later meeting. So great to<br />

have you as members of our Temple, and I<br />

sincerely hope you enjoy being a member,<br />

and find yourselves joining one of the many<br />

Clubs, or Units. " GET INVOLVED"<br />

I always try to feature a new couple from<br />

each Ceremonial and this year is no exception.<br />

Pictured above are one of our newest<br />

Nobles Steve Stone, and Lady Cheri, from<br />

Muirkirk, On. Steve is a member of Highgate<br />

Lodge No. 336.<br />

I expect to see this Shriner become a pretty<br />

active member of <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple.<br />

Submitted by the Editor<br />

Page 8 <strong>August</strong> 2011<br />



Woodstock Clown Unit Spring Parades<br />

The Clown unit had a good turn out at Woodstock &<br />

Thamesford parades. About 10 members were there to<br />

help out not all were in the picture Jack the bear, zippy<br />

French hillbilly Ken, The driver Harry Vern Johnson<br />

& Foxxy Larry .<br />

Well we got that pesty Rooster Back in the coop that's<br />

a good thing. Because there was a lot of hungry people<br />

in Thamesford out there looking for a meal.<br />

Unit did a good job looking out for him.<br />

Woodstock Clown Unit May 24 Weekend<br />

Looks like Jack The Bear has made a friend.<br />

But Fozzy is keeping a good hold on the little girl<br />

can never be too careful.<br />

Woodstock Clown unit are getting every thing set up to<br />

sell their hotdogs and pop at Anderson's Vet -Fest car<br />

show it was a little rainy but every thing went well.<br />

Bro. Norm French<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> 2011 Page 9

<strong>Mocha</strong> Classics<br />


Pictured above; <strong>Mocha</strong> Classics Secretary Ken<br />

Moor in his white Thunderbird. Ken rarely misses a<br />

parade and is a major player in the Classics. A<br />

secretary who keeps us all organized. (Robert White)<br />


On Saturday, May 23 2011, the crowd was thrilled to<br />

see Robin Lawrences "Olds", Dave Fergusons "Ford"<br />

and Bob Whites "Bonneville" for Calithumpian days<br />

in Thamesford, and annual event. (David Harding)<br />

REVVING UP for the spring ceremonial parade in<br />

Port Elgin is Steve Tuckers "high performance<br />

Plymouth," John Canns El Camino", Bob Whites<br />

"Bonneville" and Ron Ericksons 56 T-Bird<br />

convertible. Wow what a parade. (David Harding)<br />

The annual "strawberry festival" held at the<br />

"historic" Caso Railway Station was held under<br />

beautiful skies on Saturday June 18th with a full<br />

compliment of "classy cars", followed by a pig roast,<br />

live bands, ice cream and strawberries!<br />

Thanks guys for your support"<br />

Story David Harding -- photo Bob White<br />

Pictured is Ron Erickson, Classic Car member with<br />

his 1956 Ford T-Bird. Ron was instrumental in<br />

repairing and replacing the windows and doors with<br />

the help of Brian Yallop, making the Station a<br />

"show place". That's why St.Thomas is the<br />

Railway Capital of Canada "way to go Ron".<br />

Story David Harding -- photo Bob White.<br />

Page 10 <strong>August</strong> 2011<br />



Hillbilly 30th ANNIVERSARY Clan 59<br />

30 years is a long time and over that period there have<br />

been a few changes in Maple Leaf Clan 59. Below you<br />

will see a picture that was taken between 25 and 30<br />

years ago and under it a picture that was taken at the<br />

Arkona parade in July 2011.<br />

Historic Hills Events<br />

You’ll be a noticin’ that some of them thar characters<br />

have changed by adding a tad of wisdom. But, overall<br />

we are a Unit of <strong>Mocha</strong> temple that really has fun raisin’<br />

funds for Shrine needs.<br />

Current Activities<br />

Over the last 30 years Clan 59, with Out<br />

House #1, St Thomas, Out House #2,<br />

Windsor (in transition), and Out House<br />

#3, Port Franks area have raised and contributed<br />

approximately $500 000 toward<br />

Shrine Hospital and Transportation funds.<br />

Many social events are held throughout<br />

the year and the pictures below show the<br />

intelligence of 3 Hillbillys trying to figure<br />

out how much money is in 2 halves of a<br />

50/50 draw. And the other picture is the<br />

winner totally pleased with their calculations.<br />

Hillbilly Clan 59 Barbeque at the Nilestown Masonic Hall<br />

will be held on September 10, 2011<br />

Startin’ at 1PM for socializin’<br />

3PM Degrees for Hillbillys<br />

5PM Vittles include BBQ steak and stuff<br />

Tickets must be purchased ahead of time to satisfy the cooks.<br />

Please contact the following cuzzins for tickets.<br />

Raban: Ron Cripps 519-434-7857<br />

Guardian of the Still: John Parker 519-451-4097<br />

Keeper of the Quill: Ron Harrison 519-657-7278<br />

Entertainment & Parade Chairman: George Hillman 519-471-7560<br />

$ 15<br />

May the sun be a shinin’ on you in the day time And the moonshine be a lightin’ you up at night!<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> 2011 Page 11

Whispering Sands of the<br />

London <strong>Mocha</strong> Oriental Band<br />

A rather wide angle picture, but this is what it takes to<br />

illustrate the numbers turning out at a regular practice<br />

evening to honour one of our own Bandsman, I must say<br />

honoring Noble Bill Stanley is a pleasure indeed, he has<br />

been an active member of the London Shrine Oriental<br />

Band for a considerable time and the Band bestowed<br />

upon Bill the honour of a surprise visit to his abode and<br />

played for him a few of our most famous tunes. We have<br />

no idea if Bill will be removed from his street by his<br />

neighbours, but we do know that this was such a surprise<br />

for Bill after a startled awakening from his early evening<br />

rest that we thought it might affect his ability to talk, no<br />

such luck.<br />


Is there anyone who can recognize this old picture<br />

location and the occasion? If you can identify the Slave<br />

you may have a good idea.<br />

The plumage is in fact a tree in the background but does<br />

have a good effect. If you have any idea, please send<br />

your message to Charlie at charles.crow@sympatico.ca<br />

Bill is a young in spirit senior member of our society but<br />

getting a little beyond his ability to attend many functions<br />

so as another tribute, we say “well done our true<br />

and trusty friend” and this message is from each and all<br />

of us.<br />

Page 12 <strong>August</strong> 2011<br />

Producers of the Sweetest Music<br />

this side of Heaven<br />

Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, the Nobles of the <strong>Mocha</strong> Oriental Band wish<br />

