Misfit Tunes The Magazine January 2015

In this issue :: ONE to KNOW - Remedy // Darius Wolley // Slim Tristan // Kyle Henley :: Misfit Tunes' Must Haves - No Life Jacket, Honesty, Kickin Pimpin, Trips, Wish Me Well, The Way I See It, Red Couch, The Morning After, The Golden Ticket, Chiief, Dat Made Life, and Keep To Myself. Misfit Tunes The Magazine is a publication dedicated to promoting domestic as well as international Indie and/or little known artists from all genres of music to the awaiting masses. ISSN: 2375-2432 www.misfittunes.com

In this issue :: ONE to KNOW - Remedy // Darius Wolley // Slim Tristan // Kyle Henley :: Misfit Tunes' Must Haves - No Life Jacket, Honesty, Kickin Pimpin, Trips, Wish Me Well, The Way I See It, Red Couch, The Morning After, The Golden Ticket, Chiief, Dat Made Life, and Keep To Myself. Misfit Tunes The Magazine is a publication dedicated to promoting domestic as well as international Indie and/or little known artists from all genres of music to the awaiting masses.
ISSN: 2375-2432


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Misfit Tunes

January 2015

Edition :: 6


Editor in chief :: K. Simms Ki_Misfit Ki_Da_Misfit Ki Misfit

ONE to know

A quick Question and Answer introduction to

artists on the move

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Misfit Tunes

Must Haves Downloads

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* No life jacket

* Honesty

* Kickin pimpin

* Trips

* wish me well

* The way i see it

* red couch

* the morning after

* the golden ticket

* chiief

* dat made life

* keep to myself



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Capital City Co.


Capital City Co.

Capital City Co.


Misfit Tunes

Must Haves


No Life Jacket


Kickin Pimpin





Live Hart




Clay James





Wish Me Well

The Way I See It


Niko Davinci













What is Misfit Tunes

Misfit Tunes is an organization

dedicated to

promoting domestic as

well as international Indie and/or

little know artists from all genres of

music to the awaiting masses. We

use several vehicles to promote the

artists’ work, such as:

Misfit Tunes’ blog, which can be

found at www.misfittunes.blogspot.

com , receives thousands of views

daily from all around the country.

We also boast international visitors

from places like Canada, the UK,

Ireland, and Jamaica, to name a

few. We update the blog weekly

with new music and videos.

Why does Misfit Tunes do it

We do it for two main reasons:

1. We do it for the LOVE of the

music. The current top 40 selection

leaves Misfit Tunes wanting

more from music, which is why we

promote indie and/or little known

artists. The music industry has

become so saturated with clones

that the music has gotten lost in

translation or merely forgotten. We

believe it our duty to keep good

music relevant!

2. We do it to change the industry.

It is our belief that the industry has

become too much about money and

no longer about the art of creating

music. With the current state of

the economy and the advent of so

many free internet tools to make

music, it’s now the perfect time to

usher industry change.

Now that you know who Misfit

Tunes are and what we do, we

would like to invite you to build a


wonderful working relationship.

Again our services are completely

FREE of cost for artist. We would

appreciate you sending us your

music, videos, upcoming events,

pictures, and/or any other information

you would like us to share. By

sending an email to Misfit Tunes at

submissions@misfittunes.com. We

request that you to ask your fans,

followers, and supporters to support

Misfit Tunes. By increasing

our supporters, we can reach more

people. The more people we can

reach the bigger Misfit Tunes will

grow. Our growth will ensure more

people will be exposed to your music,

which in turn, will potentially

increase your fan base.

We would also like to request any

promotional merchandise you can

spare, as we would like to begin

running contests to get people to

engage more with the artists as

well as Misfit Tunes. The more

people we get to engage with Misfit

Tunes, the better we can serve the

indie market. We fully understand

Misfit Tunes need the support of

artists to reach our full potential as

we are nothing without the music!

How can I as an artist support Misfit


· Keep us informed on your

career by emailing us an artist

bio, your music, pictures, videos,

and any information on upcoming


. Encourage your fans to support

Misfit Tunes. The more people we

have supporting Misfit Tunes the

more people with which to share

not just your music, but also the

other artists’ music we support.

. Provide Misfit Tunes with exclusives.

Let us be the first to break

a new video or song, as well as

details on upcoming events or new


. Invite us to events. If you are

having an album release, performance,

and/or any event you’d like

us to cover, send us press credentials

or put us on your guest list. If

we are in your area we will gladly

enjoy covering your event. We

want to support all events, however

that can become very costly potentially

taking funds away from the

services we provide since we don’t

charge for our services.

