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Selwyn Times: September 26, 2017

10 Tuesday

10 Tuesday September 26 2017 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES Your Local Views We said: People who travel on Halswell Junction Rd say their morning commute has been halved since the new traffic signals were installed You said: Genny Cameron – Really? Didn’t halve my time on Tuesday, it was backed up to Marshs Rd as per normal. First couple of days were great. Deb Flanagan – So can we now have lights for Kirk Rd to enable access in the morning to the main highway? Inundated with a steady neverending flow of traffic flooding in from Rolleston. Another three years until new motorway extension happens and two deaths already this year. Jenny Sutherland – Except when the lights cause a backlog into the roundabout coming off the motorway. Can’t win some days. We said: Rolleston resident Cheryl Haglund was not impressed when six roosters mysteriously appeared on her front lawn overnight recently PROBLEM: Cheryl Haglund with two of the six roosters that mysteriously appeared on her front lawn during the night. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER You said: Veronica Robinson – Shouldn’t have been dumped. However, they couldn’t have been left with anyone kinder than Cheryl. Lucky roosters. Christopher Wayne – I’ll sort your problem out Cheryl. A few roast potatoes and some good gravy. Problem solved. Probably even get some sandwiches out of them. Kathryn Macgregor – Maybe she shouldn’t moan and if she’s a chook-lover welcome them and think they’re in a better place now. I’ve rescued the odd pet – they cost me an arm and leg but they’re happier here. Lyndsey Anselmi – Why would someone want six extra crowing roosters? Why shouldn’t she be annoyed? I am an animal lover too but don’t expect others to dump their animals on me because they’re too lazy to get rid of them properly. We said: Lincoln High School students have won their battle to grow facial hair You said: Kyle Steans – What is the place coming to. What ever happened to having standards? This now then what next . . . can of worms comes to mind. Toaiva Tom Teevale – Beware all you nightclub bouncers, check their IDs. There might be 16, 17-year-olds or younger hiding under that beard. Janys Rebecca Harrison – I’m embarrassed to admit this is my old high school. Philip Steans – Well this has opened some flood gates, the tail starting to wag the dog. Audrey Leslie – Schools are for learning, nothing to do with beards. Donna Brydon – Young men want to be young men not boys. A reader responds to a Selwyn Times article about another liquor store application in Lincoln Raeline Ferguson – So another liquor outlet wants to open and reading the tone of the article that’s a bad thing . . . but is it? Competition brings competitive prices – that works in the favour of consumers so that’s a good thing, right? Tickets on sale now! Every ticket purchased online in September goes in the draw to WIN A Rarotonga escape for two! Terms and conditions apply. Spring stock instore now! We have a huge variety of Adults and Children’s costumes and accessories catering for all sizes making it easy to find a costume to suit your Fancy dress or Themed party. Shop Hours: Mon 1pm - 6pm Thurs 11am - 7pm Fri 11am - 5pm Sat 10am - 2pm 689 EAST MADDISONS RD, ROLLESTON ph. 347 4595 or 0274 843 040 email. Like us on facebook 11 – 18 NOVEMBER 2017 Celebrate in style SMITH & BOSTON Prebbleton Village | Christchurch Ph: 03 349 5646 Trusted eyewear brands Leading custom Rx sunglasses Workplace Rx safety glasses Purchase a set of CATERPILLAR optical glasses before 1Dec 2017 & recieve a CATsunglass for half price. [additional cost for prescription sunglasses lenses] 32 Gerald St, Lincoln 41 Shelley Street, Rol ph 325 7267 ph. 347 1667 Late night Monday Late night Tues/Thurs

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday September 26 2017 11 But wait, I can hear the ranks of the righteous screaming ‘but it’s the demon alcohol and that makes it different’. Yes, alcohol is different, it’s the ‘legal’ drug of choice for the masses. More of the population enjoy consuming it in some form or other responsibly than don’t, and we hear about the don’t often enough. Interestingly, if you look at the statistics on alcohol consumption on average, it has been steadily declining for years. Which brings me to my point. If there isn’t enough room for another alcohol outlet then surely they simply won’t survive in the market place, with their demise hastened by the residents of Lincoln who don’t want it there simply not frequenting that store? But again, that’s not how society seems to work these days, we must be protected from ourselves by people with degrees in something, or just plain busybodies who know what’s best for us. Put sanctions on those who abuse alcohol and leave the rest of us to enjoy life, with a tipple or two if we so choose. A resident responds to a Selwyn Times article about a bus service between Leeston and Christchurch Sue Walders – Seeing the article on the need for a service to Leeston I wish them luck. I saw a small red bus in Lyttelton last weekend which could be ideal for a smaller number of patrons. That may be all that Leeston needs. I have been writing to the powers that be about our service in Prebbleton. I accept that we only have one route, but since the change at the last review, we are no longer able to get to Church Corner. Many people in Prebbleton (and maybe Lincoln) have doctors, dentists and banks there. I was told that the change was to cut traffic congestion in Riccarton. Our bus actually rejoins Riccarton Rd at Wharenui Rd so passes Westfield Riccarton where the maximum traffic passes. I would like the route to pass The Hub Hornby and/or Church Corner, which are the two nearest shopping malls. There are more buses from Hornby so I suggested one of those could be diverted to the Blenheim Rd section as they have a choice we do not. It is very hard to find out when the next review of routes will be so residents can have the chance to have their say. Fresh NZ Chicken Drums $ 6 99 kg Navel Oranges Loose Product of New Zealand Love Apples Royal Gala Loose Product of New Zealand $ 2 99 kg $ 3 49 kg Quality Bakers Nature’s Fresh Bread 700g Saturday and Sunday Breakfast from 9am Tegel Chicken Nuggets, Bites or Steaks 800g-1kg $ 10 99 ea $ 2 99 ea Chef Cat Food 100g Pouch 4 Pack Gold Card lunches Mon - Fri • Roast every lunch & Sun night • Sun/Mon/Tue Desserts $10 • Mon/Tue Woodfired Pizzas $20 • Tues Quiz night - free entry & prizes • Thurs/Fri Curry Specials • Function room - Fundraisers/private dining • TAKEAWAYS AVAILABLE • Open 7 days Coffee/Lunch/Dinner Open 11.30am Mon-Fri | Ph 03 421 6481 West Melton Village, Weedons Ross Road Courtesy Van available Cold Power Laundry Powder 1kg NEW! Speight’s Summit Ultra Low Carb Lager 12 Pack 330ml Bottles $ 3 99 ea $ 19 99 pk $ 1 99 pk Selaks premium selection 750ml $ 9 99 ea Specials available South Island only from 25th September until Sunday 1st October 2017 or while stocks last. Wine and beer available at stores with an off licence. Wine and beer purchases restricted to persons aged 18 years old and over.