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SAT AND<br />

ACT TEST<br />

PREP<br />

CENTER<br />





No maer whether your student is a high school sophomore or soon-to-be-senior, it's never too<br />

early—or late—to start preparing for the ACT or SAT. And, with our individualized, proven test prep<br />

programs, Hunngton is the best tutoring opon to ensure your student's best score.<br />


With our Premier Program, 32-Hour Program and 14-Hour Program, we help even the busiest of<br />

students nd me to prepare for the ACT or SAT. And, all of our students work one- on-one with a<br />

highly qualied teacher to focus on their individual strengths and weaknesses.<br />


The new SAT has undergone signicant changes. We can determine which test is right for you.<br />

A higher ACT or SAT score means beer college, scholarship, and career opportunies. To make<br />

sure your student earns the score he or she wants, call 1-800-CAN-LEARN today.<br />

HLC Brag Board<br />

• Ben increased his ACT score from a 21<br />

to a 26, qualifying for a Bright Futures<br />

Scholarship!<br />

• Leonardo worked hard and his ACT<br />

score rose 8 points, from a 17 to a 25!<br />

• Casey has seen incredible gains so far<br />

- she is only halfway through her<br />

program, and already her SAT score has<br />

gone up from 1070 to 1280!<br />

Hear From<br />

Our Parents<br />


"We wanted to give you a really big thank<br />

you for helping Mahew achieve such<br />

great heights in his recent SAT scores.<br />

With your tutoring help, he was able to go<br />

above and beyond what we were hoping<br />

for. His Math score increased 160 points<br />

and his Wring score increased 140<br />

points! Not only did his scores increase,<br />

but so did his self -confidence."<br />

-- Darlene F.<br />


I was skepcal of Hunngton saying they<br />

get a 5- to 7-point increase on the ACT,<br />

but I wanted to give my daughter her best<br />

chance at her dream school. We just got<br />

her scores back, and she went from a 24<br />

to a 30—a 6-point increase! We're both<br />

ecstac."<br />

-Jane L.<br />

5060 Dr. Phillips Blvd.<br />

Orlando, FL 32819<br />

407-290-1111<br />

$<br />

69<br />

Pracce Test Evaluaons<br />

Call Today!<br />

Personalized Aenon.<br />

Proven Results.<br />


It's because we treat students as individuals, and we tailor our<br />

programs to t their unique strengths, schedules, and academic goals.<br />



Each student receives personalized, 1:1 instrucon in every tutoring<br />

session.<br />


We teach skills that last a lifeme, preparing students to succeed on<br />

exams, in college, and beyond.<br />


Hunngton works around your life, with programs to t the busiest of<br />

schedules.<br />


Hunngton brings its world-class proven results methodology to<br />

hundreds of centers conveniently located throughout the country.<br />


Our expert teachers are highly trained in subject areas and test-taking<br />

strategies on the ACT and SAT. Plus, Hunngton is accredited by both<br />

the Middle States Associaon of Colleges and Schools and the<br />

Western Associaon of Schools and Colleges.<br />

1.800.CAN.LEARN<br />

©2015 Huntington Mark, LLC. Independently Owned and Operated, SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) are registered trademarks of the College Board. PSAT/NMSQT is a registered trademark of the College Board and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. ACT<br />

is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc. None of these entities endorses or was involved in the production of the program. *Offer valid for Academic Evaluation, new students only. Not valid with any other offer.

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FOODIE FOR THOUGHT......................................................................5<br />

Fantastic Flavors From Around the Globe<br />


Santa<br />

DECEMBER 17, 18, 22 & 23<br />

8 - 10AM<br />

Meet Mr.<br />

& Mrs. Claus plus<br />





FROM 9 – 10AM<br />






407.828.8739<br />

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE.....................................................................8<br />

The Woodhouse Day Spa / Relax & Rejuvenate in Luxury<br />

TOURISM UPDATE.............................................................................10<br />

Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association<br />

LAST-MINUTE HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE....................................................14<br />

BUSINESS PROFILE............................................................................18<br />

A Boutique-Style Medispa / Spa Blue<br />

REDISCOVER I-DRIVE .........................................................................19<br />

IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ..............................................................22<br />

25TH ANNUAL STORIES OF THE SEASON..........................................25<br />

STATEPOINT YEAR IN REVIEW CROSSWORD PUZZLE ..........................42<br />

NEWS & BUSINESS BRIEFS................................................................44<br />

COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD ........................................................47<br />

SOUTHWEST SERVICE DIRECTORY ....................................................48<br />

Dec. 15, 2016<br />

Vol. XXXI, No. 4<br />

P.O. Box 851<br />

Windermere, FL 34786<br />

407-351-1573<br />

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Clay Kearney<br />


Brenda Kearney<br />



Donna Wolk<br />


Lisa Sagers<br />



Lauren Salinero<br />


Robert Barlow<br />


Michelle Moniz<br />

SOCIAL<br />


Lauren Bocken<br />


Kirsten Harrington, Karen Nimetz,<br />

Blair Parke<br />


Diana Kastner<br />

(407) 376-6959<br />

diana@kearneypublishing.com<br />

Madeline DeVito<br />

(407) 351-1573, option 1<br />

mdevito@kearneypublishing.com<br />

Lindsay Richardson<br />

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From lucky lentils to tempting tamales,<br />

people from around the world<br />

welcome the new year with a mixture<br />

of tradition and superstition. Danes<br />

ring in the special day with boiled<br />

cod and lemon caper sauce, and<br />

some Mexican families gather for<br />

traditional tamales. In Greece, the<br />

savory-sweet vasilopita takes center<br />

stage, and the person who finds<br />

the coin or trinket hidden in the cake<br />

receives good luck.<br />

Jennifer Dunagan of Gotha<br />

and her family celebrate by eating 12<br />

grapes at the stroke of midnight — a<br />

popular Latin tradition that symbolizes<br />

good luck for each month in the new<br />

year. In a nod to the Pennsylvania<br />

Dutch, Megan Gardner of Orlando<br />

feasts on pork and sauerkraut.<br />

“For Russians, the biggest holiday of<br />

the year starts around 9-10 p.m. and<br />

lasts well into the new year,” said local<br />

resident Evgenia Volkonitskaya,<br />

originally from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.<br />

“People prepare for days and then<br />

eat all of the food for days,” she said.<br />

The evening starts off with canapes<br />

with red caviar, pickled vegetables,<br />

cold cuts and salads. Main dishes<br />

include roast pig or duck.<br />

“My parents also normally make<br />

a large savory pie, called a pirog,<br />

which looks like a slab pie filled with<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 5<br />


Fantastic Flavors From Around the Globe<br />

Food Traditions that Ring in the New Year!<br />

by Kirsten Harrington<br />

Many<br />

Americans<br />

believe eating<br />

black-eyed<br />

peas on New<br />

Year’s Day<br />

brings good<br />

luck.<br />

something savory like fish and onions,”<br />

Evgenia said.<br />

Xuan Tian of Windermere recalls<br />

celebrating New Year’s Eve in<br />

her native China with firecrackers<br />

and a huge family dinner with meat,<br />

dumplings and vegetables.<br />

“Some families put a coin or peanut<br />

in the stuffing of the dumpling, and it is<br />

believed the people who get to eat that<br />

will be lucky in the new year.”<br />

Xuan continues the tradition now,<br />

gathering friends to make dumplings<br />

and watching the New Year’s Gala on<br />

Chinese television.<br />

Probably the best-known American<br />

tradition involves black-eyed peas.<br />

Some say they bring luck because<br />

they look like coins. Others believe the<br />

tradition dates back to the Civil War<br />

when all food crops were destroyed,<br />

except fields of black-eyed peas,<br />

which sustained the soldiers.<br />

Americans aren’t the only ones who<br />

embrace lucky legumes. In Brazil,<br />

lentils cooked with sausage are a<br />

popular New Year’s dish.<br />

“Every grain symbolizes how much<br />

money you will make next year,”<br />

explained Priscila Portugal of<br />

Brazil em Casa Emporio, a Brazilian<br />

grocery store and café in Ocoee.<br />


Best Of<br />

Southwest<br />

2016<br />

W I N N E R<br />


For Your Total Real Estate Needs ...<br />

www.BobbyBaldor.com<br />

Call Today! 407-342-6980<br />

U.S. Marine Corps., Vet.<br />

Your Real Estate Hero<br />

Visit our site to<br />

download your free<br />

copy of our comprehensive<br />

Buyer's and<br />

Seller's guides, or to<br />

request a free home<br />

valuation!<br />

Bobby Baldor, P.A.<br />


6 x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />



“The same goes for grapes,” she<br />

said. “And some people place grape<br />

seeds in their wallets to bring prosperity.<br />

Pork is popular, too, but don’t eat<br />

chicken or turkey, because they bring<br />

bad luck.”<br />

In Peru, it’s popular to ring in the<br />

new year with a pisco sour, according<br />

to Ivan Colombier, owner of<br />

the El Inka Grill Ceviche restaurants in<br />

Dr. Phillips and Hunter’s Creek.<br />

“It’s a traditional Peruvian brandy<br />

mixed with freshly squeezed lime juice<br />

and a touch of organic agave nectar,”<br />

he said. “It’s a very refreshing<br />

cocktail.”<br />

As far as food goes, comida criolla,<br />

or typical home cooking, reigns.<br />

“My mom would make a homey<br />

beef or chicken stew with rice and let<br />

it simmer for hours,” said Ivan, who<br />

was raised in New York by Peruvian<br />

parents who cherished the traditions<br />

of their home city of Lima, Peru.<br />

If you don’t have a tradition of your<br />

own, maybe your family can adopt a<br />

new one to celebrate this year.<br />

Black-Eyed Peas<br />

1 pound dried black-eyed peas<br />

2-3 ham hocks<br />

1 onion, diced<br />

1-2 teaspoons Morton’s<br />

seasoning salt<br />

1-2 teaspoons onion powder<br />

1 teaspoon garlic powder<br />

Salt and pepper to taste<br />

Instructions:<br />

Soak dried black-eyed peas in<br />

water for about one hour. Drain.<br />

Place peas, ham hocks and onion<br />

in slow cooker. Cover with water.<br />

Start cooker on high until beans are<br />

very hot and begin to boil. Add 1<br />

teaspoon each of Morton’s seasoning<br />

salt, onion powder and garlic<br />

powder.<br />

Turn heat down to medium or<br />

low and simmer beans for 6-8<br />

hours. Taste and adjust seasoning<br />

as desired by adding more<br />

onion powder, garlic powder,<br />

salt and pepper. Yields about five<br />

servings. ª

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 7<br />


Submit your purrr-fect pet photos for Southwest Orlando<br />

Bulletin’s 16th annual pet photo contest! Southwest<br />

Orlando’s picture-perfect pets will be featured in our<br />

Feb. 16 issue.<br />

All photos must be received by Jan. 25 and will be<br />

returned after the issue date. Mail photos to: Kearney<br />

Publishing Corp., P.O. Box 851, Windermere, FL 34786;<br />

email to Lauren@kearneypublishing.com; or upload online<br />

at www.southwestorlandobulletin.com.<br />

Please include name, pet’s name, address, neighborhood<br />

and phone number on entry. For more information, call<br />

407-351-1573, option 4.<br />

* Must be a Southwest resident to participate.<br />

Dogs • Cats • Birds • Reptiles<br />

Rabbits • Fish • Rodents • Horses • Etc.

8 x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />


Relax & Rejuvenate in Luxury<br />

If you are searching for the perfect<br />

gift for that special someone this holiday<br />

season, look no further than The<br />

Woodhouse Day Spa. Tucked<br />

away in the Dellagio Town Center<br />

in Dr. Phillips, The Woodhouse<br />

Day Spa has provided locals with<br />

impeccable service since it opened<br />

in February 2009. With more than<br />

6,000 square feet of amazing ambiance<br />

and more than 70 relaxing<br />

and rejuvenating treatments, The<br />

Woodhouse Day Spa has something<br />

to satisfy any need.<br />

Upon arrival, guests are escorted<br />

to the ladies or gentlemen’s locker<br />

room. The locker rooms each feature<br />

a dry heat infrared sauna, rainfall<br />

showers and private changing<br />

rooms. The spa’s comfy robes and<br />

sandals allow guests to quickly acclimate<br />

to the relaxing environment.<br />

The spa provides guests with a complimentary<br />

glass of wine, champagne<br />

or mimosa, as well as an extensive<br />

selection of teas. Before<br />

and after their treatments,<br />

guests may take<br />

advantage of the spa’s<br />

two “quiet rooms.” One<br />

is a large, bright, sunfilled<br />

room. The other<br />

is a smaller, darker, cocooning<br />

room. Owner<br />

Allison Murphy encourages<br />

guests to<br />

“come as early as<br />

they like and stay as<br />

long as they need to<br />

decompress and unwind.<br />

It’s the quiet<br />

time before and after<br />

service that is a signature<br />

of what a great<br />

spa experience is.”<br />

Prior to treatment, guests fill out a<br />

short form detailing any concerns<br />

or goals they have. The therapist<br />

will then escort the guest to one of<br />

the many luxurious treatment rooms.<br />

After the service, guests are provided<br />

with a refreshing glass of water<br />

to rehydrate the body. They are then<br />

welcome to relax in either of the<br />

lounges, enjoy the sauna or rinse off<br />

in a rainfall shower.<br />

“We want them to relax and enjoy<br />

the amenities as much as they can<br />

to achieve the full spa experience,”<br />

Allison said.<br />

The Woodhouse Day Spa staff<br />

consists of incredibly talented<br />


multi-licensed therapists and an<br />

amazing hospitality crew, who deliver<br />

an exceptional experience.<br />

The spa carries top-notch product<br />

lines such as the award-winning<br />

SkinCeuticals and Voya.<br />

There are a variety<br />

of facial options,<br />

but the most<br />

popular by far is the<br />

Hydrafacial. Allison<br />

describes the treatment<br />

as “the new<br />

age of microdermabrasion.<br />

The Hydrafacial<br />

gives instant<br />

lifting, tightening and<br />

brightening. It is the<br />

most results-driven<br />

facial we offer.”<br />

Those looking for<br />

a more relaxing<br />

facial will surely<br />

love the signature<br />

Minkyti facial. This<br />

award-winning treatment consists of<br />

a seaweed mask on the face and<br />

décolleté.<br />

“We partner with Voya, an organic<br />

line by a family-run business in<br />

Ireland,” Allison said. “They harvest<br />

Photos by tonyrappa@capturevideo-photos.com<br />

seaweed from the beaches of the<br />

North Sea of Ireland. The seaweed<br />

comes in dehydrated packets that<br />

we rehydrate in the spa.”<br />

Another popular treatment is the<br />

Lazy Days Rest and Renewal Ritual,<br />

which guests have affectionately<br />

nicknamed “The Mermaid Bath.”<br />

This treatment starts with a body<br />

scrub followed by a 15-minute luxurious,<br />

detoxifying seaweed bath.<br />

Next, guests indulge in a relaxing<br />

full-body massage.<br />

Although a gift card for The<br />

Woodhouse Day Spa is always a<br />

well-received gift, Allison decided to<br />

add a more tangible option this holiday<br />

season with the creation of The<br />

Woodhouse Day Spa gift basket.<br />

The exquisitely unique baskets include<br />

spa products for at-home care<br />

that pair perfectly with a gift card<br />

for The Woodhouse Spa. To make<br />

gift-giving even easier, the spa also<br />

offers printable gift cards through its<br />

website.<br />

The Woodhouse Day Spa is located at<br />

8060 Via Dellagio Way, Suite 102, in the<br />

Dellagio Town Center. For more information<br />

about its services, call 407-965-3131 or visit<br />

Orlando.WoodhouseSpas.com on the web.

December 15th, 17th, 31st & January 7th.<br />

www.TheatreSouthPlayhouse.com<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 9<br />


D.M.D.<br />

Most<br />

Insurances<br />

Accepted<br />

Rizzo Dental Group<br />


D.M.D.<br />

Cosmetic & Family<br />

Dentistry<br />

407.521.8765<br />


Request an appointment online at www.rizzodentalgroup.com<br />

6150 MetroWest Blvd., Suite 207, Orlando, FL 32835<br />

Michael J. Tortorella, MD<br />

Obstetrics & Gynecology<br />

Board Certified<br />

Pregnancy<br />

Family Planning<br />

Menstrual Disorders<br />

Menopause<br />

Second Opinion for Surgery<br />

In-Office Ultrasounds<br />

In-Office Surgery<br />

Minimally Invasive<br />

Surgery<br />

Sterilization<br />

(407) 363-1003 Michaeljtortorellamd.com<br />

7300 Sandlake Commons Blvd.<br />

Suite 320, Medplex A<br />

next to Dr. P. Phillips Hospital<br />

All Major Credit<br />

Cards Accepted<br />

-CareCredit®-<br />

Listed in Best Doctors<br />

in Orlando Magazine<br />

We Cook.<br />

You Bring Home the Best.<br />



Holiday Meals • Entrées • Appetizers • Sides

10 x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

On Dec. 10 at Loews Sapphire<br />

Falls Resort at Universal Studios<br />

Orlando, the Central Florida<br />

Hotel & Lodging Association<br />

hosted more than 1,100 members<br />

and community leaders at its annual<br />

CFHLA Hospitality Gala. The event<br />

is the hospitality industry’s largest<br />

annual holiday gathering. During the<br />

evening, CFHLA honored its lodging<br />

member of the year, allied member<br />


submitted by Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association<br />

of the year, and engineer of the year.<br />

Jim Burns, vice president/managing<br />

director of Grande Lakes Orlando,<br />

was presented the 2016 CFHLA Allied<br />

Member of the Year Award. Mac<br />

Cochran of ATMFLA Inc. was presented<br />

the 2016 CFHLA Member of<br />

the Year Award. Keith Luka of the<br />

Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Suites —<br />

Waterpark received the 2016 CFHLA<br />

Engineer of the Year Award. ª<br />

Keith Luka receives the 2016 Central Florida Hotel<br />

& Lodging Association Engineer of the Year Award.<br />

Jim Burns receives the 2016 Central Florida Hotel<br />

& Lodging Association Member of the Year Award.<br />

Mac Cochran receives the 2016 Central Florida<br />

Hotel & Lodging Association Allied Member of the<br />

Year Award.<br />

John C. Carrozzella, M.D., ABAARM, FAARFM<br />

More than 25 years of experience<br />


PASSION!<br />

No Energy?<br />

No Sex Drive?<br />

No Results in the Gym?<br />

Find out how bioidentical<br />

hormone therapy can change your<br />

life and renew your relationship.<br />

Call now for a complimentary<br />

medical consultation.<br />

407-505-6345<br />

www.hormonesandwellness.com<br />

7575 Dr. Phillips Blvd. • Suite #370 • Orlando, FL 32819<br />

Start small, think BIG<br />

2342 Hempel Ave., Gotha, FL<br />

Schedule a tour!<br />

(407) 877-7412 • www.crenshawschool.com

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 11<br />

voted #1<br />

in america!!<br />

Messages will be published in the Feb. 2, 2017, issue.<br />

Deadline: Jan. 11, 2017 • Length: 20 words maximum<br />

now over<br />

150 vendors!<br />

plenty of<br />

parking<br />

New<br />

Parking Garage<br />

Next to<br />

Farmers Market<br />

Coupons may not be combined with any other<br />

offer. Not valid with insurance. Expires 12/31/16<br />

NO CASH REDEMPTION. Expires 12/31/16<br />

Coupons may not be combined with any other<br />

offer. Not valid with insurance. Expires 12/31/16<br />

Coupons may not be combined with any other<br />

offer. Not valid with insurance. Expires 12/31/16<br />

now the largest farmers<br />

market in Florida!<br />

104 South Lakeview Avenue<br />

Winter Garden, Florida 34787<br />

every Saturday<br />

9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.<br />

*american farmland trust-washington d.c.

