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This year's Euro Attractions

Show (EAS) will take place in

Amsterdam from the 23 rd to 25 th

September 2014 – the second

time after the huge success of

the event in 2009.


Frank Lanfer

Photos: Amsterdam Marketing,


The bestowing of this

year's European Star Awards

will take place not far from the

EAS exhibition at the Heineken

Experience World

And once again a new record has been announced

as far as the exhibitor numbers are concerned

(at the moment the number is over 410),

and the booked net area is an unmistakable sign

that the largest European trade exhibition has long

established itself and can even hold its own against

the main exhibition of the parent company, the

IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando.

And it also appears that there could be more going

on regarding the expected visitor numbers, as

there are many traditional fairground events taking

place in the Benelux countries, as well as being

home to a number of famous theme parks.

In addition to the actual exhibition taking place at

the RAI Exhibition Centre, this year sees the organisation

of a wide-ranging supporting programme.

Highlights among the events are the "CEA

Talk" on Tuesday afternoon with Andreas Andersen

(CEO Liseberg), Tolga Alisogulu (CEO Vialand),

Mascha van Till (Director Walibi Holland) and Roderick

van Zuylen (CEO

Duinrell), who will be discussing

the past, present,

and future of the

branch. Miikka Seppälä

(CEO Särkänniemi) and

Jens Holm-Möller (owner

Shoptimizer) will also be

speaking on Tuesday

about the possibilities

with mobile technology,

whilst at another event,

representatives of parks

Mirabilandia, Parque de

Atracciones and Bobbejaanland

will be emphasising

the marketing of


Following the "Leadership Breakfast" with Steve van

den Kerkhof (Director Plopsa Parks), on the second

exhibition day there will also be, among others, the

following conferences: "Don’t Panic! Organizing a

Crisis-management Process" with Paul Chatelot

(Director Safety) and Eric Coasset (Director Product

& Development), both Disneyland Paris; “Old

Wine, New Bottles: What Mature Attractions Can Do

To Renew and Refresh Their Facilities” with Michel

Linet-Frion (CenterParcs), Steve Rhys (Forrec) and

others; “Online Rumour Management” with Oriol

Garcia (PR Manager PortAventura), Francisco

López (Manager Burson & Marstaller) and Gwénael

Merlin (Director TripAdvisor).

Extremely important for the branch naturally is the

"IAAPA Safety Institute", which will give advice during

the three days about the unification of standards.

Very important also will be the presentation of

the first results of the new requirements for mobile

ride constructions.

There will be special seminars for operators of

water parks, experience baths, as well as for those

from indoor playground facilities: the "Europe

Water Park Forum" will take place on the 24 th September

at Center Parcs Eemhof (Referent:

Christoph Kiessling from Siam Park), while the indoor

playground branch will meet up at the "FEC-

Day" on the 25 th September.

Even before the beginning of the exhibition, the

"EAS Pre-Tour" will lead all participants to Efteling,

Walibi Holland and Dolfinarium on the 22 nd September.

And during the “EAS Post-Tour" Phantasialand,

Toverland, Burger’s Zoo and Corpus Experience

will be visited.

All in all an impressive programme for this year's

Euro Attractions Show. The Kirmes & Park Revue

will naturally be once again present in the main hall

8, booth number 8292.


European Star Award 2014

One of the highlights of the exhibition will be the presentation of this

year's "European Star Awards". The independent event will take place

for the third time directly after the "Opening Reception" on the 23 rd September

at 10 p.m., presented by Europe's leading trade magazine

Kirmes & Park Revue, which invites all this year's winners to the

Heineken Experience World located nearby.

Due to the slightly extended and somewhat changed independent

trade jury, one eagerly awaits the results of this year's judging. Unchanged

however is the complete independence of voting. This year,

32 jury members gave their votes, among them coaster legend Dr.

Werner Stengel and IAAPA-President Mario Mamon.

Following the bestowing of the European Star Awards in 11 categories,

the evening will wind down in a relaxed pub atmosphere with beer,

wine and cocktails on offer. All results of the 3 rd “European Star

Awards” and other exciting information and articles can be found in

our "Star Award Special Issue", which will be distributed gratis during

EAS Amsterdam and which is also available from the 23 rd of September

on our website: www.kirmesparkrevue.com/eas ■


EAS Amsterdam

after reception




Text & Photos:

Helmut Bresler

Now presenting his

entertainment ride “Odyssee”

at the Munich Oktoberfest:

Andreas Kunz

What's new at the entertainment

ride “Odyssee” from

Andres Kunz? At present, he is

still trimming down the ride he

took over last year into an ideal

transportable version. Moreover,

apart from an appearance

at the Frühjahrsdult in Regensburg, he has

effectively used this season to manage this task,

as well as to further improve the ride pattern.

Firstly, there are two new containers for the figures

with a torture chamber setting, providing the visitors

with a creepy atmosphere. Another new feature is

the variable control of the 16 chaises along the track,

which interrupts the ride at action-packed spots to

give the passengers time to enjoy the offering – for

example the laser show.

Furthermore, the outdoor lighting control was adapted,

and special importance was attached to a more

effective illumination of the huge name sign. Much of

the framework was sandblasted and rendered more

resilient for the coming decades. As previously

mentioned, a lot of money was also invested into

logistics to keep the large attraction transportable in

the future. The owner has received a number of

inquiries for events, and plans several guest appearances

for the next season.


Text & Photos:

Helmut Bresler

Nicole Roth operates

the dodgem track with ease

and charm

A view into the

dodgem track

A compact dodgem track

has been travelling through

Bavaria for 25 years, which

was built by showman Siegfried

Roth from Giebelstadt,

near Würzburg.

As a rule, a dodgem track has

ground measurements of 33 x

17 metres. As this is often too

much for city-centre events,

there is in many cases no available site for a dodgem

track. In the mid-1980s, Siegfried Roth recognised

this market gap and, as no manufacturer was

interested in this issue, he began to design a compact

dodgem track himself after carrying out measuring

work in prospective city centres. The result was an

attraction with ground measurements of 18.50 x 13

metres and 16 dodgem cars. Equipped with many

light elements and an appealing

front, the dodgem track

makes a magnificent visual

impression. Relocating the

attraction requires a centre

trailer and a baggage van.

The family also owns a large

dodgem track with classic

ground measurements along

with kiddie rides as well as

various concession stalls. The

Roth family enterprise is also

the general contractor at

minor events in Middle and

Lower Franconia. ■



Text & Photos:

Michael Petersen

New features have been added to the “Schloss

Dracula” ghost ride (Schütze), and the “Predator”

from Löffelhardt.

At the largest fair on the Rhine in Düsseldorf, the

Schütze family from Oberhausen presented its

“Schloss Dracula” ghost ride with a new, spectacular

name sign built by the Reckmann firm. As it was completed

only shortly after the beginning of the fair, it

was mounted to the attraction only on the Tuesday

night. In addition to a “still image” there are now also

options for almost unlimited colour variations and

movement sequences of the script. Even if it is

marvellously sunny, the brilliant colours make a

magnificent visual impression. Moreover, four more

ghosts were purchased at the figure specialist

Hippel, and are now used in both ghost rides from

the Schütze family. Particularly striking is a funny

looking clown changing in an instant into a scary

monster. Punctually to the opening of the Crange

Fair, Löffelhardt’s major ride “Predator” was presented

with a changed backflash design. The existing

backflash has now been covered with a canvas

consisting of several parts and featuring matching


New features at the

“Predator” and “Schloss



Text & Photos:

Patrick Vanstipelen

In the Netherlands, the deep mourning for the

298 victims – including 194 Dutch nationals –

of the MH 17 plane crash in Ukraine on 17 th

July was also reflected at this year’s Tilburg


Already the atmosphere at the opening of the

largest fair in the Benelux was quite subdued –

with a minute’s silence being held. Even “Roze

Maandag” was not as extensively celebrated as

usual. The Tilburg Fair organiser, showmen, and

visitors also participated in the “Day of National

Mourning”, proclaimed by the Dutch government

on Wednesday 23 rd July. All the flags on

public buildings flew at half-mast, and between

3:50 p.m. and 4:05 p.m. the church bells in the

city tolled and the fair was closed for 15 minutes,

during which time people stood in silence. Up

until 5:30 p.m., the music equipment and the

microphones of the showman remained silent.

The city’s new head official for the fair,

“Wethouder” Erik de Ridder cancelled the public

presentation of the fairground awards – and

signed the book of condolence in the church on

Heuvel together with many other mourners. ■




The new “Show Time”

concept combines gastronomy

with artistic performances

Antoinette Haas with her

father Hugo (l.) and artist “Mr.

Kerosin” (Frank von Kneten)

Text & Photos: Norman Vogt

Since the beginning of this season, Antoinette

Haas from Munich has been presenting the “Show

Time”; a gastronomic operation with integrated


While the guests are served food and drinks they can

enjoy free entertainment on a stage. At regular

intervals, magic and illusion shows, artistic and

pyrotechnic spectacles are offered. The unusual

gastronomic attraction consists of three nostalgic

wagons. A key feature is the stage wagon from the

“Show Time” show booth, with which Antoinette’s

father Hugo Haas wanted to conjure up some fairground

nostalgia. After a while however, he discovered

that the public had little or no interest in the

classic show booth. In front of the stage wagon, there

is a bar wagon, which was built by the Schumann firm

in 1932 and – according to the owner – used to be

“Europe’s largest mobile grill” until 1961. “We are

focussing on entertaining our guests,” says

Antoinette Haas. Apart from illusions and magic, “Mr.

Kerosin” – alias Frank von Kneten from Cottbus – has

presented, first-and-foremost, fire acrobatics such as

fire spitting, fire eating or juggling with burning

torches, since the Easter market in Kehl. For 20 years,

fire has played an important role in the show of the

46-year-old artist, who asks a daring spectator from

the audience to come on stage to be included in his

'games of fire' in every show. “If I were not sure of

what I am doing, I would not do it,” von Kneten

assures, and further notes that “The safety of the

audience comes first for me". In the evening, the

artist also presents an illusion show including, among

other highlights, the classic "Sawing a Lady in Half"

trick with an electric chainsaw before the eyes of the

guests. Antoinette Hass has worked with the artist

now for some time, and together they also compile

new show programmes at regular intervals. The

combination of a cosy beer garden and a show

programme is very well received by the public. ■


Visit us at

EAS Amsterdam

Booth 8748


The “Terra Magica”

Ferris wheel from Rocco

Franz at the Lindenmarkt

in Allstedt

Rocco Franzelius from Schkeuditz

near Leipzig founded his

showman business with a waffles

bakery in 1999. For more

than 10 years now, he and his

wife Brit have been presenting a

Jet Ride, a hook-a-duck with a

side stall, a pastry bakery and a

confectionery stall at many small

and medium-sized Volksfest

events in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt,

and Brandenburg. In late

September last year, he opened

his largest attraction so far at the

Wine Festival in Radebeul; the

Ferris wheel “Terra Magica”.

Text & Photos:

Rolf Orschel

Rocco Franzelius (l.) and

his son Scott

Terra Magica

In view of these facts, Rocco

Franzelius gave some thought to

commissioning the construction of a

smaller wheel. Having received

several offers from different manufacturers,

he decided in favour of a Czech firm (no

Due to lack of space, tall Ferris wheels cannot

generally be built up at the majority of small details as yet revealed!), that he contracted for

Volksfest events, while most of the smaller examples planning and building a 15-metre Ferris wheel. “This

have fixed touring routes.

company submitted a tailor-made quotation, and

naturally the price was also an issue of concern,”

Rocco Franzelius commented, regarding the

decision to have the Ferris Wheel built in the Czech

Republic. With ground measurements of only 14.5 x

8 metres, the Ferris wheel is ideal for small fairgrounds.

As the construction requires only a threeaxle

centre trailer and can be built up and dismantled

without a crane, it can also be put up on

narrow city-centre fairgrounds without any difficulty.

Due to its sophisticated construction, the two

supports, along with the shaft and the 10 spokes,

are elevated by two hydraulic cylinders. During the

assembly of the wheel the spokes, connected by

hinges at the top end, are automatically pushed into



Paybox stand and one of

the 10 gondolas from “Terra

Magica” in detail

the shaft, where they are later secured by bolts. For

the assembly of the outer rotating rim, only the first

spoke has to be pulled back by a cable winch so

that the so-called “bananas” can be installed

between the first two spokes. For the rest of the

rotating rim assembly, the Ferris wheel’s drive

wheels are used. The 10 – non-rotating – gondolas

accommodate 4 passengers each. Due to a high

rim and being glazed up to face level, they provide

a somewhat restricted view to small passengers

and children, but at the same time a safe ride

experience without annoying wind. The wheel is

powered by 2 geared motors with friction drive

wheels, rigidly fixed to the drive supports. During

the evening hours, the attraction is illuminated by

more than 5,000 LED lights and power-saving spotlights.

The Ferris wheel was built according to DIN

EN 13814 standards, has a German ride book and

was approved by the German TÜV. As the control

system had to be repeatedly repaired even after the

first guest appearances last year, it was completely

rebuilt by a German firm. Moreover, the construction

was newly packed with self-made transport racks,

as many sections were inadequately protected from

transport damage in the original version. In addition,

the platform is to be sandblasted and galvanized

next winter. This season, the Franzelius family will

also present the “Terra Magica”, among other

venues, in Genthin, Radebeul, Köthen, Kelbra, and



Technical Data:

■ Front: 14.5 m

■ Depth: 8 m

■ Height: 15 m

■ Power: 63 kW

■ 1 transport vehicle

The whole attraction is

loaded on the three-axle

centre trailer


Oktoberfest München

20. September bis 5. Oktober 2014

CBichlmeierOktoberfestAbsoluteA3.indd 1 14.02.14 14:16


Munich Oktoberfest

Only a few more weeks until the Wiesn, in its fifth

season, will be celebrated in the Bavarian state

capital again! How time flies! After all, have we not

just celebrated the Oktoberfest? Well, so it seems!

For those who still hold the largest Volksfest in the

world dear to their hearts, the waiting time for the

Wiesn 2014 has been considerably shortened.

During the last few months, the Wiesn has

attracted more media coverage than ever before;

the two primary issues having been the increasing

importance of the Oktoberfest as a “political

stage” and the controversially discussed

approval of a new large beer tent.

But first the facts. The 181 st staging of the Volksfest

will take place from 20 th September to 5 th October. It

will be a “large Wiesn” spread over a 34.5 hectare

area, with 3.5 hectares accommodating the “Oide

Wiesn”. Six-hundred and five (from 1,448) applicants

were approved, including 178 operations from the

“showman” sector. There will be 140 gastronomic

operations, 16 of them large beer tents; price for a

litre of beer will be between €9.70 and €10.10 – for

the first time exceeding the €10 mark at a couple of

operations. This will not prevent drink happy visitors

from binge drinking though, and the service staff will

either be generously tipped – or have to deal with

masses of change in coins.

As usual, the first litre of beer will be served in the

Schottenhamel beer tent at the opening on Saturday,

when Munich’s new Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter will have

to demonstrate his tapping-of-the-keg skills for the

first time.

Position Poker

Reiter was not only Munich’s former economics

spokesman, he also was the Wiesn boss for a short

time – as well as also being Lord Mayor candidate as

the successor to Christian Ude. At that time, it had

certainly been known to Reiter that the Munich

Evening view of the

southwest part of the

Theresienwiese with the

“Bavaria”, 2013

Text: Karl Ruisinger

Photos: Norman Vogt, Heiko Schimanzik,

Helmut Bresler, Ralf Schmitt,

Karl Ruisinger

Very soon it will be “all go”

in the beer tents


Josef Schmid, new

Wiesn boss

Oktoberfest helps to increase one's level of

recognition, one's popularity with the people, and

one's media presence – and one cannot blame him

for being mindful of that. He has won the mayoral

election against his competitor, Josef Schmid.

Schmid, after tough coalition negotiations in the

Munich city hall, is now Munich’s Vice Lord Mayor,

and has taken over the post as economics spokesman

and thus also, effectively, the Wiesn “boss” – a

post that (as his election competitor has

demonstrated) is not necessarily detrimental to

promoting popularity. After the announcement of

Schmid’s new post, the Süddeutsche Zeitung talked

about a “clever move”. Therefore, let’s look forward

to the forthcoming side-by-side appearances of the

two politicians on the sidelines of the Wiesn 2014 as

well as at the Wiesn itself. So much for “Wiesn and

politics”. At the press conference on 29 th July, the new

Wiesn boss revealed everything this year’s season

has to offer.

Novelty Showman Attractions

“Could be worse” was the headline of the report

about the new attractions in the “SZ” the day after.

Well, those who expected types of rides never seen

before will go away disappointed. The two novelties

2014 in the showman section come from the sectors

“simulation” and “Walkthrough construction”, with

one of them celebrating its world première at the

Wiesn. “Encounter” is the name of the latest

spectacle from Karl Häsler, and up until the official

press release clarified what could be expected for the

first time in blunt terms, there had been wild rumours

about what this attraction was about. “Visitors to a

new simulator from Karl Häsler, celebrating its

première at the Wiesn, will experience close

encounters with the third kind”. The scenario: In an

old factory, a virtual professor carries out research on

extra-terrestrial life-forms. He will now present his

latest experiment. The lecture theatre accommodates

80 interested people. Fastened to their seats

by safety restraints, they wait and see what happens.

They then encounter an alien, who resides in a huge

test tube – supposedly securely locked away. All of a

sudden the light begins to flicker: ‘Loss of Energy!

Attention: We have to stop the experiment!’ But it’s

already too late. Complete darkness, the tube

shatters to pieces and the “personal internal cinema”

starts to roll the movie in the head of every single

visitor. For those who have always wanted to act in a

science fiction movie, the ‘Encounter’ is exactly the

right place to be! With the "Encounter", a longstanding

dream of high-tech and thrills has come true

for Karl Häsler, known for attractions such as

"Sensorium", "Imagination", or "Psychodelic". While

Karl Häsler did the planning, building, and

realisation himself, the Frankfurt composer Christian

Hempen’s “Big Bamboo”

will be at the Oktoberfest for

the first time


Colourfully illuminated fun

at the Wiesn 2013

Wildermuth, with whom the showman had already

worked on the "Sensorium", was in charge of the

image processing, sound effects, and music. The

special effects were supplied by US manufacturers,

which had already worked for the illusion shows of

David Copperfield. For handicapped people, two

wheelchair seats are available in the first row. That

pretty much sums up the press release, and sure, it

all sounds exciting; whether nor not there will be a

possibility to reveal the secrets of the “Encounter”

'live' prior to the Wiesn, was not yet clear up until the

time of going to press. The new construction, arriving

at the Wiesn on 10 transport vehicles, will be built up

on the west side of Schaustellerstraße, in the section

between cross row 2 and 3. According to the owner,

the attraction has measurements of 21 x 24 x 15

metres. Häsler’s predecessor attraction “Psychodelic”

will no longer be presented; an interesting point

is that at the beginning of this success story, in the

list of his “famous attractions” quoted above, there is

a ride called “Sky Rider”. This was a strong presence

at the German Volksfest events in the 1980s, but

never appeared in Munich. In no other sector, do

showmen who want to present their attractions at the

Wiesn who are not long-time Munich residents have

as hard a time as those presenting large ride

attractions! The “show and fun” sector however is

much less constrained. As a result, the second

novelty 2014 will be the “Big Bamboo” Walkthrough

construction from Michael and Robert Hempen, a

Caribbean hula-hula attraction, which has been well

established for some time and will also be built up in

Munich for the first time now. “Big Bamboo” will be

placed on Straße 3 Ost, at the Familienplatzl beer

garden and will replace Schneider’s “Pirate’s

Adventure”, which made its first-time appearance on


Zwei einzigartige Attraktionen

Wollen Sie sich lieber gruseln oder ein unvergleichliches Abenteuer

bestehen? Wir laden Sie zu beiden Reisen herzlich ein.

Simply the best!

Irene Kunz • Tel. 0163 / 80 33 500 www.geisterschloss.com

Weltweit einzigartig!

Über 4 Minuten Fahrzeit • 4 Auf- und Abfahrten

drehende Gondeln • See mit 25.000 Liter Wasser

Komplette LED-Lichtsteuerung

Jumping Jets, Wasser-Leinwände,

Laseranlagen, Beamer

und vieles mehr!

Andreas Kunz • Tel. 0163 / 80 33 500 www.odyssee-ride.de

Eckl’s Nostalgie Geisterbahn: die familienfreundliche Geisterbahn auf der Wiesn

100 Jahre alt – und seit 80 Jahren auf der Wiesn!

Alt aber oho – technisch auf dem neuesten Stand!

20 Gruseleffekte • 1 lebendiger Geist

Lassen Sie sich

auch heuer wieder

von uns begeistern!

Front 24 m • Tiefe 19 m • Höhe 8 m

Robert Eckl • München • Tel. 0177/85 00 854 • www.nostalgiegeisterbahn.de

Left: Design of the new

“Marstall” façade: Right: the

“Hippodrom” is passé

this very site last year, but is not on the list this time.

So far, the list of official novelties at the “normal”

Wiesn. However, as was the case last year, there will

also be a first-time appearance in the round ride

sector, albeit of a well-known type of ride that is

already presented in another version. The Breakdance

from Kaiser-Grünberg, marked down on the

site map at the Schaustellerstraße/ Straße 4 junction,

will be new at the Wiesn, and will replace the “Circuswelt”

Wave-Swinger from the same owner this year

(see “Breakdance in Munich” special). In 2013,

something similar happened to the “Flipper” from

Zehle. A ride type successful for many years, newly

included in the ride contingent, is offered as a double

presentation. In both cases, it is a Huss classic; it

seems like a return to those exiting days when new

rides with clever movement sequences were quite

common. This also applies to this year’s comeback

of the Huss “Magic” from Hohmann – now rather an

“every-now-and-again” ride in Munich.

Novelties from Gastronomy

A new large beer tent at the Oktoberfest! In Munich,

that is tantamount to an earthquake! As a result of this

shock announcement, there was a lot of commotion

this spring when it became known that Siegfried

Able’s “Marstall” had been successfully approved to

the Wiesn, where it will drive away the “Hippodrom”

from Sepp Krätz. Two aspects caused quite a furore;

firstly, the way the Wiesn organiser handled the

usually much praised value of tradition; and

1994: SPEEDY

The Oktoberfest 1994 was characterised by novelties that went down in showman history, Häsler’s

“Sensorium“, Münch’s “Wilde Maus”, and Aigner’s “Insider” being the most prominent among them.

And then, there was yet another ride called “Speedy”. In retrospect, this round ride was a nadir in the up

until then very successful career of the manufacturing company Huss. In its première year, two versions

came on the market; one of them was delivered to the Munich Menzel family. It was not long before

“Speedy” turned out to be an unsophisticated construction; the freely rotating gondolas on an elliptically

circling ride disc did not really provide the originally planned thrill factor. The career of the Munich

example was not smooth either; having already been built up at the Munich Spring Festival it was

deprived of the chance to be presented as a Wiesn novelty later on. Some months later it was known why

the “Speedy” had not been approved for the Oktoberfest. It was only when the Wall of Death show had

to be cancelled that the construction was approved as a replacement “side stall” to a site on the extended

Wirtsbudenstraße. At least, the “Speedy” could be built up on favourable sites on the Schaustellerstraße

in the following two years – with additional torque motors, but nonetheless with quite modest results. In

1997, the ride disappeared from the Wiesn and may well be recalled as an interesting exotic, only by true

ride fans.


Fotos: H. Schimanzik

Die Abenteuerreise durch die dunkle Mine: Höllenblitz

Front: 50 m • Höhe: 32 m • Tiefe: 30 m • Schienenlänge: 820 m • Inhaber: Klaus Renoldi jun.

Statik: Ingenieurbüro Stengel • Schriftzug: LED-Technik (mit 90% Energieersparnis)



Kontakt: 01 77 / 8 12 14 15 Klaus Renoldi jun. www.hoellenblitz.de




Herzlich willkommen in

Kübler’s Bierstüberl

auf der Münchner Wiesn



0177/85 00 853

Der ideale Wiesn-Treffpunkt

heißt Kübler’s Bierstüberl

Auch in diesem Jahr

laden wir Sie wieder

herzlich ein.

Mit viel Liebe zum

Detail dekoriert,

wartet das



auf Ihren Besuch.

Kommen, sehen,

staunen – und


Ein Prosit der



Foto: King

HELLBERG – die Nr.1 mit Fisch in Bayern. Der Qualität zuliebe

Auch heuer wieder auf der Wiesn.

Danke für das Vertrauen und die

erneute Zulassung!

Weiterhin auf Tour mit Fisch-

Spezialgeschäften in allen Größen

Im Anschluss freuen wir uns wieder auf das Lullusfest in Bad Hersfeld.

Klaus & Cornelia HELLBERG • Weisendorf • Tel. 09135 / 79 92 21 • 0171/7723355


für 2015


Die ultimative




nach DIN 13814

Wir freuen uns auf unser Debüt

auf dem größten Volksfest der Welt:

jetzt geht’s rund auf dem


Freizeittechnologie Grünberg-Kaiser GbR • München / Neukirchen

Tel. 0163 / 369 66 69 u. 0178 / 694 39 56

Mail: breakdanceno1@web.de

Buchen Sie uns

jetzt schon für

die neue Saison!

CIRCUS WELT – Fliegen ist schön!

Der extravagante Karussellspaß

für alle Altersschichten!

In unseren Doppelsitzen

können Sie gemeinsam fliegen.

Traditionell auf der Schueberfouer.

Wir bedanken uns für 20 Jahre

vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit.

Luxemburg fliegt mit uns!

Kaiser-Grünberg • München • Tel. 0163/369 66 69 u. 0178/694 39 56 • Mail: tanjakaisermuenchen@web.de

secondly (once again) the approval criteria. The “Hippodrom” goes back

to the year 1902, when it was founded by Carl Gabriel, one of the most

important figures in showman history. Over the years, it developed into

one of the most prominent localities at the Oktoberfest, and has been

presented in a very appealing way by Sepp Krätz in the last few

decades. True, Krätz was convicted of tax evasion and lost his site at

the Wiesn. But one could easily ask the question as to whether the

institution “Hippodrom” could not have been saved anyway – and justifiably

so. The new Wiesn publican Able has been at the Wiesn with his

small “Kalbs-Kuchl” since 2008. “The fact that he had not even applied

this year, had stirred rumours in the last few years. Was there someone

who was sure that if they had a large beer tent, it would work out? There

have been on-going rumours,” wrote the Münchner Abendzeitung in its

article “Hippodrom down, Marstall up!” on 29 th April. The very day, the

“SZ” published a biting article criticising the Wiesn approval, “…the

evaluation system, allegedly introduced for an impartial approval, is as

arbitrary as the ADAC Awards.” In the time since publication, Siegfried

Able has showed nerves of steel – and with the “tz” he found a medium

that published reports and photos providing information about the

progress and developments in his new tent at well-staged intervals. In

the meantime, things seem to have calmed down somewhat. At the press

conference, the drafts for the “Marstall” were presented, and the press

release conspicuously emphasized the value of tradition: “The design of

the ‘Marstall” beer tent from Sabine and Siegfried Able, accommodating

visitors, is modelled on the magnificent beer tents built up at the Oktoberfest

in the early days of the 19 th century. The ‘horse’ theme is omnipresent.

Enthroned above the entrance is a four-horse chariot designed by the

Dresden figure builder Peter Ardelt, the inside is decorated with a

number of magnificent, nostalgic horses, and the heart of the beer tent

is the stage resembling a carousel.” Although the appearance of the new

large beer tent is of profound significance, further gastronomic novelties

in 2014 should not be neglected however. Erich Hochreiter, for example,

will present the new “Kalbsbraterei” instead of the Weißbierkarussell for





An amateur photo from a stroll across the Wiesn after sundown

shows two ride attractions that were brand new back then:

Barth’s Triple-Looping and Hohmann’s “Südseewellen” round ride.

But they were not the only big premières at the “small Wiesn”. In

the direct vicinity (not visible in the picture), Bausch-Menzel’s

“Traumschiff” performed its maiden run. Built up diagonally at the

other end of the Wiesn, the “Feuerstuhl” from Avi made its rounds

for the first time, and at the entrance to the then new underground

station Kaiser’s “Polyp” whirled around.





2014 is the 30 th season on tour for the “Breakdance” ride. In 1985, the first

examples of this speedy round ride were introduced to the fairground circuit,

and without a doubt there has not been a more successful new ride on the

German Volksfest scene ever since. To this day, the majority of the large number

of examples owned by German showmen still make their rounds as attractions

on the fairgrounds. On the occasion of the upcoming Munich Oktoberfest, here

is a portrayal of the ride’s history at the Wiesn.

Even though the Munich showman firm Goetzke was one of the first owners to

present a Breakdance in its première year 1985, it took another year for this ride

to be available also to the Oktoberfest visitors – as was so often the case with

new approvals for Munich at that time. Curiously enough, a part of the ride,

namely the gondola wagon, was allowed to breathe some “Wiesn air” already in

1985, if only for a couple of days, during the build-up of another new attraction,

the “Isar Floß” from Goetzke-Merkl, which had been “given the green light” by

the Wiesn organisers at first sight due to its Bavarian theme. Those who had discovered

the gondola wagon during the stroll across the Wiesn prior to the

opening were disappointed when it was removed again; and a few days later,

when there were the first signs that the “Isar Floß” would be a flop, the owner

would probably also have been happier if he had been able to build up the Breakdance


Eventually, the Goetzke Breakdance was the big Wiesn novelty and an absolute

hit attraction in 1986, perfectly placed at the Schausteller/Pschorr-Straße

junction. For three years, this construction enjoyed an exclusive status at the

Wiesn, up until 1989 when a first copy appeared in Munich; namely the Breakdance

from Werner Merkl, a ride with a lower backflash and wide name sign in

capital letters purchased as a used ride. It was also an appealingly decorated

construction, which went down however in the Wiesn history as the round ride

most unfavourably placed; namely at the east exit of cross row 3 and ending in

“the middle of nowhere”, hidden away behind the roller coaster, where only very

few Wiesn visitors anticipated a modern ride waiting for passengers! Even

though the name sign was divided and placed on top of each other to gain a little From above down: “Breakdance” from

more height, the construction was hardly visible from Schaustellerstraße. Due to Goetzke 1986 – “Breakdance” from Merkl 1989 –

the poor results achieved, this Breakdance disappeared from the scene already “Break Dancer” from Aigner 1990

the following year – a truly ghastly matter for the successful ride type.

Nevertheless, double presentations of Wiesn Breakdance rides went on. In 1990,

Albert Aigner (having presented the “Raupe” for ten years) brought his brand new “Break Dancer” to the Oktoberfest, where it has

appeared every year ever since, and will celebrate its 25 th Wiesn appearance (18 times as the only example of this construction type)

this year. The Goetzke Breakdance took a break in 1992 and 1993, and once the application was withdrawn to give the “Megadance”

novelty a chance as a replacement; the year after, it was not approved. From 1994, this ride was presented at the Wiesn a further four

times. The last appearance in 1997 was accompanied by mixed feelings though, not because of the ride itself, but due to the fact that

the owners would have liked to relocate their already available top novelty “Freefall” from Regensburg, where it had celebrated its

première directly before the Oktoberfest, to the largest Volksfest in the world. Typically for Munich, history repeated itself, the “Freefall”

appeared with a one-year delay.

With the first-time appearance of the ride from Grünberg-Kaiser at Theresienwiese,

this year’s Wiesn proves that the “Breakdance” is still a ride that guarantees

success. After all, even with the application of the characteristic colourful photo

motive popular with the media, of the very successful Wave-Swinger “Circuswelt”

(first-time appearance at the Wiesn ten years ago) was waived. This is highly


The “Breakdance” from Grünberg-Kaiser will be built up at the Wiesn for the

first time in 2014


Wir freuen uns auf die Oide Wiesn!

Familie Schleifer

Nostalgische Berg- und Talbahn mit vier Bergen und 16 Chaisen für 32 Personen.

16 m Durchmesser • Hersteller: Firma Heyn, Neustadt a.d. Orla

Toni Schleifer

53909 Zülpich

Tel. 0171/83 91 692


the first time, and the Winter-Triska family will offer the

“Münchner Baumstriezel” as a culinary Wien novelty.

Oide Wiesn

The Oide Wiesn 2014 will present itself in a layout and

occupancy similar to last year. While there will be a

couple of relocations among the showman

attractions, the large tents will retain their former

sites. The museum tent will offer a special show titled,

“Der Keferloher, ungebrochen cool”, or “Keferloher,

unflaggingly cool”, presenting the history of the grey,

barrel-shaped and salt-glazed beer stein. In the

amusement section, the “Evergreen” Galloper (built

1910) from the Ernst family will make its rounds for the

first time, just as will the fairytale swing from Karl

Heinz Wittmann, the history of which goes back to

1905. Moreover, the shooting gallery with mechanically

rotating discs from Maximilian Fritz will make its

first-time appearance at the Oide Wiesn. Space for

these novelties is available due to, among other

factors, Stey’s multi-storey carousel returning to the

main fairground at the Oktoberfest, and the nostalgic

Ferris wheel from Hörmann unfortunately having

been rejected this time.

Finally, the “Tradition” beer tent made a “special

booking offer for Munich residents” in the run-up to

the Wiesn; on two days locals were able to reserve a

table at the Oide Wiesn at the “Ratskeller”. Even

though this sounds like an attractive measure

providing for a better view and to preserve tradition,

it also implies the unspoken warning: “Dear Munich

residents; secure a cosy seat in time as the rush on

the Wiesn does not even stop at this small 'refuge'”!

For all the activities and relevant information on the

Wiesn go to www.oktoberfest.eu As usual, a list of the

larger showman operations is published in this issue’s


Impressions of the

“Oiden Wiesn” 2013

The first time at the “Oiden

Wiesn”: Ernst’s “Evergreen”


Michael Petersen


The Schueberfouer is

the oldest and largest

Volksfest in the Grand

Duchy of Luxembourg.

The unique European

Volksfest is celebrated every year from late

August into September (this time from 22 nd August

to 10 th September) for 20 days. More than 2 million

visitors enjoy the Schueberfouer, a major Volksfest

of a special kind, every year. Showmen from

several nations travel to the Grand Duchy and

present their attractions in a peaceful coexistence

of nations.

In 2009, 38% of the total number of about 175 participants

came from Luxembourg, 36% from France,

15% from Belgium, 9% from Germany, and 1%

respectively from the Netherlands and Austria. The

numbers vary annually, but all in all they reflect the

constantly high international diversity of the Schobermesse.

The famous showman slogan “Die weite Welt

ist unser Feld” (“The whole wide world is our patch”)

is cherished in Luxembourg. So many showmen from

different nations presenting a first-class Volksfest

cannot be found on any other European fairground.

National and international guests are offered a topclass

Volksfest occupied by the latest attractions,

with classics, a distinctive fairground gastronomy,

game booths of every kind, many marketers’ stalls –

and on top of this, the unusually beautiful flair of the


The Schueberfouer History

The Schueberfouer can look back on a long history

and is one of the few Luxembourgian traditions that

is extensively celebrated to this day. The town was

virtually predestined for market trading. The ancient

trade routes were vibrant, traders with a diverse

array of goods travelled from Italy to Strasbourg and

as far as Flanders through the County of Luxembourg

of that time. While Count Henry VII failed to introduce

a market that was to be held for several weeks in the

County of Luxembourg, his son Joan, King of

Bohemia and Count of Luxembourg, founded the

current Schobermesse. The King, called “Joan the

Blind” by the citizens, announced an eight-day

market on 20 th October 1340. The beginning of the

market was officially documented and scheduled to

the eve of the feast of St Bartholomew; this festival

began on 23 rd August. Today the beginning of the

Schobermesse is still closely linked to St

Bartholomew's Day.


Das Original

Bekannt! Bewährt! Begehrt!

– seit 1967 –

Das unvergleichliche Kultkarussell

Thomas Bozec • Tel. +33 (0) 622 47 88 60

oder +33 (0) 619 19 06 58

Mail: bozec.thomas@gmail.com

Das Karussell-Erlebnis

auf der Schueberfouer.

