Green spaces booklet - London Borough of Hillingdon

Green spaces booklet - London Borough of Hillingdon

Hillingdon’s green spaces

for everyone to enjoy

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P Car parking



Dogs allowed

Visitor centre/

information point




All the photos used in this publication

are courtesy of Graham Mullett.

Front cover image taken at Church Field Gardens.

Children’s play area


Walking/nature trail

Leisure facilities

Cycling allowed

Printed on recycled paper.

Key to symbols

P Car parking



Dogs allowed

Visitor centre/

information point




All the photos used in this publication

are courtesy of Graham Mullett.

Front cover image taken at Church Field Gardens.

Children’s play area


Walking/nature trail

Leisure facilities

Cycling allowed

Printed on recycled paper.

Key to symbols

P Car parking



Dogs allowed

Visitor centre/

information point




All the photos used in this publication

are courtesy of Graham Mullett.

Front cover image taken at Church Field Gardens.

Children’s play area


Walking/nature trail

Leisure facilities

Cycling allowed

Printed on recycled paper.

Welcome 1

The second largest borough in London, Hillingdon offers over 200 green

spaces that cover approximately 1,800 acres. Whether you want a quiet

place to sit and think, somewhere for the whole family to spend the day,

or outdoor sports facilities to enjoy and benefit from, Hillingdon offers

something for everyone.

Across the borough, there are formal gardens, town parks and

informal nature conservation and country parks, as well as

over 100 children’s play areas. We currently have six green flag

sites, a National Nature Reserve at Ruislip Woods, and over

40 Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs), all of

which are open to the public.

The council and local groups have worked together over

several years to provide the information for this booklet. Our

sites appeal to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities,

whatever their interests.

Details on the Healthy Walks mentioned in this booklet can

be viewed on our website, obtained from your local library or

requested from the green spaces team.

We welcome all feedback, which we will use to help us update

promotional information and enhance the borough’s green

spaces for everyone to enjoy.

We hope you enjoy this introduction to a sample of some of

the large and smaller sites available in the borough. For more

information on our green spaces or walks, and for details of

events throughout the year, visit the green spaces website.

Cllr Sandra Jenkins

Hillingdon Council’s cabinet member for environment

The parks patrol team

The borough’s parks patrol team works seven days a week

from 12.00 pm to 10.00 pm from Easter through to the end

of September, and from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm from October

to Easter. Park keepers work at Barra Hall Park, Church

Field Gardens, and Fassnidge Park during busy times. In

an emergency please ring the council’s green spaces team.

Courtesy code 3

So that everyone can enjoy the borough’s green spaces, please


whether you’re on your own or part

of a group

in parks is

illegal and anti-social

not only is

rubbish unsightly, it can also be dangerous to wildlife

because of the volumes of litter,

dumping of hot coals and food waste created

every dog owner is responsible

for ensuring their dog is not a danger or nuisance to other

people or wildlife, and should carry a lead to use

when needed

waste bins are provided

throughout the borough. Failure to clean up after your dog

can result in an on-the-spot fine

do not deliberately frighten wild birds and

animals, try not to damage plants and trees, and leave gates

as you find them

behaviour to the customer contact centre.

Vandalism, graffiti, fly tipping, violence, and

use of drugs are all criminal offences and

will be dealt with accordingly

you are visiting. A complete list of the

borough’s green spaces byelaws is available

from our website or via the contact centre.

Sites run by professional

tennis coaches

Turn up and play sites

Basketball court

BMX track



Cricket table

Cycle track

Football pitches

Golf course

Hockey pitch

Rugby pitch

Running track

Skate ramp

Tennis courts

Multi games


Bessingby Park & Pine Gardens

Botwell Recreation

Bourne Farm Playing Fields

Cavendish Park

Church Field Gardens

Colham Green

Coney Green

Cowley Recreation

Deane Park

Fassnidge Park

Grosvenor Playing Field

Harmondsworth Recreation

Haydon Hall

Hayes End Community Park

Herlwyn Park

Hillingdon Court Park

Hillingdon House Farm

Ickenham Green

King’s College Playing Fields

Kingshill Avenue BMX

Lake Farm Country Park

Little Harlington Playing Fields

Manor Farm Complex

Michael Frost Park

Moorhall Recreation

Northwood Recreation

Pinkwell Park

Pole Hill

Rockingham Recreation

Rosedale Park

Ruislip Lido

Sam Philp Recreation

Sidmouth Drive

Sipson Recreation

Skylark Meadows

Stockley Recreation

Stockley Golf Course

Stonefield Park

Swakeleys Drive Tennis Courts

Swakeleys Park (The Avenue)