to “Talk to you” As we continue to greet Nobility everywhere.<br />

Things done and yet to be done:<br />

This period is the beginning of our summer slack time,<br />

time only for rest and refreshment but few parades prior<br />

to the Christmas season. The Oriental Band have paraded<br />

in Ailsa Craig for several years and on July 16th.<br />

experienced one of the hottest experiences in a long<br />

time needless to say that the Legion following the<br />

parade was the Oasis.<br />

On Sept. 4th, we will parade in Port Rowan, (this day<br />

should be much cooler). Following the parade we will<br />

refresh at our usual place with our B.Q. and Beer bash,<br />

both Band and their ladies enjoy this occasion. Sept.<br />

24Th, we will parade in Thorndale. Sunday, September<br />

4th. Port Rowan; Saturday, September 24th Thorndale<br />

and our favourite September 10th. B.Q. in Dashwood.<br />

The October Fish Fry at St Thomas is another benefit,<br />

an oportunity for a restful, enjoyable evening and again,<br />

a seemingly fast cycle to our November 25th. Annual<br />

Christmas Dinner at the Mosque.<br />

The <strong>Mocha</strong> London Oriental Band Our members are<br />

aging and we need new young blood. If you are young<br />

or feel young, can walk or blow or do both together,<br />

don’t belong to another Unit or would like a change,<br />

then you are for us. There is no need to have a musical<br />

background as we will teach you in short order to play<br />

the kind of music we promote. We have a great deal of<br />

fun, travel with our Ladies and above all, we delight the<br />

public with our dress and entertaining mode. How about<br />

it fellows, we are about 60 strong but many can no longer<br />

walk or blow but still enjoy the company and continue<br />

to line the parade route. Call the President NOW<br />

Noble Bill Hurn or his wife Helen at 519-630-5591.<br />

Article by Noble Charlie Crow.<br />

Please have<br />

everything<br />

OCT. 15<br />

submitted by ....<br />


<strong>Mocha</strong> Love Bugs<br />



In this issue of <strong>Mocha</strong> News we would like to feature<br />

Bob Shier. Bob was born and raised in Regina,<br />

Saskatchewan, married Marie in 1960 and spent five and<br />

a half years in Winnipeg and two and a half years in<br />

Edmonton where he managed a Martin Senour Paint<br />

Store. Moved to London in 1969, working with Niagara<br />

Chemicals as a Professional Sales Representative selling<br />

small package pesticides to dealers in Southwestern<br />

Ontario. Retired in 2003 from NuGro Corporation.<br />

His Masonic journey started in 1976 being initiated into<br />

King Solomon's Lodge #378 where he progressed through<br />

the chairs and became Master in 1984. Before joining the<br />

Shrine in 1980, at the spring ceremonial in Goderich and<br />

Clinton, he joined all the subsequent bodies in York Rite<br />

- St. George's Chapter #5 (treasurer for five years),<br />

Enoch Council, York College and Perceptory.<br />

After becoming a Shriner his musical talents directed<br />

him to the <strong>Mocha</strong> Oriental Band in 1981 where he served<br />

as Director from 1986 to 1994. President of the Band in<br />

2005 and became a Love Bug Member in 2008 when he<br />

bought Don Clark's little orange 1972 hard top bug. His<br />

license plate reads "Bobs Bug". He is currently second<br />

vice president of the Unit. He enjoys parading both with<br />

the Band (walking) and the Love Bugs (driving) and is a<br />

dedicated Shriner helping the kids who need help.<br />

Greeters Unit of <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple<br />

It is with great sadness that the Greeters Unit has gone<br />

into darkness. We can no longer perform the Duties,<br />

which our Club was intended to do, mainly to be Greeters<br />

to any Temple, Units, Clubs, etc. that wished to welcome<br />

Nobles, Ladies and guests.<br />

The Unit was originally started by Noble Charlie Hope,<br />

who came to us from B.C., and was active in a Greeters<br />

Unit there. He got a group of active Camel Coach members,<br />

and the Greeters Unit was formed.<br />

The first meeting was held on Wednesday November 15,<br />

1989, and at the next Dinner Meeting, on December 20,<br />

1989 Potentate Noble Bob Henry, installed the first slate<br />

of officers, for the Unit.<br />

Over the next years we gained new members and the<br />

Unit grew, but as time went on our numbers dwindled<br />

down due to visits from the Black Camel, Age, Health,<br />

and Resignations. Upon the agreement by the members<br />

to fold we were down to 9 members, who were categorized<br />

into groups of 3, so there were 3 who were in poor<br />

Bob and Marie has<br />

been married for<br />

fifty plus years and<br />

have a daughter<br />

Leanne (works at<br />

University<br />

Campus) and son<br />

Darrell (owns his<br />

own business -<br />

Stadar Wholesale selling trailer hitches and recreational<br />

vehicle parts), and have four grandchildren. On a sad<br />

note Bob and Marie's daughter (Karen) was killed in<br />

1991 by a drunk driver.<br />

Bob is active in his church, Richards Memorial United<br />

Church, where he is currently Chair of Finance, a position<br />

he has held for many years, secretary of the Board<br />

of Trustees and he chaired the famous "Green Team"<br />

spearheading the installation of solar panels on the<br />

church roof in 2010.<br />

Bob would encourage any Shriner with an interest in the<br />

Love Bug Unit to call President: Larry Schmeltz (519-<br />

773-9055), Secretary: Roy Pickard (519-773-5526) or<br />

check us out at www.lovebugs.ca.<br />

Driving a "bug" is fun and exciting.<br />

health, 3 who had trouble walking, and three healthy<br />

members, and the rest is history.<br />

Alas all is not completely lost as most of the members<br />

belong to other Units.<br />

Yours in the Faith Noble Donald Hodgins Sec./ Trea.<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> 2011 Page 13