Ein herzlicher Dank für

die erneute Zulassung!

Fotos: Laurent Schwaller,

Steve Kayser, Thomas Bozec

Historic photos from the years

1895 and 1904

Even at that time, the County of Luxembourg offered

merchants a number of privileges, such as the

exemption from customs duties and taxes against

payment of an escort charge. Moreover, the

merchants were granted protection and security in

those quite rough days. Apart from non-resident

travellers, the local merchants and craftsmen were

included in the market, which played an important

economic role even at that time. The brisk trade with

goods of all kinds - especially cloths and china, but

also with animals, achieved good results. Initially, the

market was held on the Schuedburg, today’s Heilig-

Geist-Plateau. In 1610, it was moved to the Limbertsberg,

after the wood at the Luxembourg fortress had

been cut down, creating new

free spaces. The site was

located to the north of Allee

Scheffer, near today’s venue.

The market changed into a

true fairground with fun and

games, and moved once

again. Since 1893, the

Schobermesse has been

celebrated south of Allee

Scheffer. In the early 20t h

century, the first ride attractions

– a Ferris wheel and

some roller coasters – came


20 Jo er .. iwwer L etzebuerg!


20 Jo er .. Freed!

20 Jo er .. Fr endschaft!


20. Schueberfouer L .. etzebuerg!

Mir soe eise Cliente Merci!

Foto: Guy Wolff

Oscar Bruch jr.

Events & Tourist Attractions

Stockumer Kirchstr. 7

40474 Düsseldorf

0049 211 50668868



Wir freuen uns auf die traditionsreiche Schueberfouer in Luxemburg!

Although it is not possible to

imagine today’s Schobermesse

without ride attractions, the event

remains true to its origins and

retains market stalls, large restaurants,

cultural events and traditions,

which are also deeply rooted

in the hearts of the people.

The festival area is now located in

the middle of the capital city and

spreads over roughly 4 hectares,

not far from the historic city

centre in the European district on

the Kirchberg. The area on the

Glacis is unparalleled, and the

historic city centre and the large

city forest provide a perfect

setting for this extraordinary


Luxembourg without


Geschwister Wynohradnyk GbR • Postfach 1529 • 55223 Alzey

From 1914 to 1918, the Schueberfouer

was cancelled, just as was

the case in 1940 to 1944 due to

the Second World War. From

1945, the Schueberfouer was

celebrated once again. Despite

modest beginnings after the war,

the Luxembourg people did not

refrain from visiting their Volksfest

in those hard days, but indeed

demonstrated all their pride and

willpower to ensure the survival of

the Schobermesse according to

its old traditions. In the mid-

1950s, the first attractions from

Germany were approved again;

certainly as a symbol of reconciliation

at that time. Initially, the market

was named after its venue

The Schueberfouer in

to the Schobermesse. As early as 1910, Hugo Haase

brought his “Figure-8-track”, the first large track ride,

to the Glacis.

“Schadeburg” – to be precise, as the “Foire de

Schadeburg” Over the years, this was changed to

“Schadbergmesse”, later on “Schobermesse”, but

the years 1925 and 1939


Riesen Fahrspaß auf der

größten Fahrbahn!

350 m 2 Fahrbahngröße

Nach der Cranger Kirmes freuen wir uns auf ein weiteres neues Highlight unserer Tour 2014:

Es erfüllt uns mit Freude und Stolz, die traditionsreiche

SCHUEBERFOUER in Luxemburg beschicken zu dürfen.

Familie Osselmann


Innovation www.autoscooter.de Tradition


Schwenkhütte ROOS ...einfach lecker!

Wurst- und Fleischspezialitäten

von höchster Qualität

immer frisch zubereitet

• Jetzt mit Dachschindel-Massivholzdach

Überdachung auch mit Himmelsblick

• Edle Holzfußböden – Massive Echtholz-Bestuhlung

• Scheune mit lebensgroßen Tierfiguren

• Geschmackvoll thematisierte Erlebnisgärten

in jeder Größe und für jede Veranstaltung

Wir freuen uns auf die einzigartige Schueberfouer

und bedanken uns für die vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit!

Familie Frank Roos • Düren • Tel. 0177/7976933 • www.schwenkhuette.de • mail: info@schwenkhuette.de


impressions. A special

characteristic is the many

renovations at a high level


Hearty thanks to Laurent

Schwaller and Marc Weydert

for editorial support.

www.vdl.lu www.fouer.lu

Ville de Luxembourg;

Phototheque de la Ville de

Luxembourg, Steve Kayser.

lovingly called “Schueberfouer”

by the locals.

There are other sources

though that link the name

to the German word

“Schober” (hay rick, or

stack). The main entrance,

an ornately decorated

entrance gate, is

the landmark of the

Schueberfouer. The 18 x

18 metre gate was designed

by artists under

the artistic management

of Rik van Kerchove. With its magnificent motifs and

colours and various lighting effects, this marvellous

gate is a truly perfect entrée to an exceptional fair.

Attractions at the Schueberfouer

Apart from the magnificent entrance gate, the

“Bellevue” Ferris wheel is the landmark of the event,

clearly visible from any distance. This year, the Ferris

wheel will make its 20th appearance in Luxembourg,

providing visitors with a terrific view across the

festival grounds and the city with all its sights. Three

novelties for the Schobermesse will come from

Germany and their owners are looking forward to

their début. Michael Goetzke will bring his “Skyfall”

to the Grand Duchy, Emil Lehmann his “Geisterschlange”,

and the “Diamond” dodgem track from

Osselmann was contracted as the third novelty. As

the showman family Reb has sold their dodgem track

to Dagmar Osselmann, Reb’s dodgem track will now

be replaced by the “Diamond” dodgem track.

Moreover, the “Circus” Wave-Swinger is a fixture at

the Schueberfouer. Apart from the novelties, a

number of ride attractions will celebrate a comeback

in Luxembourg. After a longer absence, these

attractions have now been approved for the

Schueberfouer again. Once again presented will be

the “Spinning Racer” (Bruch), “Top Spin” (Ludewigt),

“Apres Ski Party” (Fackler), and Howey’s “Happy

Sailor”. Among the concession stalls there are also

showman operations from Germany that have

regularly returning customers at the event, such as

the Nielsen family, who have provided the visitors with

the finest chocolate-covered fruits for 18 years, Uwe

and Viola Wynohradnyk offering roasted almonds in

an ample variety of flavours, Frank Roos serving

grilled sausage and meat specialities, and Andree

Fackler serving all kinds of delicacies in his

Schlemmerhütte. Moreover, with his “Hau den

Lukas”, Norbert Staudenrausch will bring another

2014 novelty to the Glacis, and Rudolf Schultz

provides keen footballers with his Torwand, or “goal

wall”. There will be one ride attraction at the

Schueberfouer, which is an outright cult also in

Germany, where unfortunately it can no longer be

encountered – the legendary “Bayernkurve” no less!

This German round ride classic presented in Luxemburg

by Thomas Bozec from France always makes a

striking new impression. Further international


cream, the Schobermesse menu provides an ample and high-quality

choice of dishes that cannot be listed here, due to lack of space! For

detailed information on the restaurants: www.fouer.lu This year, visitors

will be able to enjoy the following restaurants, Schwarzwald-Christel

(Bruch), Restaurant Kugener, Restaurant Flesch, Am Stall, Creperie

Bretonne, Restaurant Friture Joslet, Grillpalast, Friture Armand, Restaurant

Chez Irene, Restaurant La Sapiniere, Friture Henriette, and

Restaurant Schlawiner.

Souvenirs, Opening and Programme

attractions presented will be the “Simulator” (De Bryne), “Super Train

Fantome” (Camors), “Tagada” (Remilly), “Take Off” (Schmit), “Tepakap”

(Issenmann), “Toboggan geant” (Kopp), “Maxi Jump” (Kopp), “Wild

Mouse” (Bufkens), “XXL” (Dotremont), “Rio Rapidos” (A.F.B. Societe),

“Rock & Roll” (Simon), “Booster Maxxx G4” (Kopp), “Breakdance” (Marc),

“Carrousel galopant” (Kopp), “Catapult” (de Bryne), and “Cinema 5 D”

(Courteaux). They will be joined by many different kiddie rides.

Food & Drinks

Excellent food and drinks are simply a ‘must’ at the Schueberfouer. Apart

from the legendary waffles with strawberries, whipped cream and ice

Wir erfrischen


Ein herzlicher Dank

für die erneute

Zulassung zur


Markus von Olnhausen • Düsseldorf

Tel. 0177-4629850 • Mail: info@villawahnsinn.info

Directly next to the entrance gate there is the souvenir shop. The ample

offering contains familiar souvenirs such as T-shirts, pins, stickers and

the mascot, Lämmy. This mascot, created by the cartoonist Emile

Schlesser, instantly captured visitors’ hearts. After the official opening

on 22 nd August at 5 p.m., the guests of honour are served the traditional

dish; the menu provides for Luxembourgian ham with raisin cake served

with a typical wine from the region. An unusual view at a fair opening is

the “Hämmelsmarsch”, the traditional tour of the fairground accompanied

by sheep. The Schueberfouer is accompanied by various

special events. The press conference on 25 th August is followed by the

“Mayors’ Day” the following day, when mayors from different Luxembourgian

cities work as waiters in the different gastronomic operations,

rewarded with donations by the showmen. The revenues are donated to

charity. By the way, wouldn’t that be a fantastic idea for a German Volksfest?

August 27 th will be the designated Family Day with reduced prices,

followed by the Day of Queens on 28 th August, when Beauty Queens,

Wine Queens, Beer Queens and other Queens will meet for a stroll across

the fairground – a special event full of beauty and grace. Special actions

not held at the Schobermesse

but in the Luxembourg city

centre will be “Fouersonndeg”

and “Braderie” on 31 st August

and 1 st September. Moreover,

retailers will entice the public with

a high number of special offers

on those days. The money saved

while bargain shopping can be

spent at the Schueberfouer afterwards.

Two superb events mark

the end of the Schueberfouer on

Wednesday 10 th September.

From 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. ride prices

and entrance fees will be reduced

by half, and at 10 p.m. a

magnificent fireworks display,

held on Pont-Grande-Duchess

Charlotte and paid for by the “Comite International des Festivites de la

Schueberfouer asbi”, will transform the sky above the Glacis into a sea

of lights. The restaurants at the Schobermesse will open daily at midday,

when the representation of “white-collar-workers” is noticeably high as

guests from the neighbouring companies, banks and large enterprises

come to the fairground to enjoy a perfect meal. All the other fairground

attractions open at 2 p.m. up until 1 a.m., on Fridays and Saturdays until

2 a.m. Moreover, an expert meeting will be held during the Schueberfouer

from 28 th to 30t h August. More than 50 organisers, fairground

directors, and people in charge of Volksfest events have already agreed

to take part.


Visit us at

EAS Amsterdam

Booth 8120


Text & Photo: Nils Benthien

According to tradition, the Vreden fair is held on

the first weekend in September (this year from 6 th

to 8 th ). Some 120 showmen, offering fairground

attractions that include 9 large rides and 9 kiddie

rides, are expected for the three opening days.

Moreover, fairground director Klaus Ahler was

able to contract five novelty attractions for the fair,

which will be built up throughout the entire Vreden

town centre, thus providing a truly special flair.

On the market square the Musik

Express “Disco-Jet” (Arno Heitmann)

and the “Kinderparadies”

(Wendler) will entice visitors. On

the Domhof the “Booster” from

Löffelhardt will be presented as a

novelty, along with the “Crazy

Dancer” Miami (Geschwister

Freiwald), the kiddie swing-boat

“Columbus” (Sven Benning), and

the Jet Ride (Ewald Stippich). The

'figure-of-eight' course kiddie ride

“Highway Rallye” (Kutschenbauer)

will be built up on Lappenbrink,

and the “Jekyll & Hyde”

propeller (Bethel Thelen Jnr.) and

the “Kessel-Tanz” (Danny Reminder)

will be presented as novelties

on Ostendarper Straße, where the

“Märchenexpress” (Erich Kracke)

will not be absent either. The

“Formel 1” dodgem track (Philipp

Heitmann) and the “Car for Kids”

(Adriano Wegener) will be built up

on the Viehmarkt, and after a

break of several years the water

ride “Piraten-Fluss” (Heitmann-

Schneider) will once again be

placed on Wüllener Straße, along

with the “Zirkuswelt” pony ride

(Stefan Kaiser). Standing on the

roundabout on Wüllener Straße,

and clearly visible from any

distance, will be another novelty

for Vreden and the XXL chain ride

“Sky Dance” from Nülken. With the

“Crazy Island” Funhouse (Klaus

Rudolf Schneider), visitors will

encounter the last of this year’s

novelties on the Hammans car

park, together with the baroque

kiddie chain ride from Reinhard

Meeß. Finally, the kiddie ride from

Harry Wegener will be placed on Twicklerstraße.

As early as the Friday, a backstage tour will be held

at the Vreden Fair, the participants for which were

drawn by lot beforehand. As this year’s fair will be

opened an hour earlier, the church service held by the

Catholic circus and showman pastor Sascha Ellinghaus

will begin at 2:30 p.m. The church service will

now take place for the third time and has attracted an

increasing number of participants from year to year.

Children coming to the church service are already

presented with the popular gingerbread heart “Kirmes

Vreden 2014” at the church. Afterwards, there will be

a procession headed by the flag from the Münsterland

Showman Association to the official opening of the fair

at the Continental pick stand “Glücksprinz” from


Stefan Rosenboom on the market square at 3 p.m.

After the speeches, a donation will be handed over to

“Aktion Lebenshilfe”, as is the case every year, before

500 free gingerbread hearts will be distributed to the

fair enthusiasts. After the opening, “Happy Hours” will

be held at the ride attractions, and at sales booths and

concession stalls up until 7 p.m.

Sunday morning will begin with the

church service and the subsequent

Kirchweih procession,

and the fair will open at 11 a.m.

Monday is the designated flea

market day, with 150 market

merchants building up their stalls

and offering everything from car

polish, scented soap, spices,

household goods and ceramic

ware, to jewellery, overcoats,

pans, pots, underwear and light

bulbs. The snack booths and

restaurants will offer certain

products at special prices between

4 p.m. and 8 p.m. On Monday

evening, the Vreden fair will be

closed by a colourful fireworks display,

which is traditionally

financed by all the participating


Group photo at the organ

from Heitmann on the tour

across the Vreden fair last year


After the opening speeches

300 colourful balloons will

once again be released into

the air and a booming, threecannon

salute will herald the

opening of the event. After

this there will be no holding

the visitors back and the

very centre of the garden

city will be completely

turned over to 4 days of


Circa 200 Showmen

27. – 30.09.2014


Text: Michael Petersen

As a general rule, more than

400,000 visitors rush to the

fairground throughout the

four-day event. This year

200 showman enterprises

were contracted for the fair

event, which spreads over a

total area of 35,000 m 2 with

every available square

metre being occupied by a

fairground attraction. Due to

strict safety regulations, this

is a difficult and demanding

task for the fairground

director, Rainer Skroblies,

and his team. The familyfriendly

fair has its own rules,

such as an annual change

between the dodgem tracks

“Diamond” (Hartkopf-Osselmann)

and “Drive in”

(Schmidt). According to this

rotation scheme, the “Diamond”

dodgem track will be

presented this year. In the

large round ride sector

Schäfer’s “Shake & Roll” and Bonner’s large

“Breakdance” are also taking turns, with the latter

being built up on the market square once again this


Hundreds of fairground visitors are eagerly

looking forward to the opening of the Haan Fair

in front of the “Jupiter” Ferris Wheel on 27 th

September at 2 p.m. The town in North-Rhine

Westphalia will be celebrating a “proper fair”

from the opening right up to the finale, with a

brilliant fireworks display on 30 th September. It

seems that neither the Haan residents nor the

large number of non-resident visitors want to

miss a single minute of this superb four-day


Four Novelties for Haan

Another rule is the careful choice of novelties to

avoid an excessive presence. As a result, something

new can be engaged for Haan every year.

Due to the “Südsee-Wellen” being no longer available,

the “American Swing” (Chr. Schäfer) will now

be built up on the Windhövel area. Moreover, as the

Wave-Swinger is taking a break this year, it will be

replaced by the chain ride from Fuhrmann, making

its rounds on the same site. In addition, Weber’s

“Flash” will await the visitors on the market square


Fahrspaß für Jung und Alt! 120 Meter Schienenlänge

Blickkontakt zwischen Fahrgästen und Zuschauern

Frank Roos präsentiert

die Familienachterbahn

auf zwei Etagen

22 m Front – 14 m Tiefe – 20 kW Strom

Das Original – natürlich nach DIN Norm 13814 – denn nur das Gute wird kopiert!

Einzigartig in Dekoration und Gestaltung!

Achterbahnzug in neuester Farbgebung • Farbenprächtige Rückwand über die ganze Länge der Schienenbahn

Riesengroße plastische Figuren • Neue Blumenlaternen • Dekorative Ruhebänke

Perfekte Illumination durch 6000 energieeffiziente LEDs

Beste Referenzen: u.a. Aachen, Bad Hersfeld, Bonn Pützchen, Düsseldorf,

Haan, Moers, Neuss, Stuttgart, Recklinghausen

Kinderfahrgeschäfte in dritter Generation – durch Erfahrung der Zeit voraus

Familie Frank Roos • Düren • Tel. 0177 / 797 69 33 • www.schwenkhuette.de • mail: info@schwenkhuette.de

for the first time. Another novelty will be the “Villa

Wahnsinn” (von Olnhausen). This funhouse

novelty will be built up on Diekerstraße.

“Hexentanz”, “Take Off”, and Ferris Wheel

Apart from the aforementioned attractions, visitors

will also encounter the “Take Off” (Ruppert),

“Jupiter” Ferris wheel (Barth-Kipp), and “Hexentanz”

(Markmann) on the market square. Presented

on the Kaiserstraße, encircling the town hall,

will be “Die große Geisterbahn” (Schütze),

“Booster Maxxx” (Hoefnagels), the “Willy der

Wurm” family coaster (Roos), Musik Express

(Krause) and “Phoenix” (Gusowski), and following

on further along the route will be the “Diamond”

dodgem track, Looping Swing (von Olnhausen)

and “Nessy” (Markmann). Moreover, the younger

visitors will be able to enjoy 13 kiddie rides and the

free Punch and Judy show.

Supporting Programme

After an ecumenical church service celebrated at the

dodgem track on the Monday morning from 9.30, all

showman enterprises will open for the “Haan

Residents’ Day”, during which the town’s schools,

shops and companies remain closed. Moreover, the

large Oldie-Party will once again be celebrated on

the Turnstraße on Monday. A brilliant fireworks

display (which may well be extended) will mark the

end of the Haan Fair on Tuesday evening. ■


Opening hours:

■ Saturday from 14 p.m.

■ Sunday from 11 a.m.

■ Monday from 10 a.m.

■ Tuesday from 2 p.m.


Ortsname Bewerbungsschluss Seite


31.10.2013 25

31.10.2013 16

Aachen Altötting 15.12.2013 01.12.2013 10


Andernach Anröchte 31.12.2013 Ascheberg 5

Backnang 15.11.2013 15.10.2013 23


End. Nov. 10

Bad Arolsen Dürkheim 15.12.2013 19

Bad Bad Ems Kreuznach 01.11.2013 31.10.2013 10.12.2013 7


Bad Windsheim 10


Bad Bamberg 15.10.2013 14

Baesweiler 1

Barth 30.10.2013 8

Bayreuth 15.11.2013 28

"Events" 13

Berlin Berlin "Feste 2014" 20.02.2014 17


Bebra 15.11.2013 Bergheim 20.01.2014 24

Bielefeld 31.12.2013 8

Birkenfeld 15.10.2013 3

Bocholt Brakel Braunschweig 15.11.2013 31.11.2013 30.11.2013 9


A-Bregenz Bruchhausen-Vilsen 26

Cham Coburg 30.11.2013 31.10.2013 18


Crimmitschau 8

07.11.2013 Ende Nov. 24


Dachau Deizisau Demmin 28.02.2014 15.11.2013 20



Dingolfing Dranske Duisburg-Beeck 30.11.2013 Eberbach 01.11.2013 19

Eggenfelden "Gerner Dult"

30.11.2013 4


Alphabetisches Städteverzeichnis

Eisleben "Frühlingswiese" 15.11.2013 Eisleben "Weihnachtsmarkt"

30.06.2014 Eisleben "Wiesenmarkt" 30.11.2013 31.10.2013 31.01.2014 27





Eitorf Emden 31.12.2013 01.11.2013 23


Ennigerloh Erbach 15

Frankfurt 28.02.2014 31.10.2013 3


01.12.2013 17

Frankenthal 24

Freest 17.10.2013 5

Freising Fritzlar Fürstenfeldbruck 31.10.2013 18

Fürth Geilenkirchen "Pfingstmarkt"

31.10.2013 Geilenkirchen 31.03.2014 31.12.2013 16


Germersheim 28.02.2014 24


Gersthofen Nov. 5



Ende 24

Göppingen Greifswald-Wieck "Weihnachtsmarkt"

28.02.2014 Gnoien 28.02.2014 Greifswald 10



Grimmen Gütersloh 10.12.2013 Gummersbach 24

Halver „Schützenfest“ 31.10.2013 23

Haldensleben 28.02.2014 30.11.2013 9


30.11.2013 16

15.10.2013 19

Hannover Havelberg Heinsberg Hennef-Warth 30.11.2013 15.11.2013 31.12.2013 11


Herford Herford „City-Kirmes“ 15.11.2013 23

Herne-Crange 01.02.+ 01.03.2014 31.10.2013 25



Hochheim Hof Hilden Ibbenbüren 01.12.2013 4

Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck 01.12.2013 20

Iserlohn-Letmathe 30.11.2013 9

2013 / 14

Ortsname Bewerbungsschluss Seite Ortsname Bewerbungsschluss Seite Ortsname Bewerbungsschluss Seite


Karlsfeld Karlshagen 28.02.2014 19.11.2013 30.03.2014 25


17.10.2013 24

Kelheim 9


Kehl 31.10.2013 13

Konz Köln „Feste 2014“ Kranenburg 30.11.2013 31.10.2013 15.11.2013 18



Kronach Kulmbach Kühlungsborn 28.02.2014 27

Landau/Isar Landau/Pfalz 15.11.2013 30.10.2013 15.10.2013 22


31.10.2013 15


Landshut 31.10.2013 25

Leipzig 01.12.2013 16

Lichtenfels 30.11.2013 5

Limburg 15.10.2013 6

Lohmar Lohof Lüdenscheid "Weihnachtsmarkt" 28.02.2014 16

Lüneburg 20

Mannheim Marienheide 30.11.2013 20.12.2013 25.11.2013 12


06.11.2013 16

Minden 16


Mettmann 15.12.2013 13

Moers 30.11.2013 5

Monheim Morsbach Moosburg a. d. Isar 15.11.2013 15.11.2013 18

Mühldorf 8

Neustadt/Donau 16

01.12.2013 22

Neumarkt/Sankt Veit 30.10.2013 15.11.2013 9

Neuwied 30.11.2013 31.10.2013 22


Niederkassel Nördlingen 01.12.2013 Nordhorn Berlin 2014

31.12.2013 26


Oelde Oelsnitz 31.01. + 30.06.2014 30.11.2013 20


Olching Olpe 19

Parchim Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm 20.12.2013 15.11.2013 6

05.01.2014 21.10.2013 22


Pfarrkirchen Pirmasens 44. Frühlingsfest 28.03. bis 21.04.2014

03. Ostermarkt 19.04. bis 27.04.2014

62. Steglitzer Woche 23.05. bis 09.06.2014

52. Deutsch-Französisches Volksfest 20.06. bis 20.07.2014

112. Freie Scholle 29.08. bis 14.09.2014

64. Oktoberfest 19.09. bis 05.10.2014

31. Weihnachtsmarkt in der City West 24.11.14 bis 04.01.15

Gesucht werden attraktive Geschäfte aller Art

Bewerbungen mit den üblichen Unterlagen und Rückporto, getrennt für jedes Geschäft

und jede Veranstaltung, sind einzureichen bis spätestens 15.11.2013 an den

Schaustellerverband Berlin e.V., Rosenheimer Str. 5, 10781 Berlin

Tel. 030-213 32 90, Fax 030-213 40 34, Email: info@svbev.de

Verspätet eingegangene oder unvollständige Bewerbungen werden nicht berücksichtigt. Der Veranstalter ist berechtigt,

Bewerbungen ohne ausreichendes Rückporto nicht zu bearbeiten. Die Bewerbung begründet keinen Rechtsanspruch

auf Zulassung oder auf einen bestimmten Platz. Die Zu- und Absagen erfolgen schriftlich. Eine Haftung, dass die

Veranstaltungen tatsächlich und zu den angegebenen Zeitpunkten stattfinden, wird nicht übernommen.

Radevormwald "Schützen- u. Heimatfest"12

Reichenbach/Vogtl. 4

31.12.2013 20.10.2013 23


Reichenbach Regen Remscheid „Maikirmes“ 31.12.2013 Remscheid „Schützen- und Heimatfest“

31.01.2014 30.11.2013 7


Rhede 24


25.10.2013 4


Rodewisch Rostock „Ostermarkt“ Rostock 28.02.2014 30.11.2013 30.11.2013 16


Roding 31.01.2014 24

Ründeroth Ruppichteroth 28.02.2014 24

Sassnitz Schneeberg 31.01.2014 20



Schwarzenberg 15.11.2013 16


St. Augustin 31.12.2013 24

Soest 30.11.2013 24

Stavenhagen 28.02.2014 4

Speyer 28.02.2014 4

Steinhagen 14.10.2013 10

Stendal 7

Straubing Stralsund A-Salzburg 24

Tangerhütte Taufkirchen (Vils) 28.02.2014 15.11.2013 18


Ueckermünde Ulm 28.02.2014 08.11.2013 5


Vaihingen/Enz Ende 15.11.2013 18

Nov. 3

Vechta Verden „Dohmweih“ 31.10.2013 05.11.2013 25.10.2013 18


Vilsbiburg 31.12.2013 4

Vilshofen Vreden 16

Waldbröl Waldkraiburg 31.10.2013 28.02.2014 14

30.11.2013 01.11.2013 26



Walldürn Warendorf Weiden/Opf. "Frühlingsfest"

15.11.2013 Weiden/Opf. "Volks- u. Schützenfest"

09.11.2013 30.11.2013 12

Wenden 10


Werther 25

15.11.2013 11


Wesseling 01.11.2013 5

Wiek Wiesbaden-Biebrich Ende Nov. 30.11.2013 16


Winnenden 30.11.2013 12

Wipperfürth 01.12.2013 24

Witten Wolfhagen Wolgast 28.02.2014 Würzburg „Frühjahrsmesse, Kilianimesse“

30.11.2013 5

Würzburg „Herbstmesse“

30.11.2013 Würzburg „Volksfeste“ 15.10.2013 Würzburg „Weihnachtsmarkt“

30.03.2014 5



Xanten 30.11.2013 14


Zweibrücken 30.11.2013 31.12.2013 4



Zwickau Zwickau Zwiesel 30.10.2013 Titelseite des letzten Jahres mit dem Verzeichnis der ausschreibenden Städte





in der

Auch 2014 wird der Oktober-Ausgabe der Kirmes & Park Revue

ein Ausschreibungs-Sonderheft beigelegt.

Mit einer Ausschreibung Ihrer Veranstaltung im Ausschreibungs-Sonderheft

der Kirmes & Park Revue erreichen Sie nahezu flächendeckend die Schaustellerbetriebe

in Deutschland und in unseren Nachbarländern – und das zu einem außergewöhnlich

günstigen Preis.

Weitere Vorteile einer Ausschreibung in der Sonderbeilage der Kirmes & Park Revue:

- Bei Mangel an geeigneten Bewerbern oder kurzfristigen Absagen von

Schaustellern haben Sie die Möglichkeit einer kostenlosen Suchanfrage innerhalb

der Service-Rubrik „Freie Termine – Freie Plätze” in der Kirmes & Park Revue

- Kostenlose Gestaltung Ihrer Ausschreibung

- alle Farben (z. B. Städte- oder Firmenlogo) kostenlos !

Anzeigenschluss für eine Ausschreibung in der Oktober-Ausgabe

ist der 10. September 2014 (das Heft erscheint am 30.09.2014)

GEMI Verlags GmbH • Pfaffenhofener Straße 3 • 85293 Reichertshausen

Tel. 0 84 41 / 40 22 13 • Fax 0 84 41/7974122 • E-Mail: anzeigen@gemiverlag.de

Das Spaßkarussell für Jung und Alt!

Deutschlandweit absolut einmalig:

16 unterschiedliche Fahrweisen – Freifall- & Wassereffekte

Keine Überkopf-Fahrt

Hohe Publikums-Effizienz

Der BEACH JUMPER – immer die beste Wahl!

Attraktive Ruhezonen

mit Strandkörben

Geringer Platzbedarf: Front 17 Meter • Tiefe 18 Meter. Unseren Stromverbrauch ersetzen wir durch eine eigene Photovoltaik-Anlage komplett selbst.

Wir freuen uns auf unser Debüt in



Harvey Wegener • Bremen • Tel. 0177/6832972 o. 0163/2537767 • Mail: harveywegener@yahoo.de


Let’s go, put on your most beautiful Dirndl and the

pretty lederhosen when it's “O'zapft is” again,

from midday on the last Saturday in August. On 16

autumn festival days and evenings, you can celebrate,

sway to the music, ride, eat, and drink with

the children or grandchildren, with friends or

colleagues at the traditional and popular Volksfest

once again. The two following autumn festival

weeks will be opened by the traditional procession

of the breweries, beer tent patrons, service staff,

and showmen, accompanied by a number of

marching bands and groups in traditional

costumes, from the entire Rosenheim region. Much

importance has always been attached to tradition

at the autumn festival – and this has hardly

changed since the first Volksfest in 1861. The best

example is family-friendliness. After all, prices in

Rosenheim are still affordable and therefore the

autumn festival is a popular destination, especially

for families. On the designated family day every

Wednesday, ride and fun attractions are offered

with even further price reductions. In addition to the

opening procession, the festive harvest festival on

the Sunday is a highly popular Wiesn event with the

visitors, and every year, crowds of people participate

in the church procession and the church

service. They are followed by the magnificent

festival procession with agriculture groups and

groups in traditional costumes, music societies,

regional culture associations, and the trade guilds.

On the last open Thursday the brilliant fireworks display

illuminates the Rosenheim night sky at 9 p.m.

From Saturday, 30 th August to Sunday 14 th

September 2014, the Rosenheim autumn festival is

open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., on Sunday

already from 10:00 a.m. Last drinks will be

served at 11:00 p.m.

Photo: Martin Rumberger


A list of the larger attractions

can be found in

our Preview section in this

edition. Press contact under



World première at the

Bremen Freimarkt 1994:

Robrahn’s “Frisbee” from Huss

It's very rare that joy and

melancholy follow so hard on

each other's heels. It's already 20

years ago this year that

Robrahn’s Frisbee made its

world première at the Bremen

Freimarkt in 1994, and this would

actually be an anniversary worth

celebrating. After all, it was the

achievement of manufacturer

Huss that was to take the idea of

the giant swing to a new dimension,

and served as a model for

many popular copies and further

developments. With the “Ranger”

and the “Hanseatic”, the unforgettable

Rudi Robrahn Snr.,

now sadly deceased, actively

accompanied the development

of constructions like these. Due

to his experience, he was able to

create the prototype “Frisbee”

virtually from the drawing board;

a concept that, in retrospect,

turned out to be absolutely right.

After all, to this very day this

attraction has lost nothing of its

appeal and has successfully

held out against all its successors.

But despite the Frisbee

being highly popular, accidentfree,

and virtually without

serious competition, it has now

to leave the country, in its anniversary

year of all times, due to

European regulatory mania!

Text: Michael Bonhoff

Photos: Michael Bonhoff, Ralf Schmitt,

Heiko Schimanzik

20 Years Frisbee

standards alone

would have cost a

five-digit amount,

despite existing

construction plans

The new European standard EN 13814 hangs having already been successfully certified over a

over the German high-tech ride attractions like 6-year inspection period. As there would inevitably

a sword of Damocles. Ironically, the EU directive for

the construction and safety of fairground and

amusement park rides, meant to harmonize

standards all over Europe, now only threatens the

be further costly inspections, calculations and

finally rework requests relating to the material used,

this would be an almost incalculable risk for the


existence of German ride

operators as, except for

Germany, all other member

states of the EU were clever

enough to grant to their

national operations the

protection of acquired rights

– and justifiably so. In the

case of the “Frisbee” – there

are only two travelling

examples of this ride type left

in Germany – the “preliminary

examination” of

compliance with the new


This scenario makes many a showman seriously

think about parting sooner or later at least with

those “exotic" large attractions, who alone would

have to bear the costs, without any financial assistance.

This was the very decision the Robrahn

family was faced with when Edward Mellors, a

prominent colleague from England, contacted

them and announced his interest in buying the

Frisbee. Having been granted an exclusive contract

for the amusement section of the “Global

Village” in Dubai, the Mellors Group (with Edward

Mellors's son James as Director) had been searching

for appropriate rides around the globe and,

among other events, also at the Hamburg Frühjahrsdom.

After a good deal of thought about

possible alternatives, he had eventually chose the

very Frisbee he had originally had his eye on at its

première in Bremen some 20 years ago. Back then

however, the Englishman had decided in favour of

a less expensive example from Italy, to which he will

now eventually add the still unrivalled original.

After all, the opportunity to purchase perfectly preserved,

owner-operated ride attractions built in

Germany far below their normal value has never

been as favourable before.

For the same reason, Rudi Robrahn Jnr. parts with

the family’s last ride attraction with mixed feelings.

After all, in its heyday this classic ride may well have

made the largest number of appearances throughout

Germany, from regular participations at the

Hamburg Dom to 4-day events, per season.

Of course, there was also

some space for the elaborately

designed “Frisbee” on the Christmas

cards of the manufacturer

“Frisbee” transportation



Farewell appearance at

the Hamburg Sommerdom

The characteristic

“Robrahn” name sign

After 20 years Rudi

Robrahn bode farewell to the


Moreover, as is the

case with almost all

the Robrahn attractions

in the

past, the Frisbee

has long since

attained cult status

in Germany. In

Ibbenbüren, for example,

where the ride has been a regular guest over

many years, a square was named “Frisbee”-Platz

after the attraction. At the end of this year’s Sommerdom,

the ride will now set out on its last and probably

longest journey for the time being. In September the

Frisbee will be transported by ship to the United Arab

Emirates, where it will be running for the next three

years in a new “more chaste” design, according to

the region’s customs. For one or two incurable fans

this may well be a reason to consider Dubai as their

future holiday destination. On German fairgrounds

however, visitors will soon be looking in vain for

attractions of this stature. All that remains will be

memories of 20 fantastic Robrahn-Frisbee years. ■



Euroviva mobile Bungee Trampoline

2006 model. 4 bed, trailer mounted.

Diameter: 35ft (10.7m). Height: 25ft (7.6m).

Power supply required: 16A 1Ph 50Hz.

Lamborghini Wave Swinger

2012 mode. 48 seats (16 singles, 16 doubles)

Full LED lighting package including LED strobe lights,

Discosmash music, mains, CCTV system, electric

gates, one load, tri-axle trailer with rear steer axle.

Mardi Gras Victorian Carousel

Visit us at

EAS Amsterdam

Booth 8461

40ft (12m) diameter model which can accommodate

60 passengers per ride. Computer controlled

transmission system. Digital sound system. Delivered

on a 44ft (13.4m) trailer. Total of 30 horses. 20 single

person horses, 10 horses holding two people,

2 dragon chariots each holding 10 people.

