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Selwyn Times: May 24, 2016

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24 4 Tuesday [Edition datE] May 24 2016 SELWYN HOME PROFESSIONALS LEADING THE WAY IN LIGHTING Incandescent light bulbs are almost a thing of the past. SELWYN TIMES INItIaLLY these were substituted with spiral shaped compact fluorescent lamps and halogen lighting became more common. Now LeD lighting has stepped up, offering brighter light, energy savings and lasting longer, making them more environmentally friendly by reducing New Zealand’s energy requirements. Incandescent and halogen bulbs heat up and this excess heating wastes power, whereas LeD fittings do not warm up so use up to 80% less electricity than a conventional bulb. Greg horton from a electrical recommends LeD lighting, due to its efficiency as a form of lighting compared to incandescent lighting, which requires approximately eight times the wattage to produce the same amount of light. “LeD lighting is extremely effective though the initial outlay is much greater. It’s the old adage of what you pay for is what you get,” says Greg. “You’re unlikely to need to change an LeD light for quite a number of years due to the time they last.” This makes LeDs an ideal choice especially for out of the way and difficult places to reach such as lights in high ceilings. Greg says that while LeD lighting can add $500-$1,500 to the cost of an average house build, it is future focussed, uses less power and lasts up to twenty years longer if quality LeD lights are fitted. he says cheaper LeD bulbs generally fade over time. “It’s to do with the way they’re manufactured and how the luminescent is moulded together,” explains Greg. The long-term savings and likelihood that the price will decrease over time as happens with new technology, makes quality LeD lighting a practical choice. There are other benefits too. With high quality ICF LeD light fittings, pink batt insulation can be closed and butted to sit right beside and over the top of the LeD. This was not the case before LeDs. With standard downlights, the batts had to be cut away from the light as the older style lights heated up making them a fire hazard. With the batts going right over the high quality LeD light it helps retain heat in the home. The batts will still need to be cut around lesser quality LeDs so talk to your builder or electrician about this. The building inspector will also be checking this. LeDs come in all shapes and sizes so it is easy to replace existing bulbs. a ‘replacement LeD’ bulb should be purchased, and with existing downlights it is better to replace the whole fitting as only replacing the LeD bulb could cause it to heat, which will reduce its life. With non-recessed lights, a retrofitting LeD bulb may be an affordable replacement option and with dimmers, dimmable LeD bulbs are needed. LeD lighting is also becoming popular for motorhomes, caravans and boats as LeDs run effectively off a 12 volt house battery due to their low power consumption. WE CARE WHILE WE CLEAN Professional Cleaning residential & Commercial We FolloW a SiMPlE ProcESS From starting out with a customized quote, we make sure the process to making you a satisfied customer is simple. Quote • booKing • Job CoMpletion • CustoMer satisFaCtion our SErVicES INCluDe: WindoW Cleaning • House WasHing • spouting Cleaning Waterblasting • spring Cleaning • builders detail BROWN & WHITE LTD Paul & Yvonne Stokes P: 981 4280 M: 027 229 3534 E: W: New Builds Home Alterations Bathrooms Decks BUILDERS LTD Painting/Plastering Renovations Extensions Kitchens Re-Roofing Insurance Work Phone Keith: 027274 9359 or (03) 325-4452 Fully Qualified Builder

[Edition datE] SELWYN TIMES Tuesday May 24 2016 25 5 SELWYN HOME PROFESSIONALS IT’S LAWN CARE TIME Grass that dies off in summer will come back Fertilise for lush green grass aUtUMN Is a good time to carry out a bit of lawn maintenance so it is soft and weed free. Lawn care begins with irrigation and the weather will influence how often the sprinkler needs to be turned on. During hot dry summers it is natural for grass to die back. It does come back again with rain or some irrigation so no need to fret if restrictions limit lawn watering. having a lush green lawn is more challenging in a dryer climate and an automated watering system comes into its own as it is timed to operate early morning or later at night. Now is a good time to carry out a little maintenance to ensure a system’s smooth operation or to have one installed. From time to time, the lawn will need to be sprayed to rid it of unwanted weeds while applying lawn fertiliser will also nourish it and leave lush deep green grass. More long term, lawn care should involve scarification or de-thatching. This is necessary even if a catcher is used with the lawn mower, as cut dead grass mats and over time causes a thatched effect in the lawn. scarification is a process of scraping the lawn to take out the dead material. scarification should be carried out in warm good growing weather enabling the lawn a chance to recover so is best undertaken before the weather cools any further. For best results, any moss in the lawn should be killed at least a week before scarifying to avoid spores spreading over a wider area. Cutting the lawn a week before scarification will also aid the dethatching process, as will having it moist however, the lawn should not be too wet as this can cause roots to be dragged out during the operation so water a few days beforehand. scarifying can be done with an ordinary, fanned or electric garden rake with the debris deposited into the compost bin or used as garden mulch. With larger lawns, this can be arduous and time-consuming and using a scarifying machine could be a better option. These machines vary in size from that equivalent to a home lawnmower to larger machines bringing with them a professional to do the job for you. scarification does leave the lawn looking a little sad afterwards. It will revive and be stronger and healthier reducing the potential for disease and pests in the lawn. help it along by tossing some lawn seed over the lawn and over bald patches, for a denser richer result. Looking after the lawn makes it more attractive, nicer to walk on and one that children can run around on without prickles penetrating their delicate feet. Lawns need de-thatching from time to time LET’S GET GARDENING INTELLIGRO OFFERS: Expert gardening advice High quality products South-Hort growing mixes VIP rewards Buy in-store and online Handy delivery service For more information, check out our website: or visit our facebook page: 1394 Main South Road, Weedons | | Phone 03 347 9415 Sharon CroftS LandSCape d e S ign • Consultations • Design Concepts • Planting Plans P. 329 6229 M. 0274 311 558