<strong>Mocha</strong> Trumpet Band<br />

Without music life would be a mistake.<br />


This is the reason why <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

have a Trumpet Band. Don’t you make<br />

a mistake … join our unit!<br />

Want to know the best way to confuse<br />

a drummer?<br />

Put sheet music in front of him. (A bit of band humour)<br />

All kidding aside, the <strong>Mocha</strong> Trumpet Band is a funloving<br />

group that plays fine music for many communities<br />

and events. So come on down and check us out. We<br />

practice every Monday night at 7:30pm in the <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Shrine Centre Banquet Hall. We also supply the uniform,<br />

instrument of your choice and will even teach. To<br />

see what we’re all about, go to our web site: mochatrumpetband.org.<br />

This superb website was set up by one of<br />

our talented drummers, Paul Davidson. You will not be<br />

disappointed I can assure you.<br />

We kicked off our 2011 season on April 9th playing at<br />

the Wellington Street United Church where we participated<br />

in a closing/farewell performance and dinner for<br />

parishioners and guests. A big ‘thank you’ to the church<br />

committee for the delicious meal! Sadly the closing of<br />

this church is like many organizations, succumbing to<br />

the lack of new members. Our Fraternity has a similar<br />

problem. I am sure this is only a sign of the times though<br />

because <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> have so much to offer; fraternal<br />

friendship, the choice of many units to join and most<br />

important of all, the funds we raise for <strong>Shriners</strong> Childrens<br />

Hospitals, so there is every good reason to know we will<br />

survive and grow.<br />

On May 1st, many MTB members manned the water station<br />

for the London Races. This is a worthwhile cause<br />

and has become an annual event for us. Two members of<br />

the Band participate in these races, Ron Henry and Rick<br />

Hamm. The band issued a cheque for $500 to the<br />

Thames Valley Children’s Centre.<br />

At the Potentate’s Ball on May 7th we added to a spectacular<br />

evening by playing to all the Nobles, their Ladies<br />

and guests before they entered the Banquet Room.<br />

Potentate, Illustrious Sir Jack Cumming and his Lady,<br />

Helen were proud of the <strong>Mocha</strong> Trumpet and Oriental<br />

Band Units.<br />

Woodstock was the next to have the pleasure of our<br />

music on May 23rd. The weather was perfect at the start<br />

of the parade but it started to cloud over and rain before<br />

the parade finished. Fortunately, being <strong>Shriners</strong> and<br />

‘righteous’, the sun (almost) shone on us to the end and<br />

we finished without getting too wet. (“Everywhere you<br />

go, sunshine follows you …”)<br />

On May 28th we travelled to Port Elgin for the<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Ceremonial. Arrangements for a bus and<br />

hospitality were arranged by our long-time Entertainment<br />

Chairman, Ken Jenkins. Here again, <strong>Mocha</strong> Units supported<br />

our Potentate, Illustrious Sir Jack Cumming.<br />

Even though it was a long parade for some marching<br />

members, the Trumpet Band looked smart and played<br />

well. In the 2nd section the band, led by our enthusiastic<br />

Director extraordinaire, Stew Taylor, we again played<br />

and entertained. I am sure the 49 new <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

were impressed and many wished they could join us and<br />

they can of course, simply by introducing themselves at<br />

one of our practices. Rest assured each and everyone<br />

would be most welcome. Hopefully those that were in<br />

attendance managed to drop by our Jewelry concession<br />

where Chairman, Greg Jackson and his assistants, Don<br />

Gellatly, John Powell and Stew Murdoch spent many<br />

hours setting up the display and selling well. By the way,<br />

any time you are in the Shrine Center you can visit the<br />

jewelry display. If you see any item you wish to purchase,<br />

please go to the <strong>Mocha</strong> Office and they will be<br />

happy to assist you. .<br />

At this Ceremonial, the band was proud to present two<br />

cheques to our Potentate: one for $4,000 to go towards<br />

refurnishing <strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine Centre Banquet Room and<br />

the second for $250 to help with expenses of publishing<br />

the “<strong>Mocha</strong> News”.<br />

We were in Stratford for Canada Day, July 1st doing a<br />

7:00pm evening parade where we played to an enthusiastic<br />

cheering crowd especially when we stopped a few<br />

times and played “O Canada”. On July 18th we held our<br />

Annual MTB Bar-B-Que at the beautiful London Life<br />

Page 14 <strong>August</strong> 2011<br />



<strong>Mocha</strong> Trumpet Band cont'd<br />

Park. This was arranged by John Conley and was well<br />

attended by MTB members, friends and family.<br />

On July 30th we will be in Simcoe. September 5th we’ll<br />

be at Port Rowan for the Bay Fest Parade. Then on<br />

October 1st a parade in Ilderton. November 5th we will<br />

participate in the Byron Legion Memorial Service. After<br />

this event, we will be starting fall and Christmas Parades<br />

(I thought I would mention these latest ones to make you<br />

feel good -- let me be the first to wish you a Merry<br />

Christmas!)<br />

Like many <strong>Mocha</strong> Units, the band was again successful<br />

selling Vidalia Onions. Our Chairman of this project,<br />

Terry Cluney, put in many hours of work and effort to<br />

make sure that we sold our 400 bags. (He’s the only<br />

person that doesn’t cry handling onions!)<br />

Under the patronage of the <strong>Shriners</strong> Children’s Hospital<br />

in Montreal the band have taken on the responsibility of<br />

supporting a young child needing leg braces. To date we<br />

have issued two cheques; $400 and $294 respectively to<br />

support and help Leah live a long and fulfilling life.<br />

On June 14th our long-serving member and MTB<br />

Treasurer, Don Gellatly received his 60yr Masonic Pin<br />

from RW Bro. J. Geoffrey Clays, London East DDGM<br />

and WM Bro. Mark D. Willis. Congratulations, Don, it<br />

was a very special evening for you and St John’s 20<br />

Masonic Lodge. There were many Masons, Band<br />

Members, family and friends in attendance for this presentation.<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> Concert Band<br />

