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Selwyn Times: May 24, 2016

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22 2 [Edition datE] Tuesday May 24 2016 SELWYN HOME PROFESSIONALS GARAGE DOORS ARE A KEY TO GOOD INSULATION SELWYN TIMES We insulate our homes, install double glazing and look for efficient ways to heat our home yet we often forget about the garage door. GaraGes that are attached to a house can be a place where heat loss occurs even when the door is kept shut. as most garage doors are not insulated, heat will escape through them and cold air will make its way into the house. When shielding a home from the cold, it therefore makes sense not to stop at the garage door especially when this can be insulated too. Insulating a garage door may raise the temperature in an unheated garage by up to 20 degrees even on cold days, making it a nicer place to tinker in. It will also help any home appliances like a freezer that are located in the garage, to run more efficiently. The life of car batteries will be prolonged too and the car itself warmer to hop into it on cold wintry mornings. When the weather is hot, an insulated garage door will be of benefit as this will help keep the garage cooler. Local garage door manufacturer Custom Made Garage Doors produces a wide range of garage doors to suit most house designs, tastes and needs. “We produce a range of garage door designs that are available insulated. We can also insulate an existing door for a customer on site,” advises Malcolm hurrell, founder of Custom Made Garage Doors. Malcolm says that insulated garage doors are generally quieter in their operation and as Custom Made Garage Doors only use Merlin garage door openers that are known for their quiet operation, the benefits are immense. Whether it is a flat panel, negative detail, glass, acrylic, Cedar, flush mounted or plywood door, this company can tailor make a door that is fit for purpose and will match the look of a home. They even make roller and tilt doors for customers as well as gates to match garage doors. all doors produced by Custom Made are designed and tailor made to fit the specific measurements for a home even when architecturally designed. The team will visit a customer on-site to provide a free measure and quote, for new and refurbished garage doors. Whether you would like to look into having your garage door insulated or you need a new garage door, it is worth having a look at Custom Made Garage Doors’ website at You can also give Custom Made Garage Doors a call on 03 347 8333 or 0800 661 366 (New Zealand only) or email the team at: info@custommade. When shielding a home from the cold, it therefore makes sense not to stop at the garage door especially when this can be insulated too. Manufacturers and suppliers of superior quality garage doors throughout New Zealand. Need a Professional Need a Professional Electrician? Electrician? Call Laser Electrical! Call Laser Electrical! 0800 438 0800 527 Call Laser Electrical 438 527 Rolleston! Need a Professional Electrician? Need a Professional Electrician? Call Laser Electrical! • Residential • Industrial • Commercial • Rural • Dairy 24 hour on-call service 0800 438 527 Laser Electrical Rolleston 831 Jones Road, Rolleston 0800 LASER 4 U (0800 527 374) Warm up your Winter • Heat pump installation • Log burners • Solar • I Gas servicing • Certified gasfitters and plumbers • 03 420 1020 • 021 341 311 LE0303 • Cedar Doors • Specialising in “ one-off custom designs” • Negative detail /Flat Panel and Insulated designs • Merlin Auto Openers, repair & Maintenance Contact us for a free measure and quote. Showroom: 276 Larcombs Road, Weedons Phone 3478333 or 0800 661 366 Classic Curtains & Interiors EXTENDED CLEARANCE SALE ROLL UP! ROLL UP! 33 meters $15.00 mtr Roll price $495 Sale Price $250 All stock rolls at crazy prices. Less than half price!! All stock fabric from $5.00/20.00 mtr Making room for new stock and Maxines Crafty Supplies. 817 Jones Road, Rolleston. Ph 03 347 4295

[Edition datE] SELWYN TIMES Tuesday May 24 2016 23 3 SELWYN HOME PROFESSIONALS EFFICIENT AND COST EFFECTIVE HOME HEATING heatING a home can account for a third of a household’s energy costs depending on the age, style and insulation level of the house along with how rooms are used. an insulated, double glazed home will be easier to heat due to less energy escaping, while a house built for the sun capitalises on free heat. homes should be a comfortable healthy temperature, not chilly or so hot that only a t-shirt need be worn in the middle of winter. Overheating the home is simply an unnecessary expense. heating sources include electricity, gas, solar, and pellet or log fires with each varying in heat and cost efficiency. Permitted and reasonably popular in selwyn are log fires. These can be economical when there is a good supply of free or cheap dry wood. They are cosy to sit by though their emissions impact on air quality and the environment as does coal, gas and oil. an alternative is a heat pump and Consumer NZ found these the most economical form of home heating. In contrast, un-flued gas heaters were the most expensive to operate while natural gas central heating was more affordable than LPG. Underfloor heating is nice to walk on though some find their feet get too hot. It uses electric cables or a hydronic system heated by electricity, gas, solar power, or heat pump water-filled pipes that are effective with a well-insulated floor. There is however, the potential for fluid in the pipes to freeze, if the system is turned off during cold weather. heating up a concrete floor uses lots of energy and it takes time to get up to temperature. The rooms may also become uncomfortably hot on warm days, leading to windows being opened which wastes energy dollars. If people are home during the day then underfloor heating can be heating sources include electricity, gas, solar, and pellet or log fires with each varying in heat and cost efficiency. worthwhile providing a low safe radiant heat. any central heating system needs to be temperature controlled and able to be channelled to any part of the home. Piped or ducted central heating uses a variety of energy sources moving heat generated in one area such as from a log burner, to other rooms in the house. solar central heating draws on the sun. Water heats up as it flows through hoses on the roof then into radiators in the house however with little opportunity to store solar power at present back-up heating may be needed for those dull days and weeks. standalone and wall mounted heaters are also useful. They provide instant heat and take the chill off a room. Fan heaters warm the air whereas radiant heaters warm objects in the room so the heat stays longer. Wall mounted panel and oil column heaters usually have timers and thermostats so while more expensive to run, can be regulated to operate more efficiently and may be a safer option where there are children. With any form of heating, a ceiling fan can help circulate warm air and push heat down from the ceiling. Test Tech Ltd ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE TESTING Test Tech part of keeping us all safe. Your local Appliance testing SPECIALIST Single & Three Phase testing Record Storage Flexible hours to suit Due dates sent directly to you in advance. Can supply Plugs, Sockets, Ext Leads, Multi boxes etc. Test Test Tech Tech making making the the electrical electrical appliance appliance testing testing standard standard AS/NZS AS/NZS 3760 3760 AFFORDABLE AFFORDABLE for for everyone. everyone. I look forward to being part of your teams Health and Safety practice. I look arcs forward Clar to being Cell: part of your teams Health and Safety practice. Marcus Clark Cell: 0274207051 Land: 033297006 Email: fall in Love with your favourite furniture all over again. 30 YEARS BEFORE EXCELLENT RANGE OF FABRICS Recover your couches and chairs and save money! AFTER EXPERIENCEFREE QUOTES QUALITY IMPORTED FABRICS AT WHOLESALE PRICES High quality contemporary and classic designer curtain, furnishing and upholstery fabrics, cushions, wallpapers and chalk paint. Visit our shop at 601 Birchs Rd, Lincoln 0800 333 577 Great Range Of Gifts In Store - stock arriving daily Florist | Fresh Flowers Wall Art | Clocks | Gifts | Vases Lamps | Home Furnishing Jewellery Somerfield Upholstery Ltd FURNITURE RECOVERY SPECIALIST 10 Calgary Place, Hornby | Ph 021 251 6200 | 349 0456 VISIT OUR SHOWROOM | QUALITY WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED Paul Tainui Shop 15 Rolleston Square Rolleston Phone 03 347 1068 Hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sat 10am-2pm