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African Safari Guide Part1

Inspiration Safari Guide - Authentic, Intimate, Ethical

Then we come to the

Then we come to the mountain of all mountains – Kilimanjaro. Throwing her shadow across the plains, the bold and the brave dare to take the treacherous journey to the snow-capped peaks, to be rewarded with standing on top of the shoulders of Africa.

Zanzibar Sunshine and Spice Shake the dust from your hair and swap the wide plains for the salt tang of the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar is a melting pot of cultures, a place where you can lose yourself in the tumble streets of Stone Town, snorkel through the radiant coral reefs for hours, and tour the fragrant plantations that grant the island it’s exotic name. This is the land of sweet cinnamon and nutmeg, vanilla pods cracking on the branch, and lemon zest rippling through the air. It’s a place to touch and smell everything. In Zanzibar you feast on culture and fresh fruits, you sip tea in the streets of Stone Town, you sail the seas in ancient Arabic boats, and you lavish in luxury resorts without a care in the world.