Inspire Magazine - Issue 2, 2019

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The latest Inspire Magazine is the families & community issue; so take a look and see what is happening across the city.

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ISSUE 2, 2019


Get involved in

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for young people

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See who won Community Soup

funding in your area

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Contact us

In person

One Manchester - Hulme Office

Lovell House, Archway 6, Hulme M15 5RN

Monday to Friday 9am - 4.30pm

(closed third Wednesday of the month

from 12.30pm)

Please use this address for postal enquiries.

One Manchester - Gorton Office

Unit 1 (side of Tesco), Gorton M18 8HE

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday,

9am - 4.30pm (closed Wednesdays)

Drop-in venues

Tuesdays 9am - 12pm, S4B Housing Office,

15 Brunswick Street, Ardwick, M13 9UJ

Tuesdays 1pm - 3.45pm, Sure Start Centre,

101 North Road, Clayton, M11 4NE

Wednesdays 10am - 4pm, Cornbrook

Community Grocer, 217 Stockport Road,

Ardwick, M12 4DY

Thursdays 9am - 12pm, The Grange Centre,

Pilgrim Drive, Beswick, M11 3TQ

Thursdays 1pm - 4pm, S4B Housing Office,

Bramwell Drive, Brunswick, M13 9SU

By phone

Call 0330 355 1002 Monday to Friday,

8am - 5.30pm (Emergency Repair/ASB

can also be reported at the weekend)

By email

On Web Chat

Speak to an adviser via the web chat,

Monday to Friday, 9am - 4.30pm

Welcome to

Inspire Magazine

We’re springing into action with

our second edition for 2019

With the weather warming up and the days becoming longer, it seems

the perfect time to focus on getting outdoors. There are plenty of

activities across the city for people of all ages, so why not take some

inspiration and get involved.

On page 12 you will find out about some of our community gardens and

how they need people like you to keep them in bloom. With The Big Dig

coming, up, it’s the perfect opportunity!

We know there are lots of unique and beautiful places in and around our

neighbourhoods, and we want your help to show them off. Page 15 asks

for your camera skills to send us pictures of what makes you proud of

where you live.

Be sure to see which groups won funding in our Community Soup events

on page 16. There are so many fantastic projects happening out there,

and you might just find yourself a new hobby.

To stay up-to-date with our support services and community news, don’t

forget to complete the leaflet with this magazine and send it back in the

freepost envelope.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

The Inspire team

Win a pair of tickets to

the OM Yoga Show!

Take care of your wellbeing with

this fabulous ticket giveaway.


We have 20 pairs of tickets to the OM Yoga Show (worth £30) which is

being held at EventCity on the 11 and 12 May.

To be in a chance of winning, simply email your name & postcode

to by Wednesday 1 May.

We are thrilled that we’re now a member of the Institute of Customer Service (ICS).

Being a member of the ICS means that we’ll now have access to brand new

training programmes and tools that will help us to provide a better overall quality

of service. We can’t wait to get started and are excited about the changes.

To find out more email

2 @onemcr


Meet our new Group Director of Place

Anna Bishop is the latest person to join the One Manchester team ................... 4

Over 50s hit the airwaves with Sonder Radio

See how this project reduces isolation amongst the city’s older residents ......... 5

Cleaning up at Rainbow Haven

Local volunteers give a community venue in Gorton a good spring clean ......... 6

Are you a new or expectant parent?

The Baby Box Co. Programme is free to new parents across Manchester .......... 6

A day in the life of our Gas Engineers

Meet our gas team, who help to keep your homes in good working order ....... 7

A helping hand for your business

Free enterprise workshops to help set-up your own business........................... 8

Catalyst Fund winners

Helping local businesses to start or grow their businesses............................... 9

Advice when you’re not going to be at home

You must let us know if you are leaving your home empty ............................. 10

Keep your home gas-safe and win £100

Look after the safety of yourself, your family and your neighbours ................... 10

Respecting and tolerating others

Being a good neighbour is all about respect ................................................ 11

Do you have concerns for a neighbour?

Looking out for those living around you could make all the difference ............. 11

Growing your own

Helpful hints and tips to get your gardening off to a good start....................... 13

Building confidence with boxing

Creating opportunities for young people to express themselves ................... 14

Get snappy in your area

Show us what you love about your community through photography ............ 15

Got any bulky items you no longer need?

Giving unwanted items away to others is a great way to recycle..................... 15

Saving for funeral costs

Planning for the inevitable can help ease the strain for the future .................... 18

If you’re struggling to make ends meet take a break

with the United Utilities Payment Break Scheme .......................................... 19

Could stress be affecting you?

Check-in with yourself during National Stress Awareness Month ................... 19

Help with reading and writing

Do you know someone who struggles to read and write? ............................ 20

Can your skills make a difference to our services?

We’re looking for enthusiastic people to help influence our services ............. 20

The latest on our new homes

An update on our latest developments ...................................................... 22



Meet Anna Bishop,

our new Group Director of Place

The latest person to join our team comes to us with plenty of experience in social housing

and a great sense of humour which, being a Liverpool supporter, she is going to need!

We asked Anna to tell us a bit about herself...

Where have you worked before

joining One Manchester?

I have worked in social housing since leaving

university. When I first moved to Liverpool I was

the Operational Lead for a specialist housing

association with a commitment to housing

multiracial communities. For the last sixteen

years I have been at The Riverside Group leading

neighbourhood regeneration in Liverpool, and

then as their Director of Customer Services where

I extended the services of the contact centre and

community engagement teams.