Tel: Stanley Reeves +44 (0) 161 835 2758

Email: stanley@sdleisure.com


German comeback in

Saarbrücken: the “Polyp” from

André Massel & Söhne

The Schwarzkopf “Polyp”, was

sold to the Walygator-Park in

France six years ago. In Germany

it had last been under the ownership

of the Radlinger firm

from Munich, and its German

fans had already bade it good

bye for good – or so they had

thought; yet it has now quite unexpectedly

been brought back to

Germany! The Saarbrücken firm

Massel & Söhne purchased the

ride last year and after renovation,

they presented it for the first

time at this year’s Maifest in


Text: Norman Vogt

Photos: Norman Vogt, Heiko Schimanzik

André Massel (r.) and his

son René


he type “Monster 3” ride was built by the

TSchwarzkopf firm for the Kinzler company in

Stuttgart in the early 1980s. Next it was operated by

the Inge Bruch firm for many years before finally

being purchased by the Munich showman firm Radlinger

in 1994 – under the management of which the

“Polyp” made an appearance at the “Wiesn”. In

2008, the ride was sold to the Walygator-Park in

France, where a number of rides from Germany had

already found a new home. However, due to poor

maintenance the ride had fallen into a quite dreadful

condition. As the hydraulic system no longer

worked and the arms could not even be lifted during

the ride, the park even

closed down the “Polyp”

after a short time, and

was then offered for sale

last year. As André

Massel from the neighbouring

city of Saarbrücken

had been interested

in the ride for

some time, he duly

purchased it, even

though it was in a truly

desolate condition.

After a thorough inspection, and even though he was

aware of the fact that he would have to invest a lot of

time and money to be able to tour the “Polyp” once

again, he nonetheless took up the challenge, assisted

by his two sons. Shortly after they had transported

the ride across the border to the family property,

they began to technically and visually overhaul the

construction by themselves during the winter break.


equires three transports (one centre trailer and two

baggage vans) for relocation.

This season, the “Polyp” has been, or is still to be

presented, in Blieskastel-Webenheim, Gernsheim,

Oberkirch, Breisach, and at the Oktoberfest in Saarbrücken.

In addition to the “Polyp”, the family continues

to operate the “Beach Polyp”, built by Bakker,

which André Massel purchased in 1995. ■

The ride under

management of Bruch (top)

and later at the Munich

Oktoberfest under Radlinger

First, the ride was completely dismantled, all the

steel parts were sandblasted and then prime-coated

and newly painted. Next, all screws, bolts, and

bearings were renewed, and new engines for the

gondola crosses were installed. Moreover, the

gearing, the hydraulic system, the electrical equipment

and the control system were completely overhauled.

Finally, the gondolas were newly painted,

and the centre and the backflash were either partially

repaired or renewed by Peter Metzler. Although

not all the lighting elements had been installed up

until the ride’s première at the Maifest in Saarbrücken,

the “Polyp” was presented in excellent condition

and was very well received by the public. The

“Polyp” has ground measurements of 22 x 22.50

metres and electrical requirements of 150 kW,




At the Passau Maidult, the young

Munich showman Phillip Vespermann

celebrated a successful

première with his archery

gallery. The attraction is a good

example of how a traditional

sport – in this case shooting with

a bow and arrow – can be

presented in modern “packaging”.

Text: Ralf Schmitt

Photos: Archiv Vespermann

Philipp Vespermann has

become an independent showman

with an archery gallery

20-year old Philipp Vespermann acquired the

necessary experience from his mother’s ballthrowing

booth – and the Walkthrough sector was not

entirely unknown to him either. Having thoroughly

studied the market, he decided to become an

independentshowman with an archery gallery last

summer. While he contracted the Strempel firm for the

basic frame of the new attraction, he fitted out the

interior and exterior decoration (among other

materials, 380 kilos of natural bamboo were used)

and the light installation himself. Moreover, he

succeeded in engaging a scenery painter from the

Munich Opera for the attraction’s design. The chosen

“Jungle” theme, realized by the artist in a 3-mix

technique (airbrush, paintbrush and spray can),

impressively demonstrates that the depiction of

jungle motifs is far more than just gorilla heads. The

three-dimensional paintings provide an amazing

depth effect. In winter, Philipp Vespermann learnt

everything there is to know about this precision sport

in both theory and practice at an archery club; for

certain professional guidance and explanations for

inexperienced shooters is indispensable at the Volksfest.

Original sports bows (for left and right-handed

people) are available, including bows for adults with

9-kg draw weight and special bows for children from

6 years of age. Philipp Vespermann attaches special

importance to a number of details on both the outside

and the inside of the attraction, such as the staff

clothing matching the theme, the use of real plants

and flowers as decoration, and the use of natural

wood inside the attraction. The attraction has a front

of 8 m, is 5.50 m deep (4 m are also possible) and 5

m in height.

Apart from Passau, the tour schedule in the première

season included, among other venues, Kempten,

Bayreuth, Schweinfurt, Friedrichshafen, Fulda and

Straubing. The finale of the season 2014 will be a

guest appearance at the Basle Herbstmesse. ■


The artist painted the attraction in a 3-mix technique (airbrush,

paintbrush and spray can)

Benches, barrierfree

access and further details

of the attraction




This year, Peter and Corinna

Müller from Berlin celebrated a

milestone anniversary: For more

than 20 years their “Lustige Seefahrt”

with its boats, swans and

other maritime mounts, has been

making its rounds.


Ralf Schmitt

Photos: Ralf Schmitt, Heiko Schimanzik

For 20 years on tour

under the management of the

Müller family: “Lustige Seefahrt”

Corinna and Peter Müller

with their pet Jack Russell


The ride was built by the Dietz firm as a single-unit

production for the Henn family in 1987. As the

Henn family had a successor model built (also by

Dietz) later on, Peter and Corinna Müller were able

to purchase the “Lustige Seefahrt” in 1994. While the

“Lustige Seefahrt” was built up exclusively in and

around Berlin in the first year under the management

of the Müller family, it was then, and still is regularly

presented on many Volksfest events throughout

Germany, such as Osnabrück, Eisleben, Mannheim,

Limburg, Havelberg, Bergheim, Freiburg, Hamburg,

Crailsheim, Oldenburg and Crange – to name but a

few. In all those years, the ride was repeatedly upgraded

to the latest technical and visual standards;

for example, with “speaking” mounts, new decoration

elements, and running LED lighting.

In a major redesign in 1996, the ride (ground

measurements: 19 x 18 m) was equipped with a new

front, which was followed by a new backflash in

1997. The new styling of the “Lustige Seefahrt”

comes from the Afaw firm.

Completely new is the small beach bar in front of the

characteristic lighthouse paybox, with palm trees,

benches, a sandy beach and kiddie beach chair.

When it comes to choosing the ride mounts, the

young passengers have clear favourites; while the

pink “Barbie” swan is the most popular with the girls,

the boys prefer the fire fighting boat and the police



Sonderteile in der Oktober-Ausgabe

der Kirmes & Park Revue:

Cannstatter Wasen

in Stuttgart

Bremer Freimarkt

Anzeigenschluss ist der 10. September.

Infos zu Anzeigen: Tel. 08441/402213

E-Mail: anzeigen@gemiverlag.de



The new “Pizzeria

Daniele” from Lemoine

Text & Photos: Michael Petersen

Ute and Daniel Lemoine

opened their new “Pizzeria

Daniele” at the Düsseldorf


Their former sales booth was so

badly damaged in a road

accident on 11 th September last

year that it was beyond repair.

Only the name signs “Pizzeria”

and “Daniele” could still be

used. On 10 th January this year, they engaged the Pfaff

firm in Bad Lausick to build a new wagon. During the

planning phase the wishes of the Lemoine family,

travelling gastronomy experts for some 14 years, were

taken into consideration and special importance was

attached to the operation’s recognition value. The new

operation captivates the public with its Mediterranean

colours that provide it with a special ambience. The

counter is divided into a bar and a sales area. Particularly

striking is the round counter that visually appears to

be freely suspended, and boasting an impressive light

base. Precious wood gives this section a certain

'exclusive' quality, and the barrier-free wagon offers

level access. The restaurant, seating 60 guests, also

provides a picturesque and stylish ambience.

While guests are served at the table, customers in a

hurry can also choose their dishes in the sales area and

take them to the table to eat. The preparation area is

open and predominantly made from high-quality steel,

and the floor is covered with a high-quality industrial surface.

An oven with four levels provides ample capacity.

The fulsome menu of Italian dishes offers 10 different,

freshly made pizzas, four kinds of filled pizza rolls and

six variants of Panini rolls, as well as tasty bruschetta.

They are served with matching wines and Prosecco

from the barrel as a speciality. Also available are several

types of beer, fine brandies, non-alcoholic beverages

and an ample selection of coffee specialities. “Pizzeria

Danielle” has ground measurements of 14 x 7 metres,

is 9.50 metres tall, and takes 40 minutes to build up. ■


Text & Photos:

Rolf Orschel

“Baguette Spezial”

from Angie Volklandt

At the Altstadtfrühlingsfest in Erfurt, Angie

Volklandt from Zwickau presented her new

special snack operation, with which she founded

her own enterprise as a 4 th generation showwoman.

The beautiful sales wagon was built by her father,

Klaus Volklandt himself according to her own ideas,

and equipped with the required kitchen appliances.

The product range can be flexible, adjusted according

to the organisers’ request. In Erfurt, the menu provided

for delicious baguettes in the varieties salami,

tomato-leek, ragout fin, tomato-mozzarella and

Hawaii, but Wiener Würstchen and Hot Dogs were

also available. The frozen baguette rolls are always

freshly heated up, covered with spreads, and then

once again briefly heated. Only fresh ingredients are

used for the spreads and toppings. Customers can

round off their finished baguettes with various sauces

and different kinds of salt and pepper according to

their taste. Limiting the menu to a couple of products

makes it easier for customers to choose. Whenever

Angie Volklandt opens her hot oven, a tempting

aroma hangs in the air all over the fairground, guiding

many other customers, who simply follow their noses

to the baguettes. This season she will present her

specialities operation mainly at events in Thuringia,

Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, where she wants to build

up a permanent customer base. The wagon has

ground measurements of 5 x 2 metres, a height of 4.70

metres and electrical requirements of about 10 kW. ■




Text & Photos:

Rolf Orschel

The artists from the

Schmidt high wire troupe

showed their skills at the


Impressions of this year’s

Arnstädt Wollmarkt

This year, the 165 th anniversary of the Wollmarkt

was celebrated in the district town

on the northern border of the Thuringian

Forest. From 21 st to 29 th June, 33 showman

with a total of 40 ride and track attractions,

Continental pick stands and shooting

galleries, as well as an ample selection of

culinary delicacies typical of a fairground

invited the public to stroll across the Wollmarkt

and the Hammerwiese-fairground.

The two car parks in the town centre, only a

couple of metres apart, accommodated eight

large rides, two funhouses, two kiddie rides

and a colourful mixture of concession stalls of

all kinds, as well as the Arnstadt debutante

“Chaos Airport” (Haberkorn), the “Breakdance”

from Sobczyk, Gugel’s “Space Party-

”, the family coaster “Mexico City” (Walkhoefer-Fischer),

a kiddie carousel, and a Jet

Ride were also built up on the Wollmarkt. A

Continental pick stand, shooting galleries,

arcade machines, dart-throwing booths,

hook-a-duck, a side stall, ball-throwing

booths, and a number of snack, sweets and

beverage booths provided additional fairground

fun in this location. Moreover, visitors enjoyed

the dodgem track from

Schard, Welt’s “Jaguar”, the

“Magic” from Herrmann,

Kircher’s chain ride, the ghost

ride from Hahnemann, and

the slide from Oberschelp on

the Hammerwiese fairground.

The Märchenbahn, ballthrowing

booths, shooting

galleries and further snack, sweets and beverage stalls

rounded of the entertainment contingent on this fairground.

A special attraction at the 165 th Wollmarkt was

the high wire show of the Schmidt troupe. The high wire

team from Potsdam presented breath-taking motorbike

stunts on a sloped wire three times a day. For this show,

two steel cables each about 250 metres long and 16

millimetres thick were tensioned from the Wollmarkt to

the skate track on the Hammerwiese fairground at a

height of 30 metres. Europe’s youngest high wire motorbike

artist, Dean Schmidt, and Kevin Prüfer performed

impressive stunts on Kawasaki bikes, such as riding a

motorbike above the visitors' heads while reclined

backwards or doing headstands, both on their own

alone or as a pair, without any safety ropes at a height

of 30 metres. Next Dean Schmidt raced on the high wire

up to the highest point, where he presented top-notch

acrobatic performances. Standing on the front

mudguard and the handlebars without holding on, he

rolled back to the starting point braking with his foot.

His most dangerous stunt, the one-hand balance on the

motorbike while rolling backwards, is unparalleled in

the world. Dean Schmidt also succeeded in doing this

dangerous stunt with ease in Arnstadt, to frenetic

applause from the spectators. Further highlights were

the family day with reduced prices on Wednesday, and

the magnificent fireworks display on the second Saturday,

held at the Stadtbad this time.





“Schlittenfahrt” and Böhm’s

“Twister” in Tuttlingen

Text & Photos:

Norman Vogt

The Volksfest in the district town in the Black

Forest (this year from 13 th to 22 nd June) has been

organised by the Gebauer firm from Konstanz, in

cooperation with the town authorities, for more

than 60 years.

The idyllic fairground with many shady trees is

located in the Donaupark on Stuttgarter Straße, and

is easily reachable by public transport. Built up on

the area this year were the “Disco Flyer” Twister

(Böhm), “Chaos” swing (Spangenberger), “Schlittenfahrt”

(Langhoff), “X3” simulator (Bügler),

Gebauer’s dodgem track, and the “Crazy Town” .

Walkthrough construction (Wagner). Moreover,

children were able to enjoy a kiddie carousel, a

small compressed air ride, the “Train Circus” kiddie

railway attraction, and a Bungee-Trampoline. The

highlights of the supporting programme included

the kiddie day with reduced fair prices on Wednesday

and the fireworks display on the second Friday.

Due to marvellously sunny weather and pleasant

temperatures visitors virtually besieged the fairground,

especially on Corpus Christi Day. As the

event was also well-attended on the other opening

days, the showmen were satisfied with their

financial results.

Simulator and Jet Ride




Impressions of

the German-American

Friendship Festival Wiesbaden

Text & Photos: Norman Vogt

Due to the withdrawal of the Americans from

Germany, only a couple of German-American

Volksfest events, which have always been very

popular with the visitors, were held. In Mannheim

alone, for example, three events like this took

place a year.

As this era came to an end some years ago, it is all

the more delightful that the showman Alexander

Schramm from Frankfurt has now succeeded in

organising a German-American Volksfest once

again. The event was celebrated together with the

U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden on the Hainerberg,

where many Americans still live today, from 27 th June

to 4 th July. On the road closed to road traffic, many

attractions and concession stalls were built up, with

the giant “XXL” swing (Denies-Kipp), contracted as

the highlight, being placed in the front section. The

“Freak” propeller from Alexander Zinnecker also

whisked its passengers high up to the sky, and

Göbel’s Ferris wheel, built up opposite the “Fantasy-

Driver” (Heinen), provided visitors with a magnificent


Further rides presented were the “Breakdance” and

the “Safari Trip” Miami (Schramm), the “Brasil”

Walkthrough construction (Schürmann), the “Rennpiste”

slide (Göbel), a dodgem track and the

“Doggy Dog” (M. Zinnecker), and the younger

visitors enjoyed various kiddie rides. At the end of

the festival-mile there was the beer tent, decorated

with a number of German and American flags,

serving American specialities such as tacos, spare

ribs, hot dogs or hamburgers, along with American

beer specialities. Another three booths offering US

food were spread along the course – and naturally

German culinary delights, such as fried sausages

and pork cutlets were also on offer. The German-

American Friendship Festival was open daily from

midday to midnight. On the opening day a fantastic

fireworks display was held. Monday was the

designated Family Day, and on the final opening day

a brilliant fireworks display marked the occasion of

American Independence Day. All in all, the showmen

and the organiser were fairly satisfied with the

financial results. Due to the event’s success, it will

probably be held on the Hainerberg also in the

coming years.



Text & Photos:

Nils Benthien

From 27 th to 29 th June, the “1 st Schortenser Klinkerzauber”,

a street art and music festival with an

adjoining fairground presenting 50 showman

attractions, was held in the town centre of Heidmühle.

It was a time-consuming process leading up to the

celebration of this festival. For more than 60 years, the

– one of the largest Volksfest events in North Friesland

– was held on the Friesenweg in Schortens every year

in late June. In the last few years however, visitor

numbers have rapidly decreased. For this reason, the

showmen suggested moving the event to the town

centre of Heidmühle a number of years ago. This

suggestion was cursorily rejected by the local retailers

however. After last year’s Kramermarkt, still held on the

fairground grassland, reports were published in the

daily newspapers in September, according to which the

town authorities planned to abolish the market and

replace it with a wine festival. As a result, the “Pro

Kramermarkt” initiative was founded, which together

with the German Showman Association supported the

preservation of the Volksfest. As there was no majority

in favour of a wine festival in the Schortens Town

Council, a festival for children and young people was to

be founded, and the Stadtmarketing enterprise was

contracted for the planning of this event. Ultimately, the

“Pro Kramermarkt” initiative collected 4,200 signatures

from residents, showmen, and friends of the festival for

the preservation of the Heidmühle Kramermarkt within

a couple of weeks. Moreover, ideas of how to make the

Kramermarkt more attractive were collected and

handed over to the town authorities. In early November,

a number of showmen and representatives of the

Initiative Pro Kramermarkt met to swap ideas. When the

majority of the city council members continued to reject

a revival of the Kramermarkt, despite the 4,200

signatures, the final decision to abolish the event was

taken in mid-November. The Initiative Pro Kramermarkt

organised a farewell party on the fairground meadow in

late November.

After that plans for a replacement event were revealed,

according to which a street and music festival with an

adjoining fairground is to take place in the Heidmühle

town centre in the future. Finally at the end of June, the

“1 st Schortens Klinkerzauber” with street musicians,

clowns, jugglers, and almost all the showmen who had

regularly presented their attractions at the Kramermarkt,

was held. The fairground spread from Menkestraße up

to the forecourt of the community centre. Attractions

presented were the “Breakdance” (Mondorf), “Music

Hall” dodgem track (Hempen), “Musik Express”

(Meinecke), “Pharaos Rache” labyrinth (Vespermann),

the “Spassmobil” walk-through construction (Steinecker)

and the “1001 Nacht” Miami (Elsässer). The

younger visitors enjoyed the kiddie rides “Zauberwelt”

(Lesnik) and “Euro Car” (Mondorf). Moreover, nostalgic

vehicles such as Hanomag traction units, caravan and

baggage vans, and the Decap organ from Helmut

Mondorf were presented. A harmonious mixture of

sweets stalls, snack booths, beverage outlets, games

booths, and sales stalls rounded off the choice of

attractions. On Friday evening a fireworks display under

the motto “Bürgerhaus in Flames” was held. On Saturday

and Sunday the street and music festivals were

further highlights of the event.

Meeting point for young

people: Mondorf’s


Fairground nostalgia

was not neglected either




Over the top and up into

the sky: Parade of the top

attractions on Hessen Day in


Benzheim was completely

dedicated to the Hessen Day

The rush to the fairground

in the evenings could not make

up for low daytime visitor


Text & Photos: Norman Vogt

The 54 th Hessen Day was held in Bensheim/

Bergstraße from 6 th to 15 th June this year. It is the

oldest and largest state festival in Germany,

takes place in different Hessen towns or

communities every year, and enjoys an

excellent reputation well beyond its borders.

Throughout the 10-day event, the different Hessen

regions presented themselves with a number of

cultural events and exhibitions. Moreover, visitors

were able to enjoy an appealing fairground in

Bensheim. The state festival was founded by

former Hessen Prime Minister Georg-August Zinn

in 1961 and was initially aimed at bringing together

long-time residents and immigrants, and giving the

large number of refugees and displaced people a

new sense of home. In those days, Hessen itself

needed some catching up when it came to its

sense of togetherness. Over the years, the event

experienced a number of changes. Today it unites

culture and tradition with a modern lifestyle.

For this reason it is not surprising that concerts of

international pop groups and artists (this year,

among, others Bryan Adams, Billy Idol, and

Sunrise Avenue) and the state exhibition, held in a

number of exhibition halls, are fixtures on Hessen

Day; along with a high number of booths, beer

gardens, snack booths, confectionery wagons, ride

attractions and lotteries. Every year, many showmen

apply for the state festival, which entices more

than one million visitors as a general rule.

According to the organiser, it was possible to welcome

more than 1.3 million in Bensheim this year.

Most of the showman operations, among them an

excess supply of snack booths, were presented on

“Hessentagsstraße”. The ride and track attractions

were built up on a meadow in the rear section of

Hessentagsstraße. The “City Sky Liner”, contracted

as the main attraction provided visitors with a

terrific view across the Hessen Day area and the

town. The younger visitors were awaited by the

“Breakdance” from Becker and Holzem’s




Text & Photos:

Kai Morawetz

In the town located in the Rostock district, the traditional

Kampfest, offering an ample stage and interactive programme

for the whole family, a small fairground and a flea

market, was held from 27 th to 29 th June.

“Breakdance”, “Wilde Maus” and “Musik Express”

Also presented were Musik Express, Dodgem Track and a “Wilde

Maus”, and children were able to enjoy a Bungee-Trampoline, the

“Piraten-Rutsche” and the “Fliegende Bus”. Moreover, Göbel’s Ferris

wheel “Colossus” made its rounds in the town centre just one kilometre


At the opening, Prime Minister Volker Bouffier wished all participants

a successful event. In the end, not everybody was satisfied – most of

the showmen had hoped for better results as the placement fees were

quite high. In subtropical temperatures of up to 37°C on the Whitsun

weekend, visitors did not show up at the fairground during the day,

but rather went to the swimming pools and lakes within the region; as

a result, the festival area was empty most of the time. As temperatures

hardly changed during the following days, visitors came to the fairground

only in the late evening almost every day, truly spelling

financial disaster for some showmen.

Bad Doberan is mainly known for the “Molli” steam train

running daily to the Baltic Sea resort Heiligendamm and


The Kamp is a two-hectare, triangular-shaped park surrounded

by lime trees located in the town centre. In the 19 th century it

was the town’s social hub. Even at that time, the idyllic park was

used for many events during the swimming season. During

GDR times, the summer Volksfest events were held on the area.

However, large ride attractions made only an occasional

appearance in Bad Doberan in those days – just as is the case

today. For example, one kiddie ride and two or three concession

stalls were all the attractions available to visitors up

until a few years ago. From 2008, the entertainment contingent

increased, as the “Star of Berlin” Ferris wheel (Lorenz) and the

“Bayern Wippe” (Krüger-Upleger) were also built up. This year,

the organiser – the local authorities in cooperation with the

Rostock Agentur Goliath Show & Promotion GmbH – could put

together only a small but family-friendly fairground. Rides

presented were Heinerici’s dodgem track, which mainly

enticed young people (as was the case last year), and the

nostalgic “Wiener Sport Rad” from Taube. The younger visitors

enjoyed the “Kindertraum” (Roggelin) and a kiddie chain ride

(Tiemann). A number of concession stalls rounded off the

selection of attractions and provided the visitors with food and





The “Cobra” coaster from

Agtsch and Kaiser’s

“Rio Rapidos” rafting ride

The new spokesman of the

Schweinfurt Public Order Office

Jan von Lackum (l.) together

with head official Frank Reppert

Text & Photos: Helmut Bresler

The 105 th Schweinfurt Volksfest,

founded in 1909, closed with

average results for most of the

showmen. Three matches of the

German football team during

the FIFA World Cup took their


It was the last year with American

guests, as The US army will have

left the industrial city in Lower

Franconia by next year. The

chances and risks are fiercely deliberated. It’s a fact

that the American guests have loved the event and

cheerfully used the choice of attractions. Long gone

are the days when this caused problems, and the

selection of attractions was well worth seeing. Fiftynine

attractions chosen from 583 applications

received, added up to a front length of 901 metres.

Rides presented were, among others, the “Black Out”

(Störzer), “Konga” (Küchenmeister), the compact

“Cobra” coaster (Agtsch), “Voodoo Jumper”

(Schäfer), “Hot Shot” bungee-ball (Dülle) and Musik

Express (Baier), as well as the “Rio Rapidos” rafting

ride (Kaiser). Moreover, Menzel’s “Toboggan” (unfortunately

without tower top) and Langenberg’s

“Venetian Carousel” provided a nostalgic flair.

The show and fun sector was represented by the “Big

Bamboo” (Hempen), “Fahrt zur Hölle” (Dom-

Jollbergs), as well as the “Traumgenerator” (Häsler &

Lemoine). In addition to the classic Volksfesttaler or

Volksfest Coin, the Studententaler, or Students’ Coin,

provided for a reduction of about 30 percent for the

first time. Even though the response was modest, this

project will be continued.

Another novelty was the special bus going to the city

centre as well as to the neighbouring communities on

days with high visitor attendance – a very good

service. A crowd puller was the festival procession

on Saturday which is, according to the Schweinfurt

City Council, held every five years, and thus was once

again on the agenda after its centenary in 2009.

Thousands of people lined the course and

applauded the 52 participating groups, including two

showman presentations. Directly afterwards, the 6 th

Lower Franconian Gautrachtenfest was held in the

crowded beer tent from the Hahn family. The

supporting programme included the most successful

showground activities. The comedy morning beer

event on Sunday, financed by a sponsor and with free

entry to the public, has been well established.

Helmut Schleich enticed the public and turned out to

be a good choice. His biting routine and excellent

parodies thrilled the visitors. As is the case every

year, it was a pleasure to read the 16-page “Schweinfurter

Volksfestzeitung” published by the Main-Post

Würzburg Verlag, as an insert in the daily newspaper

at the beginning of the event.


Text & Photos:

Michael Petersen

“Movie Star” Ferris wheel

(Henschel) at the Heddesdorf

Pentecost Fair in Neuwied

The Heddesdorf Pfingstkirmes, held from 6 th to 10 th

June this year, combines ancient customs with a

modern fair, and as the largest fair on the Middle

Rhine it not only enticed the residents, but also many

guests from the surrounding region up until a couple

of years ago.

This year, the Burschengesellschaft Heddesdorf, better

known as Pfingstreiter, or Pentecost Riders, celebrated

its 450 th anniversary. Little by little, a market developed

all around the fraternity’s horse race, which ultimately

evolved into the Heddesdorf Pentecost Fair over the

years. Despite the common tradition, the Pfingstreiter


grew increasingly apart from the fair and eventually

celebrated their own event. To prevent a complete

splitting the “Aktionsgemeinschaft Heddesdorfer

Pfingstkirmes” (Initative Heddesdorf Pentecost Fair)

comprising of showmen, Pfingstreiter, and fair

enthusiasts was founded last summer. For a rapid

improvement, it is absolutely necessary that the town

authorities also increase their commitment to the fair. All

in all, it is a very difficult situation. Even though the fairground

is in a desolate condition and actually no longer

suitable for events, it is to be made available for other

projects. There are still ongoing rumours about its use for

a garden show or other building projects. Despite the

uncertain situation, the initiative succeeded in organising

a number of special events this year, such as distributing

200 gingerbread hearts to local businessmen and

organising a painting competition at elementary schools.

The backstage tour held for the first time was a big

success, and at the opening of the fair all showmen were

clad in uniform T-shirts. For the third time, the event

began with moderate visitor attendance on the Friday

before Pentecost. In his speech, Mayor Reiner Tilgen

praised the work of the initiative. On Saturday however,

the fairground was very well-attended, as was the fireworks

display in the evening which was truly bursting

with visitors. From Sunday on, the event suffered severe

losses. In temperatures of 35°C in the afternoon, only few

visitors strayed to the fairground and there was hardly

any business at the rides and concession stalls. On Monday,

business was very weak due to storm warnings.

However, the fairground was luckily not touched by bad

weather. On the Tuesday morning, thousands of visitors

rushed to the traditional Pfingstritt (Pentecost Ride)

again. However, the showmen did not really benefit from

this rush, as temperatures once again rose to 35°C.

While the fairground was deserted, there was hardly any

room left in the neighbouring outdoor swimming pool.

The fairground was once again occupied by appealing

fairground attractions. With the “Flasher” from Ahrend

and Löffelhard’s “Predator”, the organiser even

succeeded in contracting two top attractions for the

Pentecost Fair. Moreover, the “Piraten-Fluss” water ride

(Heitmann) provided a welcome cooling down, and

visitors were able to enjoy a magnificent view from

Henschel’s “Movie Star” Ferris wheel. Other attractions

available to the visitors were the “Breakdance” (Franken)

“Petersburger Schlittenfahrt” (Burgdorf), “Schloss

Dracula” ghost ride (Schütze), “Crazy Dancer”

(Freiwald), “Shaker” (Fick), “Mäusecircus” (Lemoine),

and “Super Marcie World” (Markmann).


Attractions and special

events at Neuwied


Text & Photos:

Norman Vogt

The city festival in Frauenfeld is not only very

popular with the residents; from 13 th to 15 th June

the event also enticed some 100,000 visitors from

the entire region to the town in the Thurgau

canton once again.

In addition to varied entertainment, visitors were able

to enjoy an appealing fairground. Many local and

regional societies provided the guests with food and

drinks in their gastronomic booths in the city centre.

Moreover, seven small stages were built up for live

events. Many market merchants offered their goods

for sale, and as well as Swiss specialities, the product

choice also included tempting sweet delicacies. The

fairground adjoining the pedestrian precinct

accommodated several spectacular ride attractions.

The “Swiss Tower” from H.P. Maier, contracted as top

novelty, was also officially inaugurated at the event,

and in the evenings long queues formed in front of its

paybox. Apart from the Freefall Tower, H.P. Maier also

presented the “Super Chaos” swing. Moreover, the

“Insider” Breakdance variation provided visitors with

a speedy ride experience. Other attractions built up

were the “Silbermine” family coaster, a Ferris wheel,

the “Twister”, “Flying Swinger”, a dodgem track, and

the Walkthrough construction “Mexico”. Moreover,

younger visitors were able to enjoy a number of

kiddie rides. While the beginning of city festival was

virtually “washed away” by a thunder storm that

brought heavy rain, the weather was sunny and

pleasantly mild on the weekend. Due to the rush of

visitors, there was hardly any room left in the city

centre on both days.

Impressions of the city

festival in Frauenfeld




Model manufacturers are starting

into the second half of the

year with a number of fairground

and circus novelties. This time,

there are several showman traction

units among the novelties.

Text: Michael Petersen

Photos: Michael Petersen, Hersteller

Novelty from Premium

Classixxs: an MB L 3500 1:43-

scale model of a horse trailer

from Roncalli

The new Brekina model MB

LP 608 with a name sign

Herpa: The delivery programme

includes the showman

traction units from

Schneider and Zimmer. An


Michael Schneider from

Lippstadt is launched as a

novelty. A perfect “Pirates

Adventure” marking and

the new box body make this traction unit a true

showpiece (Art-No. 303729, €24.50). The Scania

Hauber 143 from the Koblenz Zimmer family with

a large box body is already a classic vehicle, and

is as fascinating as ever (Art-No. 303828,

€22.50). With the MAN TGA XXL jumbo box “Tiertransport”,

yet another vehicle from the Circus

Charles Knie series will be launched (Art-No.

303668, €29.50).

Schlüter model car: Three special showman

models from Herpa are now available from this

model car specialist. All of them are equipped with

the new box body and available only from the

Schlüter firm. Moreover, an MAN F8, an Actros L

and a Scania 124 traction unit have been

launched. Each model costs just €11. For model

builders, this firm's online shop of (www.schlueterautomodelle.de)

is a real treasure chest, replete

with an ample selection of solo traction units and

almost any accessory one could wish for.

Rietze: This firm now offers a small toilet wagon,

as often seen at Volksfest events, city festivals or

circuses. The perfectly marked model costs

about €7.

3 vehicle novelties from Herpa

Brekina The manufacturer has already delivered

the MB LP 608 with box body to the shops. The

model, a typical fairground vehicle under the

ownership of many showmen to this day, is available

in the colours red, white, and blue. For

illustration purposes we have covered one model

with the “Kirmes macht Spaß” letterings from

Kirmeswelt Hamburg. The price for the LP 608 is

€16. Brekina delivers this model also in various

printed versions from Circus Krone.

Premium Classixxs: This manufacturer has added

an MB L 3500 horse trailer to its popular Roncalli

series. It is a true-to-original, die-cast zinc model

with resin-formed bodywork.

The three special showman

models with a new box body

from Herpa are only available at

Schlüter Automodelle


Visit us at

EAS Amsterdam

Booth 8134

European Showmen’s Union

Europäische Schausteller-Union

Union Foraine Européenne

International non-government organisation (NGO) • Established in 1954

President Albert Ritter

60 Years ESU: Honorary Post is Invaluable!

A European institute is celebrating its 60 th birthday this year: the European

Showman Union was founded in Amsterdam in 1954. It is the oldest

European professional association with over 70,000 members in 24

national associations, and has accomplished as non-government

organisation successful and recognised works for the good of the profession

and cultural Volksfests in Europe for decades.

The ESU fights for its members and for the future of the showman profession

in Europe. Talks are held with the European parliament, the EU Commission

or with politicians and administrations in the national states – ESU-representatives

fight daily during countless appointments for the interests of colleagues.

It provides through voluntary activities invaluable contributions for the further

development of the ESU.

And so we can look back proudly over six decades of successful association work.

Our association has grown more and more together during this time. The cooperation

between member associations could be further extended – according

to the international showman application: Unity gives strength! A bond has

come about through the friendly connections that the European showman has

been cultivating over national borders for decades, is unique to Europe.

However we also know that the ESU can only continue if we are all true to our

membership in this strong international profession. We can only be successful

in the future in a mutually supportive group.

A current example is the "Sinksenfoor" in Antwerp which shows the importance

of a protective mechanism for the Volksfests and Christmas Markets in Europe.

Only this way can employment in the showman profession be retained in the

future. It can't be true that only a few make the important decision whether or

not a hundreds of years old Volksfest suddenly vanishes into thin air. We will continue

to fight – just as we have done over the last 60 years!

The presidium of the European Showman Union thanks all show-women and

showmen in the national associations, the office-holders and the trade advisors

of the European show-women and showman youth for their exemplary and

energetic application for the good of the showman profession and Volksfests in


ESU Invitation to Regulars' Table at the Crange Kirmes

Large Traditional Procession with Flags

Group photo with Kirmes Queen (f.l.t.r.) President

Albert Ritter, NRW Kirmes Queen Luisa I, General Secretary

Steve Severeyns, Vice President Franck Delforge.

On the 1 st August an international exchange of

colleagues met up at the Crange Kirmes – from

Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgian, and Germany.

Shortly before the opening of the large traditional

fair on the Rheine-Herne canal, questions

and problems in the showman industry were discussed.

A central point was the preparation of the

next meeting of the ESU on the 23 rd September in

Lineup for the big flag procession. Photos: ESU

Amsterdam, taking place within the frames of the

EAS exhibition. In conclusion, ESU representatives

met together at the regulars' table in preparation

for the traditional flag procession. The showman

delegation of the European Showman Union proceeded

across the festival area led by the ESU flags

and accompanied by the Herner Bergmann orchestra

to the Bayernhalle, where they were greeted

with resounding applause by the 2,500 guests.

Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel and the Herne Lord

Mayor Horst Schiereck opened the 579 th Crange

Kirmes with the tapping of the keg.

ESU-Regulars' table at the Crange Kirmes 2014.

Publishing Information


European ________________________

Showmen’s Union (ESU)

Responsible for contents:

Albert Ritter, rittera@dsbev.de



Christoph Jansen, jansenc@dsbev.de



Europäische Schausteller-Union

c/o Deutscher Schaustellerbund e.V.

