Misfit Tunes The Magazine August 2014

Misfit Tunes is an organization dedicated to promoting domestic as well as international Indie and/or little known artists from all genres of music to the awaiting masses. In this issue :: the Top Archived stories from Misfit Tunes The Blog. Throwback Thursdays post on Aaliyah, Craig Mack, and Da Brat. One to Know features on Lisa Banton and Acapella. Our first feature interview with Nu' The Mayor, and how to sign up for NO R.eckless I.nternet Postings. Plus lots of Misfit Tunes' Must Haves (music we recommend you check out).

Misfit Tunes is an organization dedicated to promoting domestic as well as international Indie and/or little known artists from all genres of music to the awaiting masses. In this issue :: the Top Archived stories from Misfit Tunes The Blog. Throwback Thursdays post on Aaliyah, Craig Mack, and Da Brat. One to Know features on Lisa Banton and Acapella. Our first feature interview with Nu' The Mayor, and how to sign up for NO R.eckless I.nternet Postings. Plus lots of Misfit Tunes' Must Haves (music we recommend you check out).


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Misfit Tunes

August 2014 The Archive Issue Edition :: 2

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Suite 213

Arnold, MD 21012





Capital City Co.

Capital City Co.

Capital City Co.

Misfit Tunes

Must Haves

Title: Love And Other DrugsArtist: Mia Sparrow

Released: 4/2014

The Entrance // Cassette Tape // All Business

Friday Night Sermons // Cold // Love and Other Drugs (Interlude)

iLL Lavish // Inauguration // Never Get Over You // Personal (Skit)

Where The Cash At // Special // The Greatest Love // Two Of Me // The Exit

MiaWasHere0000 MiaWasHere0000 Mia Sparrow

Title: Fire In Me Artist: Memoir Released: 4/2014

Los Angeles // Look Away // Minimum Wage (The Heist) // Love and War //

She Lights The Sun // Who I Am // Forgive Me Father (Interlude) // Sexy //

The Hard Way // Sirulian // Take Me Home // Never Good Enough //

Nothing Without You



Title: Who Is Yani: The Rebel Mixtape Artist: Yani

Released: 6/2014


Cul_cha: All of Me // Passion and Purpose // Queens // Time feat. DJ Kalisemo

// What’s The Point // Thumbs Up // They Shootin’ // The Rebel Anthem // Remember

// Forbidden NY feat. Kitty & DJ Kalisemo // Dream






Editor in chief


K. Simms

One to Know

The Archived Issue


Artist’s Toolkit Throwback Thursday

Share Not Spam

How to share your music without being

a nasence by becoming a spammmer 12

Take the Pledge

No R.I.P


Ki Misfit

How to sign up for the No Reckless

Internet Posting campaign started by

Deb Atney 26

Aaliyah 21

Lisa Banton 9

Misfit Tunes

Must Haves

Alums, Mixtape, EPs, etc

worth the download

Who is Nu’

Craig Mack 35

Acapella 14

Nu’ The Mayor 17

Da Brat 31


What is Misfit Tunes

Misfit Tunes is an organization

dedicated to

promoting domestic as

well as international Indie and/or

little know artists from all genres of

music to the awaiting masses. We

use several vehicles to promote the

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Misfit Tunes’ blog, which can be

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com , receives thousands of views

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We also boast international visitors

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Why does Misfit Tunes do it

We do it for two main reasons:

1. We do it for the LOVE of the

music. The current top 40 selection

leaves Misfit Tunes wanting

more from music, which is why we

promote indie and/or little known

artists. The music industry has

become so saturated with clones

that the music has gotten lost in

translation or merely forgotten. We

believe it our duty to keep good

music relevant!

2. We do it to change the industry.

It is our belief that the industry has

become too much about money and

no longer about the art of creating

music. With the current state of

the economy and the advent of so

many free internet tools to make

music, it’s now the perfect time to

usher industry change.

Now that you know who Misfit

Tunes are and what we do, we

would like to invite you to build a

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Again our services are completely

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We would also like to request any

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Misfit Tunes need the support of

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How can I as an artist support Misfit


· Keep us informed on your

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Let us be the first to break

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. Invite us to events. If you are

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us to cover, send us press credentials

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we are in your area we will gladly

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want to support all events, however

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taking funds away from the

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. Make Misfit Tunes your #1

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Remember, we do this for the love

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than Misfit Tunes!

~ misfit movement let’s make it



Misfit Tunes

Misfit Tunes

Misfit Tunes


Misfit Tunes

Must Haves

Title: Baked God Artist: Itz2Eazy Released: 7/2014

Wakin Bakin feat. Stef is Dope, Kaye Trill, & Visto // R.I.M.S // RAW // Rolling

101 // M.W.B feat. Fat Trel // Inspiration feat. Dutch Capital // Always Cloudy //

Beautiful Day // Get Baked feat. Smoke Dza // Smoke N Stroke feat. Visto // Up

and Away // Take Off // The Sound of Cool feat. Kelow




Title: I Am Ethan Spalding Artist: Ethan Spalding

Released: 6/2014

Cookies // Panda Party // Happy Feelings // Throw It Back feat. Ab The

Pro & Gordo Brega // Don’t Know Me feat. Mack Low // Syrup Molly Bottle Pills

feat. Lil Tay & Uptown Killa // Big Time // She Got It feat. Dolly Dearest // Jazzy

Movie // Chill Recognize Chill feat. Visto // Countin’ Numbers // All Day Dat

feat. Uptown XO // Taurus // The Way I Like It // Make A Friend feat. Girard St.

Garvey // Cheese Cake // Just Do It feat. Mack Low & Girard St. Garvey



Title: Fatz Sinatra Artist: Fatz Da Big Fella Released: 7/2014

Intro // Grew Up ft. Frank Sirus // Miami Vice ft. Shy Glizzy & Tone P // Street

Life ft. Freddie P

Talk About it ft. French Montana & Wale // On Who ft. Visto //

Pool Party ft. Trey

Flippin It // Nuffin Nigga ft. Sasha // Al Pacino ft. Dre Willz //

That Ain’t Really ft. Killa Kyleon //

Celebration ft. Phil Ade & Ay-Rock // The Good Life // Fast Lane

// Never Know ft. Alison Carney


DaBigFella49 DaBigFella FatzDaBigFella








We had the pleasure of

asking Toronto, Canada

native, Lisa Banton, a

few questions to get to know the

woman behind the voice. If you

have not heard the voice that pours

from her sham on you! Yet we will

be honored and happy to introduce

you to the awesome talent that is

Lisa Banton.