. Make Misfit Tunes your #1

source for indie news, music, and


Remember, we do this for the love

of the music! So if you love your

music and want to support an organization

that will love your music

as much as you do, look no further

than Misfit Tunes!

~ misfit movement let’s make it



Misfit Tunes

Misfit Tunes

Misfit Tunes



dariuswolley dariuswolley dariuswolley



What is your government


Darius Wolley

Where were you born/raised

I was born in DC, and later

raised in College Park, MD.

Both environments come to

play in my music.

What are your influences

The world, its people and the

dynamics of relationships

influence me. A lot of what I

see and experience daily goes

into the thought process when

crafting a song. Musically,

I’m influenced by a little of

everything from rock, blues,

edm, soul, gospel and of

course hip-hop.

How did you come up with

your stage name

Haha, my stage name. People

still call me Ace and I’m good

with that but I decided to use

my real name in effort break

down the wall between Batman

and Bruce Wayne. I feel

like artist often shun their true

identity behind an alias and

end up getting lost in keeping

up a facade.

What is your most recent


My most recent project was

Orchids EP. It’s a connected

piece based on love, sex, and

the difficulties in relationships.

Orchids was released

just before Valentine’s Day

with the goal of impacting

people during that time and

creating a relationship between

the music and those

empathetic feelings. But, the

next project To Whom Much

Is Given, will definitely be

opposite Orchids on the spectrum.


Why are you a performer

I’m a performer because I

love telling my story and

vibing with the people who

relate. You definitely feel a

rush putting your heart and

soul into a performance and

the crowd gives just as much


If you were not making music

what would you be doing

I have no idea lol. When I

was a kid and people would

ask, “What do you want to be

when you grow up” I would

make stuff up that they’d

want to hear like a lawyer or

a dentist or something, but

I honestly didn’t know. All

I ever really knew is I loved

music. Once, I figured out this

is what I wanted to do, I’ve

been on it since.

How would you describe your


I like to think of my sound

as the score of young urban

America. It’s very impulsive,

emotional and often misguided.

This is why I’m comfortable

jumping from a jazzy

sexual record like Orchids

to an intense menacing track

like Reminisce. I try to add

different elements to change

the dynamic of a song. We all

feel different ways at different


What are your goals

The goal is to impact my people,

tell their story, and bring

new light to our plight. I personally

want to make timeless

music that allows you to live

in the moment (ironic ain’t it

lol). I want to be someone my

city, my family, and my fans

are proud of, someone they’d

ride for. I want to make records

that are big not only

(continued on page 11)


luvlywear luvlywear luvlywear

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for the stylish students

of all things


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nationally but also in places

where they don’t even speak

English. As far as the accolades,

I strive to be one of the

illest songwriters, point blank.

It’s deeper than rap!

Where do you see yourself

this time next year

This time next year I see myself

emerging out of the city

into larger markets. I see a lot

of traveling and late nights in

my future lol. A very demanding

fan base to keep me busy

and new sounds and trends


What’s next for you

Next up, To Whom Much Is

Given. Soon you’ll understand.

What is your definition of


Success is me getting my music

received by the world. Being

able to provide for those

who have done so for me.

How will you know when you

have “made it” That national

stage, household name, a

grammy or two lol.

How many live performances

have you done

My best performance to date,

It was the perfect the storm

so to speak. The levels were

good, excellent crowd participation

and with a drummer

backing me up my energy was

through the roof. My worst


performance was the exact opposite.

The levels were horrible,

the track was a lot higher

than my mic and my song selection

was off for the crowd.

Lesson learned is to have back

up performance tracks, never

know the situation of a venue

or even the crowd so be prepared.

What does your lyrics say

about you/your character

I hope they say I’m a stand

up guy; I speak for those

who don’t have a voice. I

refuse surrender that voice

based on this position I’m


Do you love your music

I have tough love for my

music. I am way more critical

of it than anyone else

could ever be. But I do love

it, I think about it all day,

everyday. I stay up late most

nights listening, critiquing,

writing, and recording. I

get anxious about it, I get

nervous about it, and its

all done to make the best

product with my message in

mind. I will and have spent

countless time, effort and

money on my music.

Do you have a team behind


My team includes anyone

who ever listened, bought

and/or supported my music.

What is your mission What

kind of impact if any do you

want your music to have on

your fans

The mission is to inspire, provide

a voice and an outlet. I

want my music to provide the

soundtrack for urban America.

I want my fans to relate one of

my songs with a situation or

event in their life.


