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Young Life

Young Life

Avalon kids’ eco award


nvironmentally aware local business Ecodownunder are

always on the lookout for good deeds – and they didn’t have

to search far for the recipients of their first environment award

for 2017.

Avalon siblings Dhara Cullen, 9, brother Balin, 7, and sister Locana,

5, won hearts after the trio selflessly spent their busking

money at the Sea Shepherd fundraising stall at Manly Markets.

The children bought Sea Shepherd t-shirts after performing

on the harp, didgeridoo and with accompanying vocals; it

earned them a $500 gift

voucher to spend in-store at


Accepting the award, Dhara

said: “We hope Ecodownunder

and Sea Shepherd

keep saving more whales

and dolphins in the future

and other sea life.”

Ecodownunder continually

meet amazing people

who are doing something

that makes a difference to

the planet. These actions

are sometimes small but every step each of us takes to

improve the way we do things is progress, helps to raise awareness

and change habits.

If you know someone or see someone do something that you

think deserves to be thanked with an ecodownunder Environment

Award, let them know!

The Golden Child

Wendy James

Harper Collins RRP $32.99

Bad things happen to the

classmates of Lizzy’s

younger daughter, a popular

and confident sibling to a

conscientious and shy elder

sister. On the eve of their

return from a stint living

in the US, to a new home

in Newcastle, a young girl

falls dangerously ill during

a school yard initiation rite.

Surely just an accident…?

A former journalist, Lizzy

is a part-time mummy

blogger, investing hours

in portraying the perfectly

normal family life she

believes she lives for the

validation of her readers. In

the US she was cosseted by

convenience; the return to

Newcastle, old family issues,

a new house in dire need

of expensive renovations,

and a new career throws

everything into disarray.

And then another classmate

has an accident...

If you love Liane

Moriarty’s books, you’ll love

Wendy James’ The Golden

Child. Good contemporary

characters, themes and

settings you can place, plus

lots of suspense and twists

to keep you on your toes.

I didn’t pick the outcome!

(PS, speaking of the talented

Moriarty sisters, little sister

Nicola has a new novel

in March also by Harper

Collins. Look out for The

Fifth Letter.)

– Libby Armstrong



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