Misfit Tunes: What are your influences

Lisa Banton:: My father was my

inspiration to want to sing. Vocally

artists like Mary J Blige, Faith

Evans, and Lauryn Hill.

MT: How did you get your stage


Lisa Banton: It’s my full given

birth name.

MT: Why are you a singer

Lisa Banton: I believe I was

born to do this. Being that music

is in my blood, it’s always felt

very natural for me to do. I love


MT: If you were not singing

what would you be doing

Lisa Banton: I’s probably be

playing an instrument of some

sort professionally. Preferably

the piano. I’ve always wished

that I learned to play when I was


MT: How would you describe your


Lisa Banton: I would describe my

sound as traditional R&B / Soul

with elements of Hip Hop. R&B

has made a lot of changes over the

years. The music I bring seems

to fall under the type of timeless

music I grew up listening to, which

I’m very pleased about.

MT: What does your lyrics say

about you and/or your character

Lisa Banton: Well being that I’ve

written everything that I’ve put

out for myself, my lyrics say a lot.

Mainly that I’m always speaking

from a real place. The majority of

my music is based on love so I pull

from a lot of my own experiences.

Judging by how people react to my

lyrics, they feel that I come from

genuine place because they can relate.

That is all I can really ask for.

MT: Do you love your music Tell

me about that love: how it feels,

where it has taken you, the sacrifices

you have made for it.

Lisa Banton: I definitely love the

type of music I do. I don’t always

love what I come up with but I

think that’s normal for most writers.

I wouldn’t say my music has

taken me anywhere quite yet and

because of that fact very little sacrifices

have been made. I’m sure I’ll

have many along the way but I’m

not worried about it. My love for

what I do is deep, so any decisions

that I have to make will not be taken

lightly and will probably result

in very little regret.

MT: What is your mission What

kind of impact if any do you want

your music to have on your fans

Lisa Banton: With the state that

R&B is in right now, the impact

that I want my music to have

overall is a long lasting one. I want

to make music that my fans can

listen to 10 years from now and

say “Damn, that is STILL a good

song”. The music coming out right

now doesn’t really have that type

of feel in my opinion.

MT: What are your goals

Lisa Banton: At this point in the

game for me, my main goal will

always be to make quality music. I

want to be able to share what I do

with the world and have it loved

by those who really appreciate

what I have to offer. Anything

that can make that happen, I will

always be open to. Anything else

that comes from it all, will be a


MT: What is your definition of


Lisa Banton: When it comes

to my music, my definition of

success is quite simple. The day

that I can live comfortable off my

earnings from music alone, will

be the day I count it as definite


MT: How will you know when

you have “made it”

Lisa Banton: I’m not too sure. As a

child, I always dreamed of having

crowds of people chant the lyrics

of my songs back to me while on

stage. When you have an arena full

of fans singing your music word

for word, I think that’s a pretty

good sign you’ve made it! To know

that your music has impacted people

in such a way, I can’t think of



any better feeling.

MT: Do you have a team behind


Lisa Banton: Fortunately and

unfortunately I don’t have a team.

Over the years I’ve been through

a lot of bad dealings with people

who acted like they had my best

interest at heart. A team would be a

great thing to have but it HAS to be

right. Though it’s been hard doing

everything myself, I’ve learned a

lot from all the trial and error. I’ve

learned things that I may not have

learned if I had a team or somebody

else dealing with

certain aspects. I’m

slowly building one

but it won’t happen

unless it feels right.

My music and artistry

means too much to


MT: How many live

performances have

you done

Lisa Banton: I

Couldn’t give you an

exact number at all.

I’ve been performing

for the past 10 years

so it’s been A LOT!

MT: Tell me about your best performance.

What made it the best

Lisa Banton: The first performance

that comes to mind when I think of

my best performance wasn’t really



mirror mirror

even my performance. About 4 or

5 years ago I performed with an

local rapper on a song that I sang

the hook on. Once I got up on stage

to do my part, his fans knew my

hook from beginning to end. They

sang with me EVERY time and for

me, that was a taste of something

I’ve dreamt for myself since I was

young. It was a great night.

MT: Tell me about your worst performance.

What made it bad What

lesson did you learn

Lisa Banton: As far as my worst,

any performance where I forget a

lyric is a bad one for me. It’s one

of those things where no one can

be blamed but myself. What that

always boils down to is to practice

and make sure I’m always on point.


you got that

MT: What is next for you

Lisa Banton: Well my plan is to set

focus on getting an EP or an Album

done next. With 2 mixtapes out, I

think it’s about time that people get

a full project of completely original


MT: Where do you see yourself

this time next year

Lisa Banton: By this time next

year I hope to maybe be doing a

little traveling outside of Toronto.

Performing in different cities and/

or countries to get a feel for how

people outside of where I’m from

receive my


MT: What accomplishments

and/or awards

have you received

Lisa Banton:

To me, having


projects are accomplishments

in itself. To be

able to put out

2 mixtapes on

my own is pretty

big to me. I

know a lot of up and coming artists

who haven’t taken that step yet. I

believe it is so necessary in order to

initiate and sustain a real fan base.

I Haven’t received any awards yet

but I’m working on it!





Foolish Radio


noon - 2pm est





share not spam

Proper etiquette for sharing your music

Contrary to your personal beliefs

not everyone is going to want to

hear your blazing new track. I

know crazy right you spent a lot

of time and money on creating this

new Grammy worthy track! You

even went on social media and

@ everyone on your timeline but

folks still are not hitting the link to

witness the greatness that is your

master piece.

guarantee folks hit the link

not only to listen to your

Grammy worthy single but

to also become a fan and a


Simply follow the steps


Step 1. Pin your new single

to your social media profiles.

Doing this will allow those

interested supporters, djays,

and program directors using

the proper email etiquette

(refer to the July Issue of

Misfit Tunes The Magazine if

you are not familiar with the

proper etiquette). This will

ensure you reach those that

would enjoy hearing you new



What an outrage right NO! It

is not an outrage. Well maybe

for you but I would be

willing to bet hose that you

randomly shared your music

with feels more abused than


Understand I am not saying

your single is not good or

does not deserve to be heard

yet what I am saying is there

is a proper way to share your

single with people that would

yield a better outcome and

that visit your profile to see

your single as your first post.