Misfit Tunes


Must Haves

Red Couch

The Morning After

The Golden Ticket

Jonathan Sosa Neko Da Roll-N-Stone Minty Burns











Dat Made Life

Keep To Myself

Willie HyN









Rene Brown






Updated Daily with the newest and hottest mixtapes!

Mymixtapez Mymixtapez Mymixtapez Mymixtapez





slim_tristan slim_tristan


slim tristan




What are your influences

growin up in dc, my struggle,

my mental strength which allowed

me to overcome many

obstacles, my children & my

fallen souljaz, pretty much

my life & everything I’ve

been thru

How did you come up with

your stage name

in dc everybody calls everybody

slim, plus im a slim

build dude, and my real name

slim tristan, but the whole

“slim tristan “ originated

while I was doin time in

federal prison, I was rappin

on the yard one day and one

of the homies said “that nigga

slim tristan be rappin like


If you were not making music

what would you be doing

9 times out of 10 - I would be

knee deep in the streets, back

in prison, or dead to be honest

and I say that because I been

in the streets my whole life,

been in & out of jail since I

was 12, and in these weaked

streets its only two outcomes

“prison or death”

Why are you a performer

because I have a helluva story

to tell, and its alot of ppl who

been thru or is goin thru what


ive been thru / still goin thru

- and I truly hope I can help

them get thru their trails &

triubulations, plus im very

talented with my words.

How many live performances

have you done

I done performed so much,

I cant even give you a number...

my best performance

was when I was personally

asked by shyglizzy to perform

at his show at Club Love,

it was Live & the crowd

showed me major love... my

worst performance was my

first performance because nobody

knew me, they jus was

standing there lookin at me...

what I learned from that performance

was - if I shine hard

I gotta grind hard....I used it

as motivation....

Do you love your music

I absolutely love my music

100% because its me 100%,

no cut cards at all, and I love

myself 100%, every morning

I look in the mirror and say to

myself “ you the choosen one

who has sacrifed & who is

gonna get your family, kids,

love ones out the slums.. I

sacrificed blood, sweat, tears,

freedom,and my life in order

to give the massives my


What does your lyrics say

about you/your character

im real, im rapping about my

life, its my reality, its my

pain my struggle, I really

been in the streets & lived

that life, Im the voice of the

streets, the voice of the trouble

youth, Im motivational,

im strong, im a warrior, etc....

How would you describe

your sound/music

I call / consider my music

“ReaLLive Nigga Poetry

100% ~ Nuffin Less” because

its 100% facts, its more like

street poetry transformed into

rhymes, I paint vivid pictures...

it has a DC sound...

people say it has a real feeling

like “scarface & yo gotti

& 2pac” with potent lyrics &

wordplay like T.I - Jadakiss -


What is your most recent


.I Dropped My “Fame Fortunes

& Felonies” mixtape

on halloween 2014 which

included 25 tracks

What are your goals

as far as music, I wanna be

known as one of the greatest

who has ever touched a mic,

I wanna touch the world like

2pac, but I wanna dominate

the game like Jay-Z


What is your definition of


major destribution deals,

selling millions of records,

becoming known to the world

as one of the best rappers, becoming

ceo of my own record

label, opening business/franchise,

making sure my family

100% tooking care of...

How will you know when you

have “made it”

once I sign, once the whole

world Is giving me recognition

for my music, when i

got hits thats #1 on the billboards...

What is your mission What

kind of impact if any do you

want your music to have on

your fans

I Want My Impact To Be How

Jay-Z , Biggie, 2Pac Was To

HipHop, How Micheal Jordans

Was To Basketball, How

Micheal Jacksons Was To The

World... Astronical... I Want

My Music To Touch People...

What accomplishments and /

or awards have you received

im pretty much just starting

but my name buzzing, Ive

done songs with the biggest

local artist...

Do you have a team behind


I have a team, a very small

team, but a team... my team is

ReaLLive, which is my good

men I been thru the struggle

with, I hustled with, did time

for... they mean the world to

me... Salute the whole ReaL-

Live 10thplace... And I Gotta

A Team Of Street Supporters

Who I Dont No Personally, I

Just Kno They Very Supportive

And Im Very Appreciative

Of That...

What’s next for you

Right now im working on

my next mixtape - which will

drop spring 2015 (untitled as

of now )this will be my 4th



Fame Fortunes & Felonies



Do you want to



misfit tunes

the magazine



~misfit movement let’s make

it count!!!

Misfit Tunes Misfit Tunes Misfit Tunes Misfit Tunes




Why are you a performer

i am a performer because to

be able to “ live “ or make

money doing what i love..

which is music.. i have to

perform live in front of people

that support my music.

