April/May 2007 - London Borough of Hillingdon


April/May 2007 - London Borough of Hillingdon

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April/May 2007

Aqua Extreme

Making a splash with Olympic swimmer,

Stephen Parry

Council services


Going smokefree

in Hillingdon

Could you be a

school governor?



Getting to grips

with graffiti


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April/May 2007



cover stories

7 Council services improving

10 Going smokefree in Hillingdon

14 Streets Ahead

15 Getting to grips with graffiti

17 Could you be a school govenor?


12 Making a splash

16 Lady Craig Court

18 Keeping up the good work

20 Make the most of Hillingdon’s green spaces

23 Hillingdon’s young people get involved


4 Celebrating success

5 New agreement for Uxbridge town centre

Making a splash with Olympic

swimmer Stephen Parry (Pg12)


We are splashing out

in this edition with

lots of information

on leisure, sports

and outdoorsy opportunities for

Hillingdon residents. Help is also on

hand to ensure that you can get a

breath of fresh air, with information

and advice on the new smokefree

legislation, which will come into

force on July 1.

On the more serious side of

things we fill you in on our High

Court asylum case and council tax

plans, let you know how inspectors

have rated council services and

update you on the continuing fight

against Heathrow expansion.

5 Targeting residents concerns

6 Freedom Pass safe

8 Council tax charges


27 Time on your hands?

Volunteer opportunities and freetime activities

29 Useful information

Who to call at the council and other useful numbers

31 What’s on?

Local arts and theatre listings from across the borough

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April/May 2007 • 3



Road crossings

for all

The council is on target

for making every one of

the borough’s controlled

pedestrian crossings

disabled-friendly by April

this year. Over the past

three years we’ve been

installing features such as

‘tactile paving’ (which has

small bumps in it to help

visually impaired people

know where to cross)

and lowered kerbs to

make life easier for

wheelchair users.

Caring for our


Moving poems and short

stories performed by

young carers launched

the young carer's strategy

last month. The new

strategy, developed jointly

by Hillingdon Council,

Hillingdon Carers and the

PCT, aims to provide

better services and

increased opportunities

for the hundreds of

young people who care

for family members in the


Pounds for


The council has made

£75,000 Chrysalis funding

available in 2007/08 for

upgrading the Hill Lane

Playground. The need for

an upgrade was identified

as a priority by the Safer

Neighbourhoods Team at

the West Ruislip

environmental visual audit

in May. In addition,

£30,000 funding from

Street Champions has

been granted in the

current financial year, for

general improvements

and park furniture.

Celebrating success

More than 250 students

celebrated their

achievements in a range

of subjects at an awards

ceremony held recently

by the council’s adult

education service.

The adult learners, all of

whom have varying degrees

of learning and physical

disabilities, had studied for

accreditation in a range

of subject areas, including

sports, art, computing and

other work-related

subjects, as well as those

designed to help the

learners live independently,

such as money and meal


The courses are part of

a Towards Independence

programme, which

provides a framework of

learning activities to

develop personal, social

and independent living


Towards independence:

Student Daniel McCarthy

receives his certificate from

Jane Wood, head of adult


Signs for safety

Eleven new safety signs have gone up in

Cowley Road, Uxbridge in an effort to reduce

the number of road accidents and encourage

people to drive safely.

The signs, which alert drivers to the number

of people injured in accidents in that particular

road, are part of the council’s commitment to

tackling road safety issues and are designed to

make drivers think about their speed so that

they take extra care whilst driving.

Similar signs, which were put up in Victoria Road just over a year ago, have proved

to cut the number of casualty figures.The new road signs in Cowley Road if successful,

will be considered for other main roads in the borough.

The council welcomes ideas or suggestions that people may have related to road

safety. If you have a road safety issue you would like to tell us about please email

saferroads@ hillingdon.gov.uk or call 01895 556746.




Hillingdon Partners, the

local strategic partnership

within the London

Borough of Hillingdon,

has appointed Ian Edwards

as its new manager. The

newly created post will

provide the partnership

with strategic leadership

and increased impetus into

the partnership’s aim of

joint working to improve

services for local people.

Cllr Douglas Mills,

Cabinet member for

partnerships said:“We are

delighted that Ian will be

joining the Hillingdon

Partners. The appointment

sends out a strong message

that Hillingdon wishes to

raise its game, especially

with the business and

voluntary sectors.

“By employing a strong

leader from outside the

local authority world, and

making the partnership

more central to our strategy,

we can achieve a leap in

service delivery so that

our residents can proudly

say, to friends and family: ‘I

like living here.’”

4 •

April/May 2007

New agreement for Uxbridge

town centre

The council has taken

action to stop shoppers in

Uxbridge being plagued

by charity collectors and

other organisations

following a petition of

6,000 signatures from

residents wanting

something to be done

about the amount of

charity collectors and

market researchers in the

town centre.

Thanks to a recently

uncovered by-law, an

agreement has been

made between Cllr Keith

Burrows (Cabinet

member for planning and

transportation), Uxbridge

Town centre management

and the charities’

representative organisation

which means that charity

organisations can only

use the High Street three

times a week. Additionally,

non-charities who stop

shoppers to get custom

could be prosecuted.

Police and council join forces

From April, police

community support

officers will be working

with the council to issue

fixed penalty notices (FPN)

for those who graffiti,

drop litter and fly post.

Kathy Sparks, deputy

director for environment

and consumer protection,

said:“ The way we see our

surroundings has a huge

impact on the community

and can influence

individuals’ behaviour. This

joint working will

Cllr Keith Burrows

commented: “This raft of

measures help us address

the set of problems

highlighted some time

ago by people using

Uxbridge. Coupled with

council enforcement

activity against illegal

street trading, and using

our partners where

necessary, we have a set

of tools that are making

Uxbridge town centre a

better place.”

encourage people to take

pride in their local

environment and catch

those who break the law.”

Graffiti and litter

clearance costs over one

million pounds a year and

this money could be

money better spent on

other council services.

Targeting residents’ concerns

Hillingdon Partners have signed a Local Area Agreement (LAA) to deliver improvements

to the things that local people want to see changed in their area.


Picture perfect

The first ever Uxbridge

postcard has gone on

sale in Hillingdon libraries.

Designed by local lady

Sheena Rosser, the

postcard depicts several

well-loved sights in the

town, including Grand

Union Canal, Windsor

Street and St Margaret’s

Church. Other souvenirs

depicting local scenes are

also available. If the

postcards prove popular,

it is likely that the range

will be extended to

illustrate other towns in

the borough.


Residents wanting to

become cycle trainers

can take part in new

national course called

BikeAbility. Jointly funded

by the Cycle Touring Club

(CTC) and Transport for

London (TFL), the council

is running the courses for

free.Those that complete

the course could join the

council’s team of trainers

to teach cycling skills to

school children. For

further information call

01895 250950 or email


Pond life

The newly restored duck

pond at Manor Farm,

Ruislip has been opened

after extensive

refurbishment, funded by

the council’s Chrysalis

program. Work on the

site began in October

2006 and included

replacing dead and old

plants with lush new

ones, and installing new

fencing, pathways and

seating around the pond.


Pictured (clockwise from bottom, left) Ian Edwards (head of partnerships, business and

community engagement), Cllr Douglas Mills (Cabinet member for partnerships), Hugh Dunnachie

(acting chief executive, LBH), Mick May (executive director, Groundworks Themes Valley) and

Detective Chief Superintendent Carl Bussey (Hillingdon borough commander).

April/May 2007 • 5



Scores on doors

From June 2007 all

restaurants, takeaway

shops and other food

businesses will be

required to display their

food inspection ratings.

The London-wide pilot

will be based on a 5 star

rating system, with 5 stars

indicating very high

standards and no stars

highlighting a general

failure to comply with

legal requirements. If the

initiative is successful it

will be rolled out across

the country.

Ruislip High


Ruislip High was officially

opened at the end of last

month.The ceremony

was performed by head

teacher John Goulborn

and RAF Northolt

Station Commander,

Group Captain John

Maas.The celebrations

also included a fly-by

from the RAF and the

unveiling of a circle of

bricks engraved with the

first students' names.

New contracts

The council has

appointed three new

contractors starting from

April 1. AccordMP will

now be carrying out all

of the highways

maintenance including

road surfacing, civil

engineering and street

lighting repairs in the

borough. Enterprise and

Connaught have both

been chosen for grounds

maintenance in all our

parks and open spaces.

National praise for council’s public


The Centre for Public

Scrutiny (CfPS) – the

national body for

improving the scrutiny of

public services – has

identified Hillingdon as a

national model of good

practice for the way it

gives local people a voice

in decisions taken that

may affect them.

The way Hillingdon

examined the borough’s

Local Strategic Partnership

(a partnership between

the council, police, health,

business and voluntary

Freedom Pass safe

There have recently been

some misleading reports

about the future of the

Freedom Travel Pass, which

offers free travel benefits to

London’s older residents

and those with disabilities.

The Freedom Pass is paid

for by London’s 32 councils,

including Hillingdon, and

we have been committed

to the scheme for the

last 23 years.

Cllr Ray Puddifoot,

Leader of the Council

and older persons’

champion said: “I want to

reassure all of our older

and disabled residents

who currently enjoy the

benefits of the Freedom

Pass that we are fully

committed to it and have

organisations that delivers

services in Hillingdon) is

one of only eight singled

out for praise.

The police, health, local

businesses, training

organisations and voluntary

groups all gave evidence

at "select committee" type

meetings on improving

the way we work together

for local people.

