Donor report 2011/2012 - University of Kent

Donor report 2011/2012 - University of Kent

Donor report 2011/2012

Thank you


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012


A message of thanks from the Vice-Chancellor

The University of Kent transforms the world for the better. You can see

throughout this Donor Report how our research, teaching, business

relationships and community interactions have a positive impact upon our

local surroundings, and on the national and international stage. I thank

everyone who has supported the work of the University. With your generosity

we have enormous impact, achieved through delivering world-class higher


The University is succeeding in some very challenging circumstances. We are

popular with students, and our consistently excellent results in the National

Student Survey are testament to the fact that undergraduates have a

rewarding student experience here. That experience is based on the

fundamental principle that the University is a community where there is a

symbiotic relationship between teaching and research. To maintain this

position we must invest in new or refreshed facilities, and in our academic


The tangible impact of philanthropy can be seen on our campus. The Colyer-

Fergusson music building would not have been possible without the vision,

and financial contribution, of our supporters. Thank you for your generosity,

your continued support, and for being part of the community which strives to

improve the University of Kent. Together we will provide excellent higher

education for students, and leading research into the future.

Professor Dame Julia M Goodfellow DBE, CBE

Thank you to our donors

The University of Kent would like to express its appreciation to everybody who

has supported us. Our donor list contains the names of people, who made a gift

to the University between 1 August, 2011 and 31 July, 2012.

We are also very grateful to those individuals who have requested anonymity for

their donations, to staff who have generously donated their long-service awards,

to those who have given through payroll giving, and to individuals who have told

us that they intend to remember the University in their wills. We have made

every effort to record your name correctly. If there are any errors please do tell

us so that we can correct them.


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012


UK charitable tax news

UK fundraisers and donors

celebrated the decision by

Chancellor of the Exchequer

George Osborne to abandon his

plans to cap income tax relief

on charitable donations.

The reversal of the March 2012 budget

proposal came after three months of

sustained lobbying from across the

charitable sector and high-level dialogue

with government officials that was led by a

consortium of organisations, including the

Council for the Advancement and Support

of Education (CASE Europe) and

Universities UK.

This reversal was welcomed by all

universities as the cap threatened to

undermine work we have undertaken since

2004 to increase the professionalism of

fundraising as a way to grow independent

income sources, and engage alumni,

businesses and the local community.

50th anniversary celebrations

We celebrate our

50th anniversary in the

2014/15 academic year,

and exciting plans are

in place to celebrate

the University of Kent’s

many achievements and

vision for the future. These





events will involve all members of the

University community – including students,

staff, alumni and friends. They will also

give us the opportunity to show

appreciation to everyone who has been

part of the University’s success over the

past half-century.

Key initiatives include the launch of a

fundraising campaign to create an

opportunity fund that will enable students

to reach their personal best through

participation in an extensive and

challenging range of activities that will

stretch their academic development. We

are sincerely grateful to the large number

of alumni and friends who already give

generously to support students, and hope

that the 50th anniversary celebrations will

give many more alumni the opportunity to

play a part in our future.

If you would like to know more about the

50th anniversary celebrations, contact us


Donor Pin Week – University of

Kent celebrates as generous

donors boost success

In May, the University of Kent took part in

national Donor Pin Week in which we

marked the enormous impact of donations

to universities. In the last financial year, the

University of Kent raised £1.9 million in

donations. This has not only contributed

to capital projects but also enabled

improvements to student facilities, as well

as supporting student activities and

academic research.

“The Chancellor announced he

would not proceed with the

proposed limits on tax reliefs for

charitable donations. This was a

surprising, yet deeply welcome

move. Despite the proposal being

unworkable, unfair, uninformed by

evidence, and opposed by a unique

coalition of donors, charities and

public opinion – the government

seemed unlikely to pursue the only

‘U’ anyone wanted: a full U-turn.”

Dr Beth Breeze from the University’s

Centre on Philanthropy


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012

Campaign reports

Colyer-Fergusson Building

We would like to thank

everyone who made it possible

to build the wonderful Colyer-

Fergusson Building – a catalyst

for enabling music-making to

flourish and develop at the

University of Kent.

It is hard to believe we only went public

with the £8.2million capital campaign in

2010. However, Susan Wanless (Director

of University Music) and others at the

University had been working quietly for

many years with our founding donor Sir

James Colyer-Fergusson, and the family

foundation that bears his name. Their

dream was to build a unique home for our

musicians – the one thing that had been

missing from our music-making for so

many years.

It must have been written in the stars, as the

timing of the £5.2million Colyer-Fergusson

donation was perfect. It coincided with the

government’s matched funding scheme,

thereby granting us access to an additional

£1.35million. So, with nearly £7million

secured, we began a campaign that

opened up opportunities for everyone

involved in the University of Kent’s musical

life. The response from alumni, current and

ex-staff, the governing body, students and

members of the local community has been

greater than to any other University

campaign. This includes the original call for

funding to start a new university in 1965.

And now it’s here. The Colyer-Fergusson

Building is up and running, with a grand

official gala opening in December 2012.

For those of you who not only hit that

‘donate now’ button, but also wrote to say

how much music has meant to you, you

will be pleased to see that the building

sits adjacent to the Gulbenkian Theatre

and Cinema. From that synergy, we are

confident that the Arts will be at the heart

of the University’s Canterbury Campus.

From January 2013 the building will be

fully operational for rehearsals and

performances, both by University musicians

and local musicians. We hope to see you

at many of our future events. Or why not

just drop in for coffee and relax in the

unique ambiance? You will always be

most welcome.

“Congratulations on the new music

performance centre. In a world

where economics and business rule

everything, this is no small feat!”

“I rejoice with you at the imminent

opening of the University of Kent

Music Building.”

“It was so lovely to receive your

Christmas card! Incredible, it’s

almost 18 years since I first came

to Canterbury! And it was really

you who started my professional

singing career, by granting me the

bursary. Do you remember?

Thanks ever so much for

everything you have done for me!”

“It’s been great to follow the

news of your building in the

alumnus magazine. I’m plotting

a trip to see the finished article...

Congratulations on all your


continued >


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012

“I have been totally overwhelmed

by the extraordinary response to

our fundraising campaign. To

everyone, I would like to say a

heartfelt thank-you for helping

us to make this pipedream a

reality. The Colyer-Fergusson

Building is a truly wonderful

venue which will inspire

musicians and audiences for

generations to come, and it’s

lovely to think that everyone

who walks through its doors will

see the names of all those who

have made this possible.”

Susan Wanless,

Director of Music


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012

Campaign reports (cont)

Kent Law Campaign

Educating, innovating and

widening access to justice

Kent has long enjoyed a well-deserved

reputation as one of the best university

law schools in this country. That is due in

part to its long established, hugely

successful, and award winning Law Clinic,

of which both the University of Kent and

our alumni are justifiably very proud.

The Law Clinic provides legal advice and

representation for asylum seekers and

immigrants who could not otherwise

obtain it. It also enhances students’

knowledge and understanding of law and

policy in this area, and also the conditions

and problems facing immigrants and

asylum seekers. In addition, the funding

we receive helps support research

publication which will stimulate thinking

about these matters within academia and

in society generally, including in relation to

changes in legal aid.

Our campaign to raise funds for new, stateof-the-art

facilities to house the Clinic and

a Moot Court has received magnificent

support from students, staff, University


organisations and alumni. In addition,

the Clinic received £180,000 from three

separate international charities: Unbound

Philanthropy (£90,000), the Samuel Sebba

Trust (£45,000) and the Metropolitan

Migration Foundation (£45,000). This will

support a three year, fixed-term Clinic

Solicitor post working exclusively in the

field of immigration and asylum law.

The new facilities will be essential if Kent

Law School is to continue providing its

students with the kind of the intellectually

challenging and practically focused legal

education for which it is renowned. As the

chair of the Campaign Board, I am very

grateful indeed to all of those who have

already donated so generously to the Kent

Law Campaign. This has enabled us, with

the University's pledge to match each

donation £1 for £1, to raise over £1.2m.

