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Kirmes & DIETZ<br />

Wall Calendar<br />

2015<br />

VDZ No 77467<br />

WEERT (<strong>NL</strong>)<br />



Familie<br />

Cornelius<br />

Ein herzlicher Dank an alle Veranstalter und Behörden für die vertrauensvolle<br />

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Norman Vogt<br />

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DECEMBER 2014<br />


Facts – Observations – Short Portraits . . . 4<br />


Premières and Announcements . . . . . 10<br />


<strong>Weert</strong> (<strong>NL</strong>). . . . . . . . . . . . . 12<br />


Herzenswünsche. . . . . . . . . . . 20<br />


Grill-Scheune . . . . . . . . . . . . 22<br />


Splash Ball & Co.. . . . . . . . . . . 24<br />


Reports about Specially Selected Events . . 26<br />


Crazy Outback . . . . . . . . . . . 48<br />


Exhibition in Essen . . . . . . . . . . 52<br />

EXOTIC<br />

Crazy Fruits . . . . . . . . . . . . 58<br />


Thunderbolt . . . . . . . . . . . . 64<br />

TOP ACT<br />

Ratatouille . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70<br />


Legoland Germany . . . . . . . . . . 74<br />


Skara Sommarland . . . . . . . . . . 78<br />


Current News from the <strong>Park</strong>-Scene. . . . . 82<br />


Calendar of Events . . . . . . . . . . 90<br />




SALOON<br />

Georg-Erich<br />

Löwenthal with his partner<br />

and the “Saloon”<br />

Text & Photos: Norman Vogt<br />

Georg-Erich Löwenthal<br />

from Essingen in Baden<br />

Württemberg, who has<br />

been touring the “Saloon –<br />

The Wild-West Gambling<br />

Hall” pick up trolley for four<br />

years, has ordered 20 new<br />

“E-Claw” pick up trolleys<br />

from the Belgian Elaut firm<br />

and incorporated them into<br />

the attraction that he had<br />

taken over from the Zöllner<br />

firm, who had built the attraction themselves in 2010.<br />

Earlier, the young showman toured together with his<br />

parents, gaining the family knowledge at the Continental<br />

pick stand as well as practical skills in operating a<br />

games booth. After the takeover of the pickup<br />

trolley, he founded his own firm. Ever since, he<br />

has made regular guest appearances at the<br />

Volksfest events in Stuttgart, the Bietigheim<br />

Horse Market, the Crange Fair, the Eisleben<br />

Wiesenmarkt, the Bopfingen Ipfmesse and the<br />

Nördlingen Volksfest. In the evenings, the new<br />

pick up trolleys are illuminated in continuously<br />

changing colours. Löwenthal attaches great<br />

attention to licensed products as prizes. For this<br />

year’s Cannstatt Volksfest in Stuttgart, for<br />

example, he ordered a high number of soft teddy<br />

bears with red chequered shirts and a 1-litre beer<br />

mug with the name of the state capital embroidered on<br />

them. The construction has ground measurements of 12<br />

x 5 metres, is 6 metres high, and has electrical requirements<br />

of 25 kW.<br />

■<br />


Text & Photos:<br />

Nils Benthien<br />

Danny Müller and his<br />

new “Schokofrüchte Deluxe”<br />

At the Stoppelmarkt in Vechta,<br />

Danny Müller presented his new<br />

attraction the “Schokofrüchte<br />

Deluxe”.<br />

The sales wagon was built by the<br />

Helmich firm, reconstructed by<br />

Michael Wustrack from Karlshöfen,<br />

and has a large bay. Its artwork<br />

and design come from Borys<br />

Shipov, who has already painted<br />

several operations for the Müller<br />

showman family. The sales wagon, illuminated by<br />

LED lights, has a front length of 7 metres, a depth of<br />

3.50 metres and a height of 5 metres. The products<br />

on offer include chocolate coated and glazed fruits.<br />

Only Belgian praline chocolate is used – the six<br />

flavours offered being full-cream milk, strawberry,<br />

white chocolate, dark chocolate, lemon, and<br />

cappuccino. Danny Müller will tour his operation<br />

mainly across Northern Germany. After the Vechta<br />

Stoppelmarkt, this year’s tour schedule included,<br />

among other venues, Bruchhausen-Vilsen and<br />

Oldenburg.<br />

■<br />




Text: Ralf Schmitt<br />

Photos: Archiv<br />


Shortly before the time of going to<br />

press, Andreas and Claudia Zinnecker<br />

surprised us with interesting news<br />

relating to their “Mega King Tower”<br />

Freefall Tower.<br />

In the coming season – more precisely –<br />

already at the beginning of the season –<br />

the “Mega King Tower” will feature<br />

numerous changes. In the words of<br />

Hannes Lackner from the Funtime<br />

Handels GmbH, a letter from the manufacturer<br />

Funtime, received by the editorial<br />

office, says: “Confirmation: The following<br />

new features will be realised on your construction:<br />

Rotating passenger gondola<br />

accommodating 24 people; gondola<br />

rotating up the entire tower height; lighting<br />

of passenger gondola.” Moreover the<br />

manufacturer has confirmed delivery by<br />

March 2015. Andreas Zinnecker explains<br />

that the gondola will also be rotating<br />

during the ride – and will be elevated by<br />

high-quality corkscrew mechanics. Zinnecker<br />

also underlines that it will be the first<br />

example with this rotating technology, yet<br />

retaining its current capacity of 24<br />

passengers all the same. For this “upgrade”,<br />

the “Mega King Tower” was transported<br />

to the manufacturer in Austria after<br />

its guest appearance at the Hochheim<br />

Markt in mid-November. And what about the heralded<br />

Christmas Market appearance in Berlin? “Nonetheless,<br />

we will fulfil our contract at the larger Christmas Market<br />

Alexa in Berlin,” said Andreas Zinnecker. For this<br />

engagement, a Funtime construction of identical height<br />

has been hired, which will be equipped with the “Mega<br />

King Tower” equipment (paybox, backflash, etc.). “We<br />

know that many fans in the capital city region have been<br />

looking forward to our Berlin appearance for a long time<br />

– just as we do!” says Andreas Zinnecker. Also redesigned<br />

during the winter break will be the “XXL”<br />

Swing recently taken over.<br />

■<br />

Text & Photo: Helmut Bresler<br />

Going up some seven<br />

metres into the skies – a<br />

dream for the residents<br />

of the Behindertenzentrum<br />

has now come true.<br />

The Kinderfest (kiddie<br />

festival) in Nürnberg is a<br />

fixture in the calendar of<br />

events for families. To mark<br />

the occasion of the 40 th<br />

anniversary, the organisers<br />

contracted the<br />

nostalgic Ferris Wheel<br />

from Robert Drliczek from<br />

Fürth. The public was thrilled<br />

and the Ferris Wheel<br />

was very well frequented.<br />

Even handicapped guests<br />

were able to enjoy the ride<br />

experience. All the earnings<br />

went to the Behindertenzentrum.<br />

In addition to<br />

the nostalgic Ferris Wheel<br />

the Drliczek family also<br />

operate the two tall “Orion”<br />

Ferris Wheels. ■<br />




“Lucky Luck” – new<br />

from Willy Engelbert Schmidt<br />

Showmen and elected city<br />

councillors: Ronald Morawski<br />

(top) and Hans Blum (below)<br />

Text & Photos: Nils Benthien<br />

Willy Engelbert Schmidt from Oldenburg has been<br />

touring the “Lucky Luck” shooting gallery since<br />

the beginning of this year. The Schmidt family has<br />

been successfully operating shooting galleries for fully<br />

three generations. Willy’s grandfather,<br />

Burkhardt Schmidt,<br />

toured a 12-metre long shooting<br />

gallery, and his father Will<br />

operates a handgun range as<br />

well as a regular shooting<br />

gallery. “Lucky Luck” can also<br />

be rebuilt into a handgun range,<br />

where every customer can shoot<br />

four times. On the back as well<br />

as on the front of the card, there<br />

are seven red dots, three of<br />

which are marked with a cross<br />

on the back. Those hitting the crossed dots have the<br />

choice among the prizes. The attraction has ground<br />

measurements of 8.5 x 2.5 m and a height of 4.90 m. In<br />

the coming winter a new LED name sign is to be made.<br />

This season, the attraction appeared at, among other<br />

venues, Wilhelmshaven, Jever, and Oldenburg. ■<br />


Text & Photos: Helmut Bresler<br />

In the Bavarian municipal elections this spring, the<br />

number of showman representatives acting as city<br />

councillors has doubled from one to two.<br />

Hans Blum is an “old hand” in politics. Since 2001, he<br />

has been a member of the Weiden city council for the<br />

CSU political party, was always re-elected, and has<br />

now become deputy chairman of the CSU. He holds<br />

various positions in the BLV (Bavarian State Association)<br />

of the Weiden-Amberg district branch, is<br />

currently general manager of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft<br />

Jahrmärkte und Volksfest (fair and Volksfest event<br />

working group) in Weiden, and fairground director at<br />

the Weiden Volksfest and Schützenfest. He operates<br />

several snack booths, two kiddie rides, and a games<br />

and shooting gallery. The Fürth showman Ronald<br />

Morawski, an active member of the CSU of many years<br />

standing, was elected to the local city parliament for<br />

the first time. He ran for office once before some six<br />

years ago. Campaigning on a promising 9 th place within<br />

the party’s list of candidates he managed to win. As<br />

election campaign manager, he organised many<br />

events and has now, among other positions, become<br />

District Manager of the CSU. With his Tiffany jewellery<br />

boutique he has established a very good reputation<br />

and has recently intensified his commitment to a snack<br />

and beverage booth.<br />

■<br />


Wir wünschen ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest und<br />

ein friedliches neues Jahr! Und wir freuen uns auf<br />

das Finale auf dem Rostocker Weihnachtsmarkt.