What will your new job involve?

As Group Director of Place, I will be responsible for

the housing, repairs and the services we provide

to help with managing your money, finding

employment and engaging with your community.

What are you plans over the next 12 months?

I am really excited to become a part of One Manchester in our role of

providing good quality housing and great services.

My priorities over the first twelve months will focus on continuing the

great work of my colleagues. This includes keeping your homes safe,

making our services more efficient and effective, and ensuring that it’s

easy for you to give us your views and you can see how we act on them.

And then, for a bit of fun, we asked…

What’s your favourite football team?

I have always loved football and as a small child my hero was Kenny

Dalglish. My allegiance went with him from Celtic to Liverpool and I

have supported them ever since, so I’m expecting lots of banter in an

office that sits between the two Manchester stadia!

What music are you in to?

I love literature and belong to two book clubs and also like a full range

of music including jazz, rock, pop and rap. So if I had to choose just

one favourite it would be Leonard Cohen as he combines the two -

poetry which is set to music.

Which three famous people, dead or alive, would

you invite around for tea?

Wow, choosing just three famous people to have round to share a meal

is really tough but I’m going with Emmeline Pankhurst, Desmond Tutu

and Mo Mowlam. Whilst coming from different times and different

countries, I think they would have a great conversation about fighting

for justice, equality, and achieving reconciliation. I’m pretty certain

there would be some laughs as well, but I’m not quite sure what I

would cook though!



Sonder Radio

Over 50s got to hit the airwaves thanks to a

radio project which aims to reduce isolation

and improve wellbeing amongst the city’s

older residents.

Sonder Radio ran a week-long course at Hulme’s Aquarius

Centre called ‘Get Digi With It’, which taught a variety

of skills to local people. Radio novices got to grips with

the basics including interviewing guests, production

techniques, writing scripts and even presenting a live show.

Those who attended the workshops included residents of

our sheltered schemes in Moss Side and Hulme. They said

that it was fun to work as a team to learn these new skills

which gave them an increase in confidence.

Interested in radio?

If you’d like to find out about

upcoming projects with Sonder Radio,

contact Rachel at

or call 0161 820 2190.


Change of landlord

to One Manchester


In late 2018 we wrote to you about

proposed changes to simplify our group

structure and asked for your views on our


At the One Manchester Board meeting on 31 January

2019, after careful consideration, the Board decided to

proceed with the proposed changes. As of 1 April 2019,

One Manchester Limited is the name of your landlord.

There will be no obvious impact to you, our residents,

but the changes do mean that the way we are organised

“behind the scenes” will change to improve how we are

run. There is no change to the security of your tenancy or

lease, or to the services you already receive. Your rights

as a tenant or leaseholder will not change as a result of

this group simplification.

For more information visit



Cleaning up at Rainbow Haven

Earlier this year we teamed up with local volunteers to give Rainbow Haven,

a community venue in Gorton, a good spring clean.

A team from One Manchester went along to give the walls a fresh

coat of paint, clean the floors and jet wash the ground outside.

To give thanks to the volunteering efforts, Rainbow Haven offered

to host our Community Soup event in the east of the city.

Kate Percival, the manager of the venue, told us how happy she

was to see all the volunteers pitching in to help;

“It’s wonderful because we have to make a little bit of money go

a long way, which means we don’t have a cleaner. So cleaning

is usually me and few volunteers scrubbing the floors on the

weekend. We’re usually so flat-out that it’s exhausting, so to

have the help today is actually a little bit emotional!”

Kate explained some of the valuable services Rainbow Haven

provide for the local area:

“Two days a week we have drop-in days where 70 or so people

who are migrants and refugees will come to us for guidance

and advice. We also have ‘Mamma and Baby’ groups, Zumba

classes and access for people to use our computer room so

they can look for jobs and write their CVs.”

To find out more about what’s on at Rainbow Haven,


Are you a new or

expectant parent?

Did you know the Baby Box Co. Programme

is free to new parents across Manchester,

regardless of financial status?

We are now a distributor which means you can

collect your free reward from one of our locations in

Gorton, Moss Side or Fallowfield.

To access the free programme and claim your

reward, visit to take a short

video course taught by healthcare experts. Here

you will find advice on parenting topics such as

pregnancy, birth and safe sleep. Once completed

you will receive a unique Baby Box Co. ID code and

will then be able to search for your nearest distributor

on their website.

To arrange collection of your reward from One

Manchester, call us on 0330 355 1002 or email




A day in the life of… Gas Engineers

A hugely important job role is that of the gas team, who help to keep your homes in good

working order. With over 12,500 properties to manage, making sure that all of the boilers are

safe for tenants and their neighbours is a priority.

Tom Crosby is our Gas Team Operations Manager,

and Blake Hamblett is the Lead Heating Engineer.

They took some time out of their schedule to walk

us through a day in the life of their team.

“I normally arrive quite early,” Blake told us. “Once

I’m here I’ll speak to the engineers and find out

what their issues are. I’ll help them find spare

parts, run through their work and plan the day out.

Then I’ll head back up to the office and start going

through my emails. This could be anything from

planning training for an engineer, to responding to

customer queries.”

The team is made up of three different types of gas

engineers which Blake explains;

“We have the team who are out there doing the

repairs when things break down, we have the

service team who are providing the annual gas

safety checks to make sure everyone is safe in their

homes, and the we have our installation team who

are designated to putting in new boilers.”

