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2017 02 The Light February 2017

Presenting the true meaning of Islam as a peaceful, liberal, tolerant, inclusive and rational way of life

February 2017 The Light 4 us, noticing people, not just a crowd, but individuals. And just as he noticed Maryam, and chose her for a specific purpose. Have you considered that Allah has chosen you for a specific task? Maryam was chosen to bring a prophet into the world. Just as a candle brings light into a darkened room, so Jesus was born to bring light into a darkened world. I think that is why Jesus describes himself in John 8:12 as “The light of the world.” But what task has Allah chosen you for? Is it to be a good influence around you, in your Jamaat, in your family, in your school, college or work place? Do you know the difference between a thermometer and a thermostat? A thermometer is affected by the temperature around it, but a thermostat is designed to set and change the temperature around it. Allah calls each one of you to be a thermostat, affecting the life and environment around you today. Set an example to those around you in speech and conduct. Contaminate the world around you with righteousness! In the Quran 3:47 we learn another lesson. Maryam cannot believe it is possible that she could have a son when she has not had marital relations with anyone. The angel tells her: “Even so, Allah creates what He wills. When he has decreed a plan, He but says to it ‘Be’, and it is!” We see the angel Gabriel having a similar conversation in the Holy Bible. In Luke 1: 31-37, we read: “And behold, you shall conceive in your womb and bring forth a son, and shall call his name Jesus. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest . . . Then Mary said: ‘How Shall this be, seeing that I know not a man?’ The angel Gabriel responds: ‘The power of the Highest will over shadow you, the holy thing which shall be born of you shall be called the Son of God . . . for with God nothing shall be impossible’.” help, and has rescued me from impossible situations and circumstances. There is a God in heaven who hears, knows, and understands. Call to him. He shall answer. Allah just says “Be,” and it is! In Surah Maryam, there are many lessons for us. Let us read together verses 19-30. Did you notice verse 25? It reads: “And shake toward yourself the trunk of the palm tree, it will let fall fresh dates upon you." We learn from this, that although Allah is the great provider, we are also asked to do our part in obtaining his blessings. Maryam did not just sit under a tree waiting for Allah to provide food. She had to actively shake the tree to benefit! Our faith should be an active faith. Trust — and do! Don’t just pray for a job, go down to the job centre too! Do not just pray to overcome temptation, unplug the TV or the computer if that is what is making you stumble. Let us learn to shake the date tree, not just to believe in it, or to admire it. In verse 29 we read: “And (Maryam) pointed to the babe.” Maryam deflected the attention from herself. Instead, she pointed others to Jesus as the mouthpiece of truth. We need to stop talking about ourselves, and learn instead to point others to the source of truth. In verse 30 Jesus announces that he is a prophet from Allah. Very interestingly I have had Muslims tell me that Jesus is never called a prophet in the Bible. This is simply not true! For example, Matthew 21:11: “And the multitude said: This is Jesus, the prophet”; Luke 24:19: “This Jesus, who was a prophet mighty in word and Let us learn from the life of Maryam, that no situation we face is impossible for Allah to handle. He has power to make planets and stars. He can, therefore, find solutions to problems we face! Trust Him! I can testify time and time again how Allah has responded to my humble cries for I Shall Love All Mankind.

February 2017 The Light 5 deed”; John 6:14: “This is of a truth, that prophet that should come into the world.” …there are difficulties to be met Maryam did not enter theological arguments! She let the prophet do the talking! Let us not enter arguments with people, but gently point them to the word of Allah. Just as a key unlocks a door, so truth is a key that unlocks people’s hearts. Maryam was not the key but she pointed them to the one who was the key. So, let us learn from the life of Maryam. To me, Maryam is an example of purity, and of one who shows us practical trust in Allah. She is an example of humility and obedience. A true Muslim. She is a lady not just of prayer, but of action. May each of us search out her footprints, and follow her footsteps closely. Ameen From The Light, Lahore, 24 May 1928 A Good News to Muslim Brethren by Maulana Muhammad Ali (end) (Editors’ note: We reprint this article, printed in 1928 C.E. in The Light, to show that Hazrat Maulana Muhammad did not want his English translation of the Holy Quran to be translated into German but rather, he wanted someone to translate the Holy Quran into German, directly from Arabic. It also shows the qualifications he expected the translator to have. It is also worth noticing that Hazrat Maulana speaks here of training of missionaries.) . . .verse of the Holy Quran is almost a command that the Holy Quran be translated into all the living languages of the world. In 1922, The Ahmadiyya Anjuman-i-Isha‛ati-Islam, Lahore, established a Muslim Mission at Berlin, the Capital of Germany. This Mission holds a position of great importance, as its influence would reach not only Central Europe I Shall Love All Mankind. with in conducting the German Mission like training Muslim Missionaries not only in the Islamic lore and religion but also in mastering the German language… but Russia and Eastern Europe as well. Moreover, Muslims from all over the world are to be met with in Berlin. Shortly after the establishment of the Mission, a plot of land was bought to erect a Mosque and a Mission house there. Thank God, that both buildings have been recently completed at an expense 1⅟₄ lacs of rupees (125,000). In addition to a few tracts about Islam that have been published in the German language a quarterly magazine the Moslemische Revue, is also published in German. Up to this time, about eighty Germans have been converted to Islam. The annual budget of the Mosque, the Mission and the magazine amounts to between fifteen and twenty thousand rupees. Now, just as an Islamic Mission is spineless without a Mosque, similarly it cannot do without a translation of the Holy Quran in the language of the country where it is established. Allah says in the Holy Quran that He sent every prophet with the language of his own nation as the vehicle of clear expression of his mission to them: “And We did not send any apostle but with the language of his people, so that he might explain to them clearly” (14:4). Now as the Holy Quran has been revealed for the benefit of all nations, its teachings should necessarily be explained to them so that they may derive full benefit from them. Therefore, the above-quoted verse of the Holy Quran is almost a command that the Holy Quran be translated into all the living languages of the world. As the propagation of Islam has already been started in Germany the next logical step is to translate the Holy Quran into German. Just as the English translation of the Holy Quran proved a source of strength and stability for the Muslim Mission at Woking, similarly the German translation

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