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Selwyn Times: May 23, 2017

12 Your guide to Show

12 Your guide to Show Homes & New Sections in the Selwyn District Garages are not all equal Not all garages are equal. Smaller townhouses may have a single garage whereas larger homes are more likely to have double, triple or even four-car garaging. Having more garaging has been more popular in recent times. It can add an ‘x’ factor leading to a speedier house sale and potential for a higher selling price. However, how much garage space do you really need? Before committing to an even larger home, take time to consider the purpose of your garage. This may avoid the situation where one or more vehicles is parked up in the driveway due to there being no room in the garage after work bench, garden equipment, bicycles and other items are packed in. An outside shed may take out some clutter, as will moving on unused possessions, with the result that a standard double garage may be sufficient. While a larger garage will add square metres, extra garage space costs less than in other areas of a home because there are fewer features. At planning stage, map out what will be stored in the garage. Take account of the space needed for motor vehicles, bikes, work bench, tools and gardening implements, if these will be kept in the garage. List all the items, measuring each to assess how they will fit into the garage. Allow space for moving around and getting into and out of the cars parked in the garage, once bikes, ladders and the like are stacked against the walls. Attic trusses with a pull down ladder could be included; a great way to gain extra storage space for less used items. Other features that will reduce clutter may include built-in shelving and storage cupboards, hanging devices like hammocks suspended from the roof, and bike hooks. These can make a huge difference to the spaciousness of this very practical part of the house. Thinking of the garage doors themselves, these can be custom made to fit. While two or three single doors may be attractive for accessing a larger garage, weigh up garage door width and their practicality should a larger vehicle need to be stored in the garage at any time. Including one or more windows will allow natural light without the need to open the garage door. The glass can be frosted for privacy while a glass side or back door will provide access to the backyard. You might also include a garage door through to the backyard. Alternatively, a garage, carport, or parking space down the side may provide storage for a caravan, motorhome or boat and access the yard. Ensuring sufficient off-street parking space out front is also often overlooked and worth the investment. Single doors into a larger garage are popular. Three and four car garaging is popular. Garage doors can be custom made to fit a particular space. Extra garage space costs less than other parts of a home. Brand New Prebbleton Show Home Open This Weekend: 72 Blakes Road, Prebbleton Open on Weekends from 12pm to 4pm Silver medal winner in Registered Master Builders 2016 House of the Year Awards Builders of superior homes. Built to last. Office & Show Home: 5 Broomleigh Drive, Faringdon, Rolleston New Show Home: 72 Blakes Road, Prebbleton Phone: 03 374 9172 or Rob: 021 324 876 E-mail -

13 Buying a property at auction If you’re keen on a property that’s going to auction, preparation is everything. A successful bid means you are immediately committed to buy the property; you cannot seek legal advice, arrange finance or even get the property valued or inspected when the auction is over. That means you need to do all your due diligence in advance of auction day. Before the auction (usually after you’ve viewed the property), the real estate agent working for the seller should provide you with a copy of the terms and Contract of Sale, which sets out what chattels will be included with the property. This document will also tell you the amount of the deposit to be paid by the successful bidder, and when the balance of the payment must be made. These documents should be checked by your lawyer. You should consider having the property checked (preferably by a qualified inspector who has professional indemnity insurance and carries out their work in accordance with the New Zealand Property Inspection Standards and obtain an up-to-date Land Information Memorandum (LIM) from the local council. It’s a good idea to get a valuation of the property, especially as you are likely to require one if you need a loan. Some websites provide free estimated market values that may be useful. There’s a lot to take in at an auction and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. If you can, go along to one as an observer to see how the process works before you actually want to buy. Remember that the auctioneer is working for the seller and they want to get the highest price possible for the property. At an auction, the auctioneer will read the terms and conditions of the sale aloud and announce if a reserve price has been set. They must also state whether the seller has reserved the right to bid during the auction. This is called ‘vendor bidding’ and it is only allowed under strict circumstances, such as when the property being auctioned has a reserve price; when the reserve price has not yet been met; and the auctioneer has made it clear that the bid being made is a vendor bid. They must do this by saying, ‘this is a vendor bid’ rather than using any jargon. Auctioneers sometimes use vendor bids as a way to start off the bidding, or to move the bidding towards the reserve price. Vendor bids can be made by the auctioneer, or another person working on behalf of the seller, such as a real estate agent. An auctioneer can also use a pre-auction offer to start the bidding. The auction continues until there is only one bidder left. At that stage, if the reserve price is reached or beaten, the highest bidder will be the successful buyer. If the reserve price isn’t reached, the seller can tell the auctioneer to stop the auction without selling the property. If the auction is stopped without a sale, the highest bidder may have the opportunity to negotiate with the seller (via their agent) after the auction. If this happens, the terms and conditions of the auction no longer apply and you can negotiate new ones. For independent advice on buying property, check out www.buyingahome. New Stage Now Open Home sites from 480m 2 - 705m 2 Priced from $175,000 First National Real Estate Sue Mullins Barry O’Neill 021 244 1325 021 364 422 Visit Us Onsite Cnr Birches Rd & Craig Thompson Dr, Lincoln, 7 days Noon - 4pm Progressive