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Facts – Observations – Short Portraits . . . . 4


Premières and Announcements . . . . . . . 6


Cranger Kirmes . . . . . . . . . . . 12


Vechta – Wenden . . . . . . . . . . 20


Formula Maxx – Swiss Tower. . . . . . . 22


Reports about Specially Selected Events . . 26


Exhibition in Nürnberg . . . . . . . . . 42


Hurrican – Fahrt ins Blaue. . . . . . . . 44


Blue Hawaii – Crazy Trip . . . . . . . . 48


Kirmes-Highlights en miniature . . . . . . 62


Il Tempo Extra Gigante. . . . . . . . . 66


Arthur . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72


Hello Kitty Secret Garden . . . . . . . . 76


Santorini Fantasy – Sea World Aquatica . . . 80


Current News from the Park-Scene. . . . . 82


Calendar of Events . . . . . . . . . . 90





Text & Photos:

Helmut Bresler

Satisfied with the new

lighting: “Parkour” owner

Andreas Aigner

Convinced by extensive

testing at

the backflash of

one of the gondolas,

Andreas Aigner

has now also

had the remaining

19 gondola backflashes


with the latest

LED lighting elements.

Meanwhile, more

than 10,000 modern

lighting elements provide the perfect lighting for

the ride. Classic spotlights are used during loading

to illuminate the entire round ride with bright light

for security reasons only. During the ride, the

attraction is completely illuminated by LED lights

though. Even though the seller’s promises relating

to the new light concept at the gondolas had

whetted the owner’s curiosity, he had hesitated at

first and wanted to try out the effects with only one

gondola. Immediately convinced by the experiment

at the Bremen Freimarkt, Andreas Aigner

had the remaining gondolas re-equipped during

the Hamburg Frühlingsdom. According to Andreas

Aigner, the variety of colours as well as the impressive

brightness of the LEDs, highly effective

also in daylight, tipped the scales towards the

investment. There are 140 LEDs on each gondola,

amounting to a total of 2,800. Since 2009 – in other

words for five years – the unique “Parkour” ride has

been in the Munich showman family’s collection.

The construction is based on the “Sound Factory”

round ride from Schwarzkopf, and was thoroughly

overhauled and modernised by Gerstlauer Amusement


The “Devils Manor” has

become “Terror Factory”


Text & Photos: Patrick Vanstipelen

This season, the ghost ride from Stephane

Vanderzeypen/Janssens from Belgium surprised

visitors with a completely new design. The “Devils

Manor” has changed into the “Terror Factory”.

According to the owner, redesigning the ride with the

new “Terror Factory” theme included the installation

of many new animatronics. For the first time, the

newly designed ghost ride could be admired at the

Sinksenfoor in Antwerp.



Text & Photos:

Norman Vogt

After 15 years, Nik Schultze from Bochum parted

with his “Piraten Trip” kiddie ride last autumn.

The new owner is Marcel Hardt from Bonn.

With this ride, Hardt has purchased a very popular

guest of many years standing at many prestigious

events, which has thoroughly impressed visitors, not

least because of its

flamboyant theme.

The construction,

which requires just

one trailer for transportation,


ground measurements

of 12 x 4.5 m,

a flight height of 8 m,

and electrical requirements

of 40 kW.

The ship accommodates

24 passengers,


adults. Perfectly fitting in with the theme, the ride

chips are collected by a member of the staff in a

pirate costume. In the second half of the season,

Marcel Hardt will present the “Piraten Trip” at, among

other venues, Speyer, Friedrichshafen, Coburg,

Wittlich, Bonn, Crailsheim, Bad Hersfeld, Rhede,

and Werne.

New captain at the

“Piraten Trip”: Marcel Hardt, here

with his partner Marion Müller


Text & Photos:

Michael Petersen

In early June, Oliver Jung and his

partner Melanie Bartling from

Kreuztal near Düren took over

the “Aqua King” ride from the

Fehlauer family, who had themselves

purchased the attraction

from Andreas Zinnecker only at

the beginning of this year.

Oliver Jung has now parted with his “Disney-Flug”

kiddie ride in favour of the “Aqua King”. His new

purchase is a true novelty for the fairgrounds in North-

Rhine Westphalia as this unique ride (at least, unique

within Germany) has only appeared in Aachen once

before so far. Under management of the new owner,

the attraction has already been presented at the

Schützenfest in Düsseldorf-Eller, the Halver Fair, and

the Remscheid Summer

Fair. In addition to

the “Aqua King”

Oliver Jung and Melanie

Bartling also

tour a “Churros” operation

and a crêpesbooth.

Oliver Jung with his

partner Melanie Bartling and

son Lennox





Helmut Bresler

Photos: Helmut Bresler, Norman Vogt

Première in Bayreuth:

Zinnecker’s “Freak”

The proud owners Alexander

and Angelique Zinnecker

At its première at the Bayreuth

Volksfest, the new propeller

attraction from Alexander Zinnecker

fascinated the public with its

predominant colours green and

yellow. After a particular attraction

was cancelled in Bayreuth, Alexander

Zinnecker stepped in at short

notice, building up his novelty ride

virtually overnight. Originally, the

delivery date had been scheduled

for the late summer, but the Dutch

manufacturer KMG rescheduled the

building of the “Freak” to an earlier

date at short notice. More than 40

examples of this ride type have

already been delivered all over the

globe. The specialists from KMG

were present when the construction

commenced operation, and no

problems arose either during the

build-up, or during the first test runs,

thereby providing for the complete

satisfaction of Alexander and

Angelique Zinnecker. According to

the owner, the short build-up and dismantling

times, the compact

measurements, as well as the construction’s

impressive 40-metre

height were the reasons for purchasing

the ride. They offer new potential

to make the Freak a revolutionary

attraction and a real crowd puller, true

to the chosen motto: “Arouse the

freak inside you!” The première

planned to take place in Neustadt/

Danube was cancelled. Further



“Freak” during

construction in Wiesbaden

venues planned for this season that have either already

taken place or are currently scheduled are, among others,

Wiesbaden, Waldkraiburg, Geneva (Switzerland), Landshut,

Freising, Delbrück, Amberg and Cologne. The backflash

for the “Freak” is still being constructed and is conceived

to conspicuously further justify the chosen name.

“It will be a solid backflash; no tarpaulin”, said the owner.

In addition to the “Freak” Alexander

Zinnecker also continues to operate

the “Street-Fighter" swing. Technical

details of the “Freak” propeller:

Ground measurements 18 x 6

metres, approved by TÜV Süd

Munich, 8 seats, LED-lights only. ■


Text & Photo:

Ton Koppei

At the end of April, the young Dutch showman Frits Dauphin

from Bergen op Zoom celebrated his première with his

novelty “Hang Over”. The compact and colourful swing, which

was delivered by the Czech firm Fun Light located in Brandys nad

Labem, was presented in Oegstgeest for the first time. Afterwards

it appeared at, among other venues, Venlo-Blerick and Heerlen.

This season, Dauphin, who will also continue to tour his “Walking

Street” Walkthrough construction, will present his new ride at,

among other venues, Oss, Alkmaar, and Sittard.




The brand new “Discovery

Revolution” at the Vienna Prater

providing over-the-top rides

Text & Photos: Ralf Schmitt

The new star among the major rides at the Vienna

Prater has arrived; the “Discovery Revolution”.

With an impressing flight height of 37 metres, the novelty

from the Steindl family outdoes its predecessor

“Discovery” by far. Moreover, the new attraction provides

an over-the-top ride experience. It is the first “Discovery

Revolution” built by Zamperla in Italy with the passengers

seated facing inwards. On the other three previously built

examples (constructed in the USA, Italy, and New

Zealand), visitors are seated facing forwards. ■

The previous model was

dismantled after the 2013

season and then the site was

prepared for its large successor




Text & Photos: Ralf Schmitt

“Lollipop” is the name of a new

15-metre family tower attraction

at the Vienna Prater.

The owner of the “Spring Ride

Rotating” example from Moser

Rides is the Kern firm. No doubt,

the special feature is the mast

rotating on its own axis, while the

12-seat gondola is bounced up

and down hydraulically. Another

interesting feature is that the construction

requires a ground area

of just 6.10 x 6.10 metres. The

“Lollipop” takes the site of the

rather unfortunate “Octopus”


The ride manufacturer KMG has yet again announced “full

order books until August 2015”.

First, three “Freak Out” constructions were built and delivered to

customers in the USA early this year. The months of April to July

were reserved for the production and delivery of attractions for

European customers, among them the “Speed” Propeller for

Dutch showman Bethel Thelen (“Jekyll & Hyde”) and Al (“Freak”),

as well as an “Inversion” called “Swing Out” for Hugo Johansen

from the Norwegian “Hugos Tivoli”. Moreover, “Inversion”

examples will shortly be delivered to Powers Great American

Midway and PJP Happee Days Shows in the USA. The first

example of a completely new version of the KMG classic

“Discovery” was ordered by the Australian customer Caine Brown.

The new version will be taller than its predecessor, has 20

suspended seats and a backdrop, is equipped with a LED/RGB

lighting system, has low energy consumption and can be built up

and dismantled by 2 people within 3 hours. Prospects 2015:

There are plans to build the prototype of a “single transport” ride

accommodating 24 people – further information will be announced

by KMG late this year. Prospects 2016: The first “Giant Inversion”

is scheduled to be delivered to a European customer in the spring

– height: 62 metres! Further already known details of this giant: 4

transport vehicles and 24 seats. The design of this construction

will be introduced at the EAS in Amsterdam.



“So geht Kirmes” (“That’s how a fair

should be!”) is the motto of the 579 th

Crange Fair that will be held from 1 st

to 10 th August, and will no doubt

once again attract more than three

million visitors from near and far to the Rhein-

Herne-Kanal. Let's take a closer look at the

largest fair in North-Rhine Westphalia, then consider

the event’s facts and figures that so

impressively prove that the Crange organisers

truly know “…how a fair should be”.

From more than 1,600 showman operations applying

for approval to this year’s event, some 500 were

chosen to once again offer visitors a colourful

mixture of regular participants and novelties. For

many years, the Crange Fair has been extensively

advertised. With Timo Krupp, the authorities are

able to also afford a city spokesman who keeps the

fair in the mind of the public the whole year round,

as well as keeping those responsible in the specialist

departments focused on the event. Interesting

facts and upcoming novelties are announced

throughout the year. This “baiting” works out

perfectly and arouses the public’s curiosity about

the event. Already at this early stage, social net-

Text: Michael Petersen

Photos: Norman Vogt, Heiko Schimazik

works are involved in the promotional initiatives, as

they are an important advertising medium today.

Moreover, the ample choice of merchandising

products is becoming increasingly popular from

year to year, with the limited edition of fair pins being

the best-selling article. This year, mascot Fritz will

ride on the ghost ride accompanied by a spook. The

pin is available at the Stadtmarketing Herne GmbH

Ticketshop at the city hall gate and at the Wanne city

office. The opening of the Crange Fair will be held

on 1 st August at 2 p.m. this year with Lord Mayor

Horst Schiereck tapping the first keg of fair beer in

the presence of VIPs from the local and regional

scenes and the subsequent performance of this

year’s guest star, Heino.

Horse Market, Fireworks Display and

Special Events

As is well-known, the Crange Fair has its origins in

a horse market. According to this ancient tradition

various presentations and sales stalls will be offered

at the traditional venue on Thursday, and in the

evening the "Citizen Night" will be celebrated in the

Bayernfesthalle beer tent. Outstanding programme

highlights will be the opening and the closing fireworks

displays, two magnificent events offering the

latest pyrotechnic effects. On Saturday, the long

festival procession will wind through the streets.



Evening atmosphere at

the Crange Fair


The Herne showman

Reinhard Meeß celebrated

a special anniversary

with his kiddie

baroque chain ride at

the Crange Fair this


For 20 years, it has been

“Piel op no Crange” for

him and his magnificent

kiddie ride. The chain

ride has been equipped

with various new LED

light segments, and the

wrought iron crowd barriers

have been ornately

decorated. While the

children are making their

rounds, their parents can

take a little rest on the

new benches in the

middle of a beautiful

flower display. ■

With a successful combination of traditional and

modern themes, a mixture of carnival, Techno, Pop

and folk music, groups on foot and festival floats, it

will prove to be a procession of generations for

every generation. All the other programme highlights

during the opening week, including the

Family Day, Senior's Day, Tag der Vereine

(Associations Day) and other special events, will

remain unchanged. The fair passes are now a

fixture within the ample array of special features.

After initial justifiable criticism, the benefit gained

from fairground passes has now become clear.

Somewhat weak weekdays are livened up by them

and entice more visitors to the Rhein-Herne-Kanal.

This feature is not free for the showmen though as

every voucher is “subsidised”.

Crange Novelties

“At Crange” the latest and most spectacular attractions

are gathering – along with fairground classics.

At the press conference, Werner Friedhoff, head

official at the Herne Public Order Office, was able to

announce a number of novelties for this year. With

the “Mega King Tower” from Zinnecker, the Crange

Fair will present what is probably the most spectacular

novelty of this season. The tallest transportable

mega Drop Tower will provide a magnificent

view across the fairground and the Ruhr region at a

height of 80 metres.

Crange is “Ruhrpott pure”


Der Musikexpress auf Crange!


Wir bedanken uns bei unseren Vertragspartnern

für die vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit:

Recklinghausen, Krefeld, Kamp-Lintfort, Neuss, Oberhausen, Mülheim a.d. Ruhr, Kempen, Crange, Rhede, Moers, Bocholt, Dinslaken


NEU: Luxus-


J. + R. Edling • Moers • Tel. 0 28 41/ 763 55 u. 0178 / 524 14 82 • E-Mail: rudolf.edling@yahoo.de

View across the fairground

and the Ruhr region

Greetings from the

Crange Fair

Thrill seekers / adrenalin junkies will also get their

money’s worth on the second novelty, Löffelhardt’s

“Predator”, which turning the world upside down,

guarantees a particularly intense and varied ride.

The “Traumgenerator” (Lemoine-Häsler), a show

with many effects and surprises, will take its passengers

to a futuristic world of dreams. This year, two

novelties will provide a creepy atmosphere. Fellerhoff’s

“Geisterstadt” will make its début in Herne,

bringing with it a horde of new, moving figures.

The classic multi-storey ghost ride with its magnificent

first-class interior will give its passengers some

creepy experiences. Moreover, a creepy show programme

will be offered in front of the Geisterstadt.

This is also true for the “Horror-Lazarett” (Lehmann/

Weeber), where "patients” are “helped” without

appointments or health insurance. A visit to the

military hospital – particularly with the gruesome

operating theatres, doctors, nurses and the grisly

mortuary – is an experience not for the faint-hearted.

The selection of novelties for Crange also includes

the “Twister” from Eick and the large “Around the

World” chain ride. With the “Alpina-Bahn” from

Bruch, the largest transportable family coaster will

come to the largest Volksfest in North-Rhine Westphalia

once again this year, along with Renoldi’s

“Höllenblitz” and the popular “Wilde Maus” (Eberhard-Göbel).

A total of five dodgem tracks will be

available to the visitors once again. With the rebuilt

and newly designed example from Karl Quante,

there will even be an (almost) completely new construction

along with the “Diamond” dodgem track

(Hartkopf-Osselmann), “No.1” (Isken), “Drive In”

(Schmidt) and the traditionally presented Petter’s

“Starlight”. In addition to the aforementioned

novelties from the show and fun sector, Lehmann’s

“Geisterschlange” will also be built up at Crange.

While the fortune tellers Ronja and Medusa will

provide visitors with a glimpse into the future,


Süße Spezialitäten von höchster Qualität

Jetzt neu: 6500 Energie effiziente

LEDs mit spektakulärem


Wir freuen uns, dass es

auch diesmal wieder heißt:

Piel op

no Crange!

Unsere nächsten Stationen:

Neuss • Schwelm • Pützchen

Castrop-Rauxel • Bottrop

Bochum • Bocholt


Familie Wittler • 44791 Bochum • Tel. 0163 / 834 43 09 • heiniwittler@hotmail.de

Das rollende


mit über 5000 Artikeln

Spielzeugland Mikli

• Riesenauswahl

• Mega-Ballonverkauf

• Immer die neuesten


Spielzeugverkauf seit über 70 Jahren

Wir haben das Geschäft meiner Eltern übernommen und werden es in ihrem Sinne weiterführen.

Unsere nächsten Stationen: Crange • Bad Kreuznach • Rhede • Hüsten • Haan • Bocholt • Werne • Soest

Wir danken unseren Vertragspartnern für die vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit.

Familie Valentin Mikli • Tel. 0177–3136616


Neue LED Beleuchtung


Neu gestaltete


Fein dekorierte


In diesem Jahr heißt es

für uns zum 20. Mal:

Piel op no Crange!

Wir bedanken uns für

die vertrauensvolle


und wünschen der Kirmes

in meiner Heimatstadt

einen guten Verlauf!

Reinhard Meeß • Herne • Tel. 0163 / 600 16 01 • Mail: reinhard-meess@gmx.de

the Loop” (von Olnhausen). Moreover, younger

visitors will be able to enjoy as many as 11 kiddie

rides spread over the fairground, namely “Crazy

Clown” (Arndt), “Kinderparadies” (Barkhofen),

“Water Balls” (Becker), “Carussell-Circus” (K.

Bruch), Miniscooter (Enders), “Fantastische Reise”

(Krawczyk), “Star Trek” (Krenz), kiddie chain ride

(Meeß), kiddie Ferris Wheel (Meyer-Lemoine), “7

Himmelfahrten” (Schmelter) and “Crazy Carpet”

(Strünck). Those were the participants at the

Crange Fair at the time of going to press. This list is

not exhaustive and subject to change. This year, the

Crange Fair will be open from Monday to Friday

already at 1 p.m. On Saturday and Sunday the rides

will commence their rounds at 11 a.m.

The large water attraction

will also be presented

A Crange fixture is

Steinmeister’s beer garden

boxing matches will be offered at the “Fight Club”

(Häsler-Schultz), and the “Crazy Outback” (Hofmann-Jehn),

Markmann’s “Aqua Labyrinth” and the

“Rotor” (Pluschies) will round off the selection of

large funhouse constructions and show booths.

Crange will also offer an impressive variety of ride

attractions – a water ride, a Ferris Wheel, swings and

other fun constructions will be available for all age

groups and everybody’s taste. Here is a complete

list of attractions we have not yet mentioned: “Breakdance

No. 2” (Bonner), “Bellevue” Ferris Wheel

(Bruch), “Flasher” (Ahrend), “Circus Circus” (Bruch-

Gründler), “Disco Jet” (Heitmann), “Happy Sailor”

(Howey), “High Energy” (Kaiser), “Circus” Wave-

Swinger (Kaiser-Grünberg), “Revolution” (Kinzler-

Nickel), “Big Monster” (Krameyer), “Konga”

(Küchenmeister), “Wildwasserbahn 3” (Löwenthal),

“Nessy” (Markmann), “American Swing” (Ch.

Schäfer), “Shake & Roll” (Schäfer GmbH), “Voodoo

Jumper” (Schäfer), “Crazy Beach Jumper”

(Wegener), “The King” (Zinnecker) and “Looping




Nils Benthien

This year on August 14 th , the 716 th Stoppelmarkt will open in Vechta.

For six days, the local residents and visitors from near and far will be

able to enjoy one of the largest Volksfest events in this north-western

region of Germany.

20 large beer tents, 24 major rides, track and funhouse attractions, as well

as concession stalls of every kind will await the visitors on the 160,000-m 2

Westerheide-fairground. Fairground director Jens Siemer from the city

authorities succeeded in contracting seven novelties for Vechta, as well

as many well-known and successful attractions, from applications received.

The double looping coaster “Teststrecke” will be one of the

special attractions this year, and with Zinnecker’s “Mega King Tower”, one

Über 500 Marktgeschäfte

auf 160.000 qm,

6.300 Frontmeter,

über 600.000 Besucher,

große Gewerbeschau,

14.8. – 19.8.2014

23 Großfahrgeschäfte;

Donnerstag 18 00 Festumzug,

anschl. Markteröffnung

Freitag 13 00 Marktbeginn

Samstag 13 00 Marktbeginn

of the tallest mobile Freefall Towers will come to Vechta. Moreover, the

giant “Konga” swing (Küchenmeister), the “Geisterstadt” ghost ride

(Fellerhoff), the 3-level Walkthrough construction “Die verrückte Farm”

(Cornelius), and the funhouses “Time Factory” (Hartmann) and “Big

Bamboo” (Hempen) will make their first-time appearances at the Stoppelmarkt.

Other attractions presented will be the Ferris Wheel from Wilhelm,

the “Breakdancer” from Dreher-Vespermann, Elsässer’s Scheibenwischer

“1001 Nacht”, the “Formel Eins” dodgem track from Schneider, the somersaulting

swing “Looping the Loop” (Marquis), the “Piraten-Fluss” water

ride (Heitmann-Schneider), Kaiser’s “High Energy”, “Disco Swing”

(Tacke), Markmann’s “Krake”, the Wave-Swinger from Hanstein, the

dodgem track “Top In” (Robrahn-Böker), Musik Express from Krause,

Ruppert’s “Take-Off”, “Piraten-Rutsche” (Meyer), “Shake & Roll” (Schäfer),

“Mäusestadt” (Brambach) and Heinen’s Boxing Booth. The entertainment

contingent will be rounded off by a number of kiddie rides and attractive

concession stalls.

As is now tradition, the event will

begin on Thursday at 5 p.m. with a

long historic procession of a

number of motif floats, marching

bands and groups on foot from the

town hall to Westerheidefairground,

where the Stoppelmarkt

will be opened by Vechta’s

Mayor, Helmut Gels, at the Amtmannsbult.

Once again, the now very popular

backstage tour, organised by the

Verein Reisender Schausteller

Vechta association of touring

showmen, will be held on Friday.

Further highlights of the supporting

programme will be the happy

hour on Friday afternoon when it is

“pay once – ride twice” from 2 p.m.

to 4 p.m. and after last year’s big

success the Vechta Showman

Association, together with the

Stoppelmarkt publicans and the

OV newspaper, will once again

organise a “Breakfast on the Ferris

Wheel” on the Saturday afternoon,

for which 50 OV readers will be

drawn by lot as participants. On

Sunday at 10 a.m. a church

service will be held in the Niedersachsen

beer hall, and the large

horse and cattle market will open

on Monday at 07.00. Tuesday will

be the designated Family Day with

reduced prices up until 6 p.m. and

a magnificent fireworks display will

mark the end of the Stoppelmarkt

at 10 p.m. A pin in a limited edition

of 3,000 pieces will once again be

Dienstag 13 00 Marktbeginn

Familientag erm. Preise available to Stoppelmarkt fans.

Dienstag 22 00 Brillant-

Feuerwerk, Marktbetrieb For more information:

bis zum frühen Morgen

www.stoppelmarkt.de ■

Sonntag 10 00


anschl. Marktbeginn

Montag 7 00 Pferdemarkt

und Marktbeginn




Michael Petersen

The community of Wenden

(19,900 residents) is located in

the south of the Olpe district, in

the southern-most corner of the

Sauerland. Currently there are

100 too-few residents for

Wenden to obtain municipal

rights. The “Kärmetze”, as the

largest Volksfest in South Westphalia

has always been called,

always begins on the third Tuesday

in August. It is officially

opened on the previous weekend

though, and remains closed

on the Monday. In other words,

with so much celebrating going

on it is deemed necessary to

close the event for one day!

This year, the Kärmetze, which

evolved from a church festival, will

be held on 16 th , 17 th and 19 th August.

The Cologne Suffragan bishop in

earlier times scheduled the date of

the parish fair for the Sunday prior

to “Assumption Day”. Merchants

and jugglers met all around the

church, and the event focused on a

large bric-a-brac and livestock

market, known far beyond the

Wenden region at that time. Only in

the second half of the 19 th century

did the first comedians, carousels,

shooting galleries, barrel organ

players and Wheels of Fortune

come to the community. Over the

centuries, the event evolved into the

largest Volksfest in South Westphalia. This year, a total

of 400 showman enterprises and market merchants

were chosen from the applications received. The brica-brac

market offers a varied product range and boasts

a vast amount of goods. The official opening of the event

will take place in front of the town hall on Saturday at 3

p.m. After the music programme by the Heid Musikverein,

there will be a joint stroll to the opening ceremony

at the Ferris Wheel where, after the speech and the

tapping of the keg by Mayor Peter Büser, the rides will

eventually make their rounds. On the Saturday evening

the fireworks display will once again illuminate the

Wenden skies. The church service on Sunday will be

followed by the morning concert inside the beer tent,

and the rides as well as the bric-a-brac market will open

at 10 a.m. On Monday, the event will be closed as

already stated, and on Tuesday the hustle and bustle

will begin as early as 8 a.m. with the livestock show and

the awarding of prizes. From 9 a.m. the fairground will

open its gates once again. Nine large ride attractions

and seven kiddie rides will be presented this year. Built

up in the town centre and on the fairground will be the

“Revolution” (Kinzler-Nickel), “Flash” (Weber). “Musik

Express” (Wendler), dodgem track (Mennecke),

“Columbia-Rad” (Burghard-Kleuser), “Wellenflug”

(Wendler), “Wilde Maus” (Barth), “Breakdance No. 2”

(Bonner) and the “Burg des Grauens” Ghost Ride (Burghard).

The younger visitors will enjoy two Jet Rides, the

“Truck Stop” kiddie track ride, a kiddie carousel, a

kiddie Wave-Swinger, another kiddie ride and the

“Crazy Clown”. This time, the attractions built up at the

Kärmetze event will once again offer something for all

age groups and will leave nothing to be desired.

So let’s go!



Première on the island of

Majorca “Formula Maxx”

Already last winter, the very first

photos of a novelty ride on the

Fabbri premises in the small

Italian town of Calto were

circulating on the internet. With

this construction, the Fabbri

Group has now realised the

previously introduced “Dragon

Claw” concept, but as a mobile

version for touring. However, the

ride that seems at first glance to

be a semi-finished “Booster”

turns out to be a powerful XXL

swing named “Formula Maxx”.

Text & Photos:

Andre Blunck

The 12-seat gondola is

mounted to the swinging arm

Formula Maxx

Four years ago, for example, he

purchased the prototype of the

“Inversion XXL” ride, which is now

touring throughout the Netherlands.

He also operates a Booster Maxx

The prototype was delivered to the Spanish “VB “Gigant”, whereas he sold his standard “Booster” to

Grupo” of Vicente Banuls, one of the largest France a short time ago. Moreover, the showman

showman group in Spain. Banuls has always been, enterprise is currently presenting a number of rides,

and still is, known to Fabbri as a good customer. such as the “Jungla Encantada Rapidos” (River



Rafting), several Spinning Coasters, the “Extreme”

(Top Scan) and many other attractions throughout


Now the “Formula Maxx” has been added to Banuls’s

selection of attractions. While the giant propeller ride

type “Booster” provides thrill seeking passengers

with a number of inversions, high speed and strong

g-forces, the “Formula Maxx” is more family oriented

for the simple reason that it does not turn its passengers

upside down. Nevertheless, the attraction

should not be underestimated; after all, its arm with

the gondola locked to it has a maximum outward

swing of 95 degrees, and its daring passengers are

subjected to g-forces of up to 3.6 g as they are then

hurled through the boarding area. The ride is

effectively accompanied by fog effects and the shrill

noise of Formula 1 engines further enhancing the ride


At the time of our visit, the ride was very well

frequented, even by visiting families. With the arm’s

maximum outward swing of about 30 metres, the

attraction does not break any records though as far

as height is concerned. The prototype is dominated

by the colours red and yellow, has a Formula 1

design, and is equipped with a number of LEDs and

an LCD screen. “Formula Maxx” celebrated its

première at the “Fira del Ram” on the island of

Majorca, from where it went on to the well-known

“Feria de Abril” in Seville. Further subsequent

venues were Chiclana de la Frontera and San Juan

en León. The attraction, similar in construction to the

successful “Booster”, requires only two transport

vehicles. The manufacturer offers this ride type also

with other themes.