Tom went on to tell us about the apprentice roles that the team also offer;

“We have two apprentices at the moment who we are training to be

future heating engineers. We want to make sure that they get experience

in all aspects of the role, so they’re helping with all the different job roles

in the team. Our workload is always increasing and the best way to get

the best people on the job is to train them yourself.

“Keith is now in his third year of the apprenticeship - he’s doing very well.

He seems to quite enjoy the breakdown side of it, so when he’s fully

qualified maybe that’s something he’ll get into because we always need

more breakdown engineers.”

Tom also told us about how his role involves planning to improve

customer service and reduce the number of repairs we need to carry out.

“There’s a big customer focus in the business, and we’ve had lots of

customer care training. My role is to create plans to improve the service

we deliver.

“For example, we’ve now put an emergency winter plan into place.

There’s also lots of pressure from the government to reduce the carbon

footprint of our homes, so we’re looking at renewable sources of energy.

This will reduce the carbon footprint of our homes and also help to

reduce customer’s bills.”



A helping hand

for your business

If you’re thinking of setting up your own small business or have

just started, we have lots of free business workshops available.

All the workshops are for one day and will be at The Place at Platt Lane, Fallowfield.


Tuesday 2nd Bookkeeping for small businesses 10am - 4pm

Wednesday 3rd LinkedIn to drive business sales 10am - 4pm

Tuesday 16th Women in Business information drop-in 10am - 12pm

Tuesday 30th eBay: start your own online business 10am - 3pm

On Wednesday 24th April, the 10-week Women in Business workshop

starts from 10am - 12pm at Eastlands House, Victoria Street, Openshaw, M11 2NX.


Thursday 2nd Marketing and sales 10am - 4pm

Tuesday 7th Bookkeeping for small businesses 10am - 4pm

Thursday 9th Facebook for business 10am - 4pm

Thursday 23rd eBay: start your own online business 10am - 3pm


Thursday 6th Social media for business 10am - 4pm

Thursday 13th LinkedIn to drive business sales 10am - 4pm

Tuesday 18th Bookkeeping for small businesses 10am - 4pm

Thursday 27th eBay: start your own online business 10am - 3pm

If you have a business idea and would like advice or to attend a free workshop,

call Wayne Wilson on 07471 142875 or email

Are you looking for

your next job

Our One Future team have a vast amount of experience

helping local people find employment, training, work

placements and volunteering opportunities.

Great news - you can meet a trained adviser in

Moss Side at our new location, The Work Shop.

Head along to The Work Shop for advice on finding a job,

skills training and help with CVs, plus much more. There will

also be money advice available to help with debts, benefits

and opening an account.

The Work Shop, 130 Alexandra Road, Moss Side, M16 7WD

The team also offer drop-in sessions in Gorton, Hulme and Fallowfield.

Alternatively, you can speak to a friendly adviser on 0330 355 1002

or email





Catalyst Fund


The second year of our Catalyst Fund saw lots of

applications from local businesses hoping to receive

up to £5,000 to help start or grow their businesses.

Last year’s winners have achieved so much

with our support, so we were excited to see

what the next applicants would bring.

The 2019 business ideas were:

AJ’s Pepper Pot

The Hulme-based food business, AJ’s Pepper Pot, aims to

start an at-home cooking service with delivery. The menu

includes affordable and healthy Caribbean and English

dishes, available to order by phone for the local community.

ALL FM Training Ltd

As a community radio station, ALL FM offer radio training

and broadcasting opportunities in Levenshulme and the

surrounding areas. This involves training groups in writing,

producing and presenting shows.

Brainy Media Communications/Brainy Radio

Brainy Media Communications will offer training and

development opportunities for would-be DJs, presenters,

and graphics/media/animation producers. Their facilities

will be available for people of all ages, as well as local

businesses. There will also be media support on offer at

competitive rates.

Break Dance Manchester

The dance group aim to deliver workshops for people of

all ages. For young people they will provide dance classes,

giving them an alternative activity after school hours. They

also plan to engage with elderly people through dance.

Capture My Holiday

The aim of Capture My Holiday is to bridge the gap between

photographers and prospective clients (travellers). They want

to create a platform that brings them all together in one place,

so people can book a photography package for their holiday.

Carve Out Your Future at The Monastery

This project uses traditional craft skills for back-to-work,

community engagement, and a health and wellbeing

scheme for all ages. Through the skills of stone carving and

masonry, this unique project will restore the derelict stone

fragments of The Monastery and give the local community

a chance to learn new skills.

Manchester Roller Sports

Based in Ardwick, Manchester Roller Sports offer public

skate sessions, workshops, sport development and team

building. They aim to build confidence in women and

young people from disadvantaged backgrounds through

sport and recreational activities.

N.I.A.M.O.S Ltd

N.I.A.M.O.S is a theatre space in Hulme which helps to

improve quality of life through shared interactions, events

and celebrations. N.I.A.M.O.S offer a co-operatively run

exhibition, arts and performance space with micro bakery,

music studios, kitchen and holistic wellbeing space.

Refugees & Mentors CIC

The social enterprise is an employment mentoring project

supporting refugees to improve their prospects and find

jobs. Refugees & Mentors provide employability courses,

information, guidance and encouragement to help build

confidence and take the next steps to finding a job.