Am Weidendamm 1A • D-10117 Berlin

Tel.: 0049 (0)30 590 09 97 80

Fax: 0049 (0)30 590 09 97 87

E-Mail: mail@dsbev.de

Internet: www.esu-ufe.eu


The water attraction

"Aktium" from Mack Rides

is one of the highlights at

the new Cinecittà World

Rome is without a doubt one of

the most famous cities in the

world due to its history, monuments,

cuisine, and many other

things. In the '50s it was also

very well known for its Studios,

Cinecittà, which produced more

than 3,000 movies among which

47 were awarded the Oscar

prize. In order to celebrate this

very important chapter in the

history of cinema, a new theme

park has opened near Rome.

Cinecittà World


Matteo Crepaldi

Photos: Matteo Crepaldi,

Cinecittà World

The less than only reserved

design of the entrance

Located in Castel Romano, about 30 minutes by

car from the city centre, Cinecittá World is the

second modern theme park to open in this region

within three years. The first was Rainbow Magic-

Land, which opened in 2011 about 40 kilometres

away by air.

For those planning a visit by car, it is important to

know that the only connecting road between

Rome and Cinecittà World is the Pontina. This

may not sound important but it is the direct connection

to Naples that passes through all the

small towns on the seaside, but is also narrow and

very frequently has lots of traffic due to accidents.

This makes Castel Romano, as far as logistics are

concerned, not the best location for a big tourist

attraction, however it is the original grounds of the

film studio.

Once the destination is finally reached, guests are

welcomed first by a replica of the Cinecittà Studios

entrance, which leads to "Piazza Cabiria". "Cabiria"

is the title of a 1914 silent movie that was also one

of the greatest films produced at Cinecittà. The entrance

to the park is quite impressive representing

the temple of Moloch, a reproduction of one of the

sets of the movie "Cabiria".

Once inside, guests are transported into a completely

different theme, New York of the 1920s.

Even if the main street is hardly longer than 100

meters, it is beautifully designed with realistic

buildings, shops, restaurants and even a

welcome show recreating a scene from a gangster


Piazza Dino de Laurentis, the centre of the park

which includes the main stage for events, the

fountains and a relaxation area is located at the

end of Cinecittà Main Street, behind the giant

movie screen.

A Big Water Ride from Mack Rides

On the left of the main square is "Aktium", one of

the largest water rides ever produced by Mack

Rides, although there could be a long discussion

about whether this can be classified as a coaster

due to the final camelback or just as a water ride.

Overall "Aktium" is a good ride for the whole family

providing a nice refreshment without getting

soaked. The theming, representing some ancient

Roman ruins is concentrated only on the ride

vehicles, a small portion of the attraction, and on


the outside of the station, but it is well detailed and

it looks very good. For the future it would be nice

to see the inside of the station themed as well, and

at least some of the structure of the ride covered

to to make the ride more attractive thematically.

A 10-Looping Coaster from Intamin

Right in front of "Aktium", following the perimeter

of the park there is "Altair", an Intamin coaster with

10 inversions. Those familiar with this manufacturer

know that this is a model first presented

in 2002 at Thorpe Park, breaking the record for

the highest number of inversions. After that a few

similar models opened all around the world including

some smaller versions with "only" eight inversions.

As far as figures go, "Altair" is identical

to "Colossus" at Thorpe Park but after a closer look

it is clear that this is an improved model currently

located in China ("Crazy Coaster", Loca Joy

Holiday Theme Park). In particular, the most

noticeable changes are that the first drop has

been completely redesigned the four consecutive

Heartline rolls are now built with a triangular section,

which makes it structurally more solid and

nicer to look at. Also the trains now present a very

comfortable lap bar as the only restraint system.

As its name suggests, the theme of the ride is

space exploration and futuristic technology. The

station represents a giant spaceship, which is

really impressive both inside and out.

Right outside the "Altair" station, a new themed

land begins. Located parallel to Piazza Dino de

Laurentis, this area, called "Ennio's Creek" is a

homage to one of the greatest composers of

movie soundtracks EnnioMorricone, and to some

of his most famous works such as western

movies. Hence, "Ennio's Creek" is the detailed reproduction

of the main street of a town from the

old west. There are no attractions in this area but

there are some arcade games and a themed

American restaurant. Additionally at different

times of the day, actors recreate scenes from

these classic movies.

The attractive main area

"La Fontana Magica" during the

day and in the evening


The 10-inversion

coaster "Altair"

Photo down-right: the

Boat Battle "Spruzzaincubine"

The Italo-Western Era

At the end of "Ennio's Creek",

the only way to go is right and

back toward the main square.

On both sides of the walkway there are large

building replicas of the movie studios. The ones

on the left contain a themed playground for children

called "Il ProiettoreIncantato" (The Enchanted

Projector), and a small theatre. The building on

the right, which is slightly larger than the others,

contains another coaster designed by Intamin,

called "Darkmare".

That was the title of a film that was produced in

this studio based on the Divine Comedy, and the

attraction tells the story of an extremely mysterious

accident that occurred during shooting,

which caused a fire in which a

number of people involved in

the movie died. After this

happened the production of

the film was discontinued, and

the building sealed off. Now,

after many years, guests can

take a train tour through the

original sets.

Looking at the matter technically,

"Darkmare" is an indoor

Family Drop Coaster. The theming around the

queue line is extremely minimal with just strange

signs on the walls and reproductions of newspaper

articles about the accident. The station is

even less themed. The only element is a stone

arch representing the entrance to hell. It also includes

the famous sentence "Leave all hope..."!

Once inside, riders are surrounded by large projections

of scenes from the Divine Comedy and in

particular from Inferno. Whilst parts of the themes

and some of the characters are easily recognizable,

others are simply nice to look at. The projections

continue all the way up to the top of the

lift hill, which ends with a giant statue of a Cerberus.

The drop is quite steep and fast for a family

coaster and is followed by and upward helix

around a cylindrical projection of flying corpses

and lost souls. The layout then continues with another

helix and faster directional changes. All of

this takes place in a quite dark environment so it

is hard to predict what is going to happen. The

train then reaches a straight section of track leading

many guests to thinking that the ride is finished.

The front and side walls are covered with projections

that show a lake with human heads floating

around on two sides and, on the front, the

devil with two human corpses in its mouth. At this

point, the devil gets closer and spreads its wings


covering the sides of the train. Next, it crushes the

bodies in its mouth and the train suddenly drops

about five meters. After a short break, the journey

continues with a few more tight turns and projections,

until the final brakes are reached. The

short distance between the brakes and the station

takes place inside a tunnel surrounded by white

LEDs to recreate the final sentence of the Divine

Comedy when Dante goes back outside to watch

the stars. Overall "Darkmare" is a very fun ride providing

good thrill for the whole family. The visual

effects are really quite impressive even if a real

flame or two could have made everything better.

Right outside of "Darkmare", a giant elephant

blocks the way, carrying a huge column on its

back. Its name is "Erawan" and the construction

on its back is a 54 meters tall Freefall Tower, also

produced by Intamin. Its four sides have different

ride options: sit down, stand up, a tilting sit down,

and a tilting stand up.

Hommage to Dante Ferretti

Back at Piazza Dino de Laurentis opposite

"Aktium" is an indoor exposition of artworks from

some of Cinecittà World's projects as homage to

Dante Ferretti, who was responsible for the design

of the park. Next door inside another building

there is a small race track for children called

"VelocitàLuce" (Speed of Light). The name is a reminder

of the LuceInstutue, one of the oldest public

institutions created in Cinecittàto increasing

the diffusion of cinema as an educational tool


Both indoor attractions:

left the Walkthrough "Aquila"

and right the Freefall Coaster


The Freefall Tower is

excellently themed as the

elephant by the name of "Erawan"


Design impressions at

Cinecittà World

The "Enigma”-Show

In the outside area there is a quite unique attraction

called "Aquila IV". Even if the quality is not

overwhelming, it is easily recognizable that

"Aquila IV" is the name of a military submarine

which took part in the Second World War. As this

Walkthrough attraction has a very limited capacity,

guests are invited to make a reservation. Before

entering the submarine, each visitor is given

a helmet to better simulate the military environment

as well as safety reasons, due to the low ceiling.

The inside is much better themed than outside.

Two actors accompany the guests through

the attraction, recreating with gags and jokes,

scenes from everyday life during the war period.

Behind Aquila IV, there is a very colourful area

dedicated to children and families called

"Sognolabio". The main attraction here is a Mack

Rides Boat Battle called "Spruzzaincubi", representing

the ultimate ship battle between dreams

and nightmares. To make everything more fun and

wet, there are a few water effects around the layout

and guests on the outside can join the battle

with water cannons operated free of charge.

All around the attraction there is a selection of six

flat rides produced by Zamperla. The most

unique is "Coloridea" a ride on which children

climb on board a fire trucks but instead of extinguishing

a fire, they shoot paint against the façade

of the building. The rest are standard rides

such as a Tea Cup ride called "Vapocalderone",

the bouncy flat ride "Saltapestello", and a small

Freefall Tower "Sbuffapressa" just to name a few.

Finally it is important to spend a few words on the

main show, "Enigma" that takes place inside

Teatro 1 (Theatre 1). The show is very different

from any other show that can be found inside most

other parks. The main idea is that nothing is really

as it appears. The stage is therefore quite

empty but, with the help of advanced 3D mappings,

the whole scene is a fast changing environment

– unfortunately without a real storyline.

Resumèe: Park Needs More Rides

Résumé: coming into being three years later than

planned, Cinecittà World is a nice little park with

some very good rides but not enough to keep a

family busy for the whole day. This will definitely

improve when all the technical problems are

fixed, and with the opening of two new attractions.

The first will be a Flight Simulator similar to

Disney's "Soarin", (built by a still unnamed manufacturer).

The second will be a Simworx Immersive

Tunnel ride. It is still not known at the moment

if they will be presented this season or the next.

And in the matter of theming, Cinecittà World

offers some great looking elements such as the

entrance square Piazza Cabiria, the giant elephant

"Erawan" or the outside façade of the "Aktium"

station. On the other hand theming is completely

missing in other areas, and there are still

way too many plain concrete walls and electrical

cables hanging around.

All in all it is a good starting point and, hopefully

with some work and a couple of good investments,

the park will be fully competitive within a

year or two.











See us at EAS Amsterdam

Booth #8335


Parts of the new

attraction“Wonder Mountain”

can be seen not in front of

the entrance, but only from

the back area of the park

Part roller coaster and part interactive

dark ride, “Wonder

Mountain’s Guardians” has forged

a new genre of ride. Built into

the heart of the iconic “Wonder

Mountain” at Canada’s Wonderland,

the new ride from Triotech

takes on the challenge of offering

two ride types in one, and

they’ve done it extremely well.

The Wonder Mountain’s


Marcus Gaines

Photos: Dave Sargeant,

Triotech, ART Engineering


■ Opening: 24 th May 2014

■ Track length: 305 m

■ Track height: 18.5 m

■ Track difference: 14 m

■ Indoor-Drop: 9.1 m

■ Max. Speed: 44 km/h

■ Max. Acceleration: 3.5 g

■ Total ride time: 2 min 40 sec

(from that 40 sec to 1 st drop

and further 20 sec in

outside area)

■ 5 trains each with 2 cars,

per car 4 pers.

■ Capacity: 650 p.p.h.

■ Manufacturer: Triotech

(Interactive Media), ART

Engineering (Ride Design

and trains), Kubes Steel

(Coaster Tracks), Richmond

Welding & Iron Works


■ General Contractor: Triotech,

Montreal, Canada

■ Operator: Canada’s Wonderland,

Vaughan, Canada

Speculation was that a Darkride was being

Sbuilt into the heart of the mountain but it

wasn’t until sections of roller coaster track

started to emerge out of the side of the structure

that theme park fans began to wonder just what

was coming. What came is an interactive Darkride

that begins with an unusual 60 foot coaster

lift hill.

Once at the top, the two car train holding eight

passengers takes a dive down a small banked

turn on the outside of the mountain before racing

up into another banked right hand turn into the

depths of “Wonder Mountain”. Once inside, a

door closes behind the train and plunges the

passengers into darkness. Unfortunately when

the sun is in certain positions, daylight from out-



side spoils the initial effect as until the doors

close the complete technology is visible. A

tunnel on the outside would have helped reduce

light levels.

But skipping over that, the cars then rotate 90°

so riders who are seated back to back, face

opposing projection screens. The video projections

then fire up and thanks to 3D glasses and

personal laser blasters, riders do battle with sea

monsters, giant bats, lizard creatures and much

more. The trains, powered by a friction drive

system, meander through the mountain past a

total of five scenes. There are a total of 64

projectors that use the largest interactive

screen in the world (152 metres long and 4

metres high).

The 3D projections are first class, and the level

of interactivity when shooting the bad guys is

very effective, even objects in the backgrounds

of the scenes move when shot.

“Wonder Mountain’s Guardians” has an unexpected

and exciting finale. Whilst doing

battle with the dragon “Ormaar”, his flames set

fire to the ground beneath, causing the train to

freefall straight down. The impact and thrill of this

sequence far exceeds many a traditional


“Ormaar” the dragon is no stranger to regular

Already since 1991 the

Suspended Coaster “Vortex”

from Arrow has crossed a part of

the artificial mountain – now

there can be interesting

rendezvous with both coaster




Each seat on the

coaster train is equipped

with a laser pistol


ART Engineering GmbH

was founded in 2003 by

two earlier Mack employees,

Oliver Pierling and

Georg Behringer.

Since that time they have

successfully realised a

number of amusement

rides in their own name or

as subcontractors (among

others for Mack).

However the company not

only produces constructions

for the amusement

branch, but also for example

track bound crashtest

tracks for the automobile

industry. ■

visitors to “Canada’s Wonderland”, as he has

been a part of the laser show for quite a number

of years. Triotech took over the existing

character and built a storyline and a new cast of

creatures around him.

Christian Martin, Vice President of Marketing for

Triotech explained how they worked alongside a

ride manufacturer on the project. “The ride

system (track and cart) was provided by Art

Engineering GmbH from Germany. Their

contract was directly with Canada's Wonderland

so the formal "partnering" was done by Canada's

Wonderland with Triotech on the one hand, and

Art Engineering on the other hand. However

Triotech was responsible to integrate

all the technology inherent in the

interactive game play into the carts

provided by Art Engineering. This included

hardware (targeting system),

software, sound and other elements

that make a complete media-based

special effects laden ride.”

The popularity of the ride and the high

quality of the experience is sure to lead

to more orders. With earlier Disney boss

Matt Ouiment at the helm, Cedar Fair parks

could become a Darkride hotspot, giving traditional

roller coaster additions a break. It would

be great to see Darkrides become a major part

of the offering at theme parks once again, particularly

when they are so innovative as the

"Wonder Mountain's Guardians".

And already the park has revealed they plan to

swap the projection scenes during their

Halloween season for films of a more spooky

nature, and Triotech are involved in making that



Visit us at

EAS Amsterdam

Booth 8441


Water fun for the

whole family, but there's

also something for the

Croatian holiday


Two Croatian water parks have

been in the process of coming

into being for a number of

years. There were constant delays,

although the very popular

touristic Adriatic Coast of

Croatia longed for such an

attraction. Now however one

project has been realized.

Istralandia Aquapark



Frank Lanfer




n the 1 June 2014 the Istralandia Aquapark

in Brtonigla near Novigrad and also near

famous city of Porec finally opened its gates. And

the waiting is well worthwhile as the new park

stretches over an area of 20 hectares, and with its

many refreshing attractions will without a doubt be

an ideal change to bathing days on the Istrian


A total of 20 water slides are available to guests,

among them many small kiddie slides, which are

located on the edge of the 1,000 square metres

sized kiddie pool, together with large pirate

structures. The deepest area of the pool measures

only 40 centimetres.

Seven large slides are available to all larger water

rats. Towering above everything is the 27 metres

high and only 96 metres long “Free Fall”. At its side

is the “Flying Boats” slide, with an airtime hill built

into its 106 metres long course.

A slide tower unites three other slides: the colourful

and beautifully designed striped “Fantasy

Hole” with a 157 metres length, the red and white

“Sky River” rafting of the same length, and the

wide and 138 metres long “Family Rafting” slide.


A double “Top Gun” slide with flight-sequence,

and the six-lane and 70 metres long wave slide

“Crazy Hills” provide further diversions.

A 2,500 square metres sized wave pool with up to

one metre high surging waves, a hydro massage

pool, two restaurants and a bar. round off the assortment

of Istralandia Aquapark. Although the

park area is located in the inland, in some spots

there is a wonderful view of the popular Mediterranean.

Operator and owner is the Croatian firm Istrakop,

a building construction and civil engineering

company from Porec.



The world's largest funnel

slide "Dekasla!"


Frank Lanfer

Photos: Whitewater West

Japan’s first “Abyss” tube slide has opened in

the massive theme and water park, Tokyo


Particularly in the summer months the water park

area of the resort is often overfilled. So it was time

for a further extension that Canadian manufacturer

WhiteWater West did gladly. “Dekasla!” which

roughly translated means “”Big

Slide” is in reality a gigantic slide

erected in the outside area of the Adventure Lagoon

Water Park.

Tokyo Summerland’s new funnel water slide has a

height of 24 meters and with that is as high as a 5-

storey building. With a slide length of 131 metres

the “Abyss” not only offers an impressive view, but

also a lot of fun and thrill.

Tokyo Summerland theme park covers a huge area

in the Akigawa Hills in Tokyo and features a theme

park called Thrill Mountain, an indoor Adventure

Dome water park, and the outdoor Adventure

Lagoon Water Park.




Whitewater West

North of Shanghai, the most populated city in

the world, is a new indoor water park.

Nantong Adventure Kingdom Water World in the

Chinese Jiangsu Province, offers nine waterslides,

which have all been built by the Canadian manufacturer

WhiteWater West, among them a looping

waterslide, a children’s area, a highly themed

“AquaPlay” construction, a family wave pool, and a

double “FlowRider” surfing attraction.

WhiteWater also provided the concept and schematic

design for Nantong Water World. The 40,000

m 2

sized indoor water park maintains a constant

temperature to imitate a summer’s day all year

round. The official opening took place on June 30 th

this year.



Movie Park Germany

has received a unique

attraction in Europe

The dinosaurs have moved into

Movie Park Germany! The new

4D-simulation attraction is part

of a 200 million Euro heavy

investment by the Parques

Reunidos Group within the next

three years, and is until now

unique worldwide.



Stefan Peck

Heiko Schimanzik

The Lost Temple

Some of the impressively

themed waiting rooms

More precisely, Movie Park Germany is the

first park to use this type of technology as

an independent attraction, as the so-called

"Immensive Tunnel" has been a part of the

"Studio Tram Tour" at Universal Studios Hollywood

until now. In order to design a fully embracing

park attraction out of the actual two-minute

long 4D-simulation, the creative team had

developed a storyline. Naturally the actual

attraction can be experience first at the end,

however the attraction experience will not only

be longer due to the total of 14 different rooms,

but the visitors will also be drawn into the story

more and more: visitors land in the depths in an

old lift and arrive in caves with remarkable

crystal objects, walk under a huge dino-skeleton,

or meet up with a fire-spitting stone statue.

Archaeologists have discovered a secret temple

700 metres under the ground in an old mineshaft,

and fossils give indications of large prehistoric

flora and fauna. But suddenly the leader of the

expedition is missing and the rest of the expedition

workers go in search of him…

The Simworx firm from England is responsible for

the "Immensive Tunnel" which is – as its predecessor

– a combination of 360° screen and 4D


film technology. Nevertheless there are only

theme vehicles used on the tracks, which following

the securing of the passengers, travel to the

actual projections room. Both vehicles accommodating

20 passengers are mounted onto a

simulation frame that is synchronised with the

film for movement. The "4 Dimension" comprises

here of wind and aroma effects as well as the

vibration of the seats. The 3D effects of the film

are made possible by so-called Shutter-

Glasses. The speedy escape through the

collapsing temple has been very well portrayed,

accompanied naturally by countless attacks by

the dinosaurs.

Even without being tied in with any current film,

this attraction is a successful extension for

Movie Park Germany, and is full of action.

Interview with Yann Caillère /

CEO Parques Reunidos

Due to the press opening of this year’s novelty

The Lost Temple” at Movie Park Germany, Yann

Caillère, the new CEO of Parques Reunidos, gave

us an exlusive interview. He is the successor to

Richard Golding, who has retired.

Mister Caillère, thank you very much for

taking time for us. Since when have you been

with Parques Reunidos and what did you do


Before I came to Parques Reunidos in

January this year, I was employed at Disneyland

Paris. There, I was responsible for the hotel and

The spectacular 360°

projection room is the highlight

of the new attraction

The allocation of two

entrances takes place in the

last waiting room



■ Opening: 23 rd July 2014

■ Ride time: 2 min.

■ Capacity: 2 vehicles,

each for 20 pers.

■ Design: Rocca Design,


■ Manufacturer: Simworx Ltd,

Kingswinford, England

■ 3D-Film: Riva Digital, Dubai

■ Operator: Movie Park

Germany, Bottrop, Germany

Park Manager Wouter

Dekkers (l) and CEO Yann Caillère

gastronomy sector. Due to the change to the

Spanish concern, I moved to Madrid with my

family, and we feel very comfortable there.

And what do you think of the new

attraction “The Lost Temple” at Movie Park


Personally I enjoyed the novelty very much

and it confirmed our concept. Our focus lies on

telling a story in an attraction and “The Lost

Temple” embodies precisely that. Thereby the

visitor receives a permanent impression, which I

like to call “immaterial souvenir”.

Movie Park Germany is dedicated to

movies and television. “The Lost Temple” has

no reference to any popular movie or television

series. Was that the right decision?

In my opinion, the topic “dinosaurs” is

timeless and especially appeals to kids and

adolescents. If one doesn’t produce own

movies or series at all, it is not only very expensive

to acquire the licenses, but also

difficult to acquire them at all. With “The Lost

Temple”, we counted on an own concept from

the start, and everything originated in our

name. That way, we created our own license

with this attraction. The topic relation is given

simply by the use of movie components.

The Lost Temple” is already accessible

for kids with a height of one meter. Was

that one of the conditions of Parques


Well, we don’t only run theme parks, but also

zoos, aquariums, and water parks. With our offers

we want to appeal to the whole family because we

think that the collective experience in our parks is

an important component nowadays. The parents

are not supposed to just spend time with their kids

but to experience things together and share them.

With the new attraction we want to accomplish

that too, and we managed to appeal to both

adolescents and young adults.

The financial crisis has shown its impacts

not only but very effectively in Spain. Which

influences had the crisis on the company and

how do you assess the current situation?

For sure, we also felt the crisis in the last

couple of years in the company, and had to be

careful in terms of investments in the existing

parks as also with new acquisitions. The Spanish

parks have a share of 25 percent within the

company. But we register, especially in Spain, a

slow recovery with increasing visitor numbers.

However, the guests are holding back with their

spending at the park. But we still invested in the

parks this year.

Regarding investments: Could you tell us

about the short-term and long-term investments?


We have 70 parks in 12 countries and are

running 14 theme- and amusement parks, 5

animal parks, 9 aquariums and 21 water parks. In

2013, the Seaquarium in Miami was added. We

are the second largest operator of theme- and

amusement parks and the company with the

largest portfolio of water parks, and are the

biggest operator of animal parks in Europe. In

addition to the new attraction at Movie Park

Germany, we have opened a new “Nickelodeon”

in Parque de Atracciones in Madrid this year. The

Italian park Mirabilandia opened the new theme

section "Dinoland" and the French Marineland

established the first hotel within our group.

I can’t give you detailed information about longterm

investments. But we will invest 200 Million

Euro in the company within the next four years.

This includes new attractions in our existing parks

to keep them attractive. We won’t build our own

parks, in fact more acquisitions are planned to

extend our portfolio. But we are also processing

new management-agreements; currently we have

finalised an agreement for a park in Dubai, which

will be playing a main role in the future.

Meanwhile you have important licenses

such as the one from Nickelodeon, Playmobil,

the Smurfs, and also for the Simpsons. How

does it look with going about with the integration

of rights for the different parks?

we are not able to use some of the licenses in

every field. For example, the brand Playmobil is

due to licensing reasons not usable in Germany.

In addition to the new theme area “Nickelodeon"

in Madrid, an indoor playground with the "Playmobil"

brand was implemented at Marineland in


How do you decide, which park gets a new


For sure, the profitability is important, which

parks are getting new attractions and which ones

have to wait. As is the case for every park operator,

visitor numbers and revenues are important

decision indicators.

Can you give me an insight into the last

financial year?

We had 26.2 million visitors at the parks in

2013, and achieved a revenue of 540 million Euro;

before taxes it means a profit of 167 million Euros.

We currently have a growth in the visitor numbers

of 15 percent per year, and an increase in sales

of 21 percent. We were able to achieve this result

with 18,000 employers. During the next five years

we want to strengthen our position as leading

operator in the section of global theme parks and

want to become number 1 in Europe.

Our dialogue partner was

CEO Yann Caillère

These important licenses give us the opportunity

to create even more attractive parks and can

be used for new theme sections or attractions. But

Many thanks for the interview and lots of

continued success at Parques Reunidos. ■



As was to be expected, the

branch exhibition and the theme

park industry in Asia are continuing

on the same road: as the

number of park visitors increase

in Asia, so do also the visitors to

the AAE every year. This year,

with around 9,000 visitors, the

show actually overtook the EASexhibition

in Europe for the very

first time!

Text & Photos: Stefan Rothaug

Opening of the AAE 2014

And it can be presumed that the AAE will take its

place before the Euro Attractions Show in the

future as well. In Asia – and particularly China – the

branch is booming, despite strong efforts on the

part of the Chinese government to regulate the industry.

According to AECOM, 14 new theme parks

were opened in the past two years alone, and until

2020 another 64 will be added.

In this year's exhibition report, we want to detach

ourselves a little from the show floor, in order to take

a closer look at exactly where and how the branch

in China is growing. It goes without saying that all

the well known exhibitors as well as countless new

ones were represented at this year's exhibition, a

total of 325 – and this high figure despite the annual

China Attractions Expo held at the same venue in

March, which is organised by the Chinese CAAPA.

For the first time ever the AAE took place in the Chinese

capital of Peking in response to an express invitation

by the CAAPA-Chairman Jingwang Liu. A

venue in China would guarantee visitor masses one

would think at first glance, but at a second look

there are stumbling blocks: firstly it's a lot more difficult

for international guests to go to Peking rather

than Hong Kong (where the show will take place

again next year), and secondly because the city as

previously mentioned, already has its own exhibition.

However it's obvious that all this had no effect

on the success of the show.

Heege products were present at the AAE again

after a year's break as Sunkid was represented with

a stand at the event for the first time, proving its competence

in the construction of coaster trains. Also

present for the first time were the German Kristalpalast

company, and the Chinese ride manufacturer

Nanfang. It was very interesting to see how the

boundaries between park operators and ride manufacturers

in China become blurred and many operator

groups are beginning to offer their knowhow

and even ride constructions. Whilst Huaqiang

(Fantawild) und Overseas Chinese Town (OCT)

have already exhibited themselves regularly for

many years, the presence of the Wanda Group was

a particular surprise. The fact that the group wants

to enter the Chinese amusement market with large

investments as park operator has been known for a

long time, but the renting of a stand in order to come

into contact with suppliers was very unexpected.

The Wanda-Group was the dominating theme at the

exhibition anyway. Nearly every manufacturer indicated

that they were negotiating with the newcomer

to the branch. The interest in the new group

appeared to be very wide. Whilst Huaqiang basic-


Visit us at

EAS Amsterdam

Booth 8734


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CONFERENCE: NOV. 17–21, 2014 • TRADE SHOW: NOV. 18–21, 2014




ally always relies on the same partner for ride constructions

for its countless new Fantawild-Parks,

Wanda travels a more open strategy, and for this

reason there was hardly a manufacturer who didn't

seriously bargain for a piece of the large Wanda

cake. There are already signed contracts for two

parks – a project in Xishuangbanna and one in Nanchang.

Further projects are in planning. In the event

that all are implemented, then Wanda will be the

largest park operator in China.

Already in 2003 the central government in Peking

had begun to take steps to regulate the building of

new theme parks, and in 2011 the regulations were

tightened again. A number of projects therefore

were not approved, such as the Movie-Park of Chinese

movie producers Huayi Brothers or the planned

Smurf Park in Chengdu. Other projects were stopped

half way through due to financial

reasons, such as the

Hans Christian Andersen Park

in Nanjing or the Jurassic

Dream indoor park in Daqing in

the Province of Heilongjiang.

There are also others, such as

the Monkey Kingdom that have

been announced long ago, but

in reality there has not been one

spade turned to this day. Investors

are still being sought.

However although the political

framework conditions have become

more difficult, new national

and international actors

continue to step into the market.

In the future Disneyland in

Shanghai, the first attractions

are clearly recognisable, and one hopes to be able

to open at the end of 2015. Universal is considering

the possibility of opening a park in Peking in 2018,

while DreamWorks is planning on an indoor park in

Shanghai. Japanese operators are also taking a

chance in the neighbourhood country: the Sanrio

firm that already has built two parks in Japan and

has built a small indoor park in Malaysia, will be

opening the Hello Kitty Park in Anji with a Ferris

wheel from Intamin, round rides from Zierer, an interactive

Darkride from the Canadian firm Triotech,

and a water attraction from abc rides. After the unsuccessful

opening of the Players Arena in Shanghai

a couple of years ago, Sega is taking another

shot and is planning a Joypolis-Park, according to

the example of the FECs in Tokyo and Dubai, which

apparently will open in Qingdao.

A view on the map reveals

the intensive activities during

the construction of new theme


All notable western

exhibitors were in Peking; here

the stand from Vekoma


Sascha Czibulka (Intamin)

and Markus Beyr (Attraktion!)

are thrilled about the first

customer for a "Dome Ride

Theatre": the Shaanxi Lewa

Investment Group wants to

open such a 4D-cinema in one

of its parks in 2015

Korean park operator Lotte

also wishes to bring its indoor-park

concept to China.

Planned is a location near the

Lotte-department store in


Nevertheless the local competitors

of the three large

operators in the Chinese theme

park branch (OCT,

Huaqiang und Wanda) are

not sleeping. Romon aspires

to finally open its indoor park

in Ningbo in the upcoming

October with a design and

dimensions that strikingly remind

one of Lotte World in Seoul.

Mack also appears to have struck a nerve in China

with its very successful mega-coaster concept in

Europe. This spring the "Quancheng Euro-Park"

opened in Shandong with a "blue fire"-clone as the

main attraction. Additionally the park also offers a

number of Jiuhua and Zamperla ride constructions.

The Euro-Park is already the second park of the operating

company Baxianguohai, which additionally

also operates aquariums in the province of Shandong.

A row of attractions from the Dutch manufacturer

Vekoma stand short before opening: two constructions

in Shanghai Disneyland and three attractions

at Hot Go Park in Fushun. Two indoor attractions

from Malaysian investor Berjaya are still to be realized

for the Great Mall of China.

Chinese park operator Chimelong successfully

opened the first building phase of its second resort,

the Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai, in the spring of this

year, and there are already rumours that a third location

is being searched for.

A government operated Kiddie Park with ride constructions

of Italian manufacturer will be opening in

the summer on the Island of Taiwan in Taipei – with

among others a Ferris wheel from Fabbri and a

coaster from Interlink. Additionally a number of simulator

ride constructions from Vekoma and Brogent

will be installed in an FEC in Miaoli.

An integration of water parks and aquariums in this

China-balance has been wisely waived as even a

sole view of the theme parks quickly becomes very

complex. An overall view of all known park projects

is shown on the map. A gold-digger syndrome dominates

in China, similar to the situation in Japan 20

years ago – with the difference however that the

country, due to its size and countless metropolitan

areas in comparison to Japan, appears to have a

limitless potential.

OCT is doing everything to continue to dominate the

branch. Nevertheless Overseas Chinese Town is

going about it relatively slowly: a new indoor kiddie

world and a Huss "Condor" in Peking, a new indoor

kiddie world with an "Outdoor Family Inverted

Coaster" from B&M and a "White Water" attraction

from Zierer in Shanghai. A new Happy Valley Park is

planned first for 2017 in Chongqing. In 2013 there

were by the way more visitors for the first time than

at the American Six Flags-Group: 26 million guests

visited the 9 parks of the group.

In the case of Huaqiang, the expansion of the park

chain Fantawild is progressing faster. According to

AECOM there were 42% more visitors last year than

the year before, and it counts for the first time among

the Top 10 park operators worldwide. In addition to

further parks in new locations, the chain is building

more and more "Second Gates" next to the older

parks. The main attractions are "Boomerang" constructions

from Vekoma and in the future also wooden

coaster from The Gravity Group, located in three

locations of the group – among them in two new

parks that are preoccupied with China's cultural


Visit us at

EAS Amsterdam

Booth 8154

Golden Horse

presented in cooperation with

Coaster-lab and young designer

Camiel Bilsen attractive coaster


heritage, similar to OCT's Window on China.

There are also positive aspects to report about from

other countries in Asia. Mario Mammon, owner of the

Filipino theme park "Enchanted Kingdom" was visibly

proud that this year he was the first Asian occupied

as IAAPA President. Whilst in neighbouring

countries such as Indonesia or Vietnam theme park

projects have already been planned, the Philippines

with a with notable market of 100 million residents

is limping behind somewhat. Mamon's Park Enchanted

Kingdom is the top address in the country

and presented this season a "Mega Disk’O" from

Zamperla. The Taman Safari Park Group with three

parks in Indonesia has ordered a Zamperla coaster

for the park in Bogor, and two water rides for the

other two parks. Jungleland, also located in Bogor

has announced another construction from Zierer.

In Japan the awarding of the Olympic Summer

Games to Tokyo for 2020 appears to have also

given wings to the amusement industry. Only a few

days ago Merlin confirmed the planned opening of

Legoland Japan in Nagoya in 2017, and the large

parks in the greater Tokyo area are beginning to invest

again. Hafema is delivering a water attraction

to the Land of the Rising Sun – most probably to


A similar reaction has come about with the awarding

of the Olympic Winter Games in Korea's Pyeong

Chang for 2018. Universal Studios Korea could, as

far as shareholder Lotte is concerned, open in 2016

before the event. Lotte itself has opened a brand

new water park in spring in Gimhae near Busan, and

also purchased a row of new Zamperla ride constructions

for Lotte World in Seoul: a Mega Disk`O

24 was installed in the outside area, and inside a

specially designed and themed Flying Tigers ride

for the park was opened.

A Suspended Coaster with a spiral lift also from

Zamperla is planned as new attraction for Universal

Studios Singapore.

Apart from a visitor increase of around 62% in comparison

to the previous year, the exhibition was also

a success qualitatively. That at least was the tenor

of most of the exhibitors. Luckily the many exhibitors

were prepared for the predominantly Chinese

public, and had either translators or Chinese speaking

personnel on their stands. Despite this, the Chinese

market is difficult to see clearly even for the

locals. There are far too many new actors on the

market and only time will tell who actually has the

necessary substance for successful theme park

projects. This pertains by the way not only to the

operator but also to the countless Chinese design

firms, which in addition to foreign competitors such

as Falcons Treehouse, the Goddard Group, JRA,

Sanderson or Thinkwell, are attempting to establish

themselves on the Chinese market.

Traditionally the presentation of novelties is seldom

seen at the Asian exhibition, but with the increasing

importance of the event, there is always more to report.

Attraktion! GmbH from Markus Beyer issued

invitations for the presentation of the new "Dome


Clockwise from above-left:

exhibitors OCT, Wonderworld,

Dongfang Landscape Design

(for Chimelong) and

Kristallturm Germany

Ride Theatre" for the last exhibition day. The first delivery

will go to Lewa Happy World in Shaanxi. This

is a ring-formed passenger gondola completed by

Intamin in which riding guests sit with their view to

the inside. The gondola moves practically from the

screen encased in a spherical formed dome. Additionally

Happy World is planning on the highest

Looping Coaster until now from Mack.

Canadian manufacturer Dynamic Attractions introduced

a whole row of new products in Peking: the

"Flying Theatre" a flight simulator, the "Immersive

Transporter" with projections, a trackless transport

system for cars with 4 to 12 riding guests, the "Circumotion

Theatre", a round platform that rotates

under a dome cupola, and can tip, circle, elevate

and sink, and the "SFX Coaster", a combination of

coaster and Darkride.