Details of the new

ride from Banuls


■ Manufacturer: Fabbri Group

■ Project name: Dragon Claw

■ Height of tower: 24 metres

■ Total height at max. outward

swing: 30 metres

■ Outward swing: 95 degrees

■ Capacity per ride:

12 passengers

■ G-forces: + 3.6 g

■ Transport vehicles: 2

■ Operator: Vicente Banuls /

VB Group



The “Swiss Tower” at its

official inauguration in


On 14 th June 2014 at about 10

a.m., “Conquest of Paradise”

sounded from the loudspeakers

of the “Swiss Tower” on the fairground

in Frauenfeld, Switzerland

– and the gondola rose up to

a height of 80 metres for the very

first time after its official inauguration.

Riding with it was its

owner Hanspeter Maier and his

wife Fa, as well as showmen

pastor Katharina Hoby, celebrating

this third construction from

the “Mega Drop Tower” series,

built by Funtime, on its première


Text & Photos: Norman Vogt

At the inauguration in

Frauenfeld: Pastor Katharina

Hoby, Hanspeter and Fa Maier

Swiss Tower

operation, as well as their colleagues,

friends and media representatives for

gracing the event with their presence. Even

the “Stadtpräsident” (Mayor), Carlo


Papolari, was present at the inauguration,

ack on the ground again after the exhilarating freefall,

the passengers were welcomed by some 100 on his operation of the newly purchased attraction. Then

and wished the newly purchased attraction all the best

applauding guests invited to the inauguration party –

and all the daredevils from the public were then able to

board and try out the latest and tallest showman attraction

in Switzerland. A so-called pre-opening of the “Swiss

Tower” had already taken place at the Chilibi in Urdorf

some days earlier where, according to the owner, the

construction had worked flawlessly. In Frauenfeld, the

elegant white tower, provided with exquisite lighting

after sundown by 52,800 LEDs from the Kairies firm, was

visible even from the autobahn. After the inauguration

ceremony held by showmen pastor Katharina Hoby,

Hanspeter Maier – himself hailing from Frauenfeld –

thanked those responsible from the city authorities, the

Funtime firm, for the harmonious and unhindered co-

Hanspeter Maier put on gloves and smashed a bottle of

champagne against the handrail, thereby opening a generous

buffet. While the attraction is predominantly painted

in white, its supports and centrepiece are a deep

red. The metal panels along the stairs were covered with

pictures of cities where Maier regularly presents his

attractions. Apart from Zurich there are, among others,

paintings of St. Gallen, Lucerne, and Basle – all of them

cities where the “Swiss Tower” will make an appearance

this year. Maier’s tower does without a backflash, as it is

to be built up in the centre of the fairground at most Swiss

venues. Between the two stairs, a decorative Swiss cow

“slouches” – also sporting a “Swiss Tower” tattoo.

Further venues of the tower in its première year will be


Winterthur and the Seehasenfest in Friedrichshafen,

Germany. H.P. Maier even had to tell a short but

enthralling story at the opening; specifically that the

tower had been struck by lightning during a heavy

thunderstorm just the day before! However, after a

moment of shock, a subsequent reset and a rebooting

of the computers, the “Swiss Tower” ran without any

problems. “I am completely satisfied,” said Maier. ■




Top-attractions at the

Maimarkt: "Mega King Tower"

and "The King" (Zinnecker)

Very simple: the

"Lautrer Kerwezelt"

Text & Photos: Norman Vogt

The largest Volksfest in Western Palatinate

(23 rd May to 2 nd June) was opened on Friday

at 6 p.m., and four hours later visitors were

able to enjoy a colourful fireworks display.

Even though visitor attendance was low on the

Thursday (Ascension Day) as well as on the

Monday and Tuesday, the participants were

satisfied to very satisfied at the end of the event.

“It was ok,” said many of them. This was not

only due to the mainly good weather, but also

to the harmonious mixture of operations put

together from some 140 approved attractions.

The “Mega King Tower” free fall tower

(Zinnecker), engaged as the highlight of the

event, set new height records in Kaiserslautern.

The Zinnecker family also brought their

“The King” ride to Palatinate. Another novelty

was the “Big Bamboo” Walkthrough construction

from Hempen, just as was Schramm’s

“Disco Fieber”, which quickly turned out to be

the favourite among teenage visitors and

offered an electrifying show with music, smoke

and light effects. The centre of the fairground

was once again occupied by the “Jupiter”

Ferris Wheel (Barth/Kipp), with the “Dschungel

Train” (Blum) built up in front of it to its left, and

the “Wellenflug” (Nickel) to its right. Also presented

once again was the “Breakdance” from

Becker, the meeting point of the younger

visitors and those who are still young at heart.

Further attractions on the fairground were

Bergmann’s water ride, the “Take Off” (Ruppert), “Geisterschlange”

(Lehmann), two dodgem tracks and the

“Kerwe tent”, which was erected in the rear section. It

was set up entirely without decoration and made a rather

dismal impression, despite offering live events on an

almost daily basis. The selection of attractions was

rounded off by kiddie rides and

concession stalls, as well as a

varied selection of gastronomic

operations. Moreover, market

merchants built up their stalls

on the Lautrer Maimarkt in the

“Shopping-Gässje”. Just as on

family day (Wednesday), the

closing fireworks display on

Monday once again attracted

many visitors to the fairground.

In addition, the Showman Association

Barbarossa Pfalz-Saar

e. V., in cooperation with the

Kaiserslautern Kreissparkasse,

came up with a special feature,

“Kerwemoney” worth 10 x €1 that could be bought at the

Sparkasse bank at €9. The “Dollar Day” on the second

Friday was also well received, particularly with the main

target group, the US Americans soldiers stationed in

Kaiserslautern, who were able to pay with US Dollars at

a favourable exchange rate at all the attractions. ■




Die Spaßmaschine

Das beliebte


jetzt unter

neuer Leitung

Karussellspaß für

die ganze Familie.

Wir drehen

richtig auf!

Kompaktmaße: 12 m Front, 14 m Tiefe

Wir passen fast überall hin!

Noch wenige Termine frei

Freizeittechnologie Oliver Jung • Kreuztal

0177/ 328 30 38 • Mail: freizeittechnologie-jung@web.de



Impressions of the

"Bamberg Frühling" on the

new festival area

Text & Photos: Helmut Bresler

New name, new concept, new fairground and new

momentum; that was just what the showmen in

Bamberg had wished for! On the close of the threeweek

event, they have achieved a decent financial


For about 30 years, the “Bamberger Plärrer” has been

held on the Breitenau fairground, and its list of participating

showmen can boast of well-known names, such

as Finnendahl’s “Fantastische Reise” and Barth’s

“Fünfer-Looping". During the last few years there has

been no consistency, however. First, the event had to

be cancelled as the space was required as a car park

for the Bamberg state garden show, and then a new

site had to be found as the area is to be developed.

One can only hope that the new “Bamberger Frühling”

event has now found a permanent new home on the

former site of the German-American Volksfest, at the

junction of Zollnerstraße and the Berliner Ring. The

area still belongs to the Americans up until the full withdrawal

of the US troops on 30 th September. After that,

the Bundesanstalt für Immobilenaufgaben (German

Federal Agency for real estate) will decide on its future

use, but the Bamberg city authorities, as organiser of

the event, also hope to be able to continue to use this

space as a fairground. The required infrastructure is

available, but has to be adapted to requirements in

some places. The fairground was successfully laid out,

leaving nothing to be desired. New in Bamberg were

the “X-Flight” (Uebel-Sachs), “Traumgenerator”

(Lemoine & Häsler), the “Fahrt zur Hölle” ghost ride

(Dom-Jollberg), as well as Alex and Störzer’s “Black

out”, for which it was the second venue after its

première in Nürnberg. There was no mere beer tent but

a “Bierdorf”, or Beer Village, presenting different

culinary offerings; a good idea, but one that requires

improvement in order to present all the suppliers to

best effect. The cooperation between both the

professional associations has proved very successful

in calling the public attention to the Bamberg Frühling.

The request of the Americans to prohibit the parking of

vehicles and caravans on the site for security reasons

was granted. Despite good public transport connections,

the current lack of car parks is a problem however.

What will the future bring? Already on the old site,

the autumn event in October used to cause lots of

problems. A new concept and new ideas are urgently

required to also continue and enhance this event. Both

Bamberg events are currently going through a phase

of change. While the “Bamberg Frühling” has enjoyed

a good start, the autumn event is still waiting for some

new inspiration.




Text & Photos:

Norman Vogt

Impressions of the

Maifest in Saarbrücken

From 25 th April to 13 th May, on the occasion of the May

Festival, the “Saarterrassen” fairground in the

capital city of the Saarland was transformed into a

colourful fun mile once again.

A balanced entertainment contingent including an

attractive supporting programme for both young and old

was presented. In addition to many games and sales

stalls, visitors also encountered ride attractions providing

either nerve-wracking, or rather less 'demanding'

ride experiences. New for Saarbrücken was the “Polyp”

from Massel. The completely overhauled

Schwarzkopf Monster 3

celebrated a successful comeback

and was very well received by the

visitors, just as was the “Blue

Hawaii” Twister (Pistorius), which

was very well frequented. Other

rides presented were the “Safarie

Express” (Heiderich) and “Musik

Swing” (Pistorius). Two dodgem

tracks and the “Hyper Coaster” simulator

rounded off the selection of

attractions. Moreover, younger visitors

were able to enjoy a number of

kiddie rides, including the appealingly

designed “Kleine Dschungelreise”. Every Tuesday,

children paid reduced prices, and the Family Day with

fares reduced by half on all rides was held on 8 th May.

The May Festival was closed by a magnificent fireworks

display in the skies above Saarbrücken on 13 th May. ■





in der

Auch 2014 wird der Oktober-Ausgabe der

Kirmes & Park Revue ein Ausschreibungs-

Sonderheft beigelegt.

Mit einer Ausschreibung Ihrer Veranstaltung

in unserem Ausschreibungs-Sonderheft

erreichen Sie nahezu flächendeckend die

Schaustellerbetriebe in Deutschland und in

unseren Nachbarländern – und das zu einem

außergewöhnlich günstigen Preis.

Weitere Vorteile einer Ausschreibung in der

Sonderbeilage der Kirmes & Park Revue:

- Bei Mangel an geeigneten Bewerbern oder

kurzfristigen Absagen von Schaustellern haben

Sie die Möglichkeit einer kostenlosen

Suchanfrage innerhalb der Service-Rubrik

„Freie Termine – Freie Plätze” in der

Kirmes & Park Revue

- Kostenlose Gestaltung Ihrer Ausschreibung

- alle Farben (z. B. Städte- oder Firmenlogo)

kostenlos !

Anzeigenschluss für eine

Ausschreibung in der Oktober-Ausgabe

ist der 10. September 2014

(das Heft erscheint am 27.09.2014)

GEMI Verlags GmbH

Pfaffenhofener Str. 3

85293 Reichertshausen

Telefon: 0 84 41 / 40 22 - 0

Telefax: 0 84 41 / 49 88 29

E-mail: info@gemiverlag.de


Text & Photos:

Rolf Orschel

The 492 nd Pfingstmasche event,

which was organised by the Altmärkischer


opened its gates in temperatures

of more than 30°C on 7 th

June at 2 p.m. Up until the Sunday

after Pentecost (15 th June),

the rides made their rounds on the fairground near

the town centre.

Up until some years ago, the “Masche” was one of

the largest Pentecost Volksfest events in Saxony-

Anhalt. This gradually changed from the mid-1990s,

after the city festival in Magdeburg developed into the

longest party mile in the federal state. Previously, the

Magdeburg residents used to come to the Pfingstmasche

en masse, but nowadays the locals rush to

the easily reachable city festival in the state capital

about 30 kilometres away. In addition to the regular

participants represented at the Pfingstmasche every

year, the Altmärkische Schaustellerverein always tries

hard to engage new attractions for Halberstadt. This

is no longer easy however, as participating in the

Magdeburg city festival is more lucrative for the showmen.

At the opening of the event Werner Jacob Jnr.,

the chairman of the showman association, was able

to welcome only a couple of visitors with a short

speech. Afterwards, Mayor Norbert Eichler tapped

the keg of beer, which was then dispensed to the

visitors free of charge, by courtesy of the Showman

Association, and after a loud three-cannon salute

from the Schützengilde 1485 Haldensleben, the rides

started to make their rounds. During the traditional

stroll across the fairground, the guests of honour from

the district, the city authorities and the Schützengilde

tried out several ride attractions. Rides presented this

time were the “Magic” (Herrmann), a chain ride

(Sertic), “Schunkler” (Kazimierski), “Musik Palast”

(Jacob), a ghost ride (Hünniger) and Meyer’s

dodgem track. The younger

visitors were able to enjoy a

kiddie railway attraction (Eckermann),

a kiddie carousel

(Gabriel), a kiddie track ride

(Pönitz) and a bungee-trampoline.

These were joined by a

shooting gallery, a hook-a-duck,

a ball and dart throwing booth,

and a number of snack, sweets

and beverage operations providing

the visitors with food and drinks. Wednesday

was the designated family day with reduced prices at

all attractions, and on the Thursday from 10 a.m. until

midday, disabled people invited by the showmen

were offered free entertainment on the fairground. On

the Friday, the showmen held a lamp procession once

again. This proceeded from the market square to the

fairground, setting off at 8.30 p.m., and every child

participating in the procession was able to enjoy a

free ride on a ride of his or her choice, before the

magnificent fireworks display was held after sundown.

Let's talk about business: Due to midsummer

weather with temperatures of more than 30°C and the

Magdeburg city festival, business was quite modest

at the beginning of the event. With the heat lasting

almost throughout the entire event, the fairground

stood almost empty in the afternoons. As visitor

attendance was quite low due to the hot temperatures,

financial results did not live up to the showmen’s


Ghost Ride and "Magic"

at Haldensleben

"Flip Fly" and Ferris Wheel

at Oberhausen-Sterkrade


Text & Photos:

Michael Petersen

The Sterkrade Corpus Christi Day Fair, the first of

the three major summer fairs in North-Rhine Westphalia,

was held from 18 th to 23 rd June.

Shortly before the beginning of the event there were

some unplanned changes that required fairground

director, Sina Illmann, to relocate a number of ride

attractions. Instead of the originally chosen “Bellevue”

Ferris Wheel, the “Sky Lounge Wheel” made its rounds



"Mega King Tower" at


on the site next to the Technisches Rathaus; the very site

where it had been presented as the “Expo” Ferris Wheel

four years ago. Moreover, the “Mega King Tower” was

allocated a new site as it arrived in Sterkrade earlier than

expected. As a result, the Freefall Tower soared into the

sky visible from any distance on the Hirschhügel, the

highest point of the fairground. In addition, Wegener’s

“Beach Jumper” was slightly moved and almost cut off

from the circuit. Due to being exquisitely operated, this

ride ranked among the real “winners” of the event.

Finally, the “Turbo Force” was placed on the Zilianplatz,

and the “Transformer” occupied the site at the railway

station originally allocated to the Freefall Tower. In the

end, all relocations turned out to be more than successful.

The “Mega King Tower” seemed to be even taller on

the Hirschhügel, the collaboration between the propeller

and the “Circus Circus” ride was highly effective, and the

“Transformer” once again made a convincing impression

on its site at the railway station – the area around

which was noticeably enhanced by appealing concession

stalls this year. Apart from these changes, the layout

of the different areas was much as described in our

preview. Results at the Corpus Christi Day Fair were

positive, although not as outstanding as last year. ■


Text & Photos: Nils Benthien

The Bremerhaven Frühjahrsmarkt was held on

Wilhelm-Kaisen-Platz from 16 th to 25 th May. Some

70 showmen built up their operations on a newlydesigned

fairground, as the area had virtually

been reduced to half its original size due to a DIY

store being constructed within the area.

Organiser Jürgen Fuhrmann was able to present four

novelties: The “XXL” Swing (Dennies-Kipp), “Euro

Coaster” and “Jumper” (Rasch), and the “Happy

Family” (Heine), along with the “Avenger” (Holzem),

“Breakdance” (Dreher/Vespermann), “Night Style”

(Armbrecht), “Petersburger Schlittenfahrt” (Burgdorf),

Dodgem Track (Robrahn-Böker) and the

Ferris Wheel from Cornelius. Moreover, the younger

visitors were able to enjoy a number of kiddie rides.

Numerous confectionery stalls, snack booths,

games booths, beverage outlets and sales booths

rounded off the selection of attractions. The Frühjahrsmarkt

was opened on Friday evening and an

opening firework display was held after dark.

Wednesday was the designated Family Day, and

there was another firework display on the second

Friday before the Frühjahrsmarkt closed on the

Sunday evening.

An aerial view of the

Bremerhaven Frühjahrsmarkt

with among others the "Shaker"

and the "Petersburger



Ausschreibung einer



vom 20. März bis 19. April (außer Karfreitag)


vom 24. Juli bis 23. August


vom 06. November bis 06. Dezember

Die drei jährlichen DOM-Veranstaltungen auf dem Hamburger Heiligengeistfeld gehören zu den größten Volksfesten

Norddeutschlands. Gegenstand der Veröffentlichung ist die Nutzung einer (Teil-) Fläche in der Größe von ca. 2.500 qm

inmitten der genannten DOM-Veranstaltungen.

Anträge auf Betreibung dieser Sonderfläche zu den drei DOM-Veranstaltungen des Jahres 2015 sind in Form eines

Konzeptes mit Flächenplanung / Illustration bis spätestens 30. September 2014 einzureichen, um im Vergabeverfahren

Berücksichtigung finden zu können. Die Leistungsbeschreibung kann ab sofort bei der Behörde für Wirtschaft,

Verkehr und Innovation – Stabsbereich Norddeutsche Zusammenarbeit, Marketing und Tourismus – Volksfeste

und Sonderveranstaltungen, Alter Steinweg 4 • 20459 Hamburg • Telefon (040) 42841-2628, 42841-2629 abgefordert

werden. Schriftliche Anfragen richten Sie bitte an: hamburger-dom@bwvi.hamburg.de. Ergänzungen bzgl.

der eingereichten Konzepte sind schließlich bis zum 30. Oktober 2014 einzureichen, um im Vergabeverfahren Berücksichtigung

zu finden.

Hamburg, im Juli 2014

Behörde für Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Innovation – Stabsbereich Norddeutsche Zusammenarbeit,

Marketing und Tourismus – Volksfeste und Sonderveranstaltungen


vom 8. Mai bis 10. Mai 2015

Die Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, vertreten durch die

Behörde für Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Innovation, veranstaltet

jedes Jahr im Mai drei Tage lang den Geburtstag ihres

Hafens mit dem größten Hafenfest der Welt.

Der HAFENGEBURTSTAG HAMBURG ist ein Volksfest im

Sinne von § 60 b Absatz 1 der Gewerbeordnung und verbindet

das klassische Erscheinungsbild eines Volksfestes

grundsätzlich mit programmatischen Attraktionen insbesondere

zu Lande, im/am Wasser.

Anträge auf Zulassung zum HAFENGEBURTSTAG HAMBURG für die sog. Subveranstalterflächen sind in Form eines

Konzeptes an die Behörde für Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Innovation – bis spätestens zum 15. September 2014 einzureichen,

um im Vergabeverfahren Berücksichtigung finden zu können.

Die Leistungsbeschreibung kann ab sofort bei der Behörde für Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Innovation – Stabsbereich

Norddeutsche Zusammenarbeit, Marketing und Tourismus – Volksfeste und Sonderveranstaltungen, Alter

Steinweg 4 • 20459 Hamburg • Telefon (040) 42841-2628, 42841-2629 abgefordert werden. Schriftliche Anfragen

richten Sie bitte an: franziska.hamann@bwvi.hamburg.de oder hafengeburtstag@bwvi.hamburg.de

Für jede Fläche ist ein gesondertes Konzept einzureichen. Im Übrigen gelten die Richtlinien zur Durchführung des

Zulassungsverfahrens für den Hafengeburtstag Hamburg.

Ergänzungen bzgl. der eingereichten Konzepte sind schließlich bis spätestens zum 15. Oktober 2014 einzureichen,

um im Vergabeverfahren Berücksichtigung finden zu können.

Hamburg, im Juli 2014

Behörde für Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Innovation – Stabsbereich Norddeutsche Zusammenarbeit,

Marketing und Tourismus – Volksfeste und Sonderveranstaltungen

Anzeigenschluss für das Septemberheft ist Montag, 11. August



Text & Photos: Helmut Bresler

No top attractions, worries

about the future

organiser, and a dissatisfied

beer tent

patron; these were the

headlines reporting on

the Pentecost event in

Upper Franconia.

Andreas Zinnecker’s

“Mega King Tower”,

heralded as the highlight

in advertising, was conspicuous by its absence.

According to the owner, the short-term cancellation

was due to technical problems, but the tourism

Director Jan Kempgens did not want to speculate

about the real reasons. After all, he was concerned

about finding a replacement, and hit it lucky with

Alexander and Angelique Zinnecker and their

novelty attraction “Freak”. Behind the scenes there

is a hot political infighting about the future of the

Volksfest, or rather about the future organiser. For

some years now, the “Bayreuther Marketing &

Tourismus GmbH” has mastered this task with ease.

Now it has turned out that contracting an organiser

without a European-wide tender procedure

probably infringed the national competition law;

therefore there will be a new call for bids. Naturally,

the showmen would like to continue to work together

with the tried and tested partner, as they are worried

about private organisers who only want to make

money on the Volksfest. A decision will not be taken

before late October or early November.

Jan Kempgens: “We are now beginning with the

tender and planning of the spring festival and the

Volksfest. By the end of this year everything will have

been fixed for the season 2015!” He is undoubtedly

right. Built up along the large circuit course were,

among other attractions, “The King” (Zinnecker),

“Fahrt zur Hölle” (Dom-Jollberg),

Parkour” (Aigner), “Rotor” (Pluschies),

“Flipper” (Meeß), “Rio

Rapidos” (Kaiser), “Happy Family”

(Heine), the “Twister” coaster

(Kaiser), “Breakdance” (Diebold)

and the “Nürnberger Wellenflug”

(Distel). Unfortunately, a Ferris

Wheel – shown on the poster – was

missing once again. Diebold’s

dodgem track changed its traditional

site and provided the fairground

with a new image. Just as at the

Erlangen Berg and the Amberg

Dult, the extremely hot Whitsun

Weather permitting and the festival streets

in Bayreuth were well frequented

weekend resulted in low visitor attendance and

affected the end results. During the 12 years that

Jan Kempgens has been responsible for the

Bayreuther Volksfest, he has seen five beer tent

patrons; Uwe Hölzgen, Gerhard Widmann,

Hermann Murr, Bastian Schuhmann and, now for the

second time, Jochen Mörz. Therefore it is understandable

that he hopes for continuity and

earnestly desires that there are no further changes

in the future. In principle, the cooperation with the

present beer tent patron works well, even though

there is a need for negotiations at the moment. Mörz

is critical of the high number of beer and snack

booths all around his beer tent and calls for a

substantial reduction. For Kempgens, a classic beer

tent is an indispensable must! For the first time in

many years, the Miss Bayreuth contest – the 'mega

event' during the Volksfest – was fiercely criticised

for its poor attendance and unbearable attendant

noise. This is a pity, as the candidates would have

deserved a truly professional event – another

matter requiring urgent action.


Text: Michael Petersen

The 370 th Halver Fair, celebrated

from 20 th to 23 rd

June, was prominently


On the occasion of the anniversary,

the organiser had

slightly increased the number

of participants and contracted

two spectacular ride

attractions. The section at the

former railway station made a

convincing impression this

year due to the effective

placement of the two towering

ride attractions, “Star

Flyer” and “Artistico”. Also

built up in this section were

“Die verrückte Farm”, a

dodgem track and the

“Crazy Mouse”. In front of the

Sparkasse building, the

“Liberty Wheel” Ferris Wheel

and the Musik Express made

their rounds. The street

section was livened up by the

“Disco Dance” Miami, and on

the Jugendheimplatz “Break

Dance No.2” and “Aqua

King”, which replaced the

“Jekyll & Hyde” propeller, but

did not fare too well next to

the large Breakdance. Particularly

noticeable was the

very good selection of concession

stalls. In the end, the

anniversary fair was very well

attended, but it did not really

stand a chance against the

WM football frenzy. As a

result, it was not really surprising

that business on the

Saturday evening proved a

big flop. Next year, the Halver

Fair will be smaller due to

construction work in the area

at the station, but now alternative

sites are becoming





Craig Danter’s

“Superbowl” in Southampton

Many attractions at the

Common Easter Fair 2014

in Southampton

Text & Photos: Marcus Gaines

What a difference a year makes, gone was the

snow and arctic cold weather of 2013, replaced by

weekends of glorious sunshine and April showers

during the week. The sunshine over the Bank Holiday

weekend helped to attract the crowds making

for a busy weekend for showmen.

The fair is located in the middle of Southampton’s

largest open park land, so families took advantage of

the sunshine with picnics and football games, and

then ventured to the fair for a few rides.

However it wasn’t all good news. The lateness of

Easter meant that straight after the Easter weekend

the school holidays finished and there were few children

to visit the fair during the weekdays. Add in some

heavy rain and even the evenings were quiet. Luckily

the sun returned for the second weekend of the fair


and the rides were busy once again. As the largest

fair on the South Coaster of England, the ride line up

was of the usual high calibre. Making its first appearance

at the fair was Graham Sedgwick with his “Rock

Rage” KMG Inversion. Unfortunately being tucked

behind a burger stand meant that walking through the

fair in one direction was a little obscured, except of

course when running. For the 2 nd week of the event

Graham Sedgwick debuted a 2 nd ride, the “Superspin”

KMG Experience, which had been open elsewhere

for the Easter Weekend.

As is now common the fair had a couple of

duplications, with Marissa Wall’s (previously John

Wall) dodgems and William Cole’s dodgems present,

and Keeley Wall’s "Super Star" and Leigh Danter’s

"Super Star" also in attendance. But all were riding

well despite the immediate competition.

Star attractions at the fair also included Edward

Danter’s “Oxygen” KMG Booster, John Searle Jnr.'s

“Jumpin Jaks”, Perrin Stevens "Jump n Smile", Craig

Danter’s ARM “Superbowl” and George Brewer Jnr.'s

“Midnight Express” Sobema Matterhorn. Unfortunately

Midnight Express was strangely closed

for much of the busy Easter weekend.

Creating an olden time area of the fair was Ricky

Smith Jnr.’s “Big Wheel” Ferris Wheel and Tommy

Chipperfield's "Helter Skelter". A

traditional cork gun side stall

helped finish off the vintage feel to

the section. With its dated facade

Charles Lock’s “Energy Rush”

Rotor didn’t look out of place

positioned here either.

The juvenile section of the fair

continues to grow, with even more

rides catering for the younger

visitors. There was just about

every genre of kiddie attraction in

attendance from the traditional

train ride and toy sets, to mini

paratroopers and inflatables.

Charles Ive Jnr.'s “Runaway Train”

Roller Coaster was once again

popular with the more daring

youngsters. With so many families

with young kids enjoying the

spring sunshine these rides were

undoubtedly the busiest of all the

attractions on offer. With such a

diverse range of rides for all ages,

what a fair of this size is really

missing is a large roller coaster.