Graham & Sheila Paull have compiled a cost and itinerary<br />

for our February 25 to March 5, 2012 trip (or longer<br />

if requested) to Lake Chapala, Mexico for Anazeh<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Ceremonial. This is an invitation to all so if you<br />

wish to join the MTB, contact Owen Coles, PP<br />

(Cambridge) 519-654-0117. Pertinent information will<br />

be posted on our website: mochatrumpetband.org<br />

Ways to tell if you have been in a marching band too<br />

long:<br />

• You can actually hear ‘music’ from the drummers<br />

• You think trumpet (musette) players have the right to be<br />

egotistical<br />

• You think you have perfect pitch<br />

• The band director is always right<br />

• You need to stay in step with anybody you walk with<br />

• Those lousy “Band humour” jokes are the funniest<br />

thing you ever heard<br />

Of course, none of these apply to the <strong>Mocha</strong> Trumpet<br />

Band. (Oriental Band…..maybe!)<br />

Don’t forget - come and check us out on a Monday night.<br />

You’ll be glad you did!!<br />

Dave Williamson<br />

Secretary, <strong>Mocha</strong> <strong>Shriners</strong> Trumpet Band<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong>'s Historic Concert Band entertained at the<br />

Annual Shrine Circus in July<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> 2011 Page 15


Blenheim Shrine Club<br />

Visiting old friends and making new ones.<br />

To mark International Shriner day the Blenheim Shrine<br />

Club paid a visit to the Blenheim Community Village<br />

Retirement Residence.<br />

Photos Peter Paisiovich<br />

Editor's Note: (excellent show of good Masonic Virtues.)<br />

Gerri Thomas and Clarence<br />

Shaw<br />

L-R Bea Pickering, Gerri Thomas, Alan D'Clute,<br />

Edward Miller.<br />

Standing L-R Jean Snobelen, Wm. David O'Brien,<br />

Clarence Shaw, Randy Lee, James Shillington,<br />

Mitch Michener, Tony Bouw, Ken Green,<br />

Peter Shillington, Pierre Dore, Paul Shillington<br />

L-R Gerri Thomas, Alan D'Clute,<br />

Edward Miller<br />

Standing L-R Pierre Dore, Paul Shillington,<br />

James Shillington<br />

Please have<br />

everything<br />

submitted by ....<br />

OCT. 15<br />

Page 16 <strong>August</strong> 2011<br />



Tillsonburg Shrine Club Stratford on Avon<br />

Tillsonburg Shrine Club held their annual Fish Fry on<br />

Wed. July 13th,with many hungry members, and guests<br />

in attendance. We were proud to have 10 visitors arrive<br />

on the Camel Coach, and help us get rid of some mighty<br />

fine Perch. Pictured below are the visitors, and it is nice<br />

to see visitation carrying over from Masonry, to the<br />

Shrine.<br />

Editor's Note:( keep up the good work fellows and many<br />

Thanks to Noble Bill Butcher, for the picture, and for<br />

being the designated Driver.)<br />

Stratford on Avon Shrine Club Makes MRI Donation<br />

On May 24 the Stratford on Avon Shrine Club donated<br />

$20 000, over a 4 year time period, to the Stratford<br />

General Hospital Foundation to aid in their purchase of<br />

a MRI machine.<br />

The cheque was turned over to Executive Director,<br />

Andrea Page, of the SGH Foundation by Club President<br />

James (Sandy) McTavish and Club Treasurer Bruce<br />

Davis.<br />

The Stratford on Avon Shrine Club completes several<br />

activities yearly that contribute to their General Fund;<br />

such as a Chicken Barbeque, Christmas Cakes, Pop Can<br />

Collecting, Silent Auction, and 50/50 Draw Tickets.<br />

Starting from the left side to right side.<br />

Paul Husler, Gerry Stephenson, George Vanslack,<br />

Fred Smith, behind Fred Doug MacDonald,<br />

Barry O'Brian and in front of Barry is Stew Murdoch,<br />

Bill Butcher, Bill Squires and Boris Melnyk<br />

Brantford S.C.<br />

Lucas Rosunlund, a student of North<br />

Park Collegiate, who has a very rare<br />

disease of the feet and hands, is shown<br />

receiving a Four Thousand Dollar bursary<br />

from the President of the <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Club of Brantford, Ed Skokun and<br />

Chairman of the Bursary Committee,<br />

Jim Boyd.<br />

Lucas will be taking an Honours Course<br />

in English at the University of Guelph<br />

and will enter either law, journalism or<br />

teaching, he is also studying Arabic,<br />

Mandarin and Punjabi.<br />

His spare time is spent teaching English<br />

as a second language to new citizens at<br />

the YMCA. The <strong>Shriners</strong> wish him every<br />

success for the future.<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> 2011 Page 17


Ahcom Shrine Club<br />


Anthony Klassen and his family attended the May<br />

meeting to thank our membership and meet our members<br />

who applauded Anthony and his family for their<br />

determination to support Anthony in learning to walk.<br />

Anthony and his Mom,Becky,returned from Montreal<br />

after surgery on December 17, 2010 which was also his<br />

fifth birthday.<br />

Anthony has wanted to play baseball since his third<br />

birthday. He is excited and thrilled that on Saturday,<br />

May 7 he played his first ever baseball game {T-Ball}<br />

This desire spurred him on to work hard at therapy and<br />

school so he could gain the mobility to play independently.<br />

He continues to work hard on his exercises.<br />

He beamed with happiness as did his family and a lot of<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong>.<br />

May all of us continue to work hard for all of our kids!<br />

Norfolk Shrine Club<br />

We were very pleased at our last meeting to have<br />

Assistant Rabban Noble Rob Parker, as an honored<br />

guest,<br />

We were very fortunate to be able to add $5000.00, to<br />

our Challenge for funds to update the <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Mosque.<br />

