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TRUMP - April 14, 2017 Edition of Chicago Street Journal

Although this edition was first published in April 2017, it is still timely and we wanted to give our audience an opportunity to view some of our past editions of Chicago Street Journal. Don't forget to join us on Saturday, November 11 in Chicago to celebrate the 24th anniversary of CSJ. Free Admission. Grace Temple Holiness Church. 938 West 69th Street in Chicago. 10 AM to 3 PM.

TRUMP - April 14, 2017 Edition of Chicago Street

ROCK ‘N ROLL LIVES FOREVER. Chuck Berry made it possible. — Page 9 Chicago Street Journal February 2017 Open Call For Artwork and Essays From Chicago High School Students. — Page 3 Ron Carter The Artist 1 — Page 13 $1 Donation Requested PRO / TRUMP /CON Chicago Speaks! April 14, 2017 Volume 23 No. 1 Got an event coming up? CSJ Chicago Event’s Calendar — Page 4 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump ROBERT RUBNER My maternal grandpa, James Franklin King, grew up in the breathtaking mountains of West Virginia. They are now to be removed for the coal beneath them. To trade the prettiest looking countryside on the Earth just to burn the rock beneath and blanket the blue sky with carbondioxide that heats up the planet is stupidity multiplied by the power of greed. POTUS 45 signifies both of these characteristics. While other successful economies like China’s and Germany’s backed their solar power and wind efforts, each nudging the other’s lead in photovoltaic production, the home of the solar cell, USA, is now lead by a solar illiterate. There are even photovoltaic cells made with carbon graphene and batteries, that instead of burning carbon nano-engineer the material to yield non-polluting energy. You can’t obtain graphene from the carbon of coal if you burn it! The 21st century is passing by the USA, which is imprisoned in Trumpland. Trumped voters are awakening to the dumbest ballot they’ve ever tossed. Thuggery and non-empathetic emotionalism will be all they will be known for. Reality is always stated in reverse, while science education is ditched. In single strokes of his weaponized pen, POTUS 45 has destroyed education, solutions to homelessness, made the country sick again, destroyed the work of scientists and technicians dedicated to renewable energy, derailed our future, and drowned his wealthy friends in tax-breaks they don’t need or deserve. For a city-dweller like me, technically homeless, dependent on Obamacare, SSI and what few government programs that are left, it’s like living in Madrid back when Generalissimo Franco had it surrounded with four fascist columns, and I’m wondering where’s the fifth. Dread and shock of Trump’s awesome blunders and brutality haunt me in my 65th spin around the sun. CHARLES PAIDOCK Regional VP National Federation of Federal Employees I have been representing federal employees of the executive office for over 35 year, as an officer of the National Federation of Federal Employees, and must express alarm over the personnel policies and practices under consideration by President Trump, to be applied nationwide. The federal government, it should be noted, is not a TV show. At one time the federal government was considered to be the premiere employer in the country. Positions are competitively sourced, and it takes three years for someone to achieve full career status. This appears to be changing under Trump. While the federal workforce is accustomed to changes with a new President in office, this White House has distinguished itself by declaring itself at war with it’s own personnel. References to civil service as some sort of “swamp” is not a professional assessment of agency personnel. At the same time the White House operation is riven with disorder, President Trump has appointed his son-inlaw to “fix government,” who promises to “run it like a company.” This implies that federal agencies are presently dysfunctional, staffed by the incompetent, and that private sector firms are the common standard of achievement. One of the initial recommendations is that employees ask for a cut in pay in order to keep their jobs. One can engage in criticism of how government is run at the federal (and state and local levels), and cite examples. But, for every example, there is a counterexample, and one never arrives at the truth. Seniors get their checks each month, food is safe to eat and passports issued, millions of times, month after month, without incident. Continued on Page 4 Nickel Bags or is that Dime Bags? — Page 6 The Real Organizer of the Bus Boycott. — Page 7 How to become an "extra" in Chicago. Spiritual Health. Andre Bellos — Page 9 Frances Beth Harris — Page 10 Get delivery right to your inbox. Visit CSJ at Call 773-998-1925 to be in the NEXT issue.