This will also keep the single

as a focal point.

Step 2. Market and promote

your single weeks leading up

to its release. Doing this will

alert people that you have

new music coming. It will

also prevent you from flooding

your timeline with the

same post becoming a pest to

those that follow your feed.

Step 3. Send an email to all

Step 4. Schedule three

tweets a day the first in the

morning between 7am and

10am, the second afternoon

between 12pm to 3pm, and

the third and the final in the

evening between 5pm and

8pm. These times have been

identified as peak social media

traffic times. Scheduling

will ensure you do not flood




Misfit Tunes

Must Haves

Title: Die Winning Artist: Preauxx Released: 5/2014

Vibe // The Theme // Metropolis // Daze (Remix) // Malcolm 2XXs // Sporadic //

I’m The Man // Still Sleep…Not Enough // S.O.B. //

Whatevers // E.W.B. // Free




Title: His & Hers Artist: Dom Of Da District Released: 7/2014

Welcome // Get it // Tell Me // Facedown feat. Madame T, G of Primetime

Band // Train // Show You feat. J. St. Paul,Kash // One Night // Your World //

Whats Up // Ridiculous // Light Pink Into feat. Charmz FROM London // Light

Pink // Bust it SNIPPET // ISuKRAZY // OG Dom // My Place // Couldn’t Be

feat. Keezy // Kill Me // Throw It Back // Stupid // Dis Dat // Thank God feat.

Taygo // Crash feat. Madame T // You See It OUTRO // Studio

DomOfDaDistrict DomOfDaDistrict DomOfDaDistrict

Title: 4sixteen A.M. Artist: Church Chizzle Released: 4/2014

The COMF Interlude // The Fire ft. Adam Bomb & Rich Kidd // 7 In The

Morning // Kush Dreams // This Cloud I’m On // Back Room ft. Michael

Mazz // Groupie Love // The Oh Boy Interlude // Don’t Know Me Like

That ft. Trinity Chris // Drugs ft. C Flowz // Green Leaf // Wanna Know ft.

M Deezy // I Did It // Rock Star // S.I.D (Seeing Is Deceiving) ft. Seth Dyer

// The Get Down // The LOTNS Interlude // Call It What You Like (Prod. By

RL Bowes)







We had the pleasure of

asking Detroit native,

Acapella a few questions

and enjoyed every answer. After

reading this piece we are sure you

would have enjoyed every answer

as well as became a fan!

Read :: Listen :: Watch :: Enjoy

MT: What is your government


Acapella: My government name is

Trista Hudson.

MT: What are your influences

Acapella: My influences are everyday

life, great music by great

artists, and the ambition to be in the

history books.

MT: How did you come up with

your stage name

Acapella: I came up with my stage

name over a period of years, while

being able to get my hands on

instrumentals early on in my career.

I then learned how to perfect my

lyricism without the actual use of

music and finding my own rhythm

and teaching myself how to count


MT: Why are you a rapper

Acapella: Simple. I love words. I

love creating stories and I love music.

Creating songs are like painting

pictures and putting together

puzzles. It’s all art and I’m an avid

lover of all different types of art.

Rapping is therapy to me. It helps

me get thru the days.

MT: If you were not rapping what

would you be doing

Acapella: If I weren’t rapping, I’d

be an architect. I’d either be in grad

school for architecture and construction

management or working

an internship at a firm.

MT: How would you describe your


Acapella: I would describe it as life

music. I’m not a one dimensional

person, so it would be difficult to

put my sound into one box. I could

give you street music, conscious,

party or club anthems, emo, whatever

the mood calls for.

MT: What does your lyrics say

about you/your character

Acapella: That I’m a thinker. An

observer. That I’m different from

the norm.

MT: Do you love your music

Acapella: Yes. Lol. I love listening

to my music because it makes

other feel good, speaks on things

others think are taboo, and inspires

people. That makes me feel good

all around. It’s taken me across the

country, I’ve talked famous celebs

& artists on the phone because of

it, and they’ve praised me. The

sacrifice are losing sleep, losing associates,

falling behind on bills, but

it’s always worth it. This is what I

genuinely love.

MT: What is your mission What

kind of impact if any do you want

your music to have on your fans

Acapella: My mission is to simply

spark the minds of others that think

like me, and to go out and make

changes to our society. Kind of like

how 2Pac & Kanye West did/do.

MT: What are your goals

Acapella: My goals are to be

remembered as one of the greats,

but not only that, I want to be an

influence to people around the

world in letting them know you can

acquire your dreams if you simply

put the positive energy out into the

universe and go for it. Whatever

you believe in.

MT: How will you know when you

have “made it”

Acapella: When I’m not tied down

to the standards of being “hood

rich”. As young Blacks, we think

that people are sellouts if they’re

not always puttin’ on for the hood

or living in the troubled environment

they grew up in. That’s just

stupid. Again, that’s putting yourself

into a box.

MT: Do you have a team behind


Acapella: Yes. My team is a team

of producers called TNFAC (The

Not Fuckin Around Crew) which is

made up of myself, Dopie, A-Train,

Motizzy, & Vaughn. Before becoming

my team of producers & writers

though, they were my friends

which makes the bond stronger.

MT: How many live performances

have you performed

Acapella: I can say I’ve had at least

30 or so performances over the

past 4 years. Might be more, might

be less. I don’t get as many shows

as some people may think. Even

though I feel like I should. Lol.

My best performance had to have

been this past May for the “No Fly

Zone” show by Trick Trick at The

Majestic Theater. What made it

the best is that I was comfortable

on stage, they treated me like an

artist and made sure I was good,

and the crowd was into my music

& showed love. I actually have two

worst performances. The 1st was

my 1st actual show back in 2009 at

a bar in Romulus, and the 2nd was

at Apollo Night at Eastern Michigan

the year afterwards when I got

booed by the entire crowd just by

walking on stage. The 1st show

was horrible because I ran out of

breath during my performance,

forgot a lot of words to my songs,


and fell off of the stage trying to

be cool. Lol. THAT taught me that

you just can’t rap and think everything’s

gonna be fine. You have to

practice and take this craft serious.