Unique design with a<br />

supporting structure from<br />

tubular steel, opposed to<br />

fibreglass<br />

The new bumper car NK.01<br />

from IE <strong>Park</strong>/Soli from different<br />

perspectives<br />

Photos: IE <strong>Park</strong>/Soli Bumper Cars<br />

The Italian manufacturer IE <strong>Park</strong>/Soli Bumper<br />

Cars has recently added a new model to its<br />

bumper car range with a number of innovative<br />

design features and “eco-friendly” credentials.<br />

The new NK.01 model features a unique design<br />

with a tubular steel supporting structure on the<br />

body exterior, as opposed to fibreglass. According<br />

to the manufacturer, the new design results in a<br />

higher resistance to impacts and vibrations. The<br />

body of the car can be made of different types of<br />

high-strength plastic materials and can be clear,<br />

coloured or decorated in a theme of the customer’s<br />

choice. With the aid of a special colour system,<br />

customers can choose the colours of the car body<br />

as well as of the tubular steel structure. Of key<br />

significance, however, is the fact that the innovative<br />

addition uses recyclable materials, meaning<br />

that at the end of the chaise’s life the tubular<br />

steel frame and the car body will be 100% recyclable.<br />

Moreover, power consumption of the<br />

NK.01 has been considerably reduced by the use<br />

of a special ‘chopper’ electronics board for power<br />

control, which can be set to limit the maximum<br />

current supplied to the motor. Additionally, the use<br />

of the latest LED lighting technology offers a high<br />

lighting level with low energy consumption, long<br />

life and easy maintenance. The new positioning of<br />

the LED lights inside the tubular frame guarantees<br />

not only protection against impacts and tampering,<br />

but also, due to the use of RGB colours, there are<br />

many colour options available, according to the<br />

programming of the Master-MPD1 electronics<br />

board. In addition to the programming of the<br />

lighting colour the Master-MPD1 electronics board<br />

also allows the management of the digital touch<br />

display and any interactive games on board the<br />

chaise, while a built-in accelerometer detects the<br />

car collisions and turns them into light plays or<br />

images to appear on the chaise‘s digital display.<br />

The digital touch screen can also be used by the<br />

operator for advertising purposes and the display<br />

of the company logo, the score of interactive<br />

games, and videos pre-loaded into the internal<br />

memory. Moreover, it allows riders to select different<br />

modes from a special menu such as music<br />

during the ride, games and the web cam. “We are<br />

continually developing our SOLI bumper car programme<br />

with the introduction of new models, and<br />

the NK.01 is yet another major development for<br />

many different reasons, not least due to its<br />

stunning design and its environmentally friendly<br />

credentials,” said IE <strong>Park</strong> sales director Andrea<br />

Munari. The NK.01 joins the SOLI Bumper Car<br />

range in the company’s 85 th anniversary year and<br />

continues the expansion of what is currently,<br />

according to the manufacturer, one of the most<br />

comprehensive programmes of small, medium<br />

and large sized vehicles for all requirements in the<br />

bumper car sector.<br />

■<br />



The <strong>Weert</strong> fair takes<br />

place in the city centre<br />

In the small town located in the<br />

south of the Netherlands one of<br />

the largest Dutch fair events, the<br />

Stadskermis, is celebrated every<br />

year in early autumn. From 26 th<br />

September to 1 st October 2014,<br />

the <strong>Weert</strong> town centre was transformed<br />

into a spacious fairground<br />

once again. To mark the<br />

occasion of the 600 th anniversary<br />

of the town, it was an extra-large<br />

fair event with a number of<br />

novelty attractions, unique for<br />

the Netherlands.<br />

Text & Photos: Norman Vogt<br />

The retail sector enticed<br />

with special fairground discounts<br />

<strong>Weert</strong> (<strong>NL</strong>)<br />

Due to its cosy flair, the <strong>Weert</strong> Fair is highly<br />

popular and enjoys an excellent reputation<br />

among the some 1 million visitors from Holland and<br />

the neighbouring countries. Each of the seven towncentre<br />

squares is a fairground in its own right, and<br />

visitors can experience, taste, smell and enjoy the<br />

typical fair atmosphere everywhere. The event enjoys<br />

high ranking in popularity not only among<br />

national showmen, but also ride attractions from<br />

Germany can be encountered at the lucrative sixday<br />

event every year. On the 1.7 km fun-mile,<br />

spreading from the market square to Neue<br />

Markt, Dries, Stationsplein, Langpoort, Bassin<br />

and on up to the Kasteelplein, visitors were<br />

able to experience and enjoy a fair event appealing<br />

to all the senses once again, offering wellknown<br />

and successful as well as spectacular<br />

novelty attractions. Moreover, concession stalls of<br />

every kind were built up on the streets between the<br />

individual fairgrounds, and an ample selection of<br />

fried sausages, Hamburgers, kebabs, steaks,<br />

pizzas, fried chips, crêpes, Churros, or sweet delicacies<br />

provided visitors with food and drink. Particularly<br />

noticeable were a number of modern<br />

bakeries, conspicuous due to their beautiful nostalgic<br />

design. At the unmanageably<br />

large number of games booths<br />

visitors were able to not only win<br />

classic soft toys but – with a bit<br />

of luck – also high-quality prizes,<br />

such as flat-screen TV-sets, bicycles,<br />

and stereos.<br />

Thanks to the organising <strong>Weert</strong><br />

town authorities making sure that<br />

the fair offered sufficient and<br />

Due to the occasion of the<br />

city’s 600 th birthday it was an<br />

extra large and attractive fair in<br />

<strong>Weert</strong><br />



Attractive rides and<br />

constructions were spread all<br />

over the complete inner city<br />

area<br />

affordable attractions for young<br />

and old alike, so that visitors are<br />

able to enjoy themselves all day<br />

by arranging fare prices and entrance<br />

fees with the showmen, the<br />

fare at most rides was between<br />

€1.20 and €2 this year; only at<br />

highly spectacular attractions did visitors have to<br />

pay up to €4 for a ride. Compared to similar events<br />

these are truly 'dumping prices', and resulted in the<br />

different rides operating at full capacity most of the<br />

time and long queues forming in front of the pay<br />

boxes on peak days.<br />

Special Fair Offers<br />

The nearby retailers also participate in the event,<br />

enticing customers with special fair offers, or<br />

“Kermis Korting”, prominently advertised in the<br />

shop windows. Due to this year’s<br />

town anniversary, more than 130<br />

showman operations received<br />

coveted contracts for the event.<br />

In addition to well-known and<br />

successful attractions, a couple<br />

of novelties unique for the<br />

Netherlands were also chosen<br />

from the applications received.<br />

With “The Tower” from Ad and<br />

Willy Ordelmann built by Funtime,<br />

a brand new freefall tower<br />

celebrated its première on the<br />

Bassin-Platz. The spectacular<br />

novelty, which came to the<br />

Netherlands directly from the<br />

Austrian manufacturer, lured<br />

many spectators even during the<br />

week of build-up. Due to its rotating<br />

gondolas, “The Tower” pro-<br />



Jump right into the fun!<br />

vides its passengers with a terrific all-round view<br />

before the freefall. Built up next to the tower were the<br />

“Spinning Coaster” (Buwalda) and the “New York”<br />

dodgem track (Hinzen), along with the “Geister<br />

Villa” (Bram v/d Molengraft-Sipkema), spruced up<br />

with new ghosts, creepy effects, and a ghost fountain,<br />

at the end of the street. Moreover, a com-<br />



"Cake Walk", "Fun Circus” and<br />

probably the first joint ride for<br />

two young guests<br />

pressed air ride for children and a number of concession<br />

stalls enticed the public to this fairground.<br />

After a short walk visitors reached the Kasteelplein,<br />

which was mainly occupied by towering rides, such<br />

as the “Europarad” (Vallentgoed), which provided<br />

its passengers with a magnificent view. Placed next<br />

to the Ferris Wheel was the three-level “Boobytrap<br />

Hotel” funhouse (Albers) with three-dimensional<br />

figures of Marilyn Munroe, Elvis Presley, and James<br />

Dean decorating its front. Many a “Selfie” was taken<br />

while passing these figures. In addition to the “Big<br />

Apple” family coaster (Buwalda) this fairground also<br />

accommodated two looping rides, the towering “Inversion<br />

XXL” (Ordelman) going through a lot of loopings<br />

high up in the air and, coming from Germany,<br />

the <strong>Weert</strong> debutante “Booster” (Löffelhardt) with<br />

side-tilted loopings. Further along the course,<br />

coming from the family coaster, visitors encountered<br />

a kiddie ride before reaching the “X-Factory”<br />

Miami (Boesveld), the seats of which tilted forwards<br />

over the fountains, providing a lot of fun and waterhappy<br />

faces. Passing the “Montgolifiere” (Finke-<br />

Zarnikau) and a bungee-trampoline, visitors reached<br />

the market square, where the double storey<br />

“Grande Carroussel de Maastricht” ride (Ropers),<br />

which was well-attended (not only by children),<br />

made its rounds in front of the setting of timehonoured<br />

buildings. Built up diagonally opposite<br />

was the very beautiful “Ice Jet” Matterhorn (Ropers)<br />

particularly noticeable due to its fantastic painting<br />

and ample light show. Further along to the right,<br />

visitors eventually came to Neue Markt occupied by<br />

the appealingly designed “Magic Aladdin” (Kroon)<br />

flying carpet and the “Tropicana” Caterpillar ride<br />

(van Reeken). At the end of the fairground, the<br />

“Breakdance” (Hoefnagels) made its rounds, children<br />

could enjoy the “Bootjesmolen” water ride<br />


(Eeringa) and the “Fun Circus” Walkthrough construction<br />

(Moonen) provided visitors with a disorientating<br />

experience on two levels.<br />

Passing several concession stalls, a pony ride and<br />

the fortune teller in the pedestrian precinct, visitors<br />

reached the Langpoort, where there appeared a<br />

Poffertjes booth, a mini-dodgem, and the kiddie ride<br />

“Adventure Ride” was built up in its foremost section.<br />

With the “Predator” (Löffelhardt), moved back<br />

somewhat from the course, another spectacular<br />

<strong>Weert</strong> novelty could be encountered in the same<br />

area.<br />

This ride was heralded as the most spectacular<br />

novelty on the town’s website. The ride from<br />

Germany was very well received by the guests and<br />

scored well not only with adolescents, but with<br />

older visitors too. Clearly visible from any distance,<br />

the “Sound Machine” (Hoefnagels) was built up on<br />

the Stationsplein. In the evenings it was virtually<br />

besieged by the younger generation. Moreover, the<br />

course inside the “Cake Walk” (Hoefnagels) – an indispensable<br />

'must' at most Dutch fairgrounds, with<br />

Very varied<br />

amusement offers was also<br />

available for the smaller<br />

fairground visitors<br />



Confectionary offers at <strong>Weert</strong><br />

Californian nuts and hearty<br />

specialities from the German<br />

swivel grill<br />

its many effects, such as shaking floor, rolling barrel,<br />

conveyor belt, or rotating disc – invited the public to<br />

test their balance. Inside “Das Omen”, yet another<br />

Walkthrough construction, visitors were able to<br />

negotiate an adventurous path through the jungle<br />

and a temple. Walking along an underpass, visitors<br />

came to the “Jumper Jumper”, a smashing jump<br />

ride highly popular in the Netherlands. Only a few<br />

metres from there, the KMG swing “Ultimalte” (de<br />

Weijer) whirled its passengers through the skies,<br />

before visitors reached the “Dries”, which accommodated<br />

further speedy ride attractions.<br />

Built up on the rear top-end site, the “Euro Coaster”<br />

(Buwalda) gondolas raced past the closely adjoining<br />

houses. The giant propeller “Booster Maxx”<br />

(de Voer) could hardly cope with the rush of passengers<br />

already in the early evening hours. Built up<br />

opposite were the classic Mack ride “Hully Gully”,<br />


ent fairgrounds. On Friday, business at the event –<br />

open daily from 1 p.m. to midnight – was quite<br />

modest due to rainy weather. The weather improved<br />

from Saturday though, and five beautiful late<br />

summer days and hot temperatures resulted in a<br />

rush of visitors. The <strong>Weert</strong> Fair closed with a fireworks<br />

display, accompanied by music, held on the<br />

last evening.<br />

■<br />

Shooting galleries,<br />

games and vending machines<br />

City centre fairground –<br />

always appealing to find<br />

something new behind<br />

buildings and on street corners<br />

operated under the name of “Disco Dancer”<br />

(Broers) in Holland, and the “Crazy Beach” polyp<br />

(van Tol). In this location, the younger visitors were<br />

able to enjoy the “Tea Cups” (Sokolowski-Dekens)<br />

and a “walking waterballss”, as well as a “Crossbahn”.<br />

<strong>Park</strong>ing facilities were available all around the differ-<br />




Melanie Weeber fulfils<br />

the desires of hearts<br />

Text & Photos: Norman Vogt<br />

Melanie Weeber from Stuttgart celebrated the<br />

première of her new “Herzenswünsche” (“heart’s<br />

desires”) at the Cannstatt Volksfest. The showwoman<br />

has specialised in the marking of gingerbread<br />

hearts in many different sizes. However, she<br />

not only offers individually inscribed hearts, but<br />

also pre-designed ones with many different<br />

declarations of enduring love!<br />

Melanie Weeber founded her gingerbread heart<br />

painting operation four years ago with a simple<br />

wooden booth. The new operation was built by the<br />

Warendorf Verkaufswagen GmbH in Beelen and<br />

appealingly designed by the Elfering firm. The front<br />

was decorated with hearts as well as an unusual<br />

“piping bag”. The operation, which was equipped<br />

with many LED-lights, is dominated by light-green<br />

colours. Its name sign was made<br />

of Plexiglas and it was also<br />

equipped with LED-lighting. All the<br />

lighting elements and light strips<br />

on the exterior and inside the<br />

sales wagon were installed and<br />

cabled by the show-woman’s<br />

brother, Alexander Weeber. But most importantly, the<br />

gingerbread hearts! They are all individually decorated<br />

with icing, which is then briefly dried in an oven,<br />

and as previously stated, many are 'personalised'<br />

according to customer wishes by Melanie Weeber<br />

herself. After drying, the hearts are sealed in plastic<br />

film. A remarkable new service provides for the<br />

printing of a photo on edible icing paper, which is<br />

glued to the heart. The photo can be sent to Melanie<br />

Weeber via Smartphone. For customers it is highly<br />

interesting to watch a heart being embellished<br />

according to their wishes. After the successful<br />

première in Stuttgart, Melanie Weeber presented her<br />

new attraction at the Basle Herbstmesse, where<br />

“Herzenswünsche” was very well received also by the<br />

Swiss public. The sales wagon has ground measurements<br />

of 7 x 2.50 metres, a height of 4.90 metres and<br />

electrical requirements of 10 kW.<br />

■<br />




“Grill Scheune” from Metz<br />

Roland and Diana Metz.<br />

Right: the beverage outlet was<br />

visually adapted to the<br />

“Grill Scheune”<br />

Text & Photos: Norman Vogt<br />

At this year’s Stuttgart Frühlingsfest, Diana<br />

and Roland Metz from Wiesloch opened<br />

their new gastronomic booth “Grill Scheune”,<br />

built and punctually completed by<br />

Spezialfahrzeugbau Pfaff from Bad Lausick,<br />

near Leipzig.<br />

With the new operation, the Metz family, who<br />

have already been operating a smaller snack<br />

booth for some time, offer their guests the<br />

opportunity to enjoy food and drinks in a cosy<br />

atmosphere. “Grill Scheune” also includes a<br />

matching beverage outlet and the “Scheune”,<br />

or “barn” with many roofed-over seating<br />

possibilities. During transport, the latter also<br />

serves as a baggage van for the seats and<br />

decoration elements. The beverage outlet used to be<br />

a part of the smaller snack booth, but was superficially<br />

altered to suit the new operation and covered with<br />

wood, just as were the other operations. On the roof of<br />

the more than 4-metre tall “Grill Scheune” there is a<br />

small tower and a chimney, a large picture hanging on<br />

the back wall shows an Alpine landscape, and the<br />

amply decorated beer garden offers 150 seats. Fully<br />

assembled with all these sections, the gastronomic<br />

operation has a total size of 22 metres and is 11<br />

metres in depth. Among other delicacies, the menu at<br />

the grill offers fried sausages, hamburgers, steaks and<br />

fried chips. Moreover, the “Metz´schen Riesen Hot<br />

Dog”, or Metz’ giant hot dog, a variant of the Thüringen<br />

Bratwurst is served as a “special” in a baguette with<br />

onions, gherkin, ketchup and mustard for big<br />

appetites. Build-up and dismantling is done by means<br />

of a remote-controlled hydraulic system. After the<br />

successful première at the Stuttgart Frühlingsfest, the<br />

Metz family presented the “Grill Scheune” mainly at<br />

various events in Baden Württemberg and Bavaria, as<br />

well as at the Cannstatt Volksfest in Stuttgart and other<br />

venues.<br />

■<br />




Five years ago, Björn Eggers<br />

from Hannover founded “Vergnügungsbetriebe<br />

Eggers jun.”<br />

and has been operating his<br />

attractions with two permanent<br />

employees at Volksfest events,<br />

city festivals, and private events.<br />

Even though he mainly tours<br />

throughout Northern Germany,<br />

appearances can often be<br />

throughout the whole of the<br />

country.<br />

Text & Photos:<br />

Uwe Holzmann<br />

“Splash Ball” and swing<br />

boat from Eggers<br />

The main attraction since August 2012 has<br />

been the “Splash Ball”, which can be built up<br />

in two sizes on a substructure made of heavy<br />

load flooring and with ample decoration, according<br />

to the organiser’s wishes. The larger<br />

attraction offers five water balls, and the smaller<br />

version three, suitable for children and people<br />

up to 90 kg with oxygen for up to 30<br />

minutes and constantly cleaned by<br />

steam. The water is also constantly<br />

cleaned by a filter pump, and underwater<br />

lighting provides fantastic<br />

effects during operation. The construction<br />

is framed by a backflash with<br />

multicolour LED-lighting, and next year<br />

there will also be a name sign also with<br />

LED-lighting. For 2015, two rollers<br />

accommodating two people – be it<br />

children or adults, and thus a fantastic<br />

possibility for joint family fun – have<br />

been purchased for the pool. The firm’s<br />

attraction contingent also includes the<br />

“Skyline Jumper”, a bungee construction built on<br />

a trailer according to the standard DIN EN 13814<br />

in 2014, and perfectly suitable for city festivals<br />

due to its compact ground measurements and<br />

rapid build-up and dismantling.<br />

The Latex jump ropes are suitable for people of<br />

up to 100 kg and 6-metre jumps. additionally,<br />

there is the “Bayrische Supa Gaudi Schaukel”<br />

swing, built in 1960 and presented at the Cannstatt<br />

Wasen way back then, thoroughly restored<br />

and colourfully painted in a Bavarian style by<br />

Eggers himself.<br />

The 4-ship swing, which can also be built up<br />

brace-free, is operated at about 15 events a<br />

year. Björn Eggers’ attraction contingent is<br />

rounded off by a Punch and Judy show (mainly<br />

presented at Christmas Markets, such as<br />

Schloss Bückeburg and in Stadthagen, but also<br />

at many city festivals) and a crêpes-booth. Next<br />

year, a chain ride with 20 seats, decorated and<br />

painted as the “Circusflieger”, is to be added to<br />

the fleet of attractions.<br />

■<br />


Abenteuerspaß auf höchstem Niveau<br />

Wir wünschen allen Veranstaltern und Kollegen ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch<br />

ins Jahr 2015! Auch in der neuen Saison sind wir Ihr zuverlässiger Vertragspartner.<br />

www.pirates-adventure.de • E-Mail: schneider-pirat@web.de • Tel. 0163 / 858 26 76


Wiesn and underscore the difference to the hustle and<br />

bustle on the larger Wiesn-fairground, even though<br />

historic attractions – such as the Russe “nostalgic<br />

wheel”, Crinoline, or two-storey carousel, which logically<br />

should be built up in the old Wiesn section – also<br />

appear at the “Wiesn proper”.<br />

“Evergreen”<br />

Ernst's Gallopers made a guest<br />

appearance at the Oiden Wiesn<br />

for the first time<br />

Text: Karl Ruisinger<br />

Photos: Helmut Bresler<br />

The Wiesn organisers lovingly define the Oide<br />

Wiesn as “boarisch, griabig and gmiatlich”, or<br />

“Bavarian, pleasant and cosy” in the Bavarian<br />

dialect. “Families and elderly people, fans of the<br />

modern folk music scene as well as traditionalists<br />

– there is something on offer to suit everybody’s<br />

taste”.<br />

Nowadays, finding a seat in the historic section has<br />

become difficult, however. At the weekend and on<br />

peak days, this section is just as buzzing with<br />

activities as in the main section of the Oktoberfest,<br />

especially if you are looking for seats to relax and<br />

enjoy a one-litre Maß of beer in the Keferloher Krug<br />

tent. As a result, it is hardly surprising that beer was<br />

served not only in the two main tents, but also in the<br />

“Velodrom” for the first time. It is mainly the showman<br />

attractions that enhance the peaceful flair of the Oide<br />

While a number of older constructions, such as the<br />

"Calypso", a chain ride, "Fahrt ins Paradies", a Caterpillar<br />

Ride, a nostalgic dodgem or the "Hexn-Wipp’n",<br />

have now established themselves on the Oide Wiesn,<br />

there were also premières – for example, of the<br />

magnificent “Evergreen” two-storey carousel from the<br />

Ernst family, the components of which date back to<br />

1910. The different original carousel horses in particular,<br />

coming from the traditional Friedrich Heyn firm,<br />

make the ride a “museum piece”. Therefore it was built<br />

up directly in front of the museum tent, located slightly<br />

off the circuit course, but was nonetheless very wellattended.<br />

According to the official Wiesn review, the<br />

two other showman debutantes on the Oide Wiesn –<br />

Karl Heinz Widmann with the fairytale carousel, and<br />

Maximilian Fritz with the shooting gallery with<br />

mechanic targets – were also “satisfied and excited<br />

about the public’s positive response.” The shooting<br />

gallery (by the way, already presented on the Wiesn<br />

once before in 1989) became the subject of<br />

journalistic and political discussion during the course<br />

of the event. As several targets at the shooting gallery,<br />

dating from between 1880 and 1920, depicted black<br />

people, the SZ newspaper commented, “Racism is no<br />

fun.” That is certainly true, of course, but it is also<br />

questionable to immediately speak of “political<br />

correctness” with regard to a historic object dating<br />

from this period.<br />

■<br />


Rudolf Schütze • Geisterbahnen und Belustigungen<br />

Über 90 Jahre Geisterbahn-Tradition: Erschrecken statt verschrecken!<br />

Immer wieder neue Qualitätsgeister<br />

aus deutscher und europäischer<br />

Spitzenproduktion<br />

Geisterbahnen für die<br />

ganze Familie<br />

Die Geisterkutsche nimmt dich mit auf die Reise durch die Dunkelheit<br />

ins Reich der Geister, Dämonen und Untoten.<br />

Jetzt ganz neu:<br />

Clowni: die Verwandlung vom Clown zum bösen Geist<br />

Der Seelensauger – er will auch deine Seele!<br />

Die Hexe Walburga – sie wartet nur auf dich!<br />

Der Gefangene hinter Gittern! Ist er wirklich gefangen?<br />

Hüte dich vor dem Geisternetz – es lässt dich nicht mehr los!<br />

Einmalig: Die Geister-Grusel-<br />

Rekommandations-Show<br />

Jetzt mit neuem Schriftzug • Neueste Energie effiziente LED Beleuchtung<br />

Fantastisch farbintensives Lichterspiel auch tagsüber!<br />

Wir bedanken uns bei unseren Vertragspartnern für die vertrauensvolle<br />

Zusammenarbeit und empfehlen uns für die neue Saison.<br />

Planen Sie Ihre Geisterstunden mit uns!<br />

Rudolf Schütze • Geisterbahnen & Belustigungen • Oberhausen<br />

Tel. 0178 / 658 59 52 • E-Mail: info@schuetze-geisterbahn.de



above<br />

The Wurstmarkt from<br />

Figure on the “Daemonium”<br />

and Becker’s “Breakdance”<br />

Text & Photos: Norman Vogt<br />

The 598 th staging of the largest wine festival in<br />

the world, the Bad Dürkheim Wurstmarkt, was<br />

celebrated on the Brühlwiese-fairground from<br />

12 th to 22 nd September this year.<br />

Special attention was attached to the “noise”<br />

issue this time due to the fact that some Bad<br />

Dürkheim residents keep complaining about the<br />

noise level at the Wurstmarkt and would like to<br />

see the festival end long before midnight. As a<br />

result, the organisers have to find a solution to<br />

counter this threat. Therefore, one day before the<br />

opening the noise level of all the attractions were<br />

measured, adjusted and the volume control was<br />

sealed by the Struktur- und Genehmigungsdirektion<br />

(SGD) Süd from Neustadt. At the<br />

measuring points at the edge of the fairground<br />

the permitted volume of a maximum of 70<br />

decibels from 10 p.m. was occasionally exceeded<br />

by 5 decibels, due to the noise from the<br />

visitors. This autumn, the Dürkheim Mayor Wolfgang<br />

Lutz will come to an agreement with the<br />

SGD Süd about how to counter plaintiff residents.<br />

It is hard to fathom that the Wurstmarkt might<br />

have to close earlier due to what a few people do.<br />

One can only hope that this will not happen and<br />

that a solution acceptable to both sides will be<br />

found.<br />

This year's Wurstmarkt was very successful once<br />

again. It was possible to contract the “Mega King<br />

Tower” (A. Zinnecker) as a prominent novelty.<br />

Another novelty this year, the looping swing “The<br />

King” (A. Zinnecker) was constantly in heavy<br />

demand after sundown. As a result, passengers<br />

had to put up with queues of people waiting to<br />

be whirled through the air. Further novelties<br />

contracted were “Dr. Lehmanns Horror Lazarett”<br />

and the “Berg und Tal” coaster (Schneider).<br />

Other rides presented once again were the<br />

“Bayern Wippe” (Krüger) “Super-Wellenflug”<br />

(Nickel), “Take Off” (Ruppert), “Happy Sailor”<br />

(Howey), “Hot Shot” (Dölle), the “Jupiter” Ferris<br />

Wheel (Barth-Kipp), “Looping the Loop” (von<br />

Olnhausen), giant slide (Göbel), the “Millennium”<br />

dodgem track and the “Rallye Monte Carlo”<br />


Wir bedanken uns bei unseren<br />

Vertragspartnern für die<br />

vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit<br />

und empfehlen uns<br />

für die neue Saison.<br />

Ein herzlicher Dank<br />

an alle, die uns<br />

in unserem<br />

Premierenjahr<br />

so fantastisch<br />

unterstützt haben!<br />

Neu für 2015!<br />

Eine sprechende Hexe<br />

& Nebeneffekte<br />

Ricardo Arens • Hagen • Tel. 0173-429 08 51 • Mail: knusperhausarens@aol.com

(Fackler). After a long absence,<br />

visitors once again encountered<br />

Becker’s “Breakdance”,<br />

the “Daemonium”<br />

ghost ride, and Blume’s “Event<br />

Tower”, and younger visitors<br />

were able to enjoy a number of<br />

kiddie rides. The highlights included<br />

the literary morning pint<br />

event, two fireworks displays<br />

that were well worth experiencing,<br />

and the autograph<br />

session of the 1. FC Kaiserslautern<br />

football team, which is<br />

very popular with the people<br />

from the Palatinate – despite<br />

having played in the second<br />

ivision for several years now. ■<br />


Top novelty at the<br />

Dürkheim Wurstmarkt:<br />

Zinnecker’s “Mega King Tower”<br />

HAAN<br />

Text & Photos:<br />

Michael Petersen<br />

The opening of the Haan Fair at the “Jupiter” Ferris<br />

Wheel on 27 th September in marvellously sunny late<br />

summer weather and high temperatures was<br />

followed by four days of celebrations in the middle<br />

of this garden town.<br />

At the weekend, the fair was at its best, and there was<br />

barely any room to move on the fairground on the<br />

Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. This was a<br />

surprise even for participants of many years standing.<br />

“We have not seen a crowd like this for a long time,”<br />

the showmen agreed happily as the heavy visitor<br />

attendance reflected in their financial results. Business<br />

was somewhat modest only on Monday in the early<br />

evening hours due to light rainfall. When the colourful<br />

fireworks display heralded the end of the Haan Fair late<br />

on Tuesday evening, many showmen may well have<br />

felt sorry. Once again, the management team headed<br />

by Reiner Skroblies had done a good job and presented<br />

an appealingly laid out fairground with new<br />

approvals providing ample variety and new<br />

perspectives. On the Wednesday afternoon prior to its<br />

opening, many amateur photographers came to the<br />

market square to take photos of the arrival of the major<br />

rides and the manoeuvring of the “Hexentanz”<br />

centre trailer onto the site at the dismantled<br />

fountain. Other attractions built up were the “Villa<br />

Wahnsinn” – contracted as a novelty for Haan, the<br />

“Hawaii Swing”, which enthralled the visitors as a<br />

replacement for the “Südseewellen”, the chain ride<br />

from Fuhrmann, which made an appearance<br />

instead of the Wave-Swinger, and Weber’s “Flash”,<br />

which was virtually besieged. Preserving the<br />

traditions of the town-centre fair, the careful<br />

approval of novelties, extensive advertising, and<br />

the fact that the region surrounding Haan boasts<br />

an exceptionally high number of fans of the event<br />

guarantee its success.<br />

■<br />

Fairground<br />

impressions of Haan<br />




Rush of visitors at the<br />

Oktoberfest in Hannover on<br />

“German Unification Day”<br />

Tapping of the keg in<br />

Hannover: Mayor Hermann,<br />

AGV General Manager Arthur<br />

Armbrecht, and Adrian Klie<br />

from Gilde-Brauerei<br />

Advertising campaign from<br />

the showman youth in the<br />

Hannover pedestrian precinct<br />

Text & Photos: Uwe Holzmann<br />

When a working group of showmen from<br />

Hannover established an Oktoberfest on the<br />

centrally located Schützenplatz of the state<br />

capital, nobody could have guessed that the<br />

“Oktoberfest Hannover” would evolve into one<br />

of the largest and most popular Oktoberfest<br />

events in Germany.<br />

In a ceremonial act during the opening of this year's<br />

event on 19 th September, the 50 th anniversary of the<br />

event was celebrated, and the board and members<br />

of the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Volksfeste in<br />

Hannover”, headed by Arthur Armbrecht, had once<br />

again gone out of their way to present an appealing<br />

Oktoberfest event with many novelties, attractions,<br />

and special events. On the Thursday afternoon<br />

before the opening, the showman youth had built up<br />

an information stall in the city centre on Kröpcke,<br />

where flyers and gingerbread hearts were distributed<br />

and free rides could be won at the Wheel of<br />

Fortune. Highlights on the fairground this year were<br />

the “Wilde Maus” from Barth, the 60-metre “Around<br />

the World” tower chain<br />

ride from Van der Beek-<br />

Dauphin, the “Poseidon”<br />

water ride from Heitmann-Schneider<br />

and<br />

the Ferris Wheel from the<br />

Wilhelm firm. A colourful<br />

mixture of ride attractions<br />

for young and old<br />

alike, including the<br />

“Breakdance” (Hainlein-<br />

Noack), “Shaker2 (Wilhelm),<br />

“Magic” (Meyer),<br />

“Air Crash” (Wingender),<br />

“Rocket” (Weber) and<br />

“Heisse Räder” (Armbrecht) provided a lot of ride<br />

fun and thrills. They were joined by newly purchased<br />

“Schlittenfahrt” from the Thelen family, celebrating<br />

its première. The fun sector was represented by “Die<br />

große Geisterbahn” (Schütze), “Remmi-Demmi”<br />

(Janßen), “Kristallpalast” (Sturm) and “Tal der<br />

Könige” (Bügler). Further attractions built up were<br />

the dodgem tracks (Thelen and Armbrecht), and<br />

younger visitors were able to enjoy the “Kuddel der<br />

Hai” kiddie coaster (Belli), “Bungee” (Ahrend),<br />

“Käptn Jimmy” and Moglis “Traumfahrt” (W.O.<br />

Ahrend), “Top Drive No.1”, a Jet Ride (Müller), a<br />

kiddie scooter (Kröker) and “Spanische Reitschule”<br />

(Liebtrau), as well as a selection of kiddie rides. In<br />

the beer tents from Marris and Ahrend an Oktoberfest-style<br />

entertainment programme was on offer,<br />

the beer gardens at a number of snack and beverage<br />

operations featured autumnal as well as<br />

Bavarian-style “blue-white” decoration, inviting<br />

visitors to linger and enjoy, and a colourful mixture<br />

of confectionery stalls, snack booths, shooting<br />

galleries, games and sales stalls rounded off the<br />

cornucopia of attractions. Every Friday a terrific fireworks<br />

display was held on the Oktoberfest fairground,<br />

and on 3 rd October, the Oktoberfest was<br />

incorporated into the festivities to mark the<br />

occasion of the Tag der deutschen Einheit (German<br />

Unification Day) celebrated in Hannover, the state<br />

capital of Lower-Saxony this year, and in the evening<br />

a light, water and fireworks show took place on or<br />

above the fairground adjoining Maschsee. In the<br />

end, the organisers were able to announce a highly<br />

positive review; the public (including many<br />

families) appreciated the event’s harmonious<br />

concept, and enjoyed the friendly autumn weather<br />

at the largest Oktoberfest in Northern Germany. The<br />

showmen were particularly satisfied with the final<br />

weekend of the event.<br />

■<br />


Mit Liebe zum Detail und dem Drang zur Perfektion<br />

19 m breit<br />

9 m tief<br />

Buchen Sie uns jetzt für die Saison 2015!<br />

www.ghost-entertainment.de<br />

Hotline: 0177/314 87 12 und 0178/466 57 44 • Mail: a.burghard84@gmx.de • facebook Ghost – Der Geisterdschungel


