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Welcome to the first issue of 2018 which

is our health and wellbeing edition.

As many people think about new year’s resolutions, reflect on the

last 12 months and look to the future, the Inspire team thought

it would be the perfect time to focus on the wellbeing support

available through One Manchester and community groups.

We are more than just your landlord and our first priority is to

people and places - the area you live and the importance of


This issue talks about support sessions taking place across the city

in community centres, schools and the 1-2-1 advice being offered

by the teams here at One Manchester. The help and advice you

will find in the magazine covers mental wellbeing, health, literacy

and online support.

There’s even a tasty recipe towards the back courtesy of our friends

at Back on Track.

We’re always keen to share your stories so if you have any news or

projects you think might be interesting to feature you can drop us

an email at

We hope you enjoy reading!

The Inspire team



Caring for each other

ADVICE @onemcr




Talking the talk

Addressing mental health in school........................... 5

Book repair appointments online

See our brand new One Manchester website............. 6

New developments for 2018

We are always investing and building new homes....... 8

Stay warm this winter

Simple checks if your heating stops working............. 11

Condensation and mould

What causes it and how to avoid it.......................... 12

The man in the know

Find out what goes on at The Place at Platt Lane....... 14

Take care of business

Improve your business skills and knowledge............ 16

On Top of the World

Award-winning project in your community.............. 17

Support when you need it

Our support and wellbeing team are here for you..... 18

Get a Boost…

Give yourself a new lease of life ............................. 20

It’s never too late to start saving!

Saving is much easier than you think...................... 22

See how we’re doing

Our aim is to improve in all we do.......................... 23

Square meals

mean a great deal

Coverdale and Newbank Community Association’s

Community Grocer project is following in the footsteps

of the award-winning Anson Community Grocer.

Based at 217 Stockport Road, the Community Grocer opens

its doors to the residents of Ardwick every Thursday. Members

who have joined their food share scheme will pay only £2.50

for £12 to £15 worth of groceries.

The caring volunteers have also been running the Kids MealBox Project for local

children during school holidays, where youngsters who would usually receive

a nutritious meal at school are provided with a free meal out of term-time.

Running Monday to Friday at dinnertime, the project provides a safe and fun

environment with activities to keep the kids occupied as well as making sure

they get a lovely lunch.

Project Coordinator Elaine Lovesey says, “We recognised

that when children are off school for the holidays it can

really stretch a family’s budget by having to provide

lunches which would normally be given at school.

We wanted to do something to help and the Kids

MealBox Project was born.

“Since we started the project it’s gone from strength

to strength. We have great volunteers and lunchtimes

in the holidays are fun. Children love coming and

parents tell us what a great help the project is!”

If you would like to know more about the

Kids MealBox Project or Community Grocer

contact Elaine on 0161 274 2186.



Making space for the community

Manley Park Community Centre is looking great

thanks to recent renovation work by WRPS.

The roofing contractors have given the centre and its facilities

a new lease of life as part of their commitment to provide

social value, after being awarded the contract to restore a

building in nearby Alexandra Park.

Social value means that we ask the companies we work

with to think about the added-value that they can bring

to our communities by delivering additional social,

economic or environmental benefits.

The Manley Park Community Centre is a popular destination

for local kids, and the Youth on Solid Ground project use

the building as their headquarters for activity in the area.

The centre now looks better than ever after WRPS fixed

new roof tiles and door frames, and repaired the building’s

electrical sockets. We were also pleased to help out

by contributing £4,500 for a new boiler, radiators

and a plastic water tank to be fitted in the building.

Majid Dar, co-founder of the Youth on Solid Ground project

explained what it meant to have the work carried out on the

community centre:

“It’s been a lifesaver for this organisation and this community.

We have hundreds of kids who use these facilities and

without this work it would have been an unsafe space for

them to use.

“I think it’s a brilliant initiative to get businesses involved in

community projects and programmes. With them giving

something back and doing something, residents from the

communities are benefiting. We’re helping these kids grow

and develop and so it’s all going in a circle; everybody


One Manchester chief executive Dave Power expressed his

delight at being able to help the project:

“We’re really pleased we were able to help the community

centre renovate their building. Now it can be enjoyed

safely and I think this really shows how businesses and One

Manchester can have a positive impact in the community.”

To tree or

not to tree?

The health benefits of trees

make them an essential part of

the future of any city or town

by decreasing stress, reducing

harmful pollutants in the air

and removing carbon from

the atmosphere.

That’s why over the last four

months we have been carrying

out a survey of the tree stock

in our neighbourhoods

in conjunction with the

contractor Urban Green Ltd.

By March 2018, all our trees

will be mapped and

assessed to identify trees

which require attention.

A programme of works will

then be undertaken.




Talking the talk at The East Manchester Academy

The benefits of young people talking about their thoughts and emotions are being promoted as

part of a new initiative in collaboration with Buzz, Manchester’s NHS Health & Wellbeing service.

Addressing mental health in school is vitally important as

it can affect classroom learning and social interactions,

which are critical to the success of students. The school

will work with 12 students acting as health and wellbeing

ambassadors, whose role will be to encourage fellow pupils

to discuss strategies to deal with stress, along with other

coping mechanisms when times get tough.