The EMU show taught me that

there’s people out there that aren’t

gonna like your music, they’re

gonna be mean, nasty, petty, &

heckle you just because. What you

make of it is on you.


MT: What’s next for you

Acapella: Right now I’m going to

continue pushing ‘the EP’ once it’s

completely finished, continue to get

more shows and show my face, and

basically take over music.

MT: Where do you see yourself

this time next year

Acapella: I see myself working

towards a debut album, touring,

taking care of my family, and inspiring.

MT: What accomplishments and /

or awards have you received

Acapella: My accomplishments are

self given. I’ve someone perfected

my craft but still growing, I have

a fat ass dope catalogue of music,

and an open piece of mind. Lol.












This is the first installation in

a three part series with Nu’ The

Mayor, CEO of GOV Life Enter

tainment, rap pioneer, and mogul. I

was intrigued with him because he

is a rapper with the business savvy

of a CEO, or he is a CEO with

a ridiculous flow that garnished

him the title of one of the DMV’s

best rappers Either way Nu’ The

Mayor is a colorful character who

caught my attention. So I set out to

find out Who is Nu

Who is Nu has been a question

asked so frequently that in 2010

Nu, The Mayor released the Who is

Nu Vol.1 mixtape to try to answer

this loaded question. I call it a

loaded question because the answer

is not a simple one by any means.

Wait, let me start at the beginning

so I can really introduce Niles “Nu’

The Mayor” Numan.

Niles Numan, better known to

most as Nu’ The Mayor, hit the

DMV {DC//MD//VA} rap scene

in 1998 rapping under the moniker

The Mayor. He got the streets

buzzing not with his distinct flow,

but with his unheard of marketing

tactics. Nu’ didn’t need media to

take note of him nor to beat down

his door for interviews as he was

interviewing himself weekly on his

YouTube channel. These interviews

quickly became the talk of streets

for a few reasons: 1) most couldn’t

believe dude was interviewing

himself, 2) because most thought

he was a genius for doing it, and 3)

nobody outside of his camp could

believe he had the balls to label

himself The Mayor of the city not

to mention the best rapper coming

out of the city. Whatever the

reason, Nu’s marketing tactic was

working. The streets were buzzing

with talk of The Mayor.

Riding the wave of the street

buzz Nu struck while the iron was


hot and dropped his debut CD,

“My Life My Way.” The CD was

released in 2004 on his Grown A$$

Man Ent label and produced the hit

single “Whats Inyo Cup.” This single

found its way into regular rotations

on one of Washington, DC’s

top radio stations, WPGC. The CD

moved an astonishing 15,000 units,

an accomplishment never heard of

in the DMV by an independent label.

Nu has been quoted as calling

the project his Reasonable Doubt.

With the success of “My Way My

Life” the streets were now roaring

with chatter about Nu’ and he was

quick to let all know he was just

getting started.

In 2006 The Mayor released the

follow up CD, “Politically Incorrect.”

The 18-track offering was

once again released on his Grown

A$$ Man Ent label. He described

it as being “mid-East (mid-East

is DC/MD/VA in Nu lingo) tempo,

80 and 90 BPM, slow, funked

out, perfect to get high to music.

With East Coast lyrics, Southern

production, and West Coast swagger.”

“Politically Incorrect”” was a

gallon of gas being thrown onto the

fire. Once released, The Mayor was

now considered undoubtedly on his

way to becoming one of the best

rappers in the DMV.

But the question persisted,

Who is Nu’ Even after founding

and becoming the CEO of GOV

(G.ame OV) Life Entertainment, a

company that specializes in marketing

and branding management

while functioning as a record label,

as well as releasing two highly

successful projects, Niles Numan,

now known as Nu’ The Mayor, on

March 10, 2010 released the first

of three mixtapes titled “Who Is

Nu’” Vol. 1 hosted by the legendary

DJ Quicksilva. Nu’ called it

“the soundtrack to life” as he believed

it had a song for every occasion

or situation life threw at you.

He felt the project covered all bases

and had something for everyone. It

produced the #1 single that kept the

DMV partying, “Whole Time.” It

also gave us the “Where They Do

That At remix” that had a bevy of

top DMV rappers blessing the track

with killer verses. Coming off the

success of Vol. 1, on May 25, 2010

he released Vol. 2 which picked up

where Vol. 1 left off. Vol. 2 kept the

party going and once again contained

something for everyone. Finally,

on Election Day, November

2, 2010, he released the third and

final mixtape in the series “Who is

Nu’ Vol. 3” once again hosted DJ

Quicksilva and filled with hit after

hit! It was definitely a must have

project that closed out the series on

a strong high note.

So now that Nu’ The Mayor

released not one mixtape, but three

mixtapes, to answer the question

Who is Nu’ that was the end of it

right Wrong! The three part series

only created more questions of who

Nu’ The Mayor is, what his secret

to success is, how to describe is

flow, and is he a rapper or a CEO

With all these questions swarming

I thought it fitting to sit down with

the man himself and finally get

some answers.

On October 26, 2011 right on the

heels of the release of his current

project, “Mayor Back”, I caught

up with Nu’ The Mayor to discuss

the short lived merger of the DMV

powers know as The Celtics, the

severing of his ties with RaRa The

1st Lady, his body of work, and his

much anticipated upcoming project

“No Brakes.”

On August 18, 2011 the DMV

awoke to news of a major power

move by arguably 3 of the area’s

best rappers, Nu’ The Mayor,

RAtheMC, and Bear Witnez, joining

forces under GOV Life forming

what they had named The Celtics.

Many celebrated the merger but

there were few that felt strongly

that this merger couldn’t, nor

would it last. By lunch, RAtheMC

was tweeting that the press release

was false and she was not in fact

signed to the GOV Life label. This

was swiftly followed by Bear Witnez

denouncing the union.

The Celtics had been formed and

demolished all before the evening

news. Rumors and speculation

began to swirl regarding what

some reported as Nu’ The Mayor’s

overzealous press release. Nu’ has

remained tight lipped on the situation

only saying he wishes both

RAtheMC and Bear Witnez nothing

but the best, as well as much

success on their future ventures.