12 x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com

Central Florida’s Largest<br />

Selection of Office Furniture<br />

50,000-Sq.-Ft. Showroom<br />

440 West Kennedy Blvd.<br />

407-316-0101<br />

www.ofo-orlando.com<br />

• New • Used • Scratch ‘n Dent<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 13<br />



Delivered<br />

to your<br />

doorstep<br />

or inbox.<br />

407-351-1573<br />

www.southwestorlandobulletin.com<br />

W&<br />

indows<br />

W alls<br />

“We Cover Windows with Style”<br />

Swags • Sheers • Valances<br />

Shades • Blinds • Verticals<br />

____________________________<br />

Wallpaper • Bedding • Upholstery<br />

(407) 298-2626<br />

Village West Plaza • 6416 W. Colonial Dr., Orlando,<br />

FL 32818 • www.windowsandwallsbyann.com<br />

AA-B2B_2016-DYNASTY-9.5x7.44.indd 1<br />

11/17/16 2:35 PM

14 x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

Give the Gift of Jewelry<br />

Celebrate the Holidays<br />

with a New Job!<br />

Give the gift of world-class service<br />

to your special someone this year.<br />

A Gift for Your Taste Buds<br />

The Woodhouse Day Spa Gift Card Makes<br />

the Perfect Gift! We offer more than 70<br />

spa services on the menu to make<br />

everyone's holiday wish come true.<br />

The Woodhouse Day Spa<br />

Phone: 407-965-3131<br />

8060 Via Dellagio Way<br />

Orlando, FL 32819<br />

Website: Orlando.WoodhouseSpas.com<br />

Find the perfect gift this holiday season<br />

at Dynasty Gallery & Gifts! From Pandora<br />

Jewelry to Alex and Ani to Simply<br />

Southern, we have just the right gift for<br />

any budget!<br />

Dynasty Gallery & Gifts<br />

1067 S. Clarke Rd<br />

407-522-4400<br />

Give the gift of flavor with a gift card<br />

from Itta Bena. Located on the second<br />

level of Pointe Orlando lies Itta Bena,<br />

Orlando’s hidden gem, specializing in<br />

steaks and seafood.<br />

Itta Bena<br />

9101 International Drive<br />

Suite 2210<br />

Orlando, FL 32819<br />

407-757-2910<br />

www.Ittabenadining.com<br />

By giving the gift of The Job Search<br />

Navigator, you can help make<br />

that happen for anyone from recent<br />

college graduates to seasoned corporate<br />

executives! Copies of this in-depth<br />

expert's guide to getting hired, surviving<br />

layoffs and building a career are<br />

available at Barnes & Noble and all<br />

major book retailers or online at<br />

Amazon.com.<br />

Navigator Executive Advisors<br />

The Job Search Navigator<br />

Author: Matt Durfee,<br />

a local Southwest Resident.<br />

www.bn.com<br />

www.amazon.com<br />


Let us host your A-list holiday party in our exible event space<br />


We have delicious holiday-inspired menus aimed to please and WOW your guests!<br />

Whether you are looking for a holiday luncheon, dinner buffet or happy hour,<br />

Aloft Orlando Downtown has you covered.<br />

Aloft Orlando Downtown<br />

500 South Orange Avenue<br />

Orlando, FL 32801<br />

aloftorlandodowntown.com | 407.380.3500<br />





MOST<br />


HOTEL<br />

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Prestigious Preschool through Fifth Grade<br />

• Preschool curriculum soars beyond ABCs and 123s into science,<br />

foreign language, music, art, character development and more<br />

• Advanced K-5 curriculum promotes active critical thinking and<br />

creative problem solving<br />

• Custom learning paths and low student/teacher ratios<br />

• State-of-the-art technology (touchboards, laptops and iPads)<br />

combined with hands-on exploration<br />

H O L I D A Y C A M P S<br />

A V A I L A B L E !<br />

Schedule Your Tour!<br />

(407) 294-6950<br />

www.CraniumAcademy.com<br />

A + P r e s c h o o l + E l e m e n t a r y + A f t e r S c h o o l + C a m p s + P a r t i e s<br />

4068 Winter Garden Vineland Road, Winter Garden, FL 34787<br />

Registered & Certified with the FL Dept of Education, Division of Private Schools. DCF License #C09OR0146.

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Only available at: Sleuths<br />

Mystery Dinner Shows<br />

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www.Sleuths.Com<br />

Purchase a $69 Academic Evaluation<br />

($199 value) from Huntington Learning<br />

Center and get your<br />

student started on the road to success!<br />

Huntington Learning Center<br />

5060 Dr. Phillips Blvd<br />

Orlando, FL 32819<br />

407-290-1111<br />

HuntingtonHelps.com<br />

Royal Landscape Nursery offers the best<br />

in landscaping and gardening needs with<br />

gift certificates that fit all amounts and<br />

any project size. Give them something<br />

they can enjoy over and over, whether<br />

they are project planning or just enjoy<br />

being with the flowers.<br />

Royal Landscape Nursery<br />

2204 Hempel Ave<br />

Gotha, FL 34734<br />

407-296-3042<br />

Royallandscapenursery.com<br />

Leave your loved one feeling pampered<br />

and refreshed this season. Stop by and<br />

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Tara Magee- LE<br />

Fresh Face Skin Spa<br />

Chain of Lakes Cosmetic & Family Dentistry<br />

1805 Maguire Road, Suite 159<br />

Windermere, FL 34786<br />

407-876-6708<br />

DavidBoers.com<br />

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OPMI music classes<br />

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Orlando Premier Music Instruction<br />

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www.orlando-premier-music-instruction.com<br />

Orlando Premier Music Instruction<br />

From pampering massages, soothing<br />

facials and head-to-toe rejuvenating<br />

packages, The Spa at Rosen Centre has<br />

just the right treatment to soothe your<br />

loved one’s soul. To soothe your<br />

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The Spa at Rosen Centre<br />

9840 International Drive<br />

Orlando, FL 32819<br />

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SpaAtRosenCentre.com<br />

A gift certificate to Theatre South<br />

Playhouse can spark the creativity in<br />

any one of your friends and family.<br />

Good toward classes, private lessons,<br />

show fees, show tickets and more.<br />

Support local theater and inspire<br />

greatness at the same time. Gift<br />

Certificates are available in $50, $100,<br />

$150, $200 and $250.<br />

Theatre South Playhouse<br />

11184 S. Apopka Vineland Rd<br />

Orlando, FL 32819<br />

407-489-4458<br />

TheatreSouthPlayhouse.com<br />

Edu World Tutors is a convenient<br />

online, in-home or by phone tutoring<br />

service. Whether it is for your student or<br />

a busy family that would benefit from<br />

convenient tutoring, Edu World Tutors<br />

offers great hourly rates and gift<br />

certificates for tutoring services.<br />

Edu World Tutors<br />

407-413-3961<br />



Affordable Tutoring

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Quality Fitness Equipment<br />

Bike at Home<br />

for the Holidays!<br />

Keiser M3i Bike<br />

delivers a road-bike experience & a<br />

quiet, smooth ride with Keiser<br />

magnetic-resistance technology.<br />

Bluetooth enabled; download ride data<br />

to apps on your smartphone or tablet.<br />

Sale Price<br />

$1,895<br />

Exercise Systems, Inc.<br />

6881 Kingspointe Parkway<br />

Suite 10<br />

Orlando FL 32819<br />

407-996-8890<br />

www.exercisesystems.com<br />

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Massage Envy Dr. Phillips<br />

407-354-3689<br />

8081 Turkey Lake Rd., Ste 100<br />

Orlando, FL 32819<br />

www.massageenvy.com<br />

Treadmills Ellipticals<br />

Upright, Recumbent & Spinning® Bikes<br />

Multi-Gyms Circuit Machines Accessories<br />

1450<br />

If you have limited floor space, the<br />

Vectra 1450 may be the home gym for<br />

you. Even a simple Olympic bar &<br />

bench require more room than this<br />

innovative machine. The 1450 takes up<br />

a miniscule 6’ x 6’ of floor space and<br />

can be placed anywhere; even against<br />

a wall or in a corner. And all of the<br />

exercises are performed WITHIN this<br />

footprint. Vertical dumbbell rack also<br />

available in matching finish<br />

Made in the USA<br />

Best<br />

Home Gym!<br />


BIG GYM<br />


4 standard frame finishes available to match your décor!<br />

Visit our beautiful showroom to see all the Vectra home gymsavoid<br />

the mall crowds! Weekend appointments available!<br />

Give the Gift of Holiday Fun!<br />

We have the<br />

M3i Indoor Cycling Bikes<br />

(used in YMCA & LA Fitness<br />

group cycling)<br />

FREE<br />

Delivery & Intstallation<br />

(Orlando Area)<br />

When you mention this ad<br />

Gift yourself some extra time while<br />

giving kids a fun place to play & learn<br />

with our Holiday Camp offered<br />

Dec. 19-23! Cost is $50/day for drop-off<br />

as early as 7 AM & pickup before 6 PM<br />

OR $200 for full day/full week. Half-day<br />

weekly options also available.<br />

Cranium Academy<br />

4068 Winter Garden Vineland Road<br />

Winter Garden, FL<br />

407-294-6950<br />

www.CraniumAcademy.com<br />

Give (and Receive)<br />

The Gift of Beautiful<br />

Get a $25 holiday bonus card for every<br />

$125 in gift cards purchased.<br />

Gift cards and bonus cards may be used<br />

to purchase any facial aesthetics, skin<br />

rejuvenation, body<br />

contouring, cosmetic laser or wellness<br />

treatment. Bonus cards are valid on<br />

services from 1/1/17 - 2/10/17.<br />

Gentle Touch MediSpa & Wellness<br />

2723 Maguire Road<br />

Ocoee, Florida 34761<br />

407-877-7003<br />

Design and print or email instantly at:<br />

www.gentletouchmedispa.com<br />

Hurry In- Quantities Limited!<br />

World’s #1 Rated Treadmill<br />

Lifetime Residential Warranty<br />

407.996.8890<br />

6881 Kingspointe Parkway<br />

Suite 10 Orlando 32819<br />

www.exercisesystems.com<br />

Showroom Hours M-F 8:30-5:30 Weekends by Appt.<br />

L-Series Treadmill<br />

Representing the very latest in<br />

treadmill innovation, the Landice<br />

L7 Treadmill is ideal for walkers,<br />

joggers, and serious runners<br />

alike. From the whisper-quiet 4<br />

HP continuous duty motor to its<br />

rust-free, aircraft-quality<br />

aluminum frame, Landice offers<br />

a product that will last a lifetime.<br />

Made in the USA

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Spa Blue, Orlando’s newest<br />

medispa, is located in the Conroy-<br />

Windermere area. Upon entering<br />

its blue-and-white-adorned facility<br />

complete with chandeliers, water fountains<br />

and friendly greetings from the<br />

lady behind the desk, guests feel more<br />

like they are participating in a private<br />

spa session at an elegant, boutiquestyle<br />

medispa. However, what they<br />

will leave with is a renewed sense<br />

of life and healing from several issues<br />

with their face, body and even<br />

sexual health through the latest in<br />

cutting-edge skin care and medispa<br />

procedures.<br />

Owner Janet Beres has 16 years<br />

of experience in dermatology and cosmetic<br />

surgery in the Central Florida<br />

area and is licensed through the Florida<br />

Board of Medicine. As a master-trained<br />

aesthetic injector, patients are rest<br />

assured they are in skilled hands when<br />

it comes to Botox and facial rejuvenation.<br />

She believes the services provided<br />

at Spa Blue are the way of the future<br />

for medical treatments.<br />

“I believe medicine is going to be<br />

changing in the future with all the<br />


medical advancements they are doing,<br />

like PRP [platelet-rich plasma] and<br />

stem cells,” Beres said. “We can help<br />

rejuvenate the whole body, for God<br />


A Boutique-Style Medispa<br />

Spa Blue Orlando Enhances Clients’ Bodies and Health<br />

(L. to r.)<br />

Johanna<br />

Gomez; Janet<br />

Beres, PA-C;<br />

and Adele<br />

Hernández of<br />

Spa Blue treat<br />

a wide variety<br />

of medical and<br />

cosmetic concerns.<br />

gave us powerful bodies, so we can<br />

heal ourselves.”<br />

Natural &<br />

Life-Changing<br />

Spa Blue clients are amazed at<br />

the plethora of services available to<br />

them, procedures that can take care<br />

of everything from acne to wrinkle<br />

care to urinary incontinence.<br />

Beres wanted to create a medispa<br />

that did not resemble a hospital atmosphere<br />

with locked doors and clients<br />

getting facials next to those needing<br />

skin cancer treatments.<br />

“We spend quality one-on-one time<br />

with our clients for skin assessments<br />

and consultations; [explaining] what<br />

we can do to improve their skin and<br />

look more youthful, with quality over<br />

quantity,” Beres said. “Our 15-minute<br />

consults usually turn into a treatment<br />

the very same day.”<br />

Laser rejuvenation for the skin<br />

and Juvéshape to melt away fat and<br />

tighten the skin are some choice treatments,<br />

as are the various dermal fillers<br />

Spa Blue offers. As a master injector,<br />

Beres is also known for her exceptional<br />

techniques in dissolving fillers that<br />

are lumpy, bumpy or uneven.<br />

Those suffering from acne can see<br />

miraculous, nonprescription results<br />

happen with Spa Blue’s customized<br />

treatments, where acne problems can<br />

be eradicated and even acne scars<br />

removed entirely. For teens, a special<br />

$49 facial program can help eliminate<br />

their pimples and keep their skin<br />

on a well-balanced track.<br />

One new medical procedure that<br />

Beres is excited to offer clients is the<br />

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, that is<br />

used to rejuvenate the hair, skin and<br />

body with a person’s own plasma.<br />

Named the “Vampire facial,” Spa<br />

Blue utilizes the procedure with a microneedle<br />

to where there is no pain<br />

and only a pink glow on the skin<br />

with no downtime. What has also<br />

been amazing is how the PRP method<br />

has been used to restore sexual<br />

health and libido in women, which<br />

the medispa offers as the Cleopatra<br />

Procedure.<br />

“Every person has [had] great results<br />

and given great testimonies,”<br />

Beres said. “I had a 30-year-old<br />

woman and a 60-year-old woman<br />

both have the Cleopatra Procedure<br />

done. Both wrote their testimonies on<br />

the same day, and both wrote, ‘I am<br />

a new woman.’”<br />

In a 15-minute office procedure<br />

that is nonsurgical and painless, PRP<br />

is a new alternative treatment to and<br />

can be very effective in improving<br />

urinary incontinence. Many women<br />

experience reduction in urinary incontinence<br />

and improvement in strengthening<br />

the muscles of the pelvic floor,<br />

as well as reduction of pain during<br />

intercourse. Beres also mentioned<br />

that it has shown to be effective in the<br />

scalp when used for male and female<br />

patterned baldness and thinning.<br />

At Spa Blue, clients are more than<br />

just a number. It’s the perfect medispa<br />

for people who desire to look and feel<br />

more youthful. Beres has a passion<br />

for facial aesthetics and understands<br />

the delicate balance of restoring the<br />

face to its more youthful and rested<br />

appearance.<br />

“It’s a nice, elegant experience<br />

where you will leave feeling refreshed<br />

and looking youthful but still natural,”<br />

Beres said.<br />

Spa Blue is located in Suite 423 at 6735 Conroy-<br />

Windermere Road in Orlando. For more information<br />

or to make an appointment, call 407-772-2583. ª

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www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 19<br />

I-Drive<br />

Beckons<br />

Southwest<br />

Residents<br />

Rediscover<br />

Dear Central Florida Residents,<br />

The holidays are here, and there<br />

is no better place to celebrate<br />

than on International Drive. Come<br />

down and enjoy the spectacular<br />

holiday lights along the I-Drive<br />

corridor. Our beautiful hotels and<br />

resorts will amaze you!<br />

When looking for that special<br />

gift, stop in at one of our shops<br />

and outlet malls. Grabbing a bite<br />

or a romantic dinner? Join us at<br />

one of our amazing restaurants<br />

for delicious food and holiday<br />

cheer, and don’t forget our attractions.<br />

Enjoy a day filled with festive<br />

holiday lights and fun-filled<br />

holiday entertainment.<br />

When you want to celebrate<br />

the holidays, come down to the<br />

International Drive Resort Area<br />

and join in the fun, excitement<br />

and good cheer. Wishing all<br />

Southwest residents a very happy<br />


holiday and all the best in the<br />

coming year!<br />

Warm regards,<br />

Maria Triscari, president/CEO<br />

International Drive Resort Area<br />

Chamber of Commerce<br />

www.internationaldrivechamber.com<br />


Orlando's Live Upscale<br />

Escape Game<br />

Gift cards available<br />

A great stocking stuffer<br />

$5 OFF<br />


Not available on gift cards<br />







TH3 C0D3<br />


407 278 1515<br />



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FREE $ 20<br />


with purchase of $ 20 game play *<br />

The most fun you’ll have on I-Drive!<br />

®<br />


Dave & Buster’s Orlando<br />

8986 International Dr • Orlando, FL 32819<br />

*Promotional. EXPIRES: 2/28/2017. Present this coupon at Front Desk to redeem. Limit one coupon per<br />

customer. Barcode valid for one use only. Not valid with any other offers. Not valid with Special Events<br />

Packages. Coupon must be surrendered at time of redemption. Non negotiable. Power Card® activation fee<br />

is $2. ($3 Times Square). NOT FOR RESALE. Valid at Orlando Location only.<br />




• Birthday Parties<br />

• Holiday Parties<br />

Private<br />

Parties<br />

• Rehearsal Dinners<br />

• Corporate Events<br />

Happy Hour<br />

daily<br />

from<br />

5-7 PM<br />


WWW.MANGOS.COM • (407) 673-4422<br />



End the year inspired and celebrate New Year’s Eve in the<br />

enchanting Castle Hotel. Escape the familiar lights and<br />

sounds of International Drive for a fantasy filled with luxury<br />

surroundings, tantalizing cuisine and cocktails with a twist<br />

of unusual. It’s a celebration for all your senses.<br />

Escape to CastleHotelOrlando.com, 407.345.1511,<br />

for a twist on your I-Drive story.<br />


www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 21<br />


11951 INTERNATIONAL DRIVE • ORLANDO, FL 32821 • 407 278 1515 • WWW.ESCAPOLOGY.COM<br />

INTERNATIONAL 7557 West Sand Lake Road, #162, DRIVE Orlando, RESORT FL 32819 • Phone: AREA 407-903-0084 CHAMBER • internationaldrivechamber.com<br />


22 x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

n Ocoee<br />

The Ocoee Fire Department is hosting<br />

its 16th annual Operation Santa<br />

event this month. For six days, Santa<br />

Claus and his helpers will visit Ocoee<br />

neighborhoods, tossing candy and<br />

spreading holiday cheer to hundreds<br />

of children and families. The jolly crew<br />

has already visited some communities<br />

aboard a special holiday float on four<br />

different days and is scheduled to visit<br />

more Dec. 15 and Dec. 20. New, unwrapped<br />

toys given to the Santa on<br />

the float are donated to Ocoee Police<br />

Department’s Holiday Toys for Kids in<br />

Need drive. For a complete list of subdivisions<br />

to be visited, visit www.ocoee.<br />

org on the web or call the Ocoee Fire<br />

Department at 407-905-3140.<br />

Ameena McKenzie of Ocoee<br />

has been busy with Brenau University,<br />

Gainesville Theatre Alliance and<br />

WonderQuest. She is majoring in musical<br />

theater at Brenau University and<br />

will graduate with the Class of 2018.<br />

Ameena worked as a carpenter on<br />

the productions of The Flick, Mermaid<br />

Song, and Beauty and the Beast. She<br />

also performed as Fannie in Flyin’<br />

West at the Ed Cabell Theatre at the<br />

University of North Georgia.<br />

n Windermere<br />


Rosie Moore of Windermere announced<br />

the nationwide release of<br />

her new children’s book, A Day in a<br />

Puppy’s Life. The story follows Tom, an<br />

adorable husky who always seems to<br />

get himself into trouble, and his exciting<br />

adventures when his owner is not<br />

at home. Published by Tate Publishing<br />

and Enterprises, the book is available<br />

through bookstores nationwide, as well<br />

as online. Rosie is a mother of three<br />

children — Christopher, Kayla and<br />

Kaleb. She also is the founder of The<br />

Gift of Live, a charitable organization<br />

that helps premature babies. Her<br />

compiled by Lauren Salinero<br />

hobbies include reading, writing, dancing<br />

and spending time with her family.<br />

In what attendees dubbed the “best<br />

Light Up Windermere ever,” 3,000<br />

people took part in the town’s fourth<br />

annual welcome to the holiday season.<br />

As promised, there was snow<br />

in Windermere, as First Baptist<br />

Church Windermere donated 10<br />

tons. It became a gathering place for<br />

people of all ages to make snowballs,<br />

slip and slide, or simply enjoy the white<br />

fluff. Leading up to the lighting, three<br />

different choirs from FBCW provided<br />

songs of the season. Hundreds of children<br />

joined Mayor Gary Bruhn as<br />

During Light Up Windermere, one of three choirs from First Baptist Church of<br />

Windermere serenades the crowd with songs of the season.