To our great surprise, we found that this particular<br />

challenge is approaching the $ 60,000.00 mark.<br />

Special Thanks to all Clubs, Units, and individuals<br />

who are making this challenge a reality.<br />

Stay healthy Noble Eric Jansen Secretary Norfolk<br />

Shrine Club.<br />

Pictured here is our President Gord Crandall,<br />

presenting a cheque to Noble Rob Parker for $5,000<br />

Page 18 <strong>August</strong> 2011<br />


Pal <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

Wow what a great turnout of <strong>Shriners</strong> and Ladies for the<br />

Spring Ceremonial, in the Town of Port Elgin, on the<br />

27th. and 28th. of May, 2011. It was a damp and cool<br />

weekend, but Clubs. and Units showed up in great numbers<br />

for the fantastic Parade. Potentate Jack Cumming<br />

and the Divan should have been proud of the whole<br />

weekend.<br />

I won't say who won but Illustrious Sir Jack Cumming<br />

and myself , (Laverne Long) did manage to get in 9<br />

holes at Saugeen Golf Course.<br />

President Jim Doig, and a good number of Pal <strong>Mocha</strong><br />

members made the trek up to the Lake Side Town to<br />

enjoy the Feztivities. A tip of the Fez must go to Noble<br />

Jim Richardson, and Lady Inez from Harriston,not only<br />


was Jim at the Ceremonial, but two of his sons Clarke,<br />

and Brad, and two more Brothers were candidates,<br />

Barry, and Jeffery.(Nice work Jim and Inez)<br />

Other Masons from Pal <strong>Mocha</strong> becoming <strong>Shriners</strong> that<br />

weekend were George Bridge, and Ron Faulkner from<br />

Harriston, and Ray Roswell from Listowel.<br />

Congratulations and welcome to them all.<br />

At our June Meeting it was reported by our Vidalia<br />

Onion Chairman reported 775 were purchased, and all<br />

were sold.<br />

With the Summer Months slipping away, the Fall<br />

Parades will soon be upon us, and Xmas Cake, and<br />

Shortbread Sales will be just around the corner.<br />

We know our Nobles will be doing all that they can to<br />

help our Children.<br />

Potentate Jack Cumming , with<br />

Noble Warren Jack and Captain of<br />

the Guard Earl Schneider.<br />

Noble Earl Schneider inducting<br />

our Pres. Noble Jim Doig.<br />

1st Ceremonial Master<br />

Brian Dayman inducting Nobles<br />

Miles Dadson 1st. Vice., and<br />

Brad Richardson, 2nd. Vice.<br />

Illustrious Sir Jack Cumming<br />

presenting the Gavel<br />

to Pres. Noble Jim Doig.<br />

Potentate Jack Cumming<br />

presenting 100 Million. Dollar<br />

Club Certifi cate to Past Pres.<br />

Clarke Richardson.<br />

Noble Eric Sheeringa on left with<br />

Terry Pook (Pooky) and Noble<br />

Russell Rogers, (Pooky is a<br />

member of Pal mocha)<br />

Nobles Jim Richardson, sons<br />

Brad and Clark, and Jim Doig<br />

making Parades a lot of fun for<br />

themselves, and the spectators.<br />

A good group of happy Nobles<br />

getting ready for the Parade.<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> 2011 Page 19


Sault Shrine CLub has Successful Membership Drive<br />


MOCHA’S<br />


Please have<br />

everything<br />

submitted<br />

by ....<br />

OCT.<br />

15<br />

Page 20 <strong>August</strong> 2011<br />


Lambton SC<br />

Submitted by Noble George Pitfield<br />

The Lambton Shrine Club Motor Corps, are always<br />

well known for their colorful antics, and skillful maneuvering<br />

of their Mini Cars, at various Parades. Many<br />

spectators line the streets at every Parade, hoping to<br />

catch a glimpse of the Motor Corps going through the<br />

routine of "Mad Cap" driving. These guys are of course<br />

one of the favorites of the children, as witnessed by the<br />

pointing, and laughing.<br />

Parades are not the only area of dedication, and we take<br />

part in many Fund raising projects for the Shrine, and<br />

donate to the local Community as well.<br />

On Wed. May 11th. the Club donated their time at the<br />


local McDonalds on Exmouth St., selling Balloons,<br />

French Fries, and collecting donations from various<br />

customers. After the events the Club donated<br />

$ 1,000.00 to Ronald McDonald House, and any monies<br />

collected that day went to McDonald House, and the<br />

Dow Center for Youth.<br />

Later that same day we visited St. Joseph Hospice,<br />

where we met with Mr. Bob Murray, and a further<br />

$ 1,000.00 was donated to them the Hospice. Mr.<br />

Murray thanked us immensely, and said the daily cost<br />

of running the Hospice is around $ 3,000.00 per day.<br />

Following that busy day we still had time to attend the<br />

Monthly Meeting and prepare for the upcoming<br />

events.<br />

Dedicated Nobles indeed.<br />

L-R Noble Jim Sayers, Motor Corps President<br />

Noble Harry Murray, presenting the check for<br />

$1,000 to Mr. Bob Murray of the St. Joseph Hospice,<br />

Assistant <strong>Mocha</strong> chaplain Noble Gord Simmons,<br />

and Noble Carl Hall.<br />

L-R Nobles Wes Patterson, Gordon Simmons<br />

Assistant Chaplain, Jim Sayers, Carl Hall, Harry<br />

Muuray President,receiving Cheque for $1,000.00<br />

Colleen and Peter Buckley, McDonalds Managers,<br />

and Noble Ken Sitzes.<br />

Collecting donations<br />

inside McDonalds<br />

are<br />

Miss Michelle, and<br />

Noble Ken Sitzes.<br />

Collecting donations from customers at the drive thru<br />

window are Nobles Jim Sayers, and Wes Patterson.<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> 2011 Page 21