He holds neither grudges nor ill

will. He understands it’s all business

and that the powers that be

threatened to make it difficult for

those involved in The Celtics if

they didn’t disband. When asked

what, if any, impact did these

situations have on the upcoming

release, “No Brakes”, Nu’ was

quick to say “it had absolutely no

effect on “No Brakes.” I actually

attempted to move up the release

date and change the title of the CD

to address their departure, and then

decided to just do me. So I’m back

on my No Brakes shit.” That was

all he said with a calm even disposition.

It was as if the major disappointment

was an actual victory for

Nu’ and his GOV Life movement.

Feeling he was blowing smoke,

I asked directly what happened

with the RAtheMC / Bear Witness

situation. With a smirk he looked

at me and said “I get this question

every interview. It was a great

idea. We could have made history,

instead we all quit.” [laughs] Then

ask “what was the last thing you

heard from either of them” Before

I could answer he continued “RIP

the Celtics!” [laughs] “Now we

[GOV Life] gonna do it Mavericks

style… role players that make the

team the superstar. It is the life!

We are on our Patriots shit! Even

though I have not spoken to either

of them in months He asks [shrugging]

“What is the answer everybody

wants” I didn’t even bother

to answer because he had begun

to speak again as if to imply that

was a rhetorical question. “I am not

going to dog them out… I’m not

gonna say they didn’t shit on me.

[shakes head] It is what it is.”

Since we were discussing departures

and severed ties I thought

I’d ask about RaRa The 1st Lady’s

noticeable absence from GOV Life.

Nu’ stated first and foremost he

wishes nothing but success for her,

yet “GOV Life does music for the

passion not for popularity and once

the music is no longer the priority

that becomes a problem that frustrates

me. So I felt it best to sever

ties and go our separate ways.”

With all the in-and-out, here

today gone tomorrow artists, I

asked Nu’ The Mayor would he be

looking to add any new talent to

his GOV Life roster any time soon.

His answer was no. The current

roster of CHAOS the Rapper, Mr.

Chainsaw, Shannon Crystal, Slashwaterboy

(a very talented producer),

COO Blind, and himself, there

will be no further additions. This

roster is known as the Mavericks, a

team of hard workers that play their

position within the music industry.

With the rumors of outside meddling

destroying the Celtics, it is

not hard to see Nu’ The Mayor

has just as many haters as he does

fans, so I asked him if he enjoyed

being the guy with the target on

his back The grin that grew on his

faced mirrored a kid on Christmas

day. “Yeah I’m used to the hate. I

kill them with success. It is somebody

reading this right now with

they face all frowned up… they

think I’m talking about them now.

[laughs] But I have so many haters

I’m probably NOT talking about

they unimportant ass… I enjoy

their discomfort though. Fuck

em… see me if it’s like that.”

While we were still discussing

rumors I asked about the release

date for “No Brakes” being pushed

back. I asked if the date was

pushed back to avoid competition

or to ensure it did the numbers he

expected “I pushed backed “No

Brakes” because it was becoming

a CD all about how niggaz hate

on me and how I don’t give a fuck

about them [laughs]. It was not

what my life’s work should be

totally based on so I revisited some

original concepts from the “No

Brakes” CD and just decided to

go with it. Having [the] “D.amage

C.ontrol” CD was bad…the fact I

thought I had to do damage control

spoke to something I don’t agree

with. I don’t feel competitive with

DMV artists. I’m competing with

Jay-Z and won’t allow myself to

think any other way.”

With his announcement of such

an accomplished competitor, I

decided to switch our focus to

what matters the most, the music.

I wanted to know his writing

process, what he thought about his

body of work, and if he thought

“No Brakes” was his greatest work

to date. “My writing process is

simple. I usually wake up Saturday

after a crazy night and write about

it. I be so busy I don’t write often.

If something grabs me I will get a

bottle [of liquor to] drink..[cont 28]





On this date ten years ago the

world lost a talent greater than we

were privileged to witness, reach

her potential. Aaliyah Haughton

graced this earth with her presence

for twenty-two years and blessed

us with music that still lives on

today. Although she only gave us

three albums, the music is timeless!

Aaliyah’s first album “Age Ain’t

Nothing but a Number” was released

in 1994 by Jive and Blackground

Records. It featured two

hit singles ‘Back & Fourth’ and

‘At Your Best (You Are Love).”

Both singles went gold. The album

debuted at #24 on the Billboard

Charts, selling 74k copies in its

first week. It would later go on

to sell three million copies in the

US, where it was certified double

platinum by the Recording

Industry Association of America.

R. Kelly, who became her mentor

as well as rumored husband,

produced the album. Most critics

liked the blend of Aaliyah’s

“silky and sultry vocals” and Kelly’s

“new jack swing” so much

they credited her for redefining


After allegations of an illegal

marriage to R. Kelly, Aaliyah

ended her relationship with Jive

and signed with Atlantic records.

It would be Atlantic Records

and Blackground Records that

released her second album “One

Due to the recent

announcement of an

Aaliyah biopic we dug

in our archives to share a piece we

did on the ten year anniversary of

her death. The orginal piece was

written in 2011 as a Throwback

Thursday entry.

Many fans are both excited and

torn about the upcoming biopic as

the Haughton family has not given

the project their blessings.

The biopic has two A-list celebrities,

Angela Basser and Queen Latifah.

They had a diffucult time cast

the role of the talented triple threat

as one actress bowed out after finding

out the family was not onboard,

a second bowed out largely due to

fans expressing often quite rudely

their displeasure with her selection.


in a Million” in 1996. It featured

a bounty of hit singles; “If Your

Girl Only Knew”, “One in a Million”,

“Got to Give It Up”, “4

Page Letter”, “Hot Like Fire”, and

The One I Gave My Heart To”.

The album debuted at #20 on the

Billboard Charts, selling 41k copies

in the first week. It would later go

on to sell four million copies in the

USA, where it was certified double

platinum by the Recording Industry

Association of America. “One in

a Million” has been labeled Aaliyah’s

breakout album as well as a

major milestone in the careers of

Missy Elliot and Timbaland who

both wrote and produced the bulk

of the album. “One in a Million” is

currently out of print in the US!

In 2000, Aaliyah introduced

the world to another of her many

talents, acting. She appeared in

her first major film, “Romeo Must

Die” a modern day Romeo & Juliet

where Romeo is Asian and Juliet is

African-American set it the mean

streets of Oakland, California. The

movie starred Aaliyah, Anthony

Anderson, Delroy Lindo, Isaiah

Washington, Jet Li, and Russell

Wong The movie debuted at #2 at

the box office earning eighteen million

dollars in its opening weekend.