Cllr Douglas Mills,

Cabinet member for

partnerships said:“The way

that we developed the LSP

and the new activities of

the LSP are built on the

back of what the scrutiny

absolutely no intention of

making any changes to it.”

He added: “We will

defend the Freedom Pass

for our residents as it

makes a huge difference

the lives of its users.”

The Freedom Pass is

the most comprehensive

concessionary fares

scheme in the country.

For more information

on the Freedom Pass,

please contact your local

Post Office if you are 60

years and over, or the

council on 01895 250202

if you have disabilities.

From 1 April 2007

people with disabilities

will also be able to claim

their Freedom Pass from

the Post Office.

Single? Better read this…

Following a review of

residents in receipt of a

single person discount on

their council tax, the

council has written to

residents asking them to

confirm their circumstances

to ensure that residents

are receiving the correct


Those who have not

responded have had their

discount stopped and will

have to pay the full council

tax and it is important

that residents inform the

council if their

circumstances have


Any abuses of council

tax single persons discount

can be reported to the

council anonymously by

calling the council’s

freephone fraud hotline

on 0800 389 8313.

committee suggested.

Cllr Anthony Way, who

chaired the all-party

committee that carried

out the scrutiny, said it

was successful because

the committee was “very

good at forgetting political


This is the second time

in six months that the

CfPS have given national

recognition to Hillingdon’s

scrutiny process, hghlighting

the way in which residents

are given a ‘local voice’ in

the decision-making

process of local




Hillingdon Council has

successfully prosecuted a

property owner who

built a single-storey rear

extension and a twostory

side extension

without planning

permission. Additionally,

the owner had made

internal alterations, which

changed the property

from a family dwelling to

a property with

individual residential units


Jean Palmer, director of

planning and community

services said: “The

council is very pleased

that this unauthorised

action has been

recognised by the courts

as it is important that

people who flout the

planning regulations and

cause harm to others

amenities are punished.

Landowners must take

responsibility for ensuring

that they adhere to

planning regulations and

can contact us for advice

and information on doing


6 •

April/May 2007

Council services improving

Environment, education and housing singled out for

praise by inspectors


In the latest annual assessment of

all councils in the UK, Hillingdon has

been rated as ‘improving well’.

With an overall rating of two out

of four stars, the inspectors said

that ‘the council is well placed to

deliver improvements for local


The inspectors highlighted

improved performance in the

council’s priority areas of

environment (which is now rated

as a 3 out of 4 service), education

and customer access and in

particular, satisfaction with street

scene improvements.

The council’s rating for housing

services increased to ‘excellent’

(from 3 to 4), which follows the

rating for benefits which is already

rated as a 4. Hillingdon is now the

only council in London to be rated

as excellent for both housing and


As well as the significant

improvements in the environment,

social care outcomes for children

and young people, housing and

educational attainment are rated as

good and improving and progress

against the decent homes standard

is rated highly.

The inspectors also took into

account the results of a residents’

survey, which took place at the end

of 2006. This shows that the

council has maintained the level of

overall residents’ satisfaction, despite

the fact that across London, councils

on average saw a drop of two per

cent in this area.

The survey showed that residents

in Hillingdon are now more satisfied

with the cleanliness of the borough

and less concerned about levels of

crime and anti-social behaviour –

The most dramatic being a

reduction in concern about

abandoned or burnt out vehicles

from 66 to 16 per cent.

Cllr Ray Puddifoot, Leader of the

Council said: “Inspections are

important for us to see how well

we are doing compared to other

London boroughs, but the real test

is what our residents think of the

services we provide. I am pleased

that our residents have told us that

we are improving the cleanliness of

the borough and are now feeling

safer in Hillingdon as these are both

two of our priorities.”

He added: “As well as our

residents telling us

we have

improved the


have also

recognised the



we have been

making across a

range of services,

such as those for

young people,

education and housing. We have

an ambitious improvement

programme to help ensure we

continue to make these

improvements, tackling

the things that our residents

tell us are important to


The inspectors also highlighted

that the council faces challenges in

relation to the services it provides

jointly with the PCT, which currently

has a significant budget deficit.

All of this means Hillingdon has

improved three quarters of its key

performance indicators, which is

above the national average.

The inspection gives councils an overall rating by assessing

individual services. The 2007 scores for Hillingdon are:

Corporate capacity to improve services 2

(How well the council is managed and our ability to improve)

Use of resources 3

(How effectively we spend money on services, value

for money and our financial strategy)

Environmental services 3

(Refuse collection, street cleaning, recycling services, (up from 2)

dealing with abandoned cars, graffiti removal)

Children and young people 2

(Education, youth services, fostering and adoption)

Adult social care arrangements 3

(Services for older people, people with disabilities)

Cultural services 2

(Libraries, arts, sports and leisure)

Housing services 4

(Quality of council housing, speed of repairs) (up from 3)

Housing and council tax benefits 4

(Payment of benefits to residents, level of fraud detection)

A score of 4 is an excellent rating – the highest rating possible

April/May 2007 • 7


Council tax –

Investing in your


Council tax bills have just dropped

through letterboxes and this year

they contain some good news for

the borough's older residents.

Hillingdon is the first London

borough (and only the second in

the UK) to give a reduction on the

amount of council tax for the over

65’s.The 2% discount has

automatically been applied and

should appear on your council tax

bill. As well as the discount for older

people, the council’s investing

significant amounts of extra money

in the things that you told us are

important to you, including the

environment, community safety, road

safety, the elderly, carers and youth.

At the same time, we have made

a number of internal efficiencies so

that we are providing value for

money for services.

This year, the council has had to

add 1% to council tax bills to pay

for the costs of supporting

unaccompanied asylum seekers

who have exhausted all appeals and

yet remain in the UK.

The council has been lobbying

the government for more than a

year and even took them to court

to claim the full costs of supporting

the children and young people who

come to Hillingdon through

Heathrow Airport.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Ray

Puddifoot said: "We have delivered

a local council tax increase of less

than 3% and invested significantly in

High Court result for Hillingdon

At the end of March, the High Court decided that the

Government had not acted unlawfully in changing the

amount of money Hillingdon gets to pay to support

unaccompanied asylum seekers.This means that

Hillingdon will have to continue to fund nearly £5m of

the costs of supporting unaccompanied asylum seekers,

as we do not receive full funding from government.

The council had brought the court case on the basis

that the government acted unlawfully by reducing the

amount of money we are given part-way through the

areas that our residents told us are

a priority.

By giving our older residents a

discount, it will make sure the

increase in council tax is likely to be

less than the increase they receive

in the state pension."

Cllr Puddifoot added: "However,

as we have to cover the shortfall in

funding for unaccompanied asylum

seeking children (UASC) we can no

longer afford the costs of

supporting UASC's who have

exhausted all appeals (EAA). We

have been open and honest about

this and will continue to press our

case for the Government to fully

fund all costs associated with the

national asylum seeking policy."

"Asylum seeking children and

young people are children first and

in a civilised society we have a

responsibility to ensure their

welfare is protected and their

needs are met. When we asked the

government if they would

reimburse the EAA costs, we were

told they should be paid from

money provided for social services

and education which I am not

prepared to do as it would impact

on the borough's children and our

most vulnerable residents."

The council tax rate in Hillingdon

for 2007/08 has been set at 3.75%*.

Over the last five years, Hillingdon

has had the lowest rate of council

tax increases of any of its West

London neighbours.

Over 65s council

tax discount –

your questions


Q Who will receive the 2%


13,000 people in Hillingdon

have been identified as eligible

for the 2% discount.

Q I already receive council

tax benefit, will I also be

eligible to receive the 2%


If you already receive council

tax benefit you will not be

eligible for the discount.

Q Do I need to apply for the


You do not need to apply for

the discount as it will

automatically be taken off your

council tax bill.

Q What do I do if I believe I am

entitled to the discount but

it is not shown on my bill?

You should contact the council

on 01895 250000 and we will

look at your details to see if

you qualify for the discount.

Q What details will I need to


You will only be asked for

your full name, address, council

tax account number and date

of birth.

Q What should I do if I have

any questions about the

over 65s council tax


Please contact 01895 250000

* The increase for a Band D

property is £39.05 a year.

Taken together with the increase

in the Greater London Authority

(GLA) precept of 5.3%, the

overall increase to taxpayers in

Hillingdon is 4.08%.

year.The council also made the case that by having the

World's busiest international airport in the borough

Hillingdon is unique and should be funded differently to

other councils.

Cllr Ray Puddifoot, Leader of the Council said: "We

are extremely disappointed at this judgement, as we

believe we have a strong case for us to receive the full

costs for supporting the national policy on

unaccompanied asylum seekers.

He added: "That Hillingdon has shoulder the burden

of this is scandalous and we will continue to press the

government for fair funding on this issue.

8 •

April/May 2007

Fight against Heathrow

expansion continues


The council has joined forces with 11 other

local authorities* to continue the fight against

expansion at Heathrow. Called the 2M Group,

the alliance aims to represent the 2 million

people whose quality of life affected by the


Campaign group HACAN

ClearSkies has already praised the

organisation for publishing the maps

highlighting the likely flight paths to

and from Heathrow if a third

runway goes ahead and a new

petition on the Downing Street

website is urging people to show

their support to the campaign.

Hillingdon Council Leader, Cllr

Ray Puddifoot said: "The council is

working as part of the 2M group to

help bring attention to the massive

objections to expansion at


The detrimental effects of a third

runway at Heathrow are immense.

Our residents already deal with the

environmental impacts of having

Heathrow on their doorstep, for

example pollution levels in the

villages around the airport currently

exceed EU guidelines.

