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Selwyn Times: July 19, 2016

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2 34 [Edition datE] Tuesday July 19 2016 CONTINUING EDUCATION SELWYN TIMES HELP YOUR CHILD GROW IN CONFIDENCE Life skills programme for children. Do your children lack self-confidence, or perhaps have so much energy that they need an outlet for it? Development through drama is the ideal approach to teach confidence and channel youthful energy while building selfesteem. The helen O’Grady Drama Academy has been in new Zealand for 32 years. This highly regarded worldwide programme helps students aged 5 to 17 fulfil their potential by acting confidently and speaking clearly. This unique, self-development programme helps achieve invaluable life skills. The confident, articulate child makes friends easily, accepts challenges and new directions. Confident children become well-rounded adults. Our fully qualified teachers are trained in the helen O’Grady Drama system, they ensure each child is encouraged and valued in a warm, positive learning LISTEN UP! Whether you’re 2 or 92, a complete environment. Lessons stimulate and motivate students without the exam or peer group pressure. Weekly class activities include speech training, creative movement and improvisation. Our Youth Theatre programme encourages the development of leadership and organisational skills. Three terms of the year cover the self-development programme and in the fourth term all students prepare a performance for parents and friends. We also offer trinity College London examinations as an option for those who wish to pursue an international qualification. Our safe structured learning environment values student individuality and encourages team building. Most importantly its great fun too! enrol now phone 0800 161 131 and see our website beginner or an experienced player, CSM offers something for you. ENROL NOW! Choose your new hobby at Papanui High School With Winter upon us why not take the opportunity of longer evenings to take up a new hobby, learn a new skill, meet some new people and have fun at the same time then join one of Papanui high School’s exciting range of Adult and Community education Courses for term 3 beginning from 1 August. We have a wide range of courses to choose from and guarantee you will find something to appeal regardless of age or interests. We have some new courses on offer for this term: Astrology with Deborah McMahon in this six week course participants will join a Moon-led journey around the zodiac as a means of introducing them to the spiralling dynamics of astrology. WORKERS EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Roopu Kaimahi Matauranga O Waitaha WORKERS EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Roopu Kaimahi Matauranga O Waitaha Term 3: 1st of August until 23rd of September See our website or contact us for more information. Community Community education and courses throughout the year the year 59 Gloucester Street. Phone: 366 0285 59 Gloucester Email: Street. Phone: 366 0285 Email: Bee Keeping introduction Course taught by Jeff robinson will cover beehive construction, managing a beehive and information on recognition of diseases. For those who are more interested in culinary pursuits we are offering a indian Vegetarian Cooking course. harpreet Kaur will help you explore the wonders of using spices and ingredients in your cooking to help you bring taste and variety into your meals while still cooking on a budget. if you are interested in creative past times we are offering Soap Making and Bath Bomb and Lip Balm making classes. Adrienne Faherty will show students all aspects of soap making and students can make their own bath bombs, bath scrubs and lip balms. Val Goulding is the tutor of our Your Career – take Charge course which is aimed at those who want to make the most out of their career so if you are stuck in a job and don’t know how to change, or want to achieve success, job satisfaction and become more motivated then this course is for you. For further information and enrolment in these or any of our courses please visit our website or telephone our office on 3520701. Drama Classes for Children Helping children develop social skills for a competitive world. Fun Classes for 5-17 years Weekly Classes 0800 161 131 NIGHT CLASSES PAPANUI HIGH TERM 3 2016 Huge range of classes from Art to Yoga Come down and enjoy the fun! To enrol, please phone our office on: 352 0701 See our full range of courses on Term 3 begins 1 August 2016

[Edition datE] 3 SELWYN TIMES Tuesday July 19 2016 35 CONTINUING EDUCATION Christchurch School of Music the ChriStChurCh School of Music is a family-oriented community aimed at providing quality music education in and around Christchurch. in 2015 CSM celebrated 60 years of teaching children to love and appreciate music so why not join us and become a part of the next 60 years? CSM is a not-for-profit organisation with a strong focus on community. On a Saturday morning the whole family can find something to suit. Preschool children can start their musical journey by joining in our experiential “take Orff with Music” while older children and adults may opt for group or individual lessons on a specific instrument (including voice). Those who already play are welcome to join in one of the great ensembles which all take part in regular concerts including Saturday soirees and the popular annual Showcase Concert. Recitals where individuals can perform are also held regularly. CSM also provides a comprehensive music education to participating primary schools via its Outreach programmes. With programmes offered in band, strings, recorder and ukulele in a