It’s been 6 years since James

Mellors last attended with his

“Magic Mouse” Spinning Coaster

in 2008. But then the UK has less

than 10 adult roller coasters on the

travelling circuit.



Ralf Schmitt

Photos: Heiko Schimanzik

For almost two months (from 29 th March to 25 th May), the

traditional “Foire du Trone” Volksfest was celebrated in the

French capital city of Paris.

This year, the two major novelties among the showman

attractions making a guest appearance were from Germany; the

large “Daemonium” ghost ride and the mega drop tower “Sky

Fall” both went to Paris for the first time. The Huss Freefall Tower

“Countdown” took a break in favour of the “Sky Fall” this year,

and its passengers enjoyed both the magnificent view across

the roofs of Paris from the very top, and the “freefall” experience

from a height of about 80 metres. The “Daemonium” was also

very well received by the public, despite the French being

already quite spoilt by the “Train Fantome”. The fare prices at the

two Ferris Wheels presented on the fairground were a muchdiscussed

topic this time. While a round on the modern “Roue

de Paris” with its closed gondolas cost €5, the other Ferris Wheel

– an older example with lattice masts and open gondolas – tried

to put one over on its competitor by offering a “cut-throat price”

of €2 per person.




The largest and most diverse

nostalgic exhibition Germany

has ever seen – apart from the

“Oide Wiesn” in Munich – was

presented as a special attraction

at the Nürnberg Frühlingsfest.

After an experiment in the

autumn of 2011, some ideas were

taken on and integrated into a

completely new concept, and

visitors rushed to the exhibition

under the patronage of The Nürnberg

Lord Mayor and President

of the German "Städtetag", or

Congress of Municipalities,

Ulrich Maly who was the patron

of the exhibition.


Helmut Bresler

Photos: Helmut Bresler, Oliver Acker,


An aerial view of the

Nürnberg FrühlingsVolksfest.

Front left: the spacious

nostalgic section

Some impressions of

the nostalgic section at the

Nürnberg Frühlings Volksfest

Last year’s 125 th anniversary of the South German

Showman Association provided the theme for the

exhibition. On a corner of the fairground course

visitors could find the historic Caterpillar Ride (Buchholz),

the Toboggan (Fischer), the flea circus from Birk

(the previous owner, Hans Mathes from Nürnberg-

Schweinau appeared in his home town in 1977 for the

last time), and the swing from Eschenbacher.

Therefore, the public almost automatically moved into

the historic section with the usual separation between

present Volksfest culture and the nostalgic section

seamlessly blending; a concept both elegant and

ingenious! In addition to the displayed tractors,

several large organs (Roie/Frankfurt, Diebold/

Augsburg, Kunstmann/Erlangen, Braun/Nürnberg,

Schneider/Munich, Heitmann/Münster, Kinzler/


Stuttgart, Kalb/Nürnberg,

as well as the example of

the Verein Nürnberger

Straßenbahnfreunde, or

Association of Nürnberg

Tram Friends) took turns in

playing music. If one also

counted the two organs

from Eschenbacher, the

Kündiger example, the

Perz organ and the

Hartmann-Wunderle organ,

they added up to the

imposing number of 14

examples ready to be

played. Where is there

more to offer?

The visitors rediscovered

crossbow shooting, curiously

watched the

tractor rarities presented

by Peter Nolde and Sebastian

Bichler, thoroughly

admired the showman

caravan from Lotte and

Heinrich Feldl, built in

1920, which accompanied

the showman couple

on their tours throughout

Europe for almost 75

years and was provided

by Peter Münch. The large

circus tent presented a

colourful cornucopia from

the showman world

ranging from the past to the present day. The large

books of memorabilia were a real crowd puller once

again. Short written explanations at the exhibits

provided the visitors with important information. A high

number of members from the Showman Association

dedicated themselves to the exhibition with Denny

Morawski and Georg Schweizer being the tireless

driving force. The Historische Gesellschaft Deutscher

Schausteller e.V. as well as the Berlin showman and

collector Rolf Hartmann also earned much praise for

his support. An elegant and visually perfect solution

was the tent entrance with the historic Walkthrough

construction “Das Land des Lächelns” built up in front

of it providing the motto for the exhibition. The

exhibition was supplemented by the very well

attended four-day model fair exhibition in a separate

tent, the first-time presentation of traditional hot-air

balloons accompanied by appropriate music, and the

tractor meeting for the finale. The event was well worth

seeing and an experience nobody should have

missed. Currently, there are no plans to repeat this

oganizational feat.


Two driving forces behind the

exhibition: Georg Schweizer (above)

and Denny Morawski (down)



The “Hurrican” with the

serial number H110 from the

Jacobi firm in Leipzig, 2014

After almost 50 years, this author

once again encountered a ride

type he had been fascinated by in

his childhood days at this year’s

Spring Kleinmesse event in

Leipzig. Way back then, his

grandfather had repeatedly

treated him to rides on the

“Hurrican”, and watched his

grandson enjoying himself as

the boy raced through the sky in

the rocket-shaped gondolas at a

height of up to 8 metres. It was a

compressed air ride from the

“Hurricane X” series built by

Klaus from Memmingen.


However, in Leipzig it was not the “Hurrican” with

the serial number H73D, purchased from the

Bremen Renoldi firm and operated mainly in

southern Lower Saxony from 1963 to 1967 by

Richard Franke from Braunschweig from the 1960s,

but the Hurricane H110 built for the Fähtz firm in

1963 and finally taken over by the Dessau Wieser

firm after several changes of ownership. Wolfgang

Wieser operated the compressed air ride from 1995

to 2013. Since then, the ride was passed on within

the family to Bettina and Nico Jacobi, who now

lovingly care for the “Hurrican”. In addition to the

compressed air ride, now presented at the Leipzig

Kleinmesse, they also tour the “Pirates Caribbean”

Miami and several concession stalls, mainly

throughout Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony.



Uwe Holzmann

Uwe Holzmann, Archiv Franke

The “Hurrican” example with the serial

number H73D, that was operated amongst others

by the Franke firm


With details such as the boarding lattice in front of the seat benches

in the gondolas, the perfect sitting comfort inside the rocket, the

hissing of compressed air during the fast – indeed decidedly racy –

ride, and the fantastic ride experience in which the passenger

controls the upwards and downward movement of the rocket, the

attraction took older visitors back to their childhood days allowing

them to re-experience these bygone days; a delightful “flashback”, so

to speak, to the 1960s.


The restored

“Fahrt ins Blaue”

At the Easter Fair in Herford,

visitors were able to admire the

nostalgic “Fahrt ins Blaue”

Switchback, built by ride manufacturer

Hey in Neustadt/Orla in

1938, now reactivated under new


Text: Michael Petersen

Photos: Michael Petersen, Archiv Fellerhoff

Willy and Britta Fellerhoff

Fahrt ins Blaue

were made. Currently, the

large light crown in the

centre of the ride, which was

first dismantled, sanded

down and newly painted, is

Willy and Britta Fellerhoff purchased the ride, being rewired and equipped with new sockets to

boasting a diameter of 12 metres, travelling be remounted at the centre of the ride during the

up and down three hills and valleys, equipped with

massive, richly carved wooden gondolas, from

showman Mario Caspari after the Christmas

Market in Gotha in 2012. Having purchased and

taken over the ride Willy Fellerhoff began to

thoroughly restore the ride, as it was in quite a wornout

condition, and he felt that it should be presented

in its original condition if at all possible. Before the

gondolas were restored, the arms and supports

were upgraded; that is to say, they were newly

painted and equipped with new seat upholstery.

year. The rounding board is also still being restored

and all the decorative pictures are currently being

overhauled and renewed. The platforms below the

floor segments have been covered with motif foil

and will be repainted over time. The paybox is some

40 years old and comes from the “Das sündige

Dorf” Funhouse that the Fellerhoff family used to

tour. “As restoring the switchback takes a lot of time

and is quite expensive, it can be carried out only by

degrees, but the ride has already been successfully

approved by the TÜV.

For covering the gondola gaps

and for the roof, new tarpaulins



A detail of the artwork

As it is a ride built completely of wood, we were not

subject to the new DIN standard,” Willy Fellerhoff

told the Kirmes & Park Revue during the appearance

in Herford.

This old photo shows the

ride in its original condition

The ride prior to the

takeover by Willy Fellerhoff

and its restoration



Returned from France to

Germany: Fähtz Twister

“Blue Hawaii”

About a year ago, Reinhold

Pistorius from Saarbrücken/

Völklingen took over a Twister

built by the Fähtz firm in 1983.

Previously, the ride equipped

with “Hollywood Star” gondolas

had been operated by a French

showman for many years, and

then sold to the “Walygator”

theme park in Metz.

Text & Photos: Norman Vogt

Claudia and Rheinhold

Pistorius from Saarbrücken

Blue Hawaii

was also renewed. This done, all the

parts were sandblasted and newly

painted with each of the total of 14

gondolas – just as the backflash –

being painted with individual Hawaiian

motifs by a Polish artist using airbrushes. Last

There it made its rounds for only one season,

after which it was shut down and put into year, the completely overhauled and themed ride

storage for 2 years, before technically and

artistically skilled Reinhold Pistorius was given a

tip-off, inspected the ride, and bought it. After the

went into operation as “Blue Hawaii” at the

Oktoberfest in Saarbrücken, where the attraction

with the visual appearance of a novelty was very

purchase, the “Twister” was

transported to the Pistorius

family property in Saarbrücken,

where it was overhauled

completely. The electrical

equipment was replaced, all

the lighting elements were upgraded

and the drive system



The 14 gondolas

and the backflash were

newly designed by an artist

to match the “Hawaii”


well received by the

public. This season, the

Pistorius family will

present the Twister at,

among other venues,

not only in Saarbrücken

and Koblenz, but also at

a number of fairgrounds in neighbouring

France. In addition to the “Blue Hawaii”, the

family will also continue to tour its

“Tarantella” and its “Musik Swing” rides. A

short while ago, they even purchased yet

another genuine German classic ride, a

“Matterhorn Bob” built by Mack, which is

currently being completely overhauled to

be ready to tour sometime soon. ■


Kniffliges im Kleinformat …

… in unseren


Erhältlich im Buchhandel.



Fotos: King

☛ vollkommen durchthematisierte A

☛ Hersteller Dietz, Meister in Sachen Laufgesch

Hamburg • Augsburg • Würzburg • Hannover S

Hofmann-Jehn • Spezialbelustigu


Das total

verrückte Spaßhaus

im australischen Stil

weiter auf Erfolgstour!

Piel op

no Crange!

nlagen mit einzigartigem Kulissenbau

häfte ☛ neuartige Spaßeffekte innen und außen

Schützenfest • Neugersdorf • Crange • Weiden

ungsanlagen • Tel. 0178 /217 38 45



☛ neueste LED Energiespartechnik ☛

☛ große LED Bildwände ☛ umweltfreund

Rudolstadt • Havelberg • Wilbasen • Eisleben • Leipz

Bitte planen Sie jetzt schon

Die größte Anerkennung

für uns ist die starke


Hansen, der Fabrikbesitzer

unterhält das Publikum

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lippensynchron sprechende Figuren

dlich ☛ familiengeführtes Unternehmen

pzig • Basel • Neuruppin • Berlin Weihnachtsmarkt

n mit uns die Saison 2015!

European Showmen’s Union

Europäische Schausteller-Union

Union Foraine Européenne

International non-government organisation (NGO) • Established in 1954

President Albert Ritter

Volksfests in Flanders Recognised as an Intangible Cultural Heritage

Huge Success for Belgian Showman Industry

Flemish Minister for Culture Visits Joke Schauvliege Visits ”Sinksenfoor“ in Antwerp

Volksfests in Flanders have been accepted as

an intangible cultural heritage. This was announced

by the Flemish Minister for Culture on

the 23rd of June during a visit to the ”Sinksenfoor“

in Antwerp. ESU-President Albert Ritter

congratulated Belgian showman colleagues on

this huge success.

”Fairgrounds are culture“ The Flemish Cultural Minister Joke

Schauvliege at the ”Sinksenfoor“. Left: ESU-Vice President Franck Delforge.

Right: General Secretary Steve Severeyns.

The recognition of the Volksfests by the Flemish

Government is one of the prerequisites for the application

for acceptance on the UNESCO intangible

cultural listing.

In her speech Cultural Minister Schauvliege firstly

congratulated the Belgian showmen, for their convincing

concept for an important contribution for

the recognition of the Volksfests. A big fairground

fan since childhood, the Minister spoke of her

”warmest memories“ of the fairgrounds: the boisterous

atmosphere, the attractions and the gloss

of every visit to the grounds. The fairground was a

meeting place for many. Comfort and fun go hand

in hand during a visit to the fairgrounds, since the

middle ages. And even though much has changed

since then, the atmosphere on the fairs has

remained the same: ambience, togetherness and


With a wink Joke Schauvliege also told of the romantic

meaning of the fairgrounds – after all just

how many love stories have been written there

and how many pairs had first met at a fairground.

As finale and with a lot of applause for her well

thought out speech, the Cultural Minister Schauvliege

reminded everyone of the work involved in

the future for the acceptance of Volksfests on the

national list of cultural heritage, as it must be preserved

. The history of the 2,500 Volksfests in Belgian

must be continuously written.

Tradition must be maintained, and

handed onto the next generations.

Joke Schauvliege assured showmen

of her support. President Albert

Ritter called the decision of the

Flemish government ”an important

signal for neighbouring

European countries to protect their

Volksfests as a cultural heritage in

the long run.“ The Volksfests and

Christmas markets in Europe are

not unique only because of long

tradition. Volksfests have had a

considerable influence on the development

of society, socialisation

and tourism for many centuries in

Europe. ”And we showmen are the

supporting pillars of the events“, emphasised the


General Secretary Steve Severeyns (right) and

Flemish Cultural Minister Joke Schauvliege.

The ”Sinksenfoor“ is one of the oldest Volksfests

in Europe.

Photos: ESU

Keyword: Cultural Heritage

Within the fames of the regulatory powers of

UNESCO there is in addition to the world culture

heritage to which for example Amsterdam's

famous ring of canals, the medieval city of Bruges,

and the Cologne Dom also belong, other

possibilities to protect immaterial cultural heritage

through UNESCO. According to UNESCO

it's not only outstanding constructions and natural

sites that are worth protecting for future

generations. Cultural diversity is also reflected in

living forms of expression such as Volksfests,

customs, dance and theatre, music, languages

and craftsman techniques. In 2003 the UNESCO-

General Conference finalised the preservation

of intangible cultural heritage. After being ratified

by 30 countries, it became effective on the

20th April 2006.

Publishing Information


European Showmen’s Union (ESU)


Responsible for contents:

Albert Ritter, rittera@dsbev.de



Christoph Jansen, jansenc@dsbev.de



Europäische Schausteller-Union

c/o Deutscher Schaustellerbund e.V.

Am Weidendamm 1A • D-10117 Berlin

Tel.: 0049 (0)30 590 09 97 80

Fax: 0049 (0)30 590 09 97 87

E-Mail: mail@dsbev.de

Internet: www.esu-ufe.eu



On 5 th April Joe Probst from

Güterfelde near Potsdam introduced

his newly purchased

attraction, the used two-level

Walkthrough construction

“Crazy Trip”, at the Frühjahrs-

Jahrmarkt in Halle/Saale. Probst

is just 22 years old and founded

his own showman enterprise

with a Continental pick stand and

a pick up trolley three years ago.

Last November, he took over the

Walkthrough construction that

had been kept in storage for

quite some time, from Ilona and

Jürgen Parniske from Leipzig.


Rolf Orschel

Photos: Rolf Orschel, Archiv Lutz Hofmann

Proud new owner of the

“Crazy Trip”: Joe Probst

Even though the attraction was in perfectly preserved

visual, technical and ready-foroperation

condition (despite rumours to the

contrary), it was nonetheless redesigned after the

takeover. All the effects were removed and replaced

by new ones. The new fun effects include,

among others, a suspension bridge, a broom

carousel and different floor effects; and all, just as

is the case with the new outdoor course, with

various obstacles, were built by Joe Probst himself.

Currently, a short labyrinth is being built into the

attraction. Having negotiated the last obstacle on

the upper level, visitors reach the exit via a spiral

slide or staircases.

The Funhouse was built as “Geisterhölle” by the

showman Lutz Hofmann and his

father-in-law, Günter Topf, from

Mansfeld in the southern Harz

Uplands, as well as two ride manufacturers

in 1987/88. Günter Topf

was a technically-skilled showman,

who together with several experienced

craft enterprises built the

“Holliday Star” Waltzer ride in the

early 1950s and the two-level “Lachhaus”

in 1987, according to his

ideas and drafts. After minor

revisions, the construction of the

Lachhaus was taken over for

building the “Geisterhölle”. The

upper level is lifted by four hydraulic

cylinders; the lower level has two

bays. The undercarriage and the

At the first venue under new management:

The “Crazy Trip” from Joe Probst in Halle, Saale


skeleton structure with the

hydraulic system were built

by the Leipzig Paselt firm also

way back then. Next the

skeleton structure was

sheeted by the Brausemann

firm. While all the other work

was carried out by Lutz

Hofmann and Günter Topf,

the showman artist Andrea

Patzer was engaged for the

imaginative artwork, successfully

passing her first

major practical test. In the

winter of 1991/92 the attraction

was redesigned as the

“Crazy Trip”. The entire front

was newly painted, a spiral

tube was installed from the

upper level, and a speaking,

water-spitting tree was put up

in front of the attraction. One

year later, Lutz Hofmann sold

the “Crazy Trip” to Ilona and

Details of the new outside course

and the spiral slide

Jürgen Parniske from

Leipzig, who first installed

new effects and had the

front newly painted. In the

winter of 2001/2002 the

“Crazy Trip” was redesigned

once again and

was equipped with a 20 x

3 metre extension to the

front with four water basins

and illuminated fountains.

Due to the showman enterprise switching to smaller

attractions, the “Crazy Trip” was shut down and put

into storage two years ago. After another owner

changeover last year, the attraction was presented

in tip-top condition and well received by the public

at the Frühjahrs-Jahrmarkt in Halle/Saale. This

season, Joe Probst will also present the “Crazy Trip”

at Volksfest and city festival events in Brandenburg,

Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. The construction,

requiring two transports (1 centre trailer and 1 small

baggage van) for relocating, has ground measurements

of 18 x 7 metres, is 9.50 metres high, and has

electrical requirements of 25 kW.

The attraction changing

over the years: 1988 – in its

original condition as “Geisterhölle”,

1992 – as “Crazy Trip”

after its first redesign, and in

1998 – having been newly

painted once again



A view of the Lego

fairground from Artur Fritscher

Many things can be built from the

colourful LEGO plastic bricks,

panels, gearwheels and sundry

small parts – even powered

models with different rotating

movements and functions. At

present there are some 78,000

different components in 96

colours, and they can all be combined

and put together in any

way one likes. Twenty-three year

old mechanical engineering

student, Artur Fritscher from

Cologne, has been busying himself

with this construction kit

system for 17 years; in recent

years specialising in building

fully functional fairground


Text: Rolf Orschel

Lego Fairground

day he took his first ride on a “Breakdance”.

Ever since that very day, he has

been obsessed by the idea of building a

perfect model of this ride from LEGO

bricks. During the last 6 years, he has

His passion for the popular toy brand was succeeded in building an impressive, fully functional

aroused in 1997, when he was given his first Breakdance model - and without a specific example

construction kit for his 6 th birthday. Visiting a model to model it on. The ride was designed according to

construction fair one year later, he saw fairground his own ideas; only the backflash was modelled

models assembled from the colourful bricks for the after the example of the Piontek firm, the design of

first time, and deeply enthralled by them, he began which he likes very much.

to build a ride from LEGO bricks that very day. Some At the same time Artur Fritscher built a 1.20 m Ferris

years later he built an “Airwolf”, “Take Off”, “Flying Wheel on three centre trailers, a “Cadillac” dodgem

Circus”, “Frisbee”, some dodgem tracks and Miami track, a Jet Ride, a kiddie carousel, the “Glückshaus”

constructions, as well as a “Top Scan”, closely resembling

the original rides. Artur Fritscher also built hook-a-duck, the “Spiel Shop” arcade machine, the

continental pick stand, the Dutch “Lucky Duck”

vehicles and many other models right up until the Chinese snack booth “Mandarin”, a beverage outlet,

Photos: Rolf Orschel, Archiv Fritscher

Artur Fritscher from Cologne specialises in fairground model construction with Lego bricks



The Lego fairground also

includes concession stalls

Some build up phases of

the 1.20-metre Lego Ferris

Wheel and the completed




The “Breakdance” model

Ready to go: The

“Breakdance” centre trailer

a crêpe stall, an ice cream stall, a pick up trolley,

including a matching vehicle fleet for each of these

models! It took him between half a year and 2 years

to build each model.

In addition to further fairground models, Fritscher is

currently building a major ride, which is to be

finished this year. Prior to building the rides and concession

stalls, the model builder takes many photos

and obtains the relevant measurements and drafts.

Due to the shape and size of the LEGO bricks he has

to make compromises every now and then, and

occasionally he even has to process individual

bricks to achieve a perfect finish. Apart from

adhesive decoration elements and gearwheels

which have to be selectively fixed, the rides and concession

stalls can be dismantled. All the rides are

powered by standard LEGO motors, and technical

elements were used for the gears. A number of

LEGO railway transformer stations supply the

models with a 9 volt direct current. Initially the model

builder purchased construction sets and a

complete collection, from which he could not

assemble all the components though. However, as

this kind of material procurement was too expensive

in the long run, he has for some time been purchasing

suitable components in special internet shops,

where he can search for particular colours

according to his specific needs. The turquoise bricks

for the Breakdance vehicle models cost the model

builder a veritable fortune, as the bricks - no longer

produced for some time now - are coveted rarities.

Three years ago, Artur Fritscher displayed his fairground

models at the “Circus & Kirmesmodellbau”

exhibition in Oer-Erkenschwick for the first time,

which immediately proved a big success. In 2012 he

designed a 7 m 2 miniature fairground with a total of

1,500 LEGO figures, so-called “minifigs”, which he

has presented at a number of model construction

and LEGO exhibitions in Germany and France ever

since. This year the construction will be presented

at, among other venues, the “Inspiration Modellbau”

in Mainz from 19 th to 21 st September and at the

Modellbautage in Aschersleben from 22 nd to 23 rd

November. Artur Fritscher also occasionally decorates

shop windows with his models, and will this year

display a Christmas diorama made of LEGO bricks

in the Römerapotheke in Arloff, a district of Bad

Münstereifel in North-Rhine Westphalia, and would

like to present his fairground models also at other

model construction exhibitions and trade shows, as

well as undertaking more shop window commissions.

For more information and photos:




This special interest DVD is a MUST HAVE for ride junkies,

the technically passionate, and fairground and ride enthusiasts.

iKIRMES just RIDE shows in over 102 minutes, a

video of brilliantly recorded and cut ride sequences,

with many tasteful split-screen sequences.

iKIRMES just RIDE: with over 25 transportable

amusement constructions and roller coaster types from

current attractions to popular fairground classics.

For the first time there are spectacular fast motion

recordings of the buildup of the EUROPA RAD and

THE TOWER in the new iKIRMES just RIDE DVD.

The Recordings were made in the year 2010 at

top fairground events in Germany and Luxemburg, were

digitally filmed, and edited in high-grade 16:9 resolution.


Movie 01 – Major Rides 1:

Air Crash, Rocket, Flip Fly, XXL, Booster Maxxx,

Break Dance (Diebold), Circus Circus, Hexentanz,

Das Fun Schiff, Europa Rad, Jupiter Rad, Action House.

Total Running Time: 45:14 min.

Movie 02 – Major Rides 2 & Coasters:

Spinning Racer, Alpina Bahn, Teststrecke, Olympia

Looping, Euro Coaster, Crazy Mouse, Take Off, Flipper

(Levy), Alpha 1, Octopussy, Air Maxx, Star Flyer 48.

Total Running Time: 40:47 min.

Movie 03 – Buildup Europa Rad & The Tower:

Buildup scenes of the EUROPA RAD (Kipp) in quick motion,

arrival of transport vehicles of THE TOWER at night, build up

of THE TOWER (Blume) in quick motion.

Total Running Time: 17:35 min

Bonus Feature:

3 Dia shows with

more than 400 photos

(Total runningtime

over 35 minutes)


incl. postage and

handling in Germany

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Subtitles. Languages:

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Date ■ Signature


Travelling down a

coaster in the good old

automobile is an exciting

idea, which has become

reality at the Norwegian

Hunderfossen Park

Motor sport enthusiasts, adventurers

and engineers hearken

immediately by this data: two

motors, 800 HP out of 12 cylinders,

and a turbine drive with

1,200 HP – all of which sounds

like a whole lot of ride fun and in

particular a whole lot of speed!

Il Tempo Extra Gigante

Text & Photos:

Marc Spies


■ Opening: 24 th May 2014

■ Track length: 535 m

■ Track height: 25 m

■ Height difference: 22 m

■ Max. speed: 65 km/h

■ Max. banking: 45°

■ Max. lateral banking: 72°

■ Acceleration: + 3.5 g

■ Ride time: 120 sec (1 st drop

to brakes: 35 sec)

■ 1 train each with 8 cars,

per car 2 pers.

■ Capacity: 440 p.p.h.

■ Dynamics: Stengel GmbH

■ Manufacturer: Zierer,

Deggendorf, Germany

■ Operator: Hunderfossen

Familiepark, Lillehammer,


Unfortunately the described model of the "Il Tempo

Extra Gigante" can't be ridden in real life, because

it describes the vehicle in Norway's most

successful film "The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix" from Ivo


The vehicle was designed by Kjell Austen, one of

the most well known illustrator and cartoonist in

Norway. Although there is a replica fit to drive, it has

to be satisfied with only 550 Horse Power – due to

the intervention of Formula One racing legend Niki


Already three years ago there were first plans for

erecting a large coaster for this year's anniversary;

however definite plans only came into being a year


The first vegetation clearance began in the summer

of 2013, in order to complete a large part of the work

as soon as possible, due to the difficulties of working

outdoors in winter with temperatures of up to

minus 30°.

Thus it's even nicer for visitors to the Hunderfossen

Familiepark to be able at long last to take a ride in

the famous “Il Tempo Extra Gigante” cars. The new

coaster attraction is already visible from the adjacent

dual carriageway E6, although due to its dark

green supports it blends into the surrounding

forest and only the glaring red tracks can be recognised.

The real optical highlight however is the

currently worldwide most elaborately designed

coaster train.


In order to remain as close as possible proportionally

to the original design from Kjell Austen and to

be able to realize the colossal sized bonnet and

mudguards, a complete row of seats were waived

in the front car – so 14 instead of the regular 16 passengers

speed through the richly curved course.

The best place to be is – and where else should it

be – the first row. It's only there that guests have a

detailed cockpit together with plastic steering

wheel, various knobs as well as a functioning gyroscope.

The realized design comes from Heinrich

Richter from Zierer. A special gimmick is also a

functioning horn in the front car, which is very popular

with many of the passengers – at least the beginning

of the ride!

But at the very latest after climbing the 25 metres

high lift hill, which due to its hillside location affords

a very wide view into the valley, most prefer the restraint

rather than the horn, especially when going

through the right angled first drop, at the foot of

which the highest speed of 65 km/h is reached. This

is followed immediately by a 540° ascent helix to

the right, and after a short breathing time, the ride

beings again with a strongly angled right curve,

with passengers being pressed strongly into their

seats by a 270° left curve travelling near to the

ground. This is followed by a near-miss with the corner

of the station building, where the train absolves

a strongly banked curve only a few centimetres

away from the building. The ride experience is

rounded off by a small bump and Trimbrakes, a

right hand curve, and the final brakes. This layout

has already been realized in the German

Schwabenpark; slight changes have been limited

to being only at the end of the ride. In comparison

to "Force One" at Schwabenpark, "Il Tempo Extra

Gigante" has been designed for two-train operation.

