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Vol. XIX No. 1


Chicago Street Journal December 22-Januray 4, 2022 Page 1

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Free Imprisoned

Marijuana Inmates

Warren Urges Biden

According to the ACLU’s original analysis, marijuana

arrests now account for over half of all drug arrests in the

United States. Of the 8.2 million marijuana arrests between

2001 and 2010, 88% were for simply having marijuana

nationwide. The arrest data revealed one consistent trend:

significant racial bias. Despite roughly equal usage rates,

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Black Wall Street Bill in


Still in committee

– State Senator Napoleon Harris, III (D-

Harvey) continues to advocate for increased

support for Black-owned businesses

throughout Illinois, passing a

new economic stimulus program out of the Senate, called

the Black Wall Street Act.

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Donnell Robinson

CSJ Staff writer

“Resurrecting Black Wall Street on

State Street” (25th Street to 29th Street

on South Street) has become the direction

targeting Chicago Public Housing

development of Dearborn Homes.

Spearheaded by Chicago Black Wall

Street (CBWS) started with the need of

a grocery store for Dearborn Homes.

The initiative has gained a city-wide

support and from the National Black

Wall Street based in Oakland, Ca.

Dearborn homes has not had a grocery

store since 1995. Addressing the

need CBWS developed the State Street

Coalition Food Coop (SSCFC) primary

of residents of Dearborn Homes and is

now chartered with the State of Illinois.

What started as a grocery store, has

now focus on the commercial strip of

State Street for other needed businesses

as the grocery being the anchor.

During the 1930’s and 40s State

Street was know as a Black Wall

Street; As noted on the monument on

the south east corner

of 35th And

State Street.

At the start of this

project, it did not

take long to realize

that many residents

of the surrounding

neighborhood has

been designated as a

food desert because

Bernard Howard

of the complexity accessing fresh, nutritious

foods, particular fruits and vegetables.

Bernard Howard, the newly ap-

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Calven Jarrett ’Boo’

By Vincent Walker

Calvin Jarrett, President of BEE Manufacturing,

Inc., has been recognized for his

excellent tailoring skills for over 30 years.

He is best known for designing and manufacturing

jackets, caps, school team uniforms

and more. In the 90’s, he designed

and manufactured apparel worn for members

of Operation Unite To Save The

Youth, a nonprofit organization managed

by himself and Craig Hodges (former Chicago


The mission brought athletes and entertainers

into underserved neighborhoods to

provide vision, inspiration and motivation

to the youth. T’Keyah Crystal Keymah (In

Living Color), Harry Lennix (The Five

Heartbeats), Queen Latifah, and many

more came to the “hood” to uplift and unite

young people. A host of influential community

leaders, including Donald Dew

(Habilitative Systems, Inc.), Marsha Davis

and Doc Brown (Promoter), Ella Muhammad

(Department of Human Services),

Dwight McKee, Marry Dee (WGN) Abe

Thompson (WGCI) participated in the


Calvin relocated to Maryland where his

apparel company has reached new levels,

making jackets for Democratic National

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While shopping in the Dollar General

store on 79th and Damen the music in the

sound system permitted bad rap music

with the N word, degrading cruse words

of violence and ones lover of the streets;

When the mid 20s cashier about such

harsh music taking into consideration

children can hear while in the store. He

replied, “that’s the language of today”. He

later change the music. Upon exiting the

store, he was thanked for doing so.

Last summer of this year the National

Black Leadership Alliance (NBLA) released

an open letter to the public titled:

‘There Is Indeed

A Message

In The Music’

The Grammys and the NAACP image

awards 2021 were given to songs that

called for the killing of Black people and

the abuse and degradation of Black (Continued on page 8)

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