As a result, even at this early stage, we

are almost 25% towards our target.

So a huge and heartfelt “thank you” to all

our donors, to all my fellow Campaign

Board members, and to all of those who

have agreed to become Campaign


Professor Richard de Friend,

Chair of Campaign Board

If you are interested in finding out more

about the campaign please contact Hilary

Edridge or visit

“We are delighted to receive this

support. It’s a great boost for those

people who really need expert

assistance, and for the students who

will gain a wonderful opportunity to

engage with the law as it operates

in this area, seeing for themselves

its impact in society.”

Professor John Fitzpatrick,

Director of Kent Law Clinic

Campaign Board

Professor Richard de Friend,

Campaign Chair (Eliot 1967)

Colin Mendoza, Deputy Chair (Darwin


Elaine Colville, (Eliot 1972)

Martin Edwards, (Eliot 1975)

Peter Frawley, (Darwin 1977)

Elizabeth Heister, Former member of

Kent Law School

David Hughes, (Keynes 1973)

James Laughland, (Darwin 1987)

Sir John Mummery, DL Lord Justice of

Appeal & Deputy Lieutenant of Kent

Jeremy Pendlebury, (Keynes 1976)

District Judge Michael Walker, CBE

(Eliot 1969)

Our patrons

The Rt Hon the Lord Justice Aikens

Andrew Baillie QC

Sir Geoffrey Chipperfield KCB

Lord Clarke of Stone-cum-Ebony

Jonathan Cohen QC

Dr Amanda Cottrell OBE JP DL

Sir Terence Etherton

Courtney Griffiths QC

His Honour Judge Jeremy Gold QC

Dame Rosalyn Higgins DBE QC

Professor David McLellan

Professor Sir David Melville CBE

Dr Lucy Scott-Moncrieff

Sir Geoffrey Nice QC

Dr Phil Shiner

Adrian Taylor

Sir Robert Worcester KBE

DONOR REPORT 2011/2012

Hong Kong and China Portal

The Hong Kong and China Portal is a

five-year project aimed at raising £2 million

to support new scholarship, student

exchange and research initiatives in Hong

Kong and mainland China. It is supported

by a Fundraising Advisory Board, chaired

by alumnus Dr William Lo E80.

Alumnus Dr Kennedy Wong has pledged

£500,000 over five years to help the

University develop its legal studies

facilities, and this year the University is

delighted to award the first of three

scholarships from the Jackie Chan

Charitable Foundation for postgraduate

students in the School of Arts.

The University is extremely grateful for the

support of our alumni in Hong Kong, and

especially to the Executive Committee of

the Hong Kong Alumni Association for

supporting the prestigious Hong Kong

Alumni Scholarship, for students from

Hong Kong and mainland China.

Hong Kong and China Portal

Hong Kong Alumni Executive


Chi Lan M Chong

Felix K Woo

Eddy C Fong

Kennedy Y Wong

Eric K Lee

Shun-Y- Chan

Chi H Wong

King W Li

Michelle L Thomas

Hong Kong and China Portal

Fundraising Advisory Board

Sir David Akers Jones

William Lo

Richard Burton

Sammy Lo

Vivian Wong

Felix K Woo

Alumni giving

The Kent Scholarships Campaign has

continued to receive fantastic support

from alumni this year. In March, a team of

current students took part in a phonathon

speaking to over 2,000 alumni about their

time at Kent and raising over £72,000 in

support of the campaign.

In the current difficult economic climate

and with the approaching rise in tuition

fees, students are facing increasing

financial barriers to entering higher

education. Donations received in support

of the Kent Scholarships Campaign

help the University to break down these

barriers through the provision of hardship

bursaries and scholarships including the

prestigious Alumni Postgraduate


Since its establishment in 1995, the Alumni

Postgraduate Research Scholarship has

supported 21 outstanding postgraduate

students who have all benefitted from

fantastic research, travel and networking

opportunities as a result of the

scholarship. Donations from the Kent

Scholarships Campaign have funded

three Alumni Postgraduate Research

Scholarships this year, including Katy

Upton who is in the middle of a life

changing six-month conservation research

expedition to the Peruvian Amazon.

Hardship bursaries are another very

important element of the Kent

Scholarships Campaign, as without these

bursaries many students in extreme

financial difficulty would be forced to drop

out of University. Alumni support means

the world to those students who benefit

from this generosity – especially knowing

it is former students who have made a

difference to their lives.

“I am incredibly grateful for this

bursary, which will allow me to

continue my studies at the

University of Kent and prevent me

from becoming homeless or having

to leave university to find full time

employment. Without the support

of either of my parents I have no

home to return to during summer

holidays. But now I will be able to

afford accommodation, bills and

general living costs and will be able

to return to university in

September, to continue my studies,

with teaching as my ultimate goal.”

A recent hardship bursary recipient


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012

Scholarships and prizes

Santander Scholarship

We are very proud that the University

of Kent this year joined ‘Santander

Universities UK’. This is a philanthropic

initiative through which the bank offers

extensive support to higher education

institutions. It is a global network, set up

with the express desire to help current

students become tomorrow’s leaders.

With an annual donation from Santander,

we will be able to offer three international

scholarships for academic excellence at

postgraduate level, and several mobility

awards to allow both staff and students to

enhance their learning and research

activities. In addition, we can increase the

amount of entrepreneurial support we give

to our students.

A further advantage of being in this

partnership is the access we gain to an

extensive international educational

network, particularly in South America.

We hope to use this to engage in new

discussions with a variety of organisations,

from which we confidently expect new

educational partnerships to be formed.

“We only began our journey

together a few months ago.

However, I am certain that this

collaboration will continue for

many years. With over 60

universities in the UK and nearly

1,000 worldwide, Santander

Universities was created to foster

internationalisation, knowledge

transfer and quality in education

and research. The University of

Kent embodies all these and

that’s why we consider it the

perfect partner.”

Nick Buttler, Santander Group


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012

University of Kent in America

(UKA) Scholarship

There are currently over 4,000 Kent

alumni living in the United States. Many

are expatriate British graduates, who

went on to build their careers and lives

there. Others are US citizens who studied

for their undergraduate or postgraduate

qualifications at the University of Kent, or

perhaps just spent a short time here on

a study-abroad program. Many of our

American alumni have described their

experience at the University of Kent as

life-changing, and have been inspired

to pledge their support to provide a

scholarship to allow others to experience

life here.

Thanks to the generosity of our US-based

alumni, we were delighted to welome our

first UKA-funded scholar to study here in

2011. The University of Kent in America

Scholarship provides financial support to

an outstanding US student undertaking

postgraduate study at the University of

Kent. In 2011-2012, this was awarded to

Eric MacTaggart, who arrived in

September 2011 to pursue an MA in the

Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics.

Alongside fundraising activity, UKA has

been working hard to deliver a programme

of events across the United States, with

activities taking place in Los Angeles, San

Francisco, New York, Chicago and

Washington DC. Members of the Board

have enjoyed having the opportunity to

meet alumni and hear what their time at the

University of Kent meant to them. Over the

next 12 months, the Board looks forward to

welcoming a new scholar, expanding an

exciting programme of activities and

continuing with fundraising success!

Board of the University of Kent in

America, Inc

Dean B Harmeyer

Keith W Teare

Ellen Brody Hughes

John J Hern

Walter R Nason

Erik K Johnson

Matthew J Woodget

Kathleen M Evert

Simon J Williams

Emily Perkins

The Kate Zaks Memorial Prize

in Art History

The Kate Zaks Memorial Prize in Art

History was endowed by Greg and Viola

Zaks in memory of their daughter. This

memorial endowment was awarded for the

first time to the highest achieving Stage

Two student in the History & Philosophy of

Art (HPA) Programme in July 2012. The

recipient was Luke Carver, a Stage Two

single honours HPA student.