Actually however,

only one train

is in operation.

Perhaps the best designed

coaster train in the world –

definitely unusual and



Fitting to the new attraction:

the merchandising articles

The station area and

the troll theming in the

complete park area

Nevertheless "Il Tempo Extra Gigante" is completely

different to the "Force One" in Germany. Due to the

hillside position the station is underground, whilst

visitors use the roof of the station as a viewing platform

simultaneously. And so viewers also get their

money's worth as they can see the attraction very

well from there. Additionally a lot of glass covering

has been used in the waiting area, so that one can

have close contact with the ride already, increasing

anticipation immensely. The ride also appears to be

loftier due to its hillside position but is not so present

in the park due to the reserved colours as well

as the hardly noticeable ride sounds. The still present

vibrations at Schwabenpark are notably less

here, and fit perfectly to the imaginative racing cars.

Other super effects are the stroboscope lights in the

station building, and the illuminated lamps on the

vehicles that are equipped with LEDs that are lit up

the whole day (charging up for the evenings).

Sum up: With "Il Tempo Extra Gigante", the second

largest individual investment in the park's history of

around 3.8 million Euro, the Hunderfossen Family

Park did everything just right. In addition to the very

successful embedding in the park grounds on the

slope, the best designed roller coaster train has

also been realized. The ride itself is speedy but family

friendly. And due to the required and relatively

low minimum passenger size of 120 centimetres,

the new coaster is ideal for almost the complete


Interview with Hogne Høstmælingen

Mr. Høstmælingen, first of all congratulations

on your anniversary season. How long has

the Hunderfossen Family Park existed, and how

many visitors do you have annually?

We are celebrating our 30-year anniversary

this year, in other words we have been open since

1984. Currently we have around 300,000 visitors a

year. With that we are the second largest park in


Norway, only Tusenfryd and Dyreparken have more

guests, but there are definitely more people living

in the direct catchment area there.

What in your opinion is the difference between

the family park Hunderfossen and other

parks in Norway?

The location of the park

and with that the coaster, offer

beautiful views

Direct comparison is difficult as there are

undoubtedly more tourists there as in the region

around Lillehammer.

That's true of course. On the other hand the

Lillehammer region is very interesting as a tourist

area for Norwegian residents both in the summer

and winter, because of good skiing conditions on

the Hafjell Mountain, and in the near surroundings

the world's best white water rafting can be found.

The region is visited annually by around two million

guests, and so we are open in summer and winter,

in particular in the peak season with our troll nights,

during which time our employees dress up as trolls.

During the winter our outdoor constructions are

closed, compensated for by sledding trails and

other actions at the park.

We attempt to extend the portfolio for our

target groups correspondingly, and we place great

importance on the theming. Additionally we are in

cooperation with companies such as Mercedes-

Benz or Volvo, in order to be able to offer our

younger guests a ride in true-to-original small versions

of the Mercedes SLS AMG or Volvo trucks.

And our larger rides such as the indoor Freefall

"Trollfallet" from abc rides have been designed by

Farmer Attractions. The theme Edutainment is also

very important to us. In addition to a large sciencecentre,

we also have stop-offs on our tractor-train

where with animatronics and video screens the procedures

on a farm are explained. Primarily though

Hunderfossen has been thematically dedicated to

trolls and Norwegian fairytales – and that makes it

something really special.


Overall view of the new

coaster (to the right is the

station with the roof as viewing


Park Manager Hogne

Høstmælingen sitting in his

favourite place in the front

I found your Troll-Restaurant very impressive,

offering a very nice atmosphere and

good food. How important in your opinion is the

theme gastronomy at parks?

The "Trollsalen"-restaurant was awarded the

title of best park restaurant in Norway last year. In

my opinion gastronomy is very important in order to

have satisfied visitors – which is a very important

criterion for us. For this reason we have for example

no ban on food brought in and consumed at the

park. We even offer BBQ facilities where guests can

grill their own food, and can also purchase baked

goods from our own park bakery. On the other hand

we offer in addition to the classic fast foods also

high quality gastronomy, which is of the best quality/price

ratio. We also tried to establish an additional

offer of healthy foods at the park, but this

was not particularly well received by the guests.

By the way trolls: whilst a large part of the

park is designed with Norwegian fairytales and

trolls, your new main attraction has a completely

different theme. How did this come about?

Designing a coaster with a troll theme is not so

easy. We wanted however to use a typical Norwegian

theme, so we fell back onto the car design

from Kjell Aukrust which had played a big role in the

very well known Stop-Motion-Film in this country

"Flåklypa Grand Prix", from Ivo Caprino. To this end

we needed a company that could implement our

design wishes. We had spoken to quite a number

of manufacturers and finally found the correct partner

in Zierer and Heinrich Richter, who could design

the train according to the original drafts.

Did you test other deliveries of the Zierer’s

Elevated Seat Coasters in the run-up?

We took a closer look at "Polar X-Press" at

Legoland Billund, "ForceOne" at Schwabenpark

and "Verbolten" at Busch Gardens Williamsburg,

which together with the ride characteristics finally

convinced us.

Up until now you have only used one train

operation on the "Il Tempo extra Gigante" but

have all the systems for two-train operation.

How has the visitor number changed since the

opening of the attraction?

In comparison to last year our visitor numbers

have risen by a high two-digit percent figure and

the peak season is yet to come – we are therefore

very satisfied. The national media presence is also

very high.

Thank you very much for your answers. We

wish you all the best for this season. ■



Attraction and nature

united – that's the storyline,

and that's the attraction

Normally every theme park

makes sure it offers as many attractions

as possible that are

independent of weather to its

guests, so that even on rainy

days enough carefree amusement

is available to them. However

there’s really never any

bad weather in Germany’s sunniest

region, and that’s the reason

that the new indoor experience

world will not be marketed

as an indoor experience initially,

but as a new and terrific experience

attraction at Europa-

Park. And “Arthur” is that without

a doubt, and much more!

Text & Photos: Frank Lanfer

The new theme area is

reached by a bridge


Finally “Arthur” opened in July 2014 almost three

months later than it originally was planned.

Manager Michael Kreft von Byern explained with a

twinkle in his eye: “We promised our park guests a

new attraction for spring 2014, and in fact could

open shortly before the calendrical summer

beginning.” Park Manager Miro Gronau is also

happy about this fact: “We’ve spent a number of

years mulling over this perfect ride, and are simply

just happy that it’s here now.”

And the waiting was well worthwhile. Whilst other

parks open new ride constructions earlier and the

appropriate theming is only completed during the

running year or even in the following season,

Europa-Park definitely wanted to present a complete

experience right from day one – which in the

case of “Arthur” definitely makes a lot of sense

because the theming belongs with the ride!

The idea of ride and theming came from Junior

Manager Michael Mack: “We wanted in particular

to produce a special attraction for our large number

of French guests.” And it’s thanks to him that

the contact with film director Luc Besson came

about, who not only produced the animation trilogy

“Arthur” that is hardly known outside of France, but

also the film sensation “The Fifth Element”. But even

without any knowledge of films, the “Arthur”-ride is

a special experience between a coaster ride and a

theme ride.


The four-minute ride begins with a film clip from the

first Arthur film. Here also every non-French person

will also understand that they are zooming into the

world of small animals that live in the grass at

ground level. The train travels uphill in a spiral form,

with oversized bees and butterflies passing by. This

is followed by the first meeting with the Minimoys,

but suddenly a pit bull appears. The evasion

manoeuvre leads directly into the mouth of a taxicaterpillar,

and travels for the first time into the

open. Following a 180° curve, the train disappears

once again inside. On a second screen, a film clip

from the second Arthur-film can be seen, before the

coaster train flies with its passengers over the

“Paradise Alley” scene. After surprising vibration

effects, the cars glide through the circular hall. The

ride then energetically goes into the second and

longest outside sequence that even

leads over the Ely rivulet – it’s the first

time in the history of the park that

available and appealing nature has been

included in an attraction. The train nears

a beehive and after a curve the station is

reached again where passengers alight

onto a synchronised, walking-pace moving


However, there’s more to discover under

the 16 metres high dome of “Arthur – Im

Königreich der Minimoys”: the ten

metres high “Poppy Tower” is hidden behind

huge poppies, where all visitors

look like small Minimoys. The tower that

has a drop height of eight metres stems

from Zierer and offers not only children a

first class freefall feeling at Europa-Park.

Another attraction is the “Mül Müls

Karussell” from Zamperla with two-seat

gondolas that are partly covered by

plush fur. The portfolio is rounded off with two

slides from atlantics, the small “Minos Spielecke”

from eibe, a chill out room, and “Jack’s Deli Snack”.

Aditionally, there are also 50 animatronics from

Heimotion. Further companies involved in the

theming were AAB, TAA, P&P, Neverland, Kraftwerk

und Rockworks.

From the park planning point of view, the “Arthur”

area was to be an extension of the fairytale forest

to bring it back to life, as although the section was

elaborately renovated over the past years, it was

not always well frequented. This has also been

hugely successful as shown during the first

opening days. The earlier and French-born park

architect Frederik Pastuszak, who was Creative

Director of the project confirmed: “The visitor flow

showed a significant increase.”

The station area



■ Opening: July 2014

■ Track length: 505 m

■ Track height: 13.5 m

■ Height difference: 8 m

■ Max. speed: 31 km/h

■ Max. Banking: 20°

■ Max. Lateral banking: 30°

■ Acceleration: + 0.5 g

■ Pure ride time: 4 min

■ 9 trains each with 3 cars,

per car 4 pers.

■ Capacity: 1,440 p.p.h.

■ Manufacturer: Mack Rides,

Waldkirch, Germany

■ Operator: Europa-Park,

Rust, Germany

From a technical point of view “Arthur” is the world’s

first Inverted Powered Coaster – in other words a

coaster permanently powered by electricity and

with non-freely swinging hanging gondolas. Each

train has three 4-seat passenger carriers that are a

little bit less than three metres wide, and also have

an incredible more than three metres axis centredistance,

offering unimagined freedom. Unique

also worldwide is the control system of the Powered

Coaster, which allows the trains to travel at

various speeds on the open course or even to stop

completely, for example to view a short film sequence.

Special-effect seats known up until now

only in 4D-cinemas have

also been used for the first

time on a coaster: they

vibrate when passing certain

scenes. Added also is the

controlled horizontal rotation

of the gondolas that (seemingly)

rotate independently

of each other, giving a varied

ride dynamic together with the quite curved coaster

tracks. Although the cars can be rotated individually

by the press of a button shortly before the

second open-air section so that passengers may

experience a sideward and backward ride, the

system most probably only becomes accessible for

frequent riders due to the already permanent

motion sequence.

Not so decisive for a Powered Coaster is the height

difference, however between the lowest and

highest points of the track there is after all eight

metres. And with a total height of 13 metres, the

visual stimulus is definitely surprising, particularly


when travelling through the dome and the pending

two open-air sequences. The attraction has been

given the green light by the TÜV for children from

four years of age and with a minimum 100 centimetres


“Arthur” is a surprising (indoor) ride, but much more

than that. It is a kiddie ride but reaches more than

just this target group. It is a French attraction, but

can also be understood by other nationalities – to

characterize “Arthur” is not so easy. Quite simply a

résumé is not necessary: it is a surprisingly exciting

and dynamic family-indoor-theme-coaster like

no other. And it will without a doubt be taken note

of by Disney and Universal, which with their megaexpensive

“Harry Potter” and “Ratatouille” attractions

didn’t produce a particularly exciting overall

ride experience. Added to this, the Mack prototype

is extendable to include every customer wish – for

example open downhill sections could be integrated,

in order to emphasise the coaster feeling more.

Europa-Park however didn’t want a thrill ride, but a

ride that is equally attractive to both children and

young adults – a tightrope walk that appears to be

very successful here, when watching the reaction

of the riding guests. One can only offer


The two other rides are the

"Poppy Tower" from Zierer and

the "Mül-Müls Karussell"

from Zamperla

Everybody is thrilled

about the opening of "Arthur –

Im Königsreich der Minimoys"

(left) Michael Mack and Miro

Gronau / photo down:

Michael Kreft von Byern with

Arthur and the Euromaus



The main attraction in

the new kiddie theme land

was completed by

Metallbau Emmeln

Nestled in the picturesque and

quintessentially English landscape

of the South Downs lies a

family owned zoo. Not far from

the seaside towns of Brighton

and Eastbourne, Drusillas Park

started life in 1925 as a tea garden

attracting motorists on a

pleasant drive through the

countryside to a stop for a spot

of afternoon tea.

Hello Kitty Secret Garden


Marcus Gaines

Photos: Marcus Gaines,

Drusillas Park

The entrance to the main

attraction and the operating

family (f.l.t.r.): Cassandra,

Caroline, Laurence, Oliver and

Christine Smith

Faced with growing competition, the owners

Douglas and Drusilla Ann decided to add a

small zoo. Among the early residents were a

kangaroo, a chimpanzee and a ring-tailed lemur.

The zoo helped to make the tea gardens a huge

success, which attracted a great deal of attention

– for example Entrepreneur Reginald Goddard

visited the tea gardens to seek advice from

Douglas Ann on how to set up a similar venture

which then opened in 1931 as the Chessington

Zoo. That venture exists today as Chessington

World of Adventures, a well known theme park

belonging to the Merlin Entertainments Group.

After the Second World War the park entered its

next stage of evolution with the addition of

“Kiddies Corner” with pedal cars, climbing frames

and the park's first ride, a Switchback.

In the 1960's the park found itself struggling to

compete with the rising popularity of drivethrough

safaris such as Longleat and Windsor

Safari Park (now Legoland Windsor). Under the

guidance of Douglas Ann's son, Michael,

Drusillas Park was promoted under the slogan “a

child's first zoo”, a slogan which fits equally well

today. The zoo was expanded with the introduction

of flamingos, penguins, a rare breeds farm,



capuchin monkeys and tamarinds. The tea rooms

were no longer the main focus; instead the zoo

was the priority.

In 1997 the Ann family sold Drusillas Park to

Laurence and Christine Smith. The husband and

wife team quickly introduced many new animals

to the zoo including racoons, bats, mongoose and

prairie dogs. In 2007 a well known character appeared

in the park with the signing of a 10 year

contract with HIT Entertainment bringing “Thomas

and Friends” to Drusillas. It was the first time the

kids' favourite would be seen "real" in a European

attraction. Thomas provides train rides around the

zoo and past scenes from the books much to the

delight of youngsters, especially when the Fat

Controller also appears to make sure Thomas is

running on time.

And now on the 18 th May 2014 another well known

character has made her European park debut at

Drusillas Park. For the first time outside of Asia,

families can step into the cartoon world of “Hello

Kitty”. The Japanese character created in 1974

has become a global brand. According to the

stories, Hello Kitty was born in London not far from

Drusillas Park, so it seems natural she would have

a Secret Garden nearby.

Topping 1million BP, “Hello Kitty Secret Garden” is

the biggest investment in the park’s 89 year

history, and harbours three new ride constructions.

Of course there is also “Hello Kitty's House”

for that all important meet-and-greet opportunity.

And at one end of her house is her Beauty Parlour.

Wonderfully designed to look like a real beauty

parlour, it's in lots of pink and scaled down to kids'

size. In the parlour, little ones can have their faces

painted with the design of Hello Kitty's face seeming

very popular. In addition to the “Hello Kitty's

House” and a gazebo with a Hello Kitty statue, the

area has little in the way of structural theming.

Instead, the new land takes advantage of the

area's name and the early history of the park with

lots of traditional British flower

borders creating a colourful


All the rides feature Hello Kitty

in some form. The “Hopper

Ride”, a Zamperla Jumpin' Star,

features the cat’s head on the

top. The teapot on the mini

Zamperla “Tea Cups” has Hello

Kitty peeking out.

But the “Car Ride” from Metallbau

Emmeln is the most extensively

themed of all the

rides. The individual cars have

a cat shape, and the surprisingly

fast drive takes visitors

through several tunnels, past

shaped topiaries, around a

large water fountain, and

through the lovingly maintained

flower gardens.

Just like the staff in the zoo area,

those working in “Hello Kitty

Secret Garden” are wonderfully

friendly and cheerful, helping to

create a fun and happy atmosphere.

Exactly what parents are

looking for on a family day out

with young kids.

Naturally a beauty parlour

can't be missing


The two "Hello Kitty"

attractions from Zamperla

Drusillas Park is laid out in such a way that one follows

a continuous path through the zoo, venturing

past and through themed enclosures that allow

visitors to get up close to many varieties of small

animals. At the end of the trail there is a large area

of play structures, indoor soft play, bouncy castles,

and now “Hello Kitty Secret Garden”. There is

a little short-cut that gets guests to the rides much

quicker, which is worth taking advantage of as

naturally the new land is busier later in the day as

families reach the end of the zoo trail.

Despite being a character typically loved by girls,

the choice of rides appeal to all children although

it would appear that girls are the ones who get

most excited by the prospect of visiting Hello Kitty.

Drusillas Park is a bit of a hidden gem that's been

much loved by those nearby for many decades.

No doubt the introduction of a major brand to the

park will attract much more wide spread attention

boosting attendance. “Hello Kitty Secret Garden”

may not be the largest of the branded areas to

have opened in the UK over the past couple of

years, but then the park isn't the largest zoo in the

UK either. The size, choice of rides, and indeed

the chosen theme, fit well with the early idea that

Drusillas Park is “a child's first zoo”.

Interview with Laurence Smith

How did you decide on the Hello Kitty


We saw lots of children walking around the

park wearing Hello Kitty hats, t-shirts and bags so

decided to investigate the brand. We then realised

just how massive it is and how popular. It also

complemented our Thomas the Tank Engine train.

So we approached the London agents Fluid World

to suggest a Hello Kitty land at Drusillas. It all took

a while to organise but we signed the deal in June

2013 and could open a year later.

This is your first venture into rides. How

has the project gone?

Very successfully, it’s been really popular with

our visitors and has added an extra dimension to

our park. It's also increased the value for money

aspect of a day at Drusillas, which was a key

priority for us.

What was it like working with the ride

manufacturers and theming companies?


No problem. Zamperla were excellent and so

were Metallbau Emmeln - who we dealt with before

when they built Thomas. We had dealt with

both theming companies before so that made life

easy - RMA and Meticulous.

Was it more challenging than introducing

new animals to the park?

usual last minute rush that seems unavoidable

however well you plan things in advance.

Will we be seeing more rides in the park?

Not sure yet but it's something we are considering

but the zoo is the heart of Drusillas and

we don't want to lose that.

Thomas and his Friends

was realized for the first time

worldwide at Drusillas Park

Not really just a bit different. There was still the

Thank you very much for the interview. ■



The Santorini Theme Park that

opened last year was extended

by a new water park at the end

of 2013. Both are located directly

next to the Cha-Am Premium

Outlet Mall in Hua Hin near

Bangkok, and are all owned by

the same company.


Frank Lanfer

Photos: Polin

The first building phase comprising of a 16,000

m 2 sized ground area contains 12 water slides,

a water playground, and a wave pool for an approximate

investment amount of 2.3 million Euro. The

Santorini Water Park Fantasy has been designed

for a capacity of up to 3,500 visitors, with the park

design and all the slides stemming from Polin.

Highlights amongst the water slides are the repeatedly

award-winning 15 metres high "King

Cobra" in snake form, the translucent "Looping

Rocket" with an almost twofold (horizontal) helix, the

"Space Shuttle" with a huge closed sequence, the

"Freefall", and the "Bowl"-slide.

The facility was conceived by Supoj Tantichirasakul,

Chairman of Pena House Public Co. Ltd.

He is known in the fashion world as a clothing manufacturer,

but is also well respected in the business

world for his creative thinking in the development of

new concepts for tourism. He plans to extend the

whole region for the tourist industry, as already

almost 20% of visitors come from overseas. ■





Frank Lanfer

Photos: SeaWorld Aquatica

The water park that opened in 2008 in Orlando

received a breathtaking novelty in the most

literal sense of the word this season: the

quadruple Freefall slide "Ihu’s Breakaway Falls"

from ProSlide.

An interesting fact about this attraction is that each

of the four slides appears to be the same at first

glance, but of course they're not. The orange

coloured is the longest slide at 128 metres. The

green has the shortest freefall sequence, and the

blue slide has the steepest drop. The lilac coloured

pipe slide isn't a real Drop Slide, and is the only one

without a freefall mechanism and is a completely

normal slide.

All four slides have a simultaneous start at 24 metres

height and offer after the introductory 60° to 80°

steep freefall, a final horizontal 360° helix before –

only seconds after the start – the brave park guests

land in the lively outlet.



Innovation for ride attractions

is the essential point in business

with theme parks and

Volksfests, and a good idea can

very quickly develop into a

sales hit. This fact however

also induces imitators to make

plans almost as quickly, to offer

cheaper prices due to lower development

costs – and in contrast

to the original manufacturer,

most probably haven't had

the need to invest in less successful

developments earlier.

Text & Photos: Jochen Peschel

However not only direct economical reasons

speak for taking action against copyist. When

a non-original ride construction is involved in an

accident, the resulting negative publicity is often

directed at the original manufacturer out of ignorance

– and the considerable damage to the

original manufacturer's image is hard to remedy.

The protection of own ideas can be undertaken in

various ways, summarized under the term

"intellectual property". The copyright protection,

which automatically evolves by creating a work,

applies particularly to the copying of catalogues

and photos. Based on this fact the Shanghai China

Union Fun Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd was

prohibited from distributing its catalogue at the EAS

2008 in Munich, Germany.

Other possibilities are patents and trademarks,

each of which must be applied for at a competent

government organization at a fee, and in most cases

involves costly prosecution proceedings. Such

protection however applies only in countries where

the application was registered or granted. In addition

there is also the hard to grasp Law against

Unfair Competition, which with certain prerequisites

also protects against imitations.

Antonio Zamperla SpA und Zamperla Inc., have

proceeded with legal action in two cases in the USA

based on a patent and the Law against Unfair Competition,

and won the cases in the District Court of

Florida. Both decisions apply nationwide. The first

verdict prohibited the distribution of certain

brochures by the Peking Shibaolai Amusement

Equipment Co., Ltd. Additionally the decision forbade

the advertising, marketing, sale and delivery

of Zamperla constructions that correspond to the

Disk´O, Moto Coaster, Power Surge, Rockin' Tug or

Jump Around, or are very similar.

The second judgement was against the Zhongshan

Golden Dragon Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.,

and also enjoins the distribution of certain

brochures as well as the advertising, marketing,

sale and delivery of attractions of type Disk´O, Sky

Drop, Jump Around, Flying Carousel, Flying Tigers,

Moto Coaster or Rockin' Tug, or similar ride constructions.

The enforcement of intellectual property rights is a

permanent battle. Achieved verdicts pertain essentially

only to the said defendants; new proceedings

must be initiated against each new

imitator. However judgements have a deterrent

effect on third parties, and should the rightful owners

discontinue their efforts then all dams would


And so we must agree with Antonio Zamperla's

statement when he said "We will continue to protect

our company and the public from rides that appear

to be Zamperla equipment, but which have not

been engineered and manufactured according to

our standards". He may also enjoy the economic





Frank Lanfer

Photos: Leolandia

Really quite clever: the erection of next year's attraction

will be an attraction itself! The new

theme land announced for 2015, "Peppa Pig’s

World" at Italy's Leolandia is already enticing

many small onlookers even this year.

There's quite a lot to experience on the "Mr. Bull's

Worksite", for example "helping" to blow up

pipelines at the press of a button. Whilst all figures

of the popular kiddie series that first became real at

England's Paulton's Park in 2012, are only two

dimensional figures in Italy at the moment, but

Peppa Pig can already be experienced and

touched "live".



There's a novelty to experience

once again this year at the

south German Legoland Resort

– the erection of the large



Frank Lanfer

Photos: Frank Lanfer, Legoland

With the establishment of an extensive accommodation

offer at Legoland Deutschland

Resort it appears that the resort has its finger

firmly on the current trend, as family short-holidays

are more popular than ever!

The first houses for "Legoland Feriendorf" were

erected in 2008, and extended to 72 in number in

2011. In addition to restaurants, evening programmes,

a lake area with climbing garden and

playgrounds and a mini-golf course, the "Ritterburg"

was added in 2013 with 34 rooms. Marketing

Director Stephan Prien: "The success of our

'Ritterburg' is overwhelming. And so it was easy to

recommend an unscheduled investment to the

Merlin Entertainments Group."

With this step the accommodation offers could be

increased this year as well. With the opening of the

large "Königsburg", the capacity has been extended

to an impressive 68 attractively designed

rooms with 284 beds. Additionally the "Königsburg"

is the first real hotel at the Legoland

Deutschland Resort, offering a large buffet

restaurant and a bar, and with that is independent

even in the colder months of the year from other

central facilities on the 11 hectares sized holiday


Despite the current capacity of almost 1,000 beds

(including the camping area with 1,900 sites), the

increase in overnight accommodation is already

foreseeable: Stephan Prien confirmed that a

further extension in the upcoming years is already

planned. In 2013 the holiday village was able to

greet 12% more guests than in the previous year.

57% of guests come from abroad, boosted by

both Italy and Eastern Europe with the average

length of stay at 2.6 days. Prien added: "2013 was

our best result until now. And it appears that we

may well top that again this year."


This year's novelties at Legoland Deutschland will

also make a definite contribution: in addition to the

new show "The Original Cuban Circus" and a new

ocean dweller at "Legoland Atlantis by Sea Life",

the snake-neck turtle, there are also the world's

largest Lego-model and the new Lego-cinema


The largest model ever built from Lego-bricks is a

"Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter" with a total length

of 12.8 metres, a span of 13 metres, and a height

of 3.3 metres – that is 32 times the size of the

special model available in toy shops (see small

picture on left side). The model made of 5.3

million custom Lego-bricks and weighing around

20 tons can be seen at the "Lego Hero Factory"

together with other Star Wars exhibits (the reason

for dismantling half of the 10 Kuka "Robo-


Just how long the travelling exhibition loved by

Star-Wars-fans will remain at the German

Legoland is unknown at this stage; the previous

year it stood in New York Times Square.

The current success film worldwide, "The Lego

Movie", can be seen at all Legolands. An agreement

with Warner Bros., has secured the rights for

the Lego-concern: each Legoland may show the

film once a day.

The computer animated comedy of Australian firm

Animal Logic (Directors Phil Lord und Chris Miller),

shows only buildings that can also be recreated

with Lego-bricks. And the Lego-figures, principal

actors in the film, don't move smoothly deliberately,

so that everything looks like authentic

Lego. The message of the film: don't build only

according to directions, but build what you like.

The world première of "Lego The Movie" took place

on the 7 th February 2014, and received many good


Photo row above: the new

"Königsburg" hotel at Legoland

Legoland's new Park

Manager is Martin Kring



Accompanied by the announcement

regarding a new 42 metres

high Dive Coaster from B&M for

2015, and with already some

ground work in progress,

Gardaland opened its gates on

April 1st for another exciting



Matteo Crepaldi

Photos: Matteo Crepaldi, Gardaland

Whilst next year's novelty

is already being built, Manager

Aldo Maria Vigevani opens the

new kiddie and water land

As for the 2014 novelties, they already welcome

guests immediately behind the park entrance.

