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Health Edge Consumables Brochure

Face Shields Designed to

Face Shields Designed to give your face and eyes protection against accidental exposure from splattering or splashing of hazardous or infectious substances. This lightweight plastic face shield with an anti-fog coating provides continuous, clear visibility and can be worn comfortably with surgical face masks and eye glasses. The elastic strap and foam cushion offer a snug fit while the chin-length guard allows cool air flow to the face to provide extra comfort for extended wear. Perfect for medical, dental and emergency medical healthcare workers and all staff involved in equipment decontamination. • Protects face and eyes • Crystal clear plastic with Anti-Fog coating for better visibility • Contoured foam for better fit and comfort • Disposable • Meets OSHA requirements • Ultra-Lightweight • Can be worn with Surgical Face Masks and Eye Glasses • Latex-Free PRODUCT CODE Faceshield Face Shields 1 box 200 HEALTH 20 S O L U T I O N S L I M I T E D

Steam Emulating Indicator Type 6 For Monitoring Steam Sterilisation The Steam Emulating Indicator Type 6 is a chemical indicator which checks all critical parameters of the sterilisation process. A colour change from blue to light pink indicates that all parameters (time, temperature, pressure and steam penetration) were sufficient to pass the sterilisation process. The Steam Emulating Indicator Type 6 is made of 240 gr./m2 material. The indicator contains specially developed indicator ink which is affixed through a silkscreen printing process. All used inks are lead-free. The indicator is laminated on both sides. • The new Steam Emulating Indicator Type 6 measures 25 x 50mm and will fit any size of laminate pouch • For ease of use all information is on one side of the indicator • The colour change from blue to light pink gives a very clear indication of a successful or unsuccessful process • The indicator has been tested under supervision of the BSI group and has been certified with a BSI kite mark • The Steam Emulating Indicator Type 6 fully meets the standards of ISO 11140-1. Compliance with ISO 11140-1 is stated on both the outer packaging and the indicator itself 134 134 G-14 STEAM Before use Correct color change 3,5 min.* *This image is not to be used as a reference colour for assessing Steam Emulating Indicators Type 6 colour change. PRODUCT CODE 3FSKS645834 *This image cannot to be used as Steam reference Emulating colour Indicator for assessing Type Steam 6 Emulating Indicators Type 6 indicators. Box 250 HEALTH 21 S O L U T I O N S L I M I T E D

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