Taylors Meadow

The Closes

Trevor Crescent

Watts Common

Willow Tree

Yiewsley Recreation

Outdoor recreation 5

The green spaces team is responsible for the provision of

pitches for team sport at various locations across the borough.


Pitches are available to hire on a weekly or seasonal basis

for league, cup or casual games. We currently have 31

senior, 16 junior and 13 soccer 7s pitches.


We currently have two rugby pitches, which are available for

weekly or seasonal hire for league, cup or casual games.

Lawn Bowls

There are 12 bowling greens across the borough for

club and public bowling. These facilities are run by their

individual bowls clubs, and each managing club keeps one

rink available for public bowling, with the green fees payable

to the club.


We currently have three cricket tables for weekly or

seasonal hire.


At sites run by professional tennis coaches, one court is

kept available for public play, with fees payable to

the professional on site. When not in use by the

professional, all the courts are available for

free play. Turn up and play sites are free to


Other leisure facilities

Hillingdon also has three skate ramps and

five BMX tracks.

For further details, please visit our website,

or contact the council’s green spaces team.

Barra Hall Park

On 20 December 1923, the then Hayes &

Barra Hall Park. The site is situated south

of the Uxbridge Road via Grange Road,

and covers an area of 21 acres. It is

general park land with ornamental lawns,

recreational grass areas, rose and shrub

beds, seasonal bedding displays and a wide

range of mature trees.

Barra Hall Park 7

“Bend it Like Beckham

was filmed here”



The main building within the grounds is a grade-two listed

manor house, which, at one time, was the town hall for

Hayes and Harlington. Since its refurbishment, it is used by

the SureStart organisation.

There is also a bandstand, open-air theatre, refreshment

kiosk and a children’s play area. Bend it Like Beckham,

starring Kiera Knightley and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, was

filmed here.

There are 10 entrances to the park, two in Wood End

Green Road, two in Church Walk, one from the car park at

Lynchgate Walk, four in Freemans Lane and one in

Botwell Lane.

The park is open every day throughout the year. The nearest

train station is Hayes & Harlington; buses U4, H98 and 195

serve the area.

Norman Leddy Memorial Gardens and Lake Farm Country

Park are close by.

Trails of Discovery, Hayes, runs through this area.




Awarded 2005/06 and 2006/07

Fassnidge Park

Fassnidge Park is a popular and valued site

that offers a bowling green, tennis courts

and a children’s playground. It provides

a number of horticultural features such

as shrub beds, ornamental bedding,

herbaceous plants and mature trees.

Fassnidge Park 9

“The traditional Edwardian park

covers four acres and offers a

bowling green, tennis courts and

a children’s playground”




In 2003, the Management Advisory Group was set up,

and the community worked together with the council to

transform the park into the invaluable community resource

that it is today.

The traditional Edwardian park covers four acres and is

situated just to the north west of Uxbridge town centre, with

its popular shopping centres, a cinema, central library, and

pubs and restaurants.

500 metres from Uxbridge station, Fassnidge Park has

three entrances for the public; the main one located at the

southern end of the site in Rockingham Parade, one further

up Rockingham Parade and another at the northern end of

the park on Oxford Road.

The grounds are locked every evening and reopened each

morning. A kiosk and toilets are located on site. There is a

small car park adjacent to Rockingham Recreation Ground,

which is opposite Rockingham Parade. Buses U1, U4, U5,

U7, 222 and 427 serve near to the park.

Nearby is the Grand Union Canal.

Trails of Discovery, Uxbridge, passes through this park.

There is a Healthy Walk for Fassnidge Park and Rockingham




Awarded 2005/06 and 2006/07

Harefield Village Green

This historic green is located in the heart of Harefield

Village conservation area. It covers an area of

approximately four and a half acres and is situated where

Breakspear Road North and Rickmansworth Road meet.