We appreciate that the airport is

a large regional employer and has

international status but if you

include the environmental costs of

aviation, the ‘economic benefit’ soon

turns to deficit. This expansion

could wipe out whole villages and

we will continue to fight it at every


More information at


* The 2M Group comprises the

London Boroughs of Ealing,

Hammersmith and Fulham,

Hillingdon, Hounslow, Kensington

and Chelsea, Richmond and

Wandsworth. Authorities outside

London include Slough, South Bucks,

Spelthorne and Windsor and


On the bench

Hillingdon People met with John to

find out a bit more about his role

and how Hillingdon magistrates are

helping community safety.

What experience or qualifications do

you need to become a magistrate?

Anyone over 18 and under 65

can apply to be a magistrate. No

special qualifications are required

and interviewers look for common

sense, integrity, and a commitment

to serving the community.

Magistrates receive full training as

well as guidance from the higher



Bench Chairman, Richard Bristow JP is one

of the faces of justice in Hillingdon. A former

Hillingdon pupil and magistrate for over

twenty years, John is one of 110 magistrates

working at Uxbridge Magistrates Court.

Do you get a salary?

No, we are unpaid although some

expenses are paid and there may

be help with childcare costs where


Why is it so important that judges

are independent of government?

In a democracy it is a vital

protection for the citizen that an

impartial and independent judiciary

administers the law.This protection

goes right back to Magna Carta.

How many cases are dealt with by

the magistrates’ courts, rather than

the crown courts?

Around 95 per cent of criminal

cases start and are completed in

the magistrates’ court.

What sort of cases have you dealt


We see a huge range of cases

from simple motoring offences to

assault, theft, environmental

offences, drugs offences, and a large

number of customs cases from

Heathrow Airport, most of them

involving the importation of drugs.

What would you say to people who

think that the courts are too lenient?

Sentencing is an enormously

complex subject and no two cases

are alike. In some cases a fine is

appropriate, in others a community

sentence can punish people while

making them pay back something

to society-community penalties

these days are onerous (up to 300

hours unpaid work for example).

They can be combined with other

initiatives, like drug treatment to get

to the root cause of someone’s

offending behaviour.

What would you say to anyone

interested in local justice?

Being a magistrate is fascinating

and I feel privileged to be doing the

job. We’re always interested in

talking to people interested in

applying to join the bench.

April/May 2007 • 9


Going smokefree in

This year’s No Smoking Day signalled the countdown to

Smokefree England when smoking will be banned in virtuallly all

enclosed public places and workplaces.

On Sunday July 2007, it

will be against the law

to smoke indoors in

places such as pubs,

bars, nightclubs, cafes, restaurants,

lunch rooms, membership clubs and

shopping centres. For workers,

smoking inside will become a thing

of the past, and indoor smoking

rooms will no longer be allowed.

Public transport and work vehicles

(including company cars) used by

more than one person must also

be smokefree.

In November 2004, the

government published a white

paper called

“Choosing Health:

Making healthy

choices easier.”

The paper set out


for making


smokefree. In

February 2006, MPs voted to

prohibit smoking in all public places

in England and in December 2006

the new law was announced.

As Caroline Flint, minister of

state for public health pointed out:

“This is one of the most significant

pieces of public health legislation of

the last 50 years.Thousands of lives

will be saved every year and many

thousands more will be spared the

misery of watching friends and

family die prematurely. It will create

the single biggest improvement in

public health for a generation.”

Smoking is the single

biggest cause of

preventable death

accounting for 106,000

deaths a year.

England is following the examples

of countries such as Sweden,

Ireland, Norway, New Zealand,

Malta and Italy who have already

gone smokefree


Scotland was the

first in the UK to

introduce the

smoking legislation

on 26 March 2006 and will be

followed by Wales on 2 April this


Kathy Sparks, deputy director of

environment and consumer

protection, said: “As a first step

and before the


come into force,

the council will

be providing

support and

guidance to


residents and

businesses to raise awareness and

ensure that the new law is


Definition of


‘Premises will be

considered to be

enclosed if they

have a ceiling or

roof and, except

for doors,

windows and

A smokefree England

will ensure a healthier


At least one thousand

people are estimated

to die each year in the

UK as the result of

exposure to other

people’s tobacco smoke.

passageways, are wholly enclosed,

whether on a permanent or

temporary basis.’


Each local council

will identify


officers, who will

be authorised to

issue the following penalties:

• Failure to display a no smoking

signs: up to £1000 or a fixed

penalty notice of £200. (A5 signs

are required at every public

entrance, main entrance to a

building, staff/service entrances

will require smaller no smoking


• Smoking in a no-smoking place:

up to £200 or a penalty notice of


• Failing to prevent smoking in a

smokefree place: up to £2500

The final penalty amount will be

decided by the courts rather that

the council.

Get ready for Smokefree

England, make

a fresh start

On No Smoking

Day, 14 March, we


residents to give

up the cigarettes

and make a fresh

start. A fresh

start means no

longer smelling of smoke, having

smoker’s breath or watching your

hard earned cash go up in smoke!

10 •

April/May 2007



And with England

going smokefree

from 1 July, there’s

no better time to

make a fresh start

that lasts forever.

Giving up

smoking is the single best thing that

smokers can do for their health. It

also protects our children and loved

ones from the dangers of passive

smoking, and shows consideration

for the many people who have to

work in smoky environments. It helps

us to live longer,

healthier lives

untainted by

smoky clothes and

breath, nicotine

tinged fingers and


Barry Mullock, age 59 from

Ruislip was offered group “quit

smoking” support through his

employer, Wrights Machinery,

South Ruislip. He is part of a

group of eight who have

stopped smoking and are doing

well. Here is Barry’s story:

“I was smoking 40 a day over the

Christmas break. When Wrights

offered us the quit smoking

programme, I knew I had to do it,

especially since my body could

start repairing itself from the day

I gave up. I had a stroke during

an operation for vascular disease

which left me blind in one eye – I

should have given up then.

I gave up on January 16, one

day before the rest of the group.

It was hard at first but it’s getting

much easier now. I still have a

few cravings but I haven’t lapsed

75% of the population

does not smoke and of

those that do, 70%

want to give up.

83% of Londoners

support smokefree




Many services are

available to help

smokers quit

forever. The

Hillingdon Stop

Smoking Service offers treatment

services to smokers which can

double their chances of making a

successful attempt to quit, they

have an amazing 67% success rate!

This free service is available to all

smokers in Hillingdon.


Hillingdon, the

PCT, Brunel and

Hillingdon Council

carried out

displays, events

at all. The weekly sessions are

helpful, we share our struggles

and tips, and I get free nicotine

patches too. I’m working my way

through the NHS leaflets as well. I

took some of the leaflets’ advice

and it’s been helpful, like not

drinking for the first two weeks

so I wouldn’t be tempted. I’ve

changed other habits too, like my

morning routine. I’ve been

reducing the strength of my

patches – next week I’ll be on

the lowest dose.

I’m really pleased I’ve given up

and I won’t be going back to it. I

feel like I‘m doing well, so I’m not

going to go back to smoking now.

I’m trying to convince my son,

David to give up too, although

he’s only a social smoker. Still,

that’s how I started.”

and outreach with a range of

businesses and organisations

including supermarkets, RAF bases,

leisure centres, schools and libraries.

Cllr Philip Corthorne, Hillingdon

Council’s Cabinet member for

adult social care health and

housing, said, “Giving up smoking

remains the best thing that any

smoker can do for their health.

With lots of free support available,

there’s no reason not to make a

fresh start.”

Secondhand smoke is

known to cause lung

cancer and heart

disease in humans.


For advice or information on the

smokefree legislation:



Email: smokefree@hillingdon.co.uk

Call: the smokefree information

line on 0800 169 169 7

Anyone wanting information about

what their business needs to do

to comply with the new legislation

can contact Hillingdon Council’s

environmental health team on

01895 250 190.

In the lead up to 1 July, many

smokers may think about stopping.

To find out more about

Hillingdon’s stop smoking services:

Visit: www.hillingdon.nhs.uk/


Email: stopsmoking@hillingdon.nhs.uk

Call: 0800 1697541

or ask your local GP practice,

pharmacy or hospital.

Alternatively call the NHS Smoking

Helpline free on 0800 169 0 169,

Visit: www.gosmokefree.co.uk or

Text:‘GIVE UP’ and your postcode

to 88088.

April/May 2007 • 11


Making a splash

A trip to the local

pool just got a

whole lot more

adventurous for

Hillingdon’s 10 to

14 year olds...

Swimming is easily one of the most

popular sports for children, with

girls rating it as their favourite.*

(No prizes for guessing what’s

number one for boys). So Hillingdon

and five other west London councils

recently decided to tap into this

enthusiasm, and have teamed up

with the government agency, Sport

England, to offer children some

aquatic activities with a difference.

Over the next year, local children

will have the chance to take part in

Aqua Extreme events, organised by

the sporty partnership, Pro-Active

West London. The first morning of

fun took place at Hayes Pool during

February half term, when children

were lucky enough to be joined in

the water by former Olympic

swimmer, Stephen Parry.

Under Stephen’s watchful eye

and egged on by his Scouse sense

of humour, 40 water-loving

youngsters took turns trying out

kayaking, diving, mini water polo and

‘aquafit’ – an excellent form of

exercise for people of all ages.

Later, during a short break from the

exertion, the children sat down on

the poolside for an inspiring talk by

the former Olympic team captain,

on how he became involved in

competitive swimming and his

subsequent journey to the top.

Other activities that will be

offered over the next year include

synchronized swimming and life

guarding skills, so there really will be

something for everyone.

