6 months ago

African Safari Guide Part1

Inspiration Safari Guide - Authentic, Intimate, Ethical

It’s time, Africa is

It’s time, Africa is calling your name. These golden plains bring a raw emotion shimmering to the surface; it’s a place where sunsets can make you weep, where the snows of Kilimanjaro pull at your primitive side, and where the ballet of life and death that plays out across the undulating landscapes causes the heart to both wither and bloom. There is time to get lost in the orchestral emotion of safari, but the first step is piecing together those fragments of a dream to make a crystal-clear image of the side of Africa you are ready to experience…

Safaris Designed for the Senses Those who have never stepped foot in Africa before, may have a dust smeared vision of a safari in their mind. Yet, the beauty of a Safari adventure is that they can be expertly crafted around your own aspirations. From watching elephants from the steamy bliss of your private jacuzzi to camping beside flickering flame and a sky smeared with stars – there is the simple, the soft, and the utterly sensational when it comes to safari. For many, the allure of a journey to Africa is to walk in the place where man’s first footsteps fell, and to engage in intimate encounters with buffalo, lions, rhinos, elephants and slinking leopards. This is only one branch of the tree – your Africa can take a million different tangents.