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2017 02 The Light February 2017

Presenting the true meaning of Islam as a peaceful, liberal, tolerant, inclusive and rational way of life

February 2017 The Light 8 concept of Islam. The Muslims were, however, particularly exhorted to be kind to one another and to help one another. Believers are frequently described in the Quran as brethren, and the quality of being “merciful among themselves” is expressly mentioned in the Quran (48:29). Some of you might have listened to an inspiring audio on Youtube about doing good with humility and patience. I would like you to share its English translation with you. And I quote: “However, good are your intentions, people judge you by what you do outwardly and however good may be your outward actions, Allah knows you by your intentions. Always try to compromise because a little humility is better than breaking relationship forever. If you have nothing to give, just bring a little smile on your lips, this will be the most precious gift of all. A person never forgets two faces: One who supports you when in difficulty and the other who forsakes you when in trouble. Never be angry with a person who hurts you because it is a law of nature that a tree whose fruit is very sweet people do throw stones at it. Relationship grows when people bear each other patiently. If you start looking for an unblemished person, you will find yourself bewildered. Never despise a person who shows much concern for you, otherwise one day you will realise that while collecting stones you have lost a precious pearl. While helping a person never look towards his face, may be his obliged face may sow a seed of pride in your heart. Never hurt someone’s feelings, because even if you say sorry, scar of pain remains in his heart, just as the hole remains in the wall despite the nail being taken out. Try your best that every moment of your life is spent in doing good to all, because life is never going to last but good memories are going to last forever even after one is gone. Always remember if somebody tells you a good advice, because when value of a pearl is asked, nobody cares as to who took it out of the sea. Somebody asked a bird flying in the sky: Don’t you fear that you can fall on the earth? He replied with a smile: I am not a human I Shall Love All Mankind. being who becomes proud on going up a little. I always keep my eyes towards the earth. Friends! Human being is a strange creature! He loses his health to amass wealth. Then to regain health gives away all his wealth. He wastes his present for the sake of future, and he weeps over his past while living in future. He lives as if he is not going to die ever, and dies as if he was never alive. Example of evil deeds is like going downhill; take a step and other steps follow in tempo. Doing good deed is like climbing a mountain; every step forward gets more difficult; but every step also takes one towards the peak. Never think as to why Allah does not accept your supplications immediately. Rather give Him thanks for not punishing you immediately for every evil deed committed. Never grieve for losses borne because Allah never takes back the bounty unless He grants better than the one lost. Relationships do not end on their own, these are always broken by man himself — sometimes through hatred, sometimes through indifference and sometimes through misunderstanding. It is our common observation that when something goes into our body, nobody can see it; similarly, a man sees other’s weaknesses but cannot see his own. People always ask about the welfare of people who are quite well off, but people who are in difficulty and needs our attention, they are not only ignored but even their mobile numbers are deleted. When I studied lives of the people in general I realised that everyone does love somebody and then a day comes when he dies and is buried in the grave and had to leave his beloved behind. Then I thought why should not I love good deeds so that I am not left alone in the grave. Never decide anything in a state of anger as one cannot see one’s reflection in a boiling water. Try to develop habit of forgiving people and exercise power of forbearance. It is all Allah’s beneficence that He connives at our evil deeds. If evil deeds of one another were made manifested to each other, then we would not be even coming to each other’s funeral to bury the dead. I do not understand why people avoid listening to what is true, but when someone is

February 2017 The Light 9 The Holy Quran assures believers eternal peace and blessings not only for the doing of good deeds but also for their fathers, their spouses and offspring. praised, even if it be outwardly, people listen to it and smile. O human being, observe patience! Difficult days will soon pass away. People laugh at you today, but tomorrow they will envy at you!” The Holy Quran assures believers eternal peace and blessings not only for the doing of good deeds but also for their fathers, their spouses and offspring: “And those who are steadfast, seeking the pleasure of their Lord, and keep up prayer, and spend of that which We have given them, secretly and openly, and repel evil with good; for such is a happy abode in the hereafter — Gardens of perpetuity, which they enter along with those who do good among their fathers and their spouses and their offspring; and the angels will enter in upon them from every gate. Peace be to you, because you were constant — how excellent is then the final Abode!” (13:22,23). At this point, I would like to quote English translation of two moving couplets, from a poem of the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. It is about humility and how to attain love of God through it: “He who lives in humility is the one who finds Muslims need to do serious research to show that Arabic is the ‘mother’ of all the existing languages of the world. his Beloved. O seeker of truth! Try this prescription as well. Give up conceit and vanity – that is what righteousness is. Make yourself lowly and humble – therein lies the pleasure of Allah!” And I conclude this brief talk with a prayer made by a well-known British Muslima, Sister Sara Joseph: “O God! Grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change. O God! Grant me the courage to change the things I can. O God! Grant me the wisdom to know the difference between the two. O God! It is only in accepting Your Will wherein lies peace and blessings.” My question to myself and to all of you is: Is God our Beloved? Do we really love the Holy Prophet (s)? Do we really adhere to the Call of the Imam of the Age to ‘Hold religion above the World’? If so, and we claim to do so? Then let us look into our hearts, and make a resolution to believe and practice what Allah wants, what the Holy Prophet requires of us, and what we have pledged to the Imam of the Age! What's special about the Arabic language? 1 Annika Schauer (end) Is there anything exclusively interesting about the Arabic language? The Arabic language is wonderfully interesting. The tri-literal root and measure system of makes it a really cool language. The fundamental concepts of the language are encoded into simple three-letter combinations that take on 1 From Quora I Shall Love All Mankind.

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