Located in the medieval section of the park and

occupying the surface once occupied by “Ikarus”,

a Huss Condor now operating at Miragica and by

a medieval stunt show, “Prezzemolo Land” is a

themed area entirely dedicated to summer entertainment

of the youngest visitors.

The idea of an attraction of this kind came from a

guest who submitted it during the past season for

the contest: "Il Gardaland che vorrei" (English translation:

“The Gardaland I'd like”). The lucky winner

and his family were among the main guests at the

official opening.

The central element is a small "castle" surrounded

by five colourful waterslides and a set of powerful

water cannons that can be used either to attack the

castle from the outside or to defend it from the

inside. The area is also filled with hidden fountains,

barrels and other water tricks. A final measure to

stop brave guests entering the castle is a giant

bucket located right above the main gate which

periodically releases quite a lot of water.

The area can be enjoyed wearing swimsuits with

changing rooms being provided. Also, to get dry in

no time, there are two big yellow up-charge dryers


On one side of the big castle there is a dry playground

dedicated to the creations of Prezzemolo,

the Inventor, who is clearly Gardaland's tribute to

Leonardo Da Vinci. In fact the area contains flying

machines, a planetarium and a large section

dedicated to the art of painting featuring the

masterpiece of Prezzemolo, which is no doubt a

reminder of the Mona Lisa painting. Rounding off

“Prezzemolo Land” there is a snack bar and

another smaller area containing jumping mattresses

for children.


All in all, Prezzemolo Land is a nice and colourful

addition to Gardaland and a more than welcomed

refreshment for hot summer days.

Due to the erection of the next large attraction for

2015, the Intamin Freefall Tower “Space Vertigo” will

not be available this season, and according to unconfirmed

announcements the park is apparently

to part company with the coaster "Sequoila Adventure"

(the world's first "Screaming Squirrel" from UScompany



The tunnel that connects

the parking area with the main

entrance is marked with a huge



Photos: Powerpark

A completely new and unusual Funhouse went into

operation at the Finnish Powerpark this year. The

simple facade harbours the attraction "Working in


It's an attraction where fun can be had by the whole

family – which were the thoughts of the operating

family Lillbacka. For this reason the 36 gags and

tricks were attuned to this public, among them a

small slide, the obligatory rolling barrels, moving

floors and so on. However the theming as a building

site is the special characteristic. There are a

total of seven scenes that can be watched with

builders. Manufacturer of all elements is the Italian

firm Gosetto.



With a total area of over 500

hectares, it's the largest safari

park in northern Europe, and

still remains in private ownership.

It is visited by over

220,000 guests annually but is

now to receive its first ride construction.


Frank Lanfer

Photos: abc rides

Earlier visitors were enticed by an extensive area,

its roots going back to 1867, when Count Eggert

Christoffer Knuth had a landscaped garden installed

based on English models. In 1950 a few animal

enclosures were added, and in 1969 the first exotic

animals arrived. These days a 15 kilometre long

road network can be travelled by car, and – as a

special characteristic in this segment – visitors may

alight from cars in many places to watch the 1,000

animals living there, at close range.

A few restaurants, a large nature-playground, and

a water playground round off the offers at Knuthenborg

Safaripark on the Island of Lolland (1.5 hours

by car from Copenhagen). However on the 10 th May

2014 a water attraction from abc rides opened in

the African theme area, which can even boast

about being the steepest construction of its type in

the whole of northern Europe!

"Congo River" has a total length of 395 metres with

the lift transporting the 6-seat boats to a height of

16 metres. From there visitors have a view of the

park that they couldn't have earlier, however this is

followed by a 15 metres depth and 51° steep drop

into the lake. The simultaneous operation of seven

boats results in a capacity of 250 passengers per

hour. The total ride time is around seven minutes,

and all park guests who are a min. age of 6 years

and have a height of 120 cm may partake. ■




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From the expansive exhibit hall to more than 80 insightful education sessions, the time you spend in Orlando

meeting with industry leaders, manufacturers, and suppliers provides you with the tools and resources you

need to meet your business goals and tackle your biggest challenges.

Get big results for your business in 2014 when you attend IAAPA Attractions Expo.


BIG STARTS HERE: www.IAAPA.org/IAAPAAttractionsExpo

CONFERENCE: NOV. 17–21, 2014 • TRADE SHOW: NOV. 18–21, 2014



A calendar of events can be found here for the month of August

in alphabetical order. Additional information about individual

events is listed below.

A■ Aachen 08.08.-18.08.

■ Aidenbach 14.08.-19.08.

■ Aken/Elbe 15.08.-17.08.

■ Altdorf 30.07.-04.08.

■ Altdorf/Nürnberg 08.08.-13.08.

■ Altenglan 15.08.-18.08.

■ Andernach-Namedy 23.08.-25.08.

■ Anklam 15.08.-17.08.

■ Arnsberg-Neheim 15.08.-18.08.

■ Arnstorf 01.08.-05.08.

■ Asbach 09.08.-13.08.

■ Asslar 29.08.-01.09.

■ Augsburg 22.08.-07.09.

■ Aulendorf 16.08.-18.08.

B■ Bad Arolsen 07.08.-10.08.

■ Bad Bramstedt 29.08.-31.08.

■ Bad Ems 29.08.-01.09.

■ Bad Griesbach/Karpfham 28.08.-02.09.

■ Bad Homburg 29.08.-01.09.

■ Bad Kreuznach 15.08.-19.08.

■ Bad Lauchstädt 15.08.-17.08.

■ Bad Liebenwerda 22.08.-24.08.

■ Bad Mergentheim 01.08.-04.08.

■ Bad Nauheim 08.08.-10.08.

■ Bad Rappenau 15.08.-17.08.

■ Bad Sooden-Allendorf 15.08.-19.08.

■ Bad Tölz 01.08.-04.08.

■ Bad Vilbel 16.08.-24.08.

■ Bad Vilbel-Gronau 30.08.-01.09.

■ Bad Waldsee 02.08.-03.08.

■ Bad Windsheim 29.08.-02.09.

■ Bad Zwischenahn 13.08.-17.08.

■ Baesweiler-Loverich 15.08.-18.08.

■ Bammental 17.08.-19.08.

■ Barmstedt 16.08.-18.08.

■ Barsinghausen 29.08.-31.08.

■ Barth 31.07.-03.08.

■ Bellheim-Zeiskam 29.08.-02.09.

■ Bergisch Gladbach 09.08.-12.08.

■ Berlin-Mitte-Moabit 25.07.-17.08.

■ Berlin-Tegel 29.08.-14.09.

■ Bielefeld-Brackwede 22.08.-24.08.

■ Bietigheim/Baden 01.08.-04.08.

■ Bietigheim-Bissingen 29.08.-02.09.

■ Bingen 17.08.-24.08.

■ Bingen 29.08.-08.09.

■ Bitterfeld-Wolfen 08.08.-10.08.

■ Blankenheim 16.08.-18.08.

■ Bobingen 08.08.-12.08.

■ Bochum-Harpen 15.08.-18.08.

■ Bockau 15.08.-17.08.

■ Bonn-Lengsdorf 01.08.-04.08.

■ Borken-Gemen 02.08.-05.08.

■ Brakel/Westfalen 01.08.-04.08.

■ Breisach/Rhein 29.08.-01.09.

■ Bremen-Vegesack 29.08.-03.09.

■ Bremerhaven 15.08.-24.08.

■ Bruchhausen-Vilsen 22.08.-26.08.

■ Brüggen 01.08.-03.08.

■ Brunsbüttel 08.08.-11.08.

■ Buchen 30.08.-07.09.

■ Burg/Spreewald 29.08.-31.08.

■ Buseck 29.08.-02.09.

C■ Calau 15.08.-17.08.

■ Cham 25.07.-04.08.

■ Chemnitz 29.08.-31.08.

■ Chemnitz 22.08.-24.08.

■ Coburg 01.08.-10.08.

D■ Dachau 09.08.-18.08.

■ Dahn 15.08.-18.08.

■ Darmstadt-Eberstadt 08.08.-11.08.

■ Darmstadt-Wixhausen 22.08.-25.08.

■ Daun 09.08.-13.08.

■ Diez 01.08.-04.08.

■ Dingolfing 01.08.-04.08.

■ Dorfen 08.08.-17.08.

■ Dortmund-Eving 15.08.-18.08.

■ Dortmund-Lütgendortmund 22.08.-25.08.

■ Dreieich-Sprendlingen 09.08.-12.08.

■ Düren 26.07.-03.08.

■ Dürröhrsdorf-Dittersbach 29.08.-02.09.

■ Düsseldorf-Heerdt 22.08.-25.08.

■ Duisburg-Beeck 29.08.-02.09.

■ Duisburg-Hochheide 23.08.-25.08.

■ Duisburg-Ruhrort 14.08.-17.08.

■ Durmersheim 16.08.-19.08.

E■ Eberbach 29.08.-02.09.

■ Ebermannstadt 14.08.-18.08.

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■ Eichstätt 29.08.-07.09.

■ Eiterfeld 21.08.-25.08.

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■ Emsdetten 29.08.-31.08.

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■ Erding 29.08.-07.09.

■ Erolzheim 01.08.-03.08.

■ Eslohe-Reiste 23.08.-24.08.

■ Essen-Heisingen 30.08.-31.08.

F■ Falkenberg/Elster 01.08.-03.08.

■ Feldkirchen-Westerham 08.08.-17.08.

■ Forchheim 25.07.-04.08.

■ Frankfurt 01.08.-04.08.

■ Freest/Kröslin 01.08.-03.08.

■ Freren 23.08.-25.08.

■ Friedberg/Schwaben 08.08.-17.08.

■ Friedeburg 22.08.-25.08.

■ Friesoythe 02.08.-04.08.

■ Frontenhausen 14.08.-18.08.

■ Fürth-Stadeln 29.08.-02.09.

■ Fürth-Unterfarrnbach 08.08.-13.08.

■ Fulda 25.07.-03.08.

■ Furth im Wald 07.08.-17.08.

G■ Gaimersheim 15.08.-18.08.

■ Garmisch-Partenkirchen 26.07.-03.08.

■ Garmisch-Partenkirchen 09.08.-18.08.

■ Geretsried 25.07.-03.08.

■ Geringswalde 29.08.-01.09.

■ Gernsheim 31.07.-04.08.

■ Gießen 15.08.-17.08.

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■ Grasbrunn-Keferloh 29.08.-01.09.

■ Grefrath 09.08.-12.08.

■ Greven 23.08.-25.08.

■ Griesheim 22.08.-26.08.

■ Großbottwar 30.08.-01.09.

■ Günzburg 08.08.-17.08.

H■ Hachenburg 09.08.-11.08.

■ Haldensleben 29.08.-31.08.

■ Halle/Saale 16.08.-01.09.

■ Halle/Saale 29.08.-31.08.

■ Hamburg 25.07.-24.08.

■ Haren/Ems 30.08.-01.09.

■ Haßmersheim 22.08.-25.08.

■ Hattersheim-Eddersheim 08.08.-10.08.

■ Hauzenberg 14.08.-18.08.

■ Heiden 09.08.-11.08.

■ Heilbronn/Neckar 01.08.-10.08.

■ Hemsbach 01.08.-04.08.

■ Hennef-Warth 15.08.-18.08.

■ Heppenheim/Bergstraße 01.08.-04.08.

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■ Hilpoltstein 01.08.-04.08.

■ Hirschberg/Bergstraße 30.08.-01.09.

■ Hörstel 09.08.-11.08.

■ Hof 25.07.-03.08.

■ Hohenstein-Ernstthal 06.08.-10.08.

■ Hückelhoven-Ratheim 29.08.-01.09.

■ Hungen 30.08.-01.09.

■ Hungen-Inheiden 01.08.-04.08.

I■ Illingen 01.08.-05.08.

■ Ilvesheim 22.08.-25.08.

■ Iserlohn-Oestrich 15.08.-18.08.

■ Isselburg 15.08.-18.08.

■ Itzehoe 21.08.-25.08.

J■ Jessen/Elster 08.08.-11.08.

■ Jülich 15.08.-18.08.

K■ Kaiserslautern-Dansenberg 01.08.-04.08.

■ Kaiserslautern-Erfenbach 23.08.-26.08.

■ Kaiserslautern-Erlenbach 16.08.-18.08.

■ Kaiserslautern-Hohenecken 29.08.-01.09.

■ Kaiserslautern-Morlautern 30.08.-01.09.

■ Kamenz 22.08.-28.08.

■ Kappelrodeck 09.08.-11.08.

■ Kassel 01.08.-04.08.

■ Kassel-Wehlheiden 15.08.-19.08.

■ Katzenelnbogen 16.08.-19.08.

■ Kelheim/Donau 13.08.-18.08.

■ Kemnath 14.08.-19.08.

■ Ketsch 01.08.-10.08.

■ Ketzin 15.08.-17.08.

■ Kierspe 22.08.-25.08.

■ Kipfenberg/Altmühltal 14.08.-18.08.

■ Kirchen-Niederfischbach 16.08.-19.08.

■ Kirchheimbolanden 09.08.-11.08.

■ Kirn/Nahe 08.08.-11.08.

■ Klingenberg/Main 08.08.-17.08.

■ Knetzgau 29.08.-01.09.

■ Königsee 01.08.-03.08.

■ Krefeld-Fischeln 23.08.-25.08.

■ Krefeld-Hüls 29.08.-01.09.

■ Kronach 14.08.-24.08.

■ Krummhörn-Greetsiel 13.08.-18.08.

■ Kühlungsborn 01.08.-03.08.

L■ Ladbergen 15.08.-17.08.

■ Lamstedt 22.08.-24.08.

■ Landshut 22.08.-31.08.

■ Landstuhl 01.08.-04.08.

■ Lauscha 03.08.-11.08.

■ Lauterecken 08.08.-11.08.

■ Lehrte/Hannover 31.07.-03.08.

■ Lemgo 15.08.-18.08.

■ Lengenfeld 13.08.-17.08.

■ Lengerich 08.08.-10.08.

■ Lenggries 08.08.-18.08.

■ Lindlar 01.08.-05.08.

■ Linz/Rhein 29.08.-31.08.

■ Lippetal-Lippborg 23.08.-26.08.

■ Lohr/Main 25.07.-03.08.

M■ Mainbernheim 23.08.-26.08.

■ Mainz 28.08.-07.09.

■ Maisach 29.08.-07.09.

■ Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg 01.08.-05.08.

■ Manching-Oberstimm 29.08.-01.09.

■ Markgröningen 15.08.-18.08.

■ Markgröningen 22.08.-25.08.

■ Markt Erlbach 15.08.-19.08.

■ Marktheidenfeld 08.08.-17.08.

■ Marpingen 16.08.-19.08.

■ Meckenbeuren 22.08.-25.08.

■ Meinerzhagen 02.08.-04.08.

■ Meschede 29.08.-01.09.

■ Mettingen 29.08.-31.08.

■ Meuselwitz 29.08.-31.08.

■ Miltenberg 29.08.-07.09.

■ Mönchengladbach 29.08.-01.09.

■ Mönchengladbach 09.08.-11.08.

■ Mönchengladbach 23.08.-26.08.

■ Mörlenbach 29.08.-01.09.

■ Montabaur 01.08.-04.08.

■ Moormerland 29.08.-01.09.

■ Mühldorf/Inn 29.08.-08.09.

■ Mühlhausen/Sulz 01.08.-04.08.

■ Mühlhausen/Thüringen 29.08.-07.09.

■ München 31.07.-24.08.

■ München-Au 26.07.-03.08.

■ Murrhardt 01.08.-04.08.

N■ Nennslingen 29.08.-01.09.

■ Neuburg/Donau 25.07.-03.08.

■ Neuenkirchen 16.08.-18.08.


■ Neumarkt/Oberpfalz 08.08.-18.08.

■ Neumünster 08.08.-11.08.

■ Neunkirchen/Saar 29.08.-02.09.

■ Neuötting 14.08.-19.08.

■ Neuss 29.08.-02.09.

■ Neustadt/Weinstraße 01.08.-05.08.

■ Niedercunnersdorf 08.08.-11.08.

■ Niederzier 30.08.-01.09.

■ Nierstein 01.08.-04.08.

■ Norden 08.08.-11.08.

■ Nordkirchen 09.08.-11.08.

■ Nüdlingen 08.08.-10.08.

■ Nürnberg 29.08.-14.09.

■ Nürnberg-Katzwang 08.08.-12.08.

■ Nürnberg-Langwasser 15.08.-18.08.

■ Nürnberg-Wöhrd 22.08.-26.08.

■ Nürnberg-Ziegelstein 25.07.-03.08.

O■ Obergünzburg 29.08.-03.09.

■ Oberndorf/Lech 31.07.-03.08.

■ Ochtrup 15.08.-18.08.

■ Offenbach/Main-Bieber 15.08.-19.08.

■ Ortenburg/Passau 01.08.-06.08.

P■ Paderborn 26.07.-03.08.

■ Papenburg 22.08.-26.08.

■ Parsberg 22.08.-26.08.

■ Penzberg 29.08.-07.09.

■ Pirmasens 29.08.-03.09.

■ Plettenberg-Eiringhausen 15.08.-18.08.

■ Prüm/Eifel 08.08.-11.08.

■ Püttlingen 22.08.-25.08.

Q■ Quierschied 15.08.-18.08.

R■ Ratingen 01.08.-05.08.

■ Raunheim 22.08.-25.08.

■ Rees-Haldern 23.08.-25.08.

■ Regensburg 29.08.-14.09.

■ Rehlingen 16.08.-19.08.

■ Rehlingen-Siersburg 09.08.-12.08.

■ Reichelsheim/Odw 21.08.-25.08.

■ Reichenbach/Vogtland 22.08.-24.08.

■ Rendsburg 21.08.-24.08.

■ Reutlingen 01.08.-10.08.

■ Rhede 29.08.-01.09.

■ Rheinberg 02.08.-05.08.

■ Rheine 15.08.-17.08.

■ Rieden 08.08.-11.08.

■ Riedenburg/Altmühtal 22.08.-26.08.

■ Riesa 22.08.-24.08.

■ Rodgau-Weiskirchen 01.08.-05.08.

■ Röthenbach/Pegnitz 29.08.-02.09.

■ Röttingen 29.08.-01.09.

■ Rosenheim 30.08.-14.09.

■ Roßlau/Elbe 28.08.-31.08.

■ Rostock 07.08.-10.08.

■ Rothenburg/O.L. 01.08.-04.08.

■ Roth/Mittelfranken 08.08.-12.08.

■ Rudolstadt 22.08.-31.08.

■ Rüsselsheim/Main 15.08.-19.08.

■ Rütenbrock/Haren Ems 16.08.-18.08.

S■ Saarbrücken-Dudweiler 23.08.-26.08.

■ Saarlouis 29.08.-02.09.

■ Saarwellingen 02.08.-04.08.

■ Salem/Baden 01.08.-04.08.

■ Salzgitter-Lebenstedt 15.08.-17.08.

■ Sandersleben 15.08.-17.08.

■ Schalkau 08.08.-10.08.

■ Schalksmühle 22.08.-24.08.

■ Scheinfeld 30.08.-02.09.

■ Schönenberg-Kübelberg 16.08.-19.08.

■ Schrobenhausen 08.08.-17.08.

■ Schwalmstadt-Treysa 08.08.-11.08.

■ Selm-Bork 02.08.-04.08.

■ Siegburg-Kaldauen 15.08.-17.08.

■ Siegen 22.08.-24.08.

■ Singen/Hohentwiel 22.08.-25.08.

■ Sinzig 16.08.-19.08.

■ Sögel/Emsland 16.08.-18.08.

■ Spiesen-Elversberg 09.08.-11.08.

■ Spremberg 08.08.-10.08.

■ Stade 01.08.-03.08.

■ Staufenberg 01.08.-04.08.

■ Stein 29.08.-02.09.

■ Steinach 15.08.-18.08.

■ Steinfurt-Borghorst 02.08.-04.08.

■ Steinhagen 15.08.-17.08.

■ Stollberg/Erzgeb. 15.08.-17.08.

■ Straubing 08.08.-18.08.

■ Stuttgart-Wangen 23.08.-24.08.

■ Sünching 29.08.-02.09.

T■ Taucha 22.08.-24.08.

■ Taunusstein-Bleidenstadt 23.08.-25.08.

■ Teuchern 28.08.-01.09.

■ Tittling 29.08.-01.09.

■ Töging/Inn 01.08.-05.08.

■ Trier-Olewig 01.08.-04.08.

■ Trostberg 29.08.-07.09.

V■ Vechta 14.08.-19.08.

■ Versmold 22.08.-24.08.

■ Viechtach 09.08.-17.08.

■ Vilshofen 22.08.-27.08.

■ Volkach 15.08.-18.08.

W■ Wadern 09.08.-12.08.

■ Wagenfeld 29.08.-31.08.

■ Waldkirchen/NdB 01.08.-06.08.

■ Waldshut-Tiengen 15.08.-20.08.

■ Walkenried 08.08.-11.08.

■ Waltrop 29.08.-31.08.

■ Warendorf 16.08.-19.08.

■ Weiden/Oberpfalz 08.08.-17.08.

■ Weinheim/Bergstraße 08.08.-11.08.

■ Weißenburg/Bayern 15.08.-24.08.

■ Wenden 16.08.-19.08.

■ Wermelskirchen 29.08.-02.09.

■ Wesel 01.08.-03.08.

■ Wettringen 09.08.-11.08.

■ Wiefelstede 08.08.-11.08.

■ Wiehe/Thüringen 16.08.-17.08.

■ Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt 29.08.-01.09.

■ Wiesloch 29.08.-07.09.

■ Wilhelmshaven 29.08.-31.08.

■ Willich-Anrath 30.08.-02.09.

■ Wilnsdorf 29.08.-01.09.

■ Wilster 01.08.-05.08.

■ Winterberg 15.08.-18.08.

■ Wirges 29.08.-02.09.

■ Wittlich 15.08.-18.08.

■ Wittmund 15.08.-17.08.

■ Witzenhausen/Werra 22.08.-25.08.

■ Wolfenbüttel 15.08.-17.08.

■ Wolnzach 08.08.-18.08.

■ Worms 30.08.-07.09.

■ Wüstenbrand 01.08.-03.08.

Z■ Zeithain-Lorenzkirch 15.08.-18.08.

■ Zelting-Rachtig 01.08.-04.08.

■ Zerbst 01.08.-11.08.

■ Zirndorf 22.08.-26.08.

■ Zweibrücken-Ixheim 09.08.-12.08.

■ Zwickau 14.08.-17.08.


■ A Ampflwang 14.08.-17.08.

■ A Bleiburg 29.08.-01.09.

■ A Freistadt 15.08.-17.08.

■ A Gols/Burgenland 08.08.-17.08.

■ A Hollabrunn 13.08.-17.08.

■ A Oberwart 22.08.-31.08.

■ A Villach 27.07.-03.08.

■ A Waldhausen 15.08.-17.08.

■ A Wels 29.08.-07.09.

■ B Bastogne 30.07.-03.08.

■ B Brüssel 19.07.-24.08.

■ B Charleroi 02.08.-25.08.

■ B Huy=Hoei 08.08.-24.08.

■ B Roeselare 22.08.-31.08.

■ B Sint-Truiden 29.08.-08.09.

■ B Turnhout 08.08.-21.08.

■ B Waregem 28.08.-03.09.

■ B Zelzate 08.08.-18.08.

■ CH Agno/Tessin 04.07.-03.08.

■ CH Bern-Bümpliz 15.08.-17.08.

■ CH Chur 15.08.-17.08.

■ CH Einsiedeln 31.08.-02.09.

■ CH Genève=Genf 17.07.-10.08.

■ CH Glarus 15.08.-17.08.

■ CH Herrliberg 16.08.-18.08.

■ CH Kreuzlingen 07.08.-10.08.

■ CH Kriegstetten 09.08.-11.08.

■ CH Küsnacht/Zh 23.08.-25.08.

■ CH Lachen/SZ 15.08.-17.08.

■ CH Meilen 09.08.-11.08.

■ CH Oberwinterthur 15.08.-17.08.

■ CH Olten 08.08.-11.08.

■ CH Payerne 15.08.-18.08.

■ CH Rapperswil-Jona 08.08.-10.08.

■ CH Richterswil 09.08.-11.08.

■ CH Romanshorn 01.08.-03.08.

■ CH Wädenswil 23.08.-25.08.

■ CH Wald/ZH 29.08.-31.08.

■ CH Wetzikon 16.08.-18.08.

■ CH Wülflingen 30.08.-31.08.

■ CH Zollikon 16.08.-18.08.

■ ES Malaga 09.08.-17.08.

■ F Abbeville 19.07.-03.08.

■ F Aiguillon-sur-Mer 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Antibes-Biot 28.06.-31.08.

■ F Argelès-sur-Mer 04.07.-31.08.

■ F Barcarès, Le 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Boulogne-sur-Mer 01.08.-25.08.

■ F Calais 19.07.-17.08.

■ F Cambrai 08.08.-18.08.


■ F Canet-en-Roussillon 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Cannes-la-Bocca 28.06.-31.08.

■ F Cap d'Agde, le 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Carcassonne 28.06.-14.09.

■ F Carnon 28.06.-07.09.

■ F Chauny 30.08.-08.09.

■ F Creuzot, Le 08.08.-25.08.

■ F Damgan 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Dieppe 08.08.-24.08.

■ F Dinard 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Elbeuf 30.08.-21.09.

■ F Fos-sur-Mer 12.07.-24.08.

■ F Fréjus 04.07.-31.08.

■ F Frontignan 18.07.-31.08.

■ F Grau-du-Roi, Le 28.06.-31.08.

■ F Gruissan 28.06.-31.08.

■ F Guérande 28.06.-31.08.

■ F Hyères-les-Palmiers 28.06.-31.08.

■ F Leucate-Plage 28.06.-31.08.

■ F Lille 30.08.-28.09.

■ F Marseillan 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Mimizan 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Montceau-les-Mines 30.08.-07.09.

■ F Mulhouse 19.07.-17.08.

■ F Palavas-les-Flots 01.07.-31.08.

■ F Palmyre, la 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Paris 29.08.-12.10.

■ F Paris 28.06.-24.08.

■ F Rethel 26.07.-03.08.

■ F Sables d'Olonne 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Saint-George 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Saint-Germain 27.06.-17.08.

■ F Saint-Gilles 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Saint-Hilaire 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Saint-Tropez 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Saint-Vincent 05.07.-31.08.

■ F Thonon-les-Bains 30.08.-07.09.

■ F Ussel 02.08.-06.08.

■ F Valras-Plage 05.07.-07.09.

■ F Vias-Plage 05.07.-31.08.

■ GB Blackheath 07.08.-11.08.

■ GB Bolton, Lancs 08.08.-10.08.

■ GB Carlisle, Cumbria 23.08.-23.08.

■ GB Dartmouth, Devon 24.08.-30.08.

■ GB Devizes, Wilts 28.08.-30.08.

■ GB Ealing, London 07.08.-10.08.

■ GB Glasgow 24.07.-03.08.

■ GB Gloucester 18.07.-03.08.

■ GB Hampstead Heath 23.08.-25.08.

■ GB Harrogate 21.08.-30.08.

■ GB Heath 14.08.-17.08.

■ GB Houghton-le-Spring 15.08.-25.08.

■ GB Irvine, Ayr, Scotland 20.08.-23.08.

■ GB Leicester 12.07.-31.08.

■ GB London 25.07.-07.09.

■ GB London-West 25.07.-03.08.

■ GB Maldon, Essex 30.07.-02.08.

■ GB Margate 31.07.-10.08.

■ GB Mitcham, London 07.08.-17.08.

■ GB Nairn 03.08.-16.08.

