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The Star: April 20, 2017


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The Star Latest Christchurch news at www. .kiwi Thursday April 20 2017 21 Viewpoint Trail will be an asset CANTABRIANS will soon be able to enjoy a riverside trail running along the banks of the Avon River through the residential red zone. The 12km transitional Avon Trail will open in stages from spring and will allow Cantabrians and city visitors to walk, run or cycle from Barbadoes St in the central city to Pages Rd in New Brighton. The whole trail will be completed and open by early next year. Construction of the first section of Avon Trail will start this month from Retreat Rd/Avonside Dr through to the Gayhurst Rd Bridge. The trail will be prepared at the same time as the upgrade of the temporary stop banks. By smoothing the top of the stop banks and adding a fine gravel surface, the trail will be suitable for a wide range of uses. The Avon-Otakoro Network is leading the project, and community volunteers will help prepare some sections of the trail. Regenerate Christchurch has been helping co-ordinate the work, and funding has been provided by the Ministry of Social Development to the Avon-Otakoro Network. Gerry Brownlee Now that the former red zone has mostly been cleared and grassed, we can see the potential of the river corridor. The Avon Trail is an opportunity for the public to explore this area, and I encourage everyone to do so. It is an exciting asset for Christchurch, and an innovative way to get Cantabrians moving from the city to the sea. The trail is great news for our city, and will help to promote the regeneration of New Brighton. It will allow everyone easy access to the lower Avon and surrounding red zone. The transitional trail will remain in use for at least two years, as the larger regeneration operation unfolds around it. Further opportunities for a permanent connection from the city to the sea will be explored later. This is an important area of regeneration, and will impact Christchurch’s future. It is the first step in creating a peoplefriendly, green space in our city. •Gerry Brownlee is Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration •Megan Woods, p23 Last week The Star reported the city council was looking at setting up an online hub that had information for residents and visitors about Christchurch as part of the Smart Cities programme. Peter Parr, of Southbridge – At last I’ve come to understand that the city council believes, and rightly so, that the public is stupid, ignorant, unobservant and gullible. We’re to get new technologies with an online hub where we can get all the information we need about Christchurch (The Star April 13). It’s all in the wording, ‘info we need’ not what we may actually want – like what the city council is planning, actually doing or spends our rates on. The council wrote to me “red arrow protections is required when either pedestrians or cyclists are using the crossing.” Sounds straight forward but ‘are using’ is not true. In reality the aforementioned phantom crossers get an auto green at the expense of real vehicles waiting to turn. No wonder we have traffic problems and frustrated drivers. I asked the council if the new Riccarton Rd/Ave light set-up would be used as a template for the rest of Christchurch. The answer was no, that was true because the city was/is already being set-up with red-lighting actual traffic so non-existent cyclists can have an auto green light. The council man claimed a ‘max of 66 vehicles an hour’ turn right, (east) off Deans to Riccarton Ave but said they don’t know how many bikes go north/ south. Interesting that another newspaper quoted the city council as claiming 1300 cyclists use the Hagley Park route each week day, maybe the new ‘online hub’ will know the real figure. Will our ‘new hub’ have how much the city council has spent on cycle lanes over the last few years and how much is budgeted in the next several, will they be toll-ways to recoup the cost? Will the new hub have the number of cars, adult cyclists, electric vehicles use the likes of Colombo St, Papanui Rd, Riccarton Rd and St Asaph Sts? So many questions but we’ll have to wait on the answers. DESIGNER FASHION AT OUTLET PRICES SMART BRANDS SMARTER PRICES HORNBY 409 Main South Road | Open 10am–5pm, 7 days