the entire town was lit by more than<br />

100,000 lights and more than onehalf<br />

a mile of wiring. The community<br />

extends its thanks to the church for<br />

its support, as well as Windermere’s<br />

Downtown Business Committee and the<br />

Windermere Wine and Dine, whose<br />

contributions paid entirely for this year’s<br />

lighting.<br />

Windermere resident Paul F.<br />

Shuler, M.D., announced the opening<br />

of his new Ocoee practice,<br />

Provident Orthopedic and Sports<br />

Medicine. Prior to pursuing medicine,<br />

Dr. Shuler graduated summa cum<br />

laude from Michigan Technological<br />

University with a degree in electrical<br />

engineering. He returned to Michigan<br />

State University College of Human<br />

Medicine to earn a medical degree.<br />

He is board-certified in orthopedic<br />

surgery and orthopedic sports medicine.<br />

When he is not with his family or<br />

enjoying his favorite activities of waterskiing,<br />

swimming, biking and camping,<br />

Dr. Shuler is often “tinkering.”<br />

n Winter Garden<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 23<br />

William Derdock Jr. of Winter<br />

Garden was initiated into the Honor<br />

Society of Phi Kappa Phi at Eastern<br />

Kentucky University. The society is the<br />

nation’s oldest, most selective collegiate<br />

honor society for all academic disciplines.<br />

William is among approximately<br />

30,000 students, faculty members,<br />

professional staff and alumni to be initiated<br />

into Phi Kappa Phi each year.<br />

Membership is by invitation and requires<br />

nomination and approval by a chapter.<br />

n Et Al<br />

Southwest<br />

resident Etline<br />

St. Jean<br />

joins the team<br />

at Weichert,<br />

Realtors Hallmark<br />

Properties as a<br />

Realtor.<br />

Officials at Weichert, Realtors<br />

Hallmark Properties announced that<br />

Realtor Etline St. Jean of Southwest<br />

Orlando joined their Kissimmee office.<br />

Etline assists homebuyers and sellers in<br />

Kissimmee, Orlando and the surrounding<br />

areas with all of their real estate<br />

needs.<br />

Virginia Trudeau & Deedee Sherman<br />

Vladimir Bykov (back) of MetroWest and Camila<br />

Varley perform in Central Florida Ballet’s The Nutcracker.<br />

Central Florida Ballet representatives<br />

named this year’s lineup for the 16th<br />

anniversary of The Nutcracker production.<br />

Artistic Director Vladimir Bykov<br />

of MetroWest will play the title role<br />

of Drosselmeyer. Elizabeth Cotter<br />

of Windermere will play the lead<br />

roles of Jig, Chinese Lead and Spanish<br />

Demi-Solo. She will be joined by her<br />

mother as the Main<br />

Party Mom, her father<br />

as the Party Dad, and<br />

her brother as a Party<br />

Dad. Ellexis Hatch of<br />

Dr. Phillips will be featured<br />

as a soloist, performing<br />

as Shepherdess<br />

and Butterfly in Waltz<br />

of the Flowers. Gina<br />

Hatch of Dr. Phillips will<br />

be featured as the Maid<br />

and Mother Ginger.<br />

Sara Komatsu and<br />

Madison Spack of<br />

MetroWest will alternate<br />

in lead roles of Chinese<br />

Lead and Jig.<br />


ROYAL Landscape Nursery<br />

Our Quality Keeps Us GROWING!<br />

• Trees<br />

• Shrubs<br />

• Palms<br />

• Ground Covers<br />

• Sod<br />

• Rocks<br />

• Mulch<br />

Compare To Big Box Store : Better Pricing, Better Quality<br />

Join our<br />

email listing<br />

for specials<br />

Royal Brick Pavers<br />

Call for a free estimate:<br />

e<br />

Pavers Design & Installation • Driveways • Walkways<br />

Pool Decks • Patios • Retaining Walls • Fire Pits<br />

Get Your Tickets Today!<br />

Friday, February 17<br />

7 p.m.<br />

Saturday 8AM-3PM<br />

www.royallandscapenursery.com<br />


24 x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />


Rotary Club of Dr. Phillips<br />

awarded three of its members Paul<br />

Harris Fellow awards. Paul Harris<br />

Fellowship contributions support<br />

Rotary International programs, providing<br />

educational opportunities,<br />

food, potable water, health care,<br />

immunizations and shelter for millions<br />

of people around the world.<br />

Rotarians Harry and Liz Mancia<br />

Rotary Club of Dr. Phillips Foundation Chairman<br />

Dave Lehman (left) presents a Paul Harris Fellow Award<br />

to Scott Wellington.<br />

and Scott Wellington received<br />

the awards because of their special<br />

donations toward Rotary Foundation<br />

and the ways in which their lives<br />

exemplify the humanitarian and<br />

educational objectives of the Rotary<br />

Foundation.<br />

Rotary Club<br />

of Dr. Phillips<br />

Foundation<br />

Chairman Dave<br />

Lehman (left)<br />

presents Paul<br />

Harris Fellow<br />

awards to secondtime<br />

recipient<br />

Harry Mancia<br />

(center) and<br />

Harry’s wife, firsttime<br />

recipient Liz<br />

Mancia.<br />

consults with small business owners<br />

and assesses their companies’ credit<br />

and cash management needs,<br />

allowing her to provide solutions<br />

tailored to their specific business.<br />

Shalonda has worked in the banking<br />

field for 13 years, serving as a<br />

banking center manager and business<br />

banking relationship manager.<br />

She holds a doctorate in business<br />

-<br />

(L. to r.) Don Snyder of MetroWest, Diana (Chastain) Kastner of Winderlakes,<br />

Terryl White of Lake Marsha, and Juliana Daurio of Providence attend Rotary Club of<br />

Dr. Phillips’ 10th annual A Taste of Dr. Phillips.<br />

Bank of America officials appointed<br />

Southwest resident Shalonda<br />

Warren small business banker for<br />

south Orange and Osceola counties.<br />

She provides personalized<br />

attention to small business owners<br />

by connecting with them, typically<br />

at their places of business, and<br />

by implementing solutions to help<br />

them operate successfully. She also<br />

administration with a specialization<br />

in marketing, as well as two master<br />

degrees, one in business and one in<br />

management.<br />

Although we try to ensure that all information presented<br />

above is the most current, correct and dependable<br />

available, we do rely on others for the source of our<br />

news. Therefore, the Southwest Orlando Bulletin and<br />

Kearney Publishing Corp. cannot be held responsible<br />

for the validity of the information presented here,<br />

nor does mentioning it constitute an endorsement.<br />

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be mailed to P.O. Box 851, Windermere, FL 34786;<br />

or emailed to Lauren@kearneypublishing.com. ª

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 25<br />

The entries submitted for Southwest Orlando Bulletin’s 25th annual<br />

Stories of the Season contest told tales of special visits from Santa, mystical<br />

holiday creatures and the joy of spending time with family and friends.<br />

Whether they recreate holiday memories or take readers to imaginary<br />

places filled with elves, reindeer and their ilk, they are sure to add holiday<br />

spirit to all this year.<br />

Congratulations to first-place winner Victoria Hernandez of Sand<br />

Lake Hills, runner-up Tabitha Eastham of Ocoee, and child winner<br />

Porter MacCabe of Saddlebrooke, all of whom received cash<br />

prizes. Also included are submissions selected as honorable mentions.<br />

The staff of the Southwest Orlando Bulletin extends thank-yous to everyone<br />

who entered the contest and wishes a happy holiday season to all.<br />

Winner<br />

My Favorite Time of Year<br />

by Victoria Hernandez<br />

Sand Lake Hills<br />

Christmas has always been my favorite<br />

time of year. My reasons have changed,<br />

however.<br />

As a little girl, I loved it for the same<br />

reasons as any other kid: Santa Claus<br />

and presents. Staying up late with my little<br />

brother, hoping to see the jolly old man<br />

in the red suit, and tracking him down on<br />

websites were always exciting. Of course,<br />

we would end up falling asleep before he<br />

arrived, but in the morning, the best part of<br />

all came — opening the gifts he’d brought<br />

for us! I now look back and wish our childhood<br />

had never ended, for it now seems<br />

10 times more magical.<br />

I still love Christmas, but now I love the<br />

lights ... though it is a pain to set them up.<br />

I now love the weather ... when I’m not<br />

standing outside in the dark, frozen in<br />

place at a bus stop. I now love the decorations<br />

... even though every magazine in<br />

the store makes me jealous of the perfectly<br />

imperfect decorated homes. I now love the<br />

drinks, because it is the only time of the<br />

year my grandmother makes homemade<br />

hot punch. I now love the food, because it<br />

is the second time in the year that we eat<br />

like kings. And I now love the time spent<br />

with family and friends, because it is one of<br />

the few times everyone is together.<br />

Christmastime is always hectic, crazy<br />

and busy, but full of laughter, memories<br />

and nostalgia. Whenever my family comes<br />

together, it is loud but cozy. I treasure these<br />

moments very much.<br />

Toward the end of the past couple of<br />

years, I have found myself reflecting about<br />

life and the previous 12 months. This year,<br />

I’ll be able to think about 16 years worth<br />

of memories and the awesome 2016 I<br />

have had. As beautiful as Christmas is, it<br />

always comes with a bittersweet sense of<br />

closure. Perhaps that is why it is so beautiful.<br />

The feeling of closure makes me stop,<br />

think, remember and enjoy the present.<br />

That’s what Christmas is all about in the<br />

end. It is about remembrance and being<br />

thankful — thankful for small things like<br />

Santa Claus, presents, annoying lights,<br />

cold and sunny weather, perfectly imperfect<br />

decorations, grandma’s homemade<br />

punch, savory meals and loud-but-cozy<br />

family time.<br />

Runner-Up<br />

A Fresh Start<br />

by Tabitha Eastham<br />

Ocoee<br />

She stepped off the train — a little disheveled<br />

from the long ride. She never<br />

imagined that she would take so long to<br />

get from the big city to this sleepy little<br />

town. She had, however, shared great<br />

conversation with her seatmate — a sweet,<br />

good-looking, younger gentleman traveling<br />

home from a long business trip. Sadly,<br />

she would never see him again.<br />

As soon as her face touched the air, she<br />

noticed a swift change in the temperature.<br />

She was met with bitter coldness, the kind<br />

of cold that feels like tiny daggers pricking<br />

the flesh. It had been an especially bad<br />

year. With the death of her grandmother<br />

and then a broken wedding engagement, it<br />

was time for a fresh start. What better way<br />

to start anew than to move to a new place<br />

and start a new job, and that was exactly<br />

what she had chosen to do.<br />

She took a seat on the bench outside of<br />

the train station in an attempt to wait for<br />

the carriage that was to come fetch her.<br />

An older gentleman was already sitting on<br />

the bench reading the town gazette. The<br />

moment she took her seat, he looked up<br />

from his paper and flashed her a brief, yet<br />

quite congenial, smile. She reciprocated his<br />

politeness by smiling back.<br />

Hour after hour passed, but the carriage<br />

never came. She was beginning to worry<br />

that she would never make it to her destination,<br />

which was the town’s local hotel.<br />

In that time, the friendly elderly gentleman<br />

rode his carriage down to the feed<br />

store to purchase items and passed back<br />

by the train station.<br />

“You’ve been sittin’ there a long time,<br />

young lady,” he said. “Do you need a ride<br />

somewhere?”<br />

STLUKE ’ S<br />


“I was waiting on the local carriage company<br />

to come and get me, but it seems that<br />

the driver isn’t making a stop here today,”<br />

she said.<br />

“You missed the last ride. It was at one<br />

o’clock in the afternoon, and seeing that it<br />

is now 5 p.m., you are going to be stuck<br />

here tonight,” the man said matter-of-factly.<br />

“Oh, my!” she exclaimed.<br />

She had no clue what she was going to<br />

do, as the weather was starting to take a<br />

turn for the worse. The snow was beginning<br />


4851 S. Apopka-Vineland Road<br />

Orlando, Florida 32819<br />

407.876.4991<br />


26 x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />


to pour from the sky, and she was freezing<br />

from the inside out.<br />

“Tell you what,” he said with a smile.<br />

“You can come stay at our house tonight.<br />

My wife, Ella, would love to have a visitor<br />

stay with us!”<br />

“I couldn’t impose upon you like that,”<br />

she said.<br />

“Nonsense!” he exclaimed, as he pried<br />

the bag from her little hand and placed it<br />

in the carriage.<br />

They drove for about 15 minutes, until<br />

they reached a quaint little cottage on<br />

the north side of town. Snow covered the<br />

gabled rooftop like melted marshmallows.<br />

When she walked in the front door, she<br />

saw a fabulous spruce tree decorated with<br />

popcorn, candy canes and pine cones.<br />

She was astounded by how breathtaking<br />

it was.<br />

That night, after an extraordinary meal<br />

and amazing conversation with these two<br />

kindhearted souls, she fell fast alseep in the<br />

cozy bed they had arranged for her.<br />

In the morning, she awoke to the smell of<br />

freshly brewed coffee. She got dressed and<br />

made her way down the tiny stairs. While<br />

descending the stairs, she heard familiar<br />

laughter. When she entered the kitchen,<br />

she was greeted by the elderly couple.<br />

“Good morning, Rosalyn,” they said.<br />

“We’d like you to meet our son.”<br />

The young man turned around. It was<br />

him, the kind stranger from the train ...<br />

Child Winner<br />

Scarecrow’s Christmas<br />

by Porter MacCabe<br />

Saddlebrooke<br />

Once upon a time there was a scarecrow.<br />

A farmer had put up the scarecrow<br />

for harvest, but he forgot about it. The<br />

scarecrow had a sack head, sweater and<br />

jacket. He also had a pair of jeans with<br />

patched knees. One night there was a<br />

strong windstorm. During the storm, the<br />

metal arrow from the farmer’s weather<br />

vane flew off the house and shot into the<br />

scarecrow’s neck. The next night, a bolt of<br />

lightning hit the metal rod and brought the<br />

scarecrow to life. Then, with a straw-stuffed<br />

body, the scarecrow set out to live in the<br />

wild.<br />

The scarecrow was bored in the wild. He<br />

was just sitting alone in a cave with only a<br />

rock to call his friend. After a few weeks, he<br />

heard a bang! He hurried outside where he<br />

found a turkey that was being shot at. He<br />

ran and grabbed the turkey, and then ran<br />

away. He soon had run at least a mile, so<br />

he put down the turkey and asked, “Why<br />

do they hunt you down like that?”<br />

“Because,” the turkey said, “it’s<br />

Thanksgiving, and they think eating turkey<br />

is better than beef jerky. You have shown<br />

me an act of great bravery and kindness.<br />

I thank you!”<br />

With that, the turkey ran back to the forest,<br />

and the scarecrow ran back to his cave.<br />

Almost one month later, the bored scarecrow<br />

heard a noise, so he went to check it<br />

out. He found a man who had just chopped<br />

down a tree. He was marching away with<br />

the tree, happily singing songs.<br />

The scarecrow saw this and said to himself,<br />

“This is outrageous! How dare he chop<br />

down a tree and sing so merrily! I shall follow<br />

him, or as scarecrows say, stalk him<br />

like we stalk crows, for I shall find the purpose<br />

for killing that tree.”<br />

A few minutes later, the scarecrow found<br />

the man inside a house. He looked through<br />

a window and saw the man and his family<br />

joyously decorating the tree. Then the<br />

youngest child put a star atop the tree and<br />

smiled.<br />

“What’s this?” the scarecrow asked.<br />

“They are hanging mistletoe, and putting<br />

strings of lights and a star on the tree. What<br />

is this?<br />

He turned to leave and hit a pole.<br />

“Ouch!” he exclaimed, while reading<br />

a banner on the pole. “Merry Christmas?<br />

Christmas? Then I shall celebrate it, too!”<br />

The next day, he gathered lights, mistletoe,<br />

an ax and a star. Then he chopped<br />

down a tree, and put the lights and star on<br />

it. He then put up more lights and plugged<br />

the lights into a solar panel to make the<br />

lights and star shine. Afterward, he put up<br />

the mistletoe and rested.<br />

He awoke Christmas morning. There<br />

were a box and card underneath the tree.<br />

The card read, Dear Scarecrow, Christmas<br />

is about joy and happiness with friends and<br />

family. Cherish it. From Santa Claus.<br />

He opened the box. Inside it was a book<br />

called Christmas Carols. He opened the<br />

book and sang a song.<br />

Hearing the song, the turkey, a bear,<br />

two squirrels, two hawks, a blue bird and<br />

a partridge in a pear tree soon came.<br />

“Come and sing with me, friends,”<br />

Scarecrow said.<br />

And so the animals sang and helped to<br />

make a feast. I should know, because I am

the scarecrow who celebrates Christmas. I<br />

live in a cave. Bigfoot is my friend and so<br />

are all the animals of the forest. Life has<br />

never been happier!<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

A Magical Combination<br />

by Savanna Schenk<br />

Keene’s Pointe<br />

Christmas isn’t just another day in<br />

December. Christmas is a season that is<br />

celebrated continuously throughout the<br />

entire month. To me, Christmas is one of<br />

the most important holidays. It brings together<br />

friends and family. The elements<br />

of Christmas cheer can be seen in stores,<br />

heard in songs and seen on the faces of<br />

happy children. The beautiful energy is felt<br />

in our hearts as we carry out family traditions,<br />

give gifts and celebrate the birth of<br />

Jesus Christ.<br />

Generally speaking, most families<br />

have traditions they uphold each year<br />

during the holidays. Families of different<br />

backgrounds enjoy foods that are unique<br />

to their culture. People enjoy decorating<br />

their homes and yards to express their<br />

Christmas spirit. Other traditions may<br />

include activities like caroling, making<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 27<br />

Christmas cookies or building gingerbread<br />

houses. Still, others enjoy traveling<br />

to see friends and family in other parts of<br />

the country or world.<br />

Nobody denies that receiving a gift is a<br />

wonderful feeling. However, giving a gift<br />

can be even more rewarding. Taking time<br />

to think of others will definitely improve<br />

their day, as well as yours. Making or buying<br />

gifts for those we love makes them feel<br />

special. In addition to giving gifts to people<br />

we know, Christmas is also about sharing<br />

with those who are less fortunate. We<br />

should always remember how blessed we<br />

are and how important it is to share those<br />

blessings with others.<br />

Most importantly to me, Jesus is the reason<br />

for the season. The spirit of Christmas<br />

underlying all other traditions comes from<br />

the gift of Jesus’ love. His love allows me<br />

to generously spread cheer, hope, purpose<br />

and good will to all.<br />

Above all, Christmas is the magical<br />

combination of family traditions, delicious<br />

food, joyful music, gift-giving and charitable<br />

sharing, all wrapped up in the gift of<br />

Jesus’ love. Even though the world consists<br />

of many different people, we are connected<br />

spiritually. Christmas is so much more<br />

than Dec. 25. It is a time, season, holiday<br />

and spectacular series of events. It is the<br />

ultimate promise of hope, a reason for joy,<br />

and the love that unites us all.<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