Text & Photos: Rolf Orschel<br />

From 19 th to 22 nd September, the 493 rd staging of<br />

“the Wiese” – as the locals call the Wiesenmarkt –<br />

once again enticed hundreds of thousands of<br />

visitors to Luther’s City of Eisleben.<br />

As usual, the Wiesenmarkt began on the Friday at 2<br />

p.m. with a historic procession boasting some 1,000<br />

participants from the market square to the fairground,<br />

where Mayor Jutta Fischer officially opened the<br />

Wiesenmarkt with the tapping of the keg inside the<br />

huge beer tent at 3 p.m. With 4,000 front metres on<br />

the 80,000 m 2 fairground, visitors were able to enjoy a<br />

cornucopia of ride and funhouse attractions as well as<br />

concession stalls of all kinds. Moreover, 128<br />

marketers with all kinds of goods invited the public to<br />

a stroll across the large bric-a-brac market on Lindenallee.<br />

New for Eisleben were, among others, the “Beach<br />

Jumper” (Wegener), “Cinema 6D” (Weiß), “Der<br />

Burner” (Meisel), the “Hawaii Swing” Alpine bob<br />

(Schaak), “Adrenalin” free fall tower (Bügler) and the<br />

Horror Show (Barth). The “Bellevue” Ferris Wheel from<br />

Bruch, which appeared at the Eisleben Wiese for the<br />

seventh time, was once again the landmark of the<br />

event. Further attractions built up were the “Auf<br />

Manitus Spuren” water ride (Heitmann-Schneider),<br />

“Frisbee” (Ruppert), “Jaguarbahn” (Neutzsch),<br />

“Breakdance” (Meyer), “Flipper” (Splitt), “Spider”<br />

(Meyer), “Gaudi Schunkler” (Kazimierski), “Europa<br />

Ring” (Rohleder), „Sling Shot” (Printschler), 2 dodgem<br />

tracks (Hickmann and Meyer), “Montgolfiere” (Finke-<br />

Zarnikau), “Ghost” (Burghard), “Top Spin” (Scheele),<br />

“Sound Machine” (Welte), “Happy Family” (Heine),<br />

“Aqua Velis” and “Fun Street” (L.Hofmann), as well as<br />

“Mäusestadt” (Brambach), “Crazy Outback” (Hofmann-Jehn),<br />

“Hippie Trip” (Eisenhauer), “Around the<br />

World” (van der Beek-Dauphin), “Mexico City” (Walkhoefer-Fischer),<br />

“Crazy Mouse” (Janßen), “High<br />

Explosive” (Vorlop), “Piraten Rutsche” (Meyer),<br />

“Eclipse” (Korten), “Spuk” ghost ride (Sipkema-<br />

Lütjens) and the “Happy Butterfly” (Magerstedt).<br />

Despite the high number of rides and tracks, a<br />

spectacular major ride was missing this time. The<br />

younger visitors were able to enjoy a kiddie railway, 2<br />

kiddie track rides, a kiddie scooter, a kiddie Hully<br />

Gully, Jet Ride, “Samba”, 1 kiddie carousel, a pony<br />

ride and nostalgic Gallopers. They were joined by 5<br />

Continental pick stands, 11 shooting galleries, 22<br />

games booths and arcade machines, and 2 beer<br />

tents.<br />

A total of 64 snack and drink booths were clearly too<br />

much of a good thing. At the time of our visit, we<br />

noticed that a number of gastronomic operations were<br />

deserted for hours on end. Moreover, several<br />

operations from regular participants of many years<br />

standing with loyally returning customers were no<br />

longer approved and replaced by experienced<br />

gastronomic operations. Even though the occupation<br />

and layout of the fairground, which was the size of 12<br />

football pitches, made a good impression, some rides<br />

impressions<br />

Eisleben Wiesenmarkt<br />



were unfavourably placed. For example, the “Gaudi<br />

Schunkler” built up in front of the emergency exit on<br />

Wiesenstraße West got hardly any attention, and the<br />

“High Explosiv” coaster standing at the main<br />

entrance on Wiesenstraße Süd could not manifest its<br />

usual striking appearance, as all one could see was<br />

the station, which seemed to be a concession stall<br />

from any distance. Let's talk about business: The<br />

weather was bad this year. Due to rainfall on Friday<br />

and continuous rain on the Sunday and Monday, turnover<br />

did not live up to the showmen's expectations.<br />

Only on the Saturday evening, a rush of visitors<br />

resulted in long queues at the rides and tracks.<br />

Despite the masses of visitors, the tills did not ring at<br />

every attraction however, and a number of attractions<br />

suffered from a lack of customer interest. Moreover,<br />

some operators of sales stalls clearly noticed that<br />

visitors no longer spend money so readily. A magnificent<br />

fireworks display on Monday evening at 10 p.m.<br />

marked the end of the Wiesenmarkt.<br />

■<br />


Ample variety<br />

at the Michaeli-Markt in<br />

Schwabmünchen<br />

Text & Photos: Norman Vogt<br />

Every year in autumn (this year from 25 th to 30 th<br />

September), the 6-day Michaeli-Markt with more<br />

than 300 marketers and merchants, known far<br />

beyond its city borders, opens its gates in the<br />

small town of Schwabmünchen, located some 24<br />

km from Augsburg.<br />

Market Sunday is always on the Sunday before St.<br />

Michael’s Day. According to official documents<br />

Schwabmünchen was granted the right to have a<br />

market in 1562. While the bric-a-brac market<br />

boasting a generous selection of textiles, sweets,<br />

household goods, jewellery and other goods was<br />

held from 27 th to 29 th September, the fairground was<br />

open three days longer. Young people were enticed<br />

by the “Rollover” Shake (Zinnecker), and families<br />

enjoyed the chain ride (Diebold) and the “Schnee<br />


Der Kristall-Palast<br />

...immer ein Lächeln voraus!<br />

Doppelter Spaß: Glas-Labyrinth mit 120 Spezial-Glasscheiben<br />

und Lachkabinett mit 11 lebensgroßen Zerrspiegeln<br />

Zum Saisonfinale in<br />

London (Hyde <strong>Park</strong>)<br />

Winter Wonderland<br />

www.kristall-palast.de<br />

Wir bedanken uns für die vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit und empfehlen uns für die neue Saison!<br />

Ralf Sturm • Tel. 0178/2158930 • E-Mail: ralf@sturm.st



Für die attraktive Gestaltung der traditionellen Kirmesveranstaltungen im Stadtgebiet Groß-Essen<br />

suchen wir gepflegte Schaustellergeschäfte aller Fachsparten.<br />

Frühjahrskirmes Essen-Altenessen<br />

auf dem Marktplatz – mit verkaufsoffenem Sonntag<br />

Freitag 27. März bis Sonntag 29. März<br />

Osterkirmes Essen-Borbeck<br />

im Schlosspark – mit großer Ostereiersuche<br />

Ostersamstag 04. April bis Sonntag 12. April<br />

Maikirmes Essen-Steele<br />

Grendplatz und Kaiser-Otto-Platz – NEU! Tanz in den Mai<br />

(insbesondere auch kleine Familienfahrgeschäfte und<br />

„Randgeschäfte” gesucht)<br />

Donnerstag 30. April bis Sonntag 03. Mai<br />

Großes<br />

GRUGA-Sommerfest<br />

Superkirmes mit Europas größtem Flohmarkt!<br />

Freitag 17. Juli bis Sonntag 26. Juli<br />

Woddelkirmes Essen-Heisingen<br />

in Verbindung mit großem Straßenfest!<br />

Samstag 29. August und Sonntag 30. August<br />

Appeltatenkirmes Essen-Werden<br />

„Ludgeruskirmes” – seit über 700 Jahren! Verbunden mit Kirchfest<br />

und Prozession. Verkaufsoffener Sonntag. DAS traditionelle<br />

Essener Volksfest! (insbesondere Fahr- und Spielgeschäfte gesucht)<br />

Samstag 05. September bis Dienstag 08. September<br />

Kirmes Essen-Kupferdreh auf dem Marktplatz<br />

Samstag 12. September bis Montag 14. September<br />

Herbstkirmes Essen-Altenessen<br />

mit großem Stadtfest. Verkaufsoffener Sonntag.<br />

(insbesondere Familienfahrgeschäfte bis 18,00 m Durchmesser gesucht)<br />

Freitag 18. September bis Sonntag 20. September<br />

Herbstkirmes Essen-Steele<br />

Grendplatz und Kaiser-Otto-Platz<br />

(insbesondere auch kleine Familienfahrgeschäfte und „Randgeschäfte” gesucht)<br />

Samstag 10. Oktober bis Dienstag 13. Oktober<br />

Bewerbungen – mit den üblichen Unterlagen – erwartet die<br />

I.G.S. mbh (Ritter/Müller), Hachestraße 68, 45127 Essen<br />

als Beauftragte der Essener Berufsverbände.<br />

Bewerbungsschluss ist – auch für Essener Kollegen – am 15. Dezember 2014<br />

Zur Information: Um unsere ehrenamtlichen Mitglieder zu entlasten, werden keine schriftlichen Absagen erteilt.<br />

Sofern ein(e) Bewerber(in) keinen Vertrag erhält, gilt das als Absage. Für diese Regelung bitten wir um Verständnis.


Impressions of<br />

Schwabmünchen<br />

Circus” Switchback (Moser). Other attractions<br />

presented were a dodgem track<br />

(Diebold) and the swing boat (Kreis), along<br />

with a classic kiddie ride and a Jet Ride for<br />

children. In the large beer tent adjoining<br />

the fairground visitors were able to enjoy<br />

traditional dishes accompanied by proper<br />

brass band music. In the end, all the showmen<br />

were satisfied with their financial<br />

results.<br />

■<br />

ERFURT<br />

Text & Photos:<br />

Rolf Orschel<br />

When the Erfurt Oktoberfest closed its gates after<br />

16 opening days, all the participants were happy<br />

about new record-breaking visitor numbers – and<br />

some of them even about a new record turnover.<br />

From 27 th September to 12 th October, the state<br />

capital of Thuringia celebrated a Volksfest of a<br />

superlative order in mostly beautiful weather.<br />

One does not necessarily have to travel to Munich to<br />

experience a proper Oktoberfest. The Erfurt version is<br />

much smaller however, and definitely not worldfamous.<br />

Nevertheless, this year’s staging of the<br />

largest Oktoberfest in Thuringia was certainly well<br />

worth seeing, with special crowd pullers being Erfurt<br />

novelties such as the “Wheel of Vision” Ferris Wheel<br />

(Bruch), “Artistico” (Köhrmann), “Commander”<br />

(Hahnstein), the “Pirates Adventure” adventure construction<br />

(Schneider) and “Mäuse Stadt” (Brambach).<br />

Other ride attractions approved were the “Breakdance”<br />

(Hentrich), “Piraten Fluss” (Heitmann-<br />

Schneider), dodgem track (Krebs), and the “Fun<br />

Street” (L. Hofmann), children were able to enjoy a Jet<br />

Ride, a kiddie carousel, a kiddie track ride and<br />

Gallopers. Apart from the Erfurt brewery beer tent, 18<br />

snack and beverage booths provided the visitors with<br />

food and drinks. They were joined by 5 confectionary<br />

booths, 2 Continental pick stands, as well as 16<br />

games booths and arcade machines. The attractions<br />

were appealingly arranged and well spread over the<br />

circuit course. As the flagpoles at the northern<br />

entrance to the Domplatz had been removed, 715<br />

front metres could be occupied by 55 showman<br />

attractions chosen from more than 400 applications<br />

in Erfurt<br />

Bruch’s “Wheel of Vision”<br />


The Oktoberfest on the<br />

Domplatz in Erfurt<br />

for the first time. This way, the dodgem track could be<br />

moved closer to the cathedral’s wall and the water ride<br />

could be built up on the inner northern cross row,<br />

resulting in a more appealing layout of this and the<br />

middle section of the fairground. The Ferris Wheel,<br />

one of the largest transportable Ferris Wheels with airconditioned,<br />

closed and panoramic glass gondolas<br />

made its first-time appearance in Erfurt. “During the<br />

summer, the Ferris Wheel, transported in 25 ocean<br />

containers, had been presented in Danzig,” explained<br />

Richard Krolzig from the Bruch firm presenting its<br />

“Bellevue” Ferris Wheel at the Oktoberfest every two<br />

years since 2005. Back then derided by its colleagues<br />

in Munich and Stuttgart, Erfurt turned out to be a<br />

superb venue for the showman operation. “The<br />

reason for the success is the connection between the<br />

Volksfest and city tourism. This year, the strategy of<br />

the first cooperation with the tourist office was: 'Those<br />

booking a guided city tour or a hotel bed get a<br />

reduced ride on the Ferris Wheel as a bonus',” Krolzig<br />

added. Under terrific weather conditions, more<br />

visitors than usual rushed to the fairground even<br />

during the first weekend – and business on the public<br />

holiday, the family days and the middle weekend was<br />

absolutely sensational. Particularly striking was the<br />

fact that more guests visited the Oktoberfest wearing<br />

dirndls and lederhosen than in the last few years, even<br />

though their outfit sometimes looked more like a<br />

carnival costume. With about 700,000 guests, this<br />

year’s Oktoberfest – according to the Cultural Affairs<br />

Office – was the most attractive and successful Erfurt<br />

Volksfest of past years.<br />

■<br />

FÜRTH<br />

Text & Photos:<br />

Helmut Bresler<br />

Skyline: Construction<br />

cranes and Ferris Wheel Below:<br />

Regular guest of many years in<br />

Fürth: “Sylter Backfischrutsche”<br />

Once again, everything was<br />

perfect in Fürth. The boom of<br />

the last few years continues,<br />

fantastic weather, first-class<br />

occupancy, and endless<br />

masses of visitors and next<br />

to no incidents recorded in<br />

the police report.<br />

Fürth is and remains the top<br />

event in Franconia, enticing<br />

visitors from the surrounding region to Nürnberg’s<br />

neighbouring city. Visitors are attracted by the city<br />

centre flair, showmen and marketers, as well as a<br />

harmonious supporting programme. The closing<br />

review registered far more than one million visitors as<br />

well as four personal injury offences and 15 thefts. The<br />

new schedule, according to which the event was<br />

already open on the public holiday (Friday 3 rd October)<br />

and in ideal weather, attracted visitors in droves.<br />

There was barely any room left to move on the fairground<br />

street, which was closed to road traffic during<br />

the event, and there was a rush of activity during the<br />

build-up time. Due to the arm of a huge construction<br />

crane protruding into its flight path, the huge “Sky-<br />

Dance” chain ride had to be relocated.<br />

The regular participant concerned reluctantly agreed<br />

to relocate. Currently, a giant shopping centre is being<br />

built in the direct vicinity of this year’s 13-day event on<br />

what is actually the largest construction site in Fürth<br />

since the Second World War. Next year at Kärwa time,<br />

the new consumer palace will already have opened.<br />

Without a doubt, the aforementioned “Sky Dance” from<br />

Nülken, with its new tower top equipped with a variety<br />

of LED light effects of extreme brilliance and presented<br />

in Fürth for the first time, was the conspicuous landmark<br />

this year.<br />

The Störzer brothers celebrated yet another Fürth<br />

première with their season novelty “Black Out”, built up<br />

on the ride site next to the Jüdisches Museum (Jewish<br />

museum). For many years, plans for the construction<br />


Fläche: 12,5 m Front x 10,5 m Tiefe<br />

Karibik-Feeling pur!<br />

NEU<br />

Unebenheiten: kein Problem!<br />

Beatrice & Hans Dreyer • Nürnberg<br />

hans.dreyer@gmx.de • 0163 / 47 52 410<br />

facebook.com/Beachwalkingdreyer<br />

<strong>KIRMES</strong> WANDKALENDER 2015<br />

Bestellen Sie weitere Exemplare auf Hochglanzpapier! (Formular S. 94)

of a new residential and office building have been delayed – much to the<br />

delight of many Kärwa fans. Now the construction crane is coming up and<br />

the space is definitely lost. It could be replaced by the area in front of the<br />

fire station, once the fire brigade has moved to its new station. With his<br />

“Old Shining House”, Ludwig Barth presented yet another novelty. There<br />

have also been intensive discussions among the participating showmen<br />

about the imminent loss of the site where they park their caravans, due to<br />

further building operations. The Fürth authorities as the organiser must<br />

step in and provide for an alternative.<br />

Manfred Jipp has presented his “Sylter Backfischrutsche” for 25 years<br />

and virtually attained cult status. The unforgettable fairground director<br />

Manfred Duttenhöfer had seen the attractions during a visit to the Bremen<br />

Freimarkt at the time of its staging and had been impressed by its visual<br />

appearance and the quality of the products. Manfred Jipp still recalls the<br />

words and quotes them from his memory: “Your operation looks really<br />

good. I have a site for you at the Fürth Kärwa. Go there, even if you do not<br />

earn anything at the beginning.” This made Manfred Jipp speechless, he<br />

applied in Fürth – and got the contract immediately! “So, I dared the<br />

experiment – not knowing what would happen”, he says. Used to success,<br />

he opened his operation on the first opening day – and felt like he was an<br />

exhibit in the zoo! “The visitors virtually hovered around us, being greatly<br />

surprised, and hardly anybody found themselves at the checkout. I<br />

wanted to pack up and leave,” was his reaction. A newspaper article<br />

published in the Fürther Nachrichten newspaper reporting on the novelty<br />

proved to be a real turning point. Its description of the delicacies served<br />

in the Sylter Backfischrutsche resulted in a rush of visitors. The initial<br />

scepticism changed into enthusiasm, and today the 10 metre tower on the<br />

traffic island is an indispensable fixture at the Kärwa. Manfred Jipp fondly<br />

thinks back to those days and at the traditional regular showmen’s<br />

meeting this story is a cherished anecdote. The new record issue of<br />

120,000 “Kärwataler” coins sold by the branches of the Fürth Sparkasse<br />

bank were sold out within a couple of hours in only one afternoon. Kärwa<br />

and economics spokesman Horst Müller is proud of the Kärwa’s unflagging<br />

attractiveness as a family event. “We don’t define ourselves by beer<br />

consumption – and this is a good thing!” is his credo. The ample supporting<br />