The green has been central to life in the village for many

years. It is a registered common dating back to 1813. It

provides a small children’s playground and a sizeable

expanse of open space on which locals and visitors can

enjoy informal sports, picnics and family get-togethers.

Harefield Village Green 11

The village pond contains a variety of flora, fauna and

wildlife. Surrounding the green is a variety of trees,

providing a beautiful backdrop to this bustling, yet peaceful,

corner of the village. Several pubs and restaurants are

located within a couple of minutes walk from the green,

mostly in the high street, which is noted for its antique

shops and several old buildings.

An interesting and unique feature is the model hare

contained within a large globe, which can be seen at the

southwestern corner of the green. Depicted on the globe

are the British Isles and Australia, celebrating the strong

links between Harefield and Australia. An Australian

military hospital was set up at Harefield Park for soldiers

wounded in the First World War. There is also an ANZAC

cemetery and memorial at St Mary’s, the village parish

church, and ANZAC Days remain a regular event in the

village. Harefield hospital has been the home of pioneering

heart surgery since the 1960s, and renowned heart surgeon,

Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub, unveiled the globe on

1 October 2000.

The nearest railway stations are Rickmansworth and

Northwood; buses 331 and U9 serve the area.

Street car parking is available around the green.

Close by is Hillingdon Outdoor Activities

Centre (HOAC).

Trails of Discovery, Harefield, passes the

green. There is also a Healthy Walk

for Harefield.






Awarded 2005/06 and 2006/07

Lake Farm Country Park

In 1907, The Gramophone Company (1897) built a record

Farm for possible industrial expansion. By the Second

World War, EMI had embarked upon radar research and

up to the early 1980s. A proposal to excavate gravel in

1991, opposed by local residents, prompted the council to

purchase Lake Farm as a public open space.

Lake Farm Country Park 13

“A trim trail runs through the

site, 60 acres in size, bounded

by the Grand Union Canal”



Today, Lake Farm is a relatively large expanse of

meadowland fringed by trees and the canal, and is situated

to the south of Hayes. Approximately 60 acres in size,

it is bounded by the Grand Union Canal, Dawley Road,

Botwell Common Road and Botwell Lane. Most of the site

comprises of open grassland of wildlife value, punctuated by

occasional small blocks of shrubs, with a larger expanse in

the south.

A trim trail runs through the site, which is recognisable

by its skylark monument. Two areas of more formal open

space are situated in the northwestern and northeastern

corners of the park. These consist of short-mown grassland

with planted trees and a children’s playground. On the

western edge of the site, adjacent to Dawley Road,

is a BMX track.

Nearby is Barra Hall Park, Norman Leddy Memorial

Gardens, Stockley Park and Golf Course, and Hayes Pool.

The nearest train station is Hayes & Harlington, and the U4

serves the area. There is a car park off Dawley Road.

Trails of Discovery, Hayes, runs through this park. There is

a Healthy Walk for Lake Farm.




Little Britain

Situated between the River Colne and Frays River is an

attractive lake, which is called ‘Little Britain’ because

of its similar shape to the British Isles. The lake covers

approximately 77 acres, and was formed as the result of

gravel extraction in the early 1930s. The islands in the lake

were made from hornbeam and birch stakes, and woven

rooting willow, and provide a safe habitat for many water

birds, such as mallards and tuffed ducks.

Little Britain 15

“called ‘Little Britain’ because of its

similar shape to the British Isles”



The lake offers a beautiful location for a gentle stroll or

summer picnic, and provides a quiet respite from the

neighbouring towns of Uxbridge and Yiewsley.

The pathway, laid around the western edge of the lake in

the early part of 2005, has been identified as especially

suitable for users of wheelchairs, mobility scooters and

pushchairs, and people with impaired mobility. Please note

that because of the restricted access point by the marina,

the nearby towpath along the canal is not recommended for

users of wheelchairs or mobility vehicles.

Little Britain is open every day throughout the year. Toilet

facilities and a café can be found at Packet Boat Marina,

which is approximately 250 metres from the lake.