■ GB Northampton 15.08.-17.08.

■ GB Paignton, Devon 09.08.-17.08.

■ GB Reading, Berks 14.08.-24.08.

■ GB Southampton 21.08.-25.08.

■ GB St Andrews, Fife 07.08.-12.08.

■ GB Tarrant Hinton 27.08.-31.08.

■ GB Torquay, Devon 23.08.-27.08.

■ GB Wanstead Flats 22.08.-26.08.

■ GB Woolwich 15.08.-14.09.

■ I Bergamo 22.08.-21.09.

■ I Brescia 14.06.-20.08.



■ I Lucca 23.08.-28.09.

■ I Rimini 24.05.-24.08.

■ L Luxemburg 22.08.-10.09.

■ NL Alkmaar 22.08.-31.08.

■ NL Beverwijk 12.08.-17.08.

■ NL Boxtel 15.08.-20.08.

■ NL Castricum 09.08.-12.08.

■ NL Den Bosch 22.08.-31.08.

■ NL Eindhoven 01.08.-10.08.

■ NL Franeker 29.07.-04.08.

■ NL Goes 08.08.-14.08.

■ NL Groningen 22.08.-28.08.

■ NL Hoorn 09.08.-18.08.

■ NL Middelburg 01.08.-07.08.

■ NL Nederweert 29.08.-02.09.

■ NL Oosterhout 15.08.-20.08.

■ NL Oss 14.08.-20.08.

■ NL Raalte 27.08.-31.08.

■ NL Schagen 29.08.-03.09.

■ NL Sneek 01.08.-07.08.

■ NL Venray 01.08.-06.08.

■ NL Winterswijk 28.08.-31.08.

■ NL Yerseke 13.08.-16.08.

■ NL Zwolle 08.08.-17.08.

F Paris

■ Fête Foraine des Tuileries

until 24.08.


F Palavas-les-Flots

■ La Fête des Arènes until 31.08.


CH Agno/Tessin

■ Luna-Park until 03.08.

F Argelès-sur-Mer

■ Luna Park until 31.08.

F Fréjus

■ Luna Park until 31.08.


F Aiguillon-sur-Mer

■ Adventure Park until 31.08.


F Fos-sur-Mer

Park d'Attractions until 24.08.

GB Leicester

■ Abbey Park Pleasure Beach

until 31.08.


CH Genève=Genf

■ Fêtes de Genève until 10.08.


F Frontignan

■ Luna Park until 31.08.

GB Gloucester

■ Summer Festival Carnival

until 03.08.


B Brüssel

■ Foor du Midi until 24.08.

86633 Neuburg/Donau

■ Volksfest until 03.08.


Freestyle, Flipper, Berg & Tal, Top Spin, Wellenflug,


Participants: ca. 40

90411 Nürnberg-Ziegelstein

■ Kirchweih until 03.08.

Closed on Tuesday

91301 Forchheim

■ Annafest until 04.08.


Black Out, Fahrt zur Hölle, Jumper, Wildwasserbahn,

Riesenrad, Star Dancer, Disco Swing

Participants: ca. 80

93413 Cham

■ Volksfest until 04.08.

Volksfestverein Cham

95030 Hof

■ Volksfest until 03.08.


Magic House, Hex’n Wippn, Wellenflug, Riesenrad,

Wildwasserbahn, Kick Down, Breakdance,

Artistico, Top Spin

Participants: ca. 55

97816 Lohr

■ Spessartfestwoche until 03.08.


Wellenflug, XXL Fun House, G-Force, Big

Wave, Wildwasserbahn, Bayern-Breaker


I Rimini

■ Luna Park Fiabilandia until 24.08.


I Brescia

■ Luna Park San Polo until 20.08.


F Saint-Germain-en-Laye

■ Fêtes dés Loges until 17.08.


F Antibes-Biot

■ Antibes Land until 31.08.

F Cannes-la-Bocca

■ Luna Park Stade Pierre de

Coubertin until 31.08.

F Carcassonne

■ Herisson Land

until 14.09.

F Carnon

■ Luna Park until 07.09.

F Grau-du-Roi, Le

■ Luna Park Amigoland

until 31.08.

F Gruissan

■ Pirat Parc until 31.08.

F Guérande

■ Luna Park until 31.08.

F Hyères-les-Palmiers

■ Magic World Luna Park

until 31.08.

F Leucate-Plage

Park d'Attractions until 31.08.

F Barcarès, Le

■ Luna Park until 31.08.

F Canet-en-Roussillon

■ American Park until 31.08.

F Cap d'Agde, le

■ Luna Park until 31.08.

F Damgan

■ Luna Park until 31.08.

F Dinard

■ Luna Park de la Côte

d'Emeraude until 31.08.

F Marseillan

■ Parc d'Attractions until 31.08.

F Mimizan

■ Luna Parc until 31.08.

F Palmyre, la

■ Lunapark until 31.08.

F Sables d'Olonne, Les

■ Luna Park Baie de Cayola

until 31.08.

F Saint-George d'Oleron

■ Luna Park l'île d'Oleron

until 31.08.

F Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie

■ Fête Foraine

until 31.08.

F Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez

■ Beau Land Luna Park

until 31.08.

F Saint-Tropez

■ Azur Park until 31.08.

F Saint-Vincent-sur-Jard

■ Festy Park until 31.08.

F Valras-Plage

■ Luna Park, Azuriland

until 07.09.

F Vias-Plage

■ Euro-Park until 31.08.

F Abbeville

■ Foire de la Madeleine

until 03.08.

F Calais

■ Foire d'Eté until 17.08.

F Mulhouse

■ Foire Kermesse until 17.08.


GB Glasgow

■ Green Fair until 03.08.


10557 Berlin-Mitte-Moabit

■ Deutsch-Amerikanisches

Volksfest until 17.08.


Riesenrad, Hyper X, Around the World, Crazy

Mouse, Booster, Commander, Breakdance,

Melodie Star, Gaudi-Schunkler, Kettenflieger,

Nessi, Tal der Könige, Gaudi Hütt’n, Mäuseschloss,

Horror House, Water-Walkingballs

20359 Hamburg

■ Dom-Hummelfest

until 24.08.

Behörde für Wirtschaft Verkehr Innovation

Wellenflug, Airwolf, Wilde Maus XXL, Geisterhotel,

Gladiator, Wildwasserbahn, Tanz der

Vampire, Viva Mexico, Sky Dance, Action,

Love Dream, Frisbee, Dom-Dancer, Riesenrad,

Münchner Rutsch’n, Atlantis Rafting, Rock

& Roller Coaster, Rocket, Shaker, Dom-Geister,

Kuddel der Hai, Amazonas, Mäuse-Circus,

Happy Family, Fun Street, Omni,, Alpen-

Hotel, 2 x Irrgarten

Participants: ca. 250

36037 Fulda

■ Schützen- und Volksfest

until 03.08.

Distel GmbH Veranstaltungen/München

Bungee-Trampolin, Top Spin, Mäusestadt,

Flip Fly, Hot Shot, Time Factory, Psychodelic,

Starlight, High Impress

Participants: ca. 45

82538 Geretsried

■ Volksfest until 03.08.

GB London

■ Summer Season Fair until 07.09.

GB London-West

■ Sheperd's Bush Summer Fair

until 03.08.


33098 Paderborn

■ Libori-Kirmes until 03.08.


Riesenrad, Jekyll & Hyde, Alex Airport, Skater,

Take Off, Daemonium, Looping the Loop, Big

Bamboo, Musik Express, Simulator, Bungee-

Trampolin, Mäuse-Spektakel

Participants: ca. 130

52349 Düren

■ Annakirmes

until 03.08.


Go-Kartbahn, 1001 Nacht, Booster, Riesenrad,

XXL, Geisterbahn, Willy der Wurm, Wellenflug,

Wilde Maus, Sky Fall, Star Flyer, Fünfer-Looping,

Remmi Demmi, The Game, Octopussy,

Playball, Super Marci World, Fahrt ins


Participants: ca. 160

81541 München-Au

■ Sommer-Jacobidult until 03.08.

Stadt, Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft

82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

■ Festwoche Garmisch until 03.08.


F Rethel

■ Les Fêtes de la Sainte-Anne

until 03.08.


A Villach

■ Kirchtag until 03.08.

Amusement Park starts on Wednesday

Riesenrad, Drachen, Bungee-Trampolin, Simulator,

Schiff Ahoi, Sling Shot, Crazy Mouse,

Top Spin, Sky Rocker, Tagada, Magic Dreamland,Drachenpalast,

Panic, Breakdance, Chaos,

Extreme, Flipper, Geisterbahn, Black Out,


Participants: ca. 280



NL Franeker

■ PC-Kermis until 04.08.


84032 Altdorf

■ Altdorfer Wiesen until 04.08.


B Bastogne=Bastenaken

■ Kermes Annuelle until 03.08.

GB Maldon, Essex

■ Carnival until 02.08.


18356 Barth

■ Hafenfest until 03.08.

Festwirt Thomas Holtz/Barth

31275 Lehrte

■ Schützen- und Volksfest

until 03.08.

64579 Gernsheim

■ Rheinisches Fischerfest

until 04.08.

Rheinisches Fischerfest Gernsheim GmbH

Telstar, Mäusestadt, Water-Walkingballs, Bungee-Trampolin,

Riesenrad, Chaos Airport, Polyp,

Wellenflug, Intoxx, Disco-Fieber, Flash

Participants: ca. 100

81929 München

■ Sommerfestival Olympiapark

until 24.08.


86698 Oberndorf/Lech

■ Bezirksmusikfest until 03.08.


GB Margate

■ Carnival until 10.08.


02929 Rothenburg/O.L.

■ Sommerfest until 04.08.


04895 Falkenberg/Elster

■ Kiebitzer Stadtfest until 03.08.

AG Volksfeste/Herzberg

07426 Königsee

■ Stadtfest until 03.08.


09358 Wüstenbrand

■ Heidelbergfest until 03.08.

M.S.V. Chemnitz

17440 Freest/Kröslin

■ Fischerfest until 03.08.

Großmarkt Rostock GmbH

No Limit, Riesenrad, Speedy Gonzales, Rutsche,

House of Horror, Musikladen

Participants: ca. 90

18225 Kühlungsborn

■ Promenadenfest

until 03.08.

Großmarkt Rostock GmbH


21660 Stade

■ Volks- und Schützenfest

until 03.08.

25554 Wilster

■ Jahrmarkt until 05.08.


Troika, Breakdance, Aqua King, Jumper, Polyp,

Douible Jump

Participants: ca. 100

33034 Brakel

■ Annentag-Kirmes until 04.08.


No Limit, Avenger, Pirates Adventure, Rutsche,

Wellenflug, Riesenrad, Star Club, Breakdance

34125 Kassel

■ Zissel until 04.08.

Kassel Marketing GmbH, Abt. Events

35410 Hungen-Inheiden

■ Seefest until 04.08.

E.& B.Swoboda/Frankfurt

35460 Staufenberg

Kirmes until 04.08.

39261 Zerbst

■ Heimat- und Schützenfest

until 11.08.


Rocket, Breakdance, Magic, Musikpalast,

Geisterbahn, Cinema 6D, Super-Hopser

Participants: ca. 80

40878 Ratingen

■ Schützen- und Heimatfest

until 05.08.

41379 Brüggen

■ Altstadtfest mit Kirmes until 03.08.

44653 Herne

Cranger Kirmes until 10.08.


Breakdance, Riesenrad, Alpina-Bahn, Wilde

Maus, Twister, Geisterstadt, Flasher, Circus

Circus, Disco Jet, Happy Sailor, High Energy,

Wellenflug, Revolution, Big Monster, Konga,

Geisterschlange, Predator, Wildwasserbahn,

Nessy, Höllenblitz, American Swing, Shake,

Voodoo Jumper, Around the World, Crazy

Beach Jumper, Mega King Tower, The King,

Fight Club, Crazy Outback, Horror-Lazarett,

Traumgenerator, Aqua Labyrinth, Looping the

Loop, Rotor

Participants: ca. 500

46483 Wesel

■ PPP-Tage, Stadtfest until 03.08.


51789 Lindlar

■ Schützenkirmes until 05.08.

53123 Bonn-Lengsdorf

■ Volksfest until 04.08.

54295 Trier-Olewig

■ Weinfest until 04.08.

54492 Zelting-Rachtig

■ Zeltinger Weinkirmes until 04.08.


55283 Nierstein

■ Winzerfest until 04.08.

56410 Montabaur

Kirmes until 04.08.

60311 Frankfurt

■ Mainfest until 04.08.

Tourismus+Congress GmbH

Riesenrad, Jaguar Express, Hip Hop Fly, Wellenflug,


63110 Rodgau-Weiskirchen

■ Kerb until 05.08.


64646 Heppenheim/Bergstraße

■ Stadtkirchweih until 04.08.

65582 Diez

■ Sachsenhäuser Kirmes und

Heimatfest until 04.08.

Sachsenhäuser Kirmesgesellschaft

66557 Illingen

■ Steffes-Kirmes until 05.08.


66849 Landstuhl

■ Augustmarkt until 04.08.


Musik Express, Blue Hawaii, Düsenjäger

Participants: ca. 25

67433 Neustadt/Weinstraße

■ Musbacher Kirmes until 05.08.

67661 Kaiserslautern-Dansenberg

■ Kerwe until 04.08.


68775 Ketsch

■ Backfischfest until 10.08.

Ketscher Backfischfest GmbH

69502 Hemsbach

■ Kirchweih until 04.08.

Heimat- und Kerweverein

71540 Murrhardt

■ Volksfest until 04.08.

72762 Reutlingen

■ Sommerfest until 10.08.

74072 Heilbronn

■ Unterländer-Volksfest until 10.08.

Festzeltbetr. Göckelesmaier/Stuttgart

Booster Maxxx, Go-Kartbahn, Monster, Wellenflug,

Shaker, Musik Express, Psycho, Katz

& Maus

76467 Bietigheim/Baden

■ Bietigheimer Volksfest until 04.08.

83646 Bad Tölz

■ Volksfest until 04.08.

84066 Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg

■ Pfaffenberger Volksfest

until 05.08.

84130 Dingolfing

■ Fischerfest until 04.08.

84513 Töging/Inn

■ Volksfest until 05.08.

88453 Erolzheim

■ Heimatfest until 03.08.

Fa. H.Gebauer/Konstanz

88682 Salem/Baden

■ Schloßseefest until 04.08.

91161 Hilpoltstein

■ Burgfest until 04.08.

92360 Mühlhausen/Sulz

■ Kirchweih until 04.08.

92655 Grafenwöhr

■ Deutsch-Amerikanisches

Volksfest until 03.08.

Renner GbR/Grafenwöhr

Super-Tower, Simulator, Allround, Night Style,

Magic, Roll Over, Projekt 1, Freddy’s Company

Participants: ca. 35

94065 Waldkirchen/NdB

■ Volksfest until 06.08.

94424 Arnstorf

■ Volksfest until 05.08.

94496 Ortenburg

■ Volksfest until 06.08.

Gewerbeverein Ortenburg e.V.

96450 Coburg

■ Schützenfest, Vogelschießen

until 10.08.

Schützengesellschaft Coburg

Heisse Räder, Riesenrad, Space Party, Aqua

Velis, Magic, Bayernwippe, Street Style, Extrem,

High Explosive

97980 Bad Mergentheim

■ Volksfest until 04.08.

S.& D.Kübler/Aalen

CH Romanshorn

■ Sommernachtsfest until 03.08.

F Boulogne-sur-Mer

■ Foire aux Manège d'Eté

until 25.08.

NL Eindhoven

■ Kermispark Hilaria until 10.08.

NL Middelburg

■ Kermis until 07.08.

NL Sneek

■ Sneekweek-Kermis until 07.08.

NL Venray

■ Centrumkermis until 06.08.


26169 Friesoythe

■ Schützenfest until 04.08.

46325 Borken-Gemen

■ Schützenfest until 05.08.

47495 Rheinberg

Kirmes und Schützenfest

until 05.08.

48565 Steinfurt-Borghorst

■ Sommer-Kirmes until 04.08.


58540 Meinerzhagen

■ Schützenfest until 04.08.

59379 Selm-Bork

■ St. Stephanuskirmes

until 04.08.


66793 Saarwellingen

■ Sommerkirmes until 04.08.


88339 Bad Waldsee

■ Altstadt- und Seenachtsfest

until 03.08.

B Charleroi

■ Foire d'Aout

until 25.08.

F Ussel

■ Fête de la Gare

until 06.08.



98724 Lauscha

■ Köppleinkirmes until 11.08.




GB Nairn

■ Highland Games Fair

until 16.08.


09337 Hohenstein-Ernstthal

■ Bergfest until 10.08.

M.S.V. Chemnitz

Breakdance, Juke-Box, Musik Express,

Aqua Velis


18057 Rostock

■ Hanse-Sail until 10.08.

Großmarkt Rostock GmbH

No Limit, Riesenrad, Hyper X, Shaker, Nostalgie-Riesenrad,

Speedy Gonzales, Drachen,

Breakdance, Shake, Musikladen, Rutsche,

House of Horror, Fantastic World, Simulator,


Participants: ca. 400

34454 Bad Arolsen

■ Kram- und Viehmarkt until 10.08.


XXL, Flash, Twister Coaster, Wildwasserbahn,

Riesenrad, Geisterbahn, Breakdance, Musik

Express, Go-Kartbahn

Participants: ca. 350

93437 Furth im Wald

■ Drachenstich until 17.08.


Star Wars, Allround, Simulator

CH Kreuzlingen

■ Seenachtsfest 'Fantastical'

until 10.08.

GB Blackheath, South London

■ Summer Fair until 11.08.

GB Ealing, London

■ Common August Fair until 10.08.

GB Mitcham, London

■ Status Fair until 17.08.

GB St Andrews, Fife

■ Lammas Market Fair until 12.08.


02708 Niedercunnersdorf

■ Cunnersdorfer Schissn

until 11.08.

03130 Spremberg

■ Sommerfest until 10.08.


Riesenrad, Breakdance, Tornado, Drop

Attack, Raupenbahn, Chaos Airport

Participants: ca. 40

06749 Bitterfeld-Wolfen

■ Poucher Goitzschefest Bitterfeld

until 10.08.

06917 Jessen/Elster

■ Schul- und Heimatfest until 11.08.

24534 Neumünster

■ Sommerjahrmarkt until 11.08.


25541 Brunsbüttel

■ Volksfest mit Jahrmarkt

until 11.08.

26215 Wiefelstede

■ Schützenfest until 11.08.

26506 Norden

■ Sommermarkt until 11.08.


34613 Schwalmstadt-Treysa

■ Hutzelkirmes until 11.08.

37445 Walkenried

■ Schützen- und Volksfest

until 11.08.

39317 Elbe-Parey

■ Elbauenfest Parey until 10.08.


49219 Glandorf

Kirmes until 10.08.

49525 Lengerich

Kirmes until 10.08.

Schaustellerverband Münsterland e.V.

52074 Aachen

■ Sommerbend until 18.08.

Eurogress Aachen

Around the World, Breakdance, Booster, Rio

Rapidos, Spinning Coaster, Sky Trip, Bayern-

Rutsche, Beach Party, Riesenrad, Wellenflug,

Willy der Wurm, Daemonium, Krumm & Schief

Bau, Panic Room

Participants: ca. 120

54595 Prüm

■ Innenstadt-Kirmes until 11.08.

O.und G.Hündgen/Euskirchen

55606 Kirn/Nahe

■ Kirner Kerb until 11.08.


61231 Bad Nauheim

■ Altstadtfest until 10.08.


63911 Klingenberg/Main

■ Winzerfest until 17.08.

Closed on Monday and Tuesday

64297 Darmstadt-Eberstadt

■ Kirchweih until 11.08.


65795 Hattersheim-Eddersheim

■ Fischerfest until 10.08.

K.Laux & Sohn/Wiesbaden

67742 Lauterecken

■ Heimatfest until 11.08.

69469 Weinheim/Bergstraße

■ Kerwe until 11.08.


83620 Feldkirchen-Westerham

■ Volksfest until 17.08.


83661 Lenggries

■ Festwoche until 18.08.

H.+M.Oswald GbR/Möckmühl-Korb

84405 Dorfen

■ Volksfest until 17.08.


85283 Wolnzach

■ Hallertauer Volksfest until 18.08.

85560 Ebersberg

■ Volksfest until 18.08.

86316 Friedberg/Schwaben

■ Volksfest until 17.08.

Verkehrsverein Friedberg

86399 Bobingen

■ Volksfest until 12.08.


86529 Schrobenhausen

■ Volksfest until 17.08.

Martha Stief/Schrobenhausen

89312 Günzburg

■ Volksfest until 17.08.


Musik Express, Cyber Space, Monsterhaus,


Participants: ca. 40

90455 Nürnberg-Katzwang

■ Kirchweih until 12.08.

90518 Altdorf

■ Kirchweih until 13.08.

90766 Fürth-Unterfarrnbach

■ Kirchweih until 13.08.


91154 Roth

■ Kirchweih until 12.08.


Parkour, Schlittenfahrt, Riesenrad

92286 Rieden

■ Vilstalfest und Kirwa until 11.08.

92318 Neumarkt/Oberpfalz

■ Jura-Volksfest until 18.08.


Wilde Maus, Riesenrad, 1001 Nacht, Flipper,

Skater, Happy Traveller, Golden Star, Wellenflug,

Domino, Irrgarten, Magic House

Participants: ca. 35

92637 Weiden/Oberpfalz

■ Volks- und Schützenfest

until 17.08.

Kgl.Priv.Feuerschützengesellschaft 1604

Achterbahn, Wildwasserbahn, Star Dancer,

Street Fighter, Black Out, Kettenflieger, Disco

Swing, Freddy’s Company, Horror World

Participants: ca. 50

94315 Straubing

■ Gäubodenvolksfest until 18.08.

Austellungs- und Veranstaltungs GmbH

Top Spin, Flip Fly, Feuer & Eis, Techno Power,

Go-Kartbahn, Toboggan, Alex Airport, Sky

Fall, Wildwasserbahn, Nostalgie-Riesenrad,

Hexenschaukel, G-Force, Future World, Wilde

Maus, Fahrt ins Paradies, Pirates Adventure,

Wellenfluig,, Riesenrad, Happy Monster, Roll


Participants: ca. 140

96528 Schalkau

■ Vogelschießen until 10.08.

97720 Nüdlingen

■ Bergfest until 10.08.

Uebel & Sachs/Niederwerrn

97828 Marktheidenfeld

■ Laurenzimesse until 17.08.


Freestyle, Wellenflug, Lach+Freu-Haus, Musik

Express, Breakdance, Adrenalin

Participants: ca. 20

A Gols/Burgenland

■ Volksfest until 17.08.

B Huy=Hoei

■ Fête Foraine until 24.08.

B Turnhout

■ Augustuskermis until 21.08.

B Zelzate

■ Augustusfoor until 18.08.

CH Olten

■ Chilbi until 11.08.

CH Rapperswil-Jona

■ Seenachtfest until 10.08.

F Cambrai

■ Fête Foraine until 18.08.

F Creuzot, Le

■ Fête Foraine Patronale de la St

Laurent until 25.08.

F Dieppe

■ Fête Foraine until 24.08.

GB Bolton, Lancs

■ Bolton Fair until 10.08.

NL Goes

■ Kermis until 14.08.

NL Zwolle

■ Zomerkermis until 17.08.


41239 Mönchengladbach-Hockstein

Kirmes until 11.08.


46359 Heiden

■ Schützen-Kirmes until 11.08.

47929 Grefrath

■ Laurentiuskirmes mit Schützenfest

until 12.08.


48477 Hörstel

Kirmes until 11.08.

48493 Wettringen

■ Dorfkirmes until 11.08.


51465 Bergisch Gladbach

■ Laurentiuskirmes until 12.08.


Riesenrad, Octopussy, Breakdance, Simulator,

Villa Wahnsinn, Schlittenfahrt

Participants: ca. 60

53567 Asbach

Kirmes until 13.08.

54550 Daun

■ Laurentiuskirmes until 13.08.


57627 Hachenburg

Kirmes until 11.08.

59394 Nordkirchen

Kirmes until 11.08.


63303 Dreieich-Sprendlingen

■ Kerb until 12.08.

Gebr.Hausmann GbR/Langen

66482 Zweibrücken-Ixheim

Kirmes until 12.08.


66583 Spiesen-Elversberg

■ Spiesener Kirmes until 11.08.

66687 Wadern

Kirmes until 12.08.

66780 Rehlingen-Siersburg

Kirmes until 12.08.

67286 Kirchheimbolanden

■ Residenzfest until 11.08.



77876 Kappelrodeck

■ Bockbierfest until 11.08.

82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

■ Festwoche Partenkirchen

until 18.08.

85221 Dachau

■ Volksfest until 18.08.


Power Tower, Rund um den Tegernsee, Top

Spin, Wellenflug, Geisterbahn, Riesenrad

Participants: ca. 75

94234 Viechtach

■ Volksfest until 17.08.

J.& E.Braun GbR/Burgthann

CH Kriegstetten

■ Krebskilbi until 11.08.

CH Meilen

■ Chilbi until 11.08.

CH Richterswil

■ Chilbi until 11.08.

ES Malaga

■ Feria de Malaga until 17.08.

GB Paignton, Devon

■ Regatta Fair until 17.08.

NL Castricum

■ Kermis until 12.08.

NL Hoorn

■ Kermis until 18.08.


NL Beverwijk

■ Kermis until 17.08.


08485 Lengenfeld/Vogtland

■ Plohner Kirmes until 17.08.

26160 Bad Zwischenahn

■ Bad Zwischenahner Woche

until 17.08.

26736 Krummhörn-Greetsiel

■ Jahrmarkt

until 18.08.

93309 Kelheim

■ Volksfest until 18.08.


Riesenrad, Bayernbreaker, Swing Time

Participants: ca. 40

A Hollabrunn

■ Volksfest until 17.08.

Freefall, Sky Rocker, Panic, Breakdance, Magic

Dreamland, Go-Kartbahn, Geisterbahn,

Drachen, Tagada

NL Yerseke

■ Kermis en Mosselfeesten

until 16.08.


08056 Zwickau

■ Stadtfest until 17.08.



47119 Duisburg-Ruhrort

■ Hafen- und Schützenfest

until 17.08.


49377 Vechta

■ Stoppelmarkt until 19.08.


Geisterstadt, Konga, Riesenrad, Breakdance,

Mega King Tower, 1001 Nacht, Looping the

Loop, Verrückte Farm, Wildwasserbahn, High

Energy, Disco Swing, Krake, Time Factory,

Wellenflug, Musik Express, Take Off, Teststrecke,

Piraten-Rutsche, Shake, Big Bamboo,

Mäusestadt, Boxbude

Participants: ca. 500

84160 Frontenhausen

■ Volksfest until 18.08.

84524 Neuötting

■ Bartlmädult until 19.08.


85110 Kipfenberg/Altmühltal

■ Limes-Volksfest until 18.08.


91320 Ebermannstadt

■ Altstadtfest until 18.08.

94051 Hauzenberg

■ Volksfest until 18.08.


94501 Aidenbach

■ Volksfest until 19.08.

Markt Aidenbach

95478 Kemnath

■ Wiesenfest until 19.08.

96307 Kronach

■ Freischießen until 24.08.

Schützengesellschaft Kronach

Heiße Räder, Wellenflug, Alpenrausch, High

Explosive, Riesenrad, Breakdance, Playball,


Participants: ca. 60

A Ampflwang

■ Kirtagsrummel until 17.08.

GB Heath

■ Common Fair until 17.08.

GB Reading, Berks

■ Thame Side Prom until 24.08.