It later grossed ninety-one million

dollars worldwide.

In 2002, Aaliyah starred in

her second film “Queen of the

Damned”. The movie was the film

adaptation of the third novel of

Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles

series, “The Queen of the

Damned”. However, the film’s plot

contains many plot elements from

the latter novel’s predecessor, The

Vampire Lestat. It starred Aaliyah,

Lena Olin, Marguerite Moreau, Paul

McGann, Stuart Townsend, and

Vincent Perez. The movie earned a

whopping forty-five million dollars

worldwide, despite poor reviews.

Aaliyah, along with Virgin and

Blackground Records, released her

third album, “Aaliyah” in 2001. It

featured several singles “We Need

a Resolution”, “Rock the Boat”,

“More Than a Woman”, and “I Care

4 U”. The album debuted at #2 on

the Billboard Charts, selling 190k

copies in its first week. This album,

like the two before it, was certified

double platinum. It is also out of

print in the US. This album set records

that neither has nor may ever

be broken. Sadly, it would become

her final album.

On August 25, 2001, Aaliyah

along with eight others were killed

in an airplane crash in the Bahamas

after filming the video for her single

“Rock the Boat”. The plane, a twin

engine Cessna 402B, was a smaller

plane than the Cessna 404 in which

they had originally flown. As a

result, when the plane attempted to

depart, it was over its max takeoff

weight and carrying one extra passenger

than allotted, subsequently

resulting in the plane crashing

shortly after takeoff taking the lives

of all on board.

I find the rainy weather fitting for

this the tenth anniversary of Aaliyah’s

death as there are so many

mourning her loss and shedding

tears in her memory. I, however,

have made the choice to celebrate

her life and music so no tears over

here just many questions of “What




109 Ingraham St. Suite 302 Brooklyn,

NY 11237

(address is not a storefront)

GoodWood is a company & brand focused on creativity and design. We offer a variety of products

and accesories with an unlimited ability to design and customize your own. We have collaborated

with artists, brands and agencies to create unique products and worked with many stores

and brands to create their signage, POP display and special projects including custom boxes and

package design.

All of the products made by GoodWood are created and designed in Brooklyn, New York.

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Good Wood NYC GoodWoodNY GoodWood NYC

Misfit Tunes

Must Haves

Title: Hello World Artist: Jimmi Montana Released: 5/2014








JimmiMontana JimmiMontana JimmiMontana

Title: reFRSH Artist: Fly Rebel Society Released: 5/2014

reCap // Wake Up // Introverts Them Song // Grind // Rearview // Belly of the

Beast // The Chill // She // The Procedure // What If You Know // She Hearts

Raps // Cuban Links feat. The Jr. // Claustrophobic // New Napoleon // Black

Jesus // Who Am I




Title: Movie Muzik: A Cinema For The Blind

Artist: Mel Alston Jr. Released: 5/2014

Intro // ScienCe & Math // Purple // LonG NiGht // The Other SiGnificant

// The BIG Picture // The Day After ForeVer // MoOn Drops // The ImpOssible

feat. Jay Griffy // Bonus Clip 1 // Bonus Clip 2

MelAlstonJr MelAlstonJr MelAlston



pledgenorip pledgenorip pledgenorip pledgenorip

No Reckless Internet Posting

better known as No

R.I.P. is a movement

started and led by entertainment

mogul and rapper Waka Flocka’s

mother, Debra Antney. Ms. Antney

and her family have had documented

turbulent relationships

with several blogs and other media

outlets which have sensationalized

stories to garner popularity for

their site as well as to drive traffic

to the site. These tumultuous

relationships cost Ms Antney her

twenty-two year old son Caodes

“KayO” Scott.

During the 2013 Christmas

Holiday season the stresses and

pressures of the world forced

KayO to do the only thing he knew

to ease the pain and end his own

life. KayO’s kind heart often wept

due to the malicious, reckless, and

thoughtless people who spread

vicious rumors as well as fueled

harmful gossip about not only

himself but his mother and other

family members.

Ms. Antney is determined her

son’s silenced voice be heard by

the world! She also hopes to speak

for the millions of people living

through the same storm while

encouraging positive change in not

just media but also in the Global

Online Community.

“In every test there is testimony.

Through all adversity there is a

lesson to be learned. And in cleaning

up the mess around us often

times you’ll find a message.” For

Ms. Antney and the supporters of

the No R.I.P. movement the message

is simple… NO RECKLESS



What It Means to Pledge No


their reputations, killing their relationships,

killing their hope and so

much more. Stop speaking death.

No R.I.P.

* We are afforded the rights of free

speech, freedom of the press, etc.

However, we also have a humane

responsibility to each other. As

media, we encourage all bloggers

and other members of the media to

take the No R.I.P. pledge and post

responsibly on your site; report

responsibly on your shows. As a

community, care for one another.

Be mindful that words do hurt and

can cause damage. Focus on the

positive, not the negative. Focus

on the truth, and not the gossip and

the rumors. Stop the reckless, hurtful

and destructive gossip. Whether

you are media or the general

public, please post responsibly.

No Reckless Internet Posting!

No R.I.P.

* KayO never supported the

saying “Rest in Peace” because

he believed that people lived on

in their spirits forever. Instead, he

would say “Long Live” to whoever

transitioned on. In loving

memory of Caodes “KayO” Scott,

the No R.I.P. movement will take

on a life of its own and continue.

No R.I.P. #LLKayO

* When you gossip and spread

rumors and recklessly post about

people’s lives, you are speaking

death - killing their spirits, killing

If you are a blogger, media entity

or personality, or other member

of the media, we invite and encourage

you to take the No R.I.P.

pledge. We simply ask those blog

and media sites that take the No

R.I.P. pledge to download the

official No R.I.P. logo and post it

to your website and social media

pages - this logo placement will

serve as a visible badge which

lets the public know that your site

is one that has pledged to post




and listen to beats. I pick beats that

convey the emotion I’m speaking

to. The beat either speaks to a

concept in my mind, a memory, a

feeling, or a thought. I never pick

the “hit” record if I don’t FEEL it.