What is your government


my government name is tomone


Where were you born/raised

i was born and raised in san

francisco ca.. geneva towers

to be exact

What are your influences

my influences in music is life

itself.. the feelings.. the vibes..

the actions.. everything that

strike a thought

How did you come up with

your stage name

im honestly not sure exactly

how i came up with it.. probably

just liked the definition

of the word “ remedy “ when

i was younger.. i gave myself

that name even before i started


If you were not making music

what would you be doing

playing sports.. that was my

first love.. football.. then basketball..

then any other sport i

played ... but me getting shot

and ended up in a wheel chair

changed the chances of that

and i had a love for music

from day one so i decided to

try it out

What is your most recent


my most recent project is

called “ wheel power “ no

features.. i mixed it.. did the

artwork.. and also produced

11 of the 14 tracks.

Wheel Power

How would you describe your


my sound is just me.. its a

mixture of what i grew up

listening to.. how im feeling

the moment i make a song..

which is why i have all kinds

of music out.

Do you love your music

yes i do love my music.. the

love feels real if that makes

sense.. it just feels like music

is what i am supposed to be

doing in my life right now. ive

made so many sacrifices from

relationships with people in

general.. losing girlfriends..

falling back on a social life..

barely sleeping.. invest my

money into myself.. and many

more i just cant think of right


What does your lyrics say

about you/your character

LOL my lyrics say i am a

vulgar ratchet street cat.. that

doesnt let the general expectations

of being hard or being

the man confine him. they also

say im smart and gifted musically

by how i say things. my

lrics show you that i am human..

i am not only one emotion

all the time i have nice

songs.. mean songs.. party

songs.. chill songs.. etc.

What are your goals

my goals is to be able to provide

for my family by doing

what i love for a living.. and

to motivate people to wake up

and make they dream come

true.. do whatever it is in life

they feel they were born to


What is your definition of


my definition of success id






youngremedy415 youngremedy415 youngremedy415 youngremedy415

eing satisfied with all of the

work i do in the end.. and also

being able to just live off of

what i love to do!

How will you know when you

have “made it”

i honestly dont know if i will

ever feel like i have.. i am a

person who constantly make

goals and strive for more once

i reach the goals i have set for

myself.. so i dont know when

i’ll know

Where do you see yourself

this time next year

i see myself working harder

than i am now because of the

growth in listeners and buzz

of my music..

Do you have a team behind


i do but dont at the same

time.. i do all of my own music

moves.. projects.. production..

mixing.. engineering..

i pay for my own mastering..

do my own artwork.. book my

own shows.. but.. i do have

a great support system.. i am

affiliated with the bay area’s

“ goomba “ collective which

is roach gigz, marlow, and dj

ski mask. i also have people

with some connections behind

me that help me make some

moves.. but almost all of it is

my idea and investment!

What kind of impact if any do

you want your music to have


on your fans

i want to stand for the people

who cant stand for theyselves

including myself because i

cant stand for myself

What’s next for you

i honestly dont know whats

next for me.. only god does..

i am a firm believer in god’s



City Shine


Champions exists to provide prevention, confindence, communication, and happiness.

Champions is leading the way in delivering help to children who feel that they have no one. We

want to make a postivie difference by being the most inspired and denpendable organization

through our caring staff and honest connection to children all over the world. Champions is

here to show Value, Respect,Caring, And Open Doors.






pledgenorip pledgenorip pledgenorip pledgenorip



No Reckless Internet

Posting better

known as No R.I.P.

is a movement started and

led by entertainment mogul

and rapper Waka Flocka’s

mother, Debra Antney. Ms.

Antney and her family have

had documented turbulent relationships

with several blogs

and other media outlets which

have sensationalized stories

to garner popularity for their

site as well as to drive traffic

to the site. These tumultuous

relationships cost Ms Antney

her twenty-two year old son

Caodes “KayO” Scott.

During the 2013 Christmas

Holiday season the stresses

and pressures of the world

forced KayO to do the only

thing he knew to ease the

pain and end his own life.

KayO’s kind heart often wept

due to the malicious, reckless,

and thoughtless people

who spread vicious rumors as

well as fueled harmful gossip

about not only himself but

his mother and other family


Ms. Antney is determined

her son’s silenced voice be

heard by the world! She also

hopes to speak for the millions

of people living through

the same storm while encouraging

positive change in

not just media but also in the

Global Online Community.

“In every test there is testimony.

Through all adversity


there is a lesson to be learned.