The school’s Child Protection and Safeguarding Lead,

Amanda Ram says, “It’s my aim to raise awareness and

decrease stigma so that students are able to be open about,

and are signposted to, the appropriate services to support

their mental health and wellbeing.”

One Manchester staff received Boost training from Buzz to

enable them to deliver sessions to customers that would

improve their mental health and wellbeing. Buzz offers

a range of support and advice to help people live fuller,

healthier, happier and longer lives. Their services include:

• Techniques to improve your wellbeing

• Understanding yourself more

• Understanding the impact of stress and managing it better

• Recognising and challenging thoughts that are stressful,

upsetting or just unhelpful

• Feeling more confident and improving your self-esteem

• Useful techniques to communicate your needs better

You can find out more about how Buzz can help you

by visiting, calling

0161 248 1767 or following @buzzmanc on Twitter.

Making friends with dementia

A Levenshulme group set up for dementia sufferers and their carers is inviting others

living with the condition to attend their support sessions taking place every Wednesday.

Along with providing emotional support, the group

arrange fun activities such as bingo, quizzes, exercise,

sing-alongs and dancing.

The Peter Quinn Friendship Group is open to those

suffering from memory problems, caring for somebody

who does, or anybody able to volunteer their time.


Wednesday 12pm-2.30pm


St. Mary’s Parish Centre, Elbow Street,

Levenshulme, M19 3PY

For further information contact

Marion Quinn on 07767 497625 or


0330 355 1002 75


You can now book repair appointments

online at

Following the launch of our brand new One Manchester website, we are pleased to

announce the latest development - you can book or change repair appointments online.

You can book

repairs on the go

from your mobile


It’s really easy, all you need to do is log in to your account and click ‘book a repair’.

If you have never logged in before

You will need an email address, your customer reference number

(available on all your rent statements or from our Contact Centre)

and your National Insurance number so that we can confirm that

it is you registering.

Once you have clicked ‘book a repair’

You’ll be asked to provide a reason for your request and further

details about your problem. You then select ‘submit’, where you

will be given a selection of timeslots to choose from - it’s that easy!

You won’t be able to book emergency

appointments online

If you have an emergency, please call our Contact Centre

as you would normally.

Once booked, you will receive a text message

confirming your appointment

You will also be able to see all of your appointments, including

those booked over the phone, within your account section on

the website. From here, you can easily cancel or change your

appointments; simply click on the appointment that you want to

change and follow the instructions.




Changing your preferences online is easy too

Now you can choose to see

only the topics and updates

you are interested in

Our website contains lots of information

on a wide range of topics, from help

finding a job, money advice, starting a

business, where money is spent and the

value we provide to our communities.

You will also find news and what’s going

on in your area.

If you are interested in a specific topic,

you can now register for updates online.

All you need to do is log in to your

account, check that your contact details

are correct and tick the boxes that apply

to you.

You can change your preferences at

any time, and rest assured, we will only

contact you in the way that you have

requested and will never sell data to

third party companies.


Missed repair


Every missed repair appointment costs

One Manchester over £40.

We are currently experiencing very high levels of missed

appointments, totalling £25,000 in some months -

money that could be used on important

community projects near you!

If you can’t make your appointment, please log

onto your One Manchester account and

reschedule as soon as possible.

0330 355 1002 7


New developments for 2018

We are investing and building across our neighbourhoods, with many more developments

planned in the future. Here’s a snapshot of some of the new-builds we are launching shortly.

Atlas Place

Chapel Street, Levenshulme

The site of the former Atlas Engineering Works on Chapel

Street in Levenshulme will soon be 64 contemporary homes.

A mix of 2-bedroom apartments and 3- and 4-bedroom

houses will be available in early summer 2018.

Homes on this development will be available with both

Shared Ownership and Rent to Buy, allowing you to buy a

home with either a smaller deposit and a smaller mortgage,

or by renting at a lower rate for five years, giving you time

to save for a deposit.

For more information on Atlas Place

and to register your interest, please visit

Kingfisher Gardens

Rainshaw Lane, Gorton

This fantastic development of just 10 houses is a mix of

2- and 3-bedroom homes, tucked away along a quiet

residential street in Gorton.

All the homes on this development are available with

Shared Ownership and the first homes will also be available

early in summer 2018.

For more information on Kingfisher Gardens

and to register your interest, please visit

We’ll still be building more

homes for affordable rent too!

We’re building eight brand new properties for affordable rent on

Field Street in Abbey Hey. The build of these 2-bedroom homes

has already begun and they should be ready in summer 2018.

A former doctor’s surgery on Grizebeck Close in Gorton is

currently being converted into two homes, each with two

bedrooms. These homes will be ready to move in to in early 2018.

If you would like us to look at

building in other areas,

fill out your details at


and we’ll let you know if we start

to build in the areas that you

are interested in.

These homes will be available





Are you interested in buying and want to know

how Shared Ownership or Rent to Buy can help

you afford to buy a home?

Shared Ownership

If you would like to buy your own home, but are

struggling to afford one in your area, then Shared

Ownership could be for you.

Shared Ownership is an affordable way to buy

a new home whereby you buy a share (e.g. 50%)

and pay a rent on the remaining share. The share

you can buy will range from 25% to 75%, depending

on what you can afford. It means that you need

a smaller mortgage to buy a home, and you will

also need a smaller deposit.