NL Oss

■ Zomerkermis until 20.08.


01619 Zeithain-Lorenzkirch

■ Lorenzmarkt until 18.08.

Dresdner Schaustellerverband e.V.

Riesenrad, Breakdance, Speedy Gonzales,

Drop Attack, Crazy Train, Crazy Trip

03205 Calau

■ Stadtfest until 17.08.

Lausitzer Schaustellerverband/M.Sperlich

06246 Bad Lauchstädt

■ Brunnenfest until 17.08.


06385 Aken/Elbe

■ Stadtfest until 17.08.


06456 Sandersleben

■ Heimatfest until 17.08.

Participants: ca. 15

08324 Bockau

■ Wurzelfest until 17.08.

09366 Stollberg

■ Sommerfest until 17.08.

M.S.V. Chemnitz


Participants: ca. 30

14669 Ketzin

■ Fischerfest until 17.08.


Flipper, Raupenbahn, Comic Trip, Chaos Airport

17389 Anklam

■ Hansefest until 17.08.

Meisel & Peters GbR/Anklam

26409 Wittmund

■ Schützenfest until 17.08.


27568 Bremerhaven

■ Freimarkt until 24.08.

ArGe Bremerhavener Märkte

32657 Lemgo

■ Schützenfest until 18.08.

Siegfried Steuer/Lemgo

33803 Steinhagen

■ Sommerkirmes until 17.08.

34112 Kassel-Wehlheiden

Kirmes until 19.08.


35394 Gießen

■ Stadtfest until 17.08.

37242 Bad Sooden-Allendorf

■ Erntedank- und Heimatfest

until 19.08.


Starlight, Alpha 1

Participants: ca. 30

38226 Salzgitter-Lebenstedt

■ Cityfest until 17.08.

38302 Wolfenbüttel

■ Altstadtfest until 17.08.

44339 Dortmund-Eving

■ Evinger-Kohlen-Kirmes

until 18.08.


44791 Bochum-Harpen

■ Dorffest until 18.08.

Bochum Marketing GmbH

46419 Isselburg

■ Schützenkirmes until 18.08.

48431 Rheine

■ Wein- & Braufest until 17.08.

Heskamp Event/Rheine

48607 Ochtrup

■ Herbstkirmes until 18.08.


Big Monster, Phoenix, Pharaos Rache, Musik


Participants: ca. 70

49549 Ladbergen

■ Sommerkirmes until 17.08.

52428 Jülich

■ Sommerkirmes until 18.08.


53721 Siegburg-Kaldauen

■ Volksfest until 17.08.

53773 Hennef-Warth

Kirmes until 18.08.

54299 Baesweiler-Loverich

Kirmes until 18.08.


54516 Wittlich

■ Säubrennerkirmes until 18.08.


XXL, Riesenrad, Rotor, Intoxx, Love Express,

Freddy’s Circus, Breakdance

55545 Bad Kreuznach

■ Jahrmarkt until 19.08.


Flasher, Voodoo Jumper, Avenger, Wildwasserbahn,

Berg & Tal, Rainbow, Hexentanz,

Breakdance, Riesenrad, Frisbee, Musik Express,

Disco Fieber, XXL Funhouse, Horror-

Lazarett, Geisterbahn, Euro-Rutsche, Wellenflug,

Kristallpalast, Simulator, Silbermine, Go-


Participants: ca. 200

58644 Iserlohn-Oestrich

■ Appeltaten-Kirmes until 18.08.

58840 Plettenberg-Eiringhausen

■ Schützen- und Volksfest

until 18.08.

59755 Arnsberg-Neheim

■ Neheimer Volksfest until 18.08.

59955 Winterberg

Kirmes until 18.08.

63073 Offenbach/Main-Bieber

■ Kerb until 19.08.


65428 Rüsselsheim

■ Kerb until 19.08.


Breakdance, Katz & Maus, Fluch der Piraten,

Rio, Simulator

Participants: ca. 75

66287 Quierschied

■ Wambefeschd until 18.08.

66885 Altenglan

■ Kerwe until 18.08.

66994 Dahn

■ Kerwe, Stadtfest und Krämermarkt

until 18.08.

71706 Markgröningen

■ Musikfest until 18.08.

Karl Kritz KG/Stuttgart

74906 Bad Rappenau

■ Lichterfest am Kurparksee

until 17.08.

79761 Waldshut-Tiengen

■ Chilbi until 20.08.

85080 Gaimersheim

■ Volksfest until 18.08.

90473 Nürnberg-Langwasser

■ Kirchweih until 18.08.

91459 Markt Erlbach

■ Kirchweih until 19.08.

91781 Weißenburg

■ Kirchweih until 24.08.


Schlittenfahrt, Parkour, Riesenrad, Jumanji

96523 Steinach

■ Kirchweih until 18.08.


Riesenrad, Spider, Night Style, Geisterbahn,

Crazy Outback, Breakdance, Cortina Jet

Participants: ca. 40

97332 Volkach

■ Weinfest until 18.08.




A Freistadt

■ Mühlviertler Volksfest

until 17.08.

A Waldhausen

■ Strudengauer Messe

until 17.08.

CH Bern-Bümpliz

■ Chilbi

until 17.08.

CH Chur

■ Churer Fest

until 17.08.

CH Glarus

■ Chilbi until 17.08.

CH Lachen/SZ

■ Seenachtsfest

until 17.08.

CH Oberwinterthur

■ Oberi-Fäscht

until 17.08.

CH Payerne

■ Tirage until 18.08.

GB Houghton-le-Spring,


■ Funfair Herrington Park

until 25.08.

GB Northampton

■ Balloon Festival

until 17.08.

GB Woolwich, South London

■ Common Fun Fair

until 14.09.

NL Boxtel

■ Gemeentekermis

until 20.08.

NL Oosterhout

■ Kermis

until 20.08.


06108 Halle/Saale

■ Sommerjahrmarkt und Laternenfest

until 01.09.

AG-Schausteller Halle, W.Meyer

06571 Wiehe

■ Bartholomäusmarkt

until 17.08.



25355 Barmstedt

■ Stoppelmarkt

until 18.08.

48231 Warendorf

■ Augustkirmes

until 19.08.


Jekyll & Hyde, High Impress, Achterbahn, Breakdance,

Musik-Shop, Kettenflieger

Participants: ca. 190

48485 Neuenkirchen

■ Stadtkirmes

until 18.08.


49733 Rütenbrock/Haren Ems

Kirmes until 18.08.

49751 Sögel/Emsland

■ Mariä-Himmelfahrt-Kirmes

until 18.08.

53489 Sinzig

Kirmes until 19.08.

53945 Blankenheim

Kirmes am See

until 18.08.

56368 Katzenelnbogen

■ Heimatfest

until 19.08.

57482 Wenden

■ Wendsche Kärmetze

until 19.08.


Revolution, Flash, Musik Express, Riesenrad,

Wellenflug, Wilde Maus, Breakdance, Geisterbahn

Participants: ca. 400

57548 Kirchen-Niederfischbach

■ Föschber Kirmes

until 19.08.

Ortsgemeinde Niederfischbach

61118 Bad Vilbel

■ Vilbeler Markt until 24.08.

Closed on Wednesday and Thursday


Jaguar Express, Riesenrad, Aqua Velis, Breakdance,

Taumler, Hip Hop Fly, Drop Zone,

Wilde Maus, Top Spin, Fluch der Piraten

66646 Marpingen

■ Marienkirmes until 19.08.

66780 Rehlingen

Kirmes until 19.08.

66901 Schönenberg-Kübelberg

■ Schönenberger Kirchweih

until 19.08.


67659 Kaiserslautern-Erlenbach

■ Kerwe until 18.08.


76448 Durmersheim

■ Bickesheimer Augustmarkt

until 19.08.

88326 Aulendorf

■ Schloßfest

until 18.08.


CH Herrliberg

■ Chilbi until 18.08.

CH Wetzikon

■ Chilbi until 18.08.

CH Zollikon

■ Chilbi until 18.08.


55411 Bingen

■ Rochusfest

until 24.08.

69245 Bammental

■ Kirchweih until 19.08.



GB Irvine, Ayr, Scotland

■ Marymas Fair

until 23.08.


24768 Rendsburg

■ Stadt- und Herbstfest

until 24.08.

RD-Marketing Rendsburg

25524 Itzehoe

■ Herbstmarkt

until 25.08.


36132 Eiterfeld

Kirmes until 25.08.

64385 Reichelsheim

■ Michelsmarkt

until 25.08.

GB Harrogate

■ August Stray Bank Holiday Fair

until 30.08.

GB Southampton

■ Summer Bank Holiday Common

Fair until 25.08.


01587 Riesa

■ Stadtfest

until 24.08.

FVG Riesa GmbH

01917 Kamenz

■ Forstfest until 28.08.


04425 Taucha

■ Tauchscher (Stadtfest)

until 24.08.


04924 Bad Liebenwerda-Thalberg

■ Pferde- und Bauernmarkt

until 24.08.


07407 Rudolstadt

■ Vogelschießen

until 31.08.


Riesenrad, Predator, Hot Shot, Rio Rapidos,

Rock & Roller Coaster, Breakdance, Magic,

Wellenflug, Geistervilla, Crazy Town, Crazy


Participants: ca. 70

08468 Reichenbach/Vogtland

■ Fest der Familie

until 24.08.


Riesenrad, Walzerfahrt

09224 Chemnitz-Grüna-Mittelbach

Kirmes until 24.08.

K.& R.Illgen OHG/Chemnitz


21769 Lamstedt

■ Bartholomäusmarkt

until 24.08.


26446 Friedeburg

■ Schützen- und Volksfest

until 25.08.

26871 Papenburg

■ Augustmarkt

until 26.08.

27305 Bruchhausen-Vilsen

■ Brokser Heiratsmarkt

until 26.08.

Eigenbetrieb TourismusService

Konga, Big Bamboo, Crazy Mouse, Kick

Down, Flash, Verrückte Farm, Scheibenwischer,

Rock Express, Polyp, Breakdance, Riesenrad,

Geisterbahn, Mäusestadt, Skipper,

Simulator, Rutsche

Participants: ca. 500

33648 Bielefeld-Brackwede

■ Schweinemarkt, Brackweder

Kirmes until 24.08.


Jaguar Express, Bungee-Trampolin, Water-


Participants: ca. 120

33775 Versmold

■ Stadtfestival

until 24.08.

IGEV R.Stodieck Halle/Westf.

37210 Witzenhausen/Werra

■ Erntedankfest

until 25.08.


40549 Düsseldorf-Heerdt

■ Bürger- und Schützenfest

until 25.08.


44388 Dortmund-Lütgendortmund

■ Bartholomäus- und Pflaumenkirmes

until 25.08.


Breakdance, Schwanenflieger, Amazona-

Bahn, Riesenrad, Big Monster, Krumm &

Schief Bau

Participants: ca. 130

57078 Siegen

■ Sommerfest

until 24.08.

58566 Kierspe

■ Schützenfest

until 25.08.

Kiersper Schützenverein e.V. 1899

58579 Schalksmühle

Kirmes until 24.08.


64291 Darmstadt-Wixhausen

■ Kirchweih until 25.08.


64347 Griesheim

■ Griesemer Kerb

until 26.08.


65479 Raunheim

■ Kerb until 25.08.


66346 Püttlingen

■ Hauptkirmes until 25.08.


68549 Ilvesheim

■ Kirchweih until 25.08.

Pfeifer-Köhler KG

71706 Markgröningen

■ Schäferlauf, Kinder- und Heimatfest

until 25.08.

Karl Kritz KG/Stuttgart

Breakdance, Riesenrad, Psychodelic, Monster,

Flipper, Bungee-Trampolin, Euro-Rutsche


74855 Haßmersheim

■ Kirchweih until 25.08.


46459 Rees-Haldern

Kirmes until 25.08.

Bürgerinitiative Haldern


78224 Singen

■ Bohlinger Volksfest

until 25.08.


84028 Landshut

■ Bartlmädult

until 31.08.


Freak, Hopser, Psychodelic, Riesenrad, Booster,

The Beast, Hawaii Swing, Simulator, Wildwasserbahn,

Shocker, Devil Rock

Participants: ca. 150

86153 Augsburg

■ Herbstplärrer

until 07.09.


Riesenrad, Breakdance, Flipper, Magic House,

Wellenflug, Leopardenspur, Go-Kartbahn,

Adrenalin, Intoxx

Participants: ca. 85

88074 Meckenbeuren

■ Weinfest until 25.08.

90489 Nürnberg-Wöhrd

■ Kirchweih until 26.08.

90513 Zirndorf

■ Kirchweih until 26.08.


91448 Emskirchen

■ Kirchweih until 26.08.

Markt Emskirchen

92331 Parsberg

■ Volksfest until 26.08.

93339 Riedenburg/Altmühtal

■ Volksfest until 26.08.

Renner GbR/Grafenwöhr

94474 Vilshofen

■ Volksfest until 27.08.


Doggy Dog, Flipper, Geisterhöhle, Extrem,

Route 66, Super Tower

Participants: ca. 40

A Oberwart

■ Inform-Messe mit Vergnügungspark

until 31.08.

B Roeselare=Roelers

■ Kermis until 31.08.

GB Wanstead Flats, E. London

■ Late Summer Bank Holiday Fair

until 26.08.

I Bergamo

■ Luna Park until 21.09.

L Luxemburg=Luxembourg

■ Schueberfouer

until 10.09.

NL Alkmaar

■ Zomerkermis until 31.08.

NL Den Bosch

■ Kermis until 31.08.

NL Groningen

■ Augustuskermis until 28.08.


41179 Mönchengladbach-Rheindahl

Kirmes until 26.08.


47198 Duisburg-Hochheide

Kirmes until 25.08.

Schausteller Duisburg Event GmbH

47807 Krefeld-Fischeln

■ Prumetatkirmes

until 25.08.


48268 Greven

Kirmes until 25.08.


49832 Freren

Kirmes until 25.08.


Participants: ca. 30

56626 Andernach-Namedy


until 25.08.


59510 Lippetal-Lippborg

Kirmes und Markt

until 26.08.

Closed on Monday

59889 Eslohe-Reiste

■ Reister Markt

until 24.08.


65232 Taunusstein-Bleidenstadt

■ Bleischter Kerb

until 25.08.

Arbeitskreis Bleischter Kerb

66125 Saarbrücken-Dudweiler

■ Sommerkirmes

until 26.08.


67659 Kaiserslautern-Erfenbach

■ Kerwe until 26.08.


70327 Stuttgart-Wangen

■ Kirchweih until 24.08.

97350 Mainbernheim

■ Kirchweih

until 26.08.

CH Küsnacht/Zh

■ Chilbi

until 25.08.

CH Wädenswil

■ Chilbi

until 25.08.

GB Carlisle, Cumbria

■ Great Fair until 23.08.

GB Hampstead Heath, London

■ Summer Bank Holiday Fair

until 25.08.

GB Torquay, Devon

■ Regatta Fair

until 27.08.

I Lucca

■ Luna Park until 28.09.


GB Dartmouth, Devon

■ Royal Regatta Fair

until 30.08.


GB Tarrant Hinton/Dorset

■ Great Dorset Steam Fair

until 31.08.

NL Raalte

■ Sallands Oogstfeest

until 31.08.


06682 Teuchern

Parkfest until 01.09.

Fa.Doreen Rostalski/Teutschenthal

06862 Roßlau/Elbe

■ Heimat- und Schifferfest

until 31.08.


55120 Mainz

■ Mainzer Weinmarkt

until 07.09.

Closed from Tuesday to Thursday

Touristik Centrale/Mainz

Participants: ca. 130

94086 Bad Griesbach-Karpfham

■ Karpfhamer Fest

until 02.09.

Haslinger Volksfest/Karpfhamer Fest e.V

Star Dancer, Eclipse, Around the World, Feuer

& Eis, Fahrt zur Hölle, Atlantis, Riesenrad,

Avenger, G-Force, Musik Express, Route 66

B Waregem

■ Koersefoor

until 03.09.

GB Devizes, Wilts

■ Carnival

until 30.08.

NL Winterswijk

■ Volksfeestkermis

until 31.08.


01833 Dürröhrsdorf-Dittersbach

■ Jahrmarkt

until 02.09.

02826 Görlitz

■ Altstadtfest

until 31.08.

03096 Burg/Spreewald

■ Heimat- und Trachtenfest

until 31.08.

04610 Meuselwitz

■ Stadtfest

until 31.08.


06108 Halle/Saale

■ Laternenfest

until 31.08.

ESG Getränkevertriebs GmbH

09111 Chemnitz

■ Stadtfest until 31.08.

K.& R.Illgen OHG/Chemnitz

Riesenrad, Sky Dance, Flipper, Top Spin, Breakdance,

Raupenbahn, Mexico City, Rutsche,

Chaos Airport

Participants: ca. 50

09326 Geringswalde

■ Teichfest until 01.09.


13469 Berlin-Tegel

■ Freie Scholle, Schollenfest

until 14.09.

Schaustellerverband Berlin e.V.

24576 Bad Bramstedt

■ Herbstjahrmarkt

until 31.08.

25348 Glückstadt

■ Sommermarkt

until 01.09.

26352 Wilhelmshaven

■ Stadtfest until 31.08.

Jahrmärkte gestern und heute/Oldenburg

26802 Moormerland

■ Schützenfest

until 01.09.

28757 Bremen-Vegesack

■ Herbstmarkt

until 03.09.

Stadtamt Bremen, Marktverwaltung

30890 Barsinghausen

■ Stadtfest

until 31.08.


35418 Buseck

Kirmes until 02.09.

Veranstaltungsbüro Wagner/Buseck-Beuern

35614 Asslar

■ Kirchweih until 01.09.

39340 Haldensleben

■ Altstadtfest

until 31.08.

ASV Stendal/Tangerhütte

41189 Mönchengladbach-Beckrath

Kirmes until 01.09.


41460 Neuss

■ Schützenfest

until 02.09.

Stadt, BgA Märkte und Kirmessen

Participants: ca. 270

41836 Hückelhoven-Ratheim

Kirmes until 01.09.

42929 Wermelskirchen

■ Herbstkirmes

until 02.09.


Kettenflieger, Salto Mortale, Simulator, Musik

Express, High Impress, Halloween, Air-Crash

Participants: ca. 70

45731 Waltrop

Parkfest until 31.08.

46414 Rhede


until 01.09.


Booster, Big Bamboo, 1001 Nacht, Musik Express,

Octopussy, Phoenix, Wellenflug, Simulator,

Jekyll & Hyde, Mäusestadt, Kesseltanz

Participants: ca. 160

47139 Duisburg-Beeck

■ Beecker-Kirmes

until 02.09.



47839 Krefeld-Hüls

■ Herbstkirmes until 01.09.


48282 Emsdetten

■ Herbstkirmes

until 31.08.


Riesenrad, Kettenflieger, Sky Trip, Crazy

Mouse, Remmi Demmi, Breakdance, Musik


Participants: ca. 100

49419 Wagenfeld

■ Großmarkt until 31.08.

49493 Mettingen

■ Herbstkirmes

until 31.08.


53545 Linz/Rhein

Kirmes until 31.08.


55411 Bingen

■ Winzerfest until 08.09.

56121 Bad Ems

■ Bartholomäusmarkt

until 01.09.

Bartholomäusmarktverein e.V.

56422 Wirges

Kirmes until 02.09.

J.Meyer & Sohn OHG/Neuwied

57234 Wilnsdorf

Kirmes until 01.09.

59872 Meschede

■ St.-Georgs-Kirmes until 01.09.


61343 Bad Homburg

■ Laternenfest until 01.09.


Wilde Maus, Commander, Top Spin, Frisbee,

Psychodelic, Riesenrad, Wellenflug, Breakdance,

Jaguarbahn, Geisterbahn, Drop Zone

Participants: ca. 130

63897 Miltenberg

■ Michaelimesse until 07.09.


City Skyliner, Euro-Rutsche, Take Off, Night

Style, Dschungel Train

Participants: ca. 40

65205 Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt

■ Norschter Kerb

until 01.09.


66538 Neunkirchen/Saar


until 02.09.


Safarie Express, Chaos, Magic, Spin Ball, Polyp,

Simulator, Rio

Participants: ca. 70

66740 Saarlouis

■ Ludwigskirmes

until 02.09.


Breakdance, Simulator

Participants: ca. 55

66953 Pirmasens

■ Grenadiermarkt until 03.09.


Sky Glider, Disco Fieber, Himalaya

Participants: ca. 40

67661 Kaiserslautern-Hohenecken

■ Kerwe until 01.09.


69168 Wiesloch

■ Winzerfest until 07.09.


69412 Eberbach

■ Kuckucksmarkt until 02.09.


Black Out, Starlight, Breakdance

Participants: ca. 40

69509 Mörlenbach

■ Kerb until 01.09.

Heimat- und Verkehrsverein

74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen

■ Bietigheimer Pferdemarkt

until 02.09.

Festzeltbetr. Göckelesmaier/Stuttgart

Wilde Maus, Flash, Booster, Wellenflug, Musik

Express, Aqua Velis, Geisterbahn

Participants: ca. 50

76756 Bellheim-Zeiskam

■ Kirchweih until 02.09.


79206 Breisach/Rhein

■ Weinfest until 01.09.


82216 Maisach

■ Volksfest until 07.09.

Festhalle Alpenland/L.Trollmann Weilheim

82377 Penzberg

■ Volksfest until 07.09.

Fahrenschon/ GmbH & Co.KG Rosenheim

Wellenflug, Doggy Dog, XXL-Krake, Mondlift

Participants: ca. 15

83308 Trostberg

■ Volksfest until 07.09.


84453 Mühldorf/Inn

■ Volksfest until 08.09.


Parkour, Wilde Maus, Swing Time, Top Spin,

Extrem, Walk of Fame

Participants: ca. 20

85072 Eichstätt

■ Volksfest until 07.09.


Riesenrad, Wellenflug, Jumanji, Happy Traveller

Participants: ca. 20

85077 Manching-Oberstimm

■ Barthelmarkt until 01.09.

Markt Manching

Wellenflug, Space Party, Allround, Domino, Irrgarten,

Schnee-Circus, Power Tower, Geisterhöhle,


Participants: ca. 400

85435 Erding

■ Herbstfest until 07.09.


Riesenrad, Haunted Mansion, Kettenflieger,

Musik Express, The King, Mega King Tower

Participants: ca. 55

85630 Grasbrunn-Keferloh

■ Keferloher Montag Markt

until 01.09.

Little O Veranstaltungs GmbH/E.Radlinger

87634 Obergünzburg

■ Volksfest until 03.09.

90478 Nürnberg

■ Herbstvolksfest until 14.09.


Wilde Maus, Wildwasserbahn, Riesenrad, Flip

Fly, Cyber Space, Artistico, Skater, Roll Over,

Playball, Breakdance, Wellenflug, Star Flyer,

Schlittenfahrt, Disco Express, Teststrecke,

Psycho, Horror World, Traumgenerator, Happy

Family, Geisterschloss, Rotor

Participants: ca. 165

90547 Stein

■ Kirchweih until 02.09.


90552 Röthenbach/Pegnitz

■ Blumenfest until 02.09.

Fa. Sandra Bruckner

90765 Fürth-Stadeln

■ Kirchweih until 02.09.


91438 Bad Windsheim

■ Kirchweih-Volksfest

until 02.09.

Kur-, Kongress- und Touristik-GmbH

Bayernbreaker, Rocket

91790 Nennslingen

■ Kirchweih until 01.09.

93059 Regensburg

■ Herbstdult until 14.09.


93104 Sünching

■ Sünchinger Markt

until 02.09.


94104 Tittling

■ Volksfest until 01.09.

Participants: ca. 10

97285 Röttingen

■ Volksfest until 01.09.


97478 Knetzgau

■ Kirchweih until 01.09.

99974 Mühlhausen

■ Stadtkirmes until 07.09.


Flash, Big Spin, Katz & Maus, Crazy Haloween

A Bleiburg

■ Wiesenmarkt until 01.09.

Riesenrad, Speed, Schiff Ahoi, Drachenbahn,

Rodeo, Kettenflieger, Sling Shot, Big Wave,

Sky Rocker, Breakdance, Flipper, Geisterhaus,

Simulator, Drop Zone, Tagada, Twister,


A Wels

■ Welser Volksfest until 07.09.

B Sint-Truiden=St.Trond

■ Augustuskermis until 08.09.

CH Wald/ZH

■ Chilbi until 31.08.

F Paris

■ Fête au Bois (Neu-Neu)

until 12.10.

NL Nederweert

■ Kermis until 02.09.

NL Schagen

■ Najaarskermis until 03.09.


35410 Hungen

■ Schäferfest until 01.09.

Andreas & Sandy Walldorf/Giessen

45134 Essen-Heisingen

■ Woddelkirmes

until 31.08.

I.G.S. mbH/Ritter+Müller/Essen

47877 Willich-Anrath

■ Schützenfest until 02.09.

49733 Haren/Ems

Kirmes until 01.09.

52382 Niederzier

Kirmes until 01.09.

61118 Bad Vilbel-Gronau

■ Gronauer Zeltkerb until 01.09.

Stadt Bad Vilbel & Kerbeburschen Gronau

67549 Worms

■ Backfischfest until 07.09.


Daemonium, Pirates Adventure, Wildwasserbahn,

Riesenrad, Around the World, Breakdance,

Musik Express, Go-Kartbahn, Konga,


Participants: ca. 145

67659 Kaiserslautern-Morlautern

■ Kerwe until 01.09.

69493 Hirschberg/Bergstraße

■ Großsaasemer Gassekerwe

until 01.09.

71723 Großbottwar

■ Straßenfest until 01.09.

Weber GbR/Ludwigsburg

74722 Buchen

■ Schützenmarkt until 07.09.

Schützengesellschaft Buchen

83022 Rosenheim

■ Herbstfest

until 14.09.

Wirtschaftlicher Verband der Stadt

Breakdance, Top Spin, XXL, Lach+Freu-Haus,

Magic, Wilde Maus, Super-Hupferl, Geisterbahn,

Super-Gaudi, Beach Jumper, Riesenrad

Participants: ca. 70

91439 Scheinfeld

■ Kirchweih, Steigerwaldvolksfest

until 02.09.


CH Wülflingen

■ Dorfet until 31.08.

F Chauny

■ Fête Foraine until 08.09.

F Elbeuf

■ Fête Foraine Saint Gilles

until 21.09.

F Lille

■ Foire aux Manèges until 28.09.

F Montceau-les-Mines

■ Fête Foraine

until 07.09.

F Thonon-les-Bains

■ Foire de Crête

until 07.09.


CH Einsiedeln

■ Chilbi until 02.09.

No responsibility for accuracy!


Ausschreibung zur


vom 14.05. bis 25.05.2015


vom 16.10. bis 26.10.2015

Bewerbungen von guten, neuzeitlichen Fahr-, Schau-, Belustigungsund

Verkaufsgeschäften sind bis spätestens zum 7. November 2014

an die Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe GmbH & Co. KG,

Rathausgasse 33, 79098 Freiburg einzureichen.

Entscheidend für das Bewerbungsdatum ist der Poststempel. Zugelassen zum Auswahlverfahren

werden nur Anträge auf offiziellen Bewerbungsunterlagen (beim Veranstalter erhältlich

oder unter www.freiburgermess.freiburg.de). Zusätzlich muss das Bearbeitungsentgelt von € 26,-

inkl. 19 % Mwst. pro Messe und Bewerbung in Form eines Verrechnungsschecks beigefügt sein

oder per Überweisung auf das Konto Nr. 229 41 06, BLZ 680 501 01 bei der Sparkasse Freiburg

(IBAN: DE91680501010002294106; BIC: FRSPDE 66) einbezahlt werden. Wir bitten Sie kein Bargeld

einzureichen. Andere Bewerbungen werden nur berücksichtigt, wenn die offiziellen Bewerbungsunterlagen

bis zum o.g. Datum nachgereicht werden sowie das Entgelt in Form eines Verrechnungsschecks

für jede Messe beigefügt wurde. Die Anträge begründen keinen Rechtsanspruch auf

Zuteilung eines Standplatzes. Die Zu- und Absagen werden schriftlich erteilt.