Following donor agreement, it is intended

to use part of the fund to help support

future work-based experience undertaken

by HPA and Art History students in their

final year at the University of Kent.

The SunGard Actuarial Prize

The SunGard Actuarial Prize was

started back in 2008 when Martin

Sarjeant, Head of Actuarial

Development at SunGard, kindly

agreed to donate £100 per year for five

years. This would be awarded to the

student with the best results in a

module that involved using PROPHET

software on the MSc Applied Actuarial

Science course.

PROPHET is the life insurance

industry’s leading actuarial software

package used by companies

worldwide for profit testing, valuation

and model office work. The University

of Kent has entered into an exclusive

arrangement with SunGard, a global

leader in providing software solutions

for financial services, which markets

this leading software.

As a result of this arrangement,

actuarial students at Kent can take

modules with access to this important

software. They learn basic and more

advanced applications, as well as

being introduced to other financial

models. They are taught how to analyse

and summarise data, develop a model

with an audit trail and also develop the

ability to apply the results.

Actuarial students at the University of

Kent have been using PROPHET since

2002 and the link with SunGard was

strengthened with the donation of the

SunGard Actuarial Prize which took

effect in 2008. As from 2012, the prize

has been extended.

Winners over the last five years:

2008: Stefan J Dunajewski

2009: Eng Wee Ng

2010: Shabib Al-Busaidi

2011: ADS Pannu

2012: A Aggarwal


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012


Major new donations boost

University Art Collection

The University of Kent is grateful for a

number of donations from artists with

international reputations.

Pratt Contemporary donated an etching

and drypoint print by Ana Maria Pacheco

from her series Domestic Scenes (2000).

The fifth of a group of 10, the print draws

on Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and

depicts the Wife of Bath. The artist’s

sculptural group Shadows of the

Wanderer was displayed in Studio 3

Gallery during the first five months of last

year and this remains the best-attended

exhibition since the gallery opened in

2010, with over 2000 visitors.

Michael Baldwin and Mel Ramsden, the

artists behind the Art & Language Group,

have donated a set of five silkscreen

prints entitled Maps to Indicate… (2002).

The series develops Art & Language’s

long-standing interest in the conventions

of mapping, playing with thematic,

proportional maps so that they represent

philosophical concepts rather than purely

social geographical representations. The

Art & Language installation Portraits and a

Dream was exhibited in Studio 3 Gallery

from 3 October to 16 December 2011.

Both works are on public display in the

School of Arts’ Jarman Building at the

University of Kent’s Canterbury campus

(open Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm).

“The University of Kent is very

grateful for these generous gifts,

which will complement the existing

strong body of work within our

Kent Print Collection.”

Ben Thomas, Curator, Studio 3 Gallery

In March 2012,

celebrated British

landscape artist

Frederick Cuming RA

(Honorary Graduate of

the University of Kent,)

kindly donated one of

his pictures to the

University’s Art Collection. The unveiling

of The Mysterious Landscape, was

performed by David Nightingale, Senior

Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

With an artistic career spanning 60 years,

Fred has become one of England’s bestloved

landscape painters. His work is

famous for the distinctive technique of

quickly layered colour resulting in a

sensitive and unique rendering of light

and mood, and his trademark palette –

indicative of the Camden School Group –

is refreshingly limited. The East Sussex

coastline, in particular the area around

Camber and Rye, has provided the

backdrop for much of Fred’s work.

Leading archaeological

foundation supports Heritage MA

The University is very grateful to the A G

Leventis Foundation for supporting an

innovative master’s degree in heritage

management. This is co-run by the

University of Kent and the Athens

University of Economics and Business.

The A G Leventis Foundation was

established in 1979, to fulfil the wishes of

the late Anastasios Leventis. It is active in

the restoration of a number of monuments

in Cyprus, Greece and wider south-

Visualising the late

antique city

Thanks to Pompeii, most people find it

easy to imagine the early Roman city.

But visualising these population centres

in later centuries remained a challenge

– until now.

This year a Leverhulme-funded

research project began in the Classics

and Archaeology faculty on ‘The

Visualisation of the Late Antique City’.

Directed by Dr Luke Lavan and

supported by Dr Ellen Swift, it aims over

a three-year period to recreate the

monumental atmosphere and everyday

life of Mediterranean cities in the period

300-650 AD.

This is roughly the era when the Roman

Empire became Christian, and during

which the great city of Constantinople

flowered. Our work has included a project

in Ostia, where the university's

excavations are now complete, and are

being written up with support from John

Beale and John Osborn.

Thanks to the generosity of Mr John

Beale, it has been possible to expand the

research team of doctoral students

working on this topic to six, bringing in

talented students from the UK, Ireland

and Albania. With this gift, we have been

able to expand our work to include a

study of secular public building and the

cultural life of domestic objects, and to

develop 3D computer reconstructions of

different ancient sites.


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012

eastern Europe, as well as supporting

education in Hellenic culture.

The MA in Heritage Management course,

which was launched in September 2011,

is distinctive in offering postgraduates a

combination of archaeology and business

skills. It also offers the opportunity to be

part of a heritage project based in Eleusis,

near Athens, home of the most famous

mysteries of the antiquity.

“This exciting programme has been

specially designed to offer what we

think is a unique combination of

archaeology and business skills.”

Dr Evangelos Kyriakidis,

MA Programme Director

Chancellor’s Fund

The University would like to record its

grateful thanks to the Chancellor, Sir

Robert Worcester, for establishing The

Chancellor’s Fund in 2007. The Fund is

now supporting a wide range of University

projects including music and awards,

academic scholarships and prizes to

students from a variety of schools.

“As I come to the conclusion of my sevenyear

term as Chancellor of the University

of Kent I can look back with pleasure and

pride to the development of the University

in all ways: excellence in research,

excellent teaching, and the expansion of

both the numbers and quality of our intake

of students and faculty. I have had the

pleasure of working with two fine Vice-

Chancellors both of whom have served

the University well. And not least, in the

income growth not just from the increases

in Government support but also from

personal and corporate support. The

University is one of the largest employers

in the County of Kent. Its graduates fan

out across the world and make impacts

wherever they go.

For this reason I have set up a Chancellor’s

Fund, established to enable myself and my

successors to put money wherever the

Chancellors believe at the time it would be

most useful. There are several small grants

such as to the outstanding undergraduate

at Durrell Institute for Conservation and

Ecology (DICE) and to students from

Trinidad, some support for research and

some for equipment. I will be leaving

behind as I go a modest pool to be

passed on to the next Chancellor in the

hope that he or indeed she might develop

it further. In the meantime I would ask all

those generous benefactors we have and

others who might become benefactors to

consider joining me in support of the

Chancellor’s Fund”.

Sir Robert Worcester KBE DL, Chancellor

New Project for Philanthropy


An update of a seminal study on ‘Why Rich

People Give’ is to be funded by the Pears

Foundation and an anonymous donor. The

project will be a collaboration between the

University of Kent’s Centre for the Study of

Philanthropy, Humanitarianism and Social

Justice and leading philanthropy

consultant and author Theresa Lloyd.

Much has changed since the original

report, based on data collected in 2002,

provided the first credible study of

philanthropic behaviour and attitudes of

wealthier donors in the UK. This created

an opportunity to revisit the research on

the 10th anniversary of the data collection,

to review and update the findings and

narrative and create another significant

publication that will become the ‘must

read’ for the next decade.

The book, which we aim to publish in

the summer of 2013, will present new

research in the context of the global

philanthropic marketplace, including

developments in Europe, North America

and emerging markets. It will also include

a discussion of the state of philanthropy

today, what might happen over the next

decade and recommendations for what

should happen next to promote

philanthropy in the UK.

Dr Beth Breeze welcomes any input from

readers of the Donor Report. She can be

contacted on

Patricia Collen Fellowship

Patricia Collen lived the majority of her life

within Normansfield Hospital, an institution

for people with learning disabilities in the

United Kingdom (now closed). In

recognition of her experiences, it was her

family’s wish that funding from her estate

be used to develop early intervention

initiatives to support young people with

intellectual disability and complex needs.