Then I write. Most of my songs I

was drunk when I wrote em.” Do

you feel pressure to deliver “hits”

“Yes I do. Not because anyone that

left or was dropped but because I

have been a local celebrity. I have

done everything on the bottom

level that I can do. I have to get to

another level of relevance or its no

point doing commercial music.”

Sounds like he has matured quite

a bit since his 2004 debut CD so I

had to know how he had grown between

projects. “I was doing club

anthems because all I was doing

was getting drunk and partying at

clubs. Now I’m doing things a little

differently so my music reflects

that. It’s more mature I’ll say. I

look at people differently. I know

I can’t please everybody and I also

know I don’t give a fuck about

how people feel. Love me or hate

me,… fuckBOUTyou!”

There is lots of talk about “No

Brakes” being Nu’ The Mayor’s

best work to date, from the content

to the production, this will be his

crown jewel. I was curious if he

would agree and I was surprised

when he did. “Without question

this is my most polished and commercial

work to date. Lyrically it’s

up there. Musically it’s up there.

The [distinction] comes because

I’m going to win nationally with

this one [nods his head as if he is

agreeing with himself]. I know

this. “No Brakes” is real life situations

put to real instrumentation,

and a glimpse of the fantasy that

we all want to live. It’s going to tell

my story. It might sound corny, but

it will. I have been through a lot. I

have overcome a lot and I’m here.

I’m not stopping for no one or no

thing… No Brakes! Its inspirational,

freaky, fun, and unapologetic.

At the same time it’s a good riding

CD… a good CD to clean the

house to.”

It’s fitting we end this article

here and pick up the second of

three article as the release date gets

closer. Nu’ The Mayor plans to release

“No Brakes” on his birthday,

April 17, 2012. To give us a little

taste, he released “Gordon Gartrell”

along with the B side track

The Nigga That I Am” until “No

Brakes” drops. (A little side note:

Gordon Gartrell, which is quickly

becoming synonymous with

Nu’ The Mayor, derives from the

episode of The Cosby Show when

Theo Huxtable goes out and spends

an excessive amount of money for

a shirt made by, yup you guessed it

,Gordon Gartrell. Every since that

episode Nu’ The Mayor associated

Gordon Gartrell with “the best shit


Stay tuned for part two of this

three part series on Nu’ The Mayor

where we will delve more into the

making of “No Brakes,” the business

of running a wildly successful

corporation, the marketing of “No

Brakes,” and get better acquainted

with the GOV Life roster.










© 2014 CityOfGodShop




Da Brat was born Shawntae

Harris on April 14, 1974 in Chicago,

Illinois. She got her stage name

from being the “spoiled only child”

even though she is the younger

half-sister of actress Lisa Raye

McCoy. Da Brat fell in love with

music while playing the drums and

singing in the church choir. After

graduating from the Academy of

Scholastic Achievement in 1992

she got her big break.

Da Brat won the grand prize in

a local rap contest sponsored by

Yo! MTV Raps in 1992. She got to

meet Kris Kross, the young rap duo

who wore their clothes backwards.

They recognized Da Brat’s raw

talent and introduced her to their

producer, Jermaine Dupri, who

would later sign her to his So So

Def label.

Da Brat’s debut album titled


Funkdafied was released in 1994

and sold over a million copies, an

accomplishment that made her the

first female rapper to go platinum.

The album entered the rap albums

chart at #1 yet peaked at #11 on the

Billboard 200. It yielded several

chart breaking singles like “Funkdafied”

featuring Jermaine Dupri,

“Give It 2 You”, and “Fa All Y’all”

featuring Kandi of Xscape.

Da Brat’s second album titled

Anuthatantrum was released in

1996 and went gold. The album

failed to have the success on the

charts her first album did. However,

the single “Ghetto Love” featuring

Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins of

TLC reached #16 on the Billboard

Hot 100. The only other single

released was “Sittin on Top of the

World” which failed to chart.

Da Brat spent the rest of the 90s

making a name for herself as the

queen of features. You could hear

her on Mariah Carey’s hit “Always

Be My Baby” as well as the

So So Def remix of “Honey”, “I

Still Believe”, and “Heartbreaker”.

Her other features include “Ladies’

Night” with Lil Kim, Angie

Martinez, Left-Eye, and Missy

Elliot; Kris Kross’ single “Da

Bomb”, Missy Elliot’s “Sock It 2

Me”, Brandy’s remix for “U Don’t

Know Me”, and Destiny’s Child’s

“Jumpin Jumpin”. She also made

her feature film debut in Kazaam

alongside NBA legend Shaquille


Da Brat’s third album titled

Unrestricted, was released in 2000.

The album had a luke warm reception

causing it not to break onto the

charts. The album did however produce

two singles which managed

to chart. “That’s What I’m Looking

For” which reached #56 on the US

charts and “What Chu Like” featuring

singer/actor Tyrese, which

reached #26 on the US charts.

In 2001, Da Brat continued her

trend of being a featured artist, appearing

on Mariah Carey’s “Lover

Boy” and Destiny’s Child’s remix

for “Survivor”. She also appeared

in Mariah Carey’s movie Glitter, as

well as the fourth season of VH1’s

hit reality show, The Surreal Life.

Da Brat’s fourth album titled

Limelite, Luv, & Niteclubz was

released in 2003. No longer on So

So Def, the album was released by

Arista and failed to have any of

her previous success. In 2005 Da

Brat was featured on the remix of

Dem Franchize Boyz #1 single, “I

Think They Like Me,” which also

featured Bow Wow and Jermaine

Dupri. In 2006 she joined good

friend Mariah Carey on her The

Adventures Of Mimi tour. She

performed her verses on the “Honey”

and “Heartbreaker “ remixes

for audiences in Atlanta, Chicago,

Los Angeles, New York City, and

Washington, DC.

Still riding high off her success

as a featured artist, Da Brat was

featured on bonus tracks for both

Kelly Rowland and Mariah Carey.