Station South CIC

Alongside Station South Cycle Cafe project, the CIC intend

to create Work Station - a unique, community-focussed,

co-working space operating on a membership scheme.

The member-based community project wants to benefit the

wider area by providing opportunities to help turn ideas into

small businesses and independent new freelancers.

STEAM Hubs & Pubs

STEAM Hubs & Pubs is a community interest company who

create spaces of engagement, learning and meeting for

local communities, working with the principles of STEAM

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths). Their

aim is to revitalise struggling pubs and open new cultural

spaces to strengthen communities and improve wellbeing.



Advice when you’re not

going to be at home

If you are leaving your home empty for more than

28 days you will need to let us know.

This is part of your tenancy agreement and means we can keep in touch

if there’s an emergency and also keep the property secure. If you don’t

let us know and we cannot get in touch with you, we may assume that

you have left permanently and take steps to end the tenancy.

When going away for a long period of time:

• Turn off the mains water supply and drain the plumbing system

• Unplug all electrical appliances

• Clear out the fridge

• Remove all rubbish from the property

• Ensure all doors and windows are shut and locked

• Put important documents in a secure place

• Lock away expensive items in a secure area

• Arrange for a neighbour or relative to check your home frequently

Keep your home gas-safe and

you could win £100

It’s a legal requirement that you let us carry out a gas safety check at your home.

By making sure that your gas appliances are working properly, it will keep you,

your family and your neighbours safe. You could also save money on your gas bill

as your appliances will work better.

You will be sent an appointment for your gas safety check which you can rearrange if it’s not suitable.

If you let us in first time, you’ll be entered into our

monthly prize draw where one lucky customer will win £100.*

On the day of the appointment you must make sure:

• If you have a card meter there is credit on it

• Your appliance(s) and gas meter can be reached easily

• You have the manufacturer’s instructions available for

any of your own gas appliances e.g. gas fire, cooker

*Terms and conditions apply.

For full details of this promotion please visit




Respecting and tolerating others

We are all different and we should respect that our neighbours may not

live their lives in the same way we do.

Many one-off disturbances can be resolved by simply

approaching your neighbour and talking through the

problem. Often they are not aware that their behaviour

is upsetting others.

Please speak to your neighbour before making a

report about any of the following issues:

• Use of washing machines and other household

equipment during unsociable hours

• Pets barking or roaming

• Children playing football and games in a reasonable manner

If you need to report an issue that you think is

anti-social behaviour, call us on 0330 355 1002.

All contacts will be dealt with in a confidential manner

and your identity will not be revealed.

For the issues below, use the details provided:

• Pedal and motor bikes being used illegally or

dangerously by unknown residents, drugs issues by

unknown residents, or prostitution by unknown residents

call GMP on 101 or 999 if urgent. You can also call

Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

• Parking - please approach your neighbour in a respectful

manner. If illegally parked or blocking access contact

GMP on 101 or Manchester City Council online at

Do you have

concerns for

a neighbour?

Looking out for those living around

you can make all the difference to the

wellbeing of your neighbours.

If you live near a person who is vulnerable or elderly,

do you check on them to know that they’re okay?

If you notice a change in behaviour or activity - such as

you haven’t seen your neighbour for a while, or there

appears to be unknown visitors at various times of the

day, you should let us know.

We can help vulnerable residents of any age,

so if you have concerns for a neighbour, call us on

0330 355 1002. If you think there is an immediate

risk of harm, contact the Police on 999.



Get involved in

The Big Dig is a national event where community growing projects open

their doors for local people to get involved. Ten cities will be taking

part this year with Manchester being one of them, so get involved on

Saturday 27th April from 10am-2pm.

With gardening and growing having fabulous benefits

to health and wellbeing, we want our customers to have

the opportunity to take part in The Big Dig. We will be

working with Sow the City at several sites across our

neighbourhoods on community growing projects.

City Road, Hulme

After consulting with the local community this garden was

developed with maximum growing space and an area to

relax. There are 12 planting beds at the site and it’s a great

place for those who want to start growing vegetables,

herbs and fruit.

Grierson Street, Moss Side

Developed in an unused car park in Moss Side, this space

was adopted by the community who wanted it to be a

meeting space, as well as somewhere for growing food.

The garden has a relaxed, inviting feel and has been a

popular addition to the area.

Aquarius Centre, Hulme

The Aquarius Centre has started to develop a growing

space by working with the local community and the local

school. Here you will find a number of growing beds that

are slowly transforming this previously under-used

space into a wonderful green-fingered hideaway.

Gorton Community Orchard

In a small corner of Gorton, this site was previously

landlocked and overgrown. We have made the site

safe and will be working with local people and

volunteers to turn it into a vibrant growing space

and community orchard.

If you would like to get involved in any of our growing

projects, give us a call on 0330 355 1002 or email

Come along on

Saturday 27th April

from 10am - 2pm

to one of our community gardens

and enjoy the benefits of

the great outdoors!

For more information about The Big Dig visit




Growing your own

April is the time to start planting and sowing seeds, and our friends at Sow the City

have some helpful tips to get your gardening off to a good start.

With the longer days and warm sunshine here, you

should be careful not to start too early. In April, night

frosts can still be around, so hold back and wait a day

or two rather than take a risk. You don’t want all that

care and hard work to go to waste.

Sowing and planting

Plant out the seed potatoes and aim to complete the

job by the end of April. Emerging shoots will need to

be covered with soil if a frost is forecast. It’s also the

time to start the growing of onions, beetroot, carrots,

parsnips, lettuce, spinach, spring onions, radish,

turnips, early peas and Swiss chard.