You can buy more shares as and when you can afford

them, with the option of eventually owning 100% of

the property, at which point you will pay no rent at all.

For more information visit


Rent to Buy

Rent to Buy is a new scheme that gives working people

who are currently struggling to save for a deposit the

opportunity to do so, whilst living in the home that they

could eventually buy.

With Rent to Buy you rent your home at 80% of market

rent for five years, giving you time to save for a deposit.

At the end of the five-year period, you can buy your

home outright or gradually purchase it before then with

Shared Ownership.

For more information visit


0330 355 1002 79


Are you ready for winter?

As the nights get colder and darker, the chances of severe weather increase.

That’s why it’s important to be prepared for a cold snap or even a power cut.

Electricity Northwest say that since 1990, gas and electricity network companies have

invested over £80bn to make the UK’s gas and electricity supply more reliable than

ever before; but storms, floods and other extreme weather can still cause damage

and disruption.

That’s why the UK’s gas and electricity network companies have come together to

launch the Be Winter Ready campaign. The campaign aims to help the public betterprepare

for power cuts and gas emergencies that may result from bad winter weather.

Electricity Northwest have provided the following tips to ensure you’re Winter Ready:

Know your free emergency numbers

In a power cut dial 105 or, for a gas emergency, dial 0800 111999.

Prepare your home

Keep a torch handy and get your appliances serviced by a Gas Safe registered

engineer to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Vulnerable households can get

extra support by signing up to the Priority Services Register. Contact your gas or

electricity network to find out more.

Visit to find out who your network operator is.

Keep your eyes open

Keep an eye on the weather forecast and if you have a power cut or a gas

emergency, check on your neighbours.

Switch to clean energy and save money!

We’re supporting a new campaign that aims to help you save money by switching your

home to a clean tariff - The Greater Manchester Big Clean Switch.

Visit to compare

prices in minutes, and if you decide to go ahead,

you can switch there and then.

With savings currently averaging over £280 a year,

it may be worth switching even if you’re in the middle

of a fixed-term tariff.

Why clean energy?

Generating energy from renewable sources like the wind,

water and sun helps fight air pollution and climate change.

If just one in every 100 homes in Greater Manchester

switched to clean electricity, it would be equivalent to

taking over 10,000 cars off the road for a year. On top of

all that, the cheapest clean energy suppliers are market

leaders when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Doing more for Greater Manchester

For everyone who switches the supplier pays the

campaign a commission. This doesn’t affect the price

of the tariff and Greater Manchester Combined Authority

will use its share to help fund social and environmental

projects across Greater Manchester too.

If you have any questions about The Big Clean

Switch visit




Switch on to staying warm for less

Stay in control of costs by ensuring thermostats, radiators and heaters are set to optimum levels.


Thermostat - how hot you want it

Set your heating controls to between

18 - 21 degrees. This should keep you warm

enough without the bills getting too high.

Radiator valves - which rooms to heat up

These allow you to set different rooms at

different temperatures. This can save you

money by not overheating rooms that

you don’t use. Most people prefer their

living room to be hot and their bedrooms

to be cooler. In rooms that you don’t use, try setting your

radiator valve to frost control (often indicated by an *).

This will protect your pipework and your wallet.

Programmer - how often

There are many different types of programmer

and they can be used to set how often your

heating comes on. Try using yours to set your

heating to come on before you wake up

so that the house is nice and warm, and then

to turn off 30 minutes before you leave the house. If you have

set a time pattern you are happy with but need an extra hour of

heat when your time pattern is at its off phase, then you can use

your boost button without having to change your settings.


Electric is more expensive to use than gas. If you have a gas

heating system, it is usually more cost-effective to use this than

using electric heaters.

Storage heaters and Economy 7

Storage heaters work by storing heat in a

well-insulated unit and releasing it slowly

throughout the next day. They are designed

to make the best use of cheap electricity that

is available at night time to customers that

are on deals known as Economy 7 or Economy 10.

If you only have electric at your property and have storage

heaters, then look at your last bill or ring your supplier to check

that you are on one of these deals, Ask them when your cheap

hours are active so you can make use of them by setting your

heating and hot water to use electric at this time.

*If you do not know how to use your controls, try searching for the model

number of your controller online to find the manual.

Be aware of boiler faults

If your heating has stopped working, please do

these simple checks before ringing us:

• Is your boiler switched on at the wall?

• Have you got credit on both of your pre-payment meters?

• Are your heating controls set correctly?

• Have you tried using the reset button?

• Is the boiler pressure too low or too high?

Some boilers have pressure indicators on them.

The indicator should be pointing to between

one and two like in the picture.

If you have done these checks and your heating and hot water

are still not working, then call the Contact Centre on 0330 355 1002

or log onto our website to book your repair. (See page 6 for more information)

Remember: If you have a gas service appointment make sure you have credit on your pre-payment meter when the

engineer turns up. If you don’t then the engineer may have to cap your meter until they can run the gas service.

0330 355 1002 11


Keep your home free

from condensation and


Condensation can build up in your home, particularly in winter, but it can easily be prevented

and the mould it causes effectively removed.

What is condensation?

Condensation is caused when water vapour, which is always in the air, comes into contact with a cold surface like

windows, tiles or outside walls. This contact turns the water vapour into little drops of water, known as condensation.