600 metres from the site at Cowley Locks is the Lock

Cottage Tea Rooms, a family-run restaurant with views

directly on to the Grand Union Canal. Alternatively, there is

a picnic area on site.

Little Britain is approximately 300 metres off Cowley Road.

The nearest train station is West Drayton, and the 222 bus

serves near to the area. Trails of Discovery, Cowley, circles

the site. There is also a Healthy Walk for Little Britain.




Church Field Gardens

and Manor Farm

Manor Farm lies within the Ruislip conservation area

and is bounded by Eastcote Road, Bury Street, Pinn Way

of historic farm buildings, archaeological remains and

landscape features, and is set in approximately 22 acres

of land.

Accessible throughout the year, the site incorporates a

library, performance hall, bowling green and duck pond

Church Field Gardens

and Manor Farm


“The park incorporates traditional

rose beds, tennis courts, a

children’s playground…”




(formerly a horse pond). Many of the site’s buildings are

available for hire by contacting the arts service. Restoration

and development works at Manor Farm began in March

2007. Plans are to fully restore the grade-two listed manor

house, which will include the creation of an interpretation

centre. The 13th century great barn will be enhanced

and the cartsheds will be home to five artistes studios.

Sympathetic landscaping will allow visitors to appreciate the

site as it once was.

The park opposite Manor Farm, now known as Church Field

Gardens, was passed over to the then Ruislip & Northwood

Urban District Council in 1927. The land was preserved for

use as a public open space and recreation ground. Toilets

and car parking are located within and nearby Manor Farm

respectively. Refreshments are available from Cowbyre Tea

Shop and several food outlets along the high street.

Today Church Field Gardens is a vibrant, welcoming park

immediately adjacent to the bustling Ruislip high street and

St Martin’s, a historic flint church. The park incorporates

traditional rose beds, tennis courts, a children’s playground,

and is well serviced by a footpath network that allows

access for all.

The nearest train station is Ruislip; buses E7, H13, U1, U10

and 331 serve the high street.



Awarded 2005/06 and 2006/07

Norman Leddy Memorial Gardens

The gardens were, at one time, a private residence with a

large ornamental garden surrounding the house. A walled

vegetable and fruit garden was attached to the grounds on

the west side. In the early 1900s the house and grounds

became a private nursing home. When the home closed,

both were given to Hayes & Harlington Urban District

Council, which in turn became part of the London Borough

of Hillingdon in 1965.

Norman Leddy

Memorial Gardens 19

The site was the headquarters of Hayes & Harlington Urban

District Council parks department until 1960 when the

building was condemned unsafe, subsequently demolished,

and then developed into the Hayes Botanic Gardens.

The walled vegetable and fruit garden became the council’s

tree and shrub nursery, although the nursery was later lost

to the site as part of a road improvement scheme.

The gardens have developed over the years and contain

a vast range of trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennials,

bulbs and seasonal bedding, providing colour and interest

throughout the year.

In 1993, the gardens were renamed the Norman Leddy

Memorial Gardens – in memory of the late Mr Leddy, who

had held the post of assistant director of parks and helped

considerably to develop and raise the standard of

the gardens.

These peaceful and tranquil gardens cover four acres, and

are located approximately 200 yards south of the Uxbridge

Road in Hayes, between the Beck Theatre and Barra Hall


There are four entrances to the gardens – the main one is at

the southern end of the site in Wood End. The nearest train

station is Hayes & Harlington. Car parking and

refreshments can be found at the Beck Theatre.

Buses 427 and 607 serve the Uxbridge Road.

The gardens are open all year round,

Monday to Saturday, 10.00 am – 4.30 pm,

Sundays and bank holidays, 10.00 am –

4.00 pm.

There is a Healthy Walk through Norman

Leddy Gardens.






Awarded 2005/06 and 2006/07

Ruislip Woods and Lido

Ruislip Woods is the largest block of ancient, semi-natural

woodland in Greater London, and includes one of the most

extensive oak/hornbeam coppice woods in southeast

England. Covering 726 acres and open all year round, the

and horse riding. Camping is available for local guide and

scouting organisations by contacting the green spaces


Ruislip Woods

and Lido 21

The woods were designated as a National Nature Reserve

(NNR) in 1997 and, together with the Ruislip Woods Trust,

Hillingdon Council celebrates its anniversary every May by

holding a day event at the lido. Since 1950, it has been a Site

of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), and in 2006 it received a

Green Heritage Award. This popular location has also been

used for various films, including The Young Ones in the 60s,

which starred Cliff Richard.