To this end, Dr Nick Gore has been

awarded fellowship funding from Patricia’s

estate for a three-year period, during

which he will be co-ordinating the Early-

Positive Approaches to Support (E-PAtS)

project. By providing specialised earlyyears

support for children with learning or

developmental disabilities, the E-PAtS

project aims to prevent the development of

challenging behaviour and minimize its

negative impact on children and families.

Drawing on best-practice techniques and

the experiences of professionals and family

members, the project will ensure that

lessons learned are embedded in systems

and processes going forward. In this way,

we can provide a lasting legacy for Patricia.


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012


Paul Dyer Leadership Challenge

Having founded and managed Towergate

Partnership, a company with 5,500

employees, University of Kent alumnus

Paul Dyer is very familiar with the traits

required to be a successful leader. And to

help University of Kent students develop

the skills they need to become leaders of

the future, he introduced the Paul Dyer

Leadership Challenge.

This annual event is a unique opportunity

for students to enhance their employability

by learning about leadership, applying

that learning through a series of

challenges, receiving supportive coaching

and reflecting on the experiences as a

group. Participant feedback indicates that

the experience is a “life-changer”, giving

students the confidence to step into the

world of work and realise their potential.

All participants were awarded with

certificates of achievement and a signed

copy of Paul’s latest book, ‘Panic, Passion

and Power, Lessons from a Management

Journey’. In addition, places on a

weekend expedition preparation

programme in the Brecon Beacons

National Park were awarded to Daniel

McGrath for Personal Achievement and to

Constandinos Siafakas for Contribution to

the Paul Dyer Leadership Challenge.

“The Challenge has been a

fantastic opportunity for our

students to practice and develop

their leadership skills in real-life

situations. We are very grateful

to Paul for his generous donation

that has enabled us to introduce

the Challenge at Kent. We are

planning to extend the Challenge

to a wider group next year so that

even more students can take part

and enhance their employability.”

Professor Katie Truss, Head of Kent

Business School at Medway

Learning essential employment


Alumni and friends of the University

contribute in many ways beyond financial

help. Your time, skills and expertise are

also invaluable.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank

all of those individuals and organisations

that enhance the learning experience of

our students through their involvement.

This may be through providing work

placements, internships or training

opportunities. Or it may be through hosting

events, or providing valuable careers

advice to students or recent graduates

taking their first steps in the working world.

We are also grateful to all those who take

part in industry collaboration initiatives

such as the School of Engineering and

Digital Arts’ Industrial Panel. This is a forum

where the University can engage with

industry partners to gain insight and

ensure that teaching is aligned with the

needs of businesses.

This support provides a tangible

advantage for our students as they join

today’s competitive jobs market. Our

success in in this area is backed up by

the high levels of graduate employment

enjoyed by our students.

Recent partnerships include a venture

with Cisco Systems Inc in San Jose. The

company provides 12-month work

placement opportunities to outstanding

students from the School of Computing.

From an initial intake of four in the 2011/12

academic year, the programme has rapidly

grown to offer placements to 20 individuals

in 2012/13, due to the impressive nature

of the students and their work.

Closer to home, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

has supported students from Kent

Business School for several years. As well

as providing an annual scholarship and

prizes, the company also offers work

placement opportunities, and runs regular

skills seminars to give students essential

tools to help them secure employment.


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012



What you gave and how we spent it








Capital Donations 891,000 - 891,000

Investment Income 194,000 - 194,000

Prize Funds 4,000 1,000 5,000

Gains on the Sale of Investments - - -

Bursaries, Hardships,

Fellowships and Scholarships

510,000 31,000 541,000

Other Restricted Funds 167,000 76,000 243,000

Julia Mansi (E08) recently took

advantage of two day’s work experience

offered by Stephen Cates (K87), Partner

at Laytons Solicitors.

“The two days I spent with the

employment team at Laytons Solicitors

were both interesting and very enjoyable.

The team was immediately welcoming

and approachable which made it a great

atmosphere to work in. I was constantly

encouraged to ask questions and read

case files to gain an understanding of

the work undertaken by the team.

1,766,000 108,000 1,874,000

Capital Donations

Investment Income

Prize Funds

Gains on the Sale of Investments

Bursaries, Hardships, Fellowships and Scholarships

Other Restricted Funds

The team assigned me both legal

research and document preparation,

which gave me exposure to the firm’s

document review systems and

resources. I was also invited to attend

teleconferences and meetings with clients,

as well as the firm’s weekly business

development meeting.

The whole experience gave me a practical

insight into the day-to-day running of a

successful national law firm, and more

importantly, the role of a commercial

solicitor in the heart of the City of London.”

We would like to thank Stephen for offering

this opportunity. If you too can offer work

experience of any length to our current

students or recent graduates, we would

love to hear from you!

Please contact

Disbursement £5.3M


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012


Young Alumni Fundraising Group

Established in 2011 to raise funds for the

Kent Law Campaign, the Young Alumni

Fundraising Group is made up of recent

graduates and current students from Kent

Law School. The Group has set a target of

£25,000 to be raised by September 2014.

So far, £5,000 has been raised through a

variety of initiatives and the University has

agreed to match each donation received

pound for pound.

Other recent fundraising activities have

included running the London marathon,

a sponsored skydive, a sponsored walk

from Canterbury to Whitstable, a comedy

night in London, and a quiz on campus.

In addition, charity greetings cards were

kindly printed free of charge by Cards

Made Easy and London Road Press Ltd

and raised £1,283 for the Kent Law


The University would like to thank them for

their generosity as well as the following

businesses for their support of this group:

• Downlands Cycles, Canterbury

• Patisserie, Canterbury

• Pilgrims Hotel, Canterbury

• Café du Soleil, Canterbury

• Pizza Express, Canterbury

• Maypole Marquees Ltd, Canterbury

Former Staff Association

The University of Kent Former Staff

Association was established in 2008 to

provide opportunities for former members of

staff to stay connected with the University

and with each other. An elected Liaison

Group organises monthly lunches, lectures,

visits to art galleries and concerts, and was

recently welcomed to the Chancellor’s home

at Allington Castle, near Maidstone.

The Former Staff Association has taken

an active role in fundraising for the Colyer-

Fergusson Music Building, and has raised

almost £2,400 from a variety of activities

including summer choral workshops. Many

members of the Association have also

donated towards the project in their own

right, and the University would like to record

its thanks to all members of the Former

Staff Association for their commitment to

supporting Kent.

First 500 Fund

The First 500, Kent’s first cohort of

undergraduates in 1965, has a very special

relationship with the University. Its members

hold an annual dinner in London, which is

also attended by staff from the University.

These pioneering alumni have established

the First 500 Fund to preserve something

of the spirit and advantage of their years

as Kent students. First 500 members

aim to provide future students with the

opportunities they enjoyed – the freedom

to think and challenge, the opportunity to

innovate and create, and the chance to start

working life without debt. The Fund plans to

establish a scholarship to commemorate the

University’s 50th Anniversary in 2015.

The First 500 Fund has already received a

number of generous donations, with over

£32,000 raised in the last academic year.

The University would like to record its

sincerest thanks to First 500 members

for their continued support.

Remembering the University of

Kent in your will

An increasingly popular way to support the

University of Kent is by pledging a gift in

your will. No matter how small or large, a

legacy gift can be transformational,

affecting the lives of generations of

students to come. It is a way of impacting

on people’s lives beyond our own, in a way

that is important to us.

Not all legacy gifts are directed towards

scholarships, many are open and some

are aimed at improving student facilities

and areas of teaching and learning.

If you have told us of your intention to

remember the University of Kent in your

will, we thank you and look forward to

seeing you at a legacy dinner.