It is with great sadness that we announce<br />

the passing of Noble Al Griffin, a very active<br />

member of Lambton Shrine Motor<br />

Corps.<br />

He was a member and Past master of<br />

Burns Masonic Lodge, No. 153, Wyoming<br />

On., a member of the Rose Croix of London,<br />

32 nd. Degree Scottish Rite, Moore<br />

Sovereign Consistory Hamilton, and also<br />

the Scottish Rite Club.<br />

He loved participating in all Parades,<br />

with the Motor Corps, as did all of the<br />

Nobles who were with him. You could<br />

hear Al coming a Mile away, and every<br />

one new it was time to pull over and let<br />

him pass, cause he was going to do it one<br />

way or another.Al hardly ever missed a<br />

Parade, and was very helpful to the other<br />

Nobles in times of trouble.<br />

Noble Allen Griffin is survived by Lady<br />

Melba, his caring Wife of some 67 Years,<br />

2 Daughters, and Son-in-Laws, as well as<br />

Grand and Great Grand Children.<br />

Sympathy, and Condolences, are extended<br />

to all of his Family.<br />

Gone but Never Forgotten<br />

Page 22 <strong>August</strong> 2011<br />


Nobles, please see that we look after new members...<br />

I became a Shriner at the 2006 Spring Ceremonial. I am a member of the Oriental Band and proudly wear<br />

the fez that was once worn by my father.<br />

I went to my first stated meeting last night. Why was this my first one - after all I have been a Shriner for<br />

almost 3 years? Mainly because one of my Noble friends asked to go along with them - and do you know what?<br />

I was glad I did. Not only did I learn more about the amazing MSPOTS initiative, I learned about my Shrine<br />

and my temple and the serious financial situations affecting our fraternity. I say 'my' because I think it is<br />

important that each of us remember that this is 'our' Shrine and 'our' temple and we each need to<br />

consider what we, and more importantly the children, would be do without them.<br />

Many signficant decisions need to be made about the ongoing viability of my Shrine hospitals - what will my<br />

hospitals look like in 5, 10 or 25 years from now? The decisions that need to be made in San Antonio later this<br />

year will reverberate for many years.<br />

I also was reminded last night about the importance to me of my temple and that I need to do more to<br />

support it's existence.<br />

It is not an easy world out there these days - my Shrine is not alone in trying to face the many issues that affect<br />

it.<br />

I have decided that I need to show my support for my Shrine by rededicating my committment to it.<br />

I will............................<br />

• Attend more stated meetings. Not only will I enjoy an evening of camaderie, I will show my<br />

support to my Divan and be more aware of what is happening in my Shrine. (I'm already thinking<br />

of how I can support my Shrine on June 6th - Shiners International Awareness Day!.) I will ask a<br />

Noble to join me in attending the next stated meeting!<br />

• Recruit a new Noble - not only once but every year. I enjoy being a Shriner and knowing that what<br />

I do can help many children. I know I can pass on my enthusiasm to a fellow brother!<br />

• Give ideas. If I have a good idea that will help support my Shrine, I will let a member of my Divan<br />

know. We are all in this together!.<br />

• Support fund raising initiatives. I'm going to get an application for the Petro-Canada card that<br />

will donate just over a penny a litre to my Shrine - I'll get some to my family members as well.<br />

I had fun selling some onions last year - I'll do what I can to sell a few more bags this year.<br />

I'm hoping that each of you will each confirm your committment to your Shrine.<br />

If we each did this, just imagine! Noble Shayne H. Eldridge<br />

Lost in<br />

the Desert<br />

The following Nobles have been<br />

listed as lost. If you have an<br />

address, please advise the office.<br />


LONDON<br />



BROOKS C E<br />





LONDON<br />


SPARTA<br />










LONDON<br />


ELMIRA<br />




LONDON<br />


ST. THOMAS<br />








LONDON<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> 2011 Page 23

<strong>Mocha</strong> Temple History<br />

The year is 1886, London, Ontario and a lone Shriner<br />

is living in the city. He together with members of<br />

Knights Templar, who had been initiated in Detroit,<br />

Michigan petitioned to form a Shrine Temple in<br />

London. A dispensation was issued for “Sultanat<br />

Temple: and for a short time London had the honour of<br />

having Canada’s first Shrine Temple. However, the<br />

time was not yet right for “Sultanat Temple” and it soon<br />

became dormant and the dispensation was recalled.<br />

Shrinedom in London dates from January 1, 1908 with<br />

the foundation of <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple, and the seventh<br />

Shrine Temple in Canada. Noble Harry Collins,<br />

Potentate of Rameses Temple in Toronto, was instrumental<br />

in obtaining the charter. Noble Collins late<br />

became Imperial Potentate. The name “<strong>Mocha</strong>” was<br />

chosen by the first Recorder Noble Ed Struthers.<br />

The Shrine was seen as an organization where members<br />

could relax and enjoy themselves. Shrine bands,<br />

parades and elaborate costumes were part of the make<br />

up. It was said that “the order was not much more than<br />

a frolic for Masons of high degree”, and perhaps this<br />

stimulated interest among Masons enough to steadily<br />

increase the membership figures.<br />

What was not so visible was that even in those years<br />

considerable sums were raised for benevolence and<br />

charitable projects. At one ceremonial a Union Jack<br />

was carried around the hall and after the initial donation<br />

of $500 a further amount of $466.60 was raised for<br />

poor children of the city of London. This is much more<br />

than it seems now when we think of what a dollar<br />

would buy in those days. On another occasion the<br />

Salvation Army, the schools and other organizations<br />

supplied the names of 600 children who were in poor<br />

circumstance and they were all supplies with Christmas<br />

repast. 1917 saw a contribution to the fund for victims<br />

of the Halifax explosion. In 1930 the bands and patrol<br />

entertained the children from orphanages at the Western<br />

Fair. A patriotic endeavor was the subscription of $500<br />

for the Peace Memorial at the Exhibition forces and<br />

war charities were supported. In the year of 1940<br />

<strong>Mocha</strong> presented a $1,600 Ford ambulance to the<br />

Minister of Militia. The children were not forgotten and<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> have provided transportation, entertainment,<br />

films and other amusements for their enjoyment. Since<br />

1920, <strong>Mocha</strong>’s main charity has been the <strong>Shriners</strong>’<br />