Golden Horse also was surprising with creative

coaster designs, which were presented in cooperation

with Camiel Bilsen and his young firm Coasterlab.

One design called the "EyeLoop" reminds one

very much of Maurer's "Sky Wheel" and Premier

Rides' "Superman"/"Skyscream". The second presented

layout was a Looping construction with 16

inversions. It remains to be seen if it interests a


With the fondness of Chinese clients for records,

and high contract figures of Golden Horse on the

local market, it may well be possible. Added to that

is that the latest delivery of a Minetrain to Happy Valley

in Tianjin has extremely pleasant ride characteristics.

Unfortunately the theme "Intellectual Property" continues

to lead to disputes between established

manufacturers and Chinese competitors. Just in

time before the AAE, Zamperla was successful in

obtaining a court ruling before an American court in

which both manufacturers Shibaolai and Zhongshan

Golden Dragon were prohibited to offer ride

constructions with a similarity to Zamperla constructions.

Insofar the presentation of quite innovative

track layouts of its own by Golden Horse was

very pleasing, and shows that improvement is in


The next Asian Attractions Expo will take place in

Hong Kong in June 2015. And it's quite possible that

the year after the event will be held in China for the

third time. Shanghai would be a duty call for many

in the branch with the the newly opened Disneyland

in 2016, and the record numbers in Peking have

shown that the demand for an event location in

China's large cities is present.



It's been a long time since the

park in the greater Tokyo area in

Japan has invested in new large

attractions; in fact it had even

closed two of its coasters. However

on the occasion of its 50-

year anniversary, the decision

was made to heavily reinvest.

Text & Photos: Stefan Rothaug

The new indoor area at

Tokyo's Yomiuriland

After the wooden coaster "White Canyon" (see

big picture above) was replaced by the S&S

Sansei “El Loco” Coaster named "Twist Coaster

Robin" at the beginning of the year, a new multifunctional

hall was opened in the middle of


The building has been so designed that it

harbours the Sea Lion Show inside, which has

been at the park for decades, as well as other

shows and presentations. The sea lion pool can

also be converted to extra seating in that a

platform that hangs from the ceiling during the

sea lion show is lowered, resulting then in 1,000


Additionally the

stage building can

be opened at the

back, providing the

necessary infrastructure

for open-air

events. The public

gathers on a large

field "behind" the actual

show building.

Furthermore a 7,000

square metres sized

indoor area has

been announced for

the 2016 season.

The park is investing around 70 million Euro in the

huge building complex, which has been announced

as being planned to contain a water

ride, a car attraction, and a coaster. Additionally

there will also be an "indoor athletic area" where

kiddies can let off steam.

Yomiuriland's "Twist Coaster Robin" is by the way

the first delivery that can be considered as a

direct result of the cooperation between S&S und

Sansei Yusoki. Unfortunately this première was

rather unlucky: the attraction malfunctioned

shortly after the opening and has been out of

operation since then.





Frank Lanfer


The first “Condor 2G” (2 nd Generation) attraction

from Huss that opened in June at Happy Valley

Beijing in China, features a rescue boat design

and an attractive lighting concept.

The original "Condor" enjoyed much success with

30 examples being sold during the 1980s and

1990s, and having been added to the company’s

active portfolio of products once again, is creating

much interest among theme park operators.

Happy Valley chose the model that features the

familiar 31 m high central tower structure with four

main arms, at the end of which are spar boxes

carrying star shaped steel frames. Attached to

these are seven 2-person gondolas, which reach

a height of 24 m and swing out as they rotate

around the spar box.

A second Huss "Condor 2G" attraction is due for

opening in 2014/2015 in the Chinese Shandong





Another 64-seat and 95

m high "WindSeeker"

has also opened this

season: "Steel Hawk" at

Worlds of Fun. For comparison,

two photos ■


Frank Lanfer

Photos: Mondial

Already the 7 th example of the "WindSeeker"

from Dutch manufacturer Mondial opened on

the 6 th of June 2014 – namely at Adventureland

in Des Moines in the US State of Iowa.

Following the already opened big 64-seater,

almost 100 metres high constructions at the

Cedar-Fair-Parks such as Canada's Wonderland,

Kings Dominion, Cedar Point, Carowinds, Kings

Island and also this year at Worlds of Fun during

the past three years, a park outside of the group

also opted for such a spectacular product from


However, the park’s operating family Krantz had

the huge capacity of the "WindSeeker" custom

made to its own requirements, and had "only" half

of the 2-seat gondola arms installed on the

gondola cross. Nevertheless the "Storm Chaser"

attraction still offers a stately 32 seats per lofty

round at 75 metres height. Unchanged however

are the 45° outward swing and the high rotational

speed (55 km/h).

Adventureland that opened in 1974 is located

around 300 miles west of Chicago.




Photos: Huss

The Djurs Sommerland theme park in Nimtofte,

Denmark, has opened a classic "Pirate Ship"

from Huss Park Attractions this season.

The Viking ship named "Drageskibet" is located

over small lake in the newly created "Vikingeland”

area, and swings its 54 passengers at a 75° angle

to a height of 20 metres. With its moderate accelerations

and motions it is a genuine family ride, with

children from 1.1 m height accompanied by an

adult being able to enjoy the experience on offer.

Those over 1.2m are able to ride alone.

A second "Pirate Ship" is due

to open later this year at Romon

World in Ningbo, China.

This particular model will

again feature a special theme,

on this occasion reflecting the

concept of "Pirates of the Caribbean".

It is part of a package

of four new Huss rides

operating at the park, which

also includes a "Top Spin Suspended”,

a "Giant Frisbee 40”

and a "Break Dance 4”. ■



Istanbul is not only a cultural

highlight, but also a commercial

one. There's nowhere else that

there are so many large shopping



Frank Lanfer

Photos: Gosetto

Only a few weeks ago a large project was

added to the Mall of Istanbul together with

indoor amusement park.

And maybe as a reaction, the Cevahir Mall that

had opened in 2005 and with its 343 shops, 12

cinema screens,14 restaurants and 190,000

visitors daily is still the largest mall in Turkey,

announced the extension of its already existing

indoor park "Atlantis".

Until now there were a 15 m high coaster and a

25 m high Freefall Tower to experience (amongst

others). Almost immediately there will be two

other ride constructions enriching the current offer,

both of which have been produced and are to

be erected by Italian manufacturer Gosetto.

The "Zombie Darkride" is a type of interactive

Ghost Ride, in which thematically it's all about the

battle between zombies and police women. A

number of unusual scenes with 3D projection and

animatronics figures make this attraction – as is

the case with "The School" at Etnaland in Italy

based on the same ride system – something very

special among Darkrides. The ride course is 70m

long and the four-seat vehicles can rotate at 360°.

Test build-up at

Gosetto: "Zombie" Darkride

(above) and "Party Dance"


All interactive components come from the Canadian

firm Triotech.

The second new ride is called "Party Dance" and

is a new development from Gosetto, based on a

proven ride type. In this case however the twoseat

gondolas can be controlled

by a joystick individually in both

directions and at a variable

speed, while rotating on its own





It has just been announced that Hansa-Park's new

Hyper Coaster, planned to open in 2015, has a track

length of 73 metres.

Whilst the theming of the attraction will have a total

height of 79 metres – and with that "Kärnan" will most

probably be the highest themed

attraction in the world!

In order to celebrate this fact in

advance, a coaster T-shirt has been

brought out a year before the opening,

so the product can be purchased

at all merchandising shops at Hansa-

Park immediately – a simply great

marketing idea!


At the end of 2012, Sun Group

Vietnam approached the Luxembourg

firm FAB with the request

to search for a landmark attraction

for their new amusement

park project called Asia Park in

Da Nang, in central Vietnam.


Frank Lanfer

Photos: FAB

And FAB arranged site visits and accompanied

investment representatives during trips to

Europe, the United States, and Japan.

Rolf Düpmann from FAB: "We took the representatives

of Sun Group on various tours to show all

possibilities in creating landmark attractions. Sun

Group is a very ambitious company and all of their

projects in Vietnam are high-end. They will do

thorough research before they enter into any

contract, or agree to a final concept.” Mr. Dang

Minh Truong, Vice Chairman of Sun Group also

confirms this: "Our strategy in each of the projects

that we develop in Vietnam is to reach a high-end

international standard. Therefore we have asked

FAB to assist us in our search for a landmark attraction.”

The Sun Group is Vietnam's largest project

developer in the areas of hotels, amusement

and apartment construction. Its main project area

is in the city of Da Nang, where already a number

of international hotels and the BàNà Hills Fantasy

Park are operated by the company. The search

ended in Japan where a 105 m Giant Wheel

manufactured by Meisho was found in Kyoto,

where it was in operation between 1992 and 2001.

Although not in operation for a long time, the Giant

Wheel was still build up, and a comprehensive

refurbishment strategy was set up by FAB. After

acceptance of FAB’s scope of supply and refurbishment

strategy by the Sun Group, the purchase

and supply contract for the 105 m high wheel was


The first step to be taken was NDT testing of the

existing structure. Local testing authorities performed

these tests. TÜV Nord Systems GmbH &


Visit us at

EAS Amsterdam

Booth 8433

The elaborate buildings

and the passenger loading area

Co KG undertook the verification, and reported

the test results directly to Sun Group. The actual

dismantling works in Japan started at the end July

2013. Rolf Düpmann: "We have sold Ferris

wheels before, and with these past experiences

we set up an efficient dismantling

and refurbishment plan. We also established

an international project management

team that guided the whole project

from start to finish.”

The technical refurbishment was performed

in Japan using existing suppliers that

FAB has worked with in the past. The sandblasting

and repainting of the steel including

the complete renovation of the 64

gondolas was done in Vietnam. FAB arranged

that the original Japanese manufacturers

delivered all the necessary parts

for the refurbishment of the gondolas to the

country. A two-side LED-lighting system

was also added.

To give an even extra dimension to this

landmark attraction, Sun Group decided to

build an 8.5 meters high building on which

the wheel would be located. This building

with the imposing wheel on its roof will be

the centrepiece of the 40 hectare sized Asia

Park that will be developed around the

attraction, and will comprise of an outdoor amusement

park and a cultural park representing 9

Asian countries.

Through efficient planning and the cooperation

between FAB and its client Sun Group, the Sun

Wheel was opened in Da Nang, Vietnam, on July

19 th 2014, exactly 12 months after commencing

the dismantling of the 1,000 ton steel giant.

Dang Minh Truong: "Again Sun Group has set

another benchmark with this fantastic attraction.

Since the day of opening, visitors have an unforgettable

experience on the Sun Wheel with its

spectacular views over Da Nang. When we engaged

FAB, they soon proposed the idea of a

Giant Wheel. After completing the project with

FAB, we can conclude that their proposed strategy

has worked out very well for us from an operational

and financial point of view.”

One round on the wheel takes 16 minutes, and the

capacity is circa 1,600 passengers per hour. With

a total height of 113 m the Sun Wheel is not only

the landmark of the future Asia Park, but also of

the city of Da Nang due to its fantastic location on

the banks of the Han River.

Although the Sun Wheel has a rich history already,

with its new appearance it hasn’t lost anything of

its former grandeur and rises now majestically

above the skyline of Da Nang.



A calendar of events can be found here for the month of

September in alphabetical order. Additional information

about individual events is listed below.

A■ Aalen 12.09.-14.09.

■ Abensberg 04.09.-08.09.

■ Ahaus 12.09.-15.09.

■ Alfeld/Leine 19.09.-21.09.

■ Alfter 20.09.-23.09.

■ Alsdorf/Weiher 12.09.-15.09.

■ Altötting 27.09.-05.10.

■ Alzey 19.09.-23.09.

■ Amberg 26.09.-05.10.

■ Andernach 27.09.-30.09.

■ Andernach-Eich 06.09.-08.09.

■ Annweiler-Albersweiler 06.09.-09.09.

■ Apolda 26.09.-28.09.

■ Arnsberg-Hüsten 12.09.-16.09.

■ Asslar 29.08.-01.09.

■ Auerbach/Vogtland 19.09.-21.09.

■ Augsburg 22.08.-07.09.

B■ Bad Bentheim 26.09.-29.09.

■ Bad Bentheim 05.09.-07.09.

■ Bad Dürkheim 12.09.-22.09.

■ Bad Ems 29.08.-01.09.

■ Bad Frankenhausen 19.09.-21.09.

■ Bad Griesbach im Rottal 28.08.-02.09.

■ Bad Homburg 29.08.-01.09.

■ Bad Oldesloe 26.09.-28.09.

■ Bad Reichenhall 12.09.-21.09.

■ Bad Salzuflen-Schötmar 19.09.-21.09.

■ Bad Schussenried 19.09.-22.09.

■ Bad Segeberg 12.09.-15.09.

■ Bad Vilbel-Gronau 30.08.-01.09.

■ Bad Wildungen 05.09.-07.09.

■ Bad Windsheim 29.08.-02.09.

■ Baesweiler 26.09.-29.09.

■ Barchfeld 26.09.-29.09.

■ Barnstorf 05.09.-07.09.

■ Baumholder 20.09.-22.09.

■ Beckum 05.09.-07.09.

■ Beilngries/Altmühtal 05.09.-14.09.

■ Bellheim-Zeiskam 29.08.-02.09.

■ Bensheim 06.09.-14.09.

■ Bergisch Gladbach 20.09.-22.09.

■ Berlin-Hellersdorf 19.09.-28.09.

■ Berlin-Marzahn 26.09.-05.10.

■ Berlin-Mitte-Moabit 05.09.-21.09.

■ Berlin-Mitte-Wedding 19.09.-05.10.

■ Berlin-Pankow 13.09.-14.09.

■ Berlin-Rosenthal 19.09.-21.09.

■ Berlin-Tegel 29.08.-14.09.

■ Bernau/Chiemsee 18.09.-22.09.

■ Bernkastel-Kues 05.09.-09.09.

■ Bernstadt-Kemnitz 26.09.-05.10.

■ Bersenbrück-Ankum 13.09.-16.09.

■ Betzdorf 12.09.-15.09.

■ Bexbach 20.09.-23.09.

■ Biblis 20.09.-22.09.

■ Biedenkopf-Wallau 12.09.-15.09.

■ Bietigheim-Bissingen 29.08.-02.09.

■ Billigheim-Ingenheim 19.09.-22.09.

■ Bingen 29.08.-08.09.

■ Birkenfeld/Nahe 05.09.-09.09.

■ Bischberg 05.09.-08.09.

■ Blieskastel 06.09.-09.09.

■ Blomberg-Siebenhöfen 12.09.-15.09.

■ Bobenheim-Roxheim 05.09.-09.09.

■ Bobenheim-Roxheim 26.09.-30.09.

■ Bochum-Stiepel 26.09.-29.09.

■ Bockhorn 06.09.-08.09.

■ Bohmte 27.09.-29.09.

■ Bonn-Beuel-Pützchen 12.09.-16.09.

■ Bonn-Duisdorf 05.09.-08.09.

■ Boppard 26.09.-05.10.

■ Borken/Hessen 12.09.-14.09.

■ Bornheim 06.09.-09.09.

■ Borsdorf-Panitsch 12.09.-14.09.

■ Bottrop 26.09.-29.09.

■ Bramsche 26.09.-29.09.

■ Braunschweig 26.09.-05.10.

■ Breisach/Rhein 29.08.-01.09.

■ Bremen-Vegesack 29.08.-03.09.

■ Bretten 25.09.-29.09.

■ Brilon 26.09.-29.09.

■ Büdingen 26.09.-28.09.

■ Bühl 12.09.-15.09.

■ Bünde 25.09.-28.09.

■ Büren 27.09.-30.09.

■ Burgkunstadt 05.09.-08.09.

■ Burg/Magdeburg 12.09.-14.09.

■ Buseck 29.08.-02.09.

C■ Castrop-Rauxel 19.09.-22.09.

■ Cloppenburg 12.09.-15.09.

■ Coesfeld 20.09.-22.09.

■ Crailsheim 19.09.-22.09.

■ Crimmitschau 11.09.-14.09.

D■ Damme 26.09.-28.09.

■ Darmstadt 26.09.-06.10.

■ Darmstadt-Bessungen 19.09.-22.09.

■ Darmstadt-Martinsviertel 12.09.-15.09.

■ Delbrück 19.09.-22.09.

■ Delmenhorst 06.09.-10.09.

■ Dielheim/Wiesloch 27.09.-30.09.

■ Diemelstadt-Rhoden 12.09.-14.09.

■ Diepholz 18.09.-21.09.

■ Dortmund-Aplerbeck 05.09.-07.09.

■ Dortmund-Mengede 05.09.-07.09.

■ Dossenheim 20.09.-22.09.

■ Dreieich-Götzenhain 19.09.-22.09.

■ Drolshagen 20.09.-21.09.

■ Dürröhrsdorf-Dittersbach 29.08.-02.09.

■ Düsseldorf-Unterrath 20.09.-23.09.

■ Duisburg-Beeck 29.08.-02.09.

■ Duisburg-Mündelheim 20.09.-22.09.

■ Duisburg-Rheinhausen 13.09.-16.09.

■ Durmersheim 13.09.-16.09.

E■ Eberbach 29.08.-02.09.

■ Ebermannstadt 13.09.-16.09.

■ Ebertsheim 12.09.-15.09.

■ Edewecht 20.09.-22.09.

■ Egelsbach 20.09.-23.09.

■ Eichstätt 29.08.-07.09.

■ Eisenberg 06.09.-09.09.

■ Eisleben 19.09.-22.09.

■ Eisleben 26.09.-28.09.

■ Eitorf 27.09.-30.09.

■ Emden 12.09.-16.09.

■ Emsbüren 27.09.-30.09.

■ Ennigerloh 27.09.-30.09.

■ Erding 29.08.-07.09.

■ Erfurt 27.09.-12.10.

■ Erkelenz 12.09.-15.09.

■ Erzhausen 12.09.-16.09.

■ Essen-Altenessen 19.09.-21.09.

■ Essen-Werden 06.09.-09.09.

■ Esterwegen 13.09.-15.09.

F■ Feuchtwangen 26.09.-30.09.

■ Flensburg 12.09.-21.09.

■ Florstadt 13.09.-15.09.

■ Frankfurt 12.09.-22.09.

■ Frankfurt-Nieder Erlenbach 20.09.-23.09.

■ Frankfurt-Unterliederbach 26.09.-29.09.

■ Freising 05.09.-14.09.

■ Freital/Dresden 12.09.-14.09.

■ Friedberg/Hessen 19.09.-23.09.

■ Friedrichsthal 06.09.-09.09.

■ Friesoythe 19.09.-21.09.

■ Fröndenberg 19.09.-22.09.

■ Fürth-Poppenreuth 05.09.-08.09.

■ Fürth-Stadeln 29.08.-02.09.

■ Fürth-Vach 19.09.-22.09.

G■ Gaggenau 27.09.-29.09.

■ Ganderkesee 19.09.-21.09.

■ Geisenfeld 19.09.-23.09.

■ Georgsmarienhütte 20.09.-22.09.

■ Georgsmarienhütte-Oesede26.09.-29.09.

■ Geringswalde 29.08.-01.09.

■ Gerstungen 05.09.-08.09.

■ Gießen 27.09.-05.10.

■ Glückstadt 29.08.-01.09.

■ Grasbrunn-Keferloh 29.08.-01.09.

■ Grevenbroich 06.09.-09.09.

■ Grimma 26.09.-28.09.

■ Großbottwar 06.09.-08.09.

■ Großengottern 19.09.-22.09.

■ Großenhain 05.09.-07.09.

■ Groß-Gerau 12.09.-15.09.

■ Groß-Umstadt 20.09.-23.09.

■ Gudensberg 05.09.-08.09.

■ Gütersloh 27.09.-05.10.

■ Gunzenhausen 13.09.-21.09.

■ Gunzenhausen 05.09.-08.09.

H■ Haag 12.09.-21.09.

■ Haan 27.09.-30.09.

■ Hage 26.09.-29.09.

■ Hahnstätten 13.09.-16.09.

■ Halberstadt/Harz 05.09.-07.09.

■ Halle/Saale 16.08.-01.09.

■ Halle/Saale 26.09.-28.09.

■ Haltern 05.09.-07.09.

■ Hamburg-Bergedorf 19.09.-21.09.

■ Hamburg-Lohbrügge 27.09.-05.10.

■ Hamburg-Neugraben 12.09.-16.09.

■ Hamburg-Nienstedten 19.09.-22.09.

■ Hamburg-Poppenbüttel 05.09.-07.09.

■ Hamburg-Rahlstedt 12.09.-15.09.

■ Hamburg-Zollenspieker 20.09.-23.09.

■ Hamm 19.09.-23.09.

■ Hamminkeln 26.09.-29.09.

■ Hannover 19.09.-05.10.

■ Haren/Ems 30.08.-01.09.

■ Harpstedt 12.09.-14.09.

■ Hartenstein 05.09.-06.09.

■ Hattingen 12.09.-15.09.

■ Hattingen 27.09.-29.09.

■ Hauenstein 05.09.-09.09.

■ Havelberg 04.09.-07.09.

■ Heidelberg-Kirchheim 13.09.-15.09.

■ Heidelberg-Rohrbach 06.09.-08.09.

■ Heilbronn 12.09.-21.09.

■ Heiligenstadt/Thüringen 12.09.-14.09.

■ Heinsberg 26.09.-29.09.

■ Hemau 05.09.-09.09.

■ Hemer 26.09.-28.09.

■ Hemmoor 26.09.-28.09.

■ Hennef/Sieg 20.09.-22.09.

■ Heroldsberg 19.09.-22.09.

■ Herrieden 19.09.-22.09.

■ Herzogenrath-Kohlscheid 06.09.-08.09.

■ Hessisch Lichtenau 12.09.-15.09.

■ Heusenstamm 20.09.-22.09.

■ Heusweiler 13.09.-15.09.

■ Hilchenbach 20.09.-23.09.

■ Hirschaid 05.09.-08.09.

■ Hirschberg/Bergstraße 30.08.-01.09.

■ Hohenmölsen 04.09.-07.09.

■ Hohenstein-Ernstthal 26.09.-28.09.

■ Homburg/Saar 12.09.-15.09.

■ Horn-Bad Meinberg 19.09.-21.09.

■ Hoyerswerda 12.09.-14.09.

■ Hückelhoven-Ratheim 29.08.-01.09.

■ Hungen 30.08.-01.09.

■ Husum 26.09.-29.09.

I■ Ibbenbüren 05.09.-08.09.

■ Ingelheim/Rhein 27.09.-05.10.

■ Ingolstadt 26.09.-05.10.

■ Iphofen 27.09.-30.09.

■ Issum 12.09.-16.09.

J■ Jena 12.09.-21.09.

K■ Kaiserslautern-Hohenecken 29.08.-01.09.

■ Kaiserslautern-Mölschbach 05.09.-08.09.

■ Kaiserslautern-Morlautern 30.08.-01.09.

■ Kaiserslautern-Siegelbach 20.09.-22.09.

■ Kaltenkirchen 05.09.-08.09.

■ Kamen-Methler 19.09.-22.09.

■ Karlsruhe-Mühlburg 12.09.-15.09.

■ Kaufering 04.09.-08.09.

■ Kelsterbach 05.09.-08.09.

■ Kelsterbach 12.09.-14.09.

■ Kempen 13.09.-16.09.

■ Kleve-Rindern 19.09.-22.09.

■ Knetzgau 29.08.-01.09.

■ Köln-Rodenkirchen 27.09.-30.09.

■ Konstanz 19.09.-05.10.

■ Korbach 19.09.-21.09.

■ Krefeld-Hüls 29.08.-01.09.


■ Kriftel/Taunus 20.09.-23.09.

■ Krumbach/Schwaben 07.09.-14.09.

■ Külsheim 11.09.-15.09.

■ Kusel 05.09.-09.09.

L■ Lambsheim 06.09.-09.09.

■ Lampertheim 13.09.-15.09.

■ Lampertheim 13.09.-16.09.

■ Landau/Pfalz 13.09.-22.09.

■ Langen 06.09.-09.09.

■ Lauda-Königshofen 19.09.-28.09.

■ Laudenbach 06.09.-08.09.

■ Leer/Ostfriesland 05.09.-08.09.

■ Leimen 19.09.-22.09.

■ Leimen-Sankt Ilgen 13.09.-16.09.

■ Lenting 11.09.-14.09.

■ Leutershausen 05.09.-08.09.

■ Lippetal-Herzfeld 06.09.-14.09.

■ Lörrach 17.09.-21.09.

■ Lohmar 05.09.-08.09.

■ Lorsch 20.09.-22.09.

■ Lübbecke 04.09.-07.09.

■ Lübben/Spreewald 19.09.-21.09.

■ Lüneburg 12.09.-15.09.

■ Lünen 11.09.-14.09.

M■ Magdeburg 26.09.-19.10.

■ Mainz 28.08.-07.09.

■ Mainz-Ebersheim 12.09.-16.09.

■ Maisach 29.08.-07.09.

■ Manching-Oberstimm 29.08.-01.09.

■ Mannheim 27.09.-12.10.

■ Mannheim-Neckarau 13.09.-16.09.

■ Marienhafe 06.09.-08.09.

■ Marl 12.09.-15.09.

■ Mechernich 05.09.-08.09.

■ Meißen 26.09.-28.09.

■ Melle-Gesmold 20.09.-22.09.

■ Merkendorf 05.09.-08.09.

■ Merzig 27.09.-05.10.

■ Meschede 29.08.-01.09.

■ Miltenberg 29.08.-07.09.

■ Mönchengladbach 29.08.-01.09.

■ Mönchengladbach 27.09.-30.09.

■ Mönchengladbach 27.09.-29.09.

■ Mönchengladbach 20.09.-23.09.

■ Mönchengladbach 13.09.-16.09.

■ Mörlenbach 29.08.-01.09.

■ Moers 05.09.-09.09.

■ Monheim 19.09.-21.09.

■ Moordorf 19.09.-22.09.

■ Moormerland 29.08.-01.09.

■ Moosburg/Isar 12.09.-21.09.

■ Mühldorf/Inn 29.08.-08.09.

■ Mühlhausen-Ehingen 19.09.-28.09.

■ Mühlhausen/Thüringen 29.08.-07.09.

■ München 20.09.-05.10.

■ Münzenberg-Gambach 12.09.-15.09.

N■ Naumburg/Saale 27.09.-05.10.

■ Naunhof 05.09.-07.09.

■ Nennslingen 29.08.-01.09.

■ Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen 06.09.-09.09.

■ Neubrandenburg 26.09.-05.10.

■ Neuenstadt/Kocher 13.09.-15.09.

■ Neunburg vorm Wald 12.09.-15.09.

■ Neunkirchen/Saar 29.08.-02.09.

■ Neusäß 12.09.-21.09.

■ Neuss 29.08.-02.09.

■ Neuss-Norf 20.09.-23.09.

■ Nidda 06.09.-08.09.

■ Nidderau-Erbstadt 20.09.-23.09.

■ Niederkassel 26.09.-29.09.

■ Niederkassel-Lülsdorf 19.09.-22.09.

■ Niederkassel-Mondorf 05.09.-08.09.

■ Niederstetten 26.09.-29.09.

■ Niederzier 30.08.-01.09.

■ Nienburg/Weser 25.09.-28.09.

■ Nordhausen 06.09.-14.09.

■ Nottuln 13.09.-15.09.

■ Nürnberg 29.08.-14.09.

■ Nürnberg 19.09.-23.09.

■ Nußloch 13.09.-15.09.

O■ Obergünzburg 29.08.-03.09.

■ Oberhausen 12.09.-15.09.

■ Oberkirch 05.09.-08.09.

■ Oberursel-Weißkirchen 05.09.-08.09.

■ Oer-Erkenschwick 19.09.-21.09.

■ Offenbach/Main 27.09.-05.10.

■ Offenburg-Ortenau 26.09.-29.09.

■ Oldenburg 26.09.-05.10.

■ Osterholz-Scharmbeck 26.09.-30.09.

■ Ottweiler 05.09.-08.09.

P■ Papenburg-Aschendorf 12.09.-14.09.

■ Passau 05.09.-14.09.

■ Penzberg 29.08.-07.09.

■ Pfaffenhofen/Ilm 05.09.-16.09.

■ Pfungstadt 12.09.-14.09.

■ Philippsburg 27.09.-29.09.

■ Pinneberg 26.09.-29.09.

■ Pirmasens 29.08.-03.09.

■ Pobershau/Erzgebirge 12.09.-21.09.

■ Püttlingen-Köllerbach 27.09.-29.09.

R■ Radebeul 26.09.-28.09.

■ Radevormwald 19.09.-22.09.

■ Rastatt 05.09.-09.09.

■ Rauenberg 13.09.-15.09.

■ Recke 20.09.-22.09.

■ Rees 27.09.-30.09.

■ Regensburg 29.08.-14.09.

■ Reichelsheim 26.09.-29.09.

■ Reken-Maria Veen 06.09.-08.09.

■ Rendsburg 26.09.-29.09.

■ Rhauderfehn 19.09.-21.09.

■ Rhede 29.08.-01.09.

■ Rheinbach 19.09.-23.09.

■ Rheinberg-Borth 21.09.-23.09.

■ Rheinberg-Orsoy 13.09.-16.09.

■ Rheinfelden/Baden 27.09.-05.10.

■ Riegelsberg 06.09.-08.09.

■ Rockenhausen 12.09.-14.09.

■ Rodalben 13.09.-15.09.

■ Rodgau-Jügesheim 05.09.-09.09.

■ Rodgau-Nieder Roden 12.09.-16.09.

■ Rödermark-Ober Roden 26.09.-29.09.

■ Rödermark-Urberach 05.09.-08.09.

■ Rösrath 05.09.-08.09.

■ Röthenbach/Pegnitz 29.08.-02.09.

■ Röttingen 29.08.-01.09.

■ Rosenheim 30.08.-14.09.

■ Rositz 18.09.-21.09.

■ Roßdorf-Gundernhausen 05.09.-08.09.

■ Roßleben 19.09.-21.09.

■ Rüthen 13.09.-16.09.

S■ Saarbrücken 26.09.-06.10.

■ Saarlouis 29.08.-02.09.

■ Sand/Main 05.09.-09.09.

■ Satrup 05.09.-07.09.

■ Scheeßel 26.09.-28.09.

■ Scheinfeld 30.08.-02.09.

■ Schleiden 19.09.-23.09.

■ Schleswig 05.09.-08.09.

■ Schönenberg-Kübelberg 06.09.-09.09.

■ Schonach 06.09.-08.09.

■ Schriesheim 06.09.-08.09.

■ Schwabach 19.09.-28.09.

■ Schwabmünchen 25.09.-30.09.

■ Schwalmtal-Amern 13.09.-18.09.

■ Schwarzenfeld 05.09.-08.09.

■ Schwelm 05.09.-09.09.

■ Sendenhorst 27.09.-29.09.

■ Solingen-Mitte 12.09.-14.09.

■ Stade 18.09.-22.09.

■ Stadland-Rodenkirchen 19.09.-23.09.

■ Stadtallendorf 05.09.-08.09.

■ Stavenhagen 05.09.-07.09.

■ Stein 29.08.-02.09.

■ Steinbach-Hallenberg 12.09.-15.09.

■ Steißlingen 20.09.-22.09.

■ Stockstadt/Main 06.09.-08.09.

■ Straelen 12.09.-16.09.

■ Stuttgart 26.09.-12.10.

■ Stuttgart-Feuerbach 13.09.-15.09.

■ Stuttgart-Uhlbach 12.09.-15.09.

■ Sünching 29.08.-02.09.

■ Sulzbach/Saar 07.09.-09.09.

■ Sulzfeld 19.09.-22.09.

T■ Telgte 13.09.-16.09.

■ Teuchern 28.08.-01.09.

Thedinghausen 19.09.-21.09.

■ Tholey 06.09.-09.09.

■ Tittling 29.08.-01.09.

■ Torgau 12.09.-14.09.

■ Traunreut 26.09.-02.10.

■ Trostberg 29.08.-07.09.

■ Tutzing/Starnberger See 12.09.-16.09.

■ Twist-Bült 20.09.-22.09.

U■ Uffenheim 05.09.-08.09.

■ Usingen/Taunus 12.09.-15.09.

V■ Varel 12.09.-15.09.

■ Verl 05.09.-07.09.

■ Viersen-Dülken 20.09.-23.09.

■ Viersen-Süchteln 06.09.-09.09.

■ Völklingen 20.09.-23.09.

■ Vreden 06.09.-08.09.

W■ Wadersloh 20.09.-22.09.

■ Warburg 27.09.-05.10.

■ Weener 20.09.-21.09.

■ Weeze 06.09.-09.09.

■ Weikersheim 05.09.-08.09.

■ Weilerbach 27.09.-29.09.

■ Weimar 13.09.-21.09.


■ Weinböhla/Dresden 05.09.-07.09.

■ Werdau/Sachsen 19.09.-21.09.

■ Werl/Westfalen 26.09.-29.09.

■ Wermelskirchen 29.08.-02.09.

■ Wesel-Büderich 13.09.-15.09.

■ Westerkappeln 13.09.-15.09.

■ Wiesbaden-Bierstadt 05.09.-08.09.

■ Wiesbaden-Delkenheim 19.09.-22.09.

■ Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt 29.08.-01.09.

■ Wiesenbach/Baden 06.09.-08.09.

■ Wiesentheid 26.09.-30.09.

■ Wiesloch 29.08.-07.09.

■ Wiesloch-Baiertal 20.09.-22.09.

■ Wiesmoor 04.09.-08.09.

■ Wilhermsdorf 19.09.-22.09.

■ Willich-Anrath 30.08.-02.09.

■ Wilnsdorf 29.08.-01.09.

■ Wirges 29.08.-02.09.

■ Witten/Ruhr 05.09.-08.09.

■ Wölfersheim 13.09.-15.09.

■ Wörth/Main 27.09.-29.09.

■ Wörth/Rhein 20.09.-23.09.

■ Wolfenbüttel 25.09.-29.09.

■ Worms 30.08.-07.09.

■ Wriezen 11.09.-14.09.

■ Wülfrath 12.09.-15.09.

■ Wuppertal-Cronenberg 13.09.-16.09.

■ Wustermark 05.09.-07.09.

Z■ Zeitz/Elster 04.09.-07.09.

■ Zella-Mehlis 12.09.-14.09.

■ Zeven 05.09.-08.09.

■ Zwickau 26.09.-05.10.


■ A Bleiburg 29.08.-01.09.

■ A Dornbirn 03.09.-07.09.

■ A Gallneukirchen 12.09.-14.09.

■ A Hartberg 05.09.-20.09.

■ A Klagenfurt 17.09.-21.09.

■ A Lebring 06.09.-07.09.

■ A Linz 27.09.-05.10.

■ A Retz 26.09.-28.09.

■ A Ried/Innkreis 10.09.-14.09.

■ A Salzburg 19.09.-24.09.

■ A Sankt Veit/Glan 27.09.-06.10.

■ A Traun 18.09.-21.09.

■ A Wels 29.08.-07.09.

■ B Eupen 26.09.-30.09.

■ B Hasselt 20.09.-28.09.

■ B Kelmis=La Calamine12.09.-16.09.

■ B Leuven=Louvain 05.09.-24.09.

■ B Oudenaarde 05.09.-14.09.

■ B Sint-Truiden=St.Trond 29.08.-08.09.

■ B Spa 05.09.-16.09.

■ B Tongeren=Tongres 13.09.-18.09.

■ B Tournais=Doornik 06.09.-28.09.

■ B Verviers 05.09.-23.09.

■ B Waregem 28.08.-03.09.

■ CH Aigle 05.09.-07.09.

■ CH Appenzell 27.09.-29.09.

■ CH Biberist 12.09.-14.09.

■ CH Einsiedeln 31.08.-02.09.

■ CH Ennenda 05.09.-07.09.

■ CH Flüelen 27.09.-29.09.

■ CH Illnau 12.09.-14.09.