Sounds harmless enough, so why is it a problem?

If condensation occurs and is not removed, these droplets of water can cause dampness and black mould growth in your

home. It tends to occur in corners, on outside walls, or behind cupboards; particularly in rooms you don’t often use.

How is this moisture produced?

Normal household activities (even breathing) produce moisture, which is held in the air. You won’t be able to see it, but it

can lead to condensation if you don’t do anything.

How many pints of water do everyday activities produce?

Having a bath or shower

Cooking and using the kettle

Family of four sleeping at night

Drying clothes inside or using

an unvented tumble dryer




Tips & tricks

Here are some helpful tips for avoiding

condensation in the first place and what

to do if you already have it.

1. Cover pans on the cooker,

don’t leave kettles boiling and

remember to open kitchen

windows or use extractor fans

whilst cooking.

2. Dry washing outside or in

a closed bathroom with a

window open. Do not dry

clothes on radiators.

3. Put the outlet pipe of tumble

dryers through the outside wall,

not the window. If buying one,

a condenser type is best for

keeping moisture levels down.

4. Let warm air circulate by

pulling your furniture away from

walls and radiators. Don’t cover

radiators with curtains as the air

goes to the windows and not

into your room.

What if it’s too late?

Here’s what to do to reduce

condensation and remove mould

effectively when it has already formed.

• Wipe down windows and surfaces where water

has settled as this will prevent mould forming.

• If a few black spots of mould appear, clean them

immediately with a fungicidal wash as this will

prevent the need to redecorate. If you don’t take

any action, it can develop into a more serious


• Do not brush or vacuum mould as this can spread

mould spores and cause breathing problems.

• Mould is a living organism so requires proper

treatment to get rid of it permanently. The best

way to do this is by wiping down with an

approved for purpose fungicidal wash which has

an HSE approval number.

• Mildewed clothes should be thoroughly washed

and carpets shampooed.

5. Open windows on a regular

basis to air your home. Doubleglazed

windows can be locked

in a slightly open position that

keeps it secure, but still allows

air flow.

6. Open bathroom windows or

use an extractor fan when you

take a bath or shower. Make

sure you close the door to stop

moisture escaping into other


7. Check your wardrobes or

cupboards aren’t overcrowded

and that air bricks, ventilators or

chimneys aren’t blocked. Good

air circulation is key.

8. Ensure all window vents

are kept open if you have them.


One Manchester can only be held

responsible for damp that has been caused

by a structural issue in your property.

Damp or condensation caused by normal

household activities is your responsibility.

If you call to report a mould growth

problem, we will check

whether it is a condensation

problem first.

0330 355 1002 13


The man in the know at The Place

We visited venue manager Rob Willis

to find out what goes on at the thriving

library and community hub known as

The Place at Platt Lane.

Alongside some passionate and inspiring volunteers,

Rob embodies all that is great about The Place at Platt Lane

with his welcoming smile and customer-friendly attitude.

Whether people want to read a book, use the computer

facilities, attend the knitting group, children’s craft groups,

computer clubs, money or rent advice services, or even

sing with a local choir, The Place at Platt Lane has become

a hive of activity helping to unite the community.

Q So Rob, tell us about The Place

“The library opened in in 1932, but unfortunately due to

cut-backs closure was threatened more recently. As a vital

resource to the community, a group of local people formed

‘Friends of Fallowfield’ to organise meetings and add

pressure to the decision by the council. After a lot of work,

it was officially handed over to the community last year.”


What activities will we find happening?

“We have funding for multifunctional use which allows a

range of organisations to book their sessions here. There’s

everything from English classes, the Credit Union, Citizens

Advice, story time for the little ones and a kid’s homework

club. We also have 14 public-access computers which are

available to use during library hours.”


How does The Place run as a community


“We rely very much on volunteers and have had over 120

since we started. That can be anyone from the retired, people

looking for work experience, or those wanting to do it for

socialising reasons. Katie is the volunteer coordinator at One

Manchester and advertises and recruits volunteers for us.”


What’s coming up for 2018?

“The biggest thing is the launch of the Community Grocer

working with Healthy Me Healthy Communities. We will

be using the upstairs of the building and have recruited

10 volunteers who have been given food safety training.

We have learnt a lot from the volunteer team over at

the Anson Community Grocer in Rusholme, and members

will have the same deal of paying £2.50 for £12 to £15

worth of food. Community Grocer is in addition to Fallowfield

& Withington Food Bank as both help massively to address

food poverty but help different people in different ways.”

To find out more please ring 0161 227 3744,

search for @ThePlaceM14 on Twitter or call in to

The Place at Platt Lane, Fallowfield, M14 7FB.



What’s going on at...


There’s something for everyone, every day

of the week. It’s the place to be!