The Carriage Ride<br />

by Emily McCarron<br />

Belmere<br />

It was a frigid day in winter. The<br />

streets of England were cold and windy.<br />

Cassandra Wentworth was grateful that<br />

she was in her warm, comfortable carriage<br />

instead of outside. She was riding<br />

home after having tea with her friend,<br />

Abigail Thompson.<br />

As the carriage was nearing<br />

Cassandra’s house, she saw a woman<br />

and children out on the street. They looked<br />

hungry and cold. Cassandra remembered<br />

something her mother had told her. When<br />

Cassandra was little she had asked why<br />

some people didn’t have homes and food.<br />

Her mother told her that some people<br />

were less fortunate than Cassandra, and<br />

everyone couldn’t always afford those<br />

things. Cassandra’s mother told her that<br />

she should always help the less fortunate.<br />

She told Cassandra that if she made a few<br />

people happier, she could make the world<br />

happier.<br />

Cassandra told the driver to stop.<br />

The driver stopped the carriage, and<br />

Cassandra stepped outside.<br />

Gathering up her courage, she walked<br />

over to the woman and said, “Hello, would<br />

you like to go on a carriage ride?”<br />

The woman was hesitant and confused<br />

at first, but when one of her children said,<br />

“Mama, can we go?” she agreed.<br />

Once comfortably seated in the carriage,<br />

Cassandra told the driver to take the<br />

carriage around the streets for a short time.<br />

During that time, Cassandra and the lady,<br />

whose name was Charlotte, made cheerful<br />

conversation.<br />

Charlotte repeatedly said how happy<br />

she was that Cassandra had offered to<br />

give her and her children — Thomas, Mary<br />

and Rose — a carriage ride. Charlotte said<br />

that it was enough kindness to last them a<br />

lifetime.<br />

Cassandra thought about what she<br />

had done and how happy she had made<br />

Charlotte and her family. Cassandra wanted<br />

to do more for them.<br />


28 x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />


She turned to Charlotte and said,<br />

“Would you like to come stay in my house?<br />

We have plenty of room.”<br />

Charlotte and her children were overjoyed<br />

after hearing the offer, and after seeing<br />

the happiness in her children’s faces,<br />

Charlotte accepted. That day, Charlotte,<br />

Thomas, Mary and Rose went to live with<br />

Cassandra.<br />

A few weeks later, it was Christmas.<br />

The chefs were very busy preparing a<br />

large Christmas dinner for the many people<br />

living in Cassandra’s house. Inviting<br />

Charlotte and her children to live with<br />

her made Cassandra feel happy, so she<br />

continued searching for poor families in<br />

town, offering them rides in her carriage<br />

and a nice place to live at her house.<br />

By Christmas, the house was full of men,<br />

women and children who were grateful<br />

for Cassandra’s kindness. All of the people<br />

Cassandra had helped were in warm<br />

spirits.<br />

Adults were sitting by the fire, talking;<br />

children were merrily playing; and everyone<br />

was greatly anticipating the meal that<br />

was yet to come. The happiest person in<br />

the room was Cassandra. She was filled<br />

with joy at the sight of the people’s happy<br />

faces.<br />

Cassandra worked for the rest of her life<br />

to seek out people who needed help and<br />

give them places to stay and food to eat.<br />

Her home became known as The Carriage<br />

House, and people were always welcome<br />

to come in and stay for as long as they<br />

needed.<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

What Christmas Means to Me<br />

by Emily Meena<br />

Westover Club<br />

Ding! Oh, the delicious gingerbread<br />

cookies I’d been awaiting all season were<br />

ready to come out of the oven! I opened<br />

the oven and grinned as the mouthwatering<br />

scents of cinnamon and spices wafted<br />

into my nose. I pulled the long tray out of<br />

the oven and set it on the granite counter. I<br />

grazed my hands over the warm cookies,<br />

picked the perfect one, and popped the<br />

chewy goodness into my watering mouth.<br />

Christmas means many things to me. I love<br />

the holiday festivities and celebrations.<br />

Christmas means spending time with family,<br />

dong classic Christmas traditions — like<br />

decorating the tree, of course! — and<br />

giving to others.<br />

Spending time with family is a great<br />

way to create everlasting memories. I enjoy<br />

chattering about the true meaning of<br />

Christmas, a baby born to save the world,<br />

instead of worrying about if I’m going to<br />

receive the item I’ve been waiting for all<br />

year long.<br />

My family eats a feast Christmas night<br />

with refreshing sparkling cider, tender turkey,<br />

buttery rolls and freshly mashed potatoes.<br />

I like reading Christmas stories with<br />

them and excitedly waiting all season to<br />

have fun Christmas Day. We have a blast<br />

searching all over town to find the perfect<br />

tree, not too skinny or tall, with just the right<br />

number of branches to hang all our meaningful<br />

ornaments.<br />

Celebrating classic holiday traditions,<br />

like baking Christmas cookies and hanging<br />

sparkling lights outside to make our<br />

house glow, really help enhance the swollen<br />

excitement of the holiday season.<br />

Decorating our Christmas tree is one of<br />

my favorite things, carefully hanging delicate<br />

ornaments and stringing lights on<br />

the tall branches while listening to cheery<br />

Christmas music. It’s just a great way to<br />

bond with family. I love wrapping presents<br />

for others, using decorative wrapping<br />

paper, and placing the presents under<br />

the tree. Baking gingerbread and buttery<br />

shortbread cookies is definitely one of the<br />

best things to do during the busy holiday<br />

season. I like to decorate them with small,<br />

colorful sprinkles and use cookie cutters to<br />

mold them into festive shapes like angels,<br />

reindeer, bells, etc.<br />

After that, giving to others is a joyful<br />

thing. It produces a happy bond between<br />

you and the receiver. We give to<br />

celebrate how God sent His son so we<br />

could be saved and have eternal life with<br />

Him in heaven. I love seeing people open<br />

gifts I gave them and wearing a smile on<br />

their faces as they tear it open. When you<br />

give to others, it creates warm feelings all<br />

around. Plus, ripping open a delicately<br />

wrapped present and getting what you’ve<br />

always wanted is sure to bring a smile to<br />

your face.<br />

To sum it all up, Christmas has many<br />

heartfelt meanings. The music, exchanging<br />

of gifts, gobbling down a well-prepared<br />

feast — it’s all great, but it’s the holiday’s<br />

real meaning, Jesus, that is the joy of the<br />

Christmas season.<br />

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Honorable Mention<br />

Hanukkahistmas<br />

by Kadance Jablon<br />

Wintermere Harbor<br />

Meet Hunter. Hunter is an outgoing<br />

Christian boy. He loves to pray with his<br />

family and go to church. It was the week<br />

before Christmas, and Hunter was excited.<br />

He loved seeing relatives, opening presents<br />

and praising his Lord and savior.<br />

Hunter noticed there were no Christmas<br />

decorations in school. He asked Ms.<br />

Hansford, his teacher, “Where are all the<br />

Christmas decorations?”<br />

“Not everyone celebrates Christmas,<br />

Hunter,” a boy named Joseph interrupted.<br />

“So, what do you celebrate?” asked<br />

Hunter, suddenly feeling threatened.<br />

“Hanukkah,” Joseph replied.<br />

“Oh, that holiday they copied off of<br />

Christianity?” Hunter asked.<br />

“Actually, Judaism was first, so the<br />

Christians copied us,” Joseph said confidently,<br />

while giving Hunter a death glare.<br />

Joseph was the shy Jewish boy in Hunter’s<br />

class. He was just as excited for Hanukkah<br />

as Hunter was about Christmas, except<br />

Joseph always felt left out. He was the only<br />

kid in class who celebrated Hanukkah.<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 29<br />

Ms. Hansford pulled the boys away from<br />

each other.<br />

“Boys! This won’t be tolerated at our<br />

school. Go to detention, and think about<br />

what you have done.”<br />

The boys sat in detention without saying<br />

a word. All of a sudden, a blast of wind<br />

brushed Joseph’s face, and a golden door<br />

appeared out of nowhere. A man came<br />

through the door. He was wearing an old<br />

cloak and had a brown goatee.<br />

The mysterious man said nothing, but<br />

guided his hand toward the door, wanting<br />

the boys to go through. Without thinking,<br />

they went.<br />

“Have fun in Israel,” the man said, closing<br />

the door behind the boys.<br />

Then the boys fell and landed in sand.<br />

“Hunter, do you know where we are?”<br />

Joseph questioned happily.<br />

Not waiting for Hunter to answer, Joseph<br />

pointed at a temple and told the story of<br />

how Hanukkah began.<br />

“There was a Jewish group called the<br />

Maccabees. They were on a journey to<br />

take back the temple from Antiochus IV<br />

Epiphanes, the Syrian Greek leader. Sadly,<br />

after they got to the temple, there was only<br />

enough oil to light the building for one day.<br />

Then there was a miracle. The oil lit the entire<br />

temple for eight days. The Maccabees<br />

gained confidence and defeated Antiochus<br />

IV Epiphanes.”<br />

“Wow, that is a miracle!” Hunter exclaimed<br />

in awe.<br />

Then, all of a sudden, the golden door<br />

popped up again, and the mysterious wind<br />

pushed them into the door, which led them<br />

to Bethlehem.<br />

In the city of Bethlehem, it was a warm<br />

and silent night. The boys saw a wooden<br />

stable, and Hunter knew exactly what it<br />

was.<br />

“This is where Jesus was born!” he exclaimed<br />

excitedly.<br />

“If this is where Jesus was born, then<br />

why is it so warm?” Joseph asked. “Isn’t<br />

Christmas in December?”<br />

“Jesus was born in June, but we celebrate<br />

in December,” Hunter said. “It’s<br />

like Christians are celebrating Jesus’ halfbirthday.<br />

December is six months after<br />

June.”<br />

“Wow, I never knew that,” Joseph said.<br />

The boys watched the Virgin Mary show<br />

baby Jesus to the town.<br />

The golden door appeared, and the<br />

man in the old cloak showed up.<br />

“Did you boys learn your lesson?” he<br />

asked.<br />

The boys explained to the man how it<br />

was not nice to judge someone based on<br />

his or her religion or background. They<br />

learned that other religions may not be that<br />

bad.<br />

“Boys, boys!” It was Ms. Hansford,<br />

trying to wake them up. “You better have<br />

learned your lesson. I heard you’ve been<br />

asleep most of the time.<br />

The boys became friends after their<br />

journey. They even shared winter break<br />

together. They also celebrated with<br />

their families. You may be wondering<br />

what holiday they decided to celebrate.<br />

Well, they celebrated their own holiday,<br />

Hanukkahistmas.<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

What Christmas Means to Me<br />

by Caden Collins<br />

Lake Butler Sound<br />

Yay! Christmas is here! On Christmas,<br />

my family opens their presents first thing<br />

in the morning while listening to Christmas<br />

music. We stay at home on Christmas.<br />


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Something I really like about Christmas<br />

is to see what I get for presents. Sometimes<br />

I shake the box and try to guess what’s<br />

inside. My sister and I take turns opening<br />

gifts. It is hard to wait for my sister. She<br />

takes a long time opening each one. I like<br />

to open the big presents first, because the<br />

better presents are usually in the bigger<br />

boxes! I like to see the look on my sister’s<br />

face when she opens the gift from me. I try<br />

to get her something that will make her really<br />

happy. She always gives me the biggest<br />

hug after opening my gift, and, of course,<br />

my parents take pictures.<br />

We have family and friends come over<br />

on Christmas. I like to play games with<br />

them when they arrive. We play board<br />

games, or baseball or football outside.<br />

After we come in, we play games on the<br />

PS4 while my family puts together the gifts<br />

that we opened. One of my favorite games<br />

to play is Call of Duty, which took my parents<br />

forever to finally get for me.<br />

I start to smell the food, and this makes<br />

me hungry. After playing on my game for<br />

a while, I go downstairs to eat with my family.<br />

Some of my favorite things to eat are<br />

my mom’s famous macaroni and cheese,<br />

mashed potatoes and stuffing.<br />

“This is so good!” everyone says. “I want<br />

more!”<br />

We go around the table and say what<br />

we are thankful for. I always say, “family.”<br />

My mom always cries, because she<br />

is so happy, and every year, I tell her not<br />

to. After we are done eating, we go into<br />

the pool and hot tub until it is time for dessert.<br />

My sister makes the best cookies and<br />

brownies.<br />

Those are the reasons I like Christmas —<br />

for family, friends, presents and food. The<br />

next time Christmas comes, it will be even<br />

better!<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

Unbeliever<br />

by Gabrielle Urton<br />

Winter Garden<br />

Snow fell as softly as a feather from the<br />

heavens above. The air was filled with the<br />

sweet smells of gingerbread and peppermint.<br />

The sleepy town was painted with colors<br />

of delight. But of this delight, Charlotte<br />

had none.<br />

No one blamed her for this. After all, her<br />

season was probably anything but pleasant.<br />

Four hours was all the sleep she got.<br />

Eleven hours for school, and then it was off<br />

to work for the remaining nine. An extra<br />

hour or two of sleep was a luxury for her as<br />

she spent her days working and studying.<br />

This left her no time for the holidays, not<br />

that it would matter. Charlotte hadn’t celebrated<br />

Christmas since she was 15. Not<br />

only did she not believe in Christmas, she<br />

didn’t believe in the spirit of Christmas or<br />

the magic it produced. She hated being<br />

with her family and friends. She thought it<br />

was a waste of valuable time. But, all that<br />

changed one Friday night.<br />

It was a busy day, and Charlotte got home<br />

later than usual. As soon as she walked into<br />

her apartment, she was shocked. It was<br />

decorated with candy canes, cotton snow,<br />

a beautiful garland swirling around the railing,<br />

a giant wool stocking was hung neatly<br />

above the hearth, and in the center of the<br />

room stood a 5-foot-tall pine tree. The tree<br />

was exquisitely covered with ribbons, popcorn<br />

strings and gorgeous ornaments bursting<br />

with color. Charlotte determined not to<br />

investigate the mysterious decorations. She<br />

had more homework than usual and would<br />

have to get up extra early.<br />

The next day, she awoke only to find<br />

that breakfast was already prepared, but<br />

not the way she did it. Her breakfast was<br />

usually a simple cup of coffee. Today,<br />

there were freshly cooked omelets filled<br />

with cheese, tomatoes and onions. There<br />

was hot bacon sizzling in the frying pan.<br />

There were pumpkin-flavored pancakes<br />

dipped in maple syrup. And to top it off,<br />

there was hot cocoa covered in whipped<br />

cream and sprinkled with peppermint<br />

candies.<br />

Things were getting out of hand.<br />

Neighbors came over with plates of cookies.<br />

As for school, her teacher called and<br />

said she had the day off. She decided to<br />

go shopping and found herself looking for<br />

Christmas presents for her family.<br />

I don’t have the money to buy presents,<br />

Charlotte thought quietly to herself. Just<br />

then her boss called and gave her a promotion.<br />

It included a raise and Christmas<br />

bonus. These miracles continued for the remainder<br />

of the day.<br />

She came home, still trying to figure out<br />

everything, and that’s when she saw an elegantly<br />

decorated Christmas card on the<br />

mantle. She opened it and read.<br />

Dearest Charlotte,<br />

I know you are confused right now.<br />

Anyone would be, but you are someone<br />

who needs this the most. You are caught up

in all this chaos, and you don’t even notice.<br />

So all day I’ve been trying to make your life<br />

easier. Just remember, sometimes it’s OK to<br />

spend time with your family and friends.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

St. Nicholas<br />

In shock, Charlotte started thinking<br />

about the past few months. She never<br />

called her family, tried to make friends,<br />

or talked to anybody other than her boss.<br />

Now she wanted to change that. Quickly<br />

she wrapped the presents she had bought.<br />

A few short hours later she was on her<br />

family’s doorstep, carrying the presents<br />

and a huge plate of Christmas goodies.<br />

She nervously rang the doorbell. Her family<br />

came to the door, and a huge smile<br />

spread across her face as she whispered,<br />

“Merry Christmas!” and it was.<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

A Grand Resolution<br />

by Adam Griffiths<br />

Westfield<br />

It’s Dec. 30. Most people are snuggling<br />

up by a warm fire. Not me. I live in Florida,<br />

and it’s always hot here. So instead, I’m<br />

getting a start on my spring cleaning. I<br />

see boxes covered with dirt. Half-opened,<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 31<br />

untouched, they remind me of old times. I<br />

see old crates, old papers, pictures, shoes,<br />

jars — actually, I feel like I’ve seen this jar.<br />

Then it hits me like a truck. I remember that<br />

it’s filled with old New Year’s resolutions.<br />

“Too late for that,” I whisper to myself.<br />

Then my parents’ voices surge through<br />

my head.<br />

“When was the last time you went<br />

through with a plan?”<br />

I open the jar and take out a crumpled<br />

Post-it note.<br />

“2012. See Grand Canyon. Wow, was I<br />

optimistic that year.”<br />

I stand up, feeling OK with myself. Then<br />

I take a good look at my house. Unpainted<br />

walls, half-unpacked boxes, overgrown<br />

weeds. I inhale a pale, dusty breath of air<br />

and decide what I’m going to do. I’m going<br />

to see the Grand Canyon.<br />

I’ve always loved driving — big cities,<br />

large mountains, and, since I’m in Texas,<br />

long deserts.<br />

“Nothin’ for 150 miles,” I say to myself.<br />

Then I start speeding up, 50 mph, 70<br />

mph, 90, 75 ...<br />

“Huh?”<br />

50, 30, 20.<br />

“Oh, no.”<br />

My car comes to a complete stop, and I<br />

get a really bad feeling. I check my watch,<br />

and it reads 6:30. I turn to the road and put<br />

my thumb up.<br />

After some waiting, a car drives up. It’s<br />

a black street racer with gold rims and a<br />

bumper sticker that reads “Bad to the Bone.”<br />

It’s not ideal, but I don’t really have a choice.<br />

Then from the backseat of the car steps<br />

this guy. He has to be twice my size, tattooed<br />

from head to toe, and wearing the<br />

scariest leather jacket I’ve ever seen.<br />

“Hey,” he says. “I’m Jose. Where you<br />

headed?”<br />

“Grand Canyon,” I reply.<br />

“Niceee,” he says, making a hissing<br />

sound from his cracked, golden teeth.<br />

He stuffs me inside the small backseat,<br />

saying not to mind Pablo, another creepy<br />

guy sitting on the other side of me, and<br />

we’re off.<br />

After a very long time of uncomfortably<br />

driving, we arrive at a visitors center.<br />

“Money?” Jose asks.<br />

“What money?” I ask back.<br />

“We drove you here. You give us<br />

money,” Pablo explains.<br />

“Well, I don’t have any money on me<br />

so ...”<br />

I’m quickly thrown out of the car, and it<br />

hurts a lot.<br />

I brush myself off and check my watch. It<br />

reads 10:57, and I walk inside. I see people<br />

leaving, and a worker shouts, “Closing<br />

time 11 p.m.”<br />

I freak out and jump into a storage closet.<br />

I can hear security guards roaming the<br />

halls.<br />

After a while of waiting, I check my<br />

watch again. It reads 11:58 p.m. I’ve come<br />

all this way, so I sneak out. I go out into<br />

the hallway, trying to avoid the flashlights.<br />

I stand by one last corner, by a crackedopen<br />

door.<br />

Then I hear the guards counting down.<br />

This is my opportunity. They are looking at<br />

their watches, so I run through the hall to<br />

the door.<br />

I burst out the door, and half of my body<br />

flies off the railing. I’m thinking millions of<br />

things, but all I can hear is the guards yelling,<br />

“Happy New Year!” All I can see is a<br />

huge firework fly over the canyon and burst<br />

into a thousand tiny sparkles that float over<br />

a beautiful river, and I think to myself, It was<br />

all worth it.<br />



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Honorable Mention<br />

An Elf & Two Kids<br />

by Alex Wells<br />

Wesmere<br />

One day, the Smith family received a<br />

gift. The gift was The Elf on the Shelf, and<br />

his name was Charlie. Every night while<br />

the Smith family was asleep, Charlie traveled<br />

to the North Pole to tell Santa how the<br />

family’s children, Katy and John, were behaving.<br />

Katy and John Smith were siblings.<br />

Katy was John’s little sister. Katy was high<br />

on the Christmas spirit, but John thought<br />

Christmas was silly and Santa was a big<br />

phony. One early morning, as the sun’s<br />

rays were just starting to peek over the horizon,<br />

Charlie returned from the North Pole.<br />

Unknown to him, Katy was in the kitchen<br />

getting a cool glass of water.<br />

With a sudden shriek, Katy spotted<br />

Charlie.<br />

“Shh. Shh!” Charlie begged in a hushed<br />

tone. “Please, I’ll be caught!”<br />

“Who are you, and what are you doing<br />

in my house?” Katy asked alarmingly.<br />

“I’m Charlie, you’re elf.”<br />

“But why are you talking and moving<br />

around? Are you magical?” Katy whispered<br />

excitedly.<br />

“Yes, and I need you and your brother’s<br />

help,” Charlie said. “You see, every night<br />

I travel to the North Pole to report on how<br />

you and John are behaving. But this time<br />

when I arrived, I saw something horrible.<br />

The worker elves, who are responsible for<br />

making all the gifts, are refusing to work,<br />

because they claim that hardly any kids still<br />

believe like you do.”<br />

“So what do you need from me?” Katy<br />

asked.<br />

“I need you and your brother to come<br />

with me to the North Pole and convince the<br />

elves in the workshop to continue making<br />

gifts for all the children around the world,”<br />

Charlie said.<br />

“OK, but John doesn’t believe in<br />

Christmas,” Katy said in a depressed voice.<br />

“He thinks it’s stupid.”<br />

“Don’t worry about it,” Charlie said.<br />

“Once he sees me, he’ll know Christmas is<br />

real.”<br />

Katy and Charlie tiptoed to John’s room<br />

to wake him up.<br />

“John, John, wake up,” Katy whispered.<br />

“No, it’s too early,” John mumbled.<br />

“Come on, John,” Charlie said. “We<br />

need your help to save Christmas.”<br />

Suddenly, John shot straight up like a<br />

rocket.<br />

“Who are you!” he screamed.<br />

“Keep it down,” Charlie said. “You’ll<br />

wake your parents. I’m Charlie, your Elf on<br />

the Shelf. I need you to come with us to<br />

save Christmas.”<br />

“I must be hallucinating,” John said.<br />

“You’re not,” Katy said.<br />

Charlie explained the crisis they faced<br />

at the North Pole, and soon enough, John<br />

agreed to go.<br />

“Grab your coats, kids,” Charlie said.<br />

“It’s cold in the North Pole.”<br />

“How are we going to get to the North<br />

Pole anyway?” John asked.<br />

“Through magic,” Charlie said.<br />

“Awesome!” Katy said.<br />

“I don’t know about this,” John said.<br />

“Don’t worry,” Charlie said reassuredly.<br />

“Santa’s sled is safe.”<br />

And suddenly, using his magic, Charlie<br />

made Santa’s beautiful red sled appear.<br />

“Wow, that’s amazing,” Katy exclaimed,<br />

as she instantly started petting the reindeer.<br />

“Come on, kids,” Charlie said. “Get in.<br />

We don’t have much time.”<br />

Katy jumped right in while John, looking<br />

a bit sickly, got in slowly.<br />

“Here we go,” Charlie said, as they<br />

blasted off from the Smith’s front yard in the<br />

cool, early-morning air.<br />

A few hours later, they arrived at the<br />

North Pole.<br />

“Alright, we’re here,” Charlie said, as<br />

they landed in a snowy courtyard.<br />

“Now, remember what I told you. Once<br />

we get to the workshop, you two need to<br />

convince the elves to continue working.”<br />

The group met Santa in the workshop<br />

and gathered the elves. Katy and John<br />

gave an emotional and moving speech,<br />

and convinced the worker elves to continue<br />

making gifts for all the children who<br />

still believed in the magic of Christmas.<br />

Afterward, they returned home, and Katy<br />

and John had the best Christmas ever!<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