55411 Bingen

■ Winzerfest until 08.09.

■ CH Lachen/SZ 05.09.-08.09.

■ CH Langnau a.A. 26.09.-28.09.

■ CH Neuenburg 26.09.-28.09.

■ CH Niederurnen 05.09.-07.09.

■ CH Siebnen 28.09.-30.09.

■ CH Stäfa 27.09.-29.09.

■ CH Sursee 05.09.-07.09.

■ CH Unterägeri 06.09.-08.09.

■ CH Weinfelden 25.09.-29.09.

■ CH Winterthur 05.09.-07.09.

■ CH Zürich 13.09.-15.09.

■ F Carcassonne 28.06.-14.09.

■ F Carnon 28.06.-07.09.

■ F Chateaubriant 12.09.-15.09.

■ F Chauny 30.08.-08.09.

■ F Corbeil-Essonnes 05.09.-14.09.

■ F Creutzwald/Moselle 20.09.-23.09.

■ F Elbeuf 30.08.-21.09.

■ F Epernay 20.09.-01.10.

■ F Epinal 20.09.-12.10.

■ F Lille 30.08.-28.09.

■ F Montceau-les-Mines 30.08.-07.09.

■ F Nantes 06.09.-05.10.

■ F Paris 29.08.-12.10.

■ F Paris 06.09.-05.10.

■ F Péronne/Somme 27.09.-05.10.

■ F Thionville 13.09.-28.09.

■ F Thonon-les-Bains 30.08.-07.09.

■ F Toulouse 27.09.-19.10.

■ F Valras-Plage 05.07.-07.09.

■ GB Abergavenny, Mon 22.09.-27.09.

■ GB Ashby-De-La-Zouch 12.09.-16.09.

■ GB Barnstaple, Devon 17.09.-20.09.

■ GB Bridgwater, Som 24.09.-27.09.

■ GB Bury, Lancs 12.09.-21.09.

■ GB Coventry 18.09.-27.09.

■ GB Daventry, Northants 20.09.-21.09.

■ GB Doncaster 05.09.-14.09.

■ GB Dumfries, Scotl. 25.09.-27.09.

■ GB Glastonbury, Som 05.09.-13.09.

■ GB Harpenden, Herts 09.09.-13.09.

■ GB Lincoln 12.09.-20.09.

■ GB London 25.07.-07.09.

■ GB Neath, W. 09.09.-13.09.

■ GB Newton Abbott 01.09.-06.09.

■ GB Oxford 08.09.-09.09.

■ GB Rotherham 13.09.-14.09.

■ GB Rushden, Northants 19.09.-27.09.

■ GB Stevenage, Herts 22.09.-23.09.

■ GB Stokesley/N. Yorkshire 17.09.-20.09.

■ GB Summercourt, Cornwall 24.09.-27.09.

■ GB Thame, Oxfordshire 18.09.-20.09.

■ GB Wallingford 25.09.-27.09.

■ GB Wisbech, Cambs 17.09.-20.09.

■ GB Witney, Oxon 15.09.-16.09.

■ GB Woolwich, South London15.08.-14.09.

■ I Bergamo 22.08.-21.09.

■ I Lucca 23.08.-28.09.

■ L Alzingen=Alzeng 26.09.-28.09.

■ L Luxemburg=Luxembourg 22.08.-10.09.

■ NL Almelo 02.09.-07.09.

■ NL Almere-Stad 24.09.-28.09.

■ NL Cuijk 12.09.-16.09.

■ NL Delft 16.09.-21.09.

■ NL Den Haag 06.09.-21.09.

■ NL Doetinchem 05.09.-07.09.

■ NL Geldrop 06.09.-10.09.

■ NL Heemskerk 03.09.-05.09.

■ NL Hengelo 17.09.-21.09.

■ NL Hillegom 11.09.-14.09.

■ NL Kerkrade 26.09.-30.09.

■ NL Lisse 23.09.-25.09.

■ NL Nederweert 29.08.-02.09.

■ NL Oldenzaal 26.09.-29.09.

■ NL Roosendaal 05.09.-11.09.

■ NL Schagen 29.08.-03.09.

■ NL Schiedam 25.09.-28.09.

■ NL Terneuzen 12.09.-21.09.

■ NL Veghel 12.09.-17.09.

■ NL Volendam 05.09.-08.09.

■ NL Weert 26.09.-01.10.

■ NL Wijchen 20.09.-23.09.

■ NL Zaandam 05.09.-14.09.

■ NL Zutphen 03.09.-07.09.

■ PL Kutno 05.09.-07.09


F Carcassonne

■ Herisson Land until 14.09.

F Carnon

■ Luna Park until 07.09.


F Valras-Plage

■ Luna Park, Azuriland until 07.09.


GB London

■ Summer Season Fair until 07.09.


GB Woolwich, South London

■ Common Fun Fair until 14.09.


06108 Halle/Saale

■ Sommerjahrmarkt und Laternenfest

until 01.09.

AG-Schausteller Halle, W.Meyer


86153 Augsburg

■ Herbstplärrer until 07.09.


City Sky Liner, Breakdance, Flipper, Magic

House, Wellenflug, Leopardenspur, Go-Kartbahn,

Adrenalin, Intoxx, Toboggan

Participants: ca. 85

I Bergamo

■ Luna Park until 21.09.

L Luxemburg=Luxembourg

■ Schueberfouer

until 10.09.

Riesenrad, Sky Fall, Geisterschlange, Wellenflug,

Spinning Racer, Top Spin, Apres Ski Party,

Happy Sailor, Bayernkurve, Simulator, Train

Fantome, Tagada, Tepakap, Toboggan Geant,

Twister Maxi Jump, Wild Mouse, XXL, Rio

Rapidos, Rock & Roll, Booster Naxxx, Breakdance,

Catapult, Cinema 5D

Participants: ca. 250

I Lucca

■ Luna Park until 28.09.


06682 Teuchern

Parkfest until 01.09.

55120 Mainz

■ Mainzer Weinmarkt until 07.09.

Closed from Tuesday to Thursday

Touristik Centrale/Mainz

94086 Bad Griesbach-Karpfham

■ Karpfhamer Fest until 02.09.

Haslinger Volksfest/Karpfhamer Fest e.V

Star Dancer, Eclipse, Around the World, Feuer

& Eis, Fahrt zur Hölle, Atlantis, Riesenrad,

Avenger, G-Force, Musik Express, Route 66

B Waregem

■ Koersefoor until 03.09.


01833 Dürröhrsdorf-Dittersbach

■ Jahrmarkt until 02.09.

09326 Geringswalde

■ Teichfest until 01.09.

13469 Berlin-Tegel

■ Freie Scholle until 14.09.

Schaustellerverband Berlin e.V.

25348 Glückstadt

■ Sommermarkt until 01.09.

26802 Moormerland

■ Schützenfest until 01.09.

28757 Bremen-Vegesack

■ Herbstmarkt until 03.09.

VBS mbH Bremen

35418 Buseck

■ Kirmes until 02.09.

Veranstaltungsbüro Wagner/Buseck-Beuern

35614 Asslar

■ Kirchweih until 01.09.

41189 Mönchengladbach-Beckrath

■ Kirmes until 01.09.

41460 Neuss

■ Schützenfest until 02.09.

Stadt, BgA Märkte und Kirmessen

41836 Hückelhoven-Ratheim

■ Kirmes until 01.09.

42929 Wermelskirchen

■ Herbstkirmes until 02.09.


Kettenflieger, Salto Mortale, Simulator, Musik

Express, High Impress, Halloween, Air-Crash

Participants: ca. 70

46414 Rhede

■ Kirmes until 01.09.


Booster, Big Bamboo, 1001 Nacht, Musik Express,

Octopussy, Phoenix, Wellenflug, Simulator,

Jekyll & Hyde, Mäusestadt, Kesseltanz

Participants: ca. 160

47139 Duisburg-Beeck

■ Beecker-Kirmes until 02.09.

47839 Krefeld-Hüls

■ Herbstkirmes until 01.09.


56121 Bad Ems

■ Bartholomäusmarkt until 01.09.

Bartholomäusmarktverein e.V.

56422 Wirges

■ Kirmes until 02.09.

57234 Wilnsdorf

■ Kirmes until 01.09.


59872 Meschede

■ St.-Georgs-Kirmes until 01.09.

61343 Bad Homburg

■ Laternenfest until 01.09.


Wilde Maus, Commander, Top Spin, Frisbee,

Psychodelic, Riesenrad, Wellenflug, Breakdance,

Jaguarbahn, Geisterbahn, Drop Zone

Participants: ca. 130

63897 Miltenberg

■ Michaelimesse until 07.09.


Euro-Rutsche, Take Off, Night Style, Dschungel


Participants: ca. 40

65205 Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt

■ Norschter Kerb until 01.09.


66538 Neunkirchen/Saar

■ Kirmes until 02.09.


Safarie Express, Chaos, Magic, Spin Ball, Polyp,

Simulator, Rio

Participants: ca. 70

66740 Saarlouis

■ Ludwigskirmes until 02.09.


Breakdance, Simulator

Participants: ca. 55

66953 Pirmasens

■ Grenadiermarkt until 03.09.


Sky Glider, Disco Fieber, Himalaya

Participants: ca. 40

67661 Kaiserslautern-Hohenecken

■ Kerwe until 01.09.


69168 Wiesloch

■ Winzerfest until 07.09.


69412 Eberbach

■ Kuckucksmarkt until 02.09.


Black Out, Starlight, Breakdance

Participants: ca. 40

69509 Mörlenbach

■ Kerb until 01.09.

74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen

■ Bietigheimer Pferdemarkt

until 02.09.

Festzeltbetr. Göckelesmaier/Stuttgart

Wilde Maus, Flash, Booster, Wellenflug, Musik

Express, Aqua Velis, Geisterbahn

Participants: ca. 50

76756 Bellheim-Zeiskam

■ Kirchweih until 02.09.


79206 Breisach/Rhein

■ Weinfest until 01.09.


82216 Maisach

■ Volksfest until 07.09.


82377 Penzberg

■ Volksfest until 07.09.


Wellenflug, Doggy Dog, XXL-Krake, Mondlift

Participants: ca. 15

83308 Trostberg

■ Volksfest until 07.09.


84453 Mühldorf/Inn

■ Volksfest until 08.09.


Parkour, Wilde Maus, Swing Time, Top Spin,

Extrem, Walk of Fame

Participants: ca. 20

85072 Eichstätt

■ Volksfest until 07.09.


Riesenrad, Wellenflug, Jumanji, Happy Traveller

Participants: ca. 20

85077 Manching-Oberstimm

■ Barthelmarkt until 01.09.

Markt Manching

Wellenflug, Space Party, Allround, Domino, Irrgarten,

Schnee-Circus, Power Tower, Geisterhöhle,


Participants: ca. 400

85435 Erding

■ Herbstfest until 07.09.


Riesenrad, Haunted Mansion, Kettenflieger,

Musik Express, The King, Mega King Tower

Participants: ca. 55

85630 Grasbrunn-Keferloh

■ Keferloher Markt until 01.09.

Little O Veranstaltungs GmbH/E.Radlinger

87634 Obergünzburg

■ Volksfest until 03.09.

90478 Nürnberg

■ Herbstvolksfest until 14.09.


Wilde Maus, Wildwasserbahn, Riesenrad, Flip

Fly, Cyber Space, Artistico, Skater, Roll Over,

Playball, Breakdance, Wellenflug, Star Flyer,

Schlittenfahrt, Disco Express, Teststrecke,

Psycho, Horror World, Traumgenerator, Happy

Family, Geisterschloss, Rotor

Participants: ca. 165

90547 Stein

■ Kirchweih until 02.09.

90552 Röthenbach/Pegnitz

■ Blumenfest until 02.09.

90765 Fürth-Stadeln

■ Kirchweih until 02.09.

91438 Bad Windsheim

■ Kirchweih-Volksfest until 02.09.

Kur-, Kongress- und Touristik-GmbH

Bayernbreaker, Rocket

91790 Nennslingen

■ Kirchweih until 01.09.

93059 Regensburg

■ Herbstdult until 14.09.


Riesenrad, Magic, Wellenflug, Breakdance,

Free Style, Achterbahn, Aqua Velis, Amazonas,


93104 Sünching

■ Sünchinger Markt until 02.09.

94104 Tittling

■ Volksfest until 01.09.

97285 Röttingen

■ Volksfest until 01.09.

97478 Knetzgau

■ Kirchweih until 01.09.

99974 Mühlhausen/Thüringen

■ Stadtkirmes until 07.09.


Flash, Big Spin, Katz & Maus, Crazy Halloween

Participants: ca. 43

A Bleiburg

■ Wiesenmarkt until 01.09.

Riesenrad, Speed, Schiff Ahoi, Drachenbahn,

Rodeo, Kettenflieger, Sling Shot, Big Wave,

Sky Rocker, Breakdance, Flipper, Geisterhaus,

Simulator, Drop Zone, Tagada, Twister,


Participants: ca. 350

A Wels

■ Welser Volksfest until 07.09.

B Sint-Truiden=St.Trond

■ Augustuskermis until 08.09.

F Paris

■ Fête au Bois (Neu-Neu)

until 12.10.

NL Nederweert

■ Kermis until 02.09.

NL Schagen

■ Najaarskermis until 03.09.


35410 Hungen

■ Schäferfest until 01.09.

47877 Willich-Anrath

■ Schützenfest until 02.09.

49733 Haren/Ems

■ Kirmes until 01.09.

52382 Niederzier

■ Kirmes until 01.09.

61118 Bad Vilbel-Gronau

■ Gronauer Zeltkerb until 01.09.

67549 Worms

■ Backfischfest until 07.09.


Daemonium, Pirates Adventure, Wildwasserbahn,

Riesenrad, Around the World, Breakdance,

Musik Express

Participants: ca. 145

67659 Kaiserslautern-Morlautern

■ Kerwe until 01.09.


69493 Hirschberg/Bergstraße

■ Großsaasemer Gassekerwe

until 01.09.

83022 Rosenheim

■ Herbstfest until 14.09.

Wirtschaftlicher Verband der Stadt

Breakdance, Top Spin, XXL, Lach+Freu-Haus,

Magic, Wilde Maus, Super-Hupferl, Geisterbahn,

Super-Gaudi, Beach Jumper, Riesenrad

Participants: ca. 70

91439 Scheinfeld

■ Kirchweih until 02.09.


F Chauny

■ Fête Foraine until 08.09.

F Elbeuf

■ Fête Foraine Saint Gilles

until 21.09.

F Lille

■ Foire aux Manèges until 28.09.

F Montceau-les-Mines

■ Fête Foraine until 07.09.

F Thonon-les-Bains

■ Foire de Crête until 07.09.


CH Einsiedeln

■ Chilbi until 02.09.


GB Newton Abbott

■ Cheese & Onion Fair until 06.09.


NL Almelo

■ Centrumkermis until 07.09.


A Dornbirn

■ Herbstmesse until 07.09.

NL Heemskerk

■ Kermis until 05.09.

NL Zutphen

■ Feestweekkermis until 07.09.


06679 Hohenmölsen

■ Herbstmarkt until 07.09.

06712 Zeitz/Elster

■ Herbstfest until 07.09.

26639 Wiesmoor

■ Blütenfest until 08.09.

32312 Lübbecke

■ Blasheimer Markt until 07.09.


Flasher, Predator, Voodoo Jumper, Booster,

Riesenrad, Breakdance, Musik Express, Disco

Swing, Wellenflug, Spuk, Horror-Lazarett,

1001 Nacht

39539 Havelberg

■ Pferdemarkt until 07.09.


Riesenrad, Rocket, No Limit, Crazy Mouse,

Breakdance, Melodie Star, Shaker, Rutsche,

Freddy’s Company, Down Town, Halloween

86916 Kaufering

■ Volksfest until 08.09.

93326 Abensberg

■ Gillamoos until 08.09.


Space Party, Allround, Zugspitzbahn, Domino,

Riesenrad, Power Tower


01558 Großenhain

■ Tag der Sachsen

until 07.09.

Dresdner Schaustellerverband e.V.

Riesenrad, Flipper, Magic, Breakdance, Top

In Express, Mexico City, Drop Attack, Crazy


01689 Weinböhla/Dresden

■ Winzerstraßenfest until 07.09.


04683 Naunhof

■ Kartoffelfest until 07.09.

08118 Hartenstein

■ Kirmes until 06.09.

10557 Berlin-Mitte-Moabit

■ Oktoberfest am Hauptbahnhof

until 21.09.


14641 Wustermark

■ Brunnenfest until 07.09.


Breakdance, Achterbahn, Bungee-Trampolin

17153 Stavenhagen

■ 750-Jahr-Feier until 07.09.

Großmarkt Rostock GmbH

Breakdance, Musikladen

22399 Hamburg-Poppenbüttel

■ Sommerfest until 07.09.

24568 Kaltenkirchen

■ Kaki-Jahrmarkt until 08.09.


24837 Schleswig

■ Peermarkt until 08.09.


24986 Satrup

■ Herbstfest until 07.09.

26789 Leer

■ Loga Schützenfest until 08.09.

27404 Zeven

■ Herbstmarkt until 08.09.

33415 Verl

■ Verler Leben until 07.09.


34281 Gudensberg

■ Heimatfest & Viehmarkt

until 08.09.

34537 Bad Wildungen

■ Volksfest until 07.09.

35260 Stadtallendorf

■ Heimat- und Soldatenfest

until 08.09.

Veranstaltungsbüro Wagner/Buseck-Beuern

Breakdance, Musik Express, Crazy Town,


38820 Halberstadt/Harz

■ Altstadtfest until 07.09.

44047 Dortmund-Aplerbeck

■ Kirmes until 07.09.

44359 Dortmund-Mengede

■ Michaelisfest until 07.09.


45721 Haltern

■ Heimatfest, Jahrmarkt und

Kirmes until 07.09.

47441 Moers

■ Kirmes until 09.09.


48455 Bad Bentheim-Gildehaus

■ Dorfkirmes

until 07.09.

Heskamp Event/Rheine

49406 Barnstorf

■ Herbstmarkt until 07.09.




97522 Sand/Main

■ Kirchweih until 09.09.

Uebel & Sachs/Niederwerrn

41515 Grevenbroich

■ Schützenfest until 09.09.

BSV Grevenbroich

49477 Ibbenbüren

■ Großkirmes until 08.09.


51503 Rösrath

■ Schützen- und Volksfest

until 08.09.


53123 Bonn-Duisdorf

■ Herbstkirmes until 08.09.

Bonner Veranstaltungs-ArGe

53797 Lohmar

■ Kirmes until 08.09.


53859 Niederkassel-Mondorf

■ Kirmes until 08.09.

53894 Mechernich

■ Herbstkirmes until 08.09.

Vereinskartell Mechernich

54470 Bernkastel-Kues

■ Weinfest mit Vergnügungspark

until 09.09.

55765 Birkenfeld

■ Prämienmarkt until 09.09.


Breakdance, Alpha 1, Hollywood Star, Achterbahn,

Riesenrad, Simulator

Participants: ca. 25

58332 Schwelm

■ Heimatfest until 09.09.


Riesenrad, Booster Maxxx, Ghost, Musik Express,

Kettenflieger, Looping the Loop, Circus

Circus, X-Factor

Participants: ca. 160

58452 Witten

■ Zwiebelkirmes until 08.09.

Stadtmarketing Witten GmbH

Breakdance, Kettenflieger, Musik Express,

Double Jump, Hip Hop Fly, Jump Street, Simulator,


Participants: ca. 60

59269 Beckum

■ Pütt-Tage until 07.09.

Stadtmarketing Beckum GmbH

61440 Oberursel-Weißkirchen

■ Kirchweih until 08.09.

63110 Rodgau-Jügesheim

■ Kerb until 09.09.

63322 Rödermark-Urberach

■ Kerb until 08.09.


64380 Roßdorf-Gundernhausen

■ Kerb until 08.09.

65191 Wiesbaden-Bierstadt

■ Kerb until 08.09.

65366 Kelsterbach

■ Kerb until 08.09.

66564 Ottweiler

■ Kirmes until 08.09.

66869 Kusel

■ Herbstmesse until 09.09.


Miami, Rio, Breakdance, Safarie Express

Participants: ca. 80

67240 Bobenheim-Roxheim

■ Roxheimer Kirchweih until 09.09.

67661 Kaiserslautern-Mölschbach

■ Kerwe until 08.09.


76437 Rastatt

■ Herbstjahrmarkt until 09.09.


Flipper, Wellenflug, XXL Funhouse, Sky Glider

Participants: ca. 40

76846 Hauenstein

■ Kirmes until 09.09.

77704 Oberkirch

■ Weinfest until 08.09.

85276 Pfaffenhofen/Ilm

■ Volksfest until 16.09.


Street Style, Super Tower, Top Spin, Devil

Rock, Kettenflieger, Riesenrad, Simulator

Participants: ca. 45

85354 Freising

■ Volksfest until 14.09.


The Beast, Freak, Around the World, Calypso,

Fahrt zur Hölle, Schnee Express

Participants: ca. 50

90765 Fürth-Poppenreuth

■ Kirchweih until 08.09.


91578 Leutershausen

■ Kirchweih until 08.09.

91710 Gunzenhausen

■ Frickenfeldener Kirchweih

until 08.09.


91732 Merkendorf

■ Kerwa until 08.09.

92339 Beilngries

■ Volksfest until 14.09.

Renner GbR/Grafenwöhr

Jump Street, Dancing Monster, Twister, Geisterhöhle

Participants: ca. 30

92521 Schwarzenfeld

■ Kirchweih until 08.09.

93155 Hemau

■ Tangrintl Volksfest

until 09.09.


Atlantis, Happy Monster

Participants: ca. 25

94032 Passau

■ Herbstdult until 14.09.

Passau Event GmbH

Kettenflieger, Geistervilla, Bayernbreaker, Musik

Express, G-Force, Eclipse, Wildwasserbahn,

Fun Street, Bungee-Trampolin

Participants: ca. 120

96114 Hirschaid

■ Kirchweih until 08.09.

96120 Bischberg

■ Kirchweih until 08.09.

96224 Burgkunstadt

■ Kirchweih until 08.09.

97215 Uffenheim

■ Kirchweih until 08.09.

Fa.Baumeister e.K./Uffenheim

Sweety Star, Twister

Participants: ca. 25

97990 Weikersheim

■ Kirchweih until 08.09.

99834 Gerstungen

■ Kirmes until 08.09.

A Hartberg

■ Oktoberfest until 20.09.

B Leuven=Louvain

■ Septemberkermis until 24.09.

B Spa

■ Kermesse de Septembre

until 16.09.

B Verviers

■ Kermesse de Septembre

until 23.09.

CH Aigle

■ Braderie until 07.09.

CH Ennenda

■ Chilbi until 07.09.

CH Lachen/SZ

■ Chilbi until 08.09.

CH Niederurnen

■ Chilbi until 07.09.

CH Sursee

■ Ändrig Chilbi until 07.09.

CH Winterthur

■ Seemer Dorfet until 07.09.

F Corbeil-Essonnes

■ Foire Corbeilles until 14.09.

GB Doncaster

■ Racecourse & St. Leger Fair

until 14.09.

GB Glastonbury, Som

■ Tor Fair until 13.09.

NL Doetinchem

■ Kermis en Stadsfeesten

until 07.09.

NL Roosendaal

■ Najaars- en Nostalgische Kermis

until 11.09.

NL Volendam

■ Kermis until 08.09.

NL Zaandam

■ Kermis until 14.09.

PL Kutno

■ Rosenfest until 07.09.


26345 Bockhorn

■ Bockhorner Markt until 08.09.

26529 Marienhafe/Brookmerland

■ Herbstjahrmarkt until 08.09.


27749 Delmenhorst

■ Kramermarkt until 10.09.


Spukschloss, Airgate, Breakdance, Kuddel

der Hai, Rocket, Hippie Trip, Devil Dance

41334 Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen

■ Spätkirmes until 09.09.

41749 Viersen-Süchteln

■ Herbstkirmes until 09.09.


45239 Essen-Werden

■ Appeltaten- und Ludgeruskirmes

until 09.09.

47652 Weeze

■ Kirmes until 09.09.

Heimat- und Verkehrverein

48691 Vreden

■ Volkskirmes until 08.09.


Disco Jet, Crazy Dancer, Booster, Crazy Island,

Wildwasserbahn, Kesseltanz, Jekyll &

Hyde, Sky Dance

Participants: ca. 120

48734 Reken-Maria Veen

■ Schützenfest und Kirmes

until 08.09.

52134 Herzogenrath-Kohlscheid

■ Herbstfest until 08.09.


53332 Bornheim

■ Großkirmes until 09.09.

56626 Andernach-Eich

■ Kirmes until 08.09.


59510 Lippetal-Herzfeld

■ Ida- und Heimatwoche until 14.09.

63225 Langen

■ Kerb until 09.09.

Gebr.Hausmann GbR/Langen

63667 Nidda

■ Herbstmarkt until 08.09.

63811 Stockstadt/Main

■ Strassenkerb until 08.09.

64625 Bensheim

■ Winzerfest until 14.09.

66292 Riegelsberg

■ Kirmes until 08.09.

66299 Friedrichsthal

■ Kirmes until 09.09.

66440 Blieskastel

■ Kirmes until 09.09.

66636 Tholey

■ Kirmes until 09.09.


66901 Schönenberg-Kübelberg

■ Kübelberger Kirchweih

until 09.09.


67245 Lambsheim

■ Kerwe until 09.09.


67304 Eisenberg

■ Kerwe until 09.09.

69126 Heidelberg-Rohrbach

■ Kirchweih

until 08.09.


69191 Schriesheim

■ Kerwe until 08.09.



69257 Wiesenbach/Baden

■ Kerwe until 08.09.


44532 Lünen

■ Lünsche Meß until 14.09.



69514 Laudenbach

■ Kirchweih until 08.09.

71723 Großbottwar

■ Straßenfest until 08.09.

Weber GbR/Ludwigsburg

85101 Lenting

■ Jura-Herbstfest until 14.09.

Fa.Walter Neumüller/Holzheim

97900 Külsheim

■ Großer Markt until 15.09.

34474 Diemelstadt-Rhoden

■ Kram- und Viehmarkt until 14.09.


34582 Borken

■ Stadtfest until 14.09.

55129 Mainz-Ebersheim

■ Kerb until 16.09.

57518 Betzdorf

■ Volks- und Schützenfest

until 15.09.

76857 Annweiler-Albersweiler

■ Kerwe until 09.09.

78136 Schonach

■ Volksfest until 08.09.

99734 Nordhausen

■ Herbstjahrmarkt until 14.09.


Polyp, Musik Express, Achterbahn

Participants: ca. 50

A Lebring

■ Gadymarkt until 07.09.

B Tournais=Doornik

■ Foire de Septembre until 28.09.

CH Unterägeri

■ Chilbi until 08.09.

F Nantes

■ Grande Fête Foraine until 05.10.

F Paris

■ Fête de St. Cloud until 05.10.

NL Den Haag

■ Haagse Kermis until 21.09.

NL Geldrop

■ Boulevardkermis until 10.09.


66280 Sulzbach

■ Kirmes until 09.09.


86381 Krumbach

■ Festwoche, Volksfest until 14.09.



GB Oxford

■ St. Giles Fair until 09.09.


GB Harpenden, Herts

■ Statute Fair until 13.09.

GB Neath, W. Glam.

■ September Fair until 13.09.


A Ried

■ Innviertler Oktoberfest until 14.09.


08451 Crimmitschau

■ Stadtfest until 14.09.


Riesenrad, Walzerfahrt

16269 Wriezen

■ Stadtfest until 14.09.

NL Hillegom

■ Harddraverij-Feesten until 14.09.


01705 Freital

■ Volksfest until 14.09.

02977 Hoyerswerda

■ Stadtfest until 14.09.

Lausitzer Schaustellerverband/H.Probst

Riesenrad, Drop Attack, Breakdance, Schunkler,

Rutsche, House of Horrror

Participants: ca. 30

04451 Borsdorf-Panitsch

■ Parthenfest until 14.09.

04860 Torgau

■ Altstadtfest until 14.09.


Musikladen, Scheibenwischer

Participants: ca. 30

07703 Jena

■ Altstadtfest until 21.09.

JenaKultur, Märkte und Stadtfeste

Breakdance, Geisterbahn, Twister, Die goldenen


Participants: ca. 30

09496 Pobershau/Erzgebirge

■ Bergfest until 21.09.

21149 Hamburg-Neugraben

■ Herbstmarkt until 16.09.

21335 Lüneburg

■ Bayerisches Oktoberfest

until 15.09.


Musik Express, Wilde Maus, Breakdance, Polyp

Participants: ca. 40

21698 Harpstedt

■ Herbstjahrmarkt until 14.09.

22143 Hamburg-Rahlstedt

■ Herbstmarkt

until 15.09.

23795 Bad Segeberg

■ Herbstmarkt until 15.09.

24937 Flensburg

■ Herbstmarkt until 21.09.


26316 Varel

■ Kramermarkt until 15.09.


26721 Emden

■ Schützen- und Volksfest

until 16.09.

26871 Papenburg-Aschendorf

■ Kirmes until 14.09.

32825 Blomberg-Siebenhöfen

■ Wilbaser Markt until 15.09.


Der Burner, Freddy’s Company, Crazy Mouse,

1001 Nacht, Wellenflug, Pirates Adventure,

Breakdance, Musik Express, Riesenrad

Participants: ca. 300

35216 Biedenkopf-Wallau

■ Kerb until 15.09.


35516 Münzenberg-Gambach

■ Gambacher Zeltkirmes

until 15.09.


37235 Hessisch Lichtenau

■ Holle-Kirmes until 15.09.

37308 Heiligenstadt/Thüringen

■ Stadtfest und Kirmes until 14.09.

39288 Burg/Magdeburg

■ Rolandfest/Innenstadtkirmes

until 14.09.

41812 Erkelenz

■ Burgkirmes until 15.09.


Top Spin, Villa Wahnsinn, Kesseltanz, Disco

Dance, Schlager Express

Participants: ca. 100

42489 Wülfrath

■ Schützenkirmes until 15.09.


42650 Solingen-Mitte

■ Zöppkesmarkt until 14.09.

45525 Hattingen

■ Herbstkirmes until 15.09.


45770 Marl

■ Flaigenkirmes until 15.09.

46147 Oberhausen-Schmachtendorf

■ Kröößkärmes until 15.09.

47638 Straelen

■ Herbstkirmes mit Schützenfest

until 16.09.


47661 Issum

■ Sommerkirmes until 16.09.

48683 Ahaus

■ Kirmes until 15.09.


Round Up, Musik Express, Phoenix, Top Spin,

Big Spin, Krumm & Schieff Bau, Tom der Tiger,

Kick Down

49661 Cloppenburg

■ Mariä-Geburtsmarkt until 15.09.

Participants: ca. 110

52477 Alsdorf

■ Europa-Fest until 15.09.

53225 Bonn-Beuel-Pützchen

■ Pützchens Markt until 16.09.


Rock & Roller Coaster, U 3000, Booster Maxxx,

Around the World, Commander, Disco-

Fieber, Riesenrad, Breakdance, Konga, Hexentanz,

Wellenflug, Geisterbahn, Nessy,

Wildwasserbahn, Octopussy, City Sky Liner,

Spuk, Salto Mortale, Voodoo Jumper, Wilde

Maus, Go-Kartbahn, Turbo Force, High Impress,

Hawaii Swing, Alpen-Hotel, Super Marci

World, Panic Room, Big Bamboo, Bayern

Rutsch’n, Willy der Wurm

Participants: ca. 550

59759 Arnsberg-Hüsten

■ Hüstener Kirmes until 16.09.

Hüstener Kirmesgeselschaft

60386 Frankfurt

■ Dippemess im Herbst until 22.09.

Tourismus+Congress GmbH

Wilde Maus, Atlantis Rafting, Go-Kartbahn, Jaguar

Express, Sky Trip, Predator, Alpha 1, Wellenflug,

Breakdance, Jekyll & Hyde, Geisterstadt,

Chaos Airport, The Game, Riesenrad

Participants: ca. 150

61250 Usingen/Taunus

■ Laurentiuskerb until 15.09.


63110 Rodgau-Nieder Roden

■ Kerb until 16.09.


64285 Darmstadt-Martinsviertel

■ Kirchweih until 15.09.


64319 Pfungstadt

■ Kerb until 14.09.

64390 Erzhausen

■ Kerb until 16.09.

Gebr.Hausmann GbR/Langen

64521 Groß-Gerau

■ Herbstmarkt until 15.09.

65451 Kelsterbach

■ Altstadtfest until 14.09.

66424 Homburg/Saar

■ Stadtfest mit Kirmes

until 15.09.

67098 Bad Dürkheim

■ Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt

until 22.09.

Closed on Wednesday and Thursday


Mega King Tower, The King, Berg & Tal, Horror

Lazarett, Hot Shot, Go-Kartbahn, Daemonium,

Take Off, Happy Sailor, Bayernwippe,

Wellenflug, Rutsche, Breakdance, Event Tower,


Participants: ca. 285

67280 Ebertsheim

■ Kerwe until 15.09.


67806 Rockenhausen

■ Nordpfälzer Herbstfest

until 14.09.


70327 Stuttgart-Uhlbach

■ Kirchweih until 15.09.

73431 Aalen

■ Stadtfest, Reichsstädter Tage

until 14.09.

S.& D.Kübler/Aalen

74072 Heilbronn

■ Winzerfest

until 21.09.

76124 Karlsruhe-Mühlburg

■ Kirchweih until 15.09.



77815 Bühl

■ Zwetschgenfest until 15.09.


Nightstyle, Polyp, Riesenrad, Avenger,

Flipper, Wellenflug, Taiga Jet, XXL Funhouse,

Sky Jumper

82327 Tutzing

■ Volksfest until 16.09.

83435 Bad Reichenhall

■ Herbstfest until 21.09.

Stadt+Franz Hell Festzeltbetr./Freilass.

83527 Haag

■ Herbstfest until 21.09.

Furch Veranstaltungs GmbH/Haag

85368 Moosburg/Isar

■ Herbstschau until 21.09.


Doggy Dog, X-Flight, Himalaya

86356 Neusäß

■ Volksfest until 21.09.


92431 Neunburg vorm Wald

■ Volksfest until 15.09.

Vergnügungsbetriebe Nübler/Neunburg

98544 Zella-Mehlis

■ Rupertusmarkt until 14.09.


98587 Steinbach-Hallenberg

■ Kirmes until 15.09.


Breakdance, Super Star, Kettenflieger

A Gallneukirchen

■ Messe until 14.09.

B Kelmis=La Calamine

■ Kirmes until 16.09.

CH Biberist

■ Kilbi und Kinderfest until 14.09.

CH Illnau

■ Chilbi until 14.09.

F Chateaubriant

■ Foire de Béré until 15.09.

GB Ashby-De-La-Zouch

■ Statutes Fair until 16.09.

GB Bury, Lancs

■ September Fair until 21.09.

GB Lincoln

■ September Pleasure Fair

until 20.09.

NL Cuijk

■ Kermis until 16.09.

NL Terneuzen

■ Kermis until 21.09.

NL Veghel

■ Kermis until 17.09.


13187 Berlin-Pankow

■ Fest an der Panke

until 14.09.


26893 Esterwegen

■ Herbstmarkt until 15.09.

41189 Mönchengladbach-Wickrath

■ Spätkirmes until 16.09.


41366 Schwalmtal-Amern

■ Schützenfest until 18.09.

42349 Wuppertal-Cronenberg

■ Herbstkirmes until 16.09.

Schaustellerverein Wuppertal e.V.

46487 Wesel-Büderich

■ Kirmes until 15.09.

I.G.Schausteller Kreis Wesel e.V.

47226 Duisburg-Rheinhausen

■ Kirmes Hochemmerich

until 16.09.

Schausteller Duisburg Event GmbH

47495 Rheinberg-Orsoy

■ Schützenfest until 16.09.


47906 Kempen

■ Kirmes until 16.09.

48291 Telgte

■ Mariä-Geburtsmarkt until 16.09.