programme included two exhibitions well worth seeing of classic 1:87-<br />

scale and 1:22-scale models. The 46-page programme was available in<br />

an edition of 65,000 examples, and 1,200 advertising posters with an<br />

appealing Kärwa motif were deployed throughout the region. ■<br />


It may be a truism, but a classic truth all the same. A successful event<br />

requires advertising and new ideas and has to meet the spirit of the<br />

times, without forgetting the essence of the event. And basic good<br />

advertising requires committed people doing the job. In Fürth there<br />

are committed people like these, who put their heart and soul into<br />

their event – in addition to their own business. During the last few<br />

years they managed to organise many a special event, such as the<br />

barrel organ park, a Kärwa exhibition, the Kärwa App, the participation<br />

in the harvest festival procession, cinema advertising<br />

throughout the surrounding region, the breakfast on the Ferris Wheel<br />

and taxi advertising. Currently, the team is proud of the new entrance<br />

gate to the city hall, which has now been inaugurated and is admired<br />

and beloved by the visitors. Further gates are planned but are<br />

proving difficult to finance. The advertising team has been existing<br />

for 20 years, and is financed firstly with an advertising budget<br />

derived from the fairground fees, and secondly by sponsors. New<br />

patrons are currently considering financial support for the team. ■<br />

Season novelty in Fürth: Störzer “Black Out” ride<br />

The showman advertising team (f.l.t.r.): Hannes<br />

Grauberger, Marco Ulrich, Patrick Ulrich (seated), Michael<br />

Drliczek, Joachim Ulrich, and Helmut Dölle (standing)<br />



OXFORD (UK)<br />

Top attraction in Oxford:<br />

Danter’s “Air”<br />

“Mini-Miami” and a view of the<br />

crowded festival streets<br />

Text & Photos: Marcus Gaines<br />

As always it was a squash and squeeze in Oxford<br />

city centre for the annual St. Giles fair. The event<br />

took place on the busiest main street of the city,<br />

which always takes place on Monday and Tuesday<br />

after “St. Giles Day” (1 st September) – this time from<br />

the 8 th to the 9 th of September.<br />

The origins of the event go back to the year 1625 and<br />

changed into a fair with rides at the beginning of the<br />

18 th century. The St. Giles Fair is organised by the<br />

Oxford City Council and the Showman’s Guild of Great<br />

Britain and counts these days as one of the best fair<br />

events in Great Britain. The main street used as the<br />

festival grounds is only closed off on the Sunday<br />

before the beginning of the event. The complication of<br />

needing trees to be trimmed and the deadly accuracy<br />

in the build-up of rides takes a little more time than<br />

usual. Road signs and traffic lights also test the ingenuity<br />

of the showmen building up their attractions.<br />

As a mark of respect to the nearby churches, the showmen<br />

stop work during the Sunday religious services,<br />


adding to the time it takes to build up. Taking place on<br />

the first Monday and Tuesday after St Giles’ Day,<br />

means that as is common, the fair falls just outside the<br />

school holidays which only finish 6 days earlier. So the<br />

daytimes proved a little quiet. But come evening, the<br />

late summer sunshine that brought the previous 7 days<br />

of grey skies to an end, meant the street was packed<br />

shoulder to shoulder with thousands of visitors.<br />

There were rides offering<br />

something for everybody<br />

Highly popular at St.<br />

Giles Fair is “Candy Floss”.<br />

Left: Chadwick’s “Ghost Train”<br />

XX 45

Multiple presentations<br />

of Miami and Waltzer<br />

attractions at Oxford<br />

Despite the high numbers, not all rides were full;<br />

visitors seemed to be highly selective of where to<br />

spend their money. There were three Waltzers in<br />

attendance provided by Billy Hebborn, Ashley Rogers<br />

and Paul Nichols. Hebborn’s “Super” Waltzer appeared<br />

to be the busiest running almost nonstop, seemingly<br />

the impressive lighting rig and decent sound system<br />

was attracting teenagers, whilst Ashley Rogers’<br />

Waltzer, which didn’t look as impressive and wasn’t in<br />

the heart of the fair, didn’t seem to be doing as well.<br />

“Air” also wasn’t as popular as<br />

last year. At £5 it was one on the<br />

most expensive rides in attendance.<br />

Abie Danter Jnr. once<br />

again showed off the slickness<br />

and smartness of his operation.<br />

With 1 person taking<br />

money, 1 person managing the<br />

queue, 1 person operating the<br />

ride and 6 people helping to<br />

batch and load the gondolas,<br />

the ride was barely stationary<br />

all night. Popular rides included Wilsons' "Super Bowl",<br />

Bunn’s "Tagada", Wilsons’ Speed Booster despite also<br />

costing £5 and running for less than 1 minute, the 3<br />

Miami’s (West, Hill, and Danter Jnr.). and Sedgewick-<br />

’s "Rock Rage" (KMG Inversion) was another ride that<br />

barely stood still. The "Star Flyer" on loan from Joey<br />

Noyce and Freddie Stokes Jnr. made its first appearance<br />

at Oxford. Noyce is currently buying his own Star<br />

Flyer which should ready soon. Its close proximity, especially<br />

when running at full speed, to nearby historic<br />

buildings added to the thrill of the ride. Being a new<br />

novelty to the fair also ensured it was kept busy. Other<br />

rides included Holland’s and Nichols’ bumper cars,<br />

Woodford’s Gallopers and Green’s Ferris Wheel,<br />

Sheldon’s “Twister” Twist, Matthews’ “Rotor”, Phillips<br />

”Airwolf”, together with the “Extreme”, “Evolution” and<br />

“Orbiter”. The kids were also well catered to with a vast<br />

array of juvenile rides, among them the impressive<br />

looking boat-themed junior "1001 Nights" called<br />

“Captain Hook” from Gregory. And for those too small<br />

to ride any of the 3 Miami’s, there was a 4 th in attendance,<br />

the “Mini Miami” especially for the little ones. ■<br />


Text & Photos:<br />

Michael Petersen<br />

Crowd puller: The<br />

Schueberfouer in Luxembourg<br />

At the opening of the<br />

Schueberfouer (22 nd August to<br />

10 th September) the weather<br />

was quite poor. Continuous<br />

rain on the first weekend prevented<br />

a dream start to the<br />

exceptional European Volksfest<br />

this year.<br />

When the weather improved<br />

after the first weekend, the<br />

Schueberfouer was again at its<br />

best. Heavy visitor attendance<br />

throughout the event, also on<br />

weekdays, brought about very<br />

good financial results. At the<br />

weekends, visitor numbers –<br />



A partial view of the<br />

fairground in Luxembourg<br />

and thus turnover – increased even further. To see<br />

what is possible in Luxembourg is barely believable.<br />

Even the Volksfest in the city centre benefits<br />

from the prosperity of the small and economically<br />

successful country. The details at the Schueberfouer<br />

are completely different. For example, while<br />

fairground visitors in Germany buy 100 or 200 g of<br />

roasted almonds as a rule, at the Schueberfouer<br />

they buy 500 g or an extra-large bag of soft nougat<br />

for €24 for the whole family for immediate consumption,<br />

and once again for taking home! However,<br />

one must not forget that the Schueberfouer in<br />

Luxembourg is the only fair event with many major<br />

rides in this small country and that most of its<br />

inhabitants do not visit any other fair. Dagmar<br />

Osselmann with her “Diamond” dodgem track<br />

made a first-time appearance at the Schueberfouer<br />

– and was enthusiastic about her first<br />

engagement abroad. She was not only happy<br />

about her financial results, but also pleasantly surprised<br />

by the friendliness and the professional<br />

work of those responsible, and the politeness of the<br />

visitors. “It was a superb event full of wonderful<br />

experiences. I am looking forward to next year in<br />

Luxembourg,” she said. The layout of the fairground<br />

turned out to be quite difficult. There is no<br />

circuit course with cross rows but the fairground<br />

was divided into various smaller plots resulting in<br />

very many top-end sites. As the area is more vaast<br />

than the eye can take in, there is always something<br />

new to discover. The skilled fairground directors<br />

Marc Weydert and Laurant Schwaller do a very<br />

good job in laying out the area with their considerable<br />

experience and aptitude. The two ghost rides<br />

placed at the opposite ends of the area respectively<br />

could not have been built up further apart from<br />

each other. With the rising area, the rides also grew<br />

in height. As a result, the towering “Skyfall” freefall<br />

tower (Goetzke) built up as the visual highlight on<br />

the highest site of the<br />

area, seemed to be even<br />

taller. That was a clever<br />

feature and looked<br />

fantastic. The “Bellevue”<br />

Ferris Wheel was also very<br />

well placed. Standing<br />

almost in the middle of the<br />

area, it provided passengers<br />

with an impressive<br />

view over the Schueberfouer<br />

and Luxembourg<br />

City. Gastronomic operations<br />

with ample menus<br />

– ranging from fried<br />

sausages to complete<br />

meals – provided the<br />

visitors with food and<br />

drinks. Even at lunchtime,<br />

the restaurant tents were<br />

well-attended and the<br />

snack booths heavily<br />

crowded. The prizes at the<br />

games booths also differ<br />

from those in Germany. In<br />

Luxembourg prizes to be<br />

won are high-quality, such<br />

as flat screen TV sets,<br />

laptops, smart phones and other high-priced<br />

electrical appliances, as there is no upper limit on<br />

commodity prizes.<br />

A high number of special events provided<br />

additional diversion at the Schueberfouer. RTL<br />

radio had a studio in a beer tent and broadcast<br />

detailed reports from the event every day. In the<br />

evening of the last opening day, the Schueberfouer,<br />

which lived up to its excellent reputation<br />

once again this year, was closed with a magnificent<br />

fireworks display.<br />

■<br />

Kult: A Schouberfouer<br />

without “Bayernkurve” is hard<br />

to imagine<br />



“Crazy Outback” from<br />

Hofmann-Jehn<br />

The Hofmann-Jehn family from<br />

Wutha-Farnroda near Eisenach<br />

have been touring Walkthrough<br />

constructions ever since 2001.<br />

On two levels, their “Crazy Outback”<br />

funhouse, built by the<br />

Schwalmstadt Dietz Fahrzeugbau<br />

firm in 2008, takes visitors<br />

on a trip through Australia’s<br />

“outback” accompanied by a lot<br />

of fun and many surprises. The<br />

Kirmes & <strong>Park</strong> Revue has documented<br />

the build-up of this extraordinary<br />

funhouse.<br />

Text: Rolf Orschel<br />

Photos: Rolf Orschel, Norman Vogt<br />

(1)<br />

Crazy Outback<br />

Upon the arrival of the two transport vehicles at<br />

the fairground, the centre trailer is manoeuvred<br />

into its position on the measured site, before the<br />

baggage van is then manoeuvred next to the site.<br />

(1)<br />

Next, the water container is lifted from<br />

the centre trailer by crane and placed<br />

on the right side. After that, the axles<br />

are removed, the centrepiece is<br />

balanced with the aid of the built-in<br />

hydraulic cylinder and carefully propped up. The<br />

build-up begins with laying out, balancing and<br />

propping up the floor segments and assembling the<br />

two stairwells. Once the balcony has been unfolded,<br />

the connection members of the second level can be<br />

set up and secured by bolts.<br />

(2)<br />

Then the stillages with the<br />

scaffolding segments of the<br />

second level are lifted by<br />

crane onto the centrepiece.<br />

(3, 4, and 5)<br />

When the scaffolding has<br />

been fully assembled, the<br />

blind front is installed on the<br />

right side, the ‘virtual’ water<br />

tower is mounted with aid of<br />

the crane, and the water containment<br />

with the alternately<br />

tilting mobile floors is set up,<br />

balanced and propped up.<br />

(6 and 7)<br />

This done, the blind front is<br />

installed on the left side, and<br />

the paybox is unloaded by<br />


(2)<br />


The floor segments<br />

are laid out and the<br />

stairwells are mounted<br />

crane from the traction unit and<br />

placed on the paybox platform. (8<br />

and 9)<br />

Next, the name sign scaffolding and<br />

the multi-coloured name sign itself are mounted<br />

above the funhouse by crane. (10)<br />

Once the name sign has been mounted, the tarpaulins<br />

can be pulled up and tied together as well<br />

as secured to the scaffolding. (11)<br />

(4)<br />

(3)<br />

(5)<br />

INFO<br />

Technische Daten:<br />

■ Front: 21 m<br />

■ Depth: 12 m<br />

■ Height: 15 m<br />

■ Power: 50 kW<br />

■ 2 transport vehicles<br />

(centre trailer, baggage van)<br />


(6)<br />

(7)<br />

After that, the rear and front rounding boards of the<br />

upper level are mounted with the aid of the crane,<br />

the roofs are installed and the balcony handrails are<br />

mounted. (12 and 13)<br />

When the upper level has been finished, the speaking<br />

and water-spraying animated figure “Mann im<br />

Toilettenhäuschen”, or “man in the dunny”, is put up<br />

as a special eye catcher in the middle of the lower<br />

exterior decoration, before the striking and more<br />

than 8 metre tall wind wheel is assembled on the<br />

ground and set on top of the paybox by crane. (14<br />

and 15)<br />

(9)<br />

(8)<br />


(10)<br />


The name sign<br />

is mounted<br />

(11)<br />

(12)<br />

Once the large glass labyrinth<br />

with triangularly arranged glass<br />

panes and mirrors, which visitors<br />

have to negotiate before they can<br />

exit the funhouse has been<br />

assembled, the other fun effects<br />

are also installed. (16)<br />

Finally, with the handrails and the<br />

exterior decoration mounted and<br />

the complete cabling and the<br />

maintenance work carried out,<br />

the build-up – which takes 4 men<br />

and about 15 hours – is completed.<br />

■<br />

(13)<br />

(14) (15) (16)<br />



Text & Photos:<br />

Michael Petersen<br />

For years, a host of exhibitions on various topics have been<br />

held in the quite spacious offices of the Stadtsparkasse bank<br />

in the city centre of Essen. On 5 th September this year, a twoweek<br />

special exhibition on the occasion of the 95 th anniversary<br />

of the “Schaustellerverbandes Essen Ruhrgebiet<br />

von 1919 e.V.” Showman Association closed its gates.<br />

During a conversation, Sparkasse Branch Director Ragmar<br />

Kalks, and Albert Ritter, Chairman of the Schaustellerverbandes<br />

Essen-Ruhrgebiet von 1919 e.V., who have been friends for<br />

twenty years, decided to hold a one-day exhibition on the history<br />

of the showman industry at the branch.<br />

Eventually, the 95 th anniversary of the Schaustellerverbandes<br />

Essen-Ruhrgebiet provided the perfect occasion for a journey<br />

through the history of showman industry. The Showman<br />

Association is a union of the Bottrop, Dinslaken and Mülheim a.<br />

d. Ruhr sections, and also incorporates the office of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft<br />

der Schausteller in Nordrhein-Westfalen (working<br />

group of showmen in North Rhine-Westphalia). The exhibition<br />

was also the very beginning of a number of festive events including,<br />

among others, the European Showman Congress held to<br />

mark the upcoming 100 th anniversary of the Essen Showman<br />

Association in 2019. Albert Ritter thanked Sparkasse Essen for<br />

providing the branch offices for the exhibition, and for being a<br />

reliable partner for the showman industry of many years.<br />

The heart of the exhibition was the historic carousel of the Fredebeul<br />

family, which also provided numerous further exhibits. The<br />

other exhibits came from the collections of Albert Ritter, Rico<br />

Rasch, Peter Saller and Richard Müller. The exhibition also<br />

included carousel figures carved from wood from the Hennecke<br />

firm, a mechanical monkey, decoration elements, various<br />

mounts and advertising boards. Treasures like these are rarely<br />

exhibited in such a limited space. Another eye catcher was the<br />

components of a cinematographic theatre from the Ritter family.<br />

In addition to numerous decoration elements and components,<br />

visitors were also able to admire an old projector. The journey<br />

through the world of showmen was very well received by the<br />

visitors.<br />

■<br />

“Feo – der sprechende Kopf – lebend”, advertising board<br />

for a show booth, ca. 1960, and car for a Switchback, ca. 1934,<br />

sheet iron on wood construction<br />

Exhibition space provided: Sparkasse Branch Director<br />

Ragmar Kalks Right: Panopticom advertising board, ca. 1960<br />



A carousel horse and a<br />

Venetian gala gondola,<br />

baroque, probably from the<br />

Hübner firm, Neustadt/Orla,<br />

ca. 1890<br />

Historic mounts and chaises<br />

Details of the centre crown<br />

of a Hennecke kiddie carousel,<br />

about 1940<br />

Top: Rounding board<br />

painting of a wooden horse<br />

carousel, about 1900, and<br />

kiddie carousel “Mondrakete”<br />

centre decoration, about 1930<br />



A gem at the exhibition<br />

was the fully mechanical<br />

monkey figure with electric<br />

drive, doing exercises, ca. 1880<br />

Kiddie carousel, ca. 1920<br />

Historic dodgem chaise and a “Modell<br />

Nr. 7” carousel carriage, Karussellfabrik Friedrich<br />

Heyn, ca. 1897<br />



Lighting decoration of the<br />

“Olympicus” boxing booth,<br />

ca. 1960; light strips of the<br />

Kinematographen-Theater<br />

Ritter, ca. 1950; a showman's<br />

winch, ca 1920; and the historic<br />

water starter of a carousel<br />

Important figures from<br />

contemporary history behind glass<br />

Front section and chaise of a ghost ride –<br />

first use of polyester with fibreglass as support<br />

material, ca. 1955<br />

Front section, ca. 1955<br />

Historic tractors and<br />

showman wagons called<br />

attention to the exhibition in<br />

front of the Sparkasse building<br />


Decoration elements of the Ritter-Kinematograph, about<br />

1968 and a historic Blinker vending machine, ca. 1940<br />

Memories of the heydays of the show booths: “Marie-<br />

Luise – das Mädchen mit den 2 Köpfen” and a façade part<br />



For visitors of the<br />

anniversary exhibition of the<br />

Schaustellerverband Essen<br />

Ruhrgebiet von 1919 e.V. there<br />

was a lot to be discovered in<br />

the foyer at the Sparkasse<br />

bank, Essen<br />


EXOTIC<br />

In Germany an exotic<br />

ride: “Crazy Fruits” from<br />

René Stey<br />

Since the beginning of this year,<br />

the Ludwigsburg showman René<br />

Stey has been touring what is –<br />

certainly for the German tour<br />

scene – a truly exotic ride; a “Zig<br />

Zag” of Spanish origin. In 2009<br />

the ride, built by the Spanish<br />

Safeco firm in 1986 and operated<br />

by the Swiss Murer showman<br />

family for 23 years, was taken<br />

over by René Stey, who – having<br />

put it into storage for quite some<br />

time – thoroughly redesigned it<br />

and has now introduced it to the<br />

fairground circuit under the<br />

name of “Crazy Fruits”.<br />

Text: Norman Vogt<br />

Photos: Norman Vogt, Archiv Stey<br />

Crazy Fruits<br />

Stey, who also owns a dodgem track, worked on the<br />

redesign of the ride throughout last winter, and it<br />

took him a lot of time and work to transform the ride<br />

into the “Crazy Fruits”. However, the result is<br />

well worth seeing. All 18 gondolas have been<br />

appealingly painted. While 17 of them have<br />

been painted as lemons, oranges, melons,<br />

strawberries, pineapples or coconuts, René<br />

Stey immortalized the name and the portrait of his<br />

daughter on one of the gondolas as well as on the<br />

backflash.<br />

René Stey<br />


EXOTIC<br />

The attraction in detail<br />

The centre of the ride and the<br />

backflash mounted to the<br />

baggage van, have also been<br />

painted with funny and cheeky<br />

looking fruits. Moreover, the<br />

three arms and the centre of<br />

the ride are decorated with<br />

plastic examples.<br />

Not only the visual appearance of the ride was<br />

renewed, but also many worn parts were also replaced,<br />

the electronic system was overhauled and the<br />

electrical equipment was rewired. The numerous<br />

The baggage van is also<br />

the backflash façade<br />


EXOTIC<br />

The ride is presented<br />

mainly on small to<br />

medium-sized fairgrounds<br />

in Southern Germany<br />

characteristic light arcs and the gondola roofs were<br />

retained, however. René Stey opened the unusual,<br />

unique ride in Hofen near Stuttgart in spring. Afterwards,<br />

the ride was mainly presented at minor events<br />

in Southern Germany, where it was very well received<br />

by the public. The ride is perfectly family-friendly, and<br />

in addition to the rotating mast in the centre of the ride,<br />

the planet wheels with the gondolas mounted to the<br />

arms rotate counter to the running direction. Relocating<br />

the ride requires 2 transport vehicles (a centre<br />

trailer and a baggage van). The “Crazy Fruits” has<br />

ground measurements of 14 x 16 metres, a height of 5<br />

metres and electrical requirements of about 30 kW. ■<br />

to its redesign<br />

The ride prior<br />


Ausschreibungen<br />

in der<br />

Die Kirmes & <strong>Park</strong> Revue ist das<br />

ideale Medium für Ausschreibungen<br />

Ihrer Volksfeste und Weihnachtsmärkte.<br />

Mit einer Ausschreibung Ihrer<br />

Veranstaltung in der Kirmes & <strong>Park</strong><br />

Revue erreichen Sie nahezu flächendeckend<br />

die Schaustellerbetriebe in<br />

Deutschland und in unseren Nachbarländern<br />

– und das zu einem<br />

außergewöhnlich günstigen Preis.<br />

Dazu genießen Sie mit Ihrer<br />

Ausschreibung folgende Vorteile:<br />

• Bei Mangel an geeigneten<br />

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300 dpi Auflösung.

European Showmen’s Union<br />

Europäische Schausteller-Union<br />

Union Foraine Européenne<br />

International non-government organisation (NGO) • Established in 1954<br />

President Albert Ritter<br />

ESU: European Showmen Exempted from Professional Driver Qualification<br />

Requirements following Exemption in the National Laws<br />

Showmen transport their own inventory and not<br />

third-party goods.<br />

Photo: ESU<br />

For the European Showman Union the<br />

legal position is clear: Showmen in<br />

Europe do not need to participate in<br />

further training programmes for professional<br />

drivers.<br />

The ESU cites the EU-directive 2003/<br />

59/EG, which in Article 2 g, means: this<br />

directive does not pertain to drivers of<br />

vehicles transporting material or equipment<br />

that the driver requires for his<br />

profession, and provided that the driving<br />

of the vehicle is not the driver's main<br />

profession."<br />

Targeting the quality assurance of the vehicle<br />

operator's profession, the EU Parliament introduced<br />

in 2003 the European "Directive for the<br />

basic qualifications and advanced training of<br />

drivers of vehicles for the carrying of goods and<br />

persons" (Directive 2003/59/EG). These objectives<br />

were to be implemented in member<br />

countries by September 2006.<br />

To ensure that driver activity in professional<br />

goods and person transport is to be exercised<br />

by correctly qualified persons, there is also according<br />

to Article 3, a directive in addition to the<br />

basic qualifications that the professional driver<br />

undertakes further training. Member countries<br />

were directed to introduce a corresponding<br />

system for advanced training.<br />

For the ESU there is a definite border between<br />

the professional goods carrier and the showman<br />

profession. Showmen are not professional<br />

drivers. They earn their money at the Volksfests<br />

and not by transporting third-party goods.<br />

Under the circumstances an exemption of<br />

showmen from professional driver training in<br />

all EU countries is necessary.<br />

The ESU demands EU countries to make an exemption<br />

for showmen in the case of the implementation<br />

of the EU-guideline 2003/59/EG into<br />

national law. In the Netherlands, Switzerland,<br />

Belgium, Germany and Austria this exemption<br />

is already a feature of the relative law.<br />

The Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation<br />

and Technology (bmvit) decreed on<br />

8.5.2014 (170.627/0004-IV/ST4/2014): "Obligation<br />

pursuant to Article 19 Sec. 3 Z 7, drivers of<br />

vehicles transporting materials of equipment<br />

that the driver requires for use in his/her profession<br />

and provided that driving is not the<br />

main profession of the driver, the evidence of<br />

driver qualification is exempted (Code 95 in<br />

driver's licence).<br />

In the opinion of the bmvit, drivers of showman<br />

vehicles also fall under the mentioned exemption<br />

when they for example transport roundabout<br />

constructions to events, and built up the<br />

attraction after the transportation, and other<br />

said goods are used as the main profession of<br />

the driver (e.g. ticket sales, technology checks,<br />

maintenance, cleaning etc). This type of transportation<br />

falls under the exemption rules of the<br />

§ 19 Sec. 3 Z 7 GütbefG, and the driver of such a<br />

vehicle does not require driver qualification<br />

proof."<br />

In Germany the new professional driver qualification<br />

law (BKrFQG) has been defined. Showmen<br />

fall under the exemption under § 1 Sec. 2<br />

No. 5 BKrFQG, as they transport materials and or<br />

equipment for the practice of their profession<br />

and as the driving of the said vehicle is not their<br />

main profession. The profession of the showman<br />

has been listed as an exemption according<br />

to § 1 Sec. 2 No. 5 BKrFQG, which means here<br />

"Pertains to the transportation of showman<br />

equipment (e.g. rides, circus tents) for showman<br />

operation."<br />

Regular's Table of the European Showman Youth Union at Stuttgart<br />

The Showman-youth met up at the Cannstatt<br />

Wasen on the 7th October at the first<br />

ESJU-regular's table.<br />

The regulars' table is the new event of the European<br />

Showman Youth Union, and offers the<br />

participants the possibility to meet young<br />

showmen from all over Europe, and to discuss<br />

current business themes. ESJU-President Kevin<br />

Kratzsch emphasised: "The regular's table serves<br />

communication and networking, whilst in<br />

the process the pleasant togetherness<br />

shouldn't come too short." Participants at<br />

Stuttgart discussed current themes of the profession<br />

such as the Europanorm 13814 for ride<br />

constructions and the recognition of the European<br />

Volksfests as an intangible Cultural Heritage<br />

by UNESCO. Earlier Kevin Kratzsch explained<br />

in his welcoming speech the tasks and targets<br />

of the ESJU as the youth organisation of the<br />

European Showman Union. He referred to the<br />

meaning of a friendly and collegial coexistence<br />

of the European Showman Youth reaching far<br />

over the borders. "We are inviting all showman<br />

youth in Europe to create the future of the ESU<br />

and ESJU together", explained Kevin Kratzsch<br />

and announced further events, for example the<br />

Federal Delegates Convention of the DSB from<br />

the 13th to 15th of January 2015 in Aachen.<br />

Meeting of the Showman Youth Union at the<br />

Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart. Photo: ESU

European Showmen’s Union • Europäische Schausteller-Union • Union Foraine Européenne<br />

Showman Meeting in the Border Triangle<br />

Invitation to Showman Political Breakfast in the European City Aachen<br />

Aachen is the city of Charlemagne, the coronation<br />

of kings, the European peace treaties,<br />

and the International Charlemagne Prize. A<br />

further source of pride for the city is the<br />

"Öcher Bend" with its roots going back to the<br />

15th century, and which is a popular international<br />

meeting place for fairground fans<br />

and showmen from Germany, Belgian, and<br />

the Netherlands. Within the frames of the<br />

66th Federal Delegates Convention of the<br />

German Showman Association, the European<br />

Showman Union extends an invitation<br />

to a showman-political breakfast in Aachen<br />

on the 13th January 2015 at 10:00 a.m.<br />

"Volksfest – Unlimited Pleasure!!!" is the motto<br />

of the DSB-annual meeting, where traditionally<br />

the European show persons meet to exchange<br />

information and opinions. The ESU-breakfast<br />

offers plenty of opportunities for the discussion<br />

of current showman themes. Finally, starting at<br />

4 p.m. a rally will begin at the Eurogress Aachen<br />

of the German Showman Associations with prominent<br />

guests from politics and economy. The<br />

<br />

The "Öcher Bend", the most popular Volksfest in the area near to Netherlands and Belgium. Photo: DSB<br />

ESU requests member associations to bring<br />

along their traditional flags for the flag parade.<br />

The Federal Delegates Convention will be accompanied<br />

by a colourful programme to which<br />

all European Showmen are cordially invited.<br />

<br />

Traditional flags at the DSB rally. Photo: ESU<br />

Publishing Information<br />

Publisher:<br />

European<br />

________________________<br />

Showmen’s Union (ESU)<br />

Responsible for contents:<br />

Albert Ritter, rittera@dsbev.de<br />

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Editor:<br />

Christoph Jansen, jansenc@dsbev.de<br />

________________________<br />

Address:<br />

Europäische Schausteller-Union<br />

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Talks Among the<br />

Show Women<br />

During the ESU-Meeting in the<br />

middle of September in Amsterdam,<br />

a meeting of the European<br />

Show Woman Union (ES-<br />

FU) took place, where in a social<br />

group, international friendships<br />

were cultivated.<br />

Our photo (v.l.t.r.) shows Christiane<br />

Schäfer, President Rosa<br />

Severeyns, Vice President Anika<br />

Theunisz and Vice President<br />

Jenny Bossle.