If you would like to sow the seeds of runner beans,

sweetcorn, courgettes, pumpkins, squashes,

or cucumber, you will need to do so under glass,

in pots and trays filled with fresh seed compost.

It is now safe to move the cold greenhouse

tomatoes into their final positions, but keep

some frost protection handy.

Plan ahead

Prepare the soil for next month’s transplanting of

sweetcorn, courgettes, marrows, pumpkins and

cucumbers. You will also need to get the seed beds

ready for the outdoor sowing of main crop vegetables

next month.

Keep an eye out for pests and diseases such as aphids

and take appropriate action. You may want to spray

the plant with soapy water (diluted washing up liquid)

or squash the flies with your thumb and finger. You

can buy insecticides if you prefer, including a fatty acid

soap to spray on the plants.

Protect any early strawberries with netting to keep

birds and squirrels out.

If you would like to learn more about the work

of Sow the City across Manchester, visit



Building confidence with boxing

Creating opportunities for young people to express themselves is something that our

Youth Coordinator Michelle feels passionate about.

Her enthusiasm for encouraging the youngsters to discover

new hobbies and build their confidence is having a positive

affect on those who attend the activities and clubs.

The Scout Hut in Clayton is one venue where a range of

activities are available for all ages, including the free boxing

club. It’s open to boys and girls who want to learn the basics

of the sport, as well as build their confidence.

One member, Lukojo, told us how the club had helped to

change his life.

“Before boxing I didn’t have much self-confidence. I couldn’t

speak publicly or participate in school and I was a quiet

person, but boxing changed me. I didn’t have much interest

in the sport to begin with.

“When I arrived at the club, the people were really nice. They

welcomed me into their boxing club, and I made new friends.”

And it’s not only the training that’s sparking self-belief into

the lives of young people in Clayton. Sisters Ellie and Alyssa

have been inspired to create photographs and videos based

around the boxing club.

“I do photography at college,” Ellie told us, “and so I thought

it would be great to do a project using videos, interviews and

photography around the boxing.

“Our brothers are members and really enjoy it. The coach is

really good with them, everyone is so friendly and we all have

a laugh with each other.”

“I think it’s helping everyone’s confidence,” says Alyssa.

Ellie agrees, adding that Michelle changes the routine each

week to help bring the best out of people.

“As sisters we’re completely different. Alyssa is confident and

smiley, and I’m really quiet. I usually just sit for a bit, but Alyssa

is usually straight in there.

“One week, Michelle noticed this and set up a session to

talk about how we could help each other. I said I needed

to improve my confidence. I feel like Michelle has helped

us come closer as sisters, and with our brothers too. In fact,

everyone involved is like a family now.”

Activity Where Area Day Time Age

Arts & Crafts The Place at Platt Lane Fallowfield Monday 3.30pm - 4.30pm 3 to 11

Water Polo East Manchester Leisure Centre Beswick Monday 6pm - 7pm 7 to 11

Arts & Crafts Wells Centre, 101 North Road Clayton Tuesday 3.30pm - 5.30pm 3 to 11

Homework Club The Place at Platt Lane Fallowfield Tuesday 4pm - 5.30pm 7 to 11

Homework Club Aquarius Centre Hulme Tuesday 4pm - 5.30pm 7 to 11

Boxing The Scout Hut, Seymour Road Clayton Tuesday 6pm - 8pm 11 to 19

Fashion Upcycling The Scout Hut, Seymour Road Clayton Tuesday 6pm - 8pm 12 to 19

Cooking Class The Scout Hut, Seymour Road Clayton Tuesday 6pm - 8pm 12 to 19

Pre-School Story Time The Place at Platt Lane Fallowfield Thursday 10am - 11am Under 5s

Lego Club The Place at Platt Lane Fallowfield Saturday 1pm - 2.30pm 6 to 11

If you would like to find out more about these activities or other youth projects,

you can contact Michelle on 07940 758168.




Get snap happy

in your area...

We’d love to see your favourite places in your community,

so we’re running a #LoveYourNeighbourhood photography

campaign on social media.

We’ve already had a fantastic response with pictures of areas that make you happy,

have a special meaning or bring back fond memories of where you live.

It could be anything - the people, the parks, a local shop. We will display the best

pictures on our social media channels to help spread that feeling of pride about

what makes Manchester’s communities great.

You don’t need to have a great camera to take part. We find the best photos come

from people who just want to show us what brings joy to their lives.

If you have a picture that you would like to send us, you can either tweet it to

us by tagging @onemcr on Twitter, @one_manchester on Instagram or send it

to our Facebook page with the hashtag #LoveYourNeighbourhood.

Alternatively, email us at

Got any bulky items you no longer need?

Giving unwanted items away to others is

a great way to recycle and do your bit for

the environment.

If they’re in good condition, there are charities such as

Mustard Tree, Wesley Community Centre, British Heart

Foundation and Age UK that can find new homes for

pre-loved items. There are also recycling centres across

the city; or Freecycle is a website where you can give

your unwanted goods away.

Alternatively, Manchester City Council offer one free

collection of up to three items each year from 1st April to

31st March. They will remove an additional three items

for £27. If you have already had a free collection, it’s £27

for up to three items and £54 for up to six items.

To find out more about recycling or the disposal of larger items, visit



Who won Community Soup

funding in your area?