Fränkisches Volksfest


18. – 21. Sept. 2015

Bewerbungen um Zulassung zum

Fränkischen Volksfest 2015 sind bis

spätestens 31. Oktober 2014

ausschließlich auf dem Postweg an die

Stadt Crailsheim, Postfach 1465,

74554 Crailsheim, zu richten.

Die Bewerbung muss folgende Angaben enthalten:

• Vor- und Zuname des Eigentümers mit Angabe des

ständigen Wohnsitzes

• Vollständige technische Daten des Geschäfts

• Fotos und Skizzen des Geschäfts

• Zahl und Größe der mitgeführten Fahrzeuge

• Angaben über notwendige Wasser- und Abwasseranschlüsse

• Anschlusswerte für Strom – Anschlüsse ausschließlich gemäß

VDE Vorschrift

• Mitteilung über beabsichtigte Fahr- und Eintrittspreise

Das Bewerbungsblatt erhalten Sie unter www.crailsheim.de

oder auf Anforderung. Nur vollständige, mit Bewerbungsblatt

versehene Bewerbungen gehen in die Entscheidung ein.

Die Zulassungsentscheidung wird voraussichtlich im Dezember

2014 getroffen. Vor diesem Zeitpunkt werden keine Auskünfte

über Zulassung, Ablehnung oder Platzierung erteilt.

Von Besuchen bitten wir abzusehen.

Unterlagen verbleiben beim Veranstalter.

Stadt Crailsheim


Ich bestelle hiermit die nächsten 12 Ausgaben von KIRMES & PARK Revue ab Heft-Nr.

zum Abonnementpreis von 96,– € inkl. 7 % MWSt. und Versand (Deutschland)

Ich bestelle hiermit die nächsten 6 Ausgaben von KIRMES & PARK Revue ab Heft-Nr.

zum Abonnementpreis von 51,– € inkl. 7 % MWSt. und Versand (nur innerhalb Deutschlands)

Ich bestelle hiermit die nächsten 12 Ausgaben von KIRMES & PARK Revue ab Heft-Nr.

❑ Europa Normalpost zum Abonnementpreis von 114,– € inkl. Porto und Versand

❑ Europa Luftpost und Übersee zum Abonnementpreis von 126,– € inkl. Porto und Versand

Ich wünsche die angekreuzte Zahlungsweise:

❑ durch Bankeinzug. Die Einzugsermächtigung erlischt mit Kündigung des Abonnements.



❑ gegen Rechnung. Bitte kein Geld einsenden, Rechnung abwarten.

❑ per Kreditkarte. Bitte ankreuzen: ❑ Visa ❑ Mastercard ❑ Diners Club ❑ American Express


gültig bis:

Das Abonnement verlängert sich jeweils um ein weiteres Jahr, wenn es nicht spätestens 6 Wochen vor Ablauf schriftlich gekündigt wurde.



PLZ/Ort Datum Unterschrift

Bitte einsenden an: Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen

Diese Bestellung kann ich innerhalb von 10 Tagen schriftlich bei der Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen widerrufen.

Die Widerrufsfrist beginnt 3 Tage nach Datum des Poststempels meiner Bestellung. Zur Wahrung der Frist genügt das rechtzeitige Absenden.




I order the next 12 editions of the KIRMES & PARK Revue in english from issue Nr.

at a subscription price of 102,– € incl. 7 % MWSt. and postage (Germany)

I order the next 6 editions of the KIRMES & PARK Revue in english from issue Nr.

at a subscription price of 57,– € incl. 7 % MWSt. and postage (Germany)

I order the next 12 editions of the KIRMES & PARK Revue in english from issue Nr.

❑ Europe normal post at a subscription price of 120,– € incl. postage and handling

❑ Europe airmail and other countries at a subscription price of 132,– € incl. postage and handling

❑ I will pay by credit card. ❑ Visa ❑ Mastercard ❑ Diners Club ❑ American Express

Card Nr.:

Expiry Date:

❑ I require an invoice.

The subscription is automatically extended a further year if a written cancellation is not received 6 weeks prior to the end of the subscription.



Postcode/City Date Signature

Please send to: Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen

This subscription order can be called in writing within 10 days by notifying Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen, Germany. The

time limit for cancellation begins 3 day after the date of posting my order. The time limit is ensured and proved by the timely posting of cancellation.




Ihr Partner für das Schaustellergewerbe



D-34613 Ziegenhain • Kasseler Straße 44

Tel. 0 66 91 / 35 36 • Fax: 0 66 91 / 59 97

Moderne Verkaufswagen nach Ihren Wünschen


Ride Model music-boxes direct

from the professionals!


10 different Showman CDs

only 35,- Euro. WÖLK ART.

Tel. 06381/70763

New: Construction book and

contract folder, bum bags,

money holders DIN A4 and

other new formats, all articles

with embossed showman

motives. WÖLK ART.

Tel. 06381/70763

Kiddie coaster, ideal for theme

park, in working order.

Contact Gemi Verlag GmbH –

Code K01-08/14

Menus, Aprons, and Wallets

in imitation leather with embossing

according to your

requirements. WÖLK ART.

Tel. + 49 (0) 6381/70763


Ceasing to trade for health

reasons: hand-made curtains,

cross-stitch, crochet,

curtains, and much more.

Tel.+ 49 (0)163/2757418

Showmen Anniversary Gifts

and prizes, with engraving if

required. WÖLK ART: Tel. +

49 (0) 6381/70763 www.woelkart.de


Searching to purchase Spinning-Coaster

from. Reverchon

or Maurer Söhne with

construction book or TÜV

(transportable) Contact Gemi

Verlag GmbH – Code No K01-


Cash buyer searching for

cars from ride type L’Autopede

from Belgium, please offer

all you have. Tel: + 31



Erf. ReKo still has available

dates in area SH/HH on the

weekend. Tel. + 49 (0)171/


Searching for foreman for

tent rental – immediately. Licence

class CE, and crane knowledge.

+ 49 (0)4124/ 2322

Polish manpower – find personnel

from Poland here Tel.



Ride Models & music-boxes

for prizes and anniversaries.

WÖLK ART. Tel. + 49 (0)

6381/70763 www.woelkart.de

Searching to rent ride attraction:

Musik Express, Break-

Dance, Flipper, Take Off. Mobile

49 (0)176/89451881 or +

49 (0)1520/9342925

Workshop for figures and decoration

assembly. +49 (0)351/

30954190, +49 (0)172/ 3845189




für Hochfahrgeschäft

Führerschein Klasse 2

und Kranerfahrung


Tel. 0178-5470558

Verkaufe ab sofort


Hersteller Schmäding

aufgebaut 10 x 5 m

mit Erker

Anfragen unter Chiffre

K02-08/14 an

Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach,

85291 Reichertshausen




• • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • •

All types of tarpaulins according to

your requirements, for large and small

ride, show, and walk-through operations


Vrijkenstraat 2

6088 PA Roggel NL

Ph. (0031) 475/492445

Fax (0031) 475/494390


Betreiber gesucht

Ihr Wunsch war es schon immer, einen eigenen Imbiss

in einzigartiger Lage zu haben?

Dann bieten wir Ihnen die einmalige Chance,

einen etablierten und in Top Lage befindlichen Imbiss

in Form unseres Franchisekonzepts zu betreiben.

Aktuell sind folgende Standorte noch zur Vergabe frei:

Schwäbisch Gmünd / am Obi Markt

Göppingen / am Obi Markt

Kassel / am Hornbach Markt

Koblenz / am Hornbach Markt

Neu Ulm / am Hornbach Markt

Weitere Informationen sehr gerne bei:

GCM GastroConcept Management GmbH

Hansekai 3 • D-50735 Köln

0221 / 778 714 10 • susannewitzmann@gcm-online.de

Karussells der Spitzenklasse


Industriestr. 3

44577 Castrop-Rauxel

Tel. 0 23 67/83 37

Fax 0 23 67/17 67

Nach wie vor liefern wir:


Reetdächer, Mauerwerke


Bitte liefern Sie Anzeigen per E-mail als pdf

oder jpg an anzeigen@gemiverlag.de




Suchen Sie noch Geschäfte für Ihre Veranstaltung? Oder haben Sie mit Ihrem Geschäft noch Termine frei? Hier können Sie Ihre Anfrage veröffentlichen.

Für Veranstalter, die bereits in der Kirmes & Park Revue ausgeschrieben haben, ist dieser Service kostenfrei.

Für alle anderen Interessenten beträgt der Preis pro Veröffentlichung: bis 3 Zeilen € 25,- + Mwst., für 4-6 Zeilen € 40,- + Mwst.

Bitte wenden Sie sich an Markus Westner, Fax 08441-498829, E-mail: anzeigen@gemiverlag.de


• Oktoberfest in Berlin (19. Sept. bis

5. Okt. 2014): Gesucht werden Fahrgeschäfte

aller Art. Schaustellerverband

Berlin e.V., Rosenheimer Str. 5, 10781

Berlin, Tel. 030-213 32 90


• Musik Express frei am 1., 4. und 5.

Sonntag im August und im September.

Tel.: 0163-5405751 od. 0177-3195476

• Groß-Geisterbahn (30 x 18 m) hat

noch Termine frei. Tel.: 0170-8061982

• Riesenrad (38 m) frei am 2. und 3.

Sonntag im August. Tel.: 0178-4139834

• Kinderschleife (16 x 10 m) frei ab 3.

Sonntag im September und im ganzen

Oktober. Tel.: 0171-5154715

• Scheibenwischer frei am 4. Sonntag

im September sowie 1., 2. und 4. Sonntag

im Oktober. Tel.: 0170-2333387

• 2-Etagen-Laufgeschäft frei am1.

und 3. Sonntag im September, Raum

Nord- und Mitteldeutschland. Tel.: 0170-


• Hochfahrgeschäft (Freak Out-

Schaukel) frei am 4. Sonntag im September

sowie ab Oktober, Süddeutschland.

Kontakt: www.uebel-und-sachs.de

oder Tel. 0171-6209348

• Super Tower frei am 4. Sonntag im

Oktober. Tel.: 0170-2333387

• 4-Etagen-Laufgeschäft hat Termine

frei. Tel.: 0178-7228059

• Kick Down frei am 1. und 2. Sonntag

im November. Tel.: 0178-2024455

• Bungee-Trampolin-Anlage hat

Termine frei. Tel.: 0157-83034461

• Rundfahrgeschäft hat Termine frei.

Tel.: 0171-5266995

• Derby-Spiel frei am 3. und 4. Sonntag

im September sowie 3. und 4. Sonntag

im Oktober. Tel.: 0177-2826550

• Etagen-Belustigung hat Termine

frei. Tel.: 0178-8362951

• Simulator hat Termine frei. Tel. 0157-


• Water-Walkingballs hat Termine

frei. Tel.: 0157-83034461

• „Airgate” (Familien-Hochfahrgeschäft,

20 m, mit Ausflug 23 m) hat noch

Termine frei. Tel.: 0174-8990055

• Willy der Wurm (Familienachterbahn)

hat noch Termine frei. Tel.: 0177-


• Gladiator hat im September Termine

frei. Tel.: 0031-629546133

• Breakdance frei am 4. Sonntag im August.

Tel.: 0178-5379375

• Laufgeschäft „Ghost” frei am 1., 2.,

3. und 4. Sonntag im August. Tel.: 0178-


• Karussell „Aqua King” hat Termine

frei. Tel: 0177-3283038


als Beilage im Dezemberheft

Ganzjährig präsent bei den Entscheidern

Abbildung mit Kontaktdaten 290,- € + MwSt.

Info und Buchung: Tel. 08441/402226, ralf.schmitt@gemiverlag.de


Rolf Auf dem Berge


Focal point: traffic law and claims for damages

Am Markt 14

49565 Bramsche

Telephone +49 (0) 54 61 / 30 30

Telefax +49 (0) 54 61 / 26 41

Mobile +49 (0) 1 72 / 301 96 94

E-Mail: info@auf-dem-berge.de


Transport – Haftpflicht – Kfz

Altersvorsorge – Unfall – Kranken

Klaus Rübenstrunk

Hagener Straße 244 • 44229 Dortmund

Tel.: (02 31) 9 76 10 20 • Fax: (02 31) 9 76 10 21

Mobil: 0171 / 828 58 68

E-Mail: vb-ruebenstrunk@t-online.de


Gerd Römgens

Expert appraisal for the Showman Industry, Damages,

Conservation of Evidence, and Appraisal Reports

Tel. +49 (0) 171/ 264 89 29 and +49 (0) 2154/208308

Fax: +49 (0) 2154 / 20 83 13

Mail: sv-buero-roemgens@arcor.de

www.sv-roemgens.de u. www.roemgens.de

Gerd Römgens • Jupiterstr. 17 • 47877 Willich






















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Tel. 49 (0 ) 8441/40 22 13

Please send to:

Gemi Verlags GmbH


85291 Reichertshausen

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✘ shows where ENGLISH VERSIONS are available

• 01069 Dresden, Wiener Platz 4

• 01097 Dresden-Neustadt, Schlesischer Platz 1

• 01109 Dresden, Wilhelmine-Reichard-Ring 1

• 04109 Leipzig, Hbf, Willy-Brand-Platz 5

• 06112 Halle, Hbf, Bahnhofplatz 1

• 06844 Dessau, Fritz-Hesse-Str. 7

• 10117 Berlin-Friedrichstr., Georgenstr. 14-18

• 10178 Berlin, Alexanderplatz, Dircksenstraße

✘ 10178 Berlin, Ladenzeile / Abgang S-Bahn

• 10243 Berlin, Am Ostbahnhof

• 10623 Berlin, Fernbahnhof Zoo

• 10829 Berlin-Südkreuz/West, Neumannstr.

• 12439 Berlin-Schöneweide, M.-Brückner-Str. 42

• 12521 Berlin, Flughafen-Schönefeld, Terminal D E G

• 12681 Berlin, Boxberger Str. 3-9 / Haus 3 / Halle 2 West

• 13405 Berlin, Flughafen Tegel, Haupthalle, Bon Voyage

• 16515 Oranienburg, Stralsunder Str.

• 18055 Rostock, Hauptbahnhof

✘ 20099 Hamburg, Hbf., Glockengiesserwall

• 20354 Hamburg, Bahnhof Dammtor, Theodor-Heuss-Platz

• 21337 Lüneburg, Bahnhofstr.

• 22335 Hamburg, Flughafenstr.

✘ 22765 Hamburg, Paul-Nevermann-Platz

• 23558 Lübeck, Am Bahnhof

• 24114 Kiel, Sophienblatt 27-29

• 24145 Kiel, Bunsenstr. 1c

• 25980 Westerland, Tinnumer Str. 11

• 26122 Oldenburg, Hauptbahnhof

• 26125 Oldenburg, Wilhelmshavener Heerstr. 32

• 26382 Wilhelmshaven, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 26721 Emden, Bahnhofsplatz

• 26789 Leer, Bahnhofsplatz

• 27472 Cuxhaven, Bahnhof Haus 1

• 27570 Bremerhaven, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 73

• 27749 Delmenhorst, Wittekindstr. 10/ZOB

✘ 28195 Bremen, Bahnhofsplatz 15

• 28199 Bremen, im Flughafen, Flughafenallee 20

• 29525 Uelzen, Am Bahnhof

• 30159 Hannover, Ernst-August-Platz 1

• 30669 Hannover, Flughafen, Terminal A

• 31134 Hildesheim, Bahnhofsplatz

• 31582 Nienburg, Bahnhofstraße

• 32052 Herford, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 32423 Minden, Bundesbahnhof 12

• 33102 Paderborn, Bahnhofstr. 29

• 33330 Gütersloh, Willy-Brandt-Platz-2

• 33602 Bielefeld, Hauptbahnhof

• 34117 Kassel, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 34131 Kassel, Wilhelmshöher Allee 253

• 35037 Marburg, Bahnhofstr. 33

• 35390 Gießen, Bahnhofstr. 102

• 37073 Goettingen, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 38102 Braunschweig, Berliner Platz 1

✘ 39104 Magdeburg, Bahnhofstr. 68

• 40210 Düsseldorf, Hauptbahnhof

• 40474 Düsseldorf, Flughafenstr. 120 T.B

• 41061 Mönchengladbach, Europaplatz

• 41236 Mönchengladbach, Bahnhofstr. 66

• 41460 Neuss, Presse & Buch im Bhf., Theodor-Heuss-Platz

• 42103 Wuppertal, Döppersberg 37

• 42277 Wuppertal, Berliner Platz 15

• 42283 Wuppertal, Winklerstraße 2

• 42697 Solingen, Bahnstraße 5

• 42859 Remscheid, Bahnhofsplatz 12

• 44137 Dortmund, Koenigswall 15

• 44629 Herne, Bahnhofsplatz

• 44649 Herne, Heinz-Rühmann-Platz

• 44787 Bochum, Buddenbergplatz, Süd-Ausgang

✘ 45127 Essen, Hauptbahnhof

• 45468 Mülheim, Dieter-aus-dem-Siepen-Platz 3

• 45657 Recklinghausen, Große Pferdekamp Str.

• 45879 Gelsenkirchen, Im Bahnhof

• 46045 Oberhausen, Hauptbahnhof

• 46395 Bocholt, Hindenburg Str. 1

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• 46535 Dinslaken, im Bahnhof

• 47051 Duisburg, Mercatorstr. 17

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• 48143 Münster, Berliner Platz

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• 52064 Aachen, Bahnhofsplatz 2a

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• 53111 Bonn, Am Hauptbahnhof

• 53173 Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Moltkestr. 43

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• 54292 Trier, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 55116 Mainz, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 55543 Bad Kreuznach, Europaplatz

• 56068 Koblenz, Bahnhofsplatz 2

• 57072 Siegen, Am Bahnhof 16

• 58089 Hagen, Berliner Platz 3

• 58239 Schwerte, Bahnhofstraße 35

• 58452 Witten, Bergerstr. 35

• 58644 Iserlohn, Bahnhofsplatz 2

• 59065 Hamm, Willy-Brandt-Platz 1

• 59227 Ahlen, Bahnhofsplatz

• 59423 Unna, Bahnhofstr. 74

• 59494 Soest, Bahnhofstr. 2

• 59759 Arnsberg, Bahnhofstr. 136

✘ 60051 Frankfurt, Im Hauptbahnhof

• 60594 Frankfurt, Diesterwegplatz 51

• 61169 Friedberg, Hanauer Str. 44

• 63450 Hanau, Im Hauptbahnhof

• 63739 Aschaffenburg, Ludwigstr. 2, Hbf.

• 64293 Darmstadt, Platz der Deutschen Einheit

• 64625 Bensheim, Amershamplatz 1

• 65190 Wiesbaden, Bahnhofsplatz 2

• 65428 Rüsselsheim, Im Hauptbahnhof

• 65929 Frankfurt-Höchst, Dalbergstr. 1

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• 66424 Homburg, Im Bahnhof

• 66538 Neunkirchen, Bahnhofstraße

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• 66740 Saarlouis, Bahnhofsplatz 11

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• 67547 Worms, Hauptbahnhof

✘ 67547 Worms, Bahnhofstr. 11

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✘ 69115 Heidelberg 1, Willy-Brandt-Platz 5

✘ 70173 Stuttgart, Arnulf-Klett-Platz 2

• 70174 Stuttgart-Mitte, Th.-Heuss-Passagen

• 70372 Stuttgart/Bad Cannstatt, Bahnhofstr. 30

✘ 71032 Böblingen, Talstr. 18

• 71638 Ludwigsburg, Bahnhof 14-18

• 72072 Tübingen, Europaplatz 17

• 72764 Reutlingen, Bahnhofstr. 3

• 74072 Heilbronn, Bahnhofstraße 30

• 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Bahnhofspl. 1

• 74889 Sinsheim, Friedrichstr. 25

• 75175 Pforzheim, Bahnhofsplatz

✘ 76137 Karlsruhe, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 76227 Karlsruhe, Hauptbahnstraße 1

• 76646 Bruchsal, Bahnhofsplatz 12

• 78462 Konstanz, Bahnhofsplatz 43

• 79098 Freiburg, Bismarckallee 3

✘ 80335 München, Hauptbahnhof, Arnulfstr. 3

✘ 81667 München, Orleansplatz 10

• 84032 Landshut, Bahnhofsplatz

• 85356 München-Flughafen, Südallee 1

• 86150 Augsburg, Viktoriastraße 1

• 86154 Augsburg, Ulmer Str. 53

• 87435 Kempten, Bahnhofplatz

• 87527 Sonthofen, Bahnhofstraße

• 87561 Oberstdorf, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 87700 Memmingen, Bahnhofstr. 3

• 89073 Ulm, Hauptbahnhof

✘ 90411 Nürnberg, Flughafenstr. 100

✘ 90443 Nürnberg, Bahnhofsplatz 9

• 92224 Amberg, Kaiser-Ludwig-Ring 5

• 92318 Neumarkt, Bahnlinie 5/HBF

• 92637 Weiden, Bahnhofstr. 28

• 93047 Regensburg, Bahnhofstr. 18

• 94032 Passau, Bahnhofsplatz 29

• 94315 Straubing, Bahnhofsplatz 13

• 95028 Hof, Bahnhofsplatz 12

• 95326 Kulmbach, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 95444 Bayreuth, Bahnhofstr. 20

• 95615 Marktredwitz, Bahnhofsplatz 7

• 96052 Bamberg, Ludwigstraße 6

• 96215 Lichtenfels, Bahnhofsplatz

• 96450 Coburg, Lossaustr. 4

✘ 97070 Würzburg, Bahnhofstr. 4

• 97424 Schweinfurt, Im Bahnhof

• 97437 Hassfurt, Bahnhofstr. 12

• 99084 Erfurt, Willy-Brandt-Platz 12


Ihr Partner für das Schaustellergewerbe



Havelberger Pferdemarkt

vom 03. September bis 06. September 2015

Schausteller- und Händlerbewerbungen

mit den üblichen Unterlagen

(z.B. Fotos und Abmaße der Geschäfte,

Anschlusswert in kW, Sortiment)

– Absagen werden nicht verschickt –

bitte bis zum 31.10.2014 an:

Hansestadt Havelberg • Markt 1 • 39539 Hansestadt Havelberg

Telefon: 039387 7650 • Mail: stadt@havelberg.de

D-34613 Ziegenhain

Kasseler Straße 44

Tel. 06691/3536

Fax: 0 66 91 / 59 97

Verkaufswagen bis 3,5 to

speziell nach Ihren Wünschen gefertigt



Tel. 07191/ 34 0135


Wet Protect Feuchtigkeitsschutz

Fax 07191/ 34 0136

Die einzige Modellbahn

im Ausstellungswagen


Telefon 01 72 / 5 38 56 79

In August & Sept. the

is available at the following:

• Soltau Heidepark (von Juni bis Oktober)

• Fulda Schützen- und Volksfest (25. 07. bis 03. 08.) bei "Montgolfiere"

• Hamburg Sommerdom (25. 07. bis 25. 08.) bei "Happy Family"

• Coburg Vogelschießen (26. 07. bis 04. 08.) bei "Aqua Velis"

• Aachen Sommerbend (08. 08. bis 18. 08.) bei "Montgolfiere"

• Bad Vilbel Vilbeler Markt (16. bis 19.08. und 22. bis 24.08.) b. "Aqua Velis"

• Versmold Stadtfest (22. 08. bis 24. 08.) bei "Montgolfiere"

• Regensburg Herbstdult (29. 08. bis 14. 09.) bei "Aqua Velis"

• Nürnberg Herbstvolksfest (29. 08. bis 14. 09.) bei "Happy Family"

• Verl Verler Leben (05. 09. bis 07. 09.) bei "Montgolfiere"

• Eisleben Wiesenmarkt (19. bis 22.09.) bei "Aqua Velis", "Happy Family"

und "Montgolfiere"

• Eisleben Kleine Wiese (26. 09. bis 28. 09.) bei "Happy Family"

• Stuttgart Cannstatter Volksfest (26. 09. bis 12. 10.) bei "Aqua Velis"

• Weerl (NL) Kirmes (29. 09. bis 01. 10.) bei "Montgolfiere"

We are engaged in production of custom entertainment attractions, carousels and other amusement equipment.

Bitte liefern Sie Anzeigen per E-mail als pdf oder jpg mit mindestens 300 dpi Auflösung an anzeigen@gemiverlag.de





Auch 2014 wird der Oktober-Ausgabe der

Kirmes & Park Revue ein Ausschreibungs-

Sonderheft beigelegt.

Mit einer Ausschreibung Ihrer Veranstaltung

in unserem Ausschreibungs-Sonderheft

erreichen Sie nahezu flächendeckend die

Schaustellerbetriebe in Deutschland und in

unseren Nachbarländern – und das zu einem

außergewöhnlich günstigen Preis.

Weitere Vorteile einer Ausschreibung in der

Sonderbeilage der Kirmes & Park Revue:

- Bei Mangel an geeigneten Bewerbern oder

kurzfristigen Absagen von Schaustellern haben

Sie die Möglichkeit einer kostenlosen

Suchanfrage innerhalb der Service-Rubrik

„Freie Termine – Freie Plätze”

- Kostenlose Gestaltung Ihrer Ausschreibung

- Alle Farben kostenlos !

Anzeigenschluss für eine

Ausschreibung in der Oktober-Ausgabe

ist der 10. September 2014

(das Heft erscheint am 27.09.2014)

Info: Tel. 08441/4022-11

E-Mail: info@gemiverlag.de


& Zubehör

aus Elkhart, Indiana

Tel. 06195-960507


Zulassungsfrist zur

260. Erlanger Bergkirchweih

21. Mai bis 1. Juni 2015

Die traditionsreiche Erlanger Bergkirchweih zählt zu den größten

und schönsten Pfingstvolksfesten in Deutschland. Jedes Jahr feiern

über 1 Million Besucher und Besucherinnen unbeschwert auf den Bierkellern unter altem

Baumbestand und genießen das familienfreundliche Angebot der Schausteller.

Bewerbungen auf Zulassung zur 260. Erlanger Bergkirchweih sind bis spätestens

15. Oktober 2014 ausschließlich mit Bewerbungsformular an die Stadt Erlangen,

Ordnungs- und Straßenverkehrsamt, 91051 Erlangen zu richten.

Das Formular steht als Download unter www.erlangen.de (Suchbegriff: Bergkirchweih,

Bewerbungsvordruck) zur Verfügung oder kann gegen Zusendung eines adressierten,

mit 1,45 € frankierten Rückumschlages angefordert werden.

Der Eingang von Bewerbungen wird nicht bestätigt. Nach Fristablauf bei der Stadt Erlangen

eingehende Bewerbungen werden im Auswahlverfahren nicht berücksichtigt.

Persönliche Vorsprachen sind nicht erwünscht.

Die Bewerbung begründet keinen Anspruch auf Zulassung oder auf einen bestimmten Platz.



• • • • • •

Contact person also for Germany

D. Hinzen

Tel. (0031) 6 531450 03

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •


für das Sept.-Heft

ist Montag

11. August


Markus Westner

Tel. 08441/402213

Fax 08441/498829



Agi Reddersen

Tel. 08441/81057

Fax 08441/86105



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