Hospitals for Children and many hundreds of thousands<br />

of dollars have been raised for this worthy undertaking.<br />

Shrine activities continued to flourish through the<br />

years. In order to provide a place for meetings and<br />

other functions one of the stately old homes on Waterloo<br />

Street in London was purchased. In 1955 this building<br />

was sold for $38,000 and the Smallman residence at<br />

468 Colborne Street was purchased for $35,000 with an<br />

additional $847 for some of the contents. Additions<br />

have been made, but the architectural beauty of the<br />

original building has been maintained. The Trustees<br />

work hard to maintain the grounds, rooms and furnishings.<br />

In 1977, the banquet halls were added on for<br />

meetings and social functions. In the recent past the<br />

interior and exterior of the building has been refurbished<br />

and redecorated completely with new furniture<br />

in the main lounge area. <strong>Mocha</strong> Temple is a place<br />

where any Shriner would be proud to bring his family<br />

and friends for lunch or dinner.<br />



Please have<br />

everything<br />

submitted by ....<br />

OCT. 15<br />

Page 24 <strong>August</strong> 2011<br />


<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children Presents ‘A Tale of Two Patients’<br />

Thursday, July 7, 2011<br />

(DENVER) <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children® patients Alissa Perkins, 2, of Las<br />

Vegas and Kate Hickman, 13, of Houston have been selected as the health<br />

care system’s patient ambassadors for 2011-2012. As patient ambassadors,<br />

Alissa and Kate represent the thousands of children <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals<br />

for Children care for every year. Their stories are featured in the <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Hospitals for Children patient success video “A Tale of Two Patients,” which<br />

premiered on Wednesday, July 6, at the 2011 Imperial Session of <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

International – the annual international <strong>Shriners</strong> meeting – in Denver. The<br />

families visited each other’s hospital to learn more about their journeys and<br />

see first-hand the different services the health care system offers. The video<br />

was directed by Christopher Coppola.<br />

When Alissa Perkins was born, doctors diagnosed her with fibular<br />

hemimelia, a shortening or absence of one of the two bones in the calf,<br />

which may require amputation or bone-lengthening procedures. After<br />

Alissa’s great-grandmother suggested the family consider consulting<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children, they attended the Justin Timberlake <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children Open in Las Vegas.<br />

At the event, Alissa’s mother spoke with former patient Katie Walker who had been diagnosed with a similar condition<br />

as Alissa. Katie was more than happy to share her phenomenal experiences at <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children, including<br />

the expert care, physical therapy and customized prosthetics provided by the hospital. Alissa ultimately had her left leg<br />

amputated and a follow-up surgery performed last year at <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children – Los Angeles. She received<br />

her first prosthesis right before her first birthday in July and was walking a month later.<br />

Five years ago, Kate Hickman, then 8, sustained second and third degree burns on 45 percent of her body when a candle<br />

flame ignited the hem of her dress.<br />

Kate’s father rushed her to a local hospital in Houston, but the emergency room staff there did not feel able to give Kate<br />

all the care she needed, so they referred her to <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children – Galveston, a hospital noted for expertise<br />

in pediatric burn care. Kate underwent multiple skin grafts and reconstructive surgeries to improve her condition.<br />

She also received extensive physical therapy and was able to regain full range of motion. Today, Kate, 13, is an energetic<br />

student who enjoys singing, acting, participating in sports and spending time with her family and friends. She was<br />

named the October 2009 “Memorial Buzz Kid,” an honor given to outstanding youths in the Houston area.<br />

Following the premiere of the video in Denver, Kate’s older sister, Abbey, 19, serenaded Kate, Alissa and the crowd with<br />

a beautiful song. Both families were received by members of the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees of <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Hospitals for Children.<br />

“The patient success video is the highlight of our weeklong convention and it effectively reinforces the fraternity’s<br />

support of the mission of <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children: Changing the World through Caring for Kids,” said Michael<br />

Severe, Imperial Potentate-elect of <strong>Shriners</strong> International.<br />

About <strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children is changing lives every day through innovative pediatric specialty care, world-class<br />

research and outstanding medical education. The 22 hospitals in the United States, Canada and Mexico provide<br />

advanced care for children with orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate.<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> Hospitals for Children is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and relies on the generosity of donors. All donations<br />

are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.<br />

About <strong>Shriners</strong> International<br />

<strong>Shriners</strong> International is a fraternity based on fun, fellowship and the Masonic principles of brotherly love, relief and<br />

truth. There are approximately 325,000 members throughout the world.<br />

Media contact:<br />

Fabiana Lowe, <strong>Shriners</strong> International Headquarters<br />

813-281-7164<br />

filowe@shrinenet.org<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> 2011 Page 25

Page 26 <strong>August</strong> 2011<br />


MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> 2011 Page 27<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> 2011 Page 27

Omar Temple 111<br />

Daughters of the Nile<br />

by P.Q. Audrey J. Stubbs<br />

Message from Queen Lucy Hesse<br />

Twenty-nine members of Daughters of the Nile and four Nobles have arrived home from<br />

Tampa, FL from our 95th annual Supreme Session. The weather was extremely hot-110F<br />

plus humidity, so all were thankful for air conditioning. The business sessions breezed by<br />

with two mentionable moments. This year the <strong>Shriners</strong> will treat their one millionth patient. What an<br />

accomplishment! Also, the Daughters of the Nile have given over forty-seven million dollars for the <strong>Shriners</strong><br />

Treasured children. The highlight of the week was Thursday night installation. Supreme Queen Laura<br />