Intensive airtime can<br />

be experienced again on the<br />

beach from Coney Island<br />

What do you do with a piece of<br />

land just 15 m wide by 250 m<br />

long? You squeeze in Zamperla’s<br />

first major Looping Coaster!<br />

Text:<br />

Photos:<br />

Marcus Gaines<br />

Marcus Gaines,<br />

Zamperla<br />

Thunderbolt<br />

Skip forward to 2010 and a part of Coney<br />

Island looked much more inviting; Luna<br />

<strong>Park</strong> felt a safe and inviting environment in<br />

an otherwise worrying part of the City of<br />

New York. That initial success lead to the<br />

Luna <strong>Park</strong> has certainly evolved since it first rapid expansion of Luna <strong>Park</strong>, and a new section<br />

debuted in 2010, in fact the whole boardwalk of went into operation in 2011. "The Scream Zone"<br />

Coney Island has changed, and very much for the opened on a disused piece of land on the other<br />

better.<br />

side of the famous Deno’s Wonder Wheel <strong>Park</strong>.<br />

A visit to Coney Island in 2008 left one feeling very Everybody was so impressed by the signal effect<br />

unsafe, the area looked undesirable and not that Central Amusement International (CAI), a<br />

somewhere to want to visit alone or worse with the subsidiary of the Italian manufacturer Zamperla<br />

whole family. The once famous amusement area Rides had given on the whole area, that the City<br />

offered only crumbling retail outlets and chubby of New York subsequently granted the company<br />

restaurant buildings, abandoned rides rusting the lease of all the retail and restaurant outlets<br />

away, disused areas of land overgrown with along the boardwalk, and also that of the infamous<br />

weeds, and there was even a guy taking his pet Coney Island "Cyclone" wooden coaster, from the<br />