YouFirst South Manchester wellbeing sessions 1pm - 4pm

Forever Young

(A social get-together for older residents) 1pm - 3pm

Children’s Craft Club for aged 4+ 4.30pm - 5.30pm

(Under 8s must be accompanied by an adult)

Local councillors drop-in advice surgery 5.30pm - 6.30pm

Buzz MMHSC (NHS) wellbeing advisers

1-2-1 sessions Appointment - based


ABL Healthcare ‘Choose To Change’

(Fortnightly healthy lifestyle sessions)

11am - 4pm

Homework Club for children aged 8 to 16 3.30pm - 5pm

WEA Digital Photography courses 6.30pm - 8.30pm


ABL Healthcare ‘Enable’

(Healthy lifestyle sessions)

10.30am - 5pm

ABL Healthcare therapy and healthy lifestyle

1-2-1 sessions Appointment - based

Self Help Services

(Mental health support sessions)

9.30am - 4.30pm

Young Persons drop-in for teenagers aged 14 to 18

(Work, training & education advice) 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Rusholme & Fallowfield Foodbank

5pm - 6.30pm

Fallowfield Community Choir (fortnightly) 6.30pm - 8pm

Grateful Church service

6.30pm - 8.30pm


South Manchester Credit Union

10am - 1pm

Citizens Advice

(Support includes completing benefit forms) 10am - 1pm

One Money debt & benefit adviser

1-2-1 sessions 10am - 4pm

Story Time

(For pre-school children with guardians) 10.30am - 11am

Job Club (Support with CVs, interviews,

job applications & Universal Job Match) 12.30pm - 3.30pm

Knitting Group

2.30pm - 4.30pm


Forever Young (Computer skills for mature adults)


South Manchester Credit Union

Social Café


Trinity Church service

Sai Baba Centre of Greater Manchester

New Destiny Church service

11am - 1pm

10am - 1pm

10am - 3pm

9am - 1pm

1.30pm - 4pm

5pm - 8pm

Supporting weight


Free weight management sessions are available throughout

Manchester, including weekly meet-ups at The Place at Platt Lane,

to help adults and families lose weight and lead healthier lives.

ABL Health, in partnership with Manchester City Council, run fun

and friendly sessions in the heart of the community. Experienced

lifestyle coaches are on-hand to encourage lifelong changes to

eating habits, help people overcome barriers to weight loss,

make sensible food choices and become more active.

To find out more please call 0161 393 7576 or visit

0330 355 1002 15



Open up to a world of imagination

A year on from the Gorton Imagination Library’s successful pitch

at a Community Soup, we caught up with the project to find out

how the funding has made a difference.

The Gorton Imagination Library is a book-gifting project with links to Dolly

Parton’s Imagination Library which operates nationwide. Run entirely by a

team of dedicated volunteers, their aim is to send free books to children

every month from birth up until their fifth birthday.

Since the funding was awarded, the project has reached 142 children

under five years old living in Gorton. There are currently 4,090 children

in this age group in the area, and the long-term plan is for the project

to reach them all.

Parents of children already involved have expressed glowing praise for

the initiative.

“Whenever I read my child a story she will ask a lot of questions and wants

to know what will happen next”, one parent explained. “She will also sit

and read the story after she has heard it and read it to me.”

“Our English is not very good and we were worried about how we were

going to support our child reading the book, but the older siblings have

been reading the book with them and this has also helped both me and

my husband with our English.”

The project has now been awarded a further £2,000 as a result of

successfully pitching at a recent Community Soup. The additional funding

will allow them to register 16 newborn babies to the project with the aim

of encouraging a love of reading in the younger generation.

For more information contact Janet on 0161 245 7180, or visit

Gorton South or Gorton North Sure Start Children’s Centres.

Take care of business

Do you want improve your business skills and knowledge? We offer a series of free workshops

ideal for local small business owners and anyone looking to set up a new business.

Workshops & Events

Get your Business Started East Hub, Gorton Mon 29th Jan 10am - 4pm

Enterprise Drop-in The Place, Fallowfield Mon 12th Feb 2pm - 4pm

Start your Own Online Business The Place, Fallowfield Tues 13th Feb 10am - 3pm

Intermediate Social Media The Place, Fallowfield Tues 20th Feb 10am - 4pm

Marketing on a Shoestring East Hub, Gorton Fri 23rd Feb 10am - 4pm

Enterprise Drop-In The Place, Fallowfield Mon 12th Mar 2pm - 4pm

Enterprise Drop-In East Hub, Gorton Tues 13th Mar 2pm - 4pm

Selling Skills The Place, Fallowfield Fri 16th Mar 10am - 4pm

Intermediate Social Media The Place, Fallowfield Mon 20th Mar 10am - 4pm

Start your Own Online Business East Hub, Gorton Tues 21st Mar 10am - 3pm

We can help

you to develop your

marketing, selling skills and

social media techniques.

Call Wayne on

0161 227 1294

or email




Proud to be On Top of the World


We were delighted to see the On Top of the World project gain some much-deserved recognition

at Manchester’s Be Proud Awards recently, winning in the Creativity in the Community category

for the great work involving One Manchester tower block residents over the last two years.

Run in collaboration with the Royal Exchange Theatre, the

project originally received £60,000 from the JP Getty Jnr

Charitable Trust for the three year project, and we recently

successfully pitched for funding to support additional arts

activities at the Hulme blocks. The pitch was put together by

Anne Finnegan who is one of our Cultural Ambassadors.

It has enabled tenants living in four high-rise blocks to

experience the benefits of arts and culture, with the aim

of enhancing their daily lives and reducing the levels of

isolation that can sometimes result from living in this type of


In September last year, a group of the project’s participants

stepped into the limelight to deliver a performance motivated

by the Grenfell Tower disaster called ‘Can You Hear Me from

Up Here?’. The aim of the performance was to highlight and

voice the concerns of residents living in high-rise blocks.

