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Selwyn Times: July 19, 2016

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28 2 [Edition datE] Tuesday July 19 2016 SELWYN HOME PROFESSIONALS SELWYN TIMES Artistic Decorating craft enthusiasts and others wanting to make a piece of art or accessory, may be interested in the new trend of decoupage. TradiTionally, decoupage was cutting out and gluing layers of paper onto an object like a box before varnishing over to seal the image. card making uses decoupage, however it is not just about cards. it can be used to enhance bags, boxes, runners, wall hangings or even school bags and bicycles. For example, a tote or nappy bag might be made out of calico then decorated using decoupage. decoupage can be applied to hard and soft surfaces where fabrics might be used along with painting of images, to achieve unique and original art to be displayed, used or worn. it can be applied to walls, tables, chairs, stones, fabrics, canvases, tote bags, throws or rugs. Those interested in discovering more about decoupage will want to pop into classic curtains where Maxine has just received a shipment of decoupage products. “i love fabrics and enjoy creating accessories such as bags and cushions so i’m really excited about what can be done with these decoupage products,” says Maxine. “Many locals come into purchase fabrics for craftwork so when i learnt that decoupage was becoming really popular overseas i wanted to bring this craft into my store. no other outlets locally, offer decoupage products.” “you can change the look in part of a home with a decoration such as stencilling a zebra or other animals on the wall in a children’s bedroom. applying decoupage to just one chair or chest of drawers will change the whole room. it’s also applied around sinks and bathroom vanities and as it’s lacquered is protected from the water.” also popular is pyramid decoupage where artwork is raised using modelling cream, to create a 3d effect. Maxine now has a range of decoupage products in stock. These include pattern templates, stencils, inks, ink stamps for tie dying and fabrics, felt decorations that can be incorporated into a cushion or bag, and modelling cream. She has also purchased a machine for cutting the fabric into shapes like felt flowers. check out the samples in store for ideas. of course, customers will still be able to purchase fabrics whether for crafts, curtains or upholstery at classic curtains, as well as order curtains and upholstery for a favourite chair. look out too for the new chairs on display which will spark ideas on how a tired couch or armchair can be brought back to life with some new upholstery. classic curtains and interiors can be found at 817 Jones road on the izone side of rolleston. The shop is open 9.00-4.30pm Monday to Friday and 9.00- 12.00 on Saturdays; phone 03 347 4295, email: maxine.classiccurtains@gmail. com, and check out Maxine’s website: Classic Curtains & Interiors REVAMP YOUR HOME Beautiful upholstery fabrics in store now Get in quick for free lining on selected Maurice Kain curtain fabrics - until the end of august 817 Jones Road, Rolleston Ph 03 347 4295 Great Range Of Gifts In Store Florist | Fresh & Silk Flowers | Wall Art | Clocks | Gifts | Vases | Lamps | Home Furnishing | Jewellery Shop 15 Rolleston Square Rolleston Phone 03 347 1068 Hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sat 10am-2pm

[Edition datE] SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 19 2016 29 3 SELWYN HOME PROFESSIONALS ORGANISING THE WORKSHOP Workshops, garages and man caves come in all shapes and sizes as does the order of what is inside. More oFTen the domain of a man, the state of these spaces varies considerably. Some are extremely organised with tools neatly hanging over painted outlines while others may be a complete jumble. Having a semblance of organisation in the garage or workshop is advantageous and winter is a good time to sort it out. Be brave. dispose of items that no longer have a use while recycling others. duplicate and unwanted possessions might be passed onto friends, family, the recycling centre or an op shop, or put to another use. For example, old tools might become part of a fence, gate, wall art or a path while an old rug could be thrown over compost to keep the heat in. Storing tools and other belongings appropriately, will help preserve their life and condition while easier to find if put back each time. They also need to be stored out of the reach of children as they could hurt themselves, or might decide to carry out some unwanted carpentry on the house. When choosing storage places, consider how each item is used, along with its weight, toxicity and potential to be broken or damaged. Heavy items are better down low while toxic chemicals and weapons should be locked away, especially if children live in or visit the home. cupboards and built-in shelving, whether recycled or new, are handy storage facilities. These might be salvaged from a kitchen or bathroom that is being renovated, or purpose built for the job. Kitset and readymade shelving and cupboards can also be purchased from hardware stores. Metal or wire shelving, trolleys and hooks for hanging brooms and garden implements, are also handy. other items, like camp chairs and bikes, might be hung on a wall or from the ceiling with hooks or mounted racks. overhead suspended shelving can also be fixed to the ceiling to house lighter items like the christmas tree and chilly bins. if fitting shelving, measure the height and width of objects to be put away so space is efficiently utilised. Fix the shelving and any lightweight cabinetry to the wall to stop it from falling when bumped or if there is an earthquake. plastic bins, wooden boxes, tins, baskets and cardboard boxes will also be handy so before tossing something out, think about the garage and how the container might be recycled, labelling each so items are easy to find. lastly, allocate a space for a notebook and pen for recording vehicle maintenance, repairs or restoration progress, and for filing workshop manuals and power tool warranties. a little organisation will create more space and make it easier to find things. Bikes can be hung from the ceiling or wall Tools will be easier to find in an organised workshop Need a Professional Need a Professional Electrician? Electrician? Call Laser Electrical! Call Laser Electrical! 0800 438 0800 527 Call Laser Electrical 438 527 Rolleston! Need a Professional Electrician? Need a Professional Electrician? Call Laser Electrical! • Residential • Industrial • Commercial • Rural • Dairy 24 hour on-call service 0800 438 527 Laser Electrical Rolleston 831 Jones Road, Rolleston 0800 LASER 4 U (0800 527 374) LE0303 Manufacturers and suppliers of superior quality garage doors throughout New Zealand. Unique & Handcrafted FURNITURE HOME DÉCOR • GIFTS 2239 Main South Road - 5 minutes south of Rolleston 03 3476190 Rosewood Buffet/Sideboard $1125 140cm (L) x 40cm (D) x 85cm (H) • Cedar Doors • Specialising in “ one-off custom designs” • Negative detail /Flat Panel and Insulated designs • Merlin Auto Openers, repair & Maintenance Contact us for a free measure and quote. Showroom: 276 Larcombs Road, Weedons Phone 3478333 or 0800 661 366