alligator for a walk.<br />

year 1929.<br />


Now in control of a prime section of the boardwalk,<br />

CAI went about redeveloping it further with shiny<br />

new restaurants and a retail outlet that offers far<br />

better merchandise than some of tourist tat of the<br />

past. All of which has helped changed the audience<br />

visiting the shores of Coney Island with many<br />

more families now venturing out of the city to the<br />

public beach.<br />

Then came the small matter of the "Cyclone". Within<br />

days of taking over the running of it, the once<br />

near empty accident report book of Luna <strong>Park</strong> had<br />

begun to fill at a rapid rate. Valerio Ferrari, President<br />

of CAI, knew he had to do something about<br />

it and quick, and brought in the team of Great<br />

Coasters International. Over past successive<br />

winters 75% of the main track has been re-profiled<br />

and replaced. When taking a ride, passengers<br />

quickly become aware of the section still to be<br />

done, but the budget for that is about to be signed<br />

off. Ferrari is still undecided about what to do<br />

about the lift hill, drive gear and of course the<br />

trains. There’s been criticism from purists about<br />

the refurbishment of the "Cyclone" so far, but the<br />

ride remains aggressive without the violence it<br />

once had. If kids can now ride it without getting off<br />

with a bloody nose, isn’t that a good thing?<br />



With a height of 35<br />

metres, the "Thunderbolt"<br />

coaster can be seen from<br />

afar and brings attention to<br />

the new Coney Island<br />


■ Opening: 14 th Juni 2014<br />

■ Track length: 610 m<br />

■ Track height: 35 m<br />

■ Speed: 90 km/h<br />

■ 4 Inversions<br />

■ Acceleration:<br />

-1,3 g bis +4,3 g<br />

■ Ride time: 1 min 55 sec<br />

■ Pure ride time (1 st Drop to<br />

final brakes): 38 sec<br />

■ 3 cars, total for 9 pass.<br />

■ Capacity: 500 p.p.h.<br />

■ Dynamics: Stengel GmbH<br />

■ Manufacturer: Zamperla,<br />

Altavilla Vicentina, Italy<br />

■ Operator: Luna <strong>Park</strong>, Coney<br />

Island / Brooklyn, USA<br />

Option to Lease More Land<br />

Then in late 2012 the City of New York came to<br />

Ferrari with the option to take on the lease of a plot<br />

of land a few yards away from the "Scream Zone",<br />

but it was an awkward size. By happy coincidence<br />

the young team of developers and engineers at<br />

Zamperla had come up with a concept for a new<br />

major coaster design, and they set about creating<br />

a layout that could be shoehorned into the narrow<br />

plot of land. A pitch back to the City, and the lease<br />

was signed, along with the extension of the ten<br />

year lease for the existing sites of Luna <strong>Park</strong>, now<br />

agreed until 2027. Not that Ferrari was too concerned<br />

about the original lease duration as Luna<br />

<strong>Park</strong> is providing a significant return on the<br />

investment CAI has made. Plus the park has been<br />

an ideal showroom for Zamperla’s ride catalogue,<br />

and they’ve been able to use the site as a training<br />

ground for buyers of their rides.<br />

Zamperla presented a layout for the first time at<br />

IAAPA 2013, and in June 2014, the new coaster<br />

that carries the traditional Coney Island name<br />

"Thunderbolt", was opened.<br />

The separate entrance is naturally on the Boardwalk<br />

and riders enter straight into the station.<br />

Although separated from both the "Scream Zone"<br />

and the original Luna <strong>Park</strong>, a stroll along the<br />

Boardwalk is no different to a stroll along the paths<br />

of any other amusement park, and the same ticket<br />

system is in place.<br />

As soon as one sees the new cars two “whys?”<br />

come to mind. Why have they configured three<br />

seats across in three rows? Why do they have<br />

seatbelt straps across the shoulders that don’t<br />

seem to touch the riders? But when one knows the<br />

answers there’s a hint of genius perhaps? The<br />

reason for having 3 seats across instead of the<br />

typical two or four is that Disney has done a study<br />

of their park demographics. The traditional family<br />


of four is in decline, with more families being just<br />

a three. Disney are increasingly building rides<br />

designed for three people. So Zamperla figured<br />

they’d follow the master and design a new train<br />

three across. The seat belts that go over the shoulder<br />

are just in case the train should stop upside<br />

down or in a position that riders put a lot of weight<br />

on the thigh restraint. They are designed to take<br />

the upper torso weight and relieve the pressure<br />

on the thighs. They’re not provided out of concern<br />

that the thigh restraint could fail, they’re purely to<br />

offer comfort in a problem.<br />

Once sitting in the raised and pretty comfy seats,<br />

riders can pull down on their lap bars which come<br />

down like overhead restraints. Sitting in the front,<br />

leaving the station is a bizarrely scary moment.<br />

Right in front is a solid concrete wall and the track<br />

turns into a 180° curve to the left to miss it. But with<br />

the wheels set back behind the front row of seats<br />

one doesn't turn when expected, and it actually<br />

feels like nearly crashing into the wall. A 125 foot<br />

vertical lift hill follows. The lift hill doesn’t have any<br />

ratchets should the lift hill fail, instead unlike many<br />

other vertical lift hills it has copper plates found on<br />

magnetic braking systems. The reason for this is<br />

that if the lift hill was to fail the car would gently<br />

make its way back to the bottom where an<br />

evacuation could be done far more quickly and<br />

easily than if the train was sitting on a ratchet<br />

somewhere in a vertical position.<br />

The 90° steep lift follows a<br />

steep drop as well<br />

An unusual as well as<br />

breathtaking Z-turnaround<br />


Our conversation partner:<br />

Valerio Ferrari, President of<br />

Central Amusement International<br />

At the top there’s no chance to check out the views<br />

before diving vertically down and pulling up into a<br />

vertical loop. No sooner out of the loop and it’s into<br />

the next inversion, a Zero-G-Roll. Sadly this first<br />

portion of the ride isn’t pleasant, as there’s a hard<br />

sideways shunt at the bottom of the first drop and<br />

the train is hunting left and right through the<br />

inversions. The general public didn’t seem too<br />

phased by it, but more experienced riders know<br />

it’s not great. Ferrari is quick to point out that<br />

"Thunderbolt" is a prototype and promises that in<br />

2015 these sections will be smooth.<br />

A Stengel Dive travels into the Dive Loop at the far<br />

end, and signals the start of a much smoother and<br />

more graceful ride experience. A shockingly good<br />

airtime hill that really lifts the rear<br />

end off the seat and shows the<br />

excellence of the thigh restraints<br />

takes passengers over<br />

to the far side of the plot for the<br />

return home. What comes next<br />

is a wonderfully smooth and<br />

totally unexpected corkscrew,<br />

which is taken at a pretty rapid<br />

speed. The journey ends with a<br />

final flourish of super intense airtime<br />

bunny hills.<br />

It’s unsurprising that there’s<br />

been a lot of interest in the ride<br />

from other parks. Its footprint<br />

shows that most parks could<br />

squeeze it in, maybe running<br />

along the edge of the park or<br />

even between existing rides.<br />

Ferrari says that "Thunderbolt"<br />

is a work in progress. Already<br />

he has plans to change the shape of the bars that<br />

hold the lap restraint, and he also feels that the<br />

seats are a little uncomfortable in places, so some<br />

additional pieces of padding will be added. He<br />

also doesn’t like how visible some of the mechanics<br />

are on the seat backs, so some additional<br />

trim will be installed to hide them. All these comments<br />

are a sign of a company not settling for a<br />

good ride, but wanting an excellent ride. To be<br />

honest the ride is pretty close to that already, and<br />

if they can truly smooth out the first couple of elements,<br />

it will be an excellent ride. When one considers<br />

the factors of the size and budget, and that<br />

this is their first attempt at something on this scale,<br />

Zamperla has created a phenomenal coaster. ■<br />


TOP ACT<br />

The new Darkride at<br />

the Disneyland Resort Paris<br />

is a 4D-attraction for the<br />

whole family<br />

One of the largest extensions at<br />

the French Disney Studios <strong>Park</strong><br />

since its opening in 2002 is the<br />

"La Place de Rémy" with the indoor<br />

ride "Ratatouille: L’Aventure<br />

Totalement Toquée de Rémy".<br />

Text:<br />

Dr. H. Jürgen Kagelmann<br />

Photos: Dr. H. Jürgen Kagelmann,<br />

Disneyland Resort Paris<br />

In the "Gusteau"<br />

restaurant, attractions and<br />

reality merge together<br />

Ratatouille<br />

One of the largest extensions at the French<br />

Disney Studios <strong>Park</strong> since its opening in 2002<br />

is the "La Place de Rémy" with the indoor ride "Ratatouille:<br />

L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy".<br />

The second Disney <strong>Park</strong> really needed a new<br />

attraction, as the visitor numbers – putting it kindly<br />

– were only increasing slowly. And something had<br />

to be done at long last. At great expense a typical<br />

Parisian quarter was reproduced, containing many<br />

architectural elements from authentic Paris – for<br />

example Place Dauphine, the Boulevard Haussmann<br />

and the fountains at Place des Vosges. Just<br />

exactly how expensive it all was, remains a secret<br />

as usual, but the figures hover between 150 and<br />

220 million Euro. The importance of this new<br />

investment has also been underlined by the fact<br />

that even Disney boss Bob Iger travelled to<br />

Paris for the inauguration. The thematic background<br />

is one of the most popular and successful<br />

Disney films, which has also been muchpraised<br />

for its technology: the Oscar winner<br />

“Ra-ta-touille” from 2007. The focus is on the very<br />

likable brown rat Remy (a real glutton), and his<br />

experiences in a Parisian gourmet restaurant where<br />

he helps awkward apprentice chef Linguini to cook,<br />

and to constantly escape from the dreaded and<br />

mean chef Skinner.<br />

There are many clues to the characters of the film<br />

on the area: a pretty waterfall with images of Remy,<br />

Linguini's bike and Colette's motor scooter for<br />

example. Details for those who have time and are<br />

in the mood for a search: the spray nozzles of the<br />

pretty fountains are champagne bottles.<br />

Now however more about the long awaited ride<br />

attraction, which is embedded in the famous<br />

“Gusteau’s Restaurant”. Some of the few guests<br />

during the short soft-opening phase had the<br />

opportunity to test it – all others interested<br />

came by the thousands to the<br />

official opening on the 10 th July. The<br />

waiting time in the morning was on<br />

average an amazing three hours; a<br />

FastPass issued around 11 a.m. was<br />

valid around 4:30 p.m.! This huge enthusiasm<br />

shows just how much many<br />

Disney fans had been waiting for a<br />

new attraction at the Studio <strong>Park</strong>.<br />

It's a 3D- Family-Darkride, which, as<br />

is usual at Disney, is wild but not too<br />

wild, and is excellently designed with<br />

sophisticated storytelling. The project<br />

for realization apparently already<br />

began five years ago, resulting now<br />

in four and half minutes of pure fun.<br />

The film scenes, shot by Brad Bird,<br />


the director of the original film, are all new by the<br />

way. The most important gag – and simultaneously<br />

the biggest difficulty for the Imagineers and technicians<br />

– is the "rat-perspective". The idea is that all<br />

guests become small rats to go on an adventure<br />

trip – and in the perception of a small 18 centimetres<br />

sized rat everything looks umpteen times larger.<br />

However the results of this challenge can only be<br />

described as very successful.<br />

The storyline provides that we are all friends of<br />

Remy. We go through typical dark corridors after we<br />

have received our 3D-glasses, firstly to the famous<br />

“Gusteau’s Restaurant”, with its illuminated name<br />

sign shining over the Parisian roofs, and then to the<br />

loading area. Six cars are waiting here that are<br />

called “Ratmobiles”, designed as friendly bluegrey<br />

or brown rats. Each "Ratmobile" seats 6 guests<br />

in groups of three.<br />

They appear to rotate uncontrollably and the ride<br />

begins! The first scene is shown as a huge 3-D-<br />

Projection of the glass roof of Gusteau's Restaurant,<br />

where Remy is talking to the ghost of Gusteau (by<br />

the way there's a remarkable resemblance to Oliver<br />

Hardy), in French and <strong>English</strong>.<br />

Through the roof one sees restaurant personnel<br />

working assiduously in the kitchen. Suddenly the<br />

Ratmobile "falls" through the roof into the restaurant<br />

kitchen – this simulated and dizzying drop is the first<br />

highlight. As the hot-headed chef Skinner perceives<br />

"us" rats, panic and total hectic breaks out<br />

and a wild chase begins, Remy repeatedly finds a<br />

way out of the mopping brooms of the humans; the<br />

Ratmobiles move at a breathtaking pace whilst<br />

everything is going haywire in the kitchen.<br />

Next scene: The way leads into the cooling<br />

chamber of the restaurant with its supply of huge<br />

capsicums, oranges, sausages, fish, cheeses, and<br />

hams – and cold air blows over us. The attraction<br />

is multisensory: those who have a good sense of<br />

smell register the aromas. The wild ride travels on<br />

– this time under the stove and oven – warm air<br />

blows over us.<br />

The ride through the<br />

cooling chamber even contains<br />

odours and temperature<br />

changes for the ride guests<br />


TOP ACT<br />

Passengers explore<br />

the restaurant world from<br />

the view of rats in the<br />

so-called "Rat-Mobiles"<br />

The outside and inside<br />

designs are – as usual for<br />

Disney – excellent<br />

Suddenly we arrive in the refined restaurant where<br />

Skinner is serving the well known and dreaded<br />

critic Anton Ego. He drops the champagne bottle<br />

in shock, and the hunt begins anew.<br />

Naturally there's a way to escape again, this time<br />

through a mouse or rather rat hole, and the ride<br />

continues through narrow passages with sudden<br />

drops. And finally we arrive in the kitchen where<br />

Remy and his friends are occupied in cooking a<br />

wonderful meal for the very impressed Linguini –<br />

another highlight. Three assistant rats open a<br />

champagne bottle and we all receive a few drops<br />

of champagne (water). The last scene shows the<br />

underground rat kingdom where mice and rats are<br />

sitting at their small restaurant tables feasting<br />

happily. A happy end – "Enjoy food and life" is the<br />

message.<br />

The loading platform is located in<br />

a lovely glass facade that affords<br />

an inviting view into the "real"<br />

restaurant of the new theme<br />

area, the “Bistrot Chez Rémy”.<br />

Here at the entrance there is a huge book that was<br />

written by Remy's idol Gusteau – his philosophy so<br />

to say: "Yes, anyone can cook."<br />

In accordance with the story idea, all guests here<br />

are as small as rats; or rather the interior is huge.<br />

Champagne corks serve as a seating opportunity,<br />

huge plates divide seating areas. The tables look<br />

like large jam jars, and a huge pasta colander<br />

functions as a chandelier. On the terrace there is a<br />

gigantic champagne bottle with the yearly dates of<br />

2007 and 2014 – logical – dedicated to the year of<br />

the film and of the ride.<br />

There's place for 370 guests, and the price is at<br />

Parisian level (it could be worse). The many odds<br />

and ends are great, which is almost always typical<br />

when Disney takes something to hand: for example<br />


the newspaper article on the wall with the famous<br />

critic and restaurant guru Anton Ego, or the huge<br />

cutlery and the sign at the exit in the form of a large<br />

champagne cork.<br />

A lot has been done here so that the Ratmobiles<br />

follow varied and differently programmed ways,<br />

and constantly move in other constellations, which<br />

actually is hardly noticed by anybody due to concentration<br />

on what is happening. The Disney<br />

developed LPS-Technology (local positioning<br />

system) has already been tried out at Disneyland<br />

Tokyo ("Pooh’s Hunny Hunt" and "Aquatopia"), and<br />

at Disneyland Hong Kong ("Mystic Manor"), so it's<br />

not really new.<br />

Apart from this, the "Ratatouille" ride is a real<br />

novelty for Disneyland Paris at long last – the<br />

"Tower of Terror" only finally made it to Paris 10 years<br />

after its introduction in Orlando. The highly interesting<br />

mixture of a technically innovative ride<br />

system and 3D-/4D-projections plus the consistently<br />

solid "rat-scale" perspective with breathtaking<br />

hectic and a lot of wit all make this ride construction<br />

something very special. With this impressive<br />

attraction that is in no other Disney <strong>Park</strong>, Disney<br />

Studios have paved the way to a high value park.<br />

Although there is still a lot missing, and the overall<br />

atmosphere still leaves much to be desired, "Ratatouille"<br />

is really something.<br />

As so often is the case, Disney is keeping silent<br />

regarding technical data, and there are even contradictions<br />

regarding manufacturer details. Originally<br />

the hardware was to be built by the Netherlands<br />

Company ETF. However due to strict contract conditions<br />

ETF apparently stepped back, and Disney<br />

Imagineering – as is so often officially announced<br />

– has built the attraction itself. Even during Disney's<br />

lifetime, this explanation was claimed officially and<br />

vehemently.<br />

■<br />

Naturally there are also a<br />

whole lot of merchandising<br />

products pertaining to<br />

"Ratatouille"<br />

Massive rush on<br />

opening days<br />



Martin Kring is the new<br />

and very likeable Manager<br />

at Legoland Deutschland<br />

Resort<br />

Legoland Deutschland has a new<br />

Manager since the 1 st August – 46<br />

year-old Martin Kring from Denmark,<br />

replacing Hans Aksel<br />

Pedersen after his five and half<br />

year term of office. Shortly<br />

before the end of the season we<br />

spoke to him about his first<br />

months in Germany.<br />

Text:<br />

Photos:<br />

Frank Lanfer<br />

Legoland Deutschland<br />

Legoland Deutschland<br />

Resort, Frank Lanfer<br />

Mr Kring, how long have you been with<br />

Merlin and Lego, and what did you do beforehand?<br />

By the way Malaysia – this was the first<br />

Legoland in Asia. Are there differences to the<br />

European locations?<br />

The initial new premium<br />

hotel delayed this once in Lego-<br />

City-style, would not only delight<br />

children<br />

I started with Lego 24 years ago, first in the EDVdepartment<br />

at Legoland Billund and later in Switzerland.<br />

From 2001 to 2006 I was at Windsor, initially<br />

also in EDV, but afterwards I was Director of Operations<br />

for three years. Due to family circumstances<br />

my wife and I wanted to return to Denmark with our<br />

daughter where I took over park operation at Legoland<br />

Billund. In autumn 2013 I took over temporary<br />

management of Legoland Malaysia for three<br />

months, and now I'm here in Günzburg.<br />

Apart from the weather with a very high<br />

humidity and the possibility of year-round operation,<br />

it was the first theme park ever in the country!<br />

The local guests didn't even know what a theme<br />

park was, and additionally Malaysia didn't have<br />

such a long tradition with the Lego brand as<br />

Germany. It was very exciting, but functioned well.<br />

Until then a Legoland had only been<br />

erected in countries where the brand Lego was<br />


firmly anchored traditionally. That was not the<br />

case in Asia and also not in Dubai, where<br />

another Legoland is to come into being in 2016.<br />

That's naturally not true for the whole of Asia,<br />

as our location in Malaysia is only 30 minutes away<br />

from Singapore where there are many international<br />

residents as well as tourists. And for example the<br />

brand Lego is very strongly represented in Japan.<br />

This is the reason that the potential locations Tokyo<br />

and Günzburg were in strong competition 15 years<br />

ago. As is already well known, we will be opening<br />

another Legoland in Nagoya in 2017. Malaysia<br />

and Dubai are both markets with a strong growth<br />

potential. Additionally both locations are being<br />

financed by external investors; for example in<br />

Malaysia by the Themed Attractions Resorts (TAR),<br />

which also erected the Hello Kitty <strong>Park</strong> there as<br />

owner, whilst Merlin Entertainments supplied the<br />

licence and operates the park under a management<br />

contract.<br />

Back to Legoland Deutschland: Your predecessor<br />

upgraded the park from a "One Day<br />

Attraction" to a "Multiple-Day Resort". Will this<br />

development continue?<br />

Why is the German Legoland much more<br />

successful with its overnight guest numbers?<br />

That's not quite correct. When Legoland<br />

Florida opened its hotel in 2015, then each park<br />

had its own overnight accommodation possibilities.<br />

Without a hotel one reaches only residents<br />

within a neighbouring region of two hours by car,<br />

but with an operating hotel the catchment area is<br />

extended to four to five hours driving time. And<br />

Legoland Deutschland has a central location in<br />

Europe with Italy, Austria, and Switzerland being<br />

important catchment areas. But the visitor groups<br />

from the Czech Republic are also becoming more<br />

important to us. Additionally Bavaria is an excellent<br />

tourist region – and many visitors from the Netherlands<br />

often stay overnight with us when they are on<br />

their way to Italy. The resort-strategy is very important<br />

for every Legoland; only Windsor for example<br />

doesn't have so many foreign visitors as there are<br />

no county borders nearby. Therefore we will be<br />

continuing with further investment in the extension<br />

of our holiday villages.<br />

There's talk of a new type of hotel concept<br />

for 2016.<br />

Martin Kring standing<br />

before the attraction "Ningago"<br />

from Gerstlauer, which was<br />

distinguished this year at the<br />

European Star Awards<br />

Very definitely. We will continue the successful<br />

positioning of Legoland Deutschland as family<br />

holiday destination, and extend our overnight stay<br />

capacity from the current 1,900 beds. Our longterm<br />

vision is 4,000 beds, and the next extension<br />

phase could well begin within the next couple of<br />

years.<br />

Apart from Legoland Billund, in other Legoland<br />

<strong>Park</strong>s there are only one or even no hotels.<br />

Plans were actually for a premium hotel in the<br />

style of a city with fire brigade and police station<br />

built of Lego bricks, reflecting the particularly<br />

successful product range of "Lego City" in<br />

Germany. However that would have been a new<br />

type of project for the Merlin Group. The 150 room<br />

sized complex was estimated to cost around 30<br />

million Euro; it would have cost around 500 Euro<br />

per family per night. The latest visitor surveys<br />

revealed that our overnight accommodation<br />


These statistics from 2013<br />

show the catchment area and<br />

the actual overnight stay<br />

numbers for Legoland-holiday<br />

village, which were 12% higher<br />

than 2012 (this year there was<br />

another increase due to a great<br />

season and a new overnight<br />

accommodation capacity with<br />

the new "Königsburg"; see KPR<br />

8/2014)<br />

possibilities and particularly our two castles score<br />

better at the moment than a high priced Legoland<br />

hotel. For this reason we made a short-term<br />

decision in the middle of October that there will be<br />

no new overnight accommodation concept introduced,<br />

but rather the extension of our current<br />

offers. Whether or not we will be building a third<br />

castle or new houses with family rooms has not yet<br />

been decided.<br />

With the decision against building a year<br />

round operating hotel, will the water park<br />

project planned for 2017 also be stopped?<br />

Legoland <strong>Park</strong>s in Malaysia, Florida and California<br />

already have water parks, so we know what<br />

functions. Theming, colours, and Lego models will<br />

play a big role, but interaction is also very important<br />

to us because visitors should be a part of the<br />

experience. There will never be any thrill slides that<br />

are located at other fun pools, as our main target<br />

group is children between two and twelve years of<br />

age, accompanied by their parents or grandparents.<br />

And when will there be a new attraction at<br />

the Legoland-<strong>Park</strong>?<br />

With our two castles we currently have over<br />

102 guest rooms that we can operate all year<br />

round, but one must consider if this is really<br />

enough. But a water park is still in our "Vision 2020".<br />

Naturally the theme park remains our basis,<br />

and we have already planned a novelty for the upcoming<br />

season. However what it actually is cannot<br />

to be revealed yet.<br />

The statistics from the<br />

Legoland <strong>Park</strong>s show: families with<br />

children between 3 and 12 years<br />

of age are the larger visitor group<br />

Are there any further details about this<br />

optional water park project?<br />

We don't have a current concept, but the<br />

largest part of the water park will be indoors. The<br />

Maybe an attraction or a new area fitting to<br />

the theme "Lego Friends"?<br />

In actual fact this product range that was<br />

especially developed for young girls is very<br />

successful. The five girly figures<br />

in the series have the appeal of<br />

a type of "boy-group", and an<br />

accompanying film can be seen<br />

in the internet in order to "breath<br />

real life" into the characters.<br />

Whether or not there will ever be<br />

a "Lego Friends" attraction has<br />

not yet been decided. Although<br />

young girls can also be interested<br />

in typical boy themes such<br />

as castles, knights and princesses,<br />

it's not the same vice versa.<br />

Thank you very much for<br />

the interview. We wish you<br />

many pleasant and successful<br />

years at Legoland Deutschland.<br />



The "Cobra" water<br />

slide is a combination of<br />

various elements, and with<br />

that is full in trend<br />

20° Celsius and sunshine – this<br />

extremely positive weather<br />

report for the Axvall region,<br />

home to Skara Sommarland,<br />

definitely increased the anticipation<br />

for this year's novelty,<br />

the "Cobra".<br />

Skara Sommarland<br />

Text & Photos:<br />

Marc Spies<br />

But as it always is with weather reports, there<br />

were only twelve instead of the promised 20<br />

degrees, and torrential rain instead of sunshine.<br />

Situations that only make minimal fun at a water<br />

park – at least if one is not Scandinavian!<br />

Scandinavians don't appear to be affected by<br />

general weather conditions at all, and use the<br />

water slides as though it was the most normal<br />

thing in the world. This fact, as well as for Swedish<br />

conditions an excellent summer with many sunny<br />

days one after another, provided for a distinct<br />

increase in visitor numbers to over 350,000<br />

during the season – a season that takes place<br />

only during the summer holidays in Sweden; this<br />

year there were a mere 69 days.<br />

From this number one can already recognise the<br />

popularity of Skara Sommarland and the importance<br />

of a leisure destination for visitors from<br />

Sweden and Norway. Most of them spend their<br />

summer holidays in the park-owned camping<br />

area with 500 sites for caravans and tents, or in<br />

the 300 park-owned small houses.<br />


Transformation into a Leisure <strong>Park</strong><br />

Skara was founded in 1984 by Bert Karlsson, a<br />

manager in the music branch, in order to among<br />

others host festivals and concerts. In the following<br />

years the area was extended into a theme<br />

park, with among others a Powered Coaster from<br />

Mack as well as a Stand-up Coaster von Intamin,<br />

which however found a new home at La Ronde<br />

(Canada) a few years ago. These days there are<br />

additionally a "Free-Fly" coaster from S&S as well<br />

as a number of attractions from the no long existing<br />

CentrO-<strong>Park</strong>.<br />

The main focus of the operating group <strong>Park</strong>s &<br />

Resorts Scandinavia and its current CEO Hans<br />

Ericsson, also operating the Kolmårdensdjur <strong>Park</strong><br />

and Gröna Lund, is the renovation and extension<br />

of the water park area. And so the "Vortex" funnel<br />

slide from Dutch manufacturer Van Egdom was<br />

renewed, the "Wildriver" repainted, and in 2012<br />

and 2013 the "Racer" slide was equipped with four<br />

lanes, and a Freefall slide was also installed<br />

together with "Sky Drop" cabins from ProSlide.<br />

Additionally there is also a wave pool and a larger<br />

water-play installation for children.<br />

Punctually to the start of the 2014 season this<br />

year's novelty "Cobra" also from ProSlide, was<br />

completed. This slide, type "TornadoWave", offers<br />

place for four passengers in a cloverleaf formed<br />

boat and the quintessence of the "TornadoWave"<br />

of masses of airtime along the 116 metres long<br />

and 13 metres high attraction!<br />


The ride sequence itself can be described as fast:<br />

after passengers have taken their places – ideally<br />

four – the ride begins at a leisurely pace initially.<br />

After a few metres a right curve follows,<br />

meandering into a steep drop – and the boat<br />

together with happily screaming riders, drops into<br />

the depths.<br />

What Goes Up Must Come Down!<br />

Whilst passengers already become aware during<br />

the drop that their butt easily looses contact with<br />

the boat, it's the same situation with the following<br />

element "The Wall", pure airtime – and the heavier<br />

the boat is loaded, the more there is of it. After<br />

what seems like weightlessness lasting forever,<br />

the ride travels downwards again, before the boat<br />

goes through a small ascent, into a right curve as<br />

well as a drop into the catch basin. The boat is<br />

received there by a park employee and sent onto<br />

the starting platform by way of a conveyor<br />

system; the visitors follow mostly on foot.<br />

Summary<br />

"Cobra" – due to its missing cone element at the<br />

beginning – is clearly shorter as its counterpart at<br />

Siam <strong>Park</strong> by the name of "Kinarree", but offers the<br />

same fun factor for a wide range public. Although<br />

this slide is more of an intensive high-thrill construction,<br />

it is also used by visitors who generally<br />

wouldn't take part in a slide of the freefall calibre.<br />

And so "Cobra" is an ideal extension for Skara<br />

Sommarland – and in all weather conditions! ■<br />



Familypark Neusiedlersee<br />

erected many new attractions<br />

for 2014<br />

Text & Photos:<br />

Wolfgang Payer<br />

The old “Butterfly” from the Heege firm was<br />

dismantled and a newer and larger “Butterfly”,<br />

the XL-version, was built up on the same location.<br />

This attraction with the term “Adlerflug” received<br />

a beautifully themed vehicle. The new attraction is<br />

27 metres long, 7.5 metres high and the car<br />

speeds downwards at 35 kilometres per hour with<br />

a maximum of 2 g. The capacity is 80 passengers<br />

per hour.<br />

In the park area “Bauernhof” the ride “Fasseltanz”<br />

was erected by the Metallbau Emmeln firm, which<br />

depicts a wine press. The eight gondolas have<br />

been designed as wine barrels, and the riding<br />

guests can influence their own rotation by way of<br />

a hand wheel in the middle of the gondola.<br />

The old petting zoo was demolished<br />

and rebuilt. It is now<br />

called “Tante Mizzi’s kleine<br />

Farm” and is occupied by<br />

goats, sheep, hens and rabbits.<br />

The large 1,800m 2 area contains<br />

stalls in a ring form located<br />

around a central visitor area<br />

whereby the animals can withdraw<br />

into rest zones. There is a<br />

large area where the goats and<br />

sheep can be petted. Two seesaws<br />

in donkey designs that<br />

stem from a park in Germany<br />

and were restored beforehand,<br />

and an oven-potato restaurant<br />

round off the offers in this area.<br />

The climbing garden “Sumpfburg”<br />

has been extended<br />

around a water-experience-jetty. Spray mist,<br />