The Magic of Christmas<br />

by Katharine Nguyen<br />

Windsor Landing<br />

There was a girl named Emily who was<br />

very rich. She was spoiled, selfish and<br />

rude, and her mind was full of hatred. She<br />

never thought of other people.<br />

One day, her grandma demanded<br />

that Emily go outside. After five minutes,<br />

she found herself deep in the woods. She

wandered farther and heard something.<br />

It sounded like a drum. She followed the<br />

sound and saw a boy hitting a log. She<br />

thought the boy was poor and ugly-looking.<br />

She went up behind him and said, “Ugly<br />

face, get out of my forest!”<br />

She kicked the log away from him and<br />

stomped on it. The child cried and ran<br />

away. She seemed to enjoy that very much<br />

and laughed so hard her face turned red.<br />

Suddenly, a young boy about her age<br />

appeared and said, “Don’t treat people<br />

like that. They might help you someday.”<br />

Then he vanished. Emily was so upset<br />

that she ran and ran. She did not see a big<br />

hole and fell into it. She broke her leg and<br />

yelped in pain. It was starting to get dark,<br />

and she was scared.<br />

“Help! Help!” she screamed.<br />

Luckily, someone nearby heard her and<br />

rescued her. It turned out to be the little<br />

boy she had yelled at. He was surprisingly<br />

strong and carried her out of the forest.<br />

The young boy returned and said, “I<br />

bet you are glad that boy helped you. You<br />

should be nice to people.”<br />

She looked down and thought about<br />

what had happened. She wanted to apologize<br />

to both the child and the young boy,<br />

but they were nowhere to be found.<br />

When her family came back, they noticed<br />

that Emily’s behavior had changed.<br />

She was nicer to people. One Sunday, they<br />

convinced her to go to church. She didn’t<br />

know anyone and wandered around until<br />

she saw a girl about her own age. Emily<br />

was nervous, because she had never made<br />

a friend before.<br />

She approached the girl and said, “Hey,<br />

my name is Emily. What is your name?”<br />

“Are you talking to me?” the girl asked.<br />

“Yes,” Emily said.<br />

“Oh, my name is Avery,” the girl said.<br />

“That is a beautiful name,” Emily said.<br />

They played board games, tag and puzzles<br />

all afternoon. When the day was over,<br />

Emily had found a best friend!<br />

The next year, one week before<br />

Christmas, Avery’s mom grew very ill.<br />

Avery was crying, and she said that her<br />

mom might die. Her family was too poor to<br />

afford a doctor to cure her mom’s disease.<br />

Emily couldn’t forget what her friend had<br />

said. It bothered her so much that she decided<br />

to break her piggy bank and get the<br />

money to pay for a doctor to cure Avery’s<br />

mom. Luckily, the doctor was able to cure the<br />

fever. Avery was so happy. She gave Emily<br />

a beautiful guitar to return her kindness.<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 33<br />

On Sunday, Emily went to church as usual.<br />

The priest told a legend of two brothers<br />

who often appear around Christmastime.<br />

They sounded exactly like the two boys<br />

Emily had met last year. When the story<br />

was over, Emily asked the priest if the boys<br />

in the story could be Christmas ghosts.<br />

“Yes, they could be,” the priest replied.<br />

“Why do you ask?”<br />

“I met two boys similar to the ones in<br />

your story,” Emily said.<br />

“Maybe they are,” the priest said.<br />

Emily wandered around the church.<br />

Something on a stained-glass window<br />

caught her attention. She saw the two boys<br />

that she had met in the forest last Christmas.<br />

They were smiling and waving at her. She<br />

blinked her eyes and looked closer. This<br />

time, she did not see them, only a picture of<br />

two young boys. But in her mind, she knew<br />

they were the spirit boys who had helped<br />

her to be a nicer, better person.<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

Santa’s Daughter<br />

Reaches a Milestone<br />

by Madeline Heald<br />

Windermere Chase<br />

Carol sighed as she hauled a bucket of<br />

blue paint to the elves’ workshop. It wasn’t<br />

easy being Santa the 31st’s daughter.<br />

(Yes, there is more than one Santa. If there<br />

was only one, he would be hundreds of<br />

years old.)<br />

Why couldn’t she have a better job? She<br />

was responsible, smart, quick-witted and<br />

caring. Couldn’t she manage something like<br />

taking the reindeer and sleigh out for a practice<br />

run? But, alas, here she was being the<br />

bossy elves’ paint-fetching servant. How fun.<br />

As soon as she arrived, the elves said as<br />

one, “Santa wants to see you. Set down the<br />

paint and go now.”<br />

Carol set the paint down and trudged<br />

through the snow in her black boots, her red<br />

dress dragging along. She squealed as she<br />

slipped on the snow and slid down a slope,<br />

her brown braids whipping behind her.<br />

“Well,” she said aloud. “That’s certainly<br />

a way to get down here quickly.”<br />

She dusted off her dress and stepped inside<br />

the house. Immediately, Evelyn Claus,<br />

her mother, rushed over and made sure she<br />

was OK. Then she started talking.<br />

“Yourfathersaysyou’rereadybutIdon’tt<br />

hinkso.You’reonly12yearsofagesoyoung<br />

and ...“<br />


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“Stop, Mother,” Carol said. “Talk slowly.<br />

What is it?”<br />

“Your father is going ... well, we want<br />

you to ...“<br />

Her mother stopped and burst into tears.<br />

Carol figured she would have to ask her<br />

father what was going on if she wanted to<br />

know. So, she slid from her mother’s grasp<br />

and went to find her father.<br />

“It’s Christmas Eve, C, the night of ...” her<br />

father started to say.<br />

Carol could tell her father was at a loss<br />

for words, so she quickly helped him.<br />

“Amazingness?” she asked.<br />

“Yes,” her father said, beaming at her.<br />

“Now remember, don’t skip any houses<br />

and have fun!”<br />

Carol’s mother hugged her tightly and<br />

then burst into a lecture about safety and<br />

rules.<br />

“It’s going to be all right, Mother,” Carol<br />

said. “I can take care of myself.”<br />

The big surprise was that Carol was going<br />

to get to drop off all of the presents this year.<br />

The reindeer landed the sleigh on a<br />

roof, and Carol hopped out, holding three<br />

presents. She walked over to the chimney,<br />

took a deep breath, and jumped in. She<br />

slid down a few inches and then stopped.<br />

Carol was stuck.<br />

How can my father do this? she wondered.<br />

I should have been practicing back<br />

at home.<br />

Carol wormed her way down the chimney<br />

and set the presents by the tree. Then<br />

she went out the door and whistled for the<br />

reindeer to come and get her. The rest of<br />

the night went flawlessly, and Carol worked<br />

until morning.<br />

When she got back home, her mother<br />

rushed over and hugged her while her father<br />

asked, “How did it go, C?”<br />

“Amazing,” Carol replied. “Can I do it<br />

again next year?”<br />

Her father looked at her mother, who<br />

said, “I don’t see why not.”<br />

“I can’t wait!” Carol exclaimed.<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

A Christmas Miracle<br />

by Gabriella Bull<br />

Carriage Point<br />

It was Christmas Eve night. No one was<br />

awake, except me, Gabby. I was going to<br />

the bathroom when I looked out the window.<br />

I saw a glistening light in the sky!<br />

Was it Santa and his reindeer? “Nah,”<br />

I whispered. I continued walking to the<br />

bathroom.<br />

When I came out, I heard a creeaakkk,<br />

and the front door opened. I quickly ran<br />

into a dark corner so no one could see me.<br />

Then, right before my eyes, I saw him<br />

— Santa gobbling up the milk and cookies<br />

I had left for him before I went to bed.<br />

He also put presents underneath the tree.<br />

Man, he’s fat, I thought. When he left about<br />

10 minutes later, I went back to my warm,<br />

cozy bed.<br />

In the morning, beautifully wrapped<br />

presents were under the tree, and my reindeer<br />

stocking was filled with candy canes.<br />

Then, my sister, Alex, and Mom came out<br />

of their bedrooms.<br />

“I saw Santa. I really did!” I said to my<br />

mom.<br />

“That’s a nice dream you had, sweetie,”<br />

Mom responded.<br />

“No. I really truly saw him. It wasn’t a<br />

dream,” I said.<br />

“Prove it,” Alex said.<br />

“I ... but, whatever,” I stammered. “Let’s<br />

just open presents.”<br />

I ended up getting a bunch of cool toys.<br />

But what I didn’t notice until we were done<br />

opening gifts, was our elf, Sparkie, holding<br />

a letter. It read: Dear Gabby, Even if your<br />

mom or sister Alex don’t believe you, I do. I<br />

saw you last night. Santa. P.S. Show this to<br />

your family to prove them wrong.<br />

So that’s what I did, and you should’ve<br />

seen Alex’s face. (Shh ... don’t tell her I said<br />

that.)<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

The Winter Holiday<br />

by Bryce Ownby<br />

Oaks of Windermere<br />

John hated winter. It was always cold,<br />

and he couldn’t play outside. His brothers,<br />

Tim and Jensen, loved playing outside and<br />

had snowball fights every day, but John<br />

hated it. On the first day of winter break,<br />

all John did was wake up, eat, watch ESPN<br />

SportsCenter, and sleep. He did the same<br />

thing the entire first week of winter break.<br />

He had grown tired of watching golf highlights<br />

from Dubai and soccer Plays of the<br />

Day from a tournament in Sao Paulo.<br />

Then, on the first day of the second week<br />

of winter break, John got sick of moping<br />

around. He looked out the window and<br />

saw, as usual, Tim and Jensen playing<br />

outside. But he also saw that there was a<br />


moving truck in front of the deserted house<br />

down the street. John decided to investigate,<br />

so he put on his pants, jacket and<br />

boots, and went outside. After dodging his<br />

brothers’ snow grenades, he made a beeline<br />

toward the moving truck. When he got<br />

there, he saw a boy, who seemed to be<br />

about his age, sitting on the snowy lawn of<br />

the formerly empty house.<br />

All of a sudden, the boy jumped up and<br />

said, “Hi!” So John said hi back and asked<br />

the boy if he liked spaghetti. The boy replied,<br />

“Of course,” and they continued their<br />

conversation. Before John knew it, the sun<br />

had gone down. So John said, “Goodbye,”<br />

and promised to come back the next day.<br />

The boy told John that he thought that was<br />

a great idea, and that when John had<br />

shown up earlier that day, he had been sitting<br />

on the front lawn, lonely, and missing<br />

his friends back in Cleveland.<br />

“Wow!” exclaimed John. “Are you<br />

friends with Lebron James or Kevin Love?”<br />

The boy, whose named turned out to<br />

be Phillip, quickly replied, “No, but my<br />

dad took me to a game at the Quicken<br />

Loans Arena to watch the Cavaliers play<br />

the 76ers just before we moved to our new<br />

house.”<br />

At that moment, John realized that winter<br />

wasn’t so bad if you enjoy it with friends.<br />

The next morning, John went back to<br />

Phillip’s house, where they played tag until<br />

lunchtime, at which point John asked if<br />

Phillip and his family wanted to come over<br />

for Christmas Eve dinner that night. Phillip’s<br />

parents said, “Yes,” and they all went to<br />

John’s at 6:30 p.m. They enjoyed dinner,<br />

and while the parents shared stories of<br />

their fondest childhood Christmas memories,<br />

Phillip and John played Monopoly<br />

with Tim and Jensen until 9:15 p.m. They<br />

only stopped because Phillip’s parents were<br />

tired from five days of moving and unpacking.<br />

The evening ended with agreements<br />

from the children to finish their Monopoly<br />

duel the morning after Christmas. Later that<br />

week, Phillip’s parents invited John and his<br />

family to their housewarming party, where<br />

they joined in the family’s celebration of<br />

Kwanza. John, as well as everyone else<br />

there that night, knew this was the beginning<br />

of a lifelong friendship.<br />

Even after winter break ended, John<br />

and Phillip continued to play after school<br />

every day. Gone were the days of soggy<br />

Cheerios mixed with boring golf highlights<br />

from places where it was still warm in the<br />

middle of winter. Winter soon passed into<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 35<br />

spring, and the boys filled their days with<br />

basketball and puzzles. Even when the<br />

seasons circled back around, John never<br />

looked toward winter with the same dread<br />

as he had before.<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

Eid for Everyone<br />

by Mohammed Muzakkir<br />

Emerald Woods Forest<br />

Will Eid, a Muslim holiday, be a happy<br />

celebration for all or a despair for some?<br />

Stargaze and his family visited the<br />

mosque the night before Eid. This was a<br />

usual practice in their community. The<br />

whole community was in a festive mood in<br />

celebration of Eid. Stargaze and his friends<br />

were playing beside the mosque, and he<br />

heard a little boy talking to his mom.<br />

“Can we buy some new clothes for Eid?”<br />

the little boy asked.<br />

“We can’t, because we don’t have any<br />

money,” the little boy’s mom said.<br />

Stargaze really wanted to help them and<br />

had a fabulous idea — to collect money for<br />

the poor. He went inside the mosque and<br />

made an announcement.<br />

“Who wants to have shiny cars for Eid?”<br />

he asked. “We are offering an excellent<br />

deal. A $5 car wash right here and right<br />

now while you all relish your night before<br />

Eid. Please raise your hand if you agree to<br />

this plan.”<br />

Everyone in the mosque raised their<br />

hands for the car wash, and the little boy’s<br />

mom thought that it was a great idea to<br />

earn money.<br />

“OK, then, we will begin the car wash in<br />

15 minutes sharp,” Stargaze said.<br />

He raced to his friends to make all of the<br />

arrangements.<br />

“Friends, I need your help with washing<br />

all the cars in this parking lot, and we<br />

have to be ready in 15 minutes,” he said.<br />

“Starlight, can you go to the nearby store<br />

to get supplies?”<br />

“I’m going right now,” Starlight said.<br />

“Sunny, you are responsible for collecting<br />

money,” Stargaze said.<br />

“Got it,” Sunny affirmed.<br />

“Great, we’ve got towels, car-washing<br />

liquid, window-washing liquid, car polish,<br />

and special cloth for window and tire<br />

cleaning,” Super said.<br />

“Looks like we are ready, friends,”<br />

Telescope added.<br />

Stargaze and his friends started car<br />

washing as planned. They were halfway<br />

done with the cars until ...<br />

“Stargaze, Princess Pixel heard about<br />

our plan, and she is on her way to ruin it,”<br />

Night warned.<br />

“Oh, no!” Bright exclaimed.<br />

Stargaze thought of a brilliant plan very,<br />

very quickly.<br />

“I think this should be easy,” he said hesitantly.<br />

“We are seven, so let’s divide and<br />

rule. Sunny, you continue to collect money<br />

and make sure you keep it safe. The boys<br />

will continue to wash the cars, and the girls<br />

will get ready to fight Princess Pixel.”<br />

“I can fight and defeat her,” Night<br />

claimed.<br />

“So can I,” Starlight said.<br />

“And I’ll continue to wash cars,”<br />

Telescope said.<br />

“Let’s do this!” Bright exclaimed.<br />

“Now,” Super said.<br />

Princess Pixel came flying in with her<br />

Dirt-Ray. The girls were ready to secure the<br />

cars from the dirt with their rackets.<br />

Every time Princess Pixel tried to mess up<br />

the cars, the girls would defend with their<br />

rackets and push the dirt back at the princess.<br />

The princess challenged Stargaze to<br />

fight, and he agreed.<br />

While Pixel and Stargaze were fighting<br />

continuously, the cars were already<br />



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sparkling clean. Stargaze skillfully distracted<br />

the princess from messing up the cars<br />

and courageously won the battle.<br />

“I’m going to be back soon,” Pixel said.<br />

Princess Pixel felt embarrassed and left.<br />

“Now let us celebrate Eid,” Stargaze<br />

said.<br />

Everyone had fun and collected money<br />

for the indigent family. The little boy<br />

and his family got new clothes for Eid.<br />

Stargaze’s friends and family learned that<br />

you should always believe in the spirit of<br />

Eid.<br />

“Happy Eid, everyone!” they shouted in<br />

unison.<br />

Moral: Work together to make others<br />

happy and believe in the spirit of goodness.<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

Night of the Living Puppies<br />

by Eli Thoman<br />

Winter Garden<br />

“Oh, no. A robotic puppy! Fire your<br />

space lasers!” I yell to Bob.<br />

“Okie dokey, Timmy,” he responds. “I’ve<br />

got this!”<br />

“Fire in the hole,” Bob hollers.<br />


40 40<br />

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Traditional Christmas<br />

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available<br />

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OR CALL 407. 757.2910<br />


Located on the second floor of Pointe Orlando<br />


Then Mom yells, “Get off your video<br />

games, you two. It’s Christmas Eve!”<br />

“It’s Christmas?” I ask, feeling dazed by<br />

the last hour spent staring at the screen.<br />

“No, it’s Christmas Eve,” Mom says.<br />

“Oh,” I reply.<br />

“Also, make your Christmas list,” Mom<br />

shouts from the bottom of the stairs.<br />

“After this level, please?” I plead, hoping<br />

to buy just a few more minutes of time.<br />

One level later:<br />

I get off the chair, get a piece of paper,<br />

and write my Christmas list. This is<br />

what I write from worst to best: iPad, Wii,<br />

Nintendo 3DS and Xbox.<br />

My mom reviews the list and replies,<br />

“You can’t have anything on this list! You<br />

don’t need any more technology in your<br />

life.”<br />

The next morning I wake up but don’t feel<br />

very excited, because I already know there<br />

won’t be any technology presents. Those<br />

are the only things that I could possibly<br />

want. Then I hear something. It’s a squeaking<br />

sound. It sounds just like the Night of<br />

the Living Puppies video game. What could<br />

be making that sound when we aren’t allowed<br />

on video games today?<br />

It’s my present! A real, live Bichon puppy!<br />

He runs up and licks my face. I laugh,<br />

pick him up and hug him.<br />

“I’ll name him Mogul,” I say.<br />

This is the best Christmas gift ever! I<br />

guess my mom knew what she was talking<br />

about when she said that there is more to<br />

life than technology.<br />

Bob, Mom and I rush outside to play in<br />

the soft, cold snow with Mogul. It is so much<br />

fun! We chuck huge snowballs at each other<br />

and laugh for an hour. We almost lose<br />

Mogul once since he’s the same color as<br />

the snow. After that, we go inside and eat<br />

mint chocolate-chip cookies. Mogul has a<br />

dog biscuit. I guess there is more to life than<br />

video games!<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

The Snowflake<br />

by Grant Williams<br />

Stoneybrook West<br />

Once there was a boy named Max, who<br />

loved snowflakes. He loved to make snowballs<br />

and have snowball fights. He loved<br />

the taste of snowflakes on his tongue. Max<br />

had an entire collection of snowflakes.<br />

When he was little, he dreamed of having<br />

a world of snowflakes.<br />

One night, he saw a giant snowflake in<br />

a field. Max had to add it to his collection!<br />

He began to chase the snowflake. He ran<br />

after it in a forest for five hours. Then Max<br />

was hit by a snowstorm!<br />

The storm was really bad, and he<br />

couldn’t escape. Max got lost. When the<br />

snowstorm finally stopped, Max saw a tree<br />

that had a smiley face carved into it. Next<br />

to the tree was a chest. Max grabbed the<br />

chest and took it home with him. When he<br />

got home, he opened it. Inside was a huge<br />

snowflake.<br />

Later that day, he went to search for<br />

snowflakes online. He found a legend<br />

about a snowflake king and queen, who<br />

lived in an ancient forest deep in the<br />

woods. To find the forest, you had to find<br />

a tree that had a smiley face carved into it.<br />

Max was shocked! Was that the same tree<br />

he’d seen? How did he get the chest?<br />

Every day, Max searched and searched<br />

for the smiley face tree, but he never saw<br />

it again.<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

My Favorite Parts of Christmas<br />

by Jack Slattery<br />

Lake Butler Sound<br />

The most wonderful time of the year is<br />

upon us! The Christmas season is the most<br />

holy and joyous time of year. Christians believe<br />

Dec. 25 is the day we celebrate the<br />

birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. Our families<br />

gather together to worship, eat and<br />

show how much we love and appreciate<br />

each other. Christmas carols, decorations<br />

and gifts make us feel happy and joyful.<br />

Christmas in our family is considered<br />

very special. My family travels to each<br />

other’s homes, but usually my family<br />

comes to my home in Windermere. My<br />

cousins from Seattle love to visit us in the<br />

warm weather to celebrate Christmas.<br />

This time of year is one of the only times<br />

we get to see each other, so Christmas<br />

has an important and special place in my<br />

heart for my two little cousins, Alison and<br />

Olivia. We love to play outside, bake<br />

cookies, go to special holiday events,<br />

and eat delicious food. My Uncle Paul<br />

loves the hot tub.<br />

Christmas is special because we have<br />

time off from school to spend special time<br />

with family and friends. It’s fun when we<br />

don’t have to worry about schoolwork or<br />

baseball, and we can really sit down and<br />

talk with each other. We like to play board<br />

and card games, especially Old Maid

and Scrabble. My family loves to go to<br />

Disney during the break to see the beautiful<br />

Christmas lights and decorations. When<br />

my grandma and grandpa come from<br />

New York, we sing Christmas carols and<br />

watch holiday movies. Our favorite movie<br />

is Elf. We also love to give each other gifts.<br />

I love to shop for my siblings and look for a<br />

gift they will really like.<br />

Christmas is also special, because we<br />

attend Christmas Eve Mass as a family.<br />

I play travel baseball along with my two<br />

brothers, so sometimes it’s hard to get to<br />

Mass. Christmas is a time where we all go<br />

and worship. We get dressed up and wear<br />

our Sunday best. I like this Mass, because<br />

we sing Christmas carols, and the church<br />

has pretty decorations. I also enjoy the live<br />

Nativity play the children of the church act<br />

in. I love to sit with my siblings and listen to<br />

the music.<br />

Christmas is truly my favorite season,<br />

and I look forward to the holiday every<br />

year!<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

A Magical Christmas<br />

by Maiya Davis<br />

Ocoee<br />

Christmas Eve was beautiful. There were<br />

bright lights and snow falling everywhere.<br />

Everyone was happy. In one of the peaceful<br />

houses was a girl named Rebecca. She<br />

was very excited for Christmas. Rebecca<br />

wanted to stay up all night, but her mom<br />

told her to get some sleep. She went upstairs<br />

happy, because she knew tomorrow<br />

would be magical.<br />

Rebecca was about to go to bed when<br />

she saw a glowing light.<br />

“I wonder if it’s a crystal,” she said.<br />

She was so curious about it that she went<br />

outside. Then she noticed that the light got<br />

bigger and bigger. Soon, the magical light<br />

swept her away. She saw that it was a portal<br />

taking her away.<br />

When the glowing ride stopped, she saw<br />

the most beautiful lights and colors! It was<br />

a small village. She saw nice people. She<br />

walked around, enjoying the people smiling<br />

and saying hi to her. She was sure everyone<br />

would get presents. While she was walking,<br />

she accidentally bumped into someone.<br />

“Sorry,” Rebecca said.<br />

That’s when one villager pulled her arm<br />

and said, “Don’t talk to her. She’s very rude.”<br />

Rebecca said, “OK,” but she wanted to<br />

help the woman. She started talking to her<br />

about being nice. She wanted to help her<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 37<br />

make friends. Soon, villagers started talking<br />

to the woman. Everyone was happy<br />

that Rebecca had come.<br />

That’s when Rebecca saw the shining<br />

light that was her house. She knew that it<br />

was the magic portal! She said goodbye<br />

to the villagers, went to the portal, and<br />

was soon back home. She knew without a<br />

doubt that everyone was happy now.<br />

This shows that everyone should be nice.<br />

It’s always important to help others.<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

