9 months ago

African Safari Guide Part1

Inspiration Safari Guide - Authentic, Intimate, Ethical

July to November A

July to November A classical time to start your adventure in the wilds of East Africa. The skies have cleared to make way for abundant sunshine, and the rains are virtually non-existent meaning that once again, the animals must stay close to shrinking water sources. Visitor numbers hit their peak at the parks in August, and guests can expect high season prices when it comes to camps and lodgings. The Great Migration turns once more to head back to the Masai Mara Game Park. Crossing the Grumeti Reserves and the Mara River is a tense time; yellow eyed crocodiles wait in the depths to snap as the wildebeest and zebra plough into the dangerous waters. Game viewing across these months are unrivalled and for those gazing longingly at Kilimanjaro, September is sublime. The coast of Zanzibar is also spectacular come September, when the humidity has dispersed with the rains and the breeze is bright and beautiful.

Authentic, Intimate, Ethical