wide range of Christchurch schools this is an area of the School, which has grown fast over the last few years. Another area that has grown rapidly over the last few years is the Late Starters programme where adults approaching retirement with more time on their hands have really enjoyed learning an instrument they never had the chance to play in their early years and join an ensemble with other like-minded adults. if Saturday isn’t an option, CSM also offers a range of weekday opportunities for learning and playing music. if affordability is an issue, CSM may be able to offer a discount through funding provided by the rata Foundation. Please contact us via our website www. and let us start you on a musical journey that will bring pleasure for a lifetime. Ensuring a safe work place LeArninG FirSt aid is not only a part of ensuring a safe work place, but also an integral part of our engagement with the wider community. We all learn the necessary skills to ensure that in times of emergency we are able to assist our work colleagues, but are we able to take these skills home, into the community or on to the sports field? not all work places are the same and the injury risk for each place can be wide and variable. The office attended by administrators does not carry the same risk as those people working with heavy machinery, or perhaps at some distance from a regular ambulance service. it is therefore essential that you pick the right first aid course to suit all of your activities – both professional and social. take, for example, an office worker who does not have a high risk work environment and whose concern might be to ensure that they can deal with minor cuts and superficial injuries, or the ability to perform effective CPr. These skills can be achieved on a course of eight hours duration and would generally fit into low to medium risk area. But take this same person on to a sports field either as a spectator or player when a higher level injury occurs. The eight hour course covering unit standards 6402 and 6401 (or 26551 and 26552) does not cover head neck and spinal injuries, eye injuries, hypothermia and poisonings. The majority of injuries occur outside of the work place, in fact one in three injuries occurs in the home, making it the most common place for injuries to happen. new Zealand children are twice as likely to die through injury as children who live in Australia. They mostly die as a result of motor vehicles accidents or falls in the home. Fatalities from leisure and sport are not far behind those in the workplace. The wider 12 hour course teaches the additional unit standard 6400 and provides a wide knowledge base for medium to high risk environments. This course covers many of the skills required to deal with the most common injuries, such as falls (which can result in head neck and spinal injuries) and dealing with complex scenes such as motor vehicle accidents. if you are not sure on the course best suited to your needs, ask your accredited first aid training provider. They can explain the course content and give you options that will best suit your needs. Look beyond the workplace and consider your family and your location. Check that you have a good quality first aid kit that is up-to-date with replenished items, and that everyone knows where it is located. NEW ZEALAND RED CROSS GLOBAL LEADERS IN FIRST AID TRAINING Christchurch Course Dates 2016 Venue: 32 Birmingham Drive, Middleton First Aid Revalidation Course (6 hours) Cost $120.00 per person (certificates must not have expired for more than 3 months) Time: 8.30am – 3.15pm Monday 25 July 1 August 22 August Friday 5 August 12 August 26th August Tuesday 9 August 13 September 20 September Sunday 24 July 7 August 21 August For bookings please call 0800 REDCROSS or 339-7111 Book online at Wednesday 17 August 7 September 28 September USE THE RED CROSS ADVANTAGE - COMPREHENSIVE FIRST AID, ESSENTIAL FIRST AID, REVALIDATION OR TAILORED TRAINING TO SUIT yOU AT yOUR PLACE OR OURS. NEW ZEALAND RED CROSS - GLOBAL LEADERS IN FIRST AID TRAINING CHRISTCHURCH COURSE DATES 2016 • VENUE: 32 BIRMINGHAM DRIVE, MIDDLETON Comprehensive First Aid PLUS Course (16hrs or 4hr upgrade) Comprehensive First Aid Course (12hrs) Unit Standard 6402, 6401, 6400 and 25411 or 26552, 26551, 6400 and 25411 Cost $265.00 per person incl FA Manual & GST for 16 hours or $80.00 per person for upgrade following completion of CFA Time: Day One 8.30am – 5.30pm Day Two 8.30am – 5pm Unit Standard 6402, 6401, 6400 or 26552, 26551, 6400 Cost $210.00 per person incl FA Manual & GST Time: Day One & Day Two 8.30am - 3.15pm USE THE RED CROSS ADVANTAGE - COMPREHENSIVE FIRST AID, ESSENTIAl FIRST AID, REVAlIDATION OR TAIlORED TRAINING TO SUIT YOU AT YOUR PlACE OR OURS. Monday 29 August 19 September 21 November 16 Hours Thursday/Friday 21 & 22 July 18 & 19 August Saturday/Sunday 17 & 18 September Essential First Aid Course (8hrs) Unit Standard 6402, 6401 or 26551, 26552 Cost $150.00 per person Time: 8.30am – 5.30pm Tuesday 16 August 6 September 27 September Wednesday 3 August 5 October 26 October 4 Hours Friday 1.15pm-5pm 22 July 19 August Sunday 18 September Thursday 28 July 11 August 18 September Saturday 23 July 6 August 20 August 2 x Tuesdays 26 July & 2 August 16 & 23 August 6 & 13 September 2 x Wednesdays Time: Day One 8.30am - 5.30pm Day Two 8.30am - 12.45pm 2 x Mondays 29 August & 5 Sept 19 & 26 Sept Thursday/Friday 18 & 19 August 20th & 21st October 13 & 20 July 3 & 10 August 24 & 31 August 14 & 21 September Weekends 23 & 24 July 6 & 7 August 20 & 21st August Thursday/Friday 28 & 29 July 4 & 5 August 11 & 12 August FOR BOOKINGS PlEASE CAll 0800 REDCROSS OR 339-7111 • BOOK ONlINE AT WWW.REDCROSS.ORG.NZ