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16 x January 19 - February 1, 2017 x CONTINUED FROM PAGE 15 foster a deeper connection with the local community. You can sample a wide variety of the area’s arts and cultural offerings — all on one day and in a single location — during a new community event called Arts for All Day ( when 60-plus presentations will happen Feb. 4 in Loch Haven Park. You can also visit for a complete events calendar of local arts, culture and entertainment offerings taking place year-round throughout the region. IMPROVE GRADES WITH A NEW YEAR PLAN by Aziz Kabani • Huntington Learning Center • 407-290-1111 Want to make 2017 the year of straight A’s for your child? Here are some steps you can share with them to make this the best semester yet! 1. Be proactive! Don’t wait until the last minute to start studying. If you know that there will be a test next week, start reviewing now. Pick one section to look over each night before bedtime. 2. Have a growth mindset! Science has proven that you can get better and smarter, regardless of whether you think you’re “naturally good” at something; you just have to work toward your goals consistently. If you believe and work hard, you will do it! 3. Organize, organize, organize! Keep a planner or a to-do list for all your assignments. Keep all papers in one place and divided by subject. This makes studying for tests so much easier and keeps you on top of your assignments. 4. Break it up! Break up your homework, projects and studying into small, easy-tohandle pieces. If you have a test on 10 vocabulary words on Friday, plan to learn about three each night, with a night to review the day before the test. Putting things into manageable chunks makes the task less daunting and cuts down on stress. 5. Don’t be afraid to ask! Your teacher might not know that you’re having trouble or that you don’t understand something. He or she can’t help until you ask. If you need additional help, don’t be embarrassed to look into tutoring. Many Welcome, Dr. Wendy Vasquez! CALL TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY! 407-857-2502 Ext 1600 OR ONLINE AT The Women’s Center Obstetrics • Gynecology • In-Office Procedures Bio Dr Wendy Vasquez completed her undergraduate studies at New York University; where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She then started her medical career at Ross University School of Medicine in Portsmouth, Dominica. After medical school, she completed her residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. As a skilled surgeon, obstetrician and a master of the da Vinci Robotic System, she enjoys offering her services to this community. Her goal is to educate, prevent, improve and restore women’s health. We have early and late appointments available, as well as Saturdays. Bio Se Habla Espanol La Dra Wendy Vásquez especialista en ginecología y obstetricia, cuenta con una subespecialidad en cirugía mínimamente invasiva adquirida en: Albert Einstein School of Medicine, en la ciudad de Nueva York. Experta en la salud de la mujer la doctora Vásquez ofrece atención prenatal integral, incluyendo colaboración en embarazos de alto riesgo. Cirugía mínimamente invasiva es su pasión, incluyendo laparoscopia y el manejo del robot Da Vinci. Si tiene un problema relacionado a la salud de la mujer... no espere mas, haga su cita hoy mismo. Estamos abiertos los sábados, ofrecemos citas temprano y tarde. • Health Central Hospital • 10000 W. Colonial Drive • Suite 395 • Ocoee •

schools and centers offer tutors that can help you get back on track, a grade level ahead, or well-prepared for a test. GIFT YOURSELF WITH BEAUTIFUL SKIN by Michael Steppie, M.D. President, Medical Director Associates in Dermatology • 800-827-7546 Sparkling jewelry, a comfy sweater or a designer purse may have been on your holiday wish list, but what do you truly want for 2017? How about a smoother, tighter, more youthful complexion? The following are a few ways you can give yourself the gift of beautiful skin: • Juvéderm: Each day, exposure to the sun’s damaging rays, as well as a myriad of environmental pollutants, subject your skin to a barrage of unhealthy and unflattering effects. Topping the potential troubles is the gradual loss of hyaluronic acid, the naturally occurring fluid in connective tissue that helps to keep your skin smooth and taut. As a result, the skin becomes x January 19 - February 1, 2017 x 17 dehydrated and the elastin and collagen fibers lose their integrity, leaving you with dry, thin, loose and wrinkled skin. A top solution is Juvéderm, a biodegradable gel that replaces hyaluronic acid, and infuses collagen and elastin with new moisture and restores volume, all in less than an hour and requiring no downtime. • Radiesse — It’s been said that a genuine smile is the most glamorous accessory. But those marionette lines and pre-jowl folds that form around the mouth as we age can do a number on your otherwise gorgeous grin. That’s when you need Radiesse. Formulated with tiny calcium-based microspheres suspended in a water-based gel, this popular, highly effective dermal filler temporarily restores volume, smoothing the lines and plumping the sagging skin that forms around your smile and in the chin area. Over time, it actually works to stimulate your body’s natural production of collagen, the structural protein that keeps the skin’s underlying connective tissue strong and taut. The result is a long-lasting, youthful look. CONTINUED ON PAGE 18