8 months ago

African Safari Guide Part1

Inspiration Safari Guide - Authentic, Intimate, Ethical

Picking the Perfect

Picking the Perfect Provider Go it alone or go with the grace of a glorious operator? The million dollar question every dreamer must face when it comes to safari. In the age of the internet, travel has become much easier to address yourself. When you have the needle and thread of the World Wide Web you can stitch it all together at home. But, creating great garments takes time, patience, and skill. Sometimes, it makes sense to see a tailor. Selecting a safari provider can help lift that great weight from your shoulders – you share your dreams and they spin those threads and fragments into a living, breathing reality.

One Who Knows Africa Pick a provider who is well versed in Africa. I magine Africa as a great novel, you need someone who has studied every page – not just skimmed the blurb on the back of the book. One Who Lends an Ear Look for a keen ability to listen. Anyone can promise the world, but finding a provider who wants to do more than send you on a cookie cutter tour is paramount.