We’re proud to support community groups and projects across

the city, and our Community Soup fund awarded more fantastic

causes with money recently.

Local people attended the three events to hear pitches about how the finalists will

spend the money. The audience then voted for those they thought were the most

deserving (after eating a delicious hot meal). The wonderful winning projects were:

EAST (Openshaw, Gorton, Abbey Hey, Levenshulme) - Rainbow Haven




West Gorton JFC

The funding will provide football training, holiday clubs and opportunities

for children within the Gorton area. It will also help to pay coaches and

provide equipment.

Men’s Sheds, Debdale

The money will allow the group to set-up a Men’s Sheds project in the

barn at Debdale Park, with the aim of reducing loneliness for men and

women and teaching them new skills.

Skating Edge

They will use the funds to replace worn out roller skates and safety

equipment, and will continue to provide weekly and monthly general

sessions and discos at a low-cost.

SOUTH (Moss Side, Fallowfield, Longsight, Rusholme) - Luther King Centre




Birthday Stars

Funding will provide free kids parties for families affected by homelessness,

domestic violence or fleeing persecution.

Platt Fields Market Garden

They will offer mid-week gardening sessions focused around improving mental

health and wellbeing. This will include gentle gardening tasks, walks around the

park, and tasting fresh food from the produce they have grown.

Together Dementia

The money will allow the group to continue running a gospel choir and

provide more opportunities to sing at different locations across Manchester.

CENTRAL (Beswick, Ardwick, Hulme) - Sheung Lok Centre




Manchester Young Lives

Receiving funding will help to run free activities for disadvantaged

children aged 5 to 16 at the Aquarius Centre in Hulme. Sessions

will include sports, arts and craft, cooking and baking activities.

Neighbourly Gardening Projects

The funding will go towards helping pay the rent for the workshop

space and allow the group to buy plants for people’s gardens.

Strictly Wheels

The money means the group can keep the dance classes for people in

wheelchairs free of charge. It will also cover the costs of a professional

teacher to make sure the dancers get the best out of the classes.



Speaking from the heart


A word of encouragement from one of our winners

Applying for Community Soup funding doesn’t need to feel scary, as there’s plenty of support

to give you the best chance if you’re shortlisted.

Completing the application form and preparing your pitch

might be new to you, but one of our winners explains why you

should go for it.

Wayne and Nicola of West Gorton JFC successfully pitched at

our East Community Soup and took the top prize on the night

of £3,000. Wayne is the Chairman of the club and Nicola is the

Safeguarding Officer.

“I’d basically just asked anybody and everybody in the Gorton

area if they knew of any ways to receive funding”, Nicola told us.

The pair heard about Community Soup from a friend and

decided to try their luck at applying for funds to allow them to

continue running the football club.

Wayne said, “It’s been an amazing evening, and it is a great way

to link-up with all the other community organisations too. We’ve

swapped numbers with a few other groups to see if we can get

our kids involved in some of the work they do.”

And the night didn’t just focus on the future of the club, as one

member of the audience was able to provide some information

about the team’s past.

“What’s been nice as well is that we’ve just spoken with a lady

who was sitting at the front, and she’s told us that she actually

has the original photos of the West Gorton team from the


“That’s massive for us because that’s how our club started and

that history is what we’re all about, so we’re going to meet with

her for a cup of tea and have a look at the old photos.”

Wayne says the difference this money will make will have a

huge impact on the youngsters who love playing for this team.

“You couldn’t imagine what this money means for us, it’s

exactly what these kids need. We put a lot of funds in ourselves,

but to get this money - I could cry it means that much to us.”

Nicola added that they think the key to their success on the

evening was speaking from the heart.

“Make sure you believe in what you do. If you believe in it then

the people in audience will see that and vote for you. When

we were writing the pitch for tonight, we found it really hard to

put into words how much it would mean to us. So really, it’s just

about having the confidence to speak from the heart, get up

there and enjoy it. It’s so rewarding.”

One Manchester is proud to support local

organisations and provide funding

opportunities throughout the year.

To find out more email

or visit




Affording the

cost of a funeral

Saving for the future can be challenging at any time,

but finding the money for a funeral after the death

of a loved one can be very upsetting and difficult.

It’s a topic that many of us don’t think about, but planning for the

inevitable can help ease the strain for the future. The average cost

of a funeral is £4,300, so putting savings aside or having a funeral

plan can help your family at a difficult time.

With a funeral plan, you arrange and pay for it in advance. What is covered will vary from provider to provider,

and some things such as burial plot, flowers and catering are often not included.

The Money Advice Service and Citizens Advice have lots of information on their websites to help you to understand

what to do when a person passes away. They talk about making sure you register the death, notifying the landlord,

and contacting other organisations. You can also call into your local Citizens Advice office for further information.

To read more about funeral plans and what to do when someone dies visit:

If you have no money to cover the cost of a funeral, the Government’s website may offer

some help. Go online to

Please note One Manchester do not offer guidance on this subject.

Need some help with budgeting?

Could you

do with some help

to see if you’re getting the

most out of your money?

Our One Money team will be running free

budgeting training sessions for our customers.

To find out which dates are available

and where, contact the team on

0330 355 1002 or email




Take a break

with the United Utilities

Payment Break Scheme

There can be times in life when it’s a struggle

to make ends meet. This can be due to losing

your job, not being able to work because

of illness or needing to pay out for an

unexpected household emergency.

