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Focus on Would you like to lose weight, gain energy and resolve your back pain? Give us 8 weeks and we’ll change the rest of your life It’s the start of another new year, and you might be asking yourself, am I where I want to be? Do I feel my best or do I want things to change? Perhaps you want to get into shape but something is stopping you. Maybe your back pain stops you going to the gym. You can’t exercise, so the pain gets worse. You’re confused about all the mixed messages about healthy eating and don’t know where to start. At Spinal Care Clinics, we are in our second successful year running a revolutionary program which comes all the way from across the pond and has seen tremendous results. It’s called 8 Weeks to Wellness. We are the only clinic in Essex running this program. 8ww is a proven wellness programme designed to dramatically improve your health. It has consistently delivered life changing clinical results, and will change the way you think, move and eat forever. The program is tailored to every individual and includes: Chiropractic care, personal training, nutritional plan, massage, mindfulness and self-development coaching. Take a look at our clients average results* 4 Lost 24 lbs in weight 4 Lost 4.5 inches from their waistlines 4 Dropped their blood pressure to 1.6 4 Reduced their fat mass by 6.4% 4 Improved their posture and flexibility 4 And felt years younger! (*average results across the 10 participants – results may vary from person to person). So if you want to reach your goals in a safe environment with personal tailored care, and you want to feel and look better after just 8 weeks, then try our special offer. £36 for a Consultation, X-Ray* & Wellness Score. *If clinically required. Call 01277 205746 to book your consultation today! 20

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