"Aqua Extreme is about showing

children just how many different

types of aquatic sports there are,”

Cllr Henry Higgins joins Stephen Parry at the poolside.

says Stephen, who won a bronze

medal in the 200m Butterfly at

Athens in 2004. “Now I’m retired

from competitive swimming,

getting more people involved in

water sports is something I’m

passionate about.

“Part of this involves finding and

nurturing talented young swimmers,

but I also want to show all kids

what great fun there is to be had in

the water.”

Hillingdon’s Cabinet member for

culture, sport and leisure, Henry

Higgins, was also at Hayes Pool

although sensibly, he chose to keep

dry and watch from the sides. “Our

aim is for children to enjoy sports

that they wouldn’t otherwise get to

experience,” he said, “and judging by

the enthusiasm I’ve seen today, I

think we certainly achieved that!"

Future Aqua Extreme events will

take place during half term breaks

and school holidays, in the boroughs

of Hillingdon, Brent, Ealing, Harrow,

Hammersmith & Fulham and

Hounslow. For more information

or to book a place for your child,

call Hillingdon Council sports

development on 01895 250453.

*Office of National Statistics report -

Participation in selected sports by young people

outside lessons: by sex, 2002: Social Trends 34

12 •

April/May 2007

Get set – go!


PE lessons have long been a

highlight of the school day for

children, but sporty pupils at five

Hillingdon schools will be looking

forward to them even more, since

the council secured a generous

grant from the Big Lottery Fund

which has lead to some impressive

new sports facilities.

School children aren’t the only

ones to benefit though. Local

communities are also reaping the

benefits of new floodlit tennis and

netball courts, grass pitches, hard

multi-sport areas and more.

Cllr Henry Higgins, the council’s

Cabinet member for culture, sport

and leisure, is particularly excited

about what the improvements will

mean. "The new school facilities are

excellent”, he said.“As well as

improving health and raising

standards in education, they could

offer opportunities for many socially

disadvantaged young people.

“We hope the local community

will take full advantage, Cllr Higgins

continued. “Not only will the new

facilities help to build links between

schools and local sports clubs, they

should also make it easier for young

people to stay active and involved

in sports after they’ve left school."

Following the council’s successful

bid for lottery cash, schools were

chosen that were most in need of

better sporting provisions, and since

it was crucial that local

communities could make use of

them too, locations of the schools

were also key. Dr Triplett’s CE

Primary School was one of the

lucky ones to benefit. As well as

having a new pavilion and multi-play

area, the school now has a tennis

academy in its grounds. Head

teacher Brian Paul has high hopes

for children now. “Participation in a

range of sports is a vital part of

every child's education”, he said.

“Children at Dr Triplett’s now have

opportunities they didn’t have

before – one or two may even be

the tennis stars of the future!”

Dr Triplett’s CE Primary School

A community tennis centre and home for the Hillingdon Academy of

Tennis has been created in the old school playing field.

Mellow Lane School

A floodlit synthetic football and hockey pitch has replaced an old floodprone

pitch. Local clubs are already making full use of this and the brand

new changing rooms.

Bishopshalt School

A redundant playground has been transformed into six floodlit

tennis/netball courts and a mutli-games area which now hosts boroughwide

matches and competitions.

The Douay Martryrs School

A new multi-use hard games area has enabled a packed programme of

sports for both the school and wider community.

Holy Trinity CE Primary

A new natural turf pitch will bring an end to the inconvenient journeys

children had to make to pitches based in other parts of the borough, and

the Northwood community are welcome to make use of it too.

A goal for the south of the borough

Five-a-side football is increasingly popular for people of all ages, and a new

sports development in Hayes should be enough to coax even armchair

footballers back into their trainers.The all-weather, floodlit Goals Soccer

Centre in Minet Country Park will be complete by the summer and the

complex will include a health and fitness suite as well as 12 courts, and

free use for voluntary and social groups.

April/May 2007 • 13


Hillingdon is...

Following a successful pilot in Townfield,

a new initiative aimed at improving local

areas is being rolled out across the borough.

Focussing on engagement, education

and enforcement the Streets Ahead

initiative is being led by the council

and involves a range of partners –

including the Metropolitan Police,

Safer Neighbourhoods Teams,

London Fire Brigade, Hillingdon

Homes, Driver and Vehicle Operator

Services agency (VOSA), Probation

Service, Department of Work and

Pensions, and the DVLA (Driver

and Vehicle Licensing Agency).

Over 30 council teams took part

in the activities completed as part

of the Townfield pilot, which

included truancy sweeps, graffiti

removal, community litter picks, car

park and street cleansing, bulky

waste removal, advice on claiming

benefits, how to fireproof your home

and safer neighbourhood teams

advice surgeries.There were also

vehicle inspections, food outlet and

health and safety inspections,

highways and utilities enforcement,

park patrols and much much more.

Cllr Sandra Jenkins, Cabinet

member for environment, said: “The

day was a huge success and I would

like to thank everyone who took

part. I was very impressed with the

way a wide range of agencies

worked closely together to improve

the quality of life for residents in

Townfield.This is an excellent

initiative and will make Hillingdon a

cleaner, greener and safer place for

people to live.”

Some of the actions that took place in Townfield on the

first Streets Ahead day:

• Large scale graffiti removed from 42 locations

• Over 300 tonnes of waste removed, 95% of which was bulky

household waste.

• 3 untaxed and 1 abandoned vehicles removed.

• The council’s environmental health team visited 29 premises on the

day. One catering food business closed down and one retail food

business volunteered to close due to the discovery of heavy

infestation of pests.

• Trading standards visited 17 premises and all 17 were served with

corrective notices to make improvements in relation to weighing

equipment and pricing.

• During truancy checks eight children thought to be truants were

stopped by school welfare officers. Letters will be sent to schools

and parents informed – which the council will be following up.

• Three dog owners were giving dog fouling warnings and two other

owners were asked to put their dogs on leads.

• The DVLA stopped approximately 46 untaxed vehicles.


For more information on Streets

Ahead visit www.hillingdon.gov.uk/

streetsahead or email


14 •

April/May 2007

Getting to grips

with graffiti


Most view graffiti tags as

eyesores that blight

communities. This view is

reflected in the sheer volume

of reports that the council’s

graffiti removal team receives

from residents. But Hillingdon

is a step closer to winning the

battle against this unsightly

criminal damage following

the appointment of

dedicated anti-graffiti

officer, PC Barry Cilia.

PC Cilia will coordinate the

borough’s graffiti action plan, working

with local residents and the council,

who fund his post.The council is

determined to crack down on

prolific taggers and hopes PC Cilia’s

appointment will mean better use of

intelligence and more prosecutions.

He will also develop a database of

graffiti hotspots, help to secure

warrants for more arrests of taggers

and their ‘crews’, and work with

schools as a preventative approach.

PC Cilia has worked for the

metropolitan police for 12 years, and

was most recently on the Uxbridge

Safer Neighbourhoods team.“I’m

thoroughly committed to tackling

the problem of graffiti in the

borough, so am very much looking

forward to starting my new role”, he

says.“There is already a lot of

information and intelligence on the

problem – what is needed now is

somebody to convert it into hard

evidence, and this is where I come in.”

Cllr Sandra Jenkins, Cabinet

member for environment, is just as

PC Cilia’s first day at work

coincided with the first ever

Streets Ahead in Townfield, where

he spent the day handing out the

council’s new free graffiti removal


optimistic. “Dealing with graffiti is a

high priority for the council, as

removing it costs us a huge amount

of money,” she says. “The police’s

safer neighbourhoods initiative has

made a noticeable difference in

many parts of the borough, but we

really want to toughen up on

enforcement now and are looking

forward to what PC Cilia will help

us to achieve.”

What can you do?

The council is offering free graffiti

removal kits to Neighbourhood

Watch groups and street champions.

They are designed to deal with small

areas of graffiti that don’t need highpressure

washing. If you have use for

one of the kits, call the council on

01895 556 247 and enquire about

becoming a street champion.

PC Cilia’s top tips for keeping areas graffiti-free:

• Plant a hedge or a hanging or climbing plant in front of the fence or wall.

• Install a trellis to create an uneven surface.

• Increase visibility at night by installing a light – ones with sensors are

good as they only activate if somebody approaches.

• Protect exposed walls and fences with a graffiti protection product.

Check the Yellow Pages for suppliers.

• Paint walls or fences in dark colours such as brown or green. Any

graffiti will be much easier to cover using just one coat of paint than if

the surface is a lighter colour than the graffiti.

• If you have a brick wall that is being tagged, consider painting it. A

painted wall will be easier to keep graffiti-free because tags can simply

be painted over.

• Always remove or report graffiti as soon as possible, preferably within

24 hours, because one tag often attracts others.

April/May 2007 • 15


Lady Craig Court – new, high quality apartments

for older people

A new £4.8m council housing development

for older people will be ready for its first

residents at the end of April.

Called Lady Craig Court, the 30,

two-bedroom apartments have

been designed to meet the needs

of people aged 60 and over, and

free up larger council homes, after

the council consulted with older

residents on Hillingdon’s housing


Views were given on a number of

issues concerning the development

as it progressed, including the

detailed design of the homes,

building security, heating, design of

the communal garden and interior

finishes. From this, the ‘lifetime

homes’ were designed to provide

suitable accommodation for people

as they get older, with larger living

areas and doorways that could

accommodate wheelchairs*, private

balconies or patios and access to

communal gardens.

The development, which is located

in Harlington Road, has good

transport links and amenities nearby

and will be managed by Hillingdon

Homes.To ensure that the

development remains dedicated to

the needs of older people, the

apartments will be exclusively for

those aged 60 or over and all

tenants will live independently –

although some may receive support

in their homes or day centres.