United Utilities have introduced the Payment Break scheme

to support customers who need help when they are finding

it hard to pay their bills.

It works by United Utilities delaying your water bill payments

for a set period of time agreed in advance. Then, when

you’re able to start paying your water bills again, they will

spread your delayed payments over a longer period to help

you catch up and not fall into debt.

Eligible customers must be on means-tested benefits or have

a combined annual household income of below £21,000.

So, if you’re struggling with your water bill payments

call United Utilities to see how best they can help on

0800 072 6765.

To read about the Payment Break scheme visit

If money

worries are

causing you stress,

speak to the One

Money team

Could stress be

affecting you?

With April being National Stress

Awareness Month, it’s a good time to

check-in with yourself.

There are lots of challenges in life that can have an

impact on our stress levels, and what they are and how

they do are different for each person. The good news

is there are ways to help reduce the feelings of stress,

whether at home or in the work place.

Put your health first

Being active is a fantastic way to feel better - and being

outdoors whilst exercising is an added bonus. Any

amount of movement can make a difference, so walking

the kids to school, going for a run with a friend, or

following an online fitness class can all increase positive


Eat the right foods

A healthy diet provides the nutrients your body needs

to repair and function to it’s best. It’s a good idea not to

use food or alcohol as a response to stressful situations,

which can turn into a habit when times get tough.

Sleep well

Sleeping between 7 to 9 hours a night is recommended

to help with concentration and wellbeing, but for many

people that is just a dream. To give yourself the best

chance of a good night’s sleep, you should set yourself

a regular time to go to bed. It’s a good idea to turn

off technology such as TVs and mobile phones in the

bedroom and to keep the room as dark as possible.

Digital detox

Social media can play a huge part in our lives, and the

average person checks their phone 150 times a day.

Think of all the things you could do with your time that

would help to reduce your stress levels - read a book,

chat with a friend, or go for a walk.


Mindfulness breathing can do wonders for your stress

levels, and you can do it anywhere – sat at your desk at

work, on the bus, or watching TV. All you need to do is

concentrate on the breath in and out of your nose. Try it

for 30 seconds and then increase the length of time on

each occasion.

You can find advice and tips on how

to reduce stress at



Help with reading

and writing

Do you know someone who struggles

to read and write?

Could you help others with their

reading and writing?

Our Literacy Champions are local volunteers who want

to give back to their community by helping others

with their reading and writing. We have seen many

learners find work, gain in confidence and improve

their wellbeing by increasing their literacy skills.

Do you know someone who:

• Struggles with their reading?

• Does not like to fill in forms?

• Pretends they have forgotten their glasses when

they need to read?

• Never reads a newspaper or magazine?

Can your skills make

a difference to our


The One Manchester Scrutiny Panel is

made up of residents and members of

the wider community just like you!

And we’re now looking for more

enthusiastic people to join us to help

influence our services.

The panel chooses which service area to review

based on performance and satisfaction data - so it

could be repairs, communications or debt advice.

This is a vital way to improve our services and

communities where you live.

What does being a key member of our Scrutiny

Panel involve?

If somebody you know needs

support please get in touch.

Or if you can give one hour per

week over six-weeks to help,

we would love to hear from you.

Email customer.involvement@ or call

0330 355 1002.

• Attending group meetings as well as working

on individual tasks

• Reviewing and analysing written information

• Preparing reports and monitoring progress

on recommendations

• Constructively challenging and reviewing

our performance

• Be committed to the assigned report

This role is voluntary, but expenses are provided.

It provides fantastic experience and gives you the

chance to contribute towards the work we do in

our communities.

For more information contact the Customer

Involvement team on 0330 355 1002 or email



Your quick guide to how we’re performing

October to December 2018

Below are the top ten performance indicators selected as the most important by members of

our Scrutiny Panel - a group of customers and members of the wider community whose role is

to challenge us to be the best we can and to help us to continuously improve.


Amount of rent we have collected so far this year

This includes payments made for rents as well as arrears, 103.00% 100.50% 101.38%

which is why the result can sometimes be higher than 100%.

% of homes available to new tenants so far this year

A smaller number of properties became vacant during this

three-month period, which resulted in 109 new lettings

compared with 158 the same time last year.

3.42% 3.75% 3.21%

Average number of bids for each property

advertised on Manchester Move

Demand for our properties continues to increase and reflects

the need for more housing in the city.

185 90 246

Time to re-let properties once tenancy has ended

It took us a little longer to get our properties ready to relet

during this period due in part to the high number of empty

properties, combined with a high number of re-offers.

20.70 days 16.00 days 21.78 days

Call Centre satisfaction

A number of factors have led to slightly increased call times,

as has the replacement of several staff members.



90% 91.48%

Number of formal stage 1 complaints received

The number of complaints received has increased compared to

the equivalent point last year. Each case is taken seriously and

used to help us improve our services.



applicable 42

Emergency repairs completed within 24 hours

Further progress has been made. Attention can now be focussed

on individual jobs to establish what went wrong, promoting

discussion and further improvements based on lessons learned.

Repair appointments missed due to access

The improvements made to the repair appointments missed

process are beginning to make a positive impact. This quarter

we have beaten the target for the first time.

Properties with a valid Gas Safety Certificate

Two of our 10,848 properties were without a valid Gas Safety

Certificate at the end of December due to access issues.