Santa’s Claws<br />

by Story Korkis<br />

Wesmere<br />

You would think on Christmas break<br />

Hamm and Jamm, the mean twin teenagers<br />

— aka Double Trouble — would let up<br />

on classmate Sam. But, no. They buried<br />

Sam upside down in the snow and made<br />

fun of him.<br />

“Frosty, please don’t melt,” they shouted<br />

while laughing.<br />

Other kids had to laugh or get picked on<br />

themselves.<br />

This kind of activity had been going on<br />

for the past three years. Hamm and Jamm’s<br />

parents seemed to be gone a lot, and they<br />

lived in a small cabin not more than 50<br />

yards from Sam’s house. Luckily for everyone<br />

else, Hamm and Jamm had to stay inside<br />

lately because of the bitter cold.<br />

Hamm and Jamm were freezing when<br />

a knock came at their door. Again and<br />

again, there was another knock. A snarling<br />

wolf was trying to get in! They closed the<br />

door quickly, but the next thing they knew,<br />

the wolf got in through the back window<br />

and was staring them down with bloodthirsty<br />

eyes.<br />

They grabbed a broom and blanket, and<br />

threw the blanket on the canine while they<br />

pushed the wolf, who was trying to hold<br />

firm with razorlike claws, into the den and<br />

closed the door.<br />

After the panic stopped, they thought of<br />

a cruel idea, and they went to get Sam.<br />

“Sam! Sam! Santa came early, come<br />

see!” they said.<br />

Sam forgot his coat, he was so excited,<br />

and ran to their cabin.<br />

“Where?” Sam asked.<br />

“In that room,” the twins said, pointing<br />

toward a door. “He has a present for you.<br />

Go on in.”<br />

Loud growling could be heard from behind<br />

the door. The twins pushed Sam in<br />

and pulled the door closed.<br />

No sound. Still no sound. Had they killed<br />

Sam?<br />

In another few moments, Sam came out<br />

holding a tiny puppy in his arms. He had<br />

put the huge blanket around it.<br />

“Hi, little guy,” Sam said. “Santa left me<br />

this puppy. Thank you. I thought you both<br />

hated me.”<br />

Then he left with a smile and the<br />

dog.<br />

Where was the wolf? Gone.<br />

When Sam got home and fed the dog,<br />

a miracle happened. The dog barked three<br />

times and turned into an angel.<br />

“Sam, you are so kind and accepting of<br />

everyone. As a reward, I will give you any<br />

wish you want.”<br />

The angel also told him what had happened.<br />

Sam thought about Jamm and<br />

Hamm, and considered putting them in excruciating<br />

pain forever.<br />

However, he thought some more and<br />

said, “Jamm and Hamm don’t have a<br />

family to show them love. Please open<br />

their hearts and help them find kindness,<br />

too.”<br />

The sun came out that day, but no one<br />

cared about missing snow during the holidays,<br />

because it was warm.<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

Ho! Ho! Ho!<br />

by Hutton Milchin<br />

Windermere<br />

Christmas is an important holiday to my<br />

family. For us, the holiday season starts the<br />

day after Thanksgiving and goes until New<br />

Year’s Day. Christmas in our family centers<br />

around family, friends and religion.<br />

My favorite part of Christmas is spending<br />

time with family. During the Christmas<br />

break, we spend time doing fun family<br />

activities. My brother comes home from<br />

college, and we train for sports together.<br />

He takes me out to eat at our favorite restaurant.<br />

My grandmothers also come to<br />

visit. One comes from Vero Beach, and the<br />

other one comes from Richmond, Virginia.<br />

Sometimes my uncle comes, too, and he<br />

plays video games with me. Sometimes<br />

we take family trips at Christmastime. One<br />

year we went skiing in Colorado. Last year,<br />

we went to the Bahamas. Making memories<br />

with my family is my favorite part of<br />

Christmas.<br />

The second reason Christmas is important<br />

to me is because we get to spend time<br />


38 x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />


with friends. Sometimes I can play with my<br />

friends all day, because there is no school,<br />

and our parents let us have sleepovers. We<br />

also have a tradition of making gingerbread<br />

houses with our family’s best friends.<br />

We end the holiday season with a big<br />

New Year’s Eve party with all our friends.<br />

The third and most important reason that<br />

Christmas is important to my family is religion.<br />

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus.<br />

Jesus is the Son of God and my savior. On<br />

Christmas Eve, my family goes to church to<br />

celebrate his birth. We light candles, sing<br />

Christmas songs, take Holy Communion and<br />

worship with other families. After all, Jesus is<br />

the reason for the season!<br />

Christmas is my favorite time of year. And<br />

while I love to get presents for Christmas, it<br />

means much more than that. I look forward<br />

to Christmas all year long.<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

A Home for Frosty<br />

by Brandon Salcedo<br />

Windsor Landing<br />

Once upon a time there was a little girl<br />

named Ginger. One day she went outside<br />

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in the snow, made a snowman and called<br />

it Frosty. A few days later, a magician<br />

walked past her house and left his hat on<br />

the snowman.<br />

The next day, Ginger went outside to see<br />

Frosty, but he was not there. She searched<br />

everywhere, but she could not find him. A<br />

few hours later, she went to look for Frosty<br />

again. She raced to her backyard and saw<br />

footprints leading to the shed. She slowly<br />

opened the old, creaky shed door and saw<br />

Frosty looking for a way out. The snowman<br />

turned around, jumped and ran into the<br />

house and upstairs to her room.<br />

He was running all around and started<br />

to melt. Ginger had to think fast so she<br />

brought supplies to keep her room very<br />

cold. She gathered snow from her backyard<br />

and found two old air conditioners in<br />

the garage. She also wanted to hide Frosty<br />

from her mom, because she knew her mom<br />

would get scared. It was hard hiding Frosty,<br />

because he always ran around the house!<br />

However, Mom did not notice him. She<br />

was too busy on Facebook, Snapchat and<br />

email.<br />

It was a few days before Christmas, and<br />

Ginger was excited. However, she was also<br />

nervous that her mother would discover her<br />

1805 Maguire Road, Suite 159, Windermere, FL 34786<br />

secret guest. She decided to move him to<br />

the attic, where he would be less obvious.<br />

Ginger began moving the air conditioners<br />

and snow up there.<br />

The next day, when she checked on<br />

Frosty, he was not there. She looked outside,<br />

in her room and underneath her bed.<br />

She looked everywhere! Then she heard a<br />

frightening scream and went downstairs.<br />

She saw Frosty in the pantry with her<br />

mom.<br />

“What is that thing?” her mom asked.<br />

“I can explain,” replied Ginger.<br />

She explained how she built Frosty, and<br />

he then came to life and ran into the house.<br />

“Why didn’t you tell me?” asked her<br />

mother.<br />

“Because I knew you would get scared,”<br />

Ginger said.<br />

“You know we cannot keep him forever,”<br />

her mother said.<br />

“I know,” Ginger said sadly.<br />

“Get some sleep,” her mom said. “We’ll<br />

think of a solution in the morning.”<br />

It was Christmas Eve, and everyone was<br />

sleeping except for Ginger and Frosty.<br />

“I can’t keep you forever, Frosty,” Ginger<br />

said.<br />

“I know,” Frosty said.<br />

“You can talk!” exclaimed Ginger.<br />

“Yes, yes I can,” Frosty said.<br />

“But why didn’t you tell me,” Ginger<br />

asked.<br />

“Because I knew you’d get scared,”<br />

Frosty said.<br />

Suddenly, they heard a deep voice bellow,<br />

“Ho! Ho! Ho!”<br />

“It is Santa Claus!” they screamed<br />

excitedly.<br />

They both raced down the stairs, flung<br />

open the front door, and saw Santa Claus<br />

on the rooftop.<br />

“What are you two doing up?” Santa<br />

asked.<br />

“We’re sorry, Santa,” Ginger said timidly.<br />

“But we have a problem, and we’re<br />

trying to think of a solution.<br />

“What is the matter?” Santa asked.<br />

“Since spring is coming in a few months,<br />

I will not be able to stay here,” Frosty said<br />

sadly. “I have to find a way to a cold place<br />

before I melt.”<br />

“Well,” Santa said, “I happen to live in<br />

a very cold place, and I can take you with<br />

me tonight!”<br />

“That is wonderful news!” Frosty said<br />

joyfully.<br />

Ginger looked very sad, but she was<br />

also happy for Frosty.<br />

Off Frosty went to find new adventures<br />

and places to explore, and what better<br />

place to live than the North Pole?<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

Christmas Joy<br />

by Madison Salgado<br />

Windermere Trails<br />

All the joys of the season.<br />

The sense of Christmas around the world.<br />

Happiness in all.<br />

Excitement for the holidays.<br />

The smell of pine needles.<br />

A star on top.<br />

Presents underneath.<br />

Hot cocoa burning my tongue.<br />

Marshmallows floating on top.<br />

Now calls my name.<br />

Rolling, building, sledding, tasting.<br />

The big guy who comes and wishes all<br />

good night.<br />

Out he goes.<br />

Lands with a thump.<br />

The joy of Christmas is around tonight.<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

Christmas Forgotten<br />

by Aliza Britton<br />

Windsor Landing<br />

It was a sad and gloomy time in New<br />

York City. There were no lights or decorations.<br />

The tree in Rockefeller Center<br />

was missing, and the stores were vacant.<br />

The ice skating rink was closed.<br />

And the people in the city were home,<br />

working. Even Santa’s elves could not fix<br />

the problem in the city. So, it was up to<br />

Santa to find four responsible helpers to<br />

get New York City looking and feeling<br />

like Christmas.<br />

A week later, in the North Pole, Santa<br />

had found four furry helpers. They were<br />

pups named Snowflake, Icicle, Ginger and<br />

Jingle. They loved Christmas. Snowflake<br />

had the idea of going to New York City<br />

and bringing a lot of presents to everyone.<br />

Jingle wanted to find and light the<br />

Christmas tree again. Ginger suggested reopening<br />

the ice skating rink. Icicle agreed<br />

to do all of those things. The pups wanted<br />

everyone to be happy, but they didn’t know<br />

how they would get there.<br />

“The sleigh!” Jingle said.<br />

They asked Mrs. Claus to give them a<br />

ride in the sleigh.<br />

“Yes, of course, since this is a very important<br />

trip,” she said.<br />

In the morning, Mrs. Claus started packing<br />

the bags and preparing the sleigh.

“I will get ready as fast as I can,” she<br />

said.<br />

The pups told her they would be waiting.<br />

They were wondering if they could really<br />

bring back Christmas to New York City.<br />

When they got to NYC, it looked like any<br />

ordinary city on any day. The pups looked<br />

at each other and knew it was going to<br />

be a big challenge to bring Christmas to<br />

the city.<br />

“OK, guys, let’s get started,” Icicle said.<br />

Snowflake had wrapped presents and<br />

was ready to start sneaking into houses to<br />

deliver them. Ginger went to the ice skating<br />

rink to find the Zamboni. She cleaned the<br />

ice. The ice was finally shiny, smooth and<br />

white. It was ready for skating.<br />

Jingle put up the colorful ornaments,<br />

beautiful stars, angels and lights on the<br />

tree. Jingle got scared because someone<br />

was watching her. Luckily, it was just Mrs.<br />

Claus. Icicle snuck into Carlos’ Bakery and<br />

baked delicious Christmas cookies for the<br />

whole city. After all of their work was done,<br />

New York City looked phenomenal.<br />

After a good night’s sleep, it was finally<br />

morning. The smell of freshly baked cookies<br />

was in the air. The pups could see<br />

through windows that kids and families<br />

were opening presents. Ice skaters were<br />

circling around the rink. The large tree at<br />

Rockefeller Center was shining brightly for<br />

all to see. The pups could hear laughing<br />

and cheering all over the city.<br />

“It sounds so nice,” Ginger said.<br />

“High-four!” Jingle said. “We did our<br />

job. We accomplished our Christmas mission<br />

in the city.”<br />

New York City celebrated Christmas,<br />

and there was a happily ever after.<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

A Christmas Surprise<br />

by Jessica Bravo<br />

Gotha<br />

Christmas day is probably my favorite<br />

time of year. I get to see my family members<br />

and loved ones. Unfortunately, this won’t<br />

be one those years for me. My husband<br />

of six years was deployed to Afghanistan<br />

eight months ago, and this year, I was told<br />

that he won’t be back until Jan. 18, 2017,<br />

meaning he will miss Christmas and New<br />

Year’s. Sure, this is very depressing for me<br />

and his family, too, but as long as he is<br />

looked at as a hero in our kids’ eyes, I will<br />

pull through.<br />

We have twins who are already 6 years<br />

old, and they look up to their father, saying<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 39<br />

how much of a hero he is to them and how<br />

much they miss him. What breaks my heart<br />

is that they always ask me if he is making<br />

the country proud, and I always respond<br />

with, “Of course!”<br />

Today was Christmas Eve, and I went<br />

out with my kids, shopping for last-minute<br />

gifts for the family when they come over<br />

tomorrow for our annual Christmas party.<br />

I was looking through the aisles when my<br />

little girl, Emily, pulled my hand to get my<br />

attention.<br />

“What is it, Emily?” I asked.<br />

She responded by pointing one of her little<br />

fingers at a sign that said: Santa Claus.<br />

“Do you want to go and see Santa?” I<br />

asked her.<br />

She nodded her head while jumping up<br />

and down in excitement.<br />

“Do you wan to go, too, Katherine?” I<br />

asked her twin sister.<br />

She replied in the same manner as her<br />

sister.<br />

“OK then, let’s go!” I said as we walked<br />

over to where Santa was and stood in line.<br />

The line was short, and the kids got more<br />

excited as we inched closer.<br />

“Now, what do you little girls want for<br />

Christmas?” Santa asked them as soon as<br />

they sat on his lap.<br />

“Daddy!” they said at the same time.<br />

Hearing that broke my heart, and it<br />

seemed to do the same to the people<br />

around us.<br />

“I want Daddy to come home from war,”<br />

Emily said.<br />

“He has been gone for so long, and I<br />

want him to come back home. Can you<br />

make that happen?” Katherine asked with<br />

her hands neatly placed on her lap.<br />

“Oh, well, I will try my best, OK?” Santa<br />

said flustered.<br />

I looked around and saw everyone with<br />

a sad face plastered on and pitying the<br />

girls. Every time I hear them ask when their<br />

father is coming home or whenever I hear<br />

them say they want their father to come<br />

back, I just want to break down and cry,<br />

but I know I have to be strong for them.<br />

“OK, girls, help mommy with the gifts,”<br />

I told them.<br />

As soon as I walked into the house from<br />

shopping, something felt very off. Our alarm<br />

system didn’t go off, and I remembered that<br />

I had put it on before we left the house. I<br />

put down the gifts and told the girls to go<br />

to their room. I grabbed the closest thing to<br />


365193<br />

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Tickets Today!<br />


JAN 12 –<br />



40 x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />


me, which happened to be a vase. I slowly<br />

walked to my living room to see if there was<br />

someone in the house, and there was!<br />

I dropped the vase in my surprise and<br />

let it shatter to millions of pieces on the<br />

floor. What had made me stop dead in my<br />

tracks was the love of my life standing in<br />

front of me. This is now becoming the best<br />

Christmas of my life!<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

Christmastime From<br />

a Dog’s Point of View<br />

by Parker Andreson<br />

Windermere<br />

Do you enjoy Christmas? I do, but no<br />

one thinks about how a dog feels on<br />

Christmas.<br />

I’m William, a golden retriever. My<br />

owners, Joseph and Susan, have two kids<br />

— Maria, who’s 7, and Isaiah, who’s 11<br />

months old. It’s Christmas Eve, and everyone<br />

is getting ready. Maria is in her room,<br />

and Susan is playing with Isaiah. Joseph<br />

is out shopping, so I’m laying down on my<br />

bed in the hallway. No one can wait for<br />

tomorrow.<br />

We can<br />

SPOT and treat ...<br />

They are now eating dinner, so I decide<br />

to eat my meal. It’s the usual, dog food<br />

with water in a separate bowl. Maria,<br />

Joseph and Susan are having mac and<br />

cheese with peppers on the side. Susan<br />

is feeding Isaiah his baby food, so I finish<br />

my meal and walk under his chair to wait<br />

for some food to drop. I get some, but only<br />

a little.<br />

It’s now 7:35 p.m., and we are watching<br />

TV. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is<br />

on. When I hit my paw against the door<br />

to go out, Susan gets up and opens the<br />

door. I bolt into the yard and start sniffing.<br />

Suddenly, I smell a squirrel. There it<br />

is, down the slight incline. I run after it,<br />

and it takes off for a tree. The squirrel<br />

just makes it up the tree before I grab for<br />

it. Darn! I’ll get it next time. You just wait<br />

squirrel.<br />

“Woof,” I bark.<br />

“Will! Will!” Susan called.<br />

I trot up to the house and go inside.<br />

Everyone has gone to bed. It’s 12:06<br />

a.m. I hear a thud, then a creak in the<br />

floorboards. I decide to investigate. There<br />

stands the man himself, Santa.<br />

“Hello there, Will,” he says. “I have<br />

some treats for you.”<br />

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Mmm hmm, I sure could use something<br />