And in cleaning up the mess

around us often times you’ll

find a message.” For Ms.

Antney and the supporters

of the No R.I.P. movement

the message is simple… NO



What It Means to Pledge No


* KayO never supported the

saying “Rest in Peace” because

he believed that people

lived on in their spirits

forever. Instead, he would

say “Long Live” to whoever

transitioned on. In loving

memory of Caodes “KayO”

Scott, the No R.I.P. movement

will take on a life of its

own and continue. No R.I.P.


* When you gossip and

spread rumors and recklessly

post about people’s lives, you

are speaking death - killing

their spirits, killing their reputations,

killing their relationships,

killing their hope and

so much more. Stop speaking

death. No R.I.P.

* We are afforded the rights

of free speech, freedom of the

press, etc. However, we also

have a humane responsibility

to each other. As media, we

encourage all bloggers and

other members of the media

to take the No R.I.P. pledge

and post responsibly on your

site; report responsibly on

your shows. As a community,

care for one another. Be

mindful that words do hurt

and can cause damage. Focus

on the positive, not the negative.

Focus on the truth, and

not the gossip and the rumors.

Stop the reckless, hurtful and

destructive gossip. Whether

you are media or the general

public, please post responsibly.

No Reckless Internet

Posting! No R.I.P.

If you are a blogger, media

entity or personality, or other

member of the media, we

invite and encourage you to

take the No R.I.P. pledge. We

simply ask those blog and

media sites that take the No

R.I.P. pledge to download

the official No R.I.P. logo

and post it to your website

and social media pages - this

logo placement will serve as

a visible badge which lets the

public know that your site is

one that has pledged to post




kylehenley kylehenleym4r kylehenley kylehenleym4r

What is your government


Kyle Henley

Where were you born/raised

Born in Detroit, Raised IN

baltimore from the age of 5.

What are your influences

God & Weed

How did you come up with

your stage name

I used to go as Guapo...or

Guap for short...but my music

is alot more personal...felt like

a stage name wasn’t fitting

anymore...so I go as my real


Why are you a performer

Because I have no other

choice...I feel like performing

is my purpose in life...or one

of them...

If you were not making music

what would you be doing

trapping and studying to be an

environmental engineer lol

How would you describe your


Musically, Im Jayz and Michael

Jackson’s bastard

child...hope that does it...

Do you love your music

Of course...I’ve devoted everything

to my music...I held

YBH for almost 3 years because

I didn’t think it was

ready. ...im a perfectionist...

my love for my music has

giving me the best and worst

times...but it has in return

helped to reveal who I really

was to myself...and for that

I’m grateful...think my music...

What is your most recent




Fame Fortunes & Felonies

What does your lyrics say

about you/your character

My lyrics define me...my

train of thought...or what I’m

feeling at the time...as they

should. I don’t portray to be

some entertainer or stage

name...im kyle...and that’s

what you get when you hear

my shit.

What’s next for you

I have alot of music...about 3

albums in the stash...im deciding

which one to release

next...but I’ll say this...I plan

on taking the sound of music

in general to a new height.

..hip hop is just the beginning...

What is your definition of


Looking around...and all

my day 1 brothers...sisters...

and ND family are around

laughing and living life to the

fullest...nobody wanting for

nothing...and I can say I had

a hand in making it happen...


How will you know when you

have “made it”

When I know longer have to

answer these kinds of questions...people

just know me...

know my story...my background...my


How many live performances

have you done

I’ve performed alot of times...

too many to count...I don’t

think I’ve had my best performance

yet...im still perfecting

my stage presence...but I can

def say I bring alot of energy,

on the other hand I’ve def had

a bad performace...I used to

take voice lessons up morgan




state, to get more comfortable

singing infront of people...

for our final exam i had to

sing in front of a classroom

of children and i choked!!

Haha...I just couldn’t sing...

shit was crazy...I felt like a

gump...I was definitely high

as fuck though...that might

have added to my paranoia...

but yeah...that hat was pretty

bad...I’ll never forget that...but

now I sing in the grocery store

and anywhere where there are

people...thank god...

What is your mission What

kind of impact if any do you

want your music to have on

your fans

I plan to change the world...I

can’t say how yet....not because

I don’t know but because

It’s Sensitive information...but

I plan to change the

way people feel like they have

to behave as an artist...I wanna

open up the minds of fans

and show them it’s ok to be

who they are...to follow that

voice...that’s always telling to

aim higher...

Where do you see yourself

this time next year

Hopefully on somebodys

Tour...getting paidddd!

Video ::

Choosin Me






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