98.48% 100% 99.30%

11.67% 8.00% 7.28%

99.99% 100% 99.98%

Properties sold through Right to Buy or Acquire

We have sold 32 more properties than at the same point last

year and aim to build 1,000 new properties by 2020 - double

the original target.







The latest on our

NEW homes

Atlas Place


The start of 2019 has been busy for our new developments

team and here are some details of what’s been going on.

We have sold out or rented all homes

at Kingfisher Gardens in Gorton, Spring Place

in Whalley Range and East Vale in Beswick.

We have received planning permission for a brand-new development

on Gorton Lane and we will be starting on site later this year.

There will be more information on this development in future issues.

Atlas Place, Levenshulme

This has been our most popular development to date. Our Shared

Ownership and Rent to Buy houses have completely sold out. We do still

have a few apartments which are all available for Rent to Buy. This fantastic

development is only a short walk from the centre of Levenshulme and is the

perfect place to get your foot on the housing ladder.

For more information, please visit

Stoney Gate, Openshaw

This environmentally-friendly development of three-bedroom houses

are all built to Passivhaus standards. They are available as Rent to Buy

and are already proving to be very popular.

If you, or anyone you know is interested in this development,

more information is available at

Stoney Gate


South Street


The Clockworks

Moss Side

South Street, Openshaw

Work is really progressing on our South Gate development, which is

in a great location, right next to Openshaw Park. If you are looking for

a Shared Ownership house in Openshaw, then take a look at these

fantastic three-bedroom houses.

For more information, please visit

The Clockworks, Moss Side

If you drive down Princess Parkway, then you may have seen The Clockworks,

our Rent to Buy apartment block. With a shared roof garden and on-site

parking, it is sure to be popular when it launches in the summer.

Register your interest to be invited to our launch event at

To find out about these and

other developments, take a

look at the ‘Find a home’

section of our website and

don’t forget to register

your interest.




There’s something for everyone at the

Aquarius Centre in Hulme

Since re-opening a year ago, the centre has welcomed a range of local community groups

providing sporting activities, craft classes and now the Hulme Community Grocer.

Local people flocked to the launch of the Hulme Community Grocer which offers

discounted products to members, and is housed in a converted shipping container.

Speaking at the opening day was Rich Browning, Chief Executive of Healthy Me,

Healthy Communities which run the grocers;

“It’s a great reward to see these projects growing. We know the strength of these

grocers. They bring people into a space in which we can then offer them access to

activities, services and volunteer opportunities to address some of the issues that are

going on in their lives. The volunteers are local people and they know what matters

in their own neighbourhoods.”

One of the other brilliant ways the Aquarius Centre is being used is for the art group

that meet every Tuesday from 11am-2pm. Sally, one of the longest serving members

of the group told us how she got involved with the art sessions.

“Slowly over the years we’ve developed into a really good art class. I couldn’t draw

a circle when I started, but nearly five years down the line I’m still here and I find it

very therapeutic. Our aim is to encourage more people to come along. It’s a lovely

place to meet people, have nice chats and make wonderful friendships.”

There’s lots more going on including a new sewing club which meets on Tuesdays

from 1.30pm - 3.30pm. All equipment is provided, and all abilities are welcome.

For computer novices, the new absolute beginner computer class will help to

improve your digital skills, whatever your age. If you’re interested in taking part

contact Wendy on 0330 355 1002 or

From the Caribbean to Clayton

Residents of our North Road Sheltered Scheme cooked up some tasty treats and enjoyed

catching up with each other when a Caribbean cookery club set-up classes for six weeks.

The sessions were set-up by Lisa, who was awarded funding by successfully pitching her idea at one of our Community

Soup events. As an enthusiastic amateur cook, Lisa dreamed of starting up her own business, and so to combine this

with her passion of Caribbean cooking has been a wonderful achievement.

Lisa decided she wanted to give something back to the community for

the support she has received from One Manchester. She has been

working alongside Independent Living Coordinator, Carolyn, to

teach the residents how to cook traditional Caribbean food.

Over six weeks, the group have helped to cook a range of tasty

meals before tucking-in together in their socialising space.

It’s hoped more exciting classes will bring the neighbours

together to learn new skills in the future.



Manage your account online

Visit for a range of services designed to make managing your tenancy online easier.

Register today to make the most of

our online services including making

payments, booking repairs and your

account settings.


Simply register your email address and

create a password. In order to create

an account, make sure you’ve got your

National Insurance Number and tenancy

number handy. Your tenancy number

can be found on your rent statement or

by calling 0330 355 1002.

Make a payment

To make a payment, select the

address you would like to make a

payment to, enter the amount and

click confirm. You will then be

directed to One Manchester’s

payment partner for

further details.

Don’t worry,

our payments

are secure

Book a repair

Click on ‘Book a repair’, give a reason for

the request and any other details. Once

you’ve submitted the information, you’ll

be given a selection of time slots to

choose from - it’s that easy! We’ll even

text you confirming your appointment.

Please note: You won’t be able

to book emergency appointments

online. You’ll need to call our

Contact Centre.

Your account settings

Click on ‘My Account’ to view your recent

payments, your current balance and all the

latest news and events in your area.

You can also choose

the topics you want us

to contact you about.

Keeping your details

up-to-date allows us to

send information that

is relevant to you.

Help make your area bloom!

We are going to be planting thousands of bulbs later this

year and want to hear where you think they should go.

So, if you know of any open space near your home that could do

with brightening up with flowers every spring, please get in touch.

Email your suggestion to

or contact us on

0330 355 1002

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