Städtische Wirtschaftsbetriebe

Disco Jet, Verrückte Farm, X-Factor, Breakdance,

Scirocco, Crazy Dancer

Participants: ca. 120

48301 Nottuln

■ Spätsommerfest mit Kirmes

until 15.09.

49492 Westerkappeln

■ Herbstkirmes until 15.09.

49577 Bersenbrück-Ankum

■ Herbstkirmes until 16.09.

Closed on Monday


59602 Rüthen

■ Marienmarkt-Kirmes until 16.09.


61197 Florstadt

■ Kirmes until 15.09.


61200 Wölfersheim

■ Kirmes until 15.09.

Andreas & Sandy Walldorf/Giessen

65623 Hahnstätten

■ Hanstätter Markt

until 16.09.

66265 Heusweiler

■ Herbstmarkt mit Kirmes u. Jahrmarkt

until 15.09.


66976 Rodalben

■ Kerwe

until 15.09.

68199 Mannheim-Neckarau

■ Kirchweih

until 16.09.

68623 Lampertheim

■ Lambada Kerwe

until 15.09.


68623 Lampertheim-Hofheim

■ Kerwe until 16.09.


69124 Heidelberg-Kirchheim

■ Kirchweih until 15.09.


69181 Leimen-Sankt Ilgen

■ Kirchweih until 16.09.

69226 Nußloch

■ Kirchweih until 15.09.

69231 Rauenberg-Malschenberg

■ Portugieserfest until 15.09.


70192 Stuttgart-Feuerbach

■ Kirchweih until 15.09.

74196 Neuenstadt/Kocher

■ Kirchweih until 15.09.


76448 Durmersheim

■ Bickesheimer Jahrmarkt

until 16.09.

76825 Landau/Pfalz

■ Herbstmarkt until 22.09.


Riesenrad, Intoxx, Musik Express, Magic,

Freddy’s Circus

Participants: ca. 105

91320 Ebermannstadt

■ Kirchweih until 16.09.

91710 Gunzenhausen

■ Kirchweih until 21.09.

Fa. Timo Zöllner/Öhringen

Extrem, Rio, Space Party, Silbermine, Flipper

99423 Weimar

■ Herbstvolksfest until 21.09.

Thüringer Schaustellerverein e.V./Erfurt

B Tongeren=Tongres

■ Septemberkermis until 18.09.

CH Zürich

■ Zürcher Knabenschießen, Chilbi

until 15.09.

F Thionville

■ Foire d'Automne until 28.09.

GB Rotherham

■ Rotherham Show until 14.09.


GB Witney, Oxon

■ Feast, Fun Fair until 16.09.


NL Delft

■ Kermis until 21.09.


79537 Lörrach

■ Citymarkt until 21.09.


A Klagenfurt

■ Herbstmesse

until 21.09.

GB Barnstaple, Devon

■ Charter Fair

until 20.09.

GB Stokesley/N. Yorkshire

■ Fun Fair until 20.09.

GB Wisbech, Cambs

■ Statute Fair until 20.09.

NL Hengelo

■ Lambertuskermis until 21.09.


04617 Rositz

■ Kirmes until 21.09.

21660 Stade

■ Herbstmarkt until 22.09.


Action, Breakdance, Remmi Demmi, Simulator

Participants: ca. 60

49356 Diepholz

■ Großmarkt until 21.09.


83233 Bernau/Chiemsee

■ Volksfest until 22.09.

A Traun

■ Trauner Kirtag until 21.09.

GB Coventry

■ Hearsall common September

Fair until 27.09.

GB Thame, Oxfordshire

■ Show Fair until 20.09.


06295 Eisleben

■ Wiesenmarkt until 22.09.

Eigenbetrieb Märkte/Eisleben

Riesenrad, Around the World, Eclipse, Adrenalin,

Sling Shot, Der Burner, Wildwasserbahn,

Black Hole, Go-Kartbahn, Breakdance,

Jaguarbahn, Flipper, Spuk, American Swing,

Ghost, Shake, Beach Jumper, Schunkler, Top

Spin, Crazy Mouse, Mexico City, Frisbee, Spider,

Rutsche, Cinema 6D, Aqua Velis, Crazy

Outback, Happy Family, Mäusestadt, Shining


Participants: ca. 340

06567 Bad Frankenhausen

■ Bauernmarkt until 21.09.


06571 Roßleben

■ Kirmes until 21.09.

08209 Auerbach/Vogtland

■ Kirmes until 21.09.

08412 Werdau

■ Stadtfest

until 21.09.

Gewerbeverein Werdau & P.Bohms/Naunhof

12627 Berlin-Hellersdorf

■ Kirmes und Erntefest

until 28.09.


13158 Berlin-Rosenthal

■ Rosenthaler Herbst

until 21.09.


13405 Berlin-Mitte-Wedding

■ Berliner Oktoberfest Zentraler

Festplatz until 05.10.

Schaustellerverband Berlin e.V.

15907 Lübben/Spreewald

■ Spreewaldfest

until 21.09.

Lausitzer Schaustellerverband/H.Probst

Riesenrad, Jet Force, Free Fall, Breakdance,

Musikladen, Twister, Drachen, Comic Trip,

Crazy Trip


21029 Hamburg-Bergedorf

■ Oktoberfest

until 21.09.

Events & More, Thomas Kock/Hamburg

22609 Hamburg-Nienstedten

■ Herbstmarkt until 22.09.

26169 Friesoythe

■ Eisenfest until 21.09.


26624 Moordorf/Südbrookmerland

■ Herbstmarkt until 22.09.

26817 Rhauderfehn

■ Fehntjer Herbstmarkt until 21.09.

26935 Stadland-Rodenkirchen

■ Roonkarker Mart until 23.09.


Konga, Booster, Top Spin, High Impress, Pirates

Adventure, Breakdance, Kettenflieger,

Jumper, Schlittenfahrt

Participants: ca. 200

27321 Thedinghausen

■ Thänhuser Markt

until 21.09.

27777 Ganderkesee

■ Herbstmarkt until 21.09.

Gemeinde, Werbegemeinschaft

30169 Hannover

■ Oktoberfest

until 05.10.

ArGe für Volksfeste/Hannover

Wilde Maus, Around the World, Kuddel der

Hai, Wildwasserbahn, Rocket, Riesenrad, Air-

Crash, Heisse Räder, Schlittenfahrt, Breakdance,

Magic, Shaker, Altweibermühle, Remmi

Demmi, Schloss Dracula, Kristallpalast

Participants: ca. 180

31061 Alfeld/Leine

■ Stadtfest until 21.09.

32108 Bad Salzuflen-Schötmar

■ Kiliansmarkt

until 21.09.


32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg

■ Meinberger Kirmes

until 21.09.

33129 Delbrück

■ Katharinenmarkt

until 22.09.


Verrückte Farm, Riesenrad, Flying Star, Breakdance,

Freak, Musikexpress

34486 Korbach

■ Herbstmarkt until 21.09.


40789 Monheim/Rhein

■ Septemberfest

until 21.09.


42477 Radevormwald

■ Pflaumenkirmes

until 22.09.

Frank G.Schmidt/Remscheid

Disco-Fieber, Hip Hop Fly, Musik Express

Participants: ca. 55

44575 Castrop-Rauxel

■ Castroper Herbstkirmes

until 22.09.


45329 Essen-Altenessen

■ Herbstkirmes until 21.09.

I.G.S. mbH/Ritter+Müller/Essen

45739 Oer-Erkenschwick

■ City-Fest until 21.09.

Schaustellerverein RE/Marl

47533 Kleve-Rindern

■ Kirmes until 22.09.

Stadt Kleve

53359 Rheinbach

■ Herbstkirmes

until 23.09.


Participants: ca. 50

53859 Niederkassel-Lülsdorf

■ Kirmes until 22.09.


53957 Schleiden

■ Kirmes until 23.09.


55232 Alzey

■ Winzerfest until 23.09.


58730 Fröndenberg

■ Fliegenkirmes

until 22.09.


59063 Hamm

■ Stunikenmarkt

until 23.09.


59174 Kamen-Methler

■ Pflaumenkirmes until 22.09.


61169 Friedberg/Hessen

■ Herbstmarkt

until 23.09.


63303 Dreieich-Götzenhain

■ Kerb until 22.09.

Gebr.Hausmann GbR/Langen

64285 Darmstadt-Bessungen

■ Kirchweih until 22.09.


65205 Wiesbaden-Delkenheim

■ Kerb mit Vergnügungspark

until 22.09.

Vereinsring Delkenheim

69181 Leimen

■ Weinkerwe until 22.09.

Horst Kräher/Leimen

74564 Crailsheim

■ Fränkisches Volksfest until 22.09.


The Beast, Down Town, XXL Funhouse, Sky

Dance, Crazy Mouse, Breakdance

75056 Sulzfeld

■ Kirchweih until 22.09.

76831 Billigheim-Ingenheim

■ Billigheimer Purzelmarkt

until 22.09.

78259 Mühlhausen-Ehingen

■ Ehinger Herbstfest

until 28.09.

Closed from Monday to Thursday

Fa. Rappenecker/Bad Dürrheim

78465 Konstanz

■ Deutsch-Schweizer Oktoberfest

until 05.10.

Fa. H.Gebauer/Konstanz

Breakdance, Disco Flyer, Musik Express, Happy

Monster, Water-Walkingballs, Bungee-


85290 Geisenfeld

■ Volksfest until 23.09.

VG Geisenfeld

88427 Bad Schussenried

■ Magnus-, Heimat- und Kinderfest

until 22.09.


Tornado, Hopser, Bungee-Trampolin

Participants: ca. 10

90439 Nürnberg-Sankt Leonhard

■ Kirchweih until 23.09.


90562 Heroldsberg

■ Kerwa until 22.09.

90768 Fürth-Vach

■ Kirchweih

until 22.09.


91126 Schwabach

■ Kirchweih

until 28.09.


91452 Wilhermsdorf

■ Kirchweih until 22.09.

Marktgemeinde Wilhermsdorf

91567 Herrieden

■ Kirchweih until 22.09.

97922 Lauda-Königshofen

■ Königshöfer Messe

until 28.09.

99991 Großengottern

■ Jahrmarkt until 22.09.

A Salzburg

■ Rupertikirtag until 24.09.

GB Rushden, Northants

■ Feast until 27.09.


21037 Hamburg-Zollenspieker

■ Herbstmarkt until 23.09.

Stadt, Bezirksamt Bergedorf

26188 Edewecht

■ Herbstjahrmarkt until 22.09.

26826 Weener

■ Michaelismarkt until 21.09.


40468 Düsseldorf-Unterrath

■ Hahnekirmes mit Schützenfest

until 23.09.

St.Seb. Schützenbruderschaft

41236 Mönchengladbach-Rheydt

■ Spätkirmes until 23.09.


41469 Neuss-Norf

■ Schützenfest

until 23.09.

Stadt, BgA Märkte und Kirmessen

41747 Viersen-Dülken

■ Herbstkirmes until 23.09.


47259 Duisburg-Mündelheim

■ Schützenfest until 22.09.



48653 Coesfeld

■ Kreuzerhöhungskirmes

until 22.09.


Breakdance, Musik Express, Airgate, Crazy


Participants: ca. 50

49124 Georgsmarienhütte

■ Holzhauser Kirmes until 22.09.


49326 Melle-Gesmold

■ Kirmes until 22.09.


Riesenrad, Gaudi-Hütt’n, Bungee-Trampolin,

Raupenbahn, Breakdance, Musik Express,

Flash, Kick Down, Simulator, Skipper

49509 Recke

■ Kirmes until 22.09.


49767 Twist-Bült

■ Kirmes until 22.09.

S.V.Nordhorn e.V.

51427 Bergisch Gladbach-Refrath

■ Schützenfest until 22.09.

53347 Alfter

■ Herbstvolksfest until 23.09.


53773 Hennef/Sieg

■ Stadtfest until 22.09.

55774 Baumholder

■ Kirmes until 22.09.

57271 Hilchenbach

■ Herbstkirmes until 23.09.


57489 Drolshagen

■ Erntefest until 21.09.


59329 Wadersloh

■ Margaretenkirmes until 22.09.


60437 Frankfurt-Nieder Erlenbach

■ Kirchweih until 23.09.

Tourismus+Congress GmbH

61130 Nidderau-Erbstadt

■ Kerb

until 23.09.

63150 Heusenstamm

■ Kerb

until 22.09.


63329 Egelsbach

■ Kerb

until 23.09.

Gebr.Hausmann GbR/Langen

64653 Lorsch

■ Kerb

until 22.09.

IG Lorscher Kulturfeste

64823 Groß-Umstadt

■ Umstädter Winzerfest

until 23.09.

Ferling GbR/Offenbach

65830 Kriftel/Taunus

■ Kirchweih

until 23.09.



66333 Völklingen

■ Herbstmarkt until 23.09.


Safarie Express

Participants: ca. 45

66450 Bexbach

■ Kirmes until 23.09.


67661 Kaiserslautern-Siegelbach

■ Kerwe until 22.09.


68647 Biblis

■ Kerb

until 22.09.

69168 Wiesloch-Baiertal

■ Kerwe

until 22.09.


69221 Dossenheim

■ Kirchweih

until 22.09.

76744 Wörth/Rhein

■ Kirchweihmarkt

until 23.09.


78256 Steißlingen

■ Klemenzenfest

until 22.09.

80336 München

■ Oktoberfest

mit Oide Wiesn

until 05.10.

Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft

Alpenrausch, Fahrt zur Hölle, Krinoline, Sky

Fall, Zugspitzbahn, Nostalgie-Riesenrad, 2 x

Top Spin, Big Bamboo, Alpina-Bahn, Wellenflug,

Steile Wand, Münchner Rutsch’n, Skater,

Höllenblitz, Rund um den Tegernsee, Revue

der Illusionen, Parkour, Wilde Maus, Toboggan,

Nostalgie-Geisterbahn, Flipper, Wildwasserbahn,

Jumanji, Fünfer-Looping, Odyssee,

Cyber Space, Schichtl, Riesenrad,

Lach+Freu-Haus, Taumler, Floh-Circus, Alex

Airport, Feuer & Eis, Playball, Frisbee, Irrgarten,

Flip Fly, Hexenschaukel, Rio Rapidos, Encounter,

Techno Power, Omni, Shocker, Power

Tower, Mondlift, 2 x Breakdance, Teufelsrad,

Looping the Loop, Mäuse-Circus, High Energy,

Rotor, Magic, Freestyle, Cobra, Geisterschloss,

Kettenflieger, Lachen am laufenden

Band, Calypso, Raupenbahn, Hex’n Wippn,

Marionettentheater, Velodrom, Fahrt ins Paradies

Participants: ca. 600

B Hasselt

■ Septemberfoor

until 28.09.

F Creutzwald/Moselle

■ Fête Foraine Patronale

until 23.09.

F Epernay

■ Fête Patronale

until 01.10.

F Epinal

■ Fête de la Saint-Maurice

until 12.10.

GB Daventry, Northants

■ Street Mop Fair

until 21.09.

NL Wijchen

■ Kermis

until 23.09.


47495 Rheinberg-Borth

■ Kirmes mit Schützenfest

until 23.09.


GB Abergavenny, Mon

■ September Fair

until 27.09.

GB Stevenage, Herts

■ Charter Fair

until 23.09.


NL Lisse

■ Kermis until 25.09.


GB Bridgwater, Som

■ St. Matthew's Fair

until 27.09.

GB Summercourt, Cornwall

■ Fair until 27.09.

NL Almere-Stad

■ Najaarskermis

until 28.09.


31582 Nienburg/Weser

■ Altstadtfest

until 28.09.

32257 Bünde

■ Zwiebelmarkt mit Innenstadtkirmes

until 28.09.

Stadtmarketing, Stadt Bünde

Labyrinth, Twister, Rock Express, Breakdance,

Kettenflieger, Bungee-Trampolin, Jumper,

Simulator, Street Fighter, Geisterbahn

38302 Wolfenbüttel

■ Schützen- und Volksfest

until 29.09.

75015 Bretten

■ Winzerfest until 29.09.


86830 Schwabmünchen

■ Michaeli-Markt until 30.09.


Schnee-Circus, Roll Over, Kettenflieger

CH Weinfelden

■ WEGA, Thurgauer Messe

until 29.09.

GB Dumfries

■ Rood Fair until 27.09.

GB Wallingford

■ Michaelmas Fair

until 27.09.

NL Schiedam

■ Brandersfeestenkermis

until 28.09.


01445 Radebeul

■ Weinfest

until 28.09.

Dresdner Schaustellerverband e.V.

Riesenrad, Drop Attack, Breakdance, Geisterbahn,

Crazy Train, Scheibenwischer

Participants: ca. 25

01662 Meißen

■ Weinfest

until 28.09.


02748 Bernstadt-Kemnitz

■ Oberlausitzer Oktoberfest

until 05.10.

04668 Grimma

■ Stadtfest

until 28.09.


06108 Halle/Saale

■ Salzfest

until 28.09.

Festevent Halle

06295 Eisleben

■ Kleine Wiese

until 28.09.

Eigenbetrieb Märkte/Eisleben

Riesenrad, Breakdance, Jaguarbahn, Spuk,

Top Spin, Crazy Mouse, Mexico City, Frisbee,

Spider, Rutsche, Cinema 6D, Crazy Outback,

Happy Family, Mäusestadt

08054 Zwickau

■ Oktoberfest

until 05.10.

Zwickauer Volksfeste GbR/Peter Walz

Riesenrad, Top Spin, Breakdance, Musik Express,

Walzerfahrt, Freddy’s Company

Participants: ca. 50

09337 Hohenstein-Ernstthal

■ Hohensteiner Jahrmarkt

until 28.09.

M.S.V. Chemnitz

12679 Berlin-Marzahn

■ Oktoberfest EastSide

until 05.10.


17033 Neubrandenburg

■ Mecklenburger Oktoberfest

until 05.10.


21745 Hemmoor

■ Herbstjahrmarkt until 28.09.

23843 Bad Oldesloe

■ Herbstjahrmarkt

until 28.09.

Lübecker Veranstaltungs-GmbH

24768 Rendsburg

■ Herbstmarkt until 29.09.


25421 Pinneberg

■ Herbstmarkt

until 29.09.


25813 Husum

■ Herbstmarkt

until 29.09.


26121 Oldenburg

■ Kramermarkt until 05.10.


Toboggan, Event Tower, Super Marci World,

Traumgenerator, Spukschloss, Geisterstadt,

Top Spin, Konga, Raupenbahn, Voodoo Jumper,

2 x Breakdance, Wellenflug, Musik Express,

Octpussy, Take Off, Riesenrad, Spinning

Racer, Wildwasserbahn, Schlittenfahrt,

Tom der Tiger, Looping the Loop, Piratenrutsche

Participants: ca. 260

26524 Hage

■ Herbstmarkt until 29.09.

27383 Scheeßel

■ Herbstjahrmarkt until 28.09.

27711 Osterholz-Scharmbeck

■ Herbstmarkt until 30.09.

Marktmeister H.G.Scheffler

36456 Barchfeld

■ Kirmes until 29.09.

38104 Braunschweig

■ Oktobermesse until 05.10.

Braunschweiger Schützengesellschaft 1545

Breakdance, Jaguar Express

Participants: ca. 30

39104 Magdeburg

■ Herbstmesse until 19.10.

V.S.G. GmbH/Magdeburg

Riesenrad, Hyper X, Wilde Maus, Magic, Shake,

Musikladen, Geisterbahn

Participants: ca. 80

44797 Bochum-Stiepel

■ Fliegen-Kirmes until 29.09.

Bochum Marketing GmbH

46236 Bottrop

■ Herbstkirmes until 29.09.


Double Jump, Breakdance, Simulator, No Limit,

Twister, Musik Express, Drachen

46499 Hamminkeln

■ Bellhammi-Kirmes until 29.09.


48455 Bad Bentheim

■ Wiesn-Kirmes until 29.09.

Heskamp Event GbR/Rheine

49124 Georgsmarienhütte-Oesede

■ Oeseder Großkirmes until 29.09.


Jekyll & Hyde, Kick Down, Octopussy, Geisterstadt,

Shake, Riesenrad, Pharaos Rache,

Wellenflug, Simulator, Disco Jet

Participants: ca. 145

49401 Damme

■ Herbstjahrmarkt until 28.09.

49565 Bramsche

■ Herbstkirmes until 29.09.

52499 Baesweiler

■ Herbstkirmes until 29.09.


Schlittenfahrt, Breakdance

Participants: ca. 50

52525 Heinsberg

■ Herbstkirmes until 29.09.


53859 Niederkassel

■ Kirmes

until 29.09.


56154 Boppard

■ Weinfest until 05.10.

Closed from Tuesday to Thursday

58675 Hemer

■ Hemaraner Herbsttage

until 28.09.

Voss GbR/Kerken


59457 Werl/Westfalen

■ Michaeliskirmes

until 29.09.


59929 Brilon

■ Michaeliskirmes

until 29.09.


High Explosive, Night Style, Simulator, Breakdance,

Riesenrad, Freifallturm, Jump Street,

Down Town, Bungee-Trampolin

Participants: ca. 155

60388 Frankfurt-Unterliederbach

■ Kirchweih

until 29.09.

Tourismus+Congress GmbH

63322 Rödermark-Ober Roden

■ Kerb

until 29.09.


63654 Büdingen

■ Gallusmarkt

until 28.09.

64289 Darmstadt

■ Herbstmesse

until 06.10.


Starlight, Skipper, Breakdance, Geisterbahn,


Participants: ca. 120

64385 Reichelsheim

■ Kerb until 29.09.

66115 Saarbrücken

■ Oktoberfest

until 06.10.


Polyp, Tropical Trip, Music Swing, Blue Hawaii


Participants: ca. 45

67240 Bobenheim-Roxheim

■ Bobenheimer Kirchweih

until 30.09.


70372 Stuttgart

■ Cannstatter Volksfest

until 12.10.

In Stuttgart Veranstaltungs GmbH

Teststrecke, Wilde Maus, Go-Kartbahn, Mega

King Tower, Hot Shot, Wellenflug, Polyp, Revolution,

Transformer, Gladiator, The King,

XXL, Flipper, Star Flyer, City Sky Liner, Musik

Express, Musik-Shop, Happy Sailor, Breakdance,

Shake, Disco-Fieber, Circus Circus,

Riesenrad, Daemonium, Geisterschlange,

Aqua Velis, XXL Funhouse, Geheimnisse des

Orients, Rutsche

Participants: ca. 335

77652 Offenburg-Ortenau

■ Ortenauer Weinfest

until 29.09.

83301 Traunreut

■ Herbstfest

until 02.10.

Gastronomiebetriebe Zeider OHG/Simbach

85049 Ingolstadt

■ Schanzer Herbstfest

until 05.10.


Wildwasserbahn, Breakdance, Gaudi-Hütt’n,

Flipper, Water-Walkingballs, Super-Hupferl,

Black Hole, Riesenrad, Leopardenspur

Participants: ca. 140

91555 Feuchtwangen

■ Mooswiesenfest

until 30.09.


92224 Amberg

■ Herbst-Michaeli-Dult

until 05.10.

Amberger Congress Marketing

97353 Wiesentheid

■ Volksfest until 30.09.

J.& E.Braun GbR/Burgthann

97996 Niederstetten

■ Herbstfest

until 29.09.

Veranstaltungsbüro E.Gührer/Schrozberg

99510 Apolda

■ Zwiebelmarkt

until 28.09.


A Retz

■ Weinlesefest mit Vergnügungspark

until 28.09.

B Eupen

■ Unterstädter Kirmes

until 30.09.

CH Langnau a.A.

■ Chilbi until 28.09.

CH Neuenburg=Neuchâtel

■ Fête des Vendanges / Winzerfest

until 28.09.

L Alzingen=Alzeng

■ Oktoberfest

until 28.09.

NL Kerkrade

■ Najaarskermis

until 30.09.

NL Oldenzaal

■ Najaarskermis

until 29.09.

NL Weert

■ Stadskermis

until 01.10.


06618 Naumburg/Saale

■ Herbstfest

until 05.10.


21031 Hamburg-Lohbrügge

■ Herbstmarkt

until 05.10.

Closed from Monday to Wednesday

Stadt, Bezirksamt Bergedorf

33142 Büren

■ Oktobermarkt

until 30.09.


33332 Gütersloh

■ Michaeliskirmes until 05.10.

Fa. A.Schneider & Söhne/Lippstadt

34414 Warburg

■ Oktoberwoche

until 05.10.


Musik Express, Bungee-Trampolin, Simulator,

X-Factor, Breakdance, Haunted Mansion, Twister-Coaster,

Super Tower, Alpha 1

Participants: ca. 55

35390 Gießen

■ Herbstmesse until 05.10.

Gießen Marketing GmbH

Polyp, Rainbow, Twister

41066 Mönchengladbach-Neuwerk

■ Spätkirmes

until 29.09.


41238 Mönchengladbach-Giesenkirchen

■ Giesenkirchener Spätkirmes

until 30.09.


42781 Haan

■ Haaner Kirmes

until 30.09.


American Swing, Nessy, Breakdance, Hexentanz,

Riesenrad, Flash, Take Off, Kettenflieger,

Villa Wahnsinn, Looping the Loop, Geisterbahn,

Booster Maxxx, Phoenix, Musik Express,

Willy der Wurm

Participants: ca. 210

45525 Hattingen-Niederwenigern

■ Mauritiuskirmes

until 29.09.


46459 Rees

■ Kirmes

until 30.09.


48324 Sendenhorst

■ Herbstkirmes

until 29.09.


48488 Emsbüren

■ Kirmes until 30.09.

Montag geschlossen

49163 Bohmte

■ Herbstkirmes

until 29.09.

50996 Köln-Rodenkirchen

■ Maternuskirmes und Schützenfest

until 30.09.


53783 Eitorf

■ Kirmes und Jahrmarkt

until 30.09.


Sky Trip, Breakdance, Magic House, Musik

Express, Riesenrad, Speedy, Euro-Rutsche,

Simulator, Wellenflug

Participants: ca. 300

55218 Ingelheim/Rhein

■ Rotweinfest mit Kerb

until 05.10.

56626 Andernach

■ Michelsmarkt

until 30.09.


Riesenrad, G-Force, Beach Party

Participants: ca. 370

59320 Ennigerloh

■ Mettwurstmarkt until 30.09.

Stadt, Mettwurstmarktausschuss

63065 Offenbach/Main

■ Oktoberfest until 05.10.

Offenbacher S.V. Stadt u. Land e.V.

63939 Wörth/Main

■ Kirchweihmarkt

until 29.09.

66346 Püttlingen-Köllerbach

■ Spätkirmes until 29.09.


66663 Merzig

■ Oktoberfest until 05.10.


67688 Weilerbach

■ Kerwe until 29.09.

68169 Mannheim

■ Oktobermess

until 12.10.

City Events, GrossMarkt Mannheim GmbH

Monster, Wilde Maus, Chaos Airport, Eclipse,

Bayern-Breaker, Wellenflug, U 3000, Go-Kartbahn,

Beach Party, Magic, Flipper, Doggy

Dog, Geisterhöhle, Freddy’s Circus

Participants: ca. 135

69234 Dielheim/Wiesloch

■ Kerwe

until 30.09.


76571 Gaggenau

■ Herbstmarkt

until 29.09.

76661 Philippsburg

■ Spätjahrsmarkt

until 29.09.


79618 Rheinfelden/Baden

■ Herbstfest until 05.10.

84503 Altötting

■ Kirta until 05.10.


97346 Iphofen

■ Kirchweih until 30.09.

99084 Erfurt

■ Oktoberfest until 12.10.


Riesenrad, Artistico, Wildwasserbahn, Commander,

Breakdance, Pirates Adventure, Fun


Participants: ca. 40

A Linz

■ Urfahraner Herbstmarkt

until 05.10.

A Sankt Veit/Glan

■ Wiesenmarkt until 06.10.

CH Appenzell

■ Chilbi

until 29.09.

CH Flüelen

■ Chilbi until 29.09.

CH Stäfa

■ Chilbi

until 29.09.

F Péronne/Somme

■ Foire de la Saint Michel

until 05.10.

F Toulouse

■ Fête de la Saint-Michel

until 19.10.



CH Siebnen

■ Gross-Jahrmarkt until 30.09.

No responsibility for accuracy!



Ich bestelle hiermit die nächsten 12 Ausgaben von KIRMES & PARK Revue ab Heft-Nr.

zum Abonnementpreis von 96,– € inkl. 7 % MWSt. und Versand (Deutschland)

Ich bestelle hiermit die nächsten 6 Ausgaben von KIRMES & PARK Revue ab Heft-Nr.

zum Abonnementpreis von 51,– € inkl. 7 % MWSt. und Versand (nur innerhalb Deutschlands)

Ich bestelle hiermit die nächsten 12 Ausgaben von KIRMES & PARK Revue ab Heft-Nr.

❑ Europa Normalpost zum Abonnementpreis von 114,– € inkl. Porto und Versand

❑ Europa Luftpost und Übersee zum Abonnementpreis von 126,– € inkl. Porto und Versand

Ich wünsche die angekreuzte Zahlungsweise:

❑ durch Bankeinzug. Die Einzugsermächtigung erlischt mit Kündigung des Abonnements.



❑ gegen Rechnung. Bitte kein Geld einsenden, Rechnung abwarten.

❑ per Kreditkarte. Bitte ankreuzen: ❑ Visa ❑ Mastercard ❑ Diners Club ❑ American Express


gültig bis:

Das Abonnement verlängert sich jeweils um ein weiteres Jahr, wenn es nicht spätestens 6 Wochen vor Ablauf schriftlich gekündigt wurde.



PLZ/Ort Datum Unterschrift

Bitte einsenden an: Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen

Diese Bestellung kann ich innerhalb von 10 Tagen schriftlich bei der Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen widerrufen.

Die Widerrufsfrist beginnt 3 Tage nach Datum des Poststempels meiner Bestellung. Zur Wahrung der Frist genügt das rechtzeitige Absenden.




I order the next 12 editions of the KIRMES & PARK Revue in english from issue Nr.

at a subscription price of 102,– € incl. 7 % MWSt. and postage (Germany)

I order the next 6 editions of the KIRMES & PARK Revue in english from issue Nr.

at a subscription price of 57,– € incl. 7 % MWSt. and postage (Germany)

I order the next 12 editions of the KIRMES & PARK Revue in english from issue Nr.

❑ Europe normal post at a subscription price of 120,– € incl. postage and handling

❑ Europe airmail and other countries at a subscription price of 132,– € incl. postage and handling

❑ I will pay by credit card. ❑ Visa ❑ Mastercard ❑ Diners Club ❑ American Express

Card Nr.:

Expiry Date:

❑ I require an invoice.

The subscription is automatically extended a further year if a written cancellation is not received 6 weeks prior to the end of the subscription.



Postcode/City Date Signature

Please send to: Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen

This subscription order can be called in writing within 10 days by notifying Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen, Germany. The

time limit for cancellation begins 3 day after the date of posting my order. The time limit is ensured and proved by the timely posting of cancellation.




Ihr Partner für das Schaustellergewerbe

D-34613 Ziegenhain • Kasseler Str. 44 • Tel. 0 66 91 / 35 36 • Fax 0 66 91 / 59 97



Ausspielungswagen Moderne Verkaufswagen nach nach Ihren Wünschen


New: Construction book and

contract folder, bum bags,

money holders DIN A4 and

other new formats, all articles

with embossed showman

motives. WÖLK ART.

Tel. 06381/70763

Menus, Aprons, and Wallets

in imitation leather with embossing

according to your

requirements. WÖLK ART.

Tel. + 49 (0) 6381/70763


Ceasing to trade for health

reasons: hand-made curtains,

cross-stitch, crochet,

curtains, and much more.

Tel.+ 49 (0)163/2757418

Theme Park on North Sea

Various rides, large restaurant,

4 holiday apartments, for sale

due to age 1.1. million Euro.

Tel. + 49 (0)172/7552921

Family Major Ride with valid

TÜV + SP, 2 transports vehicles.

+ 49 (0)171/5454203

Break-Dance after season's

end! Built 94, Man.Huss, Centre

trailer, 1 baggage van.

Contact Gemi Verlag GmbH –

Code: K01-09/14

2 Wobble Wheels, Metallbau

Emmeln, per piece 150,- Euro

Tel.+ 49 (0)172/7552921

"Flasher Turbine" Mondial,

height 62 m Tel. + 49

(0)662334675 (French.) Tel. +

49 (0)685107950 (German)

Showmen Anniversary Gifts

and prizes, with engraving if

required. WÖLK ART: Tel. +

49 (0) 6381/70763 www.woelkart.de

Advertising deadline

for the October issue

is 10 th September


Searching for Christmas pyramid

– to buy or rent, cash

Tel + 49 (0) 171 5081846

Cash buyer searching for

cars from ride type L’Autopede

from Belgium, please offer

all you have. Tel: + 31



Erf. ReKo still has available

dates in area SH/HH on the

weekend. Tel. + 49 (0)171/


Polish manpower – find personnel

from Poland here Tel.



Ride Models & music-boxes

for prizes and anniversaries.

WÖLK ART. Tel. + 49 (0)

6381/70763 www.woelkart.de



Hersteller: Huss

in sehr gutem Zustand

komplett mit allem Zubehör.

Angebote unter

Chiffre-Nr. K05-09/14 an

Gemi Verlags GmbH

Postfach, 85291 Reichertshausen

Verkaufe ab sofort


Hersteller Schmäding

aufgebaut 10 x 5 m

mit Erker

Anfragen unter Chiffre

K02-08/14 an

Gemi Verlags GmbH, Postfach,

85291 Reichertshausen




• • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • •

All types of tarpaulins according to

your requirements, for large and small

ride, show, and walk-through operations




AG Advertising

Tel. +49-8441-81057

Fax +49-8441-86105



Vrijkenstraat 2

6088 PA Roggel NL

Ph. (0031) 475/492445

Fax (0031) 475/494390


Zu verkaufen: Verlosung/Spielgeschäft

Fa. Hellmich • 13 Meter

auch anderweitig


Plätze können übernommen werden. Ideal für Existenzgründer!

Tel. 0178 - 204 43 36

Karussells der Spitzenklasse


Industriestr. 3

44577 Castrop-Rauxel

Tel. 0 23 67/83 37

Fax 0 23 67/17 67

Nach wie vor liefern wir:


Reetdächer, Mauerwerke





für großes Fahrgeschäft

Tel. 0163 / 747 63 25


Zu verkaufen: Ausschank Fa. Hellmich

7 x 5 Meter



mit Kühlabteil

Auch für Weihnachtsmarkt bestens geeignet

Tel. 0178 - 204 43 36



Die Palmkirmes 2015 findet in der Zeit

vom 20.03. bis 29.03.2015

auf dem städtischen Ausstellungsgelände an der

Kurt-Oster-Straße statt.

Bewerbungen um Zulassung müssen bis spätestens 30.09.2014

bei der Stadt Recklinghausen, Fachbereich Bürger- und

Ordnungsangelegenheiten, Feuerwehr, Rathausplatz 3-4,

45657 Recklinghausen, eingegangen sein.

Die Bewerbungen müssen enthalten:

1. Genaue, ständige Anschrift des Bewerbers mit Telefonnummer

(Postfachanschrift reicht nicht aus)

2. Art des Geschäftes

• Fahrgeschäfte: genaue Bezeichnung

• Schaugeschäfte: genaue Bezeichnung und Programm

• Belustigungsgeschäfte: genaue Bezeichnung und Art der Belustigung

• Ausspielungen: Art der Ausspielung, zur Ausspielung gelangende Waren

• Verkaufsgeschäfte: zum Verkauf gelangende Waren

3. Größe des Geschäftes: Frontlänge, Tiefe, Höhe; Vor- und Anbauten

müssen mit angegeben werden

4. Ein Geschäftsfoto neuester Zeit

5. Stromanschluss in kW

6. bei Fahrgeschäften und Ausspielungen den Preis für die Einzelfahrt,

für ein einzelnes Los, für den Einsatz eines Spiels

7. die Zahl der mitgeführten Wagen (für die Parkraumbewirtschaftung)


Der örtliche Schaustellerverein erhebt für von dort veranlasste zusätzliche

Werbung (Plakate, Zeitungsanzeigen, Radiowerbung u.Ä.) einen Kostenbeitrag,

der gesondert eingezogen wird.