watering cans, and buckets provide a lot of wet<br />

surprises from above, which can be triggered by<br />

water cannons outside.<br />

The train sets have been replaced on the kiddie<br />

train, which now has a higher capacity. All new<br />

attractions have been fittingly placed into the<br />

already existing theming as was the case last year,<br />

by the Familypark. In order to avoid waiting times<br />

at the cash registers, visitors have been able to<br />

book their admittance tickets online as well since<br />

the past season, and store them on their mobile<br />

phones.<br />

And last but not least: For the first time a Halloween<br />

event has been presented.<br />

■<br />



Text:<br />

Marc Spies<br />

For a long time there were thoughts to develop<br />

the park from the classic day trip attraction to a<br />

multiple-day destination with overnight accommodation.<br />

For this purpose the Hotel Port Royal<br />

as well as the Holiday Camp were erected in the<br />

past.<br />

In order to make a stay attractive for other target<br />

groups as well, the novelty “Flug der Dämonen”<br />

from B&M was erected and the portfolio of Holiday<br />

Camp was extended. Since this summer, shortterm<br />

holiday guests could spend their time in rebuilt<br />

small Volkswagen licensed busses – affectionately<br />

known in Germany as the “Bully”. “Many associate<br />

the VW Bulli with the hippy era, and we’ve achieved<br />

this feeling now in our Surfer-Camp”, explained<br />

Sabrina de Carvalho, Manageress of the Heide-<br />

<strong>Park</strong> Resort. There are a total of seven Bullies – all<br />

equipped amongst others with hi-fi equipment and<br />

bed, each available for a maximum of two persons.<br />

For those who find this all too down-to-earth, they<br />

can use the newly opened high wire garden in July<br />

called “Indianerkletterpfad” at the Holiday Camp.<br />

With a permanent safety system, various elements<br />

can be swung on up to ten metres in height; the<br />

level of difficulty can be chosen by the participants<br />

thanks to the four different courses. As a highlight<br />

there are also zip lines on the courses with a high<br />

difficulty level. This attraction will be operated as an<br />

up-charge, and will be first open in the late afternoon;<br />

however it will be available for day visitors<br />

earlier. Additionally such high wire gardens are also<br />

interesting in the areas of incentive and teambuilding,<br />

which are also on offer from Heide-<strong>Park</strong> in<br />

the off-season. There are also concrete plans for<br />

next year for extension: currently a swimming pool<br />

together with slides and a sauna landscape are<br />

being erected for the Hotel Port Royal.<br />

■<br />


Text:<br />

Text:<br />

Frank Lanfer<br />

Djurs Sommerland<br />

The famous theme<br />

park in the western<br />

part of Denmark will<br />

be extending its<br />

attraction contingent<br />

further. Following the<br />

erection of a “Pirate”-<br />

ship from Huss Rides<br />

in the past season, a<br />

completely new<br />

theme land dedicated<br />

to the farmer’s land is<br />

to be erected for<br />

families in the upcoming<br />

season 2015.<br />

The “Bondegårdsland” will replace the earlier<br />

kiddie land “Lileputland”, and will be extended to<br />

twice the size at 7,500 m 2 . There will be 10 new ride<br />

constructions that will come from the firms<br />

Zamperla, Metallbau Emmeln, Wooddesign and<br />

Zierer, amongst them a family coaster and an interactive<br />

ride.<br />

“The whole area will be transformed into a massive<br />

farmer’s universe, which will be implemented by the<br />

specialists at Jora Entertainment. So there is no<br />

doubt that we will be able to open an exciting theme<br />

area for families with children next year”, said<br />

Henrik B. Nielsen, CEO of Djurs Sommerland with<br />

assurance.<br />

■<br />



Whilst the largest part of this<br />

year’s extensive investment in<br />

the United Kingdom flowed as<br />

branded attractions into constructions<br />

such as “CBeebies<br />

Land” at Alton Towers, “Hello<br />

Kitty Secret Garden” in Drusillas<br />

<strong>Park</strong> and “Angry Birds Land” at<br />

Thorpe <strong>Park</strong>, Crealy decided to<br />

waive a brand name. With this<br />

step this year’s extension with<br />

five new ride constructions was<br />

cheaper by far than other large<br />

projects in Great Britain.<br />

Text & Photos:<br />

Marcus Gaines<br />

An existing indoor area has been transformed<br />

into “Atlantis”. A new fascia on the exterior and<br />

new murals and lighting inside has created an<br />

undersea world perfect for all year fun.<br />

“Atlantis” is home to four rides, three of which are<br />

brand new. “Shark Bay” is a junior coaster from SBF<br />

Visa, where riders travel around a figure of eight<br />

track, aboard a shark. “Neptune’s Sea Cups” is a<br />

“Mini Tea Cup” ride from Zamperla. “Super Subs”<br />

is a suitably themed so called “Junior Jet” ride. And<br />

“Dolphin Drop” is a re-themed already existing<br />

Zamperla “Jumpin’ Star” tower ride. Additionally<br />

there’s also the “Blue Lagoon”, a soft play area for<br />

children who are too small to ride one of these<br />

attractions.<br />

Outside, towards the centre of the park is a new<br />

“Midi Family Swinger” from Zamperla, which is<br />

named “The Flying Machine”. It’s been installed in<br />

an area that was previously just grass, and another<br />

new ride is expected to join it in coming years. “The<br />

Honey Swing” has been temporarily put alongside<br />

it, having been moved to make way for “Atlantis”.<br />

“Dino Jeeps” is essentially a “Convoy” ride from<br />

Zamperla, with jeeps instead of lorries, but the<br />

theming has made it into a superb family ride. The<br />

convoy of jeeps head off through a landscape of<br />

static and animatronics dinosaurs with mist effects<br />

and creative landscaping. The ride finishes when<br />

heading inside a building to come face to face with<br />

mean velociraptors and a roaring T-Rex, the perfect<br />

spot for the Onride photo.<br />

If the new rides aren’t enough there’s also a new<br />


show “The Pirates of Crealy Cove, Curse of the New<br />

Recruits”. Four children are given the chance to<br />

become pirates and take on the Captain in a sword<br />

fight. At the end of the show everyone is encouraged<br />

to join the pirates for a ride on the nearby<br />

“Flying Dutchman” swing boat ride.<br />

The past couple of years have been dedicated to<br />

opening “Crealy Meadows”, a caravan and camping<br />

site, next to the park. So an investment in new<br />

rides was much needed, especially with it being the<br />

25 th anniversary year.<br />

That investment is<br />

already proving worthwhile<br />

with an 11% increase<br />

in visitors over<br />

the same period last<br />

year.<br />

■<br />

Crealy’s General<br />

Manager Josh Haywood<br />


Text:<br />

Photos:<br />

Frank Lanfer<br />

Tripsdrill<br />

The anniversary attraction was<br />

already available to all visitors<br />

last year – in the form of the<br />

launchde looping coaster<br />

“Karacho” built by Gerstlauer.<br />

However for the 85-year anniversary<br />

the visitors themselves<br />

are giving Erlebnispark<br />

Tripsdrill a gift with an increase<br />

in all areas: 2014<br />

showed 72,000 visitors, 15,500<br />

annual passes were sold, and<br />

in the Natur-Resort there was a<br />

nearly 100% occupancy rate<br />

(in the park’s opened months).<br />

So it’s no wonder that the operating family Fischer<br />

intends to erect 15 new tree houses, each<br />

accommodating 4 persons, by next spring. With<br />

this step the Natur-Resort that is located next to the<br />

park’s own wildlife park will then have over 20 treehouses<br />

and 20 shepherd’s wagons with a total<br />

capacity of 190 beds available.<br />

These by the way can also be booked during the<br />

winter months on all weekends, holidays and public<br />

holidays (parallel to the opening times of the Wildparadise).<br />

Also planned for the 2015 season is a new theme<br />

restaurant with a large conference area, which will<br />

also complete the design around “Karacho”. ■<br />



Christmas is just around the<br />

corner, and this year there are a<br />

number of books appearing on<br />

the market pertaining to the<br />

theme amusement once again.<br />

We are presenting here a small<br />

choice of German books.<br />

Text: Dr. Sacha Szabo, Frank Lanfer<br />

Theme <strong>Park</strong>s and Strategic Marketing<br />

When one makes the decision to found a park or<br />

make an investment then it’s possible, as everybody<br />

who has been involved with Sim City or<br />

another construction simulation knows, just how<br />

quickly things can go wrong. If this involves a real<br />

project and not a virtual one, failure may well lead<br />

to ruin – particularly when even during the strategic<br />

planning in the run-up to a park opening, the<br />

definition of the target market as well as the target<br />

groups have not been established, or only<br />

insufficiently. This is the problem to which Dominik<br />

Rossmann has dedicated his studies.<br />

Naturally that kind of project is not so easy. Certain<br />

things have to be clarified: what are the target<br />

groups and which are the target markets. This has<br />

to be meticulously defined for a study. So it’s no<br />

wonder that this book of over 450 pages covers this<br />

subject. The author orientates himself strongly on<br />

the work of Heinz-Günter Vesper, about the age of<br />

recreation. It is due to the concentration on the<br />

definitional preliminary work that the concepts have<br />

not been spread, but ultimately separate to other<br />

developments and not concentrating on matters in<br />

depth.<br />

Marketing is always more than simply advertising;<br />

marketing serves additionally to open up additional<br />

business fields. The book introduces a blueprint<br />

that should be well noted when the decision has<br />

been made to found a park. It can also be a helpful<br />

decision matrix before a large investment is considered<br />

in an already existing park. In this way the<br />

relevant factors for the park’s success is determined.<br />

These facts are clarified and defined after<br />

which a strategic marketing plan is undertaken. The<br />

concept has been developed on the basis of the<br />

works of Heribert Meffert. The third step is the<br />

definition stringently worked into the concept, leading<br />

to the result.<br />

Those however who hope to get an insight into the<br />

concrete decision process of certain parks will be<br />

disappointed. It is a work that features in particular<br />

the consistent implementation of a certain task. The<br />

book is not recommended for park fans as the work<br />

is far too abstract. For decision-makers the model<br />

is in turn too theoretical in practice. It is a book that<br />

shows what one should do, but does not show how<br />

to do it. That is achieved by – according to the blurb<br />

– the agency Ulysses Management, headed by<br />

Dominik Rossmann. Back to the book: the insights<br />

of this study can be agreed upon unreservedly: one<br />

should know their clients when bringing a product<br />

on the market.<br />

The study “Freizeitparks und strategisches Marketing”<br />

is published in 2. Editions by Ulysses Management,<br />

Munich (ISBN: 978-3-9808057-9-7) and<br />

costs 48,60 Euro.<br />

A Reprint about Travelling Showmen<br />

The source of all misunderstandings has been<br />

newly established! “As much as the picture of<br />

‘itinerant people’ and the ‘travellers of today’ have<br />

changed in the public eye – the past travels with<br />

them.” There’s no more appropriate a way of<br />

explaining the reason why it is well worthwhile<br />

taking a look into the “Hampe” book than what is<br />

expressed by the words of Oliver Müller, President<br />

of the Landesverbandes Schausteller und Marktkaufleute<br />

Nordrhein e.V.<br />

Theodor Hampe wrote the first social history<br />

account of showmanship around the turn of the 19 th<br />

century. Nevertheless he made the cardinal<br />

mistake of wanting to constrain all possible and<br />

completely different population groups into a single<br />

group of “travelling entertainers” at any price. This<br />

was simply impossible, and the reason right up to<br />

these days for many a misunderstanding and<br />

erroneous perception of the showman industry.<br />

However, what Hampe actually emphatically<br />

valued is the use of very extensive material, so that<br />

many historic developments are comprehensible.<br />

One should not read Hampe uncritically; actually it<br />

should definitely be read critically because it’s only<br />

then that his charm unfolds.<br />

Naturally there a number of paragraphs that are not<br />

pertinent to current times, and are even of a tendentious<br />

character. But one shouldn’t forget that the<br />

book was written over 100 years ago, and also its<br />

particular importance for the understanding of<br />

showmanship. However, one does wonder why it<br />

was hidden away and remained in the “poison<br />

cabinet” of cultural studies, and when it was first<br />

available the Gothic script didn’t allow for relaxing<br />

read. All these problems have been remedied in the<br />

new edition from Hampe, in which it has been<br />

transcribed from old German Gothic script to Latin<br />

script. Now every interested person can get a<br />

picture of where many preconceptions stem without<br />

a problem.<br />

The republication of the 248-page book “Fahrende<br />

Leute: Die fahrenden Leute in der deutschen<br />

Vergangenheit” is published by Books on Demand,<br />

Norderstedt (ISBN: 978-3735762047I) and costs<br />

39,90 Euro.<br />

Book about Roland Mack<br />

When entering a theme park, one enters a noncustomary<br />

world. A world that looks so much different<br />

to everyday life. The colourful scenes and the<br />

embedded attractions touch upon all senses of the<br />

visitors, and carries them off to a worry-free world<br />

for the duration of the visit. All the more curious then<br />

is what actually these scenes harbour. Benno<br />

Stieber, a journalist from Karlsruhe, allows readers<br />


of his book “Roland Mack – Herr der Achterbahnen”<br />

a look behind the scenes of the imposing facade of<br />

Europa-<strong>Park</strong>. Those who have been interested in<br />

the history of the park until now have reached for<br />

the weighty tome from Willi Thoma “200 Jahre<br />

Mack”, from the year 1988. Nevertheless this book<br />

to a large extent is more of a company chronicle,<br />

very exciting but not a book one would take on a<br />

train or read to relax on the sofa. The book from<br />

Stieber is completely different. It has a light and<br />

quickly readable text, the centre point being entrepreneur<br />

Roland Mack.<br />

A personality is introduced here in strong lines<br />

which go something like this: “Roland Mack pulls<br />

the strings and brings everything together. He’s the<br />

person from whom all impulses have come until this<br />

day”. His character is defined in delicate lines:<br />

“Roland Mack is an impatient boss. He is always<br />

exhausting and it’s often hectic with him. All who<br />

work closely with him say that he travels at an<br />

immense speed, he is a force when everybody else<br />

is tired.” The book is about Roland Mack and so this<br />

person stands as the centre point. The park actually<br />

just plays the background music. And it’s therefore<br />

rather exciting to listen to how the idea for the<br />

park substantiated. The name Europa-<strong>Park</strong> actually<br />

came from Europa-See at Breisach, where the<br />

park should have been build according to the first<br />

ideas. Readers receive a subjectively imparted<br />

view of the development of the park from the<br />

beginning, when Franz Mack was still frying<br />

sausages at the park. It relates the suspense<br />

caused by the constantly increasing volume of<br />

traffic, leading right up to the completion of the park<br />

with varied overnight accommodation, to the<br />

current planning of a water park.<br />

This is by no means a disadvantage as Roland<br />

Mack gives the park a human face. One, that in<br />

comparison to many fictitious logos, doesn’t<br />

appear artificial and can build up a natural and<br />

mutual trust. It is the human side of Roland Mack<br />

that is shown. It shows fights for ideas, but also for<br />

recognition. And many triumphs over critics are<br />

also celebrated in the book. Europa-<strong>Park</strong> is a<br />

respected institution worldwide but that’s no reason<br />

for Roland Mack to get airborne. This is underlined<br />

in many ways, such as the decline to open a park<br />

in the Ukraine, but in particular the renovation of the<br />

parent company in Waldkirch. Due to the operational<br />

dominance of the park there was an unhealthy<br />

dependence and the story of Schwarzkopf before<br />

the eyes, so work was commenced on the recovery<br />

of the company. Many areas were closed down,<br />

others modernised with technical improvements<br />

such as the patented zero plane, which made it<br />

possible to form tracks in such a way that it resulted<br />

in a completely smooth ride feeling on coasters.<br />

As the development of the “Silver Star” went to<br />

B&M, so “blue fire” stands for the recovery<br />

of the parent company. One part that<br />

attracts attention in the book, and this<br />

should not be taken as negative, is the<br />

chapter “Künstliche Welten” (Artificial<br />

Worlds). Benno Stieber notes here that the<br />

“Theme <strong>Park</strong> with its staging here is even<br />

(more) honest than most. In a theme park,<br />

the boundary to staging is marked with a<br />

fence.” Thanks to Stieber’s book one can<br />

take a look over that fence.<br />

The book can be purchased in book shops<br />

or directly at the park. Herder Verlag,<br />

Freiburg (ISBN 978-3-451-30752-2) – Price<br />

17,99 Euro (Ebook 13,99 Euro)<br />

Book about Playmobil’s History<br />

On the occasion of the 40-year anniversary<br />

of Playmobil, the Kirmes & <strong>Park</strong> Revue presented<br />

an in depth report in its July Edition about<br />

Playmobil-<strong>Park</strong>. In the process we had forgotten to<br />

make reference to a book publicized by the<br />

Freiburg Sociologist Hannah Köpper and Sacha<br />

Szabo. The small play figures were to be examined<br />

from a scientific viewpoint, and a number of<br />

distinguished scientists were invited to take part.<br />

The result is a very special piece of scientific entertainment.<br />

Although much of the work is of a<br />

scientific nature, it’s still to be read with a twinkle in<br />

the eye. Katharina Zeppezauer-Wachauer attempts<br />

to portray the history that emerges. The well known<br />

Journalist Manuel Loren examines the historical<br />

reference to the figures from the viewpoint of<br />

historical science. Yvonne Niekrenz, a Sociologist<br />

from Rostock, puts the body of the plastic figures<br />

at the centre point. Darijana Hahn shows just how<br />

often and why Playmobil is used as an<br />

illustrative object. Sacha Szabo questions<br />

the female image of the Playmobil figures,<br />

and draws a line from the earlier figures with<br />

skirts, to the princesses and onto the<br />

pregnant “Anna”. Not really to be taken too<br />

literally, but funny to read, is the section<br />

about why Playmobil figures don’t have a<br />

nose. So much is revealed – they reproduce<br />

faster than humans in that an injection<br />

moulding machine is an integral part of their<br />

propagation. Overall a cute and entertaining<br />

text.<br />

Unfortunately there was no response from<br />

Playmobil Fun<strong>Park</strong>, but for lovers of the<br />

small plastic figures the text is well worth<br />

buying. The Book “Playmobil durchleuchtet<br />

– Wissenschaftliche Analysen und Diagnosen<br />

des weltbekannten Spielzeugs” is<br />

published by Tectum, Marburg (ISBN: 978-<br />

3-8288-3022-6) and costs 19,90 Euro. ■<br />



It doesn’t happen too often in the<br />

world: the possibility not only to<br />

overnight at a theme park, but<br />

directly in it!<br />

Text:<br />

Frank Lanfer<br />

Photos: Farup Sommerland<br />

From spring 2016 this exclusive experience will<br />

be possible at the Danish Fårup Sommerland, as<br />

the first park-owned hotel will be erected directly on<br />

the centrally located park<br />

lake. Overnight guests of<br />

the 4-Star-Hotel in 51<br />

family rooms will have a<br />

direct view of the top<br />

attractions at the park: the<br />

Suspended Coaster “Orkanen”<br />

from Vekoma, the<br />

Wooden Coaster “Falken”<br />

from S&S and the Launch<br />

Coaster “Lynet” from<br />

Gerstlauer. Naturally <strong>Park</strong><br />

Manager S¢ren Kragelund<br />

is sure of an increase in the<br />

multi-day visitor numbers,<br />

who want to linger and<br />

enjoy in Northern Denmark<br />

not far from the sandy<br />

beaches of North Jutland: “The hotel marks a new<br />

era for Fårup. With the hotel we are expanding our<br />

service and offers significantly for our guests.” ■<br />


Text:<br />

Frank Lanfer<br />

The Swedish theme park Gröna Lund will receive<br />

a new attraction in 2015.<br />

The park that is located in the<br />

capital city of Stockholm will have<br />

a new Walkthrough construction<br />

completed by the opening of the<br />

upcoming season, which will be<br />

called "House of Nightmares".<br />

Additionally, Gröna Lund has<br />

entered into cooperation with the<br />

American manufacturer Sally<br />

Corp., which will implement the<br />

storyline with digital technology<br />

and lifelike animatronics. The technology<br />

will be supported by live<br />

actors who will cause creepy<br />

moments in various rooms. Ride Manager Peter<br />

Osbeck: "At the moment we are discussing the age<br />

limit, because this horror attraction will not be ideal<br />

for everybody."<br />

■<br />



A calendar of events can be found here for the month of<br />

December in alphabetical order. Additional information<br />

about individual events is listed below.<br />

■<br />

A■ Altenburg/Thüringen 28.11.-21.12.<br />

N■ Neubrandenburg 29.11.-21.12.<br />

■ GB Chester 27.11.-04.01.<br />

■ GB Coventry 26.12.-03.01.<br />

■ GB Dundee 31.12.-02.01.<br />

■ GB Edinburgh 27.11.-04.01.<br />

■ GB Edinburgh 27.12.-04.01.<br />

■ GB Glasgow 19.12.-11.01.<br />

■ GB Leeds, W.Yorks 31.12.-01.01.<br />

■ GB Lincoln 04.12.-07.12.<br />

■ GB Liverpool 09.11.-23.12.<br />

■ GB London 20.11.-01.01.<br />

■ GB London 22.11.-04.01.<br />

■ GB Malton, Yorks 14.11.-06.12.<br />

■ GB Manchester 27.12.-04.01.<br />

■ GB Manchester 12.12.-04.01.<br />

■ GB Newcastle 15.11.-06.01.<br />

■ GB Nottingham 20.11.-04.01.<br />

■ GB Plymouth, Devon 20.11.-03.01.<br />

■ GB Swansea 13.11.-04.01.<br />

■ GB Wrexham, Denb 18.12.-01.01.<br />


GB London<br />

■ Festive Fair until 01.01.<br />

GB Nottingham<br />

■ Winter Wonderland until 04.01.<br />

GB Plymouth, Devon<br />

■ Winter Festival until 03.01.<br />


PL Breslau=Wroclaw<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 23.12.<br />


B■ Bad Salzungen 29.11.-21.12.<br />

■ Bautzen 28.11.-21.12.<br />

■ Berlin 24.11.-04.01.<br />

■ Berlin-Mitte 24.11.-28.12.<br />

■ Berlin-Mitte 24.11.-28.12.<br />

■ Berlin-Spandau 26.11.-28.12.<br />

■ Bernau/Berlin 11.12.-14.12.<br />

■ Bitterfeld-Wolfen 05.12.-07.12.<br />

■ Brandenburg/Havel 29.11.-21.12.<br />

P■ Plauen 25.11.-21.12.<br />

R■ Rostock 27.11.-22.12.<br />

S■ Stendal 11.12.-14.12.<br />

■ Stralsund 27.11.-22.12.<br />

■ I Genova=Genua 06.12.-18.01.<br />

■ IRL Dublin 06.12.-11.01.<br />

■ <strong>NL</strong> Groningen 25.12.-04.01.<br />

■ <strong>NL</strong> Maastricht 29.11.-30.12.<br />

■ PL Breslau=Wroclaw 21.11.-23.12.<br />


CH Bern<br />

■ Lunapark, Herbstmesse<br />

until 07.12.<br />

F Annecy<br />

■ Foire Saint-André until 07.12.<br />

F Carcassonne<br />

■ Foire Foraine de Novembre<br />

until 07.12.<br />

GB London<br />

■ Hyde <strong>Park</strong> Winter Wonderland<br />

until 04.01.<br />

C■ Chemnitz 28.11.-23.12.<br />

■ Coswig/Dresden 05.12.-07.12.<br />

■ Cottbus 27.11.-23.12.<br />

D■ Dresden 27.11.-23.12.<br />

E■ Erfurt 25.11.-22.12.<br />

T■ Templin 11.12.-14.12.<br />

W■ Weimar/Thüringen 25.11.-04.01.<br />

■ Werdau/Sachsen 11.12.-14.12.<br />

Z■ Zehdenick 05.12.-07.12.<br />

20359 Hamburg<br />

■ Dom-Markt until 07.12.<br />

Behörde für Wirtschaft Verkehr Innovation<br />

Wellenflug, Breakdance, Wilde Maus, Geisterhotel,<br />

Eclipse, Konga, Frisbee, Flipper, Sky<br />

Dance, Viva Mexico, Double Jump, Rotor,<br />

Love Dream, Dom-Dancer, Geisterbahn, Teststrecke,<br />

Rock & Roller Coaster, Rocket, Shaker,<br />

Riesenrad, Dom-Geister, Apres Ski Party,<br />

Encounter, Happy Family, Omni, Magic House,<br />

Irrgarten<br />

Participants: ca. 250<br />

B Mons=Bergen<br />

■ Foire d'Automne until 07.12.<br />


06108 Halle/Saale<br />

■ Advent-Weihnachtsmarkt<br />

until 23.12.<br />

Stadt<br />

10178 Berlin-Mitte<br />

■ Weihnachtszeit am Roten Rathaus<br />

until 28.12.<br />

Laubinger/Fredersdorf<br />

Riesenrad<br />

F■ Frankfurt/Oder 28.11.-22.12.<br />

G■ Gera 27.11.-23.12.<br />

■ Greifswald 28.11.-21.12.<br />

■ Güstrow 05.12.-21.12.<br />

H■ Halle/Saale 24.11.-23.12.<br />

■ Hamburg 07.11.-07.12.<br />

■ Havelberg 04.12.-07.12.<br />

J■ Jena 25.11.-22.12.<br />

L■ Leipzig 25.11.-21.12.<br />

■ Lemgo 04.12.-07.12.<br />

M■ Magdeburg 24.11.-30.12.<br />

■ Zwickau 25.11.-23.12.<br />

International<br />

■ B Brüssel 28.11.-04.01.<br />

■ B Hasselt 15.11.-04.01.<br />

■ B Mons=Bergen 07.11.-07.12.<br />

■ B St.Nicolas 06.12.-21.12.<br />

■ CH Bern 22.11.-07.12.<br />

■ CH Frauenfeld 29.11.-01.12.<br />

■ ES Alicante 05.12.-18.01.<br />

■ F Alès 13.12.-11.01.<br />

■ F Annecy 22.11.-07.12.<br />

■ F Béziers 13.12.-11.01.<br />

■ F Brest-Penfeld 13.12.-11.01.<br />

■ F Cannes 05.12.-11.01.<br />

■ F Carcassonne 22.11.-07.12.<br />

■ F Lisieux 20.12.-18.01.<br />

■ F Lyon-Chassieu 13.12.-25.01.<br />

■ F Nice 06.12.-04.01.<br />

■ F Rennes 06.12.-04.01.<br />

■ GB Aberystwyth, Card 29.11.-01.12.<br />

■ GB Bolton, Lancs 19.12.-03.01.<br />

■ GB Cardiff, S. Glam. 31.12.-01.01.<br />

■ GB Cardiff, S. Glam. 13.11.-04.01.<br />


GB Liverpool<br />

■ One Christmas in the <strong>Park</strong><br />

until 23.12.<br />


GB Cardiff, S. Glam.<br />

■ Winter Wonderland until 04.01.<br />

GB Swansea, South Wales<br />

■ Winter Winterland<br />

until 04.01.<br />


GB Malton, Yorks<br />

■ Hirings Fair until 06.12.<br />

Only on Fridays and Saturdays<br />


B Hasselt<br />

■ Winterland until 04.01.<br />

GB Newcastle-upon-Tyne<br />

■ Winter Wonderland<br />

until 06.01.<br />

10178 Berlin-Mitte<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt Wintertraum<br />

am Alexa until 28.12.<br />

Charles Blume Vergnügungsbetriebe/Hude<br />

Tower, Willi der Wurm, Freddys Company,<br />

Crazy Outback, Fun House, Commander, Wellenflug,<br />

Riesenrad, Wilde Maus, Black Hole,<br />

Love Express, Cinema 6D, Booster Maxxx,<br />

Chaos Airport, Halloween, Voodoo Jumper,<br />

Bruch-Pilot<br />

10789 Berlin<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt City West<br />

until 04.01.<br />

Schausteller Verband Berlin e.V.<br />

39104 Magdeburg<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt<br />

until 30.12.<br />

Closed on December 24 and 25<br />

Magdeb.Weihnachtsmärkte GmbH<br />

Riesenrad, Mäuse-Spektakel, Rutsche<br />


04177 Leipzig<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt<br />

until 21.12.<br />

Riesenrad<br />

07703 Jena<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt<br />

until 22.12.<br />

JenaKultur, Märkte und Stadtfeste<br />

Riesenrad, Cortina Jet<br />


08056 Zwickau<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 23.12.<br />

08523 Plauen<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 21.12.<br />

99084 Erfurt<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 22.12.<br />

Stadt<br />

Riesenrad<br />

99423 Weimar<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 04.01.<br />


13591 Berlin-Spandau<br />

■ Weihnachtstraum am Rathaus<br />

until 28.12.<br />

Th.H.Wollenschläger/Falkensee<br />

Time Factory<br />


01067 Dresden<br />

■ Striezelmarkt until 23.12.<br />

03046 Cottbus<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 23.12.<br />

COEX Veranstaltungs GmbH & Co. KG<br />

07545 Gera<br />

■ Weihnachts- und Märchenmarkt<br />

until 23.12.<br />

Stadt<br />

18055 Rostock<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 22.12.<br />

Großmarkt Rostock GmbH<br />

Riesenrad, Monster, Avenger, Nostalgie-Riesenrad,<br />

Speedy Gonzales, City Sky Liner, Breakdance,<br />

Wellenflug, Montgolfiere, Freddy’s<br />

Circus, Geistervilla, Weihnachts-Labyrinth<br />

Participants: ca. 250<br />

18439 Stralsund<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 22.12.<br />

GB Chester<br />

■ Winter Wonderland until 04.01.<br />

17033 Neubrandenburg<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 21.12.<br />

36433 Bad Salzungen<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 21.12.<br />

CH Frauenfeld<br />

■ Klausmarkt until 01.12.<br />

GB Aberystwyth, Card<br />

■ November Fair (Third) until 01.12.<br />

<strong>NL</strong> Maastricht<br />

■ Kerstmarkt Magisch Maastricht<br />

until 30.12.<br />


32657 Lemgo<br />

■ Kläschenmarkt until 07.12.<br />

Stadt<br />

39539 Havelberg<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 07.12.<br />

GB Lincoln<br />

■ Christmas Fair until 07.12.<br />


01640 Coswig<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 07.12.<br />

06766 Bitterfeld-Wolfen<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 07.12.<br />

Stadt<br />

16792 Zehdenick<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 07.12.<br />

18273 Güstrow<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 21.12.<br />

ES Alicante<br />

■ Feria de Navidad until 18.01.<br />

F Cannes<br />

■ Foire de Noël, Fête d'Hiver<br />

until 11.01.<br />

Die Familie Frank Oberschelp<br />

wünscht ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest<br />

und ein friedliches neues Jahr.<br />

Von Herzen danken wir unseren<br />

Vertragspartnern und Fahrgästen<br />

für die sehr erfolgreiche Saison.<br />


GB Manchester<br />

■ Winter Wonderland until 04.01.<br />



Tel.0163/7709459<br />

www.high-impress.de<br />


<strong>NL</strong> Groningen<br />

■ Kerstplaza until 04.01.<br />


GB Edinburgh<br />

■ Christmas Wonderland Winter<br />

Festival until 04.01.<br />


02625 Bautzen<br />

■ Bautzener Wenzelsmarkt<br />

until 21.12.<br />

04600 Altenburg<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 21.12.<br />

09111 Chemnitz<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 23.12.<br />

15234 Frankfurt/Oder<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt Kirmes<br />

until 22.12.<br />

17489 Greifswald<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 21.12.<br />

B Brussel=Bruxelles=Brüssel<br />

■ Kerstmarkt/Weihnachtsmarkt<br />

until 04.01.<br />



B Sint-Niklaas=St.Nicolas<br />

■ Winterkermis until 21.12.<br />

F Nice<br />

■ Foire d'Hiver Attractive until 04.01.<br />

F Rennes<br />

■ Fête Foraine d'Hiver until 04.01.<br />

I Genova=Genua<br />

■ Luna <strong>Park</strong> until 18.01.<br />

IRL Dublin<br />

■ Funderland & Christmas Wonderland<br />

until 11.01.<br />


08412 Werdau<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 14.12.<br />

16321 Bernau<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 14.12.<br />

17268 Templin<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 14.12.<br />

F Alès<br />

■ Fête Foraine de Noël until 11.01.<br />

F Béziers<br />

■ Foire de Décembre until 11.01.<br />

F Brest-Penfeld<br />

■ American Lunapark until 11.01.<br />

F Lyon-Chassieu<br />

■ Euro-<strong>Park</strong>-Loisirs until 25.01.<br />


GB Wrexham, Denb<br />

■ Christmas Fair until 01.01.<br />


GB Bolton, Lancs<br />

■ Christmas Fair bis 03.01.<br />

GB Glasgow<br />

■ SECC Irn-Bru Carnival<br />

until 11.01.<br />


GB Coventry<br />

■ Hearsall Common Christmas<br />

Funfair until 03.01.<br />


GB Edinburgh<br />

■ Hogmanay Street Fair<br />

until 04.01.<br />

GB Manchester<br />

■ New Year Street Fair<br />

until 04.01.<br />


GB Cardiff, S. Glam.<br />

■ Calennig Fair<br />

until 01.01.<br />

GB Dundee<br />

■ Hogmanay Fair<br />

until 02.01.<br />

GB Leeds, W.Yorks<br />

■ New Year's Fair until 01.01.<br />

14770 Brandenburg/Havel<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt until 21.12.<br />

39576 Stendal<br />

■ Weihnachtsmarkt<br />

until 14.12.<br />

F Lisieux<br />

■ Fête Foraine de Noël until 18.01.<br />

No responsibility for accuracy!<br />


❑<br />

❑<br />

❑<br />


Ich bestelle hiermit die nächsten 12 Ausgaben von <strong>KIRMES</strong> & PARK Revue ab Heft-Nr.<br />

zum Abonnementpreis von 96,– € inkl. 7 % MWSt. und Versand (Deutschland)<br />

Ich bestelle hiermit die nächsten 6 Ausgaben von <strong>KIRMES</strong> & PARK Revue ab Heft-Nr.<br />

zum Abonnementpreis von 51,– € inkl. 7 % MWSt. und Versand (nur innerhalb Deutschlands)<br />

