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Penn Magazine November 2017

The inaugural issue of Penn Magazine

That is not the American

That is not the American means of beheading. All That Keeps Us Afloat Our history stems from that day, from that place.From Nov. 22, 1963, about 12:30 p.m.Dallas, Texas.Memphis. Los Angeles. Oklahoma City. New York City. Washington, D.C. Eveleth, Minnesota. Aurora. Sandy Hook. Boston. Fallujah. Kabul. Kandahar.And whatever is happening right now. What is coming.Unless we stop it.Us.You. Me.We. Who was really behind the anthrax attacks?Isn’t it important? At least as important as Paul Revere’s ride? Or a cracked bell?Have you ever Googled “JFK assassination” at 11:30 at night, maybe after a couple of drinks, and then found yourself still on the computer in the living room when the fam- 6/Penn Magazine/November 2017 Jim Fetzer ily is getting up for school and work? I used to make a wish upon a star, daydream that when I die, I would ask, the very first thing after I set down my suitcases, “Who killed JFK?” But now, thanks to the tears and sweat and blood of Jim Fetzer, Kevin Barrett and many others, I can save that wish, keep that “one big question” for something else, because I already know, that one. Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett do not face being beheaded by a guillotine in the basement of the county building on the corner of Main and First, not that we know of, if someone finds out about their writings or hears their radio shows or sees them speak at a public gathering. That is not the American means of beheading. An American cuts off your head at your neck by taking away the ball, it’s his anyway, not allowing you to play,

y rolling his eyes at you as you pass on the street, as he passes the stuffing across the Thanksgiving table, interviews you on national television. You may live here, die here, you will be free to do what you want, say what you want, but we will speak no more about you. That is how it has gone all these years in America, at least since Nov. 23, 1963.But still there are those who care enough to try a full-court hook shot with time running out. And they are heroes whether that shot goes in or not. The White Rose students wrote leaflets, words, and distributed them and were considered worthy of decapitation by the government. And all the way up from Ammon Hennacy, Dorothy Day, Peter Maurin, Emma Goldman, so many names unknown to American school children and now American adults. Up through the now-famous resisters of the 1960s, famous because of their acts and courage and also because the American media at that time was not yet so much a part of the state, not yet Tass and Isvestia. But those holes in the wall were soon filled in.We do not know of the Plowshares Heroes.We do not know the names Helen Woodson, Carl Kabat, Larry Cloud Morgan, Paul Kabat, Frank Cordaro, John LaForge, Barb Katt, many, many others.Why aren’t the blue-collar words of Phil Berrigan etched below his smiling statue in Washington, D.C. that tourists can climb on, sit on, take their photos, and the poetry of his brother Daniel etched in stone above the entrance to the Supreme Court. There are names, many names, many faces, as ghostly and invisible as the dead faces of the brown people in El Salvador, Guatemala, Iraq, Afghanistan. Does anyone know the names Kevin McGuire, Jean Petersen, Darrell Rupiper, Larry Rosebaugh, Roy Bourgeois, Megan Rice, Greg Boertje-Obed, Michael Walli, Brian Terrell? “This is, uh, Jim Fetzer and I’m pleased to welcome my special guest today ...” “This is Kevin Barrett. Welcome to another week of Truth Jihad Radio on the American Freedom Radio network. No. All are members of the American White Rose, resisters to the empire, unknown to their country- men, yet very real. “This is, uh, Jim Fetzer and I’m pleased to welcome my special guest today ...” “This is Kevin Barrett. Welcome to Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett write and speak, making their education, experience, ideas and opinions available to as many people as they can. And no doubt they are also known and reviled by those in power.They are a face of the resistance in America, which does exist, in many forms.The resistance in America has a long and storied history from the Wobblies and Socialists and all those who fought and died and wrote and spoke and suffered and sang and shouted, for workers rights, against war, women’s rights, for the earth, since the first white man stepped foot on this land, nudged the white man standing next to him, and said that this was now their land. another week of Truth Jihad Radio on the American Freedom Radio network. I’m your host, Kevin Barrett, trying to get the most important corrections to the official narrative ...” They became The Dynamic Duo in order to pitch a new radio show they were starting together. Jim makes sure that I know that he is Batman and Kevin is Robin.“When you talk about The Dynamic Duo,” says Jim, “I was offered five days a week and invited Kevin to join me in doing the M/F shows. He said, ‘Well, I guess that makes me The Boy Wonder,’ and I frequently made reference to him by that name.” Well, okay, but since that time it November 2017/Penn Magazine/7

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