Slipstream - July 2002


The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Mini Tech Tip - Batteries

by John Halla

To fill cells in your Porsche's battery, try using a turkey baster.

The model appropriated from my kitchen has a plastic tube about 10

inches long, and a rubber squeeze bulb. The tube's diameter allows

plunging it into the neck of a gallon jug of distilled water.

Just plunge and squeeze. When you release, there is a enough water

to replenish one cell in a 12 volt battery. If you need two squeezes, your

battery was really low.

Batteries need to be filled before the summer season. Electrolyte

(the liquid in batteries) should cover the tops of the plates in each cell.


. . . If you need two squeezes. . .

I like to keep mine just below the bottom of the filler tube that

the caps screw into. Using the baster and a flash light, one can add

precisely the amount of distilled water that each cell needs, without the

messy overflow that may occur with other types of battery fillers that

have check valves in their stems.

This is especially helpful for some early 911's were access to the

battery is only obtained after the spare has been pulled out of the trunk.

Once you have used a kitchen device for battery work, it becomes

a garage only tool. This is because you probably pick up some sulfuric

acid on the tip of the baster.




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