Ich bestelle hiermit die nächsten 12 Ausgaben von <strong>KIRMES</strong> & PARK Revue ab Heft-Nr.<br />

❑ Europa Normalpost zum Abonnementpreis von 114,– € inkl. Porto und Versand<br />

❑ Europa Luftpost und Übersee zum Abonnementpreis von 126,– € inkl. Porto und Versand<br />

Ich wünsche die angekreuzte Zahlungsweise:<br />

❑ durch Bankeinzug. Die Einzugsermächtigung erlischt mit Kündigung des Abonnements.<br />

IBAN<br />

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Ort/Datum<br />

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I order the next 12 editions of the <strong>KIRMES</strong> & PARK Revue in <strong>English</strong> from issue Nr.<br />

at a subscription price of 102,– € incl. 7 % MWSt. and postage (Germany)<br />

I order the next 6 editions of the <strong>KIRMES</strong> & PARK Revue in <strong>English</strong> from issue Nr.<br />

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I order the next 12 editions of the <strong>KIRMES</strong> & PARK Revue in <strong>English</strong> from issue Nr.<br />

❑ Europe normal post at a subscription price of 120,– € incl. postage and handling<br />

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This subscription order can be called in writing within 10 days by notifying Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen, Germany. The<br />

time limit for cancellation begins 3 day after the date of posting my order. The time limit is ensured and proved by the timely posting of cancellation.<br />

Date/City<br />

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Ihr Partner für das Schaustellergewerbe<br />

D-34613 Ziegenhain • Kasseler Str. 44 • Tel. 0 66 91 / 35 36 • Fax 0 66 91 / 59 97<br />

mail@Dietz-Fahrzeugbau.de<br />

www.Dietz-Fahrzeugbau.de<br />

Ausspielungswagen Moderne Verkaufswagen nach nach Ihren Wünschen<br />

FOR SALE<br />

Mack Salon Mobile Home,<br />

very well looked after, partitioning:<br />

Veranda, kitchen, lounge<br />

room, bathroom, bedroom.<br />

Please contact Tel.+ 49<br />

(0)151/22568133<br />

"Flasher Turbine" Mondial,<br />

height 62 m Tel. + 49 (0)<br />

662334675 (French) Tel. + 49<br />

(0) 685107950 (German)<br />


Cash buyer searching for<br />

cars from ride type L’Autopede<br />

from Belgium, please offer<br />

all you have. Tel: + 31<br />

653486142<br />


Polish manpower – find personnel<br />

from Poland here Tel.<br />

0048604891314<br />

Veranstaltungen 2015<br />

des Dresdner Schaustellerverbandes e.V.<br />

Dresdner Frühlingsfest 04.04.2015 – 26.04.2015<br />

Dresdner Vogelwiese 10.07.2015 – 20.07.2015<br />

Dresdner Herbstfest 10.10.2015 – 25.10.2015<br />

Termin vom Herbstfest unter Vorbehalt, Änderung möglich<br />

Lorenzmarkt in Lorenzkirch 14.08.2015 – 17.08.2015<br />

Weinfest in Radebeul 25.09.2015 – 27.09.2015<br />

Oktoberfest in Riesa 02.10.2015 – 04.10.2015<br />

Im Hinblick auf das Auswahlverfahren sind Spiel-, Fahr- und Eintrittspreise<br />

bei den Veranstaltungen anzugeben.<br />

Bewerbungen mit den üblichen Unterlagen sowie ausreichend Rückporto<br />

– für jede Veranstaltung getrennt – richten Sie bitte an den<br />

Dresdner Schaustellerverband e.V. • Postfach 29 01 55 • 01147 Dresden<br />

Bewerbungsschluss ist der 31.12.2014<br />

Zulassungen für alle Feste werden erteilt bis 31.01.2015<br />

Sollte Ihnen bis Ende des Zulassungstermins kein Vertragsangebot vorliegen, so gilt dies als Absage!<br />

International<br />

Representative<br />

Advertisements:<br />

AG Advertising<br />

Agi Reddersen<br />

Tel. 08441/81057<br />

Fax 08441/86105<br />

Kirmes.A@t-online.de<br />

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K04-11/14 an<br />

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anzeigen@gemiverlag.de<br />

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BUDERO<br />



• • • • • •<br />

•<br />

• • • • • • • •<br />

• • • • • • • • • • • •<br />

All types of tarpaulins according to<br />

your requirements, for large and small<br />

ride, show, and walk-through operations<br />

BUDERO B.V.<br />

Vrijkenstraat 2<br />

6088 PA Roggel <strong>NL</strong><br />

Ph. (0031) 475/492445<br />

Fax (0031) 475/494390<br />

www.budero.com<br />


<strong>KIRMES</strong> WANDKALENDER 2015<br />

Unseren attraktiven Wandkalender, der gefaltet dieser Ausgabe beiliegt,<br />

gibt es auch in hochwertiger Ausführung – gedruckt auf Hochglanzpapier<br />

in deutlich höherer Papierstärke und ungefaltet.<br />

Weihnachtsangebot für unsere Leser: 3 Wandkalender 2015<br />

in Spezialverpackung (gerollt) zum Selbstkostenpreis<br />

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Gemi Verlags GmbH<br />

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B E S T E L L U N G<br />

✘Ich bestelle x 3 Stück<br />

Wandkalender 2015<br />

zum Preis von je 15,– Euro (3 Stück)<br />

(incl. Porto + Verpackung)<br />

Versand nur im Inland<br />

3. Gesamtbetrag<br />

Ich zahle (Zutreffendes bitte ankreuzen)<br />

Vorkasse bar (liegt bei)<br />

Euro<br />

Name, Vorname<br />

Straße, Hausnummer<br />

PLZ, Ort<br />

Telefon<br />

Ort, Datum, Unterschrift<br />

Bankeinzug:<br />

IBAN<br />


Rolf Auf dem Berge<br />

Lawyer<br />

Focal point: transportation law and claims for damages<br />

Member of the Association of Transportation Law<br />

of the German Bar Association<br />

Am Markt 14<br />

49565 Bramsche<br />

Telephone +49 (0) 54 61/ 30 30<br />

Telefax +49 (0) 54 61/ 26 41<br />

Mobile +49 (0) 172 / 30196 94<br />

E-Mail: info@auf-dem-berge.de<br />

Schausteller-Versicherungen<br />

Transport – Haftpflicht – Kfz<br />

Altersvorsorge – Unfall – Kranken<br />

Klaus Rübenstrunk<br />

Hagener Straße 244 • 44229 Dortmund<br />

Tel.: (02 31) 9 76 10 20 • Fax: (02 31) 9 76 10 21<br />

Mobil: 0171 / 828 58 68<br />

E-Mail: vb-ruebenstrunk@t-online.de<br />


Gerd Römgens<br />

Expert appraisal for the Showman Industry, Damages,<br />

Conservation of Evidence, and Appraisal Reports<br />

Tel. +49 (0) 171/ 264 89 29 and +49 (0) 2154/208308<br />

Fax: +49 (0) 2154 / 20 83 13<br />

Mail: sv-buero-roemgens@arcor.de<br />

www.sv-roemgens.de u. www.roemgens.de<br />

Gerd Römgens • Jupiterstr. 17 • 47877 Willich<br />

www.kirmesparkrevue.de<br />

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www.gemiverlag.de<br />

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please contact us on<br />

Tel. 49 (0) 8441/4022 13<br />

Please send to:<br />

Gemi Verlags GmbH<br />

Postfach<br />

85291 Reichertshausen<br />

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without fail!<br />

– Publication only by advanced payment or credit card. –<br />


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BUDERO<br />


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Contact person also for Germany<br />

D. Hinzen<br />

Tel. (0031) 6 531450 03<br />

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• • • • • • • • • •<br />

US-Trailer<br />

& Zubehör<br />

aus Elkhart, Indiana<br />

Tel. 06195-960507<br />

www.trvtrading.com<br />

Tel. 07191/ 34 0135<br />

www.miba-electronic.de<br />

Wet Protect Feuchtigkeitsschutz<br />

Fax 07191/ 34 0136<br />

Die einzige Modellbahn<br />

im Ausstellungswagen<br />

www.modellbahnschau.de<br />

Telefon 01 72 / 5 38 56 79<br />

• 01069 Dresden, Wiener Platz 4<br />

• 01097 Dresden-Neustadt, Schlesischer Platz 1<br />

• 01109 Dresden, Wilhelmine-Reichard-Ring 1<br />

• 04109 Leipzig, Hbf, Willy-Brand-Platz 5<br />

• 06112 Halle, Hbf, Bahnhofplatz 1<br />

• 06844 Dessau, Fritz-Hesse-Str. 7<br />

• 10117 Berlin-Friedrichstr., Georgenstr. 14-18<br />

• 10178 Berlin, Alexanderplatz, Dircksenstraße<br />

✘ 10178 Berlin, Ladenzeile / Abgang S-Bahn<br />

• 10243 Berlin, Am Ostbahnhof<br />

• 10623 Berlin, Fernbahnhof Zoo<br />

• 10829 Berlin-Südkreuz/West, Neumannstr.<br />

• 12439 Berlin-Schöneweide, M.-Brückner-Str. 42<br />

• 12521 Berlin, Flughafen-Schönefeld, Terminal D E G<br />

• 12681 Berlin, Boxberger Str. 3-9 / Haus 3 / Halle 2 West<br />

• 13405 Berlin, Flughafen Tegel, Haupthalle, Bon Voyage<br />

• 16515 Oranienburg, Stralsunder Str.<br />

• 18055 Rostock, Hauptbahnhof<br />

✘ 20099 Hamburg, Hbf., Glockengiesserwall<br />

• 20354 Hamburg, Bahnhof Dammtor, Theodor-Heuss-Platz<br />

• 21337 Lüneburg, Bahnhofstr.<br />

• 22335 Hamburg, Flughafenstr.<br />

✘ 22765 Hamburg, Paul-Nevermann-Platz<br />

• 23558 Lübeck, Am Bahnhof<br />

• 24114 Kiel, Sophienblatt 27-29<br />

• 24145 Kiel, Bunsenstr. 1c<br />

• 25980 Westerland, Tinnumer Str. 11<br />

• 26122 Oldenburg, Hauptbahnhof<br />

• 26125 Oldenburg, Wilhelmshavener Heerstr. 32<br />

• 26382 Wilhelmshaven, Bahnhofsplatz 1<br />

• 26721 Emden, Bahnhofsplatz<br />

• 26789 Leer, Bahnhofsplatz<br />

• 27472 Cuxhaven, Bahnhof Haus 1<br />

• 27570 Bremerhaven, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 73<br />

• 27749 Delmenhorst, Wittekindstr. 10/ZOB<br />

✘ 28195 Bremen, Bahnhofsplatz 15<br />

• 28199 Bremen, im Flughafen, Flughafenallee 20<br />

• 29525 Uelzen, Am Bahnhof<br />

• 30159 Hannover, Ernst-August-Platz 1<br />

• 30669 Hannover, Flughafen, Terminal A<br />

• 31134 Hildesheim, Bahnhofsplatz<br />

• 31582 Nienburg, Bahnhofstraße<br />

• 32052 Herford, Bahnhofsplatz 1<br />

• 33102 Paderborn, Bahnhofstr. 29<br />

• 33330 Gütersloh, Willy-Brandt-Platz-2<br />

• 33602 Bielefeld, Hauptbahnhof<br />

• 34117 Kassel, Bahnhofsplatz 1<br />

• 34131 Kassel, Wilhelmshöher Allee 253<br />

• 35037 Marburg, Bahnhofstr. 33<br />

• 35390 Gießen, Bahnhofstr. 102<br />

• 37073 Goettingen, Bahnhofsplatz 1<br />

• 38102 Braunschweig, Berliner Platz 1<br />

✘ 39104 Magdeburg, Bahnhofstr. 68<br />

• 40210 Düsseldorf, Hauptbahnhof<br />

• 40474 Düsseldorf, Flughafenstr. 120 T.B<br />

• 41061 Mönchengladbach, Europaplatz<br />

• 41236 Mönchengladbach, Bahnhofstr. 66<br />

• 41460 Neuss, Presse & Buch im Bhf., Theodor-Heuss-Platz<br />

Service<br />


✘ shows where ENGLISH VERSIONS are available<br />

• 42103 Wuppertal, Döppersberg 37<br />

• 42277 Wuppertal, Berliner Platz 15<br />

• 42283 Wuppertal, Winklerstraße 2<br />

• 42697 Solingen, Bahnstraße 5<br />

• 42859 Remscheid, Bahnhofsplatz 12<br />

• 44137 Dortmund, Koenigswall 15<br />

• 44629 Herne, Bahnhofsplatz<br />

• 44649 Herne, Heinz-Rühmann-Platz<br />

• 44787 Bochum, Buddenbergplatz, Süd-Ausgang<br />

✘ 45127 Essen, Hauptbahnhof<br />

• 45468 Mülheim, Dieter-aus-dem-Siepen-Platz 3<br />

• 45657 Recklinghausen, Große Pferdekamp Str.<br />

• 45879 Gelsenkirchen, Im Bahnhof<br />

• 46045 Oberhausen, Hauptbahnhof<br />

• 46395 Bocholt, Hindenburg Str. 1<br />

• 46446 Emmerich, im Bahnhof<br />

• 46535 Dinslaken, im Bahnhof<br />

• 47051 Duisburg, Mercatorstr. 17<br />

• 47798 Krefeld, Im Hauptbahnhof<br />

• 48143 Münster, Berliner Platz<br />

• 48431 Rheine, Hauptbahnhof 1<br />

• 49074 Osnabrück, Im Bahnhof<br />

• 49356 Diepholz, Am Bahnhof<br />

• 50169 Kerpen, Bahnhofstr. 9<br />

• 50667 Köln, Bahnhof 1<br />

• 50667 Köln, Trankgasse 11<br />

• 50679 Köln-Deutz, Otto-Platz 7<br />

• 52064 Aachen, Bahnhofsplatz 2a<br />

• 52351 Düren, Hauptbahnhof<br />

• 53111 Bonn, Am Hauptbahnhof<br />

• 53173 Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Moltkestr. 43<br />

• 53721 Siegburg, Europaplatz<br />

• 53879 Euskirchen, Bahnhofstraße<br />

• 54292 Trier, Bahnhofsplatz 1<br />

• 55116 Mainz, Bahnhofsplatz 1<br />

• 55543 Bad Kreuznach, Europaplatz<br />

• 56068 Koblenz, Bahnhofsplatz 2<br />

• 57072 Siegen, Am Bahnhof 16<br />

• 58089 Hagen, Berliner Platz 3<br />

• 58239 Schwerte, Bahnhofstraße 35<br />

• 58452 Witten, Bergerstr. 35<br />

• 58644 Iserlohn, Bahnhofsplatz 2<br />

• 59065 Hamm, Willy-Brandt-Platz 1<br />

• 59227 Ahlen, Bahnhofsplatz<br />

• 59423 Unna, Bahnhofstr. 74<br />

• 59494 Soest, Bahnhofstr. 2<br />

• 59759 Arnsberg, Bahnhofstr. 136<br />

✘ 60051 Frankfurt, Im Hauptbahnhof<br />

• 60594 Frankfurt, Diesterwegplatz 51<br />

• 61169 Friedberg, Hanauer Str. 44<br />

• 63450 Hanau, Im Hauptbahnhof<br />

• 63739 Aschaffenburg, Ludwigstr. 2, Hbf.<br />

• 64293 Darmstadt, Platz der Deutschen Einheit<br />

• 64625 Bensheim, Amershamplatz 1<br />

• 65190 Wiesbaden, Bahnhofsplatz 2<br />

• 65428 Rüsselsheim, Im Hauptbahnhof<br />

• 65929 Frankfurt-Höchst, Dalbergstr. 1<br />

• 66111 Saarbrücken, Im Hauptbahnhof<br />

• 66424 Homburg, Im Bahnhof<br />

• 66538 Neunkirchen, Bahnhofstraße<br />

• 66606 St. Wendel, Mommstr. 2, Bahnh.<br />

• 66740 Saarlouis, Bahnhofsplatz 11<br />

• 67434 Neustadt, Bahnhofsplatz 4<br />

• 67547 Worms, Hauptbahnhof<br />

✘ 67547 Worms, Bahnhofstr. 11<br />

• 67655 Kaiserslautern, Bahnhofstraße 1<br />

✘ 68161 Mannheim, Bahnhofsplatz 17<br />

✘ 69115 Heidelberg 1, Willy-Brandt-Platz 5<br />

✘ 70173 Stuttgart, Arnulf-Klett-Platz 2<br />

• 70174 Stuttgart-Mitte, Th.-Heuss-Passagen<br />

• 70372 Stuttgart/Bad Cannstatt, Bahnhofstr. 30<br />

✘ 71032 Böblingen, Talstr. 18<br />

• 71638 Ludwigsburg, Bahnhof 14-18<br />

• 72072 Tübingen, Europaplatz 17<br />

• 72764 Reutlingen, Bahnhofstr. 3<br />

✘ 73430 Aalen, Bahnhofstr. 1<br />

• 74072 Heilbronn, Bahnhofstraße 30<br />

• 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Bahnhofspl. 1<br />

• 74889 Sinsheim, Friedrichstr. 25<br />

• 75175 Pforzheim, Bahnhofsplatz<br />

✘ 76137 Karlsruhe, Bahnhofsplatz 1<br />

• 76227 Karlsruhe, Hauptbahnstraße 1<br />

• 76646 Bruchsal, Bahnhofsplatz 12<br />

• 78462 Konstanz, Bahnhofsplatz 43<br />

• 79098 Freiburg, Bismarckallee 3<br />

✘ 80335 München, Hauptbahnhof, Arnulfstr. 3<br />

✘ 81667 München, Orleansplatz 10<br />

• 84032 Landshut, Bahnhofsplatz<br />

• 86150 Augsburg, Viktoriastraße 1<br />

• 86154 Augsburg, Ulmer Str. 53<br />

• 87435 Kempten, Bahnhofplatz<br />

• 87509 Immenstadt, Bahnhofstr. 39<br />

• 87527 Sonthofen, Bahnhofstraße<br />

• 87561 Oberstdorf, Bahnhofsplatz 1<br />

• 87700 Memmingen, Bahnhofstr. 3<br />

• 89073 Ulm, Hauptbahnhof<br />

• 89312 Günzburg, Bahnhofsplatz 5<br />

✘ 90411 Nürnberg, Flughafenstr. 100<br />

✘ 90443 Nürnberg, Bahnhofsplatz 9<br />

• 92224 Amberg, Kaiser-Ludwig-Ring 5<br />

• 92318 Neumarkt, Bahnlinie 5/HBF<br />

• 92637 Weiden, Bahnhofstr. 28<br />

• 93047 Regensburg, Bahnhofstr. 18<br />

• 94032 Passau, Bahnhofsplatz 29<br />

• 94315 Straubing, Bahnhofsplatz 13<br />

• 95028 Hof, Bahnhofsplatz 12<br />

• 95326 Kulmbach, Bahnhofsplatz 1<br />

• 95444 Bayreuth, Bahnhofstr. 20<br />

• 95615 Marktredwitz, Bahnhofsplatz 7<br />

• 96052 Bamberg, Ludwigstraße 6<br />

• 96215 Lichtenfels, Bahnhofsplatz<br />

• 96450 Coburg, Lossaustr. 4<br />

✘ 97070 Würzburg, Bahnhofstr. 4<br />

• 97424 Schweinfurt, Im Bahnhof<br />

• 99084 Erfurt, Willy-Brandt-Platz 12<br />

Karussells der Spitzenklasse<br />

R. VÖLZ<br />

Industriestr. 3<br />

44577 Castrop-Rauxel<br />

Tel. 0 23 67/83 37<br />

Fax 0 23 67/17 67<br />

Nach wie vor liefern wir:<br />

Schindeldächer,<br />

Reetdächer, Mauerwerke<br />

www.karussell-voelz.de<br />


Ihr Partner für das Schaustellergewerbe<br />

D-34613 Ziegenhain<br />

Kasseler Str. 44<br />

Tel. 0 66 91 / 35 36<br />

Fax 0 66 91 / 59 97<br />

Osterkirmes<br />

Bergheim<br />

im Rhein-Erft-Kreis<br />

04.04. bis 12.04.2015<br />

Anfragen an: Fredy von der Gathen<br />

Huppertsthaler Weg 4 • 50189 Elsdorf<br />

Tel. 0171 / 6 87 68 47<br />

Verkaufswagen bis 3,5 to<br />

speziell nach Ihren Wünschen gefertigt<br />

mail@Dietz-Fahrzeugbau.de<br />

www.Dietz-Fahrzeugbau.de<br />

Anzeigenschluss<br />

für die Januar-Ausgabe<br />

ist der 08. Dezember<br />


Weinfest<br />

Kaiserstuhl-Tuniberg<br />

vom 28.08. bis 31.08.2015<br />

Bewerbungen von Geschäften aller Art<br />

sind bis 31. Dez. 2014 zu richten an:<br />

Jürgen Hahn • Schaustellerbetriebe<br />

Im Unteren Angel 54 • 77652 Offenburg<br />

Zulassungen ergehen durch schriftliche Verträge bis 20.01.2015.<br />

Bewerbungen, die bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt keine Verträge erhalten haben, gelten als abgesagt.<br />

Marktstände werden nur nach schriftlicher Anmeldung und in beschränkter<br />

Anzahl zugelassen. Die Zulassung erfolgt nur in schriftlicher Form.<br />

Von einer Anreise ohne schriftliche Zulassung ist dringend abzusehen.<br />


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