Cllr Philip Corthorne, Hillingdon

Council’s Cabinet member for

adult social care health and housing

said: “The demand for apartments

at Lady Craig Court has been

testament to this project’s success.

We will be looking at the many

features that have made this project

truly successful, such as quality,

location and consultation, to build a

template for other new housing

projects for older people in


The Lady Craig Court development

has been built through the council’s

housing revenue account building

program, which has included

projects to utilise previously unused

council land which had been targets

for anti-social behaviour, such as old

garage sites.

* each property would still need to

be adapted to suit a disabled

tenant’s particular needs

16 •

April/May 2007

Could you be a school governor?

With more than 1,200 school

governor posts in Hillingdon

and 170 of these posts

currently vacant, we need


You don’t need to be a parent, know about

education, or be a particular type of person to be

a school governor. If you’re over 18 and want to

help children receive the best possible standard of

education, you can get involved.

But what does a school governor

do? Hillingdon People met a school

governor to find out.

Sean Boyce is chair of governors

at Hillside Infants in Northwood.

He works full time as a Sky TV

presenter, presenting shows including

At the Races and Sky Poker.

What made you decide to

become a school governor?

First and foremost I wanted to find

out more about the whole

education system. I felt as though

the changes that had taken place

since I was at school had left me

with a pretty poor understanding of

what lay ahead for my kids now

that they had started school.

I’d also been very impressed with

the head and the staff at Hillside

Infants School where our eldest

two had just begun their school

lives and was happy to help any

way I could. I had no idea what was

involved or what I would get out of

it when I set out but I’m very glad I

gave it a go. I’ve learned a huge

amount in a small space of time,

and for relatively little input in

terms of time and commitment. I

now have a hand in the

achievements and successes of a

great school.

How long have you been a

school governor?

Not long at all, not much more

than a year in fact. I’ve been able to

pick up an awful lot in that time by

asking lots of questions at meetings

(I’ve no shame at all about

appearing stupid!) and by attending

the training sessions laid on by

Hillingdon Council. They’ve been a

Sky TV Presenter,

Sean Boyce

“It’s one of the most

rewarding things I’ve

ever done.”

huge help and have given me the

confidence to go back and ask even

more questions!

Do you live locally to the

school where you are a


Yes, we’re lucky enough to live

within a few minutes walk of the


What sort of things have you

been involved in since you’ve

been a governor?

Hillside Infants is a really happy,

thriving school with a well

established team of teaching staff so

I think perhaps I’ve been pretty

lucky in terms of what I’ve had to

deal with so far.

Our intake is very mixed in terms

of culture, nationality, language and

social background but the whole

ethos of the school is very inclusive

and supportive so all sorts of kids

from all kinds of backgrounds do

well. Our last lot of results were

outstanding and well above average

both nationally and locally.

There are still plenty of challenges

though – managing a tight budget

and making tough decisions isn’t

easy. I’m also very keen that we do

a better job in future of involving

our children, our parents and our

staff in telling the whole story of

the school to the wider community.

Some great stuff happens at our

school – as it does at every school

– and now that I’m involved I want

others to know what it’s all about

and what goes on there.

What is the most rewarding

thing you’ve found about

being a school governor?

Easily the most rewarding aspect is

the chance to lend a helping hand

to the team of professionals who

have the huge responsibility of

teaching our kids.They have such

an important job and by becoming

a governor I’ve learned much more

about what they do, and in a small

way have been able to contribute I


What would you say to

anyone thinking about

becoming a school governor?

Go for it.You’ve nothing to lose but

a few hours of your time. In return

you get to take part in the education

of our children.You can learn about

what goes on in the school and be

a part of shaping the school’s future


There’s no money in it, of course,

but the other rewards you just

can’t get anywhere else. It’s one of

the most rewarding things I’ve ever





Tel: 01895 277349

Web: www.hillingdon.gov.uk/


School governors one-stop-shop:



April/May 2007 • 17


Keeping up the good work

Since we added glass to our kerbside

recycling scheme back in December 2006,

the amount of dry recycling collected has

increased by 28%.

This has helped towards achieving an overall borough recycling rate of

approximately 30% for 2006/07.

Information about what can and can’t be recycled can sometimes be

confusing.To help make life easier, Hillingdon Council regularly updates the

table on its website showing exactly what materials can be recycled, which

should be placed into the white garden waste bags and which should still go

in the refuse sacks. For ease of reference, waste types are listed alphabetically.


Type of waste

Aerosol cans (do not pierce or squash them –

only put out empty aerosols)

Books (hard or plastic covers should be

removed and disposed of as waste)

Butter (and margarine) tubs


Cartons (made from paper and cardboard only)


Dead flowers


Disposable nappies

Drinks cans

Envelopes (remove any plastic windows)

Flower pots

Foil 1 (e.g. trays, containers)

Food cans

Food waste (e.g. kitchen scraps, peelings, etc)

Glass bottles and jars

Grass cuttings

Hedge clippings

Junk mail (remove any plastic windows)



Metal bottle tops and jar lids (put in loose)


Paper (i.e. office papers)

Plastic bags

Plastic bottles (includes milk bottles/yogurt bottles

such as Probiotic, Actimel/empty ‘make-up’ bottles etc)

Plastic bottle tops

Plastic trays



Shredded paper 2

Tetra packs (cartons with wax covers and

foil linings)



Wrapping papers

Yogurt pots

Clear White Refuse

recycling garden sacks

sacks waste (collected

(collected bags weekly)

weekly) (fortnightly)

Free recycling

for charities

Charities and non profit organisations

are entitled to free recycling.

Items that can be recycled are the

same as in a domestic collection;

with frequency depending on the

size of the charity and the amount

of recycling produced. Any charity

wanting to use the service should

contact Hillingdon Council, and any

charity which has paid for recycling

since the start of the new year is

entitled to claim money back.


Lynn Lewis on 01895 250815 or

llewis@hillingdon.gov.uk to


1 Foil trays and other containers have

a much lower smelting point than

food and drinks cans which results in

the foil evaporating during the

recycling process.

2 Shredded paper acts like a textile

binding itself around the sorting

machinery resulting in additional

downtime and maintenance which is

why we do not want it in the

recycling bags.

This guide is continually developed

with the help and feedback from

Hillingdon residents. If you have a

specific query about a type of waste

not shown in the table then email

the council’s waste division at

dmjones@hillingdon.gov.uk You will

get a personal response and the

answer will also be used to update

the table.

18 •

April/May 2007


A breath of

fresh air

Although most of us will be relieved that summer is just around

the corner, warmer weather often means smog and poor air

quality, a real problem for those suffering from asthma or other

respiratory problems. But the council’s free air pollution alert

service could make life a lot easier, and even save lives.

Those who are most vulnerable to

pollution can now register to

receive airTEXT alerts – advance

warnings of local air pollution levels,

on their mobile phone, via voicemail

or by email. People who sign up can

choose which part of London to

receive alerts for, as well as when to

receive the warning – either the

evening before, or on the morning

of a predicted high pollution day.

Philomena Bach, director of

environment and consumer

protection, said: “We hope this new

service will help to improve the

quality of life of those affected by

pollution and help them to better

manage their condition.”

An estimated 24,000 deaths

associated with air pollution occur

in the UK each year, with just as

many hospital admissions. AirTEXT

is being offered throughout

London, one of the most polluted

parts of the country, so the service

should help to reduce emergency

hospital admissions.The prior

warning of high pollution will mean

Londoners can take the necessary

precautions to protect their health,

such as taking a higher dose of

medication, staying indoors or

avoiding exercise outdoors.

To sign up to the airTEXT

scheme or go to

www.hillingdon.gov.uk/ airtext email

airtext@hillingdon.gov.uk or call

01895 250155.

April/May 2007 • 19


Make the most of Hill

Six of the borough’s green open

spaces have received prestigious green

flag awards

Norman Leddy Memorial Gardens off

Grange Road, is a tranquil spot close

to Hayes town centre

Ruislip Woods National Nature reserve

was awarded the Green Flag Award for

the first time last year

Harefield Village Green was

awarded the Green Flag Award

for the second year running

Ruislip Woods

National Nature


The largest block of ancient, seminatural

woodland in Greater

London, Ruislip Woods, includes

one of the most extensive

oak/hornbeam coppice woods in

southeast England. The site is

situated in northwest Middlesex,

and covers 726 acres, offering a

quiet haven for recreation activities

including walking and horse riding.

Fassnidge Park

A vibrant, welcoming park situated

in the centre of Uxbridge, that

offers something for everyone,

including a bowling green, tennis

courts, a children’s playground,

skateboard facility and a number of

horticultural features.

Harefield Village


This historic village green located in

the heart of Harefield village

conservation area is a registered

common dating back to 1813.

There is a small children’s

playground, a village pond and a

war memorial. Events and

celebrations have taken place here

for many years and it continues to

be enjoyed by the people of

Harefield today and helps create

and sustain a real sense of

community in the village.

20 •

April/May 2007

ingdon’s green spaces

Green Spaces Greenstat Survey


Fassnidge Park has facilities for all

the family including an amazing

children’s playground

Norman Leddy

Memorial Gardens

This formal garden contains a wide

range of trees, shrubs, herbaceous

perennials and bulbs, providing

colour and interest throughout the

year.The peaceful and tranquil

nature of this site has made it a

popular location for the planting of

commemorative trees and shrubs.

There is a well-used network of

paths most of which form part of

the borough’s Access Trails, walks

for disabled people.