“Not only was the scholarship a

huge confidence boost at an early

stage in my research, but it also

funded a trip to the United States

that took my work in new


Michelle Ulyatt, recipient of the Christine

and Ian Bolt Scholarship

“I spent my life teaching and know

how difficult it is for some students

to afford higher education. I would

hope that my donation will give

someone a helping hand to achieve

their goals too.”

Stella Dick, legacy donor

“I realise how difficult decisions are

for young people – whether to study

for a degree and how to fund it

when there is uncertainty about

graduate jobs.”

Dr David Nunnerley, legacy donor

“Today’s financial burden must

be really tough for people trying to

get to university. The University

of Kent had confidence in me at a

time when that was missing

elsewhere in my life and I would

like to repay that trust.”

Legacy donor

For more information on legacies visit, contact Jenny

Richardson on +44(0)1227 823588 or email


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012

Events news

Benefactors’ garden party

Due to the inclement weather in June this year’s Benefactors’ Garden Party,

hosted by the Vice-Chancellor, was relocated to the Canterbury campus and was

enjoyed, indoors at the Darwin Conference Suite, by 146 guests.

Sponsored events in aid of the

Kent Law Campaign

• Anna Pollard (K98 and Campaigns

Manager at the University) ran the

London Marathon to raise funds for

the Kent Law Campaign, raising over


• Natalie Salunke (E02 and Chair of the

Young Alumni Fundraising Group) and

Darren Ellis (Development Office) took

part in a sponsored skydive, raising


• The Young Alumni Fundraising Group

organised a sponsored walk from

Canterbury to Whitstable, raising £500.

Legacy lunch

Keith Mander, Deputy Vice-Chancellor

hosted a dinner to give thanks to

supporters who have pledged to

remember the University of Kent through

their wills. One current scholar attended

the dinner to express her thanks on behalf

of students who will benefit in time from

the guests support. The dinner culminated

in a personalised tour of the campus

taking in the new Jarman Building.

Scholarship ‘thank you’ event

The inaugural Scholarship event took

place in March this year and was attended

by 104 guests. Keith Mander, the Deputy

Vice-Chancellor, hosted the event at the

Canterbury campus and gave thanks to

all those who generously support

Scholarships at the University of Kent.


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012

Donor facts

University of Kent Donors are currently spread among

15 different countries

• In the last year, the University of Kent has received 5113

donations from 1117 donors

• The University of Kent had 22 different scholarships

as a result of philanthropic donations in 2011/2012

• The University of Kent had 65 scholars on philanthropic

scholarships in 2011/2012

University of Kent donors under 40 make up almost 25%

of all donors


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012

Donor list 2011/2012

The University of Kent wishes to express its sincere thanks to the following

individuals, companies, Trusts and Foundations who have made a gift to the

University of Kent (between 1 August, 2011 and 31 July, 2012).

Lifetime giving

The following have made a

generous lifetime gift of over

£1 million to the University

Colyer-Fergusson Charitable Trust

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Sir James Colyer-Fergusson

The Football Foundation

Pfizer Ltd

Rochester Bridgewarden’s Trust

General Ibnu Sotowu

We are grateful to the following

companies, foundations, alumni,

staff and friends who have made

gifts in excess of £10,000

Mr John R Beale

Dr Orlando Bloom

Mr L Cotsen

Dr Fred Cuming RA

Mr Paul F Dyer

Professor Eddy C Fong

Dr Alan S Hearne

Ms Jennie Howells

The Rt Hon Sir John F Mummery DL

Mr John Washington

Dr Charles Williams II

Dr Kennedy Ying-Ho Wong

Professor Sir Robert M Worcester

Bodossaki Foundation

Fondaziona CRT

Kent County Council Adult & Children’s

Social Services

Patricia Cohen Trust

Metropolitan Migration Foundation

The Patsy Wood Trust

The Paul & Alexandra Canellopoulos


The Pears Family Charitable Foundation

The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust

The Samuel Sebba Trust

Unbound Philanthropy

University of Kent in America, Inc

VisionMetric Ltd

Alumni and friends who

have made an annual gift of


Dr James and Jenny Bird

Mr Richard W Burton

Mrs Sonia Copeland Bloom & Samantha


Professor Richard de Friend

Mr Nigel E Gardner

Professor Dame Julia M Goodfellow

Mrs Jill Henton

Dr David G Hughes

Mr Christopher A Keljik

Professor Keith and Janet Mander

Professor Sir David Melville

Ms Sally Muggeridge

Mr Ian and Juliet Odgers

Mr A H A Osborn

Mr Selwyn J Richardson

Professor Clare Ungerson

Mr Gregory R Zaks

Ede and Ravenscroft

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Kent Law Campaign Young Alumni &