to eat right now. Santa gives me three<br />

treats and pets me. I lay down. He takes<br />

out many gifts and puts them underneath<br />

the tree. I go back to my bed and fall<br />

asleep.<br />

I wake up and hear Isaiah crying.<br />

Suddenly, Maria comes running down<br />

the hall and into Joseph and Susan’s<br />

room.<br />

“Mommy, Daddy, wake up!” she says.<br />

Isaiah continues to cry.<br />

“Merry Christmas,” Joseph says.<br />

Susan picks up Isaiah and takes him<br />

into the family room. Maria, Joseph and<br />

I follow.<br />

Joseph pets me and says, “Merry<br />

Christmas, Will.”<br />

“Look at all these presents!” Maria said<br />

excitedly. “Can we open them? Please,<br />

please, please, please?”<br />

“Yes,” Susan says.<br />

Isaiah makes a weird noise, and Susan<br />

pats his back. I lay there while Maria tears<br />

into the first present. It’s what she wanted,<br />

a makeup kit.<br />

“Yes!” Maria shouts.<br />

Next, everyone starts opening presents<br />

until they are gone. While I lay there, I<br />

think about how I saw him, Santa Claus,<br />

and no one knows. It’s a weird feeling.<br />

Now you know how a dog feels on<br />

Christmas. If you have a pet, you should<br />

think about how it feels during the<br />

holidays.<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

The Christmas Disaster<br />

by Derin Rohleder<br />

Windsor Landing<br />

It was two weeks before Christmas, and<br />

my family was decorating our Christmas<br />

trees. We had both a big and a small tree.<br />

My brother and I always decorated the<br />

smaller one. We were all happy, and we<br />

watched a Christmas movie almost every<br />

night. On Dec. 24, my mom and I baked<br />

cookies for Santa.<br />

When I got to bed, I was so excited I<br />

couldn’t sleep. When I woke up, I rushed<br />

to the tree, and, oh no, there were no presents<br />

under it. We were devastated!<br />

The following day at school I was talking<br />

to my friend, Sean, and he told me<br />

that he didn’t get any presents either. No<br />

one did. It was a Christmas disaster.<br />

The next day, Sean and I walked<br />

around at recess, asking everyone if they<br />

got presents or not.<br />

“Sean, what do you think happened,”<br />

I asked.<br />

He told me that he thought Santa had<br />

turned evil.<br />

“We have to find a way to get to the<br />

North Pole,” he said.<br />

“My dad is going there on a business<br />

trip tomorrow,” I said.<br />

“Really?” Sean asked.<br />

The next day was Saturday. I called<br />

Sean on my phone and asked him where<br />

we should meet. He said in his backyard,<br />

so when it was 8 a.m., we could sneak into<br />

the car to get on the plane. When we arrived,<br />

we went to every single house, asking<br />

where we could find Santa. Everyone<br />

thought that we were crazy until we saw<br />

an old-looking house that Sean was too<br />

scared to go into, so I went in.<br />

The old man in the house told me that<br />

deep in the snowy mountains there was a<br />

cave, and in that cave was a scroll protected<br />

by a dragon. On that scroll was a<br />

map of how to get to Santa. So we traveled<br />

into the mountains until we saw the<br />

cave and went in.<br />

We were scared by the huge dragon<br />

guarding the scroll, and we thought we<br />

had no chance of getting past the dragon<br />

until we saw two swords on the wall. We<br />

fought the dragon. It was a hard battle,<br />

but we won! We looked at the scroll, and<br />

it said that Santa worked undercover at<br />

the same place my dad was having his<br />

meeting.<br />

It was risky, but we had to do it. When<br />

we got there, we immediately started looking<br />

for Santa. After what felt like years of<br />

searching, I saw a familiar man with a big<br />

white beard. It was Santa. We walked<br />

over to him and demanded an answer for<br />

why he didn’t deliver presents this year.<br />

He said that he was too lazy and that<br />

after delivering presents since the beginning<br />

of time, he needed a break. After a<br />

long talk, he finally agreed to deliver presents<br />

every year from then on.<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

The Strong<br />

Squad Saves Christmas<br />

by Michael Wong<br />

Stoneybrook West<br />

Once upon a time, there was a group<br />

of teenagers called The Strong Squad<br />

who saved the North Pole from super villains.<br />

The members of The Strong Squad<br />

were Spencer, Layla and Devin. These<br />

teenagers each had special gifts given

to them by Jesus, because they were<br />

chosen to protect and preserve the holiday<br />

of Christmas. Spencer had superintelligence,<br />

Layla had super-strength,<br />

and Devin had super-speed. The super<br />

villains were Evil Santa and Evil Elf. Evil<br />

Santa kidnapped the real Santa every<br />

year to steal his powers, and Evil Elf hypnotized<br />

elves to control them.<br />

“Yay, it’s Dec. 23,” Devin said. “Only<br />

two more days until Christmas.”<br />

“Mom, Dad, where are our presents? I<br />

think I know who did this. I have to call<br />

Spencer and Layla.”<br />

“Spencer, Layla, Evil Santa and Evil Elf<br />

are striking again,” Devin said. “Time to<br />

squad up.”<br />

Everyone in the village was in chaos,<br />

because Christmas was ruined, but<br />

The Strong Squad would save the day.<br />

The teens met up at their headquarters<br />

so they could find Evil Santa and Evil<br />

Elf’s coordinates. To do this, they used<br />

Spencer’s high-tech computer. As soon as<br />

they found the coordinates, Devin supersped<br />

to their location to observe what<br />

they were doing.<br />

“Guys, they’re destroying all of the kids’<br />

presents,” Devin said. “We have to attack<br />

now.”<br />

“We have to attack when they least expect<br />

it,” Layla said.<br />

“Guys, it’s Christmas Eve, and the kids<br />

are counting on us,” Spencer said.<br />

“Alright, let’s attack now!” Devin and<br />

Layla said together.<br />

Devin super-sped Spencer and Layla to<br />

the evil lair.<br />

“Well, well, well. What do we have<br />

here?” Evil Santa asked.<br />

“We came here to stop you,” Devin<br />

said. “Children are very upset with both<br />

of you.”<br />

“Then let’s settle this with a fight, and if<br />

we win, you let us destroy Christmas every<br />

year,” Evil Elf said. “If we lose, we’ll buy<br />

back all the Christmas gifts and be good<br />

citizens.”<br />

Evil Santa and Evil Elf started attacking<br />

with the increasing power of Evil Santa.<br />

He was stronger than ever. Before they<br />

could reach The Strong Squad, Devin<br />

ran around them, creating a tornado and<br />

which made them dizzy. When both of<br />

them fell down, Layla punched the ground,<br />

causing it to shake. Eventually, Evil Santa<br />

and Evil Elf were knocked out.<br />

Spencer used his power to steal handcuffs<br />

to turn them in to the police. In order<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 41<br />

for them not to use their powers, their cells<br />

had to be underground, covered in pure<br />

steel.<br />

Christmas was saved once and for all, but<br />

the only thing left was the presents. Devin<br />

took all of the presents from the lair and<br />

super-sped them back to all the families.<br />

“Hooray! Hooray! Christmas is saved!”<br />

the children chanted.<br />

Eventually, when Jesus found out about<br />

the Strong Squad’s good deeds, he<br />

thanked them. He also enhanced their<br />

powers. Devin had invisibility and superspeed,<br />

Layla had teleportation and superstrength,<br />

and Spencer could fly and had<br />

super-intelligence.<br />

The Strong Squad was known as the heroes<br />

of the North Pole, and they formed an<br />

alliance with Santa. Although Christmas<br />

was saved, there is a new, powerful threat<br />

coming. This means The Strong Squad will<br />

have to train even harder. Stay tuned for<br />

the sequel, coming next December.<br />

Honorable Mention<br />

Christmas Magic<br />

by Emma Pohlhammer<br />

Roberts Landing<br />

“Kimi, come here quickly!” Mom said.<br />

“Yes, Mom, what is it?” I asked.<br />

“Look, the hail is damaging the town<br />

Christmas tree! I am so glad you came<br />

home early, because if you had stayed<br />

out any longer, you could have been ...<br />

gone,” Mom said.<br />

The next morning.<br />

“Look at what the storm did to the tree,”<br />

Mom said.<br />

"But Mom, look at the townspeople, I<br />

said. "Look at what they are doing."<br />

"Hmmm, all I can see is that all of<br />

the townspeople are still celebrating<br />

Christmas, even after the storm nearly destroyed<br />

the tree.” Mom said.<br />

OK. So now I will tell you how it all<br />

started.<br />

It started when we had a major hurricane,<br />

tornado, blizzard and earthquake<br />

all at once. When we thought it was over,<br />

we all came out of our houses. That was<br />

a mistake! We had a major aftershock<br />

as you can see. I am going to describe it<br />

whether you like it or not.<br />

The wind said, “Whoosh,” as it zipped<br />

across the sky. Hail the size of bowling<br />

balls with equally as strong force had taken<br />

on our strongest Christmas tree, the one<br />

in the town square. Sleet ruined the strong,<br />

healthy grass, and the blizzard covered<br />

the houses of the town of Berry. Worst of<br />

all, the berries had been destroyed, as if<br />

they were the main target. It was a total<br />

nightmare. Nobody in the town of Berry<br />

could get to sleep, but one person did.<br />

Her name was Kimi.<br />

That’s me! I got to sleep, because I have<br />

a mysterious mystical power. It lets me<br />

save the world, according to an old town<br />

legend. It says the person with the power<br />

will save us all and our most prized holiday,<br />

Christmas. I have that power, but all<br />

I’ve been doing with it is saving myself. But<br />

one afternoon during the storm, something<br />

happened. I had the courage to step outside<br />

and face the storm.<br />

“Ouch!” I said. “Aww man, battling<br />

hurts! I think I broke my arm! And I am at<br />

the end of the battle I have been fighting<br />

against the storm. I can’t give up now!”<br />

“Ha, ha!” the storm mocked me.<br />

“Hey, can you talk?” I asked. “Oh, I am<br />

so going to get you! You are so dead! All<br />

energy blast!”<br />

“Ahhhhh,” the storm said.<br />

Yeah, it really hurts, but I single-handedly<br />

saved Christmas.<br />

“Hey, look!” the people in town shouted.<br />

“That little girl saved us all. She’s a hero!”<br />

“Mom! Where are you, Mom?” I<br />

shouted.<br />

“I’m right here, honey,” she answered.<br />

“Oh, look at you. You’re all grown up.”<br />

“But, Mom. You should be sad. The<br />

Christmas tree is ruined.”<br />

“Honey, Christmas is not about the tree.<br />

It’s about people coming together and enjoying<br />

time with each other. It’s also about<br />

celebrating peace, joy and happiness.<br />

Now, let’s celebrate!”<br />

I am truly sorry for telling this story so<br />

short, but hey, let’s celebrate! I deserve it,<br />

I think.<br />

“Mom, I have a present for you,” I said.<br />

I hope you have an adventurous<br />

Christmas, and remember this: Have a<br />

merry Christmas. Your Christmas can be<br />

magical, too, if only you believe. And remember<br />

to keep the heart of Christmas in<br />

your heart.<br />

The staff of the Southwest Orlando Bulletin extends special<br />

thanks to everyone who participated in the 25th annual<br />

holiday short-story contest.<br />

Editor’s note: Entries may have been edited for grammar,<br />

punctuation, length and content. To honor as many holiday<br />

short stories as possible, School News does not appear<br />

in this issue. ª

42 x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

ACROSS<br />

1. Minimal in magnitude<br />

6. Club alternative<br />

9. Angelina to Maddox<br />

13. Cattiness<br />

14. "___ the land of the<br />

free ..."<br />

15. Permissible<br />

16. 1/100 of a rial<br />

17. Oahu greeting gift<br />

18. Foolish<br />

19. *"Harry Potter and the<br />

____ Child"<br />

21. *UK's 2016 withdrawal<br />

vote<br />

23. Christian minister, abbr.<br />

24. Long, long time<br />

25. Scottish cap<br />

28. Sushi selection<br />

30. African tree<br />

35. Faubourg Saint-HonorÉ<br />

and Rivoli, e.g.<br />

37. Brown seaweed<br />

39. Latin American plain<br />

40. Sky bear<br />

41. Don't go out for dinner<br />

43. *This Barrymore got<br />

divorced in 2016<br />

44. New Zealander<br />

46. Ring-around-the-rosy<br />

flower<br />

47. Prima donna's numbers<br />

48. George Town state,<br />

Malaysia<br />

50. Mary's follower<br />

52. Born, in society pages<br />

53. Fix a horse<br />

55. *Ezekiel Elliott became<br />

one in 2016<br />

57. Popular flowering shrub<br />

60. *Cubs, e.g.<br />

63. *Ciara, on her special<br />

day<br />

64. Wade opponent<br />

66. Eagerness, pl.<br />

68. Comic book expression<br />



(Answer Key on Page 44)<br />

for fear<br />

69. Soccer mom's ride<br />

70. Icy hut<br />

71. Enthusiasm<br />

72. Product of creativity<br />

73. Cut one's leg off, e.g.<br />

DOWN<br />

1. Aldous Huxley's drug of<br />

choice<br />

2. "The Iliad," e.g.<br />

3. Hokkaido language<br />

4. One Beatle<br />

5. Less verbose<br />

6. "The ____ and the Beautiful"<br />

7. *Harper ____, 1926-2016<br />

8. *A ____ Called Quest<br />

issued comeback album<br />

9. Seductive one<br />

10. Berry high in antioxidants<br />

11. Créme de menthe<br />

flavor<br />

12. Absorbed, as a loss<br />

15. Relating to spleen<br />

20. What some smells do<br />

to memories<br />

22. *Kardashian brother<br />

who became a dad<br />

24. In total<br />

25. *Election winner<br />

26. Sign of a saint, pl.<br />

27. Subatomic particle<br />

29. *Like 2016<br />

31. One of auto pioneers<br />

32. Sacha Cohen's middle<br />

name<br />

33. Anoint<br />

34. *"Major Tom" singer,<br />

1947-2016<br />

36. Mystery writer, ____<br />

Paretsky<br />

38. Site of Leaning Tower<br />

42. Naiad or maenad<br />

45. English in Spain<br />

49. "Fancy that!"<br />

51. *Olympic host<br />

54. Caterpillar precursor<br />

56. Opposite end of alpha<br />

57. Seed coat<br />

58. *Mosquito-borne threat<br />

59. Yemeni port<br />

60. Rapper and actor, 50<br />

____<br />

61. Rodeo Drive tree<br />

62. ____ gin<br />

63. Ciao in the U.S.<br />

65. Argo propeller<br />

67. Rolled grass

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44 x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

n Wet ‘n Wild’s final days<br />

After providing a splashing good<br />

time to countless families for 39<br />

years, Wet ‘n Wild, located at<br />

6200 International Drive in Orlando,<br />

will permanently close Dec. 31.<br />

In a message to visitors, representatives<br />

of the amusement park said,<br />

“We are extremely appreciative to<br />

those that have contributed to our<br />

success over the past 39 years. It is<br />

fans like you that have made us so<br />

successful and a place that families<br />

will remember for years to come.”<br />

For more information, visit www.<br />

wetnwildorlando.com on the web.<br />

n OCSA supports holiday<br />

party for children with<br />

special needs<br />

Members of the Orange County<br />

Sportsmen’s Association’s board of<br />

directors presented a $2,500 check<br />

to Autistic/Handicapped Children<br />

of Central Florida Inc. to support its<br />

43rd annual Holiday Season Party<br />

for children with special needs. The<br />

two groups have partnered since the<br />

event’s inception and have brought<br />

thousands of smiles to special needs<br />

kids in Central Florida.<br />



(Crossword on Page 42)<br />


compiled by Lauren Salinero<br />

Representatives from the Orange County Sportsmen’s Association’s board of directors and<br />

Autistic/Handicapped Children of Central Florida, (front, l. to r.) Jennifer Martin, Mitzi<br />

Stevens, Deborah Garson, Brian Gibson, Debra Kral, Wendy Everett, Andrew<br />

Kral, Albert Gallof and Daniel Everett (back), gather for OCSA’s donation to the 43rd<br />

annual Holiday Season Party for children with special needs.<br />

The party began in the backyard<br />

of a former OCSA president, became<br />

a three-day event at OCSA,<br />

and now has moved to The Pines<br />

at Windermere to accommodate<br />

nearly 1,500 children each<br />

year from local schools and the surrounding<br />

areas. The long-standing<br />

tradition is one that the teachers<br />

and families of these special children<br />

look forward to each year.<br />

It is also an opportunity for volunteers<br />

to get engaged with the<br />

community.<br />

For more information, call 407-<br />

876-2010.<br />

n Ocoee lights its holiday tree<br />

The city of Ocoee held its fourth annual<br />

Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration<br />

at the city’s historic Withers-Maguire<br />

House and the Ocoee Lakeshore<br />

Center. Attendees enjoyed games;<br />

face painting; a fire pit with s’mores;<br />

train, pony and carriage rides; a silent<br />

wreath auction; live music, and more.<br />

Santa and Mrs. Claus also visited the<br />

Withers-Maguire House during the<br />

evening, and The Friends of Ocoee<br />

History Preservation gave tours of the<br />

historic house, regaling audiences with<br />

how holidays were celebrated during<br />

the turn of the century. All of the excitement<br />

centered around the lighting of a<br />

20-foot tall tree.<br />

For more information, visit www.<br />

ocoee.org on the web.<br />

n Annual Tales and Tails Gala<br />

is a success<br />

Earlier this fall, Canine Companions<br />

for Independence held its 20th charity<br />

gala, the Tales and Tails Gala,<br />

at Rosen Shingle Creek to raise<br />

money to help place assistance dogs,<br />

free of charge, for people with disabilities.<br />

The 2015 event raised more than<br />

$385,000. This year, with the theme<br />

of “A Star-Spangled Celebration —<br />

Every Day Is Independence Day,” the<br />

event drew a record-setting 735 attendees<br />

and surpassed its fundraising<br />

goal by 18 percent, with a total of<br />

$465,000.<br />

For more information, call 407-<br />

522-3300 or visit cci.org on the web.<br />

A record 735 guests attend Canine Companions for Independence’s Tales and Tails Gala.


West Orange Chamber of<br />

Commerce held a ribbon-cutting<br />

ceremony for Sage Dental. WOCC<br />

builds partnerships, strong businesses<br />

and commitment to the community<br />

by serving as the leading business<br />

advocate in Central Florida, facilitating<br />

opportunity to nearly 1,000<br />

member businesses. For more<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 45<br />

learn how to code, blog and maintain<br />

their own customized landing<br />

page as part of a new platform,<br />

vrtalentbook.com. The new website is<br />

scheduled to go live by the beginning<br />

of 2017 and will include the ability<br />

for talent agents to meet and book<br />

new talent through the site. For more<br />

information, call 407-420-7231 or<br />

visit www.accentsmodelandtalent.com<br />

on the web.<br />

produce to communities in need —<br />

was awarded a grant that will help<br />

its current goal of supporting additional<br />

neighborhoods in Central<br />

Florida. For more information, call<br />

407-355-7100 or visit Whole<br />

Foods Market Orlando at<br />

8003 Turkey Lake Road.<br />

The Tourist Development<br />

Committee unanimously approved<br />

$45 million from the Tourist<br />

Development Tax to be put toward<br />

the construction of Phase 2<br />

of the Dr. Phillips Center for<br />

the Performing Arts. The funds<br />

support Steinmetz Hall, a 1,700-<br />

seat acoustical theater, home to<br />

local resident companies Orlando<br />

Philharmonic Orchestra and the<br />

Orlando Ballet. The theater also<br />

hosts performances of other local<br />

arts groups and exceptional talent<br />

from around the world. For more information,<br />

visit drphillipscenter.org<br />

on the web.<br />

information, call 407-656-1304 or<br />

visit wochamber.com on the web.<br />

Accents Model and Talent<br />

Center, located at 2411 W. Sand<br />

Lake Road in Orlando, is partnering<br />

with Bee2Bee Network Inc. in<br />

an effort to introduce young talent<br />

entering the entertainment industry<br />

to complementary technologies<br />

that will give them a competitive<br />

advantage. The Beauty & Brains<br />

Campaign allows coed students to<br />

Whole Cities Foundation, a<br />

nonprofit foundation of Whole<br />

Foods Market, is partnering with<br />

more than 30 community-based organizations<br />

that are increasing access<br />

to fresh, healthy food in their<br />

neighborhoods through the new<br />

Community First Grant Program.<br />

Each organization will be awarded<br />

$5,000 to support existing<br />

projects that improve community<br />

health through broadening access<br />

to fresh food. This year, Orlando’s<br />

The Fresh Stop Bus — a re-purposed<br />

Lynx bus that delivers fresh<br />

Photo courtesy of WOCC<br />

West<br />

Orange<br />

Chamber of<br />

Commerce<br />

members<br />

celebrate the<br />

opening of Sage<br />

Dental.<br />

The First Academy will hold<br />

open houses Jan. 8 and Feb. 12 from<br />

2-4 p.m. The Christ-centered school<br />

accommodates students from birth<br />

through 12th grade. Its lower and<br />

middle schools have earned blue<br />

ribbon status, and it boasts a 100<br />

percent college acceptance rate.<br />

For more information, call 407-206-<br />

8602 or visit thefirstacademy.org on<br />

the web. ª<br />

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n Charities/Fundraisers<br />