Tracie Daly from the Royal Exchange Theatre has been

instrumental in setting up the project and explained the

motivation for starting the group;

“When we first started the project, we found how

disconnected people were from their own communities,

living in isolation with no support networks in place. We’ve

been working with them on a weekly basis and they are now

taking part in these performances. It’s just brilliant to see.”

“The relationship-building and breaking through of the barriers

has increased the community spirit in the tower blocks. People

say they feel more connected and say hello to each other.

It’s really given them a fresh sense of purpose.”

Roy Steadman, a resident of Abbey Court for 22 years,

described the difference that he has noticed in his own life

since the project began.

“I think that laughter is one of the best medicines you can

have, and taking part in this group is bringing that out of us.

It’s making me feel like I’m not just a number. Before this I was

just the man who lived at number 44, but now my neighbours

know me as Roy. They’ll see me now and say hello, and ask me

how I’m doing. It’s making me feel a lot better.”

If you’d like to find out more about this project,

or discover other cultural opportunities near you


Are you a One Manchester resident

wanting to experience the city’s culture?

Would you like to take part in the fun of the theatre, arts activities

or other fantastic cultural offerings across our great city?

We now have more opportunities for

you to become cultural ambassadors.

We work with first-class entertainment

and arts venues such as the Royal Exchange,

HOME and museums, along with many

other cultural providers.

By being a cultural ambassador you will…

★ Volunteer your time, ideas and feedback ★

★ Improve your health and wellbeing ★

★ Meet new people ★ Find new hobbies ★

★ Be at the heart of what’s happening in our communities ★

★ Contribute to shaping the future of One Manchester ★

Does this sound right up your street? Then get involved!


or phone 0330 355 1002 and ask for Phil Lukes.

0330 355 1002 17


Support when you

need it - Jane’s * story

There are many reasons why somebody

might need support, as managing bills,

personal problems and work and health

issues can all affect a person’s wellbeing.

Jane, a One Manchester tenant who lives in Clayton, was

struggling to keep on top of her finances. After a member

of our income team paid her a visit it was quickly discovered

that she was also dealing with mental health problems.

“I’d had a few problems with bills and my rent”, Jane

explained. “I was getting lots of letters through the post

piling up. I’d recently lost my mum and dad, and now with

the bills, it was all getting too much for me. There was too

much stress and I just wanted to give up to be honest.”

“The rent officer who was dealing with my case at the time

recommended that I get in contact with Howard from the

support and wellbeing team because they had recognised

that I could do with some help.”

“I didn’t know that this service even existed before, and I

think I would probably have been too proud to get in contact

in the first place. When you have mental health problems it’s

very difficult to ask for the help that you really need.”

Howard was there for Jane to speak to about her problems

and listened to what she had to say. Together, they worked

through some of her problems and now things are looking


“Without Howard and the team, I wouldn’t be here now, and

that’s the truth. The support he’s given me has saved my life.”

“The only thing I was thinking was ‘just give up’, and the

work I’ve been doing with Howard has got me back on track.

He never judges me and I always feel comfortable talking

with him about my problems. Now I feel confident to reach

out to Howard if I need to talk, and I know he’ll always listen

to me and it really helps me a lot.”

*Jane’s name has been changed to protect her identity.

Do you or

anyone you know

need help or advice?

Our support and wellbeing team are

available to advise, support and guide

vulnerable tenants to successfully

manage their lives and tenancies.

If you are struggling and feel like you need help, you

can contact the service directly or, with your consent,

a member of our staff, a relative or carer can make

contact on your behalf. A Support & Wellbeing

Coordinator will firstly arrange an assessment and

residents can receive support either within their own

home or from a local office.

The help and guidance of the team is available to all

One Manchester residents and includes:

• Parenting skills & promoting school attendance

• Motivation & taking responsibility

• Self-care & living skills

• Social networks & relationships

• Isolation & meaningful use of time

• Drug & alcohol misuse

• Physical, emotional & mental health

• Promoting employment & training

• Managing tenancy & accommodation

• Offending

You can contact the service directly using the details

below or, with your consent, a member of our staff,

a relative or carer can make contact on your behalf.

A referral may also be made by an Early Help Hub

or outside agency e.g. the Community Alcohol team.

Drop-in sessions are available in four locations:

Monday 9am -12pm: Worsley & Platt Court, Rusholme

Wednesday 9am -12pm: Cundiff Court, Levenshulme

Thursday 1pm - 4pm: The Place, Fallowfield

Friday 9am -12pm: Abbey Court, Gorton

Call our Support &Wellbeing team on

0330 355 1002, Monday to Friday, 8am-5.30pm

or email the team at



Have you heard?

Once a month the Sunday Assembly celebrates

communities coming together with the motto

‘Live better, help often, wonder more’.

Each assembly has a theme and includes everyone singing

together (famous pop songs played by a live band), listening

to inspiring talks and generally having some fun!

It’s a great place to meet new people, chat and

talk about the issues raised whilst enjoying tea,

coffee and cake.

If you would like to go but are worried

about going alone or not sure it’s for you,

contact Lesley who can arrange transport

to take you the first time, meet you there

and show you the ropes.