Lake Farm

Country Park

This innovative country park close

to Hayes town centre combines

wildlife habitats with sports facilities

and formal recreation areas.The

park’s facilities include children’s

playgrounds, a BMX racetrack, skate

park, bridleway, trim trail and a

network of paths allowing people

of all abilities to explore the area.


Countryside Park

An attractive 53 hectare former

country estate retaining much of its

charm and tranquillity. An excellent

example of nature conservation, the

woodlands, wildflower meadows

and wetlands support a wide range

of wildlife. Facilities include guided

walks, wildlife and historic displays,

wildlife garden, classroom,

orienteering course, nature and

historic trail, playground, community

orchard and horse riding.

A big thank you from Hillingdon

Council’s green spaces team to

everyone who took part in the

borough’s first “Greenstat” survey, a

new web based tool that helps

local people to give their views on

the borough’s green spaces.

Below are some of the most

frequently asked questions by

residents who took part in the

survey, and the council’s responses.

Responses to all points raised can

be found at www.hillingdon.gov.uk/


Q1 – How can I find out

information on all parks in

the borough?

There is a leaflet showing all the

parks and green spaces in

Hillingdon, including main facilities

and attractions at each site. We can

send you a copy of this if you

provide your contact details on the

survey form. Alternatively you can

call the customer contact centre on

01895 556000 for a copy.

Q2 – Shrubs should be

pruned according to their

flowering period, not all

beheaded simultaneously in

autumn, can you resolve

this please?

Yes, this is one of the issues that

the council will be addressing

through the change to our grounds

maintenance contracts, which start

on 1 April.

Q3 – The questionnaire is a

great idea to get public

opinion, but what timescales

can we expect before

improvements are made?

The key findings from the survey

have been fed into the council’s

green spaces team action plan for

the coming year (April 2007 to

March 2008).

Q4 – As a local resident I

would like to be involved in

the improvements being

made to my local park.Will

you be taking a proactive

approach to making


Suggestions for improvements will

be used in 2007/08, where

possible. Green spaces officers will

respond directly to residents by

the end of April.

We are now starting the spring

survey so if you would like to take

part visit the ‘have your say’ section

of the council website.

This online survey is open to all

Hillingdon residents and is

accessible from the “have your say”

page of the council web site –

www.hillingdon.gov.uk. 2000 paper

copies of the Greenstat survey

forms have also been sent to all

libraries throughout the borough

and country park visitor centres at

Ruislip Woods, Minet Country Park

and Cranford Park.

We welcome anyone who would

like to help care for their local park

or even organise a healthy, positive

community event in a green space.

For more information please provide

your contact details when completing

the questionnaire and indicate you

are happy for us to contact you.


For further information about any

of Hillingdon’s green spaces, call

the green spaces team on

01895 250635, email greenspaces


For all other issues relating to

green spaces:

visit: www.hillingdon.gov.uk/


email: contactcentre1@


call the customer contact centre

on 01895 556 000

April/May 2007 • 21

Have you made a will?

The Will Group

(established 1991)

offer a comprehensive service

Single will £55 (inc VAT)

Pair of wills £70 (inc VAT)

Home visits at any time

included in the fee.

We also offer:

• Will storage with free updating

• Inheritance tax planning

• Tenancy in common

• Enduring Powers of Attorney

Telephone for a free

brochure or appointment

01895 635490


Low Cost Counselling

and Life Skills Training

Do you want

new opportunities

for exploration

and growth?


can do just that!

Call Michael Dolphin on

t: 01923 610748

m: 07947 589605

Enhancing the quality of life and self esteem

of individuals and local communities

e: Support@lowcostcounselling.co.uk

w: www.lowcostcounselling.co.uk


Do you have unwanted

furniture in good condition?

By donating furniture to the Yeldall Shop

you can help local disadvantaged people

gain new skills and get a job.

Our social enterprise sells good quality

unwanted furniture and electricals, providing

paid employment and training to disadvantaged

people and bargain prices to the public.

For free and friendly collections:

020 8797 9505


Visit us at 5–7 Willowtree Lane, Hayes, UB4 9BB

Open 6 days a week.

The Yeldall shop based in Yeading was established in 1999.We are

members of the Furniture Refuse Network, an “Investor in

People” and a Registered Charity No. 1075692 and Company

No. 3683014.

For more information visit our website www.yeldall.org



Home visits for the

treatment of:


● Nail




● Corns


(HPC registered) ● Calluses

For an appointment ● Verrucas

please call

01895 422014 or

07989 949005




Colonic irrigation

• Ladies and gentlemen welcome

• State of the art equipment used

Is your body experiencing toxic overload?

Do you suffer from:

• Eczema/Acne/Psoriasis? • Bad breath?

• Constipation? • IBS? • Low energy?

• Bloating? • Difficulty losing weight?

You deserve to experience outstanding

health, vitality and energy again!

You could have up to 20lbs of impacted matter

in your system! If too many toxins build up in

the colon,they can be reabsorbed back into the

body and can cause health problems.

LAG Cosmetics & Therapy

020 8797 1966

We are a member of International Association

of Colon Hydrotherapy

(Single Opportunity Lodgings scheme)

run by Frays Charitable Housing Association Ltd

Accommodation wanted

Do you have a spare room in your house?


teeth whitening

at a fantastic affordable price

* from £149

LAG Cosmetic & Therapy

020 8797 1966

Your satisfaction

is our reward

A beautiful smile in under

an hour. Pain free and safe

Would you like to earn up to £81.73 per week, tax free?

We need lodgings NOW for our list of clients

We offer personal advice, care and support - FREE!

All clients are interviewed and matched to your


For further information contact Teresa Simmonds

on 01895 678026

Hillingdon Primary Care Trust Board Meetings

Hillingdon Primary Care

Trust Board Meetings

17 April 2007 Kirk House

15 May 2007 Kirk House

19 June 2007 Kirk House

17 July 2007 Kirk House

Kirk House, 97-109 High Street,

West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 7HJ

All PCT board meetings start at 2pm

and end at 4pm and are held in public.

22 •

April/May 2007

Hillingdon’s young

people get involved


Having their say

Hillingdon’s young people got involved in issues that affect them at the

council’s youth conference in February. Children, aged 11 to 17, joined

together to address a range of subjects -– from the environment, crime and

the law, to education and emotional health.

New members of the UK Youth Parliament were also elected on the day

after presenting their manifestos. Martin Baker and Gbenga Adelana

(pictured left to right) were voted members of the youth parliament for the

coming year.

More than 250 young people from around the country attend the UK

Youth Parliament as elected members (known as MYPs), representing their

peers views to national and local government, providers of youth services

and other agencies with an interest in young people.

MYPS meet the Mayor, Cllr David Rowtledge. Photo

courtesy of Gazette Newspaper

Making a difference

A project aimed at giving young

people the opportunity to learn

new skills and challenge the popular

stereotype that all young people

are anti-social was crowned winner

at a youth challenge event in

Feburary, organised by the council.

The project, established and run by

a group of young people called

‘Team Talent’, offers workshops in

urban drumming, street dance, break

dance, lyric writing and basketball


Competing against the winning

team was 27 other youth projects,

developed and run by young

people, who received more than

£350,000 in 2006/07 thanks to the

Youth opportunities:Team Talent

government’s youth matters funding

and the same amount is now

available for 2007/08.

Hillingdon Council distributed the

youth opportunity and youth

capital funding for projects that give

young people aged 13 to 19 more

things to do and places to go.The

28 successful projects were chosen

from 45 bids for the funding and

were judged by Hillingdons youth

opportunities panel, made up of

young people.

The winner,Team Talent, received

a prize of £1,500 and will compete

in the national competition on

March 29, where they have been

shortlisted in the top 30 youth

matters projects from across the

UK.The competition, organised by

the National Youth Agency and

funded by the Department for

Education and Skills (DfES) gives

the team the chance to win up to


Cabinet member for education

and children’s services, Cllr David

Simmonds, said: “This is a fantastic

example of young people who are

really making a difference and we’re

proud of their achievements. We’re

delighted that money is available

again this year so why not get


The council is now inviting young

people to bid for the youth matters

funding for 2007/08.Young people,

either individually or part of a group,

aged 13 to 19 who have a great idea

that will benefit the local community

and other young people can apply

for the funds. Contact Jenny Glen

or Janet Jennings on 01895 277816

for more information and an

application pack.

Big achievers

The sixth annual young achievers

awards will take place on May 10 at

the Beck Theatre in Hayes.Young

people from Hillingdon, aged 13 to

25, will be rewarded for a variety of

achievements, from community

participation and volunteering work

to sporting accomplishments and

significant personal development.

Look out for the winners in the next

issue of.

April/May 2007 • 23

First Aid at Work and

Paediatric First Aid

courses for 2007

+Hillingdon Council’s Safety Services

now offer First Aid at Work courses

one day a week, on Saturdays or in

the evenings.

We also offer evening and weekend

courses in Paediatric First Aid.

Information and booking details for

these or our other courses, can be

found at: www.hillingdon.gov.uk

(under Business/health & safety).

For times and dates

please contact

the training team

on 01895 250866



an you

ycle Safely?

Your local road

safety team offers

free cycle

training to all

children living

or attending

school in the borough.

For more information, visit


(type in ‘cycling’ in the A-Z


Telephone 01895 250950


Cycle trainers


Keen on cycling?

Earn good money at hours to

suit you

Make a contribution to the

community and become a

cycle trainer

Trainers are needed for:

- Term time

- School holidays

- On Saturdays

- Weekdays and twilight sessions

You should have your own bike

and plenty of enthusiasm.

