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Selwyn Times: August 23, 2016

4 Tuesday

4 Tuesday August 23 2016 Your Local Views Anti-fluoridation argument doesn’t ‘hold much water’ Nick King responds to last week’s opinion piece by John Verd about the dangers of water fluoridation in Christchurch With respect John, I think your passion for the well-being of others is admirable but, in this case, misguided. To suffer a “toxic dose” of fluoride, at the current safe and recommended level you’d have to guzzle 25 gallons of water. You’d die from hyperhydration first. Sola dosis facit venenum – the dose makes the poison. You quote Hirzy and Connett as if that adds weight to the antifluoride argument. They are not respected in their field, nor do they speak for the (United States) Environmental Protection Agency. And they’re at odds with their peers and mountains of research. I suspect these “studies” are the well-known “Chinese studies”, popular among conspiracy theorists and widely discredited. Fifty poor studies versus thousands of more robust studies does not make a solid case. The Chinese studies fail to acknowledge the higher than recommended levels of fluoride and other chemicals (also other factors that may contribute to lower IQ), including arsenic and iodine – iodine being a good example of “beneficial in small doses, dangerous in higher doses”. The dose makes the poison. Even if it is a by-product of an industrial process, so what? Lots of things are. We call it recycling. It’s safe at the levels required to be beneficial to teeth. Sure, it might be classed as a hazardous product which, of course, it will be if you’re counting it by the truck load. Hydrochloric acid is highly corrosive, but is also produced naturally by your own body. There’s arsenic in rice. Owner Has Purchased - Must Be Sold! 75 Kidson Terrace, Cashmere 3 2 1 2 2 The dose makes the poison. I’m all for questioning and challenging the status-quo – things go stale if we don’t. But scaring people with sciencey-sounding rhetoric isn’t very helpful, even if your intentions are good. I too have my own reservations about this situation because of Christchurch’s reputation for amazing water, and I have an emotional attachment to that. But the points you covered just don’t hold much water (pun intended) and are potentially unnecessarily scary for people. Listing Number: BE192592 Readers respond to last week’s opinion piece by John Verd about fluoridated water Pam Webber, Middleton I agree with you. (It’s) abhorrent that they intend ruining our beautiful Christchurch water. Keep up the good work. Ian Orchard, Papanui I won’t be losing sleep over the possibility of fluoridated water until I get some more details which John Verd omitted from his soapbox. The somewhat breathless revelation that hydrofluorosilicic acid (more properly Hexafluorosilicic acid) is a by-product of the fertiliser industry isn’t particularly relevant. Like sausages, lots of ingredients in food come from pathways that we prefer not to know about, without being in any way hazardous. On the other hand, plenty of ingredients can be dangerous in the wrong concentrations. Sodium chloride and dihydrogen oxide are two classic examples. Sodium bicarbonate, frequently recommended for tough cleaning jobs, is also an essential ingredient in cakes. John makes no mention of the concentration of fluoride ions in treated water. The World Health Organisation recommends YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS SOUTHERN VIEW 1mg/l or one part per million, hardly a toxic dose for a mineral that doesn’t accumulate in the body. It’s much easier to scaremonger if you leave out any details that might counter your beliefs. Fee, Fendalton I am very annoyed that people do not have a choice with fluoridation. It’s mass poisoning. I certainly do not want to drink a neurotoxin everyday. What about babies and pregnant mothers? I would have to buy a special water filter that can get rid of fluoride. Children who have rotten teeth are most likely not drinking water and consuming too much sugar. Better to educate than fluoridate. Daniel Brice, Woolston I strongly support John Verd’s article on water fluoridation. It’s a poison and, like all things we ingest, it should be done of our own hand. I will be doing as much as possible to stop our precious water from being tainted with this chemical and having the choice taken from me of water I put into my body. Heather Sinclair, Somerfield I would hate to see Christchurch water fluoridated. I would be very concerned about residents’ health. Your agent, Your home, Your future LICENSED SALES CONSULTANT REAA 2008 $849,000 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room, 1 dining room, 1 office/study, 2 car-garage, 2 off-street parks. Not your usual, this steel framed home built by our owner 30 years ago is up for sale for the first time - ever. 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SOUTHERN VIEW Tuesday August 23 2016 5 News Rugby club looks to push family violence into touch ONE RUGBY club is about to tackle its biggest challenge yet – 101,981 push-ups in four hours to help kick domestic violence into touch. That’s one push-up for each family violence incident New Zealand police attended in 2014. Suburbs Rugby Club, which also incorporates Suburbs Netball and Halswell Wigram Rugby, is holding the Mega Push-up Challenge charity fundraiser to help stamp out the country’s domestic violence problem. The event will be held at Hoon Hay Park on August 28, with multiple push-up stations running continuously from 11am to 3pm. Sponsored participants will try to top personal targets and challenge friends, as well as contribute to the overall goal. The money raised will support Aviva (formerly Christchurch Women’s Refuge), a local charity that helps families live violencefree lives, as well as the sports club. Event organiser and club vice president Jayson McRoberts said members from all communities GOOD CAUSE: Suburbs Rugby Club vice president Jayson McRoberts and under 7s players Eruera and Iosefo are hoping people will get behind a push-up challenge, raising money for Aviva and the club. can live, and raise their children in, a constant state of hurt and fear. “As a community, we need to band together and stop tolerating this. Enough is enough. Let’s help rid our community of domestic violence,” Mr McRoberts said. The event will also serve as a family fun day with a silent auction, live music, face-painting, a bouncy castle and food and drink stalls. To sponsor the event, attend or find out more information, visit the Mega Push-up Challenge Facebook page – www.facebook. com/pushup2016/ HELPING HANDS: Earlier this year volunteers helped shift the Rowley Resource Centre, now the centre is asking for help again. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN Centre’s fundraising effort reaches halfway mark • By Caitlin Miles ROWLEY RESOURCE Centre is past the halfway mark towards their goal of raising the funds to repair their garage. The centre requires more room to undertake community activities, including stone and wood carving. Repairs to their garage are expected to cost between $50,000- $60,000 and the centre has been busy fundraising. They have raised $31,000 so far and have received a further $5000 in funding from the Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board. The centre also received a $15,000 grant from the Lottery Community Facilities Fund. In November last year, the centre shifted and, while their new building could be used, the garage was damaged. Rowley Resource Centre manager Donna McAleer said they decided the garage needed to be repaired so they had more space for activities. “We do things like stone and wood carving and we would like to get a Menz Shed going, so we need the garage and we need more space back inside,” said Ms McAleer. “We want to have lots of space and activities available to cater to different interests for people in the community,” she said. The centre plans to celebrate their 25th birthday next month.