Student Fundraising Groups

Lewes Arms Dramatic Society

Pratt Contemporary

R G Hills Charitable Trust

Sam Fogg Ltd

Sir Charles Jessel Charitable Trust

Sky News

The Peter and Michael Hiller Charitable


Thomas Pocklington Trust

Alumni and friends who have

made an annual gift of up to


Mr Anthony B Acton

Mr Robert Addy

Mr David A O Adekola

Mr Omer Ahmad

Miss Anum Ahmed

Ms Geraldine E Ahrens

Mrs Elizabeth Akehurst

Dr Abdulmonem H Al Zalabani

Mr Craig S Alder

Dr UHB Alexander MBE DL DCL

Mrs Clare E Alford

Mrs Sarah F Allen

Miss Rosalind J Ambrose

Mr Vincent A Ambross

Mr Walter F Amor

Mr Christopher Anderson

Mrs Mikal Laura Anderson

Professor Graham & Margaret Anderson

Mr Juan J Anido

Mr Joseph G Antoniou

Mr Foivos Apostolopoulos

Dr James Appleyard FRCP

Ms N Araki Jervis

Mr David Arnold

Mr Reuben P Arnold

Mr Robin F Ash

Miss Sally A L Aspital

continued >


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012

Mr Richard A Atanda

Mr Leonard J Attewell

Mr Mark C Attridge

Ms Avril D Austin

Mrs Laura Awosile

Mr Charles R Baker

Dr Jean N Baker

Miss Lindsey H Baker

Ms Vikki R Baker

Professor John Baldock

Mrs Victoria E Bamford

Mr Miles Banbery

Miss Kathryn E Bancroft

Dr Marie L Banfield

Ms Jacqueline A Banton

Mr Ivan P Barbic

Mrs Rona C Barden

Mr Andrew C Barker

Mrs Diana M Barnes

Mrs Carole Barron

Mrs Jennifer F Barrow

Miss Faye Barsby

Mr Will Bartlett-Hooker

Dr Michael H Barton

Mrs Sabina B Bauluck

Mr Adam Beaman

Miss Susanna F Bearne

Mrs Hilary G Beaumont

Mr Barrie F Beeching

Ms Fatemeh H Behnoud

Revd Richard W Bellamy

Miss Alexandra Bennell

Mr David Bennett FRCS

Mr Abdul F Bhanji

Mr Bhupinder S Bhasin

Mr Matthew J Billingsley

Mr Matthew D Birtles

Mr Mark A Bishop

Miss Opeolu Biye

Ms Jane Blackham

Mrs Jill and Jeremy Bland

Dr Marieke Bloemink

Mrs Valerie V Bloom

Mr Grant Blowers

Mr Daniel Boardman

Mrs Teresa C Bomphrey

Mrs Marion N H Bond

Dr Colin Boswell

Mr Martyn Bott

Mr Philip Bounds

Dr John D Bovey

Mrs Mina Bowater

Mrs Mary R Bowen

Mr Peter Boyne

Mr Paul A Bradbury

Dr Stella Bradbury

Mr Ian Bradley

Mr Stephen V Bradley

Mr Jonathan L Bradshaw

Miss Nicolien Braithwaite

Mr Malcolm R Brand

Ms Christine L Brandon

Mrs Karen Brayshaw

Dr Xavier C Brice

Ms Frances F Bristow

Ms Emma L Britcher

Mrs Jill Britcher

Miss Claire M Britton

Mr Peter M Bromley

Mr Alan C Brooks

Mr Reginald D Brown

Ms Lyn Brown

Dr Judith K Brownsword

Mr William A Buckley

Mrs Jennie Bukht

Mrs Jame I Bull

Ms Ruth E Bundey

Miss Sarah E Burford

Mrs Jane L Burleigh

Mrs Jane L Giles

Miss Vanessa R Burley

Mrs Kirsten J Burnett

Mr Roger E Burr

Mr Alan Burt

Miss Helen M Burtenshaw

Ms Alison L Burton

Miss Joceline E Bury

Mr Andrew K Butcher

Professor John & Gillian Butler

Mr William Butler

Ms Sarah Buttler

Mrs Elizabeth A Cable

Mr Stephen B Cameron-Dyne

Mrs Gilliam M Campbell

Mr Robin G Campbell

Mr Michael Canham-Croom

Mrs Jane G Canning

Miss Naomi Capell

Mr Marco P Carlotti

Mrs Sally F Carr

Mr Richard P Carter

Miss Sarah Carter

Councillor Michael G Carver

Mr Simon E H Castle

Mr John K Cazabon

Mr Maurice S Challen

Mr Martin P Chandler

Miss Claire M Caplin

Mr Joel R Charles

Mr Steward M Charnell

Mrs Margot S Chaundler


Mr Pak-Loon Cheng

Mrs Sarah J Chiappi

Sir Geoffrey & Lady


Mr Jon & Beryl Chipperton

Professor Roy & Monty


Mr Mel D Chittenden

Miss Frances M Chiverton

Mr Barrie Chiverton

Miss Nazanin Choubandi

Mr Mark G Chudleigh

Mrs Megan W M S A R


Mr David Clark

Mr Christopher S Clarke

Mr John E Clarke

Mr Richard S Clarke

Ms Carolyn Clews

Mr Michael L Clifton

Mr Haydn A Cole

Mrs Cheryl Coleman

Mrs Alison J Coles

Mr Francis T Collaco


Mr David P Collard

Mr Andrew M Collins

Mr Martin P Collins

Mr Roy G Collins

Mrs Celia C Cook

Mrs Lisa A Cooke

Mr Andrew D Cooper

Mr Fraser Cooper

Miss Elizabeth M Cope

Mr Antony Copley

Mrs Imogen J B Corrigan

Mr Gino P Corsini

Miss Mary J Couchman

Mr Jonathan R Coulson

Mr Paul Coulson

Miss Gemma Coward

Mrs Claire Cowie

Ms Gillian A Cox

Mr Timothy P Cox

Mr Peter Cox

Mr Michael Coxall

Revd Elaine Cranmer

Mrs Uta C Crofts

Miss Gabrielle F Culmer

Mr David N Curbishley

Ms Elizabeth Curd

Mrs Caroline Cushing

Mr Peter G Cutler

Mr Christopher J Daborn

Miss Caroline Dacey

Miss Alexa L Dalby

Miss Madeleine J Dalrymple

Mr Simon L A Daniell

Miss Alex Davenport

Miss Nicola J Davidson

Mr Oliver B Davies

Mr Peter Davies

Mr Matthew K P Davies

Mr Brian Davis

Dr Anthony G Davison

Miss Eleanor R Dawes

Miss Jill Dawson

Professor Leslie de


Mr Carl P de Figueiredo

Dr Ana M de Medeiros

Mr David & Maureen de Saxe

Mrs Judith P Dean

Mr Matthew D Dean

Mr Florian Delessert

Mrs Lindsay Delph