Richardson entered the arena as Queen of the Nile, in full regalia, reclining on a white chaise lounge, on a<br />

treasure ship manned by many slaves. Quite an<br />

entrance. After removing her garb, she was dressed in a<br />

long, flowing, dark green gown. All her reigning queens<br />

were dressed in either blue or green. I wish to thank all<br />

members of Omar who attended for looking out for me<br />

and helping me in any way. It truly was appreciated. This<br />

was a week I will never forget!<br />

Submitted by Princess Sheila Eldridge<br />

Queen Lucy and Past Supreme Queen Vesta just<br />

before they were forced to walk the plank by the<br />

Pirate Dancers in Tampa at Supreme Session.<br />

Sweetest sounds this side of Arkansas were provided<br />

by the Omar Temple Choir at the Potentate's Ball.<br />

Queen Lucy at the Potentate's Ball<br />

Lucille, Marg,<br />

Pat and Grace<br />

visit the<br />

Shine Hospital<br />

in Tampa.<br />

We are happy to welcome<br />

Liz Barrett who became<br />

a Princess at the<br />

May 2011 Session.<br />

Page 28 <strong>August</strong> 2011<br />

P.Q. Marlene Mackay<br />

walks the runway<br />

for the Woodstock<br />

Fashion Show<br />


Supreme Visit at <strong>Mocha</strong> Shrine<br />

Saturday <strong>August</strong> 13th at 2:00 pm<br />

Bus trip to St. Jacobs<br />

Thursday September 29. $60 includes lunch at<br />

Stone Crock and all day shopping. Contact<br />

Pr. Sheila Eldridge 519-668-7209. Bring a friend.<br />



Throughout history there have been many explanations as to how the term, “ Free”, came to be<br />

applied to Masonry.<br />

Operative Masons of the past were frequently “Free” of local taxes, and in some cases were “Free” of<br />

local laws. Their actions were not restricted as were those of others. They were “Free” to travel, from<br />

country to country in pursuit of work for their trade. Years back Masons who labored on King<br />

Solomon’s temple, enjoyed special privileges, and were “Free” from laws which others had to obey.<br />

But what does the term “Free” mean to the modern<br />

Mason?<br />


“Free” from attending Lodge.<br />

“Free” from visiting the sick and those<br />

stuckin Nursing Homes.<br />

“Free” from obligations.<br />

“Free” from giving aid to Officers<br />

in the Lodge.<br />

“Free” from taking part in any<br />

Ritual work.<br />

“Free” from any responsibility.<br />

“Free” from criticism.<br />

Let’s strive to be one of the Masons who don’t wait for<br />

“Free” time to attend Lodge, and who doesn’t believe<br />

that “Free” Masonry is actually “Free”.<br />

We are of course ‘Free” to do as we wish about these<br />

things, but no one can be a Freemason in the fullest<br />

sense, unless he buys into the theory, that we must<br />

support Freemasonry with all of our energy, and the full<br />

use of the faculties with which we have been blessed.<br />

Unnamed<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> 2011 Page 29

Page 30 <strong>August</strong> 2011<br />


Anna McNutt<br />

General Manager<br />

Business Directory<br />

MacKewn,<br />

MW<br />

Winder LLP<br />

Lawyers<br />

“Lawyers that mean Business”<br />

Corporation & Business Law, Commercial<br />

Litigation & Negotiations, Real Estate Law,<br />

Wills & Powers of Attorney, Estate Planning,<br />

Probate & Administration<br />

C. Fred MacKewn - E. Dixon Winder<br />

Phone: (519) 672-2040 Fax: (519) 672-6583<br />

300-376 Richmond St., London, ON N6A 3C7<br />

8-605 Newbold St.<br />

London Ont.<br />

N6E 2T7<br />


Gary Penn<br />

Tel: (519) 681-2153<br />

Fax: (519) 681-2016<br />

midwestmed@rogers.com<br />

Residence Inn By Marriott ®<br />

383 Colborne Street<br />

London, Ontario N6B 3P5<br />

T 519-433-7222 : F 519-433-7223<br />

gm@marriottresidenceinnlondon.com<br />

marriottresidenceinnlondon.com<br />

Operated under a license agreement from Marriott International Inc.<br />

John Rozeluk, CA, CFE<br />

T 519-660-0990 x 222<br />

F 519-661-0996<br />

<br />


ROGERS<br />


700 Richmond Street, Suite 214<br />

London, ON N6A 5C7<br />

jrozeluk@wilkinsonrogers.com<br />

Charles Pole<br />

Family Service Counselor<br />

Kelly Flannery<br />

Audiologist, Reg. CASLPO<br />

Needham Funeral Service<br />

520 Dundas St.<br />

London, ON N6B 1W6<br />

519-434-9141<br />

Fax 519-432-8396<br />

charles.pole@sci-us.com<br />

A Division of Service Corporation International (Canada) Ltd.<br />

Rick McLeod<br />

Consultant<br />

519-860-6682 cell<br />

519-673-4544 bus<br />

rick.mcleod@investorsgroup.com<br />

www.investorsgroup.com/consult/rick.mcleod<br />

396 Queens Ave., Suite 102<br />

London, Ontario N6B 1X7<br />

Tel: 519-438-0492<br />

Fax: 519-438-4948<br />


Broker<br />

235 North Centre Rd. at Richmond<br />

London, Ontario N5X 4E7<br />

douglascassan@royallepage.ca<br />

Residence: (519) 227-1250<br />

Cell: (519) 857-7922<br />

BUS: (519) 661-0380<br />

FAX: (519) 661-0998<br />

www.cassans.com<br />

The referral of your friends and family is the greatest<br />

compliment you can give me. Thank you for your trust.<br />

Ray G. Bradley<br />

Director of Public Relation/Marketing<br />

Porsche of London<br />

600 Oxford Street West, London, ON N6H 1T9<br />

Phone: (519) 601-1322 Fax: (519) 601-1780<br />

Cell: (519) 859-1786<br />

rbradley@porschecarslondon.com<br />

www.porschecarslondon.com<br />

Paul J Smith, MIMA, AACI, P. App<br />

• Appraisers<br />

• Property Tax<br />

Consultants<br />

30 Burwell Rd., St. Thomas, ON N5P 3R6<br />

519-637-4356 fx 519-637-8513<br />

pjsmith@pjsmithassoc.ca<br />

MOCHA NEWS <strong>August</strong> 2011 Page 31

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