She also joined the 2007 cast of

VH1’s hit reality series Celebrity

Fit Club. 2007 was shaping up to

be another in a long line of good

years for Da Brat...that is until

October 31, 2007. At a Halloween

Party at Studio 72, a nightclub just


outside of Atlanta, Da Brat found

herself in the middle of a serious

physical altercation. According

to reports, she got into a heated

argument with a waitress at the

club and was accused of striking

the woman in the face with

a bottle, causing numerous cuts

to her face. The waitress was

rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Da Brat later plead guilty

to felony aggravated assault and

was sentenced to three years

behind bars, seven years of probation,

and 200 hours of community


Da Brat was a model inmate,

which allowed her the privilege of

becoming part of a work release

program in May 2010. After serving

21 months without incident,

Da Brat worked 9am to 5pm as a

window maker. It was a job she

grew to love and a skill she promises

to continue to use long after

her release from prison.

On February 28, 2011 Da Brat’s

long time friend, mentor, and producer

Jermaine Dupri, announced

her official release from prison.

Eager to remind her fans she

doesn’t quit as well as reintroduce

herself, Da Brat released a mixtape

titled Life After Death.

The 11 track mixtape is available

for free and includes remixes

to Chris Brown’s “Look At Me

Now”, Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation”

and Miguel’s “Sure

Thing,” as well as Jermaine Dupri

produced originals Get It Get It”

featuring Jadakiss and “Dumb

Stupid Crazy” featuring Twista.

Also since her release, Da Brat did

a sexy photoshoot for VIBE shedding

her thuggish tomboy look. Da

Brat told VIBE she loves getting

all made up and being pampered.

She admitted she loves Victoria’s

Secret and that she was a PYT

(Pretty Young Thug).

Let’s hope it’s more pretty young

and less thug these days. The rap

game missed Da Brat, or maybe it

was just me that missed her party

anthems and rapid machine gun

flow. Either way, what the world

needs now from Da Brat is more

music, killa features, and her to

take her spot amongst the rap


~misfit movement let’s make it











Fabes Sole Sauce

Professional Sole Restoration

Projected Restores:

4oz - 2-3 pairs depending on condition.

8oz - 4-5 pairs depending on condition.

16oz - 8-10 pairs depending on condition.






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Misfit Tunes

Must Haves

Title: Artistic Vision Artist: Ojizz Released: 6/2014

Fame feat. ABoogie (Intro) // 1 In A Million feat. Cody Marksohn // Dance

With Me feat. ABoogie, Jaxx & 80’s // Nexus feat. Willy Wesly & Slim Devito

// Color Blind feat. Vega & Jaxx // I’m The 1 feat. Jaxx & 80’s // Mirrored

Faces feat. 80’s // Let You Down feat. Rita Ora (Remix) // Lose feat. Tranise

// Galaxy Unknown feat. Light // Tragic Masterpiece feat. Cody Marksohn &

Christina // Color Blind Mega Mix (Sniteville & Ojizz) // Ecstasy

ProducerOjizz IAmOjizz Ojizzonthatrak

Title: Temporary Forevers Artist: Marco The Brand

Released: 12/2013

All Types Of Love // Be Cautious // Memories // Nostalgia //

Smoke & Fog // Temporary Forevers feat. GodlyMC & Lega-C //

Won’t Change




Title: Best of Glueazy Artist: Glueazy Released: 10/2013

50 Bars // want to be remembered feat. Jef Jon Sin // Exhibit G // Neva Left

// Lord Knows // Ghost Of Biggie // Classic Youtube Freestyle // Breath Of

Fresh Air // Vote for Gluey // Position Of Power // My Life feat. Nickelus F

// Letter 2 BGZ // Dear Rucko // Grippin On The Grain feat. Ricky Ruckus //

OTIS // Show Prove // All it Is // I cant take it // Talk Of The Town // Just Like

Glue // 2 goonz feat. Ricky Ruckus // The Industry // Credit ft Jellyroll and

Bubba Sparxxx // Fresh From NYC // It is what it is

Glueazy Glueazy Glueazy





Craig Mack was working as EP-

MD’s assistant when he hooked up

with Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs’ (aka

Puffy at that time) who invited him

to rap on a Mary J. Blige remix in

1992. Craig Mack later became the

first MC to release an album on the

Bad Boy label. He released “Project

Funk and World” in 1994 which

spawned the platinum selling

single “Flava in Ya Ear.” The remix

featured LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes,

Rampage, and Notorious BIG.

Some credit the remix with launching

Bad Boy records. Sadly, Craig

Mack parted ways with Bad Boy

records and Puffy in 1995 and did

not get to reap the rewards of his

labor, nor watch Bad Boy become

the mega force it became. Mack

was cited as saying he severed ties

with Bad Boy over unresolved

money issues with Puffy.

After leaving Bad Boy, Craig Mack

released “Operation Get Down”

in 1997 on Volcano records. The

album was a solid project, yet only

garnished mediocre success reaching

#17 on the R&B / Hip-Hop

album charts. It generated a few

singles such as “Rap Hangover”

and “Jockin’ My Style,” but both

failed to reach the success that

“Flava in Ya Ear” attained. This

album would be his only release on


In an interview with MTV in 2002

on the set of Diddy’s video for the

“I Need a Girl” remix, Craig Mack

announced he was back working

with Puffy and planned to go in the

studio to work on his new album.

He also appeared on Diddy’s remix

album “We Invented the Remix

vol. 1,” via his contribution to G.

Dep’s “Special Delivery” with

Ghostface Killah and Keith Murray.

Although he parted ways with

Bad Boy records, he remained

close with the Bad Boys. He said

“I don’t regret leaving the label.

I’m just glad that I am with my

family.” He also told MTV that his

new LP would connect the dots of

what he’d been doing since leaving

the spotlight. He admitted he had

done things he wasn’t proud of to

support himself. This would all be

discussed on his new LP.

Not sure what happened to that

highly talked about LP, but in

2006 Craig Mack signed with Matt

“Bean-E” Shaw’s Stereo Nasty

Records and released the single

“Mack Tonite.” Plans for a third

album, tentatively titled “The

Affiliation,” were announced and

scheduled to be released in 2007.

However, the album was shelved

and in 2008 Craig Mack found

himself once again in search of a

label. He found that earning one

Platinum plaque did not guarantee

him permanent status amongst the

elite of the Hip-Hop world.

Shame we didn’t get more music

from this talented rapper, who at

the time changed the game in a

very good way. I do miss that crazy

flow and those bass heavy beats

he attacked. I’m hopeful that he

will make a comeback, or at least

release another album to satisfy

my longing for another banger like

“Flava in Ya Ear.”





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