Die Teilnehmer der Veranstaltung verpflichten sich, am Familientag (25.03.

2015) einen Preisnachlass auf den jeweiligen Fahr- bzw. Eintrittspreis zu

gewähren. Andere Geschäfte haben mindestens den Abgabepreis für einen

Hauptartikel zu ermäßigen.

Die Benutzung von Einweggeschirr und Trinkbechern aus Hartpapier oder

Kunststoff ist verboten. Der Verkauf oder die Abgabe von Getränkedosen

ist nicht erlaubt.

Verspätete oder unvollständige Bewerbungen werden nicht berücksichtigt.

Es wird darauf hingewiesen, dass die Erteilung einer Zulassung zur Palmkirmes

2015 keinen Rechtsanspruch auf einen bestimmten Platz begründet.

Eine Haftung dafür, dass die Kirmes tatsächlich zu dem angegebenen Zeitpunkt

stattfindet, wird nicht übernommen.

Telefonische Auskünfte über die Zulassung eines Betriebes werden aus

Gründen der Gleichbehandlung in der Regel nicht erteilt. Es wird gebeten,

von persönlichen Besuchen abzusehen.

Der Bürgermeister

Datenanlieferung für Anzeigen

Bitte liefern Sie Anzeigen per E-mail als pdf

oder jpg mit mindestens 300 dpi Auflösung an


Info: Tel. 08441/402213


vom 03. Juli bis 12. Juli 2015

auf dem Schützenplatz Hannover

Zulassungsanträge für das Schützenfest Hannover 2015

müssen bis spätestens 15. Oktober 2014 beim

Hannoversches Schützenfest e.V.

Bruchmeisterallee 1 • 30169 Hannover

Tel. (05 11) 131 96 97 • Fax: (0511) 161 18 55

schriftlich eingereicht sein.

Die Anträge müssen enthalten:

1. Vor- und Zunamen des Bewerbers mit genauer Anschrift (kein Postfach)

sowie die Kommunikationsadressen (Telefon, Telefax, Handy, E-Mail-Adresse usw.)

2. Bezeichnung und Ausmaße des Geschäftes (Frontlänge, Tiefe, Höhe) mit Grundrisszeichnung,

einschl. blinder Fronten und Markisen-Stützen, Vor-, Seiten- und Anbauten;

Angaben über zusätzliche nur zum Aufbau benötigte Flächen;

3. bei Fahrgeschäften Angaben über die vom Geschäft ausgehenden Lärmemissionen;

4. bei Schaugeschäften Angaben über die Art der Darbietung und das Programm, bei

Verlosungsgeschäften ist anzugeben, ob es sich um Lostopfspiel oder Automatenverlosungen


5. Bei Verkaufsgeschäften sind sämtliche zum Verkauf vorgesehenen Waren anzugeben;

Einweggeschirr und sonstige Einwegmaterialien dürfen nicht verwendet werden.

Speisen und Getränke dürfen nur auf Mehrweggeschirr oder essbaren Tellern abgegeben

werden. Der Verkauf von Getränkedosen und -flaschen wird nicht zugelassen.

6. Angaben über die erforderlichen Anschlüsse (Strom, Wasser, Gas und Kanal);

7. ein neuzeitliches Lichtbild des Geschäftes;

8. Angaben über Verkaufs-, Fahr- und Eintrittspreise, sowie Preisnachlass am Familientag;

9. Anzahl der mitgeführten erforderlichen Fahrzeuge (nicht erforderliche Fahrzeuge

werden auf dem Festplatz nicht zugelassen);

10. Anzahl der zum Aufbau erforderlichen Tage.

Darüber hinaus können weitere Angaben, die die besondere Qualität Ihres Geschäftes

ausweisen, gemacht werden.

Für Zeltbetriebe und Großgastronomieeinheiten gelten ergänzende Zulassungskriterien.

Diese werden Bewerbern nach Ablauf der Bewerbungsfrist zugesandt.

Für jedes Geschäft ist ein besonderer Antrag einzureichen. Ein Rechtsanspruch auf

Zulassung oder auf Zuweisung eines bestimmten Platzes besteht nicht.

Die Anfragen werden ausschließlich schriftlich beantwortet.

Vom Vergabeverfahren können insbesondere ausgeschlossen werden:

– verspätet eingegangene Bewerbungen

– unvollständige Bewerbungen

– Bewerbungen, bei denen nach Ablauf der Meldefrist Veränderungen eintreten

(z. B. Eigentumsverhältnisse)

– Bewerber, die bei vergangenen Veranstaltungen gegen Vertragsverpflichtungen, Anordnungen

des Veranstalters oder andere gesetzliche Bestimmungen verstoßen haben

– Bewerbungen mit unrichtigen Angaben

– Bewerber, die ihrer Zahlungsverpflichtung bei vergangenen Veranstaltungen nicht

oder nicht rechtzeitig nachgekommen sind.

Ergänzende Bewerbungsunterlagen, die nach dem 15.10.2014 (Bewerbungsfrist)

nachgereicht werden, bleiben im Vergabeverfahren unberücksichtigt.



In Sept. & October the

is available at the following:

• Regensburg Herbstdult (29. 08. bis 14. 09.) bei "Aqua Velis"

• Nürnberg Herbstvolksfest (29. 08. bis 14. 09.) bei "Happy Family"

• Verl Verler Leben (05. 09. bis 07. 09.) bei "Montgolfiere"

• Eisleben Wiesenmarkt (19. 09. bis 22. 09.) bei "Aqua Velis",

"Happy Family" und "Montgolfiere"

• Eisleben Kleine Wiese (26. 09. bis 28. 09.) bei "Happy Family"

• Stuttgart Cannstatter Volksfest (26. 09. bis 12. 10.) bei "Aqua Velis"

• Weert (NL) Kirmes (29. 09. bis 01. 10.) bei "Montgolfiere"

• Hövelhof Hövelmarkt (03. 10. bis 05. 10.) bei "Momtgolfiere"

• Bad Hersfeld Lullusfest (13. 10. bis 20. 10.) bei "Montgolfiere"

• Krefeld Sprödentalkirmes (03. 10. bis 12. 10.) bei "Happy Familiy"

• Gera Herbstvolksfest (18. 10. bis 02. 11.) bei "Aqua Velis"

• Nordhorn Herbstfest (24. 10. bis 27. 10.) bei "Montgolfiere"


Rolf Auf dem Berge


Focal point: transportation law and claims for damages

Member of the Association of Transportation Law

of the German Bar Association

Am Markt 14

49565 Bramsche

Telephone +49 (0) 54 61/ 30 30

Telefax +49 (0) 54 61/ 26 41

Mobile +49 (0) 172 / 30196 94

E-Mail: info@auf-dem-berge.de


Transport – Haftpflicht – Kfz

Altersvorsorge – Unfall – Kranken

Klaus Rübenstrunk

Hagener Straße 244 • 44229 Dortmund

Tel.: (02 31) 9 76 10 20 • Fax: (02 31) 9 76 10 21

Mobil: 0171 / 828 58 68

E-Mail: vb-ruebenstrunk@t-online.de


Gerd Römgens

Expert appraisal for the Showman Industry, Damages,

Conservation of Evidence, and Appraisal Reports

Tel. +49 (0) 171/ 264 89 29 and +49 (0) 2154/208308

Fax: +49 (0) 2154 / 20 83 13

Mail: sv-buero-roemgens@arcor.de

www.sv-roemgens.de u. www.roemgens.de

Gerd Römgens • Jupiterstr. 17 • 47877 Willich






















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Tel. 49 (0 ) 8441/40 22 13

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Gemi Verlags GmbH


85291 Reichertshausen

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– Publication only by advanced payment or credit card. –




✘ shows where ENGLISH VERSIONS are available

• 01069 Dresden, Wiener Platz 4

• 01097 Dresden-Neustadt, Schlesischer Platz 1

• 01109 Dresden, Wilhelmine-Reichard-Ring 1

• 04109 Leipzig, Hbf, Willy-Brand-Platz 5

• 06112 Halle, Hbf, Bahnhofplatz 1

• 06844 Dessau, Fritz-Hesse-Str. 7

• 10117 Berlin-Friedrichstr., Georgenstr. 14-18

• 10178 Berlin, Alexanderplatz, Dircksenstraße

✘ 10178 Berlin, Ladenzeile / Abgang S-Bahn

• 10243 Berlin, Am Ostbahnhof

• 10623 Berlin, Fernbahnhof Zoo

• 10829 Berlin-Südkreuz/West, Neumannstr.

• 12439 Berlin-Schöneweide, M.-Brückner-Str. 42

• 12521 Berlin, Flughafen-Schönefeld, Terminal D E G

• 12681 Berlin, Boxberger Str. 3-9 / Haus 3 / Halle 2 West

• 13405 Berlin, Flughafen Tegel, Haupthalle, Bon Voyage

• 16515 Oranienburg, Stralsunder Str.

• 18055 Rostock, Hauptbahnhof

✘ 20099 Hamburg, Hbf., Glockengiesserwall

• 20354 Hamburg, Bahnhof Dammtor, Theodor-Heuss-Platz

• 21337 Lüneburg, Bahnhofstr.

• 22335 Hamburg, Flughafenstr.

✘ 22765 Hamburg, Paul-Nevermann-Platz

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• 24114 Kiel, Sophienblatt 27-29

• 24145 Kiel, Bunsenstr. 1c

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• 27570 Bremerhaven, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 73

• 27749 Delmenhorst, Wittekindstr. 10/ZOB

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• 28199 Bremen, im Flughafen, Flughafenallee 20

• 29525 Uelzen, Am Bahnhof

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• 30669 Hannover, Flughafen, Terminal A

• 31134 Hildesheim, Bahnhofsplatz

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• 32423 Minden, Bundesbahnhof 12

• 33102 Paderborn, Bahnhofstr. 29

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• 33602 Bielefeld, Hauptbahnhof

• 34117 Kassel, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 34131 Kassel, Wilhelmshöher Allee 253

• 35037 Marburg, Bahnhofstr. 33

• 35390 Gießen, Bahnhofstr. 102

• 37073 Goettingen, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 38102 Braunschweig, Berliner Platz 1

✘ 39104 Magdeburg, Bahnhofstr. 68

• 40210 Düsseldorf, Hauptbahnhof

• 40474 Düsseldorf, Flughafenstr. 120 T.B

• 41061 Mönchengladbach, Europaplatz

• 41236 Mönchengladbach, Bahnhofstr. 66

• 41460 Neuss, Presse & Buch im Bhf., Theodor-Heuss-Platz

• 42103 Wuppertal, Döppersberg 37

• 42277 Wuppertal, Berliner Platz 15

• 42283 Wuppertal, Winklerstraße 2

• 42697 Solingen, Bahnstraße 5

• 42859 Remscheid, Bahnhofsplatz 12

• 44137 Dortmund, Koenigswall 15

• 44629 Herne, Bahnhofsplatz

• 44649 Herne, Heinz-Rühmann-Platz

• 44787 Bochum, Buddenbergplatz, Süd-Ausgang

✘ 45127 Essen, Hauptbahnhof

• 45468 Mülheim, Dieter-aus-dem-Siepen-Platz 3

• 45657 Recklinghausen, Große Pferdekamp Str.

• 45879 Gelsenkirchen, Im Bahnhof

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• 55116 Mainz, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 55543 Bad Kreuznach, Europaplatz

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• 58089 Hagen, Berliner Platz 3

• 58239 Schwerte, Bahnhofstraße 35

• 58452 Witten, Bergerstr. 35

• 58644 Iserlohn, Bahnhofsplatz 2

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• 59423 Unna, Bahnhofstr. 74

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• 59759 Arnsberg, Bahnhofstr. 136

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• 60594 Frankfurt, Diesterwegplatz 51

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• 70174 Stuttgart-Mitte, Th.-Heuss-Passagen

• 70372 Stuttgart/Bad Cannstatt, Bahnhofstr. 30

✘ 71032 Böblingen, Talstr. 18

• 71638 Ludwigsburg, Bahnhof 14-18

• 72072 Tübingen, Europaplatz 17

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• 74072 Heilbronn, Bahnhofstraße 30

• 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Bahnhofspl. 1

• 74889 Sinsheim, Friedrichstr. 25

• 75175 Pforzheim, Bahnhofsplatz

✘ 76137 Karlsruhe, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 76227 Karlsruhe, Hauptbahnstraße 1

• 76646 Bruchsal, Bahnhofsplatz 12

• 78462 Konstanz, Bahnhofsplatz 43

• 79098 Freiburg, Bismarckallee 3

✘ 80335 München, Hauptbahnhof, Arnulfstr. 3

✘ 81667 München, Orleansplatz 10

• 84032 Landshut, Bahnhofsplatz

• 85356 München-Flughafen, Südallee 1

• 86150 Augsburg, Viktoriastraße 1

• 86154 Augsburg, Ulmer Str. 53

• 87435 Kempten, Bahnhofplatz

• 87527 Sonthofen, Bahnhofstraße

• 87561 Oberstdorf, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 87700 Memmingen, Bahnhofstr. 3

• 89073 Ulm, Hauptbahnhof

✘ 90411 Nürnberg, Flughafenstr. 100

✘ 90443 Nürnberg, Bahnhofsplatz 9

• 92224 Amberg, Kaiser-Ludwig-Ring 5

• 92318 Neumarkt, Bahnlinie 5/HBF

• 92637 Weiden, Bahnhofstr. 28

• 93047 Regensburg, Bahnhofstr. 18

• 94032 Passau, Bahnhofsplatz 29

• 94315 Straubing, Bahnhofsplatz 13

• 95028 Hof, Bahnhofsplatz 12

• 95326 Kulmbach, Bahnhofsplatz 1

• 95444 Bayreuth, Bahnhofstr. 20

• 95615 Marktredwitz, Bahnhofsplatz 7

• 96052 Bamberg, Ludwigstraße 6

• 96215 Lichtenfels, Bahnhofsplatz

• 96450 Coburg, Lossaustr. 4

✘ 97070 Würzburg, Bahnhofstr. 4

• 97424 Schweinfurt, Im Bahnhof

• 97437 Hassfurt, Bahnhofstr. 12

• 99084 Erfurt, Willy-Brandt-Platz 12


Mannheimer Jahrmärkte 2015

auf dem Neuen Messplatz in Mannheim

MAIMESS vom 25.04. bis 10.05.2015

OKTOBERMESS vom 26.09. bis 11.10.2015

Bewerbungen von Geschäftsinhabern und Festzeltbetreibern

müssen für beide Jahrmärkte bis spätestens 06.11.2014 getrennt

für jede Veranstaltung bei der

GrossMarkt Mannheim GmbH, City Events Mannheim,

Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 14, 68165 Mannheim

eingegangen sein und folgende Angaben enthalten:

• Firmierung und Anschrift des Bewerbers

• Lichtbild des Geschäftes

• Geschäftsart mit Angaben zu Warenangebot bzw. Leistung

• Abmessungen des Geschäftes

• Stromanschlusswert des Geschäftes sowie die zusätzlich benötigten

Stromanschlüsse (Wohnwagen etc.)

• Bedarf an betriebsbedingten Zusatzflächen für Wohn-, Pack-, Gerätewagen,

Kühlcontainer usw.

• Angaben zu Anzahl und Füllmengen von vorgeschriebenen Ballasttanks

Die Inhaber von Imbiss- und Ausschankgeschäften haben deutlich zu machen, in

welcher Weise die Vorschriften der Verpackungsverordnung eingehalten werden

(Verwendung von Mehrweggeschirr).

Verkaufsstände sind selbst zu stellen.

Die Bewerbungen begründen keinen Rechtsanspruch auf Zulassung zu den Veranstaltungen

oder auf Zuweisung eines bestimmten Standplatzes. Bewerbungen,

welche verspätet, unvollständig oder ohne ausreichendes Rückporto eingehen,

können leider nicht berücksichtigt werden.

Zulassungen erfolgen nur durch

schriftliche Verträge nach den

Grundsätzen des bürgerlichen Rechts.

Visit us at

EAS Amsterdam

Booth 7121

Die Gemeinde Anröchte freut sich über

Ihre Bewerbung zur

Anröchter Herbstkirmes

09. – 12. Oktober 2015

Bewerbungen mit den üblichen Unterlagen

(Foto, Platzbedarf, Stromanschlusswert etc.)

senden Sie bitte bis zum 01.12.2014 an:

Gemeinde Anröchte • Ordnungs- und Sozialamt

Hauptstraße 74 • 59609 Anröchte

Tel. 0 29 47 / 888 – 320 • Fax 0 29 47 / 888 – 8320

Nähere Angaben finden Sie unter


Der Veranstalter übernimmt keine Haftung als Folge

von Ausfall, Verkürzung oder Verlegung des Marktes.

05.– 15. Juni 2015

Bewerbungen bitte schriftlich

bis spätestens 30. September 2014 an folgende Adresse:

Stadt Schweinfurt - Amt für öffentliche Ordnung,

Postfach, 97420 Schweinfurt

mit den üblichen Angaben:

Anschrift des Bewerbers, Art und Abmessung des Geschäftes, Warensortiment

bei Imbiss- und Verkaufsgeschäften, Stromanschlusswerte

in KW und Ampere, Anzahl und Maße der mitgeführten Wohn-,

Geräte- und Packwagen. Beizufügen sind ferner ein aktuelles Farbfoto

des Geschäftes, bei Fahr- und Belustigungsgeschäften zusätzlich ein

Grundrissplan, Steuer-Nr. mit Finanzamt, Haftpflichtversicherung usw.


• Frühjahrsmarkt 06.06. – 10.06.15

• Herbstmarkt 21.10. – 25.10.15

• Weihnachtsmarkt 26.11. – 23.12.15

(Nur Markthandel – in geringem Umfang Kinderfahrgeschäfte od. ähnl.)

Für jeden Markt ist eine gesonderte Bewerbung an die genannte

Adresse einzureichen, und zwar bis spätestens 4 Monate vor

Marktbeginn (= 05. Februar, 21. Juni und 25. Juli 2015).

Hierfür stehen entsprechende Bewerbungsformulare auf

www.schweinfurt.de zum Download bereit.

Wir weisen darauf hin, dass unvollständig eingereichte

Formulare zurückgegeben und nicht in den Bewerberkreis

aufgenommen werden.




Schanzer Pfingstvolksfest

mit Warenmarkt vom 22. Mai bis 31. Mai 2015

Schanzer Herbstfest

mit Warenmarkt vom 25. Sept. bis 4. Okt. 2015

Bewerbungen erbeten bis 15. September 2014

Später eingehende Anträge können nicht berücksichtigt werden.

Bewerbungen für jedes Fest bitte getrennt einreichen.

Der Bewerbung sind beizulegen: aktuelles Foto und Angaben der

techn. Daten, Plan oder Skizze des Geschäftes, Aufstellung und

Größe der mitgeführten Transport- und Wohnwagen, Benennung

der Fahr- und Eintrittspreise.

Warenmarktbewerber mit eigener Verkaufshütte erwünscht.

Stadt Ingolstadt


Auf der Schanz 39

85049 Ingolstadt

Ausschreibung zum

Zerbster Heimat- und Schützenfest

vom 31. Juli bis 10. August 2015

Zulassungsgesuche sind bis spätestens 28. September 2014 an das Büro des Bürgermeisters der Stadt Zerbst/Anhalt,

Schloßfreiheit 12 in 39261 Zerbst/Anhalt zu richten. Die Bewerbungen müssen folgende Angaben enthalten:

1. Ständige Anschrift, Fernsprechanschluss, Fax und Funktelefon

3. Maße des Betriebes einschließlich der erforderlichen Betriebseinrichtungen

2. Art des Betriebes

über alles sowie eine Grundriss-Skizze (Vordach, Seitenklappen, Vorbau,

a) Fahrbetrieb: genaue Bezeichnung

Markisen, Tische, Stühle etc.)

b) Belustigungsbetrieb: genaue Bezeichnung und Programm

4. Stromanschlusswert in KW getrennt nach Betrieb und Wohnwagen

c) Spielbetrieb: Art der Ausspielung sowie die zur Ausspielung

5. Anzahl der mitgeführten Fahrzeuge, wie Pack- und Wohnwagen,

gelangenden Waren

Zugmaschinen usw.

d) Verkaufsbetrieb: Warenangebot

6. Ein aktuelles Foto des Betriebes. Bei Neuheiten ist ausnahmsweise eine

e) Gastronomiebetrieb: Warenangebot sowie Angabe, ob mit oder ohne Ausschank

von Getränken, bei brauereitypischen Betrieben Angabe der Brauerei

ausführliche Betriebsbeschreibung einschließlich einer aussagekräftigen

farblichen Darstellung bzw. eines Modells ausreichend.

f) Entgelt: Angabe der Fahr-, Eintritts- und Spielpreise sowie sonstige Entgelte

7. Kopie der Ausführungsgenehmigung für fliegende Bauten

Der Veranstalter behält sich vor, im Waren- und Programmangebot

8. aktueller TÜV-Nachweis

Veränderungen vorzunehmen.

9. Rückporto für einen A4-Briefumschlag in Form von Postwertzeichen.

Für Gastronomiebetriebe behält sich der Veranstalter eine Produkt- und Lieferantenbindung vor.

Verspätet eingehende oder unvollständige Bewerbungen bleiben grundsätzlich unberücksichtigt!

Die Bewerbung zum Zerbster Heimat- und Schützenfest begründet im Falle der Zulassung keinen Rechtsanspruch auf einen bestimmten Platz. Im Falle einer Zulassung

ist der Beschicker verpflichtet, vor Aufbau seines Betriebes den Besitz einer gültigen Reisegewerbekarte sowie den Abschluss einer Haftpflichtversicherung nachzuweisen.

Die Zulassungsbescheide werden bis 16. Dezember 2014 versandt. Betriebe, die bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt keinen Bescheid erhalten, können leider nicht berücksichtigt

werden. Von persönlichen Vorstellungen hinsichtlich einer Bewerbung im Bewerbungszeitraum ist abzusehen.

Telefonische Auskünfte über Zu- oder Absagen werden nicht erteilt!



Suchen Sie noch Geschäfte für Ihre Veranstaltung? Oder haben Sie mit Ihrem Geschäft noch Termine frei? Hier können Sie Ihre Anfrage veröffentlichen.

Für Veranstalter, die bereits in der Kirmes & Park Revue ausgeschrieben haben, ist dieser Service kostenfrei.

Für alle anderen Interessenten beträgt der Preis pro Veröffentlichung: bis 3 Zeilen € 25,- + Mwst., für 4-6 Zeilen € 40,- + Mwst.

Bitte wenden Sie sich an Markus Westner, Fax 08441-498829, E-mail: anzeigen@gemiverlag.de


• Musik Express frei im September.

Tel.: 0163-5405751 od. 0177-3195476

• Groß-Geisterbahn (30 x 18 m) hat

noch Termine frei. Tel.: 0170-8061982

• Hochfahrgeschäft (Freak Out-

Schaukel) frei am 4. Sonntag im September

sowie ab Oktober, Süddeutschland.

Kontakt: www.uebel-und-sachs.de

oder Tel. 0171-6209348

• 2-Etagen-Laufgeschäft frei am1.

und 3. Sonntag im September, Raum

Nord- und Mitteldeutschland. Tel.: 0170-


• Kinderschleife (16 x 10 m) frei ab 3.

Sonntag im September und im ganzen

Oktober. Tel.: 0171-5154715

• Super Tower frei am 4. Sonntag im

Oktober. Tel.: 0170-2333387

• 4-Etagen-Laufgeschäft hat Termine

frei. Tel.: 0178-7228059

• Bungee-Trampolin-Anlage hat

Termine frei. Tel.: 0157-83034461

• Etagen-Belustigung hat Termine

frei. Tel.: 0178-8362951

• Scheibenwischer frei am 4. Sonntag

im September sowie 1., 2. und 4. Sonntag

im Oktober. Tel.: 0170-2333387

• Simulator hat Termine frei. Tel.: 0157-


• Water-Walkingballs hat Termine

frei. Tel.: 0157-83034461

• „Airgate” (Familien-Hochfahrgeschäft,

20 m, mit Ausflug 23 m) hat noch Termine

frei. Tel.: 0174-8990055

• Willy der Wurm hat noch Termine frei.

Tel.: 0177-7976933

• Gladiator hat im September Termine

frei. Tel.: 0031-629546133

• „Aqua King” hat Termine frei. Tel:


• „Sky Trip” hat Termine frei. Tel: 0178-



Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt 2015

am 11., 12., 13., 14., 15., und am 18., 19., 20. und 21. September

Bewerbungen für alle Geschäftsarten (Fahr-, Schau- und Belustigungsgeschäfte,

Verlosungen, Automatenbetriebe, Schießhallen, Pfeil- und Ballwurfhallen, Imbissbetriebe

usw.) müssen bis 15. Oktober 2014 eingegangen sein. Später eingehende

Anträge können nicht mehr berücksichtigt werden.

Es kommen nur Beschicker in Frage, die den Markt über die Gesamtdauer

halten können.

Es werden nur Imbissbetriebe zugelassen, die Mehrweggeschirr benutzen.

Bewerbungen müssen mit einem Formblatt erfolgen, das die Stadtverwaltung gegen

Einsendung eines adressierten und frankierten Rückumschlags zur Verfügung

stellt. Sie können dieses auch von der Homepage www.duerkheimer-wurstmarkt.de


Dem Formblatt sind folgende Unterlagen beizufügen:

1. Ein farbiges Lichtbild des Betriebes in den Maßen 9x13 cm oder größer,

in aktueller Aufmachung und Ausstattung

2. Eine genaue Beschreibung des Geschäftes und des Waren- und Leistungsangebotes

3. Grundrissplan in den Maßstäben 1 : 250 oder 1 : 100 mit genauen Maßangaben

(mit allen Anbauten, Stützen, Ausflugsmaßen usw.)

4. Nachweis der Schaustellerhaftpflichtversicherung

5. Ablichtung der Reisegewerbekarte

6. Ausreichend frankierter und adressierter Rückumschlag


Der Wurstmarkt wird nach den Grundsätzen des bürgerlichen Rechts durchgeführt.

Anmeldungen begründen keinen Rechtsanspruch auf Zulassung oder auf einen

bestimmten Platz. Haftung als Folge von Ausfall, Verkürzung oder Verlegung des

Marktes wird nicht übernommen.

Zulassungen ergehen ausschließlich schriftlich in Vertragsform. Mündliche Erklärungen

sind ohne Rechtswirkung und begründen keinerlei Ansprüche. Die Verträge für Fahr-,

Schau- und Belustigungsgeschäfte sowie Verlosungen werden

voraussichtlich bis 15. Januar 2015, bei den übrigen Unternehmen

bis 1. Mai 2015 zugestellt. Bewerber, die bis zu den angegebenen

Zeitpunkten keinen Vertrag erhalten, müssen davon ausgehen,

dass sie nicht berücksichtigt werden können. Absagen und Rücksendungen

der Bewerbungsunterlagen erfolgen nur, wenn uns ein

ausreichend frankierter und adressierter Rückumschlag vorliegt.

Bad Dürkheim, im August 2014

Stadtverwaltung • Mannheimer Straße 24 • 67098 Bad Dürkheim



24.07. bis 02.08.2015

Bewerbungen mit Lichtbild aus neuester Zeit

sowie genauen technischen Angaben und Anzahl der

mitgeführten Wohn- und Packwagen an

Stadt Neuburg an der Donau • Ordnungsamt

86622 Neuburg an der Donau

Beizulegen ist ein frankiertes und beschriftetes Rückkuvert.

Bewerbungsschluss: 30.09.2014

Gesucht werden neuzeitliche Geschäfte mit attraktiver Aufmachung

und solider Geschäftsführung (keine Imbissstände, Marktartikel,

Textilien, Schmuck usw.)

Bewerbungen mit den üblichen Informationen sind bis zum

30. November 2014 an den Flecken Bruchhausen-Vilsen,

Eigenbetrieb „TourismusService Bruchhausen-Vilsen“,

Lange Straße 11, 27305 Bruchhausen-Vilsen, zu richten.

Zulassungen erfolgen nach den aktuellen Zulassungsrichtlinien,

die unter www.broksermarkt.de einzusehen sind.

Karlsfelder Siedler- und Seefest

vom 26.06. – 05.07.2015

zwischen München und Dachau im überörtlichen

Erholungsgebiet am Karlsfelder See

Bewerbungen müssen genaue Angaben über Art und Abmessung des Geschäftes

inkl. Vorbauten, Anschlusswerte, Anzahl und Abmessung der mitgeführten Fahrzeuge,

Wohn- und Packwagen enthalten. Beizufügen sind ein aktuelles Foto, eine

Grundriss-Skizze sowie ein frankiertes Rückkuvert.

Bewerbungen sind zu richten an: Siedlergemeinschaft Karlsfeld-

Nord, Christa Berger-Stögbauer, Gartenstr. 84, 85757 Karlsfeld

Bewerbungsschluss: 17.10.2014

Verdener Domweih

30. Mai – 04. Juni 2015

Die Bewerbungen müssen enthalten:

1. Ständige Anschrift des Bewerbers mit Telefonnummer

2. Art und Beschreibung des Geschäftes (mit aktuellen Fotos)

3. Maße des Geschäftes einschl. blinder Fronten, Vor- und Anbauten

4. Verkaufsgeschäfte und Imbissbetriebe: Warenangebote

Platzbewerbungen müssen bis spätestens 31.10.2014 bei der Stadt Verden

(Aller) eingegangen sein. Später eingegangene und unvollständige

Bewerbungen werden nicht berücksichtigt.

Stadt Verden (Aller) – Der Bürgermeister –

Große Straße 40 • 27283 Verden (Aller)


Die Stadt OELDE im Münsterland

(30.000 Einwohner)

freut sich über Ihre Bewerbung zur


17. bis 19. Juli 2015

Bewerbungen mit den üblichen Unterlagen

(aktuelles Foto, genauer Platzbedarf, Stromanschlusswert)

bis 31. Dezember 2014 bitte an:

Stadt Oelde • FD Ordnungswesen und Standesamt

Ratsstiege 1 • 59302 Oelde

Zusagen ergehen schriftlich bis zum 15.02.2015. Sollte bis dahin

kein Vertrag beim Bewerber sein, gilt dies gleichzeitig als Absage.

Vielleicht liegt Oelde auch an Ihrer Reiseroute

zwischen dem Europaschützenfest Hannover und der

Libori-Kirmes Paderborn bzw. der Cranger Kirmes!








Auch 2014 wird der Oktober-Ausgabe der

Kirmes & Park Revue ein Ausschreibungs-

Sonderheft beigelegt.

Mit einer Ausschreibung Ihrer Veranstaltung

in unserem Ausschreibungs-Sonderheft

erreichen Sie nahezu flächendeckend die

Schaustellerbetriebe in Deutschland und in

unseren Nachbarländern – und das zu einem

außergewöhnlich günstigen Preis.

Weitere Vorteile einer Ausschreibung in der

Sonderbeilage der Kirmes & Park Revue:

- Bei Mangel an geeigneten Bewerbern oder

kurzfristigen Absagen von Schaustellern haben

Sie die Möglichkeit einer kostenlosen

Suchanfrage innerhalb der Service-Rubrik

„Freie Termine – Freie Plätze”

- Kostenlose Gestaltung Ihrer Ausschreibung

- Alle Farben kostenlos !

Anzeigenschluss für eine

Ausschreibung in der Oktober-Ausgabe

ist der 10. September 2014

(das Heft erscheint am 27.09.2014)

Info: Tel. 08441/4022-11

E-Mail: info@gemiverlag.de



…keiner steht schneller!

02 28

46 69 89

Fax 461564

53227 Bonn (Beuel) Röhfeldstr. 27

BAB 59 - Abf. Pützchen






Mi. 10. Sept.


Markus Westner

Tel. 08441/402213

Fax 08441/498829



Agi Reddersen

Tel. 08441/81057

Fax 08441/86105



Ihr Partner für das Schaustellergewerbe

D-34613 Ziegenhain • Kasseler Str. 44 • Tel. 0 66 91 / 35 36 • Fax 0 66 91 / 59 97

Verkaufswagen bis 3,5 to

speziell nach Ihren Wünschen gefertigt



Datenanlieferung für Anzeigen

Bitte liefern Sie Anzeigen per E-mail als pdf

oder jpg mit mindestens 300 dpi Auflösung an


Tel. 07191/ 34 0135


Wet Protect Feuchtigkeitsschutz

Fax 07191/ 34 0136

Die einzige Modellbahn

im Ausstellungswagen


Telefon 01 72 / 5 38 56 79


Berlin 2015

45. Frühlingsfest 27.03. bis 19.04.2015

04. Ostermarkt 04.04. bis 12.04.2015

63. Steglitzer Woche 22.05. bis 07.06.2015

53. Deutsch-Französisches Volksfest 19.06. bis 19.07.2015

113. Freie Scholle 28.08. bis 13.09.2015

65. Oktoberfest 25.09. bis 11.10.2015

32. Weihnachtsmarkt in der City 23.11.15 bis 03.01.16

Gesucht werden attraktive Geschäfte aller Art

Bewerbungen mit den üblichen Unterlagen und Rückporto, getrennt für jedes Geschäft

und jede Veranstaltung, sind einzureichen bis spätestens 30.09.2014 an den

Schaustellerverband Berlin e.V., Rosenheimer Str. 5, 10781 Berlin

Tel. 030-213 32 90, Fax 030-213 40 34, Email: info@svbev.de

Verspätet eingegangene oder unvollständige Bewerbungen werden nicht berücksichtigt. Der Veranstalter ist berechtigt,

Bewerbungen ohne ausreichendes Rückporto nicht zu bearbeiten. Die Bewerbung begründet keinen Rechtsanspruch

auf Zulassung oder auf einen bestimmten Platz. Die Zu- und Absagen erfolgen schriftlich. Eine Haftung, dass die

Veranstaltungen tatsächlich und zu den angegebenen Zeitpunkten stattfinden, wird nicht übernommen.



• • • • • •

Contact person also for Germany

D. Hinzen

Tel. (0031) 6 531450 03

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •


& Zubehör

aus Elkhart, Indiana

Tel. 06195-960507



Auf geht´s zur Gautsch nach Königsbrunn

Volksfest vom 26. Juni – 05. Juli 2015

Die Stadt Königsbrunn liegt im Süden von Augsburg mit 29.000 Einwohnern.

Mit den naheliegenden Umlandgemeinden können ca. 55.000 Einwohner (ohne

Stadt Augsburg) erreicht werden. Zur Attraktivitätssteigerung des größten

Fuhrparks im südlichen Landkreis werden neue Fahrgeschäfte gesucht.

Bewerbungen von Fahr-, Schau- und Belustigungsgeschäften (Autoskooter,

Kinderfahrgeschäfte, Hochfahrgeschäfte etc.) werden erbeten

bis 24. September 2014 an die

Stadt Königsbrunn • FB 2 • Marktstraße 3 1 / 2 • 86343 Königsbrunn

mit den üblichen Angaben sowie der telefonischen Erreichbarkeit (Handy).

Die Stadt Königsbrunn legt aufgrund einer neuen Konzeption großen Wert auf

möglichst familienfreundliche Preise. Die Eintritts-/Spiel-/Fahrpreise sind im

Hinblick auf das Auswahlverfahren anzugeben, auch für einen Kinder- und

Familientag. Bewerbungen ohne Preisangabe werden nicht berücksichtigt.

Unterlagen verbleiben beim Veranstalter. Schriftliche Absagen werden nicht erteilt.


für das Oktoberheft

ist Mittwoch

10. September

Visit us at

EAS Amsterdam

Booth 7445


Visit us at

EAS Amsterdam

Booth 8142

Visit us at

EAS Amsterdam

Booth 8648

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