Ruislip Lido, which was created as a canal reservoir in

1811, has since been recognised as a Metropolitan Site of

Importance for nature conservation. It covers 40 acres of

water and is surrounded by the woods. It offers a sandy

beach – one of the few in London – a children’s playground,

plus trips on the miniature steam railway, which is run

by volunteers from the Ruislip Lido Railway Society. The

lido’s woodland visitor centre helps explain the historical

and ecological importance of the woods through a range

of displays. It is open between 11.00 am and 2.00 pm on

Sundays, from Easter to August.

Refreshments can be found by the lido – at the Water’s Edge

pub or from the kiosk, which is open from April to October.

Alternatively, picnic and seating areas are available

around the site.

The woods and lido are accessible by 33

entrances – the main one is at Reservoir

Road. The nearest train stations are Ruislip

and Ruislip Manor. Buses H13 and 331

serve the Ruislip Woods area. Car parks

are located in Reservoir Road, Breakspear

Road North and Ducks Hill Road.

A number of walks run through the woods,

including part of the Hillingdon Trail, and the

three Ruislip Woods Walks.






Southlands Arts Centre

A former private residence, Southlands Arts

Centre is now a grade-two listed building that

West Drayton Urban District Council.

In the 16th century, a Tudor farmhouse

was on the site of the present house. In

the 17th century, the owner extended the

house, and erected the fine Queen Anne

frontage that can be seen today. In 1864, the

existing Victorian rear portion was built.

Southlands Arts

Centre 23

“In the 17th century, the owner

extended the house, and erected

the fine Queen Anne frontage”



The owner took out insurance with the Sun Insurance office

in 1743, and this company’s firemark can be seen on the

house front. The 1828 enclosure map shows outbuildings

including a stable granary, barn, other outhouses, a

carthouse, a Dutch barn and granary – only the 17th century

barn remains.

Located off The Green, West Drayton, the house is situated

within a formal garden laid mainly to lawn with a variety of

herbaceous perennials, shrubs and mature trees. The sixacre

site has a formal walled garden north of the house and

a pond, which is home to frogs and newts, as well as some

aquatic plants.

The two Adam and Eve statues on the lawn were sculptured

locally by Andrew Weston Smith, using Indiana limestone.

The house is managed and maintained by Yiewsley and

West Drayton Arts Council, and the grounds are open

daily throughout the year. As with all gardens, Southlands

undergoes constant change and improvement, building on

the past to accommodate present trends and demands.

The entrance to this site is off the green. The nearest train

station is West Drayton, and buses U3, U5, and 222 serve

this area. There is a small car park situated within the grounds.

A full calendar of its year’s events/exhibitions and brochure

is available from the Southlands Arts Centre.





Useful contacts

Hillingdon Council 01895 250111

Arts service 01895 678800

Central library (Uxbridge) 01895 250600

Customer contact centre 01895 556000

Green spaces 01895 250635

Leisure 01895 250453

Tourist information centre based at Uxbridge library

Beck Theatre 020 8561 7506

Green Corridor

Green Flag Award 0151 231 6900


Groundwork Thames Valley 01895 832662

London Wildlife Trust 020 7261 0447

Packet Boat Marina 01895 449851

Ruislip Lido Railway 01895 622595

Ruislip Woods Trust 01895 622595

Southlands Arts Centre 01895 442784

Transport for London 020 7222 1234

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Thank you for taking the time to give us this information. Please detach this form,

seal and return to the address overleaf.

If you would like to give your views on any of the borough’s green spaces or walk

ways, please complete the GreenSTAT survey, which you can request from us, or

fill in online – go to and click on have your

say on your local park.


Have Your Say

Green spaces team

London Borough of Hillingdon

4W/08 Civic Centre

High Street




Obtaining information in your language

If you would like information about Hillingdon Council’s services in your own

language, please ask an English speaker to phone 01895 250111 on your behalf.

This information is also available in large print,

Braille and on audio tape.

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