Contact Lesley on 0161 230 1013 or email


Join the FREE fun at

Manchester Museum

Second Sunday

of every month



Community crafts

An initiative to provide activities

in the community to increase

skills, improve wellbeing and

reduce isolation is making a real

difference to people in south


HerArt use art and crafts as a tool to devise

unique projects that develop self-belief,

self-confidence and build self-esteem.

The accredited courses and arts and crafts

workshops are delivered to marginalised

groups living in disadvantaged communities.

Drop-in sessions are at Moss Side

Children’s Centre every

Friday between 1pm-4pm.

Can you help?

Medicines and treatments that help people live better and longer today

all came about because of research.

If you or someone you care for has experienced cancer, or a condition

that affects the hearing, skin, breathing, muscles or joints, then

you can help improve the treatments of tomorrow. By sharing your

experiences and telling us what you think about the research we do

and how we do it, you can make a real difference.

There are lots of ways to get involved including phone surveys,

Facebook group chats and face-to-face groups. We can help with

transport and care costs and you’ll be given up to £40 in cash or

shopping vouchers, depending on your involvement, as a thank you.

To find out more contact our friendly team at:

0161 276 6614



0330 355 1002 19


A much needed boost for Sue

One South Manchester resident has been singing the praises of a mental wellbeing course

she recently attended following a recommendation from a friend.

Sue enquired about Boost, a six-week course provided by

NHS and Buzz Manchester Health & Wellbeing Service,

after a chat on a coach trip, and believes the sessions have

changed her life.

For two hours each week, the sessions look at ways to

manage stress, recognise and manage thoughts, improve

communication and explore self-esteem and assertiveness.

“I’m a people pleaser and find it hard to say no” says Sue.

“Being all things to all people was having an affect on me and

my relationship. My mum died five years ago and I never got

over her death. I realised I was burnt out.”

Sue’s new lease of life has given her a different perspective on

matters that had previously become stressful,

“The sessions have given me the confidence to take control of

my life and the pieces of the jigsaw have joined together. I now

know it’s okay not to be okay. I looked forward to the sessions

and I still get the book out. I’ve since joined a knitting group

and a reading group and am about to start volunteering at the

Royal Exchange.”

Customer Involvement Coordinator Wendy (below) has taken

the course herself so has personally seen the benefits.

”There is a connection and bond from day one. The sessions

give you a different perspective and allow you to open up

in a non-judgmental environment. The team are also able to

accommodate different lifestyle needs as the course

is tailored to fit around your life, and transport

is offered if needed” says Wendy.

If you or somebody

you know would like

to know more about

Boost contact Wendy on

0161 230 1083 or email


Do you need help

to read or write?

We have champions in the community

who can help people to have the

confidence to read.

We are here to support adults who struggle with their

reading and writing. Perhaps you have a parent, relative or

a friend who has had difficulties and always asks for help.

They might even find ways to avoid reading and writing.

Do you know someone who:

• Struggles with their reading?

• Does not like to fill in forms?

• Pretends they have forgotten their glasses

when they need to read?

• Never reads a newspaper or magazine?

Please note this support is not a language service

and not open to people in any form of education.

For more information contact the team on

0161 230 1013.




Manchester children

need foster carers

Fostering can mean taking in a child for

a couple of nights, several months, or even

having a child living with you for many years.

Fostered children and young people can’t live at home for

a variety of reasons - such as their parents might be ill

or going through a particularly difficult time.

By fostering you’ll make a real difference to children

and young people by making them feel safe

and secure, offering them a home and support

at a time when they need it most.

Manchester City Council will provide you

with an expert social worker, regular home

visits, support and development, training,

get-togethers with other foster carers, groups

for your own kids so they don’t feel left out

and 24/7 help at the end of a phone.

They offer generous allowances

(around £380 per week, tax-free

for one child) and pay for extras

such as holidays and school uniforms.

They particularly want to hear from you if you

have childcare or parenting experience, and if you

would consider fostering teenagers or sibling groups.

Visit or call the friendly team on 0800 988 8931.

Have you got time to help others get online?

Could you offer a little time to help others get to grips with computer skills?

We’re recruiting Digital Champions to support people in the community

who struggle with the online world.

Whether it’s sending emails, searching the internet or typing

a letter, you could make a real difference to somebody’s life.

You would work with a learner on a 1-to-1 basis for a six-week

period and each session would be tailored to the individual

wishing to learn.

Digital Champions are non-professional learning mentors

who care about people and would like to share their

knowledge with others wanting to gain digital skills.

If you would like to find out more

call Wendy on 0161 230 1013 or email

0330 355 1002 21


It’s never too late

to start saving!

Do you think that saving is what other

people do, or don’t see the point in keeping

some money aside?

It’s good to have a goal - a holiday, new furniture or something

new for you. Even the smallest amount can be handy when you

need to find money in an emergency. And saving is much easier

than you think! Savings apps are the latest way to save small

amounts each week, month or whenever you can.

Money Box

This rounds up anything you spend, swiping the difference

to your savings or investment account e.g. spend £2.40

on a coffee and it will transfer the 60p balance to your account.

Please note as your money goes into an investment account, your savings

can go up as well as down but you can control the level of risk.

Oval Money

A savings and financial education app which integrates with

Facebook, allowing users to contribute to their savings each

time they post on social media.