Mr Rowan Dence

Mr David Dewin

Mr Antonio Di Lorenzo

Ms Penelope J Dickens

Mr David J Dickinson

Mr Christopher R Dickson

Dr Keith & Judith Dimond

Mr John H Divall

Dr Mary E Dixon

Mr Stephen W Dixon

Ms Kathleen Docherty

Professor Thomas Docherty

Mr Malcolm D Dodds

Mrs Petra L Dolby

Mr Stephen Donaldson

Mr Brian N Douglas

Mr Craig Dove

Mrs Heather J Dove


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012

Mr Jason L Dowson

Mr Stephen J Drury

Mr John S Ducker

Dr Rosanna M Duffy

Dr Sophie Duncan

Mr Christopher Duncombe

Mrs Amanda J Dunford

Mr Neil Dunford

Dr Alister Dunning

Mr Michael J Dunsby

Mr Gareth M Eastwood

Mr Joseph Eddington

Ms Hilary A Edridge

Mr Gavin S Edwards

Mr Joseph B Egan

Professor Roy F Ellen

Mr Charles Ellingworth

Dr John N Ellis

Mr Michael R Ellis

Ms Katie Elson

Mr Andrew N Emmerson

Mr Mark J Ennis

Mr Adam J Eustace

Miss Margery J Evans

Mr Richard L Evans

Dame Anne Evans

Mrs Angela Everitt

Ms Barbara R Farris

Mr Paul A Farrow

Miss Cara L Feeney

Mr Peter J Fenn

Mr Ian S Ferguson

Ms Maria N Fernandes

Ms Sofia B Fernandes

Mr Brian J Ferris

Ms Jeanette M Field

Mrs Susan M Fields

Mr Matthew Fitt

Mrs Katherine J Fitzgerald

Professor John Fitzpatrick

Mr David J Flanagan

Miss Lisa A Flanagan

Dr Anthony M Fletcher

Mrs Jennifer M Fletcher

Dr David Flood

Miss Harman Flora

Mr Ian Foinette

Mrs Janet K Foot

Miss Frances A Ford

Mr Jonathan Ford

Mrs Rachel L Ford

Mr Simon J Forster

Mr Jeffrey K Francis

Mrs Linda A Friday

Miss Jamie E Fright

Mr Richard J Fulford

Dr Sarah Fulford

Mr George W Fuller

Ms Helen P Gaete

Ms Nancy Gaffield

Miss Emma L Gajlewicz

Mr H Derek Gale

Mr R D Galloway

Mr Steven Gant

Mr James W Gargrave

Mrs Carolyn A Garner

Professor Maurice R Garner

Mr John & Marina Garner

Dr Rachel M Geatches

Mr Michael N


Ms Shiulie Ghosh

Mr John A Gibbens

Mr Daniel J Gibbin

Miss Abigail M Gibbs

Mr Charles D Gibbs

Dr William P Gibson

Mr John Gilbert

Dr Rosemary Gilbert

Mrs Yvonne M Gilbertson

Mrs Margaret A Glennon

Mr Paul B Glicker

Miss Angela M Goddard

Mrs Joanna E Goddard

Miss Christine L Godfrey

Miss Anneka S Gonzalez

Mr Philip R Goddall

Mr Alistair J Goodfellow

Mrs Patricia A Goodsell

Mr David E Goodwin

Mr Peter S Gordon

Mr Anthony J Gouder

Mr Mathew J Gradidge

Mr Robert D Grahame

Miss Emily P Grant

Mr Alistair Gray

Mr Ernest W Gray

Miss Bridget J Green

Miss Emma Green

Mr John R Green

Ms Stephanie Green

Mr Louis P Greenstock

Mr Edward B Greenwood

Mr Ian Greer

Mr Guy A H Griffin

Mr Richard J Griffin

Mr Rhidian G Griffiths

Professor A John R Groom

Dr Stefan Gunther

Mrs Sharon D Haffenden

Mr Timothy J Hallett

Mrs Bethany Halliday

Miss Rosanna I Hammond

Mr Peter J Hampton

Miss My H Hansson

Mr Timothy R Harden

Mr Billy Hare

Mr Ian G Hargrave

Mr Anthony J Harris

Mr Jonathan R Harris

Mr Ryan L Harris

Miss Laura Harrison

Mrs Heather Harrow

Mrs Deborah Harvey

Miss Cynthia Hawes

Mr Christopher M Hawksley

Mr William A Y Hayes

Miss Carol Hayton

Dr David R L Heald

Mr Timothy R Heapy

Mrs Tamarisk M Hearnden

Revd David H Heatley

Mrs Jennifer M Herkes

Professor Didi Herman

Mrs Denise A Herschel

Mr Hugh L Hetherington

Mr Simon G Hill

Mr Christopher S Hills

Miss Louise Hiron

Mrs Elisabeth A Hirons

Mrs Angela Hirst

Mr David J Hiscock

Mr Steve Holland

Mr Gary M Holmes

Mrs Anne P B Holton-


Miss Louise J Hope

Ms Susan G Horner

Mr Michael G Hornsby-Smith

Dr Coral J Houtman

Mrs Nicola B Howes

Mr Matthew J Hubbard

Mrs Melanie R Hudson

Professor Alex Hughes

Dr Michael Hughes

Dr Peter L Humphries

Mr David Hunt

Mr Mubariz & Jane Hussain

Mr Stuart Hutchinson

Mrs Dorothy Hutchinson

Mr Keith J Ibbetson

Professor Lyn Innes

Dr Stanley Ireland

Mrs Stella Irwin

Mr David M Isaacs

Dr Shorful Islam

Miss Anna M Jackson

Mrs Gillian L Jackson

Mrs Jean E Jeffery

Mr John E Jenner

Mr Murad S Jetha

Mr Zareh Z A Johannes

Mr Ian E F Johnson

Mr Ian G Johnson

Miss Ann C Jones

Professor Dick Jones

Miss Emma K E Jones

Miss Fiona L Jones

Mrs Jane L Jones

Ms Josephine M Jones

Mr Malcolm S Jones

Mr Marcus C E Jones

Mr Stephen J Jones

Mr Troy A Jones

Professor Richard G Jones

Mr Robert E Jupe

Dr Naheed Kaderbhai

Mrs Jenifer E Kahawatte

Ms Jennifer Kartupelis

Mr Alexander A J Kaydan

Dr Arthur P Keaveney

Mr Gerry Keay

Miss Clare Kelly

Mrs Charlotte Kelly

Mr Richard W Kemp-Luck

Mrs Margaret Kent

Mrs Sue Kerr

Mr Alasdair D Kesson

Mr Matthew C Key

Mr John E Keys

Mr Shaukat Khan

Mr Thomas M Kiedrowski

Mr David A Kilroy

Mr Simon K King

Mr Matthew J Kingsland

Mr Christopher M Kingsley


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012

Professor Mark Kinkead-

Weekes (D)