Through Dec. 31 — Pet Rescue Project<br />

Reed Nissan sponsors the third annual<br />

Reed Nissan Pet Rescue Project 90-Day<br />

Adopt-a-Thon through Dec. 31, with a<br />

special adoption program Dec. 13 at<br />

Reed Nissan Clermont, 16005 State<br />

Road 50, Clermont. During the event<br />

on Dec. 13, fees will be waived for animals<br />

adopted at the dealership or both<br />

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando shelter<br />

locations. Last year’s project resulted in<br />

the adoption of more than 2,100 pets.<br />

Time: 3 p.m.-6 p.m. For more information,<br />

visit www.friendinreed.com on the<br />

web.<br />

Through Dec. 31 — Doggie<br />

Donation Drive<br />

Orlando Canine Country Club, 5027<br />

Patch Road, Orlando, hosts Canine<br />

Christ-Mutts Angels, a monthlong fundraiser<br />

for A Cause 4 Paws Rescue<br />

Inc. and A New Beginning Rescue Inc.<br />

Donations go toward providing adoptions,<br />

veterinary benefits, leashes, collars,<br />

beds, food, treats, blankets and towels.<br />

For more information, call 407-601-7971<br />

or email michaelocccc@gmail.com.<br />

Through Jan. 16 — Infant<br />

Prematurity Campaign<br />

Southwest Orlando resident and midwife<br />

Jennie Joseph, executive director<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 47<br />


of Commonsense Childbirth Inc., urges<br />

people to support the annual Heads Up<br />

on Infant Prematurity campaign by knitting<br />

or crocheting hats for newborns<br />

or premature infants. The hats will be<br />

delivered to local neonatal intensive<br />

care units or hospital nurseries Jan.<br />

16, 2017. For more information, email<br />

perinataltaskforce@gmail.com or visit<br />

www.perinataltaskforce.com on the<br />

web.<br />

Jan. 22 — Brighton Beach Memoirs<br />

Play Reading<br />

Theatre South Playhouse presents<br />

an intimate stage reading of the hit<br />

Broadway play Brighton Beach Memoirs<br />

at the Rosen Event Theater, 11184 S.<br />

Apopka-Vineland Road, Orlando. Time:<br />

2-4 p.m. Cost: $10, with proceeds benefiting<br />

the research of Lou Gehrig’s disease,<br />

also called amyotrophic lateral<br />

sclerosis. ALS attacks motor neurons,<br />

cells that control the muscles. For more<br />

information, call 407-489-4458, email<br />

theatresouthorlando@gmail.com or visit<br />

brightonbeachfor-als.whindo.com on<br />

the web.<br />

compiled by Lisa Sagers<br />

n Children’s/Teen<br />

Programs<br />

Dec. 15, 17, 31 & Jan. 7 — Youth<br />

Auditions<br />

Theatre South Playhouse’s winter/spring<br />

season youth auditions take place Dec.<br />

15, Dec. 17, Dec. 31 and Jan. 7. Youth<br />

shows include Xanadu Jr.; I Wanna Star<br />

in Annie, Matilda and Newsies; The Lion<br />

King Jr.; and 13, the Musical. Shows<br />

rehearse Saturdays with some catch-up<br />

rehearsals Wednesdays and Thursdays.<br />

K through second-graders are encouraged<br />

to audition, but it is not mandatory.<br />

There are different shows for K through<br />

12th-graders. To reserve an audition<br />

spot, email theatresouthorlando@gmail.<br />

com. For more information, visit www.<br />

theatresouthorlando.com on the web.<br />

Dec. 19 — Cookie Decorating<br />

The Southwest Library at Dr. Phillips,<br />

7255 Della Drive, Orlando, hosts<br />

Cookie Decorating for ages 6-18. Time:<br />

10:30 a.m. For more information, call<br />

407-835-7323.<br />

Dec. 19, 22 & 29 — Coding With<br />

Ozobots<br />

The Southwest Library at Dr. Phillips,<br />

7255 Della Drive, Orlando, hosts<br />

Coding with Ozobots for ages 6-12,<br />

which teaches the basics of coding<br />

and computer programming using a<br />

miniature Ozobot. No prior coding<br />

knowledge needed, and registration is<br />

required. Time: 4 p.m. For more information,<br />

call 407-835-7323.<br />

Dec. 21 — Winter Welcome Party<br />

The Southwest Library at Dr. Phillips,<br />

7255 Della Drive, Orlando, hosts the<br />

free Winter Welcome Party, including<br />

stories, activities and crafts, for ages<br />

6-12. Time: 3 p.m. For more information,<br />

call 407-835-7323.<br />

Dec. 22 — Holiday DIY Crafts<br />

The Winter Garden Library, 805 E. Plant<br />

St., Winter Garden, hosts Holiday DIY<br />

Crafts for ages 6-18. Attendees create<br />

handmade decorations, ornaments or<br />

simple gifts. Time: 4:30 p.m. For more<br />

information, call 407-835-7323.<br />

Dec. 27 & 30 — Noon Year’s<br />

Celebrations<br />

The Winter Garden Library, 805 E. Plant<br />

St., Winter Garden, and Southwest Library<br />

at Dr. Phillips, 7255 Della Drive, Orlando,<br />


Keep It Real This Holiday Season<br />

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Call 1-800-432-JOIN (5646)<br />

savethemanatee.org<br />

Photo © David Schrichte<br />


Piano Technician<br />

352.324.2548<br />

352.978.1581 (cell)<br />


48 x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />


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include making crafts, noise makers, yummy treats, New<br />

Year’s resolutions and a balloon drop finale. The Winter<br />

Garden Library event is Dec. 27 at 11 a.m., and the<br />

Southwest Library at Dr. Phillips event is Dec. 30 at 11:15<br />

a.m. For more information, call 407-835-7323.<br />

Jan. 21 — Youth Fitness Competition<br />

Winter Garden Athletic Club, 350 E. Crown Point<br />

Road, Suite 1070, Winter Garden, hosts Youth Fitness<br />

Warriors, a free, fun fitness competition and coed<br />

event. Physicals are not required, and free physicals<br />

are offered for preregistered youth participants. Time: 9<br />

a.m.-1 p.m. for elementary students, 1-2 p.m. for middle<br />

and high school students, and 2-3 p.m. for parents/<br />

adults. For more information about free physicals, call<br />

Toni Muzzonigro, D.O., at 407-367-5676. For more<br />

information and to preregister for the event, visit www.<br />

youthfitnesswarriors.com on the web.<br />

n Holiday Happenings<br />

Through Dec. 18 — The Happy Elf Performances<br />

Orlando Repertory Theatre in Partnership with UCF,<br />

1001 E. Princeton St., Orlando, presents performances<br />

of Harry Connick Jr.’s The Happy Elf. Showtimes vary,<br />

and ticket prices start at $14. For more information,<br />

call 407-896-7365 or visit orlandorep.com on the web.<br />

Through Dec. 24 — Holiday Festivities<br />

Winter Garden offers a variety of holiday festivities, including<br />

the Merry Winter Garden Light Show on Dec. 16,<br />

Dec. 17 and Dec. 23 from 6-9 p.m.; Holiday Music by<br />

the Dickens Classic Carolers at the Plaza on Dec. 16 from<br />

7-9 p.m.; horse-drawn carriage rides through historic downtown,<br />

a Winter Garden Christmas Concert & Singalong<br />

at First Baptist Church from 4-5:30 p.m., a holiday golf<br />

cart parade at 6 p.m., and a holiday movie and golf cart<br />

drive-in at 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 17; and holiday music by<br />

Paint It Black Quartet on Dec. 23 from 7-9 p.m. For more<br />

information, visit www.wintergarden-fl.com on the web.<br />

Through Dec. 30 — Every Christmas Story Ever<br />

Told (And Then Some!) Performances<br />

Orlando Shakespeare Theater in Partnership with UCF<br />

presents performances of Every Christmas Story Ever<br />

Told (And Then Some!) at the John and Rita Lowndes<br />

Shakespeare Center, 812 E. Rollins St., Orlando. Time:<br />

Wednesday-Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday and<br />

Sunday at 2 p.m. Cost: $25-$50. For more information,<br />

call 407-447-1700, ext. 1; or visit orlandoshakes.org<br />

on the web.<br />

Through Jan. 2 — Christmas At The Leu House<br />

Harry P. Leu Gardens, 1920 N. Forest Ave., Orlando, hosts<br />

Christmas at the Leu House, during which the 11-room<br />

estate is decorated with holiday trimmings, Christmas<br />

trees and decorations. Time: 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Cost:<br />

Mention<br />

this ad and<br />

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Universal Service Center<br />


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Hours of operation:<br />

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Sat 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.<br />

Sun Closed<br />


MOVING<br />

407-466-6455<br />



$10, adult; $3, children K-12; and free<br />

for children 4-younger and Leu members.<br />

(The Leu House is included with regular<br />

admission to the gardens.) For more<br />

information, call 407-246-2620 or visit<br />

www.leugardens.org on the web.<br />

Through Jan. 7 — Light Up UCF<br />

CFE Arena hosts Light Up UCF, including<br />

ice skating, rides, a film festival, holiday<br />

market and an all-new light show. Time:<br />

Monday-Thursday from 5-10 p.m., Friday<br />

from 5 p.m.-midnight, Saturday from<br />

noon-midnight, and Sunday from noon-<br />

10 p.m. Hours may vary on holidays.<br />

Tickets for various activities are available<br />

at the CFE Arena box office and<br />

online. To become a vendor, visit www.<br />

ucfholidaymarket.com on the web. For<br />

more information, call 800-745-3000<br />

or visit www.lightupucf.com on the web.<br />

Dec. 17 — Holidaze Concert<br />

Orlando Repertory Theatre, 1001 E.<br />

Princeton St., Orlando, hosts Holidaze,<br />

a performance by the Central Florida<br />

Sounds of Freedom Band and Color<br />

Guard. The show features holiday music<br />

from Halloween to New Year’s Eve and a<br />

silent auction. Time: 7 p.m. Cost: $10; free<br />

for children 12-younger. For more information<br />

or to purchase tickets in advance, visit<br />

www.cfsof.com on the web.<br />

Dec. 17 — Habitat For The<br />

Holidays<br />

Oakland Nature Preserve, 747 Machete<br />

Trail, Oakland, hosts Habitat for the<br />

Holidays with Alissa Himelfarb, education<br />

coordinator. Participants craft edible ornaments,<br />

garland and pinecone feeders for<br />

the preserve’s wildlife. Afterward, attendees<br />

take a hike to place their edible gifts<br />

on the trails. Preregistration is required.<br />

Time: 10 a.m. Cost: $5 for nonmembers,<br />

free for members. For more information,<br />

call 407-905-0054, email information@<br />

oaklandnaturepreserve.org or visit<br />

oaklandnaturepreserve.org on the web.<br />

Dec. 17, 18, 22 & 23 —<br />

Breakfasts with Santa & Mrs. Claus<br />

T-Rex Cafe at Disney Springs, 1676 E.<br />

Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, hosts<br />

breakfasts with Santa and Mrs. Claus,<br />

including a buffet, photo opportunities<br />

and one-hour or early-bird shopping with<br />

a $10 retail discount on a $50 purchase.<br />

Reservations are required. Time: 8-10 a.m.<br />

For more information, call Brandi, 407-828-<br />

6375; email bwaterson@idry.com; or visit<br />

trexcafe.com on the web.<br />

Dec. 21 & 28 — Holiday Dances<br />

For Seniors<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x 49<br />

The Belles and Beaus Dance Club sponsors<br />

a holiday dances for seniors at<br />

the Marks Street Recreation Complex,<br />

99 E. Marks St., Orlando. A holiday<br />

dance takes place Dec. 21, and a New<br />

Year’s dance is Dec. 28. Music is provided<br />

by Soft Touch, and singles and<br />

couples are welcome. Refreshments are<br />

available. Time: 7-9:30 p.m. Cost: $5<br />

per person. Men attending the dances<br />

for the first time are free. For more<br />

information, call 407-644-4200 or visit<br />

bellesandbeausdance.com on the web.<br />

Dec. 24 — Candlelight Christmas<br />

Eve Church Services<br />

The Sanctuary at St. Luke’s United<br />

Methodist Church, 4851 S. Apopka-<br />

Vineland Road, Orlando, holds candlelight<br />

Christmas Eve church services at the<br />

following times: Contemporary candlelight<br />

services at 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.,<br />

candlelight services with the sanctuary<br />

choir at 8:30 p.m. and 10 p.m., and a<br />

candlelight communion with the mixed<br />

ensemble at 11:15 p.m. Child care is<br />

available for the 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m<br />

services. At 4 p.m., all children and<br />

families are invited to participate in the<br />

special telling of the Christmas story at<br />

the annual Children’s Nativity Pageant.<br />

Children are asked to come dressed in<br />

costumes as shepherds, angels, Mary,<br />

Joseph, Wisemen or farm animals. For<br />

more information, call 407-876-4991<br />

or visit www.st.lukes.org/schedule on<br />

the web.<br />

Dec. 29 — Holiday Movie In The<br />

Park<br />

The Walt Disney Amphitheater at Lake<br />

Eola Park in Orlando hosts Holiday<br />

Movie in the Park, featuring A Christmas<br />

Story. Time: 7 p.m. Admission is free.<br />

n Miscellaneous<br />

Through Jan. 24 — Art Submission<br />

Deadline<br />

Women in the Arts Inc. and the Orange<br />

County Library System invite professional<br />

female artists to submit their<br />

work to be exhibited during Women’s<br />

History Month at the library. Finalists<br />

are chosen from submitted entries, and<br />

selected art is featured in the upcoming<br />

annual Celebrating the Genius of<br />

Women exhibition in March and April.<br />

Finalists are eligible for $1,500 in<br />

cash prizes and gallery representation<br />

at Baterbys Art Gallery for the top<br />

three winners. For more information,<br />

call 407-835-7481. Apply online at<br />

www.womeninthearts.org/art-competition.<br />

Dec. 17, 24 & 31 — Farmers<br />

Markets<br />

Winter Garden Farmers Market, voted<br />

No. 1 in America, takes place at 104<br />

S. Lakeview Ave., Winter Garden. The<br />

market is adding 50 new vendors,<br />

and there is a new parking garage<br />

next to the event. Time: Saturdays from<br />

9 a.m.-2 p.m.<br />

n Networking/Clubs<br />

Ongoing — Running Club for Women<br />

Moms Run This Town, a women’s running<br />

club with more than 10,000 members<br />

nationwide, invites local women to get<br />

together to run/walk/jog and socialize.<br />

All skill levels (from beginning walkers to<br />

experienced marathoners) are welcome,<br />

and an encouraging and informative<br />

online support community is provided.<br />

To join the Orlando chapter, visit www.<br />

facebook.com/groups/centralflorida.mrtt<br />

on the web. For more information,<br />

email mrttcentralfl@gmail.com or visit<br />

www.momsrunthistown.com/centralfl<br />

on the web.<br />

Ongoing — Members Needed<br />

The West Orange Women seeks women of<br />

all ages to join its social group where they<br />

“build friendships while helping others.”<br />

The 200-plus members enjoy more than<br />

25 fun activities. For more information, visit<br />

www.westorangewomen.com on the web.<br />

Jan. 5 — Retired Educators<br />

Meeting<br />

The Orange County Retired Educators<br />

Association meets at College Park United<br />

Methodist Church, 644 W. Princeton St.,<br />

Orlando, for a program called Home &<br />

Personal Safety and Elder Law. Anyone<br />

who has worked in education is invited.<br />

Time: 10 a.m. For more information, call<br />

407-677-0446.<br />

Jan. 24 — Book Club Meeting<br />

The Southwest Library at Dr. Phillips,<br />

7255 Della Drive, Orlando, hosts a<br />

free meeting of the Southwest Book<br />

Club. January’s reading selection is<br />

Flight of Dreams by Ariel Lawhon.<br />

Time: 7 p.m. For more information,<br />

call 407-835-7323.<br />

n Support Groups<br />

Jan. 10 — Support Group Meeting<br />

For Caregivers<br />

The Alzheimer’s & Dementia Resource<br />

Center sponsors a free support group<br />

meeting for caregivers in the Suite 281<br />

Conference Room (next to the south<br />

elevators on the second floor) at Health<br />

Central Hospital, 10000 W. Colonial<br />

Drive, Ocoee. Time: second Tuesday of<br />

each month at 6 p.m. For more information,<br />

call 407-843-1910 or visit<br />

www.adrccares.org on the web.<br />

Jan. 16 — Stroke Support Group<br />

Meeting<br />

The Winter Park Civic Center, 1050<br />

W. Morse Blvd., Winter Park, hosts a<br />

free meeting of the BCenter’s Stroke<br />

Support & Social Group. A deli-style<br />

lunch is provided. Reservations via email<br />

are requested to valerie@bcenter.com.<br />

Time: third Monday of each month from<br />

12:30-2:30 p.m. For more information,<br />

call 888-942-9355.<br />

n Volunteer<br />

Opportunities<br />

Ongoing — Volunteers Needed<br />

The Mustard Seed of Central Florida,<br />

12 Mustard Seed Lane, Orlando, seeks<br />

volunteers who can help with donation<br />

sorting, mattress recycling, warehouse<br />

maintenance, administrative work, special<br />

events or general maintenance. For more<br />

information, call 407-875-2040, ext. 110;<br />

or email jessi@mustardseedfla.org.<br />

Ongoing — Volunteers Needed<br />

The Florida Long-Term Care Ombudsman<br />

Program, which advocates for quality<br />

long-term care, seeks volunteers.<br />

Training is provided. For more information,<br />

call 888-831-0404 or visit<br />

ombudsman.myflorida.com on the web.<br />

Contributions to Community Bulletin Board are<br />

welcome. Please send information six weeks<br />

before the event to P.O. Box 851, Windermere, FL<br />

34786; or email Lisa@kearneypublishing.com. ª<br />


For All Your A/C Needs<br />

Family-Owned - S.W. Residents<br />

FL Class “A” A/C Contractor<br />

State License #CACO58760<br />

407-484-5996 • 407-299-8253<br />

Air-Conditioning Service & Repair<br />

SunShine upholStery<br />

“We Take Pride In Our Work”<br />

• Custom Upholstery • Cornice Boards<br />

• Custom Headboards<br />

• Free Pickup & Delivery<br />

Call For Your Free In-Home Estimate<br />

Today 407-291-9822

50 x December 15, 2016 - January 4, 2017 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

Seasonal Sales Event<br />


unwrap the Gift of Relaxation *<br />

unwrap the Gift of Relaxation *<br />

Celebrate the holidays with a seasonal package from The Woodhouse Day Spa<br />

Celebrate the holidays with seasonal package from The Woodhouse Day Spa ® . ® the woodhouse gift card - print online today! Orlando.WoodhouseSpas.com<br />

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Holiday Escape... $479<br />

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Woodhouse Wonderland... $325<br />

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50 50 minute minute Warm Timeless Agave Anti-Aging Nectar Manicure Facial<br />

50 50 minute Warm Agave Nectar Manicure Pedicure<br />

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Holiday Escape... $479<br />

110 Cozy minute and The Bright... Woodhouse $269 Escape<br />

50 Cozy minute and Therapeutic Bright... Stone $269 Massage<br />

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Pedicure<br />

The<br />

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Woodhouse<br />

Woodhouse minute Woodhouse<br />

Gift... $175<br />

Gift... Signature $175<br />

50 minute Swedish Massage<br />

50 minute 50 minute Organic Swedish Discovery Massage Facial<br />

Seaweed Leaf Pedicure<br />

50 minute Organic Discovery Facial<br />

*Offer valid November 14th, 2016 to December 25th, 2016.<br />

*Offer valid November 14th, 2016 to December 25th, 2016.<br />

Woodhouse Wonderland... $325<br />

8060 via dellagio way | orlando, fl 32819<br />

Orlando.WoodhouseSpas.com 8060 via dellagio way | orlando, | 407.965.3131 fl 32819<br />

Orlando.WoodhouseSpas.com | 407.965.3131

P.O. Box 851<br />

Windermere, FL 34786<br />

Prsrt. Standard<br />

U.S. Postage<br />

PAID<br />

Permit #200<br />

Zip Code 33805<br />


Good things come<br />


Discover Taylor Morrison’s six luxury communities in the West Orlando area. Each community offers a variety of home styles and price ranges to choose from.<br />

Find the exclusive neighborhood and classic lifestyle you’ve been searching for with Taylor Morrison.<br />

6 convenient locations to serve you! taylormorrison.com follow us on | 407.756.5025 book online at<br />

call today<br />

besturogyn.com 407-333-0496<br />

Orlando | Lake Mary | Kissimmee | Poinciana | Ocoee | The Villages<br />

• 2,274 - 4,290 Sq. Ft.<br />

• 3 - 4 Beds<br />

• 2 - 3.5 Baths<br />

• 1,938 - 3,300 Sq. Ft.<br />

• 2 - 3 Bedrooms<br />

• 2.5 Baths<br />

in small packages<br />


Online gift cards now available!<br />


• 3,314 - 4,882 Sq. Ft.<br />

• 4 - 5 Bedrooms<br />


• 2 - 3 Car Garage<br />

• From the $300s<br />

14193 Jomatt Loop, Winter Garden, FL 34787 | 407-439-0011<br />


• 1,965 - 5,173 Sq. Ft.<br />

• 3 - 6 Bedrooms w/ Den<br />

• 2 - 5.5 Baths<br />

• 2 Car Garage<br />

• From the $260s<br />

5717 Hamlin Groves Trail, Winter Garden, FL 34787 | 407-905-4675<br />

• 1 - 2 Story Homes<br />

• 2 - 3 Car Garage<br />

• From the $600s<br />

Anti-aging facial (erase• 3.5 lines - 4.5 Baths & wrinkles)<br />

<br />

<br />


• 3,314 - 4,927 Sq. Ft.<br />

• 4 - 5 Bedrooms w/ Den<br />

• 3 - 5 Baths<br />


• 2 - 3 Car Garages<br />

• From the high $270s<br />

• Waterfront Homesites<br />

7719 Minutemen Loop, Winter Garden, FL 34787 | 407-905-4651<br />

7518 Blue Quail Lane, Orlando, FL 32835 | 407-628-3602<br />


• 2,681 - 4,121 Sq. Ft.<br />

• 4 - 5 Bedrooms<br />

• 2 - 3 Baths<br />


• 1 - 2 Story Homes<br />

• 2 - 3 Car Garage<br />

• From the $400s<br />

6975 Phillips Reserve Court, Orlando, FL 32819 | 407-439-0013<br />

• 1 - 2 Story Homes<br />

• 2 - 3 Car Garages<br />

• From the $700s<br />

Your All-In-One Gynecology Team!<br />

1106 Estancia Woods Loop, Windermere, FL 34786 | 407-756-5025<br />

Offer void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. All information (including, but not limited to prices, availability, incentives, floorplans, site plans, features, standards and options, assessments and fees, planned amenities, programs,<br />

conceptual artists’ renderings and community development plans) is not guaranteed and remains subject to change or delay without notice. Maps and plans are not to scale and all dimensions are approximate. Please see a Taylor Morrison Sales<br />

Associate for details and visit www.taylormorrison.com for additional disclaimers. ©October 2016, Taylor Morrison of Florida, Inc. All rights reserved.

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