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Selwyn Times: July 26, 2016

28 2 Tuesday [Edition

28 2 Tuesday [Edition datE] July 26 2016 MY PRIDE & JOY SELWYN TIMES A CAMARO TO DRIVE AND ENJOY Jason had been scrolling TradeMe, looking for a project car to restore when he saw a 1979 Chevrolet Camaro advertised for sale. The car looked interesting and being an american left-hand drive, it had more appeal for him than a more basic model of car so he thought it would be a good project. “The older 60s Camaros have been very popular which has priced them out of the range for many hobbyists. The 1970 to 1981 second generation Camaro models are more affordable, which might explain why they’ve grown in popularity,” suggests Jason. When Jason purchased the Camaro, he said its condition was below average and while the paintwork had been re-sprayed, closer inspection showed that it was in poor condition. The Camaro was fitted with the basic 305 cubic inch engine, which while more economical to run had in Jason’s words, no grunt so this was replaced with a 383 engine. “It was typical of the era,” explains Jason. “Most american models were under-powered at the time to save on fuel consumption.” Jason started with a brand new roller cam block and contracted an engine builder, engine Reconditioning services in Tai Tapu to build the engine, which he then installed. The interior had what Jason described as a rather unattractive tacky grey interior so this was changed to black vinyl and after-market non genuine seats along with steering wheel were added. The Camaro is a three speed Th (turbo) 350 automatic, two-door, four-seater coupe and Jason has added a replica of an L88 hood scoop, along with chrome 17 inch wheels on the front and 18 inch wheels on the back to give the car a more staggered muscle car look. Jason says that it is a bit of a petrol guzzler due to the new motor though fun to drive and reasonably comfortable so a great weekend cruiser. he has taken the Camaro to the Ruapuna drag strip for a couple of social events, where it achieved 13.7 for the quarter mile. “It was a lot of fun and good to see what the car would do,” adds Jason who says the restoration took over five years. he has kept no record of the cost of restoring the car, with repairs and modifications carried out as money allowed. The car was able to be driven for most of that time, except for the last year when the car was painted a dark metallic blue colour. Jason now has the 1979 Chevrolet Camaro the way he wants it. “It’s what I always wanted but couldn’t afford to go out and buy brand new. While it’s been a roller coaster ride with ups, downs and some hurdles along the way, I really love it,” says Jason who confesses to having a feeling of satisfaction now that the car is finished. “I’m in no hurry to restore another car though I won’t rule it out. If I get bored again, then I’m likely to look for another project.” Not just a tyre shop! • On-farm services - NO CALLOUT FEE (Selwyn district) • 24 hour fleet service • Full mechanical repairs • Nitrogen fills, batteries, WOF, shock absorbers • Agricultural tyres • Car tyres, 4x4 tyres, light truck tyres, truck & bus tyres • Wheel alignments, puncture repairs, full groom Courtesy car available. Kiddie’s toys & entertainment. enjoy a free coffee, massage (chair) & tV while you wait. Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.00pm, saturday 9am-12pm Call 03 347 4702 or 0800 838 973 The Camaro was fitted with the basic 305 cubic inch engine, which while more economical to run had in Jason’s words, no grunt so this was replaced with a 383 engine. 847 jones rd, rolleston • BURNHAM auto services Keep your motor running smoothly this summer • WOF • Challenge Service Station • Vehicle Servicing We are now open from 7am-7pm Mon to Fri • Tyres/Puncture • Repairs • Courtesy car 36 Russell Road, Ph: 03 347 6607 • Txt: 021 522 150 Email: 9198779AA Jones Road, Rolleston, RD 7 Christchurch Ph 347 8703 Fax 03 347 9576 Mob 027 228 2854 Email • Panelbeating • All insurance claims • Sandblasting • Spray (Bake) Painting • Truck Refinishing • Windscreen Replacments • Chassis Straightening • Motorhome Refinishing • Loan Cars

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday [Edition July 26 datE] 2016 29 3 MOTORCARE PROFESSIONALS SAFE MOTORING IS A DELIBERATE ACT driving on country roads is dangerous. high speed accidents incur a higher mortality rate and catastrophic injuries leaving in their aftermath, grief for loved ones. “Improving roads, policing and more sophisticated vehicles have played a small part in road safety, however the biggest single cause of road accidents is driver error” says selwyn district Councillor, Jeff bland. The higher number of road deaths ever recorded was 843 in 1973, a much higher figure than recent years which suggests that road initiatives have had some impact and between 2011 and 2014, there were the least number of deaths recorded on new Zealand roads. The lowest was 253 in 2013 and the highest 308 in 2012. The authorities say this figure is still too high and most people would agree. Injuries caused by road accidents have been massively higher. In 2014, 11,219 people were injured with a proportion having lasting effect on individuals and families, changing their lives forever. It is true, that the number of cars on the road has risen and the percentage of road deaths to cars has declined, dropping from 23.1% in 1986 to 6.5% in 2014. however, recent figures show that the toll is increasing again suggesting that road safety messages are no longer effective. The road toll has fluctuated over the last five years but this year’s figures have climbed with 174 deaths to July 2016, compared to 165 at the same time last year. Jeff puts this down to a blaze, cavalier attitude and lack of responsibility or respect for others on the road. “during my career in the police, I attended thousands of road accidents. Most drivers blamed the vehicle or another driver and couldn’t see that they may have made a mistake,” explains Jeff. “People feel insulated in their cars and don’t think about driving carefully or to the conditions.” Part of the problem he says, is a purveying opinion that we are better drivers yet it only takes a moment’s inattention or one foolish act for an accident to occur on the road. When we put our foot down on the accelerator we have a lethal weapon under our control. “We’re often different people, even aggressive behind the wheel of a car,” adds Jeff. “We need to start taking personal responsibility on the roads and stop making excuses as to why crashes occur. Road accidents and deaths affect every person in this country in one way or other. bringing the road toll down will benefit us all.” Safe Driving means: • driving at a speed suitable for the road and weather. • anticipating situations and actions of other drivers. • Following at a safe distance – a 2-4 second gap. • ensuring the road is clear before overtaking. • stopping at red lights and stop signs. • Turning car lights on when dull or dark. • not using a cellphone when driving. • observing speed limits and road signs. • Recognising that we can make mistakes on the road Jones Road Auto Specialists in Collision Repairs From small dings to major repairs ALL YOUR MOTORING NEEDS › While You Wait WOF’s › Courtesy Cars › Diagnostics › Repairs › Servicing › Batteries › Tyres AUTUMN SPECIAL All services or repairs completed will go in the draw to win a car care pack each fortnight during Autumn Phone 347 4020 851 Jones Rd, Rolleston • Two great locations • Collision repair specialists • Free loan cars and vans • Insurance repairs, smash repairs, rust repairs, fibreglassing • From motorbikes to horse floats • No job is too big or small • Open most Saturday mornings for customer convenience BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER 107 St Asaph St, City Central PH 0800 RO JONES 3 TRUCKS 3 CARS 3 LUBES 3 SERVICING 3 FLEET WORK 3 BOATS 3 DIESEL INJECTOR 3 & PUMP SERVICING 3 ENGINE TUNING Mon-Fri 6.45am-6.00pm, Sat 8.00am-12.00pm 3 BRAKES 3 MAXXIS TYRES 3 WHEEL ALIGNMENTS 3 BATTERIES 3 WOFs 3 CAMBELTS AND MUCH MORE! 839 Jones Road, Rolleston P.O. Box 16 Rolleston Phone Simon on 347 7110 or Mobile 027 272 9213