Miss Jennifer Kinnis

Mrs Anna G Kirby-Hall

Mr James Kirkham

Mr John R Kitchener

Mr Samuel B Knight

Miss Gabrielle R Koenig

Mr Richard L Kohli

Miss Simone Kraemer

Mr Naginbhai G Lad

Miss Emily L Ladha

Mr Derek A Lambert

Ms Helly Langley

Mr James Laughland

Ms Sylvie Laurent-Vo

Dr David H Lawrence

Mr Gary R Layton

Mrs Hilary M Leslie

Mr Michael R Levick

Mrs Katharine Lewis

Miss Sarah Li Ting Wai

Miss Rebecca Lilley

Mrs Clare V Limbrey

Miss Nicola M Lince

Miss Sheryl E Lindsay

Dr Arthur D Linfoot OBE DCL

Ms Ginny Lingwood

Mr David A Link

Ms Laura J Lisk

Mr Brian J Little

Ms Penny Little

Mr David H Llewellyn

Dr Dan Lloyd

Miss Frances C Locke

Mr Ashley T Long

Mr Charles W Lord

Dr Maria Luca

Mr Marcus R Luck

Mr Mark Lucraft QC

Mr Robin C Lunn

Ms Stella M Lunney

Mrs Jennifer A Lyons

Mr Stephen Lyssejko

Mr Michael J Macfarlane

Mr Graham C MacGregor

Dr Duncan & Margaret Mcnair

Mr Ben Macphee

Mrs Jennifer M Maddox

Mr Patrick Magee

Mr Sean Mahon

Mr Charles Mahoney

Mr Christopher Z Makomereh

Mr Paul P Maloney

Mrs Clare Mangan

Miss Eleanor J Manns

Professor Wade Mansell

Mr John Marsh

Miss Heather C Marshall

Mr Kenneth J Marshall

Mrs Susan A Marshall

Ms Carollyn Marskell

Mr David Martin

Mr Gary Martin

Mr Owen P Martin

Mrs Sigrid B Martin-Wünscher

Miss Claire E Maslen

Dr Keith H Mason

Mr Philip B Mason

Mrs Patricia M Massie

Miss Emma Mastin

Dr Neil Matheson

Mr Tom Mathias

Dr Virginia J Matthew

Mrs Louise C Maurice

Mr Andrew S May

Mr Sebastian & Liz Maynard

Miss Hilary M McBride

Mrs Louise J McCabe

Dr Leo McCann

Miss Leigh M McClellan

Mrs Louise A McConnell

Father Wilfrid McGreal

Mr John P McKenna

Mr Colin McLaren

Professor David McLellan

Miss Felicity S H McMahon

Ms Valerie L McManus

Mr Peter C McMaster

Mrs Claudia E McNulty

Mr Ben Meakin

Mr Bruce Meredeen

Mr Nigel J Meredith

Mrs Catherine A Merriman

Ms Claire M Metcalfe

Ms Dominique F Micheloud

Mr Adrian J Midgley

Mr Matthew J Millburn

Mr David T Millen

Mrs Rosemary Miller

Miss Kajal Mistry

Mr James Mitchard

Mr Nathan R Modell

Professor Janet E


Miss Rosalind E Moore

Mr Duncan E Morgan

Mrs Janet C Morgan

Miss Angela M Morrell

Mr Andrew C Morris

Mr David H Moysen

Mrs Annick M L Mullings

Mr Martin L Mulot

Mr Mark T D Mulrooney

Ms Mairin M Mulvey

Miss Amy E Murphy

Mr Alan Murray

Mrs Helen E Murton

Mr Khagani Najafov

Miss Emma Nancarrow

Ms Sian Napier

Mrs Gael J Nash

Mr Kevin P Nash

Dr Louise Naylor

Mr Joshua B Neal

Miss Sandra J Neale

Ms Veronica Needa

Mr David R Nelson

Mr Daniel M Smith

Miss Katherine D Nesling

Ms Esther Nevell

Dr Andrew J Nevill

Mr Nigel R Newbrook

Mrs Elizabeth R Newbury

Mrs Louise Newby

Miss Lyn Newton

Mr Paul S Nicholson

Mrs Pauline E Nicholson

Mr Matthew G Noble

Mr Allan F Norman

Mrs Judith E Northwood-


Dr David G Nunnerley

Mr Philip H Nunnerley

Mr James G Nunn-Price

Mr Mark S Oakes

Miss Lauren O’Callaghan

Mr Neil M O’Donoghue

Mr J D O’Driscoll

Mr Michael O’Dwyer

Mr Tim Offord

Mr Neil O’Grady

Mrs Jennifer S Oldfield

Ms Jennifer A Olpin

Mr Peter G O’Neill

Professor David Ormrod

Mrs Cheryl A Osborn

Miss Helen J O’Sullivan

Professor Jan Pahl

Mr David V Paige

Mrs Susan E Palmer

Mr Jeremy C Park

Mr Neil R Parker

Dr Sally A Parker

Mr Brian J Parker

Mrs Heather Parry

Mr Steven G Parsons

Mrs Pragna Patel

Mr Andrew J Paterson

Mr John C Paterson

Mr Anand B Patil

Mr David J Pawling

Mrs Marion A Peacock

Mr Rodney Pearce

Dr Clifford Pearce

Miss Jo Pearsall

Mr Thomas M Pearson

Miss Andrea Pelekanou

Dr Chris and Liz Pell

Mr Jeremy J Pendlebury

Mr David & Alicia Pentin

Mr Richard J Percival

Mrs Helen Perkins

Dr Christopher H Perry

Ms Kimble A Perry

Mr Peter H Petheram

Mr Andrew Pettican

Mr Peter M Pettit

Mr Christopher Pettitt

Miss Floriane Peycelon

Mr Brian K Phillips

Mr John H Phillips

Mr Daniel G Piddock

Mrs Catherine L Pike

Mr Francis J Pindar

Mrs Anna C Pitt

Group Captain John C Platt

Mr Mark J Pocock

Mrs Anna J Pollard

Mrs Marion Pont

Dr Grant F Pooke

Mrs N Poore

Mr David M Porritt

Mr Jonathan Priddy

Mrs Wendy Primmer

Mr Stephen C Prosser


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012

Mr Clive R Purdy

Mr Abdulhaye M Quereshi

Miss Pauline K Railton

Mr William E Ramsey

Mr Lorwyn A S L Randall

Ms Rosemary Rathbone

Mr Robin Ravenhill

Mr John M Rawcliffe

Mr Glenn M Reuben

Mr Daniel S Revell

Miss Ellen A Richardson

Mrs Heather Richardson

Dr Michael Rizzo

Mr Matthew & Catherine


Miss Aderyn L Roberts

Mrs Barbara A Rodgers

Dr Paul B Rodgers

Miss Miriam D Roe

Mr Colin C Rollinson

Mrs Lesley A Ronaldson

Miss Victoria Roots

Mr Stanley Rose

Mr Anthony Roth

Miss Alison B Rothera

Mr Benjamin J Rowden

Mr Keith A Rowe

Dr Jonathan Rowles

Mr Stephen P Royle

Miss Claire R I Rubin

Mr Daniel R Rubin

Professor Gerry R Rubin

Mrs Caroline S Russell-Clark

Dr Nick S Ryan

Mrs Guitta Saidi

Mrs Stella J Saje

Mrs D G Salvesen

Mr Adam G Samways

Mr David E Sanderson

Mr Oliver J T Sanderson

Mr Benjamin J Satterthwaite

Mr Paul J T Satterthwaite

Mrs Candida G Saunders

Mr James Saunders

Dr Clare E Saunders Stride

Miss Fiona L Sayers

Professor Janet V Sayers

Mr John P Schofield

Mr David Schoibl

Mr Michael W Schuster

Mr Martin P Scofield

Mr Christian Scott

Mr David M Scott

Dr Janet M Scott

Mrs Margaret M Scott-Knight

Dr Lucy A Scott-Moncrieff

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Dr Charlotte L Sleigh

Mr Robert G Smale

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Mr Nicholas J Smart

Mr Mike Smears

Miss Anneka M L Smith

Miss Charlotte M J Smith

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Mrs Rhonda Smith

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Mrs Sarah J Snaydon

Mrs Anna M Soanes

Mr David J Spalding

Mr David E Spann

Mr Philip E Sparrow

Ms Simone A Spencer-Ahmed

Mr David J Spencer-Nixon

Dr Martin Spinelli

Professor E Brian Spratt

Ms Rose M St Louis

Mr Patrick M Stappard

Mr Jonathan C E Starck

Ms Susan Steele

Mr Byron L Stevens

Mr David P Stevens

Miss Emma L Stevenson

Mrs Clare Stewart

Mr Malcolm Stokes

Ms Julie A Stove

Ms Penelope J Stowe

Miss Linda Strand

Mr Colin Stringer

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Mrs Susan J Surridge

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Mr Ian & Alison Swatman

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Mrs Kelly A Talbot

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Professor Peter F Taylor-Gooby

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Miss Susannah Thackray

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Mr Charles C X Thompson

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Professor Jenny Uglow

Miss Katie Valentine

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Professor Roger & Christine


Councillor Paula Vickers

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District Judge Michael L

Walker CBE

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Lord Mayor of Canterbury

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DONOR REPORT 2011/2012

Mr Keith C Willis

Mr Gary J Wilson

Miss Kathryn S Wines

Revd Bernard J Winn

Mrs Clare P Winstanley

Mr Graeme C Winterburn

Mr Stephen J Wiseman

Mr Mark E K Withers

Mr Andrew R Wood

Miss Helen Wood

Mr Martin Wood

Mrs Susan M B Woodham

Mr Gavin N Woodhoo

Dr Marc P Woodland

Mr Stephen J Woodley

Mr Nigel Wooldridge

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Mr Barry Wright

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Mr James P Wright

Mr Stephen J Wright

Mrs Tara M Wright

Mrs Miriam R Wysocki

Mr Anthony Yates

Mr Robert P Yeomans

Mrs Stephanie K Youle

Mr Andrew A Young

Miss Bethany Young

Dr Ping Zheng

the following people:

London Marathon 2012 – Anna


Skydive – Darren Ellis, Natalie


Thames Path Challenge –

Natalie Salunke

The Crab & Winkle Walk –

Cyrus Bulsara, Per & Jacqui

Laleng, Imogen Macmillan,

Daniel Malynn, Mia Manzi-

Davies, Beverley Paton, Anna

& Steven Pollard, Mike Potts,

Natalie Salunke, Vicky Tween

and John Ward

Gifts in Kind made

this year

Art and Language


London Road Press Limited

Pratt Contemporary

Legators (individuals

who have made a

legacy pledge)

Ms Pauline Airey

Dr Rosemary D Bradley

Professor Heather Brown

Professor Christopher Collard

Miss Stella Dick

Mr Michael E Forder

Mrs Hazel A Humphreys

Ms Linda Jane

Dr Gordon and Mrs Linda


Dr David Nunnerley

Mr Robert Pay

Professor Ian R Swingland

Mr Michael A Williams

And other anonymous donors

The University of Kent

expresses sincere thanks to

legators who have pledged to

remember the University in their

Wills and who wish to remain


(D) = deceased


Former Staff Association

Furley Page Solicitors



Kent Law Temple Society

Pearson Education

Shepherd Neame Ltd

The Book People Ltd

The Edward Newell Memorial


The Headley Pitt Charitable


The Latsis Foundation

Sponsored Events

Everyone who has sponsored


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012

Thank you

A message from Dr Samuel

Godfrey, Kent Alumni

Scholar 2007-2011

In 2007, I was awarded the

Kent Alumni scholarship

which funded my studies

towards a PhD in cancer

research. I am hugely

grateful to all of you who

were kind enough to donate

to the University, because

without your donations I

could not have afforded to

work towards my doctorate

on a subject that I feel

passionate about.

I originally graduated from

Kent in 2005 with a BSc in

biomedical science. My

experiences at Kent had been

incredibly positive and, after

two years of enjoyable work

developing new medicines

with Pfizer, I had the

opportunity to return to this

university. I was also lucky

enough to win a scholarship

to further my studies.

The Kent Alumni

Scholarship not only paid

for my tuition fees and

laboratory fees, it also

covered my living expenses.

This allowed me to focus all

my energies on my PhD

without the need for a parttime

job to support myself.

The scholarship also provided

me with a wealth of nonacademic

opportunities. My

position as Alumni Scholar led

me to become an ambassador

for the university at numerous

receptions, garden parties, and

functions. In the process, I

have been able to thank many

donors personally for their

generous contributions. In this

role, I also visited many local

schools, explaining my research

and attempting to infuse

students with a passion for

pursuing a career in science.

Last year, I successfully

defended my thesis to be

awarded my doctorate. I have

now taken the experience I

gained at Kent to work at

Imperial College in London

with the Royal British Legion

on new methods for helping

damaged nerves repair

themselves. This is particularly

an issue with victims of

conflict, but also has

applications in paralysis,

Alzheimer’s disease and

traumatic brain injury.

Without your kind donations, I

could not have progressed to

this exciting point in my career

and I cannot express how truly

grateful I am. Thank you.

Dr Samuel Godfrey


DONOR REPORT 2011/2012

Development Office, The Registry, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NZ, UK

T: +44 (0)1227 823729 F: +44 (0)1227 827912 024E:



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