Bank savings apps

Some banks have similar ways of saving such as Lloyds ‘Save the

Change’, which also allows you to put the savings into someone

else’s account to help them save. Check it out at:

Ask your employer

Your employer might have a savings scheme. This could come

out of your wages.

Credit Union

Once you start saving you will be able to access low cost loans

should the worse happen. Even when you are repaying the loan

you will be contributing to your savings pot, so eventually you

shouldn’t need to borrow. What a great feeling!


Cutting down on your spending is the ideal way to save money.

Our Super Savvy Spending Diary will help you find out where

your money is going and how you can start to save. Call us or

search for Super Savvy Spending Diary on our website.

If you’re cooking on a budget, find the cheapest supermarket at

They serve us right

During our Community Soups we have

proudly worked with Back on Track,

a charity who support people that

have experienced problems including

homelessness, drug and alcohol issues,

and mental health problems.

Their café and catering service offer cookery skills to

help their volunteers find their way into employment.

Back on Track have kindly provided their very own tasty

Chicken Masala recipe for you to try.

Chicken Masala


500g boneless chicken

1 medium onion finely chopped

1 tbsp ginger & garlic paste

½ can or 3 fresh chopped


½ cup yoghurt

1 tsp chilli powder

1 tsp paprika

¼ tsp turmeric

1 ½ tsp coriander

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp garam masala

Salt to taste

6 tbsp oil or clarified butter

½ cup chopped fresh coriander

¾ fresh green chillies chopped



• Heat oil in a pan. When hot add the onion, ginger and

garlic paste then fry until golden brown.

• Now add half a cup of water, the chilli powder, turmeric,

cumin, coriander and salt, and fry for one minute.

• Add tomatoes and stir for 10 minutes or until the oil

comes out, all the water is gone and tomatoes are soft.

• Add chicken and fry it with masala for five minutes or

until all the water from the chicken has gone.

• Add yoghurt and fry until it has gone and you can see

the oil.

• Now add ½ cup of water, garam masala, coriander

and green chillies. Lower heat, cover pan and cook for

15 minutes.

• Serve hot with rice or naan bread.

Our One Money team can provide individual advice

on managing your money, simply call 0330 355 1002.


Your quick guide to how well we did

during July to September 2017

Below are the top 10 performance indicators which were selected as the most important

by members of our Scrutiny Panel. The panel is a group of customers and members of the

wider community whose role is to challenge us to be the best we can and to help us to

continue to improve in all we do.

Amount of rent we have collected*

We missed our target but the trend represents an ongoing improvement

compared to the previous year thanks to a number of initatives, including

more efficient and modern ways of working.

(This includes payments made for rents as well as arrears, which is why the result can sometimes be higher than 100%)

Percentage of homes available to new tenants*

Fewer properties continue to be available, with only 246 new lettings,

compared with 249 during the same period of time in the previous year.

Average number of bids for each property

advertised on Manchester Move

Demand for our properties continues to increase and reflects the

need for more housing in the city.

Time to re-let properties once tenancy has ended

Relet times have increased slightly as resources were diverted to

support safety works during this period.



100.5% 98.90%

2.17% 2.50% 2.13%

132 90 164

18.99 days 17.00 days 21.67 days

Calls answered within 20 seconds

Ongoing improvements in the contact centre’s performance

earned a result much closer to target.


80% 70.25%

Number of formal stage 1 complaints received

The number of complaints received matches the equivalent point last year.

Each case is taken seriously and used to help us improve our services.



applicable 10

Emergency repairs completed within 24 hours

Performance has improved steadily since the start of the year and is

expected to continue as we enhance our internal processes.

Repair appointments missed because we couldn’t

access the property

A high number of repair appointments could not be completed as

we could not gain access. We are therefore reviewing how we notify

customers about their appointment.





100% 97.32%

6.00% 14.53%

Properties with a valid Gas Safety Certificate

All properties had a valid gas safety certificate at the end of September.

99.9% 100% 100%

Properties sold through Right to Buy or Acquire

We have sold a similar number of properties to the same point last year

and aim to build 250 new properties by March 2018.





*Result relates to April to September 2017


Are Are you ready for for the the NEW

Universal Credit?

step step 1 1

Get a bank or credit

Get a bank or credit

union account -

union account -

make sure you have

make sure you have

the right account

the right account

for payments.

for payments.


25 From October 2017

25 October Alexandra 2017 Park JCP

Alexandra Didsbury Park JCP JCP

Didsbury Rusholme JCP JCP

Rusholme JCP


29 From November 2017

29 November Newton Heath 2017 JCP

Newton Openshaw Heath JCP JCP

Openshaw JCP


From January 2018

January Longsight 2018 JCP

Longsight JCP

step step 2 2

Back cover - Welfare reform advert TBS

Get online -

Get online -

you will need an

you will need an

email address and

email address and

internet access.

internet access.

























to you

to you

in a



a single

























to budget

to budget











of rent

of rent

to your

to your



If you

If you























to apply

to apply



































































or email

or email

Read Read our our

article article on on

page page 8 8

step step 3 3

Get your ID ready -

Get your ID ready -

make sure you have

make sure you have

the correct ID.

the correct ID.

If you’re not sure,

If you’re not sure,

check with your

check with your







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