To apply call the council’s road safety

officer on 01895 250950 or email


Hillingdon Community Furniture Store & 1st MoveAbility

have now moved to new larger premises at

Trimfleet House,Arundel Road, Uxbridge.

This means that we will be able to take more donations

of household furniture including ‘white goods’, giving a

wider selection of items to our customers.

It’s a great way to re-use good quality, unwanted

furniture and help other residents in need.

For more information ring: 01895 256655

For removal enquiries ring: 01895 810151

Fully Insured.



Important notice for

people with disabilities

As from 1 April 2007 the Post Office will be

taking over the issue of Freedom Passes for

people with disabilities who live in Hillingdon.

At this stage, if you already have a Freedom Pass,

you do not need to do anything.

After the 1 April 2007, and if your Freedom Pass is

stolen, damaged or lost, you will still need to come

to the Civic Centre or your Community Mental

Health Team for a letter of authorisation for the

Post Office to replace your pass.

If you are a new applicant for the Disabled Freedom

Pass, you should firstly apply at the Civic Centre,

Uxbridge, or your local community mental health

team to see if you are eligible for a Freedom Pass,

and then we will tell you what to do next.

If you have any questions about this change, please

call 01895 250202.

Which date

will you choose?

Paying by direct debit is the easiest and most

convenient way to pay your council tax

• Choose from four payment dates

• Your bill is paid automatically

• There’s no paperwork

• One call is all it takes


Tel: 01895 250000

(9am to 5pm)

24 •

April/May 2007

Spring is in the air


A packed programme of Easter and spring activities being offered

by the council will ensure youngsters don’t get bored and might

even pick up a new skill or two!




Do you want the

peace of mind

that your child is

a safe, happy,

and making

friends? The

multi sport

camp for

eight to

eleven year-olds,

taking place at

brand new

facilities at Dr

Triplett’s primary

school will ensure all of these and more, as kids will get

fit and learn new sports too. The camp is run by fully

qualified coaches and will include tennis, netball, tag

rugby, football, basketball and rounders.

When: 16–17 April, 10am–4pm

Where: Dr Triplett’s Primary School, Arcacia Ave, Hayes

Information: For children aged 8–11 years, £12 per day

www.first-avenue.co.uk www.first-avenue.co.uk

On your


Cycling, coaching

and a ride along

the canal in the

morning will be

followed by an

opportunity to try

out Hawks BMX

track in the


track is one of the

top regional

standards tracks in

the London Area!

The steep start hill with a newly constructed first

straight is thought to be one of the most challenging in

the South of England.This shouldn’t put off novice

cyclists though as the day will be suitable for all abilities.

When: 11 April, 10.00am–3.00pm

Where: Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, Springfield Road, Hayes

& Hawks BMX Track Dawley Road, Hayes

Information: For children aged 8–12 years. £10

So much

more than

just a kickabout…

A four-day


course based on the Brazilian philosophy of

developing technical competence will offer 8 to 12

year-olds the chance to learn Pele and Ronaldo’s

legendary tricks.The course will also include plenty of

opportunities to put newfound skills to the test, during

game practice.

When: 10, 11, 12 and 13 April, 10am–12pm

Where: GOALS Soccer Centre,Victoria Road, South


Information: For children aged 8–12 years. £16

Get crafty

Barnyard Babies sessions in all libraries this spring offer

stories, rhymes and craft activities for under-fives, who

must be accompanied by a parent or carer. Sessions run

on different days in different libraries until the middle of

April, and a special family craft session at Yeading library

on 16 April at 2pm will get everyone making bunny

ears, animal masks and sunny paper daffodils.

Information: For more details visit


Parks R


11–19 year-olds

will have the

chance to discover

their hidden

talents as ‘Parks R

Cool’ comes to

Hillingdon Court

Park.The youth bus 'The Point' will be onsite for people

to try out music production and DJ skills on the CD

decks. Other free activities will include football coaching,

basketball, street dance, arts & crafts, cookery and much


When: 10–14 April, 11am–5pm

Where: Hillingdon Court Park, Park Way, Hillingdon

Information: FREE!

April/May 2007 • 25

Council advertisement

Does your voluntary group

work with young people?

Is your group based

in Hillingdon?

Do you work mainly

with young people

resident in


If yes, you may be eligible for affiliation to Hillingdon Council’s

youth service.

Affiliation benefits include eligibility for capacity building assistance to help you

to increase your membership and contact with young people, help with premises

hire for special events and training assistance for your organisers and leaders.

Hillingdon Council’s youth service is now accepting applications for affiliation for 2007.

To apply, you can download an application form and further information from the

Hillingdon Council website www.hillingdon.gov.uk/communityandliving/youthservice

Existing 2006 affiliated groups can apply for capacity assistance now. Application forms

and further information can be downloaded from the website.

Alternatively, call Hillingdon Council’s youth service on telephone number

01895 277252 to request forms to be posted to you.

Please note: organisations affiliated to Hillingdon Council’s youth service for 2006 must

re-apply for affiliation in 2007.

Youth Opportunities Fund and Youth Capital Fund

Hillingdon Council has money available to be spent on projects that are initiated by

young people for the benefit of the community or for the benefit of young people.

Application forms and guidance notes are available from

the council’s website


or alternatively call Hillingdon Council’s youth service on

01895 277252 to request forms to be posted to you.

26 •

April/May 2007

Time on your hands?


Temporary admin

and office assistant

The Red Cross in

Uxbridge are looking for

a bright, honest person

willing to help in their

busy office two weeks

before, during and for

two weeks after the Red

Cross Appeal Week,

which run from 6 May


The Red Cross aim to

give comfort and

independence to the sick

and people with disabilities

through the short-term

loan of a wide variety of

medical equipment.

You will be required to

help organise the loan of

equipment as well as help

in the office answering

phones, meeting members

of the public, collating and

distributing information

and counting money.

Training will be given.

Are you ‘Green


Mead House Day Service

in Hayes works with

people experiencing severe

and enduring mental

health problems, aiming

to promote recovery and

social inclusion within the


They are looking for an

enthusiastic ‘green fingered’

volunteer to work with

staff and mental health

service users in their

gardening group. Share

your Ideas, knowledge and

skills and watch the garden

and the service users grow

and develop.

The volunteer will need

to have a knowledge of

gardening, including

planting, pruning, looking

after plants and general

garden maintenance as

well as an understanding

of mental health

problems. Support will be

given to the volunteer.

Charity fundraiser

Iver Nature Study Centre

is a wildlife garden in Iver

where individuals and

community groups

irrespective of their age,

ability or background can

come and take part in

organised activities for

educational, environmental

or therapeutic purposes.

It is a partnership project

managed by the

environmental charity,

Groundwork Thames

Valley on behalf of National

Grid and Hillingdon

Primary Care Trust.

The centre is looking

for a volunteer fundraiser

to work with the centre

manager to seek out

fundraising and


opportunities.You will

need fundraising and

grant writing experience.

Translators and


Refugees in Effective and

Active Partnership

(REAP) is an independent

organisation with the

main aim of empowering

refugees and asylum

For more information on these appeals call the

Volunteer Centre Hillingdon on 01895 442730

seekers to reach their full

potential and to enable

them to rebuild their lives

within the UK.

They are looking for a

community Interpreter

with basic to

intermediate level

interpreting and

translation skills for

people from refugee and

asylum seeking

communities.You will

need to be bilingual with

English plus one or more

other languages.

Extensive training and

the chance to gain a

qualification are available.

Shopping assistant

Volunteers are needed to

help out for a few hours

on a Wednesday from 10

to 1pm to supervise

Be bowled over

young adults with

learning disabilities whilst

they run a home

shopping delivery service

for the elderly and house


This is a great

opportunity to train

these adults to become

independent and to

support a much needed

service for the elderly

and house bound.You

would be required to

assist with taking the

shopping over to a

sheltered housing area

close to Uxbridge town

centre, walking through

Tesco and M&S while

they select the shopping,

assist with the exchange

of money and ensuring

that our clients had

brought the correct


As the weather starts to improve, why not take the

opportunity to exercise outdoors and give bowling a

try? You don’t have to be of a certain age to get

involved and many clubs will offer free taster sessions

for beginners.

Bowling is a sociable way to get healthy and you don’t

even need to pay for expensive kits – just turn up in

comfortable clothes and flat shoes give it a go…the

gym can wait for another day!

Free open days are being held at Ruislip Bowls Club

in May and June. For more information contact them on

01895 630592.


free time

April/May 2007 • 27

picture posed by models

Could you

Foster or Adopt

a child for Hillingdon?

We need people like you to help make

a real difference to a child or young

person’s life.

Council advertisements

Hillingdon Council’s fostering and adoption

service would love to hear from you if you feel

you have time in your life to give a child or

young person real hope for the future.

Currently we are looking for:

Short and long term

foster carers

to provide safe homes for children of all ages

who cannot live with their birth families

Respite carers

able to help out a family of a child with disability

Adoptive families

wanting to make a family come true especially

for older children and sibling groups

Call us now on freephone

0800 783 1298



How can we help people with disabilities

become more independent?

Hillingdon Council and Hillingdon Primary Care Trust are working

with people with disabilities to review services that may be provided

through a new Independent Living Centre.

We need your views on whether you would find the following services useful:

· opportunities to try out mobility equipment and aids to help daily living

· self-assessment or assessment by a qualified professional Please help us

Tell us what you think by completing

· options to buy equipment directly

the survey at: www.hillingdon.gov.uk/consultation

· help to get a Blue Badge or Freedom Pass

· information from other people with disabilities

· an internet café with links to benefits and other useful information

· work schemes to help you gain new skills or qualifications

· help and support to apply for Direct Payments

· finding and training personal assistants

· rehabilitation and re-enablement

For help completing the survey please

telephone 020 7330 9170

28 •

April/May 2007

Useful information

Contacting the council


Civic Centre switchboard & out of hours 01895 250111

Library information desk 01895 250600

To report problems


Advice and support

To report housing benefit fraud and other frauduent

claims including the unauthorised occupation of

council housing 0800 389 8313

Anti-social behaviour 01895 556611

Children’s Information Service 0800 073 4800

Citizens’ advice 0870 126 4021

Hayes One Stop Shop 01895 556004


Industrial or commercial noise 01895 250155

Racial harassment 0800 694 0240

Care services


To request social services for people aged over 65 years

or for younger people who have physical or sensory

disabilities. 01895 556633

Careline 01895 250380

Adoption and fostering 01895 277850

Drugs or sexual health for

young people up to 21 years 01895 257285

Community information

Hillingdon Age Concern 01895 431331

Hillingdon Racial Equality Council 020 8848 1380

London Fire Brigade (Hillingdon team) 020 7587 4402

NoTrag 020 8759 1677

Samaritans 01895 253355

Social Security (Benefits Agency) 020 8426 3000

Three Valley Water 0800 376 5325

Council tax

General enquiries & payments 01895 250000

Council tax benefits 01895 556666

Environment and street scene

To report abandoned cars, flytipping, graffiti, flooding,

grass cutting, parks and open spaces, potholes and

pavements, recycling, refuse collection, trees, street

lighting, parking appeals and request special collections.

01895 556000




For enquiries for people facing homelessness, those who

need advice on housing rights and options, benefits,

Locata, temporary accommodation, energy grants and

private sector housing and to report domestic violence.

01895 556666

Empty properties helpline 01895 277438

Noise 01895 556666

Pest control 01895 250184 / 2772



Advice and guidance (young people) 01895 257855

Enquiries about free school meals, travel,

uniform grants and school admission 01895 556644

Truancy hotline 01895 250858



General leisure enquiries 01895 250453


Hayes Pool 020 8573 2785

Hayes Stadium 020 8573 0093

Highgrove Pool, Ruislip 01895 630753

Queensmead Sports Centre, Sth Ruislip 020 8845 6010

Local democracy


Councillors’ names, addresses and advice surgeries

01895 250600

Council meeting dates and agendas 01895 250636

Conservative group office 01895 250316/250728

Electoral registration 01895 250251


Labour group office 01895 250780/250271

Liberal Democrats group office 01895 277821

Mayor’s Parlour 01895 250764

Planning applications


Aviation applications 01895 277580

Building control enquiries, inspection

requests and dangerous structures 01895 250804


Dangerous structures (out of hours) 01895 250111

Domestic planning applications 01895 250400/250401

Land charges enquiries 01895 250689

Major applications 01895 250404

Planning enforcement 01895 250604

Planning policy and environmental assessment 01895 250844

Planning reception 01895 250574/250834

Registration and fee enquiries 01895 250568

Telecoms applications 01895 250610

Transportation policy and projects 01895 277206


Harefield Hospital 01895 823737

Hillingdon Hospital 01895 238282

Mount Vernon Hospital 01923 826111

Northwick Park Hospital 020 8864 3232

Watford General Hospital 01923 244366

NHS Direct advice line 0845 4647


Hayes 020 8569 1212

Ruislip 01895 271212

Uxbridge 01895 251212

West Drayton 01895 437212


Hillingdon Police Community Advice Line (for non urgent

matters), 10am to 5pm, Mon to Sat 020 8246 1860

section useful information

April/May 2007 • 29

30 •

April/May 2007


arts events in Hillingdon

children’s events

Rainbow Live!

Wed 11 April, 2pm

Stars of the top children’s

television programme Rainbow

take to the stage in a brand

new theatre show. Come and

join TV legends Zippy, George

and Bungle as they get up to all

kinds of fun and frolics in a

non-stop live show full of zip!

Tickets £8.50

The Beck Theatre

Nature Explorers

Organised by A Rocha UK

Sat 14 April, 10am – 12pm

A fun nature-oriented outing

for children and their parents

and carers. Activities will

include wild animal films,

exploration of the country

park, animal stories and crafts.

Suitable for children aged 5 to

11 with accompanying adult.

Free event

Minet Country Park

Art in the Park

Organised by A Rocha UK

Sat 14 April, 1pm – 3pm

Make you own painted vases

and paper flowers.

Free event

Minet Country Park

The Happy Prince

Sat 28 April, 11am

This classic story is retold using

puppets and large animated

sculptures, and contrasts the

harsh realities of a city in

winter with breathtaking scenes

of a warm Egyptian paradise.

A magical experience for

children and adults alike.

Suitable for children ages 5 plus.

Tickets: £5.50

Compass Theatre


Flower arranging

Presented by Ruislip

Northwood Flower

Arrangement Society

Tue 1 May, 7.30pm

A demonstration by Pat

Trunkfield entitled “Going for a


£5 entrance fee for visitors

Contact: 01923 822026.

Northwood College


Authentic 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll

By Live2Jive

Every Thur, 8pm – 11.30pm

Learn and dance the original

1950s jive with classes starting

at 8.15pm.

£5 including classes and club

Contact Live2Jive: 020 8866 9093

Ruislip Manor Sports

and Social Club

Viva Salsa!

Every Wed evening,

7.30pm – midnight

Learn and dance this popular

dance with classes.

£6 for club and classes, £4 club

only after 9.15pm

Contact: 020 8866 9093

Middlesex Suite, Civic Centre

Cultural Dance Day

Sat 26 May

Beginners taster workshops for

Flamenco, Ballroom and Line


Longmead Adult Learning Centre


Remember Delilah

Presented by the

Rotary Club of Pinner

Fri 11 May, 7.30pm

A charity event featuring Barry

Mason with all profits going to

Diabetes UK.

Tickets: £12

Box Office: 020 8866 7634

Winston Churchill Hall

Hits from the Blitz

Presented by Duggie Chapman

Thur 31 May, 2.30pm

We’ll meet again. A show full of

songs and stories from the

wartime era. With tunes made

famous by Vera Lynn, Gracie

Fields and many more.

Tickets £9 - £11

Box office: 020 8561 8371

Beck Theatre

outdoor events

Green Team Wednesday

Organised by A Rocha UK

Wed 11 April, 10am – 12.30pm

Come and help do some odd

jobs around the park.

Free event

Minet Country Park

Go Green Ruislip Woods


Presented by Ruislip Woods

Trust and Hillingdon Council

Sun 13 May, 12pm – 4pm

Come and celebrate Ruislip

Woods 10th anniversary of

becoming a National Nature

Reserve, and find out what you

can do to halt climate change.

Fun for all the family

Free event

Ruislip Woods, between the lido’s

railway station and the Water’s

Edge pub


Poetry Readings

Sun 15 April, 7pm

An hour of informal readings

by local people – not too


Admission free.

St Martin’s Church, Ruislip


Humble Boy

Presented by Proscenium

Wed 25 – Sat 28 April, 7.45pm

A comedy by Charlotte Jones

about broken vows, failed hopes

and the joys of bee-keeping!

Tickets: £8.50

Proscenium box office:

020 8866 7075

Compass box office:

01895 673 200

Compass Theatre

Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters

The Purple Theatre Company’s

10th anniversary show

Wed 9 – Sat 12 May, 7.30pm

Terry Pratchett takes

Shakespeare, and turns it up till

the knob comes off. It’s all

here: a wicked usurper and his

pushy wife, the ghost of the

murdered king, a loyal fool, a

rightful heir returned to meet

his destiny, dim soldiers, rude


Compass Theatre

Glebe Avenue, Ickenham

Box office: 01895 673200

Winston Churchill Hall

Pinn Way, Ruislip

01895 678800

Beck Theatre

Grange Road, Hayes

Box office 020 8561 8371

Northwood College

Maxwell Road, Northwood

01923 822026

Longmead Adult

Learning Centre

Laurel Lane, West Drayton

01895 671962

mechanicals, strolling players, a

play-within-a-play, murder,

revenge, magic, storms, a

kingdom in peril, divers

alarums... and not to mention

three witches...

Tickets £10 (£7.50 opening night)

Compass Theatre

Adapted for stage

by Stephen Briggs

Compass Theatre

Wednesday 9th to

Saturday 12th May

2007, 7.30pm

Tickets: £10 (£750

opening night)

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Samuel French


The Anniversary

Presented by the Argosy Players

Wed 23 – Sat 26 May, 7.30p,

Sat matinee at 2.30pm

A black comedy by Bill


Tickets £10

Bookings: 0845 838 9058 or

01895 673200

Compass Theatre

young people

Why Sci

Organised by A Rocha UK

Tue 10 April, 3pm – 5pm

GCSE pupils - need help with

your project? A Level students

- planning on studying sciences

at university? Get help at WHY

SCI with professional scientist

Dr Beth Losiewicz.

Free event

Minet Country Park

Ruislip Manor Sports

and Social Club

Grosvenor Vale, Ruislip Manor

Minet Country Park

Springfield Road, Hayes

020 8573 0761


Middlesex Suite, Civic Centre

High Street, Uxbridge

St Martin’s Church,

Eastcote Road, Ruislip

Ruislip Woods

Between the lido’s railway station

and the Water’s Edge pub

If you wish to publicise an event, please email details by to hillingdonpeople@hillingdon.gov.uk September 1to hillingdonpeople@